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6/26/17 - Will America ever be how we knew it? (Riaz Patel Joins Glenn)

2017-06-26 | 🔗
Sen. Mike Lee lays out his opposition to the GOP's health care plan in the senate ...Where out of control pensions are taking the country ...Supreme Court retirement imminent? ...Gay Wedding cake court case heading to The Supreme Court? ...Witches casting spells on President Trump? ...The Bohemian Grove and The Eye of Moloch ...Gay pride or resistance to Trump parade? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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From LOS Angeles, hello, America and welcome to the Glen Back Programme lacks the cover. Today it is Monday, so we might as well let you know, if is coming to an end and Stephen Hawking says we should all get off the planet s a p. If I could Stephen will leave me after the last ten years, I would get off this planet lab more on that also build. I, the science guy, has one of his comedy writers write something really really funny this weekend and Seattle Minimum Wage hike according to the University of Washington. It's not working, and you won't believe why, and we begin with Trump care what is going to happen in the Senate, with the Obama CARE repeal and replace which its neighbour we begin there right now, you should have entertained and didn't mightn't green maritime from us analyse welcome to the programme so glad that you are here today. I want to. I want to read from MIKE Mike Liese Post on
media She is a website where I guess, smart people goes. Why Minerva Hand, it's it's a place where you can actually right- and it is it's made for people who can actually read more than forty seconds at a time and he is Taking apart piece a piece why Trump care is. Not better, and I was her with you the missing ingredient in Trump care. Humility, no the Senate Health CARE Bill release yesterday does not repeal Obama CARE, Doesn't even significantly reform american Healthcare, it does taxes it bail. Out the insurance company. It props up. I'm a care through the next election. It lay plans to slow Medicaid spending, beginning in twenty twenty five, which probably won't happen,
It leaves in place the ham, fisted federal regulations that have driven family health insurance premiums by one hundred and forty percent since, I'm a care was implemented. Going to spend a second on that. Have you heard the the media or anybody actually quote that statistic We all know that are our healthcare insurance premiums has gone through the roof. We all know that we can't afford it We all know that there is places in the country now where you only have two options, Burma CARE or one other insurance programme? we all know this has happened, but did you have you heard them quote the stat that it is up? one hundred and forty percent. That's how rageous and if we were ringing that bell, I think, maybe
more people would say: wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute, this hast he repealed. As the bill is currently drafted rights mightily. I won't vote for it on the other hand, I understand the opportunity Republicans have right now to help Americans. Better, more affordable coverage. That's why I joined the Senate Working Group on healthcare reform with an open mind I knew then, as I know now, that is one of the most conservative republican senators. I would have to compromise with the least conservative republican senators to get thing done compromise I have at the beginning. This process. I wanted a full repeal of Obamacare, despite, and painting on that very thing. For eight years my reply looking. Colleagues have agreed. What does it gonna be like in eighteen? or twenty twenty think of twenty twenty.
You're gonna be running the Democrats who are going to be having the biggest fight over socialism ever. Running against the Jew YO, P and a president who has just reneged on: every single promise they gave. The president hasn't, but this Republicans have just reneged on nine years promises to the american people, and if it is up four hundred and forty one percent and we know that it's collapsing on itself, what do you think it's gonna be like in three or four years, better. So I called for a partial repeals is MIKE like we pass, Didn't twenty fifteen! conservatives were promised by our leaders in January a partial
repeal would at least Force Congress to start over on a new system that could work better but again, no so I advocated repealing Obama, cares regulations which the primary drivers of spiking premiums, I, Peter this suggestion at every single meeting of the working group and and at every member's lunch for several weeks yet when the at our care Reconciliation ACT was unveiled unveiled yesterday, core of Obamacare regulations were largely untouched. Remember it's the regulations that made it go up, one hundred and forty one percent far short of repeal the Senate milk. Keeps the Democrats broken system intact, just with left spending on the poor to pay for corporate bailouts and tax cuts boy? How do you you're gonna, fair and twenty twenty would just that fact with just the fact that they did get taxes,
And they reduce things on the poor They gave those reductions not to the american people. But the game to wealthy corporations has I'm gonna go for all of that. I have not close the door on voting for on some version of this. In the end. Conservatives have compromised on not repealing. On spending levels, tax cuts, subsidies, corporate bail, Medicaid and the Obama CARE regulations that it on every substantial core question in the bill: They have conceded to my moderate colleagues on all of the above now I only ask that the bill be amended to include an opt out provision for states or even just for individuals. The reasons Americans are divided about health care like so many issues today is that we don't
oh, exactly how to fix it petitions hate to admit it. Partisan pretend otherwise. But it's true and hissed teaches us that when we don't know how to solve a problem, the best to do is to experiment. We should different ideas through cooperatives, bottom up trial and error process, rather than imposing a top down partisan power play. That disrupts the lives of hundreds of millions of people at a time when it concept- Eight years ago, Democrats created a one size fits all national health care system and its collapsing around us. You couldn't even make the website work who Republicans, who are supposedly skeptical, of a government miracle working exe, actually solving our one size fits all scheme to work any better. The only hope for actually solving the deep challenging problems in our health care system is to let the p,
bull, try out approaches other than the one a few dozen politicians might think up inside of the DC bubble and oh for all, my frustrations about the process in the disagreements with IE the details of BC. Already I still be willing to vote for it. If It allowed states and or individuals to opt out of the Obama CARE system, free and clear to experiment, with different forms of insurance benefits package air provision, options etc. Liberal dates. Might try single payer system. Conservatives might emphasise health care savings accounts some people embrace Association, healthcare plans or so called met. His share ministry models. My as is different approaches, will work for different people in different places. Just like
everything else in life. The only way to find out what does work is to find out what doesn't We know that pre Obamacare system was breaking down. We now know that Obama CARE is failing as well. I doubt that system will fare much better or The next Pelosi Sanders Warren Scheme Democrats will cook up we'll be worse at some point. Washington elites might at least entertain the possibility that we don't have all the answers in Washington. I think right, I'll with President trumps shocking upset of the establishment still fresh in their minds. It be a good time for Congress to add New ingredients to the legislative sausage, a dash Of humility, To win my vote, the republican Healthcare bill must create a little space for states,
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Your family, simply safe back dotcom, get a ten percent discount now at simply safe back dot com. This is their glanced back programme. The glad that programme welcome. The program programme led the are here. This Senate bill was mainly drafted by Michl Mcconnell in Kentucky who unveiled it just so we could. We could vote quickly this week and then break for the fourth of July and watch the fireworks, and maybe forget that Congress just screwed us all one hundred and forty percent increase in our premiums since Obama CARE has passed, and this does nothing to reduce the pressure on. US, the individuals who Store you keeping count
the of these. Let's senators there's five now yeah saying that they they may not do it yeah. I could probably go to six on that too, as Susan Collins sort of indicated that she may not for fort too. And it's hard for me to see this bill passing this week. We could we'll be in for all nighter a couple of nights. Sweet guess he could kind us occurs is can really tell, but she is showing some hesitancy to support it. I guess is the way to put that right, but the other five are likely, as you pointed out last break with his angry words. We were talking before we went on the air, and you said you thought he wasn't really out and he is in doubt unless there's an opt out the states or the individuals. Do you see that even a possibility that that gets the whole
thing I dont think they're going to do it. However, he is keeping an open. I think it's interesting for him to say really what I took from that likely thing is: look we We tried really hard. We didn't get any of the stuff. We were supposed to get all the things that we promised didn't come true at least give us a chance for states to try to do something better. I will vote for it all all swallow all this nonsense just give The states and opportunities of some of them can try something better and we can at least show a path shares s. So here's the only problem with this- and I agree with him- I mean seems reasonable to me. You want to keep your bloated thing than at least give a few states the option or the individual. To get out of that thing, you know, I I don't know how the individual works, but I love the idea of states. Problem is, is For instance, all of our pensions are are collapsing on us right now. I really want to talk to Governor MIKE Bevin
this week, if we can or one of our man either men brother would be good. Yes, those goods are Matt Governor Bevin, he's he's getting some heat now because he's making risky investments they say in with hedge funds. The try to be able to fix their pension fund they are the most This is the worst pension, apparently in the country twenty per cent underfunded it's it's completely falling apart now I don't know how you could be worse than Illinois, which Illinois is now one hundred percent of every tax dollar that comes in Illinois has to de, the Port mandated must pay pensions. So, This is the pile up on our states, as it is
