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Hour 1  President's Trump's 'insane' proposition...will benefit our over stretched military...time for other countries to starts taking responsibility ...have Starbucks gone racist?...will liberals boycott?...implicit bias? ...We are perverting our history ...Getting your daily fill of outrage ...Glenn undergoes some Apple outrage?...problems with power cords?   Hour 2 'Women are dying because we are losing elections?'...Keith Ellison continues to spew hate ...here are the facts...Political science professor Paul Kengor joins the show to discuss his new book: 'Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century'...Shocking reports on how Sen. Ted Kennedy secretly approached the Soviet leadership to undermine not one but two American presidents...Anti-Ronald Reagan ...Understanding what's happening in Syria...Standing for Israel ...Early death by fossil fuels...activist commits suicide over climate change…Manhattanite confuses a raccoon for a tiger?... not exactly in touch with nature    Hour 3  Politicians that just won’t say goodbye…It's time to go, Joe?...knowing when it's time to walk away...the truth only when it's convenient ...diversity makes you stronger...What 96% of all college campus presidents have in common? ...We better teach our kids history now, because it's being rewritten ...Anti-Trump American history textbook 'By The People'...'blatantly biased'...implies Christians are bigots, Reagan a racist ... Those who love our country, feel like we are losing our country = Donald Trump ...'Back in the good old days' is a myth ...Bill Maher lectures Molly Ringwald? ...President Trump continues his war of words with California  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The Blaze radio network on demand, love courage? Truth! Glenn Beck! Ok, it's not a problem! Just made the arab countries in the Middle EAST and insane proposition you ready, 'cause, it's just ridiculous. The goal the goal it he had to ask Saudi Arabia the UAE and Qatar too Take responsibility for their own land. I know I know it's. Crazy right, I mean why would you even think that the western world has not only assumed the role of middle eastern steward for exactly a hundred years ago. This coming November
but we're thinking about going for another one hundred years I welcome this plan that rum administration is proposed. A plan to the Arab Gulf Nations, for them to provide funding and troops that would stabilize and patrol western Syria who, wait a minute instead of us being bogged down there. Shut up, it does just stop there. National Security Advisor John Bolton has also contacted Egypt to ask them to lend their support as well. Now I don't know if we can get. You need to look at this because we might be peace if you see the beginning of a coalition of nations in the Middle EAST that actually live in the Middle EAST. This plan has a long way to go before it bare bears fruits and there's a lot of questions to be asked. But the Trump administration is
actually looking at options that scale back are ridiculously overstretched military, our men and women in uniform are exhausted? And you know what it's. Time we bring them home, they've been in near constant, combat in this region. For seventeen years, is well past time for the people that call this region home to take the reins. Since two thousand and eleven, the arab nations have been relatively nonexistent in the syrian crisis. They don't care, and I know what you're thinking they didn't lend a hand militarily, but at least they took care the refugees. Right, no, no surprise again. Another shocker, but no. If you leave out Jordan, Iraq, an Lebanon, everyone else, the Saudis, Qatar Oman UAE Bahrain. They have contributed
zero support for the syrian refugees, zero. They don't care. So this is where the trouble comes. You think they're gonna stand for the the Christians now when he would stand for the Muslims, But the truth is the arab nations have grown comfortable, knowing that somebody else is always going to take care of their problems. It's a person living on welfare, their entire life. Why work when you get something for free its height and we broke this one hundred year cycle because it doesn't work. It is time for us to get out, and it is way beyond time that that live in the Middle EAST. Take responsibility for
their own home and neighborhood it's Tuesday April 17th. This is the Glenn Beck program. Well welcome to the program, and, let's say hello to Steve for gear voice. Tone is to our executive producer, hello, still Glenn. How are you very good? Very good? I will Starbucks this morning, thank goodness they're all white people their own. I mean that's the only reason I go to an establishment. I'll tell you I was you know I was in Starbucks and I saw the no colored sign an I thought needed. Well, that's what year were you in Starbucks? It was, you know for Starbucks existed, probably one thousand nine hundred and fifty five, but I thought ok now, there's a sign at a literally, you know puts the pool
the Starbucks all right out in the open. You know coloreds allowed here. I don't remember seeing that sign real all at a Starbucks. I think there has been that sign, someplace you what, because we're supposed to boycott it now hashtag boycott Boycott Starbucks is the new thing and it's so got up this morning and I have to tell you the truth I got up this morning and I thought I am freaking outraged I it has been two days two days I have had something new to be outraged about, and I was so outraged that I wasn't outraged, but I'm glad that Starbucks, as provided the ability for me to be outraged today having it all stems from this, this incident in Philadelphia and what when was yeah. Two african american individuals came into a star
right there. You know, there's going to be a problem, that Starbucks is so racist until every Elyza say every joke start. With two guys walk into a Starbucks, but this is no joke, don't laugh so they go in and they say they want to use the bathroom yes and the person surely white worked at Starbucks remind them that their policy was. They were not allowed to use the bathroom right in their cards, no, not because there black, because they hadn't purchased anything. They had this idea that only paying customers will be to use the restroom so mad? I can tell you this I'd, never happens. It was in the places where white people go not you know I mean I walk into any establishment anywhere. Say hey. I need to use your bathroom and they say oh you're white, it's right over there, sir. Yes, that is that every time that's the way it works for us. Why did yes? It does so. They they're, not happy with that
decide to after they go to the bathroom I would take. It seems like they actually did go to the bathroom in the in the restaurant. In the actual bathroom plea in the restroom. Okay, yes, and then they came back out and they sat down and said they were going to wait for friends now they did not purchase anything, oh boy. Now, if you've ever been to a Starbucks, are you in the know how how they have to pricing system? One of that is out Regis for any kind of minority and sold cheap, that you could buy something for a dollar and then just sit there and be legitimate, but that's only for white people know, for for any minority. Sometimes these people have to take out loans. It's ten thousand dollars for a cup of coffee, not no same price, for everyone wait a minute, but they decided they didn't want to pay any price for anything. Hang on we're talking Starbucks! Here we are racist, Starbucks with long,
US history of racism, yes, deep in just a they may look they're known there. It we used to be the Starbucks used to have three case and and I'll tell you that much to have three case to hide all the priest had hood and see so the guy, the guy sit down. This is a way for Frannie the the people at the restaurant who have told them. They were not allowed to go to the bathroom and we're not allowed to sit down unless they purchase something I'll call the police now the police come and handcuff the guys, an remove them at about that time. There friend actually shows up ob, hoping attorney. No, no, I don't know out, Sharpton. I hope it was Al Sharpton that showed up and saw this travesty.
