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8/17/17 - America at a crossroads (Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn )

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America at a crossroads ...Teach America's bad history to your children along with the good history ...Progressive movement in the early 20th century caused the troubles we're facing today ...Confederate memorials that SHOULD be removed? ...Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn to offer his thoughts on Charlottesville, the aftermath and the state of Donald Trump's presidency ...So many leftists, so many chants ...Pat's having trouble with the audio vault today ...Why Jews didn't get sick during the time of the 'black plague. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Hello. America, welcome to the Glenn Beck program Well, it didn't take long, but they are now calling for the removal of George Washington's name on all parks in Chicago and to remove the George Washington Statue is this. Cargo. So what a surprise that a pastor in the town that gave birth to Jeremiah Wright might feel this way We are at a crossroads in America and we have to decide who we are, but we believe and what the course of action that we need to take
We're going to begin their right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the yesterday. I started this program with much many of the same words that I will start this one with, this is not Have a program for babies: this is not a program for snowflakes and it is not a program today for people who are playing team sports I am. I am an American because
is, I believe, in the tuition of the United States of America, I believe in the bill of rights. And I believe that there are millions of Americans who are afraid of their own side right now. They are, parade of the people who are in Berkeley CA. Who we're trying to silence free speech. Cross the universities- and I know this- Because I have many girlfriends, who we'll tell me silently and those is really have to come to an end soon guys. We'll tell me, silently they are and this is a quote from one of 'em more. Afraid of my side, then I am yours. They know, they've unleashed a monster right now, the left might be celebrating the,
Taking down of confederate statues, now me personally and I grew up in Seattle WA, so I have no heritage from the south. In fact, my. Heritage is from two four. There's that were killed by the south. One of them died in yeah, really notorious concentration camp, where pretty much they all starve to death died of disease in the sone Artist that I do have is on the n zero. I approach this with that, but I also believe that I'm a pretty fair person. I I look into history and I don't want to white wash our history. I want to recognize the past and I
want to recognize both the good and the bad you cannot, raise your children. To believe that America is just this sunshine and lollipops country, because it's not, We have some really bad things, with. That being said, we also have some really glorious things about this nation, but if you don't teach your children the bad things- if they don't hear it from you and in here, but This is why America is so great anyway. Name the countries that haven't done this kind of stuff we have to teach history and keep it in context and look for the advancement of man. Are there racist, yeah, yeah boy? Are there
Nazis yeah in growing numbers. These scenes have been seen exact, what's going on in the world, it's been seen before, and why. Happening right now was played out, in the late nineteen Ann the early 1920s. This progressive movement that glorify racism, from Woodrow Wilson to Margaret Sanger, they glow horrified racism. Beefed up the clan it was almost dead and they put it back to life because they were dead deep hatred for black and that is the truth. Look it up.
If you want to tear down a a memorial because people had a real true hatred for people of color. Then you need to take the one living memorial and guard it and that's planned parenthood. You want to have a real discussion. I Stand with you, Bedford Forrest, Horrible human being horrible human being. A general in the s. Founder of the clan he's, in the people alive, if you stood up for but the slaves and you are white, and then he Hang your skin on the sides of barns, along with blue. Skins,.
To let everybody know you come into this area. And you stay for the north. This what's going to happen to you. There's no way you can stand with is from the early 20th century. Progressive movement And there's no way you can stand with the clan not seize or ran to fall, can't And I want to warn you that right now. The left, my be feeling pretty good big. As we're getting rid of the confederate symbols,. I've always wondered why we have these people. Our cities, wow oh because of heritage yeah, the heritage- is alive, the one that you have been taught and held onto
Is a lie? I'm sorry, it is. If you read the Confederate constitution, was not for states rights. If you wanted to break away from the United States, then you take the, the tuition of the United States, an you say, constitution, is right. The bill of rights is right: we just don't interpret it for black people because we don't think black people are people. You have a hard time defending that, but least, you can say no, it was for states rights and it was for the constitution in my perverted sort of way, okay That's not what they did they betrayed. The country claimed that it was about states, rights, But then, when they wrote their new constitution, they made it in
possible, for who to join the confederate states if you didn't also support slavery in your state. An believe that slavery should be furthered in every state. Let's, let's states rights, that's a cram down, That's really really early progressivism. I want to lay something out for you today Anne yesterday, on the program I said, I I want you to write a few things down but honestly I didn't leave here last night until nine hundred and thirty, and I was so busy last night. That I didn't have time to do Anything other than notes and this warning is too important an I'm. I
I am not going on the air until this is exactly right, is what I feel in my got. Is what I told you a few years ago And that is there's going to come a time we not going to recognize your country. There's come a time when everything that you thought was solid was Liz Liquid and, and everything that was liquid. His solid. Is going to come a time where everything is turned inside out an upside down and you're. Just Not going to know which direction to go, and you won't believe in anything but you're going Get up and you're going to wake up and you won't recognize your country well guys if this isn't the final, nail in that coffin. I don't know what is
when we are actually having a conversation. An an argument. Over are you going to stand with the communists or the Nazis the country has gone insane. It is over the cliff. And I draw a line in the sand for me and my family hi, not telling you what to do, but me and my family, we go no further. I am not going to play that game, because those are false options. That is not true. And I will not join a mob on either side when you're laying down statues
And you're doing it mob justice you're no better than the wild west you're, no better than the than the savages that we crawled and and not so many thousands of years too, to get made from man, has a savage nation nature to him. We are animals. And it takes hard work to stop acting. Like an animal, great profound sacrifices have been made to able to to the savage beast that is in all of us, no matter what color you are and there's a grand experiment, and you know. The world has never been like this ever ever, not even close to this
and everybody thinks it's just going to go on forever and well, you're not going to it's not going to get really bad, if would have told you that the world would be at this point, ten years ago. And said within ten years, you would have said even if you followed me and believe me, you would have said outline is going too far. And here's what I want you to hear. Saturday started not a new chapter, perhaps a new sex, but I feel like it's a new book or it's about to be. If we've started to write as of Saturday. A new section of
Story of America we ended the big the beginning has been going on for a while the beginning. Of whatever is going to happen to America, that is ended. And we are now beginning the middle, so it makes sense. The middle is not going to be a long section, but the middle will chart the ending. And so it's choose your own story, but Every choice we make today. Every choice we make is Going to flip to page ninety six or
To page seventy one, every choice is going to take us on a different adventure. And this isn't a story book. We are either going to pull ourselves out of the tar pit, That we're in right now or we're going under and when we go under its games of. Game of thrones. For a while the world will go into game of thrones. Do we pull ourselves out. How do you silence half a population? I want to. Show you.
Why? I believe the last four days have forever changed the country. It has the last four days. Is either the beginning of a new party or the absolute end, Any conservative party. Conservatives, and really truly, I believe the constitution are on the ropes And the next few months. Are going to decide our fate and when I say. In the next few months, going to decide our fate. It's not time it's what we do with that time. That will decide our fate.
