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8/14/17 - Call ALL evil by its name

2017-08-14 | 🔗
Who to blame for the violence in Charlottesville ...We must call out evil on all sides ...Glenn is sick of 'What-Aboutism"...We are definitely living in interesting times ...The different lives of Heather Heyer & the Charlottesville killer ...The world has changed overnight...again. ...Enough is enough. We're all God's children ...Rep. Mo Brooks shares his thoughts on what happened in Charlottesville, what Congress should be doing, a prediction for North Korea and his race for the US Senate tomorrow ...Donald Trump: Ronald Reagan or Neville Chamberlain?  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand polymer, welcome to the Glen Back Programme. Here's what you need to know to start your day. Violent, Rub did in Charlottesville Virginia over the weekend. When white Nationalists plashed with counter protestors one of the White Nationalist Say, national, socialist, otherwise known as a Nazi slam. Car into the crowd of protesters, killing one person and seriously injuring several others. So here's what is being said in the media lab immediately was quick to blame Donald Trump for all of it. The right is quickly ay ay laws and a fly and apply and afar ok I've got a different opinion, but let me start with
This one Donald Trump is not to blame here. The one to blame is the sick, demented racist who drove his car into a crowd of people period. those people were saying this is the right. Finally, fighting back you're part of the problem. Well, you should blame the people or just trying to change our history by pulling down the statues of Robert E Lee you're part of the problem. This the black grace under attack this about wide race under attack this is what I want you to hear
the only race we should be worried about today is the human race, because it seems to me it is on some of its last legs. If your media sources in telling you that it's maybe perhaps time you find a new one, we begin right now. You should have entertainment and didn't write in it, Glenn, you have today There are two radical fringe groups: waking up in thinking that their cause has gained something they didn't have a week ago and that
legitimacy. In responding the way he did to Charlottesville. The president was both right and wrong. We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of it did bigotry, invite It's on many sides on many sides going on for a long time in our country that Donald Trump, not Barack Obama, has been going on for a long long time. No place in America? What vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society and no child should ever be afraid to go.
Outside and play or be with their parents. I dont even noticed in the last part, but. Here's where this went wrong asked we hear of rightfully calling out the left for refusing to say radical islamic terror? Why would the president not say white, supremacist, racists, white, so premised national socialists we are either a nation that opposes evil in its whole in its entirety Or we are nothing you Tell me that you worry about the country. If really only truly have empathy for your side. If you only see the problem on the
other side. I was I was taught something very, very valuable it has played a big role. In my life beyond charity. Was taught by John Huntsmen Senior he's a deer man, who has as done more to cure cancer and really change the world than most people will do, intend lifetimes, parole the Hindus, here's what here's, a taught me, as I was standing in his in his hospital. Where he was asking my wife and I for donation. I said John will make a deal I will give to your hospital, but Exchange
I need. You to teach me how to be charitable. I grew up in a poor family and we didn't have any money And I want to be responsible steward and I I you need to know, how to navigate the waters of charity. He shook my hand. He said. That's a deal, I'm happy to make and he told me here's your first lesson. You have to care about all of it. The entire human condition. You can't just care about cancer. You can't just care about heart disease. Gay rights whatever it is. You have to care about all of it. That's what we're missing here. We I seem to have only care about our little slice of the pie.
We are never going to heal we'll, never come back together. If we don't. Have malice toward none and charity towards all. This morning there were nazis bragging that they weren't mentioned by the president. Their bragging About how they are now being grouped alongside the entire political right in this country. Their feeling legitimized their planning their next moves richer Spencer, is already planning his next major rally in Texas. And I will be there quietly to stand against, I sought to groups this weaken. While group displayed the Nazi flag and spewed hate and violence. The other group displayed soviet communist flags, spewing hate and violence. Joe
like the Nazis, who I remind you, are national Socialists, Antiphon, the Anti fascist group and the rest of the radical left or waking up to a feeling we are legitimate. Because, whereas the outcry from the left, this didn't just begin in Charlottesville this didn't begin with Donald Trump. Didn't begin with Iraq Obama, this is, This is what left the park marks. That are still on the walls of banks on Wall Street. This is a fascistic movement. On the left and the right just gaining steam again. Has been going on almost weekly on college campuses since the election much the very
from Berkeley compared. Those videos to this weekend in Virginia. There is absolutely no difference. None And through it all not a peep from the left. This has been a giant failure of biblical proportions by people. We have chosen to lead us, there was ever a time. You could actually get Donald Trump Mitch, Mcconnell, Chuck, Schubert, Paul Ryan and Nancy Blowsy on the steps, Together, shoulder to shoulder standing United, So is it a nice? See committed and ISIS style, terror attack a com. Is the paramilitary groups? Were rampaging through the streets. We have
We ve been against Nazi since nineteen forty one, I think, there's a t shirt, the states of America against national socialist since nineteen forty one Was the moment to unite in defiance of evil. This was the time for the leadership to come together and show us and the world what we stand for what our principles are. What we believe in, but once again our elected officials have failed us, I wasn't surprised. We're in a really dangerous time for some unfathomable reason, both the right and the left are willing to let these three sent one percent which we crazy, ten
Twelve percent of our population these fringes, these crazy edges of our society, co opt to their movement. And how are they doing it. Well, what about well yeah, but what it out. Yeah, but what about? I am so. Sick of what about ism? Has the left screwed up the past decade? You bet they have as the right Has the left done everything they could to get rid of? of the crazy people amongst them; no, they haven't, but has
Right done absolutely everything it could to cast out these racist nazis, not even close. The coming of later on the program, I'm gonna remind you what a nazi is. Not the knot, a veto, the marching in the salutes, and all of that not now none of that, because you know that, the gas chambers we got that. What is a nazi? What is it They believe. And once you know that, why won't the right excoriated. And make sure they are standing nuff. Nowhere near.
Their movement has nothing to do with american constitutional conservatives. Nothing, nothing! Likewise, aunt afar, the radical left. Let me put it this way. What would the Democratic Party of John F Kennedy? I have to say about those guys. His entire family include I think, he's crazy evil. Dad would be shouting from the rooftops, these p I'll do not belong to us. But we don't have anything from either side hate and vote. Lines is ripping apart. American cities rip the part american campuses pudding. Boot on the throat of free speech all over the United States and those we have
acted too represented us represent us, are using it to posture. For those of you who listen to me and have been with me, at restoring honor storing love. Who were with me in Birmingham Alabama. These are the two I am now that I told you would come When the world is being turned inside out an upside down. The new needed, your credibility that you now did to know that you are gonna, be we're gonna, be pushed up against the wall and you were gonna, be angry. But you need to know exactly. Who you are.
