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A Politicized Hearing | Guests: Sen. Ben Sasse & Brad Meltzer | 10/13/20

2020-10-13 | 🔗

Glenn takes the time to remember who we are as a nation: We’ve seen hard times before, but we've come so far. Stu returns after his coronavirus quarantine. Glenn checks in on Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court hearing, and Sen. Ben Sasse gives his take: “Judge Barrett is amazing”. He also argues why the Senate elections are crucial. Democrats are changing the definition of “court-packing,” and Judicial Crisis Network president Carrie Severino reviews how politicized they’re making the hearing. First Liberty Institute president and CEO Kelly Shackelford argues we’re in a “war” over who will control our churches. Author Brad Meltzer has two new children’s books out: “I Am Benjamin Franklin” and “I Am Anne Frank." Obamacare is a disaster.

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entertainment and enlightenment. When that programme there is time going on. Today we have the latest in the polls. We have the latest in the whole rigging. If you will, we also have the live testimony that that matters today of Amy Coney merit that's all coming up, but before we go forward, we remember who we are. We do that in sixty seconds the Green Box if you suffer from agonizing or frequent pain, others don't really understand what it's like you know or worse? They think that managing that pain means the equivalent of you know making some sort of magic wand overridden poof, it's gone. The truth is
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relieffactor dot com, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four is relieffactor dot com. I want to. I want to start with remembering who we are before we go forward because everybody's a little freaked out right now, G, what's gonna happen, but remember we ve been through tough times before Let me add my firm belief that the only thing we have nameless nine unjustified Para
needed about your gun brain, and we have been compelled to create permanent armaments industry abashed proportion in the councils of government. We must car guard against the. Acquisition of unwarranted inborn weathers saw neurons on by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic process. I do not believe that any of us as with any other people or any other generation. The energy debate that abortion, which we bring Gub Gub up. Well like our country and all who serve it and
from that via, really like the world, and so my fellow Americans, as not what you are, frank I do for you but you can you or your country, my fellow citizens of the world. Nah what I'm gonna go for you, but what Ghana? no There are even a view,
you say that it's true that communism is an evil system body permits us to make economic progress, not early freemen wherever they may live a citizens in Berlin and therefore, as a free man? I take pride in the world. Then I'm really happened with you today in will go down in history as the greatest demonstrate. Freedom in this area,
a brief
little, wonder, live in an age where they will not be a problem about, but by then we will be able to work together, Ray and another thing. I've never really know about. We will happen when we remember ever hamlet and may well be that they have been banned and white men. Do then send them think we'll be able to turn a hand
but we all need growth there at the rear lab rat. But we have to make an effort in the United States. We have to make an effort, understand to get beyond about beyond these rather difficult times. It favoured Paul mine, my favorite color was escalates in our sleep pain, which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart until in our spare against our will comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. We need in the United States is not division what we need in the United States is not hatred, but we in the United States is not violence and law
business, but his love and wisdom compassion toward one another feeling of justice to those who, still summer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black a few years ago, These times were coming and tried to something that my children could understand: led me to something hold. The man in the moon It was an idea of somebody who was watching the world from the very beginning from creation. And he would watch the comings and goings in the dark in the lights of man. Struggle. What would he have to say to us at this point
as the story says in the future I in the lesser light, but even that is not true. I M not light. Sure for, while you It's been Toby shoes The story is really quite you and I are both. Celestial bodies to something inside the greed make of placed inside of you why this power.
I am sorry, but I I cannot tell you how your story ends for I the offer you are too tight you will go home, just your little beast and they shall kiss. If I done. My job. I shall burn just a little brighter and when you awake, you will again choose. and begin to write the next pages of this amazing story yourself, all the surrounding help. Each other be good to each other. Love with one another wait to see what you decide to do:
I him but one There are billions, moons scattered throughout the emptiness of space for millions of years. I have wondered. What is the point? swollen insignificant. Just holding my place in your sky, made no difference darkness. Spurred it's locked. he filled me with warmth. In truth, I discovered how wrong the darkness ass? I was. Not just turkey, your mood you are my beasts,
We simply do what I was created for I will stand in the light. so that in your darkest hour, I can remind you, on the Morrow son.
Shall we rely on air and water on mine, I'm so glad you're here you're here for a reason today,
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blood you here? I would ask for your I'd: ask for your prayers of of protect on everybody that you listened to because I think we are really under attack, as you might hear. I just realized- It sounds like my vocal cords are going again and that is never fun. Last time that happened, I was out for a month not exactly the time. For that to happen, welcome to Stew who's been on covert detail. You didn't have covered right well in solidarity with the president. I did obtain cove it on the exact same schedule that he did reportedly right got it on that Saturday. The positive on thirst or Wednesday, Wednesday or Thursday last week, and was in quarantine all last week, so lots of fun wrought lots of fun. Yet
hey cool, like news, high scientific treatments that all, but you are willing to go out and french kiss every single listener today. Yes, that's so irresponsible to I mean it's only responsible but fun yeah yeah and we want you to know president was dead serious when he said that yesterday I was gonna kiss all of his supporters, dad serious that's what exit. So we are responsible for this was the time videos the joke, that's going to ruin our entire agonized. I want to check in with the the Baron confirmation hearing right now, Lindsey Grammy's and probably asking Herbie that lower. Oh, how greatly alarmed by Albert fell, which set such alas it down, and it wouldn't make its way up to the Supreme Court. But if it did, it would be the same process. I have described I turn now to Sir Holly's favorite top subsidy
due process as a legal theory. What am I talking about? Can you Explain it for the country does. If you can't we're in trouble, I think I'll ever done doing so, Fourteenth and fifth amendments protects life or provide that the stake. that take life, liberty or property without due process of law, That sounds like a procedural guarantees but and Supreme Court precedent. It has a substantive component and so the substantive due process clause says that there are some liberties, some rights, that people possess, that this state. Take away or can't take away without a really good reason. So the right too
birth control, the right to abortion are examples of rights protected by substantive due process. These are usually created rights not found in the document call the constitution is correct, but the Supreme Court has grounded them in the constitution. There are not written there not express socket. So is it fair to say, there's a great debate in the law about how far this should go and what limit should apply if any, that's fair to say, there is also a lot of debate and Supreme Court. Opinions are not aware of any body proposing to throw it over entirely, but there is certainly a debate about how to define these rights and how far it should go. Well, ass, you say you're in the camp or He buys in the camp that surplus due process. Is it legal concept is unbounded. It basically makes the constitution no more certain than the five people interpreting at any given time in the country. Whatever rights they thank, you have you get whatever rights they want to take away from you. They can.
Pretty nebulous legal concepts. this sort of my view of an amount imposing lobby his own yours, but then there's they called precedent. Let's say like case decided under substance due process it all concept was cut the two, surely an era had, as President play so Sudan is the principle that cases that have been decided by the court before this one lands on the dock, at our presumption, controlling and so in a press It comes from a concept called Starry Decisive, which has a short hand for a longer latin phrase. That means stand by the thing decided and do not disturb the com, so pressing, is a principle that you're not gonna, overruled something without good reason or boil up the law without justification for doing so, so you could say I'll be underlying analysis. It led. The TK's, just case eggs.
reject that analysis, but I will now apply precedent. To whether or not it should be reversed. Is that what you're telling us that is as president and what are the factors were to judge look at in terms of overruling Gee? I wonder what their rights are. The noblest sacks just pay tax and some unknown case has nothing to do with abortion. You also, you could say, structurally this case should not constitutionally. It was wrongly decided that that doesn't in the debates that current now that some we're not gonna we're not going to dwell on the questions from the majority, because I think we all know that it's not gonna be tough questions. I really want to hear Feinstein. I wanna hear the the left and the attack they're gonna take. Their yesterday I listening to it. It seemed as if the Democrats had just given up
guy they. They didn't, have the big trick up their sleeves. They didn't have some incredible new line of questioning. It was just basically hey. We have this time in the spotlight. Let's use it to make generic collection points you, I think, that's what they're doing, but there also undermining the confidence in the Supreme Court there there. They were trying to make the case yesterday that, This is packing the court. Its revised so stuff. That's not what it means. It's not what it means at all, but by changing the balance of the court, this is packing. The court so they are. They are setting up all of the legal arguments on why you shouldn't believe the Supreme Court. The way it is that way. If this goes through, this next election happens to go to the Supreme Court, they will be able to have the argument that you can't believe it because she's on it they ve packed. Court if they win
It gives them the reason to say we now have to reverse this by adding members to the court. it is the Democrats are engaged in the greatest subversion of the american constitution. I have ever seen a it is stunning to me that there actually getting away with all of this or are they Take a look at take a look at some of the Poles today. I can't wait to hear stews opinion on it and the poles or out but then there's cultural things that tell us it doesn't make sense they would never in history. These two things would never sit side by side. Things could be different in this time. They do we'll talk about that up in just a second also Ben SAS, is about to duck out o the hearing and get on the phone with us bends ass next programme.
