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A ‘Galactic Federation’? | Guests: Daniel Presti & James Altucher | 12/8/20

2020-12-08 | 🔗

People are being fired and losing medical licenses over their views on masks. Smartmatic’s chairman has been appointed to lead George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The former head of Israel’s space security program claims a “galactic federation” of aliens exists. Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff describes the Great Barrington Declaration, which aims to better protect the elderly from COVID-19. Texas filed a lawsuit against four states concerning the election. Entrepreneur James Altucher talks the demise of New York and rise of Bitcoin. Mac’s Public House co-owner Daniel Presti was arrested again for allegedly hitting a sheriff’s deputy with his car. He and his attorney join to tell their side of the story.

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Man, that programme well, hello, America and welcome to the global programme. We have so much to share with you. By the way. Did you see? Did you see the the former ceo of Smart Matic? We ve seen what happened to him. The smart matic c o now Ten pointed to new bigger role: with George Soros can you at least rye? Can you please try to hide it. We have news on the election, what Texas Is now doing on the election also We have masks it seems if we follow the science, some with masks, might be wrong. We begin their in sixty seconds is a gleam
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blinds dot com and save big on this seasons, easiest home improvement project rules and, directions, may apply its blinds dot com? right. Ok, all right! Ok, all right! We all want to do our part right. No, no! You conservatives, don't anybody. Anybody who is living in a red state, you just wanna, kill grandma. Well, let me tell you up last week, the? U S, the UK health officials said that man ask mandates and social distancing. go on for years and that exciting for years, Now, can I ask you a question: how is that happening at all? How is that possible? At all We ve got to vaccines. Thereabout hit the mark
there are ninety five percent effective. wait thought we had to do these things until we got. Maxine ok, now we have a vaccine where we have to wait until its injected it people's arms now gonna be injected in people's arms, nine, five percent effective. Why do we still have to do all these things? Why now If you are caught defying this year, will be shut down, you'll be silenced And, as we seeing lately fired. a doctor in Oregon, attended a top a trump rally? A month ago he had the audacity to have a different opinion heat. Attendees if they could take off their masks. and none of his staff or masks for covered in his office. Oh, my gosh he's Danger to society, we have
Hilda, haven't we, we didn't just fireweed interests, take away, as is his license to practice medicine. I hope we ve killed him. Well, he was already on the Oregon Medical Boards radar in July, he actually had the gall to tell a patient that wearing a mask doesn't prevent the spread of the virus. He had vacated Vert something gravy called heard. Immunity ha ha ha what o clock. We should kill him. Well the masters of the universe, a k, a The scientists that will told the party line have and telling us lately on their televised hits on MSNBC and the like. most lock ourselves in our homes, where's to close the family, business where's
to put a mask on even in our zoom calls sit down and take it now. Here, we have a doctor, a man of science saying that stupid shouldn't his opinion be taken seriously, of course, not, of course not not according to the state of Oregon Medical Board. because they launched a little investigation apparently that little tromp rally was the last straw and they officially suspended is medical licence for quote gross negligence, claiming he quote actively promotes transmission of the virus within the extended community. Yet that's what he was doing that's what he was doing. He wasn't questioning masks. He will promoting the transmission of the virus within the extended community See if everybody would just where a mask we'd be
The crush the virus and end the pandemic. Why do you not care about your fellow Americans? Why did you not listen to the public health experts, because the problem then the problem is you, because you won't new era mask. Have you seen the numbers in the hospitals they're, going up this pen make is getting worse and because you wanted Thanksgiving and now I suppose you want Christmas as well will fail. You go ahead and kill more people. Why don't ya. Well, unfortunately, now we're gonna have to fire all of the people. It Carnegie Melon University, but they have done a very informative, consistently, updated, mask compliance tracker justify, now who's wearing a mask and whose not oh yeah, Santa use come into town. And he knows whose wearing a mask in whose not.
Well, according to Carnegie Melon University, the overwhelming majority of Americans across a nation are wearing masks in fact virtually every major Population Centre in the United States, especially in areas where covert nineteen nineteen cases are rising. Mass compliance levels are off the charts with most major metro areas registering well over ninety percent compliance. So wait a minute. The lock sounds failed and we were told masking up if you could just mask up, remember mass if we could just mask up over eighty percent we'll do more to reduce global nineteen spread than a strict lockdown really so universal masking at eight. Percent. If eighty percent of us just about that that flattened the curve, significantly more than maintaining a strict lockdown, so just told us quote, will not
may be able flattened the curve will be able to significantly reduce the spread of this virus and returned a life as normal sooner rather than later. Ah, ok well, are we doing it Eddie percent, and Francisco ninety seven percent mask imply a compliance pay house? we're doing in San Francisco. It must be flattening. York city. Ninety seven percent compliance, hey how New York doing it's happening right. Cuomo got an under control Dc. Ninety seven percent of the people there are wearing masks all the time Dallas Lord, were, if he s just like those people in Texas, they don't care about people yeah ninety four percent compliant Philip. Ninety six Chicago ninety five Miami ninety six Seattle. Ninety six, now now These are the places they have had the harshest, Lock downs
unless you're in the movie business and in California, then you are pretty much do whatever you want, but I mean Looking at science right. they have the harshest, lockdown and restrictions in the country and their over eighty percent, compliant in fact well over eighty percent compliant. It's almost like those masks and locked downs. Don't do Jack crap for corona. Not the beer, the virus my gosh. Oh my gosh. so we have overwhelmingly exceed. the mass compliance there was about The two flattened the curve and read: the transmission of the virus, Is it us it may be. That it's wrong.
maybe the so called public health birds should shut the party whole made it could learn something from listening to a few different opinions. Not out all know. You know what people, are always blast, there always blast, and things always get better. When you stifle and shut down shot, shoe door, kill anyone who, as a different opinion, that's how we got to the moon, guys we're one guy in charge that there is the only way and I'm gonna kill everybody else. That's how we got to the moon I've read it in a brand new history book. For the overlords of control. There is no dissent. There is no choice, you do it and if you don't prepared to be dealt with its pretty amazing, By the way. That's exactly what the plaza said about the the
strong honour that is daring the fight him he said quote there. Be significant, reprint repercussions for this end quote: oh, your phone I don't mean to make you sound. It should be more like these, yes yes sounds very good. Maybe we put them into chamber downstairs, so my brig legs. a few weeks ago in Oregon a nurse was put on administrative leave for admitting that she didn't wear a mask not at work, but when you off duty she was fired. She made the statement on Tik Tok. Now she doesn't have a job tik Tok goes on and on guy working at a gas station in Indiana, fired for not wearing a mask for sir it, and why you now fighting for his career for making anti mass statements during class. We got through me basement
he's gonna meet butcher in just a minute. We're gonna casino in Vegas Management, already told their employees. If you don't wear a mask, you'll be fired by the way, the new. What is, if you don't get vaccine you're gonna get fired oh yeah there's a new. This is really great. Coming from Silicon Valley, there's a new app that will show if you ve complied it'll, be or a digital passport to go places because of you. We have a digital class passport that shows. Yes, you ve had back? You can't go anywhere. Water park manager in Wisconsin, sent an email questioning the face. Policies questioning he was fired, Dallas Texas, to election. workers were fired for not wearing masks. Even though governor Abbot specifically made mask exemptions for pole workers restaurant owner in Florida actually cited by get this code
the enforcement officers. We like them wearing a mask. They came two days later, this time with police found still wasn't wearing one. He was fired. But it's not even the actual active, not wearing a mask that will get you in trouble just a mere, opinion. This is so american. I just want to break out into la la la la la la la some, this American national anthem yeah? I just one break out. Every time I taste that somebody who has a different opinion is being finally silence. Thank God or not, God. We don't believe in God here any more courts, not he's in the good luck, the Vancouver can their beloved anthem? Singer was just recently fired for refusing to wear a mask