The only thing that you really need to do as a start is simple: But it will make you a targeted person. And that is call evil by its name. Radical islamic terrorism. Is evil and we are against it in all its forms? Whites premised NEO Nazi national socialist, populist terrorists. We are against them in every way antiphon Communist terrorist, we stand against them in every way they are evil. There has the a concerted effort to De legitimize, these fringe groups, because that's what they are and calling spade a spade, calling
evil is the best place to start. The most ridiculous thing about all of this- is how the left and the right to become so trivialized and we can't eat find our way to each other in the face of evil that we, All have recognised in the recent past, and Clearly, on record since ninety in forty one I dont have Ask what's happened to us, I know: what's happened to us, the question is: what are we gonna do about it and staying in this tribal fight is only
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and then just see the comments that were coming out from famous people and leadership in everything and just thinking Has the world on man. Was it was anybody else thinking that this weekend, Watching responses? Well! Yes, although if you look at twitter, I thank you at every week. I hurried outlets a break with the evil so it was so easy. This is we're talking national socialists. We're talking we're talking Nazis. I mean to go back to the very foundation this. I have a massive problem, the national socialists being assigned to the right- and that is not a american right wing position and point pointed ears like, even with the on both sides issue, it's like, while others, there is violence in the left hand, and we stay. We sought on the right now. I got nothing to do with me, a government to control. Every aspect of your life has nothing to do with my position on anything government that wants to make certain p
move from one area of the country to another, so they can live with the on that with their with their own race has literally, no connection to the American right how that is allowed to stand when come when the Nazis of Germany voted unlocks. There with a communist, because Germany, here's where because here is where the here's, where the conservatives have gone wrong. They'll send conservatives are so I'm just trying to preserve history, and that's that's where seeing a lotta can serve as a year. Take care take down the statue, Robert E Lee, you know I've gang. Can we up the lie about the civil war and I I was gonna, make a lot of people in this country. Mad it's a lie, you been taught a lie: if you'd believe me, go Reed but Confederate constitution. It wasn't about states rights, you, could not be a member of the confederate states.
You didn't want the expansion of of slavery into new confederate states or If you wanted to abolish it in your state,. Had to be about slavery. That's in federal constitution. Everything else Is a lie? That's why that war was about slavery period. Now. I know that makes a lot of people mad because they think It's part of heritage. It is but bad heritage bent a minute listening to the Glen background, men back programme. So we
To have a reasonable and logical discussion about history. You know me when it comes to history. I do not want history erased, I collect the things because I think they're really important the bad parts of our american history for a reason, because There is, if you don't know both sides, then you cannot make a credible. Case if somebody is doing the Raw America's great we ve, never made a mistake, well no credibility as soon as somebody walks into the room and has any evidence of any of the really bad things that, yes, we have done as a nation. But the same can be said If you walk into a room and its Van Jones telling us how evil America is- and I
walk into that room and say of Van sit down he's such a rookie. Look it here's out, let me tell you how bad we ve been. Oh, and let me show you the documentation. Oh, let me show you the act. Twelve pieces used in ass being really really bad has credibility now with the audience Van Jones or me he's talking about I'm showing you oh yeah, now he's data. Even though start even go deep enough. Have the credibility but and as long as I can take that in show you the documents and show you the truth on the Other side you win. If it's true Because you did say I want you to go to your own homework now. Here's the problem anybody who is say? Well, you can take
these statues down. Do you believe that it would be wrong. It, rational and normal to have of a statue of Rommel. In Berlin over the last fifty years, do you think that's You think that's right normal that soon, as the Nazis lost you erect a statue of Rommel. Now I can make a case that you should at the end He did he wanted Hitler dead, wanted to kill Hitler thought Hitler was insane. Trying to get people to kill Hitler and overthrow Hitler, and that's why Hitler had him killed at the very end. But Rommel only one in that to happen, because he thought Hitler was insane. He thought. Hitler wasn't making the right decisions.
He was not a good nazi, but he didn't have a real problem with a lot of the things that aid. Hitler was doing so. Do we lacked if we were german, do we elect to put a statue? Of Rommel up there, ok. A man who, under the statue, the man who lost his life, trying to stop Hitler? Ok, you can make the call is that were showing that here's a guy who's within the ranks but he's not best example, and that's not exactly true the way it happened, because it was only a very, very end. Ok, you have that statue up. There may be The reason why you don't put that there is because Rommel may have been an honourable man until he fought for The Nazis.
A man of that caliber should not have been fighting for that our seas. We, Bedford, forest? You know who he is. Talk to anybody in the south. He was the greatest general in american history, he was. He was a very good general, very good, general man. He fought for the confederacy. He was five in four states right now. He actually wasn't William forest has a very famous sword. Where people from the south, when they see it, they will weep over this sword because he's such a great hero, lowood problem is with that sword. While he was a general, He would take blacks and he, Full lay them and then he would take their skin like a pelt, And have it nailed to Barnes as a warning,
an agent just stood. Two black people he did it to all white people who were helping the black people as well so when his when his troops marched, in the town. They made sure that they, let everybody no here's. What, happens to blacks, who try to escape, and here is what happens to white, who want to help them or the side of the union Army do we have Statues to William Bedford Forest, yes, he was one of the greatest generals. Yes and while he was a general, he was for laying white people and black people was fighting for states It's you ass, he was was an intelligent person. You brandy was so sure he is an intelligent person before he decided to become a traitor to the United States of America. He decided to do that? What without it
information, or do you suppose he actually read the constitution of the confederacy. Have you read it because I have. I went to the Museum of the confederacy. I think it's in Richmond Virginia it's great museum, Great Museum, and I happened to be looking for a constitution, a copy of the confederate constitutional in the Gift but I'm just looking for one of those, you know fake parchment, paper, constitution, things and I couldn't find one Well, I work with a bunch of over achievers, and so one of my over achiever staff, who happened to be with me, went in and found the head of the museum and said hey. Mr back is looking for a copy of the constitution so
So I know I mean the gift shop getting ready to leave and I can't find it and my guises Glenn. I want you to meet so and so that the head of the museum and I'm like oh hi, He said I hear you're looking for the copy of the constitution. I said yes, he said once come with me, so we go. Stairs and we go into the vault, and he Takes out the actual constitution, he'll one for one on Lamb, skin vellum, I mean any original one, the original one any rules it out on the table and he's like what looking for exactly and unlike well. First of all, I was looking for a cheap, copies electronic dollar and had offended and he's like like I do too many like don't go him look and stay. Your time with it. I said: do you want me to wear gloves I Kai wash my hands I mean? Are you really should not? I mean I'm just a machine, here. I read it. Can we point one part out?
