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9/20/17 - Signs From Heaven? (Kenny Fries & Jenn Hyman join Glenn)

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7.1magnitude earthquake devastates Mexico ...Political imprisonment...Venezuela needs a miracle that in the end will save us all...Freedom is costly ...UN Speech: President Trump was right about Venezuela ...Progressive power and control ...’In The Province of The Gods’ author Kenny Fries joins the show from Germany...America's 'education industry' game plan is failing ...Human slavery and organ trafficking industry is alive and well ...Be an abolitionist ...Another heroic story from 'Operation Underground Railroad'...OurRescue.org ...Please pray for Puerto Rico The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand. Love courage tree gland back. This was the sound in Mexico City yesterday as the ground began to shake violently explosions and building is falling down. The capital experienced a seven point, one magnitude earthquake. It was prolonged Andy, it was violent. As of this morning. Rescuers are still working to dig people out from under the rubble. Here's what we know today. Two hundred and forty people had been reported dead, but there will be many more. The number is
directed to rise more than forty buildings have already collapsed, including at least two schools in. A strange turn of events. What made yesterday so weird and jarring Was it many Mexicans had attended memorial services earlier that morning they had been to church because they were marking the thirty second anniversary of the nineteen. Eighty five earthquake that killed ten thousand. This earthquake also came lesson two weeks after an eight point, one magnitude that killed ninety one people and destroyed thousands of homes, Mexico City is one of the greatest cities. I believe in the western hemisphere, it is It's a clean New York, It is a great cultural city.
And in the rubble we saw something else we saw the strength of the human spirit we saw neighbour help neighbor a community coming together and in the coming days, we'll see what makes Amerika great. Yet again, We will see Americans reaching deep and helping their neighbour because no matter what we say, there is never a wall around our hearts. Yesterday. What we saw in Mexico was a nation move to action when it you buddy focused on what really mattered most each other. For to countries that are throwing a war of words back and forth with our politicians. Interesting to watch yesterday and see,
in the end. We are not all that different. It's Wednesday September. Twenty are you listening to the Glen Back Programme, there's so much going on in the world, but sometimes I'm I'm overwhelmed, and I don't even know where to begin. I tried I am the stories that will make a difference that actually matter and anything that really matters of those stories of people I read a letter to the american people and it was really a plea. Most people didn't read it never heard it didn't share it. I thought it was powerful, a story of a guy who could be just like you
When I stretched out my arms, I could touch the two opposite walls, the door. Was blocked with black garbage bags, leaving the room in total darkness. There was Rotten worm, infested food on the floor, alongside scraps of clothing covered in feces for a while? It felt as though I had been buried alive. It was a year before, while I was going to speak at a news conference I was in a share my political thoughts when I was interrupted. Ten or fifteen cover secret police vehicles couple dozen armed agents came in and they tied my hands and covered my head with a black cloth I was then locked in a cell without light or any. The ventilation I was need any communication with the outside world, and I could speak with my lawyers only when I was taken to court. This went on
for ten days, and after that, I was transferred to an administrative office inside the jail it was there for the next seven months. Ice I've done a man on the floor three months ago, the pie secure. In my case closed the investigation. He established that I wasn't guilty of any crimes. I had faced a trump up charge of possession of explosives. This man that there are no active judicial proceedings against me. I'm just simply being held hostage in violation of the constitution. Political imprisonment has been the punishment for daring to dream of a democratic society, free of communism and open the global community you just want. What's so many other people around the world take for granted? elections, good God. It's free expression do dishes, independence, personal security and a modicum of economic liberty, but
An armed minority has managed to impose a regime of fear in corruption and blood MIKE peace is evidence of that. I know I'm here for a just cause: mice. Suffice in that of others, like me, will change millions of lives today ninety three percent of citizens in my country can't afford food, because the food shortages that are the fault of our corrupt and brutal government. Nearly three quarters of our citizens say they have lost an average of about seventeen pounds in the last few months night when I think of a father's horror when his baby dies from fever or something Simple is diarrhoea that could have easily been treated if he just had access to us. Bull medicine I'm in prison, so stops happening that conviction
gives me strength. My generation has made freedom, its goal, I want to ask the people of the United States and the world to please stand by our side. I have, finally been moved to a cell with a bed, though, why with no windows. I can see the sun only an hour per week. Thirty two and I a democratic activists. For twelve years I have two children, eight and five, whom I sun and moon. I have I feel I love. And who now has to carry the burden being married to a political prisoner. I write to you for myself the dungeons of the venezuelan secret police. Do everything in my power to keep resisting in prison. Dreaming of going home to sleep in a clean bed surrounded by my family, ok,
dreaming of the day in which we all take to the streets to celebrate our freedom. These are the words of young going coaching. He wrote these routes from his prison cell in Caracas, Venezuela, a vivid reminder that freedom, is costly and we Are foolish when we take it for granted today as we get busy and think about other things, I would ask that you would pray for yawned and his family pray for the good. People of Venezuela because they're just had of us they need a miracle the same miracle that in the end, will save us all.
My letter comes from a real political prisoner in Venezuela. Huts was proud, publishes an up at him in your time for new posts, Ecklund backed I come here, also tweeted format Stu. If you want to read it, Donald Trump gave it. Speech yesterday at the United Nations, maybe the best part of that being that, his commentary on Venezuela. Talking about how they it's not about held socialism was implemented incorrectly, it was that it was implemented faithfully. That's the problem has gone on their. So what are we have more on that coming up? So let me take you to Colorado, Springs Colorado off as the world is suffering with earthquakes, while parts of our own country are bracing for a the effects of yet another hurricane while poor.
Rico is under siege today, Venezuela people have political prisoners. What is it like? So many of our citizens are, we were really where we are. Grotesque were really grotesque on the things that we are complaining about and the thing is that we are doing, because I have a right of veto It Colorado springs the Bud family, the bud family. Has been spending last couple of weeks trying to find somebody in their neighborhood that they have done the mad pooper Kathy Bud, says her kids first class, sight of this woman. She appears to be in MID Thirty's, maybe twenties thirty's. She is baffling. We built they have a picture of her from behind, As she was running away, she's a jogger and She is running and jogging around the neighbourhood and the
the they had the bud children called the front window and scream mom. Then here was this woman. It mid squad pants down unashamed and kid say: mom, there's a lady taking a poop in our front yard. Come on. I know, they're not know their nod MA comes as a my. She she ends up the door and she says: hey. What do you do? What are you doing. She says, oh sorry, pulling pants up and runs away of your house. You can respond of an ocean right. Ok, this was the first time that some money and had caught her doing it she has been doing.
