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9/6/17 - Hurricanes = Big Business

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Is a Category 6 hurricane possible?...Hurricane Irma update with Weatherbell.com Chief Meteorologist Joe Bastardi... Trusting  'organizations' today is tough ...Americans are still the most generous... Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass.com, tells us a new affordable way to experience the movies...Sharyl Attkisson, author of the book 'The Smear', joins the show to discuss how Media Matters targeted Glenn Beck and other conservatives with smear tactics The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand? love courage, truth! If you study revolution, there are always three things that are present in every single one, economic and stability, war. And civil unrest. We talk About it for a long time, top down bottom up in inside out, you are caught in the middle the turning of every in everything inside out and you're standing there in chaos and pretty soon. The bottom cries out for any body to listen, anyone just make it all stop. I don't care what it takes. After getting bogged down in multiple foreign wars, economic melt. Was inevitable the ineffective. Then increasingly corrupt government was powerless to stop it. In fact, it actually-
peered too many that they wanted it to happen. Spending and borrowing been spending than borrowing and Three years the national debt doubled the price that the act. Makes and other members of the middle class began inciting the poor and dissent disenfranchised and said we need violence, What I described might sound familiar, might sound legates today, but it's actually what led to the French storming the steel, in seventeen eighty nine many pressure points can a nation endure. In Amerika, we ve been bogged down in foreign wars since a turn of the twenty first century. Now North Korea, knocking at our door, are now nor debt has near. A quadrupled from the year two thousand till today, first Harvey now Irma.
An already weakened economy and civil unrest in the streets. What people are now? preaching for and advocating with Dhaka. We are approaching difficult times time. That we haven't seen since perhaps the nineteen sixties, people like Francis Fox Pivot, were advocate for the same kind of violence in two thousand for the goodbye movement just happen, a few years after that and didn't quite make it fast food or in a few years, and we have gone and the Nazis on the street. All trying to light is on fire. The pressure points for being pushed, and we have five times ahead. Beware of those inciting violence and advocating hate, Chaos is coming so is tomorrow. It's too shall pass is promise, not the
two shall stay. Honestly, I got up this morning and I thought the only reason to get out of bed. Is because we have each other. We know what really has meaning and we have tomorrow, and to Morrow always promises a new and brighter horizon Wednesday September sect This is the clan back programme. Ok, maybe not, tiredly anew and brighter horizon, because we have job a study on the phone Joe is the the chief meteorologist or the chief anyway. What do you want? What is exactly your title? media, have a degree meteorology. So would I
degree is hard to get. It was for me right, math and physics. Will it make sure I'm just? How are people now not just before and he is no- I play one on radio and he is with her whether bell dot com and Joseph friend of the programme and been around forever and is probably one of the most accurate voices, when it comes to calling hurricanes for sure in the world and were thrilled to have him on Joe we were, even seeing Harvey come on shore? Yet when you started telling us wait, wait, wait there's another one! Coming that might then be more dangerous you tell us latest is on Irma. Well, I was over the northeast virgin Islands right now, that's going to pass nor the porter eager, probably spare Puerto Rico, a devastating hurricane I'm sure it's got, experiments are gonna, be like you go and eighty nine. So they're gonna have argued in the north goes the Rico's no question about that? They're probably
You don't want a mile windows but they're not getting into that in a court of justice had to be just as well horrific over those islands last night by Saint Martin Weir. This thing hit directly the devil station is gonna come out of. There is probably something that few people have ever seen in hemisphere in these islands. I dont say that lightly. If you're gettin blasted by a hundred and fifty You don't hundred seventy five mile and our wines for two three hours. Is this: I comes across as it didn't move will quickly. I'm sure that the pictures will bear out My dire warnings here is what's going on, the the storm itself is probably going. Be as far as we would media evaluate, storms, the most powerful long live storm. We ve ever see.
So we said I mean when came off Africa, we had a very quickly grow. You knew a major Archy because in the atmosphere and were the pattern for that type of thing, and so what will happen is by what we measure it will we call accumulates. Iconic energy is probably will be the strongest on record because it went for such a long distance. You gotta understand at this stage that a major hurricane since two three days ago, the future path. That's what everybody's interested in. Of course and this is gonna- go northward pottery go or sixty two hundred miles ever Hurricane and the North coast. It's gonna go north. The Hispaniola and the Turks and take our silence in the satellites out. These Bahamas changes. Gee are in direct the direct path of what just happened. Say: Martin Barbuda and that reaches there in about that
thirty six to forty eight hours after that. I think the track Ben's back to the west of it and that's significant, because it moving West Northwest West Northwest Theater North West and north. It escape these to the United States, but I think it bends back west is significant for two reasons. One obviously closes a distance on the United States, but to these Benz in the track to the left, and this is something I give my professors at Penn State Doktor, John lay back in the 1970s, called assist that when you have a hurricane in the Atlantic, the bends its path back to the left a bit- and I talk about this a couple times. What it does is this of acacian parameter comes on, so what's second place where this thing could become even stronger than now. The next place is right to the South EAST of Florida. That area just to the west to the Bahamas, afford a straight. That area is where this storm could reach its maximum intensity.
And the question then becomes one: does it make the right turn northward right now? I think it's here or over the EAST coast of Florida. Very, very close. Now, yesterday. I thought it might be on the West coast of Florence away. What's going I'm glad I want the audience to understand because everybody goes. It looks, ease computer models, the you generate models have a north bias in the three to five day period. In other words, they liked it. If you watch what this was Dewey with with Irma, it had a too far north initially. So what is probably doing? Isn't people get down? Look I'll! Look at this was gone out here. It's probably adjusting too much to the north and east. So we have it coming right, almost white on the floor, the coast. Sunday in a Monday and then continuing northward actual Saturday night Sunday, Monday continuing Northwood into the Carolinas after that, Joe, thank you very much
java starting of whether gotta come he came on the show with us before Harvey Hip and said by the way and one second, my Harvey it's gonna be bad, but wait until you see around that's just for me now, although I felt a little bit better talking to him, I mean somewhat, although you know it is coming back to the United States it hit this morning at two, a M eastern time as it passed over Antigua? and the local radio, the last word that were heard over local radio. May God protect us all and the radio went dead. They are starting a evacuation of the keys. I believe tomorrow morning, as it is today Wednesday at today's Wednesday, so I believe the evacuation of the keys is happening. Did you see the story of Tampa Bay and I'll Tampa it is not prepared. For a me, hurricane dealing,
why bring this up is because it it kind of reminded me of the conversation that we had about a year. Before Katrina and The story was that, if a major hurricane would hit new Orleans? nor Orleans was death, trap and just wasn't prepared, and I seen how last week that Tampa Bay is just not prepared seven hundred miles of shoreline and If Katrina would hit They estimate that lay a hidden. Hundred and seventy five billion, dollars to the table. May area would happen. Hopefully, Irma will not role in two Tampa Bay, one other thing
We ve been hearing that this storm is going to be one of the biggest to come on land in fact earlier they were saying they were even thinking about coming up with a category six they seem eager to do. That. Is it just me they seem eager as well king at the set. Team Atlantic Hurricanes with the maximum winds up until why was it yesterday or the day before? Irma was what sixteenth. Yeah me too, is in one seventy, five and- and I think yesterday hit one eighty five, so it was in seventeenth place, first storms and had the potential of getting worse yesterday It one. Eighty five which ties it with the night Thirty five storm in Florida, keys, before we were naming them Gilbert in eighty eight Wilma into Thou.
Five and the highest maximum wind ever recorded for the United States. Hurricane, Alan in nineteen, eighty. Are it? Let's take a quick break. So today? I come in, and I turn on the the television monitor array that is sitting in front of me with the with the time in the four. Television, monitors, etc, etc, and I have to tell you. I I took a picture because I in forty years of broadcast I've never seen anything like this.
