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Against New Woke Schools? You’re Not Alone | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy | 3/11/21

2021-03-11 | 🔗

Our southern border is so overwhelmed with illegal immigration that even Mexico is speaking out. One congressman called Joe Biden’s presidency “elderly abuse.” Was George Washington a Christian? Glenn provides proof. Schools across the country are implementing horrid teachings to appease the woke crowd — and you’re not alone in thinking so. Parents Siva Raj & Autumn Looijen join to share how they’re fighting against San Francisco’s school board. Colorado state Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg shares how his state has turned into a leftist playground, including a new bill that would practically form a "Ministry of Truth." Rep. Chip Roy gives us insight on the border crisis in Texas. Happy anniversary, pandemic. Here’s to no more years.

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America, and welcome to the global programme. We're glad you're here, there's a lot to talk about the crisis at the border, which is definitely not a crisis. Until you hear the numbers, we have the official numbers DOW from an inside source, we're gonna we're going to share those with your little shocking coming up in just a second also the oppression of people. Just continues all night. Should the oppressed especially New York Times, reporters get my god. Sometimes. Sometimes people say bad things about em, on twitter, why would you do that? These groups, Reporters out there doing essential work criticising everybody in everything that disagrees with them, but don't just
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dot com slash back now, I dont want to say anything bad. And all about the president being. I dont want to say anything bad about but you know anybody involved with things that I don't agree with. In fact, I probably shouldn't say that I don't agree with them, because that might need to be harassment. They might feel bad if I say those things, but we just give me the numbers of what is happening on our border. Leading to sources H, H S is expected to reach its shelter capacity later this month and agency is planning to change its corona virus protocols. To groom for an additional two thousand. The kids. In January, our border patrol
Seventy three hundred unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally. That's the highest number of arrests in the month, of January in at least a decade and up, the number in December. Forty. Five hundred now they have read due to the number of available beds for unaccompanied children by forty percent two's prevent the spread of covert nineteen it now has about seven thousand seven hundred available beds, including those at emergency facilities and the end of February H, H S head. Seventy one hundred children in custody February twenty third alone- more than four hundred migrants. Kids were referred to the age age, s, shelter. For contrast, thirty day refer a referral average at the peak of the twenty nineteen crisis, under three hundred to ninety four.
Based on information on the ground, The border patrol is seeing the average daily flow. Or two more than thirty five hundred people a day. That's from two thousand in January border patrol rules. Twenty one day average has risen to nearly three thousand everything. Good day. We don't have February numbers yet but source tell this programme that February could see a hundred thousand p coming across our borders in one month. They have already encountered three hundred thousand illegal migrants since October. The numbers are rising. This does not include the February numbers for content In the first four months of fiscal year, twenty twenty, the border patrol
encountered one hundred and sixty four thousand. We say that again, the first form lots of fiscal year in twenty twenty one hundred and sixty four thousand nine hundred and thirty two, We already have three during two thousand illegal immigrants in the sea time period and we don't have February's numbers quite yet. I don't know, I think we might have a problem here. We have a problem when Mexico steps to the plate and says hey guys your ear, causing all kinds of problem here with with your with your border policies. Remember how horrible it was- oh my god Mexico was so upset with its own away. They were cooperating because they problem on their southern border. Nobody was trying to get through Mexico to come to the United States and they were too
bring down the offences, that they have on their southern border. And things were getting better and better and that now because detentions are, are increasing and we have now cut off. The leave of the of the hell we were giving Central America to stop the flow into the United States. They see now Biden as a migrant president president, and there they feel like they're gonna reach, the United States and they're gonna get in problem is according to Mexico quote. We need work together to regulate the flow, because business can't be tackled from one day to the next. A pair Lee based on in testimonies and intelligence gathering gang
our diversifying methods of smuggling and winning clients as they I? U S, measures that will incentivize migration. They executions are now worried about encouraging migration. Will support gangs. And violence as though Gang streamline the legalization process and the states spends. The Trump era accords one max an official familiar with migration development spoke on the condition of anonymity said organised crime began. Changing its modus operandi from the day and took office they now say that the mobs and the gangs have unprecedented levels of sophistication migrants. He continues have become a commodity argue. There now as valuable as drugs for gangs higher
Concentrations of migrants in border areas have encouraged gangs to recruit them as drug mules and to kid others for money both Second, in U S. Policy should be more clear cut, as do not spur illegal immigration, the MAX can official told Reuters to avoid detection, migrants now often travel in small groups instead of caravans and increasingly follow more dangerous, Lel, less well trotted routes? Can allocating vs social media such as Facebook. What sap instead m, and you tube, sir, lowers update migrants on impending checkpoints when trains that they can jump on pass and where this day and how to navigate immigration laws cheater, Organizing on Facebook and you tube and and Diagram and what sap
Maybe somebody should look into the legal active, elect legal activity that is being allowed to organise on those applications to ease their pain. Judge smugglers advised central american clients to register complaints with authorities saying they ve been victims of extortion or for young men that they face death threats from ST gangs. Migrants are being told to bring children along to make it easier mexican and- elegant shows smugglers, transit cost while varied wildly in the last few months. One is when set and unaccompanied central american minor could secure passage to the U S border for about. Thirty, two hundred dollars if you're from Africa, the rate is twenty thousand If you are asian, you will pay much more than that one evaluation set out concerns that there could be significant influx in migrants from outside the region, the Caribbean. Asia Africa