singing at our rally organised by time, mask advocates. We ve got to top on. Yes, there even leaking out. Going in the middle of the night, underneath our borders to places like Canada, it's a con, I'll tell you about it later: a member A public school Advisory Board in Boyer town Pennsylvania also recently fired for committing the cardinal sin of questioning mast. There will be no tax, gents they'll. Be not tat I could do. further, but I think the message is pretty clear: you're not allowed to have a different opinion. We get it you'll be destroyed for the mere thought that science is in clear here, cause it's science. When is science ever wrong? What maybe, because I am
doctor. I don't know if you know this. Maybe it's the doktor coming out in me, but I'm old enough to remember that it used to be a good thing to question science. actual scientists. Did it and incur other actual scientists to do it to almost hold again: oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, the scientific method, so he was part of the process in those old ancient dusty times where you would question things and then you'd have to prove it and news that would come in new evidence would come in and if it didn't match up with your claims, the scientific method said you to change. Your b. A but now they clutch their pearls. every time someone questions the science of things like wearing mask, or even to her, I say it: climate change. How dare may even say that causes
not like science has ever been proved wrong before right, Berwin scientists used to say that the shape of someone's skull. Proved how intelligent you might be, or we could now by the shape of his skull of Jews, are not yet bigots in racist, never took advantage of science? Did they what about when the scientist of all scientists Albert Einstein said, the universe was static and not expanding ha ha ha ha ha. Well, it's not! We should never question that we wouldn't question Albert Einstein: Einstein Habit in nineteen eighty to one: after William Mcbride claimed, is research on a morning, sickness drug proof, that it caused birth defects, so the drug taken off the market law, to law, suits later found out. He and his assistant data all changed and altered the data to prove his claim. Yeah found,
guilty of scientific fraud by medical tribunal, cheese, I hope we shot him. questioning science. Yet damn right, We're questioning science, in fact, question with boldness everything everything especially when the holy name of Sciences evoked strip you of your rights, your life, I ve Hood and God, given constitutionally guaranteed freedom, dune Give in to being agenda into submission. You're smart enough to make decisions regarding your own personal safety, we are now skiing up soon blaming ass? Where am I don't wear one, you know, What's best for your situation, we told me that Herman to impose these decisions on us and eighty attempt
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while the nations only christian Mobile Company, and, unlike some big mobile companies there not killing. babies with some of their money Did I say that out loud just go to, patriot, mobile dot com, slash back patriot, mobile dot com, slash back caller. U S base customer service as well at nine seven to Patriot, if it's easier, nine, seven to patriot check, same service lower price they celebrate Christmas. Jesus wants you to do this. I don't have that on good authority, I'm just San Pedro mobile, dot com, slash back! That's patriot, mobile dot com, slash back ten second station. Ninety well, there's been a shake up at the open Society Foundation: George Soros.
over the weekend he announced that Lord Mark Malik Brown. You know to have all my employees have Thea the moniker of Lord you know, I mean what about the Ladys, how they can be words to aka lords bleed I dont know why that's relevant per se, but well, I'm just saying pity upon but of Apis train has left the station? Nevertheless, that existed anyway, so there is little shake up at the open Society foundation and he has decided to appoint please placement for Patrick Gas Bird at the helm Of his major foundation, the guy who were the president of Smart Matic Voting machines. Why that's important Lord he's a Lord. Maybe the underworld now Lord Mark
malloch Brown. He also happen to be no do some work for from our Matic wants the problem with that who's. Looking at me like what a conspiracy I'm just reading the news, that's all I'm doing news asking questions. But he always are right. You have no up, in asking course, I'm only asking questions one Was he there when they got a two hundred thousand dollar equity investment from Venezuela, I'm just I'm just I'm just wondering was he'll Army was he there was a you know. What is he think about the election? He's gotta be put excited or maybe not, maybe he's a big trumps, a border I dont know, but I congratulations on that upgrade from Smart Matic to the open society.
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or other states saying you know play by the rules. You broke, the rules of the constitution, and we have standing in this, I We understand how Donald doesn't have standing or how we, the american people, don't have standing in this election. It's our country What more do you need? That's how they just dismissed the supposed cracking lawsuits, no standing right there. african citizens. They don't have standing in this election, for to be free and fair come on I really want to know, and by the way, if any of this goes to the Supreme Court to see TED crews said he'll argue the case either that and has he is it. It's me understanding he's never lost before the Supreme Court right either nine cases before he's gonna go again. There he's gotTA, he knows, he's gonna get there
Ok, I want. Oh, I welcome to Pat Gray from Padre unleash the pod cast. You can get and listen to every day very funny. He does it right before this. Odd, castor damage, profound funny and revive that's what people are saying that two words that come up the most funny, and profound. Well, I think it's. I think it's all the deep, deep science work that you have. Yes, yes, yes, that's why I wanted to ask you about the israeli Space Programme, the former head of the space programme for almost thirty years further thirty year now I didn't know that Israel had a space programme about. I love that they do yeah he's a heap told newspapers yesterday that aliens have been secretly interacting with the you ass and israeli government for years. He said: at one point, Tromp wanted to
expose their existence, but the foes have ass, not to publish that they are here, because humanity isn't ready yet well, I'm glad he just did it anyway. on pieces we're on the verge of revealing the aliens of the Galactic Federation are saying, wait. Let me calm down. First, they don't want to start mass hysteria yeah. They want to make sure that they that we're that we're sane and that we understand well, that's not gonna happen ever. I don't think I've ever ever Never will we be saying so I mean mice, first thought is. He's. Eighty seven he's got little Joe Biden going on in them yeah, however, however, hasn't been odd, pals Donald Trump has been president all of these things have come. It seems like it seems like
the alien network is the only one that understood: hey, he's a big distraction. Just dump all this information out there and then went you on for years, when there like weight, Pentagon said that they had a extra terrestrial. device and a plane and other reverse engineering it right, then you can say TAT old news that came a long time ago that, and that is the way to do it, yeah just pop out their way for like gotta, be it some of big story like the mic. Rib is back in stores this week, wait till that comes out and then just
got the alien information on pays attention because of the Milosevic regime. I got yours. The Maghreb, which freedom I go to wait is not meet, pressed to look like rib new right leg. It looks like it was, but a mail order me cube and enriches, pressed into a rib shape and that yeah, it's not what you look at it and it looks like it has bones and it does not have a lot of there's absolutely no in it. Now. It's like boundless chicken wings with any meat, rice so he goes on to say, there is an agreement between the: U S, government and the aliens they signed a contract with us to do experiments here. Well, you know, I understand that cause. There's nobody loves experiments, you know more then, visas, really people that I hold think so they too are researching, trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe and they want us as helpers. Ah, it's really.
cool, because there is also a secret underground base on Mars the depths of Mars, where there are american and alien representatives, so that's gonna be helpful when we get to if we ever get to Mars with legal migrants thing they're gonna worry about a coming down on TAT were sad, Somerset, he said if I would have come up with what I'm saying five years ago, I would have been hospitalized wherever I've gone in this with academia. They ve said the man is lost his mind today. There already talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I received my degrees, my rewards on respected in universities abroad, where there is a trend, also changing. So he is he's. Hey, is. He saying people are ready to accept. This. Is this when he saying seemed like, I think so, and with the Pentagon report he might be right, I mean there's, there is some legitimacy to this stuff. Now you see last week what the Pentagon really live released with joy.
and triangle shaped the ship. That came out of the water. Now I can You have. I dont know why this isn't going everywhere. This is huge, so the take on the Pentagon, really EAST video. It had already been smuggled out of the Pentagon. Gonna shows you know that their hiding information it already been smuggled out. I think it happened in twenty seventeen I think, and they confer and and re released the video and said yes, this was taken by our jets, and also tracked by our warships and It was this gigantic triangle shaped ship that came out from underneath the ocean. That was an episode of sequence. I hope, and they tracked it go three hundred, not under water. No, yes, look up. Look it up.
