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7/25/17 - GOP: Clown show of a party (Chris Herrod Joins Glenn)

2017-07-25 | 🔗
How much have we changed since the time of 'Game of Thrones'?? ...The never ending lies of the GOP ...May God have mercy on the souls of our 'representatives' in DC ...Do we give congressmen enough? ...The curious relationship between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions ...Why is President Trump going after his own attorney general? ...Clean Obamacare repeal vote coming today? ...What is a 'skinny repeal'?? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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America, there is a lot to go over today the The Senate is, is voting on care bill. That Nobody's red- nobody even knows yesterday the president came out said: you'd, better pass it. Nobody has any idea the GEO Pee wee begin with you right now the fusion of entertainment and didn't maintenance. They say
the Glen Programme has anything changed since the time of the game of thrones really has anything changed for the iron chair do the people in Washington even care about you, What are we teaching our children? We teaching our children that you have to lie. You have to lie, have to cheat. You have to steal to get elected. Then you raise more money on those lies. You don't do anything that you promised. Those were the lies. All you do. Is you blame you divide and you destroy then raise more money. A p. Is your real masters, the power players? You you get: reelected, you're, Fleece, the american people and yours for life there are not strong enough words to voice an appropriate response,
The response that I feel on the Theo, Peas, Obama, care plans- give you the last paragraph from an article. from red state. majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell is attempting to get a vote on something anything. This week this me since the senators dont know what piece of legislation if any they'll be voting on end quote shameful? What, I know, half ass circus freaks has the GEO p Become. for the president to be sent out. Without a bill and tell Congress to vote on. Anything is perhaps the most shameful and grotesque perversion. I have seen of our system- and I thought the Democrats were awful Don't worry Democrats, I get back to your
rat weasels here in a second my first question is how long and which group we Group of monkeys masquerading as public servants will be the first to begin throw feces at the other side. My guess is at this point: Mcconnell Starbucks, thuggish apes,. I do know what would fix this, Let's find a card dashi, that's all. a part time circus clown V, you can run for office, then it really be fund. A watch. Yeah. You know I do need. We need some more self centered back stabbing idiots in DC. That's what we lack. If there is anyone who Actually knows or carers.
about how many families are actually struggling to make ends meet Anyone who actually knows should be outraged. Politicians know first while because they created this mess, And because they were elected on the promise to relieve the financial burden on those who have always played by the rules and trusted the american system of government and justice, but I have news for America that system no longer exists weak kiss that that parade goodbye. Our enemies are laughing at us. Those who look look too To free them from slavery or oppression or their brutal regime are whimpering in their cell today in despair. When
Erica falls in. She surely will if we don't wake up, who is low to hold the torch for freedom for decency for empathy, the for justice for honor. It sure isn't the villains who lie to us and continue to lie to us in both parties and the media. Let's not forget them. Both sides of the media by the way. May I ask the GNP what the hell you been doing for the last seven years you pay, thus for help who told us we needed to elect you win
did to not only vote for you. We needed to give up our precious time and campaign for you. We needed to argue with our friends and our family and see if we could help show the light to them, because you, and only you, could solve this problem. you asked us to do our hard earned honestly. Sleep earned increasingly hard to find money. So you can Go back in a repeal, Obamacare cut spending, cut taxes, and the long laundry list of whatever we were dumb enough to believe that come on out of your mouth? You told us, that you understood. but you were the answer. That the only thing that was holding you back as you needed three branches of of you need the two branches of the three
of government. You had to have the house in the Senate, you had to have the legislator bridge, but you also have to have the executive branch and soon as you have, that you would send relief. But did you have you no? No, and yet with the House and the Senate and the White House and the past press, totally distracted. You don't even have a plan. I know there are few Honest people in both parties there are few. There really are. But let me address them. Let me ask them a question. When are you going to have enough When will you actually stand up on floor of the Senate or the House and say I am no longer part of this foolish clown show of a party.
When will you begin to stand up and declare that someone needs to represent us, the millions that no? This is a game to all of you. when will any of you take on your own side, forget about? the party Democrats Republicans? Independence political stripe and those who don't know anything about politics are suffering. When is enough enough, for you the power too much the health care benefits that we can't even get hobbled the free Jim. How about that I've time benefit of fifty six thousand dollars a year for doing nothing after you retire is inside trading. That makes you rich that you just can't pass up. Are you enjoying them? Oh
it must be like to be you I'd. Ask you that question, but I think I'm gonna save it until after your time on earth cause I'm guessing. Your answer today will be quite different than the win I ask it to you in the heat of all eternity. Do none of you have any common decency. Yes, you do then step out in front Leave or leave your party and do but for a reason, be the earth to say it because we already know and so do all of your colleagues they're just afraid to say it out loud? Neither party has any intention of fixing any of this. Neither side cares about anything except their own power. Nothing
is changed since eighteen sixty two, when neither the whigs nor the Democrats took slavery seriously, but there were two many people brave enough to stand from both sides in say my party stands for. Nothing Neither of you, people actually care about slavery. They stepped up, and they had had enough twenty of them he started their own party and you know what they did It's amazing without any social media, yes believe it or not without twitter or Facebook. Without the our of the press without a celebrity or a game show contestant or a rock star. Among them they elect.
Did Abraham Lincoln eight years later, you know I, I pray for peace and reconciliation, but there are times for righteous indignation. I heard the president's remarks yesterday and then he being stupid enough to say: ok, what's the GEO p proposing and then going online and seeing nothing, nothing. And yet literally any thing is what their proposing they just want to win. I was sick to my stomach. is no one else in America done with. This is no one else willing to stand up and damn their own side their own senator their own congressmen. Their own media is no one willing to do it.
Is anyone else, thinking that, with all that, we not just accept and tolerate, but all of the things that we actually are beginning now to embrace from these people that maybe perhaps just perhaps we're getting the government we finally deserve. May God have mercy on us all? Is there any one? Is there anyone out there that actually wants to solve healthcare for the people who cannot afford it and reduce the risk? frictions and be able to give the people back thy health care and passed, we even better than what they had before to give them more money that they have worked so hard to earn. Politicians.
Do you not have children and grandchildren are use so myopic that you can't see? A future your children and grandchildren will inherit already have some special golden parachute out of chaos me God have mercy on your souls. You not only have lied to us. but you very well may be it do directly responsible for the loss of western way of life. May you be haunted by the thought And the names and the images and the horrors that you will have inflicted on people all over the world. May you be haunted by the images and the names and the people who are working themselves to death, so they can afford a doctor for their kids Not even the doktor they want or loved or we're part
Ass, they could keep by the way, Democrats. This is where you come in you're, not free from the wrath who built this ship Obama. care? Why do we have to repeal and replace. because it's going to collapse, it's a debacle, you this ship, you make the Titanic builders and architects, look like geniuses. you were the ones you can keep your doctor. You were the ones you can keep your insurance plan. You were the ones it'll, save you twenty five hundred dollars of my own money. You talk of social justice, democratic, you should all be glad that currently actual justice, isn't seen around here any more because All of your leaders would be back
in bars. This gives me solace is if real because we're around so would all of our so called leaders. Republicans and Democrats, who active in this system right now. We're playing this game. You are. The very people are founders, warned us of. for those politicians, don't call and try to come on my show, expect any kind of shelter from me besides Goes for all media on both sides. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem which, will you be. you in the audience you have to make the same choice. I have to make.
