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8/24/17 - Write down what you believe in

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It's time to shutter the United Nations ...The world is being redesigned ...You won't recognize the world in 2022 ...'Chaos is our immediate future' ...What the media is saying about Donald Trump ...The press wants us to believe that they are more sane than the president ...What's the 'Goldwater Rule' and how is it used to destroy people ...TSA nightmare ...Google and Wal-Mart teaming up ...Wal-Mart really struggling? ...Introducing a grocery store named "Lidl" ...What is MoviePass.com and how does it work? ...8% of Americans believe this. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. I would news that actually mean something to you: the, U N has issued a quote early warning over the racial conditions in the United States. Now this is a really rare move It's usually used to signal the potential of a looming, civil war or conflict. The report it has come from the? U N Commission specifically mentioning the incident in Charlottesville stating that quote: we are alarmed by racist demonstrations with overtly races, slogans, chance and salutes by white nationalist NEO Nazis and the coup Klux clan. Promoting I'd supremacy and inciting racial discrimination and hatred now
according to the head of the committee at the. U N of these is these types of warnings are usually reserved for countries that are gripped by ethnic and religious strife places like Burundi and Nigeria in Iraq and the Ivory Coast that's where we are today, Amerika. The, U N is alarmed the demonstrations by a very tiny fraction of the population here in Amerika in the a country that has the longest working constitution in the world four, two hundred and twenty eight years since its ratification nobody's even come close. This Is the country that the? U N feels they need to focus on? There's a couple of things: first, let me address this It's time to shudder the United Nations close it up, send it back to Europe, stop paying for it.
Then, we need to return to the values and principles that made the constitutional solution. The most powerful document ever created by man come Legally, reject the idiocy, tiny, races, fragments, and includes the white supremacist and a black supremacist any body. May I dare I say, low Rosa translation, the race, anyone who is basing their politics on race must be dismissed. As well as the politically correct lunacy that is infecting Our society, and if your media sources not telling you this today, then perhaps, it's time you find a new media source
we begin right now the fusion of entertainment and didn't lightened, and this is the gleam back. I believe- and I told you this last week and as I have been looking at my own company as I've been looking at myself is a dad as a father is As a guy, who is trying to figure things out and I'm trying to figure out the path,
the future? In the end, the path that leads to stability? I have really come This place in this understanding that there is no stability in our near future. It's it's not going to happen in Act- and this has nothing to do with politics, stability, Is the last thing that we can expect, at least in the next five to ten years, because we are at not a pivot point? We are at the pivot point. This is the place where the world pivots I've been talking, about this for a long time, and I have been predicted. These things and not predictions but but just looking at the many of the world and where we were headed in technology and and warning that this is good,
We are very painful time and we are at that pivot point right now world is being redesigned whether you like it or not, and that is the strife that were feeling and there are people up at the top of. All industry of all countries that are trying to use this chaos to their advantage. And so we have a choice. Last night, somebody on the staff wrote to me in Glenn. I, how can I help and I I want to I want to read part of my response last night because I think I think, schools to everybody, in all of our lives.
This person to make notes on their opinions and their beliefs every single day. What is it you believe we are at the question with boldness, part of our lives and you're going to be dragged into it, kicking and screaming, or you're just gonna, you're going to surrender to that concept, question with boldness. Everything and you're gonna walk through it on their both going to be almost impossible hard? They will feel its time, but one? will lead to success and the other will lead to slavery and failure you have to know what it is. You truly believe and why you believe these things not because you were taught or I don't know, I've always believe that But why are those things true to you? You must know them first and.
Because you're gonna need to deliver on them every single day. And you're gonna need to do it yourself. The more self reliant you are, and this goes in every single business, and every single family every single roll on earth, the more self reliant you are, the better. Chance of success and survival. You will have The days of long careers are over the days of of big staffs and secretaries and all that stuff. Those are all over by two twenty two the world is going to dramatically change. You will not recognise the world in twenty. When he to chaos.
Is our immediate future. We are now at the beginning of the middle, and this is where the main, character in every story faces. His life or death struggle. This is, Point where the apex of The struggle is found and the decision that the than the characters make in that part of the story, due to the end. So we're at the beginning. Now of the middle, we ve been writing the opening of the story for the last twenty years? Maybe longer. But the middle is gonna, be written quickly and is being Every single day, The house right now is Happening all around us, and it is the underlying tension that you're feeling.
But it can be used to your advantage now it can be used for good or it can be used for evil and right now we're seeing people use CHAOS Maine, for evil they are especially in politics, power and the power centres are using chaos to rewrite history and realise the base of their power that what's really happening on the streets now your question: that you need to answer all of us, into answer is high Can I use this chaos It's time to bring peaceful resolution. Can I use this time too who do good instead of evil. Red Sun Tzu. Right now, our enemies or using using the force of chaos in their favour. We
have to use that same force. To our advantage we have to prepare. We have to Indeed, we have to push our mind. We have to think in new and different ways: you have almost an impossible task. We'll have to remain young at heart, firm in resolve Her heart needs to be soft, and you resolve needs to be hard really difficult, but leave for me at least the only way you can do this is to take everything you know throw it away learned From the ground level, as if you're a space alien and you are. Coming in, for the very first time, I'm going to show you in a minute how to do this.
What is it, what have you been challenged on recently that you, You challenged yourself, you went and said don't know if this is really true. I've just always been taught this I told you about the Confederate constitution not being about states rights. By any stretch of the imagination- and I said, don't take my word for it go wrong You yourself did you did you read it, have you ever read it because you need to know that and not know that, because some On the radio told you you need to know it. Our children right now, are failing Failing in their leaving their traditions because they believe that we have listened to them. Because they see that this isn't working
and then they go out and they see the ban things that are happening in the world that we didn't prepare them for. We sheltered them from all of the bad things and then we didn't know the bad things ourselves. We were. We will talk about a glorious flag. But we will not teach them about the horrors that this country was involved in. You can't have the glories of America without its failings. They go out and they hear somebody talking about things, they can go out and quickly, research and verify that yeah that happen and mom, dad or the teachers or the media source or or whoever did you tell them that didn't prepare all of a sudden. They think we're liars.
In three months, is as little as three months by Christmas time, and I don't think this is true, and that more is wrong and timing- and I primarily on this. I don't believe this is true I do believe this is a possibility that bike dismiss time we could be fighting a civil war or global war, or perhaps both of them. Please, please. I beg you. To take that warning to heart, I pray that I am wrong, but it coming. I don't know when, but it is coming a giant reset of the entire world is coming, and it's gonna, and it's gonna come crashing down on our heads unless giants begin to rise now what the giant.
