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A Monitored Class Is Forming | Guests: Lara Logan & Andrew Heaton | 7/15/21

2021-07-15 | 🔗

The Biden administration refuses asylum to Cubans fleeing their country by sea and refuses to acknowledge that they’re protesting communism. CNN’s Chris Cuomo bashed Republicans for not following “the science” on COVID-19, but Stu reviews the kind of “science” his family actually follows. Fox Nation host Lara Logan joins to discuss her new research into Big Tech, the lack of security and privacy we now have, and the government’s latest moves to monitor us. Comedian Andrew Heaton joins to preview his new book, “Los Angeles Is Hideous: Poems About an Ugly City.” Dave Foldes, co-owner of Cronies Sports Grill in Agoura Hills, California, details the city’s attempts to shut him down over COVID-19 restrictions.

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Oh my gosh. First of all, Cubans you're not welcome here. Ok, everybody else. Everybody else from anywhere around the world around just get to Mexico, come on in we'll, take Deanna, seven thirty seven and fly you wherever you wanna go really honestly Cubans, you keep you and your cuban this out of this country right now doing what the hell is happening. Oh and by the way the White House refuses to say that their protest in communism will, I think, that's pretty obvious and seeing that we been against communism, the whole time, we know who the White House is, but
we have to follow the science kids. It's not that we don't like Cubans, because they don't like communism. No, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! there is a scientific reason. We can't let the Cubans in awhile share it. These sweet irony Sheridan Sixty seconds somewhere. years ago, deeper the ground in the top secret. bar laboratories a lab technician looked up. It is supervisor sir, he sat sweat stand out on his brow. We ve done it. You can't mean The supervisor began gets said the technician, bringing up a shaky and wipe his glasses aided protein bar and it tastes it so good. A super
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breaking news from Reuters this morning. Protests in Cuba will increase the risk of covert nineteen transmission because of an already high level of cases and the more contagious delta variant health officials said on Wednesday. The PAN American Health Organization urged Cubans and tourists. Please avoid all crowds, do not go out in the streets. Wake play towards this work. We were that don't pay and he told very Did you do the man behind the curtain who said it was ok to go out protest in steel stuff for be alarmed that he doesn't know what he's talking to
Well, racism is a public health. Being ISM is not all communism. Communism is only killed about. Ninety million people in the last eight years, maybe more than that- that's china- it was hundred million in the in the past century, so were well over a hundred million gravity every day and every lay like Gilbert its killed. Communism has killed more people than all disease. Combined can pretty much a feed. It's ok my right. So we got to follow the science and you know the good thing is we guardians of science like Chris Cuomo. Do we have the the audio of what Chris Cuomo said about this in search the delta variant. Here it isn't the store. Of this pandemic on the right side is deep. denial and we are going to remember for generations how we made ourselves sick.
Nobody else did what we ve done in America gathering a cure faster than just about anybody you earlier, but a vaccine. Aha, and we made ourselves sick. we lie do ourselves. We did about the pandemic, our leaders called it a hoax tromp, but it was more than Trump wow here he went on and and talked about this. This controversy in Tennessee as well. The tennis Now we have the big case in Point Hennessy, Tenancy Monday. How vaccine official says she was fired, actually sent a memo to vaccine providers about a state law that already existed existed since nineteen eighty seven it's got a mature minor impact. See which is where it allows doctor. To determine if teenagers, even if they're, not right of the age of are a majority that they can still be treated. As long as that, I believe that their mature enough to understand or decisions, ok,
we need the parents consent. Ah, it comes amid a larger effort to halt vaccine outreach for all diseases. Think about that One thing I found out about it: let me think about it because they know what do you know what I'm thinking, what I'm thinking is an approved for kids? It's not approve, forget yes. Now so would it was it yes or is it no stew? What you mean yes well for honestly, if you're right, it is not approved for kids. However, that does not apply to this. Particular story is you're. Talking about fourteen seventeen you're going. Ok are also. You have to be met. Tour. He thirteen year old, that's their role, and so on, but again like he's not it has nothing to do with Tessie. Tennessee is just the way for them to say red state, bad and Chris Cuomo. What you do know he's a man of science. He ism, as you heard, I know that in whom he really is its at the red staters. Of course, those of those people get science science, and he can't believe that these, sailors would do such a thing. Well,
is this really Chris Cuomo, though, is it really a man of science science that helps us? El forward for Thomas told me that I had this. So let me introduce you to purist magazine Pure P, rest magazine, arrest, magazine tourism magazine what is purist magazine? Well, maybe they're mantra like the things you let into your body, mind and spirit matter. Let purist be your guide. So what put into your body should be guys always like goop that it's like. Do it's like. If you think goop, is only for peasants. You know if you pass number one, if it's too, for only poor people,
and also it does it has sue high or if you want lower, credible writing, so views on who is to authoritarian authoritarian, authoritative. Yes, that's true up an inch think purist magazine is right on by occur. Stena Cuomo. Of course, you may remember her as the person who is just founded, Jeffrey Epstein, address book otherwise known as earlier prices rise, almost what we gotta get yes, so critical almost wipe has a magazine and Super Elitist Hamptons magazine science. It's basically Hamptons version of goop concur. Hence that's really will now, while that snotty just try it is like all of the text is also is like wedded. Peltries is not snotty. Rapporteur. My doing what's got our own thing. Ok, so purist is, Basically, this the Hamptons goop
that advises people on all sorts of different diseases, among other things, also where you, by multi million dollar rate real estate and all of other ridiculous, expensive things, but a lot of its focused on health stuff, and it is easy to forget a little diversion for rich people to go and talk. Wellness; You know you're the wife of a celebrity at all. You are going to have all the terrorism and the candles had all of that now I don't think it's easy to get a few. Knowing who cares our hair if they react? How can I give you that, however, we should note that this man, who is telling you he's a man of science, is not only married to but was also being treated by the doctors who right for purist magazine and our contributors to dupe by the capital market.
These are good. References lilac turns out very ugly preference. Ok, so, during the worst part of quote covert, global family was actually giving recommendations for treatment of covert nineteen these treatments. These are that's there, a not mine treatments for covert nineteen, which she used. The word treatments, often in between her occasional efforts, at least we'll disclaimer, because of course, they're not treatments recovered nineteen, but things like these quote: broth of cayenne, pepper ginger and garlic or the lemon and ginger tea or vitamin c. She later that, of course there is not know these are cures for covered nineteen. Added a name of a doctor who is advising them and helped her Andrew husband, Chris Cuomo, on a path of natural remedies, strengthen his immune system, no case. Who was so so? This is
This is what he had missus. What poorest Cuomo did, whose forget what he's telling you on television right when wanted his gleaming, when he got covert when he was claiming he was in the basement right, which he wasn't ness. That's that's that this is what he was having. Yes now he went to Doktor, Linda Lancaster love her now. She here she is talking about how close to the mainstream of a doktor. She is I'm not a medical doctor. I dont use drugs organised. So it's not a medical. Does MR mainstream science is not not. You could have come to me. I am a doctor to dine not a medical doctor now so Chris Global again salting Tennessee, insulting red states, gas. They were the science went to
this woman, who seems delightful, is the founder of something called the light, Harmonics institute. All of that and she seems very sweet, she's, a natural, perfect doktor, which is by the way, a type of doktor not recognised as a doctor up by the state of New York. Given a lot of the letter that his brother runs, I mean I have no problem with your unnatural path. Muscle fine again, I I'm not criticising even do whatever the hell. You want right right. The point here, though, is that He Cuomo on television, telling you to follow all the mainstream recommendations of science. I bet he's doing this with Jordan the mainstream recommendations, Xyz siad. Thank you ain't. We thank you for what you gotta silk. She has Doktor link Hasta describes. How do you recover from an illness covert? Is a big illness riser acting aloud? He recover powder recover from that illness and it is not medication, then the honey
has any need ability to heal itself born with this vital force that knows how to heal us. Look around you fear. So what causes illness? Ok, that's a good question. What causes- and I would say Activity or virus right on particular example: a virus look at as it were, but I'm not a doktor lies doktor well, she's, not a doktor either, I'm not a sites. Man like her squabble design right. Yes, so, let's see what she says, causes openness. For me it's been evaluating the electromagnetic energy
because you see whether there in a coherent love all the flow, that's the flow on the south square. That was my next guess. I will say I do. I should have set it right, didn't, say: well, you're, not into the shock or see right, you know the rainbow. She gets lots and lots of shock or topical hands, shouted or talk for really Hank those Cliffs Paul, but she does talk about Clodagh. Now you can argue. Some republic pop policies are off the mark, but I've never heard Republican argue that we should cure diseases by the flow of the cells or electromagnetic energy right guy right, let's hear more about this science, each cell in our body- has a positive and negative slow, proper and the balance of the positive and negative. the integrity of each set. This flow of energy is, is theory,