which will you be. People are real job, Listen is real pain. Illness suffering death is real potter, He is real despair, error loneliness, hopeless this that's real click and ratings and fame and elections. None of that is real. Which master did you serve coward? May all those who fail in these times to rise for truth find those things, especially those in work. Clinton in their heads of media that only the deepest and most relentless poverty and regret in public humiliation can provide for the rest of your hopefully law
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all of them say and see. If I can find one of these All of them say, something along the lines of here. Please pray for me. I just don't know what to, This is a lose lose situation for the american people, I'm sick, and by this I just don't know What to do the guys? Who are the guys who are in the Senate, on our side there, like look, we vote for it. We lose. We don't vote, we lose and they're not talking about them these guys We are actually talking about you like this it's not going to help this is going to. This is not the bill they promise. Now. This is going to this. This could actually really hurt the average person and there like Ike, Can't put my name on that because it hurts the people. There are stuck when a rock and a hard place right as the bill is bad, but this might be their only chance
right and there like Mcconnell in those these rats, will never bring it up again and so I mean doing what do we do anything, because we're going to be blamed, because it's going to make things worse than this. I know that it makes it worse than Obamacare because, as it does at the theory, is that if they move the mandate but keep everything else they keep. So only. Sick people will be on insurance plans because they healthy just get it without a mandate does not getting have it as hell collapsing needed. Then they'll get it. Yes, only sick people will be on it. So that raises the cost for every, but right so it all it or it will collapse it faster because you know you don't have to do that, and then it does nothing. open, the free market to data that pressure, and balance. It someplace else a jewel dumps
under the free market which can't it can't handle that points on this. First of all, this is Hillary Clinton argument historically It was the one saying you have to have this mandate or this thing collapses, and I don't agree with our personal second of all its own constitutional and whether you think it's better for the programme or not. It must be remembered that individual, maybe that's the worst part of that entire programme. It must be so you vote for this. Back, I don't even want it is. How can I go for? That? Is the other side of the house to pray for those least first pray for those few souls in the Senate. They are agonizing today. This is killing them. Please pray for them, you'll, be listening to the Glen background. program so sessions, maybe out today unprecedented.
Rex tillers and is now making waves that it must exercise he may go. He just leave thinks it's unprofessional. What's what gets going on here? The the the Senate is voting on a bill. They don't really know what's in the bill. This is chaos. We have to pass a build, find out, what's I mean we found that out of work, weighty one about. Maybe we dont pay our senators enough. Maybe a hundred and seventy four thousand dollars a year is just not enough money for them to actually care the speaker of the house only is struggling on two hundred twenty. Three thousand dollar: now: don't don't say that I don't know how they do that. Might I don't know how they do that they also get shake up like fund me page, girls want me pay. Well, there are to design living expenses. So let's do not help do on their health care. They they get three thousand dollars and living expenses that they can deduct
also they get a. They get a tax break of ten thousand dollars on their health care. which is where I had enough, though, is that are not well I'm not really sure. I mean the health plan that thereon did start in nineteen. Fifty nine and it was you know, to cover everybody in all the civil workers. You know the pulse of the important people members of Congo. it wasn't a single plan. it was a. It was of a supermarket of three hundred private health plans, which is really nice was really nice, but then Vague they got to have their own shop exchange. And they can do that with? You know the ten thousand dollars that the if that everybody gets us, of course, a man Jason.
If it says the nerve to say that they need was a twenty twenty, five hundred and thirty five hundred dollars extra for a second residency in Washington DC for all of them. Yeah. Ok, yeah, they also mean the senators also have a personal and office expense account of three to five million dollars each week for you right now, I don't know how you do us out. Every man that's a year that angels in office MAX the prices have gone up, survives and yeah in recent and end the physical office space is a nightmare. It's in the bouquet. Yes, it is in. The vote. important building in the country and you, but you only have between five and eighty two hundred square feet so put five square feet is really small and people. Dont really is an agency, hundreds, ok, but five I don't know you having my powers astronomers. Even you have five. If you have a thousand square feet, they expect you to furnish that with only forty thousand dollars of of taxpayers, money I thought right,
No, no! No! No! No! You know that for the horror allow for all of it over five thousand dollars, I think you can get What is it a couple thousand dollars more for every two hundred square feet? I think so I don't know how they I don't know how they do it. but they can you decorating a room with the forty thousand dollars satellite is now I just go. You can't do that right, oh, and they also received tuner fifty thousand dollar budget for travel and off its expenses. So they can. You know they can do that and their employees are all making a hundred and seventy two two hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars, plus they get the attacks they are funded members only Jim, so they don't have to worry about the riffraff and then also have the members only salon where they can get their means
hair done there. You know, and a barber shop to value everyone very a hen. Then they also have the members only tennis court on the airline privileges which are really nice. They can book any flight. They could book every few. eight that they wanted and then just cancel a last minute, no penalties and so on they generally book several flights because I never really sure, when they're gonna be able to get out of there and you don't want to have them worry to that end and so that they can just drive to Washington National where they get a park. Their car for free, which is set. hundred and forty thousand dollars in foregone revenue for Reagan, National Dave's, theirs your car, that probably you know the taxpayers can eat. There have been no big, we got a lot. We gotTa Africa from yeah so
you know out because of the hard work that their do it for us. You, you don't mind doing that re able man, brother or those experiments sulk are due in Algeria. You ve worked hard. Your whole life, and so you have put in Social Security and you get fifty thousand dollars a year, the public, workers pension, you, twenty six thousand dollars a year on top of your fifteen thou tab and then he's. If Europe public Service servant, you get that and of course, if you were a member of Congress, you get fifty nine thousand dollars of pension for the rest of your life. On top of the was fifteen thousand mandatory- as you know, all the insider trading that you did in and everything else so I on the second in honouring their memory of Ronald Reagan. By giving away seven hundred thousand dollars a parking spots, that's turn- into and free flights
Their only make it a hundred and seventy four thousand it out, I think resign if they ever die, whether in office, they get one year's full salary of one hundred and seventy four thousand dollars, however, One of our soldiers die by their a hundred thousand. They can't get more than a thousand whose doing More- more work is how you feeling, rather right leg, work harder for women working in order whose risking more and right- and I think you could definitely are senators in congress- right though we would have side by side- is pretty obvious, but its grotesque. It is grotesque what is happening right now. I can't I'm glad we're talking about health care to take some concerned about health, homer that the kinder gentler when back is in
right now, it seems to be have. Ears was eaten a death last night I had earlier by the old when he added, and I doubt it arose to rely on my way. You know I'd like to see the right. You I'm gonna be day like this everybody, every twenty agonizing. It's too rage Sid, I literally, could not come up with appropriate. Words cannot come up with appropriate words like I just can't on how how of scene and grotesque. All of this is and we're taking it. I mean we're sure we look with disgust on Rome and the way the Senate, the roman senators acted and conducted themselves, and the and the outrage in the end
Eating vomit torreons and all that kind of work there, often they weren't beyond. That's a move towards respectability. Writer roam at this point. It is then we're just after every means that they could eat more. I'd like that banks, not bad. So what go ahead, so he added Alenia. Whatever you know, and you know I gotta stop raping the american people. I've got a couple of books for you too. to read I'll just how good yeah it's it's just nineteen and twenty or twenty million you don't have to. I will tell you that I have started these two books and they are they vast people over the last ten years to keep economic diaries, regular people to key economic diaries and when you actually look who's asked Our group did someday the I'm sure yeah, I'm! You know, I mean who's going to do this and write a book. About it, I've already some lefties
however, you just can't argue with the facts, and I have no idea what these books eyes, one like us aim: the Euro have no idea what these books or are going to talk, as the solution, but I. They'll tell you that the way they have ah. the way they have moved to document. What people's lives really are. When you look at how peoples lives really are I mean think of your own life? It's happening. in millions of houses all over the land. Whatever is happening in your house, thank your lucky stars It's much worse in somebody else's house, no matter bad. You think you're situation, it's worse in somebody else's house and for for you to really know it. And to really look at it?
not as a stat. it's a scene. When you really realise who went out and busted, there asked to vote for you who bowed and and has given that their most precious commodity. Time and hope they have given you their time and entrusted you with their hope. For you to do this is I can't think of a bigger slap in the face to the american people. Then, what's happening right now, it's obscene and the only reason why they're getting away with it is because we're weighing them too. and why are we allowing them to because our own human nature are human. nature too
preserve the species. It's our feet. earth and are justifiable struggles right now. What we're doing can all be explained is, Sir, viable of are our people and its own impossible to beat, but with all Their behavioral scientists, They know that They know that and they the engineer, I'm convinced not everybody by any stretch of the imagination, but there's a handful of em who absolutely either Have in their own way or would like to engineer this, in to collapse, to be able to get what they want.
