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8/10/17 - Reasons to (not) fear ( Steven Crowder & Michael Malice join Glenn)

2017-08-10 | 🔗
Are cooler heads prevailing with North Korea? ...Mainstream media no better than Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories now ...Things we feared that turned out ok. ...Steven Crowder of LouderWithCrowder.com discusses Google's politically correct nonsense and desire for the diversity that THEY approve of ...How Glenn's audience gives him hope and made him happy he got out of bed today ...Michael Malice from MichaelMalice.com discusses the realities of life in North Korea ... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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Here's what you need to know right away. First thing: tensions with North Korea are still high. Yesterday, North Korea marked President Frumps warning to them, calling it a load of nonsense and through state run news agency, said. Dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason, booth and only force can work on them while they know leaders bereft of reason. Obviously they said the things that we believe about King John, but here the facts. North Korea has outlined a plan to fire off long range missiles that are gonna sale over Japan and continue to travel about two thousand miles. Bringing them within about twenty five miles was now the fact that they announced all of this a head of time would seem to indicate that they want everybody to understand events. This is not an actual attack. This is just a task. We also need to know that we have whether it much more difficult storms than this. The cuban missile prizes keeps coming to mine with a much more potent adversary. The Soviet Union cooler heads have always prevailed, and I have to believe that they will prevail again this time. If you are somebody who doesn't have faith in North Korea or you don't have faith in Donald Trump Judgment, I honestly believe you can have faith in some of those people around Donald Trump and believe in miracles. The rest of it is new chief general Kelly is rock solid. This is a time for all of us to be calling for com from our leaders and not try to go to any of them into some kind of foolhardy action. Media outlets seem to be doing this relentlessly level. Heads and diplomacy are the only acceptable actions right now and if your media sources telling you differently, maybe it's time to find yourself a new one. We begin right now. You should have entertainment and didn't mightn't. Yesterday I tried to read the news about ten o clock last night: try to catch up on what had happened during the day. While I was busy doing other things, and you were too- and I saw this headline- I think it was from business insider global security. Export quote: yes, try
could unilaterally decided to launch a nuclear weapon. End quote. What the hell is wrong with you, you actually an adult. Did you pay for their education? The Here's what you spend your busy day on writing a story and talking to experts to see if the peace and it could actually launch a new attack on his own. What the hell you think, the guy walking around with them with a brief. is chain. Do his arm is all about. They're a cabinet in there launch codes That's why it's important to make sure we don't have a bad guy in office. of course you can. Media. The media has become as crazy as Alex Jones. Alex Jones, I remember killer and the rock Obama Alex Jones said literally smell like sulphur,
a our demons and I've. Talk people around them and they literally smell like silver. You, crazy. With every word. The media is printing and babbling on tv. They expose themselves, as nothing more than the Alex Jones of the left. They have lost all reason. We really have to get a handle on. On the hatred and distrust. That we have for one another what what what Americans should ask themselves after reading a story like that is. Do you really believe that this president, the last president, any president, would actually,
open up that suit case dialing. The codes and launch a massive nuclear strike that would kill millions of people in Putting those here. Do we really think that our president, the worst president, you can think of me- is this one of the last one do you really think that Any president that we have or have had is so crazy. That they would just launch the missiles cause. I don't I don't think of that one, that of that this precedent, and I dont think of it at the last president- and I dont know if you ve read the headlines, but I didn't like either of them, but I do think their sight goes. Do you really truly believe that our president.
Is the Son of SAM. Is Charles Manson, because that's what we're talking about in this. Do I think, the both presidents have had a real problem with their ego and there thinking I do- I have problems with high fact. I have a problem with all of them really since Ronald Reagan,. But I dont think any of them or stone cold killers. To put it off to think that there is a winner. Nuclear war. And if you really think that Donald Trump is so evil. That he would do this, then you need to call your senator. You need You need to document the evidence You have an it had to somebody, because you can't tell me every one in war,
in every one in Washington is in on it. There's a system here to keep Dane, Dress cycles out The office you think he's insane make. The case. If you can make the case, I guarantee you the cons. The tuition will allow you to remove him from office, but you can't make the case because he's not insane. You can't make the case. Then he would launch missiles because he's psychotic. We're in deep trouble Even I think we are in We are really.
A nation that believes our president left or right, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would kill Millions of people for what their pull numbers. That's true Why even get up in the morning. Why do you believe in any of it. What what? Why not just kill yourself now, because if that true There is no hope for your children. even the hardest of party line people on both sides. Do you think I think a lot of things about Nancy Policy, but I do not think that Nancy policy would just quit at least stand by while a hill, Clinton in a full, fledged psychosis. Would launch missiles. That brings me back to the author
the journalist of the what are you doing Why is that a story? Did you not see the television commercials that run off Most every time we elect a president, you can't trust him with the nuclear codes, We all know that the president can launch. What are you doing? That's not a story, that's an opinion. Suddenly disguised as a story. And the reason why you have to disguise it as a story. Some people are wondering now People are not wondering you are you're wondering that end. You can't make the case, so you have to hide behind some people are wondering: how does that help us? how does that help us a call
Miss in the daily beast President Trump a modern day, swastika. On MSNBC. He blamed the Minneapolis Mosque explosion on Donald Trump. Really he did that Two, I thought he was busy just trying to pray that briefcase open for the nuclear codes with with us over the place. Spork. Here's what he said quote. He demonized our country, what we are seeing today, the climate we live in thanks to the man named Donald J Trump. Presently, the United States and its a tie. I fear that palpable. for our friends on the left. Let me just say this: let it go All of this stuff is meaningless. The fact is chances are good that barring getting us into a massive war, Donald
Europe is not going to have much of an effect on your life. Take it from us. Let me give you an example of some of the things we were worried about during the last eight years, a Barrack Obama that he would act Truly come for our guns. Well, here actually didn't did he tried to move in that direction. Yes, do we still have our guns? Yes, what? Hell is wrong with us how much time and energy have I spent in my own life. Oh from my children. Worried about he's gonna, for our guns, he didn't. We have to stay vigilant. but maybe we should not go back a notch. Total collapse of the economy didn't happen. Thought would thought it would still Think it's gonna happen.
But what am I doing about it? Now? We just talk today, how much money be having gold? How much money do you haven't bitcoin? Do you have any money in your fora? One k that isn't stock. Are you going to view fine with losing your stocks in bonds, you fight, with resetting If you are, you know, fifth, the or below with leave it in their come back always does right or wrong. Glenn. What do I do? I don't know I don't know if you're under fifty leave it in the stock market, leave it in bonds. You know Whatever you have in your forum, one k leave it there. I guess, because If you take it out new habit in cash, if it gets that bad that it's not gonna balance back by the time you need to retire, which, by the way, I think, is a thing of the past. You know
nothing. You can put it in any way. Open borders and open borders, didn't actually happen here he actually increased deportations, Barack Obama. We didn't know that at the time he actually increase deportations. Radicalized Supreme Court not is better. We fear now? Is it. Socialized medicine we are there at path. We're not there yet existent communists, communist infiltrating our government at all levels in no advance Jones, and there were now advisers and now admirers. But they went away. Have they fact did an infected. Our universities have, but you that now so what are you doing
We fretting about it or are you just going to say you know what I don't think my kids need to go to that university, there's another university that is not teaching them Marxism, the fairness! Catherine they're gonna silence all of their voices, yet they couldn't make that happen. Could they silence our voices, yeah yeah, yeah. Donald Trump could do it I could do it. Hillary Clinton can do it. Bernie Sanders could do it. Space monster could come down and do it too. I'm so tired of the list. Here's the point you need to remember the president should not have the power to mess your life that's the problem. And you want to blame it on board. Obama, cashiers here's what's gonna happen, there will be.