Everyone seems to forget about this states. Rights fight you may be talking about article four section, two and three the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of the citizens in the several states and shall have the right of Trans transit. Sojourn in any state of this confederacy with their slaves and other property and the right of Property in said, slow, It shall not be by impaired then in section three in all such territory. The institution of negro slavery, as now exists in the confederate states shall be recognised and protected by Congress and by the territorial government and the inhabitants of the several confederate states and territories, shout
will have the right to take such territory, any slaves lawfully held by them in any states or territories of the confederate states. So not only did it mandate that you must be a slave state to be in the confederacy, but in the future, all of the Future Confederate states would also have to be slave states. In fact, they were a step further They knew that slavery was a diminishing market around the world by this time why they wanted to conquer Cuba and Central and South America. Thank you very much pat thing. For knowing that year, exactly right and they were going to expand it beyond our borders and go In to Latin America so we would have had a brand new mark. The beast on America, so I'm sorry, General Lee was a great guy
it was wonderful and a great general. He chose to fight for slavery period Now maybe your ancestors didn't, maybe your ancestors didn't read the constitution, but the people who are statues today. They all read that constitution. They knew they were not fighting for states rights. They were fighting to not only keep but expand slavery. That's eve it should be called evil period. Place to learn about? These guys is in museums. It's in context. It's like. We can learn about Rommel. Rommel was a great guy. Rommel made huge mistakes by standing with the Nazis and by
time he wanted to get out too late. Should we learn about the whole man Rommel ass. We should should there be statues of Rommel. No, about Lenin, Seattle has a statue of Lenin World that's great Seattle, why what we can see was for the people He also slaughtered people en masse. We have to stop Making heroes out of killers don't call knowing exactly what they're doing killers. We can learn about them in history books and we can learn about them in museums and Seattle? You wanna have a museum, that's all out Lenin, and it talks about all the good
Things Lenin dead, valets. Europe deal on your own. Private property. I guess you can do that I'm gonna make sure that everybody is that was to your museum. I shall do my best to have a museum that tells the truth. The lies in your museum. I'm, not gonna silence. You truth is very powerful. All you have to do who is put people on the track of it. She Them how to find the truth here is what I want you to do. I want you, look up the constitution of the Confederate states. I want you to read that I want you to look about the expansion of slavery. Into Latin America by the call by the confederate states. What were their plans and then come back and try to make the case that it was about states, rights, snow,
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to Robert E Lee. We could do that There are some people that should come down William Bedford Forest is one of them, evil evil man but there are people like Robert E Lee, who I compare to Rommel a good guy just fought for on now. Here's the problem We are talking about going into history and correcting it, which is fine ship be done. But then what do we do? Do we? Do we leave that campaign from our law. Go Woodrow Wilson, Elementary school or we go to the Princeton Woodrow Wilson A study of government well they called administrative staff. These are whatever that is that building up their do? We do we leave that alone. I mean
some of the people who are saying that these statues, need to come down or same that will and Margaret Seigneur and plan parenthood. You A correct history you, how to correct? All of it is going to happen now because the Antiphon movement, isn't as bad as the Nazis communists. Aren't as bad as Nazis, They are, if we To be honest, we can correct this. This is the Glen Back Programme.
America, where an interesting place, the Chinese, but we say, may live in interesting times. Well, we are truly living interesting times We can't seem to condemn evil and we're arguing about the wrong things: where arguing now or people or are finding a way to make? story about a Nazi killing someone this weekend, all about statues. It's not about statues. It's about. People like I have found is actually pretty simple. It's the people that are complex
so let's try to break things down and make it a little more simple to understand, and we do that right now. Fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the gleam programme, the world, the mainstream media. And too far, even the old right organizers would all have you believe what transpired over the weekend was just the most recent battle in an endless war of of Americans between Conservatives and liberals, this is a lie,
And anyone who wants to point that out to you Listening to them, the the country doesn't need more opinion. If really doesn't. It needs more facts. Fine, those people who will tell you the facts and I will be- this up this half hour, but. Let me tell you about a couple of people. Heather hair, She's thirty, two years old, a very I shouldn't person is what her mother told ABC News over the weekend: she, strong beliefs either, as a small child. She was fierce about defending her beliefs
She died on Saturday afternoon, while defending her belief in a senseless act of violence that sent nineteen to the hospital broken and bloodied Her to the grave. Her mother, said Heather's it wasn't about hate. And this young man, the killer, J, Alex fields, Junior. This young man who ran my daughter down mistakenly believed that hate would change the world hate. Doesn't hate harms people. And I don't want any more death brought about. My daughter's death. She said I want peace. I want the peace that she would want. I want change, amen.
I dont believe there is somebody within the sound of my voice that when all said and done if they can find a quiet, moment in their life and let go of the rage that builds in all of us, its natural. The world is being turned inside out an upside down on purpose, it's natural that you feel this. But in a moment of silence, if I could promise you. More of this. And revenge or. This will stop We can live side by side. I believe every one everyone within sound of my voice would pick the second son
James Alex Field. He's a twenty year old boy from Kentucky who, until five or six months ago, had been living with his mom in Ohio. Now his mom learned about the incident for the first time during an interview with the Associated Press, she was here, watching her sons cat at the time. When he decided to ram his car into a crowd of people on Saturday She sounded like a lost child herself. The boy- and I do mean boy that left over EL for Charlottesville last week, one becoming home again. She told the AP she stays out of his political views. She said
Well, I want you to listen to this, listen to exactly what she said and tell me if it isn't really clear, she has no kind. No, she had no idea what kind of poison her son was drinking. I find it failed in his political views. We don't you know, I don't really get to involve day, answers own apartment, serene on what it is tat I mean it. Like I said, I don't really talking about, is a political visa mean so I don't really understand what the rally was about or anything so. Ok, she went on to say that he was involved in the all bright movement. She didn't even know that it was the all right movement, not the old, bright movement parents. Don't let this happen to you.
We need to know what's happening with our kids and and Need to understand that the world has changed overnight. We need now, more than ever, to talk to our kids. We need to know in and make sure the best we can, the kind. Ideas that their allowing to take root in their minds, the store is tat. We tell ourselves are real the only stories that matter. Because, sooner or later we end up acting those stories out better or worse tell yourself you're a miserable human being, and I promise you, you first will be. Miserable human being and then it will grow and you're a miserable human being. That has no reason to live, and you will act on that. Right now we are all acting
on the stories that we believe about ourselves and about others. Today, I just want to talk to you about the story. The old right is telling you it is poisonous It is white nationalism, whites primacy it. National socialism. It is. Garbage and it is poisonous. Why, identity politics. This past weekend was deadly and they will only grow. Have we not learned our lesson we'll all of our treasure? and every four hop of blood draw? by the lash bees spilled out again.
We fought a civil war over this enough is enough. We gotta get back to Sunday School to real principles back to the basics, back to the gods of the copy book headings. That fire will burn and why but her will. Let us all of us created in the image of God. White, brown, yellow red, all of us all of us, and we are all needed. There is nothing. There is I think that separates us, except our mind, set we all children of God. We all.
Generally speaking, want peace. Want to live with. People leaving us alone. To raise our children. We have to begin to honour that piece of divinity in ourselves and then in each other. Stop embarrassing and debasing yourself in your family by being by being sucked in and buying, or using the lie that way. Race is somehow more meaningful, then just a color. The only race we need to claim is the human race, because it's not white race that is on the verge of x.
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you know what they're doing you ve seen the success stories give him a call, eight hundred, seven o six, thirty eleven, eight hundred seven, o six, thirty, eleven, eight hundred seven o six; thirty eleven optimum tax relief. Nuclear programme, We are working up on the seventh anniversary of their restoring honour event in Washington DC seven years, seem like a million years. The skirt I mean the seven years doesn't seem long enough and you know the fight expose the Muslim Brotherhood. They'll seem like the queen good old days. What's going on here, ITALY Harrison here is one thing that I I I I seeing anywhere in the news- and I I want you to be able to teach this to your kids today.