Doing this now for the last seven weeks they dont know if she has just moved into the neighborhood. They I know that a conscious Yesterday they caught her. Yesterday again she changed up her routine a little bit because she knew she was being watched. There there are public restrooms. You know it's Colorado springs there. Their public restrooms right there see vs, is caught. Her out in their front. You know that the median they're just taking a crap, soon But something she enjoys. You don't get a now, I gotta people enjoy different things in Algeria, or I should say I now know so either the bud family has put a sign up in the yard. That says: please, I'm begging you please stop, please stop what
pooping in our front- and I are limited dog emphasised- needs to be more specific yeah. It needs to say please stop pooping all human soul, Do you really know human? Do you really lenticular girl? You rarely be to say that the problem, this the problem the Inn in Venezuela, I'm not kidding you, they are, they are starving and people are going out. Families are going out at night and they are hunting dogs and cats. So they have something to eat. And what are we doing? we are having to chase people from creeping in army from long it. I mean before a walk, whether we start
her dogs in this neighbourhood and its own ice little suburban neighbourhood worries to live and this one house, because a lot of people would walk their dogs passed this house and obviously that become a problem. I guess dogs, not humans with dogs, would poop on this particular lawn, so they decided put up a sign, and the sign said, it was a you know of a circle with it with the cross, throwing those slash there at and it just and it had a picture of a dog taking a pope. Yes, So now, instead of occasionally having a piece of poop in their front yard, they have a picture of a dog pooping in their front yard, all the time that's him use right, the issue yeah. Well, you know I mean I'm expecting a little dog poop and are expected to catch a dog once in a while pooping in my front yard, which I dont want in their view, would do if you're doing that in your walking your dog. Please pick up the poop here, who was a quote from I think, was a guy CBS. Here and I saw her now ballast
listen to this I saw her and Lastly, I thought she was going to pick it up after and put it a bag, but she didn't. The bribing, where you're here to starting with an she didn't, take it. I know she pulled down and took a crap in the middle of the street. You know in others there there are people and we have to get into this later. Today there are people that believe the two September, twenty third, maybe the day of the rapture I'd like to remind you that no man goes by. And I mean I'm not all down with rapture thing. Unfortunately cash. I hope I hope I'm not. Roma that it then I've left here and I'm like crap
Anyway. The in September a third people are saying this is it. This is. This is the signs in the heavens and everything. This is the end. I I'd don't think it is, but I will tell you that is no I'm going to look further sign of people pooping in your front yard. As you know, maybe men's hearts veiled them. Maybe you know, but women sphincter muscles fail them and they just have to do that. I'm not sure, but we'll tell you this with the earthquake and the hurricanes If you haven't gotten the idea that your life could change in a heart beat and its wise to be prepared, so you can just stop work. Bring about things I don't know what it's gonna take to get this message. We can prepare for everything, but there are a few things you can do when it,
was to a crisis. There's one thing: the cook or cuts across all of it, and that is you're. Gonna need to have food, whether it's for you or somebody else may be somebody in your neighborhood somebody here somebody in your state actually having an emergency food supply. Is a life saver? Ask our friends in Houston and in Florida ask as people in Mexico,. Why were you know, there's no food on the shelves in Mexico for probably a couple of days. At least my page its supply has food storage for you get their seventy serving survival food kid for only sixty seven dollars healthy. That last up to twenty five years for less a dollar per serving you'll get breakfast lunch and dinner. You were in Porto Rico. Today, can guarantee you you're not running to the store. There's nothing on the shelves today call aid
nine hundred, seven seven zero five, forty two or order online at prepare. We Glenn Dotcom, prepared. America is a strong America and that's my pay It supplies mission, one eight hundred nine, seven, seven, zero five, forty two or prepare we'd Glenn dot com. Glenn back. Glenn Back categories, category four, Maria is hitting Puerto Rico. This is the sound of it right now. Sound trump is just declared Puerto Rico, a disaster area, and they are now saying that Porter Rico. Maybe uninhabitable for weeks, Not months after this
holy cow, I mean I can see why people are saying September, twenty thirty zero, maybe I mean I'm a year, as I pointed out yesterday, the annals of the book of revelation is not going to be a scary is if this is, if this is the You know these are the signs are mean yeah, it's bad, it's now when I thought the book of revelations bad would be right Serbia, is no use to anybody. If people have disappeared on you know, Saturday, on the twenty third in the rapture you'd be like, ok Wall I mean maybe the rest of it's not gonna, be as bad babies has been height, maybe like one of those movies. That already said are no it's the greatest knew at their new, like you, rat did because he was good, but you built it up to too far. I believe yesterday, on the show, though you said, while you now have, the icing were missing as earthquakes,
and then and I think you should shut up, I think you know we're missing chocolate cake who see affection. Maybe it will disappear by accident, Earthquake is Have you been in Mexico City? I have not. I was just there for five weeks ago. It is it is truly one of the greatest cities I think in the world. It is a beautiful city Hugh, I don't know how many millions of people twenty five million people it's up in the mountains. It's just not what you think of when you think of Mexico you're, just like I don't know the beach or whatever it's over the mountains, it's cool, it's beautiful and clean goober, goober, clean parks in the streets and everything are just so clean that that is surprising to hear that was not my impression. Eight point: eight five million in the in the actual city in the greater area. Twenty one point: three million I mean
They're talking a giant city there like ours to couple people are your dad and we expect that numbered arise. Yeah it's gonna rise a lot. You remember you're out of your old enough to remember nineteen. Eighty five, you remember Cosette, would the anniversary of that Mexico City earthquake that killed and a thousand people the universal, it was yesterday This is the second earthquake. What was it five hundred miles away or others an eight point. One yeah right- and this was the seven point one. Yes, so really stating- and you know what No cities can handle stuff like this. You know further, you get into the poorer areas the worse and get some we're gonna see that with the hurricane Glenn back this.
Is the clan that fell with everything going on in the world. There are a few things that will actually change your life that we should pay attention to, and one of them is a gram Cassidy bill, does the Republicans mode? but some are saying the last shot of getting anything done on a repeal and replace Obama care It is. It is starting to shape our and It looks like it has a chance of passage. First, let's explain what it is seldom given. Let me give a couple headlines reason: dotcom, libertarian angle, Obama, care repeal is dead here. Come the bailouts now vocs The left says: I have covered the GEO P, repeal plan since day. One gram Cassidy's the most radical. Don't you push me,
Lindsey Grams arms dont do it. So what is this thing? Actually do it's. Basically, if you like a real quick summary is basically a federalist version of Obamacare. It is nodding repeal of Obamacare. It is a federalist version of a bombing here, which means a state version of Obama, care which is good. Actually what we were arguing for. If Massachusetts wants to do, Obama care, they could do it, Texas says no there's a better way. Let Texas do it this way would have been ok back then, but that's not what this is now. No because the all the money is we're coming in so the fetters, all the money from Obamacare largely still goes to the federal government, and then it distributed through block grants to the state. To do what they want with so You would have a situation where you're conservative state would probably do a much better job with this. If you're a conservative we're alive Secondly, the liberal things that they want and They are doing is they're, taking the states that an all
honey. That's going to the states now and dividing it up. When I would our. He was more equitably like We now have a hundred dollars and Obamacare money that split up between California in Texas right now, What say? Seventy five dollars go to California. Twenty five dollars go to Texas, what you gonna do a split that up and make it fifty fifty Lee generic way of explaining what it is the the so we were really bad idea. I'm ok, yeah it's AIDS again. I think this is another situation where it's better than Obama Character, but it still Obamacare. Yes, then we will be able to get rid of the Individual mandate, however, states pass that on their own- and I don't have a problem of stay- wants to do at the stake and do whatever it. Once I person if it gets unconstitutional. As I know, you do at least from the federal side, but right you're right, it's it's it's much better. The smaller government you get too yes the reason why this is in such a rush is because they, the Republicans, have ten days to do this. Reconciliation process, which basically means you have to get fifty one votes of sixty. That
spires on September thirtieth by rule, but you can only once per fiscal year. So done by September thirtieth, which means that that the House enabled it to change it. There will be no negotiation between them. Yeah? It's so it's convenient yeah! Well Leah! So if this happened, they were gonna use reconciliation in two thousand eighteen for the tax bill, that's what they needed this done in the next ten days and that's why it's such a panic, so What does it, whereas the belt look? Forty one point much on board for sure they ve all a forty. One. Senators have voted for all the above Republican Obamacare repeals cigarette forty one there. Heller, and Graham Graham, is one of the co sponsors has said he's on board on this as well, that get you to forty one. There are five: that are likely to vote yes, Lamar Alexander, showing more capital Showing more capital Bob Corker Tom Court caught cotton and Rob Portman, a very similar names that budget at forty six senators. You probably are defiling
gotta get Susan Collins, K, you're, probably deaf, not gonna, get LISA Mc Caskey, though that's not determined. Yet you need to get off four of these, in this scenario, which would be likely who has not said think about it. Yet Jerry Moran, who has whose probably a yes, although he complained about the Medicaid cuts, which really cuts with solving their story. John Mccain, who has voted against these things. However, his body, Lindsey Gram is the guy behind this one, so I have so far counting immanency stink grand- I know the author of this and then right Paul who has said flat out, he's a no on it, but will if he They determining vote between this thing passing and not. Will he hang with that? My guess is he will, I think, there's a small chance of this passing, there's a better choice. Of this passing then what we have to remember them doing with skinny repeal remember that only he, because that would have had they ve got out there go she between the House and the Senate.
