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8/18/17 - NY Times Anti-Confederate but Pro-Communist?

2017-08-18 | 🔗
Another terror attack in the world ...Should the bodies of the victims of terror be shown on television? ...Lenient immigration policies and Europe's Islamic terror problem ...Breaking news out of Finland ...Justifying violence ...New Fancy Place or The Pit of Despair ...Americans don't even understand who was for and against racial equality ...The definition of treason ...How many racists are really among us? ...How to get 'white supremacists' to go away. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, it's it's been, such a fund weak. I almost deceived come to an end by you guys, but let's get started right there right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen programme. Spanish. You jumping for Glenn on the wonderful them. Glenn is
can we say various? Maybe not their eyes is doing something with the operation. Their ground rescue today, so he'll be back on Monday, but another terrible terrorist strike. Yesterday, this one in Barcelona, Spain, the same kind of thing- is vehicles used as weapons killed Fort. Team people just another mass carnage bodies strewn all over the place, and you know it is, so senseless and so bizarre, and this seems to be their new thing. Even even over explosions, were starting to probably hit that point in which the Vehicle barriers at St Festivals need to seriously be, Oliver EAST, I mean you because I think people, whether
obviously this a low risk of suddenly this happening at any particular festival. Your at when they block these streets off. These are the targets a lot of times in a bizarre way. It's in a way kind of like the gun free zone with a mass shootings. It's like you, take out an area where we know that there is any chance of traffic and people. Sort of we know they're all gathered in one place where they all think their safe and when they all think their safe. That's when people come better at their bad actors, That's obviously not an argument against St Festivals, but it is an argument for security at them. I think doubly I just heard more another gonna really ramp up security within vehicles in mind at the Texas State Fair next month, so there are already starting to view that there already seriously and people will show up if these things keep happening. You know people organist any risk. That's the whole point right of this kind of attack. You just want people to change their I've style, you want him to live in fear. You want to cry.
Terror and their dinner a pretty good job of that, so it the day they interview quite a few people who are just on vacation, this wasn't necessarily even just a of St Festival. I mean this is now. This is a market. Rightly reminded us of the others honest here, yeah and and so can you imagine just going to Barcelona, Spain, for a vacation night having a holiday there, and then this kind of thing happens. It's just mean It certainly is no worse than the locals being killed because it thereby bad but interests so senseless and you just don't expect that's the point. I thought I'd just took from your comment that I thought it was worth less than the coroner error that, although there are fears that, if it is thought to how we treat these things at the media like I was watching Fox news when this was going on in and they went to report their like, We have no information in that for and see a basketball teams,
playing in Spain at the time? All teams are ok. Ok, I, dont know why that is relevant to the story. The fact that that's the way I can angle read it is, I guess- and I am not blaming blocs, but I guess it is sort of interesting, particularly if you are a fan of one of the teams that is playing. General vicinity, but the idea that Europe like three of the four teams have made a statement, and all three teams have said the same thing that nothing happened. Okay, we I'd pay. I believe this is probably something else in this story that you could cover at this particular moment. I'm just saying that it is possible. The basketball team. You know being unharmed is not necessarily a story most people veto in the war
we're unharmed. At that moment this dust and kiss my wife and I have been considering- I mean we ve- wanted to go to Europe. Our whole lives, and I you know I want to go to London. I'd love to go to Barcelona. I'd love to go to Rome, love to go to reference, even though the problem with France is the French, but to see it. I'd love to be there. I'd love to experience that and now, with all this stuff, have in all the time it does. It cause you to color We wonder if you really want to do that as net I mean this is gonna hurt to tourism. It is, as you know, we're talking about a lot of people dead, a lot of people injured. I mean the footage that you described earlier did. You notice a line that was different from other attacks in which They really showed a lot of just dead bodies on the street and they capture over and over and over again, these are not people that were heard. They were, I mean emotionless, no one's even tending to them.
So I get when you have someone who's hurt and struggling people rush over and try to help. After one of these things, people orders I can buy like this is over? You know a lot of people dead, a lot of Gore and they showed it for whatever reason, seemingly without hesitant in this particular case, allow timetables. If you, if you think of the cliff in Charlottesville right where one person died, they went to some great lengths to not show you where the actual person who died the actual real carnage of that they they showed it from a distance. They showed parts of it, but this was like I mean real, in TAT. The little rooted. Nothing was impersonal with all the carnage. They really do need to see it as its there's an argument there and I think a strong one. I mean I don't know what you do here right like they are talking about this terrorism expert on that I was watching in their like. Well, there's nothing! You can do to stop these incidents. There is really no way to stop them and that's true about
we everything right, there's nothing to stop. Someone walking up behind you with water, balloon full of Red Kool aid and I think it on the back of your head every time you what on the street the only reason that doesn't happen is because no one is interested in doing it right. Anyone, due to you at any time. The only way that we bear this is going to eventually stop hopefully Eventually we get to a point in which people are not motivated by this thing, white supremacy, we ve gone a long way and essentially eliminating- and it's weird thing to say after Charlottesville, but you know it's pretty freakin notable when there's a clue, Klux Clan rally these days just because generally speaking, people in United States aren't interested in it. There there is now a lot of people who want to be involved in that nonsense. So they're, not, thankfully right now Islamic extremism is not that's not the case. In know there's a lot of people around the world who are really interested in it and
until that ideologies is defeated until all of that you know that An of of extremism is gone and people don't want to do it looked Nazi. Fascism is like that, and we at one point. She is and was of the dominant viewpoint of a country of multiple countries. When you include throw fascist, in there and now you know, there's a lot less interest in it. Thank fully around the globe and we have a lot less nazi. Isn't that ceiling? What you do this right, I don't know how you do it with it with a group like islamic extremism, because it's so large that so many people that even if there's just an infinitesimal percentage of Islam that that goes down this road, it's still almost impossible to stop. Stop it that way or by killing every single terrorist. On the planet, which is difficult really difficult, very difficult. We look. That's how we approach Nazis read, it wasn't like we were, like all you know. What? Actually we don't agree with your universal health care plans and the
That's why they disputed nazis and he did it with but you're bombs which, You know what that is. That is certainly part of it. You know, but is it's a lot harder here? When you talk about killing every terrorist, us a lot difficult to figure out who those people are and how to do? and you know we seen attempts at that- certainly in countries in so far as its there have been parts of it that have worked with that. Haven't Oh, I mean the right now. Ices is being pushed back and we may wind up seeing ISIS go away that part of it, but we also know you could argue that It's a volcano have gone away and were replaced by ices right. So I mean it. It's such a difficult task to do this in any efficient way, especially without we know without support and really unified action of the world where the Nazis? It hadn't a lot of that and is
state has taken credit for this: the perpetrators of the Barcelona attacker soldiers of the islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls for targeting coalition states I mean is Spain really even heavily involved in the war on terror, the open border campaigns in Europe and in Spain, France, all of it. There all mean that immigration process for. The extremists use you don't know who they are. Nobody knows they are so there is there in those countries, but they don't seem to be the notes to be targeting the sunni militant groups in Syria, certainly they're, not in Iraq there not in Afghanistan. But why Spain? Why are they targeting Spain Spain has been hasn't, had a big attacking a while. She doesn't for they had a big attacking, and but it's been, it's been a while it's, but this is the worst one, since the two thousand for attack
You know, I think you ve got one killed two hundred and ninety one to enable the eight hundred and ninety one wounded. Eighteen hundred was a huge attack. Huge in open, just Europe, in its in and of itself, is just very vulnerable to these things. They have a lot of them have very low. Lenient. Disabled immigration policy is the their guns in there very little to push back, there's also very free immigration, relatively speaking between the countries. So, even if you have a more restrictive policy on your border when it was to be no immigrants from the Middle EAST or whatever they can into a neighbouring country and then come that border, so it becomes very difficult. It's it's, it will be like trying to. It would be like trying to figure out patient among the fifty states, if we were constantly- the border trying to stop certain people going from you know, Texas in Glaucoma, it would be really harcourt
and you know it's a little bit of an exaggeration, but it's that type of of arrangement and with its difficult at all looks like police have caught everybody, but the driver right is is that's the last I heard was at the door fled on foot and still the in the act. The driver Van has gotten and it seemed till this It was a bigger plot, or are you know there is an explosion they think was tied to this. There is another attack, they think is tired of this through family members, apparently they thwarted another and they thwarted another. One overnight ran with the five people trying to attempted attack and they shot all five of them can Brill's Embryos bay. They again, you talked about showing the footage that footage immediately was all of them dead on the sidewalk, showing where police and shot them out. Last night, when I will not tell you they got me, they were the software our dead police of shot them there they are well, it was amazing aright.