I want to show you in a real quick recap Why I believe every is changed on Saturday when come back also next hour, Bill O'Reilly is going to be joining. Right now, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour hum. It was in Cincinnati. That a man's wife and infant son, they were sleep, in the backroom of their house when two intruders break into the house outnumbered two to one. The man is able to get to his safe and retrieve his gun struggle ensues the homeowner shoots. The men.
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And is this designed just like the left. Has used keywords? Anne has key words that mean something to them: for instance, oppression, who's for who's, for oppression, nobody's for oppression Well, it means something different to those who originative the oppression. Movement say, with tradition and heritage it will play a role, will get to the Bill O'Reilly and what I believe happened on Saturday and why it matters to you. Next. Program,
I'm going to say something perhaps unpleasant, but it is It I believe in in it is part of my job to warn you of the future and show you what I believe could be happening and is coming. And I am very concerned about Alexander Dugan, an Russia and two words that I will explain at the top of our three on today's broad fast and it is a must, listen to our two words, tradition and heritage, but first I want to take you to some, in that happened yesterday that I believe, is really really critical that we discussed. First of all, the jobs, the Job Council.
Yesterday, Donald Trump shut down the Jobs Council and that is because, since Saturday you add Merck on farmer, armor Johnson, United Tech, Bing, GE, Intel and Campbell Soup leave. Now a lot of these guys, you can just say well, they didn't like Donald Trump anyway yeah, but they do love America enough. And they had the balls as a ceo of a publicly traded company. That's important to understand you. You you're not just an individual anymore. If you were the ceo of a company, you have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders. You must do the right thing for the company
It doesn't matter what you believe you could be in massive litigation, if you don't exercise your fiduciary responsibility, two represent the money that has been. And to you to build your company and here's. How You can destroy your company bye. Standing with someone who is saying something very, very unpopular. If you one two and very few people have the balls to do Yes, we need more of these people. If you, two you can quit, can you make a statement that I'm quitting because of my fiduciary responsibility, it's right for me to attack on the shareholders in the shares and the stock of this company, because I,
I personally believe this is right, but because I personally believe this is right. I have to leave the company and I'm standing here that takes courage. Most people aren't willing to give up their their money. For that. So don't judge the men or the women that are ceos. They may never have liked, Donald Trump they loved America enough to say I'm going. Sit down with this guy and I'm going to help him build a better America, I'm going to help him build better jobs, I'm going advise him? Because he's asked me he's the president. And so I salute all of them for stepping To the plate and getting involved, which was against many of their personal desires,. But because Saturday, the president came
Out and did not give a a a, score of white supremacy. The clan. And the Nazis, which is the easiest thing to do to speak from your heart on that one who, which one of us couldn't be woken Out of a dead sleep and say, hey The white supremacists, the clan and the Nazis are at the front door, they say your friends of theirs. Do you make a statement dead, sleep you'd go! Oh, I think, I'm friends of mine, I hate those guys right it and some say under the Council of Bannon and I'm giving you this because that's the best Case scenario for Donald Trump.
Under the advice of Bannon. He was told, don't take those people on so he didn't then on Monday. He gave a very clumsy teleprompter speech, So now we know Donald Trump. We know he can't read a teleprompter and act like it's his words. We know that he doesn't write those words and a lot of times when he's on a teleprompter. Because somebody is said to him, you must say these things, so he said it and he made it somewhat better, but because of his silence on Saturday, the ship, it already sailed, but it made it somewhat better and then he came out in a press conference and he blew the. He blew every bridge up zero.
What does that mean? Let me give Two things: the approval rating is now at thirty, four percent. That's a new low. This there's two poles, first in Gallup One is at thirty five one: is it thirty four? These are both the lowest it's been and is both ended Saturday. So my guess is his approval rating is lower than thirty. Four thirty five percent today. Steve Bannon. Came out. It was out yesterday, and there are two Stories that are really not good for the President, one, is the american prospect. The american prospect. Received a call from uh
Steve Bannon's office. Prospect is not a website that you are, I read it is. It is a very aggressive leftist. A website. Steve Bannon, calls two days ago and said: hey I'm this call in for the c e o, I'm a big fan just wanted to. He didn't say I'm a big fan at this point. He just said hey, I need to talk to. I need to talk, So and so he's the ceo editor. If I need, I want to have a conversation with them so that guy's, secretary calls him he's on vacation with his family and he thinks he going to get hammered because they're currently running a story about how you know Donald Trump, you know didn't win this thing with n Korea. It was really China and you know, North Korea knew we had no place to go but
China, that did it so he's expect King Steve Bannon to call him up, and you know, read him. The riot act. They've never talked before he says, tell Steve that I can't meet with him at the White House and I can't be with him in New York, I'm on vacation with the family, but I'm glad I'll gladly take his phone call. An in calls immediately at no time did Steve. Ask If this should be or could be off the record, he just launches in and the the editor, writes in article that was released yesterday, it was bizarre because he didn't call him out. Instead what he did was boy. Were you right about this or what? And recorded it right yeah. So so we know he still true yeah and there's another part of that story that we also know it's true, and that is because Bannon's people confirmed
that. That is what happened. Steve excuses. I thought it was off the record. Well that, I'm sorry that might work for an excuse. My work for Donald Trump might work for the wall. Journal, a guy who's never been around the media, but you are a media mogul. You know, that's not true. So he says to him- and this is what's really important- he said. He said: listen boy, did you get this right now? Remember the wars of the the article said in and Trump has met his match. The risk of two arrogant fools blundering in a nuclear exchange is more serious than anytime since October, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two and calls him up and said boy. I have been a big fan of yours in your magazine for a very long time. I read it all the time
I've been reading am quoting I've been reading you for years. I think you and I are on the same boat. When it comes to China, you nailed it wow. With an economic war with China. And we've been down this path with North Korea before it's alongside show He said I'm quoting. You know, there's no military solution. N Korea's nuclear threats. Forget that until somebody solves that part of the equation and shows me that ten million people in Seoul don't die in the 31st. Thirty minutes with conventional weapons, then I don't know what you talking about there's no military solution. Here they got us, oh ok. What did you just do If what are you doing? Why would you go to the press and say that that the press, and he goes on to talk about how are our adversaries
you know, know this, that the military says that there's no option and pretty much where bluffing not good there, and he talks about he is going to take on the Department of State and the department offense defense 'cause. He tired of those who are going to mess his agenda, all their wedding themselves? He said but I'm changing the people out at south asian defense, I'm going to get some hawks in there and I'm getting Susan Thornton, the acting head of Pacific affairs out its state. It's a fight. I do every day here we're still fighting and then there's treasury and the Economic Council chair Gary Cohn and his Goldman Sachs lobbying guys we gotta do it. We got to do it not. Did he call this guy and but White House and Bannon's office has confirmed that they talk. He just thought it was off the record. He then picked up on call the the new year
times and did also the same thing. Anne Bannon's office confirms that he did also talk to them. Why would he do that. Why would he do that? Because the president is at? He has crossed the Rubik When you have the economic council leaving He is isolated now from everyone. When you have a few other things that I don't have time to get into now, but with the media and specifically with Fox NEWS, some developments that happened yesterday with Fox NEWS There is writing on the wall that you are in deep trouble and your big allies are turning. So Bannon. I believe.