Gee Beer, revelatory vision are all of space. Snakes either said the doktor, the ether it is in all our ways. So I would just like to point she sounds like she's, very asian medicine, she's, very chinese medicine, which didn't help the people in work on justice, just one Zion, ok, so I'm curious. If this is mainstream sites, I don't Maybe I don't know is Chris. I because remember this, isn't just some dumb thing, his wife recommended in your stupid magazine. This is literally how come Schoolma was treated for covert nineteen. is criticising all these republicans right. This is how he did it. She talked exactly about how she too, Her Colbert patients like Chris Cuomo later on, listen, is number one for me. Are you
say you need one might call the patience. I use a soup a so called but that you did their daughter, which is green to learn, but, as I have yet to hear, doktor fallacy come out at recommend. Soap goes further. I haven't heard Donald Trump recommend soon found. He said he said I drew Clark when that's what he said and actual medicine drug prescribed by Doktor, that's right. That was his idea. That was too crazy, but soup soup sue, the hydroxide clerk or no. Yes. Now there were Canada, while Father when all these vaccines, when we had since we had designed to assign the whole time soon you know what it is: the drug companies they are just getting rich one. The Campbells people had the solution. The whole tidal hang out his more more on this Chris Cuomo,
science in just a second standby. First, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's relief factor, Doug lives in Colorado, recently wrote in to tell us about his experience with relief factor. He said I ve got to the point where I couldn't walk anymore, let alone a hike, more than half a mile and I was having to sit down and rest. I bet quickly, switch to bike writing from hiking, because I could still gets exercise without so much pain. I blew Cindy Chris Cuomo, I tried soup, it didn't work I heard on your show about relief factor helping people October. Third, I started taking relief factor and, from that date, to this. I have been able to hike. Normally again, my pain is gone. Thank you so much Glenn. No thanks to the soup! Well done. I can't say I condone your active lifestyle, but that's just me
King even half a mile a day sounds absolutely horrible to me, but hey to each zone. You do you boo. relief factor. I want you to call right now and then try really factor worked for about seventy percent of the people who try it. They go to order more relieffactor, dot, com, relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four relieffactor dot com. station, I d Lions sides now soon didn't make everything perfect for Chris Cuomo differ his covert battle array. There were some bumps in these super science and soup based cures. He went with it His wife wrote about his fever. He had of ninety nine with an afternoon spike of one to one point: five and unwavering spike, which was aggravated by
a full moon again. I have not really that's a quote by the way it is aggravated by full moon, hurt. His wife said that his wife that's how his fever, one up, because the full moon now get. I don't know we'll have to axe, ask all the doctors around and their set out the full moon, full moon about effect on your time. Think I'm a number of a doctor to be able to say the full moon doesn't really that Brunei drops Chloric going that's nuts, but the full moon receivers spike in every line at a half bunni, prologue, fine. Why? Then there was when everything would come down and moon God should we blow up the both judge? I this is something I think. Ok, would we interests our I now he actually took this quote cure
It was derived from passion, flower knowledge, leaf, oh yeah and Andrew Graph is so you just alluded paragraph in August, the ages denoted mountaintop its known as the indian academia, and I don't know about you. I always import my economic Farrah Sandy from India, a single type. Now she recommence, of course, famously bleach baths. Bleach apart me, bleach baths, each Bab. Yes, now not only the big, a quarter of up to a half cup of bleach in a full top of eighty gallons, eighty gallons at eight massive tub. How big is Cuomo Bathtub, that's like a pool or eighty gap, how many you? What is it that average allergy wanting arrive, averages? Thirty gallons gas were there, Some Well, maybe he's just planning I'm getting very fat. his bonds. So think about what has happened here. Chris Cuomo, on television,
reunite criticising Republicans concern It is anybody that he could disagrees with politically think disingenuous. This is a guy who knows in his private life. He was did for corroded virus with soup. amber bleach, bad boy, each and all of the leaf and envy and echoed Asia Plan for fevers right about that. I'm a cop, How did he knows all this information? Not everyone in his audience knows it. He knows that's what he did. He knows it. He knows what kind of quorum Science based world he's living in and again you might like this stuff. Like this. This lady totally reminds me of my grandmother who passed. Many years ago now, but issues.
very similar loved all the natural cares. If that's you that's fine, but you can't sit here. Use this big, ass science critique on the rest of the world when this is your life, I would have a hard time if I believed in my grandmother's chicken soup and I was in grandma- was reared. I get made his job in your future. Much better stay out of the raise the direct rays of the full moon denied glow. I would have a very hard time saying Everyone must be vaccinated and should be made uncomfortable. Maybe we should even pass laws, you must have it. de. I would have a really hard time saying that these calling people deniers rights while at the same time taking bleach baths Think of how disingenuous that is like it out. Not only
is he doing this in his private life? This is how he chose the doktor. He chose to treat him fork overnight. Logistical is also bringing in revenue to his family by commending these treatments to others. Now he's not he's that he may some crazy, that's true! Now the sex was good for a while, and then I started getting old. I'm not gonna, let him off the hook by blaming, because This is his doctor is down during his life. Is a sham is wife whose life is definitely share. Doesn't lovers, wife, anymore Ninus. Just trying to put that get her did not pay attention to. The affairs is most likely. Having aside by like Heaven the soup thing, it's great I'll stay out of all the money. I totally disagree, he's always seek stew, you gotta, given the lose lose situations, but they also
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roadside assistance and rental car to cover. While yours is in repair and then they pay they pay. You don't wait for a check. Its car she'll car she'll find our car she'll cars go further. Car shield, dotcom, slash back car, she'll, dotcom slashed back, say. Ten percent right now deductible may apply car shield dotcom, slash back so if you want some actual science good look, the origins of colored nineteen last night on police tv, dot, com site, Glenn, promo code is glad you save ten bucks off your subscription This is the Glen Back Programme. Welcome to thrive, Thursday You know we ve been talking about Chris Cuomo and, being so disingenuous I mean he is he's a holistic guy and theirs nothing wrong with that. I mean it up in Washington State live. I had you know,
water logged brain for a long time. So in all, but I grew out of it. I grew out of it. I do believe in holistic medicine um. You know, I dont believe that my chiropractor can cure my orgies, but I do but eve that might chiropractor can manipulate. my spine and make you feel better. I do believe in that that's holistic. I I believe that essential oils can help you sleep, maybe and reduce headache. I don't think, essential oils are going the cure for cancer. You know a whole mystic remedy few rather want to look at it this way. was the origin of Hydroxyl Chloric win its plant based our high, I mean If you want to believe that stuff, that's fine, and in fact I am.
Rynch people to try a different things. If that What do you want to do No, why we can't have expelled, till drugs? If were dying, you know I I no that's gonna help or not, but give it away oh Jack Trump Administration by the way went out of their way to make sure that that would go away with the right to try legislation right. So, unlike again, I don't care where you could think. Whatever you want, but this is like it is about him being a hypocrite now, I think it is easier than even him, though, he's a great example of it, but you can't tell may this whole time that you love America, that you're we all your red white and blue, I love America. We just want to make it better. You know why love the founding fathers just as much as anybody else and then have Cuba waving american flags
and then say now that they don't want freedom there. Just it's this about healthcare. That's not! When you have a communist dictatorship, this country is stood against four, seventy years now and you have the opportunity to support the people when you say you're not welcome here, don't even think about getting on a raft. You're not welcome here, and you'll, all they're not could communism what they're, not that's with their protesting your actions say much more, then your words do, and I think the crew Cuomo, being a natural path, our holistic kind of guy. Why touting science, you have to listen to the doctors and science and he goes to a doctor that isn't a doctor. that's his own personal choice, but I don't to be lectured by
Somebody like like, I don't want crews to tell me every day what medicines I should have my kids take for depression? he doesn't believe it. In fact, we worked actively against it in his private life, He has no credibility. That's the problem! everybody is pretending, least Tom cruise gaps often jumps on a couch and says I feel great. Now don't have drugs in me. He's at least honest about what he believes. That's all the p we're looking for an everywhere. Those key acts, are coming out to be just cavernous. and it is wider than certainly just Chris Cuomo, but Chris Cuomo does it all. Type. This is why there's a Chris Cuomo is worse dot. Com, intercom, most awful Dotcom Chris Cuomo, is worse dot com that's why they exist. But I will say this: here's a guy who also not only does
we're talking about with science says everyone about going over the mainstream science and then has taken bleach baths to cure covert, In addition to that, he's been saying: oh, I believe all women, you gotta, believe the women s advising secretly his brother. How to spend his way out of what a dozen different sexual harassment, complaints. believe all women, oh yeah, I gotta believe every woman it comes up and makes it accusation is bright Cavenaugh, but certainly when my brother's being I'm going to go behind the scenes and advise him as ASEAN and personality no punishment comes to Chris Cuomo four hours ago. Well, yet no punishment has come punishment ASCAP, their podcast. That do better than CNN extra. So in the ratings you know, the ratings are so horrendous. Pod casts are beating CNN right. Now is the time home is that these people are methinketh. Think of how out of touch almost.
