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A Major Trip Wire Was Crossed | Guests: Brad Meltzer & Chad Robichaux | 3/14/22

2022-03-14 | 🔗

Glenn discusses what he sees as a major trip wire being crossed regarding China, Russian commodities, and the latest attack on the U.S. dollar. Pat Gray joins to discuss the Biden administration’s latest lies and a possible second showdown between President Biden and former President Trump. Glenn urges Idaho citizens to continue speaking out to pass anti-ESG bills. CEO and founder of the Mighty Oaks Foundation Chad Robichaux joins Glenn to discuss the operations to help Americans evacuate Ukraine. Author Brad Meltzer joins Glenn to discuss his latest book, "The Lightning Rod," his "I Am" book series, and Superman memorabilia.

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Ikebana back program, hello, America and welcome to the Glen Back Programme were glad you're here boy. What a weekend of Miss DIS and mal information. Let's start with president by economic stake, inflation is largely the fall of food and I love you know. Republic sheds binds gas pipeline five. bye bye, said he's gonna stop the Keystone problem pipeline. I did and that's recent price one. Let's get some straight here. The Keystone pipeline two years away behind, but two percent finished we break ok, you're, giving you a break- ok inflation, was caused by Vladimir Putin not our spending
I'm sick of this. We have to talk about it because the american people think three reflation is government spending more money, simply not true, not true. It's not true what what is true well, you could listen to the people who have been lying to you from the very beginning, or you can listen to some reason where they give you some reason and we're gonna show you what people that actually know what's going on our warning about and will show it to you in their own words in sixty seconds, We tell you about Marcos, Herodian about his experience with relief factory said I used to enjoy weekly hikes at the local state park, but after six months of regular hiking
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The things that are going on that you should know about. First, while Russia has bombarded a ukrainian military range near the polish border, killing thirty five Russia is also requested military and economic assistance from China. This, according to the? U S, that's really good. That's really good news China and russia- beginning to form their alliance and in that alliance, North Korea and a ran- and I believe, eventually saudi arabia- and maybe maybe, if we're really lucky india- Pakistan will go that way. and you will have an axis and allied power. I would bet that most of Africa goes there way as well, so China has said not, oh, no, we russian calling us for help. We don't even know what you're talking about them. We ve
Well, we ve never even heard of that also this weekend, a ran law twelve missiles and twelve missiles land. All around the? U S consulate. Now the Good NEWS is the car, it wasn't damaged. Nobody was killed, but they lie twelve ballistic missiles against arc, and they said well, you know some do too. With those those Jos Darnel Jos, they said there were sought in and they killed a couple of people of ours. Okay. So what do we have to do with that? Why are you bombing the streets around the consulate? Not killing anyone? I personally, I think this is yet another test. of the United States. Can we do this? while wherein nuclear negotiations with IRAN
and will they still sit at the table. This is another test of our president, his resolve and what he's willing to take. So let me get to the. Let me get to the Big NEWS who's this weekend. We are. edging closer and closer to a world war. And we are already in a world war when it comes to the dollar? This is really critical. This is one of those trip wires for me I have been trying to come up with trip wires of when I say to my family. Ok, all right ever, body in the car, we're going underground. What are the triple I urge that I'm looking for One of them is a spreading of this war. If this were Starts to spread into other countries, that's a big trip wire for me that says we are now headed towards. World war.
a World WAR three and its get serious a serious attack on our power grid is another one, and a serious agree, a serious attack on the? U S, dollar,. when you start to see China and Russia coming together and putting gather a an alternative to the petrodollar? You have a real problem. Now this Take me a while to explain this, but I I want. I want to show you where we ve been what the dog or why everybody has the world's reserve currency as the? U S, dollar, Bretton woods, and then I want to tell you what happened this weekend, because a major trip wire was was crossed, so the the the petrodollar is why we have our dollar, our green back in the
Thanks of almost every foreign country and in fact I think, every foreign country, if you want to I also feel specially from OPEC. It must purchased in. U S dollars. Why do you think Hillary Clinton said we came? We saw we killed him. Remember that shit laugh and about the death of Gaddafi. We were involved in that death. Absolutely. He was dragged in the streets by his own people, but we weaken them. Why did this happen? Why did why did the United States want could out there? We were all saint. This is destabilizing the Middle EAST. What are you doing? We It is because he said he was gonna start taking euros for life in oil. Gay, no not know you not. We have a deal oh with OPEC, in Saudi Arabia, you can sell. Oil will, provide you arms and everything else and
you'll, buy your royal and will continue to buy your oil, but you, only sell oil in U S dollars. So that means any time a country wants to buy oil from OPEC they have to take, their dollar by U S dollars the oil guy. You can't buy oil outside of a? U S dollars! That's why everybody has the? U S dollar. Its oil makes the world go around its, not gold, its oil. so if somebody starts to come off of our dollar ends to buying oil with something else other than the? U S dollar, we usually kill them or we isolate them- or depose them. We do something so doesn't happen. Why? Because if these
countries that hold all of these dollars? Eighty per cent of all printed money is overseas, so if this, the dollar which is held in all of these central banks in all of these banks all over the world. If they darts selling those dollars and those treasuries. All that money, Russia's back here to the end. it states. What does that mean. Well, if eighty percent of our money is being held in banks and its arts to rush back here, it means out control, inflation, You think inflation is bad. We're talking hype inflation, will mean a dollar collapse, We won't be worth anything so we don't want to do anything that upsets the petrodollar thing. Yet what happens?
petrodollar. If we stop buying gas and oil and we tell the whole world you gotta, be green anybody just thought of that? Even if you care about the planet. You think it's the most important thing people should eat, rocks and Who cares if they live or die? You should care about. The petrodollar is one pegging it to something else, because we got off of gold now one more thing: you need to know the history of how we got here Bretton woods happened right after to town and where is it to New Hampshire? I think Breton worth woods the whole world got together after world war? Two, because we had all of the gold, because Europe needed too
get all kinds of things, the armaments and tanks and everything else they didn't have any money, and so we were just like. You know why it says your gold turns your gold will send you the tanks in the airplanes and everything else. As soon as your gold, so we had all of the gold for the whole world in Fort Knox there That's why we said we be the gold standard we'll never break the gold standard. You just Take our money, you can buy oil with it. It's the only currency. You can buy oil with and were on the gold standard nineteenth. Ready to comes along and that's why and Bretton Woods to happens, and, That's when the United States is by the way we want war and the great society, so we're coming off of the dollar standard or the guy standard but will never ever really abuse it. And here is the Good NEWS you're going to become consumers rights
Now we ve made refrigerators and televisions and cars and everything else in the world is buying, but now because we want the war and we want a great society where, Come off that and we're going to now stop making those things ship, our jobs overseas and we'll by your products, so we'll be I'm a consumer nation and you will be able to get rich, just hang onto our dollar. That's woods too, We are now approaching Bretton Woods three The world will change as much as it did in world war to this is something that unless you lived through world war, two you have not seen. anything like what is coming? Here's what happened? Over the weekend, well, let me take one minute and then I'll come back and tell you what but over the weekend, it's a trip wire
least, for me, american announcing penalised one, two, three four W W that animal, less consumer access not or are fed is meeting this week and it is gonna greatly influenced where rates go and how quickly they change we're looking at four de year highs right now without considering all the global uncertainty. That's going on right now. all this volatility. All this inflation, if they I get it under control. There are only two ways to do: it demand destruction, which is happening. That means making things so expensive that nobody can afford it. and the other way to do it is to raise interest rates and that's what they're talking about this week, one way or another. You need to lock in your interest rates. You need to get out of those high interest credit cards. As soon as you can doorway,
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he is a guy when he speaks people start to listen. While I've been watching him lately and really listening to what he's been saying: because he's the only one, that's really kind of warning of things. I think with real credibility. This is what, happened this week in, China's central Bank is unique clean place to backstop a global commodities crisis sparked by sanctions imposed in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Potential Lee paving the way for a much stronger what Juan one no published on Monday, Zoltan Pause or global head of, bank short term interest rates strategy, said the folding crisis in Ukraine could lead to a perfect storm in which come oddities could weaken the Euro dollar system contribute inflation in western economies and threaten financial stability. Now listen to this
this crisis that we're facing now, quoting is unlike Anything we have seen since President Nixon took the: U S dollar off of Golden nineteen. Seventy one and it was the end of the era of commodity based money when the Christ this and war is over the? U S, dollar will be much weaker, and the chinese dollar much stronger, because it will be based on a basket of commodities, Russia's invasion, the biggest attack on european states since World war, two has created one point: seven million refugees, fear of a wider conflict in the west and to a raft of sanctions on Moscow, the content to have driven searches in global commodity prices, pushing nickel prices to a record high, an oil to a fourteen year peak.