Because the mainstream media and too far, all right, organizers, they're, all gonna. Have you believe that this is just the battle between conservatives and liberals, the ongoing battle. And we know we're tired of as conservatives, we're tired of those liberals I'm a change history, no, Both sides are being used, both sides Its are being used. Hashtag resurrect national socialism. Is what the hashtag should have been for this peaceful protest? Not hashtag unite the right You are being used, your being played, and no one has the balls to tell you remember now Cs Neo Nazi fascism is a form of
right wing collectivism right wing progressive ism. It has more in common philosophic We too left wing collectivism, Marxism, utopian socialism than it has anything to do with conservative principles, the enemy of Progressive ISM, the enemy of collectivism, Guard lists. If it comes from the left or the right liberal capitalism. Which is why I I've been trying so hard to unite people who are, we'll have reason as the enemy of Anti far and the enemy of the White Supremacist Nazis,. Are those people who believe in a free market system that believe in
classical liberalism. Whenever violence originates from the collectivist lest the left ban to farm certain factions. Of being a lamb or the collect. This right. Why Nationalists, national socialists. The lovers of liberty, the lover of class. To call liberalism the love, of the constitution. Should have zero issue standing together too. Denounce these senseless attacks, There are inspired by stupid, failed. I galaxies period. What stops us from doing it. Is what about ISM. Yeah they're, wrong what about try.
To change our history. You know who you sound like yourself: an awful lot like. The Muslims that don't stand up against islamic terror. I disagree with our tactics by no no We have wanted from them a full throated. Distancing and excoriated of those views now, it's not that I just disagree with their tactics. I Disagree with their philosophy. If I may, a Muslim radical Islamists have nothing to do with me because they want a state controlled is Lama rule. They want to stay,
it to be controlled by Allah and the mullahs? So it's it's but I see their point of what's going on in the Middle EAST. I dont see their point because the objective is different, but people get roped into it. Because they're very good saying it will worldly doing this because were oppressed, and that is After all, the buzz word of this generation everybody's oppressed. You may be so oppressed. You don't even know your oppressed I'll. Get you into a college class to show you the oppression that you're under you're, not only the oppressed yours Vince. Who oppressed by the oppressor you don't know you're oppressed and they also don't know that the break? It do you
you're the oppressor as well. All this gobbledygook is making us forget the truth. The far right and the far left want the state to make all of the decisions They want the state to control how your money is spent. What you say, what you do, How you act, who you marry, whether that you're not Marrying gay person or. Our marrying. A gay person to you're not marrying a person of another color. They all want to control who you love, how you act, what you do, how much money, because they're all about collect
if ISM national Socialists, that's the actual name of the party for the Nazis, national socialists nationalism, populism, socialism, evil. International com ism evil. Why? Because they both will force there viewpoint on the population through democracy or revolution, they prefer a democratic revolution. Prefer that that revolution happens at the ballot box, but you can't get a hundred per cent of any society to agree with you, and so they are
continue to demonize those who are standing against this great national socialist movement or this great. Socialist movement whatever. It is either direction. It's all over Control- and so they have taken- can you to divide pit against and eventually shop or shoot the other side back programmes. Paragraph eight, eight, eight, seventy seven back I'm lose on Friday. We had Russell crews and on his son, is Bobby. Bobby is a newborn lesson. A year old, who has been diagnosed with the same, disease, that I'll shoot
freedom is Charlie Guard had over in England where we first had him on. We just talked about family is and everything was going. Fine insurance was fine. Last week we found out that their insurance company is not going to cover a doctor's appointment or were allowed them to go out of state, because you ve, gotta, geneticist, well, know the gin and assist in the states, says that I'm not an x, Bert in this there's one guy. That is an expert and the baby needs to see an expert. This isn't like you know this, this be solved in a dark in the box. We need specialist on this. So. We found out that they were trying to get an appointment at the end of the day, who I think of the fund, is there that we started in the morning was up to forty thousand dollars, end
and we were also looking for information about the insurance company on what the insurance company was going to do, whether they would reconsider. I got this note, Glenn Thursday after we got off the phone, Priority Health called me. And said that it was indeed denied their case. But I needed to file an appeal as fast as possible: He then said that the their facebook was blowing up with all kinds of comments The file, the appeal, but E mail server was down. Perhaps from all of the emails and comments from your awesome supporters. They then called me this morning. I think this is Friday and said: don't worry about the appeal right now. The man a director is now handling our case and is going to talk to our geneticists geneticist they're trying to see if they can get this approval done for us thanks so much for all the help for
your listeners, we'd be law, Asked without you guys Russell welcome to the programme I have a good what a roller coaster. This is so ok, so tell us what has happened so I really want to provide a free commercial ff priority health, you know and and people call in like you, who have had no problems where they ve solved it are they going to solve this problem. Do you think. I'm really hoping they do it sound like every Thursday. This outbreak, they started back telling a lot, They're like govern all the negativity that they were getting them everything they don't tell me come, when they will have an answer for me, and they did talk to argue and the one we're trying to go see great
well here's. What we'd like to do, and you can you can offer this you know when they decide that they are going to have you no show the cargo cover Bobby and and and make sure that he can go to a geneticists in the insurance company recognizes the course that you know that dont know more than the actual experts in the field that their there to cover and right checks, not to make diagnosis or or healthcare calls, I'd love to have what little their representative on to be able to give them the accolades of and point out that this is an insurance company that You know that has a heart and is doing that and if they It was not to cover You know they said by Wednesday. Let's stay in touch, when they come back, if they choose not to cover I'd also like to give them free advertisement will pick a day and I just want to hear from from just those people who have filed
You know four things and then had priority, but does it priority health you're a better had priority health turn them down. Incorrect, I'm sure they I'm sure, there's tons of stories where the filed and it was everything went, find it. It was all corrected, so whatever your story is with priority. Health I'm gonna give you an opportunity to have a nation wide audience and will dedicate the entire show two priority health too, to show I'll have the listeners in the people who actually have priority health, plain what a wonderful health care, company and provider this provider is everything else, good. Russia, everything else will go and great good. You have Do you have the appointments at the halfway through Org Twenty four: they have agreed to. Let us pay out of pocket. What will be
done now, with all the support that we got from everybody will show. What is, Sit up to now, do you know seven thousand dollar seventy seven thousand dollars. Well, that's good! All right! Thank you! So much I appreciate it will just keep in touch with me. And and let's make sure that one way or another, Everyone knows exactly how Oh great priority health is found, Thank you very much you're welcome. Thank you. We just use tar power for good as opposed to email. What we could accomplish until I tell myself looking here at priority health dot com You know what you can write to them. You know in their face page. They love it. You're, optimistic, though, on the way they're gonna handle. That's right, I am well who, wouldn't I mean? Surely there can't be too many stories? The priority health customers,
but things have gone bad right. There can't be what I want. I mean nobody's perfect, maybe there's one or two, but I'm if we open up the phones on Thursday to find out more, you know, We hear a couple of story randomly won't find out if any they inevitably are a grave company, but maybe this is the only snafu right, but I guess what I want to open it up. I want to hear from those people that have said they will tell us pay. I had this with priority health and everything was covered and we gotta covered in time, and there was no problems and they wrote the check and and there the greatest company of all time. So that's exactly what I said, but that is exactly what I expect to hear too so will open that up for the people who actually the probably very low premium and very low deductible as well for priority health? You may anxious