That is all I mean. What's here about, I know Pentagon released Anti gone released it last week. Didn't we talk about this? I dont think now, while I was in their leaders, are going into the air and kind of this. Like you know, maybe they should readjust our priorities and they had footage of it either footage of it. Then they tracked it it stops, it goes up in the air and then it stops at it and then it kind of sins and round- and you hear the pilots go and look at that look at that. He just stops and then just flips around, yeah, that's literally their easy see quest like Madeira. Remember the show seek west there, is a show where a giant UFO comes out of the sea and it has been there for like now a million years or something, and they re awoke in it and it just Kay
I'm up out of the ocean and flew back off into space, while this time they release that there is, they are They didn't use that word targeting They said something along the lines of there. Is there is some special concern with these ships that they are observing or navy
our air force and our nuclear weapon sites. Why I mean don't owe the technology to get here from somewhere else where there is life would have to be such said, he'd like to spy on us, one of the guy ology, one of the guys had are safe than sorry, though Pat in egg. I think you you planned for the worst would be like us, spying on ants to see what their do it in there in their anthill haughty out of they build those that could be alike. I have your drawing on a study they would you ever try to kill ants in Texas is among the five most of her things in the world to do as they always come back, and I always eat your children. Always that's how it ends every time I had tat kids I might have to now. Why is this talk about answer aliens earlier at the ads? Are the alia they ve been here the whole time? Looking around so let me ask you: They came down and they were big Octopus people and their I guess we
just like on the simpsons. Don't you guys know that guy is a genius and Sue Slayer He came down and EU. They were like yes and work here. We come in peak first of all,. Do you think that there's a chance we just don't try to blow them up anyway are we going to do when we tried to yeah? We try to blow them up, so that's a bad thing for them and most likely for our associations. We're not gonna win now, like a zone, we're just gonna want of trying to blow them up they're going to any hope they had. A good relationship is carbon flames. So does this? Does this at all? With this shake your faith at all, because nowhere in the scriptures does it say, and in those days. Alien show up speaking I would be kind of a big they well weird and less. That's like the Heavens open up any In spill out
so well instead of angels aliens are selling out in general. Maybe there would be weird, maybe though the angels, my I dont, know why, if they didn't look like us, I think that would would be confused by that because I, assume they would look like us. White came from the Daddy S allowing white and red light. They hurt anyone really nerdy another green going around him, but now you get banned. I will I'm sorry no course a new kind of different colors unless their bodies are shaped exactly as ours are ok or last question green lives matter. Ask one last question, and I mean this sincerely odds. That we see an alien. I meant. with maybe the aliens standing next door in our sky, or something like that, in the next in our lifetime. In our Everytime I why what is this? What is this normal?
I can actual like an announcement like the president's tells us it like. I want you, I want you to meet Gore Ebb and attitudes as they go out what planet as he formed. I don't know, I don't know, I'm not I'm not limiting it. I just want is Gore abbeys far as I'm willing to go out ass, a someone who lives on another planet years. It announced in a press conference in a press conference on in the end. It is credible. It's not like me, holding the press coverage going, hey his Gore and ran his letters to stage whatever. Whenever you walk, he might look like us. He may not like look like us, he may look like he may want to destroy us. He may want to be may be dressed as Gandhi or Jesus I mean, but a u s a major. U S. Official
making this and now you're the world official, you know the way it always happens before twenty twenty, I definitely would have said zero percent, but I mean I out: aid arrive. Ninety I dont not seriously, I would have said- and I would have said- maybe five percent may be in my lifetime five years ago, but with everything that has come out in the last for five years. Pretty hard to to dismiss cause? It's no longer kooks, it's the Pentagon, maybe they're all kooks, that's possible. Carelessly I'm sticking to zero Zira and others any chance of that. I'm up to a solid one percent. I think now really gone from zero to one. You can have your own while, because I mean my guess is: is this probably some meal military craft are surviving, we're pretty amazing and we end up with a lot of really crazy things that we would not able to explain five or ten years earlier than discovering them. So I don't they.
I gotta tell ya after twenty twenty ice. twenty twenty one after this justice, Alexia vampire based monies in a week We pass about your eighty five and eighty percent to eighty five. Eighty five. Ninety percent vampire space bunnies take occupation and they kill us all, but we don't know it because a cute little bunnies Brian we're, like all known all, look at our money, and drink our blood red Losberne by February, This is it. This is actually the major: U S, official, making the announcements glad this time every year around the end of the month, you know You'll have a break in your house. You know It's the same. Guy again in my house white here beard might be somebody handsome who has white Arab anyway.
I plugged in with some buckshot a couple of times, but he seems to come back well not this year because that simply safe when that fat, stirred comes in. I am telling you right now he is going to jail. What a stupid! If too, we leave stuff anyway, fifty percent of any simply safe system and a free security camera. An amazing deal now have you know when a cap Santa make sure you don't turn it. On Christmas Eve, children get four percent off, simply save plus a free security camera by visiting simply safe back dot com. The deal spire soon it simply safe back, not com, This is the glint back programme. We have a James officer on coming up in just a little while also Danny Presty and Louis jailer gelato this is.
These are the people it on packs. Max public house that had been arrested for defying Ovid nineteen restrictions. Staten Island guys. Aren't the area and they're gonna pay they're gonna pay big. So we have I'm coming up? That's in our three James, all DE is also going to be with us. I want I too, am a little bit about the locked, the masks, and what its doing to New York City, New York City is toast. He was right, it is true. I don't see it coming back. Ever or just for a lot. A long long time please you're gonna have to really change. James basically says. Never I mean it. I don't think it will ever be like it was when we were there, I just don't think these cities I mean that was too. This is exactly what I said would happen. By twenty thirty. It just happened
Because a covert alot fast, a lot of stuff you ve talked about- has happened just a lot faster with the assent of the different at a different source or different here, maybe a different way, but you always talked about it. Some sort of like launch. Event. For these circumstances to happen- and I don't know you Didn'T- never said it's going to be this particular virus from this location. Yet, but it is, it is qualifying everybody would be working at home, and you know these cities would start to rot because nobody was working in giant buildings anymore and and jobs would change and life would changing, and here we are So we have him on also next hour. hoping to get TED crews, no, not TED crews, but tat the can pack, some can Paxton the Sectaries State of Texas cause they just file. The lawsuit on the election will give you more on that and next heart, Red medical school professor on in fetches Disease
and public health and he's gonna talk to us about. The crazy stuff that is going on with the masks, are they can we question the masks? Also, the vaccine. Should we take it? who should take it What does it all mean again next Glenn back hey everybody knows pay pal, but dude all that they were teaming up with honey. To save you money
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment. And enlightenment this man? That programmes are about you, but I am so sick and tired of being called the bad guy. I'm sick and tired of hearing how bad Americans are by our politicians by now you know, are our public health. officials there new report that has come out from Carnegie Melon and It shows that in all of the major cities masking up remit, The deal was eighty percent if we could just get eighty percent of the people to wear masks, we'll flattened the curve and be much more powerful than shutting things down. So we did well eighty percent, because if you listen to the media, oh no people, start doing it. Ninety
three percent of the population in Dallas. Ninety seven percent in New York. Ninety six, in LOS Angeles, ninety seven in San Francisco all over the country people are due. it in bigger numbers, then they even said we needed to, and yet Its growing Why are we the bad guys it does and seem to be working with anyone recognise this Is there any more common sense? Can you even question Nicole Science now can you I think, we'd better. It's the scientific method. It's the only way we move forward dues thing. Then look at the results, we have Doktor Martin Cold or if he is a Harvard, medical school professor he's an expert in this field.