People who are probably tweeting right now, black brat page takes dollar dropped the blood back. These always how dare glad bet compared bottle crop but bronchial Bob. I got my blood ever carry more whatever. We're both saying the same thing and those who want to continue to play the game straw yourself. Here's the truth that neither side wants to hear it because you ve walked away from the constitution, the car, detention is so weakened. right now that the President could actually screw up your life, that car Worth could actually screw up your life. If you want to change that, and in reinvigorate the constitution. Then, let's Work on that. But if
just want to argue politics and pit one politician against the other. Oh my gosh. What a waste of my life that is. We had a couple on the air couple of days ago: baby had the same disease that Charlie Guard died from. They had every reason to be worried, sick down depressed. That's what I was expecting. I'm gonna take a break and come back there. Because I want to be like these people what I actually found when we Back our response to this half hours, american finance right price, right location, right, school district for the Right house to raise your family. Now all you need.
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Is the Glen Back Programme signed up for the newsletter and get all the info? You need to know what Glenville dot com, so two days ago? I have this couple on and they have just received the same diagnosed diagnosis for their child. Charlie Guard received and they reached out to Charlie guards parents before he died when I have them on the year, eight, we judge Got that day there were the the description of what the final moments of travelling arts life was like an Explain this and am realizing: oh, my gosh, this family is on hold hoping that we are not feeding this, so they are hearing this and you know what are they gonna sound like? I expected them to be. You know this listen to this I sound I mean I have to tell you I've. I've read about your story a couple of weeks ago. And so I thought about you and and as a family we have prayed.
Free online and I thought to myself. You know cash if, if my son was diagnosed with something that Charlie Guard had at the time, Of the Charlie Guard story, I think lose my mind and you guys both seem happy. we lose it all. The time we put on this brave face, I'm used to putting the brave face and for the specialist, because I can't, when you know a specialist doctors train. Tell me what's going on with my thought, I you know, I can't be emotional. I have to put on my brave face. You know what
you don't. I learned from these people. Life is too short to get caught up in all of this meaningless nonsense. Here's a truth, we're Americans will survive. We live in the greatest nation on earth. The highest standard of living the world has ever seen are poor or the other countries wealthy enjoy life. Yet to that place, in spite of our trials were listening to the Glen Back Programme. Here. This programme is an interesting study. You know people just cannot see if they are on the left and they despise Donald Trump, and there are worried about him They cannot see the the
similarities to how we felt about Barack. They just can't see it. You bring it up. How dear Are you you talk to people who Donald Trump they love Donald Trump, and you say well he's got a lot of the same kind of patterns of Barack about how dare you both sides locked into it. There is an analysis that has just been done. Between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. They took all of their speeches, Anything, I think, over five hundred words, and put Men for an analysis. And they ran this through a programme called diction? It contained thirty three separate dictionaries tailored to political speeches? It, sir
this text for words contained in the designated dictionaries than calculates the number of words from each dictionary that would be present in A typical five hundred word sample, so there's a couple of things they found that, in contrast, all other president's Barack Obama. And Donald Trump or closest of any of them that these to have a more. Difference from any of the other presidents. and they are neck and neck. Here's what they found. They have more self, References in their speeches I mean me, it's me it's me Me I ask me me me me me, Obama, Rhetoric is sixty. Nine percent more suffer self referential than the presidential average. Sixty nine percent.
tromp exceeds Obama only by twenty points. Tromp employs fifty percent more first person pronouns than the second most help heavily self reverential president. After all, and that is Gerald Ford. He Is twice as self referential as the postwar presidential average? Second, Tenacity this. The system pulls out and when files on her tenacity, they look for series of words of must need. Anything that says that is as that has the feeling of absolute certainty, President Obama, forty five percent, more tenacious than the presidential average Prompts rhetoric is: more tenacious than Obama's, but there, the only the two presidents
only two president's that actually bring doubt everybody else is we need to about these things. We need to do this. The other is. We must act now. Then there is one other thing. Both Mama and Trump. Stand out among all of the other presidents in their language, as in things like nobody knows the system better than me. There's nobody else they can fix this I am uniquely qualified because. Both Obama and Trump stand out among. All other presidents. So, for those people who that Barack Obama was God.
And that Donald Trump is Satan. And you can't understand. How people didn't see this with. Iraq Obama, it's because you Liked his policies or thought he was on your side Map of the country thought he was on the other side. Half of the country was dismissed by Donald Trump, whereby Barack Obama just dismissed, marked ridiculed. And those I love it when these t baggers, when when Donald Trump is marking you walking the things that you hold dear remember happened over here. First, We were feeling that for eight years and you didn't listen and didnt pay attention.
For those of us on the on the other side of the I'll. Let not treat, people. The way we hated Being treated ourselves. The real problem here is we used to look for honesty. That but we were looking for honesty. Strengthen leadership was way back honesty, Then somebody who shared my values- that's what we were looking for now looking for strength, be careful on what you wish for strength doesn't come from a president or the oval office. Strength comes from its people. Strength comes from.
The the character of a country's people. A president could launch a war, but people that are gonna win it president could do something that would cause just economic chaos. The president. Could destroy What was the greatest healthcare system in the world but oppressed nor Congress can fix it again. When you have to come from the people. What we decide to do with our day every day. That's. That's, what's gonna save our families, so we get up to do every single day. There's a phrase that I read when I was in my:
parties and I was sobering up and I was trying to find answers and it was that which you gaze upon you shall become. What are we gazing upon? What we say? in all of our time and our energy on. As a bad dad last night, I've had my- I think at the top of my stress LE And I'm so tired when I get home, I've been getting home about seven or eight o clock at night. And my kids need by attention at my wife needs attention and I My hand on the door knob and I think all they wanted to go to bed. I am so tired and my fan, once my attention and needs my attention and what makes it I guess
but in some ways, worse. That's all I want to do is give them my attention at just one. The energy to be well to give them my full attention and to be with them my son his voice changed the summer. I just thought like eight months ago, he had the per perfect Charlie Brown Voice he always has he sounds like Charlie Brown are used to and I wanted to record him reading some Charlie Brown and I Just thought of it this spring and I thought I gotta do that before its voice changes, his voice changed. this is my first son. That his throne me for a loop. It's not it's like he's changed.
It's not like talking to my son anymore, my little boy anymore,. I don't want to miss any more of their childhood lesson. And I came home, we're so tired. I tried to do what little I could with thing, and then everybody was like brush your teeth. Do this do that. I'm not going to argue with any more get up to bed and I just couldn't take it out just snapped. Is this really. What we're spending our time on what little time we have, we are arguing get your ass, upstairs and brush your damn teeth or I'll. Take the braces off of your if myself. You been sick all day. Your mother has asked you to go to bed gets
ass in bed, what little time. We have worse, spending it arguing with each other. I'll bet you that's happening in your family as well. And it's happening in family, our country. Instead of doing something great, instead of doing something While instead of building something that it makes people stand back and God damn Get those people. will wasting all of our time, arguing with each other wanna talk about North Korea. Couldn't talk about North Korea. Let's talk
the millions that could die And the hundreds of thousands, if, Millions that are being tortured. And definitely the millions that are being starved to death. And we ve not cared. What have we done about it, nothing And now we now we're all so damn convinced that it time to go to war. Why? Why why? Because the press has decided we have to take this up now, because the president has said something in. We can't go back on his word. We can't look weak. I care. How we look any more. Can we do the right thing for once. Can we do the right thing? Because It is the right thing,
because we have to. But we're never gonna get there. Until those who know they have to brush thirteenth go upstairs and brush their written teeth,. and those who have got to put the video Game down because you are now, it's supposed to be playing video games at this time. Put the dance video game down and waste, up wasting what little time we have arguing we actually come together and try to do something positive with our time. sponsor this. Have ours upside. Four run for business. Stop wasting money I know how hard it is to come, come by money
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Michael Malaga, Michael Malice spent some time you know getting to know North Korea family came from the former Soviet Union when he was a baby and stories that term his parents. Raised him on about what a slight to live in a communist country has. Has changed him and so he wanted to go over to North Korea and really find out what it was like an you know his book is, is humorous. In many ways I did not find that in him. Yesterday I mean he. I thought it was a normal guy, but I didn't find him a jockey guy. He was really deep thinking. Guy on all I mean this has been the focus of Israelis life's work and in many ways, although the book is actually also really entertainer running. I hate you now. So if you it's just boring history book on
Korea yeah? It's it's told in a really interesting yeah he's coming back today. Our number three? You don't want to miss him, really fascinating. Look at North Korea today. We're gonna talk a little bit about you know, Living in the Soviet Union and the former Soviet Union and what people specially Pino Millennials. Just don't have any idea what that means today and our free. We really are back programme.