Russia has warned a ban on russian oil imports. Could jolt the cost of a barrel to three hundred dollars? Listen to this. russian commodities today are alike, so prime collateralized debt obligations? Anybody who was had any kind of money at all in two thousand eight, when I say see. de owes your blood and cold, because that's The real problem was where every bank needed to be bailed out. So right, commodities today are like sub. Prime collateralized debt obligations were in two thousand. Eight conversely, non russian commodities are like: U S, Treasury securities we're back two thousand eight one collapsing in price and the other surging in price, with Marge in calls on boy, both sides, regardless which side you are on westerns,
draw banks held back by sanctions imposed by their own governments will not be able. Provide support, such as emergency liquidity needed close the market gaps so what's happening in not shall arise he play of two thousand eight So here is here, is the problem. China started selling our treasuries. Those are our loans, Those are held in dollars trillions of dollars vase did: selling our treasuries to fund vessel leasing and the purchase of cheap russian commodities. There too, to conform control. Inflation in China which is also leading to commodity sources. So what they're doing is their buying gold, thereby oil all their buying all these commodities, wheat, anything they can buy them.
buying real stuff and there buying it from Russia, which will up. Russia up, but they are also now introducing their digital dollar that is going to come PETE against our petrodollar they will have something that is backed by. Something real We don't have. This is what is this is what is happening and you would think well what's gonna. What's gonna as people to switch over to the dollar. Well, this is: what's going to, get everybody to switch over the dollar. The freezing. Of Russia's currency reserves. Here's the question that big People are asking wait, a minute
is money really money. Is cash really cash? If I put my money in a central bank- or I my money in these big banks. It's supposed to be safe, but any country could just say: oh, you know what you don't have a savings account anymore. Oh you know what you're you can't banking services any more there. Asking themselves. Is money even worth money now this should make Krypton currency go through the roof because its decentralized? No one is able to stop it so that should make everything go up through the roof. China has banned oh currency, because they want their own crypto currency and the Euro. It. States is trying to ban crypto currency because they want their own crypto currency.
we're going to see China, Russia, India, Pakistan, maybe Saudi Arabia and other Countries start too sell their dollars cell are treasuries, sell their reserves start commodities through China and Russia and using the did It'll dollar from China that in higher inflation here and a dollar, We are we backing it on it, anything good. We back it up on our oil reserves, anything real and, if so, which, tell you something about the great reset all they ve never take our bank accounts really because that's what countries are saying now about the western sanctions wait a minute. Can they just take my money too? Can they just shut me down? If countries are asking it, you should ask the Glen back.
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welcome to the Glen Back programme. There is a couple of things with first well, let's welcome Mr Pat Gray. Thank you great to be your yeah. Yeah is, if it is it is, it would want to be any place out of nowhere else out. His homeland could choose one, please be at this moment. It would be right right here. Yeah, not nodded Disney know now TAT Harris some no exotic vacation nope, not even at home in bed. Now right. You know that is great. That's kind of dedication you get from Pat Gray, from Pat Gray unleashed he's got a passion for being here. pat how area I'm good good what it was. It was on your mind today. What is that? There is no trouble in the world there. His trotter excited by the fact that everything has been fixed, except for the things Putin screw up your opening it be perfect if it weren't for him. Yeah we'd have a great economy. Gas prices would be incredibly low- you
buy a house for a dollar? Ninety eight, its needs, a pool, now? I know him better than we play Americans, don't understand what we're doing clip. Please never forget! We ve accomplished together so far by the way, the american people just trying to stay above water. Don't understand this added it Tom with American Recovery ACT. Was they look at you like? What are you talking about rights to those who do you bid they so stupid? Who bid they don't understand that Putin has caused inflation? I can I tell you something. It is simply not true, government spending. Listen to this. Having this discussion, it's important to despair, although some of those who say well said govern spending noticing her too my spanish to any exact reverse, reducing the national debt, not
inflationary government spending is reducing the national. Yes, dad, ok, look at look it up. Look it are you not may I yes say my wife is married to me- you're married to LISA Lease, and I have a lot of things in common, for instance, honey, We're saving money by spending this man, I've heard that yes, we're having money by spending this money right now, yes, and who d no the basic principle when you in debt If you go out and put more things on the credit card, you're, actually adding to debt your making things better. Don't things happen, I mean that's what she saying. That is what she saying can we not adding two dead? How are you not adding to death?
well what we did with the money we spend was by counterfeit money machines and now we're counterfeiting guy at our Very god we re kind of doing at sea or currency, but that's a different story hears the president. He gets a little testy cut. Three. Please. I'm sick of this stuff. We have to talk about it because american men will think the reach regulation is governments spend more money, is simply not true. Simply not true. Oh now, the Treasury secretary of the Obama administration, Larry Summers said it was true. What are they Economists Furman also said that It was true, but I get obviously every conservative pocket of his two says this as well, but it is simply not true simple just because he says it's yes, sick of it too. yeah. You noticed there
He seems a little angry, a lot of the time or a lot angry alot of TAT year or a lot angry, just off the off the cuff just kind of like hey, I love car like chocolate eyes, trying not prove that I dont like vanilla, ice cream yeah I mean it's it's he goes from zero to sixty in a heartbeat. Over the old man yells at cloud thing going on matters like there's something it's not normal, he seems to burn into no yellow visceral an hour added nowhere. It is normal it Nora Super old guy who's who is causing to vote. Yes, that is super normal. We ve all seen that in our family
True in that situation, its true and its but its scale, whereas it is he who, like you, think about how he's losing in front of crowds and at the press who does nothing but Coddle him through this present, I know he's them imagine what he's like behind closed doors, I've heard that he is angry at the drop of a hat A lot has already is was presidency, is is going down the drain, it's a cat, I don't know how you sell them at this point and he is pissed off the people or notice, and yet they are talking this weekend that he is seriously Thinking he's going to run, I dynamic for reelection, seeing and no no, no, that's not insane. Here's what's insane
the head to head poles between him and Trump? It's a dead heat. Are you your bribes? what I mean look, but my wife says this to me all the time swinging I think she's like how can like I don't understand. How could anyone even think this would be close and how is it passed born it's like. Well, we all I sat here and complain for four years. The media, turning Donald Trump into Satan right. Well, that has an effect window trot was gonna if he runs it when it seems like he will he's gonna got the nomination blocked up pretty much on his side in the primary, but he's going to face the same treatment and multiple years of him being turned into Satan by the media. It's not gonna, be a cake walk for Donald Trump. If he runs a mean they have
we all sat here today by already loses tat alone. No, you can't how bad the media was against him and complained about it in that it was unfair and it was, but it was real and it occurred and they're, gonna back in reverse themselves, completely to anything negative that that that Joe Biden is has done all whatever the rainy trying all ready during the time, it's gonna be a it's kind of its. Their groundwork has already done. It's gonna be challenging the president if he runs, is gonna, it's not gonna, be a cakewalk art and I guess he's gonna have that same awful treatment from the media. He's gonna have to overcome and we ve seen how difficult that is even for Donald Trump, whose very good at dealing with a media. So I would you know I This is never gonna happen, but I would love love to see President Trump. Endorse Santa's and then
Take the role from Nancy Pelosi: no speakers that house thing: oh, my god, you imagine he would tear it apart. The speaker of the house, is that we have to in Congress to be swifter, now drank it all he has to do with the ruling party needs to say we would like him speaker of the house, and I mean they complied neatly. Do that you do don't you, they do have he wanted and then, if you wanted it, I dont know that he'd want it. Can you imagine? I mean Then, he is actually responsible for all of the investigation sick. He would be responsible for yeah. We're gonna do a little investigation on Hunter Biden, Look into that one moment where I do little investigation into into the Democrats. it's that were here and doing my impeach motives are known, and I look into that. He to prove you wouldn't be on the v? The committee your ip, but how
would be the one who would say we're doing it. Can you imagine because That may be a more important role, because if you want to clean out the Hornets nest, you have to do it through Congress. You have to do it for the president could sign all kinds of executive orders, and do you know what this in that? But doesn't last, and the president wants to fire clean House at the state to Barman all you out. He Can't do that without Congress. If he is the speaker of the House, and Rhonda Santas is the President You have a one to punch. is a bit of fantasy Lake were playing here, but it would be interesting. I don't think I don't think Trump would have it. much interest in that role, I had to go back and be in Congress. It's good enough, for you know
Quincy Adams, if you Quincy Adams was willing to do it and joy Quincy Adams in the end is the reason why we got rid of slavery. He tried ride, dried, dried and tried? And then he saw this up come on. You know that just came to Congress and he was like you get it and he he tutored, that young congressmen on the house, stop slavery and that young congressmen became the first republican president, Abraham Lincoln. I don't know, I think it. be good. It's it's not a joke to be in Congress is now now because Congress is doing, anything we, so we send all these representatives it's really only Schumer and Mcconnell and policy, and maybe Mccarthy that we're getting together in the rooms and again we're gonna do this. and then just send it everybody to rubber stamp. That's the problem will be fascinating, just
by the way you ve seen all of things that are in the year the spending bill. We didn't know about because nobody, the mall stuff, that's cutting inflation. I'll, tell you that shit, yeah people just don't know, you're scared. Why urgent guy it's gag inflation gives them centre, wouldn't be it if it weren't for Putin. Yes, campaign like a guy- really angry, really angry yeah so. Are you really think that it's not printing of money owed to knots starting, that's always allure lie I'm sick of it, but he started before they. Even if there was one, don't you understand about well,
what are you scream is name? Does that not tell you it's fair boy? I think I get about me out. I think the american people, thank you very much, but not eleven. Two thousand nine hundred seventy seven people were killed and terrorist attacks on american soil. The tunnel, the towers foundation has been supporting. miracle heroes and their families ever since when it first responder or military service. Member doesn't come home and young children are left behind, tunnels, towers, off their mortgage they lift. That boy not the family for catastrophically? veterans and first responders tunnels towers, builds mortgage free, smart homes doubling our most severely injured heroes to live, more independent lives and now operation home base tunnel to towers is gifting tiny homes to homeless veterans in a world
