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9/11/17 - Have we learned anything since 9/11/01?

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America is the arsenal of generosity ...Remembering 9/11/01...16 years later...Going through all the broken promises since 9/11, 2001 ...All of today's high school students know perpetual war and threat of terror attacks ... Steve Bannon says America was built on economic nationalism ...Can a person of faith serve our nation? ...The Dogmatic views of our Senators...Diane Feinstein = Holier Than Thou. The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage, truth Why is a horrific tragedy, the price we have to pay Kane Irma slammed into the Florida keys Sunday morning? Then it made its way w up the coast of Florida week in for a while to a category two, but by the time it hit Overnight, it felt saying bye a category two, German, I didn't strike Miami directly, but the city, along with most of southern in West Coast of Florida, were hit with storm surges and widespread flooding. And it's not over. Yet. We still don't know the overall damage, but it's safe to say it's already, one of the worst storms in Florida's history,
load by of the worst storms in I can history. Half of the state of Florida is out of power today. The combination, to punch. Harvey and Irma. Come just as we are reminded today, of the 16th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in. American history certainly the most tragic day of my lifetime, the human toll of these hurricanes. Thank God not come anywhere close in america- The horror of September 11th, two thousand and one The enormous LOS of property and livelihood prove Aids us an opportunity wrap our arms around american neighbors who need our help.
Do you remember how we all felt? it's September 11th. Do you remember how we all felt that night. I remember that night, working late. We I went to an outback steakhouse and we we shook our heads and couldn't believe what are Daewoo Like and we talked about how America was about to change, but we listen to each other. We helped one another. We were on the same team for awhile. You could feel it in the air. I think we felt that same thing with Hurricane Harvey We have the opportunity to rally
again to get back on the same page about something other than ourselves. After Katrina, the city of Houston, open their arms to the people of New Orleans. And now new Orleans wants to return the favor, the capture, the Spirit in a heartfelt message to Houston I'll share later. It's amazing. The way of life you love carry on. They wrote. You taught us that your courage, in your care. Continues to inspire our whole city, we could more proud to call you our neighbors, our friends in our family? this forever we're with you. The attitude of service is what made America great wow- keep forgetting that.
America is great, because America is good and we have seen it on display. My question is why Does it always seem to take a horrific tragedy. Why is that always the price we have to pay to get there. During world war. Two FDR are called America, the arsenal of democracy, day what we're seeing in Houston. What we're going to see in Florida. Is America, as the arsenal of generosity, you want to make America great again. Let's s, continue to be known for that
Monday September 11th. This is the Glenn Beck program
Call it sounded like they have a problem. He said there was a bomb on board. We just said we we didn't get it. He just started a thousand eleven a lot about good morning, Z, one hundred eight, fifty two something weird is going on with the World Trade Center is on fire. Here is the the top of the building, we're trying to get information top level of one of the one still on full from New York's train crash. Just okay, okay and I got a run for your it's raining papers and.
Second loan in locate. I don't have words to describe what it was to learn an on line operation in the national airspace, Graham civil and military and freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless, our freedom will be defended. One of the world trade towers collapse. It is Tuesday September eleventh, two thousand one. This is Glenn Beck, my New York and one of the most audacious attacks ever
terrorist hijacked, two airliners crash them into the World Trade Center in a coordinated series of blows today that brought down the twin one hundred and ten storey towers, thousands maybe dead. Fifty eight thousand people,
work at the World Trade Center, the building yeah one plane united flight. Ninety three crash north of Somerset, county airport, small airport, eighty miles southeast of Pittsburgh United, said that flight seven, fifty seven and is we will not, and it is clear and we will not that is it. The news office day September eleventh two thousand one
how many promises did we make on that day? How many promises have we captain how have we broken to ourselves, to our country and to our families to one another. You know the reason why you have anniversaries. One to commemorate. To memorialize man, another to celebrate We certainly don't celebrate nine hundred and eleven, but shouldn't we take the opportunity. To memorialize our commitment to one another and what's true how things. Did you think you knew were true.
Nine slash, eleven two thousand and one. How many of those still remain. What did you promise yourself that you would be. What did you promise yourself? You would do. There are so many broke promises between us and then. You, member on nine eleven. We said we wanted to know who was here and who had overstayed their visa. That was the big that was the biggest, thing. We have to know who's here and who has overstayed their visa, because people
Would come in and learn how to fly planes? on visas that they had overstayed? So we were going to so that that was one of the easy ones that was simple fix that Last year, six hundred and twenty nine thousand foreign nationals came into our country and overstayed their visa last year alone. Six hundred and twenty nine thousand just disappeared, The people coming here legally, we don't even talk about, things as security threats anymore. Our border is in a security threat. It's well maybe for drunk driving. Maybe once in awhile Ms Thirteen
worst of the worst. They weren't here in two thousand and one in all of our cities now they have a drug and violence network throughout all major cities. This story yesterday and alleged kidnapper of the LAS Vegas Mexican cartel arrest, is it in Chicago faces two dozen kidnapping charges and link to a horrifying massacre in Mexico,. He was arrested. In the sanctuary city of Chicago Is linked to a massacre of three hundred people who were kidnapped, killed
Cut into pieces and incinerated in ovens. He was living in Chicago, you know. This year I want to spend more time looking at Nine hundred and eleven on the broken promises, but not even the broken promises like that, not a nano political promises that are broken heavy GOSH on a graveyard that is. Today, I challenge you to think of the broken promises that you made that you broke. That I made that I broke the
things that we have to do to remember, like we did on September 11th that the only thing that really matters is one another for that fraction of a second in our lives, we remembered nothing else mattered. We could lose everything, but as long as we had each other as long as. As long as we had a chance to be free, we could rebuild and re configure anything. We've lost that Today I challenge you to find it once again today?
turn up. We have ways for you to help out with the Hurricane Mercury One and all the efforts going on with Irma and still Harvey forget that as well. That's that it's been quite a a couple weeks it's been, it's been an amazing opportunity to change our attitude and refocus to recenter ourselves a lot more positive than I was looking at it. I thought it's trying, I'm trying yeah major credit reporting bureau, announced a breach that could affect one hundred and forty three million Americans. No big deal. That's just half of us so far Equifax determined that the credit card numbers for about two hundred thousand consumers and personal data, including social security numbers for one hundred and eighty thousand consumers, were accessed taken what do we do now that act. That was that was Equifax. Are they? The ones are supposed to be monitoring credit yeah, Apparently they didn't have Lifelock.