Made these phone calls because he's now daring, the president, you go ahead. Want me on the outside. Will do damage to you, like you, can't believe. Does So, let's not forget. I have friends in the media, and I have friends with the alt right. I have friends with bright Bart will take you apart. What he saying to the President now he's holding the President hostage he Now strutting around like a peacock Cohen, go ahead! Mister President fire me go ahead and fire me. And he's not doing it ' 'cause. He wants his thumb over Donald Trump He's doing it because he wants his thumb over people like Kelly and Mcmaster, and everyone else. This Is a lose lose situation now for the president, because
The fires Bannon Bannon, is out into the cold and God only knows what he's going to do. If you keep him ' you are sending a signal to Kelly and Mcmaster, and everybody else look just take it, 'cause, I got to have him here and they won't take that the president made a critical error on Saturday and then- made it much worse. With his press conference on Tuesday, an ie have to tell you. I was just on bill. O'reilly show Tuesday, I think Tuesday, Wednesday, and he asked So is Donald Trump. Do you think he's going to survive his four year term? and I said I don't know everybody's always been saying- he's out Aff I saw what happened with the economic council yesterday. There's no way that he's going to be able to
cobbled together the people he needs. For any real reform. They will. Work with them now because they can't, though the Republic Things are all canceling their appearances on any network cluding Fox. They don't want to be a part of this The president is alone there. Enemies inside and there's only two options get out. Or become a strongman. I believe the president and this presidency is over I know you don't want to hear that But I'm sorry show me the path to healing that this president is capable of pulling off now. This how much time do you spend booking travel there is a better way. You don't waste
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in about six hours, I'm leaving the country to accompany I'm leaving the country for good there on to me. I gotta get out of here I'm going to accompany operation, so you are on a rescue. We're putting together something that we're going to announce here in the next few weeks. That is the big This thing I think uh I've ever been involved in We are going to kick the Nazarene fund up about a hundred notches and I think you're going to be really pleased excited. I told Tonya and I were talking in bed until almost two hundred o'clock and I said honey. I think this
besides raising our children. This is this is the most important. We will ever do with our lives because I'm gone tomorrow, Bill O'Reilly decided to join us today. Because I really want to talk to him about what's happening at the White House, especially with we've been in. This is a this is uh critical week for the President. I think he has made some moves and and had failures that are so epic and titanic in scale that I don't I think he survives this. I want to to him about that and the panning yesterday made a power play
strong one where he basically is backing the president into a corner today, an I don't even think saying you know you're not going to fire me. I think he's saying I'm going to control this White House, so you can't fire me as your
rate of firing me and if he doesn't fire ban in today or tomorrow, I believe that he will lose me master and he will lose general Kelly and it's there's no good that comes out of this Dan and has to be fired Bill O Reilly, his opinion. We begin right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the bill. O'reilly has come out with an opinion piece on Charlottesville
and I want to just read one thing: America, there is indeed a civil war underway president, along with his supporters, will lose that war unless they fight it smarter, anytime nazis are involved. You condemn them and walk away. That's all. There will be time to expose the hard left fanatics down the road. It's about picking your spots, it's about an effective wartime strategy. Bill. O'reilly welcome to the program could could not agree with you more bill, but I don't think the president. You asked me this on your podcast two days ago and I gave you a different answer What I saw what happened with the with abandoned yesterday. I think the president is unfortunately, I don't know if he recovers from this I don't see it that way. I'm when you are a a president of the United States, even if your opinion polling is low,
We have an enormous amount of power and He has the ability trump does. To kind of isolate. Bannon and Bannon doesn't really have anything other than uh. The court of public opinion uh, my back with ok, so hang on just a second so but Bannon came out yesterday and pretty announced, hey, I'm the leaker looking to not only the New York Times with the prospect what he said to the prospect and the New York Times Stunning he's me an example of. What's done you in and what he said me see here. First, in Kim Trump has met his match. The it's give to airing enough. No, no! No, I'm sorry! That's not! It me said: we'd they've got us. Yes, they North Korea's got us they got us. He said
he said there is no military solution to North Korea's nuclear threats. Forget it and tell somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don't die in the first thirty minutes from conventional weapons. I don't even know what you're talking about. There is no military solution. They, US, not it's, not I think the president would approve of then he goes into say. I'm changing out people in e asian defense, I'm getting hawks in I'm getting Susan Thornton out at state. It's a fight. I have every day, then then, I'm going to take on the treasury- if Konnan the Goldman Sachs lobbying, so he He is saying. Basically here is my agenda an I'm going to do these things. He's saying the president was bluffing. He had, we don't have. There's no way to
win, a war with North Korea, which we all know, but you don't say that if you're in the White House all right is so You have a a guy who is sending a signal because he believes he will be fired, that you know he's powerful and if you fire me bad things are gonna happen. That's my assessment of the bluster. Yes, bad printer within and you agree with that. Right, yeah, yes, okay, so, okay, gotta make a decision and the decision most likely will be that bad and will be fired. Then I think that will probably come next week, because Trump can't back down, he's not that kind of guy anyway uh, so bad and leaves is he's been bad and basically rooster Alley rally through bright bar, another. You know, conservative places
tries to rally that Trump is lossed, his mojo, an uh, it's all over. So what I mean the american people aren't going to listen to Steve Bannon Annemasse they're, not an all Trump has to do is basically do it quickly and I'd, say anything. I comment to abandoned us and then in a month it'll all be gone. Ok, that assumes a couple of things, one that Donald Trump can fire somebody and then not say anything about it. Alright, thank you. Will fire him uh and I'm sure that Kelly and Trump will. Basically Emma strategy going forward, but you might be right trump. Might you make? like your deal out of it, then he should, which is what happened in Charlottesville. So here's the thing as I watching the Charlottesville thing, as you said in your op, Ed you know you got you got it for the love of PETE
Nazis, good or bad litter, bad white supremacist their bad. There was never a time when Trump said they weren't there. So I know that, but that's what she's propaganda crap but wait a minute wait! A minute! Wait! A minute wait! A minute out of and sleep. You are you're, the President of United States? You know you take a hardline stance because that's what we all believe right and then he says: well, I wanted a couple of days to figure it all out. It comes out with a statement that he's reading so and everybody knows those aren't his words, I'm not saying he supports the Nazis or white supremacist, but then he comes out and says it and then he won't leave it alone and then the next day he comes out and he undo he undoes everything. Well, that's, the key, won't leave it alone. Correct me doesn't have the discipline to President of United States How far are left looked at
and that's what I say in in the column and by the way. If, if, if folks want to read it, then go to billoreilly dot, com and read, it was also originally printed in the hill, but that's the problem that Donald Trump has is that he, can't constrain himself right? Alright, I'm he his hatred or his annoyance, whatever word you want to put, is valid. I mean far left is trying to overthrow not only his election but the entire country is disgusting I agree with you: don't you don't bring it in when you're talking about Nazi? So here's so help me out with this because There are many things the left is beyond reason with hatred of Donald Trump and it's never going to stop and the press, is never going to stop. I got it man. I know everybody. I think everybody knew that going in and that's fine, but if you're in