often filled with darkness. The tunnel to towers Foundation is bring a little light and something that you can help with. Our nations heroes, people, but their lives on the line for our country and our communities need your help, These heroes and their families now join tunnel to towers on its mission to do good in their honour donate eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot. Org get are veteran. Off the streets tee. The number two t die: org tee to tee dot, org the Glen Back programme
And now the sites by Kamel Harris, we are watched television coverage of just yesterday, some type of everything that we know and don't know yet, based on what we ve just been able to see and because we ve seen as are not doesn't mean it hasn't happened, but just limited to what we are seeing. This has been the salts by commonly Harris Powerful, powerful, powerful. You know she was speaking at the Dnc winter. Can engine are meeting this last weekend and I don't love. You saw her speech, but it electrifying she's really good. I'm really good at that, and she was laying
the strategy for the Dnc for the next elect. And I think I mean in July. one should listen to the crowd, listen what she has to say cause that's one thing but listened to. crowds reaction, they love it. She is two: he continues to show people that in many ways they got what they ordered rang, cases. This is what they wanted. It stood in line, they checked I'm from work. It was difficult and alive of what they demanded. They got, and so let's get out there as we do, and them of that year of what that is, kind strategies that your job is to make them forget it Nero
your job is to come out and say we swear. The last two years hasn't happened here, only path to six. I will tell you that's the most honest thing. I've heard a Democrat saying a long time yet and this a second time at it because you got what you voted for, who is telling her. This is a good idea, obviously not the crowd we set out by the way, making fun That laugh is racist. It is you do I need to play caught eleven for, nice is she went on to say that the EU is committed to helping refugees, but some on the right said that this was humiliating. Did you have
problem with any of the way we handle this ladys people are talking about it that I personally think if she was a guy, they would never say because they also made fun of Hilary laugh, but I do not see them making fun of a pencil laugh or any of the other guy, when it is being severely that we question the qualifications of black women and that's why people are saying that she's unprepared and how I disagree. I think you can disagree, but that's the truth of it, and so this is based in racism, MRS based in massage any we're talking about a woman that has extensive experience abroad. Extensive sperience as an attorney expensive, extensive experience as it as the chief legal officer of one of our largest aids in the country, and I think this is just much ado about nothing. You know what a man to that once you know a men. Do that she's very, very smart. Do I Do we really need to go down this this road I mean. Did you hear what he just said? What extensive experience does she have
overseas who's she shown available if she could even get to the border of this country left right, learned tat. He had never went and when they pointed that out, she said: I'm never Benda Europe either yeah. She Amity is known for leaping with the mayor of LOS Angeles, I'm getting promoted and became. I mean it's not to say that she is and have a career I guess in California before this, but she wound up vice President States, based on very little Google, I would just like to put it in your records that I had nothing to do with that, defending her Department of Homeland Security, its do you
rights in all of the words that I accept this apartment right right, we never made for my pencil laugh. The man has never been as ever ease, literally never cracked, his smile in his entire life ever and we make fun of him for that and he's a white male disease to climb back programme. So rough greens, I hear you have to buy another bag of rough greens, stew yes, we ve got a new dog coming into the family, which is gonna get another. I did not predict. We were not going at a time when you she said right. I mean yeah of our wives, earn our saying: they're, not gonna, get another dog, and yet you got one and I'm about to get one yes you're totally, but in fact our wise we're talking about this. This y know I saw pictures of your dog is an acute as an acute. Isn't it you am, I by another job you get around yes there and that's what happened basically this week at source was to get it, but you know it it's funny, because the Brussels
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Hello, America. The great reset is a farcical conspiracy. There now not a theory, it's a fact, and it's not farcical bits. honestly little terrifying, not because it's the end of the world, but because it is the end of the free market system. Now, I address the people up in Idaho on Friday and I'd like to give you an update on this and yes g and sixty seconds. Do your kids really know about.
working history do. They know they're being taught the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project a version of american history. I can guarantee you they need to understand where we came from how America came to be, why it's important that we fight to keep it. If you don't understand what the free market is hookah Who cares if it goes away? If you think that's what we're doing right now is the free market, might even actually work to dismantle it because it seems so corrupt. It is it's not the free market, but you have to start. Meaning your kids from that time, their knee high that is really difficult to do, because there's very few tools out there to help you do it well. One of these. best arrows in your quiver in the tunnel twins books, these books, are fantastic and should be a staple in every single american home right now,
offering a three bonuses. If you order today, you just go to Tuttle twins back dotcom you'll get a thirty five disk that thirty five percent discount plus The bonuses toddled twins back dot com deeply he had seen and get your your kids ready to defend Amerika, auto twins back dot com. Do it now so on Friday I told you, I gave you an update on what was happening in Idaho Idaho. The the cap oh and Business Committee on Friday heard your voice, but still not clear or where they stand, we got a lotta calls from people going. No, no I'm fine the bill, I'm for the bill, but the waiters oh, that, your for the bill is to move this bill forward and vote, and if you don't want to vote on it, that's fine, it's fine
an enemy of any body. I just I believe what I believe. I know the facts. I've spent two years researching it a lot of people have just called their friends in banking or have you know, were heard from lobbyists and there like. Ah while I trust the lobbyist, oh, do you? Do you? Ok? Well, I don't I don't now, if the speaker of the house wants to move forward, you know he will These four, it he'll make sure the bill is passed this session, I ask that you would call the speaker of the House and the treasurer thee. The treasurer is Julie, Ellsworth she's, the Idaho State treasure and she called she said I am for the bill will actually, Naturally, as I understand it, you're not for the bill? What you're for is the stopping of it, but you want to be the one that prosecutes Anybody that goes, you know, goes against
the freedom of the individual person and that's great, except it gives you ultimate power and we ve seen far too many states that to dress, let's say we're a sanctuary city and so we're not prosecuting, and even though we are breaking the law, we're just not gonna prosecute know that not good enough for Americans anymore. We The right we want the right if somebody is used. something other than a credit score to fight out. If I'm credit worthy or not If they're, using something that says. Oh, you were one of the parents that you were objecting to critical race theory, yeah you're, a reputational risk to the bank. We can't really You alone, I should have Right to sue them- and that's these bills have in them. The people have a right. Eight to sue, because we don't trust that the government officials in all,
States and Julie. You might be fine, you might be doing about who replaces eel. So called state treasurer? and the speaker of the house. This is if you're in Idaho, Idaho has before it the best legislation out there and there are many that want to pass it but they're just issue a few vote shy and they need to know that the people of Idaho want stop II s g in their banking system and in their state Scud Scott Bed key! he is the speaker of the house district. Twenty seven Julie, Ellsworth, is the Idaho State treasurer. And the reason why I am I'm calling them out is because a this is a homestead if mine, I have a farm in Idaho. I hope to some day living. Idaho and retiring Idaho, but how
gonna do it. How am I even keep my farm? How could I please simply raise cattle. to be sold if e, F C, if Yes, g is the standard in Idaho. How is in buddy, who might disagree with the e, the ass or the g that govern, the social justice or the environmental things that the bank as decided how power somebody who grows potatoes, gonna be able to sell those two Mcdonald's answer: they can't they can't. So give the people of Idaho the right to doktor their lives and their business as they see it now, the lobby, This came in right away to Idaho and they issued something that said Solomon, Idaho Legislator, as post, to consider legislation to deal with the g environment, social and governance, g is only a risk management system but its being labelled as the latest threat to individual rights. It is hear me now. I thought it
was crazy. Two years ago, I've done two years of research and spent so since, in fact into the six figures on research to make. Sure this is buttoned up. I have a book out. It is called the great reset, get it at the library, I'm not trying to make money off of it. I mean I would like to make money off it, but get it at the library. If you don't want to spend money, get at it. library and look at the fifty page of fine print footnotes. It's all their own words, anyway, while is prosperous. Preposterous, as this sounds folks, like Glenn back in his partners with Wall builders, dot com have given legislators a farcical conspiracy theory from which lay The solution will be crafted. While it's easy, to dismiss due to its lack of basis in reality Have you gone to the World economic forum dot Org? Have you got on two treasury dot? U S, have you gone too. White House dot. Gov. Have you got
on two marrow Lynch have you gone to Bank of America would mean lack of bases, its allowed in the open. But they continue. The track The reality of the new world is one we're talking heads DR policy to stir the masses by creating nonexistent problems and then solving the problem with massive vote over reaches into the private sector. How dare you? How dare you, the people, the Bay the insurance companies are saying: people like me, create the these problems only then to come up with a solution no No, you know one thing: I've learned is people at least the elites of the world. Ten, who tell us exactly what they're doing by what they blame on others. He's a racist he's, a raises. This whole thing is racist. You gloat want s job,
he taught that's racist. No Europe ISIS New York racist, Every time there tell you that other side- is doing something. They're, usually the ones doing it just watch just notice. Oh the lobbyist for the banks and financial institutions up and they ve been your Your house and your scented have been hearing the voices of those the lobbyists, but they haven't heard your voice until Friday in Idaho LAW. We just clear this up intrusion and x. S. Government regulations really this bill imposes regulations only on businesses that cross the line and start taking freedom from people, so another getting weaved? We don't need a law against murder York when everyone a murderer. No
only those who murder people. I sought reg, Malaysian on everybody else unless they plan on murdering people, then, and only then does the law kick in Iowa. have any restricts of my freedom. Unless I murdering people, if a business, upholds constitutional freedoms. Then there is No consequence, it is only by this is that colluding with other businesses too, stop you from investing in oil or. Cutting down timber whatever it is, farming these sound interesting to you, Idaho, D in Idaho ones, any of it. If they start saying: no. We can't give this farm alone because they raise cattle. Then the law kicks in.