You are eleven times more likely to become a victim of identity theft or fraud. If you are notified of a breach seven times more likely to become a victim. If you're notified of a breach. Good thing: there is Lifelock Lifelock detects a wide range of identity, threats, threat but you are going to miss through just monitoring systems like Ordinal Equifax. So Buddy is the capable Stealing your 401K, but here's the thing If there is a problem, are you Based identity, restoration, specialist Lifelock is going to work to fix it. Now nobody can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, as we are seeing in this story, but Lifelock can
you see more of the threats to your identity, so go to Lifelock, dot, com or call one. Eight hundred Lifelock use a promo code back. That's back for ten percent off your life, like membership visit, Lifelock dot com and save ten percent. Right now, Glenn Beck hey. We just want to offer our condolences to the bowling family. Eric bowling had a tragedy, and in his family couldn't have come at a worse time. He finds out that Fox
let him go and then later that evening, his son, passes away at school. We don't know the details, yet I don't know if it's any of our business anyway, but our our thoughts and prayers are with the bowling family. And for anybody who you know to go online and. Drag him through the mud can Can we see the human toll? Can we continue to see the human toll and perhaps focus on that a little bit. Remember that we're all in this together
and no one should suffer that loss of a child this is the Glenn Beck program. There is a an open letter in the Houston Chronicle today that I wanted to share and I warn you I read this this morning when I first got up- and I thought I I mean tears- old. This is such a great letter From the city of New Orleans to the city of Houston, now you have to remember When Katrina hit Houston took the the brunt of it, and picked up so much and helped so many people that were coming in and just fleeing from New Orleans, so here's what
the open letter to the city of Houston says in the paper. Two are free is in Texas, Twelve years ago you took in hundreds of thousands of us open your homes, your closets, your kitchens, you schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over some of us are still there and when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen, keep our in our traditions alive. Now No two storms of the same comparing rising waters, is a waste of energy when you need it most but know this in darkest hour. We found peace, an escort, bright light of hope with our friends. Texas and we hope you'll find the same in us, doors are open or close Please come in every size, there's hot food the stove and r K, minutes are well stocked. We promise to always share all that. We have so
Home will feel like home again, even if it seems like it. Lifetime away will be battle Pro football recruits under Friday night lights, you'll tell is to stop trying to barbecue and tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have a real thing, but for long as you need, we're here to help the eight of life that you love the most will carry on. You taught us that your courage, care continues to inspire our whole. City, we couldn't be more how to call you, our neighbors, our friends and our family Texas, forever we're with you New Orleans. So several things that you need to know we, it is nine eleven and we have some some praise.
Things to go over with you. There is another hurricane, on the way, this one hurricane Jose. We are already, you know, Yes, we're already. This is the first time the United States, Continental USA has ever been hit by two hurricanes in the same year. Yeah. Look it up. The first time now. That's not true! First time in the same year that two, I'm sorry two category what three or fours, the Continental United States in the same year it's the worst this is ever been, and now we have a third one coming it's unbelievable. I mean really is like this. Hopefully, this is are we sure about Jose. Is it going to know it's kind of just meandering? It's just kind of it's just kind of hanging out like I haven't, decided interesting piece of today's history, which is you know, it's nine eleven
in two thousand and one we obviously I'll remember that for what happened at that time, Hurricane Aaron was three hundred miles off the coast of New York, it was I mean if it had shifted A few hundred miles, they would have closed down all the airports, that day, they would have had to cancel all the flights you're kidding yeah I mean you know how many times to her is hit that area very rarely, obviously, so the odds were not high and only I think Muhammad Auto would've been like you know what I got every book that one probably would have still tried to do what he did? along with the other terrorists, but still it's a kind of an amazing thing to look back at that the we would not have thought this day the same way would have been some other day. Probably, but who knows? I mean one thing: when plans like that gets shifted. Who knows there's a chance. We stop them. Who knows but no uh, so we're we're not getting hit by hurricanes? We probably want to And then we are getting hit by them and we don't want to. So here
Is uh uh. Here are people. I would just like to play just like to throw this in as we as we have a little popery of the. Crap that we have to shovel out people that I think perhaps should meet Darwin. Usually what I mean Did anybody else notice that there it was? There was an exceptional number, a number of stupid people. The weekend the people who were surfing. Chris Cuomo, I would just buy, throw him in just a stew. People that were out there for no reason whatsoever. T God comes out of the governor of Florida and he comes out and he's giving one of the. I don't think I've ever heard, a governor, more clear, yeah you gotta, get out the time to leave is right now, right now, oh, is the time to leave
now means now. So if your thing how about doing it later? You should do it right now. I mean he literally, that was the speech get out right I'll leave. No, help is coming your way. So Oh there's always an idiot or two. There was a Miami man who was caught by NBC News. Said he was going to tie himself to a post when Irma hits this guy is standing there. He has no shirt on an the NBC anchor says screws me, sir. Why are you out here well I'm testing this out, I'm actually doing a stunt, and I know it sounds crazy, but there's meaning behind it. I'm tying myself to a post down on meridian for the duration of the hurricane. It's all planned out with safety precautions and everything uh huh.
What would we, what, with those safety precautions, be that, for the others that are all planned out, is. Ten feet of water was supposed to come. You know Your way, I'm gonna, I'm gills gills that what it was CBS. It is was interviewed on the street. He said he and his family aren't leaving, because quote we are savages. Okay, it's a good good quality reason uh, there's another guy that dawned snorkeling mask and said I'm going to ride out in a storefront on Duval Street. Oh, ok, all right. I don't know about you, but these are the people that should meet Darwin. These are the people whose entire monkey tail has not fallen off yet I just I'm just again.
You'll either in this a quote: you'll either read about me in the obituaries or all be the first one, looting Publix it's hard to it's tough, because these moments are kind of funny in retrospect, but these people are going to go and have access. To the same a lifesaving. No, I said as I was that no that was I don't know. I mean I think that was the point of Governor Scott's message but I heard on the lows: it's Saturday I think was Saturday leave Now now is the time to leave. He was weekly saying hey monkey tail people, we ain't coming back for you. Yeah there's a there's a special place for you, it's Darwin land, the survive, Of the fittest and you're, just not smart enough, I mean if you're after you can't get out that I'm willing I'm willing to try it, but you know we're willing to do anything. We can to get you, but you. Just to stay well,
just to stay in tie yourself to a post is different than you choose to stay. I mean that we were uh. My mom lives in Georgia and there for awhile thought. You know if they're going to get here so a lot of people evacuated to the west and, of course, then, the hurricane also evacuated to the west. Sadly, so people kind of some people went right into it and you know there's a lot of things that can happen in these storms until you know or exactly how they're going to be tracked, it's hard to really blame people, because a lot of times you think well, you know I maybe I should stay and ride this thing out. Pat, did it in can Rita. I know yelled at him on the air about it. I don't want to being much the much better decision. It's enough, but it's another thing to to tie yourself to post. That's not that's not to it's usually pretty so so so so hang on just a second, so you're right there are, there are different levels, and so, if you are the one who says now, you know what I'm going to ride this out. I feel bad
when I see a picture of you on your roof, I feel bad. I'm like we should do. Something I mean, is there any? Is there anybody standing around with their hands in their pockets that maybe could go help that person. I see you and you're the guy who is tied to the post. No, I just continue to watch I think I continue to watch go. Look, others rising higher yeah I bet he doesn't have an actual safety feature that he was bragging about just a little while ago, probably not what are you doing here, this guy, yeah, you have it yeah. We have audio of. Apparently it go ahead and let's listen see you later. Why are you? Why are you out here on your ancestors sad, I'm actually doing stuff? It sounds crazy, but there's a meaning behind it. I'm telling myself to a post down on meridian for the duration of the hurricane. It's all planned out with safety precautions and everything will be safe out there.
Question. What are you putting in journalism? I think what he was saying was that guys crazy, the guys crazy? and we actually would rather go down there. So I'll just get What are you I? We got safety precautions, you're tying yourself to a post. You have safety precautions and less suppose, it is indoors, you don't have safety precautions. You do Yet you don't get that you do a follow up question with that guy, you don't think I'm in danger, as as an anchor I'm now in danger. Talking to this guy I've, to know what he planned to protect himself in that situation. I must know having your car repaired is, always so cheap. Always so cheap
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here is Hillary. This weekend. Talking about the concession speech that she never delivered. Listen this. And I went to the bedroom laid down the bad just thought. Okay, I just have to wait this out but then midnight I decided well you know looks like it's not going to work after midnight. She called Donald Trump President elect and then he called the White House, The president, I did, I felt like I had let everybody down more in came and the nation was waiting to hear from her. I had not dress to the concession speech. I've been working on victory speech.