Never would have gone anywhere, there's a chance here. What's worst thing in it. Well there's, there's a lot of things in it, personal all the Obama money stays Obama. Caring, California could actually go further. The left, if you're someone who lives in a liberal state, you could actually get hit to the left and go further left of it. Look. There are people who are arguing that this actually paves the way for whom the horse single pair, because what should happen here some say it's a Trojan horse, but its reckon it's right there. I'm so state like Kaliko we could take this money. An institute single payer they'd have to others, he some more tax dollars on their side to pay for it, but they can get the federal them. To pay for, let's say three quarters of single payer, so they pay they make single pair in California. In its biggest go for go all out. I have to tell you of time states do that you ve paved the way. I have to tell you as long as this is in the world we live in care, if, if California goes completely flat broke as long as we make it
very clear: we're not baling your ass out right, and you know that, don't you know, that's not the truth, but I would be. That would be fine look leave you want to try something. Try it if you can make it work. If, if He could find a single payer system that actually worked which I dont think is- is power trouble. But if it were, actually work before it. It doesn't work now if you can do an experiment in your state and you're, not The drag me down with you go for it, but I'm not in on your experiment. It doesn't work. Of course that's how it winds up every time you wanna baling them out anyway. That's the risk here. We're gonna see that with pensions, which is another way two at some point by yes. This is one more thing on this. The Dhaka deal with Chuck humor
for this with years they talked about this and you know they denied well, there's not really deal, but that whole deal. One of the big arguments for it from Donald Trump side was to say that you you're gonna, get help now from shucks humour in it policy when it comes to legislation laying tangible rumour of amateur yeah right around the work with your little or listen to this quote from shucks humor, when Graham chastity comes out a proposal that the president's strongly supports after two weeks of lying dormant, try care is back, meaner than ever while its latest version of Trump care may live under a new name, no matter how many ways republicans try to address it up this bill. Even more dangerous than his predecessors even ass. You're dealing with this guy Only came out strongly gets the proposal which you can understand. You shouldn't changes, principles right personalized trump. He took one of trumps, quotes calling mean to vilify. Him even further ankle
but even more dangerous than all of the predecessors. Never deal with these people they never ever ever will honour what they ve. Seventeen year old kid and his girlfriend of eight months. And made the news for something that I think that all of us, have gone through and I e I am puzzled by this story. So destiny and her boyfriend kid a cone, live here in Dallas and They were. They were friends, and then they started dating, and
she had to did him say and she was hungry and he said I'll pick you up later and will grab a bite together, so they he picked her up and right after school, and he says Hungary, and she said I I just wages would kill for a burger now he had this this sinking feeling that I think all of us has had any guy has had this where you only have a certain amount of cash. You don't want to you, don't want to look. Like yours. You have no money, he produced that no money ends. Oh he says He knows that she likes burger at Chile's, and so they go to Chile's. They sit down and the waiter takes you order. She orders is Berger and he says no I've I've I've already I'm good and
no come on guinea by myself, using no I'm I'm good. You eat your hungry, so she its. She offers him a bite all the way through. Please have some, please just sherry signal. I'm stuffed! Will the truth? Is he wasn't stuffed he just didn't, have enough money for him to eat and he wanted her to eat. And he would eat you know at home, with his box of acts were macaroni and cheese or whatever he chose, because that's what I used to choose, because they were twenty three cents, a box. This is something that we have. I think every guy has done. Did you do that with LISA We are, of course, and you're gonna spend twenty three, since it should be on powdered cheese, that is actually accurately rival. I live. You know. If you spend twenty three dollars, it might remain about powdered. She spoke so so here Here's why this is in the news they dating now for eight months and added
tweets her facebooks her and says you know that first date I was actually starving and she's like waiting. Tell me we could have. I may we will I we could. It has gone to the store and just grab something cheapen by would made sandwiches and he said. No, I I wanted you to have one due to eat. I want you to have something good, that this is something that I think every guy has done on a date every every parent has even done this with your children, Europe. Children are out you're doing something or dear. You are making food at home and you're, giving them the best and yours and you're like nope, I'm not hungry. I dont need at you need it. We don't look like we say, meals, but we re as this is a story today on Buzzfeed and question is, chivalry died to the point where this is something that
people are reading going, while look at that guy in so notable right, now Buzz feeds actually running National news stories about it. Is that possible? Is it possible, that but we live in such a place. Now that the majority if the people at least writing I've never been in that position themselves. I'm trying to figure why this is a story. Because this is the way America has always been this. The way men have always been. This is the way the suit you're supposed to do this is not a new story, I don't know
Jack to find your name at Equifax to see that that breach that they added Equifax. If that has affected you, one hundred and forty three million Americans are affected by it. The organisation that determined credit card numbers and see if, if your credit was good, if they really are, they were watching over your your credit they had a a hack, one hunt, In forty three million Americans, two hundred thousand consumers with personal data, the social security number their credit card number was accessed. So, once it's out. First of all, if that all of that information was stolen. Four hundred and forty three Americans million americans- that's half of us, Information was stolen, it's out and its there's, no putting that Genie back in the bottle.
If you haven't been hacked yet if your identity hasn't been taken. Yet it will it's only a matter of time. Somebody's identity is stolen, every two seconds and here's the difference. Lifelong will Go through and look at a wide range of identity threats don't just look at your credit score like equifax they actually look at everything and if there is a problem there, somebody here in the? U S, a: U S, based identity, restoration, specialist, that's gonna, work to fix it. Now, as we can see, nobody can prevent identity theft, monitor all transactions that all businesses is not possible, but life, can see more of the threats than any one else. They can see more of the threats to your identity and they virtue and they step in to help fix it right away, go to life Dot comical one eight hundred life lucky's a promo code back, that's life, locked dot com, promo code back, could get ten percent off your membership. Life locked out, come promo code back
Glenn back gland bags. I don't know if, if you even remember in September September, twenty six, one thousand! Eighty three! This is really at the height of the Cold war, with the Soviets in the United States and we were, you know, calling mosque all the evil empire- and I remember why working in Washington, DC and thinking after they down the Soviet to the Soviet shut down the korean airliner, I'm in the time in the vaporization zone we're gonna be hit by a nuke on December twenty six nineteen. Eighty three Stanislav Petrov. What
sitting in his office, and he received a message that told him that I've nuclear missiles had been launched from the United States and were on their way and they had about twenty minutes to lie to counter attack everything Everything on his screen said launch now. All he had to do was pick up the phone on and say launch the sirens went off, he said tat there for a few minutes, I staring at this big back backlit red screen, with the words launch on it here: the everything had everything I had showed me. The United States was attacking us if I would have picked up phone, we would have launched. He said we had been trained to obey, not to think
He said that there was no rule saying how long we are allowed to think before we reported the strike said: I knew that every second it was passing was taking up global time. He said, but I couldn't move. He said I like I was sitting on a hot frying pan and I just couldn't move luckily. Luckily, It didn't feel right to him to launch and he didn't the world is probably vastly different. Because he waited, it was a bug in the system and he thought this is a new system. I bet this is there some wrong here and he didn't give the order to launch and save the world. The reason why bring this story up is because he just passed away at seven, seven,
Glenn back. Love courage, tree Glenn back, so something happened. That was idle terrifying during president from speech of the: U N yesterday it wasn't anything he said. Rather it was the reaction to what he said problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implement. So he waited for a second but they just stared at him. He was like he was speaking. An alien language.
Yesterday. He was waiting for the assembly to stand up or to applaud at that line, but it was so quiet. You couldn't hurt a pin drop, and this is but scary. Seventy five percent of the EU, and probably believes. Whole huh Thirdly, Socialism is the answer, but when a state may the decision in everything in your life. It's never good Venezuela was supply to be the crown jewel it's the progress of paradise. Everyone in Hollywood, praised Venezuela Shy, PAN Oliver Stone Naomi Campbell, Michael, more Bernie Sanders, all of them In fact, on Bernie Sanders own website. He claims that, if the american dream, what would be more apt to be realised, in Venezuela Then in the United States. So why is it? Everybody loves Venezuela. I think proper. Lee, because
a country that had so much promise. And then, when they went and started to really fully embrace socialism entirely none of us ever lived there. What the utopia actually look like flirtation nears now, one sorry, eight hundred percent basic goods like toy, paper or severely rationed. The name with the largest oil reserves in the world has to implement import oil and oil and gasoline shortages. What's really so heartbreaking, people are struggling for food every single day. At night, many citizens go on the prowl to hunt for rats, cats or dogs. This what progressives across the world call a paradise. Misery is the politics,
ass Bernie Sanders the Lack of food is assessed in book. The believer not a sign of success. Forty, sometimes american journalist. What about our bear? The country is that people are lining up. That's a good thing. In other countries, people to line up food, the rich get the food and the poor starve to death ask of Venezuelan what it's like to deal with food rationing, what is it like? to stand in line for food to get turned away and then have to go down. Through the trash in a last ditch effort to feed your family asked them. What its I like to watch their leaders rip up the constitution and sees even more power and more control, power and control power and control in the and I don't care if it's the our seas or the communists. I don't care it's the left or the right. There is another way into Digital freedom. Power and control in the end that is
what the progressive socialist left and right agenda is always all about, its Lansdowne September twentieth you listening to their land back programme. We are changing as a people, and I just want to drop a pen in the map, and I just want to say we're going over. Cliff and as I learned from one of the righteous among the nations in Poland a few years ago and have shared many times the righteous didn't suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else. Don't go over the cliff theirs a there's a new survey out, we'll talk about it later about how, so many but college students are now saying. Freedom of speech is not that important. It is.
