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'A Day We Will Never Forget' - 9/11/18

2018-09-11 | 🔗
Hour 1  9/11...17 years later...what has changed since, what hasn't?...people born on 911 are getting ready to vote...they don't remember an America without war?...recalling a world TSA-less?...Wishing for the Sept 12, 2001 American spirit?...the 'best' of people came out that day...like watching burning cigarettes in a bad Australian movie?...the 'smell' of that day will never be forgotten    Hour 2 9 words that were hard to get out and the 3 that mean everything? ...'The Diversity Delusion', with author Heather Mac Donald, 'How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University Undermine Our Culture'?...American Colleges today are 'hate machines' ..The dismantling of history, that includes traditions and myths = Postmodernism...ridding the world of the 'Western way'   Hour 3 Amazing story of an American 9/11 hero, Bob Beckwith joins Glenn...the man next to President George W. Bush during his Ground Zero 'Bullhorn' speech...fibbing his way to help?...in the end people of America 'are great!' ...Flashback Sept 11, 2002: Glenn interviews George HW. Bush...took awhile for it to 'sink in'...the 'flaking off' of the American spirit? ...Coming together for outrage? ...Mad Maxine Waters spews more hatred?...Jim Carrey was right? ...Remember when Glenn and Stu were 'fatter'?

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