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teach us about civics and how the law works and what the branches do. Who Ben SAS was that monies joining us now, Senator how're, you, sir? can do a great deal and thankfully invite your your great yesterday, and I appreciate you coming out of the the hearing to be able to talk to us in and tell us what you feel is going on We believe that Europe has a good you used it, but I'll cod to having to get out of a hearing that Europe I am actually looted by talking to you right now. Just bear it is a myth using what she's doing now is the time you're lying under the second rate, hang on senators ass, we are breaking up, horribly antonov, Get nearer window. Those descended building as that's good. That's
so another year. Ok, that's clear! Ok, all right! So you were saying, judge a bear. It is amazing. She is, she is explaining the constitution to people she's, explaining what judges do so much of these confirmation hearings have been have become made for tv. None more people are trying to get out the bow to score political points or more people into character. Thats mention what we should be doing is explaining why judges were observed opposed to red blue partisan jerseys. Why they don't stand for election wide. have lifetime tenure in constitutional system, where you're, must be accountable to the people is pretty weird to have people in an important job that cannot really be fired, but it's because they're supposed to be a political. and when we explain that it
You win America and I think that's what judge berets you're right now, but there is a need for small CNN dropped a lot of the coverage yesterday. So you know, half of the country is not getting this civics lesson and there's an effort not only with the Democrats, but also now with the press, were there too. To redefine court, packing and they're, saying that by by making the court now Political Europe actually changing the structure and your packing the court yeah, we have a lot of my colleagues that are used in Orwellian well spend now to die. giving a straight answer on court packing, and there now thing that filling a vacancy is court backing me. I mean that the difference between filling a vacancy and packing the court is kind of like the difference between running onto a base, feel Bertha shooting the referee court got back
is one thing, and only one thing that is adding to the court so that you can get the policy. When you want it's about trying to turn the Supreme Court into a super legislature, that's what court backing it and that's why it's wrong core packing. It is not just about destroying one branch of government about blowing up a deliberative process of the Senate. It route who tried to re make the judiciary if they really really terrible idea and with the american people really have any interest in it. What do you think of by and his team now answering the question: if they will pack the court, what is it? What do you think? That means I think that there are a bunch of people on the left trying to cobble together a coalition of people, some of whom are for the thunder, laughed and low. the I would be on policy issues but kind of reasonable about, and then there are a bunch of far less awoke,
you don't really believe in the constitutional structure, and I think that the binding team is trying to figure out how to maintain that big after school the united, primarily by been frustrated with with Donald We want a whole bunch issues and Joe Biden doesn't want to speak to these kinds of issues, because he and to try to maintain a coalition without having to get a lotta, give a lot a clear answer either. The last night said a few that are a little bit court, that court packing skeptical. What we need him did you hear him say, is Lydia the constitutional structure and had their desire and changing the size of the court, the composition of that market? Beyond? I have constitutional amendments to the law. The number of justices at nine, so we don't have to go through all that, so we we not only have that, but we also have an effort under way from the really. I think mainly the old Clinton group that
trying to convince states to send other the gates. If, if the popular vote goes one way and to get rid of the Electoral College, you ok, you're from Nebraska what is I mean to America I mean the reason we have. The electoral college is because we are a republic right at Democratic Republic to be sure, but our founders didn't create a pure democracy, in the sense that every decision should He lay on fifty one to forty nine bait these and I think that's that's one of the things that so weird about the political attics in our time is that their only about Ten percent of Americans will pay attention to politics on a daily basis and they think the representative of a real people and real american expert Elam. Don't actually want to do politics as the centre of their life, their cards,
snap community, their entertainment. Most people want to be in their church or the synagogue. maybe in their neighborhood, they want to be in those more business? They want to be coach and literally they want. We balance on the piazza. They know that the most important part the government on a daily basis are the ones that are close to them. and I think there are a lot of natural, politically addicted people who want to try to remake all of american life as about the immediacy of screaming, and so they don't like institutions like the electoral college, which mediate small republic are not part of the Likud party. But smaller republican decisions through structures of deliberate, proper. What does it mean if we have, because the left is crying for a direct democracy? What is and what would that mean to us well, I'm in so we should back up and say why do we have limited government? What what does it mean to say that we have limited government? It means that we dont think that power at the centre of life, but we believe that
around thirty million Americans are created with universal human dignity that created in the image of God, and the most interesting thing about people are not about power. Thereabout love, thereabout, Frazier thereabout Assembly, thereabout, breakin bread, thereabout plan, catch thereabout, one meaningful work that benefits your neighbour, the really important things in life are not primarily about power structure, and so when people want to talk constantly about government, they did confuse the nature of the thought confused the nature of human community, and they can feel happy and so There are a lot of politically addicted people have much in their life except obsession over power. And they want everybody else to participate in their obsession and most people want that. What they want is the government to maintain a framework roared at liberty, so that you then pursue of brightness of life in the actual. But where you live at any rate and kid not one thought but thought political decision making away
What is this election mean? If we go one way or the other first of all, a term which election, because I think that we are talking constantly in american public life. For the last three and a half years about the presidency and the truth of the matter is another president that double job, but I differ on a lot of things, one of the things we defrauded he actually the immediate political culture he wants to be on the everybody's tv screen and twitter account social media feed all day every day I dont think most people want that. I think it's really unhelpful. I don't think it's good for my party to tie itself to the poor local brand of one individual who kind of use wife such reality tv. So when we talk about the election to me, the most important election by far in three weeks, action for the United States, because it is if the Democrat get to it. majority and that at which I would define it. Maybe fifty two fifty three fifty four about that they'll end, the fella buster.