you, dont we're not gonna. Have the money to be able to do anything and. What's gonna happen you let some states out of it it'll be AIDS, like you taught me states like Texas, probably places like Wyoming. That will say I'm not in, and it will be all of the places like Illinois, New York, California, that will say yes, we need Obamacare will there a collapse and then we're gonna be stuck with a bill, because if you don't the United States is gonna, be stuck with the pension bill from Illinois in Kentucky in every place else, your full and yourself. So what happens. Serious question now has arrived, I beg you to know that I thought that we are working in that world already Vietnam units that he is a massive problem, diminish that list by the way was Lee Crew
Johnson from Wisconsin, ran Paul. As mentioned Susan Collins and oh Heller from Nevadas the other one of the six that are right now, sort of indicating potential, no votes, RON, Johnson RON, Johnson I didn't say that he is like Michael IE is coming out in saying: no, Unless you do this, one thing RON. Johnson just said: there's no way we should be voting on this quote. No way we shall be voting on this no way. I have a hard time, believing Wisconsin's constituents, or even myself, have enough time to appropriate, properly, evaluate this for me and my vote for a motion to proceed. So, He's your saying, you're there just jamming it down our throats and no thank you. One thing just to toss out a comment about ok, well, this is coming to fast. You feel like a lot of times. People make those sorts of
Complaints and then come around in the end. He also rota extensive up ad in the New York Times today about how much he doesn't like the proposal. It's not just that he saying well, we should vote on it this week. He's he's listing out a lot of pretty significant problems with it and Without with that- and you know this the events, Susan Cards and TED crews. Who are showing some sort of opposition to this end, MIKE Lee you're having problems on both sides, which is the same issue they had in the house. Of course, as we all know, the house one of getting over those things eventually so they may wine a passing this thing, but it's it's not going to be easy. It is going to be a is going to be very difficult for them to get this done, especially this week. I'm afraid that if they don't get it done. Donald Trump scraps. The whole thing, and we have a single pair system
because quite a leap, your gear, while I mean I, he obviously has talked about that many times when he knows you, so these promised it and said that. That's what he wants. I mean this look. You know, let's go back to the original Obama care specialists. That said people say this as a Trojan horse. Well, it is it's right there and eat them. We're talking about a Trojan horse that it's going to collapse and then we'll have a single pair system, and That's what Donald Trump has advocated for that this? scrapped in repealed, and then we get a system that is based. Universal single payer health care that the Gulf it pays for all of it. That does mean he said, he's willing to lose votes on ad he's. He repeated that over and over again and then this bill came out. He said it was to mean and he said, throw money more money into it. Right right I mean the so when Obama, her collapses, which it will be. The key is saying: let's use
it's time to find out what will work and if somebody wants to try a single pair system out, try it is going to end. Like Massachusetts, but try it We're going to try something different in another state and that's the way it should be, but if it lapses and collapses. With out any experimentation any place else. I can guarantee you the Republicans and the Democrats are going to go for a failed single payer system because they're still operating like it's one thousand nine hundred and fifty six the second. This is the Glen Back programme. Mercury. Glenn Bag Programme, a very good friend of the programme in more decent man- I know react, but all is joining us now.
Ray, as has been away for a while and been out of the country baby has been spent it. I was family and unfortunately, has lost his dear father here recently re as high hold, not brother. I'm ok high Glenn like to hear your voice, a lonely here. You good area, I wanted to talk to you today, a little bit re as about but you know we had a kind of a nice conversation over the last week about our dad's yeah and, and and and and losing your dad and what that feels like it's it's a weird thing that never seems to go away. It's like he fall of sadness in itself, this role, it so hard to explain when we're going back and forth it was. It was one, The things that I like, if you ve been through it, you sort of sensitive its impact and then yeah and it It's strange because its term.
At least with me, and I don't want to know about anybody else, but at least with me, the Memories of my mother and my father, changed and they a change as I get older, and weird, depending on it's part of them. You want to focus on they. Become either better or worse than they really were the recent it's your lesson, three weeks, you know when we are talking, I couldn't imagine that memory adjusting and changing, but you I'm only a couple weeks, then so imagine life long. It will you you really want to write down everything you knew about your dad cause. It will change and you'll forget some things. I'm out of here today for your. I actually did. I started writing down all the memories, that! All that is repeated. Fresh waded now and then notice how it changed over time. Yet
so re as your dad was a doctor, and he was a doctor in on three continents through three different systems of medicine and you- and I were also going back and forth on health care and You are, you know, a lefty or a liberal if you will, but your also the guy who went up to Alaska? during the the trump campaign, and all of your friends were saying: how could these people ever vote for Trump, and as you looked at it you went up to Alaska and you saw the suffering of people in the country and said there afraid they're losing everything, and they don't have, they don't have the money to be to survive in this. If it continues this way part of the question of what why not know out there, what away
think I know, but I do not know, and you have to be pretty death to not be able to hear that health. Is broken, and I don't know anyone anywhere, if you were to ask people to raise their hands, would raise their head and face up its working for me, I'm so I was I think that I was sitting in the afternoon my father's death in talking to his secret. His brain routes would be within four point. Thirty year about the patient. The patient community, because you ve been there for forty plus years so that patients are going to you'll, be change that we discuss. That patient community of Edgewood Maryland. I really very much a microcosm of what happened in America and what's fascinating at the way my dad adapted his practice in the practice of medicine. To the changing economic times it speak that would merely a blue collar town and over the past forty years it is systematically decreased the income I mean jobs went out. I remember factories clothing when I was a teenager, but people still got sick and people still fuckin fell
and so what happened when they lost their job, they lost their income, they lost their insurance, but they still got sick and they went to my God and my dad read this island. You know it's not that uncommon for doktor to just one a practice, medicine and say to Hell with the insurance. Pre approval than for it by ices Lighting, I say Most doctors are like that, whilst doctors just hate the system they want to treat people and they hate the system you go through or Europe. Paragraph four years of medical school. You end up with an enormous amount of debt, the You come out and you cannot practice medicine freely. You cannot decisions autonomously between you and your patient, that sitting in front of you bleeding you have to go, filled with people who have nothing to do with that patient dynamic and that infuriating the doktor. You're getting patients so that what I am really angry about these days is the business of the politics of healthcare
there is enough money up their Glenn to cover Ethel. I saw patients my father's house in the nineteenth century when we headed out of our garage to treat patients on a daily basis is not that expensive Why does it becomes a prohibited? Why can the patient leave the care, the doctor not treat we're, The money going ray as he is part of the problem, If I am spending somebody else's money, and I will limit. Let me say this carefully: the one of the problems is with the with the employer insurance and you not having to shop around when we are responsible for our own money, when somebody says to us a theirs. I can get you in for a cat scan right here right now, and it's I'm just making numbers up a thousand dollars or You can drive in Dallas there's a place you can drive from from my my house. There's one
You can drive just down the street have to make an appointment. Private you'll get it by tomorrow, but it's not right here and it's half the cost. So thing, just half the cost, which fluctuation of pricing that nothing to do with the actual administration of medicines. Well, convenience, I mean one thing: is convenience and, and also these companies being able to God your eyes out because most people they care about the price, because it's not them paying for it, and so, when you remove the responsibility of wait a minute, it's my money, I'm gonna have to pay for it, then you you, for instance, with insurance, I could file at my home was struck by lightning this weekend and I will look into that global- why you know I don't really know what he's what he's sitting there. So it was struck by lightning- and I said to my wife: she was gone and she we know
for their dad was an assurance agent and I'm I cannot blew the tv blew the system. Blue a whole bunch of stuff, and she said well, we have a huge deductible and I all crap. We could of doorway free anymore, and so you, you start to now care wait a minute who did I call what it let's make sure where pricing this the right way, and so there The difference in its the free market system and Washington is taking it even further there just making deals with the government are with with the insurance companies in and with all the people who are getting rich, including them. So my father, you know in the night you couldn't you Ladys were met. The director of a hospital small hospital in this area- and I watched, are the kid at the boy. What was he ran all the decisions of a hospital who needed what, when they needed at how down they stay, then, eventually that was one mba than to India and then eventually they were. No doctors represented to everything,
about whether it two parties can single party the government in short, pre approval, none of that have anything to do with you and your doctor, me what my father brought having trained and corrupt Pakistan in London, England, with very different respect But you treat first your position and then The building comes next and what he did that fuck you come in and then you billing and what happened. It became so personal. Ruth: are burning wood, faded, Mister, Johnson, ok, here's what happened and Mister Johnson what they don't have my job. I dont have insurance, but I can a forty dollars and you'll be ok, because we know They know care that better than nothing and my father would just say you the personal possible even physician to treat is the joy of life and at a certain point, working at the hospital. So bureaucratic with a lawyer, the NBA than the lobbyists in a small hospital the actually left. The hospital built. His You send her and said I cannot practise medicine,