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The authors of the declaration promoting heard immunity spoke to White House officials. Last week the scientific community immediately called into question the declaration. As well as the scientists who wrote it bumps, they must The evil well, one of the doctors that actually authored it is with us now. His name is doctor, Martin Cold ORF. He is from Harvard Medical School, professor doktor welcome. Much is a great pleasure So let me just voice. I think, is the frustration of many Americans, and that is we do hate grandma we're not trying to kill grandma. We lie grandma. We love our parents. We are smart enough to figure out that grandma, pre
police shouldn't shouldn't be around at Christmas or Thanksgiving or anybody else with the with me. You know circumstances that will make them much much more vulnerable but Kids should go to school, are kids are being destroyed, cow Wages are out of control with their belief that it there they are a target college. Kids. This is bad. Had for a small percentage of the poor. population. A cherish population, but we should protect them and we'll do the masks, but it doesn't to be working. Can you respond to any of those feelings oh yeah. with a great brain declaration. We are advocating focus protection and a big part of that is that we have to do a better job of protecting
Emma and Grandpa but which we have not done. It has been a huge barrier with this long term strategy has not managed to protect their older people and for all, call me. Nineteen is more dangerous than the animal welfare, so we had to do a better job. Yet you do more. Testing of staff had nothing homes where do not, in fact the residents and their scope. That was our battle had worked hard on that in August and September October, when he was at the White House areas that are less therefore tastes better, also we can't do. We should do much more to protect all the water or people, but for younger people for children. Because nineteen, my view is less dangerous than the friends of just one more thought on. Anybody can get in fact that this was more than a thousand four different metallica wreaked by age.
So this absolutely no real, not public health leads them to keep schools closed or people. Universities closed the students who go to the classes were imprisoned, teaching andor, the problem, is with always locked down. There are enormous collateral damage, and that includes collateral damage on public health. Education is the schools, the good imported, but only for the occasion, but also of physical and mental health. all children of students and of social development We have worse cardiovascular disease outcomes it has left counters, but the other costs Yahoo accounts it they're not protected under for their not being properly treated with somebody who might have
Fifteen twenty years may not die former for simple cervical cancer in only three or four years, because they get the screening and, of course, the mental health has been deteriorating to resolve as collateral damage from from their loved ones and one of the principles of public health is, you can think of one you have to think of everything combined and all those other tissues or others to overturn it. Failed European. It feels as though the cure right now. Is worse than did then the disease, and the population, is made to feel like it's their fault and these numbers come out and show that we're ninety five per cent compliant all over the country and they told us that if we were the percent compliant it would flattened the curve
It shows us that something is wrong and I don't think it's the american people not wearing masks the the the problem is passed led to the masks, even work. Or why are we seeing this great spike of everybody's masked up? Yes, their population. The public has done a heroic effort to try to follow the various public life that has now been out there. The problem is that the public are revised, has not been the best possible, and it would it we would have had managed you're death, many muslims metalogy. If we had followed a focus protection strategy. without finding the great Britain declaration. So, for anybody who didn't follow the great Barrington recommendation, you and to other scientists got together and You wrote this declaration, then you open it
for people to sign it and, of course, now your suspect. Everybody suspect that eighty were near this, that you're just near quacks. What what It actually say so. It is fuller premises that the metallic the risk, if Mama thousandfold difference between the older than the youngest there. This is not a dangerous disease. For young adults. It is a dangerous disease for old and afraid people and therefore we need to do a better job, protecting the old wild, the young people, young adults, should be allowed to live their lives? Normally We count eliminate the risk. The hundred of unmitigated minimize the risk, the minimize mortality, so if I, give people the benefit of the doubt. I would look at you know, the gathering
the event to a one where you know some of the best minds around the world got together and instead, okay, so if there is some sort of pandemic. What do we do and the idea was for the first time we can. We can close every thing. We can do it globally and close everything, and they thought that if you give them the benefit of the doubt, they thought that that would work will its clearly not working why this. What is what what what's happening? Why are we denying things like heard mentality when We know that is is yeah I heard immunity, when we know that that is the way bodies, work and viruses. Work you heard him. Unity is the scientific fact like gravity, though we gotta myself or about hurried minute disparity because
whatever we do in the best way remunerated. The key thing is the minimum mortality and you'll get How are we doing now if we are protecting lorries professionals who can work from home like a lawyer. So gentle is like yours. Scientists like me who don't need to be protected because The risk is more at the same time we have all the time both in the workforce who work ass, the cabin or else of market their cash here who in the meat processing industry who are being exposed even though their higher is to that list to access mortality and more death. Where necessary, we should protect older people. Who should I do
properly saw were, in my view, the locked out is the worst, the thought on the working class in half a century of segregation, and they get no more or anything to the locking down of restaurants with of Vienna. With with no outdoor me, you know service, etc, etc. You just can't even gather outdoors turning that might well say grandpa. Seventy six years old, he should not go to a trout, a restaurant but we will know that. I mean that That's crazy thing! If we ever American knows that grandma and grandpa and mom, and dad, depending on their age and their health. They should not be out. We know that about the rest, everybody here, you're, twenty or thirty years after the north. Nano reaffirm our
This is not to live a normal life you're just to wash your hands and I suspect they hold, but other than that live a normal life and make sure that society operates very important, for both health and well being in general. Have you looked in? to the blue vaccines, and are you confident that all at this point that it's gonna are we going to be in this situation? You know for a long time. Well, I'm a big fan of vaccines saw if you have a good day in that, will help that will make it. That would be one more the tool to protect their older people in two ways, both her vaccinating old people and also to vaccinate bastard nursing homes and their hospitals. Bat, like doctors and nurses, thunder
they're, talking about having a vaccination passport now for everybody. That, Everybody will have to have the vaccine do agree with mandatory vaccines? No, I think that public health must be based on trust between the public and public health officials, so, I think, putting it making Alexey mandating the vaccine world, Law that trust- and I think it s backfire, and have less people wanted to get a vaccine? exactly. I think there is not a smart public health policy to mandate by. I think that exactly why this has become what it is now. People are sceptical because are being told exactly what to do, and you have no choice and if Just ask people you know it's a hey here. The facts do this week we have always done
We always were smart enough to figure things out Doc One last question: are you concerned at all about your mom position at Harvard, I mean, there's a there's mental of people that are being fired for these things? One of the one of them was a doctor that was just fired in order or Justa had his license revoked in Oregon. For, speaking out against masks, how do you feel about this and are you concerned it all about your positions, I was very concerned about science in general, because science They require a scientific discourse, open scientific discourse and to ignore asylum scientists so that you don't have. That is a bad thing for science. I'm very concerned about the scientific community
There were even if people are fired if their criticism, but there have been many scientists picking up there to make other people afraid to speak up for the present. Here. We must act as a community in both extremely detrimental to science, job, but also, of course, to public health or you, of the average scientist you're just willing to speak out, or do you think you geyser fairly alone. On your concern about the way Sciences, is being used right now there are many people are that cancer or another of those are many people who are concerned about the lock transfer among very infectious disease. Emily I talk to personally, but I know personally, the majority is in favour of focus protection against lockdown,
I think, in the scientific community in general, most people whose outside of inefficiencies melody most people, those people speak in lockdown spots long as this is acknowledged as the majority against large and is we all the focus, protects them among those that I speak to personally. Doktor, Martin, Cold ORF. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for having the courage to speak out and we will keep you in our prayers. Thank you very much. Thank us. A mockery precedent likewise, I think our brave that is. many as anybody else getting just like in a flash acts of things we ve learned in history that should never be repeated teams that guy to some doctors should be able to say the things that they believe that does seem important somewhere.