Try to fundamentally remake America, they'll, try to add new states will try to pack the Supreme Court DE radically make that remake the nature of a mark economic system and try to replace it with lots, more socialized government planning. I think that the most important things can be broken in America would be broken by a Senate that yet to a democratic super majority sides when almost oh I time this last year and politics campaign, to try to maintain a republican majority in the Senate, because I think so much of what, Russia about our framework for ordered liberty could be lost in a majority, and you have said and done a lot of democrats want to back. I would I would agree with you, however I've I also I mean I've changed on no Donald Trump annulled thing do you have but I watched his actions and tried to turn up to now the words and
watch his actions, and he has done remarkable things. One of the things I was really worried about is that he, you know he does like to just take control, he's a ceo of things and if we ever faced a pandemic or a real crisis that he grab the power rains which he was encouraged to do and didn't do and now I see who we are facing and how serious they are about the dust production of America through violent means or or any other means, and I think this presidential election is. Is the most important in my lifetime and I've always hated that phrase do you find validity and that well,
So, first of all to do with you on the heading of the phrase cause this idea that every election as the most important in our lifetime- and I totally understand why there's a lot on the line twenty one days from now. But this idea is all Eddie, a sign that we ve gone around the bend. That's really unhealthy Galiano, but we want culture to be upstream from politics, and economics should be largely decoupled from object. So virologists due to your point about novel drum, there are places where I think he's gonna phenomenal job is judicial collection has been a basic Amy. Barrett For me, right now is a rock star, and this will be. The third person is put on the Supreme Court. We ve got The appellate judges, two hundred total judges, the pace of judicial, confirmation of the last three years has been at all times: a new at this great help. The turkish courts were created. I went on the Judiciary Committee to fight for Gaza that trumps buttoning has done a great job, that domain, but I think, really large american
that should be focused on the problems ten years in the future, the long term technology rent for the Chinese Communist Party, hey, I'm machine learning. Quantum rinkitink biotech robotic funny like The really big issues that we should bring me brain. The american people, Lala or not. Work were not right. Now do grappling with change nature of work where the average duration at a firm for thirty, five or forty or forty five year old bomber, dad made into put bread on the table that the regeneration at that firm is getting shorter and shorter. With twenty six years, when I was a kid, the average duration at a job or a company, it's now four point, two years and getting shorter. We need to think about what Jobbery training for those folks were getting disrupted when there so I live. I couldn't do that. Ambition and american public lie a guy. I can agree with you on a per cent. I've been talking about that for ten years and I think Cove id has. Things much much worse. So I
I just by should ve just ask you point blank, or are you vote for the republican candidate election, I'm not making any headlines about that today, because I think that there's I don't, I don't get any Nebraska and asking me how they should both in the presidential elections. That's not what they look to me to do. They look to me to explain why I'm Runnin for re election to the United States Senate, and I too about as you and I have here, the future of war with the Communist Party, the future of work on the first amendment, which is being tragically lost and the crazy, not enough that we see happening on the campus. That's people are redefining speech, they don't like as violence. That's why Amy bear. It is fighting cortisol beneath the court, but I think we're. do you think our public conversation every four years just to one vote for president is that that drip drip drip
of political immediacy, displacing the larger conversations we should be having an american public life ends ass. I have appreciated your work on the civic conversation and your lesson on civics yesterday, thanks for ducking up for us today, pressure mother, welcome to the programme. He's making interesting choices. This close to the election at his own election is one day on his election heavily favoured to win in Nebraska and look I like him. I just agree with him on things, but I like him, yeah. I'm offend again theses directing, I think the the conversation
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This is why I am not aware of cases presenting exact things is judged. Baroness, ask you, for your view, fine fine Steen is now. I know that the materials questioning really there hasn't been anything controversial. Just where we can assume stuff, I have to say, I would need to have learned she should leave the toughest were. I think, even if I had a specific comment level in front of well come on. I was gonna make Romola. We have to cover she's gonna try to make it into a political thing, whatever their biggest thing is right, they're going to utilise with her, I think, whatever best point, is whatever their ev. Whatever chance, they think they have to derail. This is going to come through cobbler. You would. You would expect, just because, at least at the very least, even if she doesn't win its pudding shining, a light on her we'll see. If that happens, they don't seem to have monitored and evaluated adding here they have nothing Glenn back problem
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme. Although America, we are one hour in out of the eleven hours of questioning bear it for the Supreme Court, the Democrats don't seem to really have even a direction here other than trying, I think, to make us lose faith in the Supreme Court, which I mean
really who had a lot of faith in matter anyway, there now changing the meaning of cord packing saying that if you are taking the political people out of the Supreme Court, that's akin to court packing about that's akin to following the constitution. Cord packing is entirely different. We're gonna get a run down on exactly what happened yesterday what's happening today. What we should expect from carry sever Reno she's, the president of judicial crisis, network she's joining us next Green book programme. ok, so here's the thing about you know some of the things that I forecast. They almost always come true. I always,
The timing wrong in the dates wrong. We had twenty. Sixteen, I feel pretty stupid when I said gonna be the summer of of blood in the streets, gonna be the summer of rage. I think I called it and it didn't happen. I was four years off. It was the summer of rage and things are gonna, get much more worse, I told you back, in twenty? What was a two thousand and seven or eight that there would be. people in the streets that would be. You know, calling to be had people take people out of their chairs in their offices and just beat them death in the streets where starting to see this we're on the brink of civil war? I think I fear I pray that were not but the one thing America's always head going for it is its stable and the least stable and peaceful transfer of power. well! Let me give you a story here, real quick. Just today, hey there is there.
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wanted to talk about anything as long as it wasn't talking about Amy Coney Barrett. They did not want to talk about this talented, outstanding woman sitting before them. They trying to return piglet how politics so you're. There were some of the lot of the Democrats just want to talk about Obamacare. They had pictures up of different people Oh you know who had been help day by by the year of air, affordable care acted, they were trying to make it seem her whole purpose in life was to get rid of it. That's that's ridiculous. Not even an issue that I'm sure likely to be the deciding vote on. But you know they that feed to pull out for them, and I agree. They want to see they were they want to make. It seem like simply filling seats on. The court is somehow illegitimate his court packing, which is so I ran it because you have Joe Biden currently refusing to say what he would do with respect to actual court packing, which is when you change the number of seats in the Supreme Court for purely partisan end, like efforts,
our tried to do to get a court that would uphold more of his new deal legislation several, how to add worth a court that, with what rejected by his democratic said, it was rejected by people like roof, better get work, even Bernie Sanders thinks it's a bad idea. Guy should be an easy question. Will you or will you not do this horribly radical thing and undermine the court and didn't want to talk about they try to change the subject. Where were you? question just advance ass on it. He said the question really is: gonna rely on the Senate. If I'm not mistaken, when after tried it, he did get twenty six of his fellow Democrats to vote for it time. Of change people, don't even pay attention to the constitution anymore. Do. Thank you, could get more than twenty six votes to pack the court. I think it's a democratic
troll of the House and the Senate and the White House. I think the absolutely will do that right away if they, if they wouldn't, they would tell us because I think they recognize. This is such a radical thing. Americans don't want to see it, but he's roof using, to commit to not doing it that, because he's more interested in in placating his liberal handlers, then actually doing what the american people want to do, or even telling a mere verbal. What frankly do deserve to know well on the contrary to about that is what would the president do with respect to the entire third branch of governor? so, I would be upset at any conservative. That did what I think John Roberts does in favour of conservatives. I would be really upset if, if they would take something and not look at the constitution, but instead just started legislate from the bench, and I think John Roberts has done that with Obama, care and and other things
and I dont want that, and a constitutional. a strict constitution is a constitutional list. Will actually, probably piss me off at times because I want it to go the other way, but I we find with it. because, if the key institution actually says that. Well, then, we gotta do it right, Why is it that people don't understand that a strict constitutional list will give you some wins and some losses- and some of your wins will be surprises, some of your losses will be fundamental misunderstanding of the role of a judge and you're here, in some of our discussion today were you know, gender finds I just about trying to get here to talk about what personal views on or off for everything from guns. The healthcare like this is not the question: it isn't she somebody's gonna simply go to the court and fake all you know get through with putting her personal views on from the left
but my personal views on from the right, that's I would want either I don't want a judicial activism court. We want constitution with on the core, and there are aspects of the constitution that actually or unit would fit into what you would call a quote liberal paradigm, jerk strong defendants rights, for example, aspect that you might say car quote. Conservative like second amending the constitution is a political document. Legal back and the judges longer to look at it that way. So, if you're, following along the constitution, Sometimes you look liberal political standpoint. They might look conservative, sometimes from political standpoint, but what's so important, is there legally based not someone who is asking themselves to kind of thought to follow their own political goal? Then it following the politics, working people who passed those? What is this? What we used to have, I mean was a time when the supreme the court was just known as they just do.
interpreting the law at well that that's all we, its job and I think justices have done better and worse jobs Doing then have obviously your history. We then he'll, but is it not we recently tat. We had judges who may have mistaken that role, but I think It has become more of an epidemic more of a crisis regrouping because that was just accepted. by all of legal academia and envy India whole practice, but what's graded were seeing a push back now, and this is something that no just believe what kind of on the front end of it now judge bear it is kind of care being on the mantle of hey? Here's how we get that politics out, whether this very faithful to the text as it is written. We need to look at what the law of meant in the time it with path, not what we think. should mean today not only wish it met today it into that's. What actually takes that politics out that this is really really achieving the goal of getting a politics back out and restoring the court to its proper constitution
so we have now three Judges that down tromp has appointed if he wins a second term. How many more judges, and will they be Clarence Thomas or will they be people that will will bring us closer to the constitution. Do you have any idea whose looking to retire or Oh, you know that is always a very treacherous area to try to speculate. I in twenty sixteen August speculated that would be when, were you know just asking? I retired, with four years later right. So are you think we don't know, but we do know that whoever is elected and twenty twenty years. Why to get seat and remember neither all life turned seats. So even if you are replacing someone with a similar traditional upon it had a generational impact because bad news for the next thirty justice TAT, sir for thirty years already million people serving maybe for decades at this point any kind of earth only forty eight right- she could serve for a long time that I have a huge
and TAT, going into the future of our children and our grandchildren cunt It will be wrong and how will understand the constitution? They also trying to say that Donald Trump packed the court's by by filling the vacancy vacancies in the lower courts which he he did, and Obama walked away with a lot of vacancies that changes things. Have you looked at all into the the states where were most likely to have close. Election results, and is there an impact on the court's there that play towards the constitution's favor. Well you know it's written Trump has done a really historically impressive him. A job filling, though which is really great ahead of their training seat, unfortunately, are in states where there are democratic.
senator than they are blocking trumps pick. They would rather have no one sitting on the court then have someone to Donald Trump put on the court you're seeing your seeing some of those states real problems with cases king up and and and judges having a very heavy workload. So I opted mistake that if he, if we can get them centres or who are willing to acknowledge that you know these charges are gonna, be faithful to the law and move for without we could have a better situation across the country, but I think what so great, as we now have a well over two hundred judges that trunk is put there. This is the next generation of outstanding legal experts in the country. And is already having an impact in terms of cases being decided according to the law rather than according to to wait. So so the states can say no to a federal judge.