no intrusion. No intrusion of the free. Market at all, no no. No. giving me alone, because I don't agree with your social justice policies by the way, if you do I think this is happening than you don't understand, what's happening in Russia. Donalds wasn't going to leave and closed their stores in Russia until they felt quote a reputational risk. End quote that is he S g language? That's right from the books and if they do is to a guy with a country full of nukes. You don't think they're gonna do this against a farmer who disagrees with their their land. and Policies on Friday in Idaho, allow people called and they were hearing from the people and we started hearing, and they said you know hey we're all for the bill. ok, maybe you are, I don't know, I don't,
No George Washington said deeds, not words. That's it deeds, not words. This bill isn't heard, hasn't even been heard in committee. Were The conservative legislators on the Business Committee claim therefore, the bill. The committee is delayed the hearing of the bill and there are voting on it to get it out of committee, so it can have a hearing the floor so the bill doesn't get hurt in committee. and out on the floor really soon it will die and then pick. It up next season, this what the lobbyist want delay the legislators want. The heat turned off than all you have to do is hold the business Committee meeting and vote to advance the bill out of committee and get it onto the floor I'm gonna have a radio host. Tell me what to do The radio host Paul you or was it the listeners in Idaho who happen to agree with the radio hosts view, but didn't
know about the bill because the media has been silent about it. Are they the one who called you or was it the radio host? the radio ho shine a light on what was happening, the people who didn't like what they when they would they heard when they found out what was occurring. They called they called you think. This way bored got flooded with calls, because a radio host was telling mindlessly numb robots what to do or because thinking people in Idaho actually care and are passionate have done their homework. So you, a choice, the people who vote for you. The people who think that you are on their side you either look at them, just like the elites in Washington do as a mere nuisance or you ever spect for what they say and you will you
consider it and tell them the truth or you I consider it and then let it go to the floor because every needs to know if you're not for the bill. That's fine! It's just robe, What's that are against you right, it's just robots, let it go to the floor now, trouble. Officials said that what I am doing is I'm gonna cause. People have primary opponents. People are so up to run against me because what I say about this bill, so what I say about this bill, do you know it people? we'll sit two years ago on my audience that this make any sense. I said the same thing listen to me now, for two years they ve read the book. They know what they believe So are you? Are you those two being held accountable, or pose sunlight? Do you prefer The people do not know what your views are on bills that promote and protect.
their freedom do not. So or the general free market principle. That competition makes things better and healthier and stronger and having a primary challenger might improve the legislative backbone to defend the people's freedom. I I think it does. These politicians will publicly state that, therefore h, seven thirty, seven, but if they really are than give it a vote and demonstrate Your report. You have a chance to do that to Morrow. If you're in Idaho, I would again make a phone call. call your legislator and tell them. This has to be voted on and heard in open session this season? If you were against it, make your. case let the poor. bull here and let the people be swayed by your argument against it, You hold the power in Idaho and in every state,
You are the one that gave them the power they are supposed to represent you don't let them fool you with excuses if they too U I support it good prove it I voting on it. The bill is age, seven three seven it currently in the business committee. It needs to scheduled be scheduled. Vote by the committee call every one of the members on that committee. Sage, Dixon, rod, Furnace Brent, crane, Joe Palmer Veto, Barber Airy Randy Armstrong, ants its clout Evan Andrews, Tammy, Nicholls Ben Adams. Math, who Bundy Gregg, Verge Coty, Galloway, Brandon, Mitchell, Charlie Shepherd Steve, Birch and Brook Green most? of them are for it. There are a few that are not in its, not the Democrats. It's the Republicans Brandt grain. Palmer, so call, and
also call your speaker of the house. He'll move it forward and call the treasurer Julie, Ellsworth, Julie, you are for it in concept, but you want the power to up the law. The people should have that power just explain that if the people agree with you, then the but will be fine with it. I don't agree with but that doesn't mean the people of Idaho, don't call them now all right. Let me tell you about really factor Sandra wrote in about her husband's experience with relief factor. She says after trying, multiple supplements doctors in I were proctors she's, How is my husband no longer limps and is free ever since he started taking relief factor Spain used irradiate down from the hip to the ankle. It's now all gone. It is amazing. Thank you really factor Sandra there
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an immense. So what is this? Do for other states to other states, look at this and realize hey. Maybe I shouldn't just blow people off. We have these concerns youth if the people are listened to in Idaho, the people are listened to in Idaho, see these these these banking! lobbyists have enormous clout and the people who aren't really paying attention? Look, and I don't blame legislature- they have a lot on their plate to do this. Is this sounds crazy, but not anymore cuz. You can see it everywhere. You can go to the government websites and see what they're doing but- it sounds crazy, if you don't do your due diligence, you'll call somebody in a bank. You know why I got a friend at Bank of America. Is a big wehrgeld. Tell me the truth. what are they gonna? Tell you: what are they to tell you
no, I would never be used like that, but that is what's happening with it right now in Russia. That's what the! urgency order did in Canada and if they do. to a country, that's full of nukes. You don't think they do it to you and your business and it's the banks and insurance companies aren't their voices inside the banking industry that look at this as a real problem and a real threat to the end. Don't want this to happen. There are people that are actually coming to legislators all over the country and states. And they're saying the small banks, the local banks, the state banks, are all coming to these guys. Please pass this. Please pass this. Please she is really bad, but if we say anything, we're gonna, be eaten ourselves will be the first to be driven A business Please pass this year insurance agent heap, probably doesn't know anything about this, but the people
the top of the insurance business they do and is going to trick down to the lowest common denominator, and last week, the the the axe- birds in our government were saying. This is the way to in control. Inflation is grab control of the money grab, control of how it can be spent, and the way you do that is through the ass G, Idaho, wake up and call your state representatives and senators the back programme most people don't spend a lot of time if they spend any time at all. Focusing on self sufficiency and preparedness by the way I'm going to South Carolina this week to speak to their legislature about yesterday. I guess there really focused on it to anyway. I've been, proper since before prepping was cool and in fact it's never been cool.
is much more common and we're facing severe problems. I don't know you saw, but the latest from the. U N is saying that there is going to be a twenty two percent spike on food in the coming months. Twenty two percent price spike there. already a shortage of wheat there already starting to limit numbers of bags of flour and everything else that you can buy in certain areas. Please, please consider Preparedness kid Now you can save a hundred and fifty dollars on a three month. Emergency food. Kid gives you everything you need for three months: one person you'll save a hundred and fifty dollars on it. Please, every dollar you spend today is gonna be worth a lot more tomorrow. It's prepare we Glenn Dotcom placed here
Dot com, Slash Glenn, for your believes to be subscription negative ten, but would be promo code, the land, huddled in a bomb shelter in Kiev, a seven year old girl named Amelia and salvage saying a song in Ukrainian she's being frozen, it went viral. Is people commented on her sweetness, the innocence and the hope for this little girl of it tug done. Everybody heart strings in the big the video you can hear the whole room go quiet as the out realises that she singing here it is What
This is a start applause, Is it I am happy to report after six days in an air raid, Shelter Amelia, her brother, Andrew grandmothers walked for about two days to the border and are now safe, mother, along with their father, decided to stay behind to provide food for ukrainian forces, but dad said. I always knew Amelia was very talented, sweet angel, now the whole world knows the same, currently in the hot spot is the founder in ceo of Mighty Oaks Foundation and the founder of save our allies. Chad rubbish, oh hello, Chad, how area
When are you the last time we talk? Tat was a house in Afghanistan. I know I know now. You're in Ukraine tell us situation on the ground and what's happening, its breed and in very different different parts of the country. As you are aware, no break, even in the Chinese, more the east, you have the direct kinetic, that combat with the ukrainian jewish. Russian troops, in though, as well as molested Ukrainians fighting for their their arms in our towns and then to the west. You ever used to have major cities intact. Better, you add in the way yesterday nobody let levy they're, getting rocketed and so the whole catches, a gas. Airbus scared people decorating, not just out of the country that people,
activating from one dangerous city a safer place and a lot of people that are helping lifesaver allies and other organisations are helping. Or did she back People from the country but actually moving people from a dangerous place for a safer place, movement we'd. Moving supply stored in a movie people out, so had you been in special operations for a very long time now, retired from military service but plant. is prudent. Thinking what I mean and make heads or tails of this. yeah. You know we were just as we did in the middle of all operations were doing applause for a second who I'll go just. What is he doing wisely report movie for me, he's obviously he's here everything he would want it out. If you look at you echo luckily globally he's he was when he was there. America is buying or from him. Even though
I disagree with the Americans by our progress towards by all just in a really good do economic position and, and then he does, this, for what to gain. Reprinting oil that he wanted to sell. Now it just doesn't it makes sense to someone who the waters with America to inject anchor and made decisions. Our decisions, I mean Emily, taught you on both I and politically and people in the world had used. Prudence a good guy, but he always makes calculated decisions in good is not seeing that right now, we are seeing this weekend of the. U S said that he asked China for military help or at least supplies I'm hearing that he's gonna get more vicious. Ah Do you have any sense that being there what's coming? Is this ending. Is this getting worse? What's your field is gone at my feet: in the end. Voted
not just sure my spirits, I'm here on the ground, with people the smallest minds and special operations community. I'm here meeting with the highest level ever from all different government to the world intelligence agencies, and things like that. Everyone is an spare contentious agreement that it's going to get worse is not going to get better. If you watch what he's doing right now, like a key of he's, he's to be peace. Peace surrounding these towns, holding destroying infrastructure, roads, bridges. Rails in grass roots out inside the city, while the Russians are holding out a perimeter, they had the ability, get we supply, but those inside cancel medicine medicine. Like somebody, it was excellent, is, is it is a debt deficit, their betters deliver avenue the weapon to someone with their way be dissuaded, always be men among children.
