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6/28/17 - Washington isn't coming to the rescue

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Time to take Phil Donahue's advice? ...It's time to listen to the 'Angry Trump Voter' ...How to survive in a world turned upside down ...Making sense in a chaotic world ...People are good and people are bad. How do you know who to trust? ...America is a nation separated by politics ...A pathologically ungrateful nation ...Meet the female Pat Gray ...'Natural man' ...Before people lose freedom, people lose hope The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Hello, America welcome to the programme today. It is a very different show today. Show is all about you and listening to you hearing the voice of the people that are never heard from owing to start with something that I read, Phil written Donna. You say I haven't heard anything that man is ever said that I went that should be everywhere until I heard him chastised the media and I thought he's exactly right. We begin there right now. You should have entertainment and didn't lightened the gleam below America. One another program, Phil Donoghue said earlier this week.
He was talking to the media, any said. The best thing the media can do is start Listening he said in particular people need to listen to the angry Voter, I love that listen to the angry trump voter How many people in America or angry, I would say Modern on ninety percent. We need to start listening Would no matter who they voted for to the p pull, who feel disenfranchised who, you'll oppressed not because of Gender, not because of something that happened to their great great grandfather, not because
as they can't afford school, but people who, actually feel oppressed, because their voice is never heard, and there is an anybody really representing them. And they ve tried and they ve tried to live a decent life and they ve tried to be a good person. They ve, To play by the rules, and now those rules are being turned upside down and they're gonna wait. What what am I. What have I done. That's gonna- get worse- pensions start to go down. You ve worked your whole life. Your union and your politicians told you your pen. It's gonna be fine and they, promising more and more, and you paid paid into that and you thus did. Now if you live in places like Illinois
the entire state budget is taken up, so pensions, that's not gonna, work, something to happen. How are those people going to feel? How are you going to feel. My pension, if you will the owing I've ever paid into as social security. When I was eight, I knew I was not gonna get a social security payments, the man doesn't work Eighth greater can figure that out I've never counted on my social security but boy. My parents did it screwed them at the end of the life, when it was still quote working. You know I live a really weird life. I'm really weird life. I have done radio, since I thirteen years old, this little piece of
now aluminum. I used to describe it as my best friend, because It never rejected me, it never judged I could say anything to it-. In some ways, this right. Your programme is Therapy session for me, because I think out loud, in trouble a lot. I de the things that I am thinking and my staff knows when we're writing a book or I'm work, like. I am now working on some theories I will say the same thing over and over and over again, but it will be only different every time, because I'm thinking it through. And in that process I found you.
I did top forty radio most of my life and I was pretending I was I was I watch, radio shows from all over the country And listened to radio shows. And I would emulate. I. Make it into a formula. I would write I would spit, outlines play they that's great. And I hated it back in the nineties Done because it was fake. And then I started saying some risky things trying to destroy my career and I found My career cuz, I wasn't saying risky things to say risky things. I was just telling you how I really felt and I found you.
And I found there are millions of people that feel exactly like. I do. But we never say it out loud, because we feel alone. You have. In buyers me you're, the asked, and I mean this sincerely seriously. You are the best group of people I have ever met I will put you up against the greatest flock of church People, the greatest flock of of Environmentalists put you against anyone. And you will be their quiet, humble Kind serving each other serving others. And then, when we all leave,
place will be cleaner than it was before. I think I've actually been with you, and somebody has a lawnmower in their purse, because the lawn seem to be mode after we leave. Always said. After nine eleven? and I dont know what made me say this. But I know it to be true. This audience is gonna, be the audience that story ends and time will remember as the key as the group of people that turned the corner in the dark. Stuff, knights and saved freedom. I dont know how that happens. My life.
Has become this weird thing where. I can't trust anybody. Tanya recently has banned all new people and and and non family members from our house, it's like I've seen my wife's heart harden The last year- and I hate it- I had a businessperson come up to me- in my company. The other day about three weeks ago said: Glenn, you can't Change who you are, I really, trusting guy. You know.
From interviews I usually like everybody, the first time I meet them. I love them. I'll sharp been. I like them, when I met him more than once, and I'm like, ok, I can see the good in you. You can't see the good in you al you, You have become this guy who's. Just there is good in you. And you ve traded that good, because you don't believe in it enough you don't. Think your powerful enough- and so here you ve traded it. I haven't been able to travel. Country. And be with you. You know I used to do also what forty nights on the road every year, fifty nights on the road sometimes twice a year, we would do it.
And I loved. Meeting you and being close to you, because I can hear you. Don't take phone calls usually on this programme. Rarely has to change. I believe in you. But I haven't been good at listening to you. I learned this from my wife. I'll come home and she ll see em. She'll see all my day, blah blah blah and then the kids. School and then this happen, and I had to go here and I and I will I'll, listen and then I'll be light. We know halfway through like you know it honey, you know we need to do. We need zoo, bottle bilateral level bottle, and she just looks at me like what the you doing and then
now because I mean I'm in spurred in marriage. I been married twice, ok of twice the experience with women so Trust me, I know, and what a real I did my try to solve things. Women, don't want you to solve it just, listen to me. My job is to try to solve things detail what things mean. And in trying to do that. Failed to listen. So today I want to listen to you, and here's what I really want to know from you now. I want to know.
What's changed in your life since two thousand and six is your life gotten better. Your life gotten worse. Do you feel more informed lesson formed. Your anybody, or any thing that you trust anymore, who the people that you trust. Where do you find hope. What are you feeling about social media. Is there anywhere that you go, that you feel like now, I'm with friends, I asked this unfasten A couple of nights ago, some of these questions and more Get to reed, but I'd really like you to post MAC Ryan, Brody said, I feel like somebody whose opinion doesn't matter.
I'm twenty seven, I'm a conservative in Austin, I'm a Christian it's been very difficult to find and hold down a job that sustainable. A battle, pretty bad depression on a constant basis. Since I was twelve, I came to Two faith: the spring of twenty twelve best decision I've ever made, however, There are things that. Having been so great for me, health, wise one, I was financially able to. I would donate my paycheck every two weeks to the Nazareth Fund. You know how many people in this audience I hear things like that from. People who serve and sacrifice. Beyond ways that are even understand. If war truly breaks out, I will fight for my faith. I will fight for my country but I've lost friends, not physically
my father and I now don't talk at all. I'm really introverted. Being conservative here in Austin is extremely disk, difficult the city is a liberals. Paradise. I guess I'll, be moving soon- is whereas trusting the media- I don't for the most part- that's the kind of story that I'm hearing over and over again and the Their thread that I'm hearing every, Google time I can't afford My health insurance anymore. Eighty eight seventy seven be easy K. I want to know about your life. What the down pressure is because, in this second, our I will ask you, what can I do to help you.