This resulted from this incident is hashtag boycott, Starbucks, aha and someone a great photo of this Starbucks with it with a protester in line at the Starbucks with a megaphone in the face of an employee screen, Get the employee who is standing there straight faced by in the counter, with having Absolutely nothing to do with this incident. Surely he's just trying to sell people How you know you try to make this sound like the baristas are just these innocent well they're just gone up every day to do their job and you know darn. Well, they are some of the most racist organizers all of the clan mute no, no! Okay right. I know that, of course, So so now we step back here. Look at this incident for a moment if we may, if we must all right, because I have if we have a store that that
claims they don't hang up signs that say Colored's only or coloured no bathroom for colors, We have a, we have a story here that is trying to say that they don't allow whites to use the restroom if they, if they don't purchase anything they're, trying to tell us that there's no two pricing, system, one for minorities, one for whites and now you're, not remember we're pretending here that all the baristas are you are not organizers for the clan right. Ok, so we've now established all these crazy lines. I've come up with. Rightly we could talk about this. Boycotting Starbucks Starbucks yelling at them start here, let's say there is an employee at Starbucks who was racist. Ok, they came out and they said Sir or madam you must be removed from this restaurant, because you're black and I
call the police and have them come handcuff. You, because I don't want black people in my restaurant. What what could be the response to that. The employee should absolutely be fired. Sure, probably breaking multiple laws as well. Mister Starbucks be pissed, because he's a progressive right, he's very much yes, but let's just say it was this person was racist. What this mean we should boycott Starbucks. Can we start there because you started this, I think, is the perfect way. Are we addicted to outrage? Yes, we are. Are we addicted to outrage because we stand here and we look at the a story like this and our immediate idea is to act as if this is the entire corporate policy that Starbucks They're having meetings in Seattle of all places and there all deciding what we're going to do is call the police on black people who want to use the restroom. We all
Even if it was a case there was a hood wearing employee that they had hired yeah that was trying to discriminate against black people. This, obviously, is not the or for it policy of Starbucks. Ok, there not a pattern of behavior at Starbucks in which they are constantly in the news for for throwing black people out of restaurants. In fact, the exact comes up, stupid, sues, fantasy world again, exact opposite seems to be the case in which there is incredibly progressive company that makes all sorts of annoying political stances to make everyone feel good about their lack of of prejudice about how wonderfully open minded they are. That is their actual pattern of behavior. So there is a absolutely no reason to boycott this restaurant to boycott this. This higher chain of restaurants and
because we are addicted to outrage. It is about us. We want to we're doing some unknown unknown. We want to take steps that when we change something that it's all about, you don't really want to stop a coffee place that once all blacks in jail, they thank all black men does that belong in jail. I heard it from black lives matter right. They don't want that, there's a little black. What is it like? A life matter just gonna say that there's no pattern of behavior that supports that. But beyond that now take another step back. Is there any evidence whatsoever that this incident anything to do at anytime time with race, no was Is there? Is this guy? Whoever, whatever managers? Are they on their facebook? Page posting a racist memes? Are did they say anything about race at any point, so
here. Are you trying to tell me that there has not been a white person who's been removed from a restaurant because uh they wouldn't pay. They wouldn't pay for something they would sit down. Now, that's called Lloyd. Of course, since this happened, people have posted many times where people have been. From Starbucks and other places that were white because they didn't listen to the person who was at. Who is running store? How many times we've seen the sign? No shirt, no shoes, no service right. What happens in that situation If you try to come in with no shirt and no shoes, the manager would try to remove you. What, if you just sat down, though. What if you had no shirt, no shoes and you just sat down at the table? What would they do now? There's probably eighty percent of managers who would roll their eyes and get angry and not do anything because they were afraid there. Change would be boycotted if they did something. However, they would have the right at point because you are violating the rules of the restaurant to call the police I have to listen to the manager by the way, please
I have to come in and say: ok! Well, we agree we're going to remove this person. They don't have to know its corporate police, the corporate police. Yeah. You don't understand, they all listen to the corporations do your so I guess I'm now. Here's here's why history is really important in this believe it or not once upon a time there was this, this guy he was a reverent He was also a doctor. He was reverend doctor, Martin Luther king. And in his day, black people were asked to leave restaurants because the only reason they were black. They would sit at a lunch counter where everyone else was being served. And no waiter would come and serve them, not because they didn't have money, not because they weren't being polite, sat there just like every other customer and they were polite. They were respectful. They
dressed like all the other customers? They did everything to fit in, except they were black. They had a reason to stand or to sit at that counter. They had a reason to protest Because they weren't being served solely, is there black they wanted to? e for their meal, and they just wanted to be right. E used as a human being. We have now so distorted with Mark Luther King and what civil rights actually mean that now People are walking in and claiming luxuries that no one else gets without paying for the product. They're demanding luxuries. And I know well: I've gotta go to the bathroom yes and they
have a right to say you have to You're paying customer otherwise They don't have bathrooms for all the paying customers because people are coming in because no one provides restrooms. For non customers, We really need to learn history because we perverting which or it's already been done- the In people of America, both left and right need, recognize how far away from the actual civil rights movement we are and need to calmly and rationally remind people. There was a deep problem in America. In some cases there still is and we have a long way to go, but we progress we get better.
But we're not going to get better we're going to get worse if people demand extra things. Only because of their race. They demand and everybody kowtows to one race over another, because they The power not to lift up but destroy that Is going to cause even more divisions in our country and he can play no role in it: Liberty, safe the safe. The seats that are all built here in America they build every Cabela's safe. In fact, there coming such a brand name, that the people are going into Cabela's say. No, I want the one that says: liberty on it, and they're like well now it's the same. It's the same, safe except it sells, says Cabela's. Now I want the one that says: liberty on it. Liberty
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libertysafe dot com right now, that's libertysafe dot com, Glenn Beck, mercury. Glenn Beck. Let me take Ross quickly. He may have a substitute outrage for me: go ahead Ross so stews wrong about something about Starbucks there's one thing that Starbucks consists consistently: has a micro transaction, a transgression against a man, a just a racist attitude towards this spelling people's names right for Temple. My wife's name is Cammy. How do you get Gabby out of that? So I think we need to do hashtags on my name. Rider hashtag, put that in your pipe and smoke it yeah yeah. Thank you for the outrage. Now I don't use Starbucks, so I can't get around it. I can't I can't I can't find. I need something to really be outraged by today. You know
I think the colon thing through a day without outrage. That's the only thing that This is the way that America lives. Now you, you were addicted to outrage and I need my fix. Now I have a possible contender! it may sound like a joke, but believe me, it's not I'm going share that one next Glenn Beck! mercury This is the Glenn Beck program. Ok, I'm going to try to remain calm and collected Ann.
And then maybe it is just me, but I don't think it is- and I Oh, this is an old joke, but This is no joke. I am not joking. This is not a here. This funny monologue. On apple note, this is not a funny monologue. This is a dead, serious monologue on app. All chords I want answers and if we're in Congress, I would call a congressional hearing on why apple refuses to make a cord that just acts like a regular cord for any other device. They have Re imagined our entire world. They have made our life, so easy, such an amazing product. Until you go to charge it now. If you have a little charger station, that's fantastic! I love those little charger stations now for those of us humans,
that use our phones or our devices all the time and we need to plug them in. No, I need a plug. That is a little longer than three feet now. I know you're give yourself gland, they sell them at the apple store. Do they do they? Ok, what they do who is they hire some other company to make chords and they approve them all. I have recently purchased three chords from the apple store and they work for a while until they don't like one that actually works like accord I'd like to not have to stand in line at the frickin apple store for a cord, and I know the people behind the counter would like to stop seeing me I'd like to know why why they can't
they could cord longer than my arm now a lot of people, I think probably most people you know sit on the floor right next to the baseboard and the outlet when they're reading or you know, just surfing the web, we're doing their work whatever it is you're doing with apple product. I know most people sit right at the outlet. I don't I don't now white privilege sure here at the office, I have a radio desk that we built with a plug at my station, Do you know why? Because is behind me about might say: that's fine, they feed away. There is an outlet, but that's far too far away for an apple plug, so white privilege. Which we all have plugs either in our bed or we have.
A plug in the night stand or we have a plug in our desks, but that's just white people. I don't know why they can't make a plug longer than my arm, because usually more than arm's length away from the outlet this is, and the bane of my fricking existence since I started using apple and they're not getting better. Now I've purchased the new plug it didn't it didn't work, it works for awhile and then it stopped working about three weeks over under on on a plug. That's not an apple plug. I feel like three weeks is about the length of time to get out of them, but I mean not an apple plug that you bought at the Apple store. I understand if you just tried it here, just trying to find a plug it fits. You know, had a target, I get it. You gotta go to apple to get it, you know, 'cause, that's the most convenient thing for you, I'm talking about the
you buy at apple right, but are not made by apple, but about three weeks over a year on that they'll just say yeah about three weeks, because it does seem to work initially, yes, and then it stops working before they can. Under turns back at the apple store buying another invite them in bulk. We should point out that these are now chords that you buy at the apple store. They are, let's say, six foot cords made by other companies that charge you fifty nine dollars for sort. The court is never it's not it's not an irrational human amount that you pay for power cord. Of course not. This is an apple price. Fifty nine dollars or six foot cord sure. Ok, so you have a six foot cord now this is the third time in the last two and a half months that I have purchased a cord. In fact, I thought it can't be the court. It's got to be my I pad so I went out and I bought a new on Ipad because I thought
for sure it had to be the Ipad and the geniuses behind the counter were wrong because they were like no there's nothing wrong with the Ipad. Well, I just bought my third chord It must be either the cord. No, it's not the cord, it seems to work. I know it's weird: it works. Sometimes it doesn't work all the time, but it always works here when you plug it in weird, Isn't it so I buy another Ipad. This is my second Ipad now in about a month. Oh what a surprise! It's not working! I'm yesterday I was, Steve jobs were in my house yesterday and alive. You be mourning his death again today. I can't take it anymore because it's not just the cord, such as cord. That is short. Have you ever used? One of these new fangled device is called a
vacuum how I've heard of those yeah. Ok, so you know how you plug a vacuum in and then either who is a place in the room that you're vacuuming, that's just too far away from the cord, but you're so lazy. You know when you, kid. You're like I want to vacuum the living room and the hallway, and I'm too lazy to unplug the damn thing and so is trying to get an you're stretching the cord to its maximum length and you just about have it and then finally, that cord, which is really really taught and kind of coming through two doorways in your like, and he got to go back and plug it in or that's when you stop vacuuming, that's what I did, but I but I well my mom's dead now, so I can admit that anyway uh. So you know the cord thing yeah that seemed to have some give to it. It had staying power, you have a three foot cord and you move your Ipad just slightly too far like a quarter of inch too far, the plug falls out these.
