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ESPN is scrambling and desperate...Massive change is underway, just ask ESPN ...President Trump and his DACA promises...broken already ...Once again President Trump sides with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer...It's a Bill O'Reilly 'Thursday' ...The President sides with Pelosi and Schumer once again; what gives?...Bill walks Glenn through his thoughts...Dissecting odd Jim Carrey quotes continues ...Gruesome mass murder in Plano, Texas...What happened? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. love courage. True Emmy. Maybe resources telling you today that ESPN has a double standard, is flat out wrong and I'll. Tell you why it is your first amendment right to call the president, a white supremacist, It is your first amendment right, you think, The president might be racist you, should say something. Yes, paean hosts Jimmy Oho Hill took to Twitter this weekend called President Trump, a white supremacist. Who is largely surrounded himself with other white supremacist holy Cow Now I remember somewhere in a distant past. Somebody else saying I think This guy has a problem with the white culture.
that didn't go well. She didn't back down in fact, she's double down trump is the most ignorant offensive president of my lifetime, his rise as a direct result of white supremacy period. End quote now: Es Pm, has neither fired her nor suspended her. They have a double standard. No, they do not They gave her a very mild slap on the wrist now what com this people to say that they have a double standard. Well, probably their clear cut history at ESPN in handling these type of cases, Doug, Alder, Anthony Federico, fired for ridiculous comments. One about guerrilla warfare not The monkey ape guerrilla thing but guerrilla as a way of fighting in the streets. And the other was a chink in the armor bull of them both
I'm completely innocent or what car chilling he was I had for doing exactly the same thing going on his personal private account making a statement of political statement now? Here's the difference. Shillings comment didn't fit. The progressive narrative of ESPN Hills did. thou shalt double standard here, there's a double standard. Others not yes, p completely one hundred percent consistent, have chosen their audience. we have chosen their tribe, they have chosen their path. They have chosen who they believe is right, who they believe is wrong. They chosen the progressive platform that If chosen. clearly who they are All media right now is going through massive disruption.
the SBA is, is going to Play for the audience that they want. so far it is cause them to lose over thirteen million subscribers over the last couple of years? That has the company to lay off over a hundred employees. Just a few months ago,. The entire industry is scrambling, define their niche everywhere. As we are The precipice of massive massive change and ESPN is just one of the many companies attempting to find their identity you shouldn't understand this. They ve made it abundantly clear. They ve made their choice. They found their audience, they know where their tribe is. There give their tribe exactly what they want They are one hundred percent consistent, They will side with the progressive agenda every single time.
that's their choice and they have a right to their choice. Now you, who have a choice. You, can continue to watch and support you spin orchard, the channel very Fox sports. As far as I know, they are made the same choice at thirty September. Fourteen this is the Glen Bat programme. This is her made my head explode and do everything I can to keep all of the blood inside of my body and not outside shooting from my eyes the demo that's today say that they have reached a deal with President Trump to protect the young, undocumented immigrants whom last
week, the President said he was going to end Dhaka. Darker in case you dont know, is the Obama Arab Exec it is in I said aid, thousand people who were brought here illegally as kids safe from deportation,. Now. This is not what he said during the campaign during the campaign It was quite different if may, with. Todd. So you rescind the dream act executive order, the Dhaka. We have two trump have to make a whole new set of standards, and when people come in, they have to come in Todd. So you're, gonna, split up families, you're gonna, deport children, Chuck Todd Todd, says Airum, DOM trumps, us no, no chuck wagon. Keep families together. We have he families together, but you're gonna, kick them out. Yes, They all have to go. That's pretty clear,
that is really super clear and that is exactly why people called racist today because they voted to kick people out of the country that were here illegally he was very crystal clear. So he decided last week he was going to end. darker, and he said the Publicans and Congress. They need a figure this out. I'm gonna give you six months, but if you don't figure this out in the next six months, the I will. I'm sorry, I have maybe a different calendar or different watch, but I don't think What maybe, like God, Trust, time is different, then for a time. last night, oh, EC later Donald Trump met with
and see blowsy and chuck humor over at the White House, they had some take out demanded the White House and let me give you the names of all of the Republicans that were also there. Ok, I just did. and here's what they agreed to quote to move fast to protect these immigrants. and also boost border security Madame rats we're clear saying it will not include a border wall. One of doll drums top campaign promises, if not the top. I think the wall just got forty feet ire. I believe. The White House said that the wall is still on the table. Not a wise and on the table and not on the ground. why is that on the table when it should be on the border. See MR trouble, I don't think you understand. what people have endured by being cut
racist they Cold racist because they wanted border security, including a wall. Would you promised when people Like me, pointed out and said you're not going to build a wall, we were too old, get on the top trump train. Why are you trying to hurt him? Why can we just? Why can't we all just get behind him? You want Hillary Clinton, the wind! No I just I tell you that he's lie To you he's not going El, the wall. That was unspeakable. and so lives have been disrupted lives have been disrupted people here. Of sold. Every thing everything that was precious to them, because You said you would end Dhaka. You would deport the people who were here illegally, and you would build a wall lie.
Last week you reversed yourself, but you said Congress has to do this in the next six months. Six days later, you broker a deal without a single Republican there with Nancy Policy and Chuck humor. but we're supposed to feel good that the wall is quote still on the table. Yeah. You know what else is on the table: nuclear weapons. Are we going to use them, probably not. When something is on the table, that means there is, something to negotiate, you ain't, it very clear. There was no negotiation. You were going to build the wall and me she was going to pay for it.
Now we happen to have the transcripts where you were telling the President of Mexico that don't worry about that you're not going to pay for it. I just need you to kind of you know massage the words. This is all about politics. No, Mr President, this isn't about politics, see, this is something that some people did not believe. Some of us were so jaded than we. not a guy who was against all of the things you were promising. Just a couple of years before could not have changed his mind he was just playing the ultimate game of politics. You just found a new way to play it, but you destroyed anyone who would say that about you, you It is clear and you send out your henchmen to destroy any one who said wait a minute. I think I think we're being fooled here.
Now the wall is on the table. Where the Republicans. No, are to be found. This is the second time in two weeks that he has sidestep the GEO P to work with Nancy Policy and Chuck humor. We have to decide. Do we have a line. Do we have a line or will we? continue to move that line until we have all fallen off the cliff, whether we should point out that the wall is not on the table according to both sides, as it comes to this deal. So what did both sides are saying is they are giving
the Dockers gift. In exchange for extra border security, but not the. all trumpet saying we're gonna go after the wall, indifferent legislation we are giving dump on it in what we say. Who didn't Send anyone who met with a gang of eight into our main concern with people like mark a Rubio. Your naive Marco, your king with these guys, they have. No intention of you know what I will not talk to you about any any the ability of pulling anyone in saying well, there's a path to citizenship. I will never compromise that until there is a wall and straw border concern a border controls and We? The reason why the wall had to be built was because
The next president could come in just say: ok, we're gonna, remove all of the officers, the border patrol you we demanded Finally, something permanent was done, we demanded that we refuse to listen to this nonsense from any one. Oh yeah you're, gonna Trust, Nancy, Pelosi and Chuck. What deal. Did he make that trusts a week actually happen and be, What deal did he make that he thinks that is permanent. that somebody else even him cannot just Reverse when he feels like it, I mean I can't believe you, you see people making the case that humor and policy should be trusted and a deal like this on gonna give us border security. Are they shoot and policy you're gonna do that whose making that case of lots of people
I guess so, but the interesting thing here- I guess, is remember this. Be surprising to you right if you, if you were big with supporter- Trumpery believed in the guy. This can be This might be surprising to you, but you have to remember that don't trip donated to these people This is much like he's. He loves these people. He he's lying in a newspaper to Nancy Pelosi that said, she's the greatest like he this is not a crazy thing for him to do it's kind of what he promised to do in the campaign. Here's the thing, Donald Trump! Is a New York Progressive liberal period? That's that's who he is and I don't mean that as a slam or a smear anything that's just who he is that's the way he was raised. That's that just who he is. He has even said that I grew up in New York. I lived in New York. I've done business in New York is just the way I ok. I understand that.