appropriately in the way it works. What you're asking what you asking for, though, is a return to common sense in our current return to trust in neighbours. I'm reading this book called takes were made, but not by me, and it talks about the, but why we dont say I'm sorry and it gets this one place about doctors and they tracked doctors in a study those who said. While I made a huge mistake all the way to a doktor who came out of surgery, the patient dies and he says a look. I what the I dont know. What the autopsy is going show I dont know they'll be an investigation by your husband died and I believe it was my fault and her angry any said. Look I didn't have any reason to suspect this, but really feel like. I should have caught that I just want you to know. I take responsibility, the the doktor
does that say? The truth are the least likely to be sued but because of the system that has been set up by the attorneys and everything else nobody's having real conversations with each other the problem and so too, in this tiny patient community Wedgwood they were able to create this walking medical center. Nothing, fancy we're neighbors woken up. Three four generations and were treated and to me in My father was diagnosed with cancer and was diet that seven seven weeks literally, I would say we spent eighty percent of our time, trying to navigate insurance does its pre approved. This equipment said my father treated a quarter million patience over the course of life. We could not get a bed for him to either pain because could not track down the paperwork that last five days of his life. He sat in pain because the orbit you, if I may,
producer? My sister, the lawyer, my innocence is a position with their own practice. My husband manages healthcare. The four of us could not navigate the system and each day, my others that there in pain and with it, I think about deriving today I call the office, I call them somehow. I call the police, all we did would manage it and I'm thinking after you, I did I'm sending their near the great. How can this continue? How can a person get sick and go to their doctor, and four thousand people and ten million letters will go on that. Have nothing to do with that dynamic. Haven't I two minutes. I can you talk a little bit about the off the grid medicine that use on Alaska, though it ain't laughter. When I was there, I found that local paper that they actually we're advertising doctors were coming and setting up Bundling your healthcare think people are not going to doctors, offices cuz, I commitment have insurance and money, but you can
the boy, your own health, until these doctors become roving through these small town and say, look I'll do it, but if much cash- and I think at a certain point- MRS Krupa all were discussing bringing it bottom up. We need to bring it. Back to basics, you in your doktor need to decide what is best for you and how to pay for it. One third is going to policy on bureaucracy, that's insane so MIKE, like a lease, the senator, the most conservative senator or one of them just wrote it off bad and said. Look I'll sign on this is this is not going to fix anything. It's already premiums from Obamacare of our up one hundred and forty percent, there's a thing in this trump care: that's gonna make that any better. He said I'll sign on, but only if you let states opt out and come on With their own thing be said, because I believe the people of the country will figure it out in their own way, if you just leave them alone,
Do you agree with that? I believe it is so broken right now. I do not know how to fix it, but I know that people will still flippin fall. They will still feel unwell and Monday morning and they need to go to their doktor. So I dont know what cc or or politicians or insurance having to do with their multi billion dollar lobby I really encourage people with their thick to go to their local fishing and say here's what's going on This is my life Didn't shortcomings have removed that ability to talk to your doctor and vice versa, about the fact that hey I'm sick, but I dont have money. How can I be treated and there's money for all of us to be cared for, but the business of politics of healthcare is absorbing at all ray as always good to talk to you and I'm so sorry for the loss of your father. You God bless. You will see you soon think I'd arenas by re as vital I know that in Texas this is the feeling of many of the doctors of you know is pulling out of the system and I'll just deal
with it myself. I personally think that, as we, closer to universal single pair system. Those doctors are gonna be told, you can't do that That is the solution. Leave here. Oh alone and they will work it out on the on the most basic level now, maybe they won't in the big cities. So this He's do something else They will around the rest of the country now this ever wonder what hackers do with your stolen data study found that thieves use personal data in an average of nine minutes from the time the have their hands on it. They grab. It and nine minutes later they're using it. They go after a card numbers first than they attempt online transactions for less than ten dollars, and if, can get away with it with ten dollars. Then they start to do more and more damage. Somebody's identity is stolen, every two seconds lifelike
they detect a wide range of identity threats and if they detect that your information has been We they will send you an alert. Are you trying to make this ten dollar purchase? You just. Did you just sign up for this If you say no, they know there's a problem and a U S. Based restoration specialists is going to work to fix it. Now nobody can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but they are the best lifelong. The best anti identity, theft, protection available, should start at ninety nine, a month, plus a sales tax visit life, locked outcomes, lash Becker call one eight hundred lifelong one. Eight hundred lifelike use opera oh cut back, get ten percent off now One eight hundred lifelong life locked outcome, slash back your were listening to the Glen Bag Programme.
Nuclear programme bottom of the programme, so still when, when are they suspecting that they are going to vote like in a minute. I may make their saying this week right arena, which seems completely ridiculous if they want to get out- and I think you're right, you're era July Fourth weekend. Sort of analysis is you know, hey people are not going to really think about it. It's gonna happen Or if you remember, Obamacare was passed on Christmas, Eve was at Christmas. This is this is standard practice for these gas. Remember it happen not just on Obama carry. It happened on a lot of these things than about past. If I remember rightly, was always right before major holiday that they but nobody was paying attention and they would
ass, these things, and by the time you got back to work. It was just old news right I mean if you go back to even George W Bush who passed the limitations on Floris are regular light bulbs, it old and none that happened right before Christmas as well. Right after Christmas is right. It was I like New Year's eve or something like that. They they do this stuff. All the time of this is that this will be standard practice. Here I mean that you don't have the allotted changes that they're gonna wanna pity pass them is breadth or on with this tax is, and I think our writhings our three today, our three Red Thor is joining us read. Thought is, let's say, never boring, always controversial and he's got a new book out. We'll talk him to read Thor coming up back programme.
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Lots of tweets this week about crazy Bernie Sanders. There is a reason for that. Also. Why did the american teenagers in North Korea guy did he contract some bug some virus from something he ate or was beaten to death now have some details and certainly requires a response from the United States. What their response is, God help us all. I don't know, and summer jobs your first summer, job kids aren't working. Now you gimme the stats in their pretty remarkable and the truth behind the fifteen dollar minimum wage in Seattle. According to the University of Washington, you are not going to believe when base and begin there right now. You should have entertainment and didn't lightened the gleam crazy. You know one of the most heartbreaking things that I have is a dad is the memory of what this country used to be like
And the knowledge now that, if you, were born, where, from nineteen. Ninety eight. Ninety- ninety five really Today, you of no memory at all of this country was like before September. Eleventh September, eleventh changed Absolutely everything. The Clinton administration was the beginning of this. This now astina us that it was just just went beyond Where we started pitting against each other? If you were a liberal or a or a conservative, if you I voted for this guy. You are part of the problem. I don't remember that when I was a kid I post something this weekend on Facebook, about leadership,.
And honestly with something for me, it was something that I've been really trying to study and and try to be a better leader at my home and and also at the office. It has nothing to do with politics and man, it just set everybody off. The liberals and the conservatives were just screaming at each other, and I've wrote in the comments section. When did we become this? When did politics become absolutely everything when you're gonna happen to us its summer. Do you remember what summer was like when you were a kid? last day of school. You are the last week or you, did was just look outside and there was. This
Really great feeling of that that butterfly in your stomach that excitement for what about to happen? We might have butterflies at our stomach now, but it's more of a, I think. Avant feeling can you could think it Bob? What might happen back then? was just excitement and then, when the Bell rang that last bell Rang- and you said goodbye to your teacher. And you knew you were graduating to another class, just down the hall and you're a bigger kid. Now there is it was like being freed. Suddenly you had no obligations, nothing jamming up your days, nothing the force you to bed early every night. In the next three
Months seemed like a year or a decade I look back in my childhood, and it is the summer's that I really remember. It's the school days, at least early childhood? It is the summer that marked you and every summer was different and more exciting. It's different than it is now because we weren't real strict it as much. Our parents are weren't freaking out in somebody. Might you know invite us into the House EDA and lock the rest of the remains up in their freezer, we didn't it was simpler times. We didn't worry about the cannibal down the street. And the whole town was fair game for us, we get our friends together and we leave early in the morning. Mom would just say be home for dinner. And then after dinner it would be just get home before the street.