the Middle EAST even as Mexicans, Hale Vital, binds cancellation of work on trumps border wall. Some officials say in Mexico that it time Mexico returns to an idea. The government raised in twenty nineteen. Proving the infrastructure along its own southern border. We, Guatemala makes it. Spends more on every new wave of migrants that it would cost. We have To do this now? Meanwhile, Joe Biden has very little to say about it well Joe Biden has very little. Is he doing a press conference tonight's? Do absolutely not glad. That would be something he is not very interested in doing. In fact, he's just set a record record for the new administration can go
regulations at Eu Biden Administration the longest time to do a press conference in a century good job yeah the lives we spoke in it now is that I think fifty days, something like that. Now he the previous record was thirty three days, which was George W George HD video cameras are one of the bushes and socially they're, saying here: and I want you to get excited about this- he may be able to get a press conference done by the end of the month, it only another twenty day, so I might be able to put that thing. I thought he was taking questions tonight, he's having his first primetime. I know, but we approach evidence I thought he was supposed to take questions after that, and he may take a question or two I don't know I will save the this standard. Here, though, is formal press conference which every president does immediately after they get started to set the agenda and talk about the things they want to talk about. That's the last thing Joe Biden wants to do
not want anyone to be aware of what he's doing and of course Doesn't also want to be in front of people, our might look like he his faculties or failing Emma. So let me Let me play this. This is California representative Mark Garcia, He has been twice elected to the twenty fifth district of North LOS Angeles. He just an interview on Larry Oconnors examining politics podcast, I want you to hear what the congressmen who is known to be gentle quiet not aflame, thrower, here's what he said on that podcast, listen and congressmen due to the questioner Other President Biden is lying, or he just doesn't quite understand yesterday was Turning a ceremony to women being promoted, one in the air force, one of the army to forced our general status a great moment actually for United States military internally for those two great men are easy to lose. His train of thought, with
guard to the name of the Secretary defence and for that matter the title of the Secretary defence and also the name of the Department of Defense. Listen! So thank you both, and I want to thank in setting the former General Ikey colleague General why my guy runs off in order to make sure we thank the Secretariat for all. He has done to try to implement move. We just talked about, or are you concerned about this air, their conversations going on in Congress? Right now is every day we seem to see. Another incident like this. Yeah I've been concerned about this and they want a specially. In this case, we brought the general in the departing about there on a waiver, because he had been an active duty in the police no less than ten years since he assumed the postal sector concerning allergies, Oleson forgetting not only in the circumstances but the human being that is appointed to me.
My opinion and I mean as gracefully impact will you back there. I think we are seeing nationally one of them, a grievous examples of elderly abuse in our nation. This present it is not fit for purpose. I dont really believe. He understands what he's doing you got up, medical machine behind on that's propping up and in its end, it scared the hell out of people like me who value are large national security and really value making sure they were doing the right thing for our country being lend right now by an individual who doesn't know the name of his own staff members in public and look, we all make mistakes some while we all have gas public speaking gaps This is well beyond this. We sat watch it's dangerous in my opinion to our nation, and we do deserve better I we talk about real estate agents. I trust you know. I wish I knew then what I know now how many times Davies said that
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best track record of sales and again summer. Satisfaction that know how to the job done real estate agents. I trust dotcom, fine, Europe, you're real estate agent, your hero at risk, state agents- I trust dotcom, ten. Second stationary. lastly, we did a great show on our Wednesday night Special it's available. If you're, not a subscriber you can find it on our you, two page Blaze Stevie, you two page, it's my Wednesday night Special and it was on the the great reset of the american story there is a concerted effort to change everything I mean you know I think of that phrase that that too,
shell Obama said over and over and over again it is it's now here now they set this transformation in demotion, but transformation is now here the most? informative. President is going to be Joe Biden historically speaking, even in the first one hundred days and he's I've done yet and she said we have to change our history. We have to change our language. We have to change the way we speak to one another, all of that has been changed, listen emperor those that we're gonna, have to make sacrifices, to change our conversation. We're gonna have to change our traditions. Our history, we're gonna, have to move into a different place, so David Fleet, He's a high school football club coach in Massachusetts and he's been school districts. You know coach, for nearly a decade. And he was just fired because he read
this concerns about the use of critical race theory in his seventh grade. Daughters, curriculum now he suing them the were intended, is being sued. The high school principle and the high school athletic director for violating his first Mehmet rights to speak out. This in the first, first amendment: it's not a right, just a free speech. It's a right redress and demand answers from your government. This is good, in school. Fired him for saying: wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. What are you doing with critical race? he went in his his seventh grade daughters, history teacher he went in and was talking to him or her and and then he asked for a meeting with with this All committee challenging the world geography and it Ancient history, one curriculum it