but when you are that guy, You ve learned, who who can work with an will you can massage and get things done, and so, when its Hilary Clinton Nancy Pelosi, Chuck tumor in your office. You say their great people because you get what you want and what Don Tromp wants is a win. What's a win. And quite honestly. we're all the people we are. People who accuse me of saying good, is just selling out. He wants to be friends with all these people on the left. We care care. I honestly this. This is sincere. I have really good friends and I would love to have more friends I dont time for more friends, I really don't want. I Marie
a bad friend to the friends that I do have because I'm never around I'm never avail agent. had promised somebody that we were going to go out. We're friends that we were gonna go out and double date. It is taken, two and a half years to be able to do that. Two and a half years. I just did at last Friday when I French, two and a half years after I said we have got to get together. we finally got to get. I can't handle any more friends where the people that are saying he just wants more friends, because quite honestly, this is, circle that he runs in. Nobody likes to be unpopular. Nobody likes to be that guy. Nobody. by the way, the headline today bright, Bart NEWS, Trump Card, he was on Dhaka once quick amnesty for eight hundred thousand illegal aliens. calling him on the front page. Amnesty dawn
Steve, king from Iowa. If the Azores it oppresses correct trump bases, blown up, destroyed, irreparable and disillusion beyond repair. No promises credible, Lord Ingram, the art of the steel? This is the best comment, let's hope that policy and humor have written misrepresented the dock a deal that one, Is ITALY I can live with that one John Hannity, if reports are true, if report or one hundred percent. True, I blame the Republicans they cause this. They wanted him to fail and pushed him into the arms of political suicide. If true, it doesn't matter what other people say. You know, what's right, you know what's wrong. It's time, we stop pointing fingers time we stop. Wishing
at horses, head wings and pigs were butterflies They're not cannot. Now, what are we going to do to get the job done It is a desert. I abruptly woken by the sound of glass shattering. That somebody in my house we reach over you unlock the safe in your hand, goes on the hand gun which has that familiar feeling your hand, because you ve done it a million times your training kicks in However, you have trained with targets. This is their held. Everything is a blur every, slows down, and yet it Happens that fast, you have to pay, check your family from an intruder who you dont know it's here to steal your stuff.
kill you in the family of? Do who knows what he's going to do he's in your house in the middle of the night. Go away, I have a gun, he doesn't you You now have to fire the gun, because he's approaching, if you think Your trouble is over you're wrong. It is just begun, your family is shaken up, but their safe and alive, and now the police arrive and depending on where you live, you read, if you're in Texas, you're gonna be ok. if you're, not in Texas, you're, not going to be ok in many places, you're going to be arrested and forcefully question. Keeping your family safe, gins after the smoke clears. You need somebody on your side, and I want you to discover the difference that they use the? U S ccs can make in your life. It is the difference between freedom and a jail cell. I want you to fight
Now, right now go to their website and protect and defend dotcom claim your copy of the USA's free guide. That'll uncover the six things you didn't have any idea would happen when the police arrive, that's texting, defend, dotcom, protect and defend dot com, Glenn back We are now at the crossroads with Donald Trump to where he has gone out and Fifth Avenue and he has shot someone and who is who is he shot he shot? The person who said I want the trauma. I want the wall and I one amnesty- and I dont want back room Deals done with Nancy Pelosi. Instructs humor like the gang of eight. He just shot that person in the street on Fifth avenue is he right Will it matter to his supporters so far bright, Bart Drudge, Lord Ingram? Yes, it does now is moving on to taxes were yesterday said
access on the wealthy you're going to stay the same under the new tax plan. But I'm quoting if they have to go higher still, though higher to president which one which is it. What do you believe you promising. Can you fulfil that promise? Glenn back this- is the Glen bad program about walls rights for the blaze, road and articles posted yesterday- that you need to read a certain sermon. I heard a little while ago, stuck with me, it began with a reference to toy story. Yes, the cartoon with talking toys, the Pixar film, the passports. Contain many examples of friendship. Friendship is important. It's good to have friends in case it You thought friendship was bad. He was
standing up boldly if any one wanted to stand up and Dick boldly declare. Otherwise remember that Randy Newman said you got a friend in me. the pastor remembered it. He quoted it at length have no problem with the sermon that draws on art or literature outside the scripture to illustrate a theme contained in it, but all of the poems novel songs, films banning sculptures It may reveal some divine truth. He and with toy story, open, boy story is reliable. You see relate to whom message preached for most of the pulpits in America's just like this superficial childish, empty and seemingly designed to insult the intelligence of anyone who hears it. Chris, Reality is dull and lifeless in this country because the church and its leaders have done to it
it made it into something so bland, so generic and inoffensive that it no longer bears any resemblance to the faith of our christian ancestors. Indeed, the primary goal of the modern churches to avoid offence at whatever cost, and This is precisely why they are dying because they're not merely boring people. The problem is more specifically that they are starving people there's no, substance, no meat. Nothing in the message being breached the Congo in sit there and slowly starve to death your OX or start churches, and you are starving them. gettin killed out here. Do you even understand that we rag are sorry beaten, carcasses into church every Sunday, fewer and fewer even bother to do that anymore. After another week of languishing in Saddam, and what do you have to say, friends or good? Really.
The troops are suffering massive defeats in battle and when they can, their commanding officer. What are they here? Yes, rough out their guys. So let me tell you what I learned about teamwork from watching guardians of the galaxy. People need to be woken up. They need to be offended. Find US pastor MM. Gus uncomfortable make me look at my reflection and see the things I'd rather not see. Pull me out of my comfort zone. Make me angry at myself. Or you for making me angry it myself. who stand to have people angry at you If not, then you ve chosen the wrong profession and the wrong religion. whoever doesn't want to be challenged. Whoever insists that there above reproach, whoever wants only sweet, nothing's whispered in their ears. Whoever wants a comfortable christianity does not one Christianity at all. There are, Not limbs on the body of grace,
there are malignant growths. They are toxic cut them out. We pray that they returned to the faith, but not an The faith come down. faith is the faith. It only desire. If they are sending their hoping to have their ears tickled and their priests Eve notions confirmed It is the duty of any pastor or priest to disappoint them and spend them. Because sometimes there is no other way to tell the truth: at Walsh, is here that article is it the blaze com,
Matt, you know what I like about you is you take on you take on your own. You know you're not pointing fingers at others, you're taking on your own, your own faith, your own church- and I appreciate that and making people uncomfortable what are you? What are you where? What is the future of Christianity? Has, from a few journalists in this culture of this is what this is. What we get. This is what strikes me when I, when I go to church and Oh that and I wrote down. There are plenty of Christian too said. Well, my pastors great ought to know what you're talking about and that's all and if you have a great pastor, great church than than good for you- and you should be very happy for that- grateful but today this is a problem is absurd. We know that the faith is decaying in this culture. very clear of look at any any indicators, starting with church attendance slower. It's ever been. There's more atheists in this country than theirs ever been disk. right down the line me that leaves from my experience and from talking to people that the in problem- isn't that people going to church in their hearing
Heresy and blasphemy law- that is their hearing, that to certain problem, but even more than that. It's not that it's just its justice nothingness of just this like you're going to church and the person talking to you, understand, doesn't realise what why what century there living in or who their target? It's like the ways complete disconnect from you walk in and it completely disconnected from the world. You just left and not in a good way. It's as if it could be one thousand nine hundred and fifty it could be. You know One hundred it could be twenty twenty four. There is no connection at all to my life. It feels that way to me. to the answer. The struggles that, where you have to
It should feel not disconnected, but it should feel like a like an oasis of sorts in western Europe. You are you're in us, you're in a safe place. A sanctuary is what they used to call it in its. What supposed to be my main point, something out, because I wonder if, if you if we're sayings, two different things, because I just I was just ass to be a part of the bishopric in my faith in it, You know. It's Allay ministry, so anyone were wrestling with this very thing, and I I said you know sanctuary. It needs to be a sanctuary for gods, people to be able to come and be safe and you can say anything, but You know the name. Israel itself means wrestle with God. God expects you to wrestle with him. We expect you to ask tough questions. He expects his people to say, wait a minute, hang on just a second and what happening is, I think, r r r churches