we must give him back. His dogs just died. Mothers, Google, diversity, member. We ve got to get done. I my son. I bet he has a few things to say about it. Stephen prouder is joining us. He also has had his run in with Google and as some things that he needs to get off his chest about this Google memo louder with prouder. Stephen prouder begins right now, fusion entertainment and didn't might in the green is giving greater welcome to the programme. I was talking to a millennial yesterday. A very smart well thought out millennial. Who said you know, I don't agree with this, but I have to tell you what my feelings were when I first heard about this memos, she said I dont like
people telling me what can and cannot do because of my genetics. She said I you know I've. I heard the quotes that he was saying that I cant do these things. because I'm genetically predisposed to Axe wire Z and she had a real problem with it now the Good NEWS with this millennial is she moved, passed her feelings into thought, but that's a really happening especially even in the press, the apple that's where we're going you're you're, absolutely right? You're couple appointed the bamboo. I did you use that the Great news hashtag seen and goes out says, emptied everything still like the count of Monte, Cristo, writing a snowball next to imprison manifesto Anti diversity added. It says I, he, women of all the quotas?
to take. Our wireless guy essentially says it. Listen. Google is pushing ever if the Irish for diversities sake, and it has really been that successful we may want to and even said by the way, I'm not saying that all women are all men are the things are significant, but significant overlap. Of course there are people who would fall on both sides, the spectrum when it comes to attribute and perhaps some shortcomings, but as a general rule, Maybe what we don't have as many women attack any talk about how women generally value work, life balance overs, That is why men will drive themselves into the work itself in the ground for status, because they are women tend to handle, dress more emotionally. Does wisdom characteristics that might not lend themselves welcome high threat, Peck situation, but then Let me get doesn't cover on the flip side. He said now. I strongly believe in diversity. I think if we want to hire whore women, we might want to place emphasis
on the other the issue were women of perhaps are more able to accompany, for example, their more cooperative in general, there more people in their male counterparts page there are more people oriented there more empathetic. We don't really places strong value. Those attributes at Google and its position. we might do better. Do so limited that still hate speech, you lock this guy up what the Nazis let the people decide, but when you read the international context, I can't see you're going to work. When I read, I go okay. This is a guy article Liberal even get some big. Then it had conservatives in this in this memo, people really certainly not a right wing and he's writing something genuinely trying to be productive, genuinely writing appoint as to where Google may be able to prove and Google said the cap with a visit to break with the fire. This guy was told me if this guy can't do it, Yeah, I haven't, got a shot, you're, not interested in a dialogue. For the same reason we couldn't have anyone from Google or anything
Google side come on my programme to argue this issue. They don't want to do issues anymore. They ve gone for around the band, so a couple of things. I would agree with you and I have not been able to find somebody that can make a cogent argument on how this is and the beginning of fascism in the Google World, the institutionalization of fascism in the Google world I really want to understand how silencing somebody who is really truly making valid points. You don't have to agree with them, but bringing out a valid argument, how best way to deal with, that is to silence them and to shut them and to name call, that's fascism and and why this is concerning if they were just making ashtrays. I wouldn't really care, but they're, not
these are the people who are the gateway to information, and if they're saying this information isn't worthy to even be discussed at the levels in Google. Are they really gonna live? Allow us shrubs who don't Oh anything to, access that information in an equal and fair way. I don't think so it wouldn't it wouldn't make any sense at all. Completely inconsistent I'm not a company, is my friend own Benjamin talked about the sun. On the programming document accompanying were when you, Google, how to be a better man, it. Would you articles written from lesbian so uneasy a competition? better bad, nor do they have any interest in it. Well, It, is vital that the image you capture them. You know that
Google fascism its or why are all right, etiology a young woman, scripting description, but if your google, communism or socialism there's no of left, there is no mention of the left by the political spectrum Really is a computer that they have the right to do what they want. They have the right to fire this guy. I think we all agree on that. What they can do is say we, even though Firstly, we believe in different opinions and then fire somewhat before that specific reason that the issue here is a desirable one. Like you said, I brought some anywhere from between sixty to eighty percent. of our online interactions, occur there somewhere between Google, Facebook, Twitter or Amazon. Don't you think, Information is control. It really you're going to look at what was so upset Are we really going to a firing people because someone says men and women are different. Are we need that won't work assented to say
Anyone who was married knows it's true infernal, wait a minute. You can't say that women are different from one another example of the fact that into everything where they can do it, what it can do everything men could do what the exact same results. By the way. What celebrate cyber city I slept it was hard to I fall later and the fact that Women and men are exactly the same except They can't play the same sport, that's unfair, you're, gonna put women. Really women are going to have to compete with the man on the Basle, we'll wait! There's you were just saying that there is not even a biological difference. What are you talking about those rounds yonder than just let him in the octagon people living daylight thy women that that progress? I think when I think that this is a real locked, the pendulum swings both ways. We talked about this kind of see that with Bush, the entire thought destroy the entire establishment sentiment for young people and then it from the other way,
Rocco Bomber, but the pendulum swings so quickly now and I think the left it got too far for it to swing back have you seen too many levels and we see this with arc, a lot of people who used to be levelled gonna here I just I just can't get on board with this they read the memo people, though its offensive to say that that men are more task oriented. Is the fact that to say that women are more about, you know it's a real use at a point and by the way, what really, what what what what it hurts people here is it they don't feel good about it. You know women cook a sick day, a safer, so no should contain very fine work to threat the way. Not all women are this week, just a feminist, Google, less important. Now, I'm sure. I'm sure your wife, reaction was still earnest edited hit me,
like a mattress. She just she does it I'd feel better. I don't wanna talk about it. It makes me Just so ashamed are women who complain like that you're just so weak there, so not just most women. You don't like to be around the mergers, draining that's my wife. You got a good enough: Feminist preserve a christian woman finds a spam is to be of noxious in their weakness and that's what we got well that's really, but that is the progressive mantra is weak Celebre, not celebrate diversity, celebrate your weakness and we will compensate. We will be your defender I don't. I think there did. You know that this, this millennial, who said this. You know that I am You know this is the way I've. I felt. I don't like people telling me one thing: well, wait The other side is telling you that
Oh, yes, you can do it, but only with special exemptions, only with special protection, only with special training, no, I'm telling you, if that's what you want to do, go, do it go, do it. How is that offensive to say you don't need somebody in tween you that's just somebody sucking you dry of all of your power right. While a couple You know what it's like being told. What I can't. I can't do that and conservative say what was really. Can you what you can do, what we can all find common ground on issue? Pull us right. Want to lower the physical treaty requirement period with pull up so that women can join worryingly, and we say, hey biologically, can do fewer pull up, so there is a great litmus test as far as what defensive, So now isn't about and tat we talk about the Google algorithms zeal for the for the most advanced tech company in the world right it
on my videos, muslim singles and gay crews ads are playing an hour or try to fix the algorithms. Your Google, if you can associate proper advertised. Much who can, I think, we're talking about people feeling bad is. It is what it comes down to withdraw its not about intend it's not about contacts. Google leftist, don't really understand contact. You didn't Now. You context, I should say, certainly as a whole, but anyone could feel bad about anything. I'm feeling miserable this morning. My it's stupid, but I have also begging injuries, so haven't we'll go to the gym savage going These are waterway exercises, Yellowstone dumbass. They can go hey good for me, I'm goin on doing something. Can I go on Amazon looked at by some opposed to the public? I've been going into my report, views in itself Seventy seven year old talking about their aquatic aerobic lacking in and then all of a sudden