advertise for them and clear. That's the only time. We would only knew that if, if we had an indication or a concern that this was of more free when occurrence, if they had, if they are able to handle this claim the way than theirs Still I mean there's. No. We have to talk about that too. I'd be happy to have, I see yo on. You could tell us anything in terms of how they and I thank her sincerely thank them for taking Look at it. Obviously, mistakes happened right. You know May I ask why they haven't appeals process right, exactly rain, exactly right wish I didn't take of. Huge radio shoulder either way, it should be funded. For them and it's gonna be a funding for them. Yeah yeah one day, perhaps one one way, perhaps a little more fun then the other perhaps perhaps when will you say so, ok ok. So, let's take a look at a signal,
A couple of things: first of all, Marco Rubio, they have issued death order against Marco Rubio in in Venezuela. So he prohibition traveled to Venezuela, as it is oh inclined to do on or a year as well are these? Are they alleging that debts? That also applies to hear, like others people after they. They they some death threat. It's like one of the leading politicians and the country is in order to have senator I'm quoting an order to have Senator Rubio assassinated, although it Also warrant. No specific information regarding an assassination plot against Rubio has been Gammarus, o garnered? I'm thank glasses. I need to get points your glasses gammarus, I'm like a hammered. What the hell is, that
Tommy, you again, I had so far gathered garnered so far. He is, then, this lawmakers, Benny, vocal Rubio critic in well a media, and it was also noted the ebbs Leah assign federal authorities. Two to look into this according to the memo, is going too far to contact unspecified mexican nationals in connection Plan to harm Rubio, this is our weird Well, the good thing is that The thing is, we know where every mexican national is in this country does not have a problem with bad guys just coming across our borders measuring wrong, and the son of the venezuelan President be reported said he wanted to seize the White House with rifles. If president drop us as the: U S military to his nation yeah, we love
we talk about that part of a tool which is that Trump kept open the possibility of a myth Terry solution in Venezuela, which is Then we had I really discuss. We should make the announcement that were opened. A military solutions in every area network, world the clear lenders any died. We just may come in and kick your ass we seriously just for they had don't we just due to over the one. Why don't we we're inside me we're in such good health Marcel right there that we show these stupid people around the world. How easy it is you are is right, I mean an artist- has set down there completely unguarded. We can take that, like today,
he's got out like there's an entire could be ours today, there's like twelve scientists. They too have to be everything we get annul neutral. How do we do July's and those damn penguins man? They look you everything they will pack your eyes out, possibly especially because their much more with their much more agile underwater. So if you swimming. You, our real danger point they cast Rachel and they walk around the earth at your junk on their feet. All the ice shelf do has a real thing has been reared real. We hear that camera like their eggs. For John Kennedy, sign on the feet that science and science- You will see that after another National geographic, gentlemen, I mean don't now. You rabbits knew that here we have that here the place where we question everything, I'm like reverential access and use its question, even more Niger. Let me questioning so Michael Rubio, as it might be assassinated, which there was now so that we get there, we started that break
Marco Rubio, as has the nation threat, ended up with penguins with junk on their feet that nobody was lying on. There is something else that is really kind of interesting: the military. Come out and said we don't agree with President Trump and his sir- his ban on trends. Brands. And people because we need all the help we can get when we invade every country on earth and so we're gonna need transgendered with right, right, bright area, It does seem that quality is the top members of the military or openly opposing it, and you know I I was under the impression that Trump got from them, that it's not good for the military, but if the top military people don't have a problem with it. Do you Besides, I don't lose all evening. I believe everything I worry about is when you get high up in the ranks, you become a politician. So
Are these top I'd like to know who the target? If we are not playing politics, you would has long as they're, not playing politics. If the military says it's not a problem, what are we doing? Why would you? Why would you try to force this all right? It's, let the military do what the military does no social experiments there. That's train them to kill people and then, when they come back, let's help them reintegrate, I kinda society. What do you say? We do that. That seems easy plan seems like the ideal way to treat the military, but why would you do that? spontaneous half hour is simply safe door. Miss out on the offer right now. Leave your home this summer feeling secure. Hundred dollars off of simply save special summer package. Right now has everything you need to keep your home safe from intruders, so
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There will be a run off if somebody doesn't get at least fifty percent Mo Brooks is a: U S, representative from Alabama. He is Trying to win the seat vacated by Jeff sessions, he has What is it a ninety seven, ninety plus range and the freedom more scoreboard? I mean he is he also as one of my favorite moments I, on broadcast television, we were looking at going reverting into a depression at that point everyone Germany that we're we're going into a depression, but we do have a degree in economics, yes, I do high astonished at this very moment. I know the answer to the question before you ask it to me. Just when this election based just love it. I just love that so anyway really nasty. Then here's what I, if you ve, got a couple,
of people that are running against him. In this you have Judge Roy more an Luther, strange who is in the seat currently and Tromp is coming in, and just kind of muddying things because sees paying past bills, Who knows what happens tomorrow, but more Brooks a really good guy. We want to introduce you to him and find out what he thinks about, not only the race, the country where we're headed as conservatives, especially after this weekend, programmes, I love blew over and above our food and blue apron,
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hello America what to talk about what happened with a white nationalist of the Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into this. I don't know how much there is to invest in K. Will there Nazis and they killed somebody, but did the president go far enough? Was his statement also true, what role the we play in this one. The future of a small government constitutionally minded people. Those that even exist.
Works as a congressmen who is running now for the Senate and the election is happening to Morrow he's a congressmen from Alabama he's running for the seat vacated by Jeff sessions,
and there is an interesting race going on in a battle inside this conservative movement. The election is tomorrow, more Brooks joins us right now, fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened, and these things the Glen welcome congressmen mobile sour, you, Sir, right going about yourself did a very good. As you probably know, you have our favorite clip of anyone ever on MSNBC when you were trying to explain
of the economic crisis we were in, and this is what happened. We weren't looking at going reverting into depression at that point everywhere Germany that we were going into a depression, but we do have a degree and economics. Yes MA am. I do highest honours lump of gay, so you did tell us well that was satisfying. Wasn't it that that moment was just like you feel good. Bearing in mind that I just so much first of all your thoughts of what happened over the weekend in Virginia, It's very disheartening that there are still people out there who judge other people based on inherent qualities it those people have no control over the skin pigmentation. Not a basis for defining who we are ass, this city, not a basis for defining who we are such is not a basis for
defining earlier. We should all be judged based on our conduct, and how we interact with other people? Unfortunately, there are still people in our society size of offence that look at skin pigmentation. Action is necessary when, though, should not be factors of concern. You reject outright widened. Nationalism. In the end, the National Socialist Nazi movement. I don't agree with socialism. I don't agree with Nazis. I dont Agree with any group that says that your skin thing station alone makes you superior to another group that silly I mean skin pigmentation skin pigmentation you, I've got freckles Does that make me good or bad, because I've got freckles? That's a former skin pigmentation is too absurd, and so yes, I agree, disagree. I disagree with anybody. Anybody who tries to find somebody else based on characteristics if they were born, lit,
that is not what defines a human being are you, are you were a congress Who, in twenty sixteen endorsed TED crews, I was a member state chairman, and I was one of those national spokesmen forest campaigning. So yes, diesel now Here comes this opening in Vienna the Senate and you want to run for it, you're a great conservative, small government guy, and the present a couple of weeks ago, viewers, and for an interview with Last week, President Trump endorse your opponent Luther strange any idea why that happened. It's baffling to me Luther strangers, I decades long Washington DC lobbyists We all know when President drop declared that he was going to Washington.