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they began to tell everyone you needed to replace your radio, and this was one of them and if you could be close up, you weren't why you are listening to US you would see the little Nazi symbol with the eagle and the swastika on each side the dial This radio was a radio that the Germans put out that would not allow anyone to pick up any other radio station other than the approved radio stations so could sensor to make sure that you never got any kind of outside information or anything different than what the government was telling. You. As I'm listening to this doctor, I'm looking over at this radio sitting here waiting to be fixed. And I think to myself what is the difference. I mean they didn't start with radios. First,
They just scared everybody into silence. They told everybody sit down and shut up and they did Because I can't get worse than this, and they made it illegal to have a radio that could pick up anything other than the approved frequencies. For what is high, do into us now. When people were afraid, they're gonna be on a list because they, like us, page or they subscribe to the blaze. Would what is that It's the same operation. I think we'd better learn from history, because we are damned close. Repeating it joined become a blaze subscriber had blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, join us, we need your support and we need to stand whether there is strength in numbers, blade,
tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code glance and save on your ears, description and our. What is Texas doing with Supreme Court and the vote next is the Glen Back Programme. Aren't let me tell you a little bit about our sponsor. It's called a temp and toss. I don't know about you but the old fashioned way of taking a you know, a baby's temperature. You know I feel temperature taking should be free of but hedge myself, but the but apparently is also not really accurate, with with babies these days with corona virus. Looking around everyone getting their temperatures taken a lot more frequency, frequently accurate. temperatures really matter. Let me tell you about
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about their love marks. You better shun Trump America sucks she's, telling it jumps sea has a black list, stagnated, thrice gonna, throw down when come. As I see it is strong she'd, like you show your battery, can't if God, Daniel, toast sky, you is bogged down at Guantanamo. You better believe it you see. Green is new deals, taxes lab and, of course, I saw you and bad mask you. Bad are locked in that bag smile and to me, you see yes right away. I just have to say at one guy, I absolutely love
Is the ceo of Goya, memory? He was the guy who spoke out for Donald Trump and then a yo see called for a boycott of all of its products. And didn't go so well. So the ceo decided to Sidney Mayo, see the employee of the month because sales went up so dramatically he just wanted to do something to thank her. Fantastic or that I and I love that citizens, let me she's actually was productive for the few hours for the very first. I am. She helped the free market, which I think is
fantastic she's. Also do that with her fifty eight dollars, sweatshirts eat the wrecked, rich, sweat sure yeah, yeah yeah, like hey, you realize yours, zoning sweatshirts, four, fifty eight dollars, but this is just happens to be the cost of. If you will do everything, would living wage and die? Ah, yes, you're right, that's right! Jack! Their Oliver tortures will cost fifty eight to sixty five dollars. You getting control of things, you're right, that's a commercial against! You is what it is. No, because she can make them all free. You get a sweatshirt once you get your alone absolved, so it'll be great, aright, Monday just before midnight, the state of Texas filed a lawsuit that they are saying now is more important than all of the other surrounding the press. central election tax. Is brought a suit against four states that they say. Do. something that they can't do. They violated the constitution in their conduct of the presidential election.
the violation, occurred, weather or regardless of the amount of election fraud that they may have had, or even if it turns the election, the for defendants dates are Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin text is filed the suit directly in the Supreme Court. Article three of the constitution says it there. The category of cases which the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. and one of those categories is controversies between two or more states. Well, that's. It exactly what this is now the soup The court has said in the past. They may not take all of these cases. It'll take a met, their death, Aggression but this is one of the Supreme Court should here and should be on record what, Or how they decide the should be on record now
here's, what the Texas Suit planes and its, I think, compelling. something that bothered me before the election and we talked about it before the election before we're offending stage the states violated the? U S constitution in two different ways: fur all four of them violated the electors clause of article two of the constitution. When eggs, it or judicial officials in the states, change the rules of the election without through the legislature. This is what we were talking about. All these aids just had the either a judge. Or the governor. Just stay out were changing here's, what we're doing that's a guy the constitution of the states and against the? U S constitution, you can to do that, it has to be through the legislature. Well,
the judge. It was ruled on by the local judges and the local judges said now. It's fine well, is it. The electors clause requires that each state shall appoint its presidential electors in such a manner, as the legislature thereof may direct. The reason why this is in there in the early years of our country legislators appointed their presidential electors directly without holding a popular election for the president that changed. Obviously, but the constitutional principle remained the same. It does matter whether the state appoints its electors by a vote in the legislator? legislature or by the vote of a people. It is still the state legislature and only the state legislature that Sir the rules for the election that way
can't have what just happened. Somebody get into power, changing all the rules, and now all of the election is screwed up, so when the the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended by three days the deadline for receiving malian ballots. We said at the time you can do that. It was not a law passed by the state legislature. In fact, it went against that law. The state Courts change the rules in violation of the electors clause of the? U S constitution. Similarly, when Georgia's Secretary of State responded to a law suit by entering into a compromise settlement with the Democrats. They modified the signature, verification requirements spelled out by George, a law that was changing the rules. In fact the Republicans weren't even involved in that this one guy, a Republican met with
the demographic they said this well, they want this. What we want and they he said, okay and gave it to them. Where is the due process on that? One. Also, election officials in Wayne, County Michigan ignored the requirements of Michigan LAW and denied pull watchers. access to vote counting, while other counties in Michigan followed the law this violates the equal protection clause, This one is really important and I don't know how the soup In court wouldn't take this on an rule exactly the same way. In Wisconsin it happened. The administrator of the city, a Milwaukee selection Commission, ignored the requirements of Wisconsin LAW and directed election workers to write in the addresses of witnesses on the envelopes containing mail in ballots, while the ballots without witness addresses, were deemed invalid everywhere else.
That means those ballots were unequal. They had equal treatment to other people. This is in the state now what they're doing, and these may not change the outcome of the election at all. Everyone should, be very focused on this, because did you hear Maduro One again last night in a free and fair election and all of his allies? One is well one, she'll, corrupt, the system. It's over. We ass to have confidence in our system. So now this is a pure question of law not to pay didn't undisputed facts, all the changes. The unconstitutional changes to the election rules could facilitated voter fraud theirs oh proof, and there is not even an accusation: they don't need a single case of fraud to win its enough
Four states violated the constitution So the law suit ass, the court. To remain the appointment of electors in the four states back to the state Legislatures Supreme Court. eighteen, ninety two said the case of in Macpherson and blacker provisions may be made by statute or by the state, can constitution to choose, elect is by the people. There is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume. The power at any time. now the reason why this is so important is because they see cream court knows that twenty years ago this very case was made about Florida. You can't count the ballots differently in one county, then who did in the rest of Florida. Remember Al Gore just wanted to cherry pick
counties where he was doing well in and have a recount, and there are like I said you can't do that you'll recount the entire state the same way when too, Supreme Court. They said that. That is a a violation of the equal protection clause so, why wouldn't they say that this time, Texas, followed the constitutional rules, other states followed the constitutional rules. If others do aids are allowed to violate those same rules. It's not just a question of constitutional law, its? Oh, oh they're, gonna hate this. It's a basic matter of fairness. If you whole, if you have a home and you haven't refinanced, yet what you waiting for
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american financing, call them right. Now, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four, forty, its eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty call them now. A man it? Can financing dog that American Financing Annabel US one eight do three for that: W W that animal, less consumer access dot org tomorrow night on glens, even you ve heard of the green new deal, but there's a digital new deal being made to decide when and share with your friends of US journalism to come to terms with the fact that reached age, a principle that we all say grit is being weapon Isaac s principles in journalism. When reveals the terrifying new levels of censorship happening right now. Watch how you know dictator supplanted, kill free speech tomorrow, night nine pm Eastern Place didn't icon, Slash Glenn.
