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A Big Trump WIN? | Guests: Christopher Rufo & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | 7/9/20

2020-07-09 | 🔗

Are we about to see a massive Trump win? The similarities between Trump and Harry Truman in 1948 are too numerous to ignore. Does Kanye West have any chance at the White House? Brad and Ashley Davis, co-owners of the Friend & Foe Board Game Café, join after posting a powerful message about running a small business during the pandemic. Filmmaker Christopher Rufo breaks down how Marxism is overtaking Seattle, and Dr. Karlyn Borysenko lays out the city’s new training for white employees on undoing “whiteness.” Glenn reviews how the Michael Flynn case reveals a Deep State coup against Trump with global efforts. The Supreme Court has been busy with rulings on contraceptives, Trump’s tax records, and whether half of Oklahoma isn’t Oklahoma.

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When the Glenn are we about to see a massive Donald Trump Win, yeah. I know nobody. Nobody is. Nobody is saying that I'm saying that and I wanted- I want to explain why and I think I think, I have a scientist man who will back me up on that? Alright, I don't know where he stands on the environment or white people being the bane of all existence, but he knows a little bit
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and I ll make a good case here been working on this one. For a while- and I know you are stout man, so I know that I know going to tear it apart. You gonna harsh my mellow, but I'm asking you not to at least. Let me have a few minutes of good feelings. Ok sure our right are, you know it made me, feel good the Democrats in the marxist, not taking control of our country? This fall now would make me feel good, so yeah you get into every everyone is look everyone. Looking at these poles, I hey to dismiss poles, but I think there's a cup things going on. First of all, I don't think ever seen an election like this one have absolutely no idea what is coming the world. Could literally be on fire in an hour in an hour we could be in the missiles could fly and they ve been they ve been launched by these gin.
A hybrid half human half, giraffe nation that we ve all never heard of, and I wouldn't be surprised so, I don't really understand, but yes, the health, the ghostly able may very well be launching missiles at ancillary. Yes, why would you ass. If them is people there, half their half people half giraffes. You know you're saying Hugh. He rafts. Rafts. She rival- and this is actually right. Elaborately rival say this. If has ever movie made of this incident, no person should play the role of a harass, her round. Europe has a really the role of rafts, absolutely absolute you know I was lecturing my daughter last night because she played Olaf in in a play, and, unlike
you ever Bennet Snowman now you're, not a snow man and you ever really truly been frozen. Do you notice liked to fall from the sky and then be rolled up and have a carrot? For knows how dare you, how is she going to understand the specificity of the way that snow man experienced its life. She can't I can't should be. She should be cancelled, can't and that word should be used more often anyway, all right and so me, compare nineteen forty eight with the year. Two thousand. Ok, Nineteen. Forty eight I believe I, the book leave the Republicans. Had the slogan, are you done yet, but Erika was not, and it didn't work out well for them. So Harry Truman was considered to be a buffoon. He is boorish
air is Truman is what they want. They would say mid term in eighteen, forty six Democrats, lofts both the house and the summit as Senate twenty eight in the G p lost thousands the rise of outright communists, eighteen, forty, eight, they, the communists, were dominating the progressive party just like they are now in, only twenty. We have the same kind of thing, part: disunity and nineteen forty eight, the Dixie Crafts and the progressives we're going after each other in Only twenty than ever Torrent, Trumpery and Lincoln Project, so so far, would you This is parallel. Many many ways sure some ways weak overconfidence over competent overconfident opposition. Nineteen. Forty eight was Thomas Dewey big on attitudes everybody loved him supposedly in He was Joe Biden. You know
except he wasn't in his rec room in his basement the vice president. The incumbent Harry S, Truman had to fill a vacancy. He went with a safe, Joyce dumb. From doesn't have a vacancy, but he's sticking with his safe choice VI President Dewey made an abysmal choice. Earl Warren added, nothing. In fact, he hated do he twenty twenty I dont know it doesn't seem to be working out so far for him russian Interference in eighteen, forty, eight cp, USA infiltrated the progressive party elegance against trumpet twenty twenty. Of course, the economy, nineteen, forty eight excellent, particularly after the depression in world war to this. The only one that really falls apart, because I dont it's gonna rebound fast enough,
The opposition party dissension conservative, Forty eight cheese off by the me two candidates losing previously land in Wilkie, Dewey, twenty twenty progressive cheat off because Bernie Sanders didn't get it in sixteen twenty twenty the race split. The Dixie crap from the Democrats, but Dixie Crap leaving Leaving cemented the black vote for the Democrats, twenty twenty, the right it's. Its weakness could end up sending Democrats and independence into the Trump camp and keep it appears from defecting from Trump immigrants an issue concerning european refugees. Twenty the same thing, but now overshadowed by Kobe, the economy and outright revolution that we're having.
Age played a role in nineteen. Forty eight the campaign style, give em harry, no hope sparred Dewey. Just really dull, give em down it. Give em Donald He runs out. You know with the big, the big shows that he does by is not exactly what it used to be here. And against Congress in eighteen. Forty eight, he lacerated the do nothing Congress. Many twenty same kind of thing in that In forty eight the press hated Harry S, Truman same debates in nineteen. Forty eight there were no debates. Twenty, money. There may not be any debates so remember Truman is the guy holding the newspaper that says: do we win? They were that confident now there is
there is somebody else who sang a similar thing. He brought up the Truman Dewey thing but his his model primary models, what it's called He came up with the ninety ninety five and is predicted correctly all of the press, essential candidate since ninety ninety five years giving Donald Trump a ninety one percent chance of winning in November He said that over the last hundred in eight years he ran the sea model he takes all of the opinion polls out, he doesn't care about opinion polls. All you care is about is how excited is the base for the candidate. He says, because Biden has nothing new thing going on for him, except the opinion walls, but when you actually talk to people everybody's, like I don't wanna vote for
I mean I've yeah, I'm gonna vote for him, but is there anybody else? He says because of the way he performed in the early primaries is what his his calculation always takes into it into account. He says there Donald is gonna win handily in The the elect, college and and surely win with a bigger spread this time, while I'm in that it's not impossible. I think a lot of what you said that those things do align. I would still giving less than a ninety one percent chance of winning the election at this point about here comes comes out it looked, I think, not overcomes he's in Lorraine, operate you're, gonna mellow. I got it. I know, I was just. I would point out. First of all, when you have an early primary model, which is you have of those early elect early elections that happen before a global
pandemic and then a global power damn it happens. I do think that it's gonna be tough. To take his hand, a revolution tat. We ve never had yet, as we ve, never Had that I mean, I think the closest we ve ever come to this kind of situation is is this civil war. I mean I you just can't predict this at all, because I dont think they're done everything has been so well coordinated that I have no idea what they have planned for the fall, but they're not gonna, be sitting on their hands right and No, there is aid. I think, there's any. I think that's the reason why people are overlooking Trump right now. It's this idea of well as possible, but will mean frankly, they do look terrible but look worse than they did against Clinton. Really all that close. That being said, it has how me thinks his view. Twelve even said about Joe Biden like theirs. No passion against Joe Biden right now, because no one
done anything to show him even in a negative light, die, don't trust on what campaign speeches three campaign speeches so far we ve, seen no development of this campaign. So right now what you have news people a lot of people with a lot of passion for Donald Trump and a lot of me with a lot of passion against Donald Trump, Sir, This election is going to at its core, be a referendum on the way that Donald Trump has handled his first four years. As, as President he's he's he's a big enough personality, that's gonna be impossible to make this our this election about Joe Biden entirely. But still you know, All you have do is keep it close and once people start really thinking about this. Looking at Joe Biden watching him have these moments where he can't remember the most basic thing or pronounced the most basic word deities, the change I think a little bit, and we know that trump. Pressure, and who knows,