Because they know how humans as an animal, will react. Its sickening they're gonna vote today There's a couple of other things that you need to be aware of. I want to take you to a very different place with sea illegals that died in the back of that Semi San Antonio today, because you want to talk about a moral. Here's what's immoral, allowing sanctuary cities to exist. Allowing our government to send a mixed message to people who again are fighting for their survival they're not coming from places like Saint Louis.
the bad side of Saint Louis, that's not where these people are coming from we're through our sanctuary cities, offering them hope and when, we actually see what these people did. get into the back of that truck. I'm telling you the truth. Driver and everyone involved should receive the death penalty these sanctuary. Cities should receive if the stiffest punishment, the federal government can possibly give due a city. Its immoral. there's nobody see the actual people involved. is anything real to anyone. any more or is it
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Calm, that's protect and defend outcome. The glamour back programme, mercury. is because back programming in so glad that you are you ve Tunisia, today, hoof just. You know when you stop understanding the world and you stop caring about the changes. I think you start to get up,
and I've always must be about three hundred and eighty five, I was going to say: I've always fought against that. I've always wanted to you know who continue to swing and continue to be in there and look for the changes when it comes to politics. Only. I don't have any desire to be around two help to any any of it. I mean if there was another place that I could go if There was another America, somebody was sailing off and there like, we have the american principles and we are enshrining the constitution. I don't care if it was in Alaska, I'd, be there I'd be their own, this heat, we better. I mean I I just that the prey! Suppose we are. I read that thing from Eric Ericsson. Yesterday
where he said our next stop is we have to decide whether the rule of law matters, The Democrats have already side decided the rule. Why doesn't matter doesn't matter that a long time ago they decided that we know clearly the IRS scandal with the young, that Hillary Clinton scandal, you know the the border fast in furious date, I mean it doesn't matter to them We said at that time you can't set this exists. But because of pre soon York it's gonna be a your guy, you gotta be gone and our guy gonna be in and you dont want this example news for you at point guys the pendulum swings back, you don't on this precedent set. Will the next person be like that worryingly, hey
conservatives. What will they be allowed to do? This is to back programme mercury. You want to talk a tragedy How sad, as this pact I found out that Bela turns into a vampire man imagined by studying super right now, it's not bad that he found it out now, it's bad that he found that out ever at all, because his wife is forcing him to watch the twilight Series which he as a strong man avoided avoided all the use you wore the pants in the family. Yes, now now now another comes so
said, but the Good NEWS is he's actually work, being a system, all a method to my mouth. Although there will be there will be paid back. There is a price to force your spouse to fight for two drag it out, brought in one day over five long evening. My girls are gateway, cargo to be like that. It's a very elaborate gave up we're we're going to give you an update on everything that is happening, I'm I'm so torn on. Where to start we have an update on the illegals that we're trapped in San Antonio and many of them died.
An update on the economy. That is really critical. I'm gonna try to lay out on chalkboard tonight at five o clock, but you need to hear it as well. we also need to tell you about the a mom in California that is telling his his group of Muslims at his mosque that all Muslims need to annihilate all Jews, and not just in Palestine, but everywhere. That's in California. Are we paying attention to it now course not we're stuck? We are watching frequents.
Marcus happen in Washington and we begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened, and this is the Glen back. So let me just give you the update on what's happening in Washington and none of this effects your life today. So I don't want to spend a lot of time on it because we're gonna come back to it. When you know when something actually is real and is happened, but your friends are all going to be talking about it, so we might will spend a few minutes on it and that is Jeff Sessions- is he in or is he out here is a guy
I who gave up his career and and said so but he knew that if If this didn't work out here, done theirs. who book out about Steve Ban in that talks about the entire campaign and how it came together and remember is. The sessions sessions was critical. The first senator YA to get on board. Yeah. He was critical horn and and here's how that went down from Joshua Greens book sessions, the ranking member, the powerful budget committee had been that denied the chairmanship punishment he believed for his Ebert behaviour. Now he wanted reassurance trump as a great forgive right are ideas session said, but canny win, one hundred per Ben and said pacing back and forth, and flip flops in the front room of the embassy. If you can thanks to your message and personify this stuff. There's not a doubt in my mind. They already took me off budget sessions reminded him, I do this endorsement and it doesn't work. It's the end of my career in the Republican Party,
its, do or die abandoned replied. This is it. This is the moment a day earlier, Chris Christie Pillar of GNP establishment. Stunned the political world, by showing up on announced, to endorse Trump at a rally in Texas Ban and reminded sessions that are not that and not from him. Now with the Essen DE primaries looming. Just three days away could be decisive South could rise and deliver the nomination Trump Sessions agreed. Ok, I'm all in he said, but if he doesn't when it's over for me, so he gave everything here is a guy that trumps foreigners really like here's, a guy that I've really liked for law, time because he has been a guy who has been strong on border issues and he has been unwilling to it. He's been unwavering on it and When he came out, it was a shock to a lot of people. Now there's a guy who has been loyal to the core for Donald Trump gave, His career to Donald Trump.