every government is with the people around the world, China, Hong Kong, Laura protesting. I want freedom. I want freedom they become more draconian, same thing: in Cuba the same thing with the EU all across Europe, people are wanting their own state back, they want their own country back, it's not about their against. Other countries so that they just don't want globalization and an as they no globalization. What happens the globalization guys get more and more draconian. Look, it America right now is: is screaming for transparency, screaming for honesty? We we're we're being told lies about us that we, a horrible racist nation. No we're not
only the country where minorities have a better chance than America to tell me Where can you be more free, then hear glad, tell me I'd love to hear it, because I no people in Africa who are black and like it's not good here. it's a much better in America. We are, they are so out of touch while the people around the world are waving american flags. Our elites here, are telling us. The american flag represents oppression. The people around the world know that's not true. Otherwise, wouldn't be standing there with american flags its stands for something We may have run it through the mud. We may have made huge mistakes. We may
I've done a really bad things in the past, but we are so posts to be striving to be a more perfect nation. It's not what we did it's. What We do today and tomorrow, let's just say: we ve been the words country, not true. Let's just say we ve been the worst country in the world. Great o k What are we doing about it today?. and the one thing we don't need to do is slap each other in the face and punch each other in the face and keep running it down into the muck. Give me a better idea to strive for then I? everybody is equal everybody has the right to be here, Be somebody who's taken, you know bleach baths and- and treating themselves with soup. Fine, I
leave? If you believe in the vaccine- and you want the vaccine, you should take it. I believe you should be able to take medicine if you're dying. I think you should be able to take medicine, that's experimental! Why, my body, my choice, I believe that you, have the right. To do really everything that you want to do as long as you're, not harming others. Don't steal, don't kill people. Just leave your life and strive to be a better person, because I don't I think that a government gives Those rights, I think God gives you those rights. You're born with that right. And government should protect you from anybody, he's trying to squash those rights or, do you know, but to be just scumbags enter bilking people,
that's one government is for hey. Would you watch my stuff. So nobody takes it. While I am out doing my life that what a government is for You give me a higher goal than that. Let people be free and then urged them to be the best they can be with one. Other, don't tell em, to do. Don't demand that they do just let them do it and encourage them to be better. That's our declaration of independence. I dont a country anywhere in the world that has anything as stirring and is noble as that goal While they didn't do it well. What are you doing now? Are saying that's not a noble goal say that everything you say about. The founding fathers is absolutely true tab.
He drew they were scumbags awful. They were skin in people alive, but they were open idea down. We believe that all men are created equal endowed by their created with certain inalienable rights, life liberty in the pursuit of happiness and gum means are instituted among men too, check? Those rights is man can rule himself. He doesn't need an overlord or central planning. Can you think of something better than that, because I can't, even if they were the biggest dirt bags? Why aren't you saying what Martin Luther King said and to say America Let me remind you of the goal: Let me remind you of the words that started this country yeah there. old, scumbags woods where we are, we are we scumbags, are you a scumbag, now why a righteous individual then Do you agree with
all men are created equal and endowed by their creative or certain intellectual rights. Do you agree with that? Well, The answer will be no. If push comes to shove? The answer would be. No. That's all you need to know when somebody says I am just protecting the people? all of their actions, show that they are not protecting the people. They are testing themselves. They are protect their job there protecting their wealth, Or worse, yet, there grow their wealth and their power because of the pretence Sean they're, saying there providing you. You got a from its really simple America. Just ass decide No matter what the past is tomorrow,
I got only knows we can all be hit by a bus today be big boss, but we can all be hit by a bus, so I don't know gonna happen to Morrow. Yes, day is gone to day to day do you believe in the bill of rights. And our mission statement as outlined in the declaration of independence If you do, then, let's change the world just by being good, decent people that respect other people and we don't have to have them live the way we want them to live because we recognise they have. Freedom of choice as well, kid Edna I'll, never work! That's funny! King George said my pillow If you are looking for a great night, sleep go to my pillow dot com. You can see
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the dream sheets, from my pillow dot com,
Mr Play predicted that some day of the entire world would live under a fight for the enemies of freedom, a logical device to disperse the building, a wave range of likely to get rid of the communists and the enemies of freedom propaganda. Suddenly people found themselves in a situation of two things I didn't really want to do. We must be aware of what are the enemies of freedom and democracy in the individual, making an intelligent and rational choice. What these people did you try to die rational and into appeal directly to read these contracts below the surface leader instrument. Training, freely importance not led to any one man or any one small group constitution dictates devices to limiting. We Mustn t think I went one enemy and apply them all. These new devices to the imposition of a small due to the reader may return. I mean think that that is not its Huxley
in nineteen, fifty or nineteen sixties talking about how we need to be vigilant and how these new devices that will becoming our way will make it very easy to it send, sir, and and deliver propaganda into our homes. Well, here we are, is there is There are any privacy anymore. They are censoring they are editing, they are pushing. Up again: to your home. government is surveillance you their privacy. At all. Does Fourth, amendment even exist law Logan has been working on this story for a while now and Laura Logan is going to be joining us in just a few minutes. You don't want to miss You don't want to miss that. Also. I found a story yesterday in history on on what
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would you not larger the Glen?
so? Is there such thing as privacy anymore? Does it even exist? Does the fourth amendment hell do any of the amendments exist anymore, but specifically the fourth amendment or the first amendment? Do you have a right to free speech? You have a right to petition the government and ass the demand that they answer some questions. Do you have a right to make sure that they don't retaliated by spying on you? Are they spying on you about big tech, editing and now pushing out propaganda based on an algorithm that they think you might be a danger wow? What has happened to us Laura
again is a journalist and a host of Laura Logan has no agenda on Fox nation. She's got a special going on and I wanted to talk to her about it about privacy. and surveillance and censorship in the digital age she joins me in sixty seconds programme hey you know when you, you know those old bathtubs when he used to have China you pull the plug and then it would have meant that was so cool, that's what happening to our society right now. It's like somebody just pull back yeah just circling the drain right now, somebody's you're cool there, it all goes the values we shared with? I thought everybody is is tattered on the edges and we don't have a lot left to hold onto we can hold on to each other and
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it is, it is. Does the fourth amendment even exist anymore? You know in the foot amendment does exist and that really important for people to remember, because if we treat it as if it's already gone, then no one will fight to uphold it. You know they want in a way they want you to think the fourth amendment is gone. That's part of the problem! You talk to young kids today and they say are so what, I don't know my privacy, I'm not doing anything wrong immense because they really don't understand. We bore. You know we ve been deceived the czech industry, because nobody shed chair, take this hand, little device? You know that make your life better and easier in every way and its be safer, because you can call for help and so on and now at the point where our phones are tracking us, twenty four seven and where these people who own these companies own all that information about his they own everything that we say and do literally every single thing. So a kid you
things. Well, I'm using a hidden that right to defence, Ino, wasted pictures to my boyfriend will know that it's. might be hidden from your parents, it might be we ve come instrument a picture of your former depression own that add ons over images of huge and they can do whatever they want with them and by the way there being stored in a cloud. Then you know that yet your parent has in your under age. You'll pay. Does it now in possession of child pornography and use it? You know, two years ago. Nobody would have believed that that's the kind of thing the government exploits now, imagine you were in the capital and generally fix, and they have anything on you, but they want to get rid of you anyway. I don't like your politics. When are you be charged with child porn because they have the ability to goes everything and not only that they be made field with don't come it I never understood- Edward Snowden fully. You know I didn't understand that the programmes
exposed blarney instead review and all these others. These would deal that the phone company made with the USA to physically allow them into their sites, should they could download or our communications, that go on our phones and they would pay heed to do it so both companies make money. Shelling us out shook the fact that all these people don't did they violate the fourth amendment doesn't mean that the fourth amendment, as an existing. What it means is that we're not upholding that right and that's what we need to start doing Ok, so for people would dukes two questions here. one for people who don't know what the fourth amendment is remind the fourth amendment. and then I will follow up. So the thought a moment is our right to privacy and people. Think it's just about. Ok, I'm not doing anything wrong or I don't have any secrets, For I, you know I don't care about my privacy. What were the already