it was not his track with advertise greatly at every turn. In my browser, averse mortgages reveals that both grimly with diabetes leave pronounced diabetes. It was in the one on the Stephen on the it's a great point on the physical part of because it's exactly the point made in the memo Which is it if you like? the top hundred metre times of all time that the world record holder for women is slower than the yearly best times for high school men. I mean there's a clear difference here right. However, what that Not me is the old time World Rucker record holder is that can be a hell of a lot faster than me, trying to run a hundred metre point being
yes on average, there are differences, but there are women in Google all the time that are for free outperforming men all the time. It's just a commentary on averages and nobody's going to bother to take the time to look at, and why is it? Who is it that is devaluing basic in it. In trade Dick, of the sexes. I'm not I believe that women are more from Mars. Met, manner are from Venus or whichever planted it is. I believe that we are different for many different reasons, but it important that we only celebrate that diversity that we we can say this, trade in a woman of being less about stuff is good, it's a good thing and at the same time the man is, is worried about stuff for thinking about stuff. When you
what those two together you have a nice balance. Why are we trying to destroy first say that What men are is but has no value and Women are naturally also who has no value. You have to be this. Thing that is not neither male nor female right. What are you that's kind leader. I wanted you to go back. This But you also another opera another, but I wanted to make We talk about hundred metre gas. You wanted Something else check there's a women, the vision for checks, think about that for a second, there is not even close. If you look at the top there is of above all time. There is no female Bobby Fisher. Now, when I can enter the men division and chest and have their banks and outlines a couple crack the top right throughout type, but then they haven't exclusion, we women of division and chest which is just beginning
Furthermore, I got that does not mean that women are left me with. A chess is not an indicator. Retell did, but it is what would it Typical, it is, absolutely indicator of how someone brain works, how it processes information, I feel that it would have been to date or people in eighty eight people get hurt. You don't eat people who we simply red differently that different, faster reading. Comrade of anger, he muttered some people are dip wired differently. Biologically to what you said. What's it occurs? We need to strive for a long time, complementarity that goes back to Christ The first diversity celebration. I guess you Edward. You said: hey husbands be good to your wife, not with Canada, What kind of the way it really play? Temperatures are treating women at the best about you, and then women did not submit your
I've been in submitting a difficult and not submit like Mohammed you're gonna get a fresh. Why? If you don't do exactly what I say but submit respect the authority in the household and in India. I love your husband legitimately known for a long time to this truth that we believe to be self evident, and I do think you gonna tell me if you noticed this recent em all better. I think its force along but people to re examine issues they the boy on your people, go I've. Had people go back the same sex marriage issue. I figured. I really just thought conservatives we're just a bunch of eighty eight bigots, but when I go back- and I see some of the arguments I agree with them or not, but these are the Argo people said you know what I just hope we women are interchangeable. I do believe that their fathers of interest- value and fathers of intrinsic value and that they are unique and monitor changeable. What's going on. But that's not the case culturally, opened the floodgates and I've had people. Thank you know I have looked back and see where we went to bed
in crowded from louder with crowded. I think you're exactly right and I'm seeing it in not just this, but in many things sitting in LOS Angeles with with me, you know, liberals who would have you know just thought that we were all just erases, bigots, further after ten years, actually sitting around the table and then saying you know what I'm actually for the tenth amendment, and I thought that was all racist and now suddenly I find myself going yeah. Maybe we should have that tenth amendment and then realizing holy cow wait a minute. I may have been wrong on this. What I have to re evaluate a lot that is happening and, if he can, open our arms and not say yeah. I told you so and just be decent human beings with with the with e o in mind and an honest arguments, I think we will welcome a lot of people into the fold, Stephen crowded, louder, with crowded dot com. Thank you so much. We'll talk against even appreciated our sponsor.
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Women might like salads more than men, but there might be something bigger happening in your restaurant thing. You're saying you hate men, Is that what you're saying you? May I referred earlier that essentially that does that's exactly it's happening. That's amazing and, and that's that mean That's, not true. Look at the stats. Look at what really happened. Science is clear. This is a scientific study about this exact thing. Why differences between men and women as they go into the field of eighty hours, it suggests that men and women share some, but not all motivation for entering Idee. Both groups say the opportunity for job autonomy, advancement, task, variety, professional procedure, income and use of state of the art equipment. Along with gratifying work. There are also notable differences. For example, men were significantly more likely than women to identify love of text algae and computers as a key motivator women? On the other hand, more often indicated that job security, ease of entry and flexible working hours were primary reasons for entering the profession. We're gonna get total. Those are totally
different motivations, that they want to, and so what he was saying was look. If you want to have more women. These are the things we need to look at the target, those we target those things and will attract more women, how is this hateful? How is this a viral offence? And what does it say about us as a culture where we can no longer really have any kind of intellectual discussion about any topic with, losing your job back a bit beg programmes. The land that program you I mean if you thought the country had gone mad a minute ago waiting We play the audio of some woman who
was told on an airplane, while I stress oh, my gosh. Wait until you hear the rant and what this woman, is saying and who this woman is in just as I first want to bring up to speed on a story we cover a couple days ago of your member, the the parents of Bobby Crews the rustle cruiser the baby that was born, and has the same. These, that Charlie Guard had. We had the parents on their from Wisconsin, I believe our Michigan and there were really happy and bubbly and we asked them. You know how are things going? They said great things about their insurance company which may change. Their insurance company, which was priority health, I believe, and they said everything was being covered, and now it's not. We
the story? the prisons, Mother Michel, is on the phone. Also, Dad Russell is on the phone. Hey guys doing. We heard about. You could settle Tell me what happened because we were we were here. The things about this insurance company two days ago, about our an hour after hour interview with you on Tuesday we heard from our local hospital. They were the ones that were working on the prior authorization. They had received denial from from bus or not. But since I'm sorry priority House stating they will not cover the might of specialist in Boston, because she is a giant this isn t he feels that analysis here. They don't. They dont understand that there is a difference between in all might of specialists and geneticists around here right in the geneticist, that you have there in an Michigan is is saying:
that route via? No I'm I'm the wrong kind of specialist yeah yeah. They There are obviously doing everything that they can, but they don't really have experience with his condition So now, what are you guys gonna do where you appealing this? What is the name of the insurance company again priority health, Priority held health, we're working on an appeal right now and we are also working with Boston Children hospital to see if they will allow us to make the appointment right now without insurance approval, and you know possibly end up having to pay out of pocket. We just want to do everything we can to get little Russell too to a doctor that can help him, while here again we Earth of seeing you know, insurance providers in the in England, it was the state Erica I'm sorry. What is the name of the company again
priority health priority health here were seen still just remind me. That gives case. I forget again why we fight, I don't remember. The name was the name again, I'm sorry prior. Believe all priority house got it here, we're seeing a a company that, decides that they know better than the actual doctors do that's weird, because the state over in England We are listening to the doctors here. In a capitalist free market system, a company the company. Priority had already hard, I already healthcare. They think they know better than even the doctors, which is interesting boy, that debt I really should be. I wonder if they have a website or if they have a facebook, does a jiffy. Could you look priority health, see if they have already been over page my god. They don't like oil companies, don't like it when you start to tweet their name
and say we know things like right now Could you do what the healthcare system did to Charlie Guard. We we we gonna run the lock out on this child to do they have, one of its priority health, I'm sure you could find it and maybe tweet priority health on that and ask them how this is how this is good for the family, You have a: U carrying page If you, if you search for Bobby, B, B B, why carrying dot com. Can we can If listeners wanted to help, you know, give you guys money to be able to pay or it yourself will the hospital take self dead people. Working on that right now. We believe that if, if we have the funds to cover it but right now, we don't we don't have any idea how much it would cost. But we have heard that another person said they.