and in six months eight months The president is calling him a beleaguered attorney. An old a week, attorney general and why he's, calling him this because he now needs to deflect the Russia thing back on to the clinic Now I will. I will want to go through this. Cause is important for you to noodle out in your own head, so he he wants to now pursue the Clinton's for their crimes now remember, he wanted that from the get go. He said that when he was campaigning, people were locked her up longer up locker up. He also wants to get rid of Robert Mahler in the world way possible, sessions Recruit refused himself. So there's some thought that he can't fire said the president can't fire Mahler himself, he has to have his attorney general. Do that so the the thought processes that since says,
refused himself from the russian investigation. He can't fire Mahler, or at least have been. Did it would look really bad rights are now hands. He came out. He can, fire sessions over refusing himself on Russia even That's what he's been saying is I could, if I wouldn't have hired him had I known he was gonna refuse himself. Well, you couldn't time line is all screwed up, so he couldn't have He was himself before you offered him the job, because this scandal hadn't hit yet so and it hit that's when he refused himself. He said about. I known that I would. put him in his attorney general. Will you can't fight? for that reason, because it we fire him For that reason, then, you're really, basically firing him and hiring somebody who will find Mueller Wells, he can't do that, can't you can buy the aids when really bad. So what is he doing? He said I have to go after Hillary Clinton for their clock crimes. No,
that his base, who chanted locker up blocker up loves that idea. just want to remind you when he got into office. Here is what he said about locking up Hillary Clinton and then think about one of inventing. So we shyness idea that special prosecutor- I don't want them, I don't want them they are good people. I don't want to hurt them. He also said to them four times about fucking, a pillar Glenn, I want to move forward. I dont want to move back. I don't want to hurt Clinton's. I really doubt she went through a lot. of her greatly in many different ways, and I'm not looking to hurt them at all. The campaign was vicious. Ok, so I, that is Donald Trump, real feeling on Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton? is he who called off the dogs guarantee called off the dogs. and said we're not gonna go after that, we're not gonna pursue them. He need
that now? But let me give you a reason, and I will tell you I've who can to several people, historians about pardons and presidential pardons Why don't they go after people for crimes that they know they committed, and The presidential level here is the ration thereof, The reason in the rationing- and I dont know if this if this review by into it, but I kind of do. When you have a a President leave office Jim Ford, knew that doomed him to never being reelect reelected again. So why would Gerald Ford Pardon Richard Nixon? What was his reasoning behind that? The reasoning behind that was in America, the one thing we don't do is go after
former sitting president's and we do go after our political opponents, because that's. What banana republics do. Somebody will win its very contentious. It's on both sides, its heated. And then somebody will get into office and use that power to wipe out the other side. If you begin that it doesn't end. Well And so, while they knew that Richard Nixon had problems that crime, was not. It was the cover up of the crime and the press then we're supposed to learn that lying about things and cover ups was bad. And they learned it until Bill Clinton when we he accepted it. You have to teach the less. The american people must teach the lesson it can't come. From a president, because if this president
decides to go after the Clinton's now and he does it or perceived is due as doing it for political reasons, which you know they all will. I she's guilty of sin. I think but we should have been in jail you know in the nineties. I think they should have gone to jail. I have no problem with an investigation and sending someone to jail. However if you do this and it is perceived as a pole, Nickel reason why, now it is here you come in and done it right away. I think at least our side could have said. No that the political that was really about. The scandal that was going on scandal is all over. Now. That's scandal me. Nothing else. He's learned the lesson We can all that you can get away with it and we gone for a year without even talking about it, you'll meet
the case, will be made. This is purely political. What happens, the person comes in that follows. Trump as that person, if they're on the left, do They now prosecute Trump and his allies, probably and then what happens at some point you get to place to where you just wipe out the opposition there that's why we don't do it. I've always wondered, and I have always argued against it, and I believe it was MIKE Lee who explain this to me and I said MIKE. You can't believe that that's and like Glenn telling you this is one of the hardest things to get your arms around. He said, but it's right, we can't begin to go down that road. Now, if its murder, if its things like that? Yes absolutely, but if it Unless it is truly high crimes which.
Again, I leave selling the computers to China was a high enough crime I believe you know the deal making with the Clinton foundation. You know well that's there I believe that was a big enough. High crime selling access is a high enough crime, but that's why we don't do it So now, he's, not a guarantee you if session leaves your to hear the excuse of let's go after the Clinton's, but it They will not go after the Clinton's. Instead, they. He needs somebody who will involve himself in this Russia deal and shut it down or They will use the Clinton's as bait and say: oh really want to look at that cause. We're gonna look at this and then it will all go away. But nobody's going to jail police it we should get.
Has that stupid little and to see now no one is going to jail. Well, except maybe one day you and now this chaos in Washington why Is the stock market continuing to boom? There is a an article. Glenn back dot com today and I'm gonna go over it to night at five o clock. I hope, and I hope to have time to get word today with you, but it it takes. You through several graphs and and there's also a video up their teaching you about how bubbles work. What is a bubble? This is the mother of all bubbles and man, I'm tellin. You said it for so long, but Then there is this: there's no way! If you look at these graphs and you see how big these bubbles are. The
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who actually have your hands on. I want you call gold line at one thousand, eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line all them right now: eight six six gold line or gold line dot com that Thailand AAA. Seventy seven back I want you to go to glinda dot com and read this article on the mother of all financial bubbles. It was prepared for us by PETE pressing Ernie, DOT, com and it shows some amazing charts and some amazing figures and makes the case you better buckle up. the total assets of major central banks, there's a chart. That shows We are three and a half times higher today,
then we were at ten years ago, right before the crash three and a half times more. The maids assets of the central banks, That is now eighteen point, eight trillion dollars so, eighteen point: eight trillion dollars is sitting in the coffers of the bank, and these the assets that they they look at acid. that remember last time, we're not assets, thee the the central bank's went and they just printed, it up money and took off these things, as quote assets, their liabilities to anybody else committees are twice as high as they were at the apex of the last two stock mark, but market bubbles twice. Ty
on prices. I have continued thirty year Marge higher and that's me. As of the low interest rates home, prices are now back right, for the louse last housing bubble, stew was the deal with if the Schiller, what is it the case, Schiller and an occasional index into how much was it? It was because it it usually they ve been today. tracking, the price of houses since the eighteen hundreds and when, do average them there at about a hundred in two ok, sometimes there a little lower, sometimes a little higher, but That's the that that's the marker is about a hundred and it would it AIDS is: is that house these are not great investments, houses, generally continue to rise with the price of inflation of the raw materials that it takes to build a house
if you sell your house at a bubble, like. If you would have sold your house at the top of o seven, you would have been sitting pretty. Had you not poured your body into a stock market, or another house. But if you hold your house, it. Oh seven and then sat on that money. You I've been doing great you couldn't turn around and bought that same house a year later, probably a fire, sail the Same thing is happening right now. Look at the price of homes. I mean it's goes on a an index. It was starts at a hundred radiologist. It baby. With between eighty and one twenty, the entire yeah doubts the The eighty is that were literally the great depression and one twenty is two thousand eight the highest its ever been. It generally hangs out right around one or two, and then I want to say is this the charges in coming for me, but the it rose.
Housing bubble to like one. Fifty so was way above what it had ever been before in Iceland, twenty, but ok, what it was at one hundred and twenty and then when the housing bubble hit, one of them say one hundred and fifty, then it came down to like one hundred and thirty five, which is still higher than it had been the entire time and before recovering now. It is recovered past, where it was when the bubble was there So I want to say one sixty. Now, it's actually at an all time high. I want you to go to Glenn back dot com. There is all out war on savers. You need to know how to navigate Glenn, backed our com folly, to hold on to cash right now or brilliant. I vote for brilliant shaken up back programmes.
The men back programme alone over I'm so glad you're. Here. Thank you for coming to thank you for being a part of the programme today, Charlie Guard his parents have returned to the high court, now asked permission to take Charlie home to die A great win for the courts in the end and the single hull pair healthcare system must be brought. What how my proud must they be? They ve one they ve been able to kill this kind, that's what a what a wonderful win for them. I hope there really round of whom we honey in wonder. If anybody in England, I love to see the coverage of this, are they talking about how how villainous the hospital was for running the clock out like this? This is villains just absolute vis
There is also a story coming out of California. people are angry over Israel's decision to implement extra security precautions at the entrance of the Alex a mosque in the wake of a terrorist attack, They are starting to go genocidal, crazy. Anyway, in a bomb in California by their a minor thing. Is this run out their work you know they did hold them. It's a big. you're right. I mean you know, obviously, that that the opinion of whose videos that why doesn't Israel get rid of the metal detectors, because there's increasing violence and this would calm the people with the violence if they didn't have metal detectors when we just Like all these stories, just add up to this sort of reason perspective on.