a war that yeah will have to play your cards right. Here's here's a Jobs Council Merrick under Armour Johnson and Johnson United Tech, Corning Ge Intel Campbell Soup. This guys, a lot of these guys didn't like Donald Trump, but fiduciary responsibility, they all walk out this week. So the president, has now you know why they walked out. Yes, pressure from the far left they have a fiduciary, they have fiduciary responsibility. They can not have their companies, they all be sued by their shareholders and so I want you to know, I'm not not a won't. You nailed it. The reason, but I said, do sherry. Responsibility comes in. Operating your corporation honestly. So you say that all well. I
agreed with trumps analysis of was also I'm quitting. No, no, that's not why they quit. No. The perception is reality bill. No, no! No, but you have to look. You know. I understand that in his but interest this perception is reality, you're fighting your argument is so you stood with the guy perception. Is reality? That's not I'm not saying this is what happened. I'm saying this is what Everyone will believe in the case that will be made an it'll be swept into it. Not look, there's a pull out today that says sixty seven percent of Republicans have no prob, along with Trump's analysis of Charlottesville, all right so do it your ceo you're on the economic council? It's an economic council. It's not council on racism or nazis, or anything else alright. So you choose to walk away. Because you
or belief. System is opposed to Donald Trump. I don't have any problem with that How many problem with that? But if you walk away because far left groups say to you. If you don't, we're going to organize a boycott against your company. If you, walk away. Because of that reason our demo Percy is shot that you know the main. You know that you're you're you're living in a row you're living in a dream world you'll know that corporations settle a litigation all the time, even though they're in the right and it is destroying our. I know that this is extortion and in a american corporations are going to allow themselves to be extorted, of course, they are, would tell me what this has to be exposed to what is we're not gonna have books in every
commentator on every single television, radio or internet program. Alright will go out, business because nobody will sponsor them when threatened with boycotts by the far left- and that's what's happening is that's what's happening right now, okay, so out agreement right now, so we will bill yeah hear hear me out here. I'm talk into your talking about right and wrong. I'm talking, I'm talking about doing the right thing, yeah doing the best for directory correct. I agree with that. However, that's not the world. We currently live in an just here. This one thing out: you have the Hub Council, walking away. You have Steve Bannon, threatening you have the media ripping him to shreds and you have the GOP quietly.
OZ, canceling, all of their appearances everywhere 'cause. Nobody in the GOP wants stand next to Donald Trump. He is isolated himself and He doesn't have the ability or the strength to be to hold the line and to make this moral case, I would love a president, and Ronald Reagan could have made this case. I don't see Donald Trump having the the plane, the the acumen to be able to make this case and withstand this storm. This ongoing storm, much of it of his own. The creation, because of sloppiness and no discipline, How does he survive? I'm not going to disagree, but it's speculation or a year speculating that he doesn't have the resources or the discipline to overcome watch be falling him. You might be right,
that's not my job, you know your jobs different than mine and my job is to basically say to the american people this. This was actually happening. Ok, this is what's happening right, so Trump goes out and in he basically makes a big mistake: by not just condemning, parties in walking away. He brings in other matters yep and then the press takes that and says he's in, see sympathiser yeah and they run wild and he and he is not. I don't know if he is not. I don't even believe the same person believes Donald Trump's. A sympathizer Dole believes that even Steve Bannon, why does bodies is a sympathizer? I don't even care about banning you'll, hear far more about him than us he's a powerful player, not only nine White House it, but if trump liners in, which is why everybody is media, that in a month that
people will even forget him. But I look so they said about Van Jones, he's now on CNN right now. That's problem, ban, it'll, probably wind up somewhere, speculating that Trump cannot overcome it. You might be right, you might be right but in the mean time the american people should get the truth that this one get out of this economic council was not driven by moral outrage. It was driven by fear is fear of economic. Damage caused by Valerie Boyd you and I have no disagreement on that. None, but your spec You're saying. Is you deal in reality? No, no bill! I deal in reality. That's the reality. There isn't a ceo Show me. The people who actually have a spine to stand up
I would like people to have a spine. I try to have a spine. You try to have a spine, but none of those people have a spine well The solution to that is, transparency is to get out what the forces of darkness are doing. Make it easier for these ceos not to fold, but right now I don't understand what the boycott situation is. Why sponsors pulled from the O'Reilly factor, because media matters threatened the sponsors they don't stand it so once exposed and, of course, the New York. I'm not going to expose it ran on it, yeah, alright, so, but the threat, I know who our freedom by this I'm a haviar is off the chart agree with you and let me take a break. I want to come back and I want to talk to you about the future of the media because of that
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hello bill. How are you I'm good good long bell, you're, not good. Now this is just an extension of our conversation. We had on Bill O'Reilly come earlier on Tuesday. I know I came wearing uh, I believe, but I in a jacket, because I'm on the bill O'Reilly Show- and you came in your underpants, I was wearing a very spiffy's a sport shirt, but you look exactly like Colonel Sanders and I you know over the program we were getting orders coming in on our internet line see this is not a it's in mashed, potatoes and stuff like that. They really thought you with the kernel. Did they generally want the extra crispy with big, but you might not getting my secret recipe ever bill ever you're, never getting my secret recipe. Ok, we have I'm back and I take a quick break with Bill O'Reilly. I want to talk to him about the future of the media,
because I believe last week really was the end of the beginning and now here at the beginning of the middle, if you will of our story of America and the fundamental transformation that is really truly still happening in America and the is playing a big role, an I think damn near in full fledged collapse on both sides. Next, the Glenn Beck program, love you the Glenn Beck program. This is really exciting. As we have billoreilly dot com and Bill O'Reilly on with us right now, I think, he's going to have much to say when I, when I ask him about birth, only announcing the free speech year, where Berkeley
is going to teach, everybody how to all come together and tolerant and really celebrate diversity and free speech. Oh that's, exciting news! Isn't it very exciting You sound almost like you don't believe that might happen in a good? It's so exciting, back I'm going to buy a condo in Berkeley. Love. I'm moving there's going to have free speech, rights, 'cause, I'm sure, they'll, respect what I say. Yeah and uh. We can have a very, very intelligent I'm dialogue with those people out there, and that is the problem with America? Is we can't now? Let me change to the media bill yeah. I think You would agree with me that
The the media and tolerance and actual fair in balance has has changed and multiple fronts. Diets done absolutely done done. Are you seeing you know, talk radio, the last holdout, because basically You guys can run the show. The way you want your syndicators and your corporations understand who you are is where they hired you you're going to take some hits on sponsors from time to time, but you basically do and say what you want, but on television is totally different, cause there's so many things involved. You got cable. You got all the different systems that have to buy uh the program. You've got the corporations that run the actual presentations and all of these people are very susceptible to being attacked as we talked about in the in the prior segment and at the far left nose.