In one monitor was what will happen. In Texas, a major. U S humanitarian and economic disaster with, on the way. That was the topic I think on Fox and then that was CNN, which was the pretty credible threat of nuclear war. With with North Korea and then, A bottom one was about Dhaka. And the seeds of political and civil unrest, and I thought to myself Yes, I know I've never seen anything like that before all that and have taken coke zero. Off the market. In I mean it. So this is where reading the book of revelation I've, You know you can yet to you. Gotta get to the point where you like. This is gonna, be interesting Some interesting see how this works out as an arithmetical gotta like I saw Mark Mariners special that he did, I think, goes on Netflix and the guy
to pursue per super super, I believe, liberal, but there something that is bringing us together, and it is that whole idea of this the interesting he was. Wow you're, not surprised by anything anymore. I don't know he's going to do next the people who voted for me. I don't know what he's going to do. Next. It's crazy. It's just seeing other people he's a pointing is crazy. If it's gotten to the point where I can say things to you- that we can never make sense. Previous but now you be, I guy you are gonna, be like hey Mangi here, they're they're they're, making the Grand Canyon landfill. Why
doing I guess I make sense. I as the what's your logic. Why army tat? You can see that thing you now there were just going, do half of it, the other. Have you can still see thy back people go see the garbage here besides, garbage can be a double thing now. I see why they would do so a hunted zoos now, no idea, because it is ok, I get its annex ends with their logic. I guess you may all different things. Kids now get add. Ons animals are always extinct, but anyway, just get in the way of its thinks. It's sort of a proactive term with these guys, so there I thought you'd say like while he's not,
These are annoying annoying for a long time, yet fair, it's funny, because he is obviously applies. The sort of a liberal and tied Trump thing there, but I mean it really is. I think for everybody, the exact same weight is exactly the same way been there longer than they have yet bathing There are tired of it. We, we went through a year of arguing that way here, just they you're those who are the replacement troops here, the ones that have been on the beach for awhile gone. Yet ok. I guess I can see that now. Hungary's others, they just added a ninety three general Gender- yeah like I can. I can see that it's true what we just don't we're at that point now. Are we just accept it wherever we ve been hit with so many things? We never thought we see in our entire lives. Not, as is that just like her. Ok. Well, yeah. I got it yeah sure
just to destroy that one in the back see we are becoming more tolerant. Le we are, which is actually working really are being more time are not of us and which is its not. They were tolerances, who we ve just given up. Well, it's kind of any Satan. Is it isn't it? I dont know if our it's just the idea I ever never understood. Why was something you'd argue for the aid Its aim is that we know the high minded goal that we have as everyone Canada's shrugs there. Builders as we walk by that's kind of, There really is, like ok, I hope hey. Let's zealots will see how that works so sure that some sir, great. It's not all her news, however.
I mean there are actual good scenes. Sensible people doing there are defined. Sensible thing are hard to find. That's why they're news stories when you write them that is lacking is exactly right. That's why they're in the news now right, nobody says a man went to go, get coffee at Mcdonald's. Today, that's common right! When people do things that are good, they become new stories right, but J J. What is it is the latest great example, I think, Gigi what if you dont Know- and I know you dont glenn- I do he is he. I know this place forwards, Houston and there. The oil or anymore, that they are not the oil is hateful. So you can't be the oil or any more of these in the course of new franchise to Houston, Texas,
Jack S. It still ok to be a Texan Sea, along that, as before the Chad now even hear their ban and all taxes and get an archaic. I could see that so what is arguably the best player in the ineffective. I mean, depending on how you define that he's a great player, and he we were his city, get gets hit by this hurricane, their suffering, he decides, he's gonna, do something you Texas PR person to start this campaign. Hopefully others will join in on it, as is gonna, be the page links who are you carrying page you carrying dot com, Then he is going to donate a hundred thousand dollars to her keen relief and he's gone back and forth appear person like I don't know whether it should be. I should add my hundred thousand dollars, first to kind of get going or wait till it gets two hundred thousand dollars and then double it to get to my goal of two hundred thousand year old raised two hundred thousand dollars, which is not nothing even if for it,
I fell player it still. Last time I saw this idea was at five million. Yes, headset gone up a little bit more than that, and now yesterday hit twenty million dollar holy cow twenty million dollars. Again, we, yes, you can hey it's J J. What he's a big star is a celebrity known when we started this with the the The hopes of a normal person and linking to a campaign he's gonna, throw in a big chunk of money, but he wasn't looking for this and its because people came together, they they have reacted to it. Ellen put a million dollars of her own money into this campaign. I mean I've, been tons of. Big organizations have come in, but you know it's still gonna be mainly small donation. I think this is. I think this is a deal where it really shows back early, literally trust people. They don't trust organizations anymore? You know it see that guy on tv in- and you know- I like him- and I- esteem and yeah he's doing something I'll go with him. I am not sure how
people have you heard say yeah, I want to give. I just don't know who to give to right now. You know I think this is testing vat and also testimony on how generous this country still is mercury, You're listening to the Glenda programme. Would we have shiro access and on today she has written in and readily powerful book about how the media and how the left as manipulated the media to destroy person after person after person. It is a must red book if you are to discover the networks are figure out exactly how all of this has come to be and where we're supposed to go next she'll be joining us also,
I saw the new Mitch RAP Movie last night. American assassin of Events Flynn Movie evinces Vince was a good friend of mine and just loved him and his wife. I wrote to me last week. I think she's gonna be joining us Thursday, so that tomorrow maybe but I only have we have with co author on tomorrow tomorrow. I think I think she may be joining us too, as well, I'm not sure, but there's a new movie out, and it's it's really good. You have. You know him, every one of its floods, where he's one of the key was one of the biggest fiction writers in America. Passed away a few years ago, but a great guy and these books are fantastic. Finally, they made a movie out of us and it looks right, the re alone. It's amazing, beloved you'll love it it's very good. Were you not just a quick personal note.
You know we ve made a lot of changes and I'm not gonna sit here, and it is the one thing I'm have you realize what you if I could just go away to day. I would if you really would, if I could, just you there's nobody sick of listening to me more than me really. I have to listen to me all the I'm going to enter competition on that and. But I am, if you listen to me for a long time. You know that I'm driven by different things and so about six months ago, after Tommy left men I had nothing to do with a hiring or the firing of Tommy, and I just realized you know what I'm getting all the blame for everything. The blaze does anyway, I'm just gonna, just gonna. Take it And so I, I started looking into
the place, but where is the future? What what is what is happening to media them. It does not work any more and I dont think people their stand. That is we're going to change. CNN Fox NEWS, Emerson BC I'm going to be this way, I think, if we're not, all careful will all be edited and working for Facebook, Amazon and Google, say all of us. I mean well half of the journalists will be working for those guys. The rest of them will be. I dont know I dont know where I dont know where our voices will be, but we have to find a new way. So I made some changes to this programme. This is the first change and we're just at the very beginning of this, and I haven't told you about the changes that were making, because, quite honestly, I'm sick of hearing me talk about it and so in the next
full of weeks. You're gonna start seeing some changes on the television network, its Weiss, that's why pat it is doing his own ready and television shone out a three hour show the the pact. Programme, which is follows this programme on the blaze radio network and Also seen on television pat is one of the best talk show host in the country, and so we have him doing. That. Stew is now by my side, full time and with the executive producer of everything that we do, because he Quite honestly, the bed, producer in the country and quite a lot? you don't mind, I know you don't usually get that when you are listening, but he is quite a brilliant guy to hold that back fur on my side ventures so Why I wrote on Facebook. I think this was Monday night money Sunday night, we
in tomorrow, a new experiment to prove to the media and ourselves that a, u can be profitable and, the truth. If those of us on the right don't stop our infighting and figure this out. We are all going to fall one by one to Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, and they will be the portals of all information. Where do I post this again? I think this is on Facebook. Knocker miss. By now the portal nigh. No, yes, there winning this battle. Not only are there changing things now to the point where, if you're not posting things through them. The algorithm actually penalizes you and so Oh, you you, everybody is sitting there. Nobody is talking about this and the, We're gonna last week we issued something on medium, which was an in depth. Look at what is happening with the conservative media and only mediate took the time to read it and said,
while this is a discussion, maybe we should be having. But it's not. Further it is for the entire media, but its mainly for conservative media, though we we're, cross roads things are changing, We all of us in talk radio have done what rush Limbaugh did we? All will have been burst from Russia limber this. Is the medium that rush, Limbaugh created and and it was a viable option, and it was a it was it was needed in, Eighteen, ninety, when he came on nobody had heard the conservative argument now, because nobody was making it and so he did was. He would give you the argument, so you knew it and you can give it to your friends but then rush Limbaugh and the people like me. We all in doing that in all of our friends went up but you're listening to Glenn back, I want to hear that argument. Glenn back in
what became ineffective because. No one on the left was listening to our argument. There was nobody to tell that argument to accept each other we have to change now and say: okay, if we want Make progress we have to have an argument- that's not made for us, but is aid to reach out beyond us and say guys, This is the way it works. This is how this works. This is why it works, and we have. The change everything that we do. That sounds like big tend to argument, but you're, not actually the reverse of it. The big and has been let's make the tent bigger, we'll just accept viewpoints will accept. Other arguments will accept. Bigger government will accept more united, why we will have the gang of eight. Deciding our immigration policy, he made the tent bigger and then we got vitriolic about it.