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you know he got hammered for not tweeting fast enough in calling it terrorism, essentially in Charlottesville, which, by the way again, I heard somebody on CNN this morning. Someone running for I think Senate in in Virginia who is who said it was not terrorist. Or would not admit it was terrorism until about halfway through the interview which eventually came round to say, yeah. Ok, it was terrorism, but he's One person, I've ever heard say that the Charlottesville Attack was not terrorism or what whose denying this is like a Typical left wing complaint leg was on Mars. What we would call terrorism or calling it terrorism anyway, we have no problem. Culling iter is no of glory saving terrorism didn't from the first moment we heard about it. As was by the way the Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunteer, who went and tried to shoot everybody in the in the GEO be at their baseball practice, brain also terrorism and then and then Bernie Sanders after that. Had the admittedly gall to blame the attack on Trump when one of his own supporters actually try
to murder, one tenth of the GNP delegation. I mean that Zander has balls and then, while others do that now, there's some driblets there, but I mean they their criticising trump over this and, I think part of party at the General Pershing Tweet Right rights are the first one was the first one he was condemning the terrorists and the person was totally. Finally, United States condemns at their DEC Selina in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary, be tough and strong. We love you yet great any data right away and then again like the media cycle, why did they react so fast? So this? What are not the last one? Well, I mean If you wanted him to react fast, Then he did react fast. It is harder to criticise them for free, ITALY, not reacting fast, erect vessel. The right thing were totally finalized. Fortunately follow the study A general Pershing of the United States did a terrorist when caught there was, a more radical islamic terror for thirty five years right now
positively. The the legend is the General Pershing buried them in in pigs. Blood now he's cure this tolerance of Indonesia brightly. That's what it was, then he shot he had ethically fifty of them he shot forty I know them and let the last one go to tell everyone, and then there was no islamic terror for twenty five years. We send the campaign. Now it's is advanced now to thirty five years of no islamic terrorism, which has tweed it'll, be a hundred million. They go in that direction. Though the story at me lotta people, the meteor thing like others. This is absolutely a lie, and you know it is that did not happen no evidence of it happening is I drew story as you point out: it's a legend. It's kind of. We should study its. Do I dont what the president said and I like it again quibble with twitter and the wording of it, but if you're gonna tell people to study something, you should probably know whether inaccurate. Probably of studied it. Your cell, yes, in fact, would be helpful. That would probably be held over the core Lewandowski, who was courses campaign, you're trumps GPA manager said he
team knew at the time. The story was a myth when tromp tone but in twenty sixteen, but decided to say that rallies anyway, it's not about that. He told the Washington post. Look it's an analogy which is ok like as you can take that as an analogy of we should be tough on islamic terrorism, and we should make me think the way they do and use that to use that in a way to, Deterrent General Pershing. Memoirs, and this, I think, is the genesis of this sort of legend that has passed been passed run over the years. Talks about fighting islamic extremism, extremists, and there's a related story in the memoir it talks about. How attacks were material or materially reduced in number. By practice, the army had already adopted one that Bahama Duns, held an abhorrence. The bodies were publicly buried in the same is really what we used to call Muslims Mohammedans muslim nights. Or or Mohammed AIDS and
Mohammedans and all kinds of different things right and a bit. So that's what Pershing used he said the bodies were publicly buried in the same grave with a dead pig. It was not pleasant to have take it to have to take such measures, The prospect of going to Hell instead of Heaven, Sir times deterred the would be assassins. Certainly never way, did not wipe it out for thirty five years. They did not dip them in blood. There was report was, and it doesn't even say he did it. He said the army was doing and generally where they would occasionally sometimes publicly berry. A dead islamic extremist with pig, and it would sometimes deter some assassins So there is some german truth, Maria it. So it's not a pretty big germinal. I think so too I mean it. S almost like a full fledged virus Maybe I don't know, I think it's pretty easily cure wow. It's not the story. The trump
cold and money. I mean that they did. Anything of the sort of this sort is interesting because they did actually use it now. Is it there's? No there's, no there's no indication that it did work as well as we'd all like to believe, because the bottom line is if we can kill terrorist with pig blood, dipped bullets, and they would stop all attacks. We would be doing it right. It's it's it didn't I don't know, would we I was in the alley. Interesting would wander where it is. I don't know it's pretty politically incur. It is politically incorrect, but it mean if it stopped up. You know thousands and thousands of genetics. Well, you ve put. There is certainly a lot of people who would argue inside of it you'll be listening to the Glen background.
Then let back programme brains do the job for fleets of do some back. Glenn is back on Monday. He's out in Central America is treated this morning somewhere, Central America with Operation underground rescue. So doing some really important today, but he'll be that gun on Monday and in meantime, the vis Confederate monument thing continues to really Boil I mean it's boiling right now: I don't open swimmers down I don't know if this tapers off, because we ve got a lot of fired up people about it, and the president was this was a speech is seconds thoughts by guess it was the third speech on this was that Monday, Tuesday? I understand the press conference year. Press conference- it was, I can remember- was one of the two anyway
He said this. Many of those people were there to protest that taking down of the state your Robert E Lee Self this week, Robert E Lee, I noticed Stonewall, Jackson coming down. I wonder did George Washington next week and is Thomas Jefferson the week after. Ok, that was probably. Where was I. The things that got him. The most criticism, because we had a buffer only he doesn't understand three at all. You kid conflate, those confederate generals with Wash Jefferson wasn't their position in the military or or whom they were a fight? against. That was the question. The question was: will you now want Washington statue removed because he also own slaves and Jeff an own slaves and so becoming after them as well, and they thought that was the most ridiculous thing of all time, and then
It happened the next day and Washington Pie gives named after our first president and a statue of hand on a horse sands prominently here at this park for all to see, but one pastors you mentioned said it is a sensitive because Washington, own slaves, Duke says they should not be held to such a scheme and considered heroes when they participated in the slave trade. He says that users could be as simple as name and naming the parks after african American Heroes like Harold, Washington, Jesse Jackson and Michael Jackson, equipment room, a mighty, allows porges soon
Michael Jackson, little Jackson, the guy, was a potentially a pet of biology way. All indications, yes Jeffrey by all indications these at least that highly says, suspect individual. When it comes to criminal activities in live detour view put children, we know dad, so it was the next day yeah pastors calling, for in Chicago he's, calling for the removal of the Wash George Washington statue. Those in power and changing the name from washing depart to you, don't Michael Jackson Park or whatever. So was the next day and then yesterday we this CNN commentator. Angela awry. I think that we have to get to the heart of the I don't hear, and the heart of the problem is the way in which many of us were taught american history. American history is not glory assent and even I love John to death.
Disagree more about George Washington, George Washington was a slave owner and we need a costly loners out for what they are, whether we think they were protecting American Freedom or not. He wasn't protecting my freedom, I wasn't someone who's my ancestors one deemed human beings to him and said to me. I don't care if it's a George Washington, though, that you or Thomas Jefferson Statue or Robert E Lee Statue, they all needs to come down. There is a way that we can recognise. You know what I mean: I'm not I'm not I'm not your Europe, but I must say that I am not at all Although I am going to finish my point, training is a white supremacy. I'm calling out white supremacy for what it is well, sometimes what it is John are blind. Spots sometimes It is not acknowledging that this culture was built upon a very violent past that resulted in death and the raping, and the killing of my ancestors, my voice- and I'm not going to allow us to say that it's ok for Robert E Lee, but not a George Washington
We need to call it what it is, and I am not saying that they don't deserve to be taught about definitely need to learn about it, so that we don't repeated cause we're very close to repeating it right now, but I'm not very remote in the larger lacerated warrants a Robert E Lee. Let me let me just cite yummy I couldn't have been any more right has totally right. I'm he couldn't have been anymore right than he is already begun its. Ready well under way and was one of the things that have begun long before this incident, that this is not a new opinion. She just came up with these. Are then the left has been saying for a very long time and we ve covered him for years. I've been, and that's the that's the that's the thing here. First of all, one part of when you're in the middle of an argument like this. When you hear hear I want to go down the we need to tear the George Washington statues down just back off and let them do it because then let them continue to run their meloth. Let him dead letter own exactly you don't need to cut somebody off when they met in the middle around one rule Adam go, but it's it's there.