I also want to ask you a couple of questions that I think America needs to answer. At least this audience. I need to hear the answer when we come back, our sponsor this half hour is the: U S cc. Now, that's the United States concealed Carry association ending. Month of June, by giving away a different gun every single day, today, somebody's going to win the gun of their choice, totally sweet Matthew, real quick. That is one of our guys that stabbed which gun would you buy if you could buy any gun that you wanted new block it Just it's not just one gun by the way, giving away today triple the chances to win because day there giving way three guns today there given away three Nuttin brand new nine eleven, which nine eleven is it today, its rock river arms Polly Worth
it's it's it's Polly Worth a whopping, nine hundred and twenty dollars its call. Polly because of the polymer frame, which means it's made to last one. A new nine eleven today is the day three chances to win they will disappear at midnight. Go to protect. And defend dot com right now, for the official rules get entered a win, the nine eleven right now said protect and defend dotcom, protect and defend dot com, new winners every day this week in all ends, thirty. If at midnight programmes. You're listening to the Glenn Beck Program and it eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck is our phone number taking wall to wall calls. Today I want to hear from you in Virginia it's Mary, hello, Mary Glen,
so thankful for what you do. Thank you. Tell me about. What's tell me what what's happening in your life and how its change since two thousand six? Well, you know I was telling you all screener that this year, our insurance premium now, through my husband's employer is costing us more per month than any mortgage payment. We ve had throughout the course of our twenty eight year, marriage
and we can't go to a lower plan? I have an adult daughter who has bipolar disorder and Asperger's. I have another child who has given our throat ass. I have another child who has epilepsy omen and you know between medication cost. We have to be on a higher plan, because I will tell you that drugs for kids, who have epilepsy and you have bipolar disorder, are not cheap. As I know, I have a daughter with Epilepsy she's The policy in She went in because we had to change our insurance. I have always tried to do the best insurance for my company and pay for all of it and the best insurance that we could come up with this time. They said they won't cover the doctors prick for epilepsy and she said at the CVS she's like what what what what do they mean wait. What
and it was. It was like two thousand are three thousand dollars for a month and Crazy, it's just its knots, Well, you know. If we have free market system, they wouldn't be able to charge that they would have to charge something reasonable. That people know could afford, but I can't get through to people to help them understand that if we had a free markets, that companies wouldn't charge that because they have to have people by their products somewhere so distort how can? How can I help you? I job. How can I help you honestly The thing that I was very excited about that you were talking about doing with your network and I haven't heard anything more about it were the children's in. Retaining historical programmes, because our kids need to learn this. I mean I'm homes going my kids, but we need
I'm thing kids hooked and interested so that they can learn about this, because, unfortunately, I'm I'm in my late forties, I'm do everything I can, but it's up to them explanation to help fix the mess that we ve cause and they can't do it if they don't know it we're gonna, be You're gonna marry you're gonna you're gonna, like direction that we're going in some things that I'm not going notes before we are doing them, because I I think I think people are sick of hearing me about things and then they don't happen or whatever and we're
working on some things now that when they happen, I'm gonna be announcing, and I hope to be able to do that by September after the summer is we're working brains out now and you're gonna, like that? I have heard you on that because, as a dad, I am in exactly the same position back in just second. This is the Glen Back Programmes, mercury. Kimberly wrote in. Why is the floor always given to those that push hatred and vengeance it's the same group of ten people from both sides. Stop giving these professional politicians press time talk to them
Eric People Glenn, please give us some camera time, the people onto come together in build bridges based on our commonalities. We're out here. I realize there's more sensation, sensationalism out there talking about snowflakes or whatever, but we're out their Sean, I want to believe we're not pass the point of return. But you have to wonder if we're not just ready for a giant reset. World has gotten a little too big for its britches gotten who we really were few seem concerned. Amy keeping wrote I wish more people were willing to look within and make a change before, pointing fingers I realize my own hypocrisy in saying that I love what you're doing Glen keep up the good work.
I'm fifty three years old I've lived in the California coaster, California, my entire life. It is the most beautiful place to live and work manner. In California this week, couldn't agree more in California The most beautiful state in the nation is spectacular. But I have to share some time or they may be to Morrow something I wrote about California, the other day just in my journal, because I loved stay. This is this is where I always wanted to live. You couldn't Amy enough to live here now. And it is- sad what's happening. This person wretched and fifty three of the Excentrically California's most beautiful place to live and work. Yet I can't wait to move. Out of this crazy state liberty is declining at a rapid pace. Socialism is embraced, I'm done, I'm done fighting
and fighting the system. Tony Parsons IONA Veterinary Clinic my. Health insurance just keeps going up and up. But I have to survive. I just And have a clue any more. What a father of six can do. I coach kid sports teams. I led scouts Ivan Interior and for each I'm trying to help my own community, my small community, we're trying to change things, but the poor, politicians in Washington don't have a clue about my fears and worries. I can't change them. I don't know what to do. Let me go to Gordon in New York, Hallo, Gordon Exit I gladly banks. Thank you. We're being crushed here in New York state, not just small business owners like me, and my wife, anyone.
Who's, trying to buy a home trying to have any sort of word, mobility to save money, and it's not just the school tat was in it. Operators they go up every year. If you wanna business, you, the workers, comp the disability point, an assurance, and if you don't do it just right. The way they want you're gonna get a letter. Tell them tat Telling you that you all this date, twenty thousand dollars and workers camp, because you didn't file a piece of paper at the right time. It's unbelievable. According this is all over the country. What are you people? What are you? What? Doing how are you surviving my wife There are now only work, her her job The air business ass she owns, she works thirty or forty hours a week. She after keeper job to keep health insurance. If we have three kids. If she didn't have the health insurance we wouldn't
It would do afford help insurance. We started looking when the Obamacare first came out and it didn't look too bad. We go back. Six month and there's less people last insurers, It cost more money. We would just right now. We just have to keep going And hoping something changes was this tat are about? Was there the case before Obama CARE, where you struggling. With insurance before, like you, are No, no, because there was more options than that we could have. If we couldn't afford it, there was. There was more affordable options that we we could again into. The idea that sense sent obama- I wouldn't, when I move back here in New York in two thousand and nine and I was a liberal then- and I and started getting the feeling that you guys are gonna turn me into a conservative what happened.
It is everywhere, and I tried to my first business was: I wanted to buy cheese from small cheese, negligent or state, and I would take it down in New York, city and Philip. I had agriculture department come out and He will listen to you. He was in the grand back at the time because he was, he was pretty right wing and I didn't understand it. He told me how ridiculous this was what I hear becoming superintendent of a dairy processing facility, and there was a step Paperwork hobby twenty pages long for me to be able to foist cheese in my commercial kitchen and resell it the people and then moving on to get around it, and now the beginning, and we move that sense. Then we ve been but the one before me having a strong family, good, mom and dad good in laws. Our tenacious wife we would have given up long ago, we would, I would a weapon better to mainstream workforce, never saw I could never got to go to baseball games, never got about a basketball games. So it's just that.