And I'm telling you you're going to have this immigration. The final immigration bill is gonna. Look like everything you fought against. Why so I wrote on Monday. A promise that I want to make you now. And it's a promise that I made for years, but then, conversely, I got tired and I'm not Mr time, then that's why The things were trying to do on the radio show, if you listen yesterday or today- and we don't have a right yet by any stretch but That's not going to waste your time. I am to cut out all the crap and get right to the point of the story and tell you the stories that actually impact your life, because Why should I waste a second undoing the things you can get from a hundred different sites? There are better people that that right and they Tell a story of you know Paul,
takes or whatever their of their great experts? I want to point you to those people we'll do what we do best sweet every writer in this country. This companies is gonna, be joining me for a week and its appropriate that its waste on September, eleventh and September twelve, and then on the eighteenth, there will be an envy, peep version if you will of the blaze That is going to start to try to deliver news in a different way, and you know what the old, can dismiss us and It might be right, they might be right. I don't know. If you have to run click bait. If you after run misleading headlines. If you after say outrageous things to be successful in those things are true, then I'm going shut it all down.
Because I can't do it and I don't know- I don't think it's a positive thing. I think it actually hurts us deeply in the end, so I'll go find another way, even if it's just teaching it to my children? That's what I'll do there's a great story in the research today about this change over going through what are the stuff that you wrote and comparing it to the mission statement that Jerry Maguire wrote after he had the revelation that almost everything he had been doing? This is business. Life was wrong course in them, we Yuri ended up taking a big hit. Much like the blaze itself. With a lay also of twenty percent of its workforce in a lot of people, I loved, in the end, MIA their awesome, but in the end he had to lose in order to win later. I hope this is the case with gloves venture that's nice who wrote That is the resurgence and the author marked killer. Thank you mark that is nice really cool
then he got Berneselis eager to which had enough that comes along with your will. You haven't me at Renee, XL, you. Looking a bad light today Trying to find you know, I fear you honestly. I feel like the starfish up against the glass fine you're happy place, find you happy place when you happy place. Yesterday my my wife, I came home and- and I said Durham, hey, honey, hurry and she's, a good Huck residents, Out so well, and so what I mean she's well, it's in your show She said I I you know I I services was a badge sound. Just you know just load depressing. Yeah yeah. I ended
Stu, walked into data it. How do we? How do we talk thinks we're in a spell right now, and this too shall pass, but we're The spell right now where This is the wind up there. The wind up This is where the real tension begins. We're. I said to couple of a few weeks ago, where, at the end of the day, Many were now at the beginning of the middle. And the middle. If you think of life is a three act play, the middle is where you do all the hard work and it decides the ending. And in so we're in this we're in this transition period, where things are about to hit the fan- and you look at headlines like this Philippines government will kill women and children if their fight for. I ok Kentucky point as our Kentucky a public employee, retirements surge? As me as fears of pension,
collapse, mouse Moody's, to permanently downgrade the us credit rating. This. My is my favorite bleak headline of the day, Venezuelans eat dogs and zoo animals. Maybe the aid to legalise hunting in the eight zero. I mean it's it's when you read that you're, like ok, we're I mean we're where I am expecting oh and the earth I despite was. I was watching tv and I wasn't a movie, I'm pretty sure was live. The statue of liberty was buried in sand and there were some guerrillas VON horses. A quick look at me like it's the planet of the apes. All of a sudden- as is dark. Is you got is already known? I realize I know I've got more nigerian ministers kidnapped, murdered by unknown gunmen could get to the point. We like these alot of these stories. You just your thankful they're, not here yet
That is the only way you can react to them. Well at least stay we're not quite eating zoo animals yet and dogs in the streets. Got a minute? Was you, Indian here's? The great thing is there? His great hope that we're not going to not because we, hopefully we won't have to to that point, but, you see what's happening in Houston, in so many of us. At least this happens to me, I don't know, disability or you're, probably much better person than I am but factual. True, this hikers I just gave that for Pinocchio but the thing they really helped me was going to Houston. And and seeing people were we're safe. Thing too much time thinking about ourselves. We, too much time thinking about ourselves and think, about how bad our problems are, we
yet to Houston in her shoveling the crap out of somebody's house, and you realize, while crap is their life, That's everything they have done in life. That's all the pictures, it's all the memories, it's all the books, it's all that everything they ve ever done in that house, I'm now taking in and I'm shovelling it out into a muddy pile in the front where a garbage crane, is gonna com and just you know lifted. Up and put it in the back of a garbage, struck and now sore throat later or they won't most likely they won't marina. Meanwhile, that they live. It's interesting the reason why you can be arrested, it's called looting. If you go up, and you get permission from somebody hey can I take this year and you get permission from the owner, you're, ok, but no He wants to do that because, especially in Texas, we shot for, but the only way
that happens is because these the federal government has made a deal with these companies but come in and they just take all of the stuff from everybody's lawn and then they sort threw it away. Ok, this is salvageable. This isn't here's a refrigerator or that can be repaired. That can't be this is scrap metal, and so somebody else does that. So, when you put that out on your lawn the company That has the deal with the government actually owns all of that stuff. You don't really own it anymore, not always in a fight you on that. But you really own it anymore. It's. Come a it's a big business hurricanes or a big business in the scrap company world mercury. Love courage, truth, it one survive, that is
The former FEMA director said when he was asked how the Miami area would hold up under a severe water surge, from a major hurricane related to the flooding. It won't survive Hurricane Irma is now in a projected path to make lounge landfall in South Florida and it could hit Miami this Sunday currently a category five with a hundred and eighty five mile at our wines is already the second strongest storm recorded in the Atlantic amazingly Miami Hasn't been hit by a major hurricane category, four or stronger since nineteen, twenty six that one build four hundred people, the third deadly hurricane in: U S, history, but my Let me at the time, was ass, quaint little resort compared to what it is today. Yesterday,
to firms estimated a repeat of the nineteen twenty six Miami hurricane could cause a hundred and thirty billion dollars in property damage. People are already starting to think about getting out of Miami, so why Is it so dangerous, while its What control system was designed in the nineteen fifties and it desperately needs updating its time What happened with Hurricane Katrina, what was built in the sixtys in the fifties? No longer any good, our government has blown through hundreds of billions of dollars on wasteful spending that could have been applied to preparation for Miami last year. The governor, found money to study tv, binge watching comedy clubs, honest to God, we spent money studying monkey drool fit. Treadmill endured,
testing, I didn't even know they worked on treadmills They also spend money on hamster fights. Miami has been the home of a radio and tv station attempting to broadcast in Cuba. It was blocked by Fidel Castro, half a billion dollars, flushed down there toilet on a radio station and tv station, noble you ever watched her heard. What happens when you have a country more concerned with political favours, the prioritizing. What really matters? Let me quote: FEMA it won't survive when day September sex. This is the Glenda programme. Carolina, man accused of killing his wife
believe it or not in a puff syrup induced stupor. Was an aspiring preacher and a star wars devote tee? who had a light Sabre fight at his wedding. His wife sounded like a remarkable woman They both volunteered their church all the time they ve worked with kids. They were great, This story broke over the weekend and I dont know if you heard it, but the story broke over the weekend about Ryan and his and his wife Lauren they're, both our man It was his name and Lauren they're, both twenty nine years old. He was Making chorus season coursing is a cough syrup and Quite honestly, I listened to the nine one one call and Life restarted I don't believe you. But I listened to the entire thing by the
and of the nine one one call. You absolutely believe he had no idea what he was doing. I want you to listen to the call largest warrant what's up, We gotTa Germany, we have a right to draw. Sure why not ok, what is your first and foremost regarding nuclear coming up, What do you mean my weapon.