Societies? Can go crazy quickly? one twenty three there was a survey of parents of disabled children Would you agree definitely to a painless short cut of your child's life after its determined, The experts that it is incurable e, stupid. The results of this survey. The study were rip were published in nineteen. Twenty five seven a three percent of those chill of those adults who had children see. And they were willing to have their children killed if they were. Told about it. Well. What do you think happened in Germany after these of poles started to come out and we headed down the same road stack.
From an amazing up ad in the New York Times called the Nazis. First, victims were disabled, comes from a freeze, the author, not only that up had, but also the book in the province of the gods and joins us live from Germany so Kenny V, the first of all you you were born without bones in your legs, I was born made him sixty missing fibula in my legs and spent the first four weeks life in incubator People do not know whether I would be able to walk some thought I should be, you are allowed to live, but luckily my parents weren't amongst them. So yeah Menem lived a prick, you ve, no normal life. I was the one of the first kids to be called him: a mainstream school unbuckling, New York and the night in sixties. And you know, went to college and after college, I started to write about my disability experience
which then you know much later in two thousand and two brought me to Japan. I wanted to look at what another country of culture different from our own looked at how they disability, so I went Japan and the result was my new book in the province of the gods. And they learn some interesting things there glam I mean I was some. I was very surprised when I Japan that I was treated more as a foreigner which I was then I was a disabled person, whereas in my country in the United States I was always looked at a different, because I was disabled, like kind of thought, like a foreigner in my own country, I am found out a lot about how central Unit Centre disability was the japanese culture at this. The Anna historically at the same time where it was looked at as something shameful harm in Utah.
About you know what happened in Germany. There was a story that happened in Yokohama, Japan and nineteen zero uniting seventies, where a The mother had a child with such are about Paul Cerebral Palsy and she had numerous children and ensure Japanese passionate about the husband was away a lot and she was very overburdened by having the child and she killed the child. And though she was aside, she was you know: charged with murder and found guilty. The outcry was so great. That people felt so sorry for her. That she really got off without any any prison on it. Any punishment, for killing home grown child Kenny. There's a them. There was a story that came out in a couple of weeks ago. I think about Reykjavik, how rake
This is becoming a country that will end. It was celebrated, leave the of this first city or country that now that will be down syndrome free because there, early testing and most people are a boarding. These children before their born. So Reykjavik now is down syndrome free birth and I found that article highly disturbing as a as a dad of a child of special needs, my daughter has cerebral palsy, I wish this for my child. It is it's difficult, however: her life as real meaning and real purpose, and and- and I I dont understand where we're we're crossing some spooky lines yap we and dumb became forget that you know what I was pointed out in my in my new times article that the history
in our country in the United States, is not free of these things nineteen, twenty seven in the buggy bell decision. You know over when the home said three generations of imbeciles with enough and cause Constitution, or to stall I've disabled people last without you know, one thing in our culture we used up, but they call them ugly laws where you're not for you are prohibited from being in public. If you were disabled, if you looked different, if you looked, you know, deformed and the last of those laws wasn't rescinded until nineteen seventy four Glenn You know it wasn't one act as never heard. I've never heard of the ugly liming. I know but the Omen betterment society. I know all about the the nastiness of love, what we ve done with eugenics. I think we were right in some ways. We taught the Germans an awful lot.
But when it comes to, when it comes to the ugly laws, was that one of those laws that just happen to still be on the books? Like you know, you can't tie your horse up at supermarket and they just also removed or they started, being passed me. Eighteen, sixteen, eighteen, seventy in various cities across this across the country. Some states try to pass per minute. They weren't successful is as cities. So there were basing local ordinances easy. We said you can't yeah yeah case in Germany. That happens a couple of days kids. A girl called the Frankfurt judgment where people went on holiday and other booked a holiday and they encountered disabled people holiday, and they asked to be reimbursed by their travel agents by Europe, because they Dave happened upon these disabled people and they got they got.
They want they want in court. So leave these these feelings about. Stability are prevalent in in the lot of culture as they would they, probably all cultures so manifest themselves, So can we have an adult conversation here Kenny and this is not popular to do and it will be taken you know and and chopped up, but we have to have real conversations because we're dealing with released very stuff. I e is: we're looking at health care, the argument is about. We just can't let people die, etc, etc, but when a state is in control, There has not been there's too many examples of it. Just comes down to the money, and if you can, opt out of that. You know
and the state says: hey you're, not producing enough potatoes. I gotta give this money to somebody else who has a better quality of life and are going to actually put into the system, and it becomes this horror show verses. Well, these people can't afford any health care, and so they're just gonna die, which is all oh awful. The army will How do you balance those flows in my mind? I would rather have the chance to opt out. Or opt in then being stuck in a system where the whatever they call and say, I'm sorry you're done we're done. Well, I mean to go back to dinner. To today. Am, I mean, did in Japan boner if you know that the mood the balance of Maria, where they basically take others. This small villages in Japan awhile back they would take their elderly when they were all to just go to the mountain and today
we die alone in the mountain which I don't think it's. Which made the duty of slogans like Logan's, run low tech yeah, but the problem. The problem is that you in a society it just values: disability that misunderstand disability that fears, disability. You can't make a true voluntary choice. If you know people say that a thumb If somebody, you know what I kept when I get dementia, if I get Alzheimer's, I dont want to live like that. It's not a dignified life. And but what are they react into very acting to a fear about the body changing and of the disability? Experience teaches anything it says it is about the fact that that's that's what a life is. Our life is change in. I talk about this in the problems of the gods, because Japan deals with the idea of change which ultimate changes, mortality that were all and I'm not gonna, be here.
After a while, so it's, I fear that I think, gets in the way of making vision of what one would want to do if one was severely disabled. You know, farmers whatever it is- and I don't think you can make a rational choice, illnesses in a society that does values, disability and the same lives so kitty? What is what have given the only dignity it could have is to die. I mean: is that dignified? I don't think that dignified, this is what what you're saying Kenny is is going counter culture. I mean, I agree with you, but it's really going counter. Culture now and I, as a as a libertarian. I don't want to tell you what you have to do? but we are going into a culture that is, is wanting to make the decisions for people and and bend based on quality of of life. I
I don't know where to help. How do we change this? How do we re start this human spark, We look at why we, why were afraid of difference and why Pretty words why we afraid of disability? Why are you afraid more tower. So why are we have? You do have a thought on it? Why are we as well I'll, buy you a lot of work on it. I think we're afraid, because we're all afraid of afraid of death. For example, I was one some I was once I'm bookstore within anthology call staring back that I edited and a very, very wonderful right earning Susan. This battle is in Chicago, was sitting at breakfast mind your own business and a woman. Just come over to her and said I glad you're here, and so he looked at her and said, like what a meeting Brecht
sweaty, meaning so glad I'm here and the woman said to her, I'm so, but I'm not you yeah and this woman have the need to go over and actually say that to Susan. It wasn't like you know. She was conversation with her Susan was of mining around business, and I think that I cannot see what's up, I'm jewish Christian. So what if I say, I knew if I move up the phrase there for the greater guy, yeah yeah. If you look at him throughout history disability has been looked at through just model where the disabled person is looked at as either varies all totally good a saint aren't. You hold a devil. Mme to the medical model, where the only way to deal with disability is to basically kill it or curate. When
If you really look at it, the only way that disability is really defined by the society that you're in by the barriers that putting that are put in your way. It's really the society that that disabled people, not the impairment itself in most cases I miss you, ask Anybody- You know what's more difficult, being disabled or dealing with the barriers put in your way, they're going to say it's the barriers so I mean that's. You know any does the dilemma and I hope that we get a chance to to speak again. I thank you so much for your time, but I'd love to to have you in and and to have this continuing conversation with you? But it's what I we desperately need as a society thanks it's not your history too. If you look at the other categories, Peter singer, the chair of ethics at Princeton, saying this in two thousand fifteen I dont
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its liberty, safe there, the home and the best build safes on the planet, its liberty, safe, dot com. Glenn back Glenn back now. I just have to tell you. I am so deeply offended what a surprise by something the Keith Ellison said. About Dhaka. Listen to this, so this is not the something go on both of these the there is our responsibility to do the right thing,
All of the people who believes we should give our never sang to me and if you ask yourself what would I do if I was a gentile in nineteen, forty one if my jewish neighbors were under attack by then by the by the Nazis, what I give them sanctuary you might be about to find out what you would do. Will you pass that moral test, or will you feel it? Why? Just one of the show you that Keith Ellison as compared our government, our workers, our president and everyone else, does directly to the Nazis. And beyond that he has said that those who came here illegally, who we're not putting in gas chambers. We want to send them back. Home are akin to the Jews that died in gas chambers sack.