should be spiritual hospitals, I'm coming in there every day, and I need trio's. Please help me help me help me I need. virtual medicine or time and instead What's happening, is our churches are turning into some place that is either Entertainment centre it is a place where all the people think that their doctors and they're talking about all of the other patients that they need to help. I think that's upside down. I it's like churches to their. What's that dumb widened that Most Robin Williams Movie with where it was a pretence, to be a clown patch, Adam. Ok, that's a reference to bring it well, I ve been people are dying, and so the doktor puts on a clown knows and makes them laugh, which is great,
we also need medicines, they need look, I'm going to a hospital and it's great to make me smile, but also treat what's killing me. I don't want a doctor. I recommend we, I don't know. I just know if you'd just watch the trailer of batch, maybe I don't want to hear it good data as well as radical, ok, doctors. Churches are like what I have just imagine patch items to be, which is Let's ignore, let's ignore the actual cancer. These people have a right which are struggling with an let's just make them smiles organism to sleep. So here's the argument, the push back as I've talked to pastors, and- and quite honestly, this is happening in in in conservative media, it's happening in liberal media as well, it's happening all over now. No, But if I say those things then I'll do it the audience or I'll disavow diminish the number of people who are coming to this church and and then I won't have a voice at all. Where my feeling is you're. Talkin
have a voice at all anyway, you have to understand you just keep going along, there's, no there's no way! No. Why would anyone come to you when I get it from watching patch Adams or I can get it from watching toy story. I need somebody who has something real, authentic and eternally true to tell me that help me next week wrote exact. Nobody is nobody's doing that because they're afraid people are going to leave right, but that's, there's no reason you're, not giving them anything that they need. There's no reason for you to exist unless you tell them the things that might make them leave and I think that if we get- a point. It would be great in this country that separate the wheat from the chaff, what's figure out where we actually stand as Christians, so if every child, operate in this way. They got up and told the unvarnished truth, and you know in in- and you had a church of a hundred people and ninety eight of them get up in the middle of the harm. Earlier the sermon and marched out new leave too. There will then great, because those are the two. Those are the actual
christian. What starter now we know how many actual Christians we haven't, search to. Let's start with them, let's build them up, give them what they need. And then maybe they can go out, because this is the whole point they're supposed to go to the mission field and go win back the other ninety eight. But when you wouldn't it wouldn't when you when you're, not so it's really the two, it's the two that you need. The kind of later to Unita in Egypt, give them what they need as I hears the problem, if you lose those too, but you keep the ninety eight. That idea, then you're you're done you're, not really a church anymore, just like their Lee It will blow away in the fall wind. So I met your story here in the place. Is this is interesting? Are you making the point that own like they have to make sure there making the uncomfortable points in any way possible and not skimming from that wrong? You make it that. They shouldn't be making these points via the You of toy story low, is on here so that this important question is it
You, ok with them a spoonful of medicine, a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down or you saying that they're just nothing in those If there's a medicine, if ye, I fifty there actually his medicine in it. But what we're going? is the sugar but there's no medicine Sosa sugar. Mixed sugar go down just great, but there's no medicine now is no way to diabetes as well as that has to go into detail, because now, if you, if you can figure out a way to use toys story too, some petty here at all point that's going to like satiate the deep yearnings of these christian believers, then Griffin you're, very talented and great go for it and you see much more in toys story than I saw that movie many times and all I see is talking toys of using endangering the great making that point. But in my case all we made the point that yeah, let's make friends with people its will. I just why just did
put on the movie toy story, less watch that at least be more entertaining anyway. Yet again, Alan Everything's in its own. Is you made a point earlier about about bringing the tough truth right and you have to make sure you're giving the tough truth, and you did that with an illustration of what kind of fixing the trailer of Patch Adams, In a way I made the like. That's an effective way of making every night during the true through those vehicles. I don't necessarily minded. I will say it's a sad circumstance that Christians have to get that. stage through movies and its more reliable. Because of my Jesus spoken Parable Gallagher, I mean I've actually get from the pulpit I have actually- and this was made a lot of people very angry, but I actually talked about Willie, Wonka and and the golden ticket, and Only then do I guess I know I didn't know the gospel message. I mean, I think it can be done behind us, If what I've done, if I'm talking about hey and by the way you can lick the wallpaper on the working out, no, no, you can't
It can be done if and that something you're right. Jesus used pair rules that were very simple to appeal to two so that the people that were listening could understand it. But are we. The point he was making was very deep, and sometimes the points it is making were were frankly terrifying. Is anyone who was finding a way to package so that not just to be palatable so, but so that we can wrap our minds around this concept? So if people are doing that and then fantastic, but that also takes a certain level of inside and talent that, I think alike, of pastors, just lack, which has no do not that? I don't think you need to be necessarily a brilliant public speaker to be a pastor, there could be normal people that that that are taking these jobs but if you're in that camp, then I think you need just more direct and and if you just down into reading from it, but just tell the people the truth that they need here, don't try to get to Kuba with
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celebrated last week when he was talking about God and then celebrated this week because he was taking on the left. You saying the same thing and I have a really, I think, a really important perspective that I want to share with you. finding Finally, finding what really matters through Jim carry all Coming up just a minute, Billow Riley, we're talking, but about Dhaka and what happened with the president, anxious to or what he has take on. This is some with bright part coming out bright bar editor. What was the vote? The editors quote to live, here. It is to the Washington Post Donald, from should be ashamed of himself. He wasn't elected to do this. That's a bright Bart editor People are upset and they should be Dhaka taxes, We have seventeen days to get health care reform finished
or you start all over again. You know no reconciliation, as you have to get sixty votes. For any young and that's not gonna, start gonna happen. You have seventeen days, it's not going to happen so amazing they blew us. can you believe we're here? We got through this and your time and they're gonna below the Obama CARE repeal thing: that's that is absolutely incredible credible! I really it throw your hands up, and you realize that this is the way it is. This is what we should exist: act and we're the idiots for expecting anything different, but it is. Mason I, but I dont think we did I really don't think, there's a good portion of America that did not. But by India. We hoped we hoped we prayed,
we didn't think it would actually turn out any differently than it is, and I am anxious to your bills. Take on couldn't get worse from here, Glenn back. love courage, truth well, Donald Trump promised tat. He would make deals and that's exactly what he did. Last night, the president had dinner last night, where he apparently struck a deal with chucks, humor and Nancy Pelosi. Again there no Republicans, there is borders are furious. Bright barbarity is furious. Drudge is furious. The White House This morning is starting to walk back the deal, reportedly enshrined the protection of Dhaka into law quickly and
we'll work out a package of border security. The deal does not include any funding for the wall, so here's what happened there A crowd of achieved their policy goal of turning Dhaka into law and the Republicans. What do we get exactly? Here's what we got. We got a commitment from Democrats to work on border security, on the positive side. If we are going to live by Dhaka Idiot better. That Congress passes it into law. Then, being an executive programme. That is the only positive I confined to the deal. Two things are true one. making a deal is not bad if you get something good out of it too. trumped up nothing good out of this deal, at least that we know of because
Democrats are always going to promise we're gonna work on a border security baggage, we're gonna work on a border security package. We're gonna were yet they never do the republic Kins never do we are expecting the Democrats to do it. A good deal would have included real immigration reforms, real border enforcement. Look this from the democratic angle. If trot reverses himself, they get a call him cruel and paint him as the bad guy trying to heard these young adults affected by Dhaka. If he instead she's word: they their policy goal and the GEO P gets a promise to work together. you need to know this. Somebody's given played. I don't know it is, but I know for sure it is not shock and it is not. Nancy
It's Thursday September fourteen this is the Glen that programme early on Fridays. We have Mr Bill O, but I am I am actually. going to speak and having dinner, this weekend with Paul could gummy the former president of fur rule one Rwanda who is an amazing amazing guy- and is it this proved to be interesting, but I'm also been asked to speak at a three day conference please call the men are the Nantucket project which tries to bring people together, forgiveness and healing, and a way forward. They fully I will be having a branch with carbon golly.