It is this issue of whether Trump should have done that or not, and I the issue here is, leave that stuff to the talks. Your hosts lead that stuff to the end, Son CNN and the people who go on and on tv trump does it to win those arguments like that. Arguments have been going on for a long time in shrub feels the need to jump helped himself. So if I want to give advice to the president, which he does not care about it all, you know he doesn't need to win those arguments, he doesn't need to fight. Every single point like that. And you know he is absolutely right in there is a moment I think for trumped to come in- maybe a couple weeks later, when they're talking about this and say look there. We need to be sure, though, that destroying our history. We have to be sure there is that point, but two yelling at reporters and in the lobby of shrimp tower a couple days after the incident backing off the pre His statement you just made
It was not a great way to handle this. I think in the end will see if it it hurts them are not. I mean I don't know how much it's going to affect them in the polls or whether that even matters the but that puts separate from the idea that what he said generally speaking talking about history, that part of it in talking about what the left will try to do with these incidents, both of those were more true. In that instance, can be violently accurate. As we point out, he wasn't right about the Pershing thing. Any energy certainly wasn't right bout saying there were a lot of fine people in that particular March. There weren't there are a lot of fine people by the way who. Who are opposed to taking this the statues down. That is absent, let me give you an example of as to how true that is, and its true, too people who are complaining about it today, because people know the saying well, there's no good people who could possibly be on that side of the argument. Well, I
Listen to this listen to this pull. This is from NPR. Do you statues honouring can the leaders of the confederacy should be were, should remain as a historical symbol or be removed, because their offensive to some people you'd, see, of course, Republicans are going to be on the side of keeping them up. You'd expect that eighty six to six they want to keep them, keep them up. Independence should be in the middle of this right into and they are the ones they didn't get the party stuff here. Independence support remit, keeping the statues up sixty one to twenty seven, while it not a close call. This is below out, keep the statues up big ol. Cable Democrats, though, are really going to oppose it know it. They are split on the issue, forty four percent say keep the statues up. Forty seven percent say to take them down because their offensive. So the Democrats are, I mean they're, saying
people who are opposed. To removing these statues, are bad people well let's be honest, half a Democrat who say, keep them up. You ve got two thirds of independence in almost every Republika, so the so here is not whether you're a racist. If you, if you think statues should remain up because occur, the board there in a lot of people that the overall. Sixty two percent of people overall say: keep the statues up. And so this is not a particularly close argument. Most people say: look. We under stand that there were bad things in our history? We it's important to keep this up. So you remember it. And, as Jeffrey said earlier, in the break, if you walk by one of these statues in its offensive to tell ok, why its offensive, what a great teaching tool tell them hey. This is offensive because the this person did this this in this, and you should know about it that's a really good way of handling it, and I can't believe I just complemented Jeffreys parenting style that
That is why I should like those we do, that all cats This is a huge out we're on such a dangerous path. Here too, tearing down everything. Is offensive to people too silencing people too. Saying that you can't that hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. I mean we're on a really dangerous path right now toward losing our freedom. If, if You don't stop this madness. This snowball, that's rolling down the hill, we're gonna be sorry, and in there's not going to be a constitution that stands there, setting fire to it No, but we're gonna have to decide what to do with these confederate monuments, because there is more there still more than seven hundred of them throughout the its nose lawyer, seven hundred including one in my I'm town on the means.
Streets of Helen Right Anna. What now what you are doing in Helena Montana, dog. No commemorating Yes, it is, but a Montana wasn't a state at the time. Be. It doesn't get anymore north in the forty eight contiguous states, then TAT S, a very the northern states is as possible. It was just a shipping error like they say they gave its internet access and they just by Marie Mandate, is for Alabama Bill said you know, I just put the parties who, every day it again and I want to talk about leaving over there, though, isn't here I'll, tell you you're river, seeing it I don't because that is a very the map is, is odd and use of course. Obviously you, no ninety eight four and of I mean there's one in Iowa,
is. The next furthers north should mean Ets. There's not a lot or maybe there's two when Iowa and then below outside of that there's like one in Pennsylvania, but overall there all. You know self where people generally aspect, and we expect them to be, and then there's just one up there and Helena. Because I get a lot more years or weird and apparently Helen as mayor was originally like now, and I can agree with that. But after Charlottesville he's now saying maybe it's time so Oh that's where we didn't something. We mention this Baltimore in the middle of the night, which is what they do in Baltimore. They remove NFL teams in the middle and knives and exactly right, I'm just removed all the statutory guy in a lot of and really no debate, they didn't really rallies and they didn't have any protest which I'm sure as what they were trying to avoid, but it's an interesting way of doing business. Yet another gone The thing that you so you re not there now monitor rather go by Anders there's quite a few points
Around the country were its being considered. They're going to remove them and then, but there are hundreds and hundreds of them were they still exist and nobody saying they shouldn't, but it will happen. Right, I'm really going on here in Dallas than Saturday right, a big rally for the don't Alice this weekend, are they really were to keep it up or railing against? I probably rally re both yes, but the label. The main focus of the rally, I believe, is to make it go what our right. Now it's not it's, not It's that common in these moments like it's an interesting thing is it seems to be new. I would have told you ten years ago, there's no way places like you know. South Carolina are going to take the can, the red flag off right. Remember that was like it was something was so untouchable. In fact, it was by remember correctly you ve been what a year to since this happen there it was ingrained in their constitution that, basically, you couldn't do it
you know we were there. I can learn what the actual law was, that you couldn't do it and they just what I'm doing it anyway, because shooting which was a test terrible incident, but rules mainly based on the fact that there was one photo with the shooter with the flag was like. Even then, he came in there with the flag and said I'm doing this for the flag or anything like that. There was one picture of him on Facebook with the flag and because of that they took the flag of the out of where it was us where we are now We are, and then they change the law Are you not willing to change like yeah and it worked I mean you know, and it's it's amazing goes back to every piece of progressive ideology as to how to move things around it, and I'm not saying I don't have no reference for the for the competitive like myself, but the way you move these things. If you dont the crisis, is go to waste. There's a crisis. You
have an advantage. You haven't emotional moment where you can take a couple steps in the direction you want to go. You take it at that time, triple eight. Seventy seven bet more than alembic programme with that still coming up, your were listening to the Glen Bag Programme the claim that stupid Glinda the Good Program AAA seventy seven. Then, when all the anger going on the confederate statues, it's amazing do they see the New York Times and how they treat so treated, so differently leave Vladimir Lenin Statue that was in New York. City of this is The way from this is from late last year
statue of Madam your Lenin and on the roof of a building over time it became one of the more familiar pieces of art in the neighborhood, seen by some as a bit of kitsch and by others. As a contextual nod to the days when communist meeting halls dotted the nearby blocks and made a marches drew tens of thousands of years where they say the art when they say that about a confederate statue, I doubt it now: it's not an actual nod and is now now remember. This is a guy that it was hitch yeah right. This is a guy who's policies led to the deaths of twenty million people in his own country It was. It is not a positive moment in history and again our enemy throughout. But mom. You know a large portion of our history, Michael those are the developer, and one of the owners of the building called red. Square with the name of the building last week that he learned that it could be could be sold to someone who he might and who might not want to keep the likeness of Lenin. So they did we're gonna. Take it down goes onto to say that,
it appeared to have more fans the detractors and among them was Joe Sims, a member of the Communist Party, USA's National Board. Who said what a surprise at certain points in our history, communists, we're demonize a lot of gone now, or what development for our country, let's get to see the unbelievable, sucking seriously. Unbelievable vessels that ran back programme, mercury. Alright, we got to, we still have some issues to chance that we have to get through, because I want to see some of these turned into popular songs, Some of them are so good. They should be set to music, and we should hear him on the radio everyday like five times a day,
also the terrorist attack. In Barcelona yesterday and a new one did tell you about in Finland we'll start there right now, the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, the Glen Back Programme, that's doing gently for glad on the Glinda Programme, you'll be back on Monday. Still some sketchy information on this. Several people have been stabbed in the city of Tarku,
Finland would honour stabbing spree and police shot him. They're, not they're, not exactly saying that this is terrorism yet, but it has all the earmarks of another another terrorist tack, but a gun was used to stop this guy, so guns kill his way. You're saying guns kill their created, for one purpose do enough to kill, That is probably it's a big because you do think we're gonna go down the road of of cars being banned if this keeps happening with the attacks, the Barcelona there at least have to be a three day waiting period thinking that maybe the answer that is yes, yes, especially for rentals. I maybe these, these vans are rented and they're gonna go down that road and it's funny because of course works with. The idea of this goes back to allegories book in the nineties, where they wanted to get rid of cars for in time or at least make massive changes into it. This might be another.