Then, in the Glen that programme, thank you so much for listening today. We have a lot going on. There is a hurricane that is now widely off the face of the earth? They said it's gonna be uninhabitable for weeks, if not months, Porter Rico Will give you the update on that. We had an earthquake yesterday in in Mexico City, will give you details on how you can help hand wars, rumours of oars September. Twenty third there's a lot of people. I believe that this is talked about in the book of revelation. If we have a chance to talk about that, just you can packing. Eggs or not, Because September, twenty third is Saturday, and there are a lot of people that are believing I'm not one of them, but there are lots of people believing that that is in the Look of revelation in this is the day of rapture. What did subscribe to the police, because your programming to make the payment will rise.
Mommy get online free? Then you're gone they act as you can get. I think they theirs, as some sort of intro period were like where's. This dead beat that promised us that ninety nine a month he just left his clothes therein, is on his desk in his and is often we have that coming up and minutes so that depart cast how I built this is one of my yeah I just be. They do interviews with all these people who started this amazing businesses and how they did it and the stores are really interesting. If you love how these things happen, there's one interesting one lately with genuine and she's, the founder of rent, the runway and uranium rent or unlike Lenny. I have. I have three daughters and why are very well aware of red the runway itself, which I think it actually brilliant. It's a brilliant idea, brilliant idea, exactly this an interest em, it's interesting that use that is going to come back to that that the wording you tissues there. This is
gentlemen, talking about how she was coming up and in very early on how she's developing the idea for this business listen. I had this thesis that we had entered the experience economy and people were getting married later and starting to value experiences like travel over owning things and So I had an idea. The time to launch the first moon registry in the world where couples could register for their honeymoons and their friends and family could contribute by you know paying we're scuba, diving or pang for a massage or hotel night, as opposed to buying them pots and pans. So the twenty two year old. I was really passionate about this idea. I emailed the president of Starwood. I pitch term on this idea to start a wedding business no again
that's a brilliant thought, regulated twenty two years old and she's thinking of the world, that less loving, really smart. Now she comes up. With rent the runway, which, if you dont know she's gonna, explained kind of what it is here. That is brilliant. It is a brilliant idea and it also says and cheeks the way she explains this says something some profound about where we are, as a society. Listen ass, her responsible, older sister, I wise remarking how she. Probably where one of the dresses in her as it again as opposed to being in credit card dad and her response to me was you know, everything in my closet is dead. To me, I've been photographed, Annette Photographs, upon Facebook and I need something now. Oh, my god, and you know Becky was a twenty five year old like now. I'm a girl who lived in New York. She wasn't a celebrity, but she was tall about being photographed at not being able to where something again,
I like it, was a label moment for me because I realized I was having a conversation with my sister about the experience of during an amazing dress of walking into a party feeling self, confident and feeling beautiful and that's what she cared about and she didn't care about the actual ownership of the items in her closet. The other thing she cared about was the photograph that would exist after the party If she could post on Facebook and kind of share with everyone, she knew how awesome she felt in how confident she felt at that wedding, ok, so she is so here's another reason. This is why she successful if my Sister would have said that to me all I would have thought
I have thought of a business idea. I would have thought what the hell is wrong with you. I think it is right and what is I would have gone into well we're going into an experience economy. I would have gone too. We are doomed is a peep accurately. That's an icy rides inviting away as we're going to Hell she's like wait. We can make money on this. Yeah hides a hits exactly right, so see again used the word brilliant. I think that's completely clickable here the cities are. These are genius thoughts. If I can ever think like this. In a moment, rent the runway is truly brilliant and if you don't know the business model, essentially she solved the problem. Her sister had by your able to now rent these ridiculously expensive dresses one night and then send back right. They signal sent them to you. They send you in two different sizes, so
you can make sure the one fits perfectly than you send, both of them back. You had the knight, with the glamorous thing that you have Jennifer, rather literally, feel they can be up to like five thousand dollar dresses yap, examining all the best designers right, and your renting them instead of buying it once and then I never ever wearing it again. You and I'll stupid. It's an maize. It's a great idea right, also to show you how successful they are. They are now the largest dry cleaner in America. Oh, my gosh, that's that's how successful this businesses, but she goes into a conversation later on about sexual harassment, and and sexual discrimination against women she's a female business owner. Obviously, somebody's gonna come up right. In an interview, and it was really in testing is it. I think it is right that it would seriously and in my view, to be mine either. But I mean that's word that I guess interview it s a bit of you went and she talked about one incidents which was
The legitimate standard, what you'd think about when you thought of sexual harassment, towards what and she had a real of concrete example of that, but she went further than one and talked about a more subtle form of it, and I I thought this was a really interesting lesson about business today and how difficult it's gotta be to navigate, listen, the second form of sexual harassment, Flash Gender discrimination is way more subtle and its way more difficult to prove, but for Instance, overall I have seen mail, founders receive sometimes more mentorship or more chances to be successful. They get more strikes against them before their investors kind of pull the plug. In a lot of cases, women are only given. You know it's a ones.