That is so fake, it's just so faint. I tell you I didn't. I thought I I guess I would think about killing myself 'cause. I I haven't happened so fake. There's, no, there's no genuineness about her at all. At anytime. It's incredible Wait till you hear the audio book of her reading this. It's all readable. She, you know second without any of knowing any of the content why she lost 'cause she's. Just terrible horrible in every way she's, not a human being, it seems like a. She somehow cannot loft the normal human connection she's the last to get this message, but listen to this clip is your political career. Over. Yes, as an active politician, it's
all, for you will never be a can't I'm for I am done with being a candidate, but I am not done with politics in because I literally believe that our country's future is at stake. Yeah I'm done being a candidate like she. Another choice like she's like well, I don't know the people are clamoring, they are there. There listen. Ok, you can hear them, but I believe they are chanting, Hillary, two thousand and twenty. You have no other choice. Nobody wants you. I will say this is a good time for me to bring up that. I am done with my olympic pole. Vaulter Karere, really wanted to make sure everybody knew that yeah as well. You know than extra one hundred in no strength Well, I I'm not giving up my olympic Swimming bid. Yeah yeah, I'm in the control group. So that you know they have all the olympic Swimmers and then they'll have the control group which just people
May, you know in board shorts just swimming alongside so. Darn, it Hillary's not gonna run. What are you going to do? Democrats? What are you going to do I can tell you what they're going to do. We've heard we heard this weekend from, I believe it was. The daughter was at the daughter of Joe Biden, Saying: hey, you know what here in the republic's are the ones that are in trouble. You know really really. I mean media Are you? What are you fighting for? What do you like? We got to get our guy in whom who is that who would it be Who do you have Dick GIF, is what I have and they're going to bring it back. First gotta. Have, I don't think? No, I think I think Gephardt Biden is a strong ticket by needs another eight years, as VP then can run in twenty twenty eight for the for the big job It's a good formula for this is going to workout, really well,
didn't see the the Bannon Interview on sixty minutes, wow wow conservatives you need to hear it, play something for you that I just why just I want an explanation. I just want an explanation, because this is The the giant progressives have wanted for decades. And he's the champion. That's coming up Glenn Beck. Love courage, truth
Teen years ago today, the world changed forever. What's amazing to me, is. There such a huge part of the population that will never know America the way I did the way. Perhaps you did. High school graduates in two thousand and one saw the world through a much different lens than the kids will be graduating today. In two thousand and one a a a gallon of gas CASA Da four hundred and forty six, which, at the time, was completely outrageous. For the most part, the world was peaceful, dates wasn't at war, The Gulf WAR was a decade in the rearview mirror and a Parker felt invincible. Islamic terrorism wasn't something we had to worry.
Something our kids had to worry about. It was maybe something that grownups read about in the newspaper, but it was the third story on the one thousand o'clock news. Nobody had ever heard of Osama Bin Laden. Then nine hundred and eleven happened. A high school graduates today have never known in America, not at war. Peace time? is a distant era that they've read about in their history books and yet wow our time. Seems normal. Is war, a high price to pay Terror attacks are no longer the third story on the ten. News their weekly. Ms Daily discussions. For those who are graduating this year. Terrorism is something that they've had to consider them. Almost with
everything that they do attending a fourth of July, fireworks display going to a concert planning a trip to Europe going on the airplane. What does it feel like to go to a new year's Eve celebration and not have I think, in the back of your mind, what do we do if there's a terror attack, it's Most have been so long now that I've forgotten what that is like. What did it feel like to graduate high school? see the world as completely iaccessible, where you could plan up to Egypt and see the pyramids go to France. Go to Spain, not worry, would any parent today be comfortable, sending our kids to any of those places. Just a and all of the time call us when you get there. This is the world that is normal today, the world in
perpetual war and threat of terror. Attacks doesn't mean anything just the way it is. We are still discovering how much of our country. And how much of the world changed on September 11th, two thousand and one One thing is for sure United States is not the same as it was from December. Tenth, two in one what we become it's up to us I don't even mean our government or a politician's or anybody else, it's up to us. Our story is yet to be written. Our future is, Blank page- and we The only author Monday September 11th. This is the Glenn Beck
program. Where does America go from here? We are the crossroads, and we have more things that are coming our way? Economic troubles, we have more decisions to make. And there's a lot of things that the media is just not paying attention to last right on sixty minutes, Steve Bannon, they did an interview with Steve Bannon you're, going to hear a lot of talk about it, like probably not with you, but you talk about it on on radio and television, and the media will have the story all wrong, because what they're going Focus on is Steve, Bannon an racism on a focus in Charlie rose? Did this they wanted to focus on gration and racism and everything else. I want you to listen to what he said here. Because the media won't- and somebody needs to point this out- listen there's a path to citizenship, after green card
and known as Tennessee is non negotiable. America. Was in the eyes of so many people and it's what people respect America for it is people been able to come here, find a place contribute to the economy, immigration has been in America. And you seem to want to turn it around and stop You could be more dead wrong, It was built on Citizens were all immigrants America was built on hit, the native Americans don't give me. This is the thing on the left is sister, Charlie is beneath you, America is built on there. On our citizens? Look at 19th century. What built. It's called the american system from Hamilton to pole. The Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts asis- of protection of a manufacturing, financial system that lands to manufacturers. Okay in the control of our borders, echo make nationalism is what this country,
built on the american system, we go back to that. We look after our own. Look after our citizen, look after a manufacturing base and guess what this country is going to be greater, more united, more powerful than it's ever been. So as I am watching that astrophysics as I'm watching this last night, I am thinking to myself. Is anybody noticing what he's just done. He starts out with something like amnesty is off the table there's a lot of conservatives, man, I'm one of them. Agree with amnesty However, we have to have a discussion on what do we do? What does an actual plan, look I could going forward so. We get stopped. There Not listening to what he's saying, remember
he's talking about white supremacists. White nationalists The Nazis are white nationalists, they're, not just white supremacists,. And that's where this is getting lost. You just stop at the white part why are all those guys are racist and I don't yeah? Ok, that's a kind a big deal, but that's not all the Nazis. Are there white nationalists, So Donald Trump or Bannon or whoever I don't know he may be racist, he may not be racist. I don't think the president is a racist I've I've heard that when you speculate on the president if he's a racist or not you get into trouble. Well, I was the last one: everybody speculate on this one. I do know this that the president,
and Steve Bannon do believe in economic nationalism, What is that? I you know it's strange because I've never heard from conservative say you know, Alexander Hamilton, he pulled all was great who's the Polk talk, I've missed and then to hear Paulk clay, Elton Dr Lincoln, okay, wait! A minute hang on just a second you'll notice. He called it. The american system, the Rick system is Henry Clay's system. Now this is what he said built America, the american system is three parts won a tariff. On other countries to predict all american industry to a national Federal Reserve Bank-
a national bank, three Federal subsidies for roads, canals infrastructure. And by the way, Hamilton added one extra and that was lick schools. I can federal public school, so If you are sitting here listening to him I want you to know what he is fighting for and what the president he says. At least he says the President is fighting for. Is tariffs, a central bank in structure bailouts. And federal schools Atty is the american system that he just quoted. You know who's for that socialists in?
particular national socialists and the The third thing to add to that would be supremacists white black? Doesn't matter, people who believe that they are better than everyone else and can form a nationalized system. It will control everything. Usually ends up being well. We've got to get rid of some of these inferior people, that is what Bannon is pushing for That is what nationalism and the american system actually means.