When we first got into the iraqi war, I said: look for the man who will be on the postage stamp, look for the iraqi that will be on the still stamp while there was never one that rose up There was never that self, sacrificing guy who galvanised behind the idea of freedom and that's why Iraq is a failed state. But what is a hero. A hero is. I hear always somebody that just doesn't free What's right and true, that's it that's it. They just know what's right and true, and they were was to sit down. That is only difference between us and heroes, but you're, not I'm going to be able to
down when you are surrounded by voices telling you that you are wrong and present. King evidence that, maybe perhaps you ve never even thought of you- Be a warrior and you can stand with the people who will fight on the streets, but those people will fight on the streets. Most likely are the same guys who we're gonna about white supremacy in and how bad the Jews are, or black supremacy, Strangely, how bad the Jews are. What's your message, gonna be. What? What? How do you build the framework of hope, because one
hope is lost, the cause is lost, the battle is lost, the war is lost, some actual things. I'd like to ask you to do and to ponder and think About when we come back, first show somebody special in your life that you care and you're thinking about EM proof, hours. Wants you to surprise somebody for no reason at all while they are surprising you with especial deal that they're doing right now get twenty percent off of their Big summer rose bouquets or any other bouquet of twenty nine dollars or more yet twenty percent off they have really colorful rose. Ok, if you're not sure what you want to send somebody give that a world you can see all of the other
specials that their running right now just go to pro flowers. Dotcom use the promo code Glenn. Check out for any ok. Over twenty nine dollars. You're gonna get twenty percent up. That's only if we use the promo code Glenn at pro flowers, dot com We make somebody's day. Do it now for no reason at all, just because you're thinking of them and you love them pro flowers, dot, com, promo code, Glenn, work. Program, they say TAT, seventy seven back so so, where do we begin? I want to give you some actual specifics on one thing And give it to you about seven minutes from now I, but I want to start here.
We have to figure out a way to reconnect people with basic fundamental truths and sick principles that made us strong? I dont exactly how to do that. I know I have been reading for about fifteen years now to try prepare myself mentally for this time Firstly, it scares me that were here bond offer struggled with this Gandhi struggled with his lincoln struggled with this Martin Luther king struggled with this. This is not new. Have you read gone these words really read them. Have you read? Martin Luther king, have you read bond hover? Have you read Malcolm X and I don't mean the biographies
in red their words most of the most important stuff they ever rope. They wrote when they were in prison. Have you? Have you read those words? Do you know why their true Do you know what bond offer was afraid of? Do you know why Bond offer lost an Gandhi one. I do I'm not going to tell you the answer. I do, but it's an answer that took me a couple of years become too. It's not gonna. Take you that long now, because when I was looking for it, I was still- in the theoretical world of what happens if America goes down this road you'll be able to see it, and you will understand.
Why bother offer lost and Gandhi one? But you don't? You can't read my words or somebody else's words. You have to read their words and figure it out for yourself. You have to find it In you time for those of us know what time it is to put the childish things aside and realise that were born at this time for a reason that you're going to be a great leader. If you prepare, how did you Luther King and Gandhi and Abraham, Lincoln Corey, ten boom. How did they stand? Why did they stand? What what compel them to stand. I want you to know.
We're going to make it, and it's going to be ok, but the Other things that weird what they struggled with our going there are going to be the very things that we struggle with now in our lifetime and perhaps more than any of us care to believe that the The thing I can say to you now is you have to But this one thing you are not going to be the man or the woman. You hope to be when trouble comes you're, only going to be the man or the woman that you are prepared to be and that's a huge difference and that's why I think most people fail men's hearts were fail. Them. Will fail them and were seen that now you're, will not and I'll, take the first step with you what we come back,
you'll be listening to the Glen background. The claim that programme. So report came out from the? U S, the: U N, Commission- and this very, very rare. They issued an early warning over the racial conditions in the United States. This, is usually save for people like the ivory coast? Burundi and the? U S? The? U N, is alarmed over the does to the demonstrations by a tiny fraction, the population They feel that they need to focus on this, They say we are alarmed by the races demonstrations with an overtly racist slogans, chance salutes by white nationalist NEO, Nazis and the complex clan, promoting white supremacy and inciting rice, racial discrimination and hatred that you and I
not said anything about the black nationalist, better that hate every iota of a cracker they they are not. That this is not a neutral party and I want you to understand that. I do not believe that. I believe this is a just is just a first. Shot over the bow. This is the beginning of things to come and This is a signal to the global economy as well? The United States is going unstable and please please don't dismiss these. Now, what do you do about them? We have to know that there are things that we cannot change and then Are things that we can change and all the things that revolve around us, are the things that we can change, but those are powerful. Why do you
there has been so much money spent by the powerful to make. You feel like you have no power. Why do you think there's so much time and energy spent on keeping you in your place, may you feel small, an insignificant me. Can you want to give up? Most of us have given up on many things. Why do you think that that is there because you are the most powerful if we dick to our principles. If we stick to come decency We win because the world, is going to go into chaos and both sides and the vast majority of people do not want to follow it in through the gates, ale. They are looking for another option, but they
seeing it from any one. The first thing we have to build this from scratch and. We have to start at the very beginning and and nobody can do this work except you- and I I said- my wife! Last night, I dont know if anybody can hear me, but I feel like I'm dead. Giving the audience every day have never felt this way before. I feel like I'm begging you to hear me. These times are here and undo You need to know what is true,
and you need to write the things down that are true, and you need to take everything out of you that you think you know, and and realise that most of what think you know has been put in their by someone else. And I want to show you just one basic thing: what are the things I believe in Oh it's easy to say: will I believe in God, but then I just five minutes before I went on the air? I just wrote towns too few things really. I believe in God why this time. I ask that question. I answered it because well, that's what I've been taught, that's what I believe I didn't even know how to start so I've been there. I just do why. Why? Who
but you: why are you taking someone else's word for it? I thought they were supposed to be Personal relationship, why do believe in God, if you believe in God, what's his nature, what what? What what is he How how does he work. What does that even mean. My father believed him. Believe in God. The way I believe God is, he used to say an anthropomorphic being. A god that is has human traits. Here dad it more as a mathematical equation. Something he used to call God first cause something started at all. They dont know what it is.
But there is some force out there that set this equation up and set in motion. What is it I dont know. But I have answered for myself what I think the nature of God is. Ok so been. How does he work What's my relationship to him? Does he exe? At anything for me, do I have any risk. Possibilities that relationship. What is his goal? What his promise, Am I here there is a God. Why is he allowing this to happen? got abandon us. Is God forgotten us wise? I use suffering happening. Why is it all sweeping the world? Why is it that this is a fluke of nature this this freedom, these
is that we say our rights given to us by God. Will then how come its own been that way for two hundred and twenty eight years out of the millions of years. How could a loving God only allow us to have these rights for two? then twenty eight years, the rain of kings and monsters and tyrants, have ruled the rest. He wants me to forgive. I dont know how to forgive what is that entail. How do we even do that? Who do I forgive.
There's somebody in my life that caused the deeper scar in my life. Then anyone ever has and continued for years to continue to open that scar in just keep stabbing me- and I could not forgive Antonia said to me- one Why you gotta let this go and she was angry because she saw what was happening and I said how.