They know they can hire people like color of change. I want everybody to Google color of change. This is an organization. That is formed solely to get paid to go out and attack people with whom they disagree publicly, no right, and so there there for hire. You can hire them. Go stand in front of a building or to go, stand in front of the house screaming yelling and yell and and smear and old signs and and do whatever they want well, head of marginalizing that group as Anti democracy uh. Corporations fear them and color change. Media matters all of these people They know that! Well, besides, okay, okay, hang on that's quite a statement here bill. Besides the act, all evidence of one of the guys who started color for Change Van Jones, working for CNN
evidence do you have that they embrace and bring color of change. To the news media, virtual Van Jones is a self avowed communist. We all know that right. Oh alright, he even said he is. I don't have anything against Van Jones by the way, a butt the the the organization, alright and many others like it, they're, not the only ones right. They are basically being paid good money to do destruct. Thanks and the corporations, no it, but look the other way and tremble when they get the call from color of change to think so. Do you do you know this? This is what you you. You want Nazis again, let's get nazis in here again. Why nazis I'll give you okay, this is it exactly what happened in Germany in the early 30s, when the third right
people would show up and basically tell the newspapers, hey You say one bad word against us: we're gonna burn your place down. Ok, so you better not now the color of change. People they're burning the place down through sponsors, not true torches, but it's the same thing and Stallon did it and cash so did they also do it and people don't all about it, so bill, No, let me yeah well I'll I'll. Ask your next question and answer back. So how does that affect people on television that you see every night? They're scared as well they're frightened one of the few that isn't is Hannity that my issues with Att in the past, but I admire Hannity for going out there and typically being in your face telling the folks what is going on. You made agree with Hannity Steak, but he's about it.
An an he loves trump. He thinks Trump's. The Savior of the country, but will tell you that he's under siege twenty four slash, seven so, but that a very rare exception. The others are all better now say this everybody always that's right. We have to contribute. We have to condemn, throw up all your. You know. Trump made a mistake, a tactical error, all right. He's not an idealistic ideological nazi, What you're hearing in the media constantly over and over and who sang? That's, not true, there afraid to say it back. Well, I will tell you in just a second: let me let me give you an. I agree with you bill. You know that I agree with you. I mean, but reading the Van Jones Color change media matters thing I got that one down in spades. I'll show you all the chalk boards on that, oh, I agree with you. However, there is one name that people don't pay attention to
they should because I believe this guy is one of my heroes, Michael Medved, he's great okay. So great, do you know what happened to Michael tell me so his corporation, his radio corporation put down an edict that you are not allowed to have anybody on an error that is anti trump and everybody is falling in line Michael. Was the only one that pushed back and was fired. Michael doesn't have his raid gig now, because he good against the same kind of fascism. Just on. Side there is the fascist on both sides- it's not you know you're organized. I agree with you on that. I agree with you on that it. When I did the radio factor. I do radio factor of seven year, yeah I was not a conservative idealog it by any means and I got attacked by
the right, as you know, yeah- and I I remember one station in Houston- are basically lesson. So are we don't like O'Reilly's? There were gonna drop him good. You know I mean because it was, but it was just one station at a two hundred and eighty, yeah I added something like no. I agree. I agree with you and the the the blessing on the right is, you know, sing a bunch of libertarians and free market people is like herding, cats, it's almost impossible, so we can get our act together. Uh. You know well enough to We caught the free speech that we shouldn't be allowed to have so That's a good thing. They are so disorganized their way behind the left. Maybe it does exist, but it is way behind. So let me let me ask you this bill play out the media because
People may not know the names they may not know. The connections like you do like we've tried to lay out for for a long time, but The they know, they're, not getting the truth and on top it all they're getting is yelling back and forth you artsy or you're, a communist, but there's not even much yelling anymore, because all of the not all but most of the commentators, at least on cable news archive out and they they they know now that their whole livelihood is in jeopardy. Look on Wednesday, Wednesday night, no sorry, Tuesday, night Tuesday night, the news night of the year, with Trump and in Charlottesville right. The press conference yep came in third in cable news. Toyota came in Third box, yes, boxers and third, CNN and MSNBC Cnn beat
in the demo MSNBC beat him out right and it wasn't even close fox. It was coming to watch the television ratings come in. Why? Because on Fox, which be naturally inclined to give President trump the benefit of the doubt, alright, that, benefit of the doubt. They no longer do that and mass because they're afraid and so the audience of Fox knows outside of Hannity and maybe false in a little bit there, gonna get a robust defense of the row, the conservative position, and so they don't watch yet the left hate Trumper's lock in to watch CNN and MSNBC Work Donald Trump over so so there for the whole thing
is changing and collapsing. So may I may have proposed one change this theory and see what you think. I agree with that theory generally generally, except this time because of the injection of the actual torch during Nazi banner wearing Jew, Anti Jew chanting nazis Now people, want to they don't feel comfortable, the full throated and I'm talking about the audience of full throated defense. Because they've work to Trump's agenda to his advantage will be right back, but we don't have to do that you do what I did in my two columns on this. You explain the mistakes trump is making correct, which I did
all right and then you say: here's what should take place? Here's the truth: yes, okay that's all the audience wants. The only is it mad at me, my audience on billoreilly dot com and on the hill and every place else? I go isn't mad at me because I point out Trump's mistakes. They aren't there happy that I'm trying to apply some perspective to it which missing and and that you have a media. Now that is it's! It's flocking. It's unbelievable! Let's get trump out of office, that's the goal of the media. Yes, Where is the counter to that? It's evaporating, which is why Fox NEWS came in third place on Tuesday. They don't think honestly. I mean I have a very low opinion of people in the news. I don't think they're generally curious.