Given the way the system work, there's something called the blue slips and state senators from the state can refuse to turn in their blue flat, and Personally, there's no, you know, there's no ruler or law. That says that the traditionally the Senate has said if the senator from the state dont both through the nominees we want more forward on it so Thankfully, there have been many, including Democrat senators, who have compromise with the press. That had been able to come up with some judges that they could all agree on, but also there's other that unit what they want to have nothing to do, any kind of compromise with Donald Trump particularly places like before you, where you ve got one of them running for by friends that she'd not gonna compromise, but they write. You bear the unjust Willy DE on hold on it at refused to nominate refused to help confirm anyone. Let me go back to Amy. Cone Coney bear it. I know you can never tell and Republicans always seem to get to the losing end of the stick. You get somebody
think is good and then they start you know, go and end in and inside with liberals, No, we can't tell the future, but who, who do you think she's most like or most likely to be like as a justice. Well, you know he obviously, as a clerk forget this coming year, describe him as a major mentor in her life, though I think jurisprudence probably will most resemble justice Goliath, but her it. You know all of these people have different personalities, so she has a much greater just watching the day her Scully was known for his. Sharp one line or by an approach that is, hurt her style with very different she's just and so I guess- broke soil is the right word would update but kind o kind and explore and she's very good, explaining what these questions are and she just so she comes across. I think too,
genuine and and and careful and thoughtful about the law. I think she is gonna be someone on the court who has unity, the jurisprudence of a, but maybe it a slightly softer tone- and you know who knows maybe that'll be something that even is compelling to some of her colleagues on the other side of the bench as well. Thank you so much for watching and we'll talk to, hopefully again tomorrow in and get a recap of what's happening today. See any trouble for her in the future least at this point to do you agree that she's knocking out apart day in terms of her at her hearing, and so I just think it can be hard pressed. I think for want to come up with a good excuse not to confer. maybe county bared Supreme Court? She's? U can be outstanding. Thank you, so much all right. Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's blinds dot, com, holidays or just around the corner and blinds dot com is the number one online retailer of custom window treatment. Now
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station, I d we say welcome back to Mr Stew, brigadier. Thank you Glenn. I'm amazed to hear the media try to explain when he becomes berets. Judicial philosophy is listen to this clip from CBS, explaining the difference between a ritual ism and textual ism, for those of us who are not constitutional scholars? What's at the root of this debate, over original ism or textual is Right and I suspect, work. may be hearing a lot of those two words that tomorrow I mean this is kind of boiler.
play. Conservative legal philosophies about justice. Scully was the big proponent of it and really big stickler, for it is where you look at the constitution and the words of the constitution and how the founders meant those words story, not how it might be living. Liberals thank and adapt to search as our times change. So a conservative, isolated, say we gotta look at what the founders met by that and he's not in their aside in there and then Congress has to step up, or this governments in legislatures have to step up to make those kind of power. See changes as far as textual ism goes. That's how you look at federal statutes, and there are lots of liberals who say there are technical is too that's just doesn't always break conservator. where lines and that's when you
get the words of a statute and not what Congress might have meant or what the legislative history might show what the purpose might have been, but, with the words actually say, okay. So the conservative argument is what the founders of men, when they did it and the words that are in the document. How is there another argument other than this? The like while the other is look at the words of Congress up week, okay, so near your admitting that the conservative argument here is to look at what was intended to happen and apply it, it doesn't live, there are not a living breathing document, but here's a whistle you can't you can't you can't. have fun. They judicial branch, Joe change things because times of change right, they write exactly where we were in a society that didn't have A legislative branch room could
make an argument: belied have a living constitution. Right would change with the times, but at any point just laid of branch, can change these years with the time yes built into the dark it s. So you can change the way. You think it's import. Yes, you don't just get the judges to do it right. You just show through the law rights like Men, too, should be added pass a general problem here. The problem- that's not popular, you can hear- is hard yeah. You can't get enough people to say hey. We should get rid of the second amendment, so you need the judges to do that, because they're not elected,
don't have to worry about anything right and Congress can just become popular and making it reelected over and over again, because they ve never done anything wrong, see. Why not wrong exactly they ve never done anything against the constitution, because the judges are telling us what the constitution means at what time is it now, whether once they say it? Well, then I can go legislature more. My way, I did so I love this lost. The conservative philosophy is to look at the words no, I dont Nick and if it does not say that it sent back to Congress where they say you change the words while that's what it can serve and embracing grandfather idea, land back proudly, ok, let me tell you a little bit about material a bit about our sponsor this half hour.
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You have the right real estate agent, that understands you real estate agents. I trust dot com, you- gotta play cv. Dot com is a promo code, glad you're, safe ten bucks off your police tv subscription go there. a blaze, tv dot com, this is the Glen Back programme we're glad you're here there there are so many things happening in our courts right now, between all of the legal wranglings that are happening. I think there. three hundred or five hundred court cases happening right now, trying to get the election laws changed, because the Democrats are are fine all kinds of changes to our election laws and the Republicans are responding with their court cases to try to get those election laws held in place.
and we also have all of the law, suits their happening because of cove id the Chris community up in New York is coming after again, governor com, because he has restrictions on religious gatherings and intimate is point he used photos and he said it needs just lay about lay the crowds slay. The crowds we're crowds of jewish people at a funeral later than they did just abbot ever look at what they do in that area responsible. Yet those pictures were from two thousand six. but what is happening to our religious freedom around. Country. A guy who really can help us answer that question. Who fight it every single day is Kelly. Shackelford he's a presidency o First Liberty Institute and Chief Council First Liberty Institute has been from the Supreme Court over and over again
Let me just start with the cases up in the end: California and in New York about religious freedom. Kelly goin back grab me on yeah we're we're in real battle. every member's bad, but when this whole thing started with the pandemic, we realise this is really gonna, be a fight because we ve never had any constitutional law. The pandemic write them in any there's. No cases and everybody was seen these pictures of, like the guy grown, a baseball with this kid being handcuffed, erect, kill him because he was a park in the gown, the beat coming off all by himself in a surfboard being arrested. So we ve tried to be really careful about the first case and we wanted it to be the right when you get will all kind of churches calling a saying you only with their doing to us and we got what we thought was right: and that was in lieu of all. It was a a church that was trying to do and east her service and they wanted to.