For five or six years, we pray to every single night and every single morning together. Please please help me let this go. Please help me forgive And it was really hard because the wound continued to be opened every single day every day. And I was, I. They believe there's no way I can ever forgive. I can't. How can I one day Tony and I were in the car, and we had just been with us into about a year before we were. We were someplace, and this individual just was so horrendous. There
the actually drove about a hundred and fifty miles in the wrong direction for we realised that we we should have been driving before even realized? We were headed in the wrong direction we're just so caught up in. I can't believe what just happened. Not a year later, after about five years of praying, we got in the car and we both just started crying and it for us this for this other individual, and we were like think of this. The pain. That this individual must begin to do this.
Forgiveness was easy. Once there was empathy getting there was a struggle, I didn't think would seem impossible. That's what's expected of us. And it's why I have been praying lately for courage and empathy and understanding revision gonna need the courage to stand. You're gonna need the the plan or the vision. To be able to see through the mark in the smoke, but you're gonna need empathy. Because it will be the only thing that stops you
from reaching out and striking back and boy. No, I mean the minority of prepare her can now. I think. Everybody wants to fight back, everybody wants to strike back in, everybody feels justified and I get it. I do who I really get it. I can't believe what in to my country, I can't believe the lies that are happening and that's why so at the beginning of the hour. You have to you're gonna. Do the impossible, you're goin to thread the impossible needle you are going to have a soft heart and firm conviction, and if you think you can't do it, then I go back to
do you believe in God, because if you, Do you know I want you to put yourself in the situation in and what we know from history Is mainly from the movies it wasn't like this life was brought rob lifeless short life was ugly and in death was island. When people were crucified, they were crucified at eye level they want, did you to walk into the gates, knowing what happens to somebody who commits that crime, they wanted you to look in that persons? I they also wanted the dog. To consume the bodies and rip them apart. They were
Did that horror to be seen by every man, woman and child, so it much different than are movies, make it out to be now think of the firm conviction to not give in all the to the end as your being crucified and then as your crucified, and there spitting on you in calling you names and they ve beaten? You and all of this view, look to the sky and say Father: forgive them they don't know what they're doing. Oh, my gosh.
And we say we can't forgive- I go back to the beginning of this break with you, and that is I dont know if you can hear me, but I'm begging you, I'm begging you Please begin to do your work now, because I know this audiences, the audience that turns things around, but we are at that pivot point it's time for all of us to put the childish things aside and to do what we have to do. Our sponsor this half hour is my pain,
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let me take you before we go in to the events of the day, let me give you some perspective on the past. In nineteen, sixty four very Goldwater ran for a president and took a hard line and foreign policy, especially on communism, the Soviet Union and because of that and the rest of his conservative agenda, the media painted him as crazy and unfit for office It was so bad that at magazine pulled psychiatry lists in an article titled, the young. Conscious the unconscious of a conservative, a special issue in the mind of very Goldwater and on that, Cover fact claimed. At eleven hundred and eighty nine psychiatry say: Goldwater is psychologically unfit to be president, while that is, that is quite
The statement, especially when you consider that not one of those eleven hundred and eighty nine psychiatry had ever examined very Goldwater so whilst the election, and ACT, editor Ralph Ginsburg was sued by Goldwater for libel and he won a settlement in what today's dollars would be about, half a million dollars Because of that, the american psychiatric associations, principles of medical ethics in the two did. What is now known as the Goldwater rule, which states that it is, the call for psychiatry to give a professional opinion about public, They have not examined in person and from whom they haven't obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public so. What does that have to do with us today? Well,
the Goldwater rule. Is being stopped all over listen to what the media is saying, his ability to fitness to be in his office is suffering from some kind of illness see fit for office. Do you think this raises questions about fitness for office? You wouldn't be the first person in the coverage of this story dimension that agreed just reckless behaviour in the oval office, and it goes to the fitness on the other hand, and how this is an illustration of his his lack of fitness for office, Donald Trump is present, with whom there is grave question about his fitness and ability to conduct the office of Presidents so. Instead of diagnosing politicians that, never examined. You dont purse
No, no And, quite honestly, you in the media do not even have a licence to practice medicine instead of doing that. Why don't you? Let the american people and the voters think about what they. Think about this man. Let them decide what they think about this man now. If you around him. Who are, working for him there. A clause in the constitution if he is indeed unfit well We have a responsibility, not us. I don't know him, but though, Around him, Those who are working around him see him every day to make the case. Here's what happens Congress has to come together? People can leverage
large and they say- and I think it's the is the twenty fifth amendment? Do you know, pat it's one of the amendments that says hey? We think that this guy is unfit. He is, and immediately removed from office, and the vice president takes his position. And then there is a certain period has been a while, since I've read, this has a certain period of time that they have to meet their case and the president can respond and make his case, and if he wasn't sick. If he's fine. He goes. Akin to the office that The constitution. That's how it works. What are you doing. If you have a case make it make the legal case, but can't that's not what they're doing there.
They're, just trying to smear him every way they can last night Ben Piero was on CNN and I saw a story, and I think this is on business business insider. I love this former bright Bart. Editor challenges left, leaning media over its coverage of Trump. That's a headline now. Can we ask? Why would you please Former bright Bart editor, I would you put that. If you're writing for the left. Why do you put that in their today Amanda Trump time into Former bright Bart, why did he leave bright Bart Panic ass, he was, he was now a fan of what bright Bart was doing with Trump. He wasn't he wasn't in bed with you. I wasn't right by what he wasn't on the Trump train. He went on. The ban and trains event is still
In fact found it very, very dangerous: he is an outspoken on the other side Kay but he's also a reasonable guy he's all striving to speak reason to the american people, so here's what he said- More bright bar editor Ben Shapiro asserted in the sea in an interview Wednesday night. One thing Europe has benefited from is that the left is constantly reacting to everything he says with an enormous level of passion and that's actually negative. Shapiro was speaking about the reaction. When then left, we left leaning media circles at followed drums free, willing rally in Phoenix Arizona Day earlier. We're Trump relegated his remarks about deadly white national protest that erupted in Charlottesville Virginia earlier this month,
A conservative media largely applauded trumps remarks on Tuesday night. Some commentators on the left, leaning media outlets called the presents behaviour unhinged a disaster downright Very disturbing began? His remarks gay is I'm. I've got one paragraph of of what Ben Shapiro said and one two three four five six per rafts in. I only have one paragraph that has anything to do with the subject in the headlines. The Piero argued that media left. Liberal media tends to take an emotional stance on from when the president goes off the rails in doing objective analysis of where he was not telling the truth they jumped, strawberry critiques of his mental health and talking about crazy and morally bereft. He is all at does is play into his crowd. The crowd thing that the media is out to get him his crowd.