changed without notification or review by the parents, and he complained. Complained included course: work on politics, race, gender equality, diversity and these they're not suitable for twelve to thirteen year olds. Indeed, in the teaching class material said that all police officers are risks to black people and all lack males are risks to white people, the loss who describes one of the daughters assignments, is. She was asked to consider various risk factors and the gaining factors that two people one identified is white and the other identified is black. Might you used to assess each other on a city street. Polluted among the various factors were skin color, gender, race, age, physical appearance and attire black
Sid body language in the wrong neighbourhood were among the risk factors purportedly assessed by the person identified as white white and police officer were among the risk factors purportedly assessed by the person identified is black. We are teach each other to eight. They are in alternating our children to hate. There is is no clearer, Clarion call for you. Get involved than this. I want you to go to Glenn back dot com and theirs all kinds of resources of groups that you can join, how you and get involved in your local school board, like you stand up, and if the teachers don't stand with you, I don't care how much you love that teacher. How kind teacher. But if that
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This is the Goin back programme coming up in an hour from now, sixty minutes, I'm going to introduce you to a couple from San Francisco I don't know we didn't really ask, but seeing and other social media they seem pretty liberal, but they We were really horrified by what the School Board in San Francisco was doing and not doing now. Reopening schools, but instead try to rename all of the schools, they decided that they were going to go to a school board meeting and listened in and they do in what they heard. They were horrified by millet them. Tell the story but they organised a little group of people who said we want the schools open, and we want this nonsense to stop their liberals. They even saw that things were out of control? You don't
to be coming just because you liberal doesn't mean you. Have you no checked your your brain at the marxist? You know coat closet. They have organised and they have actually change the course of their school board there in San Francisco we're in a talk to them, and I think you're gonna find them to be really inspiring because that's what we all have to do, we all have to get involved don't all agree on on the same things, but there are poisons that are being taught in our school and our school board? Usually doesn't reflect, the community You know small people we, if they are big agenda, that they're going to impose and the stories were hearing from school boards quite amazing how people are being treated when they dare
question their school board or their schools. I just told a story about a football coach that is, it lost his job turn their whole their whole athletic department around over a ten year period. He questioned the critical race theories and some of the other theories that are being taught to twelve year old girl to a twelve year old daughter, what happens they fire him other school boards are doubling down as well. School districts and teachers are doubling down this Is your choice ants to change something you can do you're not alone. There are people that might disagree with you on who devote for their people? That might disagree with you You know a lot of politics, but there's a lot of agreement on this. I want to tell you that our education- and I showed this to you last Night-
on our Wednesday night Broadcast- and I told you if you hadn't, heard at least a quarter of the stock these that I told at least a quarter and that's really being generous gent a generous if you We heard at least a quarter of the stories I told last night, you don't know american history and if you don't know american history. I care Don t you, your kids are way off the rails, my kids, get off the rails. If I'm not policing, it thereof. Off the rails now I want to show you what be done if you know how to look for. Regional sources. Also, if you if you know the tricks of the trade history was being changed by the progressives really beginning in the nineteen twenties.
That's it's! A real concerted effort was put out to change history and what they did is they would print things with opinions, wouldn't footnote. Now back in the nineteen twenties. Footnotes were not as big a deal, but they wouldn't footnote. We had on from original sources, and witnesses to things to people? opinion, scholars, opinions, and then they just started quoting each other, as if that backed it up, but each book. Would not have the footnotes, they were quoting someone else and then that person was quoting someone else. So let me give you an example of this This came from Nick Geier. He's a fellow minister I know the conservative presbyterian church, and he had a problem with Peter a little backs book sacred.
Higher and he says a large number of us are in bed. Just by his poor historical methodology. What Peter Liese back, did and sacred fire was just take all of the writings of George Washington and compile them. Just take all of the things that he ever said he ever uttered and compile them. So I dont know exactly how you get that wrong seems like a pretty good approach. Thank yeah does thanks to Glenn, backs fawning promotion and obscure self published book on George Washington's religion has become a best seller on Amazon dot com. Now this has happened a long time ago, confused. It discredits all of the scholars. It's the best book on faith in the founding I've ever read, but did Beck actually read this huge Tom. I no, I don't
Reed pioneer wisdom, working on that, but you'll get there it's almost twelve hundred pages. I know I know the only twelve hundred page book that I've ever read was this one and blame is Rob and lame is Rob, was worse than twelve pay. One hundred Laden is twelve hundred pages. This, then that was harder because it was all story of twelve hundred pages, visible as he points out five hundred pages of note in notes and footnotes, so I didn't read the five hundred pages of footnotes. You know is a page turner. Yes, it is little really has to stretch the evidence and indulge in a lot of speculation to make Washington and orthodox trinitarian christian Here's the essence of his argument and chickens are orthodox Christians. Washington was angelic and therefore Washington was an orthodox christian. Now, that's not his argument. Tommy
Jefferson rejected the divinity of Christ and the trinity, but he was a lifelong member of the anglican church. This fact leads us to believe that little backs major premise is obviously false. Well, first of Oh no, he did not reject Christ. He's the author of book the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth it's a very important book and one that is twisted by scholars by it? and twisted in in endeavours time, everybody knew exactly what it was He goes on. Washington's diary show how frequently he dishonored the Sabbath we learn in one country that he could have collected is ran on Sundays, Buddy declined because the people living on his land, where apparently very religious, this Is the real honest, George, the weak,