Lights, go out public street lights, don't go out anymore,. Didn't happen until ten o clock, sometimes where I lived up in the north treat lights, wouldn't street lights wouldn't come on. Don't very, very late. As I got up in them in the morning. Be freezing cold. In my room because up in the terrific northwest it can get down to forty at night. Fifty at night was just great. And you could smell freshly mon grass. Sprinklers would be on and it would just gently coax you out of bed. You get dressed
you'd have to finish your chores. Maybe you had to mould alone. In the morning first thing and you'd race out the door a would be usually mind because on those days that I didn't have to work as a kid. We just go out: both my parents were working and you just go out in the day was completely yours and you'd. Here you didn't, leave the you didn't close. The door you just use. Lego go the screen doored without giant springing up top just slap the front of the house. I love the smell of lilacs because Remember they remind me of that time and they'd just fill your nostrils for that great smell. Until I would clog up, allergies, mainly from the lawn. I just mode if we could
scrounge up a quarter, we'd walker- we take our bike too. The asian W root beer place and we'd have occurred, frosty mug root beer. If we are really fortunate and feeling like we were, we were wealthy. Somehow or other we could scrape up enough change to make dollar. We could get a Mamma burger, but the Papa Burger was far too expensive and then that hot summer day turned into a warm summer night. Some I'm, we can convince our parents to let us sleep outside which of course, would like the two middle of the night go stories are talking. About girls, and I dont know, did you ever you talk to her. Mean. Does she liked me? Do you know what your friends say, even though you absolutely no chance of ever talking to any of the girls you talked about. The girls alot.
Perhaps some would play you know like ding ditch or something you know. I wouldn't know what that was, but. It's a different world now five hundred channels on tv, every movie in the world available on demand on your tv, your computer, your phone. Texting at the dinner table are Don't even look at each other anymore, let alone go outside and play. This summer, Rafe is Coping whither, he helped with a gate stew, bring it down, and now working on the fence, around the cows. And I was so proud of him- that he wanted to work. Actually didn't want to work. He just wanted the money, but that
a step in the right direction. It least nosey has to work to earn money. I got a job when I was eight years old. Probably earlier than that. But I for sure by eight. I was working. Eighteen, seventy two hours working my dad's bakery and we didn't have to work. Every day during the summer, just most days during the summer, I have to work in the afternoons and go down in the late afternoon, and I would have to clean the pie. And pans and scrape the floor and clean everything up left once dad stopped and then I go home I got a dollar sixty I'll, never forgave is dollar sixty hour and that was that was huge money. That was a minimum wage. My sister would get paid more as we got older. My my sister's also worked out in the front of the bakery. But as they got old enough, they could get a job someplace else if they wanted
and ass soon ass. My sister turned eighteen, she drove A big p Viner and lived in this scatcherd valiant and we had lapse and peas and all kinds of stuff in the p liners would go out. There were these gigantic machines and I member thinking my sister was so cool. Could she could drive one of those and then laid? We would go to my grandparents house and we would pick berries, Had a raspberry farm. Now kids aren't doing this? The late and of teenagers we're going to a summer school and quite honest. In nineteen eighty six fifty cents ten percent of Americans AIDS steam to nineteen, were employed. Almost six super percent, whether they were working at the dairy queen or the Asian W, sixty percent were employed.
And it stayed over fifty percent until two thousand and two. But again something in America changed after eleven by Last July, only thirty six percent were working now there's a couple of reasons for this one of the reasons is in nineteen eighty six, only twelve percent of teenagers we're going to a summer school and quite honestly summer school worth lose for dummies When I was growing up, you went to summer school who, while yet that many problems are now, our school. The numbers have risen to forty? Two percent of almost half of the kids are going to summer school and out of these or because they're going to college and they want to get ahead. I think our school we need summer school because our schools have failed us so horribly.
I went. I went and got a graphic novel for my son this weekend. I've been trying to get him to read some of the classics? Any just will not read the classics. Their hard. I don't remember them being hard. You know you Frankenstein or YO even Dracula anything and now the action is so slow. It takes so long. It was all about the story. Now its action, action, action, action, action, action, action they get bored I not been able to. I tried to read Doktor Jekyll and MR hide to him the summer you just wouldn't set for it. So I went to the Barnes a noble and I got the graphic novels and their true to the story. Will he read Doktor Jekyll. He read Frankenstein and Dracula on Saturday. And now said
I really want to read them dad can stand, isn't anything like I thought I know son I've been telling you that. So now I think you have to go to summer school. But where do you get a job? the other reason why kids aren't working any more is because there are more people that are older than are working- and this, I think, is for two reasons. One No, their pensions are coming true. They have to work. Many of them don't want to work, but also about but I don't want to retire when I'm sixty five. Sixty five used to be old. Five is an old. I don't want to retire, but he can do
awful around die, go play golf. Another is allowed. People going, yes, Glenn, I'm gonna go play. Golf a gulf. Now. My father wanted to play golf. He waited his whole life. You know one day and when a retirement to play off by the time he retired he couldn't play golf. But he was too destroyed retired. He couldn't wait to retire. He went by the work he was born out of his mind. The other reason why kids aren't working is because the minimum wage when the minimum wage goes up and there. Unemployment and people that have experienced they want to work business. Don't higher the kids that they have to train on what work is all about. They generally go to the people who have experience and know what work is all about and they'll hire them because their more dependable.
What's happening in Seattle. Remember Seattle, we were told, Seattle, the minimum wage, it's gonna be great, for everybody will appear. It's not, and I'm going to check. Her with you something from the University of Washington not exactly a conservative. You know bastion. What are they saying is happening to Seattle and it is happening in Seattle, your I'm not gonna be surprised, everybody on the left is shocked, we'll give it to her and just a second this pro flowers, his come out with the ultimate solution to ensure that you remember the dates that matter. Your wife's birthday, your anniversary, your mother's, your mother and laws birthday you do want to forget these things. But you ve got enough to worry about
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out for you, pro flowers, dotcom, go to pro flowers, dot, com right now and look for the pro gift or banner right on the homepage. Pick your flowers set the delivery dates and you're done. That's pro flowers, dot, com, the glad that programme were curious. This is the Glen Back Programme a mob loose from five. Thirty eight see animal Seattle. Minimum wage hike may have gone too far, To my oh, no, oh, I can be covered and but I hate, the research doesn't even cover the full increase. It only covers an authority in dollars an hour not even to fifty dollars an hour, so if they went too far for thirteen the imagine what this is gonna look like when next elevation comes. Listen to this as cities across the country push for minimum wages at untested heights. In recent years, some economists began ask how high is too high, Seattle, with the highest in country, minimum wage
may have hit that limit JANET, twenty. Sixteen Seattle minimum wage jumped from eleven dollars an hour to thirteen dollars for large and blurs the set big increase in less than a year. New research released Monday by a team of economists at the University of Washington they buy, it's not a socialist that is an unemployed teacher is long. Is the University of Washington is still open? There's a socialist without a job quick, get him to the university they suggest the wage hike may have come at a significant cost. Now this is I want you know this is an unexpected. The increase lead. Steep declines in unemployment for low wage workers. A draw Of ours for those who kept their jobs crucially the negative impact of lost jobs in hours more than offset the benefits of the higher wages on average. Low wage workers earned a hundred twenty five dollars a month. Lass.