In the media has a particular emotional animals. Toward him personally near and they do and they do and they do so. Oh, how are you going to power you're going to solve any Problem when Don lemon, said he defended his choice to take a position on his fire remarks, but instead of having a point of view, is not the same as being biased. Shapiro Responded to that assertion, whether its true or not, that's the a lot of his followers are going to take it, and that is true. It doesn't matter any more. There is no new wants any more as our new ones. If you're on CNN you're a bad guy, if you're on Fox you're a bad guy to the other half? That's it can't you can have
reasoned responses to think Because reason has gone out of fashion, do I think that Donald Trump, see scare me at times scares the live in the hell out of me. Any good scare. The living out of anybody who is still has a rational being in their head, but because they too far. So does solar, so a sort of many of the people in the media? So this bill MAR who says boy, I hope we have a stock market crash. He does so that last week, We hope for that. Who would hope for that? That means millions of people lose their retirement money. That means that are
our pensions, anybody who worked for pension, you have a massive stock market grab. Your pension is over. How much was powerful worth last night final, Jeffrey seven hundred m. Fifty million seven hundred fifty million. May I make a suggestion. Take the frickin cash take the lump payment. How could we. How could we have people Who are rooting for the downfall of the economy they are the same ones, theirs story Today, on the blaze, about a woman in lieu of all she's with black lives matter. And she sang Basically all you white people need to leave your house's too.
Black or brown people when you die. What are you talking about? What. No, I think so I'll leave my house to I, whoever I want to leave my house do if I even have ourselves to leave to somebody. She was Saying all kinds of horrible races, things and and calling white people all kinds of names in that For you know you're in work- and you hear anybody say anything about this rally that that you know, might offend you, you take their picture, you put them out, on Facebook and twitter and you get them fired. What is that so difference between the Nazis and that the black.
The black lives matter who they're not about black lives there about the destruction of Amerika. Don't take my word for it read their own manifesto red, own website. Now does that mean that everybody in black lives matter is that way? No, no. It just means The leadership is now I can say that. But the media won't even say anything bad about black lives matter They won't, they won't even mention the manifesto in. If they do mentioned the manifesto, they say what those are just a crazy people and most people don't read that. Well, ok, ok, I wish I could make the same point about the Nazis, but the Nazis are so well known. If your signing up to stand around a bunch of Nazis, I think you know what you're doing, but it
some point- people didn't know what the Nazi stood for and look what they turned into. We have have a? We have to fix reason firmly in her seat again. We have to know. History, no y know what Goldwater rule is. No how this was used before to destroy people. If you continue to oppress or make people feel oppressed? There is no justice in reversing the oppression. There is. Justice in stopping oppression. There is no justice in force In every one to six Apt embrace or celebrate your lifestyle just because
Somebody else tried to force. To accept embrace and celebrate their lifestyle, they were wrong when they did it you're wrong. When you're doing it. There are some really brave people standing up, and sometimes you can't tell the difference between the brave people, and the crazy people. Until you hear them talk enough, but Because we live in a culture that spends no more than ten seconds per story, You read a story on Facebook. You most likely? The average person is sixty, ten seconds on a story nobody's reading. I guess I read you. Six pair
before it said something true about what bench apparel said: you're not making it down. Six paragraphs is not happening. You don't know who the good guys the bag and as our because nobody's listening to them? Long enough? Somebody, come along and say some really some things that maybe you really agree with. But can you can you listen to them for longer than ten seconds to make sure that there are also not crazy, There are also not saying things that you strongly disagree with. We now have the national anthem, being protest, and, quite honestly, I'm not married to the national anthem, not than action. At them only came into play under empty are. We didn't have a national anthem until Lefty are thinking We didn't have a national and,
until the nineteen forties, this isn't some, they came from our founders. We didn't have a standardized flag until Woodrow Wilson. Why. They do that? Why do we have a national anthem? And why do we have a standardized flag? It meant thing to our founders? It meant nothing to our country for the longest period of time. Why? All of a sudden? Are we willing to fight and die over that because of heritage heritage is a really frightening thing, because, its being misused and twisted, and get into that if we can today, but I also want to tell you about the current struggle of what is happening now at football games when the national anthem is played. Taken me next,
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Back programme so glad you're. Here not everybody is excited about the latest wave of national anthem protesters, one of one NFL players, wife the Detroit Lions, quarterback Matthew, Stafford, his wife Kelly made our opinion pretty loud and clear in an Instagram post this week I don't love. You saw that Yes, she said something like the the national unravel right in front of me, but she said the national anthem, isn't the national police anthem That's so true, that is it's not about the police. It's it's about! It's it's about! Brightening free, and you know you mentioned that many monsieur it's my pride in the country. I think it is
by that I mean the way, was written from Frances God key in the way it came about. I mean that's definitely but love and pride in the country. Let's go through that being a minute too cuz I'd like to go there, the here's, what she actually wrote, if you think- three can be better stand for the ideal, if you think answer. Is people showing unity then stand with them. The anthem is not there national police song, the anthem, is not the national raises song. The anthem is exercise on how this country can endure and rise. How can how we can agree on its future potential, even are struggling with its present. That's pretty great has great that's great however People were not happy with her. I know yeah. I know but you can have that opinion anymore. No, no she
she had to respond couple of hours later, I meant no disrespect with my last post. If you me personally, You know I love! firstly every one, and I try to be as open as possible localities. People run and further Sergio an error does it happens. Every time stop came in. To this stuff in people who need it. Up a little bit and realize Twitter is not reality. Ok, twitter is the such a pool of the society of society? That's what it is that is garbage it is. It is the it's. The crack that makes you think you can fly is the crack that you think that you are invincible: you're, you're, you're, you're, taking a off of a drug these these Facebook and twitter, this nothing more than a drug that is
Can you feel you are invincible and a New York is your anonymous and you can say what everyone men but he cares, seems unless You disagree with that a majority of people there happen to be reading that and sharing that with their friends. It's not reality. And you need to know what you believe and just Let it go just let it go back. Programmes. So. Let's take a minute to know what were protesting. Shall we the STAR Spangled banner is something that is always performed with.
M and vigour in and boast. And the millennial orchestra, inquire. I did I am a project with them. It's called out to be an American and its collection of american songs and I told them the story of. Of some of these songs, like the STAR Spangled Banner and it's it's it's not about full song. It is a song that really is save an end coals, each American, too ask themselves. Is this going to last another day. The STAR Spangled banner, was first recognised, as as our national anthem, but not a fish
by Woodrow Wilson in nineteen. Sixteen. Congress didn't make our official national anthem until the nineteen thirty. I think thirty, one before that it was hailed Colombia which will that's it, that's all Oh, my country, Tis of the witch is God save the queen? We just took their music and replace the lyrics. So this is something that is right. Actively new a hundred years old. As our national anthem and not even officially,. A hundred years ago. Out of two hundred and twenty eight a hundred years ago, we decided. Yet that's us. But we misinterpret the whole thing if you, Billy, actually listen. Here, a different story entirely.