arguments in the book are the ones devoted to proving washing believed in a deity of Christ and the trinity in all of his voice of all voluminous. In all of his huge right, huge collections are again nobody you can I read what you can't speak here. I know cheese ones. The only ones. Does he speak of Jesus? This single incident, a speech, the Delaware Indians was most likely written by an aid more northward. Ox than he. So, in other words, this aid took most respected. Man, too, ever live in their opinion at that time, something somebody who was so honourable and chain? his words because They thought it was a little more important. The aid did that. With so little evidence to work with low back, is forced to make such a vastly said. Missus like the wrong burgundy of of found, fathers who just like reading thereafter. These are words I mean there did the s their different than my ass
cool beliefs, but some aid altered them. So therefore going to read them, that's the premise here: yes got it! So now listen what says! Scholar it Mount Vernon Scholars at Mount. Vernon State Washington's diary show no church attendance by any one in the family after return to Mount Vernon at the end of his presidency in Contrast to Washington, Jefferson after his retirement wrote all the way to Charlottesville the church in a real biography of Washington, Joe of J Alice in a recent biography of Washington, Joe of J Yellow, describes the scene at Washington's death. There were no ministers in the room, no prayers utter. No christian rituals offered the sun. Of everlasting life Benjamin rush, who is a founding father, reported dumb Jefferson upon leaving Washington upon leaving office. Washington met with a group of clergy who said, a number of questions for him to answer, since he had never made any public affirmation of Christianity. One of the questions whether or not he was a Christian Washington
kindly answered all the questions, except for that one and then historian. Paul Bowler concludes of Washington was a Christian. He surely a protestant, the most liberal, persuasion. Okay, so who does he quote? He quotes Benjamin Rush, saying that George Washington didn't answer that question, but you have to special what the answer was everything else he quotes. He quotes diaries. In one place, and then he quotes what five different modern historians. So let me answer this. George Washington has hundred volumes of publish writings, his own writings over them. Two hundred fifty years several hundred biographies have been written about him yet emphasise this point guy air chooses to cite an anonymous review of little backs book from an unnamed modern pastor since Cairo
used to be interested in the opinion of pastors, perhaps we consider what numerous pastors, who personally New Washington wrote about his faith. Again, I don't have to go to modern scholars. What I do who is I look to the people who knew him Virginia past? John Leland. What not only familiar with George Washington body also worked closely with James Madison, an Thomas Jefferson Unreal. Let's just liberty issues. He knew him. He pen fifty six stands. A poem about George Washington Entitled Washington and Christ. Using the character of the two Reverend Henry Molen Burg, the father of one of Washington's generals, also the father of the speaker of the House when Washington was president declared of washing in that he respects. Gods. Word believes in the atonement through Christ and bears himself in humility and gentleness now you're, not
oh scholars, modern day scholars, but I just listed just to people, who knew the man he was also David several neighbouring churches in his life lifetime, Lee Massey H, urge leader or pastor of the poet church, where washing and served on the board testified at that time. I never knew such a constant attendant on church is Washington. He greatly. Assisted me in my pulpit labors reverie It is all Ogden Rector of the Trinity Church where washing and frequently worshiped affirmed his he's Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was unshaken, and he was here folder venerate the precepts and public institutions holy and divine religion he professed. So it wasn't just pastors. I mean I know you ve got. You know, sir, scholars from today John Marshal, the chief justice,
the Supreme Court, who had been a military aid to Washington during the revolution? A vow That Washington quote was a sincere believer in the christian faith and a truly devout man, Jeremiah Smith, a soldier in the revolution who served in Congress for six years during Washington's presidency, asserted that Washington had all the genuine mildest of Christianity with all its force He was neither ostentatious nor ashamed of his christian profession and then where's, the testimony of washing its own family members too. Washington's grandchildren Nellie Park, Custer this and George Washington Park Costas. They were a die, did into the Washington household after the death of their father. They spent nearly decades with George and Martha in Mount Vernon, the grand son testified on Sundays unless the weather was uncommonly severe the prey in MRS Washington attended, divine service. It Christ church and evening the present
read to Missus Washington in her chamber a sermon or so portion of the sacred writings, Granddaughter personally witnessed Washington's religious practices, both private and public, when the Reverend Gerald sparks President of Harvard and the editor of the first published edition of the writings of George Washington Nellie about Washington's faith. She said I should have thought it was the greatest heresy to doubt his firm belief in Christianity is life. His writings prove that he was a good christian necessary that one should certified General Washington about himself to be a true believer in Christianity as well may question is patriotism occur. Two Nellie one might might as well Question Washington's patriotism as his Christianity and no one seriously questions his patriotism if you're. Really, truly interested in historic figures, stop going to the scholars and start look
at what people who knew that person said of that person Those documents are available are sponsor this half hour. Is time your termination team, okay, so maybe you made a mistake: there is no better time to get over that time share than today. Maybe didn't make a mistake, but you haven't been able to use it. You haven't been able to get in when you wanted to get in you haven't been able to use it. You been downgraded to thing else as if that's ok? Well, right now, if you want to terminate your timeshare, you can do it legally and its twenty percent off. When you use my name and tell him I censure I want to find out all about it. Go online to time share termination team, Dotcom, that's timeshare termination team, Dotcom, you'll have the He's a mind. Would timeshare termination teams, one hundred percent money back Sid guarantee. You need