There is a very dangerous misconception about free speech lurking on the left, Including among the big tacky elite, which is the here. The true speech deserves section as free speech. true speech that gets the protection free speech They are now the truth, detectors and in Essen. If you, you want every tweet every facebook host every Youtube? Video up there said to their lie: detector machine. If there Algorithms, detect to anything that doesn't align with their left wing dogma, then its false, its labelled it censored. It's I love these. We news stories on something, but it will say we'll get censored and it will
because there wasn't context, wasn't context, what you mean was in full context. No, I dont tell you the story of Amerika. and the slave trade. Every time I want to talk about Martin Luther King, we just assume you're up to speed on some of those things But they're saying now that you have to provide context, excuse me and this done by their international fact, checking network tomorrow night I'm going to expose this fact checking network its it's just a label that provides the left with a facade of legitimacy while they silence descent. one of the key, the groups that is f, c and Certified is called leads stories. The Lee stories. The founder the co founder and its staff used to work at CNN. Ok,
nothing to see their right, but first check, assure you that this is independent non part aside, but no of non partisan, certified fact checking entry it's very, very official, but stories is funded by Facebook and Google. Oh and another bite dance whose bite dance, will buy dance is the chinese company that owns Tik Tok, again nothing to see here. China's great now you right the report's late last year about how China's communist government instructs Tik Tok descent or videos critical of the chinese government, but other than that, there's nothing weird about a chinese company that sensors political content funding an american fact checking company that also sensors political content. We're only scratching the surface but voice, these are being shut down by digital dictators
and they plan to kill free speech. Ass Candice Owens will join me to talk about the law suit. She has with Mark Zuckerberg he's fighting back, it seems to be working tomorrow night, nine p m. If your fan of the first amendment you might want to watch it join us at Blake, His tv dot com, Slash, Glenn, that's blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn it'll happen. By the way, use a promo code, Glenn and you'll save money on your first year of the subscription, would Presty and his partner, where a little upset that their bar had to close in New York City. Well,. The plaza YO said this, but let's be clear. The most Important thing is what this guy did was actually unacceptable. I am sure this is a guy, I would say, is all in favour of law and order,
and you know he's making a big deal, what has happened with his bar. Well guess what law and order means when the state? York says your bar needs to be closed. You Barneys, reclosed, to protect people's health and safety no excuses and when you ve, with the law there will be consequences and then have you taken Action against the law enforcement officer, there will be even more concept really also this guy's a hypocrite arms about the pay, the price for his apocrypha wow. It's good to hear that build a blog, YO stand up for the police officers that are injured by somebody who is fighting against them or not speaking of hypocrites. We have, we have Presley's dad or had turned on with us I hope so scattered today we have his attorney on with us coming up in Just a few minutes. Also James all detour will comment on this Bitcoin and the state of New York in six
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chess master S kind of iffy and and a great writer yellow James? How are you going so the debate here, Grum under an early god, are you doing its greatest always good to have you on? How are you how you doing with the demise of New York. I know you are a lifelong new Yorker who rely At said, I think it's over then Jerry Seinfeld for some reason attacks you for it. and it looks like you're right. Yeah. You know you know, and the thing is Jerry, and I are technically on the same side of this, which is that no one wants New York died. I presented some facts: then I was seeing that were undeniable and everybody wanted to shoot the messenger. But then I called people ranging from mayor all candidates to congressmen to even the Federal Reserve. Looking for solutions, everybody think seems to be in denial. I wrote that article three months ago near
He's in war shape now an article that you just quoted the blood yo. I think he needs of course, on law and order you close down businesses without due process. Ninety percent, a restaurant in New York City, are going to go, business com has been a bad indoor book dining next week in New York City. Businesses are collapsing, Boys are going unemployed. City workers are getting fire trash collectors, Eap, workers, teachers, police, Health care, how are you gonna do what you have said? How are you I mean? I love New York City. I think it's one of the greatest. It doesn't like me, but I think it's, the greatest cities. In the world- and I dont see it s coming back to the way it used to be can't even figure out how it doesn't become escape from New York soon no Glenn. I agree and again I talked to a lot of smart people about it. Who should be on tat. Was solutions, its varied
about money is leaving New York and people say good, read the ritual but it's not the ripper, leaving its its aims, thousand small restaurants, it's mom, Bob landowners. It's the people who are ten months behind down the rents were never going to get others to build. One important workers have not paid ransoms since March. gonna suddenly pay. On January. First there just gonna leave. A million people have already left New York at the largest quite out of your city ever so when people say you can't see. This time is different. This time is very, very different. We caught him he's been shut down. People have left. you know. I saw that. I saw that number about how many people left. They say it is bigger than the exodus right after nine eleven, but nine allows and you still had things going for you just needed courage. and you also had Rudy Giuliani. Who was good for business. He was, he was doing. The opposite. Stay here. Stay here continue to build where
now it's just the complete opposite shut it down, shut it down, stop doing everything I mean I was World Trade Center on nine eleven? I lived three blocks away. It was rough and but the entire world rallied behind the York City, help New York City there was love for New York, New Yorkers loved you. I wanted to rebuild Same thing is happening now there is, you know, there's so much. There is so much kind of fighting there's does the violence is up hundred fifty percent year over year, murders around and again it's not just like a few businesses Town are closed for a little while it it's probably going to be about. and thousand businesses close in you're just the other day. There was news: seventy financial firms, including Goldman Sachs mandatory bid that he has moved from New York to Florida these Florida.
there's an exodus, and how do you pay for years? Probably my I believe that Europe is all about four billion dollars in the hall? How are you gonna pay for that with no taxes gladness, because everybody raised axis leaving in the people that are the worst off. The people like this bar owner that trying to keep their restaurant in their bar, open the vague It moved through Wes Palm their non moving, they their stuck there. I know that that's sad thing, you it's it's in the constitution. People need a due process before property is taken away. This guy's business, this livelihood make it away, and it's not just him. It's every westward owner. All around I'm sending in her figure Now all around me, restaurants, that had been staples for decades are out of business. The people who work there at a business moved out the people the employs move back to wherever there from this is. That is something that affects
corner quote the rich. Nor is this a lot of you or thing all this will go to her back to the seventies, which was this artistic You will be aware: the rents were let up now I was there. The seventies it was disgusting and that it is gonna be worth in the seventies because, at least in the seventies, businesses are open. Let me Let me switch gear slightly you're right about the constitution, and you are also right about there has to be. compensation. If the government takes way. Something of yours destroys it. They have to have fair compensation for that. I I've been saying from the very beginning when they said we're gonna closed down businesses for more than two weeks, I've said that this is a huge, lawsuit, just waiting to happen on behalf of all of the people who have lost business because I weren't allowed to open it up, but that bring me too well, just print more money, I mean The value of the dollar is
you know. Did you know that the Federal Reserve has printer the more money in fact they ve printed, three quarters of all of the money they have printed in a hundred and seven years they ve printed three quarters of that amount. Recently,. Yes, and you know I even look. I even call people at the Federal Reserve to talk about New York just for my own benefit, so I could see that something of solution, All their thinking is hey. You know the demand for the dollar strong, which gives us an opportunity to present, but it means the our children are order to be paid. Back money to the children of the well? The chinese people were lending us the money now. Federal reserve is lending it. They were not even borrowing from the joint. Nobody will, by our borrow our debt in any more
now, one hundred percent financed by the Federal Reserve. I mean, did you no more since March money supply more than more than eleven trillion dollars has been added to the money supply. That's not a trivial now another time about all. Let's just get fifty thousand dollars to everybody who took on stood alone. What Are they talking about you're? Only and if it in the top one third of society, when you do that, so it's not a progressive action at all and what about these guys? the silent bar owner, whose work for forty years building up his bar helping is community serving his city and now being told that is either not above the law and order what he just wants to feed his family. It's it's it's sad and it's disgusting soap Let me ask you: Khazars: there has not been any talk on a very little talk on this, especially Where did last time, Bitcoin
It is almost a mean it has broken its all time high. I believe, or was within a couple hundred dollars of breaking the all time high. that only lasted a few days. Bitcoin is now up around eighteen to twenty thousand dollars and has been for a few a few weeks. Maybe a couple of weeks now and there's no hype on it. Is it what's happened? with that is at a reaction to people with money. San I'm getting out of the dollar and I'm putting it into something that might be stable, yard, get several things I think one is. Even since, since March, everybody breathed a huge sigh of relief that Bitcoin existed, because what other currency Would you trust? The dollar is the most trusted currency in the world and, like I just said there, printing, maybe another
ten million dollars for all. We know like the bitcoin. The supply cannot change. You can't print bitcoin. The supply is permanently fixed at twenty one million bitcoin, so and it's not reliant on the financial system, every dollar transaction goes through banks and central banks and Federal Reserve Bank. It's all tied to assist in MECCA collapse. Bitcoin is outside the system, which is why companies like Michael Strategy is putting all of its cast reserves. Into Bitcoin that didn't happen in twenty eight prima last I bit cord reached a high the last I'm back. Where reached a high. It was speculators, people wanting to date, rape, acquaint now its people Gore Parking hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in Bitcoin for safety's, could they don't trust the dollar and you can't find any more bitcoin, so a supply of six but the man of God.
