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7/18/17 - Who to call in the GOP senate TODAY (Sen. Mike Lee Joins Glenn)

2017-07-18 | 🔗
Have we won the Obamacare fight? ...Where does the 'fix' for Obamacare go from here? ...R. Kelly running a 'sex cult'?...US Senator Mike Lee discusses the latest on the Obamacare overhaul in Congress ...Is a repeal of Obamacare in sight?...Who is already folding within the GOP's Obamacare repeal vote ...Phone numbers in DC you should be calling TODAY! The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Well, hello, America, there is some, I think, really exciting news last night about seven o'clock. Eight o'clock, I get a note from my clean who said I am not going to vote for the health care bill and he release that information, and I posted on case law, Facebook, and I want to read some of the Facebook Post, because people were not happy with him at all. However, it is because of MIKE Lee and others like Rand Paul its efforts after but MIKE Lee was the final domino to fall that made the health care bill for the Republicans collapse. I want to read to you what people said on Facebook before eleven pm last night because about eleven pm the president tweeted just forget about all of it, let's just repeal Obamacare and then we'll come back and look at it later. Thank you thank you and thank you to my colleague. We begin there right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the so we have to thank all of those Republicans that stood their ground and it was really hard. I mean you know we're we're. We are talking about
uh. You know a situation where people are in really they're in big trouble. People are struggling with their health care. They can't make meet their bills but last night on my book page, over and over again, Michael R wrote. We are so screwed. I'm paying one thousand five hundred and sixty dollars a month, for my insurance and a A6 the five hundred dollars deductible for a less the policy that I had before our pill. Politicians decide that they can make decisions for us that they have no right to make. I am so frustrated wow, imagine wow. Uh. Let me see if I have Let me see if I can find a couple of others. I mean it was a lot of those over and over and over last night, and then
people wrote MIKE Lee you're a moron, not a republican Mike Lee you're, a you're, a traitor uh. The Republicans are on the hook to fix this. They paint on it, they have control, they also the perfect smokescreen with the russian nonsense. No, excuses. My find a way to do it, Dude make it happen. You're They call the Republicans look, foolish you'll never have a better shot at fixing this mess. Then right now fix it uh I will make sure personally that everyone that votes against repealing commie care and starting over the Republicans, promised it the last three elections. They can expect it to be perfect just better little by little. Let's make progress. What you idiots seem to forget: is that these rhinos need to get on board or get run over by the Trump train,
likely won't win his next election Can we not make perfect the enemy of good It isn't a time, so Here's what happened? That's, what that's! What people were writing uh before hundred o'clock Then, when Trump said, let's just repeal Obama CARE and start all over, you won. You won America Those of you who want to repeal of Obamacare unless and less you know, find a way to screw this up, and snatch victory out of the jaws of no. Snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, You have a chance now repeal Obamacare and start again. Uh
Mitch Mcconnell says that's what he is drafting up now. The house version of the repeal of Obama Care- and it's not the full repeal of Obamacare, let's be clear about that, it is hey, it does not reveal any of the regulations, but it repeal all the taxes and a lot of the other things that are in there. The thing is this bill was voted on in twenty fifteen and the only sitting senator to vote against it. I believe, was collins on the republican side right, so if they lose Collins which they can do, they can lose to people They can lose one more, but I mean I don't the the predictions at least from people who are reporting on this? Is it's got no chance to go through at the repeal because even a full, because well then you know who the ones are. If if they voted on it before and they will not vote on it now they I mean it, and so now we know who need. To go.
Because they didn't mean it? The first time. When they knew Obama would veto it. They voted for it to fool. American people and now they have a chance to actually do it. Yes, now they're going to hit by bad, really bad Cbo scores on this they're going to get hit by they they're saying note the last time they tried this. They said that the premiums go up by one hundred percent, and they said yeah. They said thirty. Two million people will be without health, insurance and they're, going to give all these really screwed today sort of scenarios. Of course they say that when they haven't, they haven't done the yeah, just the repeals, not good exactly, and that's what that's why it looks so do any of those things right. They said, I have to obviously they have two years under this plan to come up with a replacement, yeah now whether they actually do that or not. Who knows. The issue, of course, is which might scare people is that they lose in twenty eighteen.
Then, you have a problem, you have a Democrat potentially a democratic House and Senate. Of course a republican president that can veto it, but we might get a plan. That's worse, and that's that's. What is that we have a president who won't veto more if it, if it does indeed make things worse by the way this last one would have made things much much worse what they were talking about, increased taxes the, got gutted. This is why bailed on this and he's going to be with us next hour and he'll talk about all of this it Did the cruise leave amendment, which was basically, free up the free market, let The free market work you can have all the other crap, but You can just free up the free market, then there's a
of lowering peoples deductibles and getting them into some sort of health care plan that they can afford, and that's what people want Quite honestly, I really this. This bogus argument that people are going to be dying on the streets. Americans will not allow that to happen. It's never happened before it won't happen. We won't allow that to happen. You need medical care. You will get medical care through Medicaid, Medicaid we have those they can expand. Those if we have to nobody is going to die in the streets we, want to cover those people who just cannot see. To get medical care. If I have pre existing conditions I mean you know you're covered. You know when you lose your job.
Covered by something called cobra, and it's not great, but it's at least the gap, so you have some care, but it's not great, because it's outrageously expensive right, but we find some ways to help subsidize and get the people who actually need it, because have a pre existing condition the amazing thing is that what they did to this Lee cruise thing was they said it. It was it didn't. It covered the way they wrote. It was some crazy thing like it will cover pre existing conditions, however, the insurance, companies have a right to cancel people who have had serious health problems war. If it burns up pre existing condition? Isn't it I mean that, would
serious health problems? I can't get health coverage, that's What I need that's where I need help. Well, I and you know the the complicated thing here, of course, is when your insurance Schering people who have pre. Testing conditions. What you do not have is insurance. Yes, so you have is guaranteed expense. You have is Medicare right. Well, I guess you have yeah it's just you just cover everybody, which is a totally different argument. I have nothing to do with health insurance and we can take care of people on Medicare. We can cover you for people who are saying Medicare for all. I don't want Medicare. That care is not good, but it is better than not having any insurance, but that's what the average person wants, needs or deserves somebody who is absolutely uninsurable. Yes, we're going to give you Medicare. So you can get treatment and again This is a bigger.
It's not the. What they're talking about here, even with the repeal of Obamacare, is not a solution. No, it is a stop gap to get rid of some of the really bad things that are in Obamacare and I take it, but the bottom line is these are not long term. Solutions of a Medicare is a tech. Look back is a terrible idea. The idea to do you cover every single person over a particular age is a terrible that way to build a health care program may Kate is at least more rational people who can't afford get help right. Bill gates at seventy eight will get money for Medicare is absurd. It's completely ridiculous. Why? The hell is the government involved, in that But we all have these this idea that universal programs are good programs they're, not they should be there as a last ditch stuff gap for people in real need. This is the real problem in our country. Is that we are looking to the government as the first resort. Instead of the last resort, government
always be. The very last resort, because, quite elite. Look at what the government does, with an exception of the military, look at what the Gov Does the government is always and the bigger it gets. The leader local, is probably better than your state and your stay. It is definitely better than dealing with the federal government, the bigger it gets the worse it gets because is the more it doesn't care and the more it is disconnected from you and So it's the last resort instead of the first resort. If we, if, if the President, if the president wants to inspire people, which I think he can do, he needs to get up and give a a speech. About. You know, I'm really I'm really torn. We need a Walt Disney,
Walt Disney in one thousand nine hundred and fifty five started Disneyland, but in the same year he did man in space, which was a movie or a television broadcast. It was the first re run ever to be on television. It was a block but on the Sunday night, wonderful world of Disney and then they reran it the next year 'cause it was so big and it was called man in space and it was uh. How we could. A man in space, not even on the moon. The first one is just put a man, space. Nineteen, if I had this captured the american imagination, they were like that's incredible. Because of that, because Disney convinced the american people. It allowed John F Ken, need to say week put a man on the moon and return him home safely by the end of the decade The Americans believed it so If I may give some advice to Donald Trump, if you want to win here, the way to do it, we so
Or beaten down, we are looking for any started kind of down this road yesterday and it was good What was it you know? The american no dream or whatever he started this week, where he was pointing out? Let's get back to American in American made in America week? Ok, so let's further. That start, highlighting the things that Silicon Valley can do and great entrepreneurs, and how people can re, imagine health care and then, let's do an annex prize we Spacex and look what happened? we're not only just we're not only taking off They are now landing those those rockets back on a platform in the middle of the ocean. We can reuse them over and over again, it's ingenious. That started because
the government said, let's in a different way. Spacex will offer a prize. Why can't we do med ex? Why can't we off offer of a billion dollar prize. Companies or The company that will re imagine healthcare to make it cheap. You can't tell me that there aren't, I mean look at do you see what's happening with blue apron? Blue? It is they're trying to gobble at Amazon Amazon's trying to gobble it up. Yeah, ok, Mhm Amazon go everything I I know so, why would they do that because they know everybody needs food. They know everybody needs product, well. Everybody needs health care. She wasn't so regulated and we offered a prize. Are you telling me that,
companies, entrepreneurs wouldn't come out of the woodwork from all over the world and say Here's, how we can do it. Of course they would do you. How close we are to you know the start. Like what was that thing that that bones used to use where he's like boo always got a failing, liver. He try quarter. You know how well sweetheart of that said that I knew that in my family must be proud. Yeah. We're really close to that. Why? Because somebody offered a med x style prize to see Anyone could come up with that. Close. This is the kind of stuff the president should be talking about The president should make us believe in ourselves again. And show that it's the people of America that will figure this out and find a way out, and
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enough in lowering primon premiums for middle class families. Nor does it create enough free space from the most costly, Obamacare regulations. This is. This is biggest thing, and I talked about it yesterday on the think tank when we through all of the the revisions it was doing nothing to reduce premiums and that's the biggest problem. I mean look if Obama CARE really had lowered the premiums for everybody and saved everybody, two thousand five hundred dollars a year. Do you think we would be talking about this? Nobody would for redoing Obamacare. Well, Not know it looks, except for the If you would have a very hard time making a case, I would be still making the case about the constitution, but it would be working in lowering the cost and insuring people.