and the fourth amendment it was really. The founding fathers knew that one the ways that the British prevented them from organizing and rising up and challenging them was preventing from meeting in private right that that the purpose of your privacy is much more porch, then you know just being out of public you and I and II, and so There is really nothing. That's more central to our democracy, then the right the privacy, I mean all of those rights in the constitution have real purpose and a real bad. and if we allow people to take them away from us, we ve voluntarily surrendering that we're like lambs to the Sultan that's virtually what we also see. The fourth amendment also says you have a right to be secure in your own papers and that again comes from King George, quartering soldiers in people's houses just going in and and just putting their living with you now and you had nothing to say about it and they would
go through all of your papers and they would spy on you in your own home have contended for a long time. The third and fourth amendment are being violated. Right now they're, not physically quartering soldiers in your home, but they serve. We are in your home through all of the Alps, that they have back doors on and they are going through your quote papers. This is a real problem You you're a hundred percent right and should have the physical evidence. You know sort of example of that, but I think people can grasp onto is Alexa, for example, and the other and the other, a system like this What you ve done is literally give something you ve said: okay, the when they show up at your front door, you don't have to let them in right. They have to have a want. So in order hold your private space, whether joking indications or your home? They have to have
Why, then do it legally and if you you know, that's why the five accords actually exists when it comes to surveillance, a bicycle, is the highest court in the lunch or what the origins of that. Well, you know back in the Given these, they realise that government over each and surveillance was a real problems, so they created a surveillance coach specifically to monitor this and what have we have today in May the bicycle came out with an with an historical port report. that was really a massive rebuke of the FBI and law enforcement and what it said was that, violation of the two thousand and eighteen and two thousand nineteen two different courts to different federal judges ruled that warrantless surveillance I'll be used legally advocate is inadmissible in court. What that happened because of what Edward Snowden reveal it happened, because what Bill Binny an innocent
whistleblower before him, where he was warning about years before it of its known, he inspired actually Edward Snowden, it's what all of them on the inside show coming right and put out there. What the judges said was this misinformation that you're getting from the USA has been taken. It's been gathered without a warrant there, for you cannot Is it because it violates the fourth amendment? Well, the latest report from the fight the court says what the FBI doing with regard to January six and Trump supported. using the Vienna a database once again, they are using, the warrantless surveillance, which has been illegal. Everybody knows there's no there's no hiding it Joe one episode where she show Robert Mueller Way, back after nine eleven clothing people forget that he was this guy in charge. By the time of nine eleven and cheese, defending a technique that the FBI uses hi the origin of a case in court right, it's cold
allow construction and its where the FBI and other agencies have gone to the end of a database, to this surveillance in his warrantless collect, of information, whether through the internet through the internet companies through the phone systems. whatever it is, and they have used that to spy on you, prosecute you and they create a parallel chain of evidence. That's what it is make its parallel construction to hide the origins of the case and basically to lie to the court because they know. Get their evidence is inadmissible, and you know this really comes to mind right now, because you have how many Americans are sitting in prison in Washington DC who have yet to be convicted of the crime and there in solitary confinement worn and other even democrat sentences have campaigned against Georgia confinement. They call it the most who form
torture and extreme punishment, and you have american citizens on american soil in solitary confinement who have never been convicted of a crime, and we are silent Glenn, and how are they going off to all of these people? What this database of surveillance allows the law enforcement to do is to go back in time to all of you, communications, fine things to manipulate Do you know your witnesses or whatever anything they watch, but they can go back because everything digital lives forever stature, we know, you know when people are lying when they say the emails disappeared rights. We learn irish Hillary Clinton. You know their line because in it digital world nothing ever goes away, so talk to them. people who will say I don't have anything to hide. I don't think Bull understand. You know,
I was. I was in a mall the other day and this one and become came running out of a store. and she said. Oh, my gosh, your Glenn back and she had a very heavy polish accent and said yes MA am, and she said I just can't. Thank you enough for what you say and what you're doing she's like I came, from communism. I escaped It is happening- and I said I'd people here- just don't think that way we just don't understand. What is surveillance and oppressive state really means so explain people who say I don't have anything I'd. I dont care. They watch everything. Why is as a danger. It's a danger because there are not just looking at what you may have to hide their looking at how to manipulate you and into doing what they want is that these are control systems that's really who they are, and so what we
This would be one of the whistleblowers. Not was the hackers peace. Who was very, very happy. He was one of the most revered privacy, specialist online private she's in the world before he was targeted. His name is Jacob Apple Bomb and, I think he's one of the most extraordinary people I've ever interviewed and he and Julian Assange and another guy trim, if its given, who is the pr of Wikileaks. They were the three pillars of Wikileaks, Julian the face of it, Jake was really that the software, mind behind it. You detect logical. Mind keep at it all of this mode of Vienna. Take documents before that Snowden got to make sure that they were real and so on, and they all targeted with false rate alley. nations and their lives destroyed, ready and Jacob isn't self imposed exile in Berlin, but this young man is is really extraordinary mind, and he told me about that for the future. world is where we become the monitored class.
I e you and I and everyone else who surveillance and those monitoring and those The only two classes in in the future right all the other stuff left and right and common market blah blah blah. None of it. This actually going to matter at all, because in the future we are literally separated by them. sure monitored and sure not because monitoring us, it encourages us to Self Centre Right What do we do we police ourselves? Why are you going to defend the police? You don't need the police. we're gonna police ourselves and with the surveillance we will always know who is doing what it can decide who we gotta get away with a crime, or you know whether there is something we need you to do something for us. We know your cheating on your wife, therefore you the guy that we're gonna go to, or your daughter wants to go to this particular college programme. Okay and they looked back her parents. Look there, Christians,
oh she's, not going to this programme. We don't want any Christian, you know and all these people homophobic or whatever it happens, to be bitch what they do it, information is they create a human terrain, back for every single person on the planet, anyone whose within a digital signature and within them, reach. They are creating a human train map that can be used against you by anyone can be private cooperation can be the Hell insurance companies. You get your dna tested at twenty dreamy. Well, I interviewed from an h m O. One of these management operations rate and organizations- and she said They were buying data from twenty dreamy. They would have one of those third party users that their selling to show They can then determine what your dna, the health insurance companies can decide whether or not to ensure you and how much to charge you and you can break that down How are we gonna give you medical care cancer treatment? No Europe
We're gonna die, so you're gonna get to the back of the line waiting to decide who gets tree based on survivability or in California to couple years. go. They made it a law that every child that end is the education system. We monitored the entire way. True, because they wondered ensure a clock. You know that they all have. equal opportunity. Well, easy. Is that to manipulate. So I think what what PETE I really don't understand is that this shit, terrain map generate what has been called a pattern of life. So it's not just what you in what you say: it's when you don't do those things or change your pattern of life. They are able to identify changes to say, for example, you know when I was, act and targeted for my reporting on being guys each one of the things that was the subversive thing in older The undeclared behind all the attacks was was trying you destroy my marriage and break up my home. Do actually articles that work. You know, sort of hoping
and and celebrating this idea, and then they started to check my husband and they tried to suggest that all my husband was no some evil military propagandist match you that I am making friends was, of course, he could only infer it's a complete in July that visit. It was somehow changed my reporting, you know, and so what are they trying to do when they go off to you when they chancellor you they don't want to you to just lose your job. They don't Megan Kelly to lose our show. They wouldn't hurt ever ever to get another job in broadcasting ever and when they get rid of him back- and you know, bill, O Reilly and not they don't want you to survive, didn't want you to be employed anywhere else, so they wanted sure you'd financially, they want to make sure that everyone, when you have financial pressure, it causes friction right in homes and in marriages and an end difficulties in people's lives and show you see this over and over and over again do they want you never to be higher rights, they gonna say look they doing in corporate Amerika,
the thing. If you are a trump support, oh you into the cabin and generous you have to be fired. If your bank, with your lot of bank with us, you not allowed, chick fillet. You can open a restaurant at a gas day. Or in a motor stop along the way, because you don't you you know, you're a bunch of- missions and you dont support Tronchin. Alright, alright Sudan, by Lord Loring, look Lara Logan is with us. We're gonna continue our conversation in sixty seconds. First, let me tell you about TAT. Grace she lives in Texas. She wrote a while back talk about our experience, taking relief factor for a pain she said I have lived for decades in a lot of extreme pain. With my lower back and legs, I heard about relief factor on your show. I tried the three we quick start within a very short time. Even people at work were noticing that my pain was gone. Personal, I am so grateful to relief factor that I have got my life back. I never thought that that was possible grey