Dream. What's she doing before how? How come on board all over me, there's a boy on the bird. I think I do First of all, we can do better in Africa. Believe me When did you wake up, You know what time it is beyond the forward: reverse girl. If you course in Bulgaria Are you are you? Are you a depression out here for you
How old is how reversion, how ya doin ok, see you see awaken already know what makes you think you very briefly. We took on board How could it be that you bond beyond any help? But although of course To sum up, I would prefer a mom I'm here with your new Ricky, part of our different, the paramedics he'll be ok, I'm send someone to assist you. You ve read everything you found it a very good job. We can do. For her words, whereas the knife right now, I found the bird on my neck
No, I don't have a work normally, When did you? When did you wake up? no one we're married women are, should have all made up immediately to call off the whole course of old, because an open, global poverty and sleep at night. I remember well, what are you should? Not breeder, oh my God
Ok, I'm gonna stay young gonna stay you with your grave listlessly Are you Huber even ok, right why you're on your own Alright, I'm gonna stay here, I'm home with you to help. You were ok, you don't put him You spoke of a few hours or chief moving, is anything wrong with her what Dried on me Dr work, only the boy dry, What I don't know what
I will move on her birthday of article Many people spend one what to do next. Ok, are you write about her? what are you talking about? I know how much more we will try to do much more. You can you do not sure. Did you gone? We're gonna get out of it. How dare you move in October? the personal data whenever you became, which is easier to move energy breathing anything at all no no What,
why a paper on fair Marina would form a major would on as much as possible. Anyone else at all in the home privileges sooner where are you now? Where are you now offer workable a global world. Are you the door unlocked. And you can you go, do formula will remain here? Are you ever do that you're goin on family no, not at all why
when he heard her burden. In a market of women. I want you to America Criminal, one adore them up here tonight. A very loud offers were removed, I'll get you a moment. Let you go holy cow. That was the nine one, one audio of something that happened this and the man said, he killed his wife, he was in it drug stupor Course Eden COP Medicine and didn't know it. Or in a second.
North Carolina man accused of killing his wife in a car syrup induced stupor. We displayed the nine one, one phone call and what amazed me was at the beginning. I thought ok I'll buy this at all. Then? I started listening to him and to me has ever been on. Benadryl tour use take so much benadryl. You could actually be on fire, and would tell somebody Ah ya, think on fire right now, I'm not really sure. If you were he just there's this. You not feeling anything and then you kill your wife now the experience of these earth. However, however, this I am not suggesting that is innocent or should go to jail or anything else. I believe that he didn't know what he was doing. However, I think where he's gonna have trouble, if you listened to this part of the court
very early on listening. He says took warmer criminal should or made up immediately, of course, the whole course of old, because an automatic automotive seated noise, They start so he say I know it make it can make you feel good. Now just understand that it might be that I was sick, but he said I can't sleep at night, so he's taking this. And he knows he's taking more than he should. This This is a problem for him, not only give the website One of our researchers found a website where you can go and they'll tell drug users. Like this is a great here's. What should do looked up chorus eaten
now course Eden is the Ex em a cough suppressant This is what one of the drug users wrote about this it didn't starting. You can tell about two in the morning I started to lose concentration, while on the computer couldn't focus on anything for a long period of time. I went up to go a drink of water, and when I got up, I still felt like I was sitting down when I down the hall. Everything around me was one big blur, except for the object. I was looking at just ahead of me so right now and thinking oh yeah, this is pretty cool. End quote eventually: Trip was beginning to get more and more intense. Suddenly, my heart beat jumped twice its rate and my breathing was so heavy right there, I thought I was going to die. I tried to calm down by listening to some light music, but that only help for a couple of minutes. I needed the bathroom really bad. So I got up I felt like I was still sitting down. I walked to the bathroom I almost passed out. Everything really fuzzy, and then I was standing. I heard this law pop, I didn't know,
but it was when it sounded real. It sounded. It also sounded fake Appearing these metallic sounds now. I was freaking out. I went back to a computer- and I was telling my friends how freaked out I was by what was going on by now, the peak of my trip. It was four in the morning eventual calm down a bit, and I thought I could sleep so I told my friend I was all right. I went to bed, I kept waking up and then my room started to shake my mind, was going insane couldn't handle this. I got back on my computer's, my computer, My friend was still on. I asked him, How long have I been asleep, for he said five minutes. What the hell Now I couldn't think, and I couldn't even move. Thinking that, if I did, I would mess with something in my body and I would die a shaky like crazy.
Appearing all of this crap in my head. My room was really dark because I put this is not really. Hopefully because I put aluminum foil well over the windows, but he said he did it to keep a cool. Sure I saw that you gotta have a foil on the windows it has has that it was five a m I decided to go and get some water, even though I thought I would die or pass out and stop breathing. So when I went out of the room, it was light out and all of a sudden that may be calm like it was just a bad dream. Heart still hurt and I made it to bed three days later. I am still feeling it. My heart still hurts and it hurts when I take deep breaths. So this from aid of a website where people are like a the best drugs to get ion and this I didn't lose, didn't have vat, Erin Sleep, but there is apparent a lot of data that corresponding, if you take it in high quantities, really message you up.
Gammell, there's also a lot of data that says: if you drink a lot of alcohol in high quantities you might crash, your car doesn't mean that we stop. You know, I'm not saying that we do not get me wrong. I'm not saying look, I'm an alcoholic and no one. You know when you watch the funny comedies and only alcoholics will understand this. He wants a funny cholera comedies in their like I did what last night no way, unless you're an alcoholic you dont have a black up. You know exactly what you were doing. If you have a blackout, That means you had so much alcohol that you brain shut. Everything down just to keep you breathing. That's what whacked out is, and you just have one. You know the first couple of time. I haven't had a drink in years and I had so much to drink. Note you pass out. Are you vomit? First, you have to build two blackouts and so people are like, I blacked out, don't believe it
unless certain alcoholic, if they're having blackouts that's it such a sign. Your close to death by a dozen happen. It parties, you knew exactly what you were doing and I think that's. What would that put this where? problem, for him arises in that he's say, he did it to feel good. You don't take it ever doktor prescribed medicines. You take it and you do something crazy. There is at least an argument. Yes now going on here, you take cough serve because you think it's gonna make. You feel good, and you too, you know by your own words that you took too much of it. Yes, there's the very little wiggle room for either. I think I'm in a it's a weird story, and I guess it's it's a warning to be careful with these with its particular medication, but other than that. It's really it's really frightening, because we are all hell. There are so many people in the world right now, just trying to escape trying to escape the pain of whatever it is that their feeling there just trying to escape
and were seeing this with the opium crisis. That happening in America. And the bad news is isn't really any escape. There's hedges makes it much much worse just makes it were a depressing the drug peep. The drone think I am didn't. I am, I leave your addicted, it doesn't get any better. It just now is actually do As for a very short time, that's the there's, no added, no it's for a short time. It gets better by trade, taking drugs and I'll call very short, and then it gets much much worse than you think. There's no way out, but there is a good way out and then it gets great mercury. There is the glad that programme Rinse Flynn was different and one of the great fiction. Writers, thriller writers of of our age. He died just a few
years ago, from cancer and and of all the people that I would have thought was gonna beat cancer. It was Vince Flynn. He was just he every time I spoke to him. He was like this is not beating me. And just an amazing I but great writer. They have just made First Vince Flynn Movie for american assassin, it open. This week I saw sneak preview of it last night and it is really good a real, good action movie that includes a nuclear weapon at the ending is just tremendous to see and wraps character Mitch RAP is the main character of the Vince Flynn Books. I think he is Jack Bauer on steroids, able a believable jack Bower. This is thief, so the first real Mitch rap.