but dont worry Joe Biden does under that sort of pressure. Do you believe that Joe Biden will be able to get away with not having a debate. I I think that that that's what they're going for you now interests more is doing all these conditions, so our very smart to do it. But do you really Think at this time, the most important election. This one really is his. When is this the end of the road for the republic? I think they do. We do we really not having any debates between the two people vying for the job, of running our country for the next four years. We just say we don't need a debate really. Obviously I don't think that's the right way to approach it, but if you take yourself out of it, put yourself as a democratic campaign aid, you do everything you could to keep these two away from each other and now, in the stage of saint. What I'm
What I'm asking you is, will the average American, except that under normal circumstances. I would say: no, I think that one, worry you'd have if you're the Trump Administration is that people, because Donald Trump is such a big personnel. And so many people have had their mind made up on him already There is less concerned about what the alternative is and that's a scary thing to say, but I really don't think a lot that there is at least forty five percent of this country that sit back and says I don't care who it is, if it's not not Donald Trump, now, there's also forty to forty five percent of people who say I dont care who the their person is. I must have Donald Trump. So you get to a baseline, pretty quickly those people in the middle, I think, are interesting in that, though the one of the good
about Donald Trump being able to dominate the new cycle? Is that unique talent to do that more than any president in, I think american history, and then he can dominate a new cycle, but tyres people out and when you are in a situation where you have a global in all these other things. If he looks Look he's handle these things really well. When it comes to November, then I think he's a real chance if it looks like it, people have this impression that he's done this bad job or has been income, but in his handling of this one, big crisis he's had to face not to mention the other it's called a nod get any really difficult? That the reasons why, in this a separate a little bit but like the whole thing about asks and in taking all these precautions and not rushing to open, I and stand it completely from a personal liberty standpoint. I understand completely from from the standpoint of just like. You know what I don't think they work or whatever your personal opinion is from a poor
political standpoint. I don't understand it at all. Why? Wouldn't you take every caution necessary. If, even if you thought I was a one percent chance, it would make things better to keep This situation, if it's out of control in November Donald Trump, probably has no chance to win so Why wouldn't we do everything we possibly could? If you are a person, Thanks, Donald Trump. It would be the better option going forward to Minimize disease. Why would you risk going out all the time? Why would you fight Why would you shame people who are a whore who are throwing mass on and looking like, don't like ducks and Geese duck basques, but people require out it's just idle politically, it works. Ok Come back to that zone is talking about the code, corona virus numbers, and now it's so loaded, the CDC, a saying we're thinking about not actually worth
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Vps with bank grade encryption, to help keep your information more secure and private when you're on line also, don't forget, password manager that securely create stores and manages your passwords credit card information and other credentials. Nobody can prevent all cybercrime, but nor three sixty is a powerful ally for your cyber safety right now, until July, nineteenth save up to sixty percent off your first year with an annual subscription at Norton dot com. Slash back, that's Norton! dot com, slash back, save up to sixty percent on nor in three sixty Norton dot com, slash back ten seconds station. I do You know, maybe that's why we should go with Conway. Kenya says he's running. He hasn't taken any steps to do. It
but he said yesterday that he's just looking to maybe peel off a few Democrats from Joe Biden, but don't don't laugh at Hoddan, Yea being elected. I think there is a lot of people right now there be like. Why not Why not it's twenty twenty Why not? It was make perfect sense. Would it not it? by the way we work and found it. I did Studios Conway on as America last night and we found a clear two thousand sixteen where I said the next president is going to be a car dashi and we should have to hope it's Courtney now at that point considering that considering Conway West, in a twenty twenty run, which is is very odd me he did he she come out and say he was trying to peel black people off intentionally. In its rising laddie,
yesterday I read that late last night, I don't know where I read out. I mean it's possible. He came out. I think he came out and said you know. Look like a peel, a few people off of Joe Biden. That would be good for the bottom line is, I think, it's He was also critical of trumpets, and he does he does that. You no longer supporter said he's taken the red hat off which now we don't have to think say, he's brilliant anymore right like or pass that we get past. That now can we go back to one another by saying as of two years ago, Can I ask brilliant people often look insane, that's what I mean people say we live our example and glad that programme. All right, it's taxis and still because why not it's twenty? Twenty, the
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first year, even save up to twenty five percent in one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com promo code back Tomorrow is the one hundredth anniversary celebration of students, America hundred episodes, stew, just power, our you're not going to visit you too cancer, for so here's the thing. That's really gonna hurt president tromp. If we can't turn the economy around the economic fallout from this corona virus is just is its mind: boggling thirty, Two per cent of all. U S, households have now made their full housing payments for July, yet That is the stunning
about? Nineteen percent of Americans made no housing payment at all. During the first week of the month, thirteen percent paid only a portion of their rent or mortgage This is the fourth month in a row that a historically high number of households are unable to pay their housing bill on time in full, from thirty percent in June thirty one percent in May its thirty two percent of all: U S, households. In July, we are just being devastated. Just devastated I want to share a facebook posts that I saw from a couple of people Brad and Angela Davis. They started did this this restaurant sorry too what did I say, it's Ashley. And Bread Davis they. Where did this this restaurant, which had been a dream of theirs? and it's called the
a friend in full boardgame, CAFE little Sandwich shop in Plano and Texas and they have you know the usual fair, but they also have like six hundred boardgame, so people can come and play board games of the family. I read this post and I think there is millions that feel this way. Why do we get up six in the morning to drive seventy miles back and forth for a twelve or thirteen our work day. Because we have no other choice for If we had an out, we probably would have taken it by now, but all of our eggs or in this basket. In fact, the whole chicken is in this basket. We the three owners, where every hat we the general managers, the grill cooks, the prep cooks, the bakers, barristers bartenders marketers, the janitors, just to name a few. We get up every day and we take a beating. We fight tooth and nail to make it through this with no support from the government? Thus far, and we know there are many. Other business is doing the same
with our thoughts had been focused on the business and survival for so long. I do anything for a carefree moment, every fibre of my being stretched to the max, but That being said, I am fed up not just with our and situation, I am sick of the judgement, anger, irrational behaviour in sheer hatred. I am seeing, I'm afraid to say anything about anything because of Inevitably, someone will disagree and spew hatred rather than having a discussion. If I don't pay something I'm labelled. If I do post something I'm labelled. If I keep my mouth shut during a conversation I'm labelled. If I opened my mouth during a conversation, I'm labelled Nobody really cares about what anyone else has to say their minds are all made up and likely, based on a meme headline or a one sided source rather than a ray of reputable books or articles we had flat.