Plugs have zero staying power they're like not built to stay in the in there now know it's not like they're built for American out I don't know what kind of outlets there built for, but not american outlets. Now you can't use them or or anyplace else because they love. Look like they're supposed to work in american outlets, but they never stay in. I have I have a power strip that I had to take my extension cord and bring it out and then tape it to the side of my my night stand. Ok nicely done, it's beautiful! Take it to the nice day and so the plug. Is there it's right there at the night stand? Well, God forbid We want to read my book and roll over about sixty and at the time I roll over and the damn plug falls out. It's right there. Some! I don't even have to move some time
just in the middle of the night. I get up and there's no charge on my ipad. Why? Because the plug is falling out of the wall like there was. Maybe a stiff wind in the middle of the night, or the alarm clock when it went off it just was. It was because too much of vibration in a shimmy on the table, and so the plug fell out. I have no idea what the hell what is going on, but I just I just want an answer. I just want why why you can't even say cuz, we hate people. Actually it's our way to just wait to show them. You know you're so stupid. We thought you would never pay one thousand dollars for a phone to look what we made you. You got in your by one thousand dollars phone you'll wait in line, there's no reason to wait in line anymore. We make you do it because we think you're, a bunch of rule and you know what you did all those things. So we tried, we said: hey, you know they won't put up with us. Ridiculously short cord that won't even
a in the Wall Socket, and yet you still pay one thousand dollars for a phone I'll accept that answer from you I just want an answer because I'm beginning to think that Steve Jobs is alive, he's just being held hostage by some ridiculously bad communist cord company. That is like I swear to you. If you stop selling are chords, we kill him, we kill him and I mean it. We're going to kill him and if that's case let them kill him. Let them kill him we've already kind of more, that one moved on from him. It's ok M go. We need a cord that works and the only thing that would make your frustration worse is the
Eight hundred tweets that I have received about how other people have purchased chords, not from the apple store that were perfect, shut up, shut up, don't even go right to me and say: oh this one works! No, it doesn't. It never works. For me, none of them. I've got literally a drawer full of chords that do not work for my apple product if they work for you good give you I'll, send one to you. They don't work in my house for some reason. I don't even right unless you're writing from apple with an explanation. All right, we tell you about american financing. Really finance your mortgage. Now is the time to do it. Maybe you don't want to thirty. You know you don't want to start a thirty year loan again well american
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corporation and M Ls, one hundred and eighty two thousand three hundred and thirty four www dot, nmlsconsumeraccess dot org Glenn Beck Mercury. Glenn Beck, I'm serious. I I mean I just I think duct tape works, there's a duct taped to the wall, so I'm going to do is take that apple cord and I'm going to duct tape it to the wall. A lot of people are suggesting wonderful alternatives. Yeah Glen lot of people have had only good luck with well at Amazon, basics and a lot of people suggesting that 'cause they make their own their own. Line of of batteries and chords and things like that, and it works for an apple Prada. That's what it says. It's cheaper as well
say I have had the same problem. I just bought the ridiculous because I had the same thing I kept not working. It was those issues. Were you look at your I phone when it's charging and it and it just saying there see it sitting there so but like is still as can be on a on a flight to, and you look at it and you're watching it and you just see go this is uh. And what is that what's happening? Is it's somehow actually unplugging it and plugging itself back in its gang gaining and losing the connection in front of your eyes in real time, not moving You know what else happens is when you charge it next to your bed. He goes. This is and it drives you crazy. And eventually you fall asleep, and you know what happens when you fall asleep it? Finally, you know where it stops on the
charging option? Yes, so then your alarm doesn't go off right and you wake up with a phone that has no batteries at lunch. I did boy. Have I lived there? I've got I've got my alarm. You know I fixed that I've got my alarm it. Actually goes off but no matter what I do yeah, it will not make sound no So, when I wake up, naturally it's just showing you know, hit the snooze or cancel it. This news are cancelled, yeah no need now, it's been going off for an hour and a half, but didn't it make a sound now. A single, sound. I've turned up the volume. I've done everything love it love it now, This may be operator error that one, maybe the probably that one maybe, but I can't figure it out. My wife can't figure it out but I mean you should at least try what I there's two ways to go: buy these super price. Court which I attempted at Apple, which looks like a rose. Think well. Apple just will want the super pricey one right, like my thought, is maybe I'm
paying apple enough did you get the apple rope, so I got the one that looks like a rope this, like you, know fifty dollars yeah and it's like eight feet long and it worked for about six days and then it stopped working the rope, The rope one did the nice thing about the rope one for no extra money. You can fashion into a noose. So true, it's something from a attempts here, while I'm there I'm there. The other way to go is to buy like I was just on the Amazon basics site. They have a twenty four pack, so let's say you're getting. Weeks out of each one I mean then you're. You know, you're active seventy two weeks seriously, a twenty four pack isn't that just a sign of failure, just a sign that companies like yeah they only last about three weeks: let's elemes bundles, that but again, if you have to throw if you just throw it
oh you're, probably still paying less than one apple cored, I'm fine. I really. I really fight with I'm even fine with my wife share little apple cord, it's so frayed. You could actually see the wires at damn. Thing is still working, and I'm fine if it would free. I be like okay. Well, you know it's just being used all the time like it's supposedly supposed to you know supposedly designed to do, but I still be like ok, maybe there's something there. Maybe you know night, get up in the middle night, and I've got a little file and I'm filing down the rubber coating or something I would be. Ok with that, I'm not okay with treating it better than I treat. My children or my dogs, like lay it out. Are you ok, ok, you're, going to just set your right here. It is I'm just going to be really gentle with you and not know. Can I get you something? Do you need anything want to snack? I mean
I treat that cord like it's the most important thing in the world and it still doesn't work well, if you're being that creepy to accord maybe it's in dead is hoping you throw it away, so I can get away from you yeah look. You could say I mean I've got a samsung. All right. I've got, I don't even have an Iphone, I'm going to have an Ipad. Why do I want to hear some guy talk about his Ipad for half an hour you want to talk about James Comi. You want to hear more about, stormy Daniels. Is that what you want we could we could? We could go on about that. We could, you know we'll shoot ourselves before the end of the segment, but we could have stormy Daniels for at least a minute or two before that, the apple rope cord. We could hang herself it's like looking at the, who's man, I don't even know I'd. Rather these are real problems you now we can talk. About porn stars ones that I would think we could fix that one should be solvable. I understand the whole one of the companies that we make things easy. It's ergonomically designed. I don't know where they are the most. I don't know
now. The most beloved company on the earth they suck they suck. They really do as people they suck. They're they're, treating us like dogs, go stand in line and go stand in line, thank you So we have news of another big data breach. It was recently reported that hackers stole information from more than five million credit and debit cards be used for in store purchases at Saks. Fifth, Ave Saks off fifth and Lord and Taylor stores. Some of the card information was put up for sale on the dark web. As soon as the breach went viral there, so many threats in today's connected world in it takes just takes just one: weak link for criminals to get in thing that the new life lock identity theft protection adds the power of Norton Security to help protect you against threats to you identity and your devices that you can tease Alessi or fix on your own. I don't think they can fix problems with your power cords, but they can fix this. If you have a problem, they have agents will work to do just that. No one can stop Every cyber threat, prevent all identity theft or monitor transactions at all businesses, but
Lifelock with Norton Security is able to uncover threats you might otherwise miss, but a life? com, or one eight hundred life lock and use promo code back for an additional ten percent off your first year. That's promo code back for additional ten percent off at Lifelock DOT com, love courage, truth, Glenn Beck in several states. The women of the number of women who die after giving birth has been. The rise in America for the past fifteen years, the uptick maternal mortality rates has baffled experts, doctors, healthcare, They have no idea. What's going on now one of the theories is, is that it's to the growing opioid crisis and drug overdoses, as well as an unexplainable increase of suicides among women who have just given birth, we don't know
they have concluded that recent cuts to planned parenthood are not the cause. How could they be the it's have been increasing for the last fifteen years, but Minnesota Reddick, representative Keith Ellison one. You to know that the, it's a wrong and We need to stop looking for actual medical, scientific reasons because Rick publicans are murdering these women his latest rant at an event? did by the Progressive Change campaign committee. Did you but it was during an in Texas and maybe other places. Maternal mortality has the reason. Women women are dying because we are losing elections. We, have the right to lose a damn election
unfortunately in American, two thousand and eighteen fax. It empirical data don't often pass as truth anymore. Narative has on the truth and that narrative is always tide to winning the narrative of the day, holds Republicans and trump out as the villains, nor now killing women. Villains, who are out to harm women and kill them by cutting funds to planned parenthood. The organization responsible for roughly three hundred thousand killings of Children every year? I would guess those would be pretty harmful, certainly for the child, but also for the mother, but that's just another act, the doesn't fit the narrative it's Tuesday April seventeenth. This is the Glenn Beck program. Rand Paul just came out and said that he doesn't say