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security system right away, visit your local best, buy and you'll have your home protected tonight. It's simply safe back dot com. If you want to avoid the store, simply save back dot com, get a ten percent discount back dot com. Glenn Beck It's really interesting. This namik nationalism that Steve Bannon was talking about on sixty minutes and I want you understand that. Why Nationalism, the the racist part is only half of it. That's only half The reason why the the reason why the Nazis are so spooky is, they have. The ability
through a nationalized government, very strong, centralized government, kill everybody, they disagree with that's the problem. You know Bill, the Nazi down the street. Is the problem might like build a nazi, I don't know bill did not see, and I want my kids stay away from build a nazi but Bill the Nazis, not rounding people up because he doesn't have the government to do it. You need that infrastructure to be able to accomplish. Those has that's why we argue for small government. Yes, so you can say well, I I want. I disagree with all out that to resist part, but if you're not paying attention to the national is part it's. A problem That's a real problem, it's the it's! It's It's the conditions that terrible things like that, like the Holocaust, are possible right now. Obviously, talking about the exact same system here, but
that strain of nationalism that lead in Germany and many other places where you are it with the with the Nazis. Here in America, you are talking about exactly the same Train your talking about it with with per se. Now I don't know if I I don't want to say that Bannon is a racist, you know or a white supremacist at all, I don't think he is, but he's days he is footsies with those people and only condemning half of the ideology and the every part of the ideology is having the conditions to where you force that ideology on others and that's the nationalist part, one of the things Bannon did or he came into the political? I was He worked for a company that I think this world of Warcraft the video game and in there you mine, for like fake game, gold and he started working for a company that hired farms of people to mine, the fake video game gold,
and sell the gold, the fake gold to people for real money that play the game, so they would have people go in by the thousands and and play the game to get these credits right and so The credits to people who like playing the game but didn't want to work so hard for the credits and they pay only for them now the business was a complete disaster, as many of his have been and they fell apart. Sort of catastrophe, catastrophe, sort of situation. However, the interesting part about it was that is He sort of found the fuel Because that gaming community was so insular and so passionate that he found that it would those sort of or key weird movements could provide out of fuel for a much larger movement and that's where it's believed Got the idea to bring in the movements. Like the alt right, Ann take the energy that they had. Through these really passionate
each sort of beliefs to drive a candidate if he could, if he could find you can convince them. They were that he did. This candidate was friendly to them, see here's the here's. A problem with with this is the average person is b, driven right into the arms of these spooky people. Quite uh, the driven right into them and I don't think most people understand how that is happening. Can we play 3M Lee Michael. He is fighting for religious freedom, that is the reason why this is happening is because there was, you know something we're going to address the next hour that happen. Capitol Hill, where senators were questioning a person, follow Cismaan, saying I'm not sure if you're, if you're qualified to be able to serve in the federal government, because you are a a catholic It was crazy now list, weather warning is here from MIKE Lee another one
my colleagues even went so far as to ask Professor bear it to confess her faith under oath in the committee. What's an orthodox catholic, this commit- member asked. Do you consider yourself, an orthodox Catholic if these remarks had been some sort of bizarre? one time aberration. I probably would have passed them over in silence, but I feel compelled to speak because I wonder whether a pattern might be emerging, a pattern of hostility toward people of faith who come before this body. Just a few months ago, another eminently qualified nominee Russell vote appeared before the budget committee to be considered for a post at the Office of Management and budget one of my Senate colleagues used his time to quest this nominating not about management not
management or about budgets, but about the nominees evangelical christian beliefs quote in your judgment, as the sender to think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned. Now MR vote explain to the committee is an evangelical christian and that he adheres to the beliefs as Faust by evangelical Christians, but that apparently wasn't good enough for the questioner. Hunter stated that he would vote against Mister votes nomination because he was not- and I quote what this country is supposed to be about. This is disturbing. This is not this country is supposed to be about some sort of inquiry into one's religious beliefs as a condition precedent for holding public office in the United States government. These strange questions have nothing to do with the nominees competence.
Three times or ability to serve among and four Americans of different faiths. Equally, in fact, they have little to do with this life at all. Instead, they have to do with the What what comes after! We die in this life. To my knowledge, the OMB and the seventh circuit have no jurisdiction over that this country divided enough. Millions of Americans feel that Washington DC and the dominant culture despise them and how but not when they see their leader sitting here, make grilling patriotic citizens about their faith. Like inquisitors, not feel like their values, are not welcome in this chamber within this government, religious freedom is of deep concern to me as a more
he hear what he just said that people feel that their leaders disk buys them. This is a very dangerous seed to plant and quite honestly, boo, parties and not just on religious terms,. You know- and I know Mitch Mcconnell- he doesn't like you This is the people who are the upper ends of the party. They don't like you. They're embarrassed by you. That is a dangerous seed to plant. And they've, been planting those seeds in Washington for a while, and that's what gives people like Bannon. And white nationalists boo. Nationalists Antifa,
It gives them the opportunity to grow because You need a protector. We need need to change that culture Glenn Beck you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, time for an adult conversation, time time to get away from the the hundred and forty four characters for just a just a second. And and actually have. Conversation with new We have Liz Wolf joining us. She is the managing editor of young voices. She wrote an article in Playboy or had an article in Playboy about the.
With categorizing white nationalists as terrorists, so little welcome Liz. How are you I'm doing? Well? Thank you so much! let's, let's just start on a couple things. First of all, you're white supremacist. Are you a white supremacist? I Definitely not you hesitated too long. Are you are you? Are you? Are you a nationalist, the sort of hard to find. I I don't think so as a libertarian right, okay, so a nationalist as we were just talking about with with Steve Bannon last night on on sixty minutes? He what about the american system, and he specifically mentioned Henry Clay and he said the american system is what made America great. I think it's the exact opposite, but here's what they Henry Clay system was a tariff to protect promote american industry national centralized bank,
And federal subsidies for roads, canals and other internal improve, plus. Can school so basically a federal federalize, public school I don't know, I don't know any conservative or or small government libertarian. That is for any of those things yeah exactly in totally agree. So You in your article you write about you, have to fight white nationalism, but be careful. To designate them as terrorists. Why? Well because you expand government power and whenever you sort of mince words, especially with political groups, I think It's really challenging because um essentially and make it so that you give the Trump admin in the power to go after white nationalist groups, which the question of whether or not they'll actually do. That is a whole nother thing, but then Our can just as easily be used to target left, leaning it could just as easily be used to target second amendment groups when you expand that
power and allow them to classify all sorts of domestic and somewhat political groups as terrorists really the bad things can happen. It's amazing to me that people don't get this with. What's happening with doctor right now, and it was I who the government said hey, give us your information, so people did now what's going to open to all of that information. Now you have self identified, and if Trump wanted to use that information. He could. If it's not him, somebody else will have that information it you just you! Don't you don't to expand the government and give it more information in more power, because you don't know who's going to be next well exactly, and I think a lot of people well in my generation sort of a good job of understanding that, for every Obama administration, where you get an expanded power, you know there's the other side in charge, or you know if you particularly George W Bush. At the end of that. Miss Tration, the Obama administration comes into power and it's
I'm thinking what are the long term consequences of these in terms of power. I think they tend to be really bad. So how do we I don't understand how your Jenna Shin? Unlike a lot of people, my age don't have faith. In the next generation I have tremendous faith in this next generation and partly because we have to I mean you are the ones are going to have to you're going to fix it, you're going to fix it or your statement of confidence there we believe in you 'cause. I have no other friends, but I mean that that is part of it. I mean just like my parents had to have faith in me. You have to Faith in the next generation, but I also see that you in instinctively get it you, the since I I can't convince people at all that the world is going to change and really you need to rethink your business entirely.