They're, intellectually, dishonest? I mean I think they've gone a little dead inside quite honestly, and so I don't know that many people that can make that Intellij case and draw that line and and be able to say, nope he's I'm here he's right there. Most of them are too afraid by the numbers by you know whatever, and so they're intimidated. And don't really have the intellectual have to do it anyway. Actually right and you- you have the intellectual half to do that. And that's why you're being successful right now our ratings are going up while everybody else is going down. Our ratings are up eleven percent. Why? Because We will tell you when Donald Trump has done well and I'll. Tell you when he's really screwing it up, we will try to give you perspective as well, but we don't. We
I don't believe that people are comfort right now, and this is what the media thinks they have to do. The right- and that is just you back him back in back in back in no matter what that's not the right course that right, but you can't you can't buy into it Dishonest analysis you're wrong about why your ratings are going up back. Oh, my does go God versus that's wait. A minute did Bill O'Reilly just make something not about him. I thought for sure possible attack bill good to talk to you, billoreilly dot com check out his new webcast once in awhile. He has a good guess, like. Colonel Sanders is all about you back, but uh build a bill, Oreilly, dot com,
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not sure, always wanna wild hour. An next hour promises to be just as crazy. Don't miss a second next. Hello, America: let's try to talk some reason. Shall we do that uh let's start here Yesterday we heard the Nazi
hey, hey Jews must die or what whatever their chant was. It was one of the worst chance of ever. Jews will not replace that Jews will not replace us. Jews will not replace that. I have heard some bad chance before. I believe that is the worst one. I've heard the worst recruiting tool, I've ever heard
but I do want to remind you over the last ten years and we've heard some forty bad chance says recruiting tools to give you maybe as much of a top ten as we can knowing the do get number one. We begin there right now, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This
The Glenn Beck program sooner than Nazis in award is that what you're saying you're saying wow their number one, not so loud, one Glenn Beck and everybody here that I hope people heard that I see apologize. Why won't he take Nazis? An unbelievable, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I apologize. No, I don't speak. No, I don't yes, I do know I don't! That was crazy. I was reading a script let's go through. Let's go through some of the now I asked Pat yesterday to go Back in just let's look at the slogans from Erica and our last ten years. America, this is your decade.
That was a education, and this is he thought about no, he can't he's got like a weird one hundred things in front of we're out of he's lost control NASA. We have a problem that is loose in space Houston. We don't think he's going to make it hey. Do they have to play them altogether? Or can you stop them one by one but yeah? I could probably. I could probably stop. Probably oh good we're on APOLLO thirteen America. This is APOLLO thirteen, It would have been APOLLO one if
our number one, but we've we've cleared the launch pad, but I'm not sure we're going to make it home. Let me let let me play him carefully, one by one yeah I would be in. That would be good. Yes, yes, here's a here's. What okay! So that's no justice! No! No! Please! No re assist police justice will be racist. Ok, no justice, no peace, Alise, ok, ok, that was sketchy sketchy! right, 'cause, easy to remember: police and peace seemed to run they seem to. They seem to keyword, they seem to here's a nice, twelve New York hates
New York hates you you know. What's funny, is that's not a protest? That's the welcoming committee at the tunnel. Trump is just everybody in this company Now he's got to go because go and Ho Right That's why it's innovative! That's why that was catching triggered. Now this took place at Gary bears House. He was the Bank of America executive. You might remember this from this. Someone in there is that a lot of fans hiding in the bathroom on was on nine years old, kids, home alone, when first parents to get back from work and five hundred people wasn't Sci Sci. You show up on the guys lawn yelling this
Bank of America, bad for America, depending on I he now America Ryan was with some mayor, ECHO, no limited subtle, Nugget Bank and bad bull start would be wow, that is clever man. That's going to do is really amazing. Is I remember when this happened and I thought at that time we were headed for what we're headed for most likely. This fall. The american fall American Spring. Who did I just hear that allowed should've? I should've eased you into that. Hey. Have you see what's happening in the news. Why is this fall? play
I remember seeing this and they were on the poor and surrounding the house. It was amazing and the nine year old they want. The kids was home. Yeah yeah nine year old. If you have children think of your nine year old yeah, I have a thirteen year old son. He would be freaked out of his mind and. Kid had like locked himself in the bathroom was so freaked out by it. That's how that's how bad I mean we've seen this before in the 1920s and then again in nineteen teens under it's an early 1920s, and then we saw it again in the 30s every time. There's a progressive in the White House. We have this and and we're about to see it again- boy in the in the 1930s. You know Google search,
american riots 1930s. You won't believe how violent unions and and the Eston the Nazis were when they took over cities or city blocks. They did, they did beat you to death. But they didn't have the rime of America with America right they weren't quite as creative, as these people are right. These guys are shrewd and sharp on their sharp, so I mean the nazis- have a long way to go to catch up to these guys. I think, because they didn't rhyme hole and go right, I don't think they had do you have the Nazi chant. Yes, I do Here's the here's, the current not see Chantix, and this is I mean if this doesn't grab you. And say man. I want to be a part of this group. Nothing will
Let me make sure 'cause, I attention Houston, not see. Ok, thirteen, the anti movie that we talked about yesterday yeah it's used and we're going to go back. We just we just crashed into the APOLLO thirteen. What you need to do is take. Do you have a garden hose, take a garden hose and some of your space tape follow their doing just landed on Saturn. That's another Saturday wrong way. They said, Jews will not replace us. A bunch of times is essentially what they and there's no right. There. No just went straight forward saying the same thing over news will not replace us, which I don't you know. I don't feel now even in the Bank of America is bad for America are kind of like you know what I think that
may be right. I disagree with those guys, but that slogan I kind of buy into Houston. We just went there. He just said he agreed with something that we played. Jews will not replace us yeah. Somebody just opened the hatch, so we could all just be sucked out into space now he the Jews will not replace us is yeah I mean if you're, just let's just let's just say, you're a pr firm and you're going to go. Hi stews, yarn, oh yeah, I got a group I'm trying to get some new man
some new members and we got this slogan and we just we just like you just you just were spit ball in here right and we're saying and id Jews are taking over our heritage. Ok, do you responde? No, no guys got it all wrong. Use. Jews will not replace us because then its heritage you know kind of your supremacy and it's also could be construed as jobs, so you're going to get those people too, don't know it just it doesn't seem very aspirational Ok, we're going to stay in the same place we are in people won't be able to replace the thing that we're doing- and I think I mean if you were we went to. We will replace the Jews. At least you be going for something
there is. There is at least something you're firing too. This is just you're just saying you're. Staying the same, please leave me a misunderstanding. The judge, the jewish chant. I do who believe they will be going someplace yeah. No, that is that is where these things is that I do believe there is a destination that they have in mind. I mean we've harped on this point all week. I just don't get the obsession with use- they seem like nice, not though I don't know if they seem lovely, though I think we're sort rid of and fear that yeah somehow run everything I take over everything I have. I have. I have pondered this for literally a decade. I have tried to figure this out. 'cause I've looked for the parallels of of history, of look for the holocaust that
in the Holocaust, though, is just the last one right, so he went through that whole list. We should do that again. Maybe bring back that list of all the times that Jews have been tar it in a mass way like this. It's happened and over and over and over and over again it didn't. You say at one point, one hundred and nineteen times through history. Now I think there is, I can't remember the number I think, they're twenty five mass holocausts and always leave a bit of it for the next one, like the STAR Star, the Yellow star that that that was started in Persia. And that wasn't something that happened to know the Germans didn't come up with that. I mean star was actually a you know an upgrade in jewish holocaust. When the Persians did it, you had to wear the star and a bell on your foot, so people knew due approaching due approaching
Claire Bell. It was against the law. If you didn't, have your jewish and you didn't wear bells on your feet, hum real, but I've done a lot of thinking about this and try to figure out so irrational, so irrational, uh, the most rational thing. I could find as far as a reason in one case, and it's only as they lived in the time of magic is during the black plague. They blamed the black plague on the Jews because they weren't getting sick, but that because they were living the LAW of Moses and Here's an idea washing their hands. Everybody, it's like yeah. I just took a big dump in the Stu spitting in their hand. Here lick this.