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They gathered information. I mean banking records everything that can be done legally can't be done, but I, but I also want to talk to you- but now about now just censorship, but now we are being pushed through an algorithm and we are marked as contaminated or A super spreader, and yet, depending on which category you fall into, they are now pushing propaganda toward, thus so the rhythm is now specially earmarked for you to convince you that you to be on the state side or the corporate side. Yet they think about algorithm. Is there are people who write them and you create them, and you manage the data that they gather and to manage
the consequences right. So one of the things that that I hate it Jack do is they constantly hostess the era this anonymous algorithm machine learning and everything, but it's really human beings behind it, don't fear the algorithm fear. The people whose programme the algorithm back with more dominant programme I'd say about our sponsor this half hour. It's wreck tech. Before I got my wrecked tech, if you wanted a perfectly grilled stake for me, let's go out I will tell you that I burned almost everything that ever went on my grill Anna was good meat to it. Now it's like now and I know I'm not alone, because I have a neighbor who I went to any like. How do you like your steak and I said medium rare and he said well, it will either be raw or it will be burnt and I said
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this is the global programme, we're talking to Laura Logan Laura? I I saw some stories today that we're out at night. I wanna go quickly on a few things, because I've got a couple of that. I've got several questions. I want to ask you we'll have about ten minutes left. but there were there were stories today that We have rested yet more people forward for the January six debacle this time it was a family and their kids and we ve we ve. Now we ve now charged, I think, to grandmothers with what they were going through, on January. Sixth, I do recognize my country anymore. I think the FBI is absolutely crooked. They are true, to make an example out of these people and they are using every bit of technology illegally to
old a case against people, they went to the banks, they went to the phone companies and they triangulated, where, where people were at what the USA Database and they went missing as agreements with everyone. They are the crown jewels of intelligence collection for the whole world of other nations knocking the door to get access to that surveillance because a bay they are able to capture waiting everywhere. So what were they caught? What is themselves they get from the oven and what is the solution here? To this I mean we are now living in China's dream? Hitler's dream! Stalin's dream, What is the solution here? Well,
certain basic, journalistic question: grand right. Why? Why are we in this position and how did we get well, that's very telling answer, because, while we have focused on who the FBI's wasting away out there doing what do they really doing there trying to prove a lot, because there the whole you know, drama and hysteria over generous fix is, is a lie. Was you look at all the lines that were told? They said that of the brain picnic was beaten to death by protests. That's right! and these Mammy knew that wasn't truth and he didn't have. The coroner's report eventually showed that that wasn't truth and debate. They like to say that all these people were killed in the riots but actually know people died of natural causes and people died off to its a choice as suicide, one of the suicide to no later what it comes down to is Antigua and he left his books.
Gaston organizations whose tactics are to infiltrate. They hide their identities. You see on the shriek, but they have the black clock cover it faces they all where this thing codes to. Let you know if you can't scribe to anyone who witnessed breaking the windows or you know, instead in the violence, because they all look identical this in there. I didn't make this up. This is in and cheapest owns papers and practical comment: you can find a lot of them online and organise a website called crime, think dot com stage with a you know. That glowed in part crash in papers about taking over the Minneapolis Precinct right that their preaching they get it. They share and proliferate these tactics all over the world. This is a dark network that is very good. organized, and they loved, to tell you it's not an organization, because it isn't it in its mouth
who organised patients. Why do I talk about them? Well, because the prow boys was created as a result of all of this. May there, just ass, they were called it as a kind of feed, a white boy. I'm sorry, that's actually ranch. The proud boys is got all different races and also gay people straight people. It was a response to the attacks Onset of you know the traditional kind of man made, because the traditional kind of man has been understood each in our society and an that's how they began. But they did, you know the people who are funding Antigua are also funding the other side because they are eating a problem to which they can be the solution in the euro. Those are the classic tactics of Google's good right. We are to believe the history records that you the anti fascist, anti fascist, but they're? Really
if you look at them what they believe in their the what at the way they operate there, both fascist NOS two sides of the same coin and their just fascist, fighting other fascists to hold on to have the power and dominate and and when you, good what the FBI and this by an immigration is doing, is eight times perfectly to try to stop what's coming out on the election was coming out on these audits, Georgia As you know, I don't you saw jacket concept report last night, but it was, it was standing. You know. Was absolutely standing in the reality is that when you commit fraud, the scale that they did in so many different ways, and I know I'll be you know, attack and I'll, be demonized in Albania and Miss as a lunatic above a lot about it, but I months before the election and started being breached by some of these. Companies that working this issue, and- and I saw it happen exactly
They had already broken down from previous elections and the dim Democrats themselves did. It Kim Entry in the wake of two thousand sixteen, which was all about how the voting machines are connected to the internet and how and all the fraud rates, chokes preceding them that's. You are now saying that you're, you complete lunatic conspiracy theories that you talk about this even talk about it right or asked the question. They were the ones saying the same things in two thousand. Sixteen o. What I see happening is that these these this administration is so desperate to create the white supremacist that lie true. That day, mining all of this avail and looking for people to basically hold up as the symbol Wink when the courts have failed. You and your justice system, IRAN Foresman your intelligence agencies when they all failed you, what is what is built into the american system,
the line that we, the people, are the real power and if you can be forced to sell centre and intimidated and silence jailed put enlargement without you know, even being convicted being your bank account frozen in your life and it you know But if you haven't been to the capital on general fix it, they can do it. they can intimidate enough people to stay silent and do not challenge them and do not fight for their rights. The Lord think there's a line between big check in government, but I've spoken to cyber. but you really believe that line exists. There's not Laura. I've got to three minutes. So I want to ask you about two things would probably have time to talk about one, but I want to talk Cuba, but also the rights that are happening after President Zuma arrest in South Africa, inside on either one of those. Yes, so I mean you know,
of course his really interesting, because if the inconvenient truth right We don't want anyone to see what Marxism Communism really is, because we're selling this to all our young people and all our disaffected people as a panacea. This is another problem. Is all Rich people in America, but of course you know it's it's actually the Google wealthy. rich people in America who are just get richer and it's a middle class, its being obliterated and what you're seeing in Cuba I've been to Cuba, you nor the fancies restaurant. You have to take your toilet paper, okay and in a because there, isn't anything until people there are rising up, because you can't you They don't have glance they dont have the troops on their side. That's the problem. They got all this power. But all this money and more money than anybody else mark Zuckerberg. You know each other, unbelievable amount of money. Most of the world's billionaires today, our progressive, and yet with all of that they still can't make it true and back
the biggest problem the match? What happening in South Africa? Right now, you know I've been on the phone for hours. This talking to people there, my family is there, and the situation in Durban really the moat, the worst. That's what Jacob Zuma the foreign President it from he from causal, entail. That's why I'm from I was born in mother, topical and raise their and and and you're seeing now is last night. I was really working on this because I am very worried about everyone. Making. No one has ever seen. Violence on scale and at this speech, not an even during a Ok, when I was a journalist there, I can tell you not happen this way. So you know this started as a corruption issues within the sound again political power structure, where you know the former president wishes so corrupt. I mean everyone shit, but he's got. they all these other corrupt politicians. Could there are many days no other option right. This is their only
shot chaos maybe over one percent chance of chaos or maybe a cumbersome dont whatever it is, but without chaos they got no chance show there. They ve got nothing to lose and who else has nothing to lose if you during the election and you're being found out in June, Roger in Arizona. By the way, Arizona JANET can have a lie hearing on the election audit Thursday morning right. You you also have. everything to lose and nowhere else to go, show that I am very worried that there's going to be some kind of big in inverted commas, white supremacist, chair attack, travel proves alive because that way can prevent any of his evident coming out. They can justify, all kinds of extreme action- and they can make it true because everybody knows- but if you're really doing an insurrection, you don't take pictures of yourself opposed them on Facebook. You don't I defy online. That you're a member of this, and a member of that I mean it's. You know it's. It's ridiculous and there are very clear patents.