Their step on that road. Its athletes, because it mean is the same logic right and the US It really is I mean if you were going. Certainly, of course, we all know that cars kill way more people than guns anyway, regardless of terrorist attacks. But then, in addition to that, there are being utilized in that way anyone can get them. They can move down a lot of people at once. They will probably start making these arguments we want. You know trump. We discover this last hour if you missed it, Trump made the point in his press conference the other day that they're gonna caused our coming after George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson Statute is already begun that we have already two commentators right on on tv say yes, we should go after them in that the woman in the vice especial that we play the other died. Who said in other I was looking down on Us- is the master of Monaco along randomness, so right we seem is already multiple times since he made the statement, she's and, of course,
its they had been going on long before that look at what was going on with David Barton over the years, where he's been attacked for saying things positive about the action, Oh founding fathers, the United States, go bugs me. What does yet you dont like them? Well, you don't because he's wearing the flag should, I think, then that is, it doesn't seem like we have any true felt there anymore it so hard to find that yours. You know that was given to us think about this. What what's a good way for them to go to the? cashless society. Just as a side, though the slave owner, races on the money. Wait, wait! Wait for that to go there. I that for a long time to as they have. If you take down statues of George Washington, you have to take his likeness right. The bill razor do it after silversmiths, people want to get rid of their race bills, American seven Amelia Dispose of them brought. It s quite and I've got Joe
is really nine item on learning, happy to donate them to underprivileged strippers all around him and others, both of them properly its habits every time, because, as you know, there is a lot in the fact that we're having Nazi rallies in this country is amazing that that still exists that those that, then I mean I think it country of three hundred and twenty million people, it's gonna be really frigate hard to eliminate every every group of morons that one's together with tiki torches. It's gonna be very difficult to do that and end. These rallies have been going on for ever and they probably will never completely stop. I will say I was surprised by two things with with that Nazi in Charlottesville one was the sheer number of them. Yes, there's a lot that in his eyes, was was large way more than I thought would gather and in March with Nazis, and the other thing was just how vitriolic and unashamed about there.
The tree all their hatred? They are ye had eyes they. They will say it. I mean you, We have that one guy who was trying to make it. Ok, that's the guy old got run over and kill those in that voiced in the vice report. Right, yes, yes, it was near at hand it's interesting, because there are racist. Who will come to you and look at you right in the camera and tell you how racist they are. Those, Do I mean Richard Spencer, all the way to the guy who we saw in the vice video of who was saying all sorts of crazy things like Jared Kushner should not be able to be married to Ivanka Trump because he's one of those Jews, okay, tell me they enables all that valuable. But it's funny because- that is the reason why the racist accusation is effective and why so many people fight it off. We people on the right get accused of racism all the time if we were racists, why wouldn't
we oppose it. There are the there are people who are racist and when they are, they will be more than happy to tell you about it Yes, it is sometimes listen, I'm here to spread. He has talk in the hopes that somebody more capable we will come along and do that. Somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew. Hello jewels, Donald Trump at length. Maurice lot more raises the Donald Trump. I dont think that you could feel about raised the way I do and watched that cushion or bastard walk around with that beautiful girl. Ok, is that I mean just it. Doesn't even I can't I had around that at all I kind of a dog, don't understand by the way comments like that is what got him kicked off of Okcupid. He had an Is that the same guy? You know that guy they think I didn't know you had a threat. It gets into dates the same lights. The premises need love to, apparently
Ok, you look like you want to catch. You clearly is kind of famous well he's on them: girls. Did enzyme Army has actually been kind of a media guy for a while. He was in a an old cold. Their report episode where he was fighting the law. Good government and keen New Hampshire about parking tickets and at the time he was. He was yelling at meter maids as they go around because he thought it was wrong for the government to take people's money for parking in the wrong spots. So he was racing them and got like some of them to quit and he would say, but he was all about freedom. I made some, it's a weird store that guy's got there. They get kicked the vulgar cupid. This is yes, sir I'll terms. Ugly. This guy is an amazing documentary waiting to happen, but but again like we listen to this a person in this audience? Listen to that guy talk and feels Abbe
but we know connection to him. You feel whatsoever erosion and the reason why these attacks, when people just Racism around our effective is because no one actually wants to be racist. It's it's even People you think are racist. If you're on the left, you think what a person doesn't support affirmative action in college were african. American students should get an advantage over over a white student with the same grades. Will that's, it it's wrong. The races what lower taxes for the rich, that's races. No, it's not It's got no connection, racism, bats, racism, that's anti Semitism! Are there what you just heard? You there's a lot of it and the guy who tried to justify the killer run
over girl, but the climate struck a protester, that's unprovoked! That's not true, and you know that it's not true you're, seeing the video so seen any. I don't know much added up. I understand they described what the media well piastres. Okay, so the video appears to show someone striking that vehicle when these animals attacked him again and he saw no way to get away from them, except in the gas and, sadly, because our rivals or a budget stupid animals prudent pay attention. They couldn't get out of the way this car. It's therefore, and I think that when some people got hurt and that's unfortunate ceasing to this, just as I think it was more than justified- I can't believe the amount of restraint that our people showed out. There I think was astounding. Again, I would not. Everybody ran people over, but still I mean it's hard to make that argument. At that point, I think
style on the guy like eyes to a lower level than cushion or bastard beautiful girl drew really really strange. Very sorry. I will say this too, that is hell of a piece of journalism. Right there advice that if you have not seen United Reginald Job and that its it's absolutely the most amazing pieces of news programming, I've ever seen, and it has arts by the way that that are critical of the kind of consent this left wing media viewpoint. Right now I mean that the part about need to bring down the master of Monte shallows in that as well and there's other there's other there's parts in thereabout. Amid this guy, obviously does not think trumpets, racist enough, it is not what the media wants you to believe either, but that the way she handled that question. He says what use in the video. Obviously you know
It was justified and she let some continue to hang himself by asking him to describe it doesn't say that's not with a video shows rightly says. I didn't really see the video to know what it shows. What what do you think it showed its really great as a in that normally go that way she sitting in a hotel room with this nut case and about twenty guns, well that are laying out in the bed- and she doesn't- she hasn't antagonize. She doesn't necessarily try to push back and make every point. She could be there if you just let him hang himself verbally and that, as that is what that's really good way of handling the Evian. I can't say enough about the things some of this stuff faced us. I don't particularly like I don't like every peace that do but man. That is a. I mean that is absolute award, winning stuff that back workload yet, but the problem is now and one of the problems of me there's a lot. We get a lot of problems right now, but The problems is that the right is being acquainted with this all too right. Yeah and we'll get into that covered up in just a second patents. Do
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If trader transported between ninety thousand and a hundred thousand african slaves to the american colonies and the sixteen hundreds sir. You can't stand so what should we wish? We Renee like New New fancied town, let me live happen. Will you happy let my being way to go, I dont know what we should name New York, but it certainly should be named that the pit of despair you could call a death petty accurately, it's gotta be in an armed bitten position there on the coast, so you can kind of go with that. You can go down there and this is the point. I think the president was trying to make as we made we mentioned earlier, is an accurate point The slippery slope thing is real and circumstances like this, because you can go back to history and find even the abolitionist of the seventeen hundreds were white supremacist by today's view, You know what they are all that there is a lot of that. What that went on. There is never a even a lot of them who are fighting for the abolition of slavery, also
making arguments. L. Obviously there are equal, but they should have some freedoms, but that was kind of things that the moment of their baby. You gotta judge these things in historical context, but that was saying Bag man, some people, were a lot of people who didn't know them. You know again, they had limited involvement with them. They didn't understand the they The slave certainly were being educated XL. They didn't know a lot about the item in and again, look at this in context, the the founding fathers took a world. Filled with slavery and racism and continued it some of them for some time I'm putting gave built in structures that will eventually lead to its end and there were great abolitionists Ben, for when as one of my favorites, who fought against viscerally against the entire grain of society. Woodrow Wilson did the exact opposite we were going to be correct direction in in
making people more equal and he brought back the cake Kay out of the doldrums and brought them back to prominence in his presidency. For that he is awarded a top ten president of all time by those by the left and academia and he has his name on every kids school in the country similar. Woodrow Wilson, elementary school is, as popular or more popular than some of the greatest president's of all time and he is awarded and admired, need us some idiot Leftist tweeted the other day out to urge you didn't take after you are three days to rub. Winter responded nazis. That's because he was a real president. It took
thousands of days to really hot insurers volunteer nazis. Yes, it did it. We didn't respond, vaster nazis at all, he's. No, it's pretty well known that need to be really long time to respond to Nazis who tweeted some is unbelievable. I don't remember even some left an unbelievable, but it means House voted a horrible point and they look. If they are and if the oars consistently name number one number two number three greatest, president of all time, his response to the knots he's in that war of that time was to imprison Essentially, in putting camps german Americans Asian Americans, not even japanese Americans asian of air generally the Was there, MRS appraise the activity, so the none of this makes sense. You get to this point where we just fall into these arguments.
Feel good at the moment. You know what I have no love for the confederacy. They wore the enemies of this country. They were at if you want to find a very strict definition of traders They left the country in there and we got into a war with it It was not about states rights, it was about slavery, largely they instant in implemented it into the Confederate constitution and they required. We want in the constitution, everyone in the confederacy and anyone who would ever come into the confederacy to make sure that slavery was institutionalized. There was no option, state to say no mean making the states rights argument ridiculous. In fact, if I read this couple of days ago- and I think the words in perpetuity are in the constitution and when as it applies to slavery, they wanted it to continue for ever ever. Had it been up to the south to the confederacy, it would have continued.