It would be very hard. It would be just a purist's argument. That's not the We must reduce the premiums if the premiums don't go down. It's not worth changing. This is the Glenn Beck program on Charlie Gard today, Charlie, Our parents remain optimistic following a brain scan that is going to determine whether he could have this experimental therapy. The scan place ad gosh the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Where are? U S? Professor of Neurosurgery, examined the eleven month old boy yesterday, the while they were studying the scan and other medical records they have not yet decided whether they feel the boy could benefit from the treatment, but the doctor from it's been about four one, slash two hours inside the hospital on Monday
little said there was an honorary contract in place, meaning that for the duration of the visit of the doctor, and he had the same rights as one of the hospital alone own doctor. He was full access to Charlie's medical records, hospital in clinical facilities, including diagnostic images, meeting between the american neurosurgeon in the other medical experts are due to continue on Tuesday uh. What happens if they. What happens if this doctor says yeah, I'm not optimistic. I it's different than I could be really bad that probably where do we? Where do we stand? I mean I still. Fan for life but how do you make that case now to a socialized hospital, one of the Vatican yeah! I mean there's no reason they can't go anywhere else and get cheap, and even if your tests show that there's nothing going on there, there's no risk the first
It's going to die anyway. Why not try the treatment yeah it's at their expense. I can understand the socialized. Spittle saying you know Oh we're not going to these expensive tests. However, this is a why you so much where else can be. You know that I'm going to somewhere else again. This is really never been about whether there's going to be some miracle cure for this poor. Kid is whether it's about the right to do. Have a half will tell you you're going to die. Do parents have the right yeah to be able to bring their kids to the old the facility of her choice for medical treatment. Yeah, I'm with you when the opera, the alternative, is death. Yeah, I mean this is not one of those can't cases where the league arsenal saying we need to give this kid. You know basic treatment for a disease that we can cure and the parents are saying well. We'd like to drive marshmallow fluff, we think that's going to cure it like it's, not cases the case of death or
The parents bring the kid to someone who made us one in a million shot, but why not taking look at this from the flip side? Why do we always feel justified come in when somebody is like our cancer, you know: Sir in Bob, just going to go on the power of prayer and we always say: oh my gosh- no you got to go. Give him treatment. The kid who had chemo several times, remember him and the parents that one, because he wanted to stop or he came to them and said I don't want anymore came early. I think was a boy and he said I don't want to go like this. I don't don't want done with it, I'm done with it. I don't want to know more agreed and then the court forced the treatments on correct number that yes force them yeah now, what's the diff between that the kid
didn't, have a dead guy gone through it over and over and over again he wanted to go to Mexico for some experimental treatment. He didn't want to go that way. He to try something else? We all know that you're giving a cable happy you're, giving him poison it's poison, with the hope that the body dies after the cancer dies. Your starving the cancer to death by giving the body poison. So the body is poisonous and the cancer eats it, it dies. First, that's the hope of chemotherapy. That's crazy! That's absolute! call using worked a million times? Yes, it has so it sometimes it right, but sometimes though it is, it will be looked at as absolute barbarian treatment the future- but it's best, we have it's the best. We haven't been successful many times best. We have, but we
Don't allow people to say I want to try another tree. I don't want to do that. I don't want to. I don't want to do that. We won't allow them to make that decision, but here family who says I want to try experiment. I want to try this listen on a child and we're now standing in the way I mean the government, the people of Great Britain, their government is standing in the way saying no, no treatment. It's the exact is it yeah? I mean this. One is sixty steps past these other past cases we've talked because I mean at least you can make the argument as a person who's generally libertarian when it comes to government. My the idea is, look There are going to be mistakes made but as a society. We should err on the fact of the inside of the parents and what they want and so it is. That is an arm. There are exceptions to that, but if they are very few I mean I, I think you
even though there will be terrible mistakes made because of that policy. I think you have to air on that side. That being said, I can at least understand the government's position you want we here we have a treatment for a disease that works and we can. It might be terrible, but at least we have a chance. At least that is a position of supporting life right or wrong. He ate. You know, and we might say, hey, you know what Andy Kaufman you're going down to some crazy. You know you can place the chicken place. Well it not going to work. We know it's not going to work. We've looked into this treatment, it's nothing and they're, fooling you! Well again, a person should have the right to make that decision for themselves. About children, at least position here of life at least it's focusing trying to save the person. This is something where they're focusing on trying to kill the person. There's no
argument to be made that this kid should sit here and die when there's a possible treatment that could help, even if for a week, even if you live in or a week yet, and and because it's none of your business, it's not your business it. It's only the people's business, because the hospital thought they had to pay because it is socialized medicine. But as long as the hospital doesn't pay truly is nobody else's business. None because if they want to spend two million dollars prolong the child's life for a month yeah right to do that an hour anything mean we've. How many times have we seen how many stories people who are in their dying breaths the change people's lives, we seen this, you don't just distinguished life because it makes it well. You know we don't really want to I there are give argument their argument is he suffering he suffering. However, lots of people suffer lots of
suffer, and you know what, if, if you're right and this kid is going to die anyway, it's going I've been a nature, will take its don't. You think the parents have the best intentions for the for their own baby. Don't you think if they, if they thought that the Their child was an intense pain right now I I really don't think they put you know any parent. Do you know any parent I mean that's saying any parent they can handle their children's pain. I mean for my and children grandchildren. I have gotten down on my knees and prayed Lord give them to me. Please give that to me. For my grandchildren, I mean that's the way people are and the there are exceptions to these things. Were you have of the cases of abuse of parents? Yes, Keren to intentionally did want to deplete arm on their children. There, of course, are those cases I mean this is a situation. These parents are living and dying by giving this kid one chance and
is no earthly reason to not give them the chance. The other write a short the responsibilities. They're not trying to get out take the easy way out, but it is. It is really the harder way yeah it is. This is a, but this goes to the british woman. That was, in television a couple of years ago, when when she was. They were having a discussion about things like this and socialized medicine being able just to snuff out life because child is in pain, and so they can your child, true, and I think that they haven't. If I were a mother of a a suffering child, I would be the first to one. And suffering child. I would be the first one to put a pillow over it's very doctor, Peter Evans. I would with any suffering thing, and I think the difference is that my feeling of horror suffering is much greater than my feeling of
getting rid of a couple of sales because suffering a warning. Yes, I'm sorry, it's just fun to introduce another guess that, but that was a as a pretty horrifying thing. What to say you would put a pillar of the Of course I would if it was a child I really loved, who is in agony. I think any good mother would that's going to cause some shot amongst people. I don't know well, if I didn't know any mother who wouldn't say that if this was there was nothing else that can be done. And it was a very thought- wow, but that's error. This is Margaret Sanger. That's where or this. This all is by the way speaking Margaret Sanger was brought up to me today that Samantha Bee has is the million dollars for planned parenthood. You seen this Catia, so she sold the. What was that angry woman or yeah? She was involved in that whole one,
t shirt, T selling okay, so she come up. We came up with. Anne. She raised one million dollars for planned parenthood, I was talking to somebody yesterday and they were really demoralised buy it. They were like look at that. Look at that and I said May I just point out the she has a huge popular, television show on the left, everybody on the left love Samantha Bee at everybody, she's, a very powerful mover and shaker on the left. Okay, very popular show. She raised a million dollars with great publicity. In showing involved in Hillary Clinton was involved. Okay, huge, May I just remind you we raised with joy This audience no other, no other celebrity, no other press, nothing.