You have to understand that this was this is, the war of eighteen, twelve and Washington is on fire Frances Scott He goes out and he is he's automation for President James Madison and he goes out to a ship where they are holding a couple of prisoners, their american prisoners. The British are holding them on a ship. One of them is a famous doktor at the time who is accused, of getting a bunch of british rounded up and arrest, and so Francis got key On an official under a fly, end of truce, goes on board, this british ship and says: hey we want of. We want exchange prisoners, Well, during dinner, they start talking about an attack that they're gonna do and This attack that there are now planning Scott key and his partner here, and the cap
in the ship realises, I can't let you guys go because now you're going to now you're Going to tell your side To tell the Americans, so you have to stay on the ship until this battle is over. So. In a story that seems to be becoming more and more impossible for me to tell. Therein the ship and watching the battle over Fort Mc Henry. And they are, they are seeing the Rockets and their seeing a small I'm Turner was called as it is called a battle banner. Other seeing a small flag over the fort and it's the the battle. Lag. It's not the big one. Is small one and
they're watching this through the night? Now the next the next morning, they dont know, if there's gonna be a country left. So as there watching this? They peering through the slats of the ship and the poor, holes their hearing, the battle re John. And they are staying up Trying to stay awake and they're all they're doing is watching that little teeny banner oh say: can you see by the dawns early light so proudly we hailed twilight last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars to the perilous fight over the. Ramparts. We watched so gallantly streaming. And the Rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air gave
proof through the night that our flag was still there. They were only they only knew that they were still a country that that for Mc Henry was still there and still operating in the fight was still going on when there was an explosion, because there was nothing lighting up that flag. It was just the rockets red glare of just the explosions and the fire that allowed them to see that that little teeny flag was still flying. On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep where the foes haughty hosts in red, silent, reposes,. What is that which the breeze or the towering steep as it fitfully blows, half conceals half closes now. It catches. The gleam of the mornings first beam in full. Oh glory reflected now shines in the stream. It is
the STAR Spangled Banner and long may it wave over the land of the free in the home of the brave. In the morning the first they did when they open their eyes. If they had been able to shut their eyes were to look for that flag. And where is that band? Who so wantonly swore that too make of war and the battles confusion. Home in a country should leave us no more. Their blood has washed out of their foul footsteps. Pollution, no Refuge could save the hireling in the slave from the Terror of flying toward the gloom of the grave in the store, her spangled banner in triumph Duff wave O. Thus, be it forever. Freeman shall stand between there.
Love tomes and their wars. Desolation, as with victory in Peace may the Heavens rescued land praise the power that has made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer, we must win. Our cause is just and be our motto in God is our trust the STAR Spangled banner in triumph, shall wave over the land of the free and the home of the brain,
you know most people most people. Don't know. Fact I would guarantee everyone who is taking a knee at the start, spangled banner has never heard the sixth stands, we know fine. If those we're all printed Did you know that the STAR Spangled banner added a six stanza, it's its eighteen, sixty one And this is added
when our land is illuminated with liberty smile. If oh from within strike a blow at her glory down down with the trader that dares to defile the flag of verse stars and the page of her story, By the millions and chained who are birthright have gained. We will keep her bright, blazon forever and stained, and star, spangled banner in triumph shall wave while the land of the free, is the home of brave, tell me that This doesn't stand for freedom for all.
our. Ignorance of our own history are arrogance. That has taken a story and turn into nothing, but something that. Perceives the cheer after play ball is shouted. I promise you know if we do not reconnect with our history, both the good and the bad. If we throw the baby out with the bath water, the plea that
is the STAR spangled banner. It is not boastful, it is not about war. It is a p. I promise you if we don't reconnect. With both the good and the bad and make peace with both the good and the bad It will not be too long before we get up in the morning and we ask sincerely, does the flags still wave is Still there are we still America? Has it been he can down, has it been lost overnight. Our sponsor this half hour is mercury real estate. I won T about Antonio story.
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they'd agents, I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents! I trust dotcom. The Glen Back Programme, mercury. Your listening to the Glen back Programme- we're gonna, you know we're being torn apart column. Camper Nick is becoming a hero. I guess of some sort the energy that absolutely crazy, the crazy, crazy, crazy crazy. I mean the guy doesn't even here doesn't even understand what has happened in most of these Police shooting cases, or defences it doesn't understand them set another problem area that is it is you see You got a guy who got the two. Yes candidate, twigs and berries, and I think that you have now been able to get off my back and watch the video areas watching the tear gas can do the pants yeah look.
Goes out and rescues. Him he's a guy wearing a calling captured in Jersey, and so but it wasn't bad luck. You know I just saw the Jersey look. Where is an observer back programmes. Here's what you need to know won T say: Pat downs, are back in the news back in the spotlight and now there's a new, even more intensive procedure that some travellers have to endure, too many people it borders on sexual assault. Fifty six year old, Jenna, Macfarlane, she's travel. From Charlotte to Baltimore she
described her recent experience like this TAT was done over my clothes they exe. Or it my breasts. My crotch and my buttocks, did not imagine that she would ask me a few times to spread my legs wider and, in fact, touch my vagina for times with a side of her hand, Does what she wrote in a complaint. Everyone in the tea- I say: everyone who would would listen to her that she had been humiliated. She took her complaints to the tea essay and to her congressmen, so now she's been talking to them. For months. And she said, quote: I've learned a lot in the following months about how well the t say had done our job
Congress? It approved the procedure either. Urged with a healthy respect for the hard work of the TS agents and how much They too must lie. This procedure I have always had it in me that as Americans, I should help other Americans. This I felt, MIKE was the opposite, but now that I've spoke with the tea essay. I realise there was no way I could help them other than to submit to I and others have described as humiliation. I thought to myself, then there mom, be another way and quote ha wow. I wish I could talk to I congressmen and the tea I say so they could make things so so much better. For me, too, there is another way in fact, there are lots of different ways. We need a roll over and played dead,
While someone does random searches, they are not effective We can be smarter and we're better. Than this, and if that say, you're congressmen or your media source aren't telling you that then time for a new tee, I say another congressmen bore. A new media source diffusion of entertainment and didn't lieutenant the Glen back. Google and Walmart are now teaming up? Amazon wasn't invited.
Amazon, the largest online retailer and a big reason physical stores are now struggling. Walmart. Is the. Largest offline retailer and is a very distant second, when it comes to online sales. They ve been true. And to make up the difference for years now, Walmart is really really struggling hard. Their gettin beat today and in words Pentonville Ben fill. The lay offs are really quite intense, as. You're gonna have to reinvent yourself? You know every five years and what they built no longer is but the world is using now they're teaming up with Google and they're gonna sell their products on Google Express. This is goals: Digital shopping, mall, where you can buy things, you know, target Cassio, Walgreens, etc.