They come in and there's a story about Nordstroms how they're getting rid of all of the clothing in Nordstroms. Well, what's left an it's because it's Nordstrom says the store is changing. The experience is different. You guys see a a a different world where you're able to do whatever you want create. Whatever you want, you don't need these big systems and big companies and everything else. How Is it you miss the connection in your generation between that freedom and big government- I'm really hopeful- something that will learn Time and we're in through trial and error, the more we make these mistakes. The more will suffer the consequences and realize there's a problem when you and you know the federal government's power I think that is interesting. What you're talking about about how millennials are comfortable with various history being disrupted by new technology by change by evolution, but then they very much
don't see that connection between. Should you then give some of that power back to the government, and I'm hopeful that as they see those the negative results that come from that dole realize you know as they get older and older wait a second, that's not the world. We want. What do you? What are you seeing on the horizon with people, your age? Tell me about your organization, so my Session is station that works with a whole bunch of young writers and they're, typically politically independent. Some of them are more conservative. Some of them are more. Retiring and we're real trying to get those messages of limited government of increased freedom of personal responsibility out there, and so we were a whole bunch of you know how people Austin Daily beast. Have people published in Playboy. We have people in Washington, examiner conservative the whole concept is that there's no it to the number of people and organizations that can hear this pro freedom message. So
I'm an editor and I work to get their work in tip top shape and some of those places and what are you seeing as the. If things would down, and I mean we're already starting to see. College college is just it's a night what what has happened in the in the cost of college in the last ten years alone, the debt that is coming- and everybody's being strapped to this The government is standing there and somebody like Bernie Sanders says I'll. Take care of you. Or on the other side Somebody like you. Steve Bannon says I'll. Take care of you. What's to stop your generation from saying, thank God, somebody's going to step in. I don't think, there's much right now. I think you see people in my generation being obsessed with Bernie
nurse or not understanding that there is, you know there are always long term consequences and unintended consequences to every decision that you make whether it's on a person low or on a government level right, and I think you know once put in my generation become taxpayers and realize ok were so investing in college were ramping up the price of college and we're having to foot the bill for that. I think those sort of begin to realize that Maybe it's not the best investment. Maybe it's not the future. They want, and I will begin to sir pursue a middle ground. Hopefully I like to be the person who's always negative on the program. So let me take the opposite side here, Then this is an imperfect sort of a comparison, but it as we as you know, September 11th. Today after that or a bunch of musical acts that came out and actors that came out and said things that can serve in particular. We're like shut up just. Do your job sing, your songs. Do your acting stop talking about politics and that way too. I remember at the time and then
you got later on and then some conservative celebrities started coming out and they started saying things and it felt also Yes, you do it go for it and indeed all the to the point at the end, where you've got kid rock potentially running for Senate Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Conservatives apparently really do like when celebrities say things that they agree with and it's interesting. Think, like with the government. It's the same way it every feels too good when you're in power to utilize the power and so all the conservatives now or are wanting to execute the same things that we complained about liberals doing. Is ago when Obama was in power, and I not that there's enough people who can resist that temptation when it's put in front of them. Do you have any hope on that front? Not
as much as I would like. I mean my side. No, I find some good some can we find something positive here? Well, I think there's this issue of. We see growing tribalism right when people on your side do it. You're, like yeah, were the winning team when people on the other side do it. You're, like I mean think about the number of He Lena Dunham nowadays do they. I I asked somebody he was. You know running only at Lena Dunham the other day, and I was like. Why do you just hiker and he was like, I don't know like she's, a liberal issues campaigning for Hillary and she lives in Brooklyn, and I was like well that alone isn't necessarily bad enough to hate. Something like I can think of all sorts of other reasons, but like that alone is not good enough or show is a good reason. For example, white just hate people, racism is so stupid, get to know people know why you despise them for specific reasons. You can definitely find reasons like it's super easy once you know. So, if you want to get to know me, I can give you one hundred reasons. Why stop at the surface? So
What is the? What is the libertarian message that is sexy? I mean what, the thing that. That will sell when you've got all kinds of problems. What is the what's thing. That's going make people the millennials say, are yeah. That's me, I'm in for we haven't found it marijuana legalization didn't seem to work, I think in general, focusing on how expanded power can hurt people on both sides. It's not just going to come back and hurt the knee sees. You know the ones that are really easy to identify as the bad guys I mean. Seen the FBI target, the black panthers in past, we've seen them target antiwar activists. We see the party animal rights activists for crying out loud and appealing to people and letting them know to expand government power. It can be used to target the obvious bad guys. It can also be used to target lots of other groups that I mean
she left. Leaning millennials would find this group's very sympathetic right, so it's important to sort of drive that point home Where is the line? Where is the line, because You know you. You mention the black Panthers or animal activist groups. I can't, I can't remember you might remember Stew, Ten years ago there was this really nasty virulent animal activist, that was engaged in terror named after a wonderful alien from sitcoms coms, that's right, that's right! So so we're is the line where is the line of saying you know this group we do need to well. I don't know, but I think that's the precise reason why, up until now we've been so hesitant to label domestic terrorist groups as terrorist groups were comfortable labeling international terrorist groups is that because we have a more clearly defined Criteria with domestic
It's really really difficult to draw that line. It's difficult to one person's. You know Panther terrorist group could be another person's. You know political group one person could see the NRA as for some reason, whereas others see them as exercising their second amendment rights that you know they're given in the constitution an ice that's precisely the issue that it's so hard to draw that line, and so I are on the side of not letting anybody in any position of power draw. That line right now, especially when it's so politically motivated its interest. You too many because I mean these are big issues you, the article, you wrote about white supremacy, I mean it's, it's it's hard to come up with a bigger one than that, but even with just like basic economic foundations. When we talked about you know growing up with you know before the internet right. There a lot of things to believe that conservatism would be good for the economy. A lot of things that we believe that it that economic freedom is a is a moral principal stand, but with
much easier now to understand it with the internet with uber with all of these services that are outside of any structure that develop on their own and are all the things that millennials like the best yes they're, like all, we need more government control. I still do not understand. I can't get it yeah. I mean my home city of Austin. They were you, know, regulating uber and lift in making it horribly hard for them to operate there, and it's like wait a second. No one else can like that it makes people see, for it means after a night out, drinking they're able to have a say, fast, cheap ride home, what's not to like there, but it's amazing. They still feel like. We should call. Increased regulation in all these areas, I don't get it. I don't get it so much Liz. That is Liz Wolfe.