that those chemical weapons were used by Assad. That he say that he said Assad would have to be the dumbest person on the planet because he knew that the rest of the. World would turn against him. So there's only two choices: he They are that stupid or it wasn't him. Ok ran, I'm I'm I'm. I am disturbed by the the growing number of people who and I'm not putting rand in this. You know what let Rand speak for himself. I think. Ominous tomorrow a dizzy this week with us. I think I'd like to like to talk to him about that, but you know there. Is he history of Russia duping people? I don't know if you know that I I want to talk a little bit about that, but I want to come in through a side door that you know most people most Americans don't even remember anymore Chappaquiddick, Mary, Jo Kapec, Knee
just about a week ago or a few days ago we had her lives on with us for about half an hour they're going to come down and spend some more time with us, because their voice has not been heard on an ash stage until now, and we talked to them about Mary, Jo Kapec, neither the young staffer that was less to die in a car by Senator TED Kennedy and wanted to know. Who she really was and what is the truth? She idealized Bobby and It was the only thing that brought her out of the s. She was down south during the civil rights days and we were very worried about her teaching school in Alabama but when she had the opportunity to work in Washington at with the people who were making the rules, making the laws and and making
who's better for everyone and equal rights. She came right up to Washington. Yes, she was a speechwriter for Bobby right. She helped him write his speech. Uh announcing he was going to run for president. Yes, oh yeah, she was but she was one of the older boiler room. Girls too, though, the one thing we all walked out of this movie The saying is how Did she not get out and he did Is there any? Is there any thoughts on this I wish I knew that Mary, JO, is a wonderful swimmer and If she had her face couldn't have been more than a foot from air, even though she was inside the car trying to see the air that was in there. Why didn't she get out if you want my opinion, your head? If you want my opinion on it, when they did the inquest, there was blood that went down the back of her blouse, probably to the small of her back. They dismissed,
there's some sort of nonsense as from her mouth, but I always wondered that. Why didn't she get out of the car? And I personally think that she was injured inside that car and she may not have been all the way conscious either. I think instinct they went John Farrar pulled her out of the car in stick. Really. She had found an air pocket up by what would be the foot hole because it was the car was upside down, so it would be where you would put your feet that's a question. That's puzzled us for years, and we don't. We don't have a lot of answers about Chappaquiddick, but what we've done is will give you a call merry Joe. What so we can tell you what probably didn't happen, for instance, the this re. More about her being an affair with TED Kennedy, there's a good chance that that never happen because of who Mary JO was in her upbringing in our Catholic, her values, and things like that. So
When you find out what didn't happen, it kind of lead you down the path of what possibly could happen, and I wish more people would do that that were there or that know things I wish more people would come forward with whatever little pieces of info wishing that they may have an at at least. We know our fact these girl all came together because they had scattered- and this was their last chance to see each other bob- I died. A few of them, including Mary, JO, had been chosen to clean up the office and it's to the museums and things homes and things to the office. It was a very tragic for them, because they had loved the senator and um. So this is a chance for them to be together, but no one has ever come to go in and Joe and said. I thought there americo. She was happy. We were looking forward to this or that and so they've never had the last few hours their daughter's life and, I think, that's a terrible tragedy. None of the boiler girls ever
got together with the family and no, they were at her funeral Michelangelo were so sedated to tell you the truth that and none of them were ever introduced to any of us. So we never got a chance to talk to them either and afterward when it was come down and they thought that will now the senator will come forward and talk to them. He did call them soon become the Hyannis port and they thought well now now find out what happened that night when they got there. They walked into a cocktail party. He could French said hello and disappeared, and they turned around and went home and more or less hibernated, special their lives. But he never far, as I know, never even said- I'm sorry name of the book is our Mary, JO, it's available everywhere and I
I haven't read it yet, but I hope that it picks the story up Four and after the movie, Chappaquiddick yeah yeah the um it starts from yeah actually her heritage and where she came from it continues up past her death into Glen and Joe's life. Without her it's a comprehensive look, what we did is we took all the letters that we had received from people around the world will Gwen and Joe had received, and we had actually inherited them and we put them in the book to tell Mary a story through the eyes of other people through her friends, her coworkers, although she was great but not because we say but because everyone who knew her said so so all the people surrounding her had
opportunity to go on and be lawyers and the public to have a very successful live, so it would only so merry. Joe would also have done that too. So this is a good kisser. Second chance. The name of the book is our merry Joe. It is Mary, Jo Compact, the story, the name of the movie is Chappaquiddick. You need to see it, it's unbelievable! Thank you so much Paul Kane or he is a an author of a book called Duke's how America's adversaries have manipulated progressives for a century, and I want to bought him a little bit about how the Soviets, nipple lated people in Congress and the media here in but I want to. I want to stop real, quick and ask him about Senator Kennedy in the Chappaquiddick story. Hi Paul. How are you. Good Glenn, hey thanks for having me on. I was shocked that that interview, they've they've, never really done a national interview before
and that nobody, nobody never talk to the family about it, and so they kind of just the prince just died in isolation- and Nobody ever said anything and most People don't know the story now, yes not, play right. In fact, I had caught the interview at the blaze. I saw that you had posted it there. An the you know the original book that I think a lot of the movie seems to be based on. I haven't seen the movie, yet I'm hoping it's really good weekend, really good yeah. That's what I that's. What I hear it was. It was LEO Damore's book which was called senatorial privilege, the Chappaquiddick cover in that came out in late 80s, and I remember at the time I was in grad, I was totally totally apolitical. I was like a embed major, had not no interest in politics, and I was just flipping the channels. One night I think it was on Larry King LIVE Leo. The more the author was on and he's guy
broke a lot of this and his original publisher, it was random House had had spiked the book after giving him one hundred and fifty thousand dollars advance, and that was after pressure from the Kennedy family and it was regnery regnery that published the book. That's and we came out LEO Damore- would have a tragic end to he actually took his own life. He in the late 1990s, but it This is the first time that I heard all that information I went out. I got the book, I read it and you probably know this is as well as I do at least from what we know, but she please do have have suffocated by Glenn. I mean I don't think she drown and she suffocated, because there was a I mean. The my understanding is that the car didn't go into. Cape cod. It went into a pond, yeah did the bottom of the bottom of the vehicle was actually exposed and she was she the uh
she had just enough air. They thought that she might have lived for up to three hours. An help was literally steps away. He just walked away from the scene, and so nobody knew until the morning. And he and he went away from the scene or walked away or ran away because he didn't to get hit with drunk driving. Surely right and it had he done that and he would have been accused of drunk driving and an killing. Somebody in the process that would have- his career. He he was He was in line. He hoped to be the next Kennedy who would run for President United States. So following JFK following RF and I mean the tragedy of the Kennedy family Bobby Kennedy- was assassinated just the year before that It was in June one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight and can you go back even a couple. More Kennedy, Boys JFK was assassinated, but
Harvey Oswald November, sixty three and then there was also another Kennedy boy, Joe Junior, who some people say this was the most impressive Kennedy, boy of all of them and he got killed in world war. Two it's you know he's now that there were tragedies that happened, but this was not one of the tragedies this was. This was TED, entity being a bad guy so this right. You know the you can't lead to this to the the the Kennedy curse. This one I happen to be as TED Kennedy did it. I stop. There were talking to Polk Kengor, he's the author of dupes, how America adversaries have manipulated progressives for over a century. I want to take a quick break and come. Second talk to Paul he's a political science professor and written extensively on history, and we go back. To TED Kennedy and his relationship with the Soviet Union and how he was I think, willingly duped by
the Soviet Union, and how this has happened before an- and I, I think Paul and I'd love to hear your opinion. It's happening to members of the press and men, is on the right and the left. Right now in Syria, with Russia, we go there. Next, every business needs great people and a better way to find them something better posting your job online and praying for the right person to us to show up. Zip recruiter There had to be a smarter way, so they built a platform that finds the right job candidate. For you, it learns what looking for it identifies the people with the right experience that and then goes out and invites them to apply to your job, and it's the invitations that change the way everything works. Eighty percent of the people who try Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate in the first day, but also spotlights the strongest applications you receive. So when
open up your zip recruiter- and you look at the dashboard- and you see what's coming in- it- highlights all of these people, so you don't miss the perfect match. It's the you're going to find the person that you need in your business. Not today by zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes and industries to find the most qualified job candidates, with immediate results. And right now you can post jobs on Ziprecruiter for free, go to zip dot com, slash back, that's ziprecruiter, dot com, slash back Glenn Beck, Mercury, Glenn. We go to Paul Kengor Paul, I'm I'm watching the news come out today where I'm watching some media people to hold up Russia as the good
