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A Worldwide Economic Nightmare Is Imminent | Guest: Kyle Mann | 9/16/22

2022-09-16 | 🔗

Glenn reads an opinion piece by a former Biden supporter who changed her tune once she saw President Biden's divisive speech, which opened her eyes to the Left's authoritarian state. The Left continues to melt down as Texas and Florida bus more migrants to leftist cities. Glenn and Pat look at the current horrific state of the economy and what's coming in America and across the oceans. Seventeen states have signed up to adopt whatever emission standard California sets up. Is your state one of them? Babylon Bee editor in chief Kyle Mann joins to discuss the Babylon Bee's newest satire book and whether it hits a bit too close to reality. Sophie Corcoran, a British conservative, joins to expose the hypocrisy of the American Left for mocking those mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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