Because of the higher wage, a small but significant decline. Oh, I don't know a hundred and twenty five dollars. If I'm Workin minimum wage is not a small and insignificant decline, it is. This has a significant. The other thing I would mention to his gun he's had a decline in unemployment unintentionally. It is decline in employment, it is an exercise in immediately. It is important to note yes, the A goal of this policy was to deliver higher incomes to people who are struggling to make ends meet in the city now. Could we please go back into the audio vault find when we were having this debate on the air and it would like highlight real of saying this is exactly what is going to happen exactly we mentioned all of these. Now they need a university to say this is what's happening. This is kind of unexpected. We didn't really see us when coming. We
this was sir, you don't. We didn't learn this and in school course we haven't been teaching. You know the free market by any stretch of the imagination, so we don't really know what was going to happen, but this doesn't look good, they noted in this article? This is not peer reviewed, yet They are going to get some peers to review and say: oh no University of Washington. They didn't understand the level Magog, which is a theory that changes everything and we'll get into that here, and a second programmes. Program, seven, hello, America. There is a lot going on
especially with the Supreme Court, will get to an in depth. Look at all of this on tomorrow, but I want to give you the update. It looks like We could have as early as today a retirement announcement from The justice Kennedy Remember was appointed by Ronald Reagan. He was supposed to be a great conservative and they never turn out that way he has. He has been in port need on sir things for the conservatives he has he has been. He has. In good on, I believe, guns and the free market, but he is the guy who penned the majority opinion Or gay marriage, so he he's gone he's been. Undependable for either side. He has gone back and forth if, We can get a real conservative in there.
It will. The fantastic because it will make the court solidly independently A conservative at this point, if you get three to retire, Then conservatives have changed the face of America for quite some time. Although I don't believe that we Emmy, we could do the greatest work, the hardest work ever. Unless we listen to people like TED Crews and Michael E, we're not gonna Get conservatives and there we still have yet to see Gorse Ich, but we're hoping that goal This is a change in what has been the usual pattern from the regions in the bushes. Now there a couple of really big stories coming out of the court today, because they are going to take a couple of cases of fraud. There is a gay wedding cake. Controversy do you know which case this is due Sorry say one more time: Austria really another eight. Yet the gay wedding cake,
if they want to cholera. Its can give you the name here if you'd masterpiece cake shop yeah, yes masterpiece, what what happened? Pattern that when I remember let's see the lower court had ruled that Jack Phillips, the owner of masterpiece, takes up violated, Colorado's public accommodations law which prohibits refusing service to customers based on factors such as rape, Ex marital status again, it's the same type as the one in Oregon, because He just didn't. He To do the wedding cake you didn't refuse to sell them. Cakes rights walk in and buy something on yourself, but you didn't wanna. Do you anticipate in in their event but apparently you have to this is gonna, be this game changing. I believe this is as game changing as e commerce clause, and most people don't understand what the commerce clauses but the but the claw, Is that really changed? Everything is in
the constitution and its really pretty meaningless or it was as it was written it sickly, said if there's interstate cameras, then The the Federal government gets too rule. When there's a when there's trouble and that's because the states were fighting instead each other, and they you know they, they were really basically thirteen in all countries- That's how they were behaving: they had their own currency, they had their own banking, they had their own laws, and so the federal government said look eyes just avoid war between the Thirteen colonies, if it's her state com. Then we'll regulate that. So make sure that its fair across all states well after took that clause and brought it to his court and said Meta. We,
Like you to make this stronger because People were selling wheat. Farmers were selling wheat Doing their own trade, and so But they said was well now wait a minute If you bake your own bread and you grow your own wheat Even if you do that and make your own bread and your using it yourself. There are perhaps seeds that are coming across a state lines for you to be able to replant. There are other things that you might use that are pesticides they're coming and even just the pollination of your field going into another state. Allow the United States government too regulate so now ever The thing is regulated by the United States government, where it was very rare, that's its head
the federal government regulations and that changed everything this cake Controversy could change every. Thing in America, because we have right now we have had a rule. Of religious freedom and can't be a you know, can't be a big it and say serving any gay people, but when you're ass too, for it when your ass to. Use your art whether that's it Haug refer or decorator or whatever a baker that is using their art. My father, used to do when cakes on saturdays all he would do were wedding, cakes, and I know the hours and hours and hours that he spent and I know how he thought about
couple when he worked with the couple and he was part of it and he excited to hear about how the couples wedding went and how their reception was and what the response was with a cake, because he- poured his heart into. It That's using your talent in your skills and men bakers, some don't, but many bakers will think, while I'm now participating in your wedding- and my religion says that I shouldn't be doing that I'll, sell you anything off the shelf, it's not a problem, but I can't- participate in that not everybody whose religious feels that way, but some do. How can you government for them to go against what they truly believe. That's the question and the problem with this is, is used, to be clear with conscientious objectors. You know you, couldn't
you know people, but I have one. I have this argument with people as they look. You know I do oh, my dad would have done My dad might have made K clean might not of I don't know, but My dad was a real deeply religious person. He was a deeply spiritual person so how was he going to interpret that? I don't know, but it a plea, religious person who go to a church, and they say this is. This is what we believe you can't force them do that? That's that's like taking the amish or raw or what is it Jehovah's witnesses also don't believe in armed conflict. That's what they're Todd INS in didn't church. Our standard is always been. If that is cruelly your religion. You can use it as an excuse, but even if we find it, the poor for some reason,
you got a serve or you don't have to serve and that included that was up to and including using pay Audi, which is it the law is, but but native Americans that that was part of their religious belief in and they won. That case send look then look at hacksaw, not Hacksaw ridge chains. Does it have excellent attacks are ridge Hacksaw Ridge. That's story in world war. Two where you're fighting Hitler and evil the guy who lives in the Carolinas and believes that I can't I'm. I was raised as a pacifist. I cannot kill, but I'll go and serve as a medic. And he was he was boy realised in boot camp for it he becomes one of the greatest heroes in american history, but we, didn't force him to do what was against his
moral and and religious framework. We can't Or the first amendment means nothing. The travel ban. Yeah. This is a big one in that they were worn sheriff, through court was gonna. Take it. They are going to take that case. So I think it's gonna be argued in October and its my initial reading of this, and in light of these, things, are confusing, as is all legal, a stick language, but it seems like they are going to if the injunction against the travel ban so that it can kind of go into effect until its decided, at least most of it would go into fact, so does mean they're not hearing all of it right there only hearing parts of it. Yeah, and I know right for the injunction specifically only parts of it are going to be lifted so negative.
Every single grew by the details, but I have to get into tomorrow because it's a kind of breaking as we speak, although I would assume you'll be seeing the son of one particular twitter feed at some point to two there. Let's get it lets you seen is at least a short term victory. Let's, ensure that we talk to some really good attorneys, as were preparing this for tomorrow. So we we really Is it right because, on the travel ban, you know the real argument is: does the president have a right to Who is in that part of his head? Job description to keep us safe and to watch immigration I mean it's always been in the president's purview to be able. To do this, and so, let's Have somebody get real specific, so we know exactly. Their hearing and what the problem is and what other people are saying so ill will have that tomorrow.