guys in this. In this battle. Over in the Middle EAST, and they are, they are citing Ceran, Syria. You know your allies would tell you a little bit something. If you're on the right side or not, this isn't first time. That Russia has used members of Congress or petitions or or the media or people on the streets and turn them into advocates for them right. Exactly right. Yeah, the Russians are great at doing this Glenn I mean they I've been masters of manipulation for decades. They they had a department of agitprop agitation and propaganda. They specialize in disinformation. The russian word for was does in format, CO, which is a long clunky word, but I mention it because, because they practically pioneered it. I mean they. They were great
at learning how to work. People in the american media people in the am- can Congress and they they always targeted progressives, because you know they figured press is being on. The left were far less anti communist. They were far less anti russian and those are the people that they could do, pin sucker and in fact, would have been Vladimir Putin's KGB. Hooten was there throughout the 1980s that that that do didn't used in Hoodwinked. Ted Kennedy had just the carryover from our last segment in Chappaquiddick they worked head. The over really good the number of times in the 1970s and 1980s and at the worst sample of this was when Kennedy an we actually have now, a May 14th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three memo from the head of the KGB. Victor Chabok of this would have been Putin's boss at the time, and it was
the address to the head of the Soviet Union Yuri Andropov and you remember and drop it was a bad dude. Man like this was a real, bad guy and this was all about. As the actual document says Quote thanks. Senator Kennedy's request to the general secretary of the Communist Party and drop off and that request. I think this is this, fits perfectly with these, with exactly what you're talking about in this note again. Communication directly from the head of the KGB today did the Soviet Union and it was communique it directly on the scene by Antonny, who is a former democratic senator from California has been a law school roommate of TED Kennedy and Kennedy. There tells the Russians that there's this situation internationally, where the situation is deteriorating and us soviet relations he's very troubled by this,
but he blames it on Reagan. He doesn't. Blame but on the Russians. He blames it on Reagan. The memo says the problem was Ray is belligerent's compound by Reagan, stubbornness and here's. The exact language Glen according to Kennedy, Rocie Brick of the current threat is due to the President's refusal to engage any modification to his politics and so that, being the case Kennedy. Actually offers, and it says here he believes that, given the state of current affairs and in the interest of peace, it would be proof but in timely, to undertake the following steps to cow through the militaristic policies of Reagan and among those steps, Kennedy off to connect and drop Andropov and the Russians in the Kremlin with sympathy,
people in the american media and the memo actually even notes Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters, as as two people that the Russians could be connected to so it kind of kind of the moral of the story in the overarching angle here that continues to this day the Russians always knew and always understood, and is going on now with Syria that if there's a public in in the White House that they don't like and who's doing, something in foreign policy that they don't like. They could always count on sympathetic people, liberals Susan, the american media in Congress and in the Senate to step up and and help them out to be dupes Kengor. The name of the book is dupes how America's adversaries have been nipple eighting progressives for a century available back
mercury This is the Glenn Beck program you know talking, the syrian thing this, why it's so important for you to understand what happening in Syria. This is this is not about Syria. It's really not it's not even about the United States. And Russia it is about Israel Hamas and Hezbollah Hezbollah is the the army of IRAN. Hezbollah has come out and, along with the AL could's fighters, which means Jerusalem, AL goods, goods, meaning Jerusalem. They are the armies that are being sent in from IRAN
IRAN sees weakness in a Assad and Assad is allowing them to come in and occupy this space, and they are, they are- trying to take and bill hold a crescent shape. Iran. And trying to come over to the top of Israel, and we know this because in Israel, I'm in Syria, the the commander of the iranian troops. Has just said recently there there, their action is almost complete. Their encirclement of Israel is almost complete they have serious? They have Lebanon. They now have gauze As well the protest in Gaza, sent a viral love letter out to the head general of the AL could's fighting brigade,
which is a rainy and saying you know we love, you were waiting for you hurry soon and the plan is to to overwhelm Israel and take. Is a Jerusalem this is in there and Times theology needs to be in ours as well, but they believe they are enacting their end times theology. This is the eight hasten return of the promised. One is really about Israel, list Indians are being stirred up by IRAN right now and they're being used to try to penetrate the the border wall in the Gaza Strip. They are causing all kinds. Distress there, where a
proxy war between the United States and Russia is happening and no one is talking about Israel, Israel's 70th birth day or anniversary, is right around the corner in fact next week here at the studios in LAS Colinas Texas. There is a this is real. Several s, Israel, Seventieth, celebrate the miracle dinner that is going on, we we don't open our doors for, for everybody, but we wanted to open our doors for for this group that is celebrating 70th birthday of Israel, I'm going to be speaking Daniel and I think is, is speaking Rafiel cruise, I think, is speaking. If you never heard Rafiel cruise speak, he is fantastic, but it's a it's. A dinner support of Israel, and that is happening. I believe that next Thursday
April 26th, it's cocktail reception dinner and then the program and desserts and everything else you can find your tickets at, HALO Oval H a I o v e l, ya, hopeful, dot, com, slash Israel, seventy or at Glenn Beck dot com. We will two in the right direction. Interesting bring up Rafiel cruise after a segment about the Kennedys yeah. I know in that crate so that was coincidence, yeah, I'm sure it was. I thought you were going to say interesting. You bring up Rafiel cruise and Israel and we're just stays away from the rapture. Let's try to get this get this speech in. It's more than six days away. Why are you bothering uh, you know just not probably going to stay, I mean I'll, be chosen to go, but I'm probably going to stay. Oh really, yeah,
David Mead as come out and said that April 23rd, the sun and the moon will be in Virgo, as will Jupiter, which represents the Messiah. Is this the same guy yeah? What Isn't this the same guy that we had an orbit, but don't pay attention that we talked about Remember we had the guy on who saying that they use, so he somebody completely discredited, but it was totally different guy with the same name, oh and voice, and and he would have even heard of how to do anyway, he says that the date of the rapture is April 23rd and it's it's the alignment of the stars and- and and so expect the rapture. You don't have to pack anything because you can't you know you're you're, going as you came, but the rest of us will still be broadcasting on Friday. So that's
add, or is it April 23rd when is April 23rd, but damn thing Monday this coming Monday, yeah Alex stays away. Yeah. We will giant sign that says Rapture countdown six days, so you should. You should know that. Oh my gosh there it Rapture countdown six days. They were just that's an internal message just so. We all know that's not for the shell. Now, no, no do. I know you want to get to I know you want to get to some politics today. I do there's more important things than politics though, but what is it? What fossil fuel they're, doing to our world see. That's it. You don't understand. That's not a political issue. Is that Is that more important than the tiger that is running amok in Manhattan?. Uh, I think there probably
did me? A give me a little bit of yours can be a little bit of yours by green activists. Who is pioneer. It was a pioneering lawyer for gay and transgender rights, including the notorious boys, don't cry rape, murder case committed suicide by setting himself on fire on Saturday morning in Prospect park in Brooklyn to show how bad fossil fuels were. He burned himself to death using fossil fuels to reflect how mankind was likewise killing itself police sources, say left a note in a Manila envelope old trees, Not only it was always away from the body. This is the way. Okay, all right, let's agree with her not to it's a terrible way to live just a low into the fire. I'm gonna leave this here, but don't let it blow into my fire. Sorry go ahead. My early death by fossil fuels reflects what we are doing to ourselves well, is interesting 'cause. If people really were dying because of
also feels wouldn't. Why would you need to kill yourself right right? You just say hey. Let me show you this video, or let me go to this area where all everyone's dying of fossil fuels. Instead, he had to set himself on fire because fossil fuels aren't doing the thing he says. They're doing a senior attorney with Lembata legal defense. He was a lead lawyer in a two thousand lawsuit about boys. Don't cry! Of course you remember. Your big I'm glad of that movie. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Hilary Swank too. You know that also fought for the rights of gay high school students in SALT Lake City to organize a club. He argued discrimination in the boy Scouts in America of America and the Military And then uh decided to sell pictures gone up by nine degrees. Let's let myself on fire makes sense. Make sense. You know, like I feel like if you're going to let yourself on fire but we know this from the arab spring right. Guy lights himself on fire starts. The arab spring
is a big movement. That kind of is that comes out of that right. There's been other examples of this. The lighting yourself on fire usually signifies. I think I'm starting something big, I'm you got the story on Tuesday. This Kurt on Saturday didn't seem right there. It seems like you're gonna burn yourself alive, you make sure cameras or something right like yeah, you don't do it in the middle of the night and leave a Manila envelope. That's too yeah I'm going to say. We shouldn't set yourself on fire. Just blank statement, blanket statement, yeah yeah. This is don't, do it just don't do it, expound on what what no? I just think I'm just going to. I think if I think it stands on its own, however, not in New York in New York, everything is different. Some stories some stories from New York, but no matter how big imagine if, let's say your town.