Of operation there that show that at least within those people are generally six. They were. They were operators of some and you know with her with a vested interest in shifting things in the erection. They wanted it to go and that's a very common tactic so that people think that dump conspiratorial there their blind their deaf, dumb and blind. to what's been happening around us for the last few years, and so, Africa is very worrying right now, because the pandemic checked the condition worldwide for chaos. We can all see it coming. We knew that the response was out of proportion to the problem I mean I was in siberia- at the height of the bullet epidemic- You had a ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent chance of dying. If you got a bowler, compare that two covert and that's my die just a few days ago from coverage, so I'm not being disrespectful to anyone who has suffered through this. I've had covered my children, my husband. We were lucky enough to be able to get the medical treatments that that treat this, and these are met
since that have been around for decades. That will with held by people with power in order I mean you know it looks like right. Any logical conclusion is that if you didn't people get the remedies that were cheap and people all over the world You had another interest in ensuring that this disease proliferated and in South Africa and in other places covert, has eviscerated the middle class and then it- and that is what is tell tale sign, and the other thing I will tell you is that You know I've been shocked to find that in time, again in the last ten years, the same culture of woke. You know what culture in world politics and critical race theory and all of these ideas have been proliferated worldwide. That's what happened with ticket. ology, you know twitter and Facebook and All- and everyone knows that rule and show you the search results that actually reflect the answer to your question. They show
you the searchers out that reflect the world. They want you to see that's enough as a leaked video, actually that there would be no anyone can see that better. If you take my word for it and en Route can determine who wins in election and who doesn't enough on every level right and the same with Facebook? Politicians today, don't think they can. Elected without twitter and Facebook, so no leadership coming from the republic inside there's no one standing up to these companies. They they have allowed situation to exist in the cyber world, whether is already one world by the way. It is only one world you know, borders don't mean anything, laws, don't mean anything. You trust those in the U S and enforce entire debate, so that you know that I, like your lunatic and not give you talk about one world the world economic forum- and you see they want You know they want a global tax on well, I know and look at the news today that
by administration, has invited the? U N, to investigate the? U S! On ratio, we are learning in Lara, we are national body, we, it is it's insane on. What's going on tomorrow, I'm gonna be talking about the the actual, central planning that that. I found in in the economist magazine where they are their openly to king about how we need now have global central planning. It is terrifying, Laura Logan, journalist, she's, a host of Laura Logan has no agenda. The Fox nation SIRI. She has a new one on big tack, Dont want to you d want to miss that as always Laura. Thank you so much our sponsor this half hour is real estate agents. I trust if you are a somebody who's trying to sell your house or trying to buy a house. It could
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for forty, eight nine hundred and six, two thousand four hundred and forty four americanfinancing dot net american financing Nmls one hundred and eighty two three hundred and thirty four ww dot w animal, less consumer access not or from the new book. LOS Angeles is hideous poem. About an ugly city Pretty is cinder block smeared with lipstick, go blight of trafficking, concrete dumpsters thy principle. Building material is bad. Room, toiling growled drenched in sunlight as compensation like a Shepherd Applebee's, drowning, freeze, dried sadness and cheese to her The shame the shame, all the beauty of a parking lot, and yet, ironically you'll never find a parking space watch. Toss palm trees, strip malls, gussy up the streets, liken
acting Botox into a corpse, behold, the concrete slabs was where's gouged out we're dreamers peak from cramped rooms gaze at hoboes masturbating into open sewers, tis the city, but am grinder that devours skinny, hope, falls and burps out chunks of porn star LOS Angeles, is prison yard with sparklers. Jogging champagne beneath it, we're pass a public toilet with a big job, Graham filters on a day. At the end, Written in his book is LOS. Angeles is hideous poems about an ugly city by
good friend of ours and a former coworker Andrew Heaton. Welcome Andrew how're, you I'm great. There are surreal moments of life where you go. This is not what I thought would be happy here. I didn't think I would have lived back reading poetry. I wrote you not read it out of the park. I cannot say that was wonderful out well. Thank you. Thank you. I kind of do it for living extra, so you words in a good Spain. Us when you wrote that, let me I'd marry set the scene for your yes, oh I had. I moved to LOS Angeles in January of twenty twenty now, if you will recall what waited aim. It is a good idea why good questionable- and I moved to LOS Angeles for the networking
for the network. I knew it. I wasn't gonna, like LOS Angeles, but I was going to be at parties with producers and models. Megan, Canada and Russia is the most expensive read my life at a six out of Square Foot Box, but I wasn't gonna be in it that much right, I was gonna, be had diners meeting producers right cut too months later. We are heavy and locked down. I am a man of eating Orioles out of a bowl of milk with a label, because I still- and I go. I go, they got, can deliver the sitting and that I am shocked that by thoughts on it and right through it at the book right, you just read front right. So this is therapy. Yes, this is very much thereupon, you! to say you didn't, like LOS Angeles, yes appeared of an understatement. Am I wrong? I think it is
I think it is an aesthetic monstrosity at I just every time I went through it. I just why would anyone allow this thing to happen? Next, just this giant asphalt, carbuncle of Vera Coast veins of traffic holding, other strip malls and in rusted laundry machines in everything and everything I aesthetically care about, and life like, I think, Edinburgh, probably the prettiest city in the world as a hassle it s cobblestones in LOS Angeles, is just this. This it it's like if, if you, U poked, Cyclops and all the fat bubbled out in an congealed into cement- and I I just walked around a gaping added all the time while it was a man I was I I have to- but at least at least the people were good. I you know Well, I don't know, I didn't mean it passed with a little at a time when I say that the thing that people generally say is ok granted it's not the prettiest city, but there's a beach that which,
a beach and I get that I'm not a beach guy, though I dont like sweating, I also happening beaches are just a desert with a whole at the end, and my recreational goal is not to try to get tired into sleepy noticed next to a much a dead fish sharks, and I did so for me all of that was lost or latin care that sunny all the time. I yes, I'm very happy to not be there any more at a plan that somehow that became the gorgon faced muse that wouldn't activate my portrait career. So let me, let me ask you this: I'm just gonna quickly, Reed less Angelus the river hold on just the sector. Behold now go ahead, ro the music here, behold the mighty LOS Angeles River,
a lengthy, concrete drainage, ditch why it is a shoe box, pretty as a penal shower dribbling pollution into the city. But if a river but trickles through a mortar gutter, is it a river at all or just a leak for some distant dehydrated mouth with an engorge, prostate and bad aim. Twice a year the rain gets lost or drunken shambles through allay sloshing life back into this trough, but the rest of the time, its merely the seepage of urban incontinence. The yet again when I say I wish I'd made this an audio book, it just lay book allow caught it for you. I really love took up this where you here
there's not a happy. There is not really a happy ending at any of these. No, in fact, the last poem is called the big one. Where I talk about. If the earth ever needs an enemy would probably started with less animals is too slow off into the drink, though it's you know, there's read that when we redeeming qualities to LOS Angeles I didn't get to enjoy them. I think I would probably risk harming myself if I stuck around long enough to try and explore the snow. It's mostly just working through the aesthetic monstrosity that is LOS Angeles. The rescue mission, people there is. There is a very brief it all out and their colleagues I have. I have to give you the first a bed, please the big one one day. The teutonic play its themselves, will shudder at the ugliness, the traffic, the cost, a salon throw at this.
Will will whale and clatter like jangle blocks at closing time, saith earthquake, nay, the earth itself is gagging. Would she finally wretches aren't enough and let's loose the big one, this wretched people clock this horrible, this horrid asphalt, Carbuncle will slow off into the drink and the profits shall camp and the profits proclaim low the earth. Has given herself in any people, Claude is an interesting way of looking at re is, and it is kind of a people plot of each just massive yeah. There's somebody people like you I'll, try, I'm not gonna, go on a political gyrate amateur, really try hard not to go to political tyrant of land. The reason that it's this giant urban massive urban sprawl is because back in the forties making any this up. The city fathers were afraid
people we're gonna, get get houses, and so they lot or that they outlawed apartment complexes, because I didn't want black people to live in the neighborhood and they thought they probably. Live in apartments. There seems to be the thanks. I will outline and will make You can only have houses like eighty percent of the housing that you can have in LOS Angeles has to be single family. Units because they never got rid of that so that this we has to spread out. It has to spread like maple syrup on a driveway, because its illegal build up. So you know it's weird is Phoenix. Has some one of the same story: they just didn't Gonna become LOS Angeles, and so they did build freeways relay yeah time for a long time up until the eightys, there were no freeways in Phoenix and they were like we'll just but small, yet I'll, wait have freeways than we want to have any traffic didn't work. I didn't have anything to do with black people. Ok, I got lost endless is something special like like they seem to be fine. Now, in that regard, I think, but they kept the old off.