Forever now- and you know this is not an argument to say the confederacy was good or right or something that we want a mere remember lionize, but not every Ass, she was about lionize thing. You know me we at the time it was. But you know it's it's important. I think that we look at this in its history and when we start just removing things from history with today's lens, just if you even go back to the wording of what people use them, Words today are different than what they used in history and you can find people saying all sorts of terrible things with words that we're not comfortable using today. And you're gonna wine of throwing out every every historical figure. You know the stone mountain thing. I think I think you have a legitimate point with that being started by the K K K to carve the
figures into that mountain of Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and not forget the other person whose carved into the into the mountain, but each efforts, Davis, right, the president of the confederacy. So in this started by the cake, a k, I that one starts to get around. Have me that guy's dating left it our shoots up I mean we go and what do we do with it? We go we have the most profound moments potentially and our entire lives learning about the horrors of that place and stands, and it stands for a reason. If these things are wrong, you know that is the free teaching tool. Do you see this the column by re? I think we re Alan former Celtics bucks. Shooting guard who went to Auschwitz It talked about the profound feeling he's here. Help going there in learning about that and being in those moments for
and talk about it on the show. That was basically, I would say, life changing for Glenn. That trip- and you know that is the arguably the most place on earth- I made a really it's hard to think of what could be a worse place than that. I mean it is the most horrific things you man, ever done to other humans happened in that place What does it today? It's a great lesson to remember, not to do it again, I know a lot of these things should should be kept up as the most profound. And vivid way to teach these lessons of history. You're right, you don't have to consider them glorifying.
These characters. It's a reminder that we never want to go down that path. Again. That's stupid, Lana, Glinda, back programmes, there and begged program. Like twelve hours class, you probably don't recycle one o j t git, you get the blood flowing misleadingly begin so white light. Trash first class, probably got recycle men. I argue with that. You can
are you with movements? Gonna begin on that back in that all its all ready begun? My for our really it's already begun about a stupor glad on the Glen Back programme. He'll be back on Monday yet, and we are talking about slavery last breakin and how people are trying to remove these confederate icons and statues and we're trying to forget think some motivation that are actually good and that, obviously these things were terrible, Nazis and and and slavery was terrible. We all know that it's interesting, though the amount of freaking energy put towards take. Down flags and taking down statues when I'm this day, as we discussed this topic, Glenn Back is currently in Central America working with organization. Actually do something about today's slavery problem, not to four years ago. But today's slavery problem and
we sit here and we have obsess as a nation about whether we should keep statues in parks. When real people are currently dying and being raped and abused all over the world That is incredible, and I didn't believe it when I first heard it. There are more slaves today than there were back in the day, a bit Glenn. My lord Almighty doesn't recycled. Oh boy, why we nevertheless rash eat is first class and a first class It probably will use that doesn't recycle, so that does his eye on that taints that teens him a lot. It really does. We put it. Does it so sad its This is all that is what we talked about this earlier of how the media does this all the time they try to obtain these groups, and I think this is a real. Problem with the all right said that they're doing now in that
plying racism to all Republicans makes a a lotta republicans feel defensive, rightly so, because they're not racists and be it takes away from actual racists. But there are people there, who are racist and just calling everybody who thinks taxes should be at thirty five percent. Instead of thirty nine, a bunch of racist, puts them just marks the entire issue so things are doing now is they're. Calling me no groups like Word Charlottesville, the right and calling them the right now, of course, the Right is a real thing, unlike really to be frank, the alt left, which is not actually a thing, the all right and it is a main distinction here. The all right was name by the guy, who is the end actual leader of the movement, he called himself the right. It's his terminal, Third Spencer's term, the old left is a.
Is a term that people came up with when they didn't like being called all right, and It is the opposite of right, but not unless you through that one to be honest while and there's no Oswald left, because the left has just embraced and incorporated socialism, I think that all left could have been. Socialist movement within and within the democratic One, hurry at one point, but now They just embraced it announced just part of, and so there is no alternative there. It's just the left and I think it's more, it's more appropriate to call out groups like Antiphon right, specifically they'll call. The left is like just so you know it's there, it's a on fattened! you're fat, oh yeah, well, you're frat, it's it's like it. Just a dumb responds to the outrages and actual term its term. Started by the intellectual leader of of the of the movement. Richard Spencer, who was identified as the intellectual leader of the moment by bright part, wrote a story about how you should understand these people that the Organization
that time run by the chief strategies to the present United States, and if I may, because not conservative, now you think he's. Not a conservative and and conservatives are being lumped in with this all right thing in its drive me out of my mind that, for example, nay, ral. Yesterday tweeted this anti choice, Groups and white supremacist have something important in common. They pull Control women's bodies, excepting which I responded. Richard Spencer, is pro choice. Ok and people are retreated that frequently to annoy nay rather than what a group that's like can barely see, plan parenthood from where they are because they're so far to the left there like they are What I think they want abortions to happen like twenty six years old, like that's, there's still pro choice at that point, but I don't know this about Richard Spencer, because people summarize the alt right by The second word there right they just
and every put a body in the media will call them a right wing group. They'll say there far right They are not far. Nazis were national socialists, you, Richard Spencer, again. The intellectual leader of this movement has talked about the positives of socialism. If done right. Over and over again This is a story that just came out of the Atlantic, which is a great store. If you want to read it about a guy who went to high school with Richard Spencer, was now a journalist and went back and talk to him again about where he is now richer, Spencer is, if you dont know, he's the intellectual leader of the art right he's at that rally. He was the guy who, after tromp was elected. Gotta trouble cause he was making Nazi salutes at a get together. This is what, article says in the concerns of conservative Christians, dont interest him, he doesn't and gay marriage any favours legal act, as to abortion, partly to read
the number of blacks and Hispanics. So he's got back to the old School Margaret Sanger view. Thus, her think too, that the founder of Plan parent right he's more than I join with Richard Spencer. He's like an original- was eight of abortion. He says, quote Smart P, are not using abortion as birth control. It is the intelligent and blacks and Hispanics who use abortion as birth control. He said recently on all rights Youtube Channel. This can be something that is a great boon for our people, our race, That is not a right wing viewpoint on at all. We want to know, deeper on this and looked at the ratings on various outright websites. This is, a story from last year, called the pro life temptation Kay the pro life temptation from an all right. What I understand the pro life temptation, However, we on the all right Heaven
creation of tribalism and identity. We realized people are not just economists, individuals, life gains its meaning connections to other members of our family. Tribes and nations. Being pro life flies in the face of both of those principles. Think of what that statement is, besides the abortion point life gains its meaning through connections to other members of our families, tribes and nations. That is a collective. The argument. That is not an individual argument, this post, quickly getting rid of the individualist argument. It you think, that's right wing. That is a collective. Argument: it goes on and it gets a lot worse a study in Europe. On that over ninety percent of mothers, who were told that their babies, we're going to have down's syndrome did not continue the pregnancy. We know the story because CBS recently praised it. They said, it's a wilder about to eliminate down syndrome through abortion and an painted it with a positive stroke.
So does the alt right there day in two thousand eleven. It was estimated that there are now thirty percent fewer people. Would the disorder in the United States to prenatal notice in the future. As such, technologies improve again, I'm quoting what the left calls reproductive freedom. Will continue to be the justification for private sector. Eugenics This is the all right in their own words as they go. The outright is sceptical to say the least of concepts like equality and human rights as special yes basis for policy the undue Foetus has no connection to anyone else in the community if it is not haunted by its own mother criminalizing abortion means that the state must step in and say that individual has rights as an individual, despite its lack connection to any larger social group. This is this, no problem to those in the conservative movement who does right and wrong based on principles like the right to life,.
Again there mocking the most closely held viewpoints of the right. Mother child, but got going on it and I'm quoting again from the outright website. External, the mother, child, by bond is the strongest of human relationships. When the parent Child bond does not exist for a pregnant woman. Society has no business stepping in there all right for both our own principles and the greater good must oppose the pro life agenda. Is that a right wing movement are no nobody's. It is not an alternative right movement. It is not like a different strain. Of conservatism. It is the exact opposite is collectivism it is. It is an attack on the right to life. It is an attack on individualism. It is attack on everything that conservatives have fought for
for how many years- and I don't know that still interesting to people on on the conservative side of the argument. I venture to say this audience it sure is but think so. Yeah, oh yeah, I know the it. The whole abortion argument is The difficult one because, in effect, so many years. We just decided it can't be one and we are so we we got out of that fight and it was such a huge mistake there that may allow that to happen, that we see that we just seated that to the other side, and so, if you ve grown that pro abortion stance in so many different aspects of society now and it's really only comes the conservative christian right. That is, pro life now, when we were the only ones were
gets cut a lonely out there. It's a tough fight and fortunately were back in it, though- and you know there then in Jeffrey being aborted in his six hundred and forty fourth trimester refined, that when I was ever, we blossom was done so that abortion is it's wrong and most circumcised this is in fact Alex everyone every case, except for you that one example we're in your six hundred and forty fourth trimester. We agree with it there. In fact, we think it should be implemented immediately cripple eight. Seventy seven valley dated eight. Seventy seven be easy, gay more than that programme would then student in Jeff. That right AAA. Seventy seven back
sign up and get all the information you need to know what glad that dotcom, stupid, learn. Other glinda programme he's back on Monday, Tripoli. Seventy seven back still dealing with the fall out from Charlottesville rallies in, and the trade that happened there in Vienna we're still working on getting rid of the seven hundred remaining confederates that user monuments we're still firing people who may have been there or heard about it or seen it or at least How do the bright still outing go out and have been still firing them Maisie? We worked in kind of weird place here. I don't know what to do with the stuff, because in a look we have we like people who are white supremacist.