Cast struggle and you're, always worrying Wednesday. Gonna, come to an end, I dont get going. Take one thing for us to come crashing down and we would have any more customers feminine Gordon Am I. What can I do? What can I do in my job that will make you life easier. Spend maybe just a little time here and there in going through. All these little back? Yet when I started I the camel's back, and an just pick it up Seen how will these one this one little regulation affects everybody makes everything more expensive. It's not really doing anything to keep me Yorkers safer or to make their lives better mind you heavy when you have the inspector telling you, how does how to avoid it? that's pretty bad I started I had a head, so I had hydroponic shop before we open this business. I had to have a licence to grow, see They sell them plants,
I had to have a license device. I saw compost products that too, about a year I had got. The money is just the fact that they come in and tell you you need to do all the stuff in what Helping whose helping it helping the state the income method. Gordon. Thank you very much for your phone call. I appreciate it. You know the last collar come said. The similar thing but she was talk. About health insurance and the free market. We haven't had a free market system for a hundred years and and he's exactly right. Gordon hid it right between the eyes. It's too Help the state make money, but Is also now to appoint two where its scourging people from actually going out and earning
Living by pursuing their dreams, instead, just keep going back to the plant is go back to the plan. Go back to the plant. Let me let me show you how the free market system actually works. Basic I surgery, Basic I surgery in twenty thirteen cost. Twenty five hundred dollars. Those four years ago, twenty five hundred dollars I know so many people that have had Lasik I surgery dont, have to work on. Tax. Don't we have to wear glasses? It's it's fantastic. But it is never been covered by insurance programmes. It's never been covered by Medicare, so you couldn't get, it unless you went to the free market.
Four years ago, as the price of health care has gone. Through the roof, the insurance has in. Greece, by one hundred and forty percent. How much is Lasik. I surgery today three hundred dollars, why? Because it had to compete for the dollars it has And to compete to get your business, it had Find a way to make it cheaper and better. So you could take that money out of your pocket not looking at just being so and I could charge whatever because it going to the insurance company? Cares insurance pays for it. I don't care what it cost
you had to pull it out of your pocket and the free market system was allowed to work you why? to reduce. The price of insurance you to reduce the price of medical care, To do the same thing. Sony did. When Sony came out with their first flat screen high definition television, it was ten thousand dollars I can now by the same television, better technology made by a company. I've never even heard of. For about three hundred dollars in Cassio. Why The same reason Lasik I surgery is a three hundred four years ago it was twice the five hundred when everything is going up and we ask.
The geniuses in Washington, Why did lay sick? I surgery go down. Now this I want to tell you Antonio story and tone. There was a guy who went to real estate agents, I trust dot com and that soon B, we soon as he guy If the information his agent was on the way to meet him first weekend and Antonio had for visits lined up on Tuesday Antonio had an offer for his home. That's the way it should be look everything that we do in my company. I read this great book. It's called friction. You have to read it if you're, if you're running accompany it will just open your eyes and you'll just start to go home. I ve been so stupid cap. This is almost a charity. It's the greatest charity in the world. If it's done right, if you understand that what you'd
who to make money, is serve people and make their life better one. You get that. You're making money while you're helping people? it was state agents. I trust. What are they doing Trying to remove the friction they're trying to remove the scumbags Trying to remove the excuses. Trying to sell your home or help you buy a new one four thousand agents, Oliver America, who are just like you- were there there Bond is their word a hand. Jake mean something fully vetted in hand picked by my team for their knowledge, their skill and their track record and thousand. The families, have already put the agents to the test. You do it, you don't have to tell them You can listen to the testimonials of people like Antonio. Real estate agents, I trust dot, com them and test the results, sell your home on time and for the most money right now real
state agents, I trust dot com. This is the glad that programme carrying. Glenn Back Programme Jim in Virginia Jim. How is your life changed since two thousand six? Well, what I try, you spoke, focus more on charitable, giving in an Helping those who are struggling- and I would appreciate about your work one years ago- yet the church did most of that work and the government has taken out I promise that I like that Creature Mercury, one year, what charitable organizations to go in and help people that I need, and and building backgrounds and doing things that you can Firstly, in the last relief,
families got involved with the great by local group, here the christian days last relief organization called gods, pit crews goes round into these areas have been devastated by pastors and they work but in restoring rebuild people's homes and churches in this, billing warehouse. That changed your. How is that affected? You will give me a close walk with cries one, because I feel like I'm doing his work. When you go under these places where people lost everything anything if something back at The look on her face, how thankful they are for the work that was done for them. Actually they don't realize that is kind of selfish alma.
Article I feel like I'm getting louder than they are now, because you are to help them and give something back through there. Thank you very much. That is one thing that we seem to always forget and that's what service gives back in its gratitude. Grey in Pennsylvania, how's your law, if change since two thousand six points Fears on so I've The college graduated got a job and got married. Well, congratulations. Thank you. I think the biggest thing that's changed. My life and I bring perspective, is that relationship with clarifying the glass collar was talking about. Ain't gonna get you always talk, it seems like you so sometimes on the negative, and I just want to help encourage you as wild, because there are a lot of good he's going on in the world and you have been really family. Falada Out here I'm,
sir, but I have an very focused on lay faith and there are a lot of voices that I can go to and here talking about the politics and the faith and just being a good person being consistent? So thank you for that. Greece, like you, inspiring dear somebody's twenty six years old and listening and an active and and and working hard. Thank you so much grace. Congratulations for gas! you bet bye by. I will tell you that term, Mercury one. Started in internet programme and we could really use your help at mercury, one that is something that is all reliant on you and we would sure appreciate your donation. It Mercury one Dot Org, but we have
we have started a leadership programme with David Martin and the millennials that are coming through our door are truly remarkable, truly, truly remarkable and we're going to continue to introduce you to them all through the summer and you want to help can be involved for the next generation mercury, one dot, Org Back programme. The blaze radio network on demand.
Hello. America. I asked a couple of days ago on Facebook. Tell me about your life. Tell me what's happening. Tell me how I can help. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. Tell me what you ve learned: how to read this response and I'm taking your phone calls today, and I want to hear you this hour. I have a few questions that I would like you to answer for me, but I want to start with this. This post from Facebook, from Nicole Foster she writes, I'm the daughter of a proud self looked, proclaimed Trump hating P had wearing resist activist that hates gun, we're still friends. I think we're a country where a daughter says about her mother, we're still friends. I think I'm not being mean she writes, she'll, be the first one to say the EP, I'm not sure over politics. I had a question asked of me yesterday. In I mean liberals, Central Hollywood, the USA and I couldn't have disagreed with this person more because I could hear the doubt in their mind. I want to tell you about it and then talk to you today. Seventy seven bees UK we begin right now. You shouldn't, have entertainment and didn't write in it. The gleam of a new alot of thinking about you lately and nobody's listening anymore, and I need to take more phone calls. I really need to go on tour. We have to reply
And this summer and As we are planning a got more and more expensive, the price of everything has gone up. And so when we started looking at the price of tickets- and I'm like, I dont want to charge people money age just want to go and see people, and so I need to take more phone calls. I need to listen to you more. I want it. I want to ask you to focus on a couple of things. First, what happening in your life? What are the friction? Points in your life, what are the things that are causing? You tie and trouble and worry that you don't know need to spend their time on. How can I help you. One of the things that I'm working on is is reducing the chaos in your life and mine.