The twenty five minute appointment there that cause over two thousand dollars. They put the figure on twenty eight hundred, but we're hoping if we have the fun. You know, after all, of our travel on everything that we would be allowed to pay out of pocket. So wait so you're just trying to get enough money to buy the airline tickets and the first doc. Disappointment we're working out a guy, thankfully miracle flights reached out to us after your show. Thank you so much end you know they might help with that, but we still have lodging cause, obviously food for when were there any expenses related to locate added at local. However, the appointment and hold on guys, you're talking about ten thousand dollars, probably maximum this already. Should be able to do that in the next ten minutes. Could you, could you he's going to? U carrying dot com. And just search for Bobby cruising
B b B Y see are used. The end ash tag Bobby. Look for he crimson. And if you can five dollars, I mean the people in this audience just giving five dollars at a time. We should be able to make a difference. So this this couple can go get. An initial appointment to see if their baby can be helped, so we can Fight the other battle with what's the name of the health care company again, priority held priority priority health is on Facebook and they also have linked in I mean they're they're all over the twitter help really there one the largest ones in the country, pray or animals their facebook page. I should have liked about money, and then you don't want to open up. I think you're going to get the face of prejudice. Gotta Facebook, our common search for priority health, priority health- that's how you do it in vain stories are common in. I know companies they, like.
To hear on their facebook page and they like to see on Twitter, they lie to see people a point out all of the wonderful things that they have done now, sometimes, companies? Don't like it when who point out the heartless that they might be forgetting to do but I am sure they have just forgotten that they, the this that they all you know DR about getting into when they were kids and they were on the playground some day, I'm gonna be actuary. Will ya out with some day I'm gonna be an insurance agent for priority health, I'm sure they ve just forgotten those dreams from the playground and forgotten that their there there to help he'll p You would assume by the name priority health, that health is a priority. You wouldn't you
genuine. You would know that they're going to feed back button on their website, do they really back and sends a morose acquiring male very otherwise there is a lead say you had five dollars and you could go to you carrying dot com and you could help this couple raise money, so we don't as a capitalist, free society, do exactly to these parents. What England's health care system did Joe? a few weeks ago. Let's Let us show the world that that's not the way. Capitalism works that that the way free people behave. let's get them into an appointment, and let's say you have time after that, you might go to Facebook and twitter and just tweet something to priority health in a very nice reasoned wake, as I'm sure they just need to be reminded that health is there. A priority
Thank you. So much Michel rustled will check in with the again God bless. I beg you to at world of stood by the way on Twitter. I tweeted the upshot. Ecklund back will hubby treated as well the link to the U carrying age and make sure you can actually find it, and if you want to find any of the social sites. I've you search, Google for priority health. You will see so that the insurance company- that's the interest everyday. They were actually just talking about priority. I already have one end, the one that they paid To give them we give them, the priority and than that doctor say no, I'm a different kind of you know: dna specialist. I I'm really not geneticists that that We can do this kind of work, and so there hospital in the doktor said they should go to this particular specialist and priority the health. Said? No, that person's good enough for you,
I wonder how much priority health boy look in the priority health because I bet they're, not gouging people's eyes out at all, They would love us to spend a day. Several days, Britain month going over what they do. Maybe I could take you know what. If priority health doesn't see the error of their ways, I'm going to dedicate Monday as an Couldn't phone day- and I will take- phone calls of all of the priority health customers that maybe feel their eyes are being gouged out and will take those calls and we'll? Let American know how much their health is a priority for,
priority how forces should give them the opportunity to do that euro. I know so I think they're going to find the air of their ways of getting they're gonna be able to say you know what that was crazy cause. It's we misunderstood Not the same kind of doktor and we do No more than what the experts in the field no, and so we're gonna we're gonna make it two priority, but in case, what health income They would like some extra free publicity I'm going to help them. Have all of the free publicity that I can Possum provide- and you know the always say- don't talk to the Don't I don't wanna talk to the salesman, I want to talk to the customers so If there are such a great insurance company, which I'm sure they are they won't have any problem. Having customers call up
and give them a free, commercial all freak in Monday. But I'm sure they're gonna, wake up. Here's! sponsor this half hour, it's gold line. Jim matters, just wait in North Korea. Close sees any considerations of actions that would lead to the end of your regime and destruction of your people and gloat well. Ok,. Matters has consistently said that he believes that we need to resolve this issue through the diplomacy, but at the same time quote the regimes actions will continue to be grossly overmatch by hours and would lose any arms race or conflict. It initiates. End quote. That is true, that is, they are not going to win in a. In a missile race I have a feeling
We win. But is there a winner in that. For any media source that is raw raw. Let's go go to war or let teach them a lesson, or the president has to do these things are. We have no credibility, we haven't had credibility as a country in a long time, and delays, because we're not doing the right thing? Let's do the right thing: let's think this one through. One of the things you have to think through is South Korea is the eleventh largest economy. I think can never get this one right. You have South Korea will be devastated devastated, If there is a striking they launch missiles. You know that it will be towards Tokyo, Tokyo, Hong Kong,
I mean the Tokyo. Will will could look like Nagasaki. You also have the final. Markets of Hong Kong and and China. What happens Those financial markets and of those go down what happens to our financial markets, for you, about the millions dad. the world changes overnight. In this kind of a world I want you to come. Carry yourself for any, in reality. I dont know what to do. But I will tell you when the world goes insane: it always right, burns back to the basics, it always with terror. and slaughter the gods. The copy book headings return gold is that copy book heading goal has intrinsic value and has since the beginning of time. I want did you call now one eight six, six gold line, one eight six, six gold line there, extending their price protection programmes for
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and we're so nine hundred hours away with nine hundred dollars really disappointing, Emmy Hush. What in my four minutes would happen you raised a thousand dollars in four minutes. It is not enough as amazing with the stuff they just You know you, you get even go through the news and listen to the news every day and feel like there is no hope for society, and then we talk about these stories and this audience acts the way that they do and you get real time every time, energy meaning to every single year. Nobody giving a thousand dollars is people giving this is widow might stuff. This gives me so much hope. Imagine what the parents are feeling right now, because they are at home, refreshing there. You carrying page right now, it's gonna mean that between get, their son to adopt in Boston to be bull- to stay on course and stay on track to sub, possibly save his life or just issue a death warrant. They are at home right now, refreshing think about how they
you're right now, how they, the group attitude they feel towards you and the gratitude feel towards you you're an amazing group of people. Thank you for listening were.