Is business for remaining open and trying to bring in customers with various incentives. Even though we are following all recommended safety protocols, nothing we do seems to be enough were expected to go a step further than what's required. We open it eighty five percent. You should stay close. We sanitize Oliver Games, you shouldn't let people play games, we strong recommend masks, you should go, you should not of new, You should make it mandatory, not by choice most business owners, can't just throw in the towel and go find another job. It's not how it works. Oftentimes. When one is focused on two forced to close their business, they lose everything, be as we have put everything into it. The insured, please stop stop judge. People for what they don't post, stop judging people for what they do. Stop labeling businesses is irresponsible for doing their best during this crap
labeling people in general. Stop react you're wrong with another wrong. Stop hating your neighbor, because they have a different world view than you. And if you, sure what your worldview is think about it read about it. Maybe he'll be the disagree with someone cordially. If you understand the fundamental differences a man. This is that without was that was written by Ashley she's made two Brad and they both happened beyond with us. Now they live in Abilene, Texas, Ashley and Brad. Welcome to the programme how're you thanks gland We're doing guy just excited to be on your show. They are blowing papers, not a problem, yeah, I know you are struggling just like like everybody, else what Ashley you're your facebook posed is what caught my eye, your facebook post, what happened to get you to snap like like that, speak truth. Yes,
were really from the time we started working to open his business, which is about three years ago now things have been incredibly challenging. You know Let me take one step forward and in three sets back at times, but the reason I made this posed is because I just got fed up with the unrealistic expectations that I was noticing the general public in the realisation that some people actually expect businesses to go. That further than what has even required as far as the covert restricted affair, which has just ridiculous, I think there's some businesses who can afford to do that for me all at keeping their dining clothes are refusing businesses refusing businesses are people because they either have like a second source of income or they got a ton of money from the government, but businesses like ours. We can afford to do that though when I got you do you guys have been. They're gonna, sorry, but you bet you been operating on a sixty to eighty percent loss every day. You need what
at least a thousand dollars in sales every day Answer me about eight hundred thousand dollars. Ok,. And yet you said in your facebook posts that the government didn't help you at all, so you didn't get the PPP loan qualification. Correct, Annie up to this point. We have we all we risk from the government as a six thousand dollar advance. The economic disaster fund. Then we haven't seen any anything else from that we were actually denied They claim that we didn't suffer enough of a law so you know we made an appeal and we're going there we're going right, we're going through the process to try you, you know, we cannot do that, but now we have not seen anything from that or the PPP L. Yet so
Brad, what are you guys doing to stay open? Well, where work in our butts off? Where are you now at work, were, were put them in a thirteen fourteen? Our days at the store, I was unfortunately had to cut employee shifts way back just to say: payroll. We've been training a whole lot. You know we're believers. Are Christians, so we're just having a really lean on the fact that God is good even in difficult times and green or disgusting in that fact, and just working as hard as you can. So are you guys making it with the restaurant at all I mean: are you close to Europe a hundred dollar minimum, or is it just not even close outwit where, where at this point with the further it in a we, wouldn't we were sorry open back up your taxes, Tobin numbers go back up and the other put further restrictions on us and somewhere
stop. Reading it about sports are revenues about fifty percent of what we needed to be. I mean we're pretty much burned through our reserves, personal savings to keep things afloat and we're just at that point where it's like. We can't if we can't figure this out, we're going to lose it all, I have been in that situation and It is the most stressful, because there's nothing you can do this just now. Nothing. You can do and what? you have to lay people off and you have to make these decisions. How You guys fairing as a couple Well, I like Brad said, were believers and we really had the lean on the war during his time in you know, and honesty probably brought us closer together. Which is, which is a good thing. I know it doesn't always happen that way. But we really make a good team. You know we have two girls,
of them is two years old, one of them at eight months old, and so we actually all days, you know, and Brad will go one day to the store and I'll have the girls all day and of a switch, and we ve got to go back and forth. No, sometimes we bring the girl back to the store with us in. He's gonna do whatever it takes. Actually, it's interesting. We looking at your post cause you. You could definitely sense the issues that you're having with the business in the frustrations with the business. The post is really more focused on how people are treating each other. Why we focus on that, while I think you know, there's a lot of things that happened same time in our country, and I think, though there are not necessarily related. People are entangling them together and I'm just really acting www towards one another in it in its coming out a you know, on our social media posts. In the day
that we make an inside apply focused on that, because that made it that's kind of exacerbated. Everything battery word, that you started a boardgame cafe, because that's gonna cause something where Pino people to kill each other over game a monopoly. You may be increasingly distress, you do there are certain games in Barcelona top customers light. Was your stressed out. Don't play this game, you make your eyes. So what are you guys do? I know you guys are now renting board games, which is a good idea. You are also delivering food, you're, you're, also making food for nursing homes, etc, etc. Is that right. Yeah. We have made our go ahead. Brad. He got the Son of God, but I had to build it.
Yeah so where we have a minute of game rental system. Since a lot of people aren't comfortable coming into the store to play games, we said: hey, let's make our games printable and people can run again. On the planet and then we're doing a donate, a meal programme which allows people to purchase gains, I'm not he's going purchase meals and then we deliver it first responders nursing homes, healthcare workers, just Emmy, distrustful time for them, and I the way for us to generate a little bit of revenue and then also you know, get some food out there to some people who have a lot of other stuff going on may not want have to worry about want your dinner, Ok. So how do people get involved in that? If people wanted to donate a meal to somebody's you're, not asking for a handout year, You're saying I'm we're gonna charge you for something and we're gonna do something good with it. So how do people get involved in that right? You can go our website, its Brendan, so Bgc dot com,
and there is actually a link on there. You can click on donated meal. I click on paper, the meal that the new system and then we can possibly certain numbers. We contact our departments, police departments, hospitals, nursing homes is here. We ve got meals I'd like to donate him. Do you guys in ITALY we prepped almond, deliver. Well I mean only Texas, or in a small town in Amerika, would be delivering meals too? police officers the police officers would take them at this point. There, you are Oh, it is friend and foe b, gee see dotcom. Thank you I so much, and I just while I wish you the very best, Linda say one more thing really sure yeah if it at one thinks calm down
you need to bring you and then you could call like Sean Hannity been Shapiro and say I want to challenge you guys to a board game. Let's go to. For example, our idea is all right by playing a board game or any game with Ben Shapiro yeah? That's a good friend and foe B g see that's boardgame. Cafe friend, Info b g see Dotcom Guph and it ends and helpless. Company out by helping the police out on earth are first responders they could use. A friendly face. I think right, our sponsor this half hour is relief factor, and I want to tell you about Gary. He lives in California, as if that were, in that enough, the he's a sixty two and been living with severe pain for several years now he tried all the usual stuff to get rid of it, but after a while he just gave up
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quick start trial back for only nineteen. Ninety five go to relieve factor, dot, com relief factor, dotcom call, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor dotcom your lesson: TAT Grand back! This is the Glenda Programme, were so glad you're here, we're going to give you a a test Seattle. Workers now have to take. They have to go through a rigour, rigorous too sting and end redevelopment really of their senses, if their white you it's mandatory now I'll Seattle City employees at her white, have two: were I've gotta go down? and have some white.
Training not kidding. I I I just. I can't believe it. I can't believe how to get rid of your whiteness, seek you can't have whiteness Glenn and to get rid of why is this important to make sure you let go of your comfort, and your belief that you should be physically safe, that is clearly what our country needs right now is is more feelings of uncertainty and more links we might be physically heard, or maybe I mentally her also should get rid of some. Your white friends, you dont, need em all who needs of Aarhus, that is why people know that their unnecessary get up, get em out of their rights. I mean this is littered with this stuff. It's in here and as it is, is it was endorsed by the city, the guy. We have coming up is just happen to do a records request with with the city to get actual documents of what they were being taught in there. They didn't deal drop your job and the floor. It's in double that an actual city is doing this type of thing.
Well, we have that coming up next and boy. If I were in Seattle, I would be raising wholly hell, but I dont know lives in Seattle anymore. I mean. Are you all Marxists, or you just give up. I mean I don't know It is also could I ask for the prayers for a dear friend of mine, dumb, Theodore, dumb a good friend of mine today and and tomorrow or big days in his life health wise and could really use the prayers glanced back programme everybody knows pay pal, but Did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you money,
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what you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme Don't hold it against me, but I was raised just worth of Seattle. I was born in ever. It is raised in Mount Vernon and I don't know what happened to Seattle. I mean it is gone, full, fledged crazy, marxist and their starting to eat themselves, which it couldn't happen to a nicer group of people. Let us start with the city council, woman that we talked about yesterday and how she's now and a few with the mayor
Also there has been. A brave soul in Seattle, but decided I'm not doing this and walked and release some information. About a new whiteness class that all white people have to take. The city wall talk about anything, but we have the documents. We have to be able to talk about this coming up a second. It is amazing, so workers of the world unite and go someplace else? While we take care of businesses, capitalists in sixty seconds is a gleam. Program. So imagine your Seattle worker and you have to go to one of these whiteness meetings. I mean just imagine being able to have some discreet ear buds. The EU could listen to this programme and no one would now you're just not in your head pretended to pretending to be oh yeah, yeah yeah, that's me of white.