During the swamp. The swamp was gonna fight back and let their strange is the swamps candidate. So to me there seems to be a conflict between drain the swamp, and endorsing the swamps candidate. On the one hand, And, on the other hand, the present most recently words rightfully so complaining about that's my girl, the do nothing Senate and the sixty vote rule that prevents us from passing our agenda, and I agree with the president in that regard. Yet he endorses the person who supports the sixty vote. Rule that kills present trumps agenda of the next round you're. So yes, I am puzzled by it. I don't know who gave present trumpets bad advice, probably Mitch Mcconnell. I do know the president spread rather thin he's got a lot of different issues. You gotta focus on whoever it is that lead you to endorse loop of strange, let him astray,
you go in. Who do you caucus with a republican song caucus? What publicans in the United States Senate. I do prefer a different leader, noted We're gonna, make me a nice guy. I really don't know that. Well personally, but his job is to get through the United States Senate repeal of Obamacare his job is to get many states, Senate funding for the border wall and stronger border security measures. His job is to get the United States Senate tax reform. His job is to do what must be done to get our deficit and debt under control and, quite frankly, he has failed miserably on each of them, It's different public policy issues so time for somebody new someone it perhaps and get the job done. Someone more grasp more conservative somebody is able to persuade a mature, United States Senate to do in our country needs doing otherwise. It's gonna be a wasted opportunity when,
that's having the house, the Senate in the White House. I've never seen anything like this in my lifetime, where they have more opportunity and a president who is providing total coverage for the Congress, justice just a snow plow through stuff I don't get it either. Baffling to me, it's puzzling to me, we have once again What time opportunity to reverse Obamacare a once in a lifetime opportunity to try to get our deficit and debt under control before we suffered debilitating it. I haven't seen bankruptcy, limited great damage to a country that our ancestors two centuries to build once in a lifetime opportunity to secure our southern borders. Go down the list of things the two and two thousand and twenty it in a focused on it. You helped build up the tea party. But that gave us the House of Representatives and twenty two where we gain fifty three seats. If my memory serves me correctly, this is our chance and to date, over seven months of President trumps presidency, we have had zero zero significant
legislative achievements that pertaining to the major issues that face our country, the issues that I just itemised and ass because the sixty were ruled in other states and it hasn't power structure, the Democrats to control our agenda and ass, just crazy in it. You got a choice, it support and archaic rule that was born in the early eighties hunters, while those still slavery or you can go with america- and I choose america- the target and congressmen Mo Brooks who is running tomorrow, the election in Alabama running for Jeff Sessions, Senate speech or a Senate seat. Let's talk little bit about North Korea? What do you think is where we headed with this smell. I believe that you're gonna see a relationship between the United States in North Korea kinda, while we saw with China under may I say tongue and this
the union under Joseph Stalin and all his successors, in my judgment, the mutually assured destruction doctrine will work to deter North Korea from ever launching a first strike. There are states America, because it first strike by North Korea against America results in a retaliatory new we strike by the United States. They would turn or create a sea of glass and every single nor pray and later would be dead. The north korean leadership acts crazy, but I don't think they act crazy in order to achieve a smart purpose. I dont believe that they want to commit suicide, though, that mutual destruction doctrine ought to work with them to provide I first right from ever being launched by either party, just as it is worth noting. So you know Russia and China over the decades. However, to be on the safe side, we need to bolster our radar systems and our intercept assistance. So we can
down any little that may come from ordinary. Having said all that, we must not be distracted from the bigger threat. The bigger threat is ran around mutually assured destruction, document may not work because of their religious beliefs or they believe that guy up. Their own life in furtherance of ours will is worthwhile and if a ran use nuclear weapons with missile delivery systems that can knock out what around cause the little Satan Israel and knock out the night dates. America, even if it means a total, incomplete annihilation of Orient, so he's a rainy leaders may do it as a matter of religious belief, and so I would tend to just a little bit more ran a threat that they pose, given that Barack Obama has Howard around to get nuclear weapons and the delivery system some time within the next ten to fifteen years old. Do you have any insight at all on why President Trump Ray? an on going to tear up that a rainy and deal and then the has now
I said no, no. We can't do that deserve do you have any inside any in any feelings on that MO Baffled again, once you make again I promise I am one of those who believe you ought to keep it and I do not understand why the president may I say one thing on this particular issue, dealing with IRAN's nuclear agreement while he was a candidate and are fulfilling it, whatever its campaign, promise may have been during the campaign. That's that's kinda, repeal Obamacare we promised to American for that we will repeal Obamacare. Apparently, there are a lot of people in the United States and the House of Representatives that didn't really intend to keep that promise. An american people need to hold their feet. The fire to ensure that we deliver on the promises. Repeal Obamacare, you can't go through the motions and say why try that way and as soon as you have tremendous power to force, things to happen then
We don't have enough people United States in right now fighting hard to force the repeal of Obamacare toys. Sky stop going on? It stood a real fighters to achieve our goals talking to you S, congressmen from Alabama Mo Brooks, who is running for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff sessions that elect happens tomorrow MO what happens to thee? the conservative movement or the Republican Party should voices like yours be brushed out. And lost. An airline voices and voices like Mitch, Mcconnell and Paul Ryan or even worse, the steep bands of the world are held up. I went to flip it a little bit Talk about what happens if we prevail. If we get a prince,
conservative in United States, Senate and air than aside. If anyone whilst help please go to mobilise for Senate Dotcom Mailbox percent about com, but if we, unable to prevail. That is a huge message to the established nl- be shivering in the boots. Ok, this sixty percent rule that blocks us from repealed. I'm a care from funding the border wall from dealing with deficits and debt from giving getting rid of oddities give away programmes that have caused to no longer respect the work ethic and that encourage the break up of families and Thank you, gotta wedlock. As you get more money that way, we can make huge strides if we win, if you like, oh Brooks from a state of Alabama in this election because it sends a mattress damage. Macao that you'd better get on the ball, and you better start working and this resource
this may case and that the Senate his own right now they should get back to work and continued to confirm every single one of president trumps nominees to various positions. They need to get back to work on repeal of Obamacare. They also need to start thinking about loosen leadership, because it will be it. Oil embarrassment for Ms Mcdonald after Spain, five to ten million dollars and attack as against Mo Brooks and against the judge. Why, more than their hand picked establishment. In a little strange does not win, so we can send a cute positive message to the United States Senate and Washington D C. That is true. For a change were not satisfied with a new, not instead, it were not so it's fine with allowing Chuck Schuman, the democratically obstructionist, because we let them that's the message we have to win this race tomorrow, then that message is to wash in DC. Then they like keeping their jobs they might
I work in their Holbrooke's, Brooks for Senate Mo M O Brooks for Senate dot com is where you can go and get more information and help out and get to the poles if you're in Alabama, if you like, Put your heard, those that that those poles open to morrow- and If somebody doesn't get fifty percent, there will be a run off mobile. Four Senate, dotcom mole. Thank you so much best of luck to you and serve. Thank you for the years of good service in Congress, and we hope that land and thank you for all your out. There these appreciate it swans This half hour is gold line. Have you seen the price of Bitcoin lately anybody seen a set up to today yesterday was up Two hundred and forty one hundred of a bucks now to arrest four thousand three hundred and two four thousand three hundred and two. So it's got a two hundred dollars in the last twenty four hours