Those have no medicine. No medical aid, no supplies water policy we are now pursue their snare, starving them out and and then I started out at night is gonna get you fifteen degree. So we get people pleasing to death. The people Johnny evacuated, one that your try evacuate our eyes What is it you guys are doing on the ground and how can we help so? What are they that we're doing lot of great and GEO. Sheer actually people trying to move supplies? Food in medicine in law or do it Ethically. As we know, that's disabler networks gonna fail In our experience and knowledge, operations, but some of our major some of the world, that precision recovery procedure, rescue experts, and we know that the most crucial this afternoon patients were building communications infrastructure to make sure but everyone in all these cities around Ukraine have the ability to communicate us with us soon a sailor never goes down, we just a rescue them with students applies to them. Still. Committee
it with them, so that our priority mission right now is doing that Thailand, communications, network and infrastructure to the ability to rescue movement. Employers, flew medical. bored and then provide amatory services to bow to move people from I should like to leave it to favorite place or to a medical station. So that's the kind of thing the emerging we're doing that we do not do Sabre allies and we need the support we can know. Thank you go, and you may not be aware that I think you're with NATO some say brow. I thank you for that, because we can do without people like yeah. Well, I have so much in Europe and I have to tell you, Chad, where big fans of of yours and save our allies. We know what you what you do and how important it is, and we are proud to stand with you and stand behind you. You just let us know which need if you want to
could donation and be a part of saving Ukraine and saving the people literally saving the people. You can give now to save our allies dot org that save our allies dot. Org. If you forget that just go to mercury one market, Ukraine will get it to save our allies. It save our allies, DOT, Org Chad. stay safe always always Glenn. Thank you! So much God bless you! Thank you, my dear! Yokes Oaks Foundation and save our allies. I can recommend them a high. Enough. They are Chad is a remarkable guy, and they ve been you know of mighty oaks, Nations works with some veterans. Does save their lives because of suicide rate is just outrageous and he's mob guy who contemplated himself and so-
but he saved his life and started mighty oaks, and now save our allies and these earth these earth Ex military they go away and they know how to help, and there shooting anyone they're getting and run. Skewing people, and can you imagine, mean heat, feel like your life, was worth something when you, if you were bringing insulin to children's hospital, that's the kind of If they're doing he's donor now to save our allies, dot. Org doing this dream Natalie great work overseas, but the worth doing here is really really amazing. So, Just awesome organization awesome did are back in just a minute. You know the perfect. Sleep looks like well, I didn't I mean I use to when I was a teenager and though knights, went away quickly you have trouble sleeping toss it in turn it in your pillow, it's hot or flatter whatever in your waken up an avenue fluff the filipino
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hundred nine six, six, thirty one, seventeen, it's my pillow dot com! This is the Glenn Back programme. If you miss today's broadcast, make sure you go back and listened to the podcasting, get it wherever podcast sir found. You can also find it video and everything else on blaze, tv dot com make sure you subscribe but to either blaze tv or the podcast and review and rate us. It helps we'll find us and helps the algorithm Naturally they really helps the algorithm but give it a shot. give it a whirl it. Today's broadcast,
is wildly important. Our number one I explained the trip? Why are one of the trip wires that I have out for myself. That said, Ok, we're one step more one major step closer and that trip wire was sprung over the weekend. I tell you all about it and if you missed it, It's our one of today's podcast, also Wednesday night special this week. I know it feels like we're shifting gears, because we're not gonna be talking about Ukraine or gas prices or inflation or whatever this week, sat pursued, is black lives matter. Why would we do this? Well, the after has multiple played spinning and they're doing it to transform America and be a lamb plate is very much plugged into the social category of e s. G,
jeez gonna change. Our lives of the great reset has its way. Do you remember when these corporations were dumping, tens of millions of dollars in to be a lamb? Why They believe it. No. It was part of the great reset? Will what happen to all of that money Two years we ve been told there is really nothing more important than racism in America and be a lamb has been at the forefront of that movement breaking in donations, change Racist America, but it looks this though it wasn't on the up and up. I know this will come as a shock, but It is directly connected with the power structure of the Democratic Party, where the money for Belem B, Lamb scam exposed money, mansions and marxism.
It's Wednesday night at nine p M Eastern. Only on blaze, tv dot, com, utter lunacy, utter lunacy. Let me give another example of utter lunacy. I just pointed this out from outdo: does America Clay Travis? said the video of this, but Cairo Irving, basketball player on to suit. Are you through this? In case, you dont know ease the covert guy right, you ask I he was well. He refused to give accident rising. That's somethin, like nice. Ahmad per cent of them be players are facts, and he was rather the big stars that that held out on this right and he decided he wasn't it play and he plays for Brooklyn. So we have the highest peak of covert restrictions in New York City, of course, so he not allowed to play in New York City still, while on vaccinated sabiniana there, okay, so that comes out and that at first the teams says: ok, we'll unique! You can't be on this team. They hold him out, eventually, possibly
related to some injury situations they had on the team, they decided to say hey anyway, who can play on the road because he was always eligible to play on the road and other states in other cities. Is it just a New York state Restriction city restriction that would not allow him to play indoor on vaccinated so that started playing for the road games. Now, however, a bunch of restrictions have been lifted in New York City so we are now in a state of affairs where it is allowed for him to attend the game as a fan and sit the crowd on vaccinated with no Basque around Thirty thousand screaming fans, however, not all can't law actually play in the gay. That's insanity, we're he'd, be one of ten people on a giant NBA court. This is when you know a country is crumbling apart when, makes no sense when the laws make no sense.
No sense, there's no look! There has never been science that would dictate that apply. You're at twenty, eight years old in the prime of fish, physical condition was really going to be affected by this anyway. Certainly such a minor risky can't possibly contemplated around their players in the same circumstances. But ok, all the crazy? This does happen. You could maybe make an argument. I don't even know what the argument would be, but maybe you mean the argument that it was this a sensible thing at one point I would make that argument, but maybe some would. This is completely insane. There's video of him walking around in the crowd he's sitting in the same stadium as his team. Any can't walk out on the cord in here. Stead, surrounded in closer quarters with thousands of fans, rather being on the court around in shape athletes. It are not affected, It is at all its complete
Lee lunacy impossible overstated. Can I ask another sports question yet, as I understand it,. Tom Brady, says there's unfinished business to do? I know what I mean, apparently Jean did retire right. He did retiree if he said, announced it here. Someone bought a the his last football for five hundred thousand dollars, and I don't get my money back. I would demand my money I'll, get you to the private. I don't know, maybe he could get bigger, get it back. We ice he's east, we back apparently being married to dissolve not all its cracked up to be a little too. In other words, maybe she's like you know what I can have a mother by feed all the time or he's like I do also, you know only limited amount of time that has a great yeah. It's amazing, now I'm putting an unfinished business. What more can you have? You already have all the good things of life ten times over. Can you stop
taking all the good experiences from all other measure. Now states. Is he a free agent? You didn't act, Tampa going back our dna and that back to tamper bay, so there can be no title contenders again with him. Coming back, Four. Forty five, forty four! Now crating really is raised and the other home off season has been insane and it's gonna get a lot crazier because regency starts in today's, so wild back in a minute in decline back programme, Let me tell you about our sponsor: it's z stack, your health belongs to you, the government, pharmaceutical companies. I mean you know how I feel could have been saved if we would have just allowed people to try different things with covered anyway, there's something out now called z stack. It is something that is formulated to boost your natural immune system. It's a supper.