Just this audience raised seventeen million dollars to save the lives of people in the Middle EAST and we didn't sell T shirt, so, let's, let's things into perspective here, They had all the press, all the celebrity they had Hillary Clinton. All of the outrage remember we had. None of that there was no outrage. To what was happening over in the Middle EAST to the Christians. Nobody seemed to boring or yeah they were ignoring it. The noble cause of killing children side, so wow and that's all we could they had range They had means motive, they had absolutely everything media and they were selling a product and they made a million dollars. Whoopty doo. We had none of it
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This is not the first time this has been charged here, some incidents earlier, and it was like a young girl. I think- and this is a sex cult of some sort where he's female, aspiring female musicians living in a series of houses in Atlanta Chicago an from forbidden from using their own mobile phones. Two some parents have gone to the police and try to win back their daughters who approached fifty year old, with the aim of furthering their music careers and ended up a strange from their families. The police have investigated, but the girls insist they are in love with Kelly Ann. As they are over age of consent, there is nothing law enforcement can do Kelly's lawyer Mister Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him Skellige unequivocally denied such allegations that will work diligently to forcibly pursue his accusers users to clear his name when, It was twenty seven. He married a fifteen year old girl, yeah, that's yeah, that's a problem
He's been tried for child porn and found not guilty on all counts?. Is there? Is there anything I mean you're? Just list of child porn any are found not guilty. The design ever go away. I don't think I don't think so either that sustain that just never removed some a little bit of a return. I would say, though, Over the years says been nine yeah he's had some celebrities have forgiven him and some some extent. If I remember the thing was more of the video he shot, so
He calls the girls, his babies and their required to call him daddy and have to ask permission to leave the house. This is the Glenn Beck program. The blaze radio network on demand.
Boy last night MIKE Lee came out, and he said he and Senator Jerry Moran Kansas we're not going to vote for the bill. That was the death knell to the Obama CARE Bill, the replacement pill and I posted on Facebook, and it got ugly quickly if this doesn't pass we're looking at single pair, hopefully MIKE Lee gets voted out next election. There's no justifiable justifiable reason for your no vote, you're, just putting at risk hundreds of your republican colleagues from being re elected in paving the way for a democratic majority in the house. If you have an objection to the current build and provide an amendment- ok,
he did, but then they changed it and he couldn't vote for it. Now things have changed a bit since the president said last night about eleven o'clock, we're just going to repeal Obamacare with a two year buffer. So we can come up with something and it doesn't provide a shock to the system. Okay, good, that's a good start. My clean is here to explain his thinking and and why he said he couldn't vote no and what it means to you and your pocketbook. We go there right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the one of the bravest men in the Senate, MIKE Lee. Welcome to the program. How are you MIKE Mike? Are you there? Yes, sir
Hi, yes, sir, be with you good to be with you. Thank you so much for your bravery and your leadership on this. You did provide an amendment along with TED Cruz, but in the end they changed it and what was it that made? You say I just can't vote for this bill. To me, one of the tipping point. Mint points was the moment when the Consumer Freedom amendment. This is the amendment that would have allowed people on the exchange to offer an insurance policy that a consumer would want to buy an insurance would want to offer outside of Obamacare regulations outside of this oppressive regime that has made healthcare more expensive. They wanted that. I to say that any company is going to offer an on Obamacare compliant plan would have to put that in the same cool as the Obamacare compliant plans, the short of describing my concern with? That? Is that well, that would reduce the cost of
insurance. Some in that area. It wouldn't do so nearly as much as it would. If you just adopted the consumer freedom amendment as we had negotiated it. So at that point I looked at this Glenn and I said: look this bill is they've. Now got it, it's move, further there two left eight. They have now got rid of about half of the tax hike repeals from Obamacare they've added a bunch of other stuff to it, that I have questions about, including forty five billion dollars to be spent in some unknown way to deal with opioid addiction and now they've watered down. Oh this key provision that I think was really important. It was at that point. I realized that this thing just keeps moving to the left and I'm not support it in its current form. Okay, so MIKE people aren't thinking about left right the people who are really affected by Obamacare. You know this earlier. If this bill Obamacare could have actually done what they said it would do which was reduced.
Everybody's insurance by two thousand five hundred dollars. We wouldn't be having this conversation right now, but people have gone up, their insurance is going up. One hundred and forty percent people have lost. Doctors email. Last night saying you know, I have a six thousand five hundred dollars deductible and I pay one thousand five hundred dollars a month for my insurance? I can't afford it anymore up to them. Yeah? Ok. So that's why I have such concerns with this bill. This bill is really good. The insurance industry, in some provisions that someone described describe as bailouts. I don't always call them that, but some would characterize in that way. It contains all kinds of for this or for that interest them at least out, is the forgotten man, the forgotten woman middle Class American who's struggling to get by
can we seen healthcare premiums hike over and over and over again, even as deductibles have skyrocketed and coverage has become less pervasive and this bill doesn't provide enough relief to them. I will make sure that the forgotten in the forgotten woman, America are forgotten no more and that get Washington DC out of their way this Are you buy your framing of this argument? bill, would have. Leave us of half of the the Obamacare taxes of relieved us a at some level. Well, I've lowered the cost of insurance in lower premiums, not as much as you want not as much as any of us would want. Why not just take you can get and keep fighting first of all. Once we get onto the bill, it becomes very, very difficult to change it now. I'm still convinced that we can pass something, I'm still convinced that we could either some variation of this bill
with some changes made to it, changes that I believe would be relatively easy to make or, alternatively, that week- get onto a full repeal and just pass that it's in. That we actually do those things because the further we divert the further we depart from we've been promising for seven years. What every Republican, who is looking for any federal office since two thousand and ten weather, for the house or for the Senate, or for the presidency they've all campaigned on one consistent theme. Repeal Obamacare we've got to make sure that we're faithful to that promise. Ok, so the the the skeptics now say that we can't repeal Obamacare President Trump last I guess, was having dinner with a bunch of senators trying to get them on board, knowing that you were writing your. Why we can't support this
and so his his dinner last night was, was wasted. I've invited you. Apparently I should have invited you, but now they're saying the present. Just come out, and so has what's his name from Kentucky memory. Hahnel Mcconnell is come out and said: ok we're going to repeal it now, hey. Do they actually mean the repeal. As we understand it. Can we do that with fifty one votes and standing in the way, I believe we can repeal it with, fifty one votes. We know that we can repeal at least two thirds of it with fifty one votes, because we got that for the parliamentarian, under this reconciliation measure into, one thousand and fifteen, that's the one that President Obama vetoed. I also believe we could add to that one and get in some additional features. The title one health care regulations, at least in port, could be added to the
and get those repealed as to whether we can get the votes there. Who are expressing skepticism about that, but Glenn I'm unwilling to assume that we can't get there just because some moderates don't like it. Yes, just because some moderates want to have to vote for it or against it. I don't see any good reason why, when this is the one thing that has united Republicans for seven years, why we should let anyone who has attained federal public office by a on repealing Obamacare to walk away from a vote. Repeal Obamacare right, at least, as I said this morning at least. We know who they are right now right now, we are asked to compromise to the to the the worst bill I could imagine, Republicans could possibly present. And we're not making people stand on their promise. We need to know who is weak, kneed and who is lying to their constituents that exactly