recommended off from Turkmenistan YAP really next next Wednesday thirty hundred and right, I dot M international or national and international Bank- a condom moment so anyway, Bill Riley's with us today, instead of on Friday, which he normally is. But I'm glad he's here, because I want to talk to him a lot about the the deal you nope making a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck humor and the spin that is going to come out of the White House now and the spin that is already coming out from Nancy and Chuck and where are we going from here? Welcome the programme bill O Reilly from billow early dotcom you I shall lucky to have me on this programme. Could I know I? U r? U I woke up this morning and I thought to myself: if I could only get more lucky and then you were here, is I'm gonna be able to define this? So
even you understand it right. Ok, right, go ahead! Talk down to me. You are very largely met. Cyrus I just wanted to give a blog. Is I'm having lunch with Ricky Boffin yachts, her you really yeah I'll once travelled to Bolivia. Watch healing, but he's not, but he's nothing, I'm just a second, but he's actually he's. you didn't go there for any reason he just he just went time we want He wanted to be healed so Wagner. I good figure out if he was healed and good. Ok he's got a guy with a right back I have to now walk you through happening on Dhaka, yes, Sir Knight, first of all people are, and Charles humor. Want to destroy Donald Trump. Yes, act, number one! Yes,
these should I write this down. Will they be? Your test Somebody else write it down for you. I know your handwriting destroy, got it to act, number one, the more want to destroy truck got it factor to know the fastest way to do that is to get troms base. Angry with him right, Ok, all right! The quickest way to do that used to it anger has borders against him, God I'll get. Therefore, anything that humor and pollute the policy say yes, throw at the window, Right- ok, that's that's number,
now those networks into numberless disagree. Number three number one was daily gonna: try to do that, but an opportunity, I'm in categories now Zoran Zadig or so that's category a at one in two and now we're in Category B. Rio ahead. Are these graphics next to the US could know on, including the president knows how their stock? Thing is going to turn out because the republic have to ride a bill very difficult for these periods to do because everyone I them getting out of the gym, if they are actually go to their debt, write a bare eyes right. So why that, right, after a bill. It says all right here, The new law cover eight hundred thousand, so dreamers illegal aliens who were taken here by their parents, and they had now we say about it. They came
what are we gonna do with them? Republicans publicans right the bill in that bill could be anything could be anything we don't know all right so trumped up, have any import as far as what's gonna happen, I've to the dreamers, it's all Congress right and then the bill comes out and tranches. I like it or I don't like you with I would just make sure I wear a a Gimme a topic, but under a is number one they're trying to destroy the president to fastest they do it is anger is Base B no one knows what's gonna be in this bill? because it has been written under that. one Republicans don't like to work point to republic could write anything they could. They could a bill that replaces Nancy policy with a chicken by it.
got it so far can guide back your real. I know I am I am. I want I'm taking notes the policy chicken behind that. Yes, I know all of US loyal Americans who want the best for our country should stop. Now. These speculation, which gets us nowhere and wait until this oh comes out now It is worthy that you and other commentators tell President tromp what you would like this, the bell. Ok, this is What waiting we did during the election? Ok? Well, it now because the Dreamer thing is it'll be more complicated. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, not here's! What the american people! Here's what I believe the american people were actually saying beyond all the hyperbole in everything else this. But the american people were saying during the election. Look that
really complex issue. I dont know what to do. I don't want to hurt people, I'm not a racist, but I want border security, so I'm not hang on way way way way. A minute wait! A minute. Wait wait a minute, no, no, not owing over ground that inevitable. So we ve a ball knows not that do that they Republicans will put so A kind of stuff border security, maybe even the shank city thing in bill they Do they? Will we'll be there back Do not worry about that, but there are The things that are gonna happen number one does not want to deport these dreams, that obvious. He doesn't want it because he have to expand his base a little bit. Pause overwhelmingly show that amount Perkins are open to a fair deal for these.
People these kids, who were brought here so he's not gonna, do port eight hundred thousand, that's not open when he said to when he said in in interview after interview after interview, yes, they're all going home. Was he I dont when he says that he doesn't think about the dreamers, she held only was no no, no! No, it was specifically about the dreamers we checked the audio. It was the oil that I'm so dreamers you, yellow Anzio, we'll get up here for you in a second but go ahead. I know I know you don't get it for me. I believe you are, I believe you, ok, I told that's not gonna happen now. Do not write it not going to deport eight hundred thousand and I'll tell you why Because I told this him to his face in an interview, the court would block until the year twenty, Ninety nine city, right! Ok, I guess you back. Yes,
Everybody knows it's not gonna happen, so let's stop the bs and get a bill that would weights in border security and and anarchy and eliminate anarchy in the United States, legal immigration sulky so then sold my life. My I have to go back here. So has the last two years of us saying Little Marco is me a deal with Chuck humor and the gang of eight and there is no amnesty mark my words, there's no amnesty! You will not happen all of ending on all. I know you're just clearing throw, but that means you're about to tie hang on so the last two years of thing appointing an actually having being a catalyst to her. Of parts of the country. point to the other half and say what a bunch of racists you are? You're comply, ITALY, unreasonable you're alone, everybody in the same boat. All
that all of us division all of that hatred. All of that was for what purpose for one purpose, I don't know back that way too complicated place. You know it's not your smart enough. You dont want to marry him. I had you just don't want to answer you. I just I tell you what's going to happen, I don't here here. I can't talk to the President Rwanda, the sides- I don't have the ability already enjoy. Yes, how can you do not want Mr Rehn, Rwanda, bright air that you're here what's gonna happen? I ve been away these some compromise book, as already strength the border we agree that we have had ever yet
all of the reporter all of the republic and all of the Republicans, with the exception of maybe casing all of the report. Begins the seventeen that he destroyed, because it would make a deal with Nancy below sea. They were for amnesty. They were for the gang of eight they weren't gonna. They will do their. You can't believe them. They're gonna build a wall that they're gonna do that all of them would have done with exception. junk hazy eggs actually what he has done so far with out the division and their hatred of many remaining against referral back. But the fact- and I love that word- Yes, has that six months he's been sitting there in the overlap is migration on the southern border, our aid has been in force more than ever in our lifetime. That's a bat and it's not get any more lax, it'll get more stringent, here's another
until he's gone up and running smiling at least an endemic grand, then window. Jennifer want come, no runs vigilant, you don't try to. You know, don't try to weasel out of this, and that was. That was the point of why we wanted a wall because nothing is ever permanent. Nothing is ever permanent will be timely. Up, take a break you want to know What I would say we well, I wouldn't want to take a break. Bill, O Reilly from Bill O Reilly Dotcom- is where you can find him and within, and if you want this kind of act driven, nonsense. You can find it a little Rhineland, dotcom back it. Just as I wanted to have this statute to the oil. You believe me, I've got a list of things to talk to you about that bill rallied. I come over. The broadcasts and hopeful you'll be referencing. The Pollack Karami Statue shut Chuckie shot up. How do you
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Eight hundred nine seven, seven zero five, forty two or order online prepare would Glenn Dotcom prepared. America is a strong Amerika. My patriot supply that's their mission aid. nine, seven, seven, zero, five, forty two or prepare would Glenn dot com Glenn back. So what's the wall is what I ask about to below Riley what I would now in number one fact: ok we're back to the facts. I know that upset you ok, Can it be any wall The bill about the dreamers, because that would mobilise opposition from a hundred per cent of the Democrats and some Republicans as well, so they're not going to have that in there in the bill now Some people will be angry about that, but think stepped back.
