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'A Chance To Work'? - 6/12/18

2018-06-12 | 🔗
Hour 1 Like two peas in a pod?....Trump and Kim make nice on world stage...Should Dennis Rodman be getting some credit?... 'Yes'...Kim just wants to be loved?...Is this President Trump's 'Glasnost' moment? ...Author Michael Malice joins to update us on what's going on in Singapore?...how do the South Korean people view this historic meeting?...Trump's real estate skills (deals) are paying off? ...Why did Kim Jong Un bring his own toilet to summit?   Hour 2  ​​ MS-13 on the move?...DC public schools infiltrated? ... 'If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Better Be Tough: Lessons from My Life with Bulls, Protestors, and Politicians' author Mike Broomhead joins Glenn to discuss his new book out today...people are seeking the truth themselves, without the media...words of wisdom from Mom, while living with an alcoholic dad? ...History of The Korean War?...countering black ops missions...the war that hasn't ended   Hour 3 Upheld in Ohio?...Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision... Ohio’s practice of purging infrequent voters from registration rolls does not violate federal law ...Documentary Filmmaker & Best-Selling Author Dinesh D'Souza... discussing his upcoming movie, 'Death of A Nation: Can We Save America A Second Time?'...In Theaters Aug. 3...Ted Cruz played a key role in D'Souza's presidential 'pardon'? ...Obama's 'World Apology Tour' backlash still continues to hurt Democrats...What we learned from President Reagan: 'Being tough works!'

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