six dollars and less twelve hours Don fairly well recent lower? What was it last week? a week ago, it's up nine hundred and forty six dollars and out aid. Unless we now ok, but that's gotta, the good thing about it, is it's going to last forever taken here You going up, there's gotta, be down, there's no problem and the Good NEWS is it has intrinsic value. I mean you can take that bitcoin. You know from the cyber was base your hands and ones and zeros, and you yourself from all over your face great face created, and we really do something. I think big Goin is now acting the way gold use to the government has so suppress the price of gold that they are trying to show if gold were acting like Bitcoin is acting right now it would show and cause a lot a great deal of panic in the markets as suppose to shows
something is really wrong, but governments around the world have done everything they can to suppress the price of gold. Now, here's a good news old in the end is still worse gold, the price of gold, its Oh no, it's hung around brought Ireland Bitcoin and say that yeah yeah and you don't keep it on several servers in in aerospace. You can actually hold this having. Currency is bad. While papers is only worth the money is printed on bid calling. Printed on anything, there's, no actual mining of anything I want you to please be aware of the financial trouble that we are still encouraging to come out way because of the policies in Washington DC. And then do your homework and find out if go, Her silver is right for you here is one thing that nobody else Bitcoin. Isn't you not pointed up
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Rating with a better business bureau and ask about the fresh start programme with a chance to sell your back taxes for pennies on the dollar. These guys Oh, what they're doing you ve seen the success stories? Give him a call. Eight hundred Evan, o six thirty eleven eight hundred, seven hundred and six three thousand and eleven eight hundred seven hundred and six three thousand and eleven Optima Tax relief, Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy eight, the Glenn Beck Program- welcome to the program so glad that you are here. Thank you, much for listening North Korea. The rats towards the. U S The president has come out and continued his these statements. I am. I am really in this place and I dont know which it's going to be I'm really in this place that Donald Trump on this issue is going to be remembered as Ronald Reagan or possibly several Chamberlain Nowhere in between
he's going to be remembered as the guy who was brave enough to say the hard things that made them crack and buckle under or he's gonna, be the guy who said some things, and then we were just steamer old army market. We steamer right! Mr President, I will say any I take. Any kind of nuclear launch is a steamroller even one we may win, but that it doesn't fit the psychological and only the worrying, forever changing the world forever. I know stuff you're using autumn unless you have talked at all about the murder of Stacy Ruffin and you know it's one of these stories where you don't know who, like they're, trying to figure out who's to blame is it the fiance? Is the boy friend? Is it family member, but is it you and I hit I hate to say this. I'm hoping I'm being set up here in good way and I'm not alone. I have no idea who stacy roughness
This means that we need to have a value by states and when she was murdered and twenty sixteen by you Only the CNN, who waited why what killed Stacy Roughen she drowned in the two thousand sixteen flood in Louisiana that was made more likely by climate change. Are we to blame for death? I don't know. Maybe we are. That's our investigate that your gully will get into that also Tampa Bay. Your next on the list, because your sea level has risen- and you know it you're the now light. Our because of climate change boys is the Glen back. Programmes were curious. This is the Glen Bag programme. It's not gonna, go well for President Trump.
Merk C, O Kenneth Frazier has just resigned from the President's American Manufacturing Council over President trumps unwillingness to condemn all right racism by name on Saturday, for the violence and Charlottesville culminate in terrorist attack by a white supremacist I mean Erica is very clear on Nazis, I feel like it solves like coca. Colors is America against the Nazis. Thence nineteen forty one part of our history. I would say I would say it say it was pretty problem pretty prominent, I mean how we don't come out and call them by name it's not controversial with anyone other than nazis, He is here The only black member of the council and here just issued this statement. I am resign,
from the President's council on american manufacturing. More countries. Strength stretch stems from its diversity and its contributions made by men and women of different faiths, races, Sexual orientations and political beliefs- because leaders must honour our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy which counter to the american ideal that all people are created equal also as ceo of Merk and as a matter of personal conscience. I feel responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism. Ok, let's not engage in what about ism here. But what about because. What about the lamb? What about and too far and everything else is he consistent on that I don't know I'm assuming he is. I hope he is because
That's the only way you have any credibility laughed and believe me in the end. In the end,. We are going to be left with nothing, we're going home and crossing the other side with nothing, but our credibility? That's it and that's all that will matter. We're going to need that credibility soon as there's nothing credible anymore. So. I am hoping that he is consistent about be lamb and anyone else. That is on the other side Link for violence and extremism because of whatever the reason now here's where it's gonna get ugly president trumped just tweeted Now that can Frazier of Merk Farmer has resigned from President's Manufacturing council.
He'll have more time to lower rip off drug prices, so the president couldn't take the time to specifically say Nazi Supremacists are bad. But he can take the time to come out and say that Turkey is running rip off drug prices. I mean The guy you just said was one of the best people in the world. One of the best this ban, my honourable and everything else now. Here in a minute he disagrees with you. You MT with that, I mean it's crazy. What's going on, I mean it goes to a strengths and weaknesses as a precedent, he's good at attacking his enemies right here never going to be good in the the comment
after the tragedy moment, he's never going to be eliminated, but no no you're going out in one of those out of it or have to be a statesman on this. When you don't have to be a statement on this one, this the carbon to this common enemy. This is now a hard one thing right carrying nazi flags rights or really I mean that's about as basic as you can get sick the guy over there, which won the guy with the Hitler mustache in the Nazi flag, given the Zig Kyle Salute yeah. What do you know him easy? It's really easy answer. Fair were cut. That is about air point I had. I would agree with it right, but I mean look at it again. If you look at the actual text of what he said, there's no He said that was wrong. It's all. I said the Nazis were the good guys know, but you didn't say that he said all violence up on all sides is bad and that's true and its as absolutely change, and we should pause for a moment and a note that that's true because we are today on. The two the anniversary of Bernie Sanders campaign worker going
charity softball practice and attempting to assassinate ten percent of the electorate you'll be members in Washington. This is not enough Argument about whether there is violence on both sides, you can say a fairly that maybe isn't the guy to present that the president it might not be the guy two percent that point. It might not be the time to present that point, but those are the exact things that Donald Trump doesn't embrace those types of traditions he doesn't care about the middle so to act as if we all thought he was having come out with his magical, uniting statement after suddenly. This, I don't think is, is is inappropriate, expert station for some guy, like look Donald Trump he's not the sort of stuff he's good at attacking some guys are just was disloyal to him and left is, is council and he's got Did there and he's gonna be more passionate about bad is more passionately? Is today's Mozilla ballistic? This rule was successor more. Passionate about a guy
who leaves his council then a A nazi kill a woman in this treats and. We can read twitter and seeing that everyone saying present not going to say anything because he backs these people up he's more. Passionate about the Murk guy, then just wouldn't and then coming on saying by the way. I got nothing to do with these guys, their bad guys just on the Stanley Survival instincts that he has he's being labelled and I think wrongly so, a right, a white supremacy. Guy Andy and not see sympathiser. He's a nazi sympathiser, I think his p