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Fifteen percent off your order now add by re con dot com, slash back, that's by re, con dot, com, slash back fifteen percent off re con wireless ear, buds now add by ray con dot. Com slash back I Christopher Roof always been on the programme before he's a contributing editor of the city journal, the director of the centre on wealth and poverty, and I wanted to start with him about this crazy, Socialist Seattle Council member vows to replace capitalism with socialism welcomed program Christopher. New at here so Who is this Seattle City, council, woman,
We shall miss. Allison had actually been in office since twenty fourteen and she, the member of the Socialist Alternative Party than international market Lenin. It little party with the goal of overthrowing the capitalist system. Stalin Worldwide socialism and in twenty, fourteen. She was being at almost the kind of token socialists who is running per se. Count on its radical platform The moderates were in such firm control, people tat. You know this idea of fun they have in the past. If the out all the most progressive city to have an actual socialist and for many years she was really relegated to the sidelines, the political power, but in the last few months It has become the de facto leader of the City Council and really the de facto political leader of Seattle and her she Doors, the Chaz Chop, occupation she's, pushing
legislation now and its one boat away from cutting the police department by fifty percent, and she is just path in Amazon, tack and she's not going to stop and she made clear that if you really MR she's gonna, send violent thugs to your house. To your neighborhood into your city to get what you want. Wanna play just this audio quickly from her here here. She was a couple of days ago in Seattle. Talking about Amazon. I am a message by Jeff Phases and his class. If you like them again to overturn the Amazon tax. Working people will go all out in their thousands to defeat you and we will not stop there. They could do you see
we are fighting for far more than this tax. We are preparing the ground for a different kind of society and if you just basis want to drive that process forward by lashing out against us in our modern demands, then so be it because we are coming for you and your rotten system. We are coming to dismantle this deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism. This police state. We cannot and will not stop until we overthrown and replace it with a world based instead on solidarity. Genuine democracy and equality are socialist world. Thank you. She is a more wrong, but why why is this a. Why use is being tolerated? In Seattle I mean I I
grew up in Seattle. I just don't know what is happening or are there. Many people really, sir. Blind as to what is happening. Do they really want to throw the capitalist system out? You know Actually, I think yes and no, there are certainly her die hard supporters. When she was running for office last year. There was a huge campaign against her, but she had red shirt and socialists on every corner of her district they had. But then, from all over the country that were pushing propaganda and encouraging people to vote, and is winning the boat, and that's the thing that I tell people. If you vote for their, you can't be surprised when she actually wants to do it and that the problem in seattle- is that I don't think so want there's really reflect majority opinion, but the problem is that all of the act- This organization, the political organizations all of the kind of institutional power is moved further
further last and they per urge anyone who's in the centre and keep going. Until you end up with someone like charm of the want. She is accused by the mayor now of organizing and and sending all of those people to the mayor's house, which quite honestly having good I'm glad they. There. She is, she didn't care about the people in Seattle on Capitol Hill. She cared only when those kind of bill came to her neighbourhood, but did she organised that I know she went and she spoke there and then clearly, a threat to the mayor of Seattle. It I mean she led the march. She spoke out against the mayor. By name. And some of her the kind of black shirted dogs spray painted the mayors There are four and house unless a direct threats against the mayor. Pray painted on the street
in front of her. How so intimidation is real and any it's really been happened in the last few years in Seattle. If you a journalist, attack employee, a political figure. If you speak out against the most far laughed, Politicians on the Seattle City Council, there palate militaries so anti affiliated active in? I will come after you bill spray paint, your drive weighed up with posters around your house building two on on social media. It really got point where there is a real and credible threat to anyone who stand against them. Is anyone getting sick or that in Seattle they are but take the calculate this is very challenging. So, if you are that day, an employee at Amazon, a computer programmer or you work at Microsoft,
you go along with the crowd or even just tacitly, except the crowd, there's no price to pay. But if you stand out against them, you are really risking potentially catastrophic damage. Your reputation in everything people coming after your sources and Simon hearing ostracism, how does how does Amazon and Microsoft not see that they are going to be eaten by these people? well, you know, Microsoft is very lucky and that they had actually set up their headquarters. Many years ago, in a suburb, twenty five miles away from Seattle? Tat are actually quite safe, their city council abroad. Men very amenable to Microsoft, interests, but Amazon is really hit. This inflection point where they are realising that the kind of when they move to establish the downtown corporate campus is now
some blow back, because they're at the mercy of these radical city, councils and Amazon, has done something very interesting. They pretty much stopped any new employment within the city, Seattle. They ve signal that there going to renew any of their leases upper buildings they dont. In the downtown core and their potentially shifting. Ten to twenty five thousand jobs away from Seattle into the surrounding suburbs. Really as a kind of safety that maneuver because they can really see What's coming down the line with the city council, well, I can tell you spray painting on the mayor's driveway, no justice, no sleep batch, seems like a direct threat and Seattle. You are in for some sleepless nights. If I lived in Seattle, I'd be lookin for a real estate agent. I don't. I don't know how
quite honestly, Chris you're doing it, but thanks Somebody is priest. D, the update. Let me go now to Doktor Carlin, Boris Anko, Carla, is an organizational psychologists, Forbes contributor? She was- and I think still what you would label herself who cares about labels, but she you to be on the on the liberal side left side. And she saw things going out of control and men. I did what I want to listen to the other side and she did a very open mind, but she is the one that found. The white privilege task that she's going to be giving me on Friday. I have a feeling that the test. I'm going to flunk but she also has looked into what is happening in Seattle with their whiteness training and is
do tell us all about it. We're gonna talk to her in one minute standby so around Beckett State. You know, I don't trouble myself with online shopping, whom you understand now dirty. My fingers will someday so pedestrian as a computer and well, I'm not entirely certain what my username and password I. So Why bother darling life seems to me that in a fine job she does of it too. She she uses this thing. Hold honey ends up saving us a tremendous amount of money that I like to bathe in every night, saving money honey is a shopping online tool that will help that coupon clipper? You know my grandmother used to be the one that would cause click on my mom did as well. Now you know
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actually something that I would actually probably do in my own business, but I would hate myself for it just because of the description of it just seems so. I dont know everything. You know what I'm saying: Ireland and sorry that so you are here and you're going to explain this whiteness training. That is happening only for white people, in Seattle. If you work for the Seattle City, government and your white, you have to take this training yeah looks insane? saying that what happened is about a month ago I got an email from an employee from the city of Seattle and they're they're going to be leaving their job because they think all this is crazy, and eventually it was an email from the city asking all of their white employees to spend a vacation day that have already been previously schedule in
Paypal money. I witnessed screening that was specifically burrow employees than they have a whole separate training track or people of color? So what is a virus Seattle City, employee and I show up what is this training? What do they do, but eventually they go through all well. First, you have to, of course, confess your internalize, racial superiority as the white person, because bad that it is not in dispute at all and if you come to the training and say well, hang on, I don't actually think I have internalized racial support already, then your expressing cognitive dissonance, which is further proof of your internalized racial superiority. So you have to go to the profit of investing your sins first and then to do you have to practise self talk and affirmations that affirm your complicity in racism, okay, so were hunting for which is now in Seattle, one eighty tonight
in hunting for which witches, because, if your wife We found you now, you are aware, unless there is actually work, now in this. If you do not identify his way, if you ever have like a Rachel dollar Thou moment and identify is black, even though your way, then you don't have to do the training you can opt out, oh my gosh, I would be a black man in a heartbeat. You know I'm feeling my collar, my inner color coming onto me, really strongly right now, Garland idea, I'm I'm big Turning to believe I am black veil, she'll get away with that yeah actually have to now this baby, That is actually the email that the city sent out to their employees, that this is for all people who identify as white fly as white like a pretty easy out to me, ok, so we get in. Can you take us through some of these things? Why me so I'd be?