Riker you're out as the ceo and founder so on my man to say you hear conservatives bitching about that, because that's a conservative life. I can't tell you how I was introduced to people or even just the last weekend, compared to how what the options were for every one else, because was a conservative in a room full of liberals, because I think differently because of my gender. This this happens and you can either let it crush you or you can get up your ass. Move on. Now again, I thought it was trusting thing of less opportunity at mentorship, just think. But that per second she saying that, like an hour, the males can look at other male enlightened and relate to them and offering them along and give them opportunities now she's traced. Illustrate what she means by these central forms of a sexual harassment lesson. It was the time early in my career, where an investment firm, no such
oh Jack, you know you should really meet these other entrepreneur, they're around your son, your own age, their brilliant. You can learn a lot from them. Their building incredible companies going to change the world now all of those entrepreneurs where man and they were kind of prefaced, is being geniuses, brilliant, etc, and this infirm never introduced me in that same way to the same entrepreneurs, even though we were at similar tenure and similar stages and our company, irony is allotted those guys, their businesses, you know orange around anymore, and you know I'm the one who's still chugging, please you doesn't leave, is that is their sexual discrimination or that you're used to something I'm working with somebody day to day and say. Oh my gosh, you have to meet all these brilliant people that I know over here I mean
working with you? Is that the discrimination or is it just I'm just use to you, and I want to introduce you to these brilliant people that will help you I'm sorry, I didn't go out and say I have this really brilliant, be I'm trying to help you yeah. I mean another way of describing a busy this person saying to one up and coming businessperson hey. Here's Geniuses you should talk to is mentorship, The thing she saying she doesn't get in its sub subtle form of sexual harassment is what that business owner was trying to do. He was trying to mentor her and bring her into a group of other smart people what he gets. Four that is later on years later, in an interview, his efforts are described as sexual harassment, and you wonder why partially women might get fewer opportunities is because male business owners are terrified of what just happened there
you know it's not just its, not just that it's not just women, it is its across the spectrum and it's why we don't talk to each other. And, quite honestly, I think you know the hierarchy of needs. You know Maslovs a hierarchy of needs I, that's been turned upside down, but there's a different way to look at it. There's another triangle that America has invented and it is sitting on top of the triangle and I'm going to share that on tomorrow's broadcast. When it comes to your mortgage, buying or refinancing, you need people that take away the stress in your life and not add any more. That's why there's american financing the salary based mortgage consultants at american financing are dedicated to making sure that you make a smart mortgage decision that aligns with your goals and and your your finances
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you have tried to come over and work in the United States and which country doesn't want you is it? Is it us or is it study. Ireland just want to let you go. No, I don't meet the visa requirements to get over here, so I don't meet the educational to work requirements to get a work visa to come over here to the great state of Texas, and it is what it is My dream is dead, but my service starts now. Yes, oh, you know you dreams, not dead, insist on hold just on hold. It feels that doesn't yes, You wanna! Do you, because you are weird kid: you ve always loved the United States this and end damn that's weird. Over their Zena obsolete it's so pics yourselves, a seventeen year old boy in Ireland, though boring letter, boring climate, just change the status quo, and then you get the transport and go over to clear water. Florida, warm weather, different climate beautiful, women right food, great sport, right I was in love,
from day. One run right, that's a lower further has landed, and it's not just because of the beaches and everything else. You have actually become a fan of the founders. Absolutely so I fellow over the country, and that what started a love affair. But then, as I learn more about your history, I've become absolutely fascinated with the idea of America and the sunlight. The world needs to hear You are a year. I sense this frustration in you in some way. That you have a friend in America that is beaten itself up and you're like what is wrong with you. What is it beating itself up because your listenin to the media and the politicians tell you you suck, and it's not the case So as an Irishman, I have one thing in common with a famous frenchman: I don't have many things in common with friends, but I share the sentiment of Alexis De Tocqueville. America is great, because Americans are good and that's Islam on the rest of the world, because
the difference of America compared to the world. Is there many there many you'd, exact opposite, but why the things as your about the individual. So I tell people when I think of Great Britain, I think of the queen when you think if I ran right now, you think of the ayatollahs when you think of nor creaking of King John on. When I think of him I always think of your people and your people have been over here watching and hearing the stories of Houston total devastation, yet your people have stood up your people is not the people of Irish of Ireland would have done. Then they would have done helped they might have. Some points, but I've heard stories I I've sky. He met a man. A wonderful gentlemen, And he showed a story of her. He hasn't had light and heat, as has for two weeks so now having got money but here he has money to put gasoline into drums to bring down to Houston people would help people if they had the money spare but Ireland and in Europe if the choices I e r? U S! That's an equation that you wanna hear the answer to America time. Time again helps each other. Factually you go.
Who dominates the most time and money factually America's right? There It's behind murmur which is not really shouldn't, even be counted boy time and time again, you showed a story earlier on, but there the dating that's the culture you choose to help other people you're. Wonderful nation is so wonderful, not because our president's, not because a Congress not even true to the constitution, because of your people. So let me return the favor. I read a book about Ireland this week this summer, it sir, how the Irish saved the western civilization of are that its fascinating one of the things that I learned is about the truth on Saint Patrick, ok, and driving the snakes which didn't happen? I never met before you go home tomorrow. Maybe you can come back tomorrow. I want to ask you the question that I found out about Saint Patrick. It is a completely different story and the world
needs to hear that story, not the one that we all go out and just drink. Our faces offer back in just a second Glenn Back soviet travelling for business a lot. You know that it's not funny. It's not necessarily a big joy and there's a lot of things that can happen. Sometimes people's beer feed, come in between your seats and are sitting on your hat armrests I've seen pictures of its people, its terrible upside down can make us a hot, better look. You gonna have to do business. But why not number one save a bunch of money number to get a free Amazon gift card. When you put travel a you can spend on whatever you want, for example, knows plugs because there's bare feet,
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apparently, diversity at american elite colleges, however, is in jeopardy According to the New York Times, fifteen percent of American Eighteen year olds were black and twenty two percent hispanic in twenty fifteen yet come freshmen at led colleges, Rowley six per cent blackened thirteen percent have Hispanic, and those numbers were lower than they were in nineteen eighty now This is a crisis for progressives. Your time say these colleges need to go above and beyond affair and of action and fix this problem. We need more than affirmative action a Georgetown law professor says elite colleges will only reflect America's overall diversity when colleges blow up the system of admissions, though propose that colleges stop using standardized test, scores Irene we. Test. People.
Or do you really do want these people graduating from colleges like this building aeroplanes, that you're gonna fly and cause I'd out I'd I'd like a standard died by God. Can I see your test scores police? We have stop with diversity, hand, wringing. Affirmative action is inherently unfair and perhaps it started with good intentions, but, like me, progressive ideas, its imploded How about an emission system that is simply merit based? I don't care about the color of your skin. I don't care I don't care what you call yourself. I don't care what gender youth! I don't care if you think you're a space alien. What have you been doing? show me your work. Let's hear it too much to ask It is also time to look at how much we're paying for an education college is now insanely in eggs, expensive, insanely,.
Even though our elite colleges have endowments that are worth, billions of dollars all tax exempt tuition is more expensive than ever and goes up about forty one percent in the last few years. Why? Because college is big business, grass of his em. An affirmative action are all part. Of the game. It's Wednesday September twentieth you listening to the glad that programme. So how do we haven't here in Amerika? It is this area answer this question. Have you ever been so destitute that you actually thought? I wonder how much They give me for my kidney.
I can guarantee you that it has been thought of in many places around the world, but not here in Amerika. I mean I'm a man, I mean going you alone shark, with selling one of your organs on the black market, for quick cash. How much are your organs worth how much good you sell your eyes for if you were forced to sell them how much did your family get for your heart. These organs are actually worth a lot more than you thought. A kidney can fetch two hundred thousand dollars on the black market. By the way, seventy five percent of all black market sales kidneys pull time best seller. This kidneys got to go. Corneas, twenty four, thousand four hundred dollars
The heart is only worth a hundred. Nineteen thousand. The bone marrow. You can sell your bone marrow twenty Three thousand dollars per gram. I know how much marrow is in there, but. Am I have at twenty three thousand grandma I might have summarily could spare from time to time. The real. I bring this up his cause. Eight, I mean it's in in that there is a price list for organs. But there is also a problem with organ sales and its special It's happening in the Middle EAST,. We were gonna now something with operation. Oh you are this week, but because they are having some really dicey, elections going
right now and we have to see how the dust settles they have a referendum going on. Have to see how the dust settles were were putting that pause for a little while, but we are ready to do something. Truly remarkable, truly remarkable, but because of what I ve been working on, I happen to know about the organ sales that are going on. Did you say report yesterday, Stew, on the number of slaves around now yeah I mean was if forty Forty point: three million forty point: three million. It's an that's more than the entire history. Of the old school slave trade that we think was so I was this weekend. I was up the Nantucket project and He said I was talking about slavery.
And I said there are more slavery, more slaves, then the entire western slave trade, the four hundred years of western slave trading alive, today combined all of them combined four hundred years. There more of more people alive today in chains than that, as incredible set an to tobacco on that when you first those like Algeria. Where did you get that Africa? I mean? I didn't believe you and so I went and looked it up, and it is actually legitimately a true statistics oh I and yours stat boy. So I know you would have looked it up, but that's what might my daughter said? Whiskers she was sitting in the crowd and she said no. We believed you on that state that I didn't believe it either yeah. She said, may know people like me. I can't be true, and it is true that in Think of that we're. Well. What are we doing right now? We are talking about pull. Down statues
because they were for slavery. And some of them were saying that they were that the founders were bad because they were silent on slavery, even though most of the warrant? they were silent on slavery and the argument is wait a minute. You can't judge them at two hundred and fifty years ago the slavery was a normal thing back then so It had to be wildly forward thinking to be against it. Ok, how today, we're all clearly against it right, we'll know slavery is wrong. You know how I is now funding that itself, because We we bombed, though the direct route of the oil trade, Do you know one of the main ways? They are funding ISIS right now: the slave trade. Even worse, kidneys,. They are kidnapping, children
They are cutting the kidneys and the hearts out of them, and they are selling them on the black market. Where the abolition is today. Seriously. Where are the abolitionist today This is the hardest. This is the hardest thing. I watch day a documentary last night and I'm am recommending that you watch it because It's called, I am Jane DOE, but it's really it states powerful is powerful, but it's all while the slave trade in its all about that, it's all about Amerika today and how kids in America or being kidnapped and They are being used in in the sex industry against their will They are being drugged and beaten there are actually believe it or not. The village voice.