You gonna build his wall. He doesn't need legislation to build it. He can do it by exactly border. You can do it by using homeland security funds, of which there are good. Billions of dollars available, I didn't do it any will do it, but it's not can it be a wall from Brownsville is San Diego. It's not gonna, be that it's going to be in certain places where it's easier to some smuggle narcotics did. The wall is basically a detriment against narcotics, not p, all right, so they will build some of it. It will come from orders from Donald Trump, but it not gonna be enshrined anywhere because it's too polarizing. So that's what's going to happen there, It stands against bill, Riley, absolutely everything I stand for as a constitutional list. What you have just described is as a constitutional, as you have said, through executive order. He will
do things that are temporary, I am against it as a car the two should list and I am against it- is certainly in maybe they get knocked down. If you will let Bernie Sanders, but you have to live in the real world. in the real world is two things here: dropping does he have to build a wall? Some semblance of it? You have to write any well, but he's not going to get permission from Congress to do it because there are not enough votes there. It is to impose that. So you ve got Live in the real world back, if you wanna get any done it all. I understand the constitutional issue. I understand all that, but all this is hand to hand. Combat doubt I'm going to survive. The presidency is gonna, get reelected right, he's got to do. Certain things are true, does not gonna. Ike. Ok, so when he says that we play five of audio audio cut. Five please. This is
President Trump talking about taxes cut five. You haven't case all of them, except I'm curious because I he's obviously said during the campaign that it was going to be a wall that work for the whole border right here. say that a lot of things, but he doesn't understand at that point what it takes to get that stuff ok, so hang on here Syria's on TAT. You know what I've I've I dont have enough. This fifty nine second cut. Let me just read this taxes paid by the wealthy, will likely stay under the same under the new tax planned, but if they have to go higher, they're gonna go higher. Will what what? What? What but in which what does he stand for bill? Wherewith to wonder what can I trust, he's trying to be a populist he's trying to appeal to working class, a middle class voters? He knows that's where his base is so
that's what he stands is that it is a healthy for our country. Populism is good. I would like to see populism combined with stewed analysis. I think, if you a politician who had both who is really felt for the working people, but was stewed how to get things done then you'd I'm something, but we don't seem to be able to produce all right, when we come back bill o is going to take on a couple of things: one: the statues, yeah and we'll talk a little bit about that. Also it was cause it's getting crazy also we're going to try to get to the latest from ESPN and I know how much bill orally loves Hillary Clinton and his probably and all week just apply He night reading her book her for late
pull number show me Americans want her to go away bills. Opinion coming up Glenn back. This is the Glen that programme I'm really tired of hearing people's opinion there very people's opinion that now to me I mean I bet. I barely sent my own opinion everybody as one. I got it. What interested in facts and perspective and one of the best is Bill o and we welcome him to the programme from below Riley dot com, Be tomorrow I'm having dinner with Winston Churchill tomorrow night, so I will not be here, but You gonna talk about peace and war and everything in between, report on that on Monday, but a bill o gimme the facts on what's happening with the statues ride.
Figured you- and I are of one mind on this because very early on after Robert E Lee Statue was the subject of that dead, incredible controversy in Charlottesville oh said Pakistan would Lee they're coming out, Washington and Jefferson and other founding fathers, but you said that too. I believe that we both said it not been in collusion. There were no russian collusion here, I'll back on. is Blaze and Reilly on Billowy Dyke answered independently right now it happened so black lives matter and other radical groups are demanding the Thomas Jefferson Statue B. You can download Charlottesville Jefferson, fowl did the university Virginia, which is there and lived there? Okay. So
this place right into my wheel house, because I have a book coming out Tuesday call killing when the political struggle bandit shut up you it's like. I thought. If, if there is a way, I could get billow rather talk about his way. The way I write about Thomas Jefferson, son of Shock and what he did about. Instead, if we, then he add slaves. Now you behaved, you know and his whole life bill can I can. I ask you a question about Thomas Jefferson. First of all, How do we get the the word out that Thomas Jefferson lead? The fight in Virginia to try to be able to release his slaves It was late in the book but your mission. I need some way that will read it or find it. Let me let me
many of them are ok. In order to win this debate back tradition, The Americans have to have the facts. they have to know what Thomas Jefferson just did you just said it. You just said that The man was very conflicted about slavery and we in killing anyone you'll see exactly how conflicted he was and what he did and the other That led to are independent thing. I just second, I dont think he was. I mean, he's the guy, who said, because I know God is just I fear I tremble, for my country, that was about slavery. He nobody agonized about the line. Men are created equal, yes, yes, he did do that and I guess it is because he said we're not including african American. Yes, all right. You read: the book is a conflicting, The issue- ok, bye.
the overall view of what he did? What George Washington did cause they're gonna come at the Washington he was a slave older. Do is amazing, and you gotta know that in order ward off the far left ok now- why are they doing the statues? Here's, what it all about back. It's not about the statues of Lee Jefferson Washington or any, that it's about undermining the entire constitution of this country, the far He said we are a nation. Founded by white supremacists, okay, ok, our institution, we that we got it way with that and have a new constitution that this is all about. But you run down the founding fathers. You run down the philosophy on which the country was founded and you replace it with a soul, What is manifesto now
Because they all earlier than conspiratorial is, is that no, this is exactly the kind, stations that are taking place within precincts things: black lives matter, the Anti movement and some in the mainstream media who sympathise with that now you can Take away into Gmail he'll, be a girl on ESPN, the woman on he s. Ok, who tweets that Trump is white. premises any surrounded by them? Ok now, question about hill here I just wanna- buy, didn't wanna transition there, but I mean all of sun. I lost control of the show, so I'd like to go back to the STAR Spangled banner and and the fight on on slavery is in but upon each of us and bill is true and I really mean to promoted stupid frickin book, It is right and his book
does cover this end, we need to know who these people were when it comes the STAR Spangled banner. The fifth stanza is all about slavery when our land is illuminated with liberty smile if a foe from within strike, blower it or glory down down the traitor or dares to defile her flag. stars in the pages of her story by the millions and chained who are earth right have gained. We will keep her. Right, blazon forever. Unstained there yesterday they went after Francis Scott key with this, is revisionist history and it has to stop It's only gonna stop it. The people rise up. No, it's the people are educated. Do this I think you're right. I think, your Roman, that I think it will only happen when the people educate
Themselves, ok, then they will rise. You rise up with education and your effective. Yes, you rise up with emotion and you don't know anything. We are only not up that. We are only slaves too. We are truly beings, we're slaves to lies right now we are slaves to others who are met. appeal us, because we have not done well. Every slave as soon as they became free, but first thing I did- was try to get an education. Try to learn. Try to read we're doing any of it and we're chaining ourselves and we are going to be slaves of some other master if we don't educate ourselves I that's very well said, and you know again, I'm lucky innocence that when I killing when I didn't have any idea that within a year the anti fraud movement and the socialist movement would be as intimidating as it is now
But I'm glad I wrote a book, it's almost a miracle, because if you want to know who Jefferson Washington and Benjamin Franklin actually words, people and you read it you'll know. She's right, look so just died off the forces of dark only one of their coming. All I wanted to do was talk about yes began and now, That's going on so now on. Here's the question on he s, big thing. on yes beyond is there everybody said they ve got a double standard. No, they don't. This is the same standard you will fight. anyone who has a non progressive, big government view or a small government view and you will cheer on an excuse. Anyone who has a progressive pc pro big government view their complete Lee consistent. Well, they destroyed the network, yes, brides, Espn is a shadow of what use used to and is,
coming back right. So that's number one, and the reason is people watch that network per supports. Not have somebody like Gmail Hill, a cue the president and his cabinet of being white supremacist. They don't watch for that. You know Msnbc should higher the woman. This so also built. Have you ever heard anybody ever even question even question the president and his relationship with race? So in other words, have you ever heard anyone say things like. I think this president may be erases. I think this president may have a deep dark. unsettled feeling about white people here anybody say that, because I remember somebody did and they call skinned. What the intent! and it was heralded, is the
biggest mistake on planet earth. How dare you ever question that, and now somebody s ESPN can say he's not. did not question but to make the state and he's a white supremacist. Everybody's fine Well, that everybody's fine in a big big controversy about it. I don't think the woman should be left. although they not on the left, because they concur yes, abide, they define Curt Schilling, and you know and at the same time, conservative right he didn't do it. I was a little bit more biggest shell shilling out an illustration of a transgender person that way you're pretty offensive. I would say and reminded exactly so unhappy whether they could eat they could a suspended him and they could have brought him back, but they don't they. Ngos may do runs in MILAN. People are noted, Disney she has been right, but does it