The partnership. Let's shoppers order from Walmart using Google home like Amazon's echo. So now. What does this mean?. This means for Walmart that they're gonna have you no more customers and they're gonna slide into Amazon's territory. Is Amazon, and now it's Amazon, a Google going head to head in everybody. If you want to stay here and they give you, to stay in business, at our get on the Amazon train or the Google trainer some drain, because all the trains are leaving the station and they're all run by these four companies. I feel sure held it in the face. Oh great now, he has just said I think that these citys I have. I have learned that there is a better way. Is Google here, the first I thought there wasn't, but they convinced me it's the only way to go, see Amazon, instant, to work,
let me doing these lockers their setting up at like gas stations and You can just go like order and like a minute later, but two minutes later go pick it up at a place like if you're driving back, gas, give it only what I don't wanna go pick it up, then hide out scientific, its the fastest way. You can get something when you didn't mean these lockers, you going to there like setting up lock, almost like Jim Blockers, didn't like it that these, like basic necessity, they're doing it, particularly in college towns, Billy basic necessities you might lead- need, instead of having to order to note to get them delivered from the store which brought Amazon. Prime now can take up. Like two hours are, who can wait that long and they can just going stop by Norway, homers walk by and one of these lockers and pick up whatever. The necessity is that you need ok. So now here's Here is another big Jane that change that is coming to America. Have you ever heard of little El, I d a little it's a Europe
the engrossing change, grossly Jane. You heard about this store. Yeah. Have you seen one yet of pictures they are nine percent cheaper than Walmart, while nine percent cheaper And they offer products is as much as fifty percent less than able stores, but on the average, nine percent less Techno ten percent a lotta a cash where their products made Walmart soil in China. Are they make in Bangladesh, joke here's naked so high Yes, here's how they here's, how they do it most products. They have our private label brands. Ninety percent products in little stores are private label brands products manufactured specifically for little. So it's a name. You can trust. Two. They have a limited selection of products they.
Instead, I mean right now. Remember member. I told you that what was it ten or fifteen years ago, the most elaborate grocery stores had between ten and twenty thousand products on the shelves the leaves the nice grocery stores now they're, really in a really nice grocery stores have sixty thousand different products on the shell as too much Estonia option No, it's not what I love it'll, that's great Only has two thousand products guy, that's a big difference. It stopped the fast moving items, the things that people by most often though there are limited to the fast moving items, which means they have the money tied up in inventory, their store. Others are relatively small. On average there twenty thousand square feet witches
larger than most european stores, but a quarter the size of the traditional. U S supermarket, like Kroger. It also has very few staff members, so it is automating an awful lot of stuff and oh my gosh- that's evil their saving me money. It displays all the products in the box that they came and they cut costs by building one wall of the store and sometimes two walls of the store with nothing but glass and that way, it's all natural light this coming into the store and they don't have to spend so much money on lighting. Why Yeah, I mean Dave. They looking, they looked at every way that the grocery store was inefficient and wasteful and they don't bandit tonne on ads. That's how their do that's other nine percent cheap
knowledge is our life. Clamours spoke person there, My guess is their big front personnel coming under the states. I mean things are changing such a breathtaking pace that things are changing. For you know, retail outlets for malls for grocery store everything. Theatres, theatre chains are all freaked out because they are about to really drastically shorten the time between the release at a movie theater in the release at home, or what is the? What is? I have to buy this stuff? This is perfect for me. What is the service that you just found for movie theater movie, pass where action is? How could a ceo next week, I believe, Kate? I dont know how ten bucks a month I dont know how doing this so movie pass. You buy movie, pass it's ten dollars a month you, Go to unlimited number of ease its limit was one per day, was he'd be limited to thirty one in case you go see one
per day. No double features, and you can't repeat, You can't go see the same movie over and over again still, that's a crazy deal, the fur, I like me, I see former breezy either our price would have been good for you yeah. You see one about the case. I can't figure out can't figure out how how they making money. Well, it's not that hard. If you see who's signing up form, for instance, in our area, its movie house, barring grill, right one of them is so the way movie theater are changing is their selling food, so movies, are making money off of the concessions. The one that's gonna be a problem. Is the movie companies themselves because If I go to for movies, I have to buy a ticket and the movie company wants their tickets. So that is the problem of the of of me. We pass not of the movie
It is because they are paying the price tickets for every single time. You go somehow or other. We will ask the ceo too, it's Tuesday at this time, so you want to hear how animal rearing measure. We will try to find out what I tell you this fantastic. I mean John believable just haven't gotten around to it, but I got a sign of I signed on US and went to a movie with my kids this weekend, and I mean right on the app we just pick. My theater, I put the time I picked pre selected seeding. She was one of those in our ears like seeing it was a day the theatre put it like that workbook perfectly fine walked, told him my confirmation, number and Walker in its ten dollars a month. And why do we would have cost me ten dollars anyway, so now, I'm even for any other movies. I want to go to this month, so ten dollars per person per person at my feet, outhouse literary: how do they? How did they to win the lowest prices? Twelve dollars? How are they to taking somebody's ten dollar ticket?
Are there not taking it turned out to get that's the way not there we ve had. It is giving those twelve dollars solemnly it's ok, so they're paying wrangling and will be how sour than doing it's amazing. I meditated thing for a ban on Saturday at life bit where the bank, all they did, was make change. How'd you like money, offer this major said volume, as it were wrong. I don't know. I seriously can't wait to ask this guy this. The only thing. I can come up with as I've been thinking about the business model. Is they think over time? They hope so many people will sign up. They will have For an army to go to to these companies and say ok, instead of giving you full price now we're gonna give you half price for each movie ends. Hopeful hoping that they will take it with a bit of money as an investor, that's a risky idea. Yet I mean a friendly specially New York City. What is it fifty dollars? Sixteen hours executive men had existed, you're losing six bucks, a tick every time someone goes. So. How does this work now? Obviously,.