and that's one of the reasons why I applaud majority leader, Mitch, Mcconnell, and why I applaud the president in bonding last night. If this new by saying okay, let's vote to repeal it. Ok, so if they do repeal it just passed what they thought they had passed, how many time? before will that reduce people's premiums? it'll at least set in motion a sequence of events that will reduce people's premiums. We have to remember Glenn that when the FED government expanded its footprint in the healthcare industry rather dramatically with the past. JIB Obamacare, it made the cost of healthcare, go way up it do an enormous amount of good as far as lowering premiums. If we can also get rid of the the Click here title one regulations: these are the regulations to tell current companies what they have to do right, in other words, if we were an hour. Judging this to the car industry, you can't just buy a car, nobody has to buy a car, but it can't be just any car. It's got to be
car. That would have all the features of a standard issue Cadillac, or or anything more expensive than that when we- those regulations like that it makes it more expensive for everyone. It reduces competition, it's good for consolidation and big industry, resulting in fifteen. Billion dollars in profits in the top ten health insurance companies in the last few years, down from eight billion before Obamacare kicked in these things are good for them, but they're bad for everyone else Can I ask you a question just born of extreme frustration over your years of winning that lead in that sense hi? Why is Republicans are so bad at defending their bills and their principles. Every time Something comes up. We have Bernie Sanders screaming that thousands and thousand twenty seven thousand people you're going to die as a result of what you're doing simple OC comes out and makes those statements, and I never see that stuff
if you would in by the Republican Party and run that we run it. We took our tail between our legs and skull I can say, are okay. Well, we won't do that. Then. Why does it happen? Every time You raise an important point, which is that when someone raises a ridiculous argument, the worst thing can do is to not, press it and then walk back on what we plan to do. There are cases in which people make a ridiculous, absurd suggestion, like that, where it almost doesn't even warrant a response, but that's just absurd to say that we're killing, by changing the reach. The federal government by saying the federal a shouldn't make every healthcare decision, anime It is absurd, but the media buys into it an propagates, it sure sure, but the very worst. We can do in response to, that is to say, okay. Well, let's not do that. Then, let's do something. That's a a little bit more like Obamacare did and that will suddenly make it better it doesn't, it doesn't at all, I mean look we're supposed to be the
that believes in limited government were supposed to be the party that believes in federalism and separation of powers that believes in freedom and free markets with that believes that markets in civil society have done more to bring more people out of poverty than any government program ever has recorder ever will that's where we, to be standing and I think that's the direction which we're headed in so far as move forward with an actual repeal bill to question Senator MIKE Lee won the reserve, so they one, the twenty fifteen repeal Bill- did not reveal any of the regulations that accurate it's accurate- and we believe we could add some or perhaps even all- of the health care regulation, sections from title, one of the affordable care act to a repeal bill- there were a variety of your reasons. Why both ward included at the time, some parliamentary
okay. We would have had at the time that we can overcome this time. Okay, let and last one DC. Thirty. Fifty two senators: we know Susan Collins voted against the repeal in two thousand fifteen, so you don't have one to lose if everyone voted the way they did in twenty fifteen. Do you have enough votes to pass this? Yes, yes, because at at that point: even even assuming Susan Collins still votes. No, you would pick up Rand Paul? Who would vote for a repeal bill? You pick up Jerry Moran, who stood with me last night. You pick up me so if everyone else also vote for it, that would be more than enough that we would need would still have fifty one one. Last one last thing: I want you to speak directly to the person who is a Republican who says you wrecked our best chance MIKE of getting rid of Obama and you betrayed the GOP and betrayed the president. If you're going make that assertion back it up. If you're
make that assertion. Ask a question. I have Senate Republicans not yet voted on that which they promised for seven years they would enact. If, given the opportunity, why have they not yet voted even on the twenty fifteen version of the repeal bill. You cannot accuse someone who wants us to do simply that what we promised of wrecking work to do that which we promised when that person me is simply advocating for us to do what we said, we would do. That's all we're asking here. It's not. Too much to ask. Nor is it I think the american people should be asked to back away from we've been asked to settle over and over and over again, as Americans, I'm here to say it's not time to settle it's time to expect more it's time for us to keep. The word came one last now talk to the person who just barely hanging on when is help coming MIKE help us coming soon help us coming
hope within the next few weeks to the next few months, when we can pass something that will get rid of the federal government's oppressive reach. We cannot solve all of our through the federal government, and in fact what we see is that when we try to do that, when we try to pretend that we can do that, We end up making things worse. It ends up being really good for the rich and the well connected small handful of big wealthy corporations and power brokers in Washington and a few other major cities will do really well. The federal Goodman extends its reach, but everyone else tends to suffer so. Relief, we can provide the best relief we can provide from Washington is to get Washington out of your way so that you can do what you do best and so that people will compete. Provide healthcare services to you when we have people competing for that to a greater degree than we have now. The price goes down and the quality goes up you or after- and you believe that you are now or the President and Mitch Mcconnell
at least saying that they're on the same page with you you're saying the same thing now repeal Obama and we'll work on what we have to do after we repeal what was put in place. That is exactly Glenn. I want to emphasize this point because a lot of people will say: why did the Republicans not have anything on day wanted? The problem with this is that the thing that always has united US has been repealed and that's what we should have done at the outset. There never has then widespread agreement among Republicans and what should come next, so we should start with what unites us repeal has unite for seven years, rip IL needs to be the is right now and repeat, was the one thing we can achieve great MIKE Senator Utah. Thank you so much sir. I appreciate it. Thank you very much goodbye you bet. I I personally take? This is a big win this you know this The president, within. Two hours and Mitch Mcconnell by the next morning, say: okay
we're going to repeal Look at that as a huge huge. Also, I will be introducing the clone MIKE Lee ACT. We need it now. This somebody's identity is stolen every two seconds by the end of this commercial, thirty people will have their identity stolen. Recent Fbi report says that people across the country have lost over a billion dollars to enter get crimes and scams it since two thousand and fifteen or crime, is big business and it touches almost everybody. Lifelock detects a wide range of identity theft, and if there is a problem, a USA based identity, restoration, specialist to work to fix it. For you, fifteen people have just had their identity, the from them. Can prevent it, prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses. But life AC is the best, and if you act now, you get the added action of Norton Security free for the
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The Glenn Beck program. Wanna take a guy in Pennsylvania and your phone call. I really want to hear from you Ann what your perspective is now on what is happened with healthcare collapsing this last bill an now. The Pres and Mitch Mcconnell coming out and saying: okay, let's just repeal Obamacare is, is good news, bad news. How are you feeling, let's go to guy in Pennsylvania, hello, guy rest, your back! It is an honor to talk to you, sir. Thank you, Sir long time listener. Thank you. Thank you. I applied MIKE Lee Rampolla. Two senators were standing there crown in her its walls. The only way free market is what creates competition, and that's that's the only light. I've seen it in this tunnel that were in
yeah. I I agree. I absolutely agree with you guys. I am. I am wondering those people who you know if, if, if I'm paying paying six thousand five hundred dollars deductible and one thousand five hundred dollars a month I've lost the insurance that I had in the doctors that I had sure I'm listening to reason. I want relief right now and I'm not sure that anybody has articulated enough in the language of the common man that they see There was no relief coming their way. This was this was not a good bill that was going to help them. This is again going to help the insurance companies. Oh, yes, of course, uh my country over one thousand five hundred dollars a month for me and my wife with the so she doctor bowl and a high co pay. That is the best insurance. They can get me yeah.