There was a lion was a the tiger. There was a tiger, loose in your town. Do you think that would make big nose. Let at least all of would be front page of the paper, don't think sure, probably a New York Times. This is how crazy New York is Tyga, is loose in the streets of Manhattan? So it's no! It's not on the front page of the New York Times. Ok, helicopters were out because they had several residents, call and say there is a tiger loose on the streets of Manhattan and it was a it was a social media frenzy, but things So crazy, these guys setting himself on fire yeah yeah Tiger. We get to that we're trying to put this guy out first. So it happened. Uh. This tiger was loose between 166Th, ST uh. In in Harlem, and and Saint Nicholas Ave. It had
around eight hundred and thirty in the morning and they the fire department, everybody I mean. Who do you call there's a tiger who do you call well Called police who do the police call when call the firemen environment? Don't have anybody else to call her like, oh crap, I gotta do this too, so They go out and they start searching for this tiger. Now. These people in Manhattan. You know they lived in the city all their life, but they're not idiots right. Of course not fire fire, firemen capture, the the tiger, and it is identified by a Tony, no no by the the vm by the people who called the police as the a tiger that they had seen it to.
The term it wasn't it was it was yeah is what we would call a raccoon. So no I mean there from the city. You can't expect them to be able to tell the difference between a tie and a raccoon. I mean come on pretty large difference between I don't they both have stripes so, I mean I've seen I've seen Tony the tiger. He he big, I mean look up, but he is he's he's out. He can fit on your of your cereal box. I mean that's big tigers are now pretty sure that's right life size Tony. This is not a normal. This is a normal sized raccoon. By the way you have lost sight, regulate, touch with nature. If you're living in New York is the lesson here yeah, I think I think you might have lost touch with reality. If you live in manhattan- and you think a tiger is raccoon,
or you know- or it was just a really cute tiger, that would be that would actually that would just be a cat. So let me tell about a gold line there's a couple of stories here that I pulled today for future shows that you should know about here's. Here's one on first, falls in Illinois. The the I think it's uh Danville Pension, the Illinois comp troller intercepted the municipality tax revenues more than four hundred police and fire pension funds. Sixty three percent of Illinois's, six hundred and fifty one total down state public safety funds received funding than was required from their cities. The first city has gone belly up here with their with their Pension fund more than four hundred. Funds are to follow. Also, there's a story about how the dollar is falling, and this is a victory for
trump, because it will mean more saving more spending by other countries. Are trade imbalance will change but what that means is your dollar. Your dollar is falling, which means, if you left money in the bank You're losing money everyday because we're devaluing the dollar, so you have less purchasing power people overseas, as their money goes up against the dollar they and buy more of our stuff, but we and by less This is the game that's being played in Washington. It could be spun. You know anyway, you like, but the truth is when, dollar loses value, you lose money and purchasing power and that, in gold, goes up if I may suggest please, It's called gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot com,
apparently the administration is very thrilled and so are some that are just looking at the trade imbalance saying all this is great. The dollar is, is caving and it's the the currencies all around the world are going up. No, that's! That's! Not good thing for you. It might be a good thing for the stat, but for you, it's not good. Old line now hedge, your bet, to spread your risk out a bit an have some physical gold on hand. Eighteen, gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line or goldline dot COM, Glenn Beck, Mercury, Glenn, Beck so there's been a ruling in the Supreme Court and it was split Cross Party lines well except one voting
With the now majority and making it the majority was Gorsuch and it was on immigration majority was the liberal side, Kagan, bright, Briar, Soto, my or Ginsburg and Gorsuch voting together on a image. We should not sure this is a missing trump. Often, oh, my gosh and you know the law basically says you get an autumn deportation. If you commit a crime of violence and the which argument is essentially. Crime of violence is to fake vague it's. What is a crime of violence you need to ask what list exactly what you, what you're saying is actually what what I thought of when I first heard the story is like what what is a crime of violence is a is drunk driving a crime of violence or not. Oh you know what what is it right? the threshold here and It's kind of the argument that Gorsuch makes, which I think does make some sense, though it's not going to make Trump's day.
It is certainly not an also. I mean I'm just kind of we're just skipping the basics of this. I mean, I think, there's an argument to be made that that can be true, though you know, there's a separate descent, there's a separate several dissents in several opinions, Clarence Thomas writing, one of them. I was wrong. Watching. I was reading an article yesterday about how the the court has turned more to the left over the years and they show a ranking of where these guys vote, and you see everyone has these wild swings even Scalia was more conservative than he where he was at the end. You see. Like candidate, Stevens who was actually started on the slightly conservative side and then, when it completely liberal, you look at the line Clarence Thomas. It is always The most conservative and the most consistent it shouldn't
change right. You shouldn't you shouldn't be going up and down on these scales they should you should be your line, should look like Clarence Thomas is line and it's hard to argue with you, because you could be constitutional, which would sometimes put you into the social liberal category, possibly but Clarence Thomas, is gone through wall of fire. He knows exactly who he was when he got in Glen and he hasn't changed mercury love courage, truth! Glenn Beck! Have you noticed how many politicians don't know when it's time to call it quits, let them in the curry? politicians like seventy five year old, Joe Biden, God just like Joe cannot let it go. He is only surpassed by. I think pro athletes and Hillary Clinton
knowing when it's time to walk away, apparently out of work Joe something to do because he was for Sunday keeping his foot in the door. Two thousand and twenty presidential run by show on Al Sharpton's, MSNBC show I didn't know. Even had one still, but he does and Oh, I knew about it or at least one of his visors or somebody knew about it, had heard rumor that Al Sharpton had a show, and so he showed up biting. Eight year paid vacation as Obama's vice president apparently wasn't enough of a victory lap for this former senator from Delaware he needs one more go around and I guess the prosper have a school yard rumble with President Trump is just too good to pass up. Part of me would like to see it. Part of me is junkyard dogs going at it. As part of me that says: yeah. Let him fight but well habits die hard for career politicians. If we can,
I need that guys like biting, cannot let go of the limelight couldn't at least he make. Interesting and try to be original. 'cause he's not doing that. He hasn't even officially announced his candidacy yet, but on Sharpton show he pulled out the same old, tired party lines about Republicans, trying to keep working class people and back black people down. You know they do I want black people voting for them. Listen to this. Why is just this past year in Twenty four states- the administration's allies have have have introduced sixty pieces of legislation, or maybe seventy piece of legislation to curtail the franchise look these guys, are all about year- These republicans don't want working class people voting. They don't want black folks voting man voting, I mean I just like hey, let's roll a doobie man, it's just a man of the people. He can't finish those jeez he's not going to
with the guy in the world its voting. He doesn't have time for that. He's a man of the people he's a man, a man. Right on keep on truckin I mean he is. I just got to see him in his keep on truckin t shirt from the 1970s, and I am sad. Now this particular line is fradon full of holes. It doesn't even make sense, but uh. You know it doesn't stop him from Trenton it out. Man, alright, are you? The man of course, Republicans want as many black people to vote as possible. They just wanted to Republicans and how the same strategy applies regardless of race, isn't it can you vote yeah, we vote for us yeah, If Joe Biden really wants to keep score over, which party has fought more for fundamental rights of black Americans, It's not really gonna, like the historical evidence, all that much but then again, it's on Al Sharpton show so evidence and truth.