up there. What does it mean price goes up. Is a hundred fifty trillion dollars the currency around the world, but on three hundred billion hours with the Bitcoin, so you think there's a reasonable chance. At some percentage of currency will switch over to Bitcoin, which seems kind of obvious thou. Then Bitcoin is a very safe place to put money, not crazy with it boil put some there for safety, so James. What? it looked like because I think it was Goldman Sachs, maybe Citibank, It came out and said there are expecting a thirty percent drop in the value of the. U S dollar in the next year to eighteen months, their printing, eleven trillion dollars? It's going to be more than that, what said mean: can you help explained the average person? What then me means to them. I don't mean people with low
of money, I mean people were living on the edge. the average person. I mean look at what look at what happened: in January and February this year before lockdown China, lockdown and guess what happened We suddenly realised that all manufacturing, a hundred per cent of manufacturing happened within, two hundred miles of war, a war on province of surprise? We did No, that like yours, they didn't. We do something in it. The hour it Vietnam know it was you everything from your the drugs that you take dresses and clothes. You wear her your Iphone to all that it was all coming from China and all back. We shut down so suddenly we couldn't even get toilet. are we gonna get anything and so what's going to happen it is when all your goods are made overseas, but where
hang in dollars the weather value without going down everything's going to get more expensive, so a thousand dollar Iphone might be two thousand dollars a drug that Kosovo dollars. My cause three hundred dollars. All these prices start to go up, but there's a little bit of a boy, idle happening short term, which is that right now that the Federal Reserve wants inflation is their fighting deeply because everyone's been sitting at home not buying anything, traveling, not doing anything. Businesses are going out of business there's a day Your also the dollar to go even with the delicate, deep laid in the shop. term, but that in play in the long term. So basically everybody goes broke,
Then everything gets more expensive too, that the scary part, and so the Federal Reserve actually wants to print more money that they want to inflate as fast as possible. The benefit to them of inflating is that they borrow now they may weaken the dollar for paying money back in weaker dollars is easier to pay back. The dash sat no goodwill for people at home. You can't get dividends if your or products could be more expensive for the people at home or trouble. The government get away with it at a new generation has to pay back the children of all the people in the rest of the world and James alter if you can hold on just as I- and I want to talk to you about entrepreneurship in America, because its being still to death right now, and what entrepreneurs should be looking at and forward to James Ultra cherries he's got the James Alger Show which, as Tony Robins and Peter TEAL and Coolio, I know,
not me. I mean a lot of people. Know me as Coolio, but no not me it is on a pod cast where we get her a pod cas. They have over thirty million downloads. Now it's a show well worth listening to in just a second we'll be back with James. If twenty five. It feels like it's been a long time coming for the end of the year, make it worth the weight, send the perfect if you send yourself something special and bring families together for a Delicious Omaha stake holiday feast right now you can get the door lux guerrillas assortment plus for free. burgers and free digital meet the monitoring of exclusive price. Go Oh high stakes, dot com and enter the promo code back into the sea, the bar, the you gonna get great stakes and chicken. In not dogs plus you'll get it your burgers and an extra? it's on the list for any serious guerrilla. It's almost stakes, it's not just stakes its guarantee, fantastic, give and a safe way to share the
of the season almost delivers, guaranteed quality and safety with every order, in fact, every order, its flash frozen vacuum sealed and safe. We delivered in a cooler. Would dry ice Oh, my high stakes, dotcom: go there today use the promo code back in the search bar too short to shop or May grill packs today, Alma high stakes, dot com use the promo code back ten seconds can I do So you know we have five. Percent of New York office space being used right now. Is that a true number? Five percent yeah? it's gonna be less efficient lockdown go in place, but I mean she,
that right now, everybody's going revolt, bad. What people say, oh, that you don't just like the financial crisis miracle bounced back now, it's just because in two thousand and two thousand nine, then with was one tenth the speed of battling. Now now you can actually work remote. more productive and that's where companies are realising air like a dream. Will they could save on cause? They stop leaving office So I tell you James, I I've talked about this too, is pointing this out this morning. I talked about this because the digital revolution that was coming up and talk about four five or six years and describing what was what it was look like the transition was sudden and describing New York City. We knew it was gonna happen. What it's also taken out, though, is the entrepreneurial spirit in some ways it just being crushed how,
you to award it. What do you say that entrepreneurs should be looking at in the future? Where does it go from here? Well, You know it's an important question because there's a hundred Twenty eight million workers in the U S, but fifty five million of them filed for unemployment insurance at some point in the past eight months. That's a sad statistic, its shoulders no loyalty, incorporation. So entrepreneurship asked in my that many people, particularly young people, start looking towards who benefits from Nobody working remote or everybody moving from the first year, cities to the second tier cities, Obviously, all my learning is gonna benefits. Social media management for companies, but helping companies pivot from offline. To our mind, working on all my news those are my courses you or anything relating to remote relating to
media being created remotely. All of these things are are going to boom the active Alabama, again, so helping companies with their social media management is the great time for young people who have been using social media since birth to now step up their skills. start off the way I did creating an online agency and and building a business to the many people. The older generation who led the help moving remote is the perfect time to be young and be an entrepreneur James. It is always good to talk to you. Thank you so much for Drum binding James I'll. Tell you why you bad entrepreneur? and podcast host and writer of several really great books
This is the Glen bed probably well when their hand and our father the year words, this holiday season is probably going to because I teach my boy, the manly art of grilling. You know what I get out with a meat and spatula boy, and I use the spatula appointed the grill. As I teach him like you see son. This girl part here will follow, metal thingy lines on it. That's where you put to food then you turn it on go inside and you just check at once in a while on your phone because it tell you in the food is done yet what it takes to be a man nowadays, boy am
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so now you ve been following MAX public Housing Grant City Staten Island, but two guys own this bar and they have been shut down. They try to do everything they can they You're gonna lose their bar if they have to shut down again, so they decide baby I that there were going to shut down we're not closing it. Well, then, the liquor licence was revoked, so they said you know what we're declare ourselves, an anonymous free zone. did Seattle, why not ear and we're not a charge for alcohol or food while it it's against the law to serve alcohol. If you don't have a license, blah blah blah so I think I was last night before last thee cops were waiting for the owners Danny Presty walks out he's one of the owners. He walks out Sir, there
He runs from the cops, gets a new car, one of the copse. You know like bird jump on the load of his car and goes for a couple of blocks before they stop him and they do arrest him he's out on bail, arise out of jail without bail. He's with his attorney here and we're gonna talk to him just a second first. I want to play what the Blasi oh said about Danny here. It is Let's be clear them Important thing is what this guy did was actually unacceptable. I am sure this is a guy would say, is all in favour of law and order. And you know, he's making a big deal about. What's happened, his bar. Well guess what law and order means when the state dark says, you're Barneys to be closed, your Barneys Reclose to protect people's health and safety no excuses, and when you violate the law there will be consequences and then, if you take action against a law enforcement officer. There will be even more consequences. So this as a hypocrite unease about to pay the price for his policy.