What gets you out of bed every day? I want to begin their right now, using of entertainment and didn't light, and it is the Glen. I know I am no different than you are. I know that you go to bed every night and you are beat. And Maybe this is different with women, but I bet it's this way with guys you get home and
The only time your wife really wants to talk is after the kids are down and now you're lying in bed, and now you gotta go to the library list of all the things you have to do and at least with me. I can't I my wife and I we are thermostat, please challenged, and we are the pole. Opposites in so many ways away for her to relax is talk about all the things that we have to do. Oh, my gosh and then she'll be like tonight and then I'm up for two hours just go and oh my gosh I've got so much. Do we A fine time. Sometimes I get up. Just to get back into bed. Sometimes I get up in the morning and by time I get to the bathroom light. Thinking to myself,
just have to plough through it, and then I can come back and go back to sleep. What get you out of bed. if it is work. If it is money, try to change that. Because it s not enough to keep us going. If it's a changed the world. Sometimes that doesn't seem like it's just keep my kids on the right track. It was hard enough change. The world holy cow change, myself change My family read my script.
There's is every night, but I will tell you What will get me out of bed tomorrow and what makes me glad that I got out of bed today is phone call that we just had? before when on the air. We found out that this family, that Their son has been diagnosed with exactly the same disease that Charlie Guard had and we too to them two days ago and they were so happy, and I just I had just said in a meeting. I think stew with you two days ago, I want to be more like those guys at Emily I have no reason to be happy and they're happy has one. I find peace and happiness and I find out re before we come on the air that their insurance company cinema, then it should company again.
Primarily health security, health and that they have a website in Facebook page they do twitter, but they decided that liberated and they know better than The doctors, no and they said no. The doktor you have is fine and the doktor, that they have has said I dont have this. This is specialised experience. You ve got to go to Boston the family doesn't have the money and so I found this out right before we went on the air this morning And I said to my previous: it just see if and get mom and dad on the phone, and let us put him on the air and sea with the listeners will do and. In a moment of arrogance. I said You know, I know this audience they they were not asking for the full treatment to be. This is struck me so humble They were not asking for the full treatment to be covered, but they were asking
or was to cover the twentieth. Five hundred dollars of the appointment. To see the doctor and they were working with somebody else to maybe get the air fare, covered- and you know maybe some food and a hotel room and so they were Reno they're. Looking for Polly five Grand- and I said please in a moment of arrogance, this audience can raise ten thousand dollars in ten minutes. In four minutes. I come back from the commercial break and in four minutes you have raised that money and what so awesome. Is it didn't come in in huge chunks? It came in, and five and twenty and fifty and hundred dollar chunks. Most of it
I ve, been ten, I'm grateful. I got up this morning So I could see your kindness Thank you for that. Yesterday, on the programme we had Michael malice, he's the he is an amazing guy. He actually it was born in the Soviet Union, his parents defected in the seventies and he got out, and so he has been struggling with thinks he's, also jewish struggling with things like modern day concentration camps in the evils of communism in to tell a terrorism Yesterday. We talk to him about Korea on a high level. He went over to North Korea and really got to know some of the people and the culture and its a terrifying place.
I want to day inviting back today, eggs I wanted to talk to him about. You know life in this former Soviet Union's. I don't think people even understand how three! We are today: But I also wanted to talk to about something that of the media really cares about the people North Korea and the peoples South Korea than they would be doing things like what I'm and ask him to do. Tell us the concentration camps that are happening currently in North Korea, Michael melt, welcome to the programme thanks, so much the mandate. It said Missus again of a dark day and neglect back show, because I mean you, starting with that fat opener and on about to make it even darker filling on getting a just as I and I want to know that wasn't it is sad open. I think that was a mirror their miracles. your primate Using a bit, you very, very, very touching and intense North korean concentration camps, as we discussed yesterday
send your whole family, three generations, the leader of North Korea, the founder, came along, said, clock enemies. be exterminated through he generations? So when you get sent to the camp, you still have to work and work is Quota and what's insane even by constructive standards, if you kill yourself, your family still has to fill your quota. So even death is not escape in these from the reach of the cannon dynasty, the children there made of men and women, and you hear these stories of, for example, it is illegal They have relations with the camp guards so very off. These women are assaulted by the guards who have complete power over them then the women are the ones who are punished. There was this one story where woman was assaulted. They ran her over with the truck cut off her legs, and she still have the report to work pushing herself on attire
they are going to give her wheelchair you have stories were eating the camp think they can punish you. So you have men it is to work in mines and they never ceased. Light again. So there's gonna start this law far from vitamin d deficiency, so this is of barbarism that has almost never. Seen on earth, and so show the press is focused on health. Kim Jong OWN and his rhetoric and- and I was so pleased to hear you talk about this. This is why I wrote the reader so that people can the focus is on track, Five million slaves in this country- and so much of the rhetoric in the press is like well, it's better They die in wheat. I and it's like, will habit Together we were no one denies that Michael You know a Michael. I dont know how to solve this, and I think some people tune this out. You know the press because.
They don't think anybody wants to watch it or pay attention to it, which I think is just total laziness. It's your job to figure out a way to presented in such a way that you that that you can feed it to people that's your job and instead that go ahead I want my book the driving make not that you see. people completely uninformed on television. Making these claims you know making like another Iraq or another jerk Nazi Germany? And it's not- and I said I mean, do something about this. Thank you for all, and I'm gonna write a book, so people can understand how it got to displace it didn't happen overnight. Glenn. As you know this, along with thought process to take it Population and reduced to the state Michael Michael Analysis, namely the author and the book is dear reader. The unauthorized autobiography of Kim Jong IL
how do you it's in some ways of in it in a different way, Hear me out on this question: when we went in and we freed the the concentration camp. Right of the Germans, some at the very beginning, our help actually killed them by feeding Killed them, I mean it says its of it. So you know it was a whore All situation and so we had to be really really careful. How to bring people back to health, How do you for the floor people, who have been in a concentration camp for three generations, How do you How do you bring those people back to an He kind of under standing of of one of us
people- should even be treated well. What even more is saying. Is that when north korean send people to the camps some because people are freed and return to North Korea society, they have basically sign non disclosure agreement and they have to try to pick up pieces of their lives so there, had been instances of this where people have been returned, but there obviously broken human beings. I ended different types of cancer political camps and is working because one of the things these two Bulgarian nations have the idea you remember the slogan over Auschwitz was work like you free they. And they believe in North Korea that by working you will learn to love the leader and you are, your way, a kind of enlightenment and standing the duty idea, which is the philosophy that guide North Korea. So it's it's so depraved in summer.
Ways, but thankfully you know that their story, People who had the book that, they moved. George W Bush is called the decree of the Pyongyang, and this is the book Really blew the lid off of the camps system because the people, the famine Went to live in there in the camps and they were freed in it one of the guys became a refugee and he told the story that what's going on there and more and more people are escaping what Korean and telling the stories of what life is like in these camps. So we ve end, but chiefly the scary part. The people Cancer told. Should the Americans invade. We are going to kill you all and burn these camps down and that something that no one takes into account when their advocating starting war North Korea, humming people are estimated to be in these camps. One hundred two hundred thousand, and you can see them for yourself on Google Earth what'll. I google begging, go to Google maps. I forgot you, don't just google northward.