Doesn't matter this guy, who had to drop out of the race in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight he was running for Prez. He was caught plagiarizing speeches I too many career politicians like Joe Biden I'm just can't walk away. And it's amazing to me, the two biggest one? free Clinton and Joe Biden. The Bruce plays no role in their life living in a in a incomplete, made up world where the truth only matters when it's convenient it's Tuesday April 17th. This is the Glenn Beck program, great article on medium, the other day but I want to share parts of it with you 'cause it is. It is problem and the solution You know we always just
we live in a world that is run by a pendulum. I think you know the uh, the deists during the earth. Enlightenment believes that there was a god, but he was watchmaker and he assembled the watch and then he walked away set the time started to going, and then he walks away from it just running like clockwork and that's that's the role that God plays Well, let's use that analogy here for a second, be is in some ways it does work that way. The system does work that way it's o'clock and it just it doesn't change matter. How much you want it to change? You know I need another hour. It doesn't matter, it just continues to tick, and sixty minutes is- rubber. It is always sixty minutes Ann. He is a society always around a pendulum and when
is it too far on the outside? It's crazy, unstable and it's never good. It's when that pendulum is just right towards the six hundred o'clock. If you will write at the bottom that it's the strongest in the best right Because there's these extremes, where, where where we are being pushed to those edges and right now, the extreme is being pushed so far to the left. And it's so far to the to the collective that the jewel, doesn't matter anymore. It's all about the group, my group and that group is getting smaller and smaller and smaller until you're going to eventually range. You know right you're, going to land on the individual again. My group Group, all of my group is my group is Asian Americans. Well, not all Asian Americans.
And Americans, whose family is come here in the last, two generations, but not just any last two generation asian american asian american generation that migrated from China and then He came here because they were all missing. One left foot at eventually you get to just you and your case because if you noticed there also thing to eat each other. Now I mean when Paul is called out by transgendered people as being this phobic you've got an issue. Ok, it's trans, Well, it's a I mean it's, it's Rupaul for the love of PETE. So let me let me just share. This medium article think its oversight of today's pro diversity. Extremists is that they forget that
literally diverse city cannot be sustained without co existence. Member those bumper stickers he used to piss people off coexistence like work out. I left I got our two one world religion, distance, is actually pretty important in another. Yeah. I have to agree with you, but I. We don't have to live next door to you got pretty low hurdle to clear as well. He just kind of both existing. In the same time, yeah yeah We can all have: white black asian male female Intersex, trans, gay, straight Sis, tall, short fat, skinny, liberal conservative, living together, exactly The same way: 'cause they're, not they're different people, and if they don't tolerate one another, what happens they kill each other. This is the way you go to war.
The article says, let me give you two types of people in this world, one though, you can tolerate people who don't think, look, live or feel like them within the confines of the law, I'm that person or To those who cannot tolerate, who don't think, look live or feel like them within the confines of the law. But those are the only kind of two people and if you're a number person in any shape or form Then you are not pro diversity, your pro self, your pro pro tribe, and it doesn't matter if your black or white, gay or straight it doesn't matter you're, not really diverse,. The author says: let me put it this way if black people sent and mock white people for their white privilege and gay. People resented mock street people for their privilege, and women resented mock men for their privilege and trans people
present in mock Sis people for their privilege and poor people presented mock rich people for their privilege. Submissive men resented mock dominant men for their privilege, unattractive people mock attractive people for their privilege, people resented mock fully maindeck for their privilege. Disabled people resented mock, able bodied people for their privileged liberals. Resent mock conservatives for their privilege. Vegetarians, resent ac mediators for their privilege, vegans resent mock vegetarians for their privilege. Christians resented mock Jews for their privileges. Muslims rement resented my Christians for their privilege this resent in mock theists for their privilege, an Pentecostal Christians resented Mark Catholic Christians for their prison. Privilege on an on an on an on. This is the recipe for conflict, not peace, not
today. This is what causes wars now, what happens? is people will say, well wait a minute here. Do you want me to live side by side with a racist? No if they are actually promoting the idea of racial supremacy and the violent subjugation of people? Well, no, you do resist those people. Either the sexist that believe they are superior, an entitled to have power over another sex, no matter which of the ninety four thousand one hundred and fourteen genders it maybe now now I this. Those who make decisions based solely on gender homophobes people that have believed that the the
The lifestyle of gay people has to be exactly what you decide. No, I don't I don't know, I don't think we we do that other than that. I think we all have to get along it's interesting. It's a similar to what Amy Chua was saying yesterday on the show in that we've come to a point: where People who claim to be diverse are so stride into their opposition. To any other viewpoint, diversity is a joke. It's really a mean when you were reading that when you were talking about diversity, you kind of cringe at the word, not because you don't cringe at the idea of actual diversity. Diversity is great. I mean in real terms necessary, actually means urban dictionary it's great.
But what it is in political terms today is just a way to beat up on people who are too conservative. Here's here's. The thing diversity makes you stronger. Ok, real diversity makes you strong Do you know that there are some animals that are, both and neither x, nor Y chromosome, male or female, yeah. Ok, and they can procreate, they can become a female or a male doesn't matter. They could play both. It's creepy right, it's creepy! However, they they do that for survival, they actually physically change for survival, all right, but here's the problem. They cloned themselves because they have nobody to meet with, so they clone themselves and what have all of a sudden, there's a
population explosion is having with the crawfish and Europe yeah it's happening now. This explosion. Where he's like we're going to be uh no I'd covered in crawfish? No you're, not you know why, because it's inherently weak. It will come against. Predator or it will come against a disease or something, and they will will die, because what something will kill all of them, because There's no diversity. There's full genetic diversity, what eh? For that one has they all have it whatever the one weakness is they all have it? We we need diversity. We need Jeanette diversity and we need mental diversity. I don't know anybody who's against that, except when you start talking politics and then everybody seems to be against it guys. We need
each other, we have to have each other, we have to live with each other. We we have to stop trying to criminalize somebody Elsa's point of view. There's a there there's a free speech survey that was just put put out on to the university presidents. Four hundred and seventy one college presidents, we value free speech. Eight two percent of university presidents believe it is important to promote an inclusive society that is welcome to diverse groups. Although The five percent said shouting down speakers or trying to prevent them from talking is never acceptable, and seventy four percent said that protecting citizens free speech rights is extremely important. Ninety six send answer that they believe it's more important to allow students to be exposed to all types of speech is even if they
they find it offensive or bias than to protect students. By prohibiting speech, they may find offensive or bias ninety six percent of all university presidents say it is more important for them to be exposed to. Which they may find offensive or biased. Why? First of all, because versity makes you stronger, but if it happened to be a university president. I've seen what's going on in campus. Is it doesn't? match the ninety six percent of you saying that you need to protect that. So I just want to say how are things going? An an blink twice if you're in danger. Now is prime time to sell your home
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Frasier is rewriting history and he's he's making it a progressive narrative. He penned by either people's history of the United States. It's a textbook for advanced placement, american history, high school class- and it is it's riddled with thinly veiled criticism of President Trump, a blatant insult aimed at those who voted for him. Anti police rhetoric. Now I've read this, and some of this is really add. Some of it is, I guess you have to take it as a whole, because some of it, is like on. I don't know you could read it that way. I guess, but if you take it to to the, if you look at it as a whole, it's a tip the scales I mean, here's one of the really bad ones. Most. This talking about the last election, most thought that Trump was too extreme candidate to win the nomination, but his Extremism, his anti establishment rhetoric and some said his very hidden racism connected with
significant number of primary voters. Ok! Well, who are the sum sum said? Who are the sum? How many people said that. His not so hidden racist comments is, is attitudes. I mean I think that lead needs a little more explanation or needs to be left out. Some is a nice way to say it's what I think. Yes but I don't want to take responsibility for it so I'll, just reference random others. That may have said something similar now he did stereo typing but listen to this Trump's, There's saw the vote is a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in fast, changing America. Ok, I don't wrong. With that view, mostly older, often rule or suburban and overwhelmingly White Clinton. Supporters feared The election had been determined by people who were afraid of rapidly developing ethnic die
city of the country discomfort with their candidates, gender, an install for an earlier time in the nation's history. Also worried about the mental instability of the President Elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation holy cow. What don't you just take Hillary India Speech It is there's there's more in this, and I just want to share it with you and and and and go over it 'cause you have to go over this with your kids. You have to go over this with your kids and and to find a way to talk to your kids about this. In a bag list way where they won't take. The site of the teacher automatically will talk about that when we come back Glenn Beck
Mercury you're listening to the Glenn Beck program so reading this textbook, that is now classrooms called by the people, a history of the United States, it's a textbook for advanced placement, american history, high school classes and by the way, Do you know that now to get a history, major world history, major you don't have to take a single course in american history, not one! No! how do you understand world history? If you don't understand the United States, how do understand. If, if we don't have to take any world his any american history, two to quote right as a as a history teacher, a world history teacher. How is that possible? It