It's going to have to apply my company because they have given us raises in the past four years did help the cost of living as well. So I plugged my company. Thank you. What's the name of your company, real, quick guy, ECM Transport, great. Thank you very much. I appreciate it the Glenn Beck program. Thank you. The Glenn Beck program. I really want to hear your point of view. Because I think it's important that we listen to each other and we listen to uh what is happening in everyone's life, because it's easy For, like the last guy who just called you know, he works for good company or a fortunate company. I mean, I know a lot of good companies who can't afford to do that. The health care
I have gone through the roof and they don't know what to do. On the other hand, The guy we hired from for h, r, one of the guys. We hardly we hard to hr people here and I sat down with him- and I said- Listen, I hate hr because it's always about filling out papers because you're to be fired or it's your coming in to either tell us how we have to sign up for insurance or that the insurance has changed and it's worse, this is so. I've never had a good experience working for companies with HR departments and and I said, look here's the thing. I want you to work on. Most of the two willing to things that are important to me: one is culture and the is health care, and I want to find a way to our health care. And reduce the cost to both the company and to the employees, and
MIKE told me. He said you know I work for a company that was just oops when he know work for him, but he worked for some company that it's telling that he in a board meeting and board of directors said well, let's just cut the insurance and the board, was having an argument and half was saying you know we can't cut the insurance, that's a really good perk and benefit Other half was saying: well, don't they have that Obama thing are so out of touch. So I know they're, really bad companies and they're really good companies. And they're doing everything they can and some can't afford it. But if you're lucky enough to work for one that can't afford it, your looking at this differently? Your looking get this as A little more academic I had been looking at. It I have to listen to the people who are really struggling here
their point of view and then find a way to move forward. Uh with them. Because they are the ones who are impacted, the most so how can we help them and how can we reach them an and listen to each other. The thing about talk radio is, radio has, given you started out in the 90s, with rush Limbaugh, doing a great thing, note something that nobody else had ever done, given you giving you the arguments that you needed persuade your friends well, those were the days when we had friends who were on the other side. Now talk. Radio is just feeding us the same thing that we give to our own. Chamber and reinforces our own views. We to expand the tribe
So it's not enough to give you the argument that you understand you have to give you the argument that, people who are not on our side or not in the bandwagon to give you that argument, because that's that's how we expand and that's how we grow and First, part of that is listening to each other. First, in in North Carolina hello, Ian welcome to the program Hi Glen. How you doing very good sir, what do you think What happened last night with the collapse of this plan and now The president and Mitch Mcconnell saying we're going to just vote for a repeal of Obamacare and that's it well gland. I've, listened to this debate back and forth back and forth. I voted for Trump. I've always tried to be objective. It just I think people need to give him a chance, and
You know, I know the media puts their spin on everything, but you know My mind goes back to two thousand and eight to. Call nine hundred and eleven Democrats pushed Obamacare through and I remember it was like a seven some page bill, and they said. Oh, you know we're just going. Pass it through will read it later. Right nobody even just just get it passed. I mean there was no thought put into it whatsoever and I got to give to the guys that are in there now, the guys and gals I mean they are really You know Rome wasn't built in a day an. I think that they're trying to put their best foot forward and they're trying to get what's best for the people that's my opinion and I think people need to remember that live Send the Senator Leahy earlier on your program. I bet that was inspirational to me by me, I'm a
It's in class man. I came from working class family and this it's this Really hit us hard, it's really it is hard and you know the working class, I just need some relief yeah, they do Ian. I appreciate it Bob in Florida welcome go ahead. I want to know about. I want to talk. You don't hear people refer to Obama. Care is a welfare program to me, that's all bombing here is that the welfare program which, if you are on it and you're, only paying fifty bucks a month, your family, to have full coverage, yeah you're, gonna love it, but if you're one of the so, like me, and a lot of other people that are paying twelve one thousand five hundred bucks a month for your family, and you can't even afford to go to the doctor because you're paying so much in premiums, and then you see someone no, don't take away. My Obama care, don't take away. Your gonna murder me you're, going to murder me, but what about me? working, my butt off, trying to pay my bills and pay my insurance and you get it for free, you know I mean that's all Obama care is and that's why the Republicans have a hard time repealing it, bob. Thank you very much for your phone call. You know it that's the thing I don't know
people really understand the the formula of the forgotten man, but it's It's really. This is what MIKE Lee was talking about, and Bob you're talking about the forgotten and the guy who is in there just playing by the rules and working hard and paying his own way in person a the government or the politician see this person see which they can which they can give to to bring them into their tent and keep person a in power. They do is look for person, be that they can stuff from and then give to person, co a person a and person see are fine and they're happy. Whoa whoa says person see, don't take away, my Obamacare saying it to person a don't worry, don't worry those who want to take it away there, just evil people and purse.
And b is the one in the middle getting squeezed and no cares about him. That is the one that we're looking at. We need to look at. Person C, who actually needs? It get the riff raff out that don't actually need it just what it we take care of the people who are really hurting and we take care of the people in the middle. By setting them free and setting the market free to be able to bring the prices down. The best example is: is laser vision, laser eye surgery and lay sick? I surgery, LISA Hi Surgery was six hundred dollars a procedure. About four years ago, it's about ninety bucks, a procedure! Why? Because no insurance company would pay for it and
Well. The price of the average Lasik surgery came way down that, What a free market does that's needs to happen with all of health care. Key in Georgia, hello, Nikki, you're on the Glenn Beck program, Hi Glen, it's such an honor, to talk to you guys, thirty three year old mother of two married. Can I run a landscaping, firm, small landscaping firm here in Atlanta, my little boys three years old was born with Spina Bifida, because unemployed. In my son. Has five therapy every single week. I have to take him to along with gold school therapies. Go, get a job and get health insurance. What used to cost us before Obamacare used to There's three hundred dollars to cover a family now would cost is one thousand six hundred dollars, but we can't afford it we are the forgotten people. My son is the forgotten
You know we're stuck in the middle and there's nothing. We can do about it, and I want to commend MIKE Lee for standing up. This is not With not the right way to go about it and and people like us are so thankful, but there had see a better way and the free market is the So we want to work. We want to pay for these things, but it, but it can't be done. It's being done and- and we have to not let families like mine who are hard working. We we pay our taxes, we we do every we can to help. Are the boy, just get the therapies- he needs the braces on his legs. He can't walk we how help him and I need the free market to help us help him. Nikki. I just love you. Thank you so much for your call and the best of luck. What's the name of your business now she's gone shoot, well. Thank you. I wish I would have known call back and give me the name of your business, so we can give you a plug in Atlanta. I think that is, I love
your attitude of here. You are in dire dire need, but your say we want to work for it? We just the free market to fix this. Now this american financing when it comes to buying a refi ing, most people get stuck in a paper driven process. You need a different mortgage experience. You need somebody who is actually looking out for you and will do the right thing for you stew, your story with american financing? Well, went to american financing around along with a bunch of other companies and ask them know for the the rates and they came in and really good rate, and they really were great with customer service and they walked through the entire process and they were fantastic, fantastic the kind of last minute because of the way my mortgage is structured, which is bizarre, and you should never started a mortgage that why shouldn't he doesn't want to put any money down. I don't want to give them no money anyway. The way I structured it in a very strange way and
because of that there was one company that came in last minute that had a slightly lower rate, and so I brought it to them in american financing. I said: look you know, here's. What I have here is the paperwork. They actually went through all the paper. Look at it all and said you know what I think you should take that one now the reason why they do that and they did that with Stu is there Getting rich off of you taking their mortgage their salary based, so they want to do what's right with you and knowing american financing. What they were saying is if a I think it is dumb enough to give you that if you wish, I because I think they said run to it, did me- I believe it yeah- that is, that's America financing code for you got a sucker on the line and, if they're willing to give you that go for it, but they were with still I exception of this Sucker Bank.
They were. They were right, competitive except wouldn't go this extra step and the reason why those banks go that extra step is because they have salary based people and they've got things they've got to hit and sold. They will jam you into anything commission based out yet which get commission based which which hurt see you and the bank in the long run. It's why I not in financing companies before and I waited that american financing wanted to do business with me before two thousand and eight, I said you guys are all going out of business there like we won't. Nice, oh yeah, watch, when the when the financial markets crashed, they were fine because they they didn't they didn't. They didn't do things like stooges encourage the bank to do. Nobody said I was smart american financing their now also doing reverse mortgages and reverse mortgages. Be a good way to increase monthly cash flow for your situation. There's
No mortgage payment and you still retain the ownership of your home. How does it work find out, but They're they're not trying to sell you anything. They want to show you your options and find the best deal for you call their number now. Eight hundred nine hundred and six, two thousand four hundred and forty eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty or american financing dot net; that's american financing, dot net american financing and MLS one eight two: three: three: four: W W: w dot and m l and and and M L S, consumer access, dot, Org, your listening to the Glenn Beck program. Glenn Beck program, sign up for the newsletter and get all the info. You need to know what glennbeck dot com he happened to be in Georgia in wood stock, Georgia, the woman who just called us a minute ago. Thank goodness. We have caller id as she was calling from the Overstreet lawn CARE
and her name is Nikki and she has the child with spinal bifida and if you bird, You have somebody cut your lawn or doing something, landscaping, check them out treat lawn care? Do they travel they make it to North- has a start mowing his lawn now, because the yeah right- that's right, never spot never! Well. Actually, I would not feed my family before I started mowing lawns. I would actually think we're going to Chandler's a good, strong stance. I wouldn't mind doing it, stick with the north, but down here I don't know how Ok! So I'm missing on my on my roof, but I'll that blew off on the last storm, I
Do you know what that roof is to put a ladder, and I'm like I I mean I don't know do I need like in a space to suit to go? Are you are you? Are you trying to tell us that you actually would up on your roof no way without a stand out in a lie? The latter did you feel the room if you held the lab well, I went up first touch the roof, and then you got him and then I said anything to them. Bring some gloves. William If you are small hands. This is going to be dead. This Obama care repeal is going to be dead. That's not really where we've got to put pressure, don't know, know, know, know, know, know, know know through this list through this list. This is the greatest celebration of all time, because, There are new people that come in, but they forty nine votes of people who have already voted for this multiple times upwards of
in some cases. Yes, so they voted for this over and over and over again, when they knew Obama would veto. It then they went home to you and said: hey, I'm with you. I don't want nothing more than to be told this. They repeal it. We have tried, we voted fifty different times to repeal it and the president won't do it. That's why we need the White House and the Senate in the house, now you're going to find out exactly who meant it. Now you find out who the real weasels are because have to do. Is vote for the bill. They have voted on multiple times when they knew the president would veto yep, so they Do they hold time and they told you give me money vote for Maine as if I get the chance I will repeal it They are, they have the chance to do it and you're going to
please be ready for the next, where this is going to be dead by the time we're off the air now get out. So I want you we're going to give you the list. We're gonna, show you who's already folding and who already voted for this multiple times, but now they have a new excuse. You know what the deal is because they know the president will sign this time. So now you find out who the big government progressives really are, and the ones who were lying to you when they ask you for money and your vote mark.