There is one other thing that I I want to bring up the travel ban. It's interesting to me that He's doing the travel ban when, when you look at this. Donald Trump is very good at speaking. The language of his tribe, the people who follow him and The travel ban is very important. Not just not to people who are looking at countries and saying why are we letting people in that we week? We don't know with their dangerous or not, and until we find a way to actually screen people that makes common sense. Maybe we Maybe we should hold off here for a second, but I think, Donald Trump. Is helping this and he spoke volumes. Do his tribe, He has broken that this is the way it is written, Donald Trump breaks with tradition
white House for goes Ramadan dinner. Did you read this the the president and First Lady Maloney released a statement on Saturday wishing warm greetings to those celebrating. What is it a year, or id all I'd I'd an important holiday marking the end of Ramadan Muslims in the United States join those around the world during a wholly month, Ramona to focus on acts of faith and charity. Now, as we commemorate I'd with family and friends. They carry the tradition of helping neighbours and breaking bread with people from all walks of life, this is the first time now in three presidents that we have not had a Ramadan dinner, so when you the White House is breaking tradition. You don't Think of the tradition that was started by Clinton, I mean breaking with tradition. That's three presidents have had a Ramadan dinner now
fourth president's says. No, so it's a new tradition and I don't know how I feel about it. I don't and yell GB to eligibility community is doing the same thing on trumps lack of releasing some sort of I guess he were they. Every year Obama released a press release for the gay pride parade. I didn't do that. So he's breaking with tradition to pronunciation that started with the last lads resident. It started with a laugh. I want to draw the house's come on it. If you really want to go there then than before, Obama. He didn't, but He was claiming it was gonna break tradition of starting wars in foreign lands, because that's what the as president did or It's funny. This exact same way there twenty air there treating the healthcare issue, which is the
thing that we should measure this on. Is the current very recently implemented failing programme? That is the only fair standards and even look at its heart, and I don't look at what we have before two thousand eight or the century before that we can only look at what we have right now, which was implemented, beat that forced through an incredibly unpopular, the entire failing miserably, failing miserably, look, here's the thing: here's here's the case that we need to make as conservatives over and over again, because we have, to speak? The language of the left and argue where the argument is and where their argument is on healthcare is care, and I care I want to make sure that people are not suffering. I want to make sure that we take care of the people who can't afford it sure that there is health care available, for every body and I dont want somebody on the streets dying of cancer, well,
Let me just say this: the regulations are so carrying the regulations are are so inhuman and beyond that I care all of the families. Now we have taken a group of people who were suffering and not really done much for them and then if made the rest of the country, suffer with one, hundred and forty percent increase in their premiums, This is if we would have sold this as care. You got a cow, but it's going to cost you a hundred and forty percent more. We all would have said. No. We have to change the argument- and we have to say let's care for the people who are in Ohio, let's care for the people, the mom and dad who are not The poverty line cannot afford a hundred and forty percent increase its unreasonable. Now this,
Our market is booming. Why I believe that's inflation. The people who have the money are chasing Too few goods on the stock market, what you're gonna say that this is gonna, go to thirty thousand or its moral, please go to fifteen thousand, or maybe ten Jim Roger says, within two years the world is going to experience the biggest market crash since the great depression. I've talked to bill several times he's not the guy, who says it gives a date. He has not said that in the past there is it exclusive report now on the five threats to the economy too, our financial markets and it was written by David Stockman President Reagan's budget director. You can get it for free by calling eighty six thousand four hundred and sixty five three thousand five hundred and forty six also go line, is extending their price protection programs find out about it right now. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line by
old now from the people. I trust one. Eight, six eggs, gold line or gold line dot com Glenn. I want to see landline if you're coming to tax, as you can dream of mercury studios indictments breathtaking upland television show too, is at your feet. Ticket Glenn backs up come what your information that ticket Glenn back so come not carry. I think last time, Brad Door was on. I think we almost Roma dilates, the guys I mean he's, not shy. He joins us next programme work,
the blaze radio network on demand.
Hello. America welcome to the programme so glad that you are here. There's still a lot to cover North Korea use drugs to torture the twentysomething year old in in Cincinnati Ohio. He was, he was drugged and tortured to death. Now power we goin to respond. Also more people are stirring. The fire bill nigh the science guy is one of his writers on his Netflix show tweeted something horrible pride is if a few old ass conservative white men have to die in order to get this gun control issue discussed. That's just a price that just a risk I'm willing to take skews being when somebody from the blaze, Michael O Peltier, when Michael O Peltier tweeted her and said what is this? How do you define old? She knew she was gonna, be in trouble and she removed the tweet. This is bill nigh the science guys writer, we'll get into that here and a second also witches are casting disturbing binding, spells Giddens Donald Trump as part of the quote. Resistance we'll talk about that. That's a story on the blaze, dot com and blend backed outcome as well, we'll get to that, but first the one, the only the never controversial, Brad Thor right now using entertainment and didn't write in it, the green. When working to be joining us here and just a second, I thought it was on tomorrow's or we should respond to that. I was hoping it was tomorrow because I haven't finished his book and I I read like half of it. I took
It's some place with me, while I was in the great outdoors and I must have dropped it's some place in the middle of the written and then in the middle of the ransom play. So the cows or reading something really great. It's a great book. The first half is really good. Could suck the second half I dont know. Well, I mean first, have his tremendous summits, be honest, really up to Brad Thor to supply a book to each one of your locations, so he really isn't it I'll do it who hears it took a. I tried to find a book store, possible. I tried in two states. I tried in Idaho, tried in Montana Anna. Couldn't find a bookstore and then I realized that it did. The book was an out, yet it comes up tomorrow, so I I couldn't have bought it anyway. Even if I found a bookstore, I should probably check that first. Should we go into as we wait for breadth, or should we go into the witches that are now
oh casting spells. On Donald Trump, I don't know where to go with this story on Donald and all those who a bit him so saw joking Donald Trump, so here it is Facebook Group, composed of self described witches cast, spells to buying President Trump and all those who about him, on Wednesday. That is a word I haven't- I haven't really seen around since may be sixteen twenty six on Wednesday, a large facebook group composed of the self described witches began, the cast the spells the group which calls itself bind. Tromp has more than two thousand members, although it clear exactly how many participated in the event on the night of the alleged binding ceremony, dozens posted pictures and videos of their anti trump rituals. We have got see the videos we We are doing is yours March: can you get
so the audio of that and maybe could you look in to a a perhaps a war lock, it wasn't bill. Rogers, you guys, you remember Bill Rogers. I was to be on the show a long time ago, Lissy, because I believe he was some sort of a war lock or something. May we get him on to on buying the spells tomorrow, incidentally, I dont know according to the which is to a binding spell, is different than a curse or a hacks. So when you know Jeffrey. What what? What is it doing y know that I don't quite know the difference says what the witches of said: okay, so the witches event was scheduled to correspond with the waning Crescent Moon and the guy, its members use day organise Liturgy too evil on trumps agenda the participants were instructed to gather a number of components to aid them in their efforts, including taro card reader.
An unflattering picture of Donald Trump, don't awake Can't you using nice picture of Donald Trump by is the the queen of all, which is up in Heaven, go in I mean I'm sorry, I don't mean to insult witches. I dont know what your practice is exactly, but do they like now its captain, it picture of this was the one makes me feel good. There's more to have candles small bowl of water and stray or a dish of sand and a feather now it. It sounds like something that you shouldn't take seriously, but Have I ever struck? You is the guy that doesn't take stuff like this Seriously, now no! No! No! They were instructed to call on spirits and
demons of the infernal realms to buying Trump so that his malignant works may fail utterly they want to prevent him from harming humans, trees, animals and quote rocks from harm. Now I'm glad somebody has finally brought this up, but The amount of rocks that this administration has harmed is, It's well under the millions already in its into my little rocks, had been. Isn't it Untold sad said tale of how some rocks are pride from there are family. The inn in what we have hazard Lee has have just named gravel pits and their family members are ripped and sent to other driveways, sometimes half way across the country.
For those rock families never to be united again. Is responsible for this Donald Trump he's a builder Donald Trump, how much gravel has he used in his life. Harm of Lee, the rock families must stop, muster, sometimes grinds stones in dismay. Or stones example. Yeah yeah, it's it's happened. If somebody took your children and ground, I'm up into smaller children. Would you be happy? No, I wouldn't they took your family. I really drowned old, Emily up, rob wrinkle have children or families and wrinkled them. Please pat stop with the denials And they took him ground your children up and then sprinkled them in some nihilism, as unlike arrive way, your kids not like we're what the what the the previous tyres were were, driving on here in California. No, no, you wouldn't be happy.