Boy talk about hypocrite, build blows, YO now standing up for the cops and again stand Thomas Free Zone, which is weird and lets him at his word. Let's remember what this is all about. Somebody's business, which involve. gives a hamburger and beer. Let's go now Danny Presty, the presty the color of MAX Public House and Louis Jello, Jello Mina, hello, How are you good thanks for having this Glenn always love. You shall thank you first thing I want to address. Is They were not cops. They were not Nypd police officers, there was sheriff deputies and its end. Your city as it probably written down where you guys are throughout the country and city sheriff deputies play. different role than Nypd their civil enforcement offices. I put my partner, ripening
The middle depended journeys for over forty years. We have never dealt with the sheriff partly in a crime, Matter so we want to be perfectly clear: why p d nor the New York State troop is wanted anything to do with this, that's why they censure she D Plazas personal political. It was there though this, while I tell you in Texas share of so the good guys, not not the bad guys. So tell me tell me what is is happening, because I think there's a lot of people feel Danny. Exactly like you did where you you're trying to keep your business open and you can. Being told no, no, no and you don't have a choice other than to go to the poorhouse. Am I right yeah? It's. why this this whole thing started at the beginning was speakers we were
left without any options, and it was to bring attention to what's going on to the businesses and how tired is and and the beginning, we just trade drawing attention to say, hey, let's try break is much noise. We can't you try to get the name. The governor- and you know not just here, been across the country, to understand that. Small businesses need assistance style. All these big big chance in places are still thriving and you're killing the small, mom and pop places, and we either need assistance if we have to shut down or you have to help us open in a safe manner, but justice downs in ignoring us and pushing us to decide, killing our livelihoods just wasn't acceptable to businesses. What's happening in California is well, and people are starting to go rogue because they ve got nothing left. You have nothing less and nobody is offering any any help, did you expect this to get to this
did you expect to be seeing the inside of a jail, I didn't know what to expect when we did it again. We just knew that something had to happen. So when Keaton I sat down, we decided to do something about it. Did I think, TAT the arrest in two times in one week was going to happen at some point now so What is the what's? The? What's the plan from here. How are you gonna fight this end? What what are you, think it means but we obviously out of a legal level. We have two issues. We have the criminal case while we're we're representing Danny, but we also have these civil cases where the sheriff gave over fifty thousand dollars in fines to max public house. sure you will take care of Danny criminal cases, but as far as it several cases. Go that we're gonna have to battle those. This is certainly something that was on Onyx
but I want to show you view- is what happened. California was interesting. They had a judge, ruled that they have to show their sides before they shut businesses down now We started with lawsuits glad we My party and I brought forward different lawsuits to open the restaurants, and we ve been shut down by judges in New York City at on each time, because obviously, there appointed by the Plaza Furthermore, we would love to have a ruling like happened. That happened in California are unfortunately, it seems like going- the legal rules had been working either. We will continue to do that in the appeal process. But sadly the small business owners on Staten Island through the rested a country can open. still can't open, and they still can't put food on the table. So sad situation, and I applause Danny and its body Keith for four weeks
the charge and staying open. Unfortunately, it ended up in this ridiculous. These ridiculous criminal charges, So I know you guys are doing to go fuck me. It's MAX fight MAX fights force all businesses, You are trying to raise five hundred thousand your currently at about a hundred grand. and you say that anything that you're, not using your gunners uranos apply that to fight for other small businesses Is there? Is there some sort of an association or is there any group of small businesses that are starting to band together and say we ve, gotta fight is one because two small, but started to small businesses. Staten island started up a business association a while ago on those, that's your! We brought the lawsuit on behalf of our group, continue to bring those lawsuits on their behalf,
and I believe there are a lot of people throughout the country starting to smoke fruitful these coalitions, so they can have a strong voice in into these ridiculous order. by the gulf mayors of these liberal cities. You know Glenn, it's sad, the virus does it know the difference between a red state and a blue sky But it seems that the blue states can't stay open this all businesses a shot down, yet the red states are able to stay open and and keep their businesses open its we ridiculous- and it said that even the carpet virus has become a political animal So I have to ask you this, because I am I'm strong with law enforcement that stands with the constitution. And usually that is the sheriffs, etc, etc, and I I preach against. In other people, like
do you know all the people that D Blasi, oh has supported, and all people like him that go out in the streets and they caught. You commit all kinds of crimes. Black lives. Matter has been responsible for six thousand injuries with police, so I have to just- have to ask about the sheriff that was on the roof or on the hood of your car he did break his collar. Bone nerves broke one bone, not true, absolutely not true. We have a hundred price, confirmation that was the sheriff Department try to change the narrative. So the support wouldn't leave day where I have a hundred percent confirmation that that shame Sheriff Deputy that they claim was in was in the sheriff's office for over four hours, product processing, the arrest he did not go to the hospital till after five hours after the incident.
Claiming claiming some injuries? He did not break his legs. He did not like is call about. He broke absolutely nothing. We have a hundred percent confirmation on that All. Thank you guys best best of luck to you. You go I may say something and I speak on behalf of Danny on this, and all the people involved matches public gas and my bodies. We completely stand with law and for The Nypd to state troopers, I have many friends and family might do best. Friends, I'm around every single day or what be detectives. I we Of those guys, they ve been nothing great and support from the beginning. The sheriffs deputies play a lot different role in New York City than they do it, in taxes and the rest of the country and an even We will all this. We still want
wanna be distinct back with them, even though they ve acted like thugs for Rob the made at the logical. We still have a bit disrespect will then we'd be cooperative and compelling and risks. for the whole entire time, they had no idea. If you look at the video Denny had no idea, there were shared deputies, though a drastic, complete black out right. They came up from being. I do and yell Presty and started chasing him from fifty yards away at any reasonable products would act in the way Danny. Gagne reacted. Thank you. So much will keep track of your your fight and your plight. We wish you the best if you would like to donate and help out that this is becoming more and more of a problem and we as small businesses, I say that as an owner of a small business, a couple of small businesses, we have, stand together
and help each other out. You can go to go fuck me. It's MAX fight for small businesses. you'll find that I'd go fund me? Thank you very much. Guys there's no research from the threat intelligence firms that show that cyber criminal groups are increasingly using ransom where changing or techniques in their procedures to widen the scope of their cyber attacks, and course expanding the union. A pool of people that a victim to this kind of thing, all the time, cyber crime, rules they unfortunately, don't take me they take much time off there, working hard to make sure that they stay on top of their game and their game? Is you
Fortunately, lifelong is their lifelong detects, a wide range of identity, threats, things like your social security number for sale on the dark web and, if lifelike, detects you're in nations being used in the network. They'll, send you an alert and if you become a victim they'll be: restore your identity. No We can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelong can have You feel warm and protected this holiday season and You can save up to twenty five percent off your first year at life. Locked dotcom use the promo code back, can save twenty five percent you can. go to the website life locked out com or call them at one. Eight hundred lifelike, that's one: eight hundred lifelong promo code back lifelong dot.
Tomorrow, night on glens, you ve heard of the green new deal, but there's a digital new deal being made to decide what and share with your friends and journalism to come to terms with the fact that breach stage, a principle that we hold so great is being weapon against a prosperous and journalism. When reveals the terrifying new levels of censorship happening right now, watch I'll digital dictator supplanted kill free speech tomorrow, night nine pm eastern police? Did you dotcom, Slash, Glenn Erle Douglas California Just stopped all child care all tutoring in all classes, wow that doesn't hurt the people at all. Does it
No, I mean not at all, there's not extensive research showing that when you take away, for example, kids education's that really hurts there's the famous Chapter in bleeds tipping point. Madame Gladwell when he talks about how the them difference between rich kids and poor kids and when it comes education over long periods of time? Is that, generally speaking, rich kids parents during the summer in Greece, with them often and challenge them to do not just in a sitting on watching tv right where poor, kids, children, more are more likely again does generalities, but more likely to think that its the schools job for them to learn when their home they can do what they wanted to write like and not engage them mentally over summer break, so during the school year. The kids perform much identically, but d, the summer break. The blue, rich kids a little bit ahead and pork. Is it a little bit behind,
that happens every year for other, tyres tipping and that's the difference between the two groups. that is your ie start doing this. This is much more extreme and we will go to resume learning and I mean well. You get your fine way behind. Just think of this. What happens to those kids that are in child care? Both parents work, they can't take care kids, there's no child care. Now what would happen? To those families would happen, to their monthly rent. how how is someone who go to stay at home and this is one of those issues to that were where the science was relatively clear at the beginning, including from the scientist, by the way that that said, you should keep schools open that I can, but you don't A new pandemic is coming down. You know anything. You can kind of understanding that we can't risk the kids at the very beginning, overtime it became clear. A thousand times less likely
every asylum closer. The kids are really not endanger from this became clear. That was not a good thing to do this, its change. Most places have recognised that places with Powerful teachers unions continue invited, though, and they said we don't want our teachers in there. In the end, they brought up all these other argument, so places like York City set ridiculous standards for keeping schools open. Even has started to turn over where, de Palacio recently had to change those standards to reopen the schools critically for young kids because of what a terrible vision? It was initially he pulled him out any allowing our kids and killing our kids take that and in separate kids from real education. their friends from friends from and then you putting among maybe zoom learning for part time while their parents are trying to get me, it's impossible. It is it's really proud of managing them at home alone. Some of these kids. This is going to be an absolute disaster. The cure,
is worse than the disease. By far more this coming up on tomorrow's broadcast,
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