I have, as you pointed out, any respect for the conservative american thought process, and but I would fire, the woman. I do not think that the right way to handle it. I think that you, Basically say to her, you don't really know what you're talking about with all due respect, Miss Hale right and this in which going on here and the fact you believe it is your were entitled to that. But you are in a position, responsibility, particularly with younger African Americans and you the abusing that, because you can't back that statement up the road back it up. You're doing is your denigrating. The country just I call on cap ethnic did, and you know it. People objective that the our views are just as well, a boy, your views, so you have to take what comes with this criticism in law ratings, because that, where it's going until I think, is what you're saying, but I mean in in fact they had
these situations. Many different ways. The GMO Hill way is the way they actually should handle it s right. I mean their leisure and harmonizing it's your own. Doing we don't think that's the right way, for you to be handling this, especially if it is, people might think it's from ESPN, but you know whatever will give you a little of slap on the rest, or at least a talking to or whatever and you'll come back into the show. The problem is how they and all the other can a shilling bud With shilling that cartoon- and but you know you don't even have to go to show you really don't go to show the armor or fair Marilla warfare, I mean there's two people lost their jobs for phrases. that have nothing to do with race and and they went crazy and its. No doubt there too, there is a double standard. Is hypocrisy all over the place, but I think that traditional Americans who believe in fairness, have to rise above the hypocrisy, and you know what what you do is watch you don't want and in going on now for four years they ve been bailed out a european for years and other now
that are not honest or or doing something that the folk steam offensive don't watch. I will it is, if you, if you really want to make an impact, you you don't watch of course, but if you really make an impact you let Disney. No, I'm not taking my kids to your park because that would do in handling that I only care about the mouse. That's all they care about care. Look every go abrasions money first, doubt about him and No, we want everybody to pre what are killing anyone this Tuesday, that's a solid said we were at their bill. Do I have to endure this again on Tuesday when it comes out and next Friday, I don't know if I can,
two times a week. I will you will give you some oxygen is doubly. May there is enough air in here hot air when you're round, I don't need any more bill good to have you. Thank you we'll talk to you again to me. I remember Miller. Rightly, the book is called killing. England, it is coming out on Tuesday, of course, can also go to his website and sign up bill. Riley DOT, com, of love, but really love. My relationship with Belarus early same with autonomous Oh here, two guys that are you know that their they didn't they are the legends they are the legends of their generation They're, the ones that I you know I watched for years, they are they both can. it hard and take a punch and neither of them
insist that you agree with them, which is the way it supposed to be I will say Bill bill is More is much happier oh yeah, I mean it's remarkable knows I mean you just for judging because when he was doing the fox thing he come on the show he said, and you know it do. You think he seems like is actually an enjoying life these days, A body and Michael Bunny Michael, live in Virginia. They had a house in, Oh hi humble said Hawaii, but what am I it's a sorry, a little different than Hawaii, for a year. Zero dryness sell that house. Nothing was done. The agent never called never kept them posted. They were always wondering what is happening in Bosnia. It decided to make a change Mozilla's under this programme and they they decided to go to real estate agents. I trust dot com, they state. The brand new real estate agent, got to work in no time they received an offer on the house, the entire
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experience. I mean that's assuming that the person that is going to be doing this show wants to have been Shapiro on we'd love to have been on, work were fans, yes and which should be for a pretty crazy. I love how's your hosting tomorrow, and I ask myself, and I asked her pat gray. Patents do reunion tour I'm having time having brunch Elon Musk on Mars this weekend, so it's not quite true, but almost on Wailea movement Have you seen the reports of ours? Part is yes, the bench Shapiro, oh they're, saying Polly is bracing forest speech from an Shapiro now Ben is a really smart guy. And you know he's he can be lying surgeon with his words, but he is not a scary individual. He air bracing for the violence that is coming from Antiphon, because bench let's get a mention, lower taxes or something crazy
is really not. He is he's a guy who doesn't raised his voice. He does not throw bombs around. He just stay Facts I love Ben Shapiro because he just fact Riven he's like no, that's not the way. It is it's this way. It's this way. It's this way. and the left just cannot handle it at times worn because they want to burn Berkeley down to the ground. I mean ok, I mean that's. What want to do. I guess Glenn back our food. I like food, and if you ve seen my ought as much as I welcome both of us kind of like food, quite a bit. In fact, I love really good food food. That
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we're going to indulge in that feeling we choose. Are you every offended or not our choice. that I mentioned Piero is gonna, speak it you see. Berkeley and Shapiro speaks at colleges all the time and he speaks a colleges without a ruckus most of the time he is he's a button. Our guy he's, not a flame thrower. He just speaks the truth reason, facts and, and And common sense. So his appearance at Berkeley would problem. We go unnoticed by most of the country. If it wasn't for headlines like this, we found in the early times Berkeley Braces for right wing talk, show host bends Shapiro visit, what they brace for it. A guy's coming to talk too to college students. You see, Berkeley is gonna, have a perimeter closed off outside the building, where The also intimidating Shapiro is speaking.
the universities? Also, they are good. I am not making this up. They're gonna have counselling services available for students, because they are play concerned about some speakers and with those speakers may have the impact, the impacted, make on individual sense of safety and belonging, didn't gets their feelings hurt by Ben Shapiro speech it'll because it will be because the student chooses to get feelings hurt if protein just turn. Violence, no violent and set fires that maybe because someone decided to It violent and set fires will be Shapiro, salt, it will be because the protesters chose to do that. I mean Do you frickin homework man, though
after fails to understand a fundamental thing about how to deal with a person or a group that they don't like the more they fret out said personal group, the more pension they're going to draw them, grow up. They must now I've had the mom who told them ignore or your younger brother ignore Sister, stop! Stop! stop noticing and they will stop My parents told me choose not to engage, ignore it. It's not like Shapiro were an Coulter, Steve Manner or pie to speak at the University of Nebraska or something there go. Where the attention is. If Bert, We students hate these speakers so much. The best way to get rid of them is a state home. No protest ignore them. No one will know who they are, but they don't do that because
there actually not that really worried about Ben Shapiro or anybody speech. That's not what they there. That's not what they're trying to do that. trying to increase anger. Discord, conflict and chaos them and them alone choosing to be offended, is good, for their business. It's Thursday September four, This is the Glen Back Programme, so today. My started: do a talk about Jim carry and and I want you to others there's two things they do that. I want to try to bring two you every day and one is the facts. What are the facts to perspective?
If you know what the story is or a different way to look at it. Everybody has an opinion. I could tell you my opinion, which generally ends up with something that sounds a lot like, and That's why I know I'm right more interested in perspective, because the groups are all just changing words and trying to reword the same opinion and is not getting us anywhere. I would to start with wait a minute. Have you tried looking at it? This way, that's perspective. This perspective on Jim Carry, I think, is really important, because I think what Jim carry is go through, and what we have just witnessed that the press and today last week liberating on the right he's a Jesus guy he's, oh Jesus Sky location Jesus, how great
S. Ok, that's good! That's good! That's good! That's it! That's a good! opinion on what happened then, two days ago they left was very angry and the right one Celebrating walk he's just punched, the left, the phoney phone phony phone phones ease, busted them in the face, look at ass, he went to fashion weak and he's down all those phony he's he's telling him off. Ok, again a valid opinion. But I don't think that's what this means at all and I think What we can learn from these two pieces of audio. Our life changing so first, let me give you the facts here. The first got. This is what he said this.
he can edited or just a couple of days ago, edited add a fashion weak I run in so Jim care how they are either wandering the streets. You need a date to the party. What's up, I'm doing just fine. I just know there's no many tiny of this, so I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could find come to and join and and- and here I am there's something you gotta admit: it's completely meaningless while they say there celebrating Ike. Inside leading argument that is just the absolute lowest aiming. You know possibility that we can come up with is like crimes? What do you believe in icons, personalities. I don't believe that you exist there is a wonderful fragrance in you, don't believe, Sir Knight, I have the power to make change to think differently to be bolder, inspire other artistry you're, one of them
yeah. No, I I don't believe in icons. I dont believe in personalities. I believe that peace lies beyond personal Kay, that's an edited version in account, weird really weird. Beyond that. In fact, the headline was Jim. Carry gets really bizarre at New York Fashion Week, so when we get to prospective one more fact: here's what The right was celebrating last week. Listen to this edited version of what came out last week as he was speaking to Homeboy industries
in LOS Angeles. I want to speak to the fact that in the last four years, myself- and also, I believe, is suffering these to sell me. It's the only way we have to somehow accept not deny feel are suffering and losses. And then we make one up two decisions. We either decide to go through the gate of resentment these two to self, the harm to others. oar. We go through the of forgiveness grace. and you're being here is an indication that you made. That decision already
You made it was gay grace press on the cross. So now perspective, I just happen to Jim carry. I thought he was the pet detective guy, who is this guy Is he crazy at fashion, weak or Has something happened to him. If you look at both of these side by side, you will see all of our futures and he he said there You have a choice. Just like Berkeley has a choice today, let him speak, let him speak and move on or. let it be. Let yourself give in to anger and violence and hatred and it will be destruction.