And I would not want to work with one. If I would you like me, for one may never worked right. Maybe I don't I don't now stay. I don't know we were a lot of these websites are outing people they see in the rallies and then try to find out where they work and get them fired. One instance was a guy in Berkeley, California, who worked at a hot dog place and Yes now, I think the technically he resigned from the job and he was forced out of the hot dog place and like look If I was running a business, I would not want to wait two premises working for me, so I am a comfortable with that decision, as you make as a business owner you're right as a business owner to make that decision as a society do we want all. Let's say people or white. Supremacist do not work so we can pay for them on public, be no funds with other funds, be on welfare Raby on welfare. If, if we don't let them work anywhere and again, if you have a public facing job, I get it. But I mean it: making hotdogs behind like was he not making hotdogs as well for black people is very. Is there
association to his job performance that is related here at all, maybe he wasn't- I don't know- maybe he wasn't, but it's an odd thing for us to cheer, for I feel We heard about it because I know I would want to fire the guy immediately. If I own the business, however, is this as a society. What we want to have every person this out of a job so that we so we're all paying for their life. Instead of that same thing goes for this, so from the Washington Post, where a bunch of charities, now our are cancelling their plans to go to Morrow Logo. They're saying that they don't want to be associated with it in any, and a lot of them have been going there for years and have decided to pull out we're fine was with associating with Donald Trump property. Before this, yes they in fact one of them- was there since at least two thousand nine, the american Cancer Society, a pink charity. So
Gallagher that he didn't speak out against the racism quickly enough. Is that what it is because he did the next day, but then he did riverside. Essentially, I think he could be basically blew over that second state. He until he gets there, but again let us say you think he's even worse than this. Let things worse than Donald Trump bad. Standard. Is you go to a hotel, oh by a person who has views that you find distasteful to raise money for cancer research, I remember this happening. What was done Islas it back in the day when he had his issue without MSNBC and they fired him before his annual telethon that the day before- his annual telethon to raise money first charities to try to cure abies from dying out of unexplained, have senses after the guy had apologized proof refused
setting me wrong admitted he was wrong, went overboard over and over and over again apologizing and they still just fired and whereby raise money for their around bird brave alone, a figure fragments globular along with Bio diesel, all the way and nor let everybody out under item I was in the morning before, but this will double the our black black They don't even want to do that. I'm here to raise money I mean again, it's weird standards. You gotta, stop raising money for charity at a building because you don't like the man is really has lots of questions. Back programme.
Still for Glenn Goin Back Programme, we stopped cleaning up the madness from from this whole week. The Charlottesville thing, the confederate states, He was going away all kinds of words. Phrases and people speaking their mind going away. And the media contributing to. It will start there right now
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back. Don't you feel like the media's contributing solve this? Always hysteria of madness like in Charlottesville last weekend, depending on your media source, you- may not have even seen one of the greatest photographic representations of who we are as a people that I think I've seen in along I'm doing all that violence that was breaking out up, and you know as the precedent polity about gotten in God bludgeoned
for there was in fact violence on both sides. Breaking out in Charlottesville There was a great shot of a black police officer. Standing in front of you can see this and protecting the despicable NEO Nazis were there in the rally this as core. I mean great and very common from our past, It happens all the time, but its typical most media outlets- didn't even show that book, but that again is who we are. It is a matter of fact at every black lives matter, protesters there's some white police officers they are protecting them, be eleven members from counter protesters, mostly doubtless of never shown that, but that is also what we are doing there. Sumptuous to every rule, but in general White Americans in black Americans get along just fine in this country. Their neighbour
their friends, their co workers, their bosses, interacting with employees? In many cases, their husband and wife, along with their children in a loving family, blacks and whites. Do in fact mean go in our society and just lately it seems like that's not the case, but as a matter of I think mostly Americans, don't even make the distinction of whether your black or or a white American. To us, the vast majority of us there, all just Americans right, I mean we certainly feel that way there I'll just human beings are fellow human b isn't children of God on nine eleven. No, no one said hey how many of those three thousand people who died were black or white. No one said that no one asked those questions, because we don't make distinctions like that,
in Iraq and Afghanistan. No, no one ever question the casualty got well yeah, but how many of those troops were black or white, and no one we're just where Americans of racism in and of itself is inherently a collectivist argument, and when you heard that from this than we did on the all right last hour, you have to see people as groups not individuals to work to embrace racism the exact- and that is not a conservative value. It's not a constitutional value and far too people in the media have an agenda in any judge in Agenda the tears the fabric of our nation apart. It's been, I was just thinking about this. The other day spent thirty five years. Heard this on the radio. Since done Henley scathing review of the news media dirty laundry certainly not five year: thirty five years. You remember that, We like you, are interested in and around Europe and its old, but somehow the
the lyrics seem more relevant. Maybe then they even were. Then I make my living off the evening news just give me something something I can you people love it. When you lose, they loved dirty laundry, although today, if it is done heavily, were honest and conservative. What she's, not Emily might have written, will show you the violent hate groups there, all pasty white, they don't like it. If you're different, they heard the racist right All they like to do is fight there. The violent trumpets itself would go now, but they kick him. When they're up kicked him, they're down and that's what the media has been Doin lately? So how about we just stop? Listening to them about, we stop paying attention to them about we just don't let them affair, does anymore the other day the Washington Post ran a story about Europe. Your friendly neighbourhood, violent anarchists, theoretical. Let you know that hey these are
just young people. You know who have regular jobs by day and then they go out and break things set stuff on fire crack a few capitalist skulls by night, just try to make a difference. You know there are trying to make a difference for little people casino I care I mean that sort of free speech the violence perpetrated by left us in anarchists. That gets no condemnation from the liberal propaganda tool. That is the Washington Post in itself, story. We were informed that NEO Nazis should not be allowed to pump ITALY, even voice their opinions, because hate speech is not covered by free speech and nothing could be further from the truth right speech that may
This uncomfortable or the vast majority of us vehemently disagree with and and despise that's the only kind of speech that means protecting its it. I mean of there's, no limits you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre. That's the cliche example, and obviously you can't threatened people impunity, but even there there's kind of a fine line to walk, but you absolutely can show your incredible ignorance and, frankly, you should because glad. I want to know who the lunatics are in that way. We can avoid him that way. We point them out that way. We can say we're not we're not like that. Just like we're doing with the all right right now. Meanwhile, though, there's a news person in a newsroom somewhere asking We firmly operation is the head dead. Yet you know that
raising the newsroom gotta running bet, get there What oh on the set like dirty laundry there. In the media loves the dirty laundry. They love dish there really enjoying showing America tearing itself apart it does seem to be a spectator sport at this point and its covered. That way, it is- and I think, the application that the media makes to tribe Rawdon. These activities to the entire right or the entire left. Honestly, it are not healthy because when you try to you paint sure of of a country of people that I want to go outside. I mean. Why would you want to go outside in this environment when, in reality, we all do it every day and everything's fine, which are creating this you're increasing detention, you're, giving so much focus to these people at its? I help unhelpful a little I should probably add one addendum to that rant, and that is that
the dawn Henley invited a lot of that media attention. He was obviously railing against the news me Asher. But that happens when you're a huge star and there's a naked sixteen year old girl unconscious Senor bed. Why says it's a minor point. You know that you could bring up at this time. Is that a terrible time for the point you brought it up so injustice, full full disclosure, your ear dawn Hamley did have some issues with a man like that. Weren't deserve you're, probably aware deserve, probably not a good now, for you know, but now in the media were seeing that social justice warriors are going after Elvis Presley his forty years. Anniversary girl was death was therefore is was a Wednesday. Yes, sixteenth, a morsel nineteen August. Sixteen nineteen, seventy seven Elvis Presley, died
raising and what are they gonna going effort was not believe this they are pissed off because Elvis reputation of king of rock and roll, but it's been tarnished because he appropriated black music and made it justifiable for white audiences and stew. Like an anti Bellum plantation owner, stood on their backs, black musicians and broke them with his half Tom. I got. They ve been after you may have heard for that for a while, I may they ve made by making fun of another singers or blue synergies to make fun of em I know that those you know they made the they made complaints about making. Who was it that you, Martha about singing songs. In the movies and making twenty five thousand dollars. You know people. I only made five thousand for my songs so like that I'll be there,
from four years on that of babies ass. They liked him better because he was Elvis Presley does happen. It was pretty talented guy, so that could be a big part of it by, but also a lot of black performers were wildly popular then get even, even though the nation was clearly not where it is now as far as raves race relations course we're goin back there, but they like the black musicians too. You did fine, I mean there's a lot of great black musicians that were really successful in the late fifties and early sixties, but there yesterday, I saw a breakdown of Elvis Presley doing heartbreak. Hotel is now what it's called oh so low labour, lose all of Miss Elvis sounds like it. You can keep the answer, though. Don't start Burma, those Deauville. But while they were near worker appealing not apart because it sounded to black and he was appropriating the music and it didn't sound anything
like hound, dog that he had done before. And clearly he had stolen a rope rewrite the black music grow for his career. The correct instinct not wanting people too You know to be racist and and do these sorts of things is turned around when you go to that level. It's like to say, hey. I dont like the fact that people are racist against black people, good instant, taking it to the idea that no white person can ever be good at music, bad in your programme. I mean a lot of robbers african american wrappers, some of them then the world really think Eminem is incredibly talented like an Think he's one of the best of the airline. How could that doesn't do not rise? Why exactly doesn't mean? Did Eminem Guenaud steal from here? He was inspired by I'm sure a lot of musicians, that's not bad! That's create its people working together and in respecting other people's art and caring. That's what we're here
and racism is a collectivist argument, and it's the same thing here. While you can't be black people, had this and now you're taking it to white people, know individuals exist and they do what they do and people are our actual individual human they get to do what they want to do. That's what we're supposed to have in the society. And nobody has ever said that by in the country: music, Darius four million of low fishes appropriating. I called your showed that you can ways and we sat with his madness year. Triple aids have Ado seven back more patents. Are you listening to the land back programmes, Glenn Back Programme, mercury.