Was the main perpetrator of the sales. For this k called they're back page however, there are placing ads for yes and it still is still not, taking care of it still not shut down, and it is its remarkable is going on, and I but to myself, I'm watching this something nobody's watching this movie, nobody, watching this movie because it's too horrific, and that is the problem that, Founders had back two hundred in some years ago, when they were when they upset about it and they wanted to stop at Benjamin Franklin was one of the biggest abolitionist, if not the biggest abolitionists, of the founding error era, and he he We get people to listen, because what happened? not affecting me it
and be that bad of a problem, because most people didn't have slaves. It can that much of a problem. Well, they did something to deserve it. That's what we think, but what it think well, they're, not really people like us anything Keep you blind and so How do you get that story out and we facing exactly the same issue on trying to that story out Our founders did at the the founding of our country as the same issue that Abraham Lincoln did we have and mercury. One. A a letter written by Abraham Lincoln, as he is trying to figure out how explain to people that slavery is wrong. I think that how Why explain to people that slavery is wrong? We now know we now, What's wrong and yet
we can't bring ourselves to look at it because it is so hard. Equally ugly,. But I want you to know. If we really want to change things, not for us but for our children and grandchildren. We can not miss this opportunity, to be an abolitionist now because they are going to look back and say: well, your parents, in your grandparents, in your great great grandparents, they were putting up with this. Where were they, then we're trying jolt, but be considered an abolitionist in today's world be considered an abolitionist, take a strong stand on something that we know Clearly wrong, but you do when you stand up against it is clearly right.
picture three emptied boats floating in a harbor, pointed out to sea with Sixty kids lined up on the shore waiting to board one by one, the kids stepped down into the boats, one little girl where's it hello, kitty, pajama tab and the rest of the kids. They seem to be dressed for a party thousands of people passing by sea the kids this morning, as they make their way through the town, but nobody really thought to ask what's happening with all these kids in what party are they going to? Nobody saw. The signs are usually the simple act of hurting kids through town and unloading them onto a tour boat. Isn't that impressive? But if you have the eyes to see two days journey by boat is a step back in time loaded with meaning, these children, just
like slaves of the past, have been forced to wear a happy face by their captors five. Figures and cocaine dealer, Stood about twenty yards away laughing at the group Of rich Americans, the scene lacks whips in shackles of the historic african coast, but make no mistake: this is a slave boat. The kids here are bought and sold just like they were in the past, a simple commodity, once the kid strapped on their little life, vest and sat down in the boats, their captains were instructed by the traffickers to launch the traffickers and their american buyers followed by speedboat and as it goes, the traffickers, perhaps in a hurry to get their cash, failed to notice. The signs of me around
were those signs for armed colombian officials dressed his boat captains, five Americans, snapping cellphone pictures and taking videos like drum tourists, a camera bearing drone circling just a few hundred yards overhead and just out of you, three colombian Navy boats awaiting the signal this operation, underground rail road, but the more poignant signs of a mutiny we're coming from the kids themselves. As one slave boat launched an older girl on board huddled the kids together and prayed cod bring us home, safe, on the second vote, but different girl wore a come off t shirt with an image of Jesus printed on the front.
Hail Mary to any man, woman or angel with a conscience and courage, and today praise God, men and angels were listening within thirty minutes of disembarking onto the private island, where the kids were preparing to meet their temporary masters, while they waited in one section of the house. On the other side, the deal was being made, cash was being exchanged and a signal was being given colombian Navy captains in rate right on the sandy storm. Forty kids, emancipated, the rehabilitation and recovery experts were also they're trying to help the kids start that long journey to true freedom, but watching their captors march away in handcuffs at gunpoint was pretty good start.
As the american undercover operators walk back towards the boats. They heard what sounded like laughter at first then they realized the laughter had turned cheers as if to say, free at last free at last. Thank God, almighty, I'm free at last Since first announcing operation underground rail road on the blaze, you have funded fast, effective missions, overs Six hundred and fourteen trafficking survivors had been rescued and two hundred and sixty monsters are behind bars. Slavery must stop now. If you haven't yet come in and join us at our rescue dot org.
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The president has declared that is a disaster area. They say that it will be uninhabitable uninhabitable for weeks, if not months,. Porto Rico is, is, I mean, is already on the verge of absolute collapse Let's keep them in mine, also The last number I heard nurse conflicting numbers with the last number I heard was two hundred and forty people have been killed in the earthquake and ECHO That's going a lot higher a lot higher me, that's just that you mean almost immediately they had video of buildings collapse, completely to schools collapsed. His hopes, Some of them got out there. They were talking about dozens and dozens and dozens of children that they know are missing whether they're alive in the rubble or who knows
Visor reserve aftershock. Coming I mean you know they had an end. Point one on the southern border of Mexico. What two weeks ago now a seven point, one. I believe in nineteen. Eighty five, That was was it was at an eight year on the visitors gallery one year and that killed it was. I run equally the animal A thirty fifth anniversary yesterday of the. Mexico City earthquake that caused ten thousand people to die. Lotta people already gone to memorial service is to remember their loved ones. That had died. Thirty five years later, I mean earlier and then later in the afternoon there hit with with a seven point, one its moments it seriously like this, that you take a moment and thank God for capitalism, because The capitalism we have had in our system has brought us
enough freedom to to make these disasters when they do hit us must much less damage. A gosh will look at the difference between Mexico, city and eighty five and now Glenn back. You're, a great from tat gray on chain lays radio network to review the war unleashed. What web, which everyone whenever nice on the non your genes leashes, I had it all. I had all of it, and now it's than and loaded linen you ve all been, and yes, so so Pat. What is on your mind today? Well, I think we're going in the right direction in this country, and I think you have to go to agree when I went in entire Illinois. Football team of players Eight years old and younger takes a me rather than stand for the national anthem. You know that
schooling swimmingly where, where where? Where? Where? Where? Where? Where did this happen, Illinois illinois- they were, they were eight years old and below the ESA. They tell me, is it- is higher than an eight year olds, but which says one of the kids ass me did. I see them protesting in writing. As a loose coach said, I said, yes, and you know why they're doing it player answered, because black people are and killed and nobody's going to jail. I thank you for knowing that. Thank you for understanding that all black. People are being killed and the people who kill them just then they dont nothing happens that, They in fact some new in some cases there given awards na hunting. True at all by theirs. The perception, so he thought it was agreed teaching moment, and so they talked about common capper neck, which is interesting as calling camp doesn't know why common can predict the future. So he circle up the team. They talked about it needs, and what can we do that? You said sure yeah? You know his lungs. You know why you're doing it
I don't have a problem with it. With that the whole team of all twenty five players turned their backs. On the black me and took me parent. Side, they have a vigorous com save even with the goat, here's the cultures cooled kind of all along those lines. As long as I have the support of my parents and team and I'm cover, The first amendment to peaceful protests in assemble- I'm fine with this so currently nobody nobody complaint. I mean Imagine you imagine you were taking your kid too, a into a game and you're sitting there and stands in here comes a star spangled banner and all of a sudden. You see your kid taken me I got on my mind. I would go out on the field I pull out of the game immediately, I would to I would go get my kid. I would I would we
Walk out on the field during the national anthem, and I would go get my kid and I would pull him up on his feet. And say after it was over we're leaving. And that we would get into the car, and then I would have a discussion later with the coach. The hell you doing who won right. Do you think you have to teach I'd Shirin about this. Country and what we should be doing it do you think, my my six year old, really had an understanding on the ins and outs of what is happening on Saint Louis. You really made so any little League football game, the proper forum for that kind of nonsense. It's not a guy called into the show yesterday and I don't remember what we're talking about at the time when he said that I owned by appreciate what you're trying to do, but it's it's too late.