I will tell you that there have been a couple of times in the last bo peep We two months that I have been a story and pat or stew, the producers. Somebody in the room will say a talent, that story and they're not. Did you hear about the guy in Kansas its a national story and a big one. You know that used to be but used to say in PR. You know what There's a scandal. There's a problem Ok, we gotta get out in front of this. Ok, here's! What our plan is. Here's, what we're gonna do. You can't even get your pr department on the phone. Before the next scandal or the next big news hit? Now the strategy is just shut? by Everybody- will forget about it in about three minutes, because free day. There's something huge my wife says to me: Several times, maybe maybe three times a year.
We ll have some quiet time too, where we're finish talking about all the Vinos stuff in the world are urban stuff in our world. You know that. What are we doing with school? Are we gonna afford this? What about insurance? What about this. And finally just have a time debris than it usually happens in the car and along car right and it's cool. And then she ll say honey. So what's happening, I feel really stupid, even asking, but what's have with North Korea. My wife is really intelligent. My wife lives with me which doesn't help on the intelligence argument. I know but she's married to me, and so she's around people talk about things like North Korea,. She hears it? She sees it, but the thing is she's got alive.
My life, is about trying to make sense of the world. Her life is about trying to make sense of our world. Everything is so chaotic, there's a I was in stories and they all seem disconnected and their common action And you don't even know what they are, let alone how to argue. How to make sense of your company genders. Are there there's too there's two. But society now will tell you that there's ninety two. And the only reason why I am saying this is because I'm a white male and I'm trying to keep people oppressed no are pops are the good or bad. We're being convinced now that our cops are bad there, both good and bad, People are both good and bad.
But who do you trust. You trust the cops well. If you're of Europe, if you're Black family- and I learned this back in the eighties unaware sites like this now I hope it's like this now, but in the eighties I lived in global Kentucky and I'll. Never forget! the first time I the first weekend I was there. I turned on the local news and they were taught about how these two cops had just been reprimanded or whatever happened to them, because in the back of their through police cruiser. They had their clan outfits. Course. Police should not have their clan outfits if they want to do that, you know their own time. They should have their clan outfits in their own trunk, not in the trunk of their police cruiser. Are you kidding me? I remember thinking, wait the clan. Is like still operating. I couldn't believe it. And I understood then wait a minute wait, a minute, if that's the way
I grew up and I'm a black family. And the police is there in the news with clan outfits in the trunk telling my kids or you could trust the cops telling them that. However, The other side is absolutely true as well that not every cop is like that the majority of cops are good. It may not even be the majority of the cops in your town or your area, but that we need to know about, and we need to correct because people are good. We trust the cops. Do you trust the bank. Is there anybody on television that you trust bill? Frickin cause be bill cause be, though, First thing: I knew about Bill Cosby as he had absolutely no taste in sweaters
The worst thing we could have said about him: everything is equal unless it's from the west, unless it has anything to do with Christianity, then the mole violent people. The worst, the worst people. Who are saying there being directed by Allah to go. Kill, know their oppressed And you haven't taken time to understand them and its beak, do. You know what Christianity did in the year. Eight hundred. No, no. But I'm pretty sure it's not what we're doing now. In the universities, their teaching the there is no such thing as truth that you can know. Now I look I've wanted.
To send my kids to good universities fruit, but for most of my life my whole thing has been make enough money to send my kids to a great university, give them the opportunity that I didn't have no. Not anymore. Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting with you know Hollywood royalty sincerely we were talking about. Do people. Even care do people on either side want too together. Was making the case. Yes, they do, and I said, but you have to understand some of the language you use pieces people off and
We have to understand that some things we say piss you off, but it's because we our speaking a different language and wheat. About Liberty and the constitution and the Freedom of man, and we believe in all of those things, but you don't think we do. You see liberty through the eyes of oppression. You see Liberty as being an end of oppression, stop oppression in that of free people instead of Let's make sure that every man, woman and child are free to pursue happiness and that we take the the things that make people free and more free than ever before, like the constitution and uphold those values you wanted. About oppression,. And I understand it, but
we have to come to grips with the difference. All. Those words make everybody feel because we're not listening to each other. Then they started talking about a bay, a Hollywood powerhouse. I mean a very popular. Female, celebrity powerhouse and somebody at the table said. Without even recognising it. Well, She's part of an oppressed class. Blood almost sure shut my eyes, but wait hold it The woman who is rich is powerful who is on television? Who is Making her mind, Who is saying all of these things these oppressed.
The question is: do we want to get better, or do we just want? to destroy everything. Do we do? We think This is just needs to be all torn down and there's nothing a value that the western world has brought the the greatest example of love Of in service and charity that the ideals. The ideals of Man is what our entire society, is based on and we have gone away from those ideals and we're going further and further away from those ideals. The more we reject, not the God, figure, But the man Jesus we're getting forgive the God stuff, just as a man who doesn't want to be more like that who says we should get rid of that guy in society
it we're doing it. And we're talking about oppression and we're not talking about what is it going to be replaced with its an insult to those people invaded Venezuela who are true, The oppressed today it is an ill salt to those people in Cuba that are truly press today, those in a ran those in North Korea. Oh, how they would sing praises to God forever to be oppressed like any. Of us, let alone the celebrity. Who is part of that oppressed class. Here's what I want to know from you. Do you want to be a part of a family that doesn't talk anymore because of politics? Do you want do you want to not be the talk to your co workers. Do Want to have this,
divide believe, the worst in other people, or do you want to try. Solve that? I'm not talking about solve our political differences. I dont know how to solve those. Everybody in Washington is insane. I would just. I would just like to be able to go to thanksgiving and be Speak to my family members and not be hating. I liked him. Ends that I had had liked them back, do you want that I'm not asking you think it's possible, I'm asking! Do you want that Not what we know we can do that has ever made us great. It's
but we believe we can do we come pathologically ungrateful. Can we be grateful for what we have right now. And then say I dont, If we can do it, but I'm not gonna die, trying. My face is gonna, be marred with sweat and blood and tears and dirt from getting kicked into the dirt all the time that was, it was what it meant to be an American. Not success, Die trying do you want that. Do you want to try and he'll, or are you done no judgment. I just want to know.