The which is also condemn those who enable trumps wickedness They need to have their towers of vanity struck down. That's the only thing. That's the only thing that actually make sense to me a strike down the towers of vanity, afterward. The witches were, instructed ground yourself by having a good, hearty laugh, jump up and down clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Have a bite to eat. Grounding is very important, don't neglected and remember he hates people laughing at him. According to Daniel S or whose a rabbi in Israel said, people should not take these kinds of ceremonies. Lately he said: witchcraft or its real name. Satanism is splits, ITALY, a power struggle, which is why it's so readily dragged into politics. Satanism. In its essence, the adversary against God even if you're a good witch. Learn about which Glinda
Did you see wicked Glinda was now good well. That is true. Who live documentary that is happening in New York of places they decided to expose the truth about that so called good which what about bewitched they make a generally a good witch and what happened to her? dead? What happened here? What happened to her husband, her first husband we all know suddenly changed, features, All of a sudden, Dag word or dare would, or whatever his name was remember all of a sudden. He was he looked one way and then we're all also noticed she hadn't fundamentally changed him. She killed him and replaced him. And the spell didn't work on me. I knew it was a different guy. You. Are we really do go deep give these are deep dives like us, dead
Not a lot of people are giving you this kind of analysis. On the witch thing I actually agree with the with the rabbi. I don't take this. Rightly at all I mean I don't know how many of the two thousand and people are serious. This is kind like this city and what is it the year, the secret moreover, when it is a place called in Bali Mining grow a bohemian grove, yet the bohemian grove, I dont, think did you know I wrote about it in my book, the imo lock in in it it's a fiction novel better than Brad Thor's, I think quite honestly, and in fact I could do an interview about that. Now, if you like but I wrote about it in my in my book, the with the witches and explained how I believe some of this stuff works I did it in a bid. You know of a fiction sort of setting,
And you know the bohemian grove does exist and all of these people do come from all over the world. All these high leaders and they do apparently do this all the owl thing where they you know set on fire. Her bore set a little boat on fire with little people in it, actual little people were harmed and there's these little figures that they put in it and then they, I don't know, set them on fire and throw them in the belly of the owl or something weird. I don't. Anybody there takes that seriously. Maybe a couple of people I mean, I don't know a thousand people there, maybe too, really understand that that is an ancient ritual and take it seriously. The Esther, just having a party in there just ah, this is funny. Ah there's nothing to this. They don't have any intention, they don't even know what it means. They don't care, but they are
performing an ancient ritual and the same, I believe, with the witches You know I'm not a witch hunt, her eye you know, I'm sure there are good witches, I'm sure their people, that are you know, just which is not they just care about the environment and whatever, which is, do they don't fly, an broomsticks or any of that nonsense. But I do believe things like this. You, are performing ancient pagan rituals that I do believe, do play into the adversary do lay in the darkness, and I don't think we should take these things lightly. Although I don't, Think Donald Trump at any point is going to be bound or or in turn into a newt, that's just me, sponsor! This half hour is my patriot. Supply
Friday. North Korea made its first statement since the death of on a warm beer quote. Make clear we are the biggest victim of this incident. Now we're gonna get into this later, but they use drugs. This is the latest from this is from Fox news. Lieutenant Tony Schaefer believes. North Korea's repeated use of drugs killed. The american student quote was tortured. Not so much the way, pulling finger out with fingernails out with tools but Peter drugging sodium Pentothal Schaefer, told the Fox Business Network, the retired? U S general said: North Korea was true figure out whether warm beer was a CIA spy and repeated, Exposure to drugs during that year in captivity is what caused brain damage. I think during his confinement. They they over. Did it and thought? Oh
We better release him. No doubt they kind of saw that the things that they were doing we're going tragically wrong. We better get this guy out of here serve their purpose. To get him out. So now. How does the? How does the president respond to this? You can't have a An american citizen tortured and killed by North Korea. I dont Know- but I know that information is important and we are proud to have. As a sponsor my patriot supply my patient, supply or is, is really a home for people who believe that by prep by staying in touch with the news by not buying into conspiracy theories everything else, but by really truly being prepared, mentally, physically and and and and with like food and and currency that there
able to enjoy life their able do not worry about things like this as much as others who aren't prepared right now they are offering their one hundred and two serving survival food kit this week for only ninety nine dollars. That's a Then a dollar per serving go to prepare are we Glenn dot com The world I am telling you now your way, go on a Monday Friday. You don't recognize your country right now. Oh, I don't recognize my country stories like this haven't really hit yet still. Greece of Economic depression and collapse Four stories of real true global war have not hit yet, but they are coming. Prepare yourself and then let it go, prepare
do something so tomorrow will make sure to give him a very fair and gentle airing, as he joins us on tomorrow's programme, so they'll get the respect he deserves. I think is that what you're trying to say? Oh, my gosh, I thought I mean if he was smart, he would have come on and said. Well you only read half of my book and and then lost it. So I lost your phone number and I thought I could just do half of the interview don't get on the outside. Trouble eight. Seventy seven back the glad that programme, so we had read on the phone, and then my very efficient staff said: let's do tomorrow. No, no! No! No! I really wanted to give him hell for being eight, I mean when you're on the Jimmy Kimmel Show How many times does it happen halfway through the time when you are supposed to be on Jimmy? Is just add living about something he doesn't know anything about just stalling until the guest finally stump
out from behind the curtain is like Sorry. Am I missed half the interview time, It happens all the time and breadth or stir just stumbled out from behind the curtain about five minutes ago. Like oh sorry, I was doing something. Oh tomorrow will make sure to give him a very fair. Gentle airing as he joins us on tomorrow's programme? they'll get the respect she deserves. I think is that what you're trying to say? Oh my gosh, I thought I mean if he was smart, he would have come on and said. Well you only read half of my book. And then lost it. So I lost your phone number and I thought I could just do half of the interview don't get on the outside the airline and I'll come over. Now that I just did that won't work, It should be very interesting to have him on to Morrow talking about his new book, which
somehow another I've misplaced, Brad Thor on tomorrow's programme. Ok, I want to read this tweet to you, few old ass conservative white men have to die in order to get this gun control issue discussed. Then I'm willing to take that risk there This is from a woman who says she's a comedy writer and you can see at so funny he's a comedy writer for Bill nigh the science sky. And if you ve ever seen, show where a clip of that show you know just how funny it is. Its hysterical did didn't didn't know: do you still have the song that they did remember the song on. What was it on gender, or something that had nothing to do with science at all,
and really had very little to do with comedy and music, which was very difficult for a comedy song about gender you know having a song that didn't have anything to do with music comedy or gender or early science is is taken this tweet down, but the best Tweet of the weekend has to come from Steve, Dace Steve Rights, You thought twenty. Sixteen was bad. How a twenty Eightth eighteen election between a party embracing cultural Marxism and one that a nine year promised to voters. Don't be it's gonna, be ugly, There's nobody to reform these situations anymore. So So true too, I mean who do your route for in that scenario, I don't know I mean certainly not the cultural marxists.