Everybody was living that kind of life. The Jews were like I'm going to wash my hands 'cause. God tells me too and they weren't getting sick? And so they were? They said this was a jewish plague that they were. Trying to kill us that that's the only one that I could think in the era of witchcraft that you could possibly see the rest of it is complete irrational. So it takes you back. When did they start. And what is this really you see nazis they're their evil man. This is just evil if you Eve in an actual force of evil, which I don't think Jews do. Surprisingly, they should you think of anybody understood man there's a force out to get us, it would be the Jews that would think that. But if you, evil as an entity trying to win against god-
you have to do is get God to break his promise and he ceases to be God right. God cannot break his promise. He can not be proven wrong or he's, not God. Well, if you're Satan All you gotta do is break the first most that he made to his people. You're always you will always be my children. I will always protect you and you will have more descendants than this, the stars in Heaven so don't worry about it, I got you well, if I'm Satan and it's just a little teeny tribe of about you know a hundred people I got with that. I just have to kill them and every time it's just to kill all all of the Jews. Why? Why are the only ones kill all of them, because you have to break the promise of God this is only my theory of don't
never read that anywhere. I don't know if anybody is easily disproven that theory, but that's the only yeah I can come up with. Is that evil every time thing it's going to win and just at the end, it's snatched away from there, like Ann that's, why it always seems to leave a trace someplace it always where it ends. It's just transplanted someplace else where the next one rises up and we're seeing this Persia was called Persia Until IRAN, IRAN translates to Arian the first aryan nation, which it changed its name from Persia to IRAN as a gift to Hitler, so you're. Seeing that great hatred of
every Jew in the Middle EAST as the in the death throes of the nazi movement. It transplants over there, it's fascinating, so you're saying look the Jews will replace us is that what you're saying oh, my gosh, the Jews are going to replace us user. That's the slogan I can really get into it. I got news for I'm sorry you're going to be chanting that one all day, and now this the Pentagon, is pressing ahead with plans to conduct a major joint exercise in South Korea next week this is a move that threatens to provoke North Korea. We do this all the time we do this once a year, but South Korea doesn't want it to happen. Here. They were going to launch a missile towards Guam. They blinked, Steve Bannon, went out yesterday
and this is according to the White House, he admits that he did this. He went out to the s and said yeah, there's no way to win a war against no way. I we go to war against S, South Korea, I mean they He got us, we have. No. To go day. Hell. Are you doing so These exercises are next week. Let's just pray that the President stuff talk actually sticks and we hold everything in place, north, in traditionally viewed the military exercises that rehearsal for an invasion is going to be a sticky week. That's going to be a sticky few months, honest! Ok, we might sell my wife last night about two hundred o'clock in the morning honey if the country makes it through to Christmas without major riots and without an economic depression. Maybe we have more time
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Listen to this white trash first class. You probably don't one bourbon that they're not firm on you, not recycling, probably in there yeah they wanted to make sure that they kept the they don't know for a fact right triangle, shooting, probably don't odds, are you're recycling is below average were saying here it Glenn Beck program, into the program. Yesterday I told you that that I I was going to share something with you today that you have to understand because in I believe,
two years you will not wrecking ice yourself out of a jam. What no here at the church at we just did before the break thing. A lot of people are working. What the heck did that mean? Is that what No, it's not! No! I was not tweeting about how that has changed their lives, can we talk? about that. I mean we talk about. The idea is that if you don't understand this one concept that I don't believe, I believe you'll go off the rails. An you will not recognize yourself in the next two to four years seems like you're blowing the chain out of proportion, but it is important to remember that day. We should go to listen to it. If we don't understand white class. First white trash thing like right now, I'm messing it up because they don't fully comprehend yeah. That's why you would that's what he wants to talk about it. So right thanks! I don't. I think we can handle it in a brief break, but if you want to
I went to college here. I apologize to all of our listeners and there may only be five that actually care about. You know saving you know, the country will then they're going to learn the chance yeah you're not going to save the country, would not save it. Without this probably don't recycle white trash first class, you probably don't recycle, and you know what, in my in my particular case, he's exact,
I do everything I can to avoid it and there's this? Did you want to jump in and just give so I think I'm going to so I think I'm going to watch well. I think I'm going to wait until this passes, because I know you guys so well that if I get into this in the middle of a really important part may not take it seriously, not take it seriously. Well imagine that happening, but I think I think we're all looking at this chance seriously and what does it signify Oh well, trash first class, so
you probably don't don't recycle. So I have a theory here. There's only let me let me walk you through this theory. I have a chalk board on this. You can get it iclick dot com- you don't have to put in some posted yet, but it will be posted. I want to make sure that all the chalk boards are locked in the property cages by the end of the show, so you can't get close to a chalkboard. Well, just steal one of yours, white trash first class, you probably cycle so on its surface, what you're thinking is? Ok, he's calling this guy white trash. She does not respect him. Ok, but that doesn't make any sense with the next statement, which is first class, so he's saying: ok, but You'Re- also a top notch individual. Now, maybe he's saying I think people might argue right that saying he's a first class piece of white trash, an? I can understand that. Take it's an interesting. Take there been a philosophical,
given for that for a long time and I couldn't handle originally, but I believe I can explain the actual meaning. In one sentence. Well I mean it. I mean I guess our audience is to have this dumb down. Is that that's the argument? The argument, I guess already insists no pain. No, I understand I is that your voice is not complex x. That's why are you ok go ahead? Mister genius, bar philosopher Aristotle, joined us he's going to explain the thing. That's ever happened in the history of here. It is white trash first class. Yeah from white trash two first class of the entire spectrum of people.