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thing on their site at blinds, dotcom, promo code, back rules and restrictions to apply its blinds dotcom promo code. Back your listening to the Glen Bag Programme. Glenn Beck Programme, hello, america- let me go to let's go to Dan in New York loaded. And welcome the Glen Back Programme in order to very good. Hey thanks for doing this, and let us have a chance to talk to you directly for the first time ever get a chance to talk to you and the privilege, and I want to say you what you ve talked about and it was needed. Two thousand for each round me. So much of my dad what he said What you're consistency is in your values, principles and that really has made it a lot better to go to a sort and have somebody that inorganic it
information from well. Let me share something, then your dad might have said to you, and I know my dad said a lot. Get the hell out of the bathroom: what are you doing in there all day get the hell out on a bathroom I'll? Never forget that when I was a kid and I wanted to share that and bring that memory back to you than the truth, because I haven't brothers sisters and actually and then one of them is the twin brother, so a true and he was great, were up and a great depression was Google or two he caught, but others, economic refugees,
discussing for a long time before, because of the lesson to be learned from the great depression of the know, how to spend on active, spend how to pay attention to think how to have Ladys Dan. I tell you you and I grew up in a very similar household. I got that from my grandparents, not so much for my folks, but my grandparents were like that. We you hang on just a second sight: Europe, a pharmacy salesperson and we talked a lot about insurance costs, and I want to hear your perspective when we come back and your phone call. Eighty eight seventy seven b c k programmes.
Today were doing something rather different from my programme, and we need to do more of rest or taking your phone calls more, but I want to hear from you I mean here how your life has changed since two thousand six. What the downward pressure is on your life, things that you know, maybe that we can help take of your plate. How can we serve you and I also want to know Do you want to solve this? Do you two do you believe, is just too late and nobody's gonna change, and so it's war And the war is on, or do you want to find a way back to each other I'm talking about politically. I'm talk about being able to speak to each other and be kind to each other and her hairs. How somebody else votes. Why is the presidency for the law
eight years and now this, the definition of who we are as people. Let me go to Dan in New York. Dan you're on the glimmering programme are you. Are you ok, so or a pharmacy salesperson pharmaceutical sales. Ok, Tell me tell me how your life has changed in the last since two thousand six. Who are you to start in two thousand and four job in four weeks will experience the next job? No, the contract out. I got the next year with a major international, the company I got that German for weeks. Twenty twelve twenty lemonade and we asked them in twenty two, a bit more than seven hundred people, but fails was laid up between twenty one and twenty twelve candidate some contract job. Now, but it's it's! This regulations and they talked about biologists. This little thing here, logistical thing like stimulate the speakers that will keep it
another thing that was called the sunshine levels? Are doctors have did about everything that you bring them for watch I can bring them a turkey sandwich and they did about that and it has to be public on the internet. For the public to look at him. After lunch, not all of them, but no one could be like. I don't want to do this reporting and I don't think that's great for them to know. I got a tricky sandwich for lunch from the funds will correct to talk about the product and that The industry a lot because now the industry everytime you gonna, do they say gonna get access to the doktor Hyena get them to see you. An income you can do some things he had suddenly licences, but really overall, it is that its economic, it doesn't happen the way they say a word or two per cent of people get that access. Could they know them for a long time or know. Somebody know somebody by these regulations just muffled the industry itself. Well, But you evil pharmaceutical people- That's good. They say we separately from the employees must be judged myself. Not yet
An umbrella just like nobody, lawyers, doctors, any other good- that it be judged at the whoop You were at the judge by large individually what you decide, what you? Don't you so Dan? Why have Why were there big lay offs with with hope? I'm a care you, you would think everybody he's getting rich and more drugs are being sold and yet Here's a great insight. This is what people need to know. They don't you know something, an industry, it really helps. You communicate that other people or legal methods can get out there, and- So the easy, ADHD drug users, liquid drug ever saint hassock backers loved? It was great for kids, you don't have the sprinkling out in the breakfast and other people feel about that. You know can be everything, but here's is greatly drug beach its companies would not give it gonna pull within one year. They went off twenty percent of the sales force the next year.
The part of the way up, another thirty percent and on the contract plead the third year, because they couldn't get enough in charge of its evil, that that is what it was a better drug. It lasted twelve hours of most drugs left about similar people category. Could they sold another and before that in it why don't you give the best part out there, like you just talking about the tv right? Why did you? Why would you drive in eighteen sixty car today? If you can drive a car? If that's the choice to work? Well, You'd have to ask Cuba and that's kind of where we're going with everything. So how have sales of drugs have they increased or decreased border Thing I'm seeing, and I think what we have good points with the aid we talk about me. Vesting grow stocks were trying to teach herself the skills we can get ahead of the economically and teacher something outside our own job and what happened at the biotech is separate from
is how you think a bit scientific merit. The Ceta get. Cancer is something far advanced for the Tec. Now, I know that farmers that they call just primary care. Those states TAT, great danger and being the patents are indeed it harder for them to go in, and then we invest money. They were going to create a brain drain in that category better for the people have demonstrated that a very small you would have a hundred elsewhere about tapirs baby. Seven hundred for primary care, They say that getting better for the patient, which it is first disintegrate cats and very important issue, but it failed force coldness in point of calls for pharmaceutical overall, it very small Dan, you very much for your phone call. Are you? Are you less optimistic or more optimistic than you were in two thousand six
Outside like job stuff, like that, not much, but they wouldn't caught up what I put myself in the homework and I'm up your speaking on things like common core, my school meeting, forgive meeting for the patent anything and I bring things and there they give you a double figure. We really know what you're talking about they people doing interview with your group that really helped right. When you had interview, school leaving. I asked me about the discount my intentions and how they can be funded under the Britain that helps without the presentation from schools, this EPA matter getting here suddenly got near. State is finding no problems, but we don't want to talk about this later. He didn't want you internet right now and the main If you listen to that, I got into listen to the interview above Europe even and thrive
thank you so much for listening and thank you for going out everyday in fighting appreciate it. Let me go to Sean also in New York, Hallo Sean. Welcome to the programme when high- a twenty one year old college student, I go to the university Notre Dame and I why you say that there is so much hope far future. Yes, I've got maybe like twenty good. Finds out there who are good young conservatives following Jesus Christ, then it We're gonna be the leaders in the future. I just think there's so much hope to look for looks forward to. So this is interesting because you're in wearing New York are you back on a New York right now, that's body out that already you're you're in New York State and you're, a college student. And you have optimism for
your generation, even though your generation is his, is running towards Marxism. I do because there or a lotta younger people that line towards out, but that, because a little time Then they really don't know what capitalism is, and I just don't understand it, but they just they really want to help other people but like where I got its war most my friends, not marxist their capitalist or Conservatives and they just try and follow crime They train, you watch right so there, it is not to be guided in the right direction. Maybe, but I do think there is a lot of hope Sean, I appreciated. Thank you so much. I don't know which was more impressive. A virgin birth in. Bethlehem- or
a conservative that's going to a university in saying, there's lots of conservatives On campus, I dont know which one was more rare Let me go to Felicia in Colorado, hello, Felicia, one thing thanks for having me on, I love you. I love you guys. You ve completely changed my outlook on life But I wanted a chair that I am a lifelong gaga bedding and I got sick and two thousand eight and I had great medical care. I was getting better the thing company for twenty six years. I e we they happen. Comply with Obamacare, so they changed our insurance. It was portable before that, but then we have to do the cattle cattle market. Profiling, they take your vital if you're smoker, the pay more. If you have high blood pressure, you pay more, etc, etc. They are the company I work for later.