And it's got all the things in it that you would possibly need it was developed by Doktor Vladimir Zol Anko. It's been scientifically formulated, its kosher, its GNP certified produced here in the United States, control of your health. It works good works really well on means of preventing covered, also helping prevent covert, also helping prevent the flu hit your immune system into shape z? stack life, dot, com, slash bag, Z, stack life, dotcom, slash back after the promo code. Back get a discount z, stack life, dotcom, slash back promo code back
when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Riccobene Back program
he is one of my favorite historians. He is one of my favorite thriller writers he's had twelve previous best selling thrillers number one that selling thrillers, and he is also one of the most interesting people. I know. Brad Meltzer has a new book called the lightning rod he's in studio buckle up. It is always fun to have read melter in studio. He joined us in sixty seconds,
whenever possible, it is nice to pass on lessons to give learned in life to other people, so maybe they don't have to go through all the crap that you went through to learn in the first place. One area where it is specifically true in my life is selling a house. I've done a lot of it mainly because I'm in radio and whenever the economy would take a downturn. I get fired so my house at the worst possible time. I was just I a mean I didn't. I don't know how to find a real estate agent. Do you and just like you know, a real estate agent. I know Bob Cousin of mine or yeah. I know somebody that told a friend's house, they seem pretty good and then you just go with them. That's not the way to hire somebody for the biggest investment of your life, if you're buying or selling a home, I started real estate agents. I can trust dot com for people like me and perhaps you we
already vetted them. We found the people that we feel are the best in your area. They have the best track, wreck and we monitor them all the time, this a free service to you real estate agents. I trust dotcom real estate agents, I trust dot com, author of the lightning rod, bread melter. How are you, sir, I'm good at so good to be back in person? So you are you're one of my favorite people, let's start with, start with a book, and then I have a surprise for our brave Isaac S. So he is so here's the book. I, start, you know with my great fears switch it when you write it really. Gotta start with your fears. Ripe and so opening scene, has a character hand in his car keys over to a valet at a fancy. Restaurant valet takes the car rather than park in the car. Had so little gps button on the steering wheel says the magic words go home The car plots route to the man's house, the valleys gonna have the car keys
got man's housekeepers, he's gonna break in is a robbery but ass. His into the man's houses. Give then I know now tell me what you know. This then keep our ass. He stepped into the man's house. The valet sees another man waiting with a gun. This is not a robber at all. This is a trap and when his body, to our hero. Zig zag find something had not It leads to one of the government's most closely guarded secrets. Now I just ruin chapter one of the lining rod arguably address after wine and works, but chapter one. His arm, you know did then, as I do as no book. No, they lose out for direct funding was. I was an event yesterday and in Florida my nephew raised his hand. My nephew, like eight years old and said Uncle Brown was after two- and I was like mine, my nephew now, so that with the lightning rod opens with that and then obviously action takes off
So what is the closely guarded secrets? Are let's talk about that? That's a keep, our you know might be less, and I love the plot. I love the murder mystery. I love that you have great characterised everyone loves and we get to bring back, but the fun of this is always the research I've taken traders. As you know, I've been on your show talking about the secret Thomas below the White House. We ve done the hidden labyrinth below the capital. This was the one I got for this when I spoke to the government is to come well matched and the U S. Government has, I did not know this almost a dozen secret, warehouses hidden all across the country, and they are there to deal bio terror attacks, whether its anthrax, whether smallpox or anything else, and if there's an attack in Texas in New York in California, Idaho anywhere between they will have within hours what they call a push package of antidotes right to your doorstep: like you're telling me: the government a secret warehouses all across country. No one knows what's inside them, no one knows what they have inside. No one can go in them. You bet
Believe I want to go in the right on. Might I want to go and that right now, so I guy thankfully they they took me in what you see when you re in the lightning rod you turning the pages trying to guess the mystery. The final section of the book takes place in the warehouse as a final scene of the book and what you see in those warehouses. I did not make up what you see in there. Really there and it's amazing its anger is like Alice. Are you well I'll? Tell you you know it's like a cost. Go for the end of the world, their massive warehouses. I mean they're like five cost go so, instead of being like, you know, and cost Gore beaches a giant, our main isn T buy Boxes, cereal. There is obviously they have everything from you know things to deal with radiation poisoning. They have iodine tablets. They have everything you can imagine from amphetamines too, they have cobra. God knows what COBRA venomed. Like your look, you're going down these isles, the one thing they all have in common that which I love is they all have giant only
that all everywhere else has a giant american flag a maiden say, and in which great about it is this. started and you're going to love this little history lesson, for it is the back. When nuclear war with the great threat in the cold war, they decided to commission figure out how we going to keep the present. how do we make of this a nuclear war? How do we get him the live and they create a secret commission called Operation High point and high point is designed to figure it's a big begin, the continuity of government, so they make whether in all these places where Dick Cheney two nine eleven, and were you not just outside a dc? It's where the senders go? It's where the it goes is where the top staff goes to, the government can run, but they all commissioner, Michigan Z, operation, low point and not to discuss what happens to the rest of us What happens if there's a nuclear war to everyone else, America make a whole plan. They study it. They say the male courts are gonna turn into hers. and carry bodies rather than letters, a giant plans for everybody,
The one thing they finally realises all through here make enough. I guess your veins, the known all right. I know it is all you can look it up, just Google, it and, and the thing that sells when I left you we'd, look under operation, low collaboration, low point operation. I point you will see it and I believe that you can see this on the lightning rod the whole histories and is in the thriller cassava who I said, all the the warehouses. But one thing: that's really amazing to me: is they study all of this and you know it? They finally figure outline none of its kind work in none of it's going to work, if there's no does a matter for you, that's what we don't hide under our desks anymore. They were like we're all gonna die, that's what's gonna happen and it ends say goes away, they kind of figure like we're. We're gonna do this anymore. We do have Mount whether still we do have secret location for the president when you have all those, but for the rest, us we're in trouble until this one guy, Stephen Vice in the nineties, a government employ has an idea, and he says you know the threat,
today is not nuclear war. The threatening bioterrorism! That's we gotta worry about so we should. Probably like a warehouse somewhere, the house's all the stuff to deal with whatever comes out whether as Hunter virus, whether its anything you and for the first time like. I feel I can recent memory the government list and to a good idea and say that we should do it this. Let's do it most positive thing. I've heard from our government I bring some good for you today ran. I read a good idea of your own forty have thirty years ago in the nineties a basically say we should do that, they do and they build not just one but many of them. Seek a warehouse and they packed them full of disaster materials. When anthrax had asked eleven in D C and indeed, Can I remember that reason it didn't get out everywhere discussed this issue dealt with it. They had push packages within,
hours to New York in DC. My wife was working in the: U S capital at the time. She was nine months pregnant with my son at the time, and I remember they opened their first thing of anthrax powder and going. Oh, my god, my kid, my unborn child is there, my wife is there and that's who dealt with it. It was what became district Jake National Storehouse stockpile, which is now all over the country. So did you read this weekend about Switzerland? What happens? Switzerland, has fall out, shelters out every des thoroughgoing yeah every citizen they ve had it for a long time. They almost stopped. Requiring them by law after the wall fell and they in our what let's just keep it. So every house that is built every apartment, building area office building has, Ah, has a fallout shelter in it or You have to pay and part of your taxes to be part of the closest fallout shelter. Well,
is this. Last week they decided to activate all of those things again and they said go in your fallout shelter now report on what you have Khazars certain things that every citizen has to have in their fault shelter and its water and food, and everything else- and I thought you may it's, a country that has prepared- and I'm actually glad to see we have. We are that the great thing is is no one. We have we actually for once now. Obviously overhead, everyone's I'm thinking Railway Happening Covin right. I shudder research in the line Nimrod as a book five years ago. This all those the warehouse at that point there just as an asterisk than the government. No one cares about what I go any further and they take me to the headquarters, the command center. I see where everything is taking care of then covert hits all my sources, unlike his it's you guys know like this- is us so what happened
Right what happened is- and it so easy to Monday morning, quarterback and say this, but from tromp to Obama to Bush they ve been worn, for The administration after ministration. Listen there could be, is a likely chance if we could have. This kind of natural virus occur like this, but Everyone bet on the wrong thing and, and I hate to say, but no trump double down in it. You can't know the perfume No one can predict what was going to happen, but they believed that the only thing that was no attack us was a foreign government, so we were perfectly and still prepared for that. If there's anything that we're ready. They could have never prepared for anything like this, but this is where all the ventilators are. This is where all the masks are. This is where that's where they were coming from the beginning, the pandemic. No one knew what the name of a was it. You just were appearing from the critical government, but it was a secret warehouses that the government has stockpiled with. So this is all about I'm I'm fascinated. You know me, I love your writing and I always try to read books for your IRAN, adjust Avenant.