World and how it so deep but I don't understand how we get out of it, and indeed the little lady continue to lie about everything. Is it's like the other story that said walls, never work woke the israeli fence that they erected but ten years ago reduced the amount of terrorism in Israel about eighty eighty, five percent. I think it is so that has worked, other things. Middle detectors are increasing violence; no, they put them in their because of violence. I'm not just imagine making that airport. We make it excuse at an airport host nine eleven wholesale lemon saying these metal detectors are increasing violence and taken. I would you would we stand for that that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, but common sense boy read the gods of the copy bouquet of headings I mean is that book. or that poem now more n,
lightning than ever before. Is that it is, is the words of Paulina, that Jewish, where that Polish that saved the Jews during World WAR two when I met when I met her in two thousand ten, when she said something that I I thought I was pretty profound, then now my gosh it's every day. I think of this remember the righteous didn't suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity, humanity, just gone over a cliff It is evident that none of it makes sense, I mean, again the Normans grounded in anything. We look at in a look of Democrats and then the certainly goes for both sides of this equation. When it comes to Russia, this is a foundational part of the parties, For as long as anyone can remember, I mean you're going back to that with fifty years. As to Republicans, our hard on Russia. Democrats are not
point is hard on Russia right? this has been a fundamental part of this for at least at least since rake right, I mean minimum since Reagan, to the point of the last presidential election, republics or getting mocked for taking them seriously. The last one in one year. Both parties have completely flip flopped on an issue both of them have completely changed their opinions as to whether Russia as a threat or, whether Russia should be taken seriously zones parties. Its concern me really, it isn't anymore. The parties are, parties are made up of people. there are no. The parties of just become the people we ve just put on You know team, Democrat team Republican and where no longer even thinking and the hand Could we possibly think I mean how are we, how are we to teach a? I.
that there is a universal truth that Human life is sacred when we don't even believe that we don't believe, there's universal truth. We don't believe that there is a hard fast core of ethics. We don't believe in India, But how are we to teach artificial in religions the difference between right and wrong when we don't know it so very well, might end with us encouraging article No intelligence to take us out alma gas and it only get it over with you guys- can do a better job of this. Here's We say here something that they may not be telling you in California. They should be everywhere: okay, so the Alex Hamas, that is, the the Temple Mount the Temple is it for any.
we who believes in one God the Temple Mount Is the most sacred place on earth because that's supposedly, where. Her Isaac was to be sacrificed by Abraham. and remember it's the Abraham Covenant, that's that Jews and Christians follow and it was Abrahams First son that as born to him via a slave outside of the covenant that he sent off after Isaac, came of age and said you go live someplace else, but you two Will have a more descendants that are in the sky well, Ishmael is Islam, Zack is Christianity and Jews, and we, and it war ever since.
And it is on the Temple Mount that that happened. So the Alex a mosque is on top of the Temple Mount? It's always been jewish! And it is sacred the only ACE of Jerusalem. That thee the Israelis, don't and don't have control over. Is the Alex a mosque. They felt it was too sacred. No bloodshed should happen on top of that, and so they never stormed. the mosque. They never stormed the top of the temple. The Temple Mount so it right there, in the centre of Jerusalem and You know people are praying at the western wall up above all, is the mosque and people come and they throw rocks and stones on the heads of people who are praying.
Was there one time when there was a riot at the mosque the first time we first time we were there, you know it's. a very dangerous volatile place while people we're bringing weapons into Ask. Why do you need a weapon in the mass? Why? Why would you need one? You know need a weapon in the mosque where you bringing one to go prey to Allah. Why. so they're putting metal detectors because there has been violence? and violence is on the rise, they put the metals. sectors in so people don't have guns on the high place to be to shoot down at people. What happens? That's offensive so we think well, that's only happening here. We give story about the prayer services from it, a mom in California. Yes, our California.
Where the mom on Friday called for the utter annihilation of every last, Jew I want you to listen to a little bit I'll translate some. I must add that it does not change. The situation of people. Are you a euro? Maybe I'm full till they choose their own situation colony. Some lovely. You alyosha lament the Puma cell. Had they your party Similarly, a hood Albania, who do you confront Jerry, was set up, However, such IBM was slim so he is saying out here saying here in the Koran says that there is going to. The time when we have to hunt every Jew and not the Jews in Afghanistan or the Jews in Palestine, and then stretches out his arms to point to all of those in his California, mosque and every month slum not lest any and every most slim. So he saying that we have to fight if you're a Muslim you have
kill the Jews here in Amerika as well. If we city see anything else. Do any authority have on you have extend the Ross seldom says, then the time will come, the lost our would not take place. Did the Muslims fight the Jews and weed we don't save its in Palestine or other till they fight, and that war breaks, that they would run and hide behind every rob and house, and wool and trees the send the wall and the trees will call upon them with limbs. It was almost slim, do not palestinian Egyptian, Oh assyrian or Ganny OPEC's Daniel and no, it will say, yeah Muslim, almost slim Muslim, when Muslims comes back, stop become the what but that line in the Koran is that every house, rock and tree will cry out and say: oh Muslim, here,
behind me hides a Jew, kill him So what I want should also listen. What said the time of the time of the profit the time of the return, the trundled the end times, don't come until that war begins until all Muslims begin to kill all Jews all around the world. Why is he saying this? It goes. Into end times, prophecy, again like the twelfth a mom the muslim at any time prophecy talks about how there going to be a washing of the earth with blood we'll be Muslims that will be beheaded, and killing people and the Muslims will wash the world in blood and then the promised one returns. That's our promised one? That's their promised one and their promised one.
Ex every knee bow in every tongue confess that Hammad is the profit and that Allah is God If you don't, you are beheaded, does any of the sound familiar It is interesting to me that we have the Alex a mosque, that is Turning to call now for a war on all joy on all Jews, and even in California their preaching the same thing at the sea in time that a ran is beginning to say they. Just last week that the twelve the mom is on earth, is fucking among the people of IRAN and about to come forth what that means Is they are preparing? You don't have to believe it? They don't even have to believe it. What their preparing their people for is a massive bloody war, because the promised
on not return, until they have covered. Israel in fire too, kill all of the Jews they are preparing for massive war that analysis. You won't it anywhere else because we refuse to face the truth anymore. And now this have you ever looking up in the middle- and I found yourself drenched in sweat, hate that if you have a full mattress, that's probably the way. Does your heat traps, trapping mattress is there and it just the way their made well. Casper went to the best scientists and they said we want to develop a new foam and this new form has to let the treat the heat out of the bed, so you're cool and comfortable
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The glad that programme Aren'T- let me let me play something new member, this little girl from the Obama days. Ledges play this play this little girl and their little song here, but I get from the Obama. Do you haven't? I thought you just put it in the machine yeah. I was well I put in something else I with it, but I put in those militant kids to just. I can just play them just great little girl here and listen to this society. Children, you fine cause, yellow, whilst sharing of her aunt you also kind of need to get the words again and notice uh? Oh, she was right to have a pet, should, unless I don't know, I was just planet right, yeah! Ok, I don't know what. But remember little girl we're gonna change. in the world market the change it we're gonna rearrange the member that
I'm gonna, play that for you here in a minute and there's a Before- and there is a rather than to actually two reasons for one of the media is talking about and another one that I want to talk to you about. Any labour revolves something that I just got from Eric Ericsson about a confidential meeting that he had with members of the White House will talk about that. That's were. The blaze radio network on demand.