Seven hundred people off here in Colorado and moved our jobs to Poland and power if that was the overhead costs because of o bomber care and that you know, of course, catches etc. But I don't want to stray from that, but then I we got. I got laid off on April. First, two thousand fifteen. I fell off my poor on April. Second, two thousand pitying, no insurance, no job. Then I may knife, which is about a month after my I had entered my need, but I didn't know it was dormant in it. I got this war, One didn't go to the doktor fur like three weeks, because I was afraid because I had no money. I couldn't get Medicaid because I they base about the year previous here, income. So in the cycle, so Felicia. What are you how Can we help you and people like you. What can I do to wild help? You
do you need to keep the message of truth out there because truth, in fact, are like a cancer to the Democrats and the liberal they just they be another. Like people bid dead. No, they have camp. Just don't go get care they just until it gets worse and worse and I've been a registered Democrat since one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and I have not voted along party lines since after nine slash eleven but We have always been rights. That's what I've told people is that he, even when you went on spot He knew what going on and I try to get people to do that beg you. You need to keep Message going- and I know that sometimes they you get We all do it in, they hear you like. You know, I'm not going to do that anymore, but I have to they strong and I'm one of your soldiers. I mean I go out there and I'm
I'm trying to be less toxic myself, you know CAFE, I blog and I may have to face These are in my lap releases enemies. So let me ask you this because you say you're out there in you're, trying to be less toxic do you. Do you want to keep this Fighting the way we're doing it, or do you think that we ve got to change. Here's. The thing is that we are the change makers, but the most. For part, is like what you were saying the other day is that as long as the resistors, keep coaching us on. Never how I'm never going to listen to anybody else. Can that's out yeah. That's the problem. That's what I can't figure out how to get paid but to listen because they say they Want to work with others that
they go home and I ain't I'm changing the way that I get that message across I'm trying to you know how to plug in you do the do it over and over expecting a different result. You know that kind of thing back Unfortunately, its like a woman who does a restraining order. They doesn't really work until chief hurt or killed the actor experience at night. I was in the whole thing was Scalise I just can't even believe that their you know Republicans and all this stuff. It's like I mean do you need Just keep coaching us on how how Will you try it did you know we can figure out if there are resistors out there, that there is a glimmer of hope of maybe completely Fifty you know we have to go out to become Am I on both sides and I get really frustrated because my best,
Is there a layman democrat, but I love her I've known since I was born. You know, but it gets frustrating at time and lakes because I know that I might not pisses amount, but unless you thank you so much, I appreciate it. There's a lot. There's a lot I may take the Felicia call in and take it out and- and Respond to a lock there's a lot in that call to examine in and learn from I appreciate your phone call. Felicia take two things. You said one. I know we have to compromise No, we have to live together. We have to live together, and so that means that there are things that you Yeah disagree on, but you don't have to be nasty about it.
Even if their nasty about it and that goes to the other thing that you said that I wanted to point out. You know he pointing out, if there's hope with resistors. Now I don't, I don't think, there's a mean You know, I don't think where we should waste our time with the. People who are all right who, are getting their news from Russia today, and that is happening that did believe in seeing things in and really I believe in the transformative power into some nationalist socialist state from the right- and I dont believe In the the people, who were the the anti far that the people who are burning things down at Berkeley, we're not going to make headway with them. Let's, let's, let's try to talk to the people who just disagree.
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Trouble eight. Seventy seven back the glad that programme boy. I cannot wait to talk to tourism. Teresa says I feel like the female, Pat Grey Blue. Just that thought not his really will with a beard and everything I can't wait to talk to tourism and your phone call next, aided eight, seven to seven being easy k and some hard, but pulp. Full medicine next were correct.
The blaze radio network on demand. But to go right to Teresa in Idaho Online six Collage Risa welcome to the Glen Back Programme. Thank you very much more long term. What's happening in your head. While listening to you this morning, I started coming going back to two thousand and six really easy for me to remember. I was working for company in Arizona but was moving up the ITA help and I told them. No, I wouldn't know I wasn't gonna make the move. No, they kept throwing more money at me in everything, and I was just kept saying. No and then they offered to pay for my medical and I finally broke down and said yes, You could resist lab so my family moved up the ITA. How we got here in March, two thousand and-
shortly after that the company decided they couldn't t afford to pay for my medical, so they cut it now, pull the career then they cut off employees and when they started cutting off, and so the public was just going downhill. So I Shep, Circa job the company that making less money- I did have benefits eventually through that company, but after A while are actually want Obamacare hedge, they did, they stopped benefit so you don't have any. So you say that you are now at a place where you feel like. I don't want to think of a male pat gray, but knew you feel like a female, Pat Gray One, and then we'll get you now and this is even probably worse than him moving here. There was a lot of prayer. There was a lot of
a prayer and chew it, and then I stopped praying I am no longer still like I'm being listened to not only via high government but by my guy, but that is I just feel helpless, and you know I've got a lot of very intelligent family members. Graduated college live in the railway area and I have even talk to them. I don't even know because they go all intelligent on me and I'm just your working class girl that I'm I need to be done and you know what let them do their thing and let us do hours I do now. Can you Risa moved attacks? I can so relate to that. Yesterday I was just saying those same words,
Let me give you some perspective, beginning right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't like him- and this is the Glen, what a great perspective from Teresa on how she feels I am I'm trying to. I need to spend more time with you and just learn where you are and in how you feel about things, and and we're not that different.
I'm in LOS Angeles this week I was in Hollywood all day yesterday, and. We were talking about. I think was global warming. And how it's not about the planet. Its. Truly is about oppression twice or not? hitting China. China is far worse than we are nano. China's better nothin, not northern. You go ahead. I'll. Take you, two Colorado in you drink out of any of the river is up in Colorado or or even go up to Cleveland. Where they used to be able to set the great lake on fire drink out of that I'll take you to Beijing the key to Shanghai, Go ahead. Stick your!
Hand undergo make it stick your and in that water, no. And I thought to myself: you know what theirs pardon me that just says go ahead. Enjoy that destroy everything, that we have then enjoy your oppression, free world. When the West has been vanquished, but that's just human. That's natural man and natural man. You know, let's be honest, If there were no women on the planet, think I ever wear anything but boxer shorts and a t shirt, probably with macaroni and cheese stuck to it.
I would just be like I'd, be chauvelin in my face and if I spilled some, I look down. That their am, I want to eat that later. If there were no women knave, there was no reason to be better and you know to be classified we'd all be like Ok, here's the president of the United States for his state of the union. I'm sorry just had some gas? I let go. We wouldn't care. Aramis Murray were rope, I've listening Glenn for at least six or seven years. The problem is, I became so scared and so hopeless, What to do, I still don't keep track of the predictions that you made. They keep coming true over and over again.