The blaze radio network on demand, Oh stu just bought a new house over the weekend had
he knows that the dollar tumbled last night doesn't seem like it about that either side of collapse. What I know that, if it happened last night, I bought it on Friday last thing: you'd want to do is buy a house at this point think pad specially a really nice neighborhood in a really. I sometimes want to do that yeah right, Michael right now you want to wear them. Regular people are gonna need a house. Yes, but yes, the house. No, you don't want to so. He said last hour that he's not willing to mow the lawn. What in the lead is but not really to mow the lawn he's at a and he's been pointing out that the bank goes. Ninety percent of the you know owns ninety percent of his house, call the bank and tell them that you want their ninety percent. They what you want them to. Let me know that ninety percent of are they doing. Okay, also, healthcare failed in the Senate. Yesterday, the healthcare bill. Now we are back to the president says last night: let's just repealing yes! Mister president! Yes, here is a time that all those who have been asking for us to support the president. We told you when we believe he is on the right track. We will support him. We
for him without any kind of equivocation on this of repealing Obamacare. One hundred percent: now, how can we make it happen? We'll show you right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the what I encourage everyone else to talk about the russian thing. I encourage CNN continued as a yap about the the russian thing go for it, we're going to talk about healthcare and what can really be done. What needs to be done is anything That will reduce the cost of the average
a person's health care and what we said last week. I think place even more now let them focus Russia. All the only thing that makes this the best time to repeal of care because they're not paying attention right, just don't feel it now, and so here's here's what happened last night in case you don't know by glee and the Senator from Jerry, Moran, Kansas Kansas. It came out last night and said, they're not going to they're not going to vote for the reform and Quite honestly, in my opinion, they shouldn't have why it raised. It really brought back taxes that had already been taken out the with it The Democrats allowed taxes to be taken out and this bill actually put tune taxes back in Then it also gave I think, eighty five or forty five billion dollars just for opiate
and it just said just you know to help with opioids are we selling them and helping people get them or what? What was the plan? It was very nondescript to try to get people off of opioids. I think it was a pool of money just to door out to this at all, while we're having a problem with that in their states correct and we are having a problem with opioids an We need to deal with that, but not just some giveaway there were a couple of things in there that were good. One of them was the cruise bill and would make it somewhat tolerable, if they would have left in what cruising put in, which was you got a the insurance companies free to offer things that are not covered in Obamacare that doesn't have the title, one restrictions that says Every man has to pay for maternity in
he's not going to get he's not going to have a baby, so It doesn't need that and to take the things out that you I don't need, depending on your sex, in your age, huh, also to let them compete insurance companies. They took that out well now, there's nothing but raising of taxes. There's no relief for any who is actually suffering with a very high deductible now, and also a high monthly payment where is the relief there? That's what we we should be shooting for? Okay, so it part last night about eight hundred o'clock eleven the president came out and said: let's rip appeal: Obamacare just go for a straight repeal now here it's great. We've already passed that how many times sometimes I think in some cases up to fifty times this is past. They have
I in the House and the Senate over and over again they- I have come up with this bill. They have campaigned on that bill. We are going to repeal Obamacare to prove that to you they have. Continually passed. It. When they didn't have the White House is the White House was going? veto it under Barack Obama, and they all knew that. So then, what. So then they went out on the road and all of these Republicans all of them it out and said we are going to we've already done a repeal bill now, if we can just get the presidency, if we keep the house in the Senate and the presidency we're going to be able to push that bill through we're gonna go ahead. We can repeal Obama, care and likely said earlier today. That's what united the Republican Party, so forty nine senators that
already voted on this repeal bill, the one that is gone through up to fifty times they. Forty nine senators. Already voted on it, there's two new senators, uh that have not voted on it, but they both ran. It is that right. Let me hear let me walk through real, quick, ok, fifty four senators in twenty fifteen that voted on this exact, build that there ok, fifty four, posing ok, two Repub Republicans voted, no, that was Kerr, who is now gone replaced by Democrats. That's going to stay in on and who has already announced her opposition yeah. That gets you two hundred and fifty two possibles. Ok, the fifty two possibles. There are three senators that have already voted fifty two possible that have already voted all over. Yes, yes, ok, so three of them, however, are different senators than they were in twenty fifteen. Yes, those three are coats who left in Indiana is now replaced by Todd Young which
Republican, a Republican voted on repealing Obamacare. Well, Is that he's a yeah because yeah? So? Yes, again, yes, he hoped is gone, but we don't. We don't have any vote from young, yet yeah, but we know that if you were but running for if anybody in Indiana, just let us know, I'm pretty sure anybody who is running this site and would have said they're running he'll repealing Obamacare, then you have Vitor who's, gonna Louisiana, replaced by Kennedy, and then you have us sessions who is of course an Alabama has been replaced by strange center strange. So we will we'll go If you have all three of the new people to vote. No, you hundred and forty nine now many of them I'm sure, ran on repealing it so that you'd assume soon they vote yes, but they're, not on record disagreeing with their own vote with a now. Yes, now We already have Senator Capito from West Virginia, who is come out and said she will reverse her vote from twenty fifteen. Ok, now, I want you to hear these guys
are all on the record as voting weasel to repeal. And when this is the way he had this bill when they said when they voted yes to repeal this bill, they knew they had a president that was going to veto. So there was no consequence of voting. They will get a new, it wouldn't get revealed correct. So what they did is they voted time and time again to repeal it and they and go home to you and say you need me in Congress. You need me in the Senate, I I think I need your support. I need your money, the He needs your money. We need your vote because I got to go in there and I've already voted and if you were like me, I'm going to vote again we're going to repeal it weasels, So these are the people now, we're a lighting to you then took your money, took your time and took your vote and lied to you. He and hear me. Clearly, people of West Virginia was were computers from this is a state and we
Donald Trump, one hundred and sixty eight to and twenty six is asking for this repeal to happen and your senator right now. It's saying no, even though she already voted for the same bill when she knew it was going to be opposing her president right. So we're not the ones we're, not the ones. That always say you got to support the president whatever but supporters stand that the who who are now obstructing this. Already voted for it. If you're in West Virginia already voted for it, then, she ran again on repeal now, You voted by sixty eight percent for Donald Trump and now. She's opposing the president, who is ask,
to do that. Would she has already done under the lane? Pretense that or I didn't come here to hurt people. That was first of all, people, by not voting for repeal Americans, let to ask ask yourself this question? Are there more people hurting and struggling to day? then there were six years ago when this past, yes, sir, yes, the answer is yes. Companies are not hiring as many people, so people have lost their jobs, they have lost their doctors, they have lost their healthcare. You or paying how much more for your premium and how high is your deductible? We will from some people not covered but still being able to remember. The argument was not that people were dying, the arg it was the. Hospitals are overcrowded because
people are just using the hospital emergency room as their insurance and as their primary doctor. So nobody was dying. Nobody was dying, who his hurting more now you, are hurting far more and it's not just you it's people across. All spectrums, and we've been told by several listeners, that their premiums are fifteen hundred and sixteen hundred dollars a month. It's a house payment for some people You can't afford that you can Ford another one thousand five hundred dollars payment just to ensure your fan in it's really bad high deductible. So I do not have a six thousand five hundred dollars for anything right, I'm paying. One thousand five hundred dollars a month and then in my deductible sixty five thousand one hundred and sixty five hundred. I won't spend that right. I won't spend that much money. So all you have for one thousand. Five hundred dollars is cat strophic insuring insurance. That's