Me some people who don't see a movie and a month. But what in its ten dollars. I don't think that's gonna make up. But people who go see four. Six, eight ten movies at a month people will go, though, though, all the time, what it's for it for me, I mean, see a lot of movies, but I can see for movies easy a month easy easy. A month. You got a double features and in that we will work with us, but you don't have to pay for one extra ticket. I guess, but I mean you need you and you have a full time job. And you do a lot of things. Tipp think up like a college town where you know you ve, got all this extra time to like rolled out with your friends to go. See movies, though, since twenty five models that we impose, a everything at the multiplex at multiple theatres, I don't know how we think this is gonna work honestly. Fifty dollars, but among the fifty year old gentleman I would having only play. I want you to know that, because ten dollars a lot better and we're gonna tell him when he's on, we wouldn't have paid no way. That would
That's crazy about upon violent! I own that if it was because I have four forty bucks a month, I wouldn't have because movies here, ten bucks- I should probably would have done it, but if it was thirty bucks twenty bucks a month. I would have done that I would have. I would have done that most people, don't think of sea around movies- and I see, however, you might even with this deal amateur paying ten to twenty three bucks a month. You might go to the movies more right, like you merely more willing to now. I've got a couple hours open. You know. Instead of going to the gym, I know we all are big chimera, our so inventor, maybe skipper Jim trip here there and I and skip it Jim Trip, You know that the substitutes and, if I thought I'd, say, reopened up all my Jim time. That would give mad no extra time, but
I see your point validated like we have here- is an incredible deal. Dinah end, and I will say, I've had some issues with certain parts of signing up because they they give you a movie past card that these supposedly mail to which they have not been able to acquire that yet, however, gap is a bunch of theatres. You can choose from and just through the app was able to get in all right. It's already worked for me, so I dont know how it's I don't know how it's a sustainable business model and AMC Theatre is one of the big chains. Saying: hey guys, I don't how this is a stick: sustainable business model and their threatening legal action, but I dont know, one way or the other. What are they care? They're? Getting full price tickets everytime. I dont know why? Don't you see the writer who have to see the writing of the wall? Where I mean you know it was my by month you can cancel at any time, and so the the rumor is, or at least the theory is that since thinking, people are gonna, get used to a ten dollar four months to see multiple movies and then, when this company dissolves they're gonna airline tickets
Stop that but I mean how indeed Maybe it is a maybe it is a marxist plant to overthrow the Bourgeoisie wound, while running in the navy that are running the movie, theater is they're all like we can take him down. We'll get everybody used to ten dollars and then nothing. NL all go out and all the movie theatres we can set em all on fire. That's how this works it. What happens in every swayed to happened. We'll nowhere else by it, Could I don't care what if it did not have a debt? What if it did, and now this ever get so tired- and I tell you just collapse in bed. Yes, every night. Giving it the way to where you who you join. You get up in the morning and then use, still collapse back in
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Outcome: use a promo code back fifty dollars off the purchase of your mattress, its casper dot com. Terms and conditions do apply its Casper dotcom. Your listening. You about Glenn Back Programme, the Glen Back Programme. Mercury. Trembling. Seventy seven, the glamour beach police just stopped by to tell me that, restoring little is pronounced legal needle and I'm sorry too, you know the Nazis. I offended I I dont speak Nazi, He also about die Zeit about run by Nazi. Well, you know, Germans, Leedle just sounds more nazi than little. Yes, it does a lethal.
My little legal. I now I saw where's your german shepherd. You expect Edelweiss to begin as I do I do so. Thank you for that at us do. There is also a new report out this Phone survey, so I don't know who you are or even who has a phone and then who answer the phone and then finds out it's a survey. Even then answer is bad, but those p bull, whoever they are eighty. Five percent of Americans believe that people have the right to free speech and it is more important than making sure no one is offended by what others say, eight per I think that's more important to make sure that no one gets offended this shows little change from past surveys. Eighty three percent think it's more born for the United States to guarantee freedom of speech than its to make sure nothing is that nothing is done to and other nations and cultures, seventy
percent agree with the line from Voltaire. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death right to say it the ten percent, disagree with that statement. Seventeen percent are undecided. I think that's because usually come the death really I might say something now going to stand up, and we only eight do you know if you got a right to say that, but to day you start did not do you know whether I shot like whatever I didn't really agree without either it was my mom, so she's lived, a good life there's more to the survey back into the second. This is the glad that programme mercury.
Glenn Back Programme a programme oh is this: is this a new stands for marine more or is this I should say this: is this- something that their digging up from his past in two thousand eight Roy more is is running for the Senate? As a report? broken and He said. Let me give you a couple of cold, my opinion is a big question about the citizenship of present. Obama? A person belief, is that he wasn't in that's, probably over and done in a few days unless He had something else to come along, meaning he wasn't born here in the United States. Heaven help us I've gotta, be an old quote right. Why would you blow that one is an old quotas as an easy right? It's gotta is this:
since two thousand nine, I haven't seen one thing in the press about this. Yet the present stage will not percentages. Birth certificate, yadda, yadda, yadda- it is nine. I remember him being on that bet. That's because at that I am, he was writing for world in their daily in their big deal was every day name the birth or stuff, Tat, you re not two thousand thirteen Alabama Supreme Court case closely tied to the birth of conspiracy courtroom ruled seventy two and dismissing a lawsuit that sought to have Alabama sector state certify the birth? To be it? A presidential can That's he was part of that and that I think, is the last. I may, I hope, he's not bringing that up now, but that's what no that's what CNN is reporting and pathetic. You know what whatever, There's a couple of other things here that I think are interesting to know how to a chance in Alabama to pick somebody really good and they blew it. Sire
Did you. Did you see the story about the law, It is a pole numbers for Donald Trump. And this is being spun mineral tundra, I'm tired of trying to figure out what the angle of the press is on the left and the right in autumn higginses continues. Gimme the news. This is This is no different than any there are present in any other incumbent. This is the it's right in the pack, its. No, but though the right is reporting it as the sole runaway freight train for Donald Trump. No, it's not it's right in the center of the pack right. Everybody usually is at this time in their presidency, and the the left, he's trying to scare you into all my garage look he'd win today? No, he wouldn't I mean
He would if the primary this is primary. This is about general election is primary and who's he running against who's gonna primary, so the primary and right right now, nobody Monday, and that nobody was gonna primary President Obama. Nobody, primary President Clinton, Noble a primary retail price Linda Corridor? It doesn't happen it just us. Happen is very, very unlikely. Usually in there can be somebody right. Harry Aunt and went back and looked at the previous incumbents who who had their actual there's early pulling in their presidency against a future primary Jimmy. In eighteen. Seventy eight had fifty eight percent of of the vote against Jerry Brown at the time. Twenty three Bill Clinton. Seventy two to nineteen against what they thought. The potential challenge at the time, Colin Powell which is where it is always a republican right. I guess I guess Nile Brow. Obama. Fifty two thirty seven over Clinton.
However again you're at the point there, where you know that you had a really big name challenger at that point and then Trump came in if fifty four and then crews classic sassin- also listed at thirteen thousand one hundred and one and one. So if you look at it just kind of like it's hard because there's four challengers there, but if you look at like what they got Carter, fifty eight Clinton. Seventy two Obama fifty two, trump. Fifty four, so he's slightly outperforming Obama and only slightly underperforming Carter and Clinton had really good numbers at that time. But he's the middle the pact there has not been a terrible number for him against a primary field. Not a great number for him against the primary fields probably know do have to orally, and it's probably not going to happen. If, if he gets into the twenty to twenty three percent approval rating, then you'll see people into the mix, but I don't think that's happen. I really don't. I think the press has so was played this. The left is so Miss played this far.