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Seven, o six, thirty, eleven optimum tax relief that glad back, grab right aid Super Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy five during your last ran about in the media and they have been horrible and many many ways: I think, is also more dependent when they get things right and a lot of time. So rare we ve been saying this Now it is rare. You can count on one hand, usually one guy. We ve talked about for time, going back to the Obama administration is Jake. Tapir tapir was was that one guy asking tough questions of Barack Obama and various J Carney ask individuals who were representatives of Obama and Tap or took
Task often, and really push back as a mainstream media voice there and was at a time there was nobody was doing it since then, he's Donald Trump has become, President and seemingly everyone on the right has forgotten about that forgotten. That did that tapir was like that any he's bees be gets, beat up a lot by the right couple examples from just this week in an interview with rolling stone in which he said in a lot People who, like me, talking about tromp, didn't like what I said, about Obama, the above illustration saw him as a nuisance and got a grand stand or to use a common term these days ago, who was in their face and was a pain in there, but He credit, criticized them and said that Obama, got the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things, because the media liked him better. They liked about they agreed with Obama, and they give him uneasy road too we have a saying, that's exactly right. Here's another example: we have
many times and in you did it there and we ve seen it a million times we done. It is well wait a minute. Yes, The people of the white supremacist were terrible, but which frustrating to people on the right is not that the violence was equivalent with Antiphon in this. In this, in the Charlottesville case, wasn't me He died on the other side, however, there was violence there from that side It should be noted, even if you say it's Lubs, they brought birds to by force. They they brought. There was some there there were some weaponry on their side as well. There's a big story in the New York Times today. Talking about how this group is there, or violence in their words there, They are to stop the hate with violence, that is what they are identifying Antiphon saying so again in New York Times deserves credit for bringing that out. Jake tap. Is another voice who is called attention to what, happened in Charlottesville from Antiphon. This is his tweet store. Nor am, I think it was yesterday.
Two journalists and Charlottesville worth salted by people protesting the clan Nazi outright rally. The legit assailant of the journalist was charged a photo What would the Richmond CBS Station also was south assaulted by filmy a counter protest? He needed medical attention and they said he to be posted. The picture of the gash in this guy's, head from being a did a source ethical. Somebody hit him with something tat. Is the icrc? Remember I read the I saw the gash, but I think he was over. They just don't know what it was, though he was hit, while, yes, he was definitely a source of at the accusations that he's been out for three days with a concussion antiphon posted this on Facebook, about the assault A source of the station is full of out and out lies. These are unprovoked assaults on journalists doing their jobs by those marching against highlighted against the hateful racists disgusting. As from direct Jake Tapir, that's not a half measure. That's that
saying it's a kind of ok cause, fascist or bad. He is calling it disgusting, he deserves credit and there there are a few people around in the media that are actually doing that. So it's kind of nice to see and you know you talk about the active approach to stop racism- is that effective? I think the answer that is no it just. It creates more anger, more hostility, it inflames. It puts people back in their camps even further. What about this approach approach. Instead, Darrell Davis he's a musician, this comes from faith wire. A lot over the last several decades on this exact issue Davis documented his story in a book and documentary as well. It started when he was a black member of a country, music ban that began playing mostly white venues. Davis began conversations with some of the White patrons one of the first man? He spoke with tat He never had a drink with a black man before,
when Davis inquired why that was the man admitted he was a member of the K K, K, which is gonna, be drinking wine with black eyes. That often prominently just put a creep in your friendship is possible, but what how can you react to that, you could throw the beer bottle at its head right, Beazley, you couldn't the vitally use before let her words and an outcome and get him fired from his hot dog job wherever he was working. David said he had spent times with legends like Chuck, buried, Dolly Pardon Frazier and more. But this time with K, K came That has made the most impact on his world. He even as a photo of himself with a hood, clansmen on his wall right next to them. Music legends after the first. Counter with a clan member Davis began having regular conversations with them. He took a curious approach: asking a lot of questions but never asked for his opinion? They never asked for an opinion back and anything, but it is. Friendly, not angry approach that gave him
opening to actually befriends men, who appeared at first glance to hate him because of his skin color after spent some time with them, things began to change. Eventually they take Kay members did start to ask his opinion about things and that's when the light bulbs, into appear in their minds. Over the years? Davis's friendships has convinced twenty five men to leave the KKK. While many of them gave their root him, while they are always in hoods when they left, he keeps as souvenirs wreckers of the paddles. He one though tensions was never to convert them in the first place, it was just a human connection that showed them the light. How rate is that story? Tremendous you get out posted on Facebook and get it at faith. Wired outcome as well, and that is an incredible story. Awesome, and I mean look- it's became much harder to new- that its RO bottles that people on both sides on both sides, but doing something that is that what you actually win.