Together, but they want to be safe, they did a drive and servicing their cars ripe and- and that was that mayor of law. Will Kentucky said that was cry and the governor said: they're gonna sin police officers to every church on Easter Sunday to write down the license plate of any car need church Parking, London, those people we visited by the police and they'll be quarantine to their home for fourteen days and we went ok. This is it. This is China. You know we. Usually this is the case and we filed. We got a great judge. We got a great decision, he said, look the constitution, place in this country. This country is built on religious freedom and we started there and we have now had about Chin victories in a row. But what happened is a lot of other lawsuit started, getting file that warrant necessarily s thoughtful and they created a lot of precedent and ill
Glenn? I just got to be honest with world war right now, all across the country of whether the government is going to control our churches and until we get something to the Supreme Court, I don't think we're an answer, because there are too many bad decisions to join the good decisions that we want to know what's gonna happen, That is a terrifying as somebody who you know goes to church on Sunday, that that is truly terrifying, that we We are facing a time when the gun I can tell you exactly what you can and cannot do at church. It is it you know any because look here, quick this end. The law is that if a government official declares in emergency, then your constitution suspended, while the emergency Climate change will be an emergency and everything will be an emergency right that you don't really have any freedoms at that point and and
it's not the way the law supposed to work. You had the case. I know you probably even talked about the case came out of the Nevada where there are let the casinos open, but not the churches, run and show. We owe you, then they wouldn't take a screen court. When take the case, so I would say two things: we ve got a great case that we just one last week in Washington DC the first one on behalf the church in this case the church there they allow thousands of people the mayor, what with them to protest, but they wouldn't. It was illegal for a church to hold an outdoor church service with the over a hundred people, and so, as is clear, hypocrisy so we actually want to federal injunction on Friday of last week and were hoping we can get that to the Supreme Court, but we gotta get the right case to the Supreme Court, but also, if Amy coming bear it is on the Supreme Court. I feel bad
strongly about her on religious freedom. I think sheet. We won't have to worry about these close decisions when Roberts YO saying that is ok to open Cassini, churches won't move, will win these cases and so sort of a lot going on at the same time, but I think you have to look at the Amy Coney Beret thing from a religious freed standpoint. In addition, everything else- and I think she will be great on religious freedom, which is the timing be better. So tell me what what her appointment does to the court and, for instance, The leave Senate and they administration area. If they have the house in the Senate and the administration, they let you say, that's a landslide for the left. They are all saying: they're gonna, take guns Dewey, the votes. now in the Supreme Court to hold to the second amendment the first amendment to eat. I, what's it look like, I think, I'd make. We do for sure I mean she's she's. Were it not just in
credible descent. On the second amendment already on the seventh circuit, she showed her true colours summing sheets he is in a regional she's, a Scalia Shiva. She said, don't tell me what the country wants. That's not my job. My job is to say what is the constitution say what did the founders put in place. What does it mean? You look to the original meaning of attack. You look to the original meaning statute, not to he see or whatever people are in favour of, she would say: disliked Galicia, you gonna change laws than change, lost change the constitution, but don't ask me to change the concept vision and she's. Very within a case. Actually, work was about a situation where Canada, the pc position would be all now you guys been in prison, so you shouldn't have a right to two of them firearm, once you ve, been in prison and heard purchase, wonder what is the constitution stay here? She in inventing
he's pretty fearless on following the law, so I feel really strongly about where she would be again Robert Kennedy, jump and back and forth a lot of things recently in made it sort of of the war for with Robert jumping around that would be over if she's on the court to you to have five conservative soup. Really believe you go to the original meaning and I'm gonna really bring us right back to the constitution in those principles and really the foundations of our country, which I think will be a great thing broken. Kelly? What does it mean we are looking at a party who says they're gonna get rid of the filibuster they. deny that they'll pack, the court What is this election really about? It's about a mean people out alone, people understand what core packing
Basically it's when you come here, and you say we go out like the fact that there are more conserved is on the court. Now there used to be, and therefore I want to add three four five seeks to the Supreme Court wish you'd have to get out to the house, the Senate, the presidency you'd altered to destroy the filibuster, but that's what some of the Democrats your talking about doing it, of course, would Biden Harris had not been answering that it decision. People need to understand that is a decision to destroy the Supreme Court, because, if you add people to the Supreme Court to to have a partisan advantage than the next party that comes in is going to do the same. Thank tilted Republicans come back now five or six weeks, the court is no longer a legal body at that point, as a political body, and you have taken the Supreme Court is said and done so,
Equally, the understand minimal one bide needs answer. This question is, it should be required of everybody should say, there's no way you even have a chance of being a present unless answer this question and the answer is: I'm want to destroy the Supreme Court less your wanting to overthrow the government at least a third of the government. That's just not decision, yet I would ever make. I mean it whatever your beliefs are on these things. The rule of law will be incredible damage I dont know what will happen in our country, but it's taking one of the three branches of government at really pretty much putting an underground we're talking to Shackelford Presidency O First Liberty Institute Kelly. There is a story out. There's fact: two different stories about two different groups were of them, is shut down DC and they have put out a guide, stopping the coup preventing
tromp from stealing the election in remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive moments. All over the country We need to in order to do to really win. We need to force some pillars of power, business, military media and other major institutions too. I decide where the people are at least get out of the way of every. If everyday life goes on, a despot will not lie. power and there will be no incentive for real systematic changes. You want to think about what it might take to stop business as usual They are. they are there are these groups that do not believe in the electoral college, do not believe in port system do not believe in the american cars. detention that I can find and they saying they want to overthrow these things. They want the destruction.
You tell me where the legal definition of insurrection kicks in while Definitely yet a minute. Those things happened. I did see them. the comment on this, and he said those that happened that, after the election out, be shy down immediately: thou wilt more sake, I hope so. The threat that we had twenty wonder president's use. You know the power they have budgetary insurrection act to actually do that adding president tromp has been tried the respect, but always met some sword and also not yet They want to make him a dictator Saddam thing. He wants to walk into. Looking like that, so he's been incredibly restrained back they on what he's done any situate. like in Seattle and all these, but the eye they give its after the election and attempted unequal access, the power that he should at any president should to put any of that down. I hope and I pray that it would.
Nobody in the country really coming mean this lunatic branch. Our country- and they shouldn't be allowed to Rome free and engage in violence, looting and all this thing I don't need the american people having been had another that so much so that the democratic, even little bit started back away, even though that some other some of their base wants them than I do so Kelly. Thank you so much you for seeing any problems with berets confirmation. Yeah I mean that it. It's bizarre. The approach that is being taken, which is to say that she's gonna, is that there is a point to the court that she's gonna take everybody healthcare way. It's just it is just some number may do they think people are that stupid. I mean I, I guess it's just that saw argument demeaned the case there talking about its up there I mean country bearing hasn't, has never talked about in the issues in that
It's about stability, a lot of other things. The odds are huge that that case won't strike down the SBA and unacceptable way so all of its false and It has really nothing to do with her, but they just decided that their best political issue is the issue of health care for their seeing if they can scare p by saying, if you allow were on the court, you all lose your health care and you'll die of the crowd of arson. Unlike you think people that stupid I don't think they are no. I don't think they are either when I'm beginning to wonder item, I ain't what we'll find out in November we'll find out on November. Third, thank you so much Kelly appreciated. Let me are you You bet. Let me tell you a little bit about my pillow. You wanna great night sleep every night, you now how? How do I do people say you sleep at night, my pillow actually
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one hundred and seventeen on the phone, eight hundred nine hundred and sixty six three thousand one hundred and seventeen or you can go to mypillow dot com, look for the new radio listener specials and make sure can you use the promo code back and save even more my pillow dotcom tomorrow night on glinting, the episode big tech? Would love to censor election hijacking is happening now glance experts have left is ensuring durable, doesn't count and reveals the chaos that coming in November. Never before has an election been clothed in lies, deceit and manipulation of the american voter watch. Glad to take on Democrats, the media and vague tack tomorrow, night, nine pm eastern, only ablaze TB, dotcom Slash Glenn joint lessening Glenn back this. This is the one back programme, there's so much to talk about and were right.