Time to read it yet. So this is one of So one of the secrets, of course I'll bring more so hang on justice and let me take a quick break and they will come back with secret number, two and then surprise for Brad as well, Ralph, Waldo Emerson once wrote. The desire for gold is not for gold, it's not! for the love of much wheat and wool and household stuff it is the means of freedom and benefit owning gold is not about least for me. It is not about owning luxuries. It's not about anything. I have told you for a long time by it as an investment, even though, as an investment has been very good. I I see it as a hedge against insanity when the world goes insane in the end, they always returned a gold. Have you see What China and Russia are doing this week China was talking about their new it'll dollar and its backed in oil and go to be banned
in commodities like wheat and gold they just purchased, I think too in twenty thousand tons of gold, they're gonna be: backed and gold, when countries are starting to look and go wait a minute your meaning. The central bank can tell me that my money in the bank isn't worth anything guy better back my money on something else, that's what's happening all over the world. Why aren't you thinking that way this week, with every graded five dollar gold, Indian purchased you'll receive one of the unique silver mine your business bars at no cost call gold la. to find out? Why I buy the goal by and why I buy it. This way see its leave its rightful family may not be right for your family is for mine, but you're smart enough to figure things out on your own hours a client of gold mine, there's an additional bonus offer this week, but
call him to find out its gold line? Eight hundred six goldmine, eight six, six gold line or gold line. Dotcom tense station on the author of the book, the lightning rod is out today it's a thriller by Brad Meltzer, the I'd love your Ex, because they always always are accurate, and things that I just never knew about an usually about american history cause you and I are Brothers from another mother always always so listen. My love of this might do a lot of work with the USA and I've been. Guess who has asked me as a thriller ready to go in and tell stores to our troops all around the world. I've been to Kuwait, Omar Qatar Are Turkey q, but you name it. I've been to military bases, read into our troops and I'll tell you
Was there I first heard and came our radar Dover AIR Force Base, and you know Dover, even if you don't know the name of it over his where, when our service members die in service to the treat their bodies come back to Dover and those coffins with the flag on top that's where you see everyone saluting nest over and that's all were. The president's plane is, of course, an and what's amazing about over is the morticians who work there will spend such care on our fallen troops elsewhere. Twelve hours, Rewiring, someone's jaw, smoothing it over with clay. So a found, can see their son one last time, rebuilding someone's hand from sir. because a mother says I want to hold my son's hand one last time these at the best of the best of us working on the best of the best of us. That's the hero of lightning rod is your name zig zag mortician at Dover and that's the body comes to, but what I love about overrun history lesson I have is this: is there in the space shuttle exploded? The astronauts bodies were brought back to do
when nine eleven happened, all the Pentagon victims bodies went to Dover in no way. Oh yeah, I didn't know that as our bodies, they did find bodies that came back. I had no idea it's incredible and it's called mass fatalities. They offer over so even are all of our spy our CIA spies all around the world. There are double o seven's. Their bodies go to Dover, too, which means Dover, someplace filled with secret. So that's one of my heroes in a book, I'm like a we're going into Dover, I'm going to see what that's like and then the other one another history lesson for that. I found it. I was with the U S military and they took me to warehouse. That is its right out of some you're gonna love because it's a whereas fill with art like. Why does the army have all this art, and they don't you have or it painted by service members. That's what ails Hitler's orders, They took me to the room with all of Hitler's art that he painted MIKE. Why Is the military have all this art in one place? Was he a good painter
he thought he was given a very flattered thing that it is very flat, and a great part is, is you see a giant whole punched in his face because he puts himself up on a horse or service members when they, until you have that painting we have the painting. I saw myself like ours, hunched hole in it, where a server member just busily either kicked it are punch through it. and the whole whenever never, which is the use of its breathtaking homelike. Why does the military have all this? Are they expire? two minutes since world war, one. This is true the! U s Materials had an actual painter on staff that paints disasters as they happen. So whether it storm on the beaches of Normandy, whether its Vietnam, whether its nine eleven they ve got someone painting it as it happens- and I said you're telling me everyone's racism with guns blazing you ve got someone racing with paint precious in their pockets,
guys crazy. I gotta meet him. I want a meteorite and they said you mean her. You wanna meet her. It was a woman. Was our current artist and residence, Ass. The other hear of this book zig and mortician at Dover and this painter are the heroes and they are. they are both based on the reality of me being able to pull apart this world and no one ever gets to see. Weird the painter set the painters It's actually where this warehouses import well WAR in Virginia, but the way They really citizens wherever they want, they can go. they have unlimited access to go. If nine eleven have so, why pay nine eleven you go to nine eleven went when the thirty service members came back from Afghanistan, you want to go there, you go they selected. That's you gotta, be a good painter Lower calendar. That's a thing. Is you literally submit your paintings and the mill Terry said they pick one painter who is so and by the military to be our person. Amy Brown was a woman who was any my character, Noah Brown after her, too
Her and they have a new one now that keep going over and over through history in the fun parties for me is, of course, finding out their secrets. So I went to the government I said how are you possibly? I went to my friend who works as a high level security guy in one of the great security agencies we used to work there. I said how do I communicate with my friend Glenn, whenever ones watching all our emails. How do we any of US community? Whenever one can see what we right- and he said to me- listen the moment you hit send on your email. I don't care. If you use signal, I don't care if use whatsapp. Anyone who wants a crack will find a way to crack. You said here's what you're going to do. Here's the trick, bread! He said I put this in the lightning rod. He says you take a hotmail account. You open the account at an email do not hit send what you're gonna do is had saved Rafi up now,
Glenn sign into my email. You come in my e mail. You open up the save draft you right back. Whatever you want you dont had sent. You had saved, you have now you and I haven't a secret conversation. We ve never seen in cyberspace, which is a great idea in jail until general approach as the former head of the CIA use that trick. That's in my book, the lightning rod, a thought who cheat on his wife with his mistress, and I said to my buddy, assuming I need a new tricky just used to trick. You gave me, I gotta get a new tricks, so he, though, what he gave me in the book you'll see something called Black House now Is that here's a hist history, the you're in love. We all know. The White House, of course, is the White House. Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue when Richard Nixon. Famously recorded himself and his staff without telling anybody every staff from the, lighthouse, realize. Oh, my gosh, all of our stuff to be recorded. So what are they start doing? They all start figuring out. Where can we have a private conversation in this place? If everything's being recorded? That's not called White House, that's called black
and black house moves generation by generation. It is just a code in that someone gave me right and it's basically George definite, supposedly did it during the Clinton error in a gym, Dick Cheney, B. He sat in his home made men, so I say then how come? Oh God knows where he did his, but every day, there's always Place no White House where all the staff knows this is where we can sit and have a private conversation you will see in this book what I can really is in the tricky gave me. I did not make up it's an incredible one from the gum. You'll see it in the lightning I mean if you don't want to read this book now: you're dead, If you're, no listen, James Patterson said you can see that the things on the back James listen said that it was my his favorite book by Brad Meltzer so far, and the who created reach her said that no abroad our hero, like was like the guy the dragon there to one of the best modern creations of fiction. It took those too I tell you that simply for one reason I finally impress my
ass, she doesn't care about anything. I write, but my guys know: Vantages Patterson loved the lightning rod that waiting for that moment, where my eye is that it will have a virus. I finally Brad you did. Some are back with bread, Meltzer eye of a surprise for him history. When we come back the Glen backbone American financing in MLS. One eight do three three for nobody. You, w dot, animal, less consumer access, dot, org Let me tell you a bit about american financing. I really would like you to give some thought to your interest. Rates are going up higher this week, the at its meeting about it. This week it's pretty good bad that that's going to happen. If you haven't
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right now, a hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty american financing, dot net employees to be calm, slash gland, the provocateurs, Glenda save ten bucks, every situation ablaze, tv more with Brad melted. Next, this. Is the Glen Back Programme where, with Red Meltzer, he is a new fiction book out. That is sounds tremendous, the lightning rod and he's. Also the author of children's books he's been in signing children's books for stews children, gas. We put into work yeah, because stews children have all of the whole collection and their huge fans and you told them something. Can you talk about it. I can tell you I was talking about a brochure, so so you know I launch these books on your show right we did. I want my kids have better here is to look up to. I was tired of the garbage
there being FED on Instagram an online every day, and I said we did I'm Amelia Erhard. I am Abraham Lincoln. I am Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein. I send my son love sports, my free at a millionaire athlete meet this. When I were. I am Jackie Robinson for him. You, my son, who loves legos. We did and creative edit, I am Walt Disney. I am Jim Hansen and my daughter lives. Our dog, I said, ok, fine, I see what you can do with a love of science. Here's I am Jane Goodall, Children are numbered, sign books with them. Newest ones. Are, I am a hammer dolly. the teacher S. Always the moral lesson is always on the back of the book. So If I am a lotta use of them it says I will. I know that education, we can all sure on the back of it how monopoly it says. I will always fight for what I believe I want my sons to have that less. I want my daughter to have that lesson, always fight for what you believe. Two beautiful lesson- and I found out a few months back- that our books- I am Rosa parks- and I am Martin Luther King jr- had gotten
banned in York, Pennsylvania, your county Pennsylvania. It had nothing to do with the content of the books at all. They were two hundred books that were considered really good for talking to kids about race, and we were, of course on it, which was really sweet, and the School Board said. Listen. We want to read these books before, given the kit, which is a good idea. You should read them if we get the kids, but the school board, the fast one that they pulled was is, as it were, freezing these books until we read them a year went by. They still had read em. So our books assess me street book about race Mullahs book a book about hidden figures. The women who helped NASA all of these wonderful books got dance. So I get a cough, my friends, a Fox news. I got a call from CNN get a call from MSNBC all of em going. This is ridiculous. You gotta come on. This is Urban, CNN and Fox NEWS.