I appreciate the fact that you tell us the truth. I just don't know how much more akin to handle. I know. And that's exactly what people who want power, are waiting for. For you to say. I don't have any hope. Just let em that's how freedom is lost freedom. The way free people lose their freedom. Is they first lose hope. Sheep, let me tell you some really I tell you some really hard news and knowing that there Good news, on the other end of it
here's the truth that no one will tell you we keep waiting, for somebody to save us on how care or whatever it is. All the president's gonna save us. The next president will fix this well Once we Congress. Democrats who say well why we get Congress back where we get president back, we're gonna be able to fix us. No one is coming to save you. There is, No one is going to solve this health care problem. For you, they don't I don't believe that most of them even understand the problem. Let alone solve the problem. I said in a room yesterday, full of Hollywood liberals and they said we were getting ready to leave.
And one of them said I just have to ask you: what is your opinion on the health care thing? What is happening. And I said we don't have anybody in Washington who actually cares about helping people all getting rich through all kinds of back door- deals they're getting their health care, but no he cares on either side. If they really cared. All we have to do is say: ok, we're the people really suffering let's make sure thereon Medicaid picture On Medicare, you need to span that for this group of people? Fine, find a way to help the people at need Our people are suffering all over the country, because the health care insurance is going through the roof, the premiums. Why is that happening? It's easy! It's easy. Are they solving that, no in fact,
Those were the two things that they needed to take out of this health care bill to be able to reduce premiums, and the g o p left them in. There is no way your premium is going down from what they ve done. So why would you do that. I'm not trying to solve a problem there, creating a problem that will give them more power, because you will turn to them and say you ve gotta. Help me her helping you. But their helping themselves. First no one is going to solve this problem. There is no white knight There is no one. That's going to come and save you. There's no calvary, there's no seal team! Six coming for you, there's no Swat team and He tell you something. It's an american idea too, hope for that.
It goes against everything we are to hope for someone to ride in and save you That's not what the american dream was. Anybody have any doubt that Elon Musk will Go to Mars, I don't It may not be him, but it will come out of his work. We will put private people on Mars because of Elon Musk. Why because he's not wait around for somebody else. The Enigma machine, great movie, about what's his name over in England that broke the Enigma code, touring great story, exam England and touring had an Enigma machine. They knew It was you know, States didn't have one We didn't have the Enigma machine
England shared zero information with us on the Enigma machine. We just had to Americans who read the code and went crap. This is hard we solved it with out the Enigma machine with out in the information We solved it in half the time. Why because we were waiting for somebody else to do it. George Washington Carver goes out. He's try it puts soil put put fertilizer back into it, soil try, find some way to replenish the soil. You figure it out plant peanuts. Great, we play peanuts. Now, what the hell are we gonna do what all these peanuts. Walking at night in his field. And he says a voice said too Basically, the answer is in your problem.
My problem is peanuts. The answer is in your problem. He came with three hundred products in his problem. He saw what is the one thing that if you're ever told hey you got at these people are really hungry their homeless. What the most nutritious thing you can buy for them that people will eat. As all kinds of nutrients in it. Peanut butter. That was some man's problem. The Americans are face with a problem. And somebody in the private sector fixes it. Someone finds a way around all of the nose. And they finally get to a yes
How many times was Jk rolling. Told know how many times was doktor sues told no. Their only told yes once. Only told once this trash no reason read this. For years I was told you can't do talk radio, I kind of no more? I can't that's got to the point. You can't do that. That will work. I was on television, that's not gonna work. It seemed to. Everybody's, going to tell you know everybody's in a throw an obstacle. One thing that we have forgotten as Americans is in durrants. Bring it on world,
Bring it on me, you have to get to a place to where we almost look up at the sky shaking our fist is that the as you can do. He helps those who help themselves. Nobody's coming to save us gang? Don't look, for an answer in Washington, for it in yourself I find the way to hack your world. We can do that together and together will change the world. And you'll be more powerful than you can. Even imagine. You can just a second. Our sponsor this half hour is Please safe! Here's! Here's an idea! Simply.
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simply safe back dotcom. Go there now simply safe back dot com, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment by the Cologne bank programmer ground mercury. I signed up for the letter and get all the info. You need to know what go back. Dotcom leads on to carry me in California, health care, and where do you live in California?. Karen are you there we ve lost Karen. That's would have and when you try to talk some common sense in California, they come to take you away, Karen thanks so much for your call. Let's go to Cathy and Ohio, hello Kathy. Hi Glenn,
I've listening, As I have been listening to you for several my left for several years, but the last year I have been a little disappointed in you the thing to everything for a while every you were so negative about Donald Trump, oh, I'm listening to you and I I think, I'm getting as we have done. Together, we have to come together, listen to each other bland these. People have an agenda. We, some compromise. The Republicans are guilty of compromising that's all they have done, and this I put their going out to sea and have I talk to anybody today at all about politics? I'm not talking about genetics at all ok you mentioned you mentioned about coming together and and-
come come I think. That's what I think I heard today not about politics. Haven't haven't talked about politics, In fact, the last monologue was. No. Politician on either side will solve Of these problems, You have to coming together and in particular I was talking about Woman, that said, I no longer talk to my mother and my quest didn t you was, do you Onto live that way, or do we to come together and realise that we may not agree on policies, but we have to live together. And I do agree with that. However, you cannot talk to anybody liberal because they they treat us anything.
Good, an uneducated person. We are the ones that are uneducated. They had been so programmed the wine that that's all they believed then haven't gotten the truth. They have listened to the debate and there Don't make any sense, they say we don't make any sound, came in and the thing we cannot afford. We don't have the privilege of losing hope. I understand that lady. They called the end because I've been there myself, we don't have the privilege of giving up on this country. You talk to a better and talk to the battery that are still alive. You know they never gave up. We can afford to give us happy. Thank you very much. I agree with the last point more in a minute back programme.
This is the Glen Back Programme, Welcome to the programme glad you're here I want to pick up cat. He's conversation that we just had, and I really appreciate Cathy calling And Having the guts. Say the things that she said. To me- and I am glad that she called let me start. Let me start here.
We all have a story that we tell ourselves. The problem with our country right now, as we don't have a common story, anymore are one story is the founding of our country in the civil war and the civil. Rights and and and going to the moon and we can do anything and an after that first were a second World WAR Howie we air, we had the Lynn Airdrop, and we help people and with them Cherryville that's our story, what we tell ourselves That story has been broken by another story. We are nothing but oppressors were proud, were oppressed. Groups that came and stole the land killed people
never had any good intentions enslaved a whole range of people. Even when we had the civil war, there was no good guys. Even Abraham Lincoln was oppressor. We ve only ever done anything for money, war mongers we deal. Everything that we have that's the Lori that now. Half of America is telling itself every day, and it being reinforced every single day and store, these are really important. The story in the first half of my life was, I am a I'm a kid who Nobody ever understood, and my mom was an alcoholic who committed suicide. My dad mom got a divorce. Nobody There stands me and yet I This talent and I'm gonna make a big.