Movie and and story, and so you get the build up on you figure out who Mitch RAP really is in what created this guy? It's really good. It feels I was watching- and I thought you know the jail born movies at a field dated kind of feel like they were written in the Cold war era in James Bond, obviously This is a new generation of thrillers, and a new generation of action heroes. I think me trapped, it came to see. It looks great and I was not aware completely safe for kids too, which is actually had a caravan it always. I called American as an asset. India think wait a minute. You shouldn't bring your children. Well, I had eaten in it. You know which Mr Monti Access, but only the here's. What happened. My wife was supposed to come with me yesterday and then I don't know what happened, but in the middle of the day she said I can't I can't go. Have a safety comes with you and I'm like? Ok, I didn't know that it was repeated our. I guess I should have thought it through
read the book for calling you won years ago: american assess only the US, or was it a great idea, but I blame it on my wife any pay. It is little violent, as will language NED, probably not appropriate, definitely not appropriate for your kids. So if you want to leave them at home, but my cookie. I will tell you when Michael Keaton comes on the screen, the first that was, I like having him back on the screen. I've missed him. He was he's a great actor. This array good movie, theirs
five minutes towards the innermost. While in about five minutes towards the end, it gets a little cheesy words like you know what and we saved a lot of children to learn how shot out, but its american assassin tremendous. It opens this week, you're a critique on the threat to the co author of american assassin tomorrow. He joins us at the beginning of this, our on tomorrow's programme, but one of the things that I love about movies and I have a new appreciation of them and can go too much more of them because of it. Is this ridiculous company called movie path?
I don't buy their says- is undertaken with there's something wrong something wrong. It's too good. Yes, when it's too good to be true, it means it's too good right Mitch. Low is here, he's a ceo of movie, pass dot com and Mitch. I personally may put you out of business because I see too many movies. That's that's what we want. We want it. We want to reinvigorate the movie theater going, so we would like to say that so I want to sleep, I will I'll bankrupt, you see almost every movie made. And I am I love to go to the movies. It is a pastime with me and my family, But we see probably a minimum of four movies a month, under your service. I ten dollars even in New York, where the ticket is sixteen dollars and I can go see any movie. I want
I can see as many movies is. I want as long as it's not the same one over and over again right. That's right! That's one a day! It's wanted it like your item, so hasn't hasn't workin, for you may had trying to figure out the business model how's that now that work. Yes, so here here's the thing! Yes, there are about eleven percent, thirty, six million people in the: U S, in Canada that go to a lot of films. Every month they gotta roughly eighteen films a year on average and they by half of all the movie ticket, but there's fifty one percent of the public listen go to less than a movie a month, and that's who primarily join our servers. So yes, everybody, like yourself who goes to lots of movies, joins vague huge value, and they tell everybody about it. But the majority of our subscribers are people who go to three to six films in Europe. Hired adjoining movie pass when they join D,
double the amount of films they go so now they're going to six to twelve movies a year, so the majority of our subscribers roughly go to one a month, and then there is a small group of people who end up going. You know five ten times a month: a drive up the average a little bit but hey so nine. Ninety five, ninety five a month it we used to be four fifty dollars a month, yeah how dollar what What happened to where you could drop down that that low? What we found? What we found is you know we were when we were thirty to fifty dollars. We were really just appealing to the people that eleven percent who go a lot already and we got them to go more a friend, but essentially it was. It was a price point that only appeal to a small group of the public and we realized that what we really need to do is to reinvigorate, especially millennials. You know overfly. Over the last five years, millennials have decreased the amount of times of going to the theatre by twenty four.
That is the reason. Why is now they have all these other alternatives back, they talked themselves out of. Go to the movies go. I don't know that's good enough. You know I've already got. Netflix are Hulu I'll. Just wait! You see it then what we really what's a big. These are people who grew up on subscription and really what subscription, what our subscription services, its insurance against the bad movie. Ok, go an experiment, and, and if they don't like it, they just walk out and trash it the next day to their friends. So when, when you put this together, because am see doesn't like this, but I think it the movie, theatre experiences just totally changed. I think the future is making me put putting me into some sort of a cocoon where I would never ever want to leave you and that's what's happening least here in Texas: that's what's happening with movie theatres, where they their great food. They'll deliver anything.
I'm I'm guessing, there's a few that even would deliver lap dances, I'm not sure, but they just never want you to leave and I met guessing that that's where they make their money, not on the actual ticket. That's that's right! Yeah concession, Are eighty percent margin. You know when you buy that pop coroner soda eighty per and then, when you buy, a ticket is roughly fifty percent so proud. The theatres really wants you in the theatre in and by the way. When The joint movie passed what happens because you're not pulling out that ten dollar bill to pay for a ticket. You spend more money on concessions which is great for the theatres and that's why I m C sugar, That is why Don t we had a what would you know we had a two year: partnership with a m c a wee bit. You know we had. We both contributed, turns a blind data report that showed that we doubled people's frequency of going to the movies increase, their consumption of concessions and AMC, I believe you know, came to the point where they said. You know what
just do this ourselves, and so I believe this is a little bit of sour grapes in seeing that can we beat them to them but the man had not yet you know I no doubt they will probably release their own subscription programmes met one of the return of Mitch low of a movie pass dot com Mitch, one of their criticisms, I've seen from AMC and others is that you are preparing p. Full to pay ten dollars a month for movies, and then, when you go out of business in two years, everyone's gonna think that the old movie prices too high yeah. Well, you know I was on the founding executive team at night, flaxen undersea, allowing Red Box and that's exactly what blockbuster said to us, not lecture nation, the consumer. Don't look at the little guys over here that are offering a innovative server. You keep pain ass. The high prices Are you publicly? Are you publicly traded now matches is publicly traded were, were fifty one,
percent owned. The deal is in a closed, yet that shortly will be a majority owned by a public company at the H M men by Helios and map a thin, and they are reason we we thought, helped the company to them little more than half is that they are a big. The data and analytics company and what we want to build. Is this great experience around I went to the movies and were building upon their foundation. Their technology, that'll, build a whole night at the movies experience. I will I'll tell you. Think this is why I c is wrong on this. I I don't know I m C to do what I m c does well, and that is give me good movie experience, but I wouldn't want a subscription. They seek is that I'm locked into just AMC ammunition If you were a public I mean I would in this might be the kiss of death. I would invest in your company, because I think what the future is companies, they say I
to do this one piece- and I do it really really well and they just a start, Linking pieces together to make everybody's experience supervisory yeah yeah, you have to listen to consumers and what typically happens to the dominant player. Is they lose touch with their consumers and they tried they spend more time trying to protect an old way of doing things. The cost of the operating in a new benefits to consumers that that's exactly what you know start ups can do is were closed alive. I absolutely love movies. I love them in every way and then I started with video store is thirty years ago, and I just love movies that I know the artist the creative community makes movies for the theatre for the big screen. The big sound, laughing with other people around you. They dont make room for the mobile phone and even no that's fine. And and and a great opportunity. You know it's really the
there's nothing better than the periods. If there's nothing better than a theater and Mitch there is. It is a any fear you wanna go to. I think a lot of people would think I'll. While I have to find one of these theatres, its literally any theatre, you basically have what is a debit card, almost yeah, it's it's over ninety percent of all the theatre, so there are some theatres. You know some I've been in some places that only take cash that you can use it but it's you still use it at AMC. Can you still use it a dams in absolutely? You can Will you that a damn thing and anonymous if you do radio based customer service, but I have not received MIKE card yet just been using the app and so learning anywhere that well, we got wee wee absent, We underestimated demand the end. We were not prepared for the amount of new subscribers we had still catching up. You know on those first couple days we were the third most searched,
bird on Google, after Charlottesville in Korea and We continue to get thousands and thousands of new subscribers every day and were catching up fast, but dumb you'll get hurt too soon, and I apologise your first month not start till you get your card. So even though we charge do you know in advance that month doesn't began till you get your card and ass. I am extremely sorry and about which my offer no no degrading survivor word were room for him. We are this. This is really cool Mitch. Thanks a lot Mitch low he's the CEO of movie pass dot com, that's movie, pass dot com it will be a member by the end of the day