stop paying for things that you're not using or things that are just sinking you it timeshare termination team dotcom go there now timeshare termination team, dot com. Is the Glenn back. This is the Glen Bag Programme were glad. Your listening were glad you're here, ass night on our television show. It was quite eye opening to see How the left is, has planned this out. We took the seventeen seventy six project and the committee that or Commission that Donald Trump together before Biden
then arrived at the White House. It was removed from the website and it was one of the first. A presidential directives that he signed to demolish the seventeen seventy six project he said it was full in device? The divisive and full of inaccuracies. I've read it know where those inaccuracies are, and I certainly don't find anything divisive in it, but they something else that over three hundred scholars have worked on and ten of them are republican. So very, very, by partisan, It's the new curriculum and it's a little terrifying. We talk about last night and show you what to do, you can find that actor. You tube on the blaze used to channel it's my Wednesday night special. Also, if your play subscriber it's there now is to climb
Would you not entertainment the plunder hello, America. There is one thing that we can. I think most of us agree on what's happening in our schools. What's happening to our children is extraordinarily dangerous. You know there might be some bad things that America has done in the past and there's not, but there's no might do it. There's been a really bad things that America has done. What is
all of it to be thrown out. Is there no good, no redeeming value? Is there nothing to the western society? Most people know that there is something good and important about western society and America's role when we have our priorities right when we're not so arrogant when we're not trying to go fight wars all over the world, when we're just freeing people when we are letting people. Do their thing Oh it's like Thomas Jefferson said, You be your book, and eyes why I don't know! I learned that night. I think that's in particular that I'm not out of your ideas, Isaac, sort of common. I want to show you what's going on and how not alone you really are and what you need to do. If you,
What this to stop? If you want some semblance of sanity, its income, but upon you, stand in your own local community. I'll tell you about that in sixty seconds. Amazing amazing news here. I've been told anybody about this and breaking it right here. It turns out, and I was shocked, is I think, you're gonna, be I I'm a close relative, a recently deceased nigerian prince. I just found this out. Yes, yes, congratulation, I'm the closest relatives. Strangely strangely closest relatives, he had DC their resemblance in the photo. No, I don't see any resemblance at all, which is weird but hey. Who am I here? I mean I've inherited a fortune. I may not be here to Morrow so its awesome. All I have to do is just right:
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Twenty five percent: now you call them at one eight hundred lifelong. That's one need hunter Lifelong or to save. One in five percent just use the promo code back on the phone or add lifelike dot com. Let me give you some of the headlines, and these are headlines from today. New York City. Schools, encourage kids now to stop using the words mom and dad, because there pensive California is embracing mandatory racial injustice study for all of its one point: seven million high schoolers The law school the law school, the dumping of Ohio. The Ohio law school has chastise their students for being too white
after the release of a study ranking the widest law, schools in Amerika, I think it's there's a good practice. By the way we should be ranking by skin. Color writes a good thing for the country to get you again, if you imagine, if this done in the nineteen sixty percent, while it was he lives as what was proposed in the seventies that we start Wooten grew everything by how Whitey or how black it is. And we say I've its black. It's no good. Can you imagine that there? That is what they do they're saying it is a bad school if its white, it's, why is, is hair a ball, and I thought something we left behind a long time ago. Well, we didn't, and everybody is positioning themselves. Yesterday I told you well, let's go with the doktor Zeus after Seuss. What happened there the family decided the estate decided now
we have seen like the Ford Foundation. Ford foundation can any of these any of these big funds. They usually go off the rails because the original intent is no longer there. I dont know if this is the case with Doktor Seuss or not It's usually a committee or generations past the really have the original intent at heart. Your seeing this now with businesses that are also coming out yesterday. What was the story yesterday still where they came out? they said, o dove and Unilever there. Their removing the word normal off of their shampoo when its marked for normal or dry hair. Now it's just gonna, be my for dry hair
so what do I or damaged? Yes is worse, so why do I? What what shampoo do I use, because I have like normal hair? I don't have any real problems with the hero, those falling out. Should I use guerrilla glue. What do I do? The reason why Unilever did that is because they are preparing now for what are called e s. Jeez environmental, social justice and governance governance scores so if you are not in line with one of those you're gonna get a lower score, so all of these giant corporations are rushing to show how woke they are. Because- They need a high score in the S, otherwise there going to be deemed a risk to the financial system. If you want to learn more about it, you can just watch my shows on Wednesday go back and watch last. We, the last three weeks of shows, start
but three weeks ago, just watch, though, shows and you'll get an idea of what yes. She is and the great reset it's real Important guess that's why everybody is starting to make these moves and they're not going to reverse it. Unless you stand up, they know. What's coming you just don't. You pen, nursing final exam mandate. Students ask imaginary patient for preferred, Pronouns and gender author has been nominated for the UK, women's fiction award Transgender author, not aid for a woman's award, I dont know I women aren't upset at this. Don't know, I mean you're taking sports away from them. Now we author. I guess you could make the case that you know men What now you can even make the case? Because everybody says they think differently. Yet there are exactly the same.