the ongoing off of some of the documents. Actually, your previous gas got from the city Christopher, some are getting barbaric they're talking about in these shrink? The are things like you know why people have to let go of things that that might make them comfortable in the work environment, like any expectations, of their emotional safety or even their physical safety. White people should not expect that their physical safety should be protected in the work environment they are so they also go All we way way way way way way way Is this the? How is this happening from a group of people that needed a cry room in college, How is how is this? I don't feel safe anywhere being translated into now. I have a right to feel safe, but you don't it sounds like revenge. Why wiping the bat
exactly what it is, but they, the reality glad is. This material has actually been around for a very long time. The one of the documents that the city of Seattle is using is this document that is ten years old. They talk the attributes of a white supremacist culture in organism does. This training is not new. It's just had a really happy resurgence in the past couple of months. So what would What do you mean when I have to confess? Do they see you sit around and they they go from person to person, and then you have to say wow you were complicit. Is there a right answer on that? That is acceptable to people? Well, the only acceptable
And Sir, in any of the thirteenth dances, is to bend the knee and confess your sin of being awaits the premises than so far or other examples of things there. Talking about in this training are things like on our white? The employees speaking up and contribute ideas in the workplace. That's that's a white supremacist organization. Are they won't? Let me ask you this yoga staff right. You work here. So Yes, I can serve you like an organizational chart. I want to say nobody s, YAP White, the parameters They wipe the prayer, ok, innovation. Now. Do you and people to meet deadlines. I want to say no, but yes, I'm such a hate, her right to privacy There is also how does the city of how does the city of Seattle get away with that when they have hierarchy and and They expect people to meet deadlines.
Well, you know it's funny. It play so though I recently read part of the book white fragility and if anyone is not right that look, let me save you. The trouble its basic Robin, be Angelo confessing, her own racism for and highest. That's what it is, and so, when you confess your racism, it adult you from the racism, so the city of Seattle is essentially confessing that, yes, our organization is engaged in white supremacy and through the aquaculture OPEC and they are absorbed, Ok, Carlo you hold on for just a second, because I want to ask you think we should go to these corporations and these cities and say specifically spit. Civically
What are your crimes? I want to know your crimes. I wanna know specifics on what you, as a corporation, have done. Lay at all out their baby like to hear you responded, grab back programme, so is nothing more important to you than keeping your family safe. If you weren't, you know of your normal personated, I mean if you are part of the mansion family. I can't help you, but with the craziness that is going on the world. Things can be a little bit shaky and I have a feeling there are only going to get worse in the coming months. Please please think about having home security. Now I No, because I've had home security, we for a long time and it can become hated there's contracts, it can be really expensive. That's the case was simply safe You go to simply safe back dotcom that simply safe back dotcom. What you like
all about this zero dollars and fifty cents a day is all you'll pay for the twenty four slash. Seven monitoring there are contracts or you can cancel at any time. The system belongs to you. You can use it without the twenty four seven monitoring just to alert you if somebody breaks, glass or or opens up a door whatever, but you ve got to keep your family safe. This is the vast lease at least expensive way to do it the best way, simply safe back dot com go to Youtube and search for stew. We have one hundredth anniversary, epochs coming to Morrow, plus a special afterward? You want to miss Roger Carlin Laura Sancho she's an organizational psychologist, Forbes contributor. She was in her knitting group. Believe it or not. You don't look like a meter garland I don't know what that means. Even so
For that stereotype? Oh my gosh so guilty minted area tied me you're still a pregnant. I know I know so it so you were in your knitting community and you saw the left just starting to just hammer Nick where's that disagreed online, and you said you know I want to get out of my own little box here and you went to it from rally now that you would necessarily agree with Donald Trump, but you went you listen. You have an open mind Were you ever for this kind of stuff, where you every into the than this stuff like they're doing in Seattle, where where you have to admit that you're, a racist to be to be able to be a guess, hole or were recognised. Did you ever believe in any of this language? Oh no
never believed in any other than anything. It is that the diversity of inclusion trainings have existed in the eight hour space for a really long time and there are actually great trainers out there that don't believe in this stuff at all, but but this is really made a reserve since in the last year, has become a lot more common and organizations and listen. We can make fun of the city of Seattle and we should give in some of these documents, but the reality is that Glenn I have emails from people all over the country whose organization implementing training exactly like this, and so the big around the world. I should have got an email from someone who worked at a fortune, I've company just the other day that are doing the same thing, I know I know several people that work in Seattle for one of the big tech companies. The very big tech companies with their doing the same thing? they they are doing exactly the same thing. So
Why can't we go to those in wood? This make a difference. Go to those companies. Demand that they issue there their sins in front of the entire world, because all they're doing is placating Giving money thinking they're gonna get off the hook, which they're not and making things worse from for everybody else, wiping We can- and we see so many companies that are coming out end doing that. But the thing is, it is because the admission of the thin absolve shoe of the sin that that actually isn't going to fix anything in there. You a point there, but I think is really important for people to understand. When I speak to executive of companies that are doing these training, they don't care about this stop it'll. By into this stuff. At all the only reason that they're doing these training, that is to say to the mob. We did the training. Can you please not come after us now? That's the only reason
And does the mob, except that I mean they're, going there their marxist they're, going to do their job is to over your country are your company or destroy your company, Let me go over a couple of things: the internalized racial oppression. They perfectionism individualism in position, arrogance, paternalism, silence into actual ism control, violence, comfort, abbreviation cognitive dissidents, objectivity an anti black, this or off internalized racial superiority. What what the hell do, you can help us through this list. Yes, electricity, protectionism.
An example, because protectionism has always been one of their their chief kind of objections to the white supremacist culture. When they're talking about perfectionism there, especially talking about people completing their jobs or completing their tat with a high level of quality. That's what it is and fell when, if your expected to have a certain level of output- and you dont an you- meet bad than that, but that the white supremacist expectation or take silence, for instance, anywhere they fail. The time silence is violence, though what they're saying is that they expect way. People to speak up in the base of their own weight, supremacy or comfort. Again, we touch on that too, why people should not expect to be comfortable either emotionally or physically within their workspace? ok, so away my silence equals death But, if we speak out, that's all so considered ray.
This is not yet it is. Unless you are speaking out, you confess your racism and then you're good. Can I ask you a question was what will the companies be like to? work for what what happens to the team work. If I feel like I'm always I'm always going to be a racist time. I can't You know, I'm afraid to speak out and not to speak out. There is no teamwork that is gonna be happening at any of these places, guarantee that We had the nail on the head: the want of a thing by do with organisations that I actually go in, and I measure team resiliency that help improve, create better high performing team and one of the key components of team resiliency. Is that team connection or to use another kind of Hr Buzz word the psychological safety that the team has? Does the team trust one another
they communicating openly and transparently, are they able to engage in productive conflict. This training is directly contradictory, to meeting any of those go. So you know I bet you. My hippy then training, is standing a little bit more appealing. Now, though, we compare it with no, I die did grow up in the West Coast. I did grow up in Washington state. So there's enough hippy n me that I am stand those things, but I can't I can't get on board on this. Is this the wooden? This also led to an Absolute inform inferiority complex among white people. If we actually took the things to heart and did them and were constantly facing scenes that we had nothing to do with. You know them
There was an article on medium that made the rounds. I want to say about a month ago that I was left was an article appealing to white woman not to commit suicide due to their white guilt, and so this is what you think very serious people are internalizing than they are in a constant state of guilt in a constant state of feelings, though there's nothing, I can do to account for this awful thin and that's actually part of the insidious nature of white fragility the book by Robin the Angelo, because she Finchley says in the book that you will never be able. Take this it'll be a lifelong battle. The only thing you can do with senior discomfort and people like Robin the Angelo to yell at you about how racist you are and that all you can hope to contribute to solving this problem is horrible. It's awful. Carl onward, where we, where we headed and and and
Are we stop this? You know, I think that the biggest thing that I've been saying to people as you have to speak out, people have got to start speaking. Ah, they got to start expressed their objections, because imagine if every one in every organisation that was doing this type of training that had a problem with it spoke up. Well, statistically, that's going to be at least half the company they can't fire have become. Many people are gonna start it. Nobody said why wrong? You know, no he's gonna, do it nobody's gonna? Do it? Do you know scriptures talk about and in those days men's hearts will fail them either. We ve misunderstood that. That just means, I think, it'll be a time of profound cowardice. I mean look at how cowardly we all are, because we don't want our stuff. We don't want to be in know. We don't want it taken from us. We don't want to lose our job and I can legally understand that, but
if it has to change. We are going down the same road eggs. Almost all Just exactly of nineteen eighty four or national socialism in Germany the same thing I agree and when the thing of it is what we see over and over again is the people who are able to defend themselves from this nonsense are the people who are speaking up, who refuse to give who refuse to bend the knee they make over a little temporary. Pain. I you know that you may lose your job. You may lose friends here. Your business may lose clients, but on the other side of that there is a freedom that comes with speaking that I really wish more people understood curled. Thank you so much, I'm I'm so glad you're led your on our side. But what do we know that? Because I'm gonna take this white whiteness test tomorrow is going to happen.