We just kind of staying focus today on the formation hearing of Aimee Coney Barrett, which I think seems to be going really well. She said I mean she just seems bullet proof so far, and it doesn't seem like there's really any being fired? Eyesore? Yes, they they just took this approach of well, we have two people watching. Let's just make you Eric election arguments right big audience and instead of trying to take down Marconi Barrett. Let's just try to win this election, which bizarre that usually they have some trickery, I am not sleeping, I still feel something crazy. I'm getting really something is going to happen. I mean an accuser, gang rape me. I know what are they regard here? It's like what did they know that we do not really it's really weird thing. You know I have six six seconds left. I could at least do this here is ears Biden yesterday, confidence calling Romney. We could
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Hopefully, things will get better and we ll have some more common sense and stability once we have bear it and this confirmation hearing behind us and she is on the Supreme Court- things seem to be going well, there's no gotcha is here and she is just cool calm and collected it ain't over. Yet they will two hours on eleven hours of her just having to sit there and look at people like. yes, now I really respect what you're saying cause. You really understand what I do for you. I don't know how they sit through it, but we are actually go for a flashback on Clarence, Thomas and Ginsburg? I come here as a judge. Not as an advocate, don't ask me what I am for or against just look at my record and my judicial record, and they did. We do now some of them
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my wife finally said: I'm not listening one anymore. Unless you try everything. Try this, I said how he's not gonna work. It works. the inflammation you know like Ibuprofen, eight hundred, don't know how it works or why it works for me. But when I up taking it. My pain comes roaring back, try. relief factor relief, factor, dot com just drive for three weeks after three weeks, seventy percent of the people try go and order more means working for those people who taking it every day, try it please just try, get out of paying get your life back. Eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com, Alright, some exciting news, we're gonna be announcing on October, twenty fourth, which is a Saturday night, but we are doing a special broadcast from
mercury, one I'm gonna be showing you some really exciting things that are gonna, be kicked off immediately after that night. That will help you and your family get your arms around the constitution. History, our founding fathers it will put to bed the sixteen nineteen project I want they're on October. Twenty fourth, it will be online will give you more details, just market on your calendar right now. Also, There are some good news. If you want to try to teach your kids about Ben Franklin- and I mean the little kids about Ben Franklin- or an Frank there to new books out by our good friend, bread, Meltzer, and he joins us now, hello, bread, The voice. My friend gotta hear you. How are things nothing on the world have you know what it's so hard tat, fine things to talk about idly! Oh, it's crazy! As you know, we plan these books two years in advance,
and here we are talking about you- know tearing down a stand- you of Abraham, Lincoln and, and we ve got a book on Ben Franklin and the founders and their upper report comes out last week. That says millennials, don't know the basic facts about the Holocaust and we have a buccaneer frank and, unlike sometimes the universe, do says the heroes. You need, not the yours, you want, but its european need. It's it's! It's amazing! I really have found divine Providence in some of the stuff that you know we ve done. I just put out the book arguing with socialist and then this summer hit a cycle. Wow exactly what you need holy cow soap. tell me about tell me about the books. This is part of your Exuviae Riddle and the secret museum series. That it's on PBS. I wanted to carry that so badly on the blaze, but I'm not
rich enough for bread melts hers remedy less than we have done. Our shows I and I love you for it. We have. As you know, I started writing these kids books that I wanted to get my kids better heroes to look up to and give them heroes who could teach them kind. and compassion and character and again, look at the world at the November. To them is that its forty year high, our kids, need hope right now and the best way to teach that is, with Anne Frank, the little girl who hide from the Nazis in an attic and still believes that people are good at heart, and I want my kids to know that, even in the darkest places You can still find light. That's what hope is going right like a fire that burns within you and when you put it on nothing puts it out, and I need my daughter to have that lesson. I need my son's that lesson. So I m M Frank: is that illustrate kids book? The teach hope for kids right Now- and I am Benjamin Franklin yet been.
Franklin- and we all know the stories of him with electricity grid experiments, but to me his grace experiment is the experiments that he doesn't himself. He actually this whole lifetime. To improve himself and even has rules, you and I thought, but am privately like him, endured, wash and have rules to live by his rules. Are one be frugal? Don't spend money, you don't have to tell the truth. We work hard and Ford. Don't speak badly about other people. Look at the world right now, whether tearing down the founding fathers. You know all this in a been Franklin own slaves, unlike yes, He also at the end of his life, with a president of an organisation that stood against slavery. So have you say, he's bad or is it good or is it just come located like all of us and our kids need that lesson that rather than point fingers everywhere else. Ben Franklin knew if you want to change the world, you start with yourself and moves out from their rippling outward.
phenomenal. Can you think of any one alive today I mean, I think one of the most impressive people live today that would fit in the founding era would be. Maybe Elon Musk, do you know it? and he would be a threat of ideas. A hundred percent, my at the Ben Franklin, I mean you. It was one of the hardest books to right, because if the kids go copies were trying to d Artagnan educate your kids and give them values? But, unlike do I talk about electricity? Do I talk about his inventions? Do I talk about the science he does? Do I talk about the grid? experiment the american experiment. He literally edit the declaration of independence. George, why did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson rights? The first rap gives it a Ben Franklin, and we showed this in the book. Ben Franklin is like this part you have here:
We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable. What if we change it to this? We hold these truth to be self evident that all men are created equal. That's Benjamin Franklin Edit, and I need our kids to see. That add is You teach your kids to be great American. I am an eighteen, thirty six or is it now my eighteen, twenty six version of the declaration of Independence first draft Have you ever seen it Have you ever seen that you and I were to get where we were together last time? I almost jumped the desk but the He certainly be that I haven't seen it. I have been to the national archives in their secret private room, where I saw them copy. So you seen the first draft. Have you ever read it in the first draft? Yes, I could know can we I mean read on line the translations of it, and you can see they at the edit that change in their rights and the UN in the third page. I urge you to go back then read the third page, the law
longest, usurpation or the longest problem that you know they had with the king. Was his treatment of african Americans and Africans as such waves, and it is a whole paragraph on it and it's Thomas Jefferson, rights at his is the handwriting changes he capitalize words like men. When he's calling, you know the, and then he puts these men up for ox and on the auction block I mean it's phenomenal completely changed. I gotta go back. I hope I may now and then think about Ben Franklin is you know, when I get my edits back from my editor, a boy's eye, griping about like Ben. was editing Thomas Jefferson, at the height of know how her I can't complain about that in Europe and the thing about the thing about Frank, logistical, bacterial. I must comment, if he does his whole life, one of the great store that my kids reacted too is Franklin the little boy
Benjamin Franklin, a little boy he's bill of swimming any realized. If you have bigger hands and bigger feet, move move faster, the wearing apparel faster. So he makes these home made by kind of oven bets big met when they put some modest fee to I flippers as US flying through the water. This is as a little kid and I my youngest, whose very creative, unlike the color and play legos, am I I need you to see what you can when you are least creativity, that's what Ben Franklin gives us. There was her story about him getting in trouble cause. He was always in trouble. I think as a kid and he was like damning up a river or something he was taking, rocks and damning up the river and that's when finally, his his parents I believe, said you're going to work you're going work sent him to abandon the work is to get the thing that he broke off by a river is, he runs, is when you run this kind, the river and is a kite again what does later in life that guy little boy runs the kite on the river. When it
in the air he jumps in the river ties it around his waist to test the theory that will pull him across the lake which it does and ended. As you said soon after that, the parents are like this is what a blacksmith get to work in writing today right the work, but if you know again week, we spend so much time, the culture right now, arguing about our founding fathers. arguing over what you arguing over the civil war and we After remember their kid see these arguments and we have to But if we don't kill it's, not your schools job to teach her kid, I use that you want it's your job, you gotta do I'd lose the school did a too, but we have to be in control of making sure that our kids the american history and the amazing this and the beauty of it to see the hope of Anne Frank in the lowest moment in life and still says you know what I believe in good, because there is something to that and there is something
each one of these heroes, and- and I love that this serious helps us- you build libraries for your kid. You crank is your nieces, your nephews at this time when history feels like it's under seat You know, I think it really does our kids and injustice to you know I'm a huge fan of Winston Churchill Churchill led this amazing life If you read the biographies of of Churchill from the end in perspective, he's a passport. He's really he's really gonna be good. Is good and right batteries complicated like a regressive about right here and if we're go in and say you know, there's my belief if you're looking for perfection, everyone fails. The only thing perfect is God everyone else number right and a light by not teaching that by not showing our kids
They are flawed individuals. We set them up for a life of misery because a hundred percent other and then and that the problem is what we do is we are wholly like. Listen. There are voices that had been marginalized and need to be told. Like you just said, look at native Americans look at indigenous people look away at once in church. Does that the bad guy does also amazing things, but every book we do when we do I am Abraham Lincoln. We show you eight elections that he loses. When George Washington, we show you him losing his first election that doesn't show weakness. It shows your kid how to get back up again among you that, for your kid with our, I am series, that's how you teach your kids to fly, bread melter, thank you I am so proud to be a friend of yours, and I just him such a big fan- and and it's always a pleasure to have you on. I I'd like to speak, welfare here in the next couple of days, I'm I'm launching an education series and and we're gonna have just great.
Teachers teach certain things and I'd love to invite you to be one of the first teachers to I would love it we're doing what Saturday O Connor would just so powders organisation. I civics asking kids for their best idea to change the worldly nazi ordinary people change of luxuries. This called ordinary kids changed the world and justice, okay There has been a made into a were doing a natural, a gift to the kid that went to help them change the world. So whenever you need, the Haitian I'm, your man and you. Let me just say this- thank you for giving me since the start of my career, so many chances but to give kids history, you ve always been the biggest proponent of these books and I can't You and I read your with two kinds. Thank you very much. Ben Franklin, and I am and Frank out now by bread Meltzer, you will not be disappointed. These are for your kid, kids and and well worth the time are smart
This is our life flock among the other, wonderful things you know through the pandemic has done for us its lead to an astonishing increase of unemployment, benefit claims filed across the country and a lot of those claims are being claimed by cybercriminals. Ah, in that great tens, thousands of fraudulent unemployment claims using Europe. Simple identity, it so bad! this point. The empty sea has recently stated due to the lot of due to a large part, to the high volume of benefit fraud, cases, identity, theft. Tis officially Numb moved up to the number one spot for fraud in America number one with a bullet. Now, a long distance dedication to prove, and all identity theft or monitor all transactions and all businesses. Lifelong can see the threats that you might miss on your own join now save up to twenty five percent off your first year with Promo code back twenty five percent.