So if a man competes in a in a female category, they're not the same. What? Why should You know: why should they be eligible for that because they they? hormones and, changed their their parts that doesn't she in the chromosomes that doesn't Jake. Why are we doing this to women anyway? the other one is the Texas School District apologize. Two parents for the assignment of books with graphic sex scenes in them it's. It's worse and worse. Now I want to show you you're not alone, if you say, transgendered athletes, should not compete in women's sports, you not the fringe you are in the vast majority.
If you think they're transgender athletes should compete in way, in Sports Europe the fringe and That very small group is, hurting all of us into a place that none of us want to go. How are they getting away with it, because the convinced you a that, you don't matter and they can Instead to be afraid, let me give this story from Bury Weiss? Now she was formerly with the New York Times. She left the New York Times in a very vocal way. She is not a conservative. And she spoke out said this kid culture and end political correctness is insane and gonna kill us she's. Just put out a new article, the Miss Education of America's elites that you need to read she. The dissidents use, pseudonyms and turn off their videos when they meet for clandestine zoom calls their use,
coordinating soccer practices in car pools, but now they have come together to strategy eyes. They say could face profound repercussions if anyone knew they were even talking, but situation of late has become too egregious for emails or complaining on conference calls. So one recent weekend on a leafy street in West LOS Angeles they gathered in person and invite me to join in the back, hard behind a four bedroom home. Ten people sat in a circle of plastic Adirondack chairs eating. Eggs of skinny pop these are the rebels well LOS Angeles parents who send their kids their children to Harvard Westlake the most still just private school in the city. By normal american standards. They are quite wealthy, but by the stand, of Harvard Westlake their average. These are to come your couples who credit their own success, not to family connections or inherited wealth, but to their own education. So it's
likes them is something more than ironic that a school that costs more than forty thousand dollars a year a school. Charlie Monger Warren Buffett, right hand and Sarah Murdoch wife of Lackland Robarts Route. Rupert Murdoch, daughter in law, is on its board and there teaching students that capitalism is evil for most parents, the demonization of capitalism, is the least of it. They say: their children, tell them they're afraid to speak up in class. Most of all, they worry about the schools new plan to become an anti racist institution, unveiled July, its make the kids fixate on race and attach importance to it in way. That strike them as grotesque, quote grew up and allay, and the Harvard School definitely struggled with diversity issues. The stories have expressed since the summer seem totally legitimate, says one of the fathers he says he does
have a problem with the school making greater efforts to redress pass wrongs, including bringing more minority voices into the curriculum what he has problem with is this movement tells his children that America is a bad country and that they bear Elective racial guilt, they're making my son quoting feel like a racist, because the pigmentation of his skin one mother says another pause the question to the group? How does focusing a spotlight on race fix how kids talk to one another? Why can't they all? be Wolverines, that's Westlake, this. Harvard Westlake parents group is one of the many organizing quietly around country. Let me say it again: this pair this group is one of many organizing quietly around the country to fight what it does bribes, as an ideological movement that has taken over their schools. This story is based on interviews with more than two dozen of these dissenters teachers. Parent and children at an elite
school too, of the blue estates in the country in New York and California. The parents, in the back, yard, save it for every one of them. There are many more too afraid to speak up. I've talked to it EAST five other couples? Who say I get it? I think the way you do I just want want that controversy right now related one mother. There all here for their story to be told, but not a single one would let me use their name. They worry about losing their jobs are hurting their children. If their opposition to this ideology were known the school, ask you to leave for any reason said one mother that you'll be black This did from all the private schools and you'll be known as a racist, which is worse than now being called a murderer ETA. That's a mother in Brentwood isn't interesting. One private school parent born in communist nation, told me I came. The country escaping the very same fear of retaliation. That now
I own child, feels another we need to feed our families. Oh and pay. Fifty thousand dollars a year to have our children get indoctrinated. A teacher- New York City put it. Concisely, to speak, since this, is to put all of your moral capital at risk parent? we have spoken out against this ideology, even in private way, says it hasn't got over? Well, I have conversation with a friend and asked him: is there anything about this movement? We should question a father would show in to prep schools in Manhattan. He said dude, that's dangerous ground. Your on in our friendship, I've had Now for those conversations to know, that's what happens Fear is sheer deeply by the children, for them it's not just the fear of getting a bad grade or getting turned down for a college recommendation, though fear is potent fear of social shaming if you pay wish my name. It will ruin my life. People would attack me for even questioning this ideology. I don't know
people knowing that I'm a capitalist, a student, dead fields. Don't school in New York City told me in a comment by other students that I also spoke with fields. Declined to comment the kid are scared of other kids atmosphere is making their children anxious paranoid and in secure closed off even from their close friends, my son knew I. If my son knew I was talking to you any begged me not to set another Harvard Westlake mother. He wants Stu? He he wants to go to a great university and he told me that one bad statement from a pair will ruin me This is the United States of America. Are you Kidding me these people, are starting to gather, stand up. I'm gonna reduce you to a couple in San Francisco in a few minutes that are doing this and they