Miss NBC, agree and yeah. You know you know you're, certainly right the others who I go to the school board meeting and I read my favorite line from. I am Rosa parts which your kids just brought into me to some you're, not that's their favour, be accepted. They said it was their favour, but which shows what a man you are incredible. You and your wife, or to an incredible job yeah. I read this line. Lilies dollars- maybe I still but wife, clearly and read this lie? My favorite line from my rose Bush to the school board to their faces. It says I'm not a famous business person. I am not a famous politician. I'm just an ordinary person, but am also proof is no such thing as ordinary person, and I said I just want to know that's what you're denying these kids here and I thought I'd save the day and then all these kids start speaking the books. These are the best books. How could dare you ban and we want them back in our schools and the teacher start talking about them? The parent start talking about em. I realized I don't even need to be there. By the time we're down the school board apologizes and on does the ban
Is it a butcher now that we got five thousand copies, books that were on that ban list donated to the school board to the area there. Only five thousand kids in the school Now I am, Rosa Parks has been taught there in the school. They have so many copies, but I looked through history gleam and I was like why we suddenly in twenty twenty two still fighting book bounce near right, an ice. I looked back through history to fine. What's the first book that was banned by our country as a whole, and you know it was- was stories Tenno, Grates, Harriet, Beecher Stowe. Classic Uncle Tom's cabin. Why was it banned right? It's bam because slave owners at the time did not want the idea that slavery was bad to be out in the culture they slave owners didn't want any abolitionist ideas out in the culture. They were like they're going to need our children and that were what were seen right now used over and over again to go to indoctrinate our children and an end it what's interesting, especially their Rosa pork book. None of us want our children indoctrinated and if you ask America,
and you want to do a doctorate, your children, ninety percent people say, of course not. No one would why, whatever politics your career on, no one would want that. If you ask people you want us to have a sense of age, appropriate conversation race. We could get along better as a culture. Ninety percent of Americans will say, of course, and I just caution everyone out. There don't take the bait and the fear mongering instead actually say: what are we doing here with these books? What a? Why are we? Why do we have books about Rosa Parson doctor, out there. What are they serve our kids and to me if your cheering, while books of imports from the library you're on the wrong side of history, it what you will please be reveal whether it was banning Shakespeare, whether was banning huckleberry fin weather. spanning Yo Alice in Wonderland or the I am seriously. Ordinary people change world series you will, you will eventually be reveal of which are- and I just I am thankful that has prevailed in. I am Rosa hearts. I Martin Luther King Jr are now back in the curriculum, so in
each of these books. Why do you put Superman I put Schuman and big for one reason or another The series is called the ordinary people change the World Series and I love soup man, you love surmount. We obviously you help me save the house. Worship man was created I put your rent in because the most important part of the story is not Superman to me. The most important part of stories Clark Kent. Why? Because we're all Clark Kent, we all know what like to be boring and ordinary and which could do something beyond ourselves and that's that some of these books, as we never talk the books never about when you're famous, it's always when their kids So you see what Abraham Lincoln Like as a boy you see- and I am George Wash in which what wash them was like as a boy Of course you see and become president and I am a Ali in the new one. Is a sea when Mohammed Ali Little boy, he goes to a restaurant, his neighborhood and you want to be served. This can't be served here, cause your black. Start. Crying is devastated a little boy and many winds. gold medal for the Olympics, as young man he's like I just one for United
to America, one the gold medal and box. He goes back he's so excited, but it goes back to the same. restaurant them. One services now, though, certainly serve me where's. The gold medal into the restaurant to go beast. curved again says it when they see this metal around my neck, they're gonna serve me and he sits down. Booth, and he says he ordered a cheeseburger milkshake and they said was still not serving only takes the metal off any as this metal is worthless to me unless were all treated equally and that's not the bad part of MECCA The best part of Amerika S, a. U can protest and you can get on change things in trying to equality and I know, You know, I love your love of civil rights and how you ve for all these years, and what I love is that you get to the back in that book and there's that lesson again. Right now, lesson of fight for what you believe and I love the fact you know we pick them up. You're purposely because we're like we want us, The reduced rate. We want to make sure that instead of spreading hate in this world that we spread some law
and I love that our books have been used to and a fight back against the cynicism that people use our books to build libraries of real heroes for the kids, their grandkids. nieces or nephews. So you have you have given me and the audience a great deal of thrills in our life either right. Reading your books or stories that you tell and the things that me allowed us, I mean. you allowed me to help with Superman's house. I mean that, as is the coolest thing ever. I told my son that you know a wee wee, helped say than he's way why. I mean it's really really cool. You said to me at one point: I'd give anything if I could just once where Superman's cape? No, you don't have to wait. We'll have to overcome the existing one that was just sold. Yes, it's the Christopher Reeve Superman's cape
is this from Chemin three: you just bought this spot this. He obeyed against you for it. You you're, looking at him, I was bidding against you on that. Keep on that elsewhere, I believe or- and this is even better because I have to pay for it now I mean take the cape off. I mean you have to be able to wear Superman mean I literally bid on that. I can show you the bids I was gonna get. One person should have called each. We would have saved each other so much like other. Who is this guy? That just keeps recognising it asks me. It was me, unbelievers, one percent, one of the reasons why I was so dead. They get accurately us all. I could think it lay you wear Zagreb's gay you and I are bidding this up. I have just had a phone call from each other. We could save ourselves so much money. Ok, this is spectacular. best day ever. Let me take, let me take a break. We get the cape off of his outfit and then bread Meltzer can wear Superman's K. A dream
of yours forever. Ever a very expensive dream of, unfortunately, because of the criminals, criminals are crafty and sometimes a use, unconventional offline means to accomplish their goals there. Even you know, they're they're not above doing anything, belle steal your mail they'll, we'll take your personal information veil all of the stuff from the IRS having flock protecting you at all times. That's where personal information is aid for safer? Nobody can protect everything, but lifelong will take big concern out of Europe. Of your way? I mean they're, so many things you have to worry about I don't even know how to fix it. If something happens, I don't know how long I would go before I would even detect something was wrong. Don't we re about it ll. them. Do it there? The professionals- and if something does happen too,
personal information. They have a whole team to work to fix it and clean it all up with you. It's life, save up to twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back call one eight hundred lifelong or to lifelong dotcom, use the promo code back twenty five percent now life, locked com, promo code, back, stay informed, sign up, the free newsletter today, Goin back dot com. You have no idea how much this special moment has cost we were with Brad Meltzer, and apparently he was bidding on Superman's cape as I was bidding on Superman's cape,
and this is the bridge over the bridge over the Brad. So we consider you could see it. I know it says inside as embroidered the eyes Christopher of her eyes. True, it is a heart attack. You have always said to me: just would love to wear Superman. I'm turn at the other end, his home, all of his nose. You can you stand around. I'm ready to serve your day. He was Lou taller than you. I owe Vivier slip it. I met his daughter, his daughter, and I didn't inventing really and this to christian roots daughter. I wanna at first, I have to say, was physically happening to my body right now, because it's just you know those moments when you just say I'm having a permanent memory, yeah I'm having a permanent memory here. This is this: Christopher, Reeves, actual cape, that the gray parties is. I never it.
chills. If you could see them in my body and here's the price tag it says, Glenn Guy, I really doesn't look- is good with a suit. I was going to say I dont think imagined, but this is gonna be I mean look at that Libya. There ok, wait this raft to take my own camera here. Give it to me. Do you want me to take a picture they get after what I need to say this. Thank you for this moment. I thank you also for peace. for this moment. My wife is shown much happier than you paid for this moment, and I would ask the latter, because I know what I'm gonna have a house now needs it. Oh, I know you I lose no. You know my told you. This is my twenty fifth year as a thriller writer. I know you twenty five years this and we ve had some ridiculous adventures together arm CNN, to Foxier, who here to everything in between and I always think like I'm going out, I'm going give you some good you win.
Not when I thought I was gonna come in, you go back out there we saw we're gonna, sell copies of lightning rod, you win, the museum, has wanted, has wanted Superman's, outfitting, cape fur along types or preserving culture. and this is such a huge peace, but when I all I thought of was right now this is our whole. Your owing to help you get, I'm gonna help you get a belt because I know guys who do the belt stuff and I can connect really oh yeah. They have a real bell I already know young ago remake belfry. I don't get you a proper. These guys are like down to the statutes of the asked No, how it's crazy things it- and you know the thing about this thing about the Christopher Wren Outfits- is that there aren't that many! You think there will be a lot of them, but there aren't that many. I actually know of my framework Miller owns one of the capes from Shit man, one and there's just not that many of them that are out there anymore. So when I saw
one I mean every auction place knows: if assume he comes in just comrade and they know and when it came in, I got the call end and again, I'm so glad it was you I and the other one that was for sale, was the v original Superman on what was his name at Kirk Kirk at I can well believe me enjoyed Reeves sorry, George recently under Kirk Alan sorry, so the but its blackened it's weird cause. It was because they relate to the online black and white right make crisper they used to make these two is its grey and- and I looked at it and you and I'm off the arduous, so we can say it again: we were talking about it and both was how the same reaction, which is it when for double the money. but both of us we're like not a school is a real one and we want to see what exactly is the real real one but its. But I want to see blue and red and yellow you. Don't have a red and yellow S, it's not his superman here and then you know and and had a little tearing it. So you know I was the whole thing I remember thinking at the time
does, he look like aside away, I just love him, who rarely first what I look like: Luther right, like now and so now, suit with a k, I just love them doing the rest of this interview wearing Superman's cave yeah. It is here, be the more surreal by that I mean chemic this year. Brad. It is always good to see you thank you. Leon get thank you so much for everything, the name of his is the lightning rod zig Enola novel it is. I have not read it yet. I read every one of his books. I think he is tremendous this, because you you no history, all the way and you learn stuff mean I just getting your books is like the end scene of Indiana Jones, the first movie that's a warehouse. I was when I was research in the book. I found the real one that the government has that's where they have Hitler's paintings and all the stuff. They call it a little called the Indiana Jones where
I was in the government shot, I'm not Joe, is not the big date. That's what they physically call the room where they have a position. it's how behind its massive it's in his ashes, stacked in boxes, let's back its tons of crates with all the art and all disaster also weaponry. They have a lot of war war, two guns. and uniforms, and why do they have all of the status they want to pursue its it on four Belvoir in Virginia? There is a museum, that's there to preserve american history and that's where the governments actually doing their taken all of their good stuff and they took the art, that's where the artisan residences base. So when I was research lightning rod. I was like wait a minute, so I'm like Indiana Jones right now right, I was looking for giant boulders come chasing behind and his soul, but it was but but I based on the real thing, and I love that people get through the murder and the mystery and figure out the ending. But for me, the funds, when you turn in those pages governs the Us That's so great Brad, melter, the lightning rod available everywhere, as always,
Thank you so much we will see you tomorrow on the radio God bless
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