Yeah! She is the managing editor of a young voices. Also her stories in Playboy, which you can actually read for the articles. In this particular instance, we will, I don't know if we should to tweet links the Playboy ones, that okay at your company were you were you knew then the now is going. I think, only closed yeah. I think, because you know what you say lots of resources, lots of research. Thank you. Ok, do you remember the feeling that you had last time. You surprised somebody in your life. Proflowers would like to help you surprise somebody for no reason at all, while surprising you with a special deal. It is twenty percent off any of their unique summer, rose bouquets or any other bill k of twenty nine dollars or more they of the rainbow roses which are a hit if you're not sure what to send somebody. Pro flower also is the home of the bouquets that have the guaranteed freshness for at least seven days or your money back and you control the delivery date. Get twenty
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the day that we talk to it offline and said: hey is today the internet dies. There was no due process. You woke up one morning and you said this is bad and I'm going to do something about it. This was an amazing interview from vice. We go into that tomorrow. Today the internet died also Markkula Van. I don't know if you heard that the latest from MARC live in but he's been raging. He said just a few weeks ago, if we don't get a wall on the southern border, he shutting down the government. Well, the Republican Congress didn't flip flop on that. He flip flopped on that by cutting his deal with human polo, see who are thrilled in fact, Trump it's real. He calls them back after he watched live media. After watching some of his buddies on Fox, he calls them back he's extatic, he says, look at all the great thanks for getting look at all the great press forgetting People out there saying he shaved, the constitution he's a real constitutionalist here and what he's done he sold us out on Daca. He sold us out on
deal with Schumer this concerning resolution, because it doesn't clue the wall and he allowed Welcome to attach the Harvey funding to it. It should have been separate that funding should have been immediate, in my humble opinion, with no strings attached. No lard, no pork. Mark Levin at his best also, more thing, mercury one, we have our score. Disaster partners uh have staged and are now moving into the path of hurricane Irma? Uh? We still very active here in Texas and now also in Florida, and we sure could use your help. If you would like to donate, please go to mercuryone dot org.
Penny that is raised for disaster relief. Goes to these organizations and we we spell out exactly where they go: mercuryone dot, Org. Love courage! Truth! The constitution will save us all, because dogma lives loudly within you. Dogma lives loudly within you, that's what Senator Dianne Feinstein told eight nominee for the the judge on the second. Seventh circuit Amy there, it is a Notre Dame LAW, professor mother, Seven, God forbid, she's also catholic.
Her Catholicism came up a number of times during her hearing last week, but none of it was as disturbing as Feinstein's line of questioning. Why is it that so many of us On this side. Have this very Uncomfort Obel feeling that you know dogma and law are two different things and. I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma. The law is totally different, and I think in in your case, professor, when you read, your speeches, the conclusion one draws it.
Is that the dogma lives loudly within you and that's of concern When you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for four years. This country, ogma lives loudly within you? Well It lived loudly with all of our founders it lived loudly in Abraham, Lincoln the June is today, can you be a person of faith and serve your nation. Can you survive on one of the nation's highest courts? serve at all Can you be both a constitutionally it? person and serve in the United States Senate. Apparently the answer there is yes.
These lines of questioning they're, not new,. The truth is they say more about the dogmatic views of the senators that ask them, but make no mistake There's no difference between this question and Have you ever been, or are you now a member of the Communist Party. You see, Amy Barrett's real sin. Here is not our catholic faith. It's that her personal view disagrees with. Editors dogma, Personal view specific Klay abortion. The danger here is the increasingly hostile hostile attitude toward faith or If I can't let's just get, let's call a spade a spade, really is bigotry.
At that is the dogma that seems to live in the hearts of far too many in Washington. Monday, Sept 11th. This is the Glenn Beck program. Think about sixteen years ago September, 11th, two thousand and one think about how or everyone came out on the front steps J See Jackson. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. And all of the conservative Republicans the Trent. Some of the world think out how they all stood arm in arm
And they sang the national anthem. And here we are today. With time magazine play, sitting on its cover Colin Capper Nick. The debate about privilege, pride and patriotism, the perilous fight is what it is. That's what the title is on magazine, the perilous fight the perilous fight. This is a heroic gesture to take a knee during the National anthem- this is. This is heroic now. They said. Is he? Is he respond to national debate and protests.
From the rest of the NFL to high schools and colleges across the country. This is an amazing stat. Forty four percent of tell fans. Forty four percent now say they're willing to give up watching the league. If the protests continue, how real is. That I'm a skeptic on these things. As you may know it's amazing to see that that that stuff continues to go on I don't know that I buy any of it. I saw a Stephen, a Smith who I let I generally like Stephen a Smith, but he tweeted something to the effect of like you know the colts quarterback this week. It was terrible. Scott tolls in and they had to pull him out of the game after a first half, and he said this is why people are fired up, but the capper Nick think they think he should have but it's because of these protests and everything else, and it's because he's black, I guess, is the insinuation there he was replaced by
at quarterback that the colts traded for they could have Capper Nick for free and they traded for a different. Black quarterback. So I don't know how much of it is. This is about race and how much of it is about Colin Capper, Nick being terrible care? make was voted by the fans as the most hated player in the NFL one? Jennifer General manager of the NFL said, seventy percent of the NFL teams quote genuinely. Him and quote He is also near bottom of the ESPN total quarterback ratings rankings. So how is this guy getting away with? We we should hire him. That's 'cause the protests. The protests are all about that now somebody's needs him he's only. We know he sucks and nobody likes him right. I mean Malcolm Jenkins. Is another player who's doing the same thing
is Khan Capric he's on the Eagles safety on the eagles he's one of the best safeties in the league, no problem keeping his job. You know He's sitting putting his fist up for national anthems and agrees. Completely with Capper Nick is on that side of the argument yet has turbulence whatsoever. It's because he's. Good, and what people care about he's good. Now you could make the argument that Capper Nick should appear on a roster somewhere as a third stringer or something- and maybe he would without this, but it's hard to want to bring in this sort of controversy. When the guy should barely be on an NFL roster and that's the problem, Is facing he's just not good enough? Where does this guy go from here? Where does Capper Nick go from here. What is seriously Cuba. I don't I right, I mean what he is going to be. I mean.
He's just in he's an angry guy and if he doesn't get his way there will be people who just fuel that anger. I mean he is he's not going to go away happens. Where is what is the future of Colin Capper Nick and This is quite honestly. What's the future of the NFL can City Chiefs New England, patriots I loved it will you or one of the few thirteen percent decline in viewership From the last last year's opening game, thirteen percent decline any things to do with Colin Kap can and all of this I think it might have something to do with it. I think people tend to over how much it has to do with it. In my opinion, you could be there's a lot. Things going on here, but I do think. Probably some percentage of it. I mean you know, there's been a lot of news stories, we've got almost been weekly reward got massive hurricanes, wiping out half of the country there have been
things on the plate- and maybe that was part of the reason for it I mean in Florida, where you that interested in game. I mean their games got canceled this weekend, they're NFL Games, the Dolphins games, agility and the Bucs played happen to play. The dolphins but I mean so. Those games were canceled. I mean, maybe just warranted NFL mode. When you take out two states or big chunks of two massive media. This Thursday, though I know but still you're getting prepared for the hurricane right, and you may not be as into it as normal. The thirteen percent drop off from let's be honest unbelievable numbers these numbers still there's still the top show on all of television Sunday night all rules television every year. Yes, and no I read yesterday and you're an expert in this- I'm not, but I read yesterday that they actually were down last year that the Things are, down taken down from what I think is more of the question
down from an unbelievable to unbelievable right, like they're, outperform everybody else, and and remember All other shows are also dropping off. Look at what's happening, The cable news, look at what's thing to think table this scripted television, but I think cable news is different Cable news is doing because it- and perhaps it's I think cable news is doing it to itself I really think that cable news, the problem with cable news is, I don't want to watch it anymore. Do you I don't know most of the time I don't know. Maybe I don't know anybody who does unless like watch this weekend. I want to know what's going on with her cane right about that, and I want to know about world events at central Central, but I do not. I don't care about any of this political crap anymore. I mean I I care about it. I'll read it, but I don't want to hear it anymore- and it's more of a you're talking about a very specific thing that occurs on cable news. Yes, right with this,
two boxes to action- I don't screaming at each other. I don't I don't care, I am bored to death warrant and that's understandable, there's a lot of other things that go on cable news, you, you know and our news that are news. I want our news, yeah commentary and analysis and perspective. I think those things are important and you get that sometimes, but it's too rare two, it's the easiest thing in the world does differ on two people that hate each other and have them scream their insults and they go out for beers. Afterward yeah. I don't I you know, there's a pre, here's the problem. I was calling Kaepernick dude you realize that a read the fifth stanza of the STAR Spangled banned It's all about the abolition of slavery, all of it fifth Stanza read it look it up. That's what it's about. Freeing men in chains, slaves, that's what it's about it's about the idea of America and
you sit there and you're looking at these, your look These guys were making millions of dollars. In an american system and Is the system of stability that is allowing them to make this kind of money? If the government is unstable if society culture goes unstable, it. Making money does it make certainly no reason to be paying you millions of dollars to go catch, a football. Any It drives me nuts and I I just I you know. I guess it's because we've been so involved lately with you hurricanes and before that, with the you know, trying to the slaves in from the sex slave street? And now actual slaves trying to
trying to save the lives of people in the Middle EAST, the worried about our own children and what they're facing and how are they getting? How we gonna get them a basic education. Let me give you may give you some Stats on on education on education in two thousand and four the debt. Four College students who two hundred and sixty billion dollars So if you had, you went to college, you had that all of the debt, for student loans, too. One hundred and sixty billion dollars in two thousand and four do you know what that is today. One point four trillion dollars the Cost of education is going up. Forty one percent per year. There are now one hundred college majors.