are changing the way things are done now I don't necessarily, or they don't, maybe necessarily agree with everything I say they live in. Edward Cisco and they are liberal. However, vase what the school board was standing for and spending all of their time on, and they were like hey how about math? What do you say how, we do some work in school. Haven't you even open the doors of the school and they started a little group, a grew to four hundred and they ve changed things. You are not alone. Is very concerning and unless somebody starts to gather together and has the guts to do it, nothing's going to change, and it's gonna get much much worse are are sponsored. This half hour is no power dot com. Oh man Bill BAR is so good, billboard
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station, I fear very scary, This is in Virginia Fairfax County schools recently ditched a merit based admissions process. So if you're gonna give you gonna get to get school in, yet you knew no merit based, he got. I ve got let me good you have to have good grades, etc, etc. Apparently there there ditching that, because Asians did too well. I do Why is this? This is common- is what it is. His do well, not because their asian, but because in me cases, the culture that they came from it might be,
two generations down the road, but that the culture it came from put in and forces on family respect, an education and people. Different people have different priorities and different cultures. Different results. I talk about this with Eric July on students, America the other day and we're talking about the the NBA now them most desired jobs in the NBA are the players they get. Tons and tons of money. They had all the stardom, they get everything else everybody wants that job. Every white kid blue, kid: any race grows wanting that gig. If you're an athlete some people, just wanna, be in theater, but and people want that job. Yet in a country with thirteen percent in an african american population, something neighbourhood of seventy five percent of the players are black. Is that racism against white people, because if we why their standards? That's the only possible explanation, because the pair
We, the NBA hates white people, is keeping white people out and elevating black people that that, obviously, is insane right, Whatever reason African Americans ten outperform white people at basketball and they get all the good jobs. Then we get these. Wade's that there's not enough black coaches, which is a home Ridiculous conversation, but the jobs it everybody wants as a kid. Everybody plays up good or grows up at the playground, trying to become the guy who hits the three at the buzzer to win the championship. All jobs, Org waiting to sized amount of African Americans or should we complaining that that's racism against white. I would argue that would the answer that would be no,
be an insane argument, but if you play their logic, that would be a scene, rational conversation. I it is your Google's having a problem right now, because they need more women. They need more african american women that are programmers and I dont know any women there are like I'm such a computer geek, I'm I know they're out there, but that's not. The guy's generally are the geeks on on stuff like this, so they have to meet a certain quota? well, you just have to keep lowering the bar and lowering the bar and lowering the bar of what your qualifications. But do you know you have to meet, to be able to a job. Will that that's insane? Yes, that leads to destruction of business, destruction of teddy of thought, the lad through the destruction of the western way of life, and they know it pursues the programme.
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I'll do and a bee comparison of rector to its competitors are, I see, tee Q, Dotcom, that's wreck tech, dot, com check it out now. And had over the blaze tb dot com, Slash, Glenda, promo code is glad you. The timber soccer subscription to blaze TV we ve all heard about the recall, gave a new somebody in San Francisco. There's a group trying to recall the School Board San Francisco. Schools are out of control and have been out of control all during this pandemic it doesn't seem like they're trying to reopen their schools just rename many of their schools two parents decide
to go and listen to what the School board was doing and they didn't what they saw and we them both on the phone, Shiva Raj and autumn loyal, and she is the they both are. The co founders of Recall San Francisco School Board. Welcome to the programme. Thank you for having us. You bet let's start with you. What was why did you do this? Why did you get involved? What was the first thing that you saw they were like we gonna stop sitting on our hair here in December from other school districts, and I think for me it was a contrast between wait. A schoolboy behave and might ensue straight away boy here behave. The way it treats parents in the wake of earth is only their friends and
really. That's me when the people in charge don't take care of and listen to, the people who, so Roger they. Actually, they humiliate people who didn't anything, they they're doing, don't they yeah, it's been very kind, is starting to see them treat parents, Spain, and so am I to say I mean I worked on school cycle so's, I volunteered in schools, and usually schools or like desperate for parents. To help up, I need on some of those components have been really very eager to roll up our sleeves and how about an every ship possible. We are happy to kind of in a moment of this basically, the mob drew up the windows, etc. We note there is a lot of changes required for the pandemic for safety. And happy to Kate attended get involved, but they ve been pushing us away empty the parents who wanted. For example, there was a gaping wound and had to be independent and bicycles, eludes us which extend empty and
Ben to us, just criticising them and like without even during the chance to speak just stunning. They also in this one drives me not cause. I hear this from all kinds of court on court experts that the mental health issues are not a problem. I Oh I'm dealing with mental health issues with my kids, who have not not been in school up until now. Secondly, any you can't do that to Children- you can't really do that people we are. We are social by nature, and in San Francisco. They completely deny this right it's my son, S isn't as a Frenchman in high school and in school. Experience has just made a friend you ve stolen, applying screen all his classmates? The cameras turned off right right and so I've seen em. Actually, borderline depressed
he does his entire school from as bad as just enough are apparent, as this shattering to see that the news seems to have lost entirely justified to learn and is a good thing. And I mean you used to play football USA Active an extra worded, so you know I just liked complete change, an anti everything it off. The, for example, are the commissioners and the poor boy, just as recently as Mary was quoted in an automaton chronicle thing: men these conclusions cause mental health issues, and they don't caused flooding laws and adjusts stunning to see again that there is no recognition. It's one thing. Say that hey, you know. We have a pandemic, we acted like a card for the safety and we have to do get this right to get it back. We recognise that there are the challenges that both parents and students and teachers are facing, and we want to do the right thing, for everyone is wanting to say that and in all of us would have broadly supported the school board. If that was the kind of attitude we saw, but the it's been, the exact opposite destined to become