Oh, I am fully expecting to fail Yeats, it's gonna have what are the odds of me passing this garlon. I think they're, pretty slim glass so wide. I even think he's in brown women in on your side, I mean I know that I do look like a marshmallow. I mean I and I opened Lily, admit on the widest white guy. You ve ever met, but I dont necessarily think that's a bad thing. Would you passage Carlin, I wouldn't I definitely would impact it because not only my way, but I am a woman who is speaking out against this lie elsewhere, cognitive dissonance about my own racism. My gosh thought. So would you play the role of the I mean you'll explained to me exactly how bad I am because of these things in the in the new world speak.
Why did she know my inner Robin De Angelo? Just for you glad I made and curl my I looked like her and be great right. Thank you. So much Doktor, Carlin, Boris Anko, a great friend of the show she will be on with us, tomorrow only for insiders only for people who are subscribers to the blaze. A yeah I'm going to admit all my whiteness tomorrow. If you will, like to subscribe. You can save twenty dollars with a promo code fight the mob, and that is exactly what we're doing were fighting the mob and we should could use you standing up with us as we help in power you you, empower us as well fight the mob is the promo code. It blaze TV, Dotcom, Slash Glenn. By the way. Tomorrow there's a couple of things going on. I have this show that we're doing just for insiders do, has a special that he is doing.
Power our which could you might I'm just saying only one will be the designated driver and it's not going to be still now. It's gonna be amazed by the end. There is absolutely no question about it and are one hundredth episode right before that, so it's going to be quite a big day and the boys right and also the hd version, all fixed the sink, and everything is all fixed on the special that we did restoring hope from the standing rock ranch is also available. It was posted late last night. The de version it is its stunning and I urge you to watch it. I saw their results last night of the people who have been watching it. I mean It's two hours and we losing anybody along the way. It is it's crazy. How this is acting with people and
I am glad that it is also you will find on blaze, tv special. We did last night that I want to go through in a ten minutes from now last night. We showed you the coup, the coup against Donald Trump and the coup against our own nation. It crazy. What is happening, but it is well documented and its I think, you're going to be reading about this. Your friends are To be reading about this and be shocked comes out how come I haven't heard about any of this. It's the deep! Date diversion that episode is available now on demand as well from last night and were in it You threw that so you're not surprised, and you can explain it to your friends. It is one of the most insidious things we have ever had to report on that is come
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a new study links, virtue, signalling to dark triad traits now. This is a new study that has just come out being acute a virtual signalling, might sound nice to the uninitiated. But if you say much time and social media. You know that it's actually an accusation of insincerity virtue signals are essentially phone ease, show off people who die opinions and postures solely to garner praise and sympathy or whose, Good deeds are tainted by their need for everyone to see just how good they are. Now new research looking into the consequences and predictors of admitting signals of victimhood and virtue has now been published in the Journal of personality and social psychology. The conclusion psychopathic
nip collective narcissistic people are more frequent signatures of virtuous victim. Would these so called dark Triad personality traits he availing ISM narcissism and being a psychopath, led to characteristics like self promotion, emotional callousness. Publicity and tendency to take advantage of others and read it as a composite, the dark try trades were significant predictors in virtuous victim signalling. So in other words, you have done psychological problems, if you virtue signally, what Interesting is they say that this is the asked way to be able to get people to give you stuff if you are signalling you're, a victim and. You claim that they are the victim iser and,
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the Green programme, all right now in the city of LOS Angeles, you can deface anything you can do face. Mean statues things you don't like parks that you don't like it thing can to face, except for a neural. That is on the street. That says black lives matter now. We know this because there is aid, there's a charge Of this, this couple that went out and painted over the b and the l, I think a black lives matter and had been charge now with a hate crime, I hate crime
Down statues deface anything, you want, that's, not a crime, that's not even a crime, but if you paint over the mural of black lives matter that I hate crime case two guess who backed the candidate. For that prosecutor? the district attorney gave guess guess who guess who got that person elected? Oh well, I guess Sakharov. Yes, I thought maybe there's only like twelve people when they all work for George Soros. Well, whenever you ask her ask a question like that, I know it's either George Soros Woodrow Wilson. I know those are. The only answer. Is a green back programme really important information coming your way here in just a second from our show last night, where we exposed the coup. In some new information. That is just unbelievable, really, truly unbelievable.
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who am I to judge shave secret dot com use the promo code back I want to go over a little bit of of this coup. And I think that's the only thing that You can call this It happened during the Obama administration to Donald Trump and staff and is still going on, is a coup and the evidence that is coming out is us tarnishing but you're not hearing about any of it, because Corrado virus scan choose their burning down a city. All of stuff and it's all coordinated, I believe by the same people and
It's not coordinated by the same people in Washington is Like one or two steps away, our eyes you have to understand this and you'd have to be able to explain this to your friends. Now I did. Special on this last night will probably go over it with another, bigger chalkboard. That is coming because all of these things that we put to you, either on looking at the impeachment and everything else all of it now, how is coming out and you're going to see this come out from attorney general bar and the final invest. To get Tory report here? It better be the next month or two because has to be cleaned up and solved the space before the election now, the reason why I say that is Do you even know that they tried to impeach the iter a general last week. Did you even Let's do.
The naming now Democrats here the damn pronounced filed impeachment papers? They tried to impeach the attorney general last week. Now why why? as they ve always love this guy in the past, Joe Biden talked him up. Everybody said always was ferry was honest. He can work with both sides. Now all of a sudden, not so much and why is that? Because Joe Biden and many people in the Democratic Party and in the deep state. Wait until you hear the information that we have now on on the intelligence community, it is the most egregious plot of an going administration and an eye I hate to use this, but this is the accurate word traders to the the constitution of the United States that are our intelligence community and our Justice Department
it is a coup that have orchestrated now I want to use general Flynn as the reason as a way to tie all these things together General Flynn still, I was frightened member yesterday- we thought. Originally General Flynn was guilty right. We were not fans of general Flynn at the beginning or were, if you remember the big thing you know we didn't know what will happen behind the scenes, but the big issue was: hers was removed from the Trump administration, not because of any thing he did with the FBI, but because he lied to MIKE Pence as both MIKE Pens and Donald Trump. Both said publicly. That was really the issue when it came to the actual conversation, with Russia, you know, I was probably not a good idea, I think, was our take, but also didn't, seem to be overly illegal in any way The other part of his issue with things like turkey and stuff? Those were bigger questions correct, ok, so
and I had had George Papadopoulos on last night and I'm remember thinking this isn't a big deal but It seems smarmy yeah I I think that was a kind of the thought initially, and that was that not it was also kind of the defence in some by in some circles of the Trump Administration, here's a low guy, ensure he went over and had some meetings. But you know was every it wasn't, can't hold trump responsible for that law me tell you what we have now and the problem is, is all of this has come out in dribs and drabs over the last couple of years, and so you didn't know what to do with it. It's it's like looking at a puzzle. In trying to figure out what that puzzles. Gonna look like when you only see like five pieces, you need more pieces. Let me give you this example with the only reason why we knew about Susan Rights, Susan Rice's involvement is this is because of senator grassland. He
wrote a letter to Susan right in a rice enquiring about really weird email that she said to herself ass. She was leaving the oval office on Inauguration day. The lad time she was going to be in the oval office. She laughed and before the transfer of power, she wrote herself an email, and I want to re. Read it this? what she wrote to herself President Obama. But began the conversation by stressing his continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities by the book. The present stressed he is not asking about initiating or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective. He re enter did that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book now what does she saying here she saying the President didn't do anything wrong. He didn't ask anyone to do anything he
law enforcement do what they were supposed to do. He didn't want to influence. Will we no what the context was. Gradually sent out he's like what is this about? What what you do well. We didn't know that all it was about spying on General Flynn, the dock that we got on from the FBI was its closing communication regarding General Flynn and the date of that was January. Fourth, twenty seventeen than very next day. Susan Rice, Joe Biden Peter, struck and Obama or in the oval office they they look. At the F B. I believe he saw the day before that they are. Closing the investigation.