You wouldn't believe the majors that you can get now. You can get a college major on on star wars. You can a college major on just about anything. I think I have an honorary degree already writing, and who's gone into debt. For that and out of those college majors. Only one out of four get a job in their field. You know this is hurting This is hurting housing, it hurting marriage. It is hurting entrepreneurship,. The idea that I can get married have a family Buy a house start Business. When you're this much in debt and I think about buying a house, you gotta go The debt. You're, not thinking about getting married, 'cause you're, not financially responsible enough to have kids, so your own business. I have too much dead already.
This is systematically taking us apart, and what are we doing We are arguing over the STAR Spangled banner, which the fifth verse is all about: stopping slavery, really that how sweet your life is. Colin Man. I I think, there's a lot of people all around the world that would love. Have the sweet, ass gig that you have had had. The sweet retire, and plan that you're under. They'd love to have a free, action of that they'd love to have the opportunity to lose their job to Blaine Gabbert to they I think that was wonderful, And you know that's what happened before. He was a protester before he was mister. Thai police, before he was wearing pig socks, he lost his job to a guy commonly referred to as a
complete disaster, I quarterback. He lost his job to Blaine Gabbert and you know these people that want to tell you he should be on a roster. I want to remember that it's the dead of night you wake up kind of in a fog. Is that I just here, glass shattering somebody in the house. You reach over. You unlock your nightstand. Safe your hand closes in around the handgun. It's a weight. Your your hand is familiar with. It's been there before. Hopefully at this point, your basic training kicks in Because the next few minutes going to be a blur, You now have to go and protect your family from an intruder who you don't know why he's in the house intended
cause harm steal stuff food. What is it. Your family is shaken. After you have had to pull the trigger, maybe he dad, maybe he's alive. But police are on the way and you've discharged your firearm, the you're not going to hail you as a hero, orchids will see daddy arrested. And questioned. Keeping your family safe dozen stop when the smoke clears a bad guy is replaced by a guy with a briefcase and a suit that doesn't want. You to be able to protect your family with a gun, knowing exactly what you should and shouldn't say The police arrive knowing what your rights are knowing You're doing plan
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because this is the day that they're not doing it this year yeah. This is the day they play. The today show coverage from nine hundred and eleven straight, no commercials, nothing they're, not doing this way. They are moving away from that coverage, which is sad Glenn Beck this is the Glenn Beck program Aim unleash begins his own radio broadcast radio and television on the blaze tv that begins two day back in this time, he's Pist off. And it begins today, in about twenty five minutes, you can hear it on the blaze radio Network and the blaze tv network just go to the blade. Come, find out more information there,
the program path. Thank you good to be here. You guys seen the New York Times article about the new kind of civil war. That's coming! Oh yeah, new kind of new kind, a new kind of civil war, were tired of the old way we want to do something new ways to kill people. I don't want to go out on the battlefield, dressed in those wool clothing and too hot in Texas through October way too hard, and nobody is willing to do that anymore. It's air conditioned right, so we had to find a new way to. Apparently we have the article says a day after the brawling and racist brutality and deaths in Virginia which only remember one death it didn't seem to be plural. Governor were other people, you're saying that's the only death that happened there in violently. Yes in Virginia in Virginia that day by the that they're talking about with the instance there talking a lot of this claim: lottery, lottery, winners, product and stuff like an Al Gore yeah piece. Doesn't it governor the call fast How did we get to this place the more
even question, though after Charlottesville, another deadly episodes in Ferguson, Charleston, Dallas, St Paul Baltimore Baton Rouge in Alexandria, which they're lumping even Dallas in which was five police officer shot was not the same thing They're talking about in these other cities is Where is the United States headed how fragile The union are republic the country that has long been considered the world's most stable democracy. Ok, we're not ' democracy. I used that high. Now I used a be like I was I I got it. I got it Mister Constitution in the public. It is so important because it amok Chrissy is the noose waited describe socialism? Yes, it is the way to get to socialism, which eventually gets you to to Talla tearing ISM. Is Venezuela exemplary? He was a democratically ripple like did, and then you just fill in the blank, and it always ends the same way exactly so it continues. The dangers are now bigger than the collective epic
loads of violence. The radical right was successful in entering the political mainstream. Last year than in half a century, the Southerns, poverty, law center reported in February the times, quoting the southern Poverty LAW center is like Fox NEWS, quoting the research and Statistics Department at the KKK. What we can't allow that kind of Jim's, yellow journalism to to just go on notice, they'd put the the hobby lobby and check for latest hate groups if they code and they have, and they put David Barton David Martin, I believe, he's a dead but domestic terrorist. I believe yet so yeah, it's such an illegitimate source in such an illegitimate organization and they keep quoting and they don't care about a. I honestly think, most of the people at the New York Times don't have any idea that it's a told, bogus place. They really think they really do the average person, the average person
'cause. All their friends are less like this other property law center, so probably law center. So the brother in law. Do you know what it is? You know what money is buying it? Do you even know what they say I mean they have to know, though it's nothing, but a left wing of far left extreme left wing organization. They don't think I don't think they care. I don't think and if they do, they don't think, there's a problem with that yeah. They certainly don't care right if you're politically engaged. I think you know it, but I mean the thing that sucks about the the southern Poverty law center. Doing this in this crazy left wing way. Is that there's a real there would be real value to, one doing that work on it? Yes, yeah. I like to train other. What they're really really want to groups and there were a full size. Full size would be great, do it they don't, and everybody knows that they don't do that, but also as we talked about these goofballs in the alt right, are not on the right. That's, where the word alt,
for alternative comes from right and these nazis that are running around now, all of a sudden they're, not an american Right wing organization. We and we don't live in Europe. So we shouldn't To keep saying this, but the right is for small government and and not for a government that can put people in, I'm so. So I don't your service I mean these words mean things I I here's. What here's? What I want you to here's? What I want you to do! Sarah! Could you play what is it the Steve Bannon cut that we played earlier today? It's cutting nine. I think there could you cut nine. For me, if Steve Bannon, this is sixty minutes last night. Tell me that this is what the right believes. There is no path to citizenship after green card and no Aniston Aniston is non negotiable. America was in the eyes of so many people it's! What people respect America for
these people been able to come here place to the economy, not find a place in the network, and you seem to want to turn it around stop it. You could be more dead wrong, it- was built Nelson on her citizens, we're all immigrants America was built on. The note don't give me this is the thing on the left, the satanic, Charlie S beneath you is built on this on our citizens. Look at the 19th century. What built America is called the american system from Elton to pull to Henry Clay, to Lincoln to the Roosevelts space system of protecting stop but this guy he's not the beacon of concern right that that is what conservatives are now because conservatives are hearing the first part yeah and they're, like oh three with it right, and this is the problem with the Nationalists, the White Nationalist The white part is a scary scary part
but the nationalist part is what gives them control to round anybody up, that they want to round up So you know the what is quoting here is the american system? Now I'd never heard me ever heard of anybody go all man pull, he was quite full I mean I'm pretty well with the president other than me and still nobody's ever. I song the praises of James Franco, scary. I mean I've. I've never been around anybody who's. All. Frankly, he was terrible. We shouldn't have sung his praises now he was. He was not a good president really really because here's Polk, Hamilton and Henry Clay's can system K tariff to protect and promote american industry yeah a national central bank yeah, yes, three federal subsidies for roads, canals and other info, structure, improvements, I'm big on federal canal or confederal school
yeah. I don't know what conservative that for any of those things, wow that's what he was talking about. That is quote. He said Paul. Can Hamilton and the american system that is look up. The american system- that's the american system, So there are a lot of service jobs that are going right along with it, and then he went to the Roosevelts though, and we all know there is a belter progressives. Yes, yes, recipe, yes, poke, also not a friend of a friend to a persecuted religious groups, either just not a friend in not a good guy
but everybody remembers him for the for the you know the way he treated Mexico, which was no nonsense, and we won that war pretties decisively or they wanna be's, remembered for that or they remember him for nothing, let's yeah, because I don't remember ever and and what is why we made fun of it and had people Tuesday right right through so anyway. This article continues in March. Keith mines was one of several national security experts, whom foreign policy asked to evaluate the risks of a second civil war with percentages. Mines conclude. The United States faces a sixty percent chance. A civil war over the next ten to fifteen years. Sixty percent chance, other experts predict range from five to ninety five percent. This is over.
