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A Glimmer of Hope | Guests: Matt Walsh & Gregory Rigano | 3/19/20

2020-03-19 | 🔗
A new report out of London paints a grim picture of how the COVID-19 crisis could escalate. The GOP is willing to give everyone a $1,000 check, but why not cut ALL taxes? And total bank derivatives can now be counted in QUADRILLIONS of dollars. Podcast host Matt Walsh joins the program to discuss his book "Church of Cowards" and illustrate what American Christians need to do in this crisis to bring the faith back where it belongs. Glenn lays out how to best prepare for a possible cash shortage WITHOUT draining the bank. And has a treatment for COVID-19 been found? Glenn speaks with Gregory Rigano, the project lead in a study on an anti-malaria drug claiming a 100% success rate so far, cited by President Trump as a “game-changer.”

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