ok, some details and coming out about what the Republicans Voting on them How to pass bill to find out? What's in it, looks as though it is the clean repeal bill, which was what they floated in twenty fifteen and passed several times and Obama rejected. Well that mean be the best build like that. at least what they campaigned on. We'll go over that tell you what it means and that we have just have one for senator who said he was not going to vote for any kind of bill like this, come in and say If that's what they're passing, if that's, what they're really proposing, I will sign on for that
We begin there right now, the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened- and this is the Glen or This has been a really an amazing day yet another I was sitting with somebody just recently and I told him
where it was, but it was something quite remarkable and they looked across the room at me and just mouths. I can't believe I'm witnessing this and we later talked about how this we live in a time of history. Every single day we are living in a time of history. People will study this time, this nation and assess people to see how we reacted to see what we did to see who stood to see? Who didn't you, are going to fall into one category or another. do you like it or not. You might want to say you're gonna stand on the fence, you know, and you just you're, just gonna play it the troll or I'm not gonna, pay attention. You are going to be forced into one category or another, silence itself in the face of evil is in itself, EVIL
silence, not choosing is a choice. You'll go which with whatever power is in control we are navigating now the waters of something we ve I've seen before we you're looking now at a a walk out possible, walk out of many of the cabinet members of Donald Trump. Remember he had them. Take that weird loyalty thing They did remember when they held a press conference in the Abbott meaning and they all went around the table and just talked about how loyal they were to him and greatly was. Was a pair Lee some people erects tillers and is just apparently the tip of the iceberg. According to Eric Eriksson, who is talk to But when the White House, but our friendly to the president, who have said enough is enough if he goes after f sessions who
Is the most loyal on you know of all of the cabinet others who will he not go after an rex, tiller sudden has apparently had enough and the word is that he's thinking about leaving, but the word Now is also that he's not alone. We never seen anything like that happen if indeed it does happen. This is game changing the way things are being handled now and we have to look at the future ramifications. What does the next president? Do it's not just about us right, how does the rule of law matter? How far can you go before the entire thing breaks now levy switch to healthcare? Yes, The president came out and said you have to pay for it. You are you have to pass what we're gonna path,
and I heard a speech- I thought, okay, what are they try to pass last night. They didn't know they just now. that they had to pass quote something: oh ok, we'll. That sounds like something that is more Nathan. Nation is worthy of that kind of effort. So now up today that it looks like it is the twenty fifteen bill, which I don't love, but at least that's We know what they promised. The american people they pray as the american people here is the bill, we ve passed it a billion times, Obama won't, won't sign it, and That's why we we have to have both houses and we have to have the White House. Ok, well here you are, you should have introduced that bill on day number one you could have had this done.
day, one but no so now we're back to the twenty fifteen. which will cause some problems. But I have two years to fix that whether they use those two years or whether it is the Republicans goal to get us all into one single pair system. Just like it is the Democrats I dont know, but here's the basic gist of what they are going to be. We think they're gonna be as things are still really very sketchy? There are two things being floated pretty widely right now ran Paul. Has tweeted that this morning the Senate Majority leader informed him that the planned for two days to take up the two thousand fifteen clean repeal bill as I've urged quoting run Paul it that's the plan. I will vote to proceed to have
this vote. I also now believe we will be able to defeat the new spending and bailouts. I've been told by leadership that bill that their bill would now need sixty votes to pass boats. They do not have. Therefore, I believe it will fail if we cannot pass full in two thousand fifteen repeal. I have also been told we will vote on whatever version of clean repeal we can pass repealing me dates and taxes without new spending and bail out. This is the path I've been urging what I've discuss with Real Donald Trump. If this is indeed the plan I will vote to proceed and vote. for any, and all measures that are clean repeal now so within a ramp all will be the toughest Baltic but vote to get from the right, human mightily, we're unlikely, but you know, even unless Bill Lee considered it considerably longer than Paul this now, so that what he's talking about- here's what they're calling skinny repeal that is the term, so what are trying to do. Is get fifty votes to start debate on the bill and then
They are going to take a clean bill. Partially reveal repeal parts of Obamacare this may just be the individual mandy? It may just be specific things they have to get The in eliminating the penalty for Obama cares individual mandate actually, along with the employer side of it might be the only and they can win that sort of report support according to vocs in their their breakdown of it in their, as you know, a left leaning site. However, that's it accurate representation of where this stance, So what they're gonna try to do is get rid of as much as they can say. They repeat: some stuff move on now the individual mandate to me and said: there's a zillion times in the is the most offencive part of Obamacare, because it is to my mind blatantly on constitute, It is the one that says you cannot be american in good standing unless you pay this fee right and because
and that was the one they changed- the definition from tax to feed and tags to flee about twelve times to make sure got thrown up. It's the one where you go through and you see John Roberts. Basically, legitimately rewrote the law to pass it. When it came to the Supreme Court It is really offensive, it would be a positive change. It would not be what was promised. It would not be. A miracle They do say that C. I don't t you believe, as I do believe it does he beheld the losing side ten million. I think it's fourteen or fifteen million about seventy four percent of all people that would leave insurance. You know when they keep saying twenty. Two million people lose their entrance about seventy four per of those they say is because of the individual mandate. Now stop that I therefore say whether he ain't is pure being forced into buying it. I don't want to buy it. And so they are leaving health care behind. So without the fine people will say you know what I'm like. I don't know, I don't want that insurance and
will choose not to do it now, people will tell you. This is a horrible tragedy, a long time you that's Republicans, throwing people on their healthcare is not here. It is people choosing themselves because they are no longer gonna be penalised to not by the insurance. Why only to no one wants people do not have insurance. million people or fifteen million people drop their insurance because they choose to. This is a good thing. It is, then, exit, in control of their lives, That is what we're supposed to be giving people opportunity to do here. Yes, so that is good, but it does not again take into account the people who are actually struck Lange, because there is nothing in either of these that actually do anything to lower the cost. So the people who are struggling. The beetle were like. I don't want to pay the fine anymore, I'm not going to do that, but they don't kids or whatever their younger there Fifty million of those people just gonna go away. I don't
or stand why they can't open it up to interstate competition. Why can't? What can you do that? What is the difficulty in that? They don't want to? What's the objection goods to open it to competition that would lower the cost? First, that would lower the cost. You got me Oh, please all over the country, and then you wonder why the cost is high. it's unbelievable. How did we learn are didn't we learn our lesson with in Seoul, long ago. Now most people don't remember, but eighty in tee and bell. belle system, your bill system. It was, stable and it worked yeah, but I mean I'd, know punishment. No bells or whistles I mean it. We wouldn't have had the answering machine. We wouldn't had the cell phone. If we still Add more bell, we know my first that that meat prices but for a while might my daughter?