This is all the numbers wait, a minute. That's just all the numbers that was not all there. Still there still taint other numbers, nothing and no one said it was one hundred so right, you're lying, don't spend this. Don't do what you always do? No, I know but listen to this based on his experience in civil wars on three continents. Mines cited five conditions that support his prediction, and this is some pretty interesting, because I think we all kind of with this part in trend national polarization We obviously have that yeah. With no obvious meeting place for resolution, we obviously have that increasing divisive press coverage and information flow. We have we can do institutions, notably Congress and the judiciary. Yes at a sell out.
Or abandonment of responsibility by political leadership absolutely can and the legitimization of violence as the in a way to either conduct discourse were solved dispute, and that's really, I mean the the only exception there, the only one we might not have, however, with to five. You saw the left really step up and say you know what well they're just fighting fascist, yes, yeah right I mean it was only what you have all of them. You do yeah well, it is quite small because any tries to pin it on Trump president Trump modeled violence is a way to advance politically and validated bullying during after the campaign he ran. Stop just a second. Happen to agree that he did. From the from the campaign, trail, say things like take that guy out, so he he did. He did. He did do that, but he said Judging from recent events, the left is now fully on board. With this I mean he's
dipping the less violence on Donald Trump, and you can't do that. You know can't quite that came out hello, you what it ought to Wall Street, yes trying to blow up a bridge in Cincinnati of left, has been fully bored with violence ever since I forever in the one thousand nine hundred years and communists in the 30s and 40s was socialists I don't know, do the 60s ring a bell for leftist violence. I mean how do the pen all of this leftist garbage on the weather underground was willing to murder twenty five million people and he's equate out with well, but Donald Trump said. Take that This code away from him right, there is a difference in scale there with different a little different, it's really cold that day it was going nowhere, that's right with no code. That would be very good, but the point, the point is chili the point from the New York Times it's strange, because these
exactly the chalk boards that I was laying out when I was a trouble when I was at Fox and they called you cook for and they called me a cook- I mean that they called me. They mocked me with the doom room. This is what I said was coming now there, just catching up and they're still playing politics I beg you. I beg egg? You were going to get into this tomorrow? You, can you can be behind the curve or you can say, ok what? coming next, I can show you what's coming next, I can show you where we should be headed an it's. Not anywhere, where everyone else is saying we should go just not But if you want to remember Katrina, you can go where the press it's an all the government officials and all of the politicians tell you to go or, this. You can not go there and survive it's up to you.
But the New York Times. Their sentiment is correct, they don't realize is what just done they've Ford more fuel on the fire, because people who do recognize. The lefts violence from over the last hundred years You feel oh, look New York Times we what side they're on and that's true, but you do throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have to. I mean some of this I don't know why. You're you know throwing bathwater water, because usually you just drain it right, open at that much rain and all goes down the drain. What is idle in the bottom? Yes kind of, like you talk about old bathwater. I, like I, keep it in jugs and judge yeah. The reason is, I just: did I not tell environmentally correct? No, I don't re use it. I I'm hoping that it'll ferment some day and there will be able. Make wine added or something I don't know there is one baby, that's trapped in a bottle that
I don't know how they got into the little teeny, but there it happens, it doesn't have to throw them, but I never did throw that baby out with the bathwater is still in that jug. I don't think it's probably do it. Well, at this point, it's going to say: yeah there usually would not turn out. Well, maybe the jb and junk jokes. Are they? Don't they don't they never lose their hilarity to get some of those unpack gray. Only yes, yes, you'll have that in just a few minutes or hour. Does the baby jug joke thing that will happen in the first cell? Ok! Well about twelve minutes from now. You don't want to miss a lot of miss it. Only on the blaze, tv and radio Pat Gray unleashed here you should know. Eighty percent of employers who post a job on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate to the site, with Day, one that is make zip recruiter different with zip recruiter. You can post your job to one hundred plus job sites with a single click, then their powerful technology goes out an matches. The right people to your. Zip recruiter, isn't a job site
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Brian Birdwell he's a texas senator. He is absolutely incredible. He was literally twenty yards from flight. Seventy seven as it crashed into the Pentagon, he was he's covered in burns. Sixty percent of his body's had thirty nine surgeries in the past, It's one of the most remarkable stories you've ever ever heard today, Mercury one is doing a fundraiser dinner at the Capitol David Barton. Is there and they're doing? Capitol Tour and David is where they're going to film this, and then it be up on the mercury one, Facebook page, that's Facebook, com, slash, mercury, one charity, and you'll be able to see that capitol tour. But tonight I think it's at six o'clock. Central seven Eastern. Mercury one is going to be covering something on their facebook page,
presentation, with Senator Birdwell. And he'll tell a story, and I'm telling you never heard anything like it. You can check About will try to link to that from my facebook page for Glenn dot com as well, but we should just give little caveat that it may. The earth may not exist because of the solar flare by then. So, if that's true, that could broadcast will be cancelled, ok have to reschedule that So if so, let me just get this tree is a solar flare supposed to hit today is today or I'm not sure when that solar flare is supposed to actually hit us 'cause just released a massive solar flare, yeah largest. Two thousand and six yeah, I'm just wanted 'cause, they always say like an emp. Do we. To come in tomorrow. If, if no products work, we could stay home, so I yell loudly and yeah. I mean I think we just stay home, I think I have to point now that we're at You're kind of read stuff here, like a giant solar flare, could knock all the electronics on earth out. Will it be interesting?
see you tomorrow, Glenn Beck,
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