United States not play a role in anything that happened last two hundred and twenty years. It would play any role. I mean. How is that possible. Through the only important role to understand, correct right. It's by far the most dynamic change, correct, I mean tried things that no one had tried before We are now no longer teaching the founders, in fact some school districts and now only teaching american history Post, one thousand nine hundred. Well, it surprised 'cause. That's when all the progressive era started, isn't that interesting. His street history is written by those in power and the Good NEWS is, you will have the ability to the two to teach history, it's being made every day to teach history to your kids and it's imperative that you do in this advanced placement textbook for
school by the people is the name of the book. I gave you a couple of things. One is most thought that Trump was too extreme of a candidate to win the nomination, but his extremism is anti rhetoric and Hum said, is not very hidden racism connected with a significant our primary voters. So I would agree with that. I take ninety percent of this most thought that Trump was Extreme candidate who couldn't win the nomination, I contend even Donald Trump's people didn't think he could win the non. But he went in is an extreme candidate to shake up the system. His is anti establishment rhetoric yeah that connected with a lot of people. Now his extremism and his
not very hidden racism. Now no did some people perceive some of the things he said is racist, yeah yeah they did. Who are those people? I don't know, do they exist yeah in what number I don't know. I mean that that shouldn't be in that text book. That's not the you could. Say some people felt that he had hidden racist tendencies as long as you say, others vehemently denied that. He says he goes on Clinton supporters feared the election It had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country. Can we stop with this? I don't know a soul. It is afraid of the country. Change because we are all these black people. Here I see brown people, nobody, nobody, I don't know of anybody. That is feeling that way. I don't know
Buddy is like we're going to be in the minority we gotta start killing me some of those other colored. All you know people in the media in the Richard Spencer's of the work force that, like that they do exist this or in small numbers. Here's what people are feeling the american culture, the culture that we've had from the beginning of neighborliness decency, honor integrity. We failed all of those things over and over again, but for the most part. You could predict America, you could predict what your neighbor would do and we all generally read on the bill of rights. Even though we wouldn't live up to them all the time. We were always progressing in getting better, there's no finish line, and so we're always dressing and getting better. But generally we agreed on those things. Well, here's what I afraid of, and it has no
things to do with the color of skin. It does have something to do with people coming in from other countries. Let's say Sweden so Sweden. I don't want a bunch of Swedes in here that want make America like Sweden so then live in Sweden. I You should've come here. If you're, like you know, we had some really good things, you know, but it may work here, because it's diverse, there's no die per city in Sweden or what a surprise as soon as we started, introducing some sort of diversity the whole thing started to shimmy apart ha that had anything to do with it. I don't know people here who want recreate to their country. I don't want people here who just want to be an American, because you can become rich by the world's standards. I want people here who understand the opportunity that our constitution, provides and that's what we're losing
but we're losing it with white people and black people and young people and old people were losing it everywhere. There's no, but he generating those kind of people and that's what I think. People fear there's a guy who's. Like I love the country, you see whatever you want, but he loves the country, I'm sorry. Don't think that was a universal opinion under Barack Obama. Now you may not agree with Donald Trump's version of the country, but he loved it and people wanted They want a president who's like I'm on I'm on our side, I'm on our side that played to a lot of people. They felt that he loved the country. That's,
important it. It has less to do with race. I think he goes on to say it was afraid of rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country or discomfort with their candidates under. Look it's not one thousand nine hundred and seventy anymore and he'll Clinton is not Mary, Tyler Moore, she's, more like an angry mod for the love of people can can you hippies stop. Living in the 1960s and 70s. You did I made the mod reference. I don't know because they'll understand it. It's true, though it is idea that I mean. Is there again? Is there someone out there in the sound of my voice, that didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. She was a woman maybe maybe I've never met anyone who's like that, but it's possible! try. Try this on for size,
me saying you know the melanija hasn't been on on on Magazine Fashion magazine covers any she's been one, but I don't. Remember which one it was. It wasn't a fashion magazine, but she said she was on vanity, Fair Mexico. That's right. That's right! Right, right, you're right! It doesn't count 'cause, it's not american vanity, Fair Mexico She has not been on the cover of any women's magazine and think about the extensive propaganda we receive of the arms. You must believe. Michelle Obama is beautiful. You must she's on every ring magazine she's on magazine after magazine. If you questioned her abs, you are a monster monster and then They put a supermodel. In the White House and she's on zero magazine covers that's because she's, a woman still
this dumb appointee exactly right making here it is the same point. It is so if I said that with uh face to the left. Your only doing that, because she's, a woman you would roll your eyes rightfully so and say that's ridiculous and you bring up the point. I when Michelle Obama was on fashion, it seems like we'd say well, we liked Carly Fiorina, but you would never give us any points for that now. You never said remember who used to lead the polls. You know a couple of this couple elections ago now, but kinda LISA Rice used to be the person You talk about leading the polls, have no problem. No, the problem with women. None stop it, stop it then he says, and there is a there NIST Alja for an earlier time in the nation's history. Yeah, you know what that prove everybody, that's true of everybody because all look back, the older you get, the you look back
like you know. It was simpler. Those days, though it wasn't headless simpler, those days yeah, you had to pump your own water. He had outside the crap in a box you had to wipe yourself would leave. It was never better back today and it was never better back to bad. We have better things now we had easier times. Now we have connection around the planet like we've, like we've, never ever had yes in old, timy memories. You can be like all I remember going down to the fruit seller and grandma's house and how what grandma your off to pick all of that food and then spend all summer canning it and every time she would look at you and say: hey. You got to go down and get some beans. You be like. Why can't somebody else do it 'cause? You were freaked out about grandma's basement because it was dark and
spooky not like most basements today, so please stop with the. It was better in the old days. It wasn't. It wasn't, And stop with this. Well, you know what we need to do some ground meat, I got it. I've got it. Do you know I watched I watched. Who was that was a chick's name who built play bill. Maher bill Maher this point on watching old movies and the hashtag Metoo listens a recent article by Molly Ringwald got a lot of attention because she revisited the breakfast club or other 80s movies and found them troubling in the age of me too. She said was taken aback by the scope of the ugliness. Oh, please they were team. Comedies, not snuff films, they blame someone for not being woke thirty
before won't with the thing. Twenty years ago, the jokes on friends were just funny Now some millennials, some I apply. The same ones, some find the jokes sexist transphobic and fat, shaming, okay. But if you spend your time I'm coming through old tv shows to identify stuff that by today's standards, looks bad. Your not woke you just to Duche bag, we're never finished evolving. I hate to break it to you, but no matter how woke you think you are. You are tall, getting things right now that will make cringe in twenty five years amen. Now, let me speak to all the douchebags as Bill Maher has described an labeled. Those people who want to look back in time and be outrage buy something that was said or done. Twenty years ago, as I am assuming that that douche bagginess continues beyond twenty years to perhaps two
one hundred and fifty years too our founders, who def lead. Never, you could go up to the ministry to say you're, not woke man, and they wouldn't know what the hell you are talking about job I could say: hey Dude man keep on trucking jobs this without all the African Americans. Ok, he wouldn't understand that because he was in a different time, so if we can lecture Molly Ringwald about her. If ulving standards, maybe we can do the same with those who to say you know those founding fathers they were just evil. No, they were product of their day, just
like Molly Ringwald. Now the difference is she's. A woman, so I'm going to come to. Oh, no, wait, I'm applying the same standard to a woman that I am an old dead guy yet, but he was white and a man. What happened there. I don't know I'm so nostalgic for the for the good old days when Ryan was right and wrong was wrong and let's just go Lynch him, what the hell, what the hell is wrong with us this is the only show that will tie Molly Ringwald to the founders today, an I had anywhere else and I am thrilled to do it because it is the loss of american culture, not white, not black, not
male female sistant. Not none of that. None of that it is the loss that we all feel something's, not right. Something's, not right, I feel like were. Our country is slipping through our fingers because I'm watching on TV would not have been acceptable and, what's really, I would love for this right. He he wrote those who had long thought of a nation as a white and christian country found it difficult to adjust to President Barack Obama really really 'cause. I don't that's what it was. I think it was his policies. I think with his communist ties. I think it was his account and insistence on saying that America was bad and that you could make it without government help. I think that's what it was, but what's weird is
the tea party didn't march on inaugural weekend. We didn't do that. That was the Democrats that seemed have a problem with something beyond his policies and they can't let it go, and I think the book for american history should end. This after an what's strange is half the country felt. Way under Barack Obama, that the other half would soon feel after the election of Donald Trump yeah with so much in common, Neither side was woke enough to see that so some really exciting news or friends. It simply safe. Two weeks ago, simply safe one, a couple of awards and they're big ones: they won the
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and back mercury. Glenn Beck. President Trump Reserve resumes war of words with California and the Governor Jerry Brown. I don't think I'm probable that one yeah I mean I mean I think we can get California Szasz, If you're going to yell at someone yeah, you know the little war with somebody. Maybe it is Califa, you know really good I'm just saying! Maybe it is California, forget Syria let's think about California, Glenn Beck, mercury,
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