Concentration camps, your you'll find it pretty quickly, maybe using google- maybe not a search engine these days, and there is no doubt that there is no doubt that the North Koreans would slaughter them. I mean as what the Germans tried to do the job, time. Do you have to erase these crimes against humanity, of course, that that that, theoretically, You made yesterday when talks about their crazy. They created a crazy, their evil, their smart their conniving in exactly like you said they want to keep their wash their hands out of this kind You get demanding, and that means murdering and at a huge scale during the nineties. They refuse two allowed food into the country and of the ten percent population. Star one to two million people because Kim said Congenial the father said. If we The, U N, given food, they're gonna, not needs the government and the people who are the most loyal to the regime were the first to starve, because they were the ones thinking foods right around the corner I believe, in the leader the shady ones and the cynical ones who rely
I'm going to lie cheat steal to feed my family, who survived. Michael malice is on with this Michael malice, dot com. Also, the book is dear reader. The unauthorized biography of Kim Jong IL talk a little bit more about North Korea, what to do. Their bit, but also want to hear his story behind the iron curtain, his parents, can, to the west, to escape the Soviet Union and one of your history on that is well now. This summer is burglary season every summer. Burglary rates go through the roof, and that is according to the Department of Justice, because you're gone people see that you know nobody's at home and in others the crooks, especially here in Texas. The crooks don't want to run into you at home. Right now? Simply safe will save you a hundred dollars off of their special summer package. Now. Has everything that you need to keep your home safe from intruders? You can find it right there, the front page,
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Program. Eight eight. Seventy seven we're with Michael malice from Michael Malice, dot com. He is the author of the book. Dear reader, it's a it's a! It's an amazing book about what life is like in North Korea and its conversation that I think should be had in on all media centres. Instead, Focusing on board, you see what outrageous thing there sky said. Actually have a real adult conversation about what we're doing- and we ve been very adult so far- is understandable with that, with the context of the times, though Michael your book is, is really entertaining. I want that to be lost in like a really serious topic here the choice to write it as Kim Jong IL would write a thin. This person and I won t be the kind of book you can read on the beach and or bathroom right, because unless you make things fun,
and entertaining and kind of a page turner, it's so dark and so depressing you people shut down. So I thought, let's make this think that people can enjoy- and I wanted reviews I got it just really hit me was this: is the funniest terrifying book of ever read because it was great misery yeah, I'm sure a lot of your audience? Absolutely incredible and they talk in them. The supervillain gloat the gardener monologues so when you read their literature day boast about all the things that they do and there this is the kind of humour to it that it with a straight face there saying things that you would you Think about it. You're like this madness like what well, for example, Kim Jong IL haste. The Mona LISA, I learned reforming their propaganda and I my mother grew up in the Soviet Union and say: what do you think can join your hates? The Mona LISA Educate took her second chagos because she had ambiguous smile and that's it
Accordingly with Korea. If art is ambiguous, it's not art. It happen, a propaganda message than marry. Here too the masses, or else you can't considered art and imagined within a country where every piece of art has perhaps than political message and that political message is always the same. I see I do live in that country, not back. Eight point that were there, do the people do the people there actually believes this stuff. Like you know he came down and was born and is delivered by a flock of birds, and he remembers is the day he was born in the first line of the book. I remember the day it. What is it that I remember the first day of my the day was more. Inevitably, I remember the day that I was doin perfectly, and that is that it is not about a funny statement where you're grandiose and overstating what Kim Jong IL said he actually too.
People that and they are really forced to believe it, and there and I've heard the date that the he doesn't mean that he doesn't go to the bathroom the people believe that he has no through needs, no see a lot and the West, get it wrong and explain how they viewed in what that cut. Back bathroom line is what they mean. If he were, So hard he doesn't even take breaks to go the bathroom. So that's not really a big expression. However, does he where adult diapers look at him, not like a person they look at Kind of the way we of the Uncle SAM right now Uncle SAM, we know What he's like what he does? If I asked you but if Uncle Uncle SAM, who were his nieces nephews, you never stop to think about that right. If it makes but he's an uncle. So you don't proceed him full human being, however, another story which was amazing to me how they You Kim Jong IL there too.
Through the noblest in North Korea called the power of the jewish idea. It's got the blame at the very top. and hang on hang on we'll get the rest of this story end Maybe they should learn Uncle SAM, whereas stripes meaning he should be in prison. maybe they should learn that about their uncle as well, will get the rest of the story and then move to the former Soviet Union. What is what was life like for us? Is that Glenn Michaels Amro grab Mercury type programme. So talking to Michael Malice, he is the author of a book called dear reader, the unauthorized biography of Kim Jong IL. his family emigrated here from the Soviet Union in the nineteen seventies will get into that here. Just a second but tough, finishing up a story on on Oh people view you know the dear leader,
in north korea- and you are talking about an anomalous here- they have this or of the power that you shall be eight, it's a stone tower in the capital city of Pyongyang and when you read the literature and how to discuss how this tower but being built you have these architects and they came up with all these plans. And Kim Jong. Il shows up and says hey. Why do we make it the time? I was power in the world and there I'll drop and they realize no one had ever considered this possibility before And if we get it, you guys are all storming win the day, leader and no one even threw out. We should make the biggest what on earth I thought they literature tat, but he's a god. He literally the only competent person in the hole country and that's very pernicious because think about it to this day, if that leader goes away. That means
whole. Nation goes to part, so it is very important if the one guy who knows how to do anything in the country is keeping things together. You really want to make sure he stays in charge and Michael, they thought that the grandfather was. I was actually working with the people that he would be- and you know in the actual factories and he wouldn't stop to eat or go to the bathroom. He would just keep working any would turn one factory around. Then then, the dear leader would get into another car and he'd race to another factory, and he was working there. That I mean they actually believed that well I'm not sure I mean it's kind of true. They have some legal field guidance and if you look at the newspapers, its photograph Kim Jong IL one factory one day and the next day he's at a school so, I'm reading all the propaganda. The stories are mine, loving cause, there's a glass factory, there's a problem knows what to deal Kim Jong. Il shows up. He hasn't extremely
I'd be a solution. Everyone is shocked and amazed. The next day we got a problem at the corner factory gee! I wonder. What's gonna happen there, so I would try to make it into a funny interesting story with a lot of work. On my part, because, and which really dark about literature is other Hugh. These beings and other countries don't exist so little say something like a during the seventies. Great leader. Kindle song went to a European country to Attend- the funeral of its president. It doesn't say which country they who No one else has names in most of these stories, other than Kim Jong IL and Kamal Song, and they started even recently taken a biblical bent by having everything leaders say in bold, Faith in the same way, Jesus his words are in red in the Bible and their names are bigger farther than the rest of the text.