but like Bannon, have tied him to anybody. Just keep it quiet, keep it I'm guessing what don't know. Maybe he is maybe it isn't using them as useful idiots idle. Tromp has anything to do with that. I don't think Trump has any idea what the What the all right even is. However, if being tied, the white supremacist, and I see a white supremacist go out kill. Somebody make sure you condemn inherent eminent strongest, strongest possible terms, and he just for survival right. The issue with I think he was condemning it. Obviously he doesn't want people killed and you just I don't think he thinks Nazis protests against reader. Good people? I don't you think murderers are good people. I know what he says that there is a vulnerability, an end rightfully so, by the way he sees the press is going to make it out like People on my side are killing people and we need to make sure they know that it's on both sides. I need to say today that I need to say that any said Anne
by the way on the other side of this point to a lot of people leads bless his heart for doing at least he stood up and thank him and ensuring that there is violence and either side. At the same point, the meaning, is the same way. They only saw this story through the Trump statement Prism. What how does tat down trumpery activists? They didn't barely even saw this as an actual event they make. They saw this as a secondary thing, the actual death of this point well. Rather, it is about whether or not our internal reform at time. What whether was, how do we wrecked trump? How we're trump do on this, because there's an obsession with this man and by by both the media and by Donald Trump himself. I agree there, both obsessed with Donald Trump, and they see their weight of zero Ewing historian ones. My question is: this is really kind of where I started and never got to pay so who say we he's never gonna. We gotta that I got that. I got there Is there no one around him,
Is there no one around him that says Mister Present say what ever you want everyone, but you must say this young lady. I think he disregards them I mean, if you think, of the languages he just thinking. It was better than they do. Did you had the my pen statement have handier think was email to you. If you don't have any quickly happy, but I mean pence came out and did what you would expect out of the present. Right. He came up with a very strongly word. He was specific about who the who the enemy was. He was he. It is true. I mean like there's nothing. Not demeaning your own side of your own point or anything valid about yourself. By saying these people are the worst people on earth. They are their terrible. You You want a separate yourself from them. This is what he said. These dangerous fringe groups have no place. In american public life and in the american debate, and we condemn in the strongest possible terms. That's all you have to do it we actually set right. Another point: there can only mentioned the specific groups as well: white Supremacist, NEO
seize the KKK it and you know that's what we should have done and it would have. Probably would have alleviated this controversy, but all the media would have found another country or, as I wish to say, that it is not just the media. I mean David, do in all of those guys Spencer on a few of you want, saw anything that they were tweeting, meaning they were saying, but they used his lack of yeah. They, like they loved that and said see he's with us, so the all right is, is latching onto his silence and hurting him as what they're giving that fuel to the press, however, had he done that the day dose of the world would have said. Well, he has to say that, yes, I know but at least you had him on record it You had him on record and this is not a. I dont think that it is a racist. I don't think that the President
you know is clearly not for not seas. I never thought so either. I just don't believe any of that leave yeah. So it's not a convert to come commentary on that. It is. For a guy who see was to know how to speak to people, connect with crowds, he is absolutely and totally tone deaf when it Comes to himself and how is being positioned. As the old the new leader of the piano somewhere he's got that that fraud outfit in his closet. You watch he's gonna, put on the giant frog head areas, Come out, he told himself as essentially the greater communicator right. What it was. A David friendship, David, French quote, handy by any chance knows the buzzwords you know regimental doubt had angry belly words. You know him
silence to these groups is, is Intentional is very vague. His vague treatment of these particular groups- it is hard to. Imagine he's not doing it for some real reason, and it might just be that the fuel Between his movement has is similar character. Six, maybe some shared interests and which is bad. It's not good, but I mean maybe he's just of wording. It. Because of those reasons, the steep ban in both the just came out devils bargain, I would say, presented him. In that light it was not that Steve Ban in his some fan of the writer thinks that way. Even he just wants evil. He knew how to wrangle. The energy behind it, and in here he really valued the energy from his life, be no one in, underground. Video game will currency. Reading and all the weird stuff he did before. He became absorbed politically promise. He was in those words and recognise the power of those groups, really passionate groups that feel underserved.
And it could very well be that that's how he comes to this is still not comforting, though I have to say it's got nothing to do with who I am. It's got nothing to do with any one that I know He's been on the right this whole time that these people in a wood Dwight shrewd from the office. Not assistant regional manager. He was assistant to the regional manager in and in the same way here. The outright is not an alternative right. It's an alternative to the right. It is not the same thing has nothing to do with what we ve stood for this entire time, think of the size of government needed to implement the policy. These people want, as nothing to do with what we ve talked about for decades, but and all of a sudden, this is assigned to Us- and I am not willing to accept it- David French, wrote up is very very specific when he wants to condemn someone asked the cons. Ask call me: ask: is Agee. His vagueness has a purpose.
I hope that's not true, but you know. I see this example today, the guy from work. He resigns- within minutes he's I'm the AIDS visceral where's, the vis or reaction from the President on- why? Nationalist The and the Nazi party he knew to have a visceral moment. Now is Fourteen million small businesses in the U S, victims of cyber attacks last year, yet a recent survey shows that only two percent of owners are concerned about information security. That's not good hacker! target small businesses, because I know you're not spending any time we went honestly, you don't have that. You don't have the time you don't you think you don't have the money to to deal with it, somebody's identity is stolen every two seconds and life luck. Is there too detect a wide range of identity threats. There's a problem. Identity, restoration, specialist Bay,
here in the! U S is gonna work to fix it, nobody can prevent identity theft, sir monitor all transactions and all businesses, but right now, if you join, you get it fifteen percent discount off of the first year of your life, lock membership, call one eight hundred lifelong or visit life locked outcome used a promo code back fifteen. That's back fifteen you'll say fifteen percent of the first year of your membership life locked out come off friends August twenty seven, twenty seventh terms and conditions do apply. It one, eight hundred lifelong promo code back fifteen. This is the glad that programme carry. The hypocrisy is just crazy. Our former attorney general has just tweeted is great.
If ISIS Rambler car into a crowd. This would be labelled quickly and logically demand. Terrorism to the next tweet on his account? Maybe you should set this one out. Mr workplace. Violence. Disappoint comes up every time is money is its actual. Anyone in this room have we have a problem with calling this guy a territory where we are not only not at all. There's no argument here. No one is saying that it is not. Terrorism is terrorism, just as bad as is, if it nice member would have done it absolutely that's actually was happy. I saw quick headline I was out, and so quick headline saw that a card pull through, and I thought somebody head you know: you're. Here we go the nicest guy doing it, time in America, nope it's in America's, it's a Nazi, it's a killer! Still terrorist! That's tactic has been used many times by. I guess you're right, but I mean it's still. A terrorist attack know it's like this defence, The mechanism of the left to say how come you will call this terrorist. What are Muslims? Did it you're gonna terrorist terrorism on both.
Can you come with us and called terrorism when Muslims who are now? What would be the same page for that one, because he's saying old, be appropriately charged by that more named by terrorism. India was ISIS, but I'm really worry it. Where were you calling you called it workplace violence? You won't even call it. Islamic extremism as a whole, unbelievable sought Reasonable period hey. Will that felt good? How its resolve the world's problems? We medea feel good. We got it off my chest. And now we can just hang out for another twenty one hours until we're all pissed off beyond imagination about something new that is yet to happen. Today. This house back programme.
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