This is the Glen Back Programme, mercury, program, patents do his job before Glen or the global programme is back on Monday. I can't tell you how happy I am. While season is. Ah, yes, is a bowl me save on all my wounds right now. It's the only thing giving us really believe anything keeping us a lawyer and every year but every friggin year these days I feel the same way: it's not just. I love sports or love football, or I want to see football right. It's like an antidote to Disease I have like that's one of the resale right is always a fan of Balmie serve all who isn't who isn't it
eight days away from from the first be what you get worse, some ever without the right. Everyone is gonna. Terrorism is provisionally look about me when you said that look I didn't know it. Mean to talk down to us urgent, that's a match up against Portland, we ain't stay. I believe, like yoga vikings come to town. Yes, there first year Plan Footballer, though that there is no, it is not. Actually putting good FC esteem and then the following week. Of course, it really begins for real I tell you some Eleanor and actually pretty good, will I wish I was actually thinking more of you know. The National Football League just recently that is under way the UN's yes, but it's only precision in you know, but did the eagles played last year by last night It did way one which means absolutely nothing. What who yours. If you win or lose preceding games, there was but though that was pretty interesting, because you know
football games now have so many other things going on always you know you're a sponsors or a big one, like your ear in the middle of trying to tell sponsor woeful balls going on or you're tell you bring on a guest in their telling a long story in there is actually going to start to react going right, there's a moment last night where they were trying to This moment of somber reflection during the game. Somebody dies somebody a pass away. I can remember I best who it was, but in the middle of the story about the person passing away an exciting what happened and interception that was returned about fifty yards, so listen to the announcer. Try to tell you this trend,
story- and you can hear exactly would something exciting happens in the Middle EAST. Placing these lucid club in nineteen deeply saddened by his recent we'll miss you Jimmy passing up up up. I was never dived radio overdone area a place in these lucid club in nineteen. Deeply saddened by his recent monsieur Jimmy here is garbage exemplary me, because not only right when he says passing, the entire crowd does not like
decide by adviser, though believable like we're all saddened by those on crossing Roma God, but I will say on twenty six people fell off, worrying, crocodiles, Zadig crowd about that's what does mother walked Edouard? Let us please is working so bypassing rigour. It's amazing that the seventy two, our law maybe not the first time that all the heartbreaking store. You know it's like you, don't know a thing right Y know, but you I don't know Durio commercial Break or when you ve just come back and they're not on the field. Yeah yeah haven't you know, there's
time is try, it invests the Russia to America will drive like we re Roy Backwardness, thought I'd probably fail, but for the whole family there. Also, we really babbling about you. It was tough. We got the black all others, a boot unbearably is currently provided all the theory. Lebaron mutations treatments is nothing you can do in the moment. You really is Tarzan and so yeah. It is You know you don't have an interesting storyline this year and I know no one It is about the eagles outside of me, but they do. You're about the common capron situations they do and so cap Riddick it's such a fast Eddie. I'm sorry, I've me out of my mind, you, like I, can't take the common eurozone on paean lamenting the Collins Capron thing as if there is no doubt he would be playing the Edward Black and headed afro coming home,
it's so Riddick or tattoos. They also goes tattoos as others. Some controversial think people just do not people do not understand the tattoos. That's not the tunnel the son of a low money, every unofficial player or a legal right had to now yeah and still not attaches so kick capron coups. Just look. Objectively bad at his job he's. Not the quarterback period ok shot. He ass, his job to blame gabert candidates, before he started with any uneven controversies as far as the national and then goes, he lost his job to blame. Gabert. Ok did he have very early in his clear on a very good defensive team, with a very strong running game. He was an added put quarterback that got them into the play. Us, however, so was marked Sanchez. Art Sanchez was the exact same guy. Got them very deep into the playoffs, was not agree
quarterback, but had a good defence and a good running game, and you couldn't do that right. That's what happens in the universe. So but people look back I bring and say, oh well. He should definitely on the field. Look at the here's a put a specific example: Malcolm Jenkins is the safety for the Eagles all star. Ought we all pro growth player if he was released by the Eagles tomorrow. Any ever human illegal, try to pick him up. He has spent the last two years like Capper Nick, not not honouring the national anthem he's been putting his fist up in the air in a given area. I would say arguably more offensive way then capper neck now welcome Jenkins is much better player. There then Cabinet and everybody would pick him up if he was released. Energies honoured by the Eagles he's on the team. But another layer of this is Jane and said well in the problem with the captain is a lot of these teams around the league or just there just Kepler cowards, their cowards. Well, let's look at
you're too early for a second Malcolm you, team. The Philadelphia Eagles obviously are cowards, because they keep? You won t they you on the team and you're doing the thing with the nationally them. The same thing happening at the thought of the Eagles started this season in need of a quarterback, they got rid of stable and they needed someone who did they sign Nick falls. Now, this is a team that voters there boy no not linger over, and that would have been only example. Now Nick False right, Nick Falls, who has lost his job twice in, as three years as in quarterback and is a a guy who's, not a superstar. He had seen just like happening a one really good here and then outside it has been a disappointment as he'd. Probably even tell you. The same thing is happening. But I had a good year year and a half not nearly as good as for
but I had a good here. You have got them deep into the players and was available on the market, the Eagles, who have shown they ve, been liberal owner and have shown they will sign someone and cherish them either when they don't stand up for the national anthem they it didn't look at tavern. Why? Because Capper Nick sucks he's a crappy quarterback. It's got nothing to do with Israel points I mean it. Could be an element in addition to sucking well, you're a bed because all the bag he brings divisiveness he's going along like nobody wants, whilst not well nobody, even it's not even divisiveness like, for example, crystalline when the Eagle Eagles players, who said he would never sit for the national anthem. The kind of put his arm around Malcolm Jenkins yesterday during the national anthem kind of show. Ok, I don't agree with you, but I support you write so there. That is fine and all that's good. I think there's an element
of same thing with TIM, Teeb, oh by the way, an element of Euro What your third string, quarterback being the story you I want them to be. Not not. I not divisiveness distraction. You dont, want You don't have to answer questions about the law guy on your roster every time you have a press copyright, so I think it so between the two things mostly waited on that of being clearly out of everyday work. If you can play the sport play the game and play it well, there avail puts up with an awful murder, murder, murder, rape me with it was you sharks are that we are doing so that we live up a girl's blouse. They let you go for six games, but the methods Let me look at the consistency and I wasn't there allowed under God. As early as suspending probably the pictures of the bruising is. Is it wasn't a little bit more of that, but still there's that's questionable as well. I agree, but this is the thing the
whose complaining about the Unifil owners being cowards, is the perfect exam. As to why it's not true he's a good player and he can't shake his job by standing up with a boy with a fist salute to the sky during the national anthem, because he's good capper Nick isn't good he's not good at the job he's chosen, which is why he won't be in the lead at least ninety percent of it, and because every ESPN commentator thought he would be picked up by some team and he hasn't been yet because everybody a chance, the eagles at a chance, I know how to Santiago. I am in Seattle and Three body passed on him is Everybody racist in Vienna for everybody in the teams that have other players who are doing the same thing. Those regimes are racist, is absurd because you know what is it eighty per
black in the Unifil. I don't think you grieve and make that case of their race snow. It's it's absolutely reading it was- and I think the case you make more than anything else with calling Capron. It is because you know you could, could you add cow uncooperative to rafters a third string quarterback and see if it works out sure absolute why not take a whirl he's had at least some modicum of success in the league totally understandable. But this is a guy who continually tells you over and over and over again you know what NFL not my top priority. It's about. It's on my list. Let me tweet about everything else in my life going on and not focus on this and you know but that is a huge line. It shows that it's not his. It's that the point of dedication, where you know what thousands of guys who want their job, It is the number one thing in her life right or wrong that it is and the joy his job is to go out there and perform not teach us about what bad people we are. We get that from all over the place them
He's gotta tell us that every single day, you don't need to come and tell us how often, of a society. We are as your number one priority you want to do, that become and activists an organization and stop throwing surgeons and our league. The New York Times. That trip laid seventy seven back more of Glinda Programme with TAT stooge of becoming too. This is the glad that programme carry. This is the Glen Back Programme. Thats, do a job in the plenum. Glinda programme are just a pretty sought the week on a couple of notes: the other thing that we had an initial proposal week long and I m really talk about His- is Netflix situation where their poaching, some of them the big talent from the networks, because I mean they are serious about original programming. They spent five billion last year. I believe just
I believe, just five billion on brand new programming and then me they poached. A Chonta rhymes creator of Greece, anatomy and scandal from ABC to create Amazon, is doing the same thing. Amazon is becoming a big fight between Amazon Netflix. As far as creating new content and then taking who whereas good throwing money at a media is changing, and flicks now worldwide has more than a hundred million subscribers. That's five hundred million driver it's incredible to, and did you see this is actually the biggest story we? How do we have not talked about this number? One story to me, of course, is actually the idea that Coke zero is going off the market place, with something very serious about it, and are we certain the coke zero goes way for to make room for this new thing? That's what they keep saying. Even Coke Zeros Twitter account to saying in all your video called zero sugar.
Which is weird because it is implies, implies, was zero sugar before which it had no sugar and, according to reports, there are already putting it on the shelf in the same place. Workfolk zero was other making new space for I'm very upset. I mean I have died, good splendor, nobody buys that takes a balanced. Nobody buys off the market. People actually drink coke, zero I'd, try by tab. Tat. This is the Coca COLA Cup. I think I think slow you, you wanna, get rid of a product to meet a guy like tab. For us. I, U low risk. I think it's quite refreshments Are you, I think, a secret woman. Just like that secret. Stop it with your gender normative standards. It is that we can all be. You know what maybe sometimes, when I'm drinking identify a different way. Yes, you do, but that the big, the second biggest story that we pass the cook zero thing is this movie past situation follow this at all so listen. This is one of the co founders of Netflix started. A company called booby past, apparently
years ago, how I did know about this. Until now I don't know, but it was membership or for fifty bucks above you can see as many movies you wanted in the theater. Now what yeah executive you're, even that's a good deal right, because I would go all the time now. I can understand some people cannot get to movies enough to justify fifty dollars a month. I get that still do so, but still- interesting offer right. You consider that, because I love movies vague, thus the lower the price to ten dollars a month and buxom of online free movies in any theatre. The only told me do that: how did they get? They had every theatre, Junior, Yet ever they read what they do. Is you get a car which works as a raping debit card, and you have to then you get a credit, your account, and then you go play port at at the theatre. Now, there's somebody directions the only restrictions. Are you can't you noisy one will be a day and he can't see the same movie twice at any point Actually, the same will be over how bypass when I hit that five hundred and ten
we can only by a bizarre you to come in next week after you went after. I would know what we ever see you again. If you want no round anyone's the lottery they raise, we're hoping more than even him. Lady was lowered. Please when the lottery the back on Monday to run back programme. Mercury,
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