Well, there's something that you haven't thought for a long time. The empty The music awards when's. The last time you cared when's. The last time you invite o is MTV still on. The MTV musical words, the the video words have are still on the air surprisingly, and I think was, was at last weekend or the weekend before and their ratings they are hemorrhaging ratings. I think they ve lost six percent of their audience in the last couple of years. And they're losing about a million viewers every single year and what's amazing, is they become more or they try to be more and more outrageous every single year you know. Oh, what can we do? think nothing that hasn't been done right There's nothing that hasn't been done. Michael Jackson is in around two to kiss his fake wife anymore. Something happens This is nothing more and then
me and Madonna lets the last one I think. May I can remember own? Oh no, you had talking with. What's your face talking What's her face sounds monopolies, but I don't know about yes, you do you do what's your name, Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, that was you know I don't Romania is now what lace that Miley Cyrus Tongue hasn't been. So we don't really need the sea it any more subtle in Cairo, and I know I think, there's outline room so no raised. I listened listened. This was somebody who is sitting in an executive meeting in they went. Oh my god. Oh I've got something on it. You think the ratings have been down, not this year. When did you hear what I've just booked I have. The descendant of Robert E Lee he's a pastor of a church. And he's going to go all crazy about white supremacist
and you'd think to yourself. Well, that's that's at that. That would be fairly interesting. Brian? That already happened, and nobody is talking about like nobody is talking about it in saying this, I am thinking in this media environment that would have been a big story. Msnbc would love that. Maybe they did. Of course I was so here is what here is what they do: love They love that he had to leave his church because his church was like in a one way and we don't really. We don't we need our past or on MTV It doesn't seem like a normal past Storage location There are some stories in the Bible that that kind of feature people of faith going into
yeah well either evasions. He upheld black lives matter in the women's marginal and then they said. No. Thank you. We're gonna pass mercury laugh current truth. Even Congress doesn't trust Congress anymore yesterday The Trump administration announced that it would end Dhaka. That is the the Obama era, presidential edict that allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to avoid deportation the plan. Is to give Congress six months to fix the problem and they Action from Congress, how dare you how dare you lead has handled this? What Higgins even Congress doesn't trust Congress anymore, press. And Obama
said this yo, I'm the present United States, I'm not the emperor of the United States. We knew that we all do that. He knew that at the time now How Trump has returned the power back? Congress. And are complaining about it. Our founders knew that the balance of power would work, because each branch would want to protect their own power because they don't be a power hungry freaks, but now when decisions are tough, they fall all over themselves to give their own power away. From said yesterday, I knew some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself, but that's not how democracy works, but we note we always say that wasn't down from yesterday. That was Barack Obama He was right, he just
never lived those words Oh, what do we have, Even Congress? Doesn't trust? Congress anymore. Either. Should you Wednesday September six. This is the Glenda Programme, So somebody who I have a ton of respect for because she has been behind enemy lines for a very, very long time to intimidating shots from all sides for a very long time. Cheryl acts She is the author of a new book called the smear. How shady bullet cooperatives and fake news control. What you see what you think and how you vote she was. She received an investigative Emmy award into thousand nine for her investigations into the tarp bail out,
investigative award in two thousand to for her report on the Red Cross and how they were mismanaging funds, all kinds. Awards all kinds of nominations for follow: the money, congressional oversight, aid to Haiti, Firestone tyres and the dangers of prescription drugs and vaccines, which include the links to autism, a brave woman who used to work for CBS and people as in all of the issues until she laughed and went out on her own, where she felt she could actually tell the truth. Cheryl Atkinson welcome to the programme. Thank you. So much and thanks for have me, so I couldn't have been more surprised as I open up your book a few weeks ago, and there is a opening chapter about how the left really kind of found. Her voice by destroying me. Yes, it was fascinating study. That is much discussed in the smear industry, and I spoke to operatives both left and right for my book that were
quite open with me. Surprisingly enough and real you know what they did to you lay the groundwork for future successful sneers. It was almost a prototype and if he saw with a memo that had been laid out: by media matters, which is a liberal operative group. A memo. Posing a lot of these tactics that were you. Ultimately against you, including hiring private eyes, to probe personal lives of reporters that they wanted to ouch hiring law firms to come up with legal action to generate thank to try to get a boy and intimidated, people, all kinds of tactics and for you in particular as you know, they launched the move to get you a Fox news. I believe, and the ones who operate in the universe, because programme was was highly effective in getting out narrative and information that they didn't want out there. So it wasn't so much
that they wanted to come after you on moral grounds or moral reason paid. They use that mere operators. Is that decide to take out their enemies and one way to recognise. Aha barks with a sneer, as they overlook the pain behaviour in people who are their friends. Yes, but when it's time get that they want to get out. They Bay amplify the behaviour that they found. Even when there's a grain of, truth beyond all proportions and there was a million dollar donation. As you know, from George Soros was publicly amounts to media matters explicitly to get rid of you as a danger to you know all free things in our society. And Ito Cheryl was so crazy. Is I mean I remember, we're coming home in Connecticut before we move to New York, and we new people were going through our garbage and everything else, and we just laughed. We sat at the table and just laughed and said I thought is an open book. If everything in the garden Luigi discover adorn I'll tell him everything
but you sound paranoid and then, when George Soros actually announced a million dollars to go to to take me off the air. Destroy me. No one the press forward as a problem it Anne and, furthermore, even after bad as those campaigns continued against different people Miriam out. It was still largely held out by a lot in the news media as some sort of neutral watch our by those who either didn't do there Mark enough to scratch beyond the surface or didn't care to report, as they were pass one narratives for media matters that this, though you know self defence, liberal operation group that often again hold the club what about neutral, maybe maybe a watchdog organization and have his person
eight of the news, maybe in such a way. That is often quoted as if it's a neutral stores and it and its spring often connected L, L fees and charities and super pack like correct the record, or use during campaign. Two thousand sixteen often again as a sort of a neutral grew. For even if you knew it was a democratic group, you didn't realize it was for the sole purpose of electing Hillary Clinton. So with smearing Bernie Sanders, but without disclosures, that was presented in the news that its financial paid interests were really. Hillary Clinton so as you know, as you know, there is a new media matters program if you will announcement of what they're going to be doing and what their working on now and it was found on the dark web. And it talks out how they are already in Facebook and Google and Youtube advising them on what, needs to be added to doubt what is hate speech, what isn't there
everybody still is embracing media matters, even though its clear, there there not hiding anything pretty amazing and that's why it seen largely. As you know, the huge success David Brok, as I say in the book, was described with equal pay you know, admiration and discussed by others They are industry because he's really been able to do something that may be. Conservatives have also tried to do in other liberals, but none has done it so well, which is too utterly permeate the narrative and the news environment in such a way that they are able to get their messages, ass often without people, disclosing the paid financial interests behind them and he, by the way, has gotten very rich off this industry of the sneer groups, whether at some the super acts or the cherries under different names or the websites or the other non profit for the operates.
And again, I think in the news media when, when they present us with from this group, with a set of facts or talking points or ideas for stories with a lot of research were not just with them with many other pr groups better in this industry were not scratching the surface and not asking afghan questions were taking what they say. Pushing at along, and it's almost like us popular now? Maybe Facebook feels as pressure they create this appearance sitters over, grassroots support for what they want and they use my twitter account and all their organizations to make it look like everybody wants you guys to sort through and curate the news and what we see online Billy, the public's, not clamouring for that that's manufactured issue the whole. The idea that someone needs to sort through forests did not come from grass root. The cable these organizations, but it was made the look in the eyes of Facebook and Google and so on, as if the people,
Why is it so sure you're not a newcomer to there's something you have been? You know winning, Amazin and and winning awards for investigative journalism. And you ve exposed both sides and you have exposed him really nasty stuff when you got into this, what was the thing as you? As you closed the book, the smear that you said, I I could have believed a lot of things, but I never believed this. Had I not just found it myself, a lot of this. I learn over time. So wasn't just in writing the book that I am not sure. If anything I discovered for the first time in our history, searching writing the book. I wrote it because I had learned somebody thanks. I think the way. They gave me shells the hear it said out loud was when once mere operate. Said to me. While I really to comments, but one of them was that everything use in your daily life, whether something put out by a charity.