Then, on the other hand, you vote for these guys and they don't do anything. They said they were going to do so. Gave me rushing a game with two teams you care about, and then you might mean you might wine of having a little bit of eroding interest in certain parts of it or whatever. But it's it's hard to have passion over this summit wrote to me this weekend who you guys know who said I'm thinking about running. And- and I dont know what a run as I could run as GEO P could run as an independent or could run as a libertarian I'm not sure, because all of them, have every not stood for what they were supposedly standing for. I dont know how to run. If I'm going to run,
my answer. When we come back programme. Text Glenn Beck program, hello from LOS Angeles, California and thrilled to be here. It was nice about to two in the morning to be able to have the windows open and to be able to hear the gunshots that we're just about three hundred and forty away. While I was very nice, as has done, nice it was, it was little confusing cause. I said, that's gunshot and my wife said no guns are illegal in California and I said you are right: sweetheart, you are right: that must have been people outside at night going bang. That we heard or Nay
back firing of fifteen to twenty cars, which was really exciting because guns, not legal, a couple of things going on the gay pride parade It continues to be more of a Trump resistant parade, then a pride parade. We saw one anywhere around you, or you happen to attend one. You might have thought, while this seems and of angry against Donald Trump, the most gay friendly president of all time, I leave we when taking office. That's where there is no doubt about that. Yeah. I think. No the only one I ever been elected on a platform of being ok with all citizens ex marriage- those are just words, and- and this is our life really that yeah? This is what really bothers me that no
you know that Barack Obama was approaching marriage. You know that he was but he didn't have the floor. Dude to actually say it. He didn't have the right moral, the moral Your painting, in fact he said in two thousand and eight through two thousand and six. It was in there somewhere that because he's a Christian, he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, two thousand and eight pay is not bad. That position I dont think ever by not that I know of yeah, and so he has been consistent and ate a leading guy on this Obama lied to me- president. He sold his people out, yeah the people who believed in him sold them out, so he could become president same with IRAN Clinton. Yes, you do the same thing saying with all of them on the left in a nation's they all of all of the politicians on the left, Donald Trump has
always been there has always been gay friendly if you will view, but I hate that phrase, but he is all ways been gay friendly. It think of this. Black. Obama, didn't have the guts to say: at the d and Sea convention he was gay friendly. Instead, you know marriages between man and a woman at the convention. Donna. Truck. That's the democratic convention dumb, tromp goes to the republican convention and so as that he's the ports, gay marriage and yada, yadda, yadda and Republicans, cheer he's prized by it and says, thank you? That means an awful lot yet their protest in him. You're kidding me strange in- and I think
you know. Initially, he was ok with the with the transgender thing going transgendered going to whatever bathroom they wanted to. He said that all trump places would be her and yes friendly, but then he he removed the restriction of federal funds going to school districts in California. For or the them too, to be able to go into whatever bathroom they wanted to, because it's a school, it's a! We yet can't can't we just slow down this. What all the comedians, all the lefty, comedians or saying, you're overplaying your hand, can You just slow down a little bit just to have some data behind us and the interests that we know what the devil is no more. But without this I mean, if you have a Republican that is Donald Trump Minutes, a huge, huge win if, if essentially the opposition to be the algae BT activist, is Tromp like
has, he backed off slightly on a couple of minor parts of a bomb as agenda I mean you can be. Eighty argue that, but I mean it's not it's not a strong argument. That's why you sing that. There's a pull that came out today from Pew that showed the support for same sex marriage, and I was again like while you can see the kind of media or mere meteoric rise of support of support for it, which kind of well documented. However, I didn't headline down at the bottom of the of the pull when I first letter the graph which shows the timeline, which is just since two thousand seven incidents. It's gone from ten thirty seven to sixty two? Now sixty two percent of the total in just ten years, while, like those from across every age group across every party across every race and mean you know, every there's religious groups have all increased as well. It really is mean meteoric. The rice-
and I M really trying to study how the the human brain works and John hate wrote this height wrote this book called the righteous mind and in it talks about how the mind works, but to its like an elephant and a writer, and this is- and this is an old theory he just move it forward. Some but I was reading another book and capturing remember which, when it was where it talks about the elephant in the writer and This is something that we really need to know as conservatives, because where's making the wrong language and we keep losing and we keep saying well. Our arguments are better, but the give it doesn't matter. I know everybody wants to say: well, yes, it does but- They just want to remind you. It doesn't matter what you feel it matters, what the
facts are, and the facts are that the left and the right speak a different language and become what's of this- we don't hear each other, and so like a missionary going, you know to the Amazon or going to Mexico City And wanting to convert people and wanted to help people, but I refuse to speak Spanish, what you're not gonna make an impact. What you're gonna do is you're. Gonna just starts shouting at people going. No, it's Jeez is Oh he soon Caesar here, no jeez eyes and they don't understand and then what you walk around about these people are just DOM they're stupid. They don't know its best for your speaking, the wrong language. And its harder to see because we're both King English, but the writer. This is now listen. If you really understand this you'll
your stand. There are so many levels of the language that we have to discuss, but the most basic is the elephant in the writer, the Elk and is your got the elk? It is your first reaction, your first impression: USA, you know there's nothing like it first impression, it's true, your First impression of a person It lays the foundation and the cornerstones of your got of what you're gonna think about that person, and it very hard to change it. It can be changed, but its very our to change it Believe me, I know because I have seen this happen in my own life. So why You have to do. Is you I do understand that the the elephant- is the emotion center of a human and it's your got its fear.
It's love, it's hope. It's all these emotions that you feel the writer is reason and just like a writer on an elephant you know with a rope between, is you know, teeth? Ah you You can try to steer that elephant. If the emotion was so grained in this elephant? If, if already had its first impression. Its third impression and and and all of the emotions you're not going to change its mind. So now what happens I know that when mice my daughter was in college when two Fordham University and they taught or at a catholic University that the Bible was false, that sodomy was just a greeting. It had nothing to literally nothing to do with sex. It was.
Thus the way people greeted each other back in what way. So you know that's not possible la yesterday I misunderstood what was going on class minutiae goodbye. I know she didn't was not eat. It was not like. It is now less what it was in. So so a sex act was just hey, high Hydro and what its why they were going after the ringleaders. Why that that's what she was trot is low, come on I'll say I do I go into your browser at this. Ok, so so anyway, so She had she had that foundation put into her and She was the peer pressure, was if you were against gay marriage. You are you hate people here you're a big normal, your leg it and it was over well meaning in New York, is overwhelming, and I have
slowly no record of ever hating any gay person. None. I have many gay friends that I I love them there. I don't your life, my life is my life. Your life is your life. You mean, did agree with everything that I do and believe in my life and I dont have to agree or do what everything you do in your life you're, not for my approval, we're friends. The peer pressure was so strong, there's nothing I could say to change it ever, there was no reason that could break through and all I kept saying was honey. That's not who I am, No, that's not who I am and because that conflict, I think, was so deep in her that we couldn't even talk about it. She wouldn't talk about it and tell She started to see wait a minute now that pass now. People are trying to force people to you know
that that in their church in there and it's not it's not about just left leave everybody alone. Why do you ain't so much it really is about forcing an agenda on somebody else that took years and I couldn't solve it then I didn't know how to solve it. Here's the thing if we don't understand that emotions play the biggest role And emotional stories and specially when it comes do. You know when it comes to the question of gay marriage, love wins and that's true love. Of conquerors all and that's the way they framed it, and so you can't talk about anything else except love, because that's the in writing most powerful emotion. You can find and the elderly
it is already on the road and no amount of reason will pull it off. We have to look at the since we are debating now and understand that unless you speak the language of the left wing, is generally care and harm oppression. You can't speak about a subject? You want to talk about. Abortion don't talk about sanctity of life there, not they don't think that way And I'm not saying this is a bad thing: just like? We don't think of abortion as oppression of women? They do that doesn't make them bad or ass bad it just is it spanish in English, and unless we can start making our arguments about care,
and about oppression. We are not able to win. That's why we keep we keeps we have the best arguments were making them in a different language and arguments. Here too, the rider. We have to appeal to the elephant boy Thou context, this monologue makes absolutely we're just to nearly one way you appealed to the White Elephant, China. I wasn't one I had that they were banned from the circus, and now this gun lovers, listen up. Huge M announced that you're not gonna want to miss the. U S easier is ending the month of June by giving away a different gun every single day. You can win a brand new gun every day this week, but all ends June thirtieth at midnight. I want you to go right now to protect and defend
dot com to reveal which gun you're gonna take home tomorrow. Maybe it's a nine eleven. As I said the Kimber. I want a new Kimber to find out just go to protect and defend dot com. Right now a gun of the day disappears at midnight every day. A brand new gun goes to somebody in this audience, it might as well be you go to protect. Defend dot com right now, get the official rules and get entered to win a new gun everyday. This week you could find out all about it and just register to win at protect indifference. Dot com. That's protect and defend dot com when your gun today, right now protecting depend, not gone drivel eight. Seventy seven back. The claim that programme see what you can see, what happened with transformers this weekend can commit a number one moving the country he didn't do well. Here I mean arrogantly speaking,
in China. It was gigantic here Donald Double what it was here, yeah so now it has anybody, seen it yet We as I do that I have seen it, although I'm in drink because of the the historical element, you're talkin, about that's kind of, what's the opposite of intrigue, well you don't like any of these, and I like her mother with a look so the transformers here. Here's my real deal transformers. I, aunt take because I have thirteen year old Son, who I'm trying to re. I can't take that. Its farmers, with the woman sitting on the motorcycle and rubbing the engine and she's like oh yeah, I can't take priority during editors, went to board well, go out, oh no! I don't do that. They don't I widow S, so there's one reason as a dad
not as a man or a boy. I mean a thirteen year. Old boy in me always loves that as a dad. No, please and so it was it's been hard for me to be able to take grave and go away this up unmoved cause. I you know anything The historic element in it, I think, was fun Eve you going to do it as a transformer movie you're, like others, this kind of fun now you go into it in his adult and you see that it says dark universe. It's the new universal thing and you know they're trying to make all these movies with you know, the mummy in all of these things, it
you understand what they're doing and they're doing exactly what Dc Comics is doing, trying to jam everything in two into one thing, and it just is, it was dupe it. It was just stupid, to wit, amount confusing moving Louth. I just conflated two movies together. Sorry about that, I reset and give it to you to Morrow. It was an ok movie or I grab carry.
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