You probably don't recycle you. What is the address right now? All my gosh Magellan made that that was a good and that is like one of the earliest right most. Basically, I didn't even address that point in my analysis is so that's why I wanna make sure I understand what you're saying that they believe that everyone that makes for a trashy white guy in a trailer park. Yes up until the highest levels of the newsroom, you probably don't recycle how obviously some people do with. What is that saying? Oh well, I believe forty eight percent, if you recycle, what does that mean maybe this is this is yeah, so I'm embarrassed for you
let me tell you what it actually means, it might believe. You're saying, ok, white trash first class, you probably don't recycle anything in white trash is an insult right. What, if it's not what? If what he's actually is that the trash itself is white, he's talking about literal garbage It's not an insult you talking about literal garbage, white trash, then first class. Where is he first class we're going to first class could be a compliment. Also could be male, maybe he's at the this office, accusing them of not recycling there, white trash, wow, that's power! Thank you. Let me say that I have a book coming out. There is something you can order, pre order on Amazon right now, people would say. You're a moron. Those are the people who have not studied Aristotle, but what, if you weren't,
you weren't a moron exactly hard to imagine, because the Post office is not a large contributor to our landfills right there supposed to believe again idea could've just laid out a really important thing to know, but instead you took our time with everyone who, from poor to rich, might not recycle, which makes no sense. We all know that makes no sense that we saved you from yourself. There glad you mean we should be thanking God, I'm not sure that these slogans, like, if I may, hey, hey ho HO doesn't get any deeper at all. Well, has there ever been a global crisis solved by something that began in hey, hey ho ho? I don't know off and really I don't pull hoes have I mean they're delicious and they have solved many crisis. No again, I don't think they're talking about Jojo's or
slang for prostitute? Now those of you who built the lot lot right now Thank you. I believe they were just looking for. You know some sort of a rhyme to go. Which comes later in the chance that we haven't even started to analyze this well, that was that was actually for Donald Trump. Yes, it was in front of Trump Tower and the I tell you something: do You can you imagine. How mad you are, if you put your, store in Trump Tower, or you but you are a neighbor of Trump Tower, just wanting to do business. Oh you know somebody should do a somebody
mention some industrious writer at the plays at the blaze. Look into the look into the economic impact of stores directly attack and on the same block of trump towers it could go either way. I mean, I think Trump towers, now much even bigger a tourist attraction. Can people, but if you speak to them yeah, if you, if you are seeing you know, security and the lines and everything else you're not window shopping. On that side, yeah was, it was Trump tower that has the giant like Series of garbage trucks basically, in front of it, as I think, as a guarantee measure, and and now a trailer, the secret service trailer. I mean they've taken. Okay, so do you know how they had to move out of the Trump Tower in some dispute with Trump right? is weird and we're really weird, so you know how
Trump Tower was built right. You know how he got that no you mean with the polish immigrants illegal immigrants. There was no all right. I think I know that story where he had to build with. You know, there's a lot of legal, liver and yet not and or at least for that I mean he he denies knowing about it, but he was no. This is a large fine. This is actually. This is actually one thing to wear. And he says, you're going to be tired of winning This is one reason why, in this is the way he does business You can say that and actually mean it. Trump Tower in New York in New York. I don't own, just the property people own airspace, And have you ever noticed why buildings some buildings have carve outs at the bottom and they kind of go in. You know they're sitting on this little pedestal right there towards the bottom right or have you noticed that all
rivers in New York. When they get to a certain height. They start get smaller like the Chrysler. Building thirty by empire state building they all get smaller at the top. That was just 'cause. It look cool it. No, it's not! It's not aesthetics. It's not aesthetics, it's because of light city planners early on when they started the building skyscrapers? They thought this it's going to be a cavern lit, will never see the Sun and so they said, if we taper the buildings, will let some light in or if we, if we set them back like in Rockefeller Center you'll know that the fox building everything is set way back on the sidewalk. It's too. How's, it's allowed to allow light down in to the neighborhoods or the the deal see if it works right right. This is done so it's very complex to build a you know,
building in New York and not just because of all the stupid red tape, but because somebody is actually thought a lot of this stuff through and it's kind of smart. So when you buy property You only have to buy the land, but then- by upward, you buy airspace, because somebody owns the airspace and in this particular case, would trump Tower T Chinese, owns the airspace above their building and above that block, so they bought their building. Then they bought up an they bought over an air space. So they are. So these are so they own the airspace above the building. So nobody could build a giant skyscraper on their block. So Donald Trump comes in and he buys this a city wants to build a hotel, and- Tiffany's is like
not going to build a hotel here. 'cause we only airspace and and he knew it and so he asked his architect to drop two plans. One is, the Trump tower that you see and the He said I want and it's it would be, can using if you were the architect for Donald Trump, if he said I want a good one and I want the most Gaudi building or God, even the one you were cleaning is the good one. Little bit of an issue with the golden faucets be outside of the building, and so he said I want the worst ugliest building. You can possibly design. That's four floors, whatever the bass is that he owned. So he goes to Tiffany and they have a meeting and they come in all you know Jack.
We are on the air and he said yeah. I want to build the most luxurious hotel and and and is it in space. This is going to be known. It will bring visitors from all over the world, blah blah blah blah blah, and they said no sorry, we don't want any big buildings on this block. We like this in China and he said you know, I thought you were going to say that so we could or work together I can buy the airspace and I'm going to build, building any rolls out the the plans for Trump Tower. Of course, like that he said, or I only have four stories and so I'm going to build this one and Tiffany's looked at that and went no, you won't
like. Yes, I will and he walked out with. Yes, I will, by the time he got back to his office Tiffany's on the phone there like ok, will sell the airspace and that's how Trump or was built, that's the kind of that's the kind hardball he plays and the good story. That's a yeah. I think that's a great story sponsor this half hour is mercury real estate I want to tell you about. Joanne Kathleen in two thousand and eight Joe was active. Duty military was transferred to a new base. They had a home remember this is two thousand and eight magic selling your home cuz you've been transferred. The episode Michigan in two thousand and eight. Nobody can even get alone. You're, not selling your house, uh They were blessed in that time period to have some good renters, but they wanted to try to sell their house again in twenty fifteen. Well, they tried and tried and tried. Not
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still actually goes. We go to the commercial and still actually says to me series what you said about white trash first class- probably don't recycle, doesn't any sense at all. Now I I I think it was incredibly dumb point mean why do you think the word probably is in there because he's not sure he he's not one hundred percent hundred percent employee of the Post office you're standing here, trying to make this. You're serious on the brakes you or SIRI chat makes no sense in your attempt to explain it is actually worth it heat trash for class- probably you don't recycle, probably is in there because he needs someone on his side and so he's like I'm trashing everybody from trailer park.
People to really rich people. I should throw in that probably there's some people that could come over and chat with me. So again, your summary is, I need someone on my side, so he includes everyone from white trash to the elite that Make any sense so he's you're, saying he's criticizing every single group and he needs people on the side how This is that you want to know why you want to know why full in this industry make a lot of money because it's hard to deal with morons like this day after day after day. This is the Glenn Beck program, Mercury,
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