looked at me and she said yes, we argued for a while that see a free market. There does gouging us wait, wait, wait! and we did and kicked in and now it's way better. My was my daughter way better figure. This last night, my daughter goes to the phone because it was ringing and she looks at Screening and she said it's I said who isn't she said it says, toll free. What's toll free, wow. It's I don't know honey all are now toll free. What is it Toll call a tall, we'll call was somebody who lived forty miles away that you had to pay a lot of My lot extra remember limiting the largest halls, because they would you you'd, call and you'd be, like I can only say on for fifteen men ever collapse. Calls yeah now that star Sedatives Emerson,
to make a person to person collect call to beat the toll yeah. I just wanted to let you know I was home safe. I Call you of her lively, Mirza, deny the church right. and I'd say, is Glenn back their who's, calling Steve Jones You know grandma would pick up the phone and she'd say I'm sorry. Glenn is not here. Ok, thank you. Click, I'm sorry, my mom, four Michigan Bell for forty years, and yet Member going into the building to make long distance calls cause. Those were free, should get the free lawyers. Also in the build. It's amazing, someone in your family had a job. yeah. It's a way to get free calls from meeting. We tabled our sponsor this half hour, it simply safe this is how good things become when you just let the free market work meeting a story about an entrepreneur he's in school, I think he's at MIT and he's up
you know in Cambridge and later years of school and every is living in a like a row house these this neighborhood starts to be burglarized Well, here he's he's an engineer, and so nobody put a burglar alarm to the house because you have to have it all wired you're? I to live there. That long, you can't sign out. You know a five year lease blah blah blah the the play. Is that their renting the owners are not gonna, put a burglar alarm in that house. So they have no way to protect any valuables. So as an engineer he's thinking. There's gotta be a better way. There's gotta be a wagon out my friends, so he Comes up with an idea of a wireless burglar alarm, one that will measure. The sound of glass breaking one, It would have a smoke detector one. They would just alert The door is open, that's how it first started what happens,
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apartment if there's a fire biggest summer sale ever and an additional hundred dollars off. If you oh to simply safe back dot com. That's Employees, safe back dotcom, better hurry cause the salient soon on the thirty first of this month, Employees safe back dotcom, go there now simply say there were listening yearning to avert Glenn Back Programme, the Glen Back Programme Mercury. Programme, seven, oh, I know it where we have the breaking news, TAT is breaking here right now I did notice. This from people magazine is from US mangoes weekly. Equally, you know that away
It has been struggling with a wait all her life, I'm all, are rarely seen. How am I gonna will afford. You know me. I like pride to solve a puzzling. The whole bore had the puzzle. It was this too. letter The name of an object is a new Stephen King movie goods and I couldn't see the board. She standing like I'm pretty sure it's it, but I have to see the board well one point Glenn: now it does this. She weight as much as a hundred and five pounds. Holy cow The letter so I've actually two years ago, wheel of fortune, told her to shape upper shape. Wow. What did she do? She there needed to lose fifteen pounds or find a new tv show to where I live gosh. What do we do? Well, now she wore a size tat at the time. Yes, she watched the pounds, melted away. She had her heaviest. She was a hundred and forty five pounds. She tried it
using trying wait watchers. What did you do that worked? I wanna try really found a pill from Doktor OZ who apparently told her about her eyes. He is real, Garcia he's a dubious do doctor, as has also been responsible for that pill, Stephen hawking. An Anderson are both taking the brave bower, how re power Billy. I was surprised. I wrote to Anderson and, unlike Anderson, I didn't realize that you are taking this brain thing. He said things I it sounds to me like I'm not. I hate that frickin company. He was speaking, something you know, use mathematical language. I don't think I'm pretty sure Anderson Cooper knows Greek, he might have been speaking, might have been speaking my real lighted by speaking greed of and the same thing with chip and Joanna did you the news, is she I heard something now we know this is not a rumour everything
was going right here until they were in this interview. And we the Roma Donna. but this interview at this interview, asked this. One question: was it an important agenda? The whole thing broke, loose ANA Facial, on. What was a guy was a question. Question is: are you? Are you leaving the show and cheetah sit on a mutual cream cup? A ship didn't even know why didn t even know that bitch teller has no she's, not dead, she's, very, very nice about it. She was so excited about the french facial greeted. Why didn't she till she was so excited about eighty at his heart on the cupcake store in the building things so they're still day that mean they really they did go through some hard times. I hear it did it
stress on there were on their marriage, would stress on their marriage by the lunatic hey they're gonna be ok, is leaving the shell raise, leaving it's gonna, be the ship show, while so she's got the facial cream thing going pretty strongly now yeah yeah is. Is there is not one word in any of the? What is it about us that I think I know the answer the only read this is. This is scientific we only read ten. A ten seconds of stories. So what you click on something use. Scan it? For ten seconds and the more realistic it looks the Morey. Do you are to believe it if they can make it look like, it's really coming from a credible source You believe it
what you do is you go, do did you here. I mean I've, heard the Tipp and Joanna or in the show, you further to some facial cream and all of a sudden, you start to hear it everywhere. and apparently this works for the facial cream. It doesn't work, if you're trying to live in a society that you know, values the truth, but good news that, since eighty is long gone it's probably continue to get away with it? I know it's absolutely incredible. I know I know we have some information on the Obama. Youth also a guy who's asking for your support to replace adjacent chafe its.
more before we stood on out of here today and let the Senate vote on the new health care bill, which will continue to tell you about coming up. This is the glad that programme mercury. The land that programme. Are you gonna, like this guy press Herod these? for the vacated seat of U S representative Jason shape its early voting begins. Today. continues until election day, which is August fifteenth the winner of this GNP. Primary will face off against the democratic on November. Seventh, I, very little trust in anybody. Going to Washington, but I Want you to know this he is one of the founders of the Patrick Henry Caucus.
its main goal, is to restore the original intent of the constitution. And here my favorite, he spent then save time in Europe and the Middle EAST. He is taught at two universities in the Ukraine, where his wife grew up. He has seen the evils of socialism first hand and vows that it is not going to happen here. Chris Harry Welcome to the programme how're, you, Sir, where to get thank for having me out, So tell me tell me about your experience in the Ukraine and and how you can combat socialism when we're headed down that road fast, where you know it's one of those things like I put my fingers lotta republicans. They don't even understand that system does work, and for me it's not theoretical. I mean my wife has seven in scar that should have been a quarter and scar one of the times back where she had an EP topic. Pregnancy- and you know just the horrors of war.
and into this room with nine women on dingy gratia, you know I have horror story after horror story about that that system, so it does not work. It is not more complete everybody was able what about these twenty two million that aren't gonna be covered well, while all that system does is lower than are for everybody and suffer again. For me, it's not theoretical. That's one of the things about my experience in life is: I was there when the Soviet Union collapsed and communism and socialism rob the individual. Their full potential at weakens the family, and I, eventually morally bankrupt saw your wife is over from the Ukraine. Was she a a Soviet Union transplant family in the forties, fifties sixties or what She is she really ukrainian oil. Now, actually I finish the ninety. Nine did you I finish my masters. If you are you and didn't want to go corporate Amerika, and so I found a teaching job and I stepped off the plane and there were the
a young woman, holding up the time with my name on it, aside from the university and I married or four months later, but is eat, but its sheath really ukrainian? Or is she a former Soviet Union family? Do you know the way I cheat mean her family. Her fathers tartar, which is left over from one Genghis Khan, came ass. Mynors mothers, ukrainian, socially damaging, has deep roots that so then either she must have strong feelings on what is happening in the Ukraine. As do you wear it stand on on Russia and Putin, friend or foe Well, you know. Actually, my in laws had their windows blown out two years ago by a russian separatist bomb, so we're no fans of Putin. In the end, the least bit in a Ronald Reagan, said about the only thing the Soviet understand is brute force, so you have to stand up to him, but you do have to realize that some of the stuff, as long as we're talking
collusion. We're not really talking about. Russia has invaded Ukraine, we're not talking about health care or tat. Larry warmth of the Putin is a chess player and e out played Obama administration and he's out playing the press and the Democrats and some Republicans right now, While we need to talk about the real issue good for you. So let's talk about Obama care, it is their looks like they are good, for the simple repeal the clean repeal that they proposed in twenty fifteen. Is that fix for you? Would you be good with a simple repair like that? What has to be done well I think that you know the confidence in Congress has been lost and you know sixty one times over sixty times they repeal it when it doesn't How are they need to repeal active people not, for you know, get people on record if they voted for