Can you tell me the me there's a lot of bizarre things that go on with North Korea that I dont understand, but let me just They two words to you: Dennis Rodman. Oh yeah I mean Dennis Rodman aid. The hatred I have for him and what he is doing here. Don't care how drunk or stupidity is crazy. He was on Sunday morning show, and they asked him Are you playing around with someone who has concentration, Cavs, he literally said: well, we have prisons. What's the difference, oh, my gosh, why don't you go to those present and go to those camps and take a pole and see who wants to switch places? And you Your answer to the hand wave that away to me is unconscionable What do you think it is is damning? Is money is, and why is why is Kim Jong own interested in him? I mean in the west of the world, isn't interested in him
because how many celebrities we're gonna be his friend, you know I mean APC need. First of all, he gets to pretend to his population that everyone in earth thing some awesome. They don't get it right. Municipalities can easily tell them. This is the greatest baseball back to operate of all time and he's an American coming to North Korea. Praise the leader, you know that bet there's something else, though. These are two aspects that are used to glory by the regime class. I'm sure it makes him jungle, look a lot smarter by comparison right and left fainter. So you're doing this, I gather the As of yours, you're kind of picking up the torch Are your parents kind of left off in some ways your parents, you for a couple of years, lived in the former Soviet Union. And you saw persecution. You saw me, no concentration camps, your jewish you saw history I imagine that's where this is coming from
because when I wouldn't look at the report, the news and people treaty, like a carnival, We can high school, we ask ourselves: how did we let the Holocaust happen? People even thought but the gulags from the Soviet Union which preceded the german I concentrate. She Campton and were around for a lot longer and again, to focus Kim Jungle Kim Jong IL golf score. I said I'm going to do you think I'm gonna at least try to do something. Once and for all, because you can write books entertaining, but at a certain point you like I put in the third, let me see moved the needle a little bit, because if we have a pretty good in this country, Glenn, if of the needle in America not can make much difference, but if I'm moving lead or even a little bit North Korea. This could actually saving a lot alive to leave it your parents, experiences of the union- it I mean toward it- was awful. It listen
many things that were put into my head- that I didn't realize were put in there and that is different from how Americans were raised. For example, I had it Please thing in my house: I went to the gym and it together. to my apartment, building, there's no buzzer, someone after the event and I come back and he said Oh, there was someone at the door looking for whatever Jimmy and Cinema. his way and Looked at him and I realized, if I was staying in someone's house it would You can enter my head to answer the door, That's not how russian think, if there's a knock on the door, it's not even an option, it doesn't it doesnt compute, because it just this so much lack of trust and Another thing the Google docs very much with the soviet kind, Story because I was always raised to all Please be aware of who has power over you and real? They might exercise that power for completely absurd reasons, have to be conscious that all the time
People are gonna play fair with you when their strong, when the EU is an absurdity in the study psychology soap Michael I went over to Poland. I took my family for years ago. Went arse. Auschwitz wanted my kids to see your. I wanted them to see Israel with the first stop being outwits, so they knew why Israel was important in today's world. They know the history of Israel, but I want them to understand what it's like. When people don't have a home to call their own able to defend themselves and am, and so we went over, and I I talk to one of the righteous among the nations, sweet woman and She was like sixteen when she started saving Jews in the ghetto and after the last thing I said to her was Paulina. You know if d times come I am looking to
water, the tree of righteousness in myself in my family and others. How do we do that? and she said something so profound in as each day goes by- and I see things like this- Google Doc thing- this becomes stronger and stronger. She said. You misunderstand: the righteous didn't suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff yeah, the rest of humanity. Yeah. When you see the Google docs and end you see people, cheering and saying we can't even have a reasonable conversation. We must deny things that we know are true. we not only have to do. We not only have to not say the things that we nor do. We must join the crowd and say the things we know are not true.
If they had their druthers. This guy would not only not be working at Google. He'd never be working again, yes, and and for what I mean I, you judge people by their actions, not by their intent and at the very least, No one even claim you get bad intentions, no, that's! What's even more print It's not like you set out to write a document and state it's like I'm gonna make people uncomfortable. This is his. Let's put this all wrong with this. Is his scientific The kid went to Harvard Dynamite the thing it yeah. This is no dummy And you have people on Twitter, you know who never got any with their lives freely? Friedrich has on his understanding of the scientific process and biology in psychology so easily. Very very scary thing. However, I think there's a good side in the centre.
But thanks to social media and alternative forms of media, this is being exposed as soon as it happens and back in the day this kid could have been better. And not you'd never hear about him again, like Woodrow Wilson put Eugene, be dead in jail, Let me do you online. You kick up to my brilliant. Well, so do you hear him as much as I do here? Are you like a big time hater of Woodrow Wilson after a lower level time? I love you, so I have to tell you that is just too just after I just gotta. I just got an email from somebody who Is going to make a cartoon on Woodrow Wilson, the evil of Woodrow Wilson blow you away? Who is thinking about doing this and they said we, you Please be the narrator
they said you know we do. You know the people involved completely disagree, but there is no one that hates Woodrow Wilson more than us other than you. And I said oh, my gosh- I will help you in every possible way to expose their gaster use it. Ok, when it's no coincidence he was Ouch by university President Nope, because this is where I was on the show, Kennedy and box business that I made the point. The universities job is to prepare young minds to be the shock troops for the progressive militia, they are there to program them and have them spread out, like a virus control the media and entertainment. How many four percent journalist about universities and they're all?
the programme by the evangelical left- Michael you just both yourself- a ticket for a third consecutive day on the fact that we could be weakening it s friend that money- I don't know, I don't know what else you believe, but you had me added Woodrow Wilson. I wonder if we have a dinner tomorrow, it's it's, it's a real honour to talk to you, Michael and and thanks for all the hard work and the hard thinking in heavy lifting on trying to get the words out in a way that people, can consume them so much time procedure work. Thank you! Doublet! Michael Malice, the name of the book, is dear reader, the another,
his biography of Kim Jong IL. Why did you read that when it came out this went on for five years? Where are you reading that? It's just I mean I'm, I'm fascinated by dictators, and you know Kim Jong Goon in North Korea in particular, is one of the places I guess Certainly in my life I want to go some day now, I'm obviously at this point you go there and you die. So I really can't do it. I don't even right to see it. It's an incline, although to Israel, he won't go to Israel's lot. Yo, your eyes are not going to North Korea because I think it's dangerous. I mean I'd love to see Israel too, but I think there are sitting about gently that South Korea, not North Korea. I will not go into the details. I would love to see that too I mean it is an incredible place that hotel that we talked about yesterday. The hotel Dumas, like legitimately, like my favorite building and story all time, because it mean it is the ultimate failure. Communism, they too when the Sole South Korea Olympics in nineteen eighty eight we're going on. They decided they wanted to show it goes into the light the spotlight would be on South Korea,
they wanted to show. They were better so that they Communist tried. Whisky is colonel, can also try to build the largest hotel in the world, got the structure It looks like this bizarre pyramid, obviously a rocket ship, it's a hundred and ten stories they got through. Think of that that's in world trade center. Yet as in pyramid foreign pyramid is huge and it's this big concrete structure they built into the sky and then not a cash. The Soviet Union started to collapse. They ran at a cash, couldn't finish it so over the city without posts to be the best city in the world and how they were dominating the world and in the economy in everything else? Is this giant unfinished disaster that they can't do Anything with what they also can tear down, because there be completely unsafe to tear down and also really expensive, to tear down so over the years as they sort of recovered a little bit they ve just play third glass on the side of it. So it looks now kind like a finished building, but
there's video of it from the time were people, and they would never allow anyone's take pictures of it. There are no doubt many people to film it people smuggled out video of it- and it's like this, this lapsing disaster of a concrete structure, the ugliest building you ve ever seen it was supposed to have ten rotating restaurants. On the top of it. I mean it was an incredible project, but the ultimate the testimony of communism's fail. How this never. This does not work and its. I love it. Huh who's going to pay for the brazilian dollar rumours and He ten revolving restaurants, when no one has any money now flints zoning idea, maybe go find repay June, have to go to North Korea Oh, my god. I will pay for those who understand, and now this I want to tell you about a body and Michael store. Bunny and Michael Bunny Michael live in Virginia. They had a house in Ohio,
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the testimonials of the thousands of families whose lives have been impacted by these great agents, real estate agents, I trust, dotcom real estate agents. I trust dotcom you're were listening to the Glen Bag Programme led back programme, is a very special episode of the patents do show today, spoons spoons and more spoons check it out online at the blaze dotcom, Slash tv. Also, why I invite you to join me tonight at five o clock just taking your phone calls one on one, your questions, your thoughts on the news of the day where we're headed things that we may have missed I'd love to hear from you. The number
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