Can t you see or read on the news or any other image that crosses your path. He says it's put, therefore, a reason by somebody. Who often paid a lot of money to put the image before you so think about that, how much they think they control appears in the newspaper What comments on the Federal Register, the narrative it down and those that are repeated over and over and the second thing kind of game? It shows what the here an operative it met. When I knew, but he said you know, The tyre movement can be started with a handful of fake twitter account and a hundred forty a hundred forty characters meaning they know the power of free social media and that the fake account that they are great under the names of actors with software that can rotate ip addresses and make it like original, we'll connected people, action points a whole, movement or spark a whole new method ultimately does become ground France, because people don't know the origin, so sure we're we're we're facing a time now where we have political. When civil unrest
We have economic troubles headed our way. We have natural disaster, we yesterday we're looking for possibly go war or nuclear war Andy, any press that is, legally out of control, and I believe on both sides will end and people don't they don't know how to find the truth. They don't know what the truth is, and many are not even looking for the truth crisis. How does the shake out? How does this out? story. What's in it, chapter in the American story well I'd like more optimistic and I hope I hope I can down the brow but from a new state point. I don't see an easy way out of this fixed that were in because, because I describe units taken years for us to get here- and we're talking to some attorneys CBS that I have review and approve my stories,
ten years ago, I first and then when we saw these efforts to shape It is by these large companies that work behind the scenes to do perfectly the things even if objective, all objectionable, but sometimes unethical thanks to try to stop stories- and I said you know this industry is coming up was so busy just putting out canoes were playing defence when they smear us and try to discredit our stories because more appalling things. Wanna try to squelch. We need to have our own plan our own. The commission of this in a way to fight back, because their destroy reputations of news organisations and people doing important coverage? And yet there was just how will attention paid to it, and I tried to raise at also an investigative reporter conferences, because this was happening to me. The porter so reporting on cooperation. Some political interest that wanted to try to discredit and stop them, but is an index here we haven't done a good job in recognising an and, furthermore, we the loud operatives to become part of our news,
We hire them not only is convincing men taters, but we ve made them reporters in Ankara, the manager. So it's not an action, Turn on the news or read it so often comes across as narrative from talking point. We become part of the Indian or conversational sherlock is and continues in just a minute, A book is the smear. How shady political operatives in fake news control? What you see, what you think and how you vote, the link is always posted at world is due on twitter and at lend them after California, Texas As the second largest economy in the United States and a huge contributor to that economy is the Houston Woodlands, sugar, land area, it has Add a gene gdp of five hundred and three billion dollars in twenty fifteen that Is just so you have some concept the size of the swedish economy, the
in this area now estimates of Harvey's cost very, but some are predicting that the storm is gonna, be the most expensive in. U S, history at over a hundred ninety billion dollars that passes Hurricane Katrina. What else is happening? We have Irma a up towards Florida that may hit this weekend. That may be, if we're lucky, it will a hurricane category three by the time it hit but people are already starting to evacuate in Miami and the keys and elsewhere beyond that you have wildfires in California. We are we're we're we're on on the edge here we make it. Our story ends well but we better button up
mercury a conversation with Cheryl Atkinson, the she is, the author of the smear, how shady political operatives in fake news control. What you see, what you think and how you vote share? You just said that an operative told you something that is, should Everybody's bloodshed run cold, that everything Did you see and and and Reed has been planted for a reason. How do you The american public debt with that kind of knowledge and and find the happy middle ground between the can territorial Alex Jones. Everything is a false flag to media matters that The thing is real
that's a really good question, I mean I I thank you start by saying, like I do, there's prima nothing I see on the news located face, I believe immediately does mean it's not true. Don't get me wrong but I know that there may be more to the story. I just learn that journalism anyway, the most obvious story. In conclusion you can draw- or the most obvious thing. That's being put out by somebody often proves to be totally different, any thought. So it's just you know good counsel, to question what you say, but also particularly if what you see is, same thing over and over. I'm, you think about the thousands of new stories happening and the world every day and yet Look at the news are I want something on television, and it's the same two or three stories over and over often using the same words and of doing the same people from the sun, The appoint the not gonna give necessarily two or three five to the story. That's absolutely when you should suspect, there's a paid efforts. I I ask myself
who wants me to think that and why and that can justify open your mind up a little more to what you think. I call it. The Truman show ask alternate reality if your member, that old movie with James CARE more heated now he was living basically on a movie sat, that's kind of what their desks. And I think it may sound somewhat conspiratorial, but the people in the universe see it that way doesn't hurt Thank you enough to think of some degree. Now again, maybe going our borders. To think that everything you see isn't true and I'm not saying that I'm just saying it may not be the whole truth. And sometimes it may not be true and something that may be true, but you just have to, I think, we'll cut it more critically. Surely someone whose work worked with Glenn for a long time, I sort of enjoy him being tortured
but you go and it you're welcome you go into definitely look quite a bit about the specific things they did. Two Glenn to try to ruin his career and in and have him lose. A lack of courage can lose credibility with the audience can go into some of that. Yeah I mean you know this is effective, primarily because it affected management even more than yours, they launched a large advertise. It's a effort which again is perfectly legal, but they want advertisers to believe or to create the impression that this is a grass roots thing. That's happening from the public, it's not a partner in the case of Glenn, I believe, with a separate group advertisers. Oh yeah colored, a change which not be, then it looks like all this widespread effort by diverse group of people
look at how everybody in the world is UNESCO down. I'm goin back right now when in fact is again a relatively small handful of the saying donors trying to give them. I shouldn't, because Glenn is dangerous to their interests, trying to give the impression that there is some sort of dry grass with effort oh yeah. They then you're, seeing that use your seeing that use now on on Donald Trump, where It's the same group of people there, just it's the tides, nation they just they stand up as a different group over here and then I'll. Look. It's mothers against whatever over here and fathers for this over here, and it's really the same people say money right, so I but I'm just reading one short passage. Media matters also quietly final, two hundred thousand dollars A lot of money in this world to a group called is an engagement laboratory of political advocacy nonprofit that calls itself a home for social entrepreneurs. The laboratories funded in part by grants for sources open society,
nations, though he's getting it to waive their plan that you A thousand dollars from media matters is for a campaign to expose Glenn, backs racist rhetoric and in everything, educate advertisers about the practices. On his. Shall you have to read Sherlock had since new book. It's called the smear, how shady political operatives are controlling what you see, and what do you think This is the Glen Back programme. You're young, your healthy. You have your whole life in front of you, and that is what Katy She had no idea that anything
What's was wrong with her until she went in for a routine ultra sound with her second child willow? and during the ultra sound it was discussed Katy head, cervical cancer and the doctor said you have to abort your child you're gonna die? and the answer was no- I'm not I'm going to kill my job. For me, that's just not hard to me. I think I bring myself to do that. People call me selfish for not a boring. I believe. Every life out there has a very divine Bergmann Treaty carried willow, determine the doctors were able to remove the cancer. She was cancer freely and mom. Two beautiful baby girl
and trouble set in willow stopped eating a couple of months in the little girl was rushed to the hospital stay there for most of her first year, all right I'll days, fat between our tiny hospital back in Montana and Vienna, children than she built with pneumonia and heart failure and respiratory feelers. One thing: after another weeks and weeks of testing And finally, she was diagnosed with a rare terminal condition called inclusive cell disease, which inhibits rose and breathing and heart function. Digestion everything there have been a few very few kilos of this have made it shortly path can, but the average fan of these kids. Three to five years there, only seventy two confirmed cases in the world. There is no tree now all whatsoever because they're so little funding like there is for cancer.