The keyless that is. Absolutely unacceptable. In America? It's unacceptable. And why is this happening? Because as the government and the GOP and the Dnc don't want, let go of their power! What's this? What's this woman's name in West Virginia Shelley Moore, Capito Shelley Moore Capito she already told you what you wanted to hear but she asked you to believe her. She, ask you for money for time and for votes. And now, when you are hurting She will not put us back. To where we were and right and then say: okay, let's look at some real ways to actually fix who else is on this list, so there's so. If you
ok. Well, we have now. There was fifty two looking for Washington Office number, which seems like it's two hundred and two thousand two hundred and twenty four Five thousand four hundred and seventy two. Ok. Thank What we're saying is, I didn't write. It seems like it's two hundred and two two hundred and twenty four six thousand four hundred and seventy two. Ok. Thank you I'll write that one down yeah right down two hundred and two two thousand two hundred and forty six, four hundred and seventy two right- that's a senator from West Virginia now. She, of course, is already stated she's out on this, so she's out. That brings you should be back in because she needs to do the will of the people of West Virginia she's. Already own she's already voted for it once we get back in why? Why did you vote for you were for hurting people before one of these people have one of these people. I can't remember which Senator it was up the name given a second said a lot. Change since two thousand and fifteen, but a lot of change. You mean
Well, the president. There sign it now yeah, but he actually wants this dots was change. That's changed! That's what it all means you don't also premiums through the roof. That's changed. A duck doubles out of this world. Yeah, that's all changed. So if, yeah fifty two to start. Then you go Fifty one losing Capito so far, there's statements from Portman in Ohio. And vote for. Excuse me not Cassidy Kennedy in Louisiana well. We don't know, so they're going to be so so so, let's work, I would say, Portman looks like he's, I know, but not stadium. Well, Portman is Portman, but that would bring it fifty what's his number, Senator Rob Portman it would seem with, is Where is two hundred and two two hundred and twenty four three thousand three hundred and fifty What that number again, two hundred and two million two hundred and twenty four thousand three hundred and thirty five
I wonder if center apartment has an operator standing by for your call, if you would call Two thousand and two two hundred and forty three thousand three hundred and fifty three ok good. Thank you. So then, the other thing that really throws a wrinkle in this 'cause that would bring it down to fifty exactly they tried to hold this vote currently Senator John Mccain well. But if you call two hundred two two, two four hundred and thirty three: three and ask for Senator Robert, just or rob Portman or one of his representatives in make your feelings known, I'm sure gonna, listen to the will of the again he's already voted for this yeah it over again. These are not we're not asking him to act in a way that is inconsistent with what he has done before we're asking him just to do it now that it counts. That's it! That's it! That's it act as if yeah it's that's like you know, that's like I am I I'm in the army- and I am going in and- and I am I am- you Know- go in and I'm
but I'm going through my training exercise, I'm learning how to shoot. Then you get down on the battlefield and you're like ok. Well, I'm not shooting I mean, there's actual people on the other renditions of change. The additions have changed, I'm in a war zone. What the hell do you think you were doing dude, but Could you tell him your feelings? I would call it wasn't in the room. I would call this right. You could call too two hundred and twenty two four thirty three, okay, we're going to give you the names and the rest of the names. I would hate to think that path might have the phone numbers to that. You could call a student. I tell you that the dollar was down last night, you get you mention yeah. You mentioned that yeah yeah. I did North Korea looks like shaky have you heard about the guys who were on CNBC last week, and they were talking about that. This fall looks really really bad looks like kind of the conditions of nineteen twenty nine
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your listening to the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program had in Ohio the state where, if there is one senator you need to flip, it is Rob Portman who, sadly, are appealing. Obamacare is just not good, for the country is not going to help the people of Ohio, even though he voted for it already. Yes, and he said he would look at it, he said he would look at it. Look at it really hard in two hundred and two two hundred and twenty four three thousand three hundred and fifty three so add in Ohio, how you doing not bad how you doing very good.
The reason I'm calling today you guys are really hitting at home here with the health care issue. I'm a disabled law enforcement officer It had to retire early due to injuries sustained doing my job and I'm fifty one. Now and I get a letter stating from Ohio, police and fire that starting in twenty eighteen, doing away with all of our medical coverage, not just while able police officers, but even guys, who retire, regularly they're doing away with the orphans widows and little worse all their medical's gone. And jumping everybody into Obamacare there. Well, that's what they going up so we're going to have to go onto the exchanges, and you know I tried to contact Portman's office and the this meant it like Johnson die yet, but here you know, we don't call why. If you're, if you're injured in the line of duty total, you to retire. You don't have to pay your fair
tax. Due to hang on. I want one of my producers to get all this information. We want to look into this and help you in Ohio. Thank you. So much back in a minute, Glenn Beck program, love you. Nnn take program, so this one. This is going to get really bad thing of this, with a call that we just got in Ohio. All the cops in Ohio. All the people who are you know who have worked hard, their whole life and they got crap pay, but they were promised retirement and healthcare, and now the state of Ohio, is saying all of our cops were dumping you into crappy Obamacare you're, going to have to go into the exchanges so you lose that and you're
how to lose your pension as the pensions were total frauds. What is going to happen to people? Quite honestly, like Portman, I mean Portman Portman is it would come out and said he's willing to look at the full Deal of Obamacare, but he doesn't think it's going to help, though, does sound like he's inclined to vote for the yes or no one, one against the woman that we already voted for the twenty fifteen. Yes, he's already voted for this. These guys. These Republicans are going to come up with all kinds of problems, the in already voted for it once Now that the have a president who will sign it and a president who is saying repeal for in about the replace right now just repeal Senator Portman you don't this will help. People in Ohio. I don't know eight years ago I wasn't having this problem. Eight years ago, my insurance wasn't this expensive?
years ago I had a. I had a police union that was Looking for it, I I told you when we were on Fox, I said pensions are going to fail. And when we started talking about Obamacare I said the unions are. To dump you into Obamacare. It's only a matter of time, because what they have promised you is all fraudulent and that was remember Obamacare was mainly AFL, CIO and Seiu they want. Those unions wanted this because they wanted this burden off of their back and so they're dumping you into Obama. So police in Ohio, you're, just you're, just the first I'm in your world to get this, but every labor union is going to dump people into Obamacare guarantee it. That way they don't have to be held responsible. It's not the union's fault, the call center.
Or if you live in Ohio you really, need to call Rob Portman. Two hundred and two two hundred and twenty four three thousand three hundred and fifty three that's his Washington man. If you live in West Virginia, what was her name senator everyone? So it's not. It's not capito its capital. Now it's Kapedo until she votes right, 'cause, Shelley, Moore, Capito, Gore, Capital Kapedo, yeah, I think, Capito. The speedo there you go, I don't know why we said right so yeah. Those two are big and by the way, Glenn on your unions point it's interesting to note that I think when they, when this thing fails, they will say is well it's not that. Well, this failed. We were the ones that got you this amazing health care that's available, they will say you gay
these donations so that we can get you something like Obama care, and now you have it, we don't need to cover you anymore. Yeah they'll push you out of that with a smile on their face and expect you to take it. Yes and less. You stop it and by the way, another Big union state, I believe, is West Virginia coal. Miners unions, Oh my gosh, I mean the West Virginia is inexplicable that she would be first to come out against this. Donald Trump is pushing hard for this to happen he's mentioned even when they were negotiating the old bill. He said why don't we just get a full repeal and start from there he's asking for it, the hello, West Virginia- gave Donald Sixty eight percent of the vote- that's a mandate that is eight gotten the mandate to do what the people want, and I will say you know well she she calls mansion because Despite him being a Democrat. He knows that Donald Trump, it is incredibly popular in that state, and maybe flip him into considering it. I don't know.