Don't don't worry about it too late for this country, and I said you know I just can't go there with you. I can't now I'm not gonna I'm going to adopt that defeatist attitude by indeed, the show I adopted that last attitude, ass, rat girl, my hands up, it's too late, the order to veto weary. We got the media during the show with one is, open story after another. It's pretty hard to believe when you get there. Ouch saying what I teach my kids is: love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect boundaries and, of course, hatred to hatred for America. I dont correct any other mirth misperceptions about what's going on in this country. As long as we're, not gonna teach our children if we don't teach our children we are done, it is too late. We we got get a grip on this and if you don't, home school. Your kids, you ve, got at least supplement what their, what their hearing when they get
How have to how sitting around the dinner table and discussing what you learn that day and then correcting them? perceptions talkative. The news that comes on tv, hey when the room. When your kid say I saw what happened in Saint Louis, what's going on there and you could give them the person there are many people who think that that cops are racist they're, not sometimes they make terrible mistakes. Sometimes they are re. Sometimes they are. Sometimes they might be raised is putting the vast majority of cases there not an end. The majority of these crops have been exonerated from any wrongdoing, and I know people dont like that, and I don't like to hear it, but there is also people who are doing hands up, don't shoot when that never happened in Ferguson I'm implicitly talking to a six year old, you're you're, not even in the position, explain racism in proper terms. It came in just then giant. I mean that why they had the start. Bellied sneakers from Doktor Seuss, like the heat,
trying to explain racism and he's gotta put stars on the belly of sneakers to explain that concept. This is your saying the concept of racism then you're trying to dissect do. You know national events in and misleading these kids in massive ways. It is so clear now that you have small children, several speeches leader way tenure Go you gotta made a reference to start Bellied sneak Junior exactly right here. I ask you to Malta: does our sitting you're goin away until they were teenagers, praying for the star biggest then that's coming? I don't think they were violent. Now they were, they were yeah Seuss. He covered all that there was a horrible bloodbath. Why I thought it was? They all came together and understood. That is ok. If one has a star, labelling does not as a matter of differences, and we can go together. Hands are built in each
slurry lately we already said they were all decapitated. Yes, oh and it turns into like a really looks like a Hutu and Tutsi situation where they are killing each other aliens dead Miguel. Dad I'm glad I didn't get about chat back. The Hutu entreaties actually follow the play book of Stability and Elizabeth. That's where they came from. It is legitimate that imagine that you had no idea. Doktor Seuss Was- but you didn't know who the Hutus and are early hutus. The Tutsis were could be worried right now about this necessarily listing issues that determine everything, big kind of sound, a little scary. I would be infuriated by that, though, because it HU, I just add a media speaking. You had a little kids ahead of a basketball coach meeting last night we had to go and like learn how to not. I guess I did I would say the main thrust of the meeting was: don't the kids in the face, if they mrs shot like they do so. Make sure that their you're, not the crazy parent.
Going to go, not some sidelines and become this competitive. So hang Riley illegally way, so you you're gonna, be coaching. Yes, watching the the Basque about gotta get unlike its mandate to do the baseball handling. In the basketball thing, but that's, I would say, the thrust of the meaning is not necessarily like anything about the code. It's about, like hey, don't be a lunatic parent who thinks this is the final for it's. Not however reader. I remember going through this with my daughter when she was young at in Connecticut at a t, ball game and They didn't give that that that speed Do the parents and the parents were arguing, t law game now to table and where they probably didn't even keeps go out. No, they did. They did every one continued to hit the tea ball.
Every one was now. You are not allowed to grab the ball and tag them out, so everyone a hit. The ball ran around every one got home, it was tied. Aid to eight is a home run. Every time areas on home run every time tide of eighty eight, and there her parents that actually work arguing about it, then a faint turned around and when it's going to be a two way and then temper those drew because I did the baseball thing last year and there's you start just counting in your head, at least the outs, because every once in a while, the ball gets Turning to the base of the kid actually picks it up or throws it somewhat near the other kid yen and the guy running to first base trips and you get an out and it's like basically winning the world series politics. Does it Dan's empty handed down? If anything, it's a big moment, Gaitered baths and good work, but I mean I think, honestly,
There is no circumstance that I can imagine losing my mind is apparent for a little kid. Example that one you just described patent my mind lose what island? None on the kid, obviously for sure, but I mean how I lose afterwards at I would I wouldn't lose my mind on the kid, but I would have there would be a harsh talking to on that one. I you know what think I would take it out on my child. There would be a there would be a discussion on I. Understand I understand you thought you were doing good that's really complex thing! and if you come down on your kids when they think they're doing good and they ve been told by an adult that they're doing good they're gonna have to decide eventually who do they believe mom and dad or my funchal children here, you know and as they grow, they're gonna start thinking. So you you, want to come down on your kid at all? You would, Unto corrected, but if
six or seven years old. They have no idea what they're doing, not as the one, the one that is responsible is the coach, and I I believe, can't believe, that in Amerika today that could happen. There isn't a single parent on that Little league team on either side that is, in front of a camera saying this is outrageous. I pulled my kid out its. It shows you how out of favor conserved principles on, don't know nobody has them. Stop stop conservative with a mere chicken principles! That's right got conservative anymore. This is how out of step anyone who actually believes in Amerika how out of Damn you actually are
now, if you don't hate America, he can listen to Pat, Graham leashed. Our watch on the place television and radio network says I don't do it I'll, find you the money. If you don't have to worry, listen to him. If you do hate America watch him you're, one of whatever is out ever right or general and sea of fabulous path. He will take today to be complete, defeated and give up on him. That's all coming up a pack least after this programme and police, radio and Tv as a gun, our education is the top priority concealed carry permit It allows you to do a lot of things, but the moment you pull out that gun it's a different world who is protecting you, you guys remember when, when we went to Philadelphia, we took the classes and We all had you not take their safety course classes and learn to shoot the guns. I marry that enrich
Were the conversation that they had on look if you're ever gonna pull your gun here, the rules here, the restrictions, here's what you make sure and you we were all freight like I'm, not gonna pull my gun. I mean Don't you want to call my boy She was so there were. So things you had to do is your life is over, and people who go through that training are thee, usually the least likely to pull out their god in some crazy wrecked circumstance, because then I must responsive and in some cases they in some states there is a law that you must try to retreat. First, you have to run away for you can then defend yourself. They d It makes sense in some places. Unbelievable here in the Texas, thank God, that's not the case, but pretty much everywhere else, you're in trouble and even in Texas. You view have to pull your gun on somebody. God forbid, you have to shoot. You are in your trouble, the? U S,
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you we have health insurance, we have life insurance, we have fire insurance, we have car insurance, we have Some people have flood insurance. I mean We have insurance for everything, but this, but the moment you pull your gun, you're gonna need it, because somebody the bad guys this time wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase in calling themselves attorneys are coming for. You protect fan dotcom. The people who will stand behind you protect and defend dot com Now you get one percent instant, free access to all of the stuff in the guide, and you should read it: it's protect and defend dot, protect and defend dotcom Glenn back. That my name is going back. My executive producer is stupor here,
Also they producer of Glenn Back Television, which hairs On the blaze, we're in in men depressed this now of doing something that I think you really like. All chalkboard based I think, in a way when we get at all said and done, hopefully in a way that you ve you ve, not before end and really explaining the basic things in a in a very clear and simple way: kind of the stuff that you know we're trying to go back to the basics, the things that we know that we do well and the things that we that we know that you could use painting, but we were then this week, we ve been showing you behind the scenes and its roots really quite led. Last night is last night show I was watching it last night and it was so uncomfortable at times. Yes, it was really it's of it. I mean it is region of Rio
but he television who it was raw and honest yell S name was arenas were building up to the new stuff. This is sort of like a behind the scenes, episode we're going through and talking about how what new shows might be on the blaze specifically targeted alley and of Sukhi and Lords Jones about their shows that their working on now and you know what kind of in the meetings and die acting every little bit of their performance in every idea that they have is, as there was a time whereas, like you saw me and how I critique people you're, jerk interesting. I think people knew that until last night. Well, you may need, is I mean you did kind of cut out the spirit of it? I mean I did say I notice that there was cut out a lot of the stuff that, like your on it, I didn't have that conversation with them. You know the beginning. That's when I thought that they were off, because it makes it worse. Yeah
I I I thought I made you look I'd better in my life. This is the true that did not live here episode. Is it out you being a real jerk? I just made your car if a jerk. Now, if that was really as far as I could go, so if you ever want to see what it's like to work with me boy, fettered access you can watch last night's. What tonight is when I was working with a writers yet writers, with the placed a com which is a kind of interesting how that's changing as well so check it out the blaze dotcom, Slash tv tonight, five o clock, Glenn, back
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