Because- and I am quoting the Fbi- General Flynn is no longer a viable candidate. The FBI is closing this investigation And because he they couldn't find anything couldn't find anything so very next day Obama, calls his team in and he says or I what are we gonna do now: We have hand written notes now from Peter struck he's not on Donald from side or general inside So these are his hand, written notes by and is in the meeting, and he brings up the Logan ACT as a way to go after Flynn? Now wait a minute. The f B. I just said: there's nothing, we're stopping the investigation so why I did Obama call this meeting Obama was trying to stop. General Flynn any suggestions Biden
says: yes, let's use the Logan ACT, the Logan, his net nobody's ever been charged with Logan acted, came out and like the early eighteen, hundreds, because people could walk in too you know England and say I'm here representing the president of the United States there, like our guy who are you trust me on this. I'm George Washington will that's against the law and because we had to stop people from just representing us, because there wasn't phone or communication like we have now we needed some but nobody's ever been charged on this day. Is there to try to charge. General Flynn because he had talked to a russian ambassador. Well, he was incoming coming and director, so this is normal that he talked about it. So they're trying to get general Flynn on something now keep this. On my mind, this is bindings idea.
Now the FBI close the case, and that's why, according to Peter, Drugs notes, Obama says all right make sure this quote, make sure you look into things and what the right people on it now, what does that mean? The right people and I thought you just said that everything was done by the book in the president. Never ordered anyone to do anything. Well, he Obviously, did. So why was he why sea going after General Flynn. Well He had been going after General Flynn since twenty fourteen do remember why General Flynn was fun. As the head of the d, a defensive Religions agency: do you remember wild I'm a fired him. Bobo fired him. They said it was because of temp temperament issues. They just different temperaments,
that's not why he was fired he was fired because he openly spoke to words radical Islam. Because of radical Islam. He said: that we worry and a global war against radical Islam and its allies. That did not well with President Obama and that's why he was fired at that time. They started to dream. Try to dig up dirt too strongly the credibility of Michael Flynn. This is Twenty fifteen. They started pay Christopher Steal. The author of the debunked steel dossier, to significant Lee compile what amount the two- and I am quoting salacious opposition research on Flynn. This is this: is Back in twenty fourteen twenty fifteen, then
when he joins the Trump team. They know they have to stop him. They have to stop him He makes this phone call. Now The only reason why you would know about this phone call is because you You saw that there was a an american com somebody who was on our Pfizer list there, overseas, the ambassador to Russia. We eavesdrop on all of those phone calls. But nobody asked for that other person to be unmasked. Nobody did so. How did they know about that phone call? and General Flynn asked about it. How? did they know Well, you can't figure it out here, because you are protected by law right. While the CIA could know now
But the CIA can't reveal information and they can't do investigations on anyone. Hey what if you used, Six What, if you use the Italian in religions, agencies and you them spy. What got Australia involved as well, and you them, then spy on the Trump campaign and the Trump people, because and they would know because there of course, monitoring general Flynn thereof monitoring the Russians. So could we get somebody from, am I six to help on this maybe the Italians as well. Yes, we did and we have evidence of it and it's illegal.
The rabbit whole goes much deeper than I even thought and it has to stop more to say. And by the way all of this can be found at blaze, TV, its last night's Wednesday night Special and you must know this information. It's called deep state diversion the coup. Tromp, we name names and last night's episode. If you are not a member of the blaze. Please subscribe seal save twenty dollars. If you use the promo code fight the mob, but you get all kinds of I'm not just this well worth your money fight them. Is the promo code Blaze, tv, dot, com, slash Glenn more this american in writing. Nl, as one eight do through three four W W w dot. Animal, less consumer access, dot, Org,
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call american financing, an american financing dot net, eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty eight nine, zero, six, twenty four, forty american financing, dot net tense, and station I Welcome to the Glenn Beck program, we're glad that you're here when when we got the names of all the people that unmask General Flynn, I was on the year with Lara Logan and she got there. Last and she saw bunch names- and she said Here- is why this is significant with Samantha Power and everything else, but we saw a name that we wondered. It wasn't even a name it was. It was from the embassy in ITALY.
We're like. Why does the italian ambassador? Why to unmask general Flynn. Why? is that why Oh, apparently, that's what general BAR and John Durham have been cure, is about as well NBC has reported now that Durham and general Attorney General BAR went to the euro the kingdom and ITALY in an effort to examine the contributions of foreign countries to the right. A problem when they got back? That's when this went from investigation political investigation to criminal in delegation. Rock Obama and Joe Biden you used foreign intelligence and foreign intelligence action
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Yeah. I can't think of anything. That's weird: Let me give you a couple of rulings. Yes, today the Supreme Court actually ruled in favour. Of religious employers, you can opt out of Obamacare Birth Control mandate. Also religious organisations are exempt from the civil court employment discriminations suits, so The little sisters of the poor I love this. I love the fact that a bottom up was going after the little sisters of the poor. They they don't have to buy birth control. The nuns don't hafta by birth control for the people who work for him, in our lady of Guadeloupe, a school, justices same. Seventy two margin prohibited employment. Discrimination suits against religious organisations where employee served a religious function. I think that is, I think, that's incredible.