A third all the research funding comes directly from the few Families that have been affected Willow was finally released from the hospital just in time for her first birthday, while for caring for her birthday Katy encountered another blow. She became the victims of domestic violence and found herself now a single mother of two young children, one are getting sick, unfortunately, her father, because of the way he grew up only way he knew how to help was to have above all the ground. Now everything he needed to cope. Is a remarkable person in. Mom, even though every birthday just like for every family is a huge milestone in like it's very exciting, for us is also extremely extremely bitter, sweet and five, because we Oh, that we're not gonna have very many just Katy has lost hope, you're nervous. Can what's gonna happen or how we're gonna handle a situation like this and all your word
on the front line of the willow is dependent on twenty four seven feeding tube she's on the heart and oxygen minors, medication from six to ten p m It happened. Night requires what is called deep, sanctioning of threading of section. But our through knows nose near wave of this is so high I assure you, you can't go to a a shelter because you can bring willow into the into the shelter she gets a cold and she can die. You had a All of us. One thousand dollars- and you were last- I checked you were at twenty nine, a hundred dollars, that doesn't seem like an awful lot of money to be able just to keep the roof over your head, it's lovely you don't really sound like old, shoe because I want to be disappointed out, wanted come off like you, I'm asking her hand out, like your I'm, asking
the world people? That's not the person that I am so remarkable Katy. I applaud you for your strength and and expect miracles because they will happen yesterday. We're part of that miracle, and I just wanted to bring you an update. Yesterday when I spoke to earth twenty four hours ago, her goal was five thousand dollars and she had raised twenty nine hundred and fifty dollars. This morning? As I walked into the studio she had? is just over thirty tooth Thousand dollars, just from there audience. Lou Turning to her, and especially in the last few minutes of the interview where you could hear her voice, crack and say
this is not who I am. I am not a person that asks for help. Those are the ones that are the most fun to help If we want to help out, you want to join in you. Can go to my twitter feed at Glenn back. I just put the link there at Glenn Becum, a twitter feed help Katy Find a new home? It has. Men are whirlwind of twenty four hours and Pat Gray, who pat is one of my. Dearest friends and starting his own talk, show
the blaze, tv and blaze, radio starting next Monday joins us now with just a few words about the doktor, and I have a farewell. The word of the day is curl Glenn cruel, as in its just its cruel for Trump to end the duck, a programme cruel from Obama, cruel, binding it's so cruel Bill Clinton cruel mark, Zuckerberg, cool nobody says. It's mean or mean spirited. They all got together a decided. The word was rule. And they're all whining about how crucial it is that tromp has rescinded Dhaka. It's o rule that they'll have anxiety again. Poor dreamers will have anxiety again and by the way, you control the language and control this society, their cause, dreamers. They're, not the illegal aliens they're, not even undocumented immigrants, their dreamers they're, just young people who
who dream of a more perfect union. They dream offer a much more wonderful America, it's as if their me, fickle creatures or so, like they're unicorns dreamers. How do we let this happen? Dreamers can't have any exact anxiety whatsoever- and I just I want to know why I've gotta Load of anxiety, why aren't dreamers anxiety and citizens can have all the anxiety thrust upon them? That's available in the universe, but not the dreamers, not the unicorns and but the thing it's really drive me out of my mind right now is that a Trump his actual goal. Here, let's be clear about this: he just tweeted this morning, Congress now has six months to legalise Dhaka
thing the Obama administration wasn't able to do if they can't out visit this shit, this issues, so what The numbskull Democrats are aren't talking about is is actually on their side. Are, you wants amnesty for the dreamers for the unicorns. He wants them to live here and there with us eddies telling Congress that if they do pass: a law granting them citizenship within six months, he's good get into its own hands, and I don't know direct some kind of active order that legalised them. He just wants to the amnesty permanent for them. I don't remember that campaign promise and I remember just the opposite: yeah everyone, everyone who is on stage if you at all said anything like this. He Emil We called you little lying stupid, our whatever every time and every time and now this is this:
it's going to be the policy we are going to get the US we're gonna get an amnesty crammed on you were all of us. I think might be old enough to remember when the dream act, which is what the dreamers are named after rang, was like the litmus test of whether you are an amnesty person or not. If you supported the dream, act, your money and evil amnesty person right and if you opposed it, then you had some credentials on the border. Now the guy who know I wasn't double that wasn't a blanket thing just applied to everyone without any kind of thought,
I mean it was wasn't no you're right it. What do I owe you forgot? It was you there was no room for any kind of disagreement, any kind of new ones. You were immediately drummed off the stage and out of society. If you were like, will now wait a minute. What are we going to do and T Dream ACT guy? You were immediately drummed out. I mean you now it's going to become a reality. You gave languages sandwich to a person on the border, I'm and bright argon, let's all world very little time, the worst thing you could ever do now. I suspect there supporting them in this right. I mean I don't hear I dont hearing act from the right. I don't I don't the left misunderstands completely what he's doing, and I just hate him just because he's him.
But then I saw your site is on your side, national, trying to grant an amnesty and he's trying to make it more permanent right, because right now, it's just to have any president. Could change Dhaka and my President cupola back and makes a law. That's a big different disability permanent until you know, Converse passes another law. We ve seen how difficult that is. The other thing I've noticed from the media is it that keep talking about how? How trump making a mockery out of the promise that written on the statue of liberty. Now I love statue of liberty to, but let's keep in mind one thing here this, You have liberties, not the constitution, so now, if isn't she holding it or something that all she's got a tablet tablet how that would be the ten commandments Arnett. Second, what's what's written on, the statue is a poem.
Now I grant you it's a really nice poem man. I learn reads it really. Why, and I will tell you that it is misinterpreted as a very clear poem, but it is a poem in Poland is a more not allow our not policy our nice words that guy nice words that rhyme, sometimes I don't remember something they don't. But in this particular case I believe they do so that Pat unleashed Unchained unstayed. You will hear him Monday through Friday, only on the blaze, radio and lays tv beginning Monday. The show cannot start fast enough, bring it on I'm ready
mercury. So how many disasters have there been? to where you hear about Lee unsavory characters the guys who come in and their looting, their stealing their doing something horrible, have you noticed, just a little hack, but almost the dearth of any of those stories coming from what's happening in Texas. It could be that Texans are really good. People
and there you know banding together and helping their neighbour, and all of that is true, but it also could be that their Texans and they have guns, and everyone knows there are serious and everyone knows There is not a jury in Texas that is going. Put a gun honour right, we protecting himself his house, his family or his property in jail, not one. It might be the reason why we haven't seen a lot of looting. There's there are and then I saw one this weekend when I was in Houston. But there were signs doubtless, but people are other neighborhoods if you lose we shoot. Another one had an image of bodies The sign just said there is nothing inside worth dying for
peace and these signs are going up. One person I saw on television yesterday they said if you come down looking you come down the street lookin for problems, you're gonna get shot. They said the neighbors said yeah. We ve already stop one situation. I don't expect we're. Gonna have another the hall had served for taking me, so got a little dark clean, Luton, shoot rhyme, which makes sir the work really well makes may seem like Jesse Jackson could be saying that one year by the way the we might come? The worst hurricanes when speed early us and something I know you maybe you'll notice here so this is the top sixteen hurricane with MAX ones. Over a hundred seventy five miles per hour. Nineteen, sixty one Carla, two thousand and seven Felix, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven Anita one hundred and ninety seven David. Ninety. Ninety two Andrew nineteen, thirty to Cuba, nineteen fifty five JANET two thousand seven dean, two thousand five Katrina, nineteen sixty nine Camille nineteen- I
eight Mitch, toothache, five Rita one thousand nine hundred and thirty five, the Florida keys, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight Gilbert, two thousand and five Roma in eighteen, eighty Alan, if you listen that list you'll, know then you'll know right away. Obviously there is not one day Norton date before two thousand and twelve and this because global warming none of the none of the late orders and heard it will all in the last five years, the storms. If you listen to that list, all of their does analyzed. Lawyers does seem to be a cycle. It's you know, nineteen thirty nineteen fifties. Sixties seventies and eighties, and then the two thousand hit us like Michael it does he It's almost like. You could explain that. If, for example, you had a piece of evidence like twelve can Second of years with no major storms. Also ever hitting the somebody wrote and said you guys are so disingenuous because You say there has been no major storms every we global warming will thereby
Storms all over The world he, oh yes, there happen, but we were specific. We are talking about Al Gore speaking about All the Florida is going to be gone and there gonna be the super storms that that wipe out the EAST coast and all of the Gulf right now it didn't happen. They are an end. Look we're we're seeing that can happen. Yemen is that it's a real possibility, but it is true that when a hurricane hits a category five in the middle of the ocean, no one seems to care, but no trend in tornadoes. There's no turning droughts, there's no trend in over it in saturation. These are big deals. Mercury.
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