Maybe you can, he voted against it last time, but that's certainly a two thousand fifteen doesn't seem to hold anybody three to the fo. There's there's not a single Democrat right on board with repeal no, I mean mention the only when you even consider trying really I mean I all the other ones are gonna sell. I have no reason to mention is highly. I think I wrote on which ins do they built this bill so poorly that at and again this is what we talked about When I said I would not want to be the president right now, 'cause you're, looking at possibly a one term president. This is what I said. You know in twenty sixteen seventeen again a one term president, because he's going to whatever he does to Obama care is going it's going to implode on him. Term in his term and he's going to have to change it and all changes going to be looked at as bad and uncomfortable and so we have that coming what they need to do is
seriously free up the free market, and we can do this. We can do this It has a toll free number term you ever even see anymore now is almost every number is toll, free right now, eight hundred and fifty eight five hundred and fifty two seven thousand five hundred and fifty seven thirty seven. Let me go to Ohio. Somebody else that Senator Portman says is not affected, really won't help his state if they repeal Obamacare, J, is that is that accurate? that people in Ohio will be affected with the been affected with Obama. Obama care been nothing but a disaster, everyone knows that by the way did they finally talk to you, nine twelve and never got there well anyway. Yeah I called for office is going to white, jurors machine and it's not even recording the messages. Wow, it's saying message cancel it
did you meet three times in a row? Are you going to it might be funny? Are you? Are you going to his local offices? I'll, get that I'm I might be a I mean I got that number in my phone. I had a call that one yeah, so you should call this local office and and also will give you an email address, email yeah. I've got this for years, Now I mean and you're absolutely right, though he campaigned on repealing Obamacare and he's being a little. All cats favorite. And how's it going at it from there. I'll say this about Portman. Two, what's important about Portman is, if you can get Portman to somehow uh repeal he will give
over to other moderates. Yes, I apartment an important figure in the Senate. People do listen to him and if you can win him over on this, after he's, come out already pretty much skeptical and and leaning know you might be able to keep some of these other people who will probably flake out in, like you might try his Columbus office six thousand one hundred and forty four six hundred and sixty seven hundred and seventy four. Let me go to fill in Colorado, hello, Phil, hi, and before I get started I'd just like to say doctor who convinced me that bow tie these are cool and you've cured me of that. Thank you very much Phil. I there's a compliment in there somewhere. I don't know if I'll ever find it or not. You get better man. Thank you anyway. I'm a computer hacker in Colorado springs, and I wait. Wait hold it just wait. Well, it's not right. Is something usually don't hear. People openly admit that you're, a computer hacker
Actually, I'm a computer hacker with a handful of really high level security clearances. So I hope you guys were the white hat. Ok, alright! Ok! So I've been a number Hewlett, packard enterprise in traveling, a traveling, a lot and helping federal and DOD clients to secure their computers and I had awesome insurance, because Hewlett Packard is all find it so We have to worry about Obamacare for the past year. Probably I've been out on my own. I have my own software security, consultancy and my insurance. We just let it lapse. We just quit paying it at the end of June. It was one thousand five hundred dollars a month or deductible is fine. One thousand dollars a a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year about so I can afford it, but I was talking to my wife. Why why? Why pay an extra one thousand five hundred dollars a month? That's doing the absolute zero good! My plan, if I get really sick. If I get catastrophically ill, it's gonna run up a multi million dollar bill and declare bankruptcy.
But other than that going to the doctor, I'm just going to pay for it. I literally had been forced out of insurance and I can't afford to pay it, but it's the cost is just outrageously expensive, so I've got a different route. I have just taken just I've. Just taken catastrophic insurance, so I not covered for anything but catastrophic and I'll pay. You know I'll pay for everything up to catastrophic. I don't I don't feel comfortable. You know, layering bankruptcy and just knowing it in advance, but. I'm not a hacker. One thousand five hundred bucks a month and a five thousand dollars, so did you get? Did you get find Phil
No, not yet not yet. I'm sure that I'm sure April fifteenth is not going to be fun. Well, you should half the year and I've only been off of it for a couple weeks. My wife is well into those sharing. Those expansionary increase, yes during those are good. Medicare is one measure is good, one of them, one of them no yeah in, in the back end of those three seem like a pipe dream. The the prices are really low and affordable. I just how how can they work? I don't know sure it looks like a miniature on yeah. It's a really it's the those are legitimate yeah there. They are legitimate, we'll try to get them on, so they can explain it's it's entirely out of Obamacare base yeah. It is a it's a religious thing and, and his is working very well and especially for people up in Ohio yeah. No, it's uh. It's actually really interesting. You have to you, know, go through there. We know, there's
hold on. They have rules like there are certain things you are allowed to do and not allowed to do. But it's it's a really. It's a it's kind of a cool thing. It was Co. Op is a with that. Is there it's a cost sharing service, so they in its in Obamacare, basically said for certain religious organizations, there's a carve out, and so so many Well, who wanted to get away from Obamacare have taken optional done really well with it yeah yeah. Thank so much. Let's go to Tamara in Ohio, hello Tamera is, is Senator Portman right that repealing Obamacare will just not really be in the best interest of the state of the people in Ohio. Well. It may not be in Rob Portman's best interest, but it's in the best interest of the state of Ohio and I was able to get through to Senator Portman's. Email and left a message for him. Aren't you a voicemail and left a message for him and then I came on to leave and as well his website. Pandering for our Obama her stories. He has. He has a link that says please
show me your Obamacare story, and he says that the government healthcare was supposed to reduce the cost instead Ohio State one hundred dollars more per month, Danny uh, it is money that could be going toward retirement groceries in their children's higher education. Instead, it's going to cover President Obama's costly mandates so encourage everyone listening audience to get DOT Senate DOT, Gov, leaving the message You can read messages for any senator or congressman. You don't have to be in their state, would really help us going if she could post that list on glennbeck dot com. I can yet, but I will we've had to resend it via their email and encourage them to be consistent, challenge the audience to do that thing. Well, I will tell you Portman and Calamari: what's your name again in it was kind of in a
and now I'm going calamari. I like that better Kappa, Kappa, DOE in West Virginia, those two are critical. I mean everyone is all hands on deck, but those two are critical because they have already come out and said: I'm not really sure she is already said it West Virginia. She won't do it she's out. And that's gonna guarantee West Virginia your your Your pensions are gone in the coming years, as you're, seeing now in Illinois, your pensions are gone as you're, seeing in Ohio, you're going to be dumped into Obama CARE, be as your unions have lied to you, and apparently your lawmakers have lied to you, because they told you that you're going to save two thousand five hundred dollars, they're telling you that they're going to repeal Obamacare and We need your money, we need your time and we need your vote. Then they vote for it when they know the president is going to veto it. Once
the president who is not going he to it. They check is their mind and say. Well I don't know it's not so bad. You! Let you know the truth, but their feet to the fire, and we will put the list of every single senator, already has voted for this bill is not, they've already voted for it multiple times. Why why well for now now this Casper, Keep tossing and turning not sleeping it is. There are times when you just hate going ed? I never thought I would say that when I was younger I understand why my grandfather was feeding the chickens at four o'clock in the morning. Can sleep and there's nothing worse than looking at your batting on. They got to go to bed and don't want to you want something that you look forward to going to bed in every night. Casper mattress is probably mattress for you. In fact,
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Of your mattress now terms and conditions do apply DOT, Casper, DOT, com, Beck program, mercury, this Glenn Beck program, ok on tomorrow's program, we have somebody who can actually do more than just throw money at a problem, other guys who's. Front lines of fighting opioid abuse in america- and you know it's saying this, because you know It makes it sound like they're people who are abusing opioids. You know in buying them on the open market when I think what the No problem in America is you're getting addicted to them by your doctor, uh and then you just can't get off them and it's. It's a hidden! Shame for a lot of.
And then I think also a lot of people are, you know, being nefarious with them, but I think there's a ton of American That have been so over and and try after I mean you know the time I ever heard of what is it Fent, Fent fentanyl was when I was over, prescribed and given fentanyl after a surgery, and it's has on the box for end of life use only I know millennials that have been prescribed fentanyl, who have a long time and left in their life. There's almost no going back from that, there's a real problem with opioid abuse in America and we're going to address it frankly tomorrow. That
and also more on the health care bill and what can be done? Tomorrow's program? Don't miss it. This is the Glenn Beck program, mercury.
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