The ruling in little sisters. Employers are free to opt out of contraceptive mandate if they have a religious or moral objection. This is the third time the court has ruled on this: and they have a ministerial exemption for any he who works at a religious organisation for hiring those who came out well now a couple of others that have just come out: the Trump tax records, are not immune from subpoena and Is Gorse Ich Cavanaugh joining majority, which has got to be just driving I'll drop out of you might imagine. How pity is that the two guys he named the Supreme Court, both twenty? And stood on the tax records thing. A thing he's been fighting since two thousand fifteen now here, It's not going to be
You know he's not going to be happy. Nor would I, if I were the president, and I fought especially Cavenaugh just I stuck it out for you. However, I am glad that the we are voting with. What the law is safe, not trying to pay off a personal favor. I think that is really a good thing for Supreme Court's credible. And what I ve gotten writer. I agree with the eyes questionable I mean I know anytime. I see Clarence Thomas on the other side of something I always want to make sure our sorrow and read every word of it, but I mean it it does. That, like the I M were correct, also on the run, the separate ruling on the same case, basically that said, hey Congress can't just to get these things because they want them because of separation of powers, so they said Trump doesn't have to turn it over the Congress. He does have to turn it over to New York state because of their investigation course the major problem here is obviously some of went to leak them,
New York State investigation as soon as they take the as soon as they can and that's gonna be a massive problem, basically it basically, sugar, be seeing and on the front page of the New York Times some time before November yeah. It's it's fits the same thing with like Simon, introduced her. Why just I think, the the guy who took over from Carolyn Ready, I think he is he's just a bastard. I hate the guy but I think he's a I think he will. I know he is. He is a leftist that paid hills- Clinton eight million dollars for a book that sold about four copies and you with this Trump book can't believe the ruling is yes, she has a non disclosure but sire in Schuster they may, the case. You have a. We didn't have one she gave us this, so we can printed its obscene what they're doing nothing a zero of a book but its ups,
in what they're doing then that's the reason why bring that up is because I think the same thing is going to happen with the tax records. It's gonna be late. If, if it was for a case it should be taken, but some if they leak it, should go to jail for leaking it. Yeah that would do. That would definitely be my belief as well at it. It does it just you know these things, don't matter right, every single one of these things that comes down, as is the same story right. Let me like the New York Times, will print that and they will have. Problem with it. Look. Obviously, most cases these the press is really important here. I just think that allow this gets leaked. Intentionally to try to her political allies and an end. Well, look I don't know what is that attacks you know, records are gonna, show doesn't mean, there's anything bad in there, but
gonna use of everything they can to see. Oh, he was affording taxes and look how rich he is or how not Richie he is or whatever it is. They'll find some reason to use it as a as a political issue. You, as we get into the election. Ok so some of the other rulings that came out I can't even imagine the ramifications of this there. As a case, and you have to hand it to the enterprising lawyer or Georgia. Most probably funded this. That came up with this it out of jail free card, a guy. Raped a four year old in Oklahoma, awful awful dude gets convicted, He said. The state can't convict him of that. It has, to be the federal government, because it happened on native american land will
State said no, its, not native american land. It hasn't been native american land for a long time. Well, I just went to the Supreme Court gas, who to get out of jail. The four year old rapist. Listen to this one so really incredible story, and I don't know that I understand the full ramifications of it yet, but yeah you point out, there's about how we have of Oklahoma. Basically at one point was an indian reservation or at least that's what they claim. Stern Oklahoma, this it was a rape and murder of a four year old that happened in this general area? They saw how came up brilliantly with the argument that hey this doesn't count essentially, because if it happened on federal reservation the earlier on any reservation, the federal it would have to come in and prosecuted, not the state. So This point is not even that he's innocent, though I'm sure
He claims he is he's just saying I was convicted in the wrong court. He was sentenced to a thousand years in prison. So it was a bit him every one year. Yes, so what's interesting, there's this! big ramifications here, is half of the state of Oklahoma. Really a native american reservation? Essentially that's kind of what the what these ruling says. So what happens with all this up at their do now, but people that live in Eastern Oklahoma do they all live on an on a native american reservation. Now I mean the biggest do have to pay. Do they have to pay state taxes right? I really have to pay anything yeah. They may not have what happens it's what happens to all of the people that committed a crime and were re rested in that half of the stage. That's the biggest all those arrests, yeah, that's not valid Negus direct effect of this, I would say like if you robbed a bank ten years ago, and been in prison for the last eight years, you're sick.
With thirty years to go? You walking out of added. As soon as you can challenge it right because now or if you are, if you went to jail under state under a state, conviction in this area. No no longer should that be the case. You I'm not enough. He just walk out or have to challenge at me. I'm sure I'll go through the courts again, but still like looks like the a lot criminals are going to able to get their convictions overturned. Because of this, in a massive plot of land Then after that, look if you're a business in your operating in Oklahoma. I dont know what the effect of that is right to me. You're right, maybe you don't pay stay taxes to get the old taxes back. Do you? After now deal with a new, regulations that are totally different and murder are set by the native american reservation also, and in does your house or your property have any value
if it's a native american reservation, you can't buy that they didn't. You didn't pay for their, so they on the property, so here's the so in you know in the days when everything made, since this would go. To back to congress- and you would have the congressmen and the senator from Oklahoma stand up, Ok, guys we need to clarify this. This is an old thing. The stew Eight said that this was not indian territory, the federal guy. It never ruled on it and win eighteen Ninety, We just need a. We just need a quick bill too, who see always thing back up and you would have gotten it done, probably in record time. I built not going anywhere, there's no one, no one, that is going to support a bill that will be the most divisive they will.
The left will use this and they were going to now use this as for filling all of their money to break Oklahoma in half they will do they wouldn't they will take this as an opening to be to go in and say you know what you gotta give that land back to the native Americans, because stolen land. This is going to be a nightmare yeah and now every other area that was theoretically one's own native Americans is going to go through the court system, I'm sure and that's gonna be challenged over and over and over again, mink or such is the guy who was on the conservative side that cited with this ruling. His point was basically look Congress to do their job. In my guy. What am I supposed to do? They did. They didn't past the thing they were supposed to pass, so their screw. Yeah
I'm an I'm, not John Robert, so I just don't read in to their intent and just rewrite it for them right. That's kind of his moil he's basically say I had this is the way was now this. Thomas in an elite Owen and Roberts and cabin are saying this should have been a decision made here he's on their conserve the conservative side. I would say on this one: he sang sickly. Look, it's not affair, we'll government decision. It was done by the state and it should be done by the state. So there's a disagree but they are but again notify for decision. So This goes into a fact, and I think it opens up a bunch of new ramifications in a look. Usually the idea that the country's constitution is not a suicide pact, gets brought up in certain situations like this. So that's not oh so life changing that our entire society gets overturned at. I don't I don't think that everyone who lives in Eastern Oklahoma, gonna, hafta Reno, walk to the border,
of Regular Oklahoma and never see their homer possessions again. I don't think that's how this is gonna work, but it's going to be. A lot of unforeseen circumstances died to it, and I was in that area right now. You would have I what your future looks like suddenly- and this is like we needed my having I want my future looks like we do not live in Oklahoma. I don't but my future looks like now by the way I remembered what I liked about the Supreme Court, Nope, I still don't know, there's still can do when we tabled our sponsor is car shield. I want you to hold your thumb, your forefinger, about an inch of firing, a game that is about the size of the computer chip in your car. That is going to go out on you in one of these days and
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and so he may have to be tried by the tribe, Is it the seminal tribe? The creek has the Creek Creek nation, and these these guys, because it was the chair he's that were on the trail of tears. Right the Cherokee, I know they can go for road. I don't know what you know of its need. The four wheel drive option for that, my exactly sure how that works. No anyway so when they got to Oklahoma they happen. Give up all of their land. Of the Mississippi right, I'm just right: Amber NEA, that's his hand or is it what is it in exchange? They got a hearing. This is what this is gorgeous summary real, quick
exchange receding all their land, ISA, the Mississippi River, the? U S, government into agreed by treaty that quote the Creek County West of the Mississippi shall be solemnly guaranteed to the creek Indians. Both parties, settled on boundary lines for a new and quote permanent home to the whole creek nation located. What in what is now Oklahoma guess not anymore. The treaty with creeks. It was an eighteen, thirty, three, the government, further promise that quote no. State or territory shall ever have a right to pass laws for the government of such Indians, but they I'll be allowed to govern themselves? So you know that that language is pretty is pretty clear here and now That's why you know they're there would the conservatism blaming him for being too much of it of a text. Was basically that taking it to literally a new go- and I know as aware, although there is a different
that's a weird argument to make their sexual is as it deserve it and yet for exactly up. Although again you know, Clarence Thomas is on that side of the argument. As is elite. Oh who and Roberts end Ann Cavanaugh Self, five four ruling on that one, but is it change, and certainly is going to mean that you'd think thousands at South Korea of criminals, of many of them serious criminals we, be allowed to. Chase their own Frida men may were very well get it now. This murder of a four year old, the federal government obviously does follow up and say he I will go, and now we are going to prosecute the federal government. The question is a lot of those lower level criminals. Maybe not right now, They are just going to be left out Who knows it's hard to know what they would where they will have ignored on this tomorrow? It also sounds like a good time to have american history about Andrew Jackson, morals
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