If that was your real goal, but that's not the real goal. The real goal is to Ain't everybody on the left is a racist and a big red on the right main everybody's, a racist and a big it and and prove how right they really were, so they can you know they can sweep out the Republicans for all time. That's their goal. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump, Ghana. I don't think you're just using him as a excuse and he's making it very easy for them, and low twenties is basically impossible without a huge event. I mean he can't lab a response to a crisis badly enough, in his words, to get a twenty two percent while, but there are things that can have Bringing that well, I'm not a rumour that he's quitting by the end of the year to sell facial cream. What is it Where's, my starting out his business he hasn't talked about in much, is just getting it going by setting a new facial cream that he's working on that he wants to get out of the presidency and the only about full time today,
let go, and so is this one thing really well that's causing stress and is mired with malaria. Yes, now gosh we're not talking about that really because she doesn't know he's leaving to sell racial creamy own weight. Is this the thing where the rapporteur went off script and ask that question you're not gonna believe would have it s. Yes, Now you may want to leave it cause. You ve heard it with about eight hundred and thirty other people, and all of them seemed to be in their current jobs. Yes, they do, but that that better all leaving massing already set us, because it is what happens to the economy. What happens dinner tame it? What happens to government when all these people
invasion cream. Well, the only thing I know is going to be a glut of facial cream providers are that they have a real supply demanded is for hill. However, I was not a smart move. It's going to be very routing. Margret Earnest allege, you have the courage to Central Facial Korea, maybe he'd know is really does not see this course. It has all the best stuff right. My understanding is, it's all the same brand of facial Craig, that's day issue. I know it sounds rather know it's like Avon. It's gonna be mean whether we can have celebrities at our door all the time. Three four times a day. Go it's either long gory, something every single can't stand. Seeing you allegory my house over and over and over again pushing this damned facial cream. I really want to talk about creating jobs from promised to create jobs and now he's creating reality, and the king of the facial free market mean we're gonna, we're good
corner they'll mightily resembling America will be known for facial period of homer. Facial green has so far been relatively. We have really been notable, not so far our history and we need the racial green thing they gotta bring. Instead, people will notice that that country with the fifty stars on the I guess doing something over there to me. Maybe even North Korea will show some respect them and now look at us and say why
forcing you should bring, could manage young is retirement. The end of this year to shave cutting economy needs a capital I know, but he is always keeping it from its be involving the web. Add your clicking on right now. No, this is asking the right questions I get off. The record is going fine, there were just talking about nuclear war and the guy said hey what about this? Rumour view in the facial created, just girls drew through wow So what are you the odds: are that Donald Trump just leave just leaves the office welding. The the author of art, the deal's, has predicted.
Happened by the end of the year, and now it is only a year or the year, not only the end of the year gonna happen. Not I don't. I don't think it will by the end of either. I could see him getting really frustrated with this. I, like it, I could see him, I think bright, bards gonna, stop their own tv thing Nan. You know, make a home for Donald Trump and it will be the biggest deal because he will just the you know he could leave honoured, suggesting that he should do this, but I could, see it happening only. We suggest they would, but I could see it happening and if he is willing to leave facial cream, certainly but I could see him here so frustrated with the news and just go, and you know what enough is enough. I must start my own news network, I'm going over there and He just start, sir. You know I'm all right It is that work with bright Bart And they make commentary, refuse supplementing as income with very grim sales you might as well. Do you want the two thousand twenty odd to win the presidency. We have those okay, so dumb,
Tromp is leading the pact as the incumbent three and a half to one, quite Vernon color does not mean I have to one the next highest nonetheless, that eight to one Joe Biden, really is gonna be no way really oil. Seventy six! Seventy doesn't, but he doesn't look like it because he uses this rain, rational, really, militarism. Looking so no they're getting out uses facial uses the other Gerda cream, which gun the reared crew the final figures when you mean that I don't know about the rear in Christiania like have my leg peripheral Asia and work out what the hell on your face Oda Why would you use it on your face phrase? It makes you look younger. It does yes oh yeah, two hundred acres Radice Jeffrey hears us face because he's an ass,
That is why I give her stoutly himself knives interest when it suits also accurate. So next simply have to trumpet three to have two one bite in at eight to one who would you say is next on the list, by me. Gotta gases Lorenzo Bonaparte get of course is known. The one raised was was worth Lenore Good guess, she's next, she's at fifty the wonders of the twelve, the one It's a sort of revealing, I think, of the situation at least the way people perceive it Al Gore, Hillary Clinton. Now my pants, let me repeat: Donald Trump, my pants at twelve, the one which you could see being like either trumpet. He's not going to run again he's only with scandal or what are not run against his programme? No absolutely no way wage our way, and I don't think he if Donald Trump just serves one term you MIKE Pens did,
not the guy who's come in and go I'm going to rescue the needs routine need an idle our feed win. You know in a second term, but he'd need at least two years of doing something really really great you're saying if you like, well because if he leaves and scandal you're right he'd need time to like build up here employer vetoes leaves, if derived from just like you know what screw you guys, don't throw you yeah right. Do you need some time, however, if Trump decided, you know, what I'm not going to want to do this anymore. We needn't worry is that, yes, it will change to refer to a democratic. Yet may let me give you some other names Bernie Sanders next, that twenty two one devolve Patrick twenty two one Khumalo Harris who seems like she's, making no noise as this year only around twenty to allow Kory Kory, Hocker. Thirty, two one, that's not a zero chance thing. I think Corey Book loves the media, zero chance, Terry Malloy Caliph and the one which seems impossible to me. Tom Parry
Does it three hundred and twenty one Omigosh Al Franken, thirty thousand five hundred and twenty one Amy Klobuchar, thirty thousand five hundred and twenty one Andrew Cuomo, four hundred and twenty one Gavin Newsom forty two one, listen to this democratic bench, peril bearable TED crews, forty five to one, Sal Wild, while wow wow stood up for a second, I forget they were just talked about pants I was just thinking that this was just all. Darwin rats right now we get a forty five to one before you hit a another republican while we accept repents rent, but Why would you, while you were what their assuming of Quota Ziad RE runs. Gonna learn, iconic challenge trumpet primary, so there less likely he's? Come all other names down list, fifty to one Marco Rubio. Fifty to one, Zuckerberg do you want? I ve Mark Zuckerberg chooses to run.
Ah, I would die- would not necessarily does got anything I wouldn't discount that after well, I just saw you can't just got anything. Is Tom? Is Tom Hanks listed seen Hanks Dwayne, the rock Johnson is on their seventy two. I think he's gonna run you my height Nick.
Hayley seventy to one John case EC. Seventy five to one which is forty, no peace behind Dwayne. The rock Jackson, is good about this mark cuban seventy five to one and no Michelle Obama. Seventy five to one holding cravats Mitt Romney. Seventy five to one hundred new poor Mitt Romney, though you ran twice, got his face, kicked in twice by the american people, just for being a decent human being. I disagree with his politics, but he was the only decent guy. We ve seen just kick this not out of here and now is still on every book I pay value. Their mid would probably have been yeah yeah. I like, I think I've had my fill of it. Thank you and then we're like hey met. You could be Secretary of state just my guy Talk about Charlie Brown, with a football now respond.
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the land that programme just talking about the fight. That's coming up on Saturday, possibly the biggest loss for Vegas of Time ever that the massive underdog, Conor Macgregor against May weather. Eighty nine percent of the building has been placed on him, winning while eighty nine percent, so they get What about that? We win support be careful what you eat from the embassy I'm just saying before they don't even back programme
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