If your first year promo Code, Beckett, lifelong, please Nobody can stop all identity theft or monitor all transactions, but there the best in the business at eight hundred lifelike one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom, promo code back to save twenty five percent off ten seconds and I did You know, I think, it's you know and lay he was asking about. The efforts to re criminalize homosexuality to Amy only bear it. I think that's on the top of everybody's mind, you know I think everybody is that's what everybody is talking about, g if we could just throw homosexuals in jail on the verge of happening at any moment and any mobile like when and he's up for reelection now. So I know it was sixty years ago, but when they just
out of nowhere came out in their dislike. Corey gardeners going to ban birth control are also. Wait. Why, like Ben both uniform who the hell is talking about banning birth control. There's literally, no that's not happening Acerra. Do you still have the archives that add up and birth control. Look Air was unbelievable now there, talking about banning Obama care, but I want to give you something that I found it: CMS dot, Gov, that centre for Medicare and Medicaid services, DOT, Gov, ok, Are you a census bureau just released their annual report on the health insurance coverage in the United States, which shows the number of uninsured Americans rose from twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen, as usual critics of President Trump? Having to blame the administrations, healthcare policies for this increase, but a review of the key facts suggest that rising uninsured stem largely from the Obama care failure to deliver affordable health insurance premiums and has created a new class of uninsured? When
are promised, affordable health insurance for every american and even penalised. Those who refuse to buy the law did nothing to control. the underlying costs? the as a result in prison, Trump took office and twenty seventeen average into individual health market insurance premiums inside its using healthcare, Dodd Gov had already doubled. Paired to what it was in twenty thirteen. The year before Obama cares, main regulations took offence effect, the average premiums went up by another twenty six percent in twenty Eighteen, the same time. Individual market premiums were spiking out of control. The end True, the the substantial in enrollment drop among us subsidize people in the individual market who do not receive federal premium. Tax credits in two years from twenty sixteen to twenty eighteen unsubsidized on an enrollment.
climbed by forty percent and they're saying it's because they use example. Sixty year old couple in Grand Island Nebraska make seventy thousand dollars a year it slightly too much. qualify for. Obama cares premium subsidy, so they have to pay thirty. Eight thousand dollars have of their yearly. Income in two The premium by a silver plan which has an eleven thousand dollar deductible. That's insanity, SK insanity. This is a total disaster and you know how you know. That is because every democratic candidate, against it? Yes, and even Joe Biden, who was the only one who would stand on stage and actually defend Obama care in in words, who still proposing a massive series of changes to it because was failing, so many people and somehow the
The guy, who was at least partially responsible for Obamacare, is now the nominee and running against the Obama care that we have now You know saying me alone, donating their dirty thing, cause. This was supposed to work right, member, that or is this design to fail from the beginning, Joe, I tell you would have a whole signals and that at the time I remember saying that this is actually design veil and they'll come back very quickly with a much bigger government programme. Do you remember hearing any host say that over and over and over and over again back in two thousand eight thousand are now. I remember that guy who is saying that there is going to be up risings and the islamic ominous, the anarchists seconds annoying the ad agonizing will join together to overthrow the stability of the United,
Bates and the western world remember here now I do women. He was so right now how go crazy as it that you're seeing normal political rallies spiced it with violence from the left constantly constantly whenever people are marching for their right to open their business. There's a left left group. It's there too things down to break windows, to shoot people and kill them because they are wearing a red hat or whatever the House's authority guard, no are you you're, acting as if this is the only instance? Now I don't recent incident. No, I know, but it is not its been pretty pretty regular, are in these in these, yet the media refuses to cover things refuses to tell The truth about things I mean Kyle Ridden House is a household name I was in fact he was attacked. He only fired after they were coming after him with a hammer and a gun
but the other guy HU, I don't even know the name, because it's not a house or make us nobody's really reporting on it. They had any use it to child molesters right the guy that rid us of sexual assault history. But these are not people that you'd want to associate with a glance back programme. Let me talk about gold line if you are looking to have something after the election, that's a valley may I suggest gold line gold line now to find out if gold or silver is right for you. I just bought silver from gold line recently because I believe that gold is gonna, get so expensive that you're, just not gonna, be able to use it. and silver also has no record of ever being confiscated by the United States,
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This is the Glinda programme, there's a couple of things were going on. That are a big news. Stew and I were just doves giving him an update. He's been gone for the last two a couple of weeks due to a cover. Scare everybody in the house we find the right we're fine. We did I'll, have it, it was, but it was, you did have it Tonia we did haven't we all tested positive. I thought you didn't my first test was negative and then I detest positive a couple times after that was it was it like? plague of him. Did you you were limbs? We did not family members. Did you lose in this particular instance? None on, however, we were all a symptomatic. Basically it was nothing at all for us, thankfully yeah I know it's not the case for everybody, buzzes hundreds in its bad. We unknowns away in older we'll get it it's bad nebula. We know we have. the attention of those people but sure most people now that are getting it. It's very, very weak. If you do get it,
and you know me the time to get it, is right now with the weaker strain, Maybe I don't I don't know. Where is, I think, we're also getting a lot better at handling, and I think you know it were getting to the point now. You're, the death rate is about half of what it we're freaking out by it anymore, If not, we know we know enough to treat it. Still dangerous, still significant and still a big, thriving we're stone. You know- Seven eight hundred people a day are still dying on average, but that didn't it's a lot debts down quite a bit from three thousand yeah, so hopefully, were on the right side. You Elaine Trump Yes, I did you did. I did what I mean. I got it on the same day, I assume was his fall. Well, probably Watson probably was: do you see the new study out says most people who are getting it like, but does it two thirds of the people are getting it? warm ask how we are going to get from the mass, so self reported study so give people saying they wore them all the time. But if that's true inoperative is ethical was eighty five percent, I think was a aid
now, of course, there's mandates all over the place, so you're kind of you have no choice but to those people are not wearing it right, I mean it's down below their nose. Most times I mean Joe Biden took his mask off to cough as other into his hand. Here. Do we have that video? This is this is the craziest thing takes his master was included. Do is worrying below his nose anyway. The kinds of investment to exit down off now by the he's wearing mirrored sunglasses Anna mask he. I have a standing at this boy was what we can't see his eyes. We can't see his face. We can't see his expression could be a stand in a voice? Impersonator, that's what they should do. They should do. put. They should come up with one of those regimes we do. They have those like face shields. They have little did pretty designs on. You could give him the mask the sunglasses. The faith shield you can maybe too the face shield enough. You wouldn't even know who's there who had? No. No, no, I just run a tape. Virus M, that's a good! That's! A good start
you for the buy, it hits it again if he is not not doing not doing real. Well, let me just give you an update quickly and then I want to talk about the poles eight on two stories that I read today, First of all, I don't know if you ve seen the earth the the new story from an magazine dotcom about the coup. plotters, there what's considered, never allowing trump to be inaugurated. This comes from a former senior department of Defense official Instead, in the wake of Donald Trump surprise victory in November, sixteenth, a national intelligence estimate was rushed through pushy. the false russian collusion narrative, inserting, as the judgment of the intelligence community as a whole, that Russia had not only interfered in the election, but had done so in order to assist Donald Trump and help him become president. Now we know, None of that was true.