for now and then we can start and look at things that we can do to bring the free market back into the system. But again that system does not work. Socialized medicine just pushes everybody the quality down, and so for me, You know. What's have some conversations, but I'm a big believer organizer secured in Utah legislature. States handle those issues much better than the federal government, don't you know, let us have hired risk pools here and the state an enough. This block grab that money to the states and lump estates sticks, problems well, TED Crews and Rand Paul endorsed. Who has MIKE Lee endorsed you yet where MIKE as a strict policy, Not you know, endorsing the primary, but bikes been very helpful. To me, you know
that weasel he asked me for my. Oh, my god, by now it would all be too hard on light, but I will not have been great Emmi centre. Crews will be out here on Saturday Rally for me and so do you know he's been very great. You know I'm I met you at the the TED heard rallied improbable me. I think I met your son Dale Right wasn't here that he was the kid that way just pulled up out of it I'd unbeknownst to you or me, I M right now, You're, not gonna highlighted his life so far in his political career. So thank you very much. That's amazing. I mean you know. I have a life works because I just pulled him out of the crowd. And he was he was just a great great kid. You could see it in him ease of use an amazing kid. Why are you and I we were fighting for them? I tried to involve you know my kids in the process to let them know you know
were fighting for and united. I do. I got this isn't crochet. I truly fear for what they're gonna face between the dead. You know when you are our younger generations not being taught how great this country was in the founding principles that made a great and there's taught to her Country and then he too, you know that they think that the new socialism is not that bad that it. Work anywhere else in the world and unfortunately, people don't seem willing to call it to call it out saying that it's not compare. Chris. Can I am, can I speak real frank to here for a second and just get your response. I have good friends who have under Washington, I have some who have succeeded and I have some who have failed miserably some the failed miserably is because they had a moment of weakness or they had something to hide
or they just really for a second just thought. You know why, if I help them than male help me I've not mad a person. That has gone to Washington and left a better ban. Are you prepared? for what is coming your way, much faster than what is coming, your choppy or children's way in society. I mean it's one of those things here I mean I've taken a different, difficult fans on here and Utah. You know I've. I wrote a book called the forgotten immigrant. How tall are eighteen? Illegal immigration hurts immigrants, I was attacked. You know called all sorts of names. I even had my faith, question and slice it having been easy for me to get to this point, but I am very firm in the four positions in front of things. I want to go back and make a difference, and if I don't last long and that the too so I think that one of the things that you know helps you
being willing, is if you're not. I know my core principles, I know it's true and like I it's not, I don't need to be there for fruit for decades or anything like that, and so I believe it's always harder than it is, but I have been doored serious criticism it. You know these tablets coming after me now, and so I get it. There has been an easy ten years. You know here in Utah my political career, so I am not afraid to call a spade a spade and that sometimes get you in trouble. As you well know, and yours and your soul is tat. Yes, it still present one point: there were twenty two people running for It still that crowded field like fifteen Republicans or something, yeah! Well, I won the convention out, so I took on and other people until I'm the you know, I'm on one of the eleven there to other people, gathered signatures, we have their own. People are trying to get rid of the Kok has convention system. We
can I waited about so I just have two Republicans. Laugh now then I have one Democrat and then think, there's a libertarian party in American New Party here A couple of minor parties like that, but felt for the most part up, I got through the heavy lifting, and then you know this is kind of a big name in other. The chamber is banned. One of the other cat candidates, but that this is the primary hope. I've already gone again through the cock, Cockatoo convention system, which that's where they truly that you and you can't get away with sound. I am. and that's. Actually, they Thea. I think it was or enhance. Who was trying to change that recently. Didn't he Well, if you can Erminia with Canada the limits in the Romney's. If you know you, Basically, when likely you got elected and I was heavily involved in helping yet MIKE Lee and asked in centred Bennet may didn't like that, and so they have it I don't get it and you know what The worst thing that we gotta asking senator better
Likely, which has been a great success, but you know report and when one conservative one one and then they want to completely change the system. So it's just money and a few money brokers at will choose who's gonna, be That is our somebody in history not apparent or Jesus is there's somebody in history that you look to, and you say this is a man. I would like to be remembered, as I'd like to I'd like to try to pattern myself after him. Well, I mean avi, I mean. Obviously you look George Washington from for me that experience he did in and if he could have been king and he resisted that- and I
There's a number of people whom you know you look for me: lecture the polenta in Poland who paid a high price for you. No freedom might unum. Might sponsoring professor when I was in the former Soviet Union she at the age of twenty one. She spoke English very well, and the KGB after to sleep of foreigners in Richie refused and her. She was persona non grata for a year at her husband lost both their parents. The stolen luck, I'm surrounded by a lot of peat, great people that are paid a high price for freedom, and so for me the sacrifice of being called names. You notice, it is taught my wife is just wonderful. She has been very supportive me. Can I buy surgeon office, but you know- based they paid the great prices being attacked, is a relatively minor sacrificed compared to what many of my friends have sacrificed around the world Chris. I wish I could tell you that I I thought data being called,
names will be the worse that you and your family would face, but we are in perilous tie. Unless more people like you, get in hold to the principles and and never let go Chris Heritage is Dame running for the vacated seat of Jason chafe its Early voting in Utah begins today. It continues and tell election day, which is August, fifteenth the winner. The primary will face off against the democratic November. Seventh, and we wish you the best of Luck Chris, where we have a website Harry for Congress, dot com, we you know, even though a love Donna
additional support, but thank you very much and England. Thank you very much, for you know what you have done. I know you ve paid a high price that really appreciate the perspective is given on Islam and love that sometimes a further conversation of that. But thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you very much grace. I appreciated the like research. If you're in Utah, please consider him to replace Jason Chase it's here than endorsed by TED crews and rambling Paul, and you're, not working behind the scenes is, is likely now this from lifelong scammers found a new way to trick you it's called smashing it's the new fishing smashing similar fishing emails there now hitting you with text messages. Instead, fraud Went messages may appear to come from your bank card or your credit card company says reply right away. What happens? They get your identity.
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one. Eight hundred lifelong or life locked outcome used, the probable back. Fifteen get fifteen percent off terms. Do applies one eight hundred life lock or lifelong dot com, another eighteen people, promo code, Hex. If team you were listening to the Glen Bag Programme,. a clear programme. It is amazing to me how the left it's done everything they can to destroy the boy scouts and now the president goes yesterday to speak of the boys and I think he made a huge mistake by making it into political instead of something for the boy scouts but there are now, the left is now comparing him speaking too boy scouts to the Hitler youth May I just remind them of these little special numbers Ganis in his will
listen, remember this song. Do you remember the Obama? militant arm, if you will the boys that we're doing because I'm because of Obama I can do Otto mechanics or whatever they started some kind of weird chant chant and it was all creepy and I was very, very creepy now
a creeping, as has continued on the Trump side, but not at the boy scout. Remember this from his campaign: yeah! Ok, I just don't wait like either we will, but could you cited about that? Getting could you could you go back to the little girl that saying the Obama song I just go ahead play I spent. I want you to listen to those with everything that is happening in today's world when we try to try just get a handle on what is up. What is down listen to this.
Mom is going to lead right going to change it wow. He did to me and or rearrange it. do you not feel like the entire country that the entire west, everything we believed in has spin rearranged. Yet like I don't know where anything is anymore. I don't know how to navigate here. Question I mean they did that they did that yeah, yes, Did you talk about fundamental transportation transformation of the United States? It happened. It really did happier
we talk so much about people failing, but it's good to see someone sixty reckon it. Isn't it nice this added. I am the one time I am. I am rhyme ruining there's somebody to feel the pain of defeat. You little rain clouds, sorry at low and behold they they did feel that success will see live tonight at five o clock Eastern on the blaze tv will tell you what has happened with healthcare reform. There's both the vote this afternoon, vessels back programme
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