And I'll show everybody that was My story coupled with. In my twenties. My family suffers with depression and Alcoholism, I'm going to I'm gonna kill myself in the end and I'm gonna be an alcoholic and what happened am? I was thirty. They are, I was because stories, are powerful, It comes to politics whose, telling stories the left or the right. Story of my life that I tell myself now every day. Is the Jesus story. Guy who grew up with nothing who who taught people in three years of his life just to be on
as with yourself, to be humble, to listen to serve to search for truth, that you're gonna screw up for forgiveness. Leave those principles and die. Down those principles. If you have to. So now that you know my story there, that's try to base my life on, look what happens. In the last election I guy running for president who I didn't think lived of those principles and that the story that kid gets me up every morning, story that I tell myself that you don't and I have to believe in redemption. You don't have to believe in jeez. You don't believe any of it. I do. And it's the story that keeps me from drinking and keeps me from imploding. And I saw our country go
towards a guy who I didn't think lived any of those now watch watch what happens, and so What happened Try to stop people. Because I had the I was certain items, certain that this is what's gonna happen. I imposed if I may speak my friends in the left v. Tyranny of certainty. And I stopped living my principles, mainly humility, peak, As I was certain. I didn't have to be humble. I know the truth. This will happen. So, people say to me one Europe,
apologizing! No, I don't that's part of my story. You make a mistake is weekly, as you discover it, go and ask forgiveness, try to make amends and if they accepted they accepted. If they don't they don't I've done my part, I behaved the exact opposite of my story, which caused cognitive dissidents in me and if native dissidents lives in me. I know myself well enough I'll start drinkin does I can't live that way as a split personality, I can't live two lives. I dont know how people compartmentalize their life. I cannot. Now we're telling ourselves another story in what I heard in Cathy's phone call and again I She added, and I understand it.
What I heard in Cathy's phone call is exactly But she doesn't like in me, and she doesn't like in the left, and that is that the irony of certainty, how Ere, you tell me you're right. I'm working on that. Really hard to do the job, the leader of the industry is on alone, from God and I'm supposed to have. The answer is to share those and remain humble. Lids really are dead. But you know too, she said that the problem as they think they know the answers and we're right. I think I've been right on a lot of stuff and I have to
just realized that my opinion is my opinion. But I also I'm wrong in a lot of stuff. I believe in eternal truth, I built, in truth from God lotta people, don't believe that? Ok, What's the other way of finding truth, either scientifically proving it doing a k study and Chile proving it in a laboratory or when it comes to living you you have to have a case study. Will I Don't really want to experiment with people, so we have to go back and look at history and say how did it turn out the last. There is no new story. How did his turn out the last time it happened. What did the p? will choose. Ok, let's stop doing that.
Do you really believe that the politicians are going to solve healthcare? Does anybody really, in the sound of my voice, believe that they can solve healthcare? Healthcare first of all, was here care better or worse before Obamacare it sought it had its problems, It's like the mare, it's like I'd states of America is the best. It is the worst best country on the planet. They all suck but we're. Best. You could show me away to live, really show me away to live in Glenn. This here's proof v she's a better system. It makes people more free, it helps people be better. There's the You're you're able to be yourself and be your. Better self Do it in a heartbeat, I would
your surrender, my citizenship to day? I am not loyal to the flag. I am loyal to the idea of America that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain rights, and nobody can take those rights. My story I tell myself. Is the greatest blessing of my life because it gives my trouble. I want to say suffering but use Word perhaps in your life or in the life of others, it gives I pain will be. Emotional. Or be it physical pain, meaning. No matter what is happening to me, no matter what the situation is. Can walk away from it and say: okay, what
Why did that happen? instead of saying I I believe this person x y and see I can't believe, Everything in my life sucks because. Everything in my life might suck right now, but what gives that following what gives that trouble, meaning or even looking for that anymore. That's what I tried to say with with eleven a score with with George Washington Carver Most of the great inventions of the world Came from hardship. You think somebody would have that somebody would have invented the car if we, had flying. Carpets know why had an ox and a cart,
We had a shovel but crap from behind them all the time. And you want to talk about gases, Kay live around some cows for awhile. Plough. Your field with a cow or an or a horse, not fun so somebody invented a tractor. It's not with a plough The fields were ploughing themselves, now why we should invent some? Then I can sit on in Plautus field. There's meaning to it's happening in your life and you can either grab it. And figure it out any who is it to make your life better?. Or we can use it to be angry. We can use it to be depressed. We can use it
to lose all hope and Somebody else fix it for us. Are we can do it ourselves? When I say come together. I dont mean but the extreme right or the stream left, I have nothing in common with them. I really don't tides, my humanity. I don't Have in common much common or much to talk too with people who want to. Not every one else up. But I dont know when this country has ever decided. We, need to wings of our eagle, both the left and the right. I don't know when Eagle said I can fly with just one wing. There is a balance- that eagle, just as much as there is- and I hate to say this, what an impressive I am there is
Portance for a man and a woman we speak the same language, women, at times drive me knots. I'm sure I drive my wife and my daughter's crazy, my son and I we understand each other, the women and the women they understand each other to wings of an eagle, You need both house stupid, would it be for me to say in our we need a new and make this planet better. No women, and yet there are women. And progressive groups that say men are useless. It is a lie. It is a lie just as much as I dont need, my liberal friends or- they don't need. Their conservative friends too
Gather we can fix this together. We will find our way out. Only if you have an honest, open and willing mind and heart now this. The I M F lowered its forecast for the. U S, economy How is it that JANET yelling is saying our economy is so good But we need to raise interest rates twice since Donald Trump came in she. That is something that sounds like something I predicted maybe eight years ago that if a reply, Lincoln got in. They would start. Raise interest rates which would begin to cripple the economy, she's saying that the economy is so good, but yet hang on the I M F lowered its forecast for the? U S economy, amid rising policy, uncertainty ha. So what does it mean? Economic
indicators in the stock market saying two very different thing. So what is your guts say? Are we pass this. I've read your emails. I've listened to you today and I, continue to do it, but every he's talking about the uncertainty of their job, the uncertainty of the economy, the uncertainty of health care costs, but you're gonna, say: please: we're gonna hope for the best. We're gonna pay care for the worst, because when you do hope turns to certainty. I know It'Ll- be ok, collating six gold line, one eight six, six gold line or call gold lying today go to their website gold line, dot com read about. All of the important information and for his little is twenty five hundred dollars. You get three months of price protection. Twenty a thousand dollars, you get a full year, Just talking to Goldmine yesterday,
they called one of their clients and said hey by the way you bought it. Over a year ago, price went down, we're gonna make it. Gave him twenty thousand dollars extra in gold. Are you kidding me nobody does that gold line? Does eight six gold liner, Goldmine, Dotcom, Thailand, drivel eight? Seventy seven back.
In the framework programme on the legal base, my facebook page and paused a couple more questions. I'd like to continue this conversation with you. How can I help? How can we better serve you? What would you like to learn together? Do? Would you like to hear us learn from our interview and continue to be a voice that no one hears and we hope to be able to amplify that voice? Patents do back tomorrow, thanks so much for listening, we'll see you here same back time same back channel most of the stick, this off the ground Doc programme carry,
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