We also know that the Obama administration knew that wasn't true at the time not the administration by himself knew reading. According to this senior defence department official, they were working. On the idea that they would would not. allow the president to become president all work. At the end, I e was done at topsecret level with only a handful of individuals having access to what was written objects to the conclusions reached were dismissed, on the basis that Mr Brennan, MR call me Mister Clapping clapper had personally written the end. I e findings and recommendations and would handle all inner agency impulse to themselves. There was no room for any discussion on November tents, the senior officials speaking
received a phone call in his office at the Pentagon on a secure phone. The call was from the department of Fence under secretaries office. They coordinated. Attendants and participation in Inter agency meetings at the White House, the concerned planning for a short fuse interagency meeting at the White House was explained The new committee was being formed to finalize and establish the timeline and story line connecting a Russia with the elect Donald Trump during the, call. It was explained to the source that one of the committee's task was applied. And to delay and or reschedule the inauguration at one point? There was significant discussion of the possibility of simply not handing over the presidency to Donald Trump. Wild crazy so there were. There has not been a peaceful transfer of power, no there that they did not transfer the power. They did everything
they could to attempt a coup. On Donald Trump and I think they're trying to do it a second time now is also another story. We ve been telling you about the the election integrity project so to make sure that their a transition, as I think, its transition in TED Integrity Project and its to make sure that you know this all happens, guy. Who is running that is in the news today, because it looks like dirhams investigation is taking to his doorstep Do you remember the the story about Donald Trump, computer that was hooked to obey, can it was constantly pinging back and forth yeah. I do Kate, apparently some of this stuff in the Clinton documents that were released by Wikileaks. Now it become available and now are playing a role in the Russia Collusion Investigation on Hilary
Clinton the That guy was working for Hillary Clinton. At the time. That's ones is running the transition integrity project now They believe that he may have been the source of of hiring people to paint you get a computer paying the bank and then tie it all to Donald Trump that, that too was a set up inside. The Clinton campaign and the guy who did it there now estimating they think, might be the guy who's running the transition integrity project in credit. This is not. This is absolutely not whose Democrats have this thing where they say. Therefore, the p full transition of power, but never seem to actually execute that whenever they lose, they complain about it. Every time they say. There's all sorts of conspiracies they're doing things like this that are above and beyond anything we seen publicly and down trouble
the reverse, where he says he didn't. He never actually says that he's transition of power, he never put. Quickly like comes out in his and cheers at arm like everybody else does but there's no effort, so he's actually subverting it right now like I'd. Much rather have a guy who comes out and says: look I want to open the way for the election results to come in and then they come in he's fine Raza. Was to someone who, doing what the Democrats are doing, which is they all say? Of course, we're gonna respect this election until the electron happens in they lose it, and then they directed at all, but are they gonna lose it cuban? Looking at the polls, the poles are good for Donald Trump. Are you running at a time here right? You know, there's three weeks until a selection, three three weeks to the election from today right Some three weeks from today. It is three we from three weeks from today. Is this election and ill the poles, don't look great, I mean you know. I will say you looked alot of people talk to me as we went through the summer, and I I made this hour. It many times that
it's weird, you're right, it's covered it. No one thinking about the election in then, have the convention and we get it the debates and then people will start to focus and can make their choice and what's happened. Is that the highest? file moment for Donald from to change an election that had been really consistent, which was a moderate led for Joe Biden. I was the first debate and the four, debate, whether you think you did well or I think you did well, you know that the matters so far the poles are our saying he didn't do that well then, since that he's he's really lost three or four points since then, and most of these, like national poles, are showing him down by ten or twelve points. Now do I think, he's an illusory, ten or twelve point. No, I do not, but he's got a lot a lot of room to make up in a very short period ties including eight digits
Have you already voted and return over ten million people vote so to help me out with this because there's something in- and this has never happened before, but it's a weird I could have you this time, for instance, those three things- and this is really pointed out by Byron York And- and he said sure you look at the polls, but let me show you some other things from gallop. Last week or early this week it came out that gallop did. Nepal are you're better off now, when you were four years ago in ninety. Eighty four that number was forty four percent. Ninety ninety, It was thirty nine percent. That was a change in two thousand, for they stayed forty seven percent, two thousand twelve. It was forty five percent and they changed today. Its fifth six percent are you better off today than you were four years ago that play he's a role in in this also trumps. Job approval rating is, is not
probably under water, like you would expect. Then there's a news about me. You know some critically important states. Republicans are signing up in record numbers. new voters and the voter registration roles are going down with Democrats in record numbers ya. Think both sides can find things to find positive parts to argue here. I would. I would just say that this is it if you, if you are passionate about this and you feel, like I'm gonna, volunteer that extra day answer is yes should because this, if you, if you under the impression- and I see the lot and conservative media- that down trumps Gus he's gonna have his gigantic. During these forty five states and and and and the liberals are gonna, be cry and that next day, if, if, if well don't get out in and to do everything they can. That is not going to occur. I have Never, I don't think I've ever met. aid a political donation, I dont want to make political domain,
my wife has from time to time my wife and I both made a major contribution to the reelection camp. Putting our money where our mouth is, but I had done, directed towards not only right now, but also for the law suits. The GEO p is be underwater and way behind and not have money to fight these lawsuits and they need the the money right now to be able to do that. This is, This is all hands on deck. If you have, well, I don't know my vote doesn't count. Yes, it does eat because there a challenge it with the popular vote. I don't care if you're in California or New York you ve got to go out and vote. You have go out and vote are more. Just a second? Let me about Patriot Mobile we're getting
a place in our society where it's me versus you on, I hated ended. The distinction is getting harder and harder to avoid, especially when big mobile companies like Verizon, you know when they started. We needed them and we thought we were all playing on the same team. You know and then they thought well. You know how people gonna change and and begin a live without us, and so they just start taking your money and donating its things like plan parenthood. No thank you. I don't want any of my money going to plan parenthood. Sorry, I have another choice, its patriot, mobile They share your values. They're not gonna. Send your hard earned money to aid the destruction of Amerika. There working in their time with their money for conservative causes not against them in Europe gonna get the same nation wide service, because nobody's on the same tilt hours. Now we don't need those big guys anymore switch. They have their best offer. Yet you to free The service or a free phone plus free activation with the offer code back just go to patriot.
mobile dot com, slash back or call there. U S, based customer service team at nine, seven to Patriot, that's nine! Seven to patriot. trends and first responders save even more so make this, which today its patriot, mobile dot com, slash back patriot, mobile dot, com, slash back or nine seven to patron tomorrow, night on glinting, the episode big Tech would love to censor election hijacking is happening now glance experts have left is ensuring durable, doesn't count and reveals the chaos that coming in November. Never before has an election been clothed in lies, deceit and manipulation of the american voter. Wants glad to take on Democrats, the media and vague tack to modernize nine pm eastern only ablaze, TB, Dotcom slashed Glenn, near lessening TAT Glenn back,
I'd like to say, welcome back to stoop, tease depressing this. Not out of me, I don't do that commercial breaks. I know I mean the mean in I. Am that the reason why it's depressing his cause- I know it's true, the president is in real trouble. The selection that look he needs his people to come out there and do everything that they can due to win this election, if he's going to hold on to the two office, I think there's it there's a. adaptation to say, ok, well, two thousand sixteen in the polls said Hilary was gonna win and in an Hilary didn't win well First of all, pulling error famously bounces, back and forth from either to from one side to another, It is a favorite republic is, as we all remember, in two thousand. Sixteen in favour. Democrats in two thousand and twelve and Romney's poles going into the night of election of the election were better than trumps were in two thousand sixteen, but that pulling about two Obama side in two thousand twelve in Trump trouble action it we're about towards him, but only by a few points, and
but this is a very close election, so think about it. You, I'm not trying to make excuses. The precedent here, but think about what He is trying to achieve here. He came in very close election he's had unlimited battering by the media, that no precedent going back even to Reagan who I thought, but never get worse and regular. Bushmeat he's taken that and, as he's coming towards election it which, in what would have probably been a tight election anyway, we get it with a pandemic that destroys the economy with all those who believe in God I guess I know, and that its I mean he is up against the wall, but here's the Good news. Next week the CERN Super collider bs next week, they're going to do an experiment and try to open a black hole. Lot of people. Think that's bad, does a good job, up and swallow the world yeah. I personally am rooting for the black hole Nokia and had happens next week. Can they,
like four weeks to do that, you just make sure you know it's for you know there actually doing they believe this will be if successful we'll be first contact with a parallel universe. Is this realistic I, by from the science magazines, from CERN From CERN, I mean so they're really trying to do in that crazy. Yes, it's crazy, I mean and we're not. Nobody is talking about it. Now its aim on the way. Next Tuesday, there opening up a black hole. You know they're in Europe yeah, but Have you heard what the media's benzene Anita? We agree that we found out that we have space ships from aliens and other opening a black hole. Nobody cares Glenn programme
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