Housing regulation all the same in its latest, one of assuming you're walking around you're, seeing this massive sprawl. It doesn't have to be that way, but they ve kept on the books. just drive run you get stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, and you like this is because of old, dead races. The tried to mess with announcing one. That's why this has happened, that you have a fixed it yeah yeah. We have what was your escape plan because if you just enter a lease in January, twenty twenty m in your committed for some time I did. I did find a person to take over the least for me and then allow somebody darlin. You write well defined a city. May he took the lease every would you hall was booked
avenue. Some should be the U Hall employee of the year, and I couldn't find so. I left most my furniture. He got my bed all my stuff, you, but I must say I love you. I, like I, did a reversed clamp at family Ehrlich, Joad Family, like gets of wrath like riding down the highway playing their abilities again in her just escaping, and then I went Bud thirteen foot Fiberglass camper from an eighty six year old, Deanna Dave who sold it to because he just got married to think was big enough, rivet his wife, and that I live that weapons as this one I guess we way way way way way. Can you can you go back on that store? He eat. There was an explanatory catch other I dont know. If I heard it right, I left ally. And with all my stuff, my car for not all your stuff in the hall with a court
my role as an energy flee the sinner. Ok, I bought a thirteen foot, which is to say a pretty short fire glass camper, like an egg from at eighty six year old Guy named Dave got themselves to me cause he just got married it just how many think a seventy five year old. Ladies and gentlemen, on Peggy, will you and I did not think it was sufficient for them to vacation, and so I bought that from him. Just lived out of that for five or six months, wow kind of an advanced by the river. So that's why I said at the beginning, in the commercial but I'd die, did
for american financing. He how's your financial world Workin out before you I'd love to ass. The next gas cause, I'm guessing not real. Well, my retirement plan consists in line lottery to its and, I hope a special way. But no that's not true, because we have in our midst here potentially the number one poet Amazon, you're, very close right tying. I I think I was number twenty. Ok, I was number we non road on humor yesterday, number twenty and poetry so fairly and a better For that I am funding which is rise. Every this braggart number. Twenty. I think, if I get to number one, I become national poet laureate of the United States, and they are that's all I think at least of California, Mebby Gray. Oh, ok, let's make this number one in poetry, and we please LOS angeles- is hideous poem about an ugly city I bought. I bought a Kindle version of it tat you
Would you sign my kindle I would be happier along, which might even to the back, in LOS Angeles, is hideous poems about an ugly city. I think this book should be everywhere everywhere. Because it tells the truth in a very poetic, sort of way till the truth about all of the light, and no the love that you and find in LOS Angeles back with more in just a second stand by first, our sponsor this half hour is gold lying by gold is a hedge against insanity. Man fact if he would bought some gold. He wouldn't have the money that conceived and no money is body. It probably would have had the money to go to LOS Angeles, and the people in LOS Angeles would have looked at NGO bats crazy. Here, let's go poop on the beach anyway, Old is a great hedge. They do that, don't they Yes, you looking at me- and I was like nothing
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So what? If? What? If the programme there's there's a programme where they're they're trying to attract, I guess brilliant poets like myself, not only what the criteria are a waste of money that only if you get accepted to set program, you're you're, giving a lump sum it or you're, given like a monthly stipend of love son of the end of the year, and so so my new retirement plan is convincing cities to pay money, deliver them and tells us. It then thinks it is not our regular finances we're gonna die. I believe it is right that that doesn't seem like a good investment fertilizer note there there a good suit collection. I haven't. I is I'm going. What is it you have to do it also I have to live there. That's that's you happen to live. There has to be awfully robot workers, they don't you competing with anybody, and if it I've been to Tulsa it's it's not a place where I would feel like they'd have to pay, you to live there
LOS Angeles. It's it's much nicer way: more trees, better treaty, human ratio right it only takes twenty minutes to get once from one side to the other. It's nice act and I'll say like something that I actually really like about myths. I cities that I had anticipated as they I think I They facilitate a melting pot better than large cities. Do because When I lived in New York, you kind of clump with people that are similar to you that not thinking about it in Tulsa, there are two cigar bars. So if you like cigars, you're going to meet every deadlocked, Tino Gay, transgender person and told him like cigars, we all our friends we get along. We hang out that's nice on evidence that arise uprising to me. That's not surprising! Maybe it's you do you're right in New York in LOS Angeles. I think that's what happens. You grew windup walling yourself, often these little communities inside of people, because every that every other community is so hostile to your community. That is out of India you're, like don't don't don't tell anybody, but I'm whatever fill in the blood and the other side is like if you
Any these guys, conversely, tells us great cause you're allowed to just shout: compliments strangers for moving automobiles. Might not cat call, but, like all this rolled out the window, it like yellow couples on dates, and me, like you, look fantastic that they, like thanks, MR we're. Basically, the fifties died. They'll go off to the soccer, whether I like that go into areas of about thirty. I like that, so you took it. Mutual friend of of ours, are she took you home last night Well yeah! I might do you read her at her present drollery to a friends house young like a super. Second, I thought I'd of orphan evening that I didn't know. I was like this now right up surprised. I found out from blend of our no just give you a ride, but she said that you you pretty convincing impression of me, oh yeah, I've got a gag. I've been working on a glint back compression Riley YA. Can I grant stew
you ask me if I like bananas, if Glenn ex bananas, Glenn do you like bananas,. Have you ever seen a man die from potassium, withdraw I'm not good with a guy So that's my Glinda beggars Gary does is applied as it always about his eyes. Ass. He em it's. It's each be deep little ominous and involving potassium. That's it that's what I figured out in our eyes like if I said hey, how are your kids, their great, now, because the
Every everything is taking place. The vestibule of the apocalypse right again sluggish it can assume that marked lips and went with his name is coming on Andrew Heaton, the host of his own very successful podcast, the political orphanage. Comedian, and now the author of the new book, LOS Angeles, is hideous. It is a true story and and poems written from the heart, and written has always good heavier due to be here. Thank you. where you go from here, He'll tell until I go and stipulated YAP, no yeah, I'm you we're still on the air.
I'm sorry, my bad ease allowed dimension my show on the air noise. They had not on this programme I'll, be here the rest of the day. I'll probably had backed it. Also tonight I mean what are you going to do from here? You going to be doing comedy clubs or you just going back home to eat I soon National railway glorious will be. There are probably traveller other somebody like beat up my go to Scotland again. Another was you have up until the end of today plant retirement purposes, laying milk through your nose and yuk yuk in SALT Lake City till the end of September, LOS Angeles. Haiti is the new book, get it now programme Reggie. Then let me tell you: another book that is out this. What this was not cool it is funny address book, but something that will actually be good for you and for our future,
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Yes, there's a beach, thereby just everywhere. Pride in our north or south, and there are still regions only with less traffic and cheaper rent. You could be a shoe salesmen. There too, you know more some other survival job, but keep more harder and cash you want, though, because you're a moron and thinks as can be gained through Us Moses, by living in the same zip code, is famous people it's one long beach, but here, but here specifically Monthly rent is two thousand average sell your salary is exposure and pocket change which, leaves little in the way of food or a for a one k, because you know math, but there's a peach
oh and I love beaches, because I enjoy getting sleeping in hot, stretching letter box near sharks and dead fish. My friend beaches are just deserts with a hole in one end: that's Andrew LOS Angeles, his hideous. I'm domestic- we were very, it's so good. We would like to continue r r r, Wonderful salute to the great state of California. By bringing back somebody that we talk to cash most men eight months ago, maybe a year ago, Dave holds he's the owner of cronies sports grill. That is in the city of a gourd hills, and here they have been trying to put these this guy out of business. For I don't know how long he's been trying to save his business.