Jim Carry has been going through. Multiple massive struggles in his life, which I believe has I think, they're having a healthy. I've never learned anything. When I was happy, Thus a fat and happy I'm fat now so seem to be learning a lot so when you're when you're content, you generally don't learn a lot, It's when you I have real struggle in your life that you learn. What the media is missing, in this audio clip from Homeboy industries. He called the audience heroes you're a hero to me. Who is he talking to. He was talking to a group of
people who had formerly been in jail or in prison they incarcerated, and they involved in gangs. This is a rough crowd that he's talking to and he Paul's them his heroes. Why. Because what he said was we two choices? thing happens and we have, two choices and we can fall in with anger and vengeance and hatred which leads to self harm. or we can surrender which lie Stu forgiveness and grace. He said the guys at Homeboy industries. The former gang members in jail. You guys- are heroes, because you ve chose grace and
You are here with the odd stacked against you, and your torment to a different way. so he's just met a hero, several heroes just a week before who were actually doing something and have live nothing and has, Nobody heralding them but he helping them. the world looking down on them. They have breathing stacked against them and their data to stand and And he gets on a plane and he goes to New York and he goes to fashion weak and wept. Does he walk into a fashion, weak tent that is celebrating quote icons. Sir. liberty, fashion, icons,. And I have to believe that he had exactly the same experience that I had on. This radio programme just a couple of weeks ago, a couple
weeks ago, I went in it was right after I had to lay off a lot of people and make really Really tough decisions. And I have I have not been that torn apart in- I don't know how long and I mean Those decisions. And then I got into a plane- and I to Mexico to work with. Oh, you are operation underground, rail road I sat down with people who were actual former slaves. Actual change- Around the neck chain, Around the hands or the the wrists chain, tool wall of floor or a bed for two years, one of them beaten every day with a broom handle even so badly. Every time the broom handle would break, this person there,
person wasn't talking at all about being approved wasn't. I skin even for help. This person- and it was like this one- after another after another after another, I'm going to show you the interviews soon. none of them were crying anything They weren't cry, they weren't even crying for help. you're telling me my life is a blank piece of paper and I it's only author, no wait a minute! Hang on just a second. What about the guy who beat you with a broom handle, and that was actually a woman What about? What about that person that person not have any authorship in your life? No, because, if I choose to give: A person authorship, my life story changes that is something that they chose to do and it only made me stronger and I come back after
or two days in Mexico, and paid attention to the news over the weekend, and I sit in this chair and I here: the complaints and the audio and the news of how these statues have to be pulled down, because my gosh would oppressors thee, guys who have no effect on your life. Now needs a stupid frictions. That's you It has no effect on your life. Unless you choose. And I did a monologue on the errand. I've done several of them since and I dont know if you ve heard them but I have said all of this Is meaningless. all of it is meaningless. Are we doing.
What am I doing. You know. I got me their pain struggle everything the world still take away from you. We are either poppy Xanax an opium aid prozac. We're escaping through hatred, worth Gaping through Facebook. I'll be real with you every weekend that people say to me: how do you go to so many movies? Why do you go to my me? I have to admit I had to escape I want three hours of week where I escape. That is my vice. I escape once a week. At a movie, theater.
we all have a choice, and I think Jim carry. Has aid, his choice and every one in the media missed it? and that is I choose different kind of hero. I choose the hero. Who is? Actually, actually seen suffering end and has seen the worst of the worst and now is not asking for a handout or anything else is choose. To stand and they're gonna author their own story. That is worth a life life worth living. Vat, is an icon? or or could be completely insane regional, throw that in at the end of that it could just be that these completely insane
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Please safe. You would also find it at best buys you should have it. You know, set up and installed in your home tonight you find it it best buy or eating. Can ten percent off by going to simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back dot com Glenn back! We have pat unleashed coming up in a second also an amazing story and amazing story from Plano Texas one. That's just could is for each fell by the wayside as a really big story any other times in a lifetime. It would have been a really big story. But just gonna- fell by the wayside and unknown pick it up, which is kind of leads to the perspective of that story, and why I want to tell it to you coming up in just a second, not nearly as big a story is obviously what I'm about to bring to the table. Yeah eyebrow trends are cons
we changing from ultra thin in the twenties we're arched browser. Fifty easier populaires by Marilyn Monroe picture to the present day were thick now: your browsing, then given high fashioned seal of approval. Yet don't you get started on the latest brow raising trends model brows mano. Brows are making a comeback. Glenn in the world do not own. I wait. I didn't know that they ever had some place where they could come back, except for may be perhaps Caveman days and her that they were not only how they were there and popular, then so think think of now what there and then there is a lot of pictures of this comes from glamour magazine. Let's, Is this where you have this like really hot twenty five? rolled supermodel with like a cat, Miller crawling across her face and between her eyes, was Brook shields kind of like that I haven't. I I can't believe I cannot believe I say the sole shows you I read way too much, but I
this article or one like this, and it was the we used Frida, the artisan as the as leave the icon and unlike allow she wasn't pretty now tat. She was not pretty that wasn't much. It was known for now. She also had a mustache. I don't think that we need a you know what I'm saying this is the world we live in where Maloney a Trump gets criticized for her appearance. Yes, and Mano. Browser coming back into fan goes right directly to the perspective from Jim, carry its old worthless grand back. You're. Listening to the glad that programmes you live here in the Dallas Fort Worth Area On Sunday night, you might have been clean up. The kids are in bed and you're just clean and the dishes putting things away as you're getting ready for Monday. the tv was on was the ten o clock?
whose comes on, and you might have heard a report that talked about. A shooting. in Plato, taxi eight people shot and killed after someone open fire at a hall. Plano is a suburb of Dallas. It's a big city growing. It happens right most people, I think this story slip by unnoticed. Just another violent incident part of living in a big city. but by Monday afternoon, while every his attention was elsewhere the plane police Chief Gregg russian aid an announcement that was pretty shocking. It wasn't just a homicide. It was a lot worse than you probably also busy that you didn't hear that press conference the next night and you didn't really think that one threat.
the story was about a twenty seven year old woman named Meredith Lane and she was home, Cowboys game, a watch party at her house. She had bought the house into. fifteen when she was married but heard her husband, art together, they had fought. For divorce she asked for the divorce about two months ago. normal night in Plano. Oh, it was a beautiful night, I mean people were out, barbecuing people in cowboys jerseys were around and going in and out of the house there was life, after all. There was the cook out. It was typical during a cowboys game here in the Dallas area then, as the sun started, to set us down the street from Lanes House woman Crystal Sugg, she said outside of the nursing home where she works she needed take a cigarette break, she d To go, take a long, slow, walk, smoking on our way.