now. It seems to be up against a new obstacle which makes no sense to me whatsoever, but its California, it falls to the programme. How area good Glenn I grabbed me on the show man I did they behave in such a patriot and in helping to sell big time right, Now you know we ve been dealing for months now. We stayed open dining outside for a couple months when there was to shut down because we need to survive. And we had a tremendous amount of support. But of course there were some people were very upset with one of them was the county of LOS Angeles. in and they would find me inside me. They still come in the county held twice a week and they cite me but and we're dealing with them and we're moving forward and- and I think we're making some headway with them and back in September, we have
our appeals hearing with limited administrative here. It's now you're real court hearing, but the big problem. The kicker is right. Now the city of a gourd healed, small little city inserted themselves in This fight, also in their taking me and my partners to criminal court literally criminal court where spend a two year in jail because I am operating as they say, without help from it The end they say: don't have a business licence either, which is that the crazy thing about it is they need this new requirements in order to have a business licence, Unita Health Department clearance. Also, it's almost like they plan this whole thing out: yeah. Oh my gosh, when it's great in my health department. My help permit is is really under appeal because because you know I'm getting? My due process, which takes a while sometimes but it's not
not for them- and it's not because it's not because you are you're grinding up mice or rats from the street is because your health, parliament thing who are your permit, was it was being contested because of covert right, we're just because these data, we have the cleanest, we have the highest standards. The giant aid that was in our are front window, which they literally took out. You know they did, they pulled it off, they have a grating system. in LOS Angeles area anyway, it's just it's. The only reason is because they they didn't like that. I was open and I define their order and even handed Some even other restaurants and other businesses were upset that I stood. Oh, I stayed open when, in fact they should be thanking me for pushing back, because if it wasn't for people pushing back Glenn This may still be going on all I can guarantee you if it wasn't. If it was for the recall, guy thinks absent Lee positively this woods
will be going on here, all the ear governor, but yeah recalls happening in a lot of different places. Glenn there's a lot of people out there in organizations pushing just just the Jason to us is then turn county and there's this lady Linda Parks, who wanted to sue all of the businesses that state open and there was a handful of them about. And now the recall she's getting recalled by the way they drop all the cases against the businesses that state open. in an elite should do it. Also, you know, especially with restaurants, are so many restaurants. It had gone out of business and businesses that have gone out in out of business and in in they actually the remedy they want. They need us to offer the city or a gourd hills. They said that we'll drop the case. If you close your restaurants and pay a fine and in clover restaurant. Until we get Until we get our help promote back what we weren't, you don't even have a meeting to get our help from attack for another two months, but they wanted to
those immediately and lay people off is just crazy, I've, hell yeah I mean it is the destruction of the working middle class. That's what this is. It is that this is the purposeful destruction of people who have built life and a business for themselves, and I dont understand how anybody with any kind of reason, but you're you're living a place without reason, I mean what are What are your neighbor say and what are the people saying? Well, it's funny. You say that, because last night is the last was the last opportunity to talk to the agreed rules council, before our court case, because there off on their next meeting in and he's probably had it was wonderful. We had about two hundred fifty people from the community com. How about fifty? Fifty of them spoke on the microbes because if we were on the agenda, but they did let people, which was I appreciate and doing that they let everybody talk we
in an they started the meeting ox thing: the pledge of allegiance man. And there was a hundred. Fifty peoples is yelling it out. It was passionate. People had tears in their eyes. I've never seen anything like this before, and I went away only way way way way. Is that on the agenda in a gory hills, do they usually start with a pledge of allegiance? Yes, they did. I believe that our attitude, which is great yet in it, is either, but I think you see that ten people these meetings? You know like Little council room where I could well. Let me tell you: it was a guy some, You start thing louder and louder and louder, and it's like it's. It's dead He lost some people, you go to school for years, and you say that how much longer that happens, but you say that for years emerge it goes into the words the words on our hands
every yelled it out in, and I felt like John Hand talk. You know right in your name, really big, just just being really proud, but did the support we have was great, from what we understand its a five member council and three voted to two to charges and two did to end. It was a closed door meeting when this with when they made these that this vote some time ago, we asked in terrible, but they said they couldn't do it at this meeting with the crazy thing about it. To the peat to the people who voted against us early on to teach Christians is against cronies. They want didn't attend at all. She wasn't there and the other. A person was on a zoom college and- and I tell you she was making these marks an end when people were talking in just like some claim that even the said, the beast
to somebody describing them. You could read her lips were watching her on the monitor. So so so I just can't believe that the city of a boy hills inserted themselves so unnecessarily to this fight when the health departments already dealing with it. When businesses are struggling the way they are. When employees need their job and then this is what what's happening to, you is happening to other restaurants, where they have to go in for the renewal of their health permit. Yadda yadda and this of LOS Angeles is is not pursuing any of this they're just there just working it out correct, well, well, mixed with me with it the count, of LOS Angeles is the one who is in charge of our health from it and and we have the its processes, administrative dry run. It's not the county of LOS Angeles, that's coming after you right now. They think they. I have us a deal
the case with them yet, but it's moving is moving its making forward progress right, but this city, for whatever reason, after every one was open, is inserting themselves into this. Also wants get in the ring with this also saw Owen necessarily and by the way, this little city of nor hills also. Doesn't they had to outsource their attorney? So they're, probably thing tens of thousands of dollars to a private law too, to charge Georgie crony sports grow, one of the last mom and pop places around. You know go across the country, you travel the country every every year, similarly the same whether Europe in in in that at Lana or if you are you, you know where my early, it's all the same, so gave I honestly don't know if this could even be done, and I can't believe I'm saying that in America, but you know if they you start to say that your forced to close I'd sure
love to come out and broadcast from your bureau sports grill later good. I know it I get you. They have behold his beer in town. I have the best, I'm an alcoholic, so probably not a good thing. It would be a good show. Don't get me wrong. I think it would be a very good show today I have great man Dave. I will have you talk to my producers, I don't I don't even know what it would take to get that done. You no one. location therein, Lhasa, on the LOS Angeles County, tee and they would charge me by the day on taxes to the interest nightmares out. California, but I would love to stand with. You Dave stay with you. This, and I would be I would be so proud and in hundreds of people would be surprised to meet. You you ve done already so much for crony sports girl. You done so much for America,
in and in your smart man in your common sense guy and I'm That is all I really appreciate you reach out and, and in helping me again, you gotTa Dave. Thank you. Thank you so much and you might want to consider moving, but that's just me Dave holds the owner of cronies sports Grill in the city the gory hills. If your anywhere near their pop on by and grab a cold. for me thank you very much. Data appreciated. Ok will you take it easy, given in the modern world like ours were, cybercriminals are working really hard to overtake regular criminals. You know and be the dominant species of knuckle dragging Suggs. You have to really really careful, you absolutely have to have some kind of an eye on every internet source route which our money is gonna, be you know,
and a fight in your identity is possibly gonna, be taken along with your money if you're what are the right way? The protection comes in the form of lifelong now they can't protect against. Everything cause. It is massive. What's going on right now, but I'll tell you there best in the business and if some does happen. They don't just alert you will pay saw, looks like your current hitters, just grubby screwed say they act, I'll call you warn you, I think something might be happening and then they have a team that works with you to make sure it's all cleaned up, and that is really the important part I think I haven't had that problem, but they ve called me. Several times said: hey, are you doing this? Are you opening this account or doing any know and it stopped Its lifelong lifelong dotcom user promo code back one, eight hundred, lifelong or head to lifelong dot com and you
a promo code back, save twenty five percent right now, lifelike dot com. Program, Welcome to the lender programme. We have got to get it to a gory else. We have to do it, it'll be fun. As I go out our eyes, and then I saw deprived cheese bites and us again. Who should we should write of rank? We're talking about cronies grill, who they're trying to shut down because of of real paper, GA nonsense and I don't- I don't know why people keep insisting on putting people out of business Emine at an a health department rating. They came and took it because they were pissed at him that he didn't clothes for Cove id and he is now you have to have a health permit to be able to get a business licence and because the health permit
The hearing is in September. He can't get the business were met, and so the city of a gory hills like Euro have a business permit. You can open your eyes the jail for this year, but he could also invite some friends who have big invite list themselves to go were gory hills with us this this wants. Got the committee are not really well while you will- and this will be a lot of fun and these, but you know what these businesses deserve support. and I know the audience they desert ordered them already. Here they deserve the support from their come. What are these community, and I dont know what these people are thinking the community should be looking at these businesses in saying how can we help you? How can we- make this easier for you, you ve just I'm through a year of Hell, it's because of the Damn socialists who have apps
absolutely no idea how to run a business, no idea what it takes couldn't run business? Couldn't do it? there. They know best, they're gonna tell you exactly what to do or man I'll. I wouldn't to invite the city council to come that before you thought unbelievable look, this is all over the country to someone People who happened to just been of whom are no America Bing patriotic the law lighting it who, just happen to live in states where her government isn't and they're just being victimized by these tyrannical governments all out of the country they ve got adults down, stand up the they were. They would it just gonna rough run. Roughshod over. This is a good example of a two. It's like it has stopped and a lot of places where we are asked a lot of stuff and they're. Just now
just getting revenge on people that a annoyed them earlier. That's that's it! I'm not here it's just revenge, its people who were pissed off and I'll show you whose boss well I'll show you a national broadcast. Well, we eat cheese, poppers, just sand we'll see, we give their work, I will not bore, and that maybe tomorrow are right. We will see you on television blaze. Tv tonight we have a very, very special podcast tonight. Lays tv programme
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