walking seem barely even noticed the man and woman standing in front of the house up ahead. She didn't know that it was Meredith South. She didn't know who those people were she can tell that they were arguing about something which is too far away to make out what the pair were saying to one another in it got louder and there, cheers became more intense? She was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable kind of eavesdropping, still not knowing what they were arguing about but she watched them from a distance for several minutes. When the woman suddenly turned and went back into the house and the man followed directly behind her and that's when crystal saw that he had pulled out what she thought was a rifle she's everything after that accelerated she saw the man's rifle and she started running back towards the nursing home
behind her? She heard heavy gunfire. She said thirty or forty rounds she heard screaming coming from inside and out around the house. She made it after the nursing home immediately grabbed the phone and dial nine one one, the other neighbours hearing the same stuff did exist. The same now the smell of burgers and chicken on the grill was We're powered close to the house by the smell of gunpowder. it didn't take long before the first police officer arrived at the scene. He didn't exactly know what fine was walking into somebody's why's, he knocked the door when inside and there was more gunfire in the house Fire shears Billy,
when all of the neighbors stopped listened and watched, eight, people lay dead in the house in class. the guy who had the gun. Their person died in the hospital the next day, one more victim still clinging to life in the hospital. That's what really happened when we, that report on Sunday night and it wasn't until the next day. Then actually heard the grim details. It's really easy for us to dismiss the stuff on. The news has just news that doesn't affect us: arts, big city- it's probably a gang its harder, to get your arms around something that happened in a normal neighborhood where, it was just a husband and wife disgruntled husband that why
to come back and prove a point. the reason why I want to bring the story to your attention. Is. Chaos is closer than you think. Sometimes it's just on the street or in the else next door Yesterday- number eleven, so I think its number one twice Number eleven podcast Itunes words with that means these entities to his pack gray unleashed who does a radio programme in television programmes number eleven numberless, I'm never one twice, I'm number one twice and I'm number one twice,
He does a television programme follows this on the blaze, radio and television network, and we invite you see that the blaze dot com, perhaps people, should subscribe to that Pakistan agents. Is that how that were? I I don't know. I have not heard a yes, I tunes thing of which you speak, but I guess a pod cast their doing. Well is a big thing. If so welcome hat thank you you got here about the Story- the Mcdonald's employee, who went into the bathroom and had a baby at Madonna Oh and may I remind all Mcdonalds, employees should wash their hands after having a baby. Is about a really good safety to thank you. I just all employees should just make that a it turned out to be a tad messy. Yes in the back, from an and then she tried to flush it down the oil you gotta be kidding me at Mcdonald's. Oh my gosh meaning Donald is a happy place. Slam ham happy place, let Hap happy place
so she had gone. I guess continually back and forth to the bathroom and employees finally got suspicion. So what she was doing so they went in there and what does that mean? They saw the mass and one of them. Over the top, and here she is with the baby's head. Oh my face down only Nashville Toilet Ble, oh my gosh, trying to flush gosh or more generally those employees came in and in time and in the Bay area. Medic EVA saved the baby, save the baby, so shocking is she's in jail now on eleven million dollars bond and it's a shock horrific story, but when you think about how many liberals and progressives would be completely fine with attempted murder of a baby. If it happened, five minutes before this right and it had quite honestly, scissors forceps and insight two quite honestly cargoes now the reason why he was not, as is famous as he should be, as the big. serial killer in american history is because
they are fight, they are fine line with it, with a baby, not being fought. simply flush down the toilet in Mcdonald's, although I don't understand the difference. They're fine with it Being put into a closet and left to die exactly just I. I think it's time that point, this stuff out that yeah? It is horrific. You can't even its unfathomable that a woman will try to do that to her baby. But if it were, When did a plan parenthood place with a doctor. Just tearing it out of the womb, who care you care one iota. So how a possible. How do you make that stinks, then you go to Kay Cupid, whose now allowing people this month to get together In groups selling abortion like this month the all stand with plan parenthood, its people who stand with plan parenthood and abortion in Okcupid dating site? Yes, what does that have to do with a well? I asked
There's nothing sexier than a shared cause, and I gotta tell you manage, add ons. That sounds like what they really say that is causing so nothing, sexier than a shared cause, and you can just kind of imagined sitting in the living room. the very wide is plain you get this. Ensuring a baby. The lighted them is a baby. Tell me about that time. We had that feed is sucked out your room. How do you know what I like Mama its weight, so there it's nothing. sexier than a shared cause? Is it ok, Cupid the site that booted the white supremacist off I wish they ever shared call Jeremy, it's God we write cheered, cause ghastly, because I know that one of the shared causes these sponsible in very recent memory, for multiple millions killed. Now as we which, which cause was that the white Supremacist notes apprentices or the land. I've done a lot of his Harold things, however, when only one of their actions is legal right,
like this is a legal is activity where millions of children have died here is due to meet. You know it is planned parenthood, where every time you hear plan parenthood- and somebody say you know what they provide all kinds of different services, yes and Hitler, Building Audubon Andrews responsible for the Volkswagen. Yes, that's right that effort! by the way the maid Thing there remembered for is killing millions of people yes period. Yes, did you hear did you hear tat the we're providing local, no cost abortions for patients affected by Hurricane Harvey for the month of September? This is a the clinic in Houston Home, like they are helping had by providing free abortions, free abortions in Houston, it's sick and its despicable, especially specially after what has happened, I yeah yeah
I have to tell you. I read that last night and I I prayed, help me how me help me help me help me. First, we need your mercy, but help me help me. Love teach me show me: how do I love the people? Who I truly and deeply disagree with, show us the path and shows how to make an impact with the other side here? How do we do? I see? How do we do it with empathy and kindness? How did you really are do it because they are deceived beyond understanding and we are our hearts, have become hardened and angry and judge mental and- and and honestly more times than not I want just. I want to be the one who brings justice at some my place Now my place and in we have got, to find ways to help. Please this woman, who was in Mcdonald's she's
she's either reverted back to her animal listing nature and doesn't feel anything, But what got her there? So we don't you don't we how help others, so they don't get there, or she was. In so deep of pain and trouble that he didn't know what else to do know to do and we Glorify abortion, so I mean, could you not have the mentality that I had a partial birth abortion? This wouldn't be a problem. Lies it now seriously what why is it a difference? Wisely, networks? There is no different other than what we want, each a change hands. Yes other than that, if you know I want them safe. Ok, while she was safe, she was safe Is it the best way to do it now, but I didn't know that happened to her. So what is the difference? I Mccormick guys know does the things that he does any does them slightly earlier and he that a country club out of prison and he's praised. It's not just its, not just he's, it gets away with it and he walks free. He
a rich doctor who has a country, club membership and a porch that about is how close this is and how ridiculous it is just that just seconds away. I mean that make absolutely no sense and by the way, the law that he broke is a law that liberals disagree with a twenty four week window is not something they support, so I mean the hour he went to jail for a law that the left actually opposes. That is it I'm in its aims and credible in there and of course, we will vilified appropriately this woman who tries to kill her own child by many people, make that same decision tat, Grand least coming up in just a moment and ablaze, radio and tv networks you kidding subscribe to. I don't know the pod cast an eye tunes again making life. If, if they keeps had frightened, will you be number one? Three times like a hundred no level two hundred eleventh? Yes, oh yes, I got. No. That would be. None of that would be the
you're thirty, he was thirty three that would be Phoebe number three three times Emily number, one three times would be a hundred eleven you're right, let's just making a number one and one time my laptop, so greedy stop hog. Ok, I want you number one. One time I could go along our so anyway, the pot cast our you can subscribe to the blaze. The blaze dot com you know in and help us pay some some bills here and now you know actually a part of it. It's great fun. we have a lot of great stuff coming for you pattern, the first steps and were thrilled that he is doing so well number eleven yesterday and podcast day, number three. So thank you for that. We have a very resilient country, but right now we're experiencing a lot of pressure points last Week, North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb? Doesn't at seem. Like a million years ago, hues
Was it by Hurricane Harvey that two weeks ago, two weeks ago, now, six million Floridians still without power. There is that there are a lot of pressure points and what, is the pressure point that makes that breaks the camel's back. I don't know we were talking about Bitcoin. Earlier today, Bitcoin has fallen from five thousand to what is a thirty five hundred near about thirty five hundred ended the another thing that Bitcoin is that is either all or nothing. That's either gonna be worth something or worth nothing because It doesn't have any intrinsic value it it's it's, it's not even real, it's a say, the paper money. It's why it could go to zero once people stop believing in it. It goes to zero because it's only worth the paper. It's printed on gold, different, old is an actual commodity. It is it's actually used in other things. It will never go to zero and
back old line is imagine if you could invest. If I could sell you a bitcoin or or a stock- and I said, look you would twenty five hundred dollars in? I will make sure that I may get up with extra stock, so you don't lose the twenty five hundred dollars. If it goes down the next three months, ok If you give me twenty five thousand dollars give you the twenty five thousand dollars of stock and in a year from now, if it goes down I'll, make it up with more stock. The region why that's? Not that impressive is because if the company is going under an Doc is becoming more and more worthless. You can you can give me a million shares of something of its crap. They was our anything goes. Never loses its value. This is the promise they make. Goldline read their important risk information at one thousand, eight hundred and sixty six goldline, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold, liner, Goldline dot com. Do it now
Glenn back well yesterday, to statues word defaced one was Frances Scott Key, the other one was a catholic saint that was beheaded. They statue was beheaded and they're gonna try to do the same thing to Ben Shapiro, our good friend tonight in Berkeley. May I humbly ask that we we all pray for peace, but act with love. I will be gone to Morrow. I will see you back here Monday with a fantastic programme unless Glenn back
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