neatly blind to and unwilling to recognise real challenges that students and parents are facing in the school district. So out of what is, and what is the why that mean the others there's zero public schools in San Francisco that were approved free before reopening as February twenty six zero. I believe, as of today, they have got sick out of a hundred and eight so what was the motivation? Why were they? I mean you charge that they they never had any intention at all to open schools this year. Why? I think it just honestly. I think it's just that. I'm such a big problem. They grew up. There has there, like, let's just doesn't exist. I dont know where he would do that. What is your responsibility to take care of so many children and get them back is woefully learn. I dont know: why are you would not have the school sites ready by and you are at the very least, schools- were originally footage reopen. So
you guys went to school board meeting, you listened to it and then you started of I think, a facebook page. If I'm not mistaken, four five hundred families now and parents that are involved in this recall and what has happened so far when changes have you seen just by standing up and doing, the basic moves will have doubled Our group for all relations me have over seven hundred people. In there we had his army of Volunteers as ever. We want to learn more about an issue or that sort of thing, Did you write about dealing with the issue I'm sorry go, it was a question. You asked me a question No, no, I don't think you should go unspeakable must eyelash, since, since we cooperate, started and Pre school board and offer them,
same time. Yes, we have seen a little bit of movement and they are talking about reopening. Now they are saying that reopening of their first priority and then you can have shelving the other She's fine, now some other things. Now. Those other issues are like the renaming of schools: yeah, ok and their until we came and went on April. Twelfth, a few kids are slated, go back in a few schools. So it's not all the great. I How'd you get twelve schools and there's a couple days that going back a little bit of progress so far. I just read a story about a couple in LOS Angeles or a group of parents. Now that we're meeting very wise formerly of the New York Times, and they were talking about. You know you can't we use our names. You can't put us, you know, you know on the record because
we will lose. Our kids will suffer from this. There will be a camp Against us did that ever concern your cross, your mind. Well, you know all the things he saw the early on in mid, exploiting that he called it the bought in early in fair about the kind of realised how deep the deep issues over the board is that, besides, Appearance support a lot of people in the city, support an unpaid and stood by Baker. People were actually keen who put their names on a recall because they were afraid that funding. Annabelle and I'm afraid I have two kids in the school district. Then I kind of worry about how they get treated. If this were not successful right, It is in that mean that, for you and for successful it gets a dutchman. You shouldn't be afraid. I'm in iraqi solution be afraid of calling elected leader the constable right I mean I I should tell you everything you need to know on why you need to stand up if you, afraid. Now
this shift towards this kind of rule If you will the Euro we terrified ten years. You can This said you you have. This stand up are due People are becoming more willing to, or we ve seen a lot of support for that its autumn kind. You ve talked about how bad you see. No eight thousand people signed up In our view, had in up thirty people put their name. The position that you just files- maybe a city and that the note that notice have been sent to each of the dream at board. Members were eligible for equal right now in our what kind of our focus at this point: unsolved. So there is a growing and ask people see that others are also interested in hundreds of people group there is growing talk, causes The only thing people like feeling more comfortable in talking about it to their friends and to the neighbors except us. If we had a lot of enthusiasm from people saying hey, you know, if you how about that,
People find it, but if every Alderson and Rwanda, A thousand just got ten signatures, which is essentially a rod. The thirty thousand need to and up We call on the ballot, Well, I am so glad to see you guys do this and to lead this and to the start to lead the way courage is contagious, that's all I wanted to have you on. We may not agree on all the issues, but right people after the other democracy, exactly right and people, to stand up for one another and their freedom of speech, and and stop this madness of this local, oratorians style ruling. Thank you so much I appreciate thank you for having you back if you want to go there website? Its recalls, recall S F, Scott bored dot, org
and you can also follow them on Twitter at Recall S F, B, o ye, we also have a Glenn backed outcome, something that you need to look at. We have a bunch of group, that you can join all around the country. We have people that are focusing on the teachers. Unions, some of we are focusing on school board. Some of them are focused, on parents we must make this a priority: the there is poison beings, shovelled into our children if the schools aren't back yet, why? Why are they not back yet they have destroyed a year of our children's learning and education. They have set them way back How much is this cost us in in there future abilities when eighteen years old, noble
talking about that. Nobody is talking about the physical damage that is being done, not only the mental. All the damage, is being done and then when they do open up their shovelling garbage into them. This critical- this theory. If you happen to be against that, will help you art working together and start networking with people in your? own area and people who have done this and were also working on few things to help you with attorneys. If you start to have real problems and you're fired or whatever, because you speak out, will have more on that, you can check out the in it things at Glenn, back dot com did all show on this last night. You watch it on Youtube. If you're, not a subscriber, we do ask that you would. Join us here. If you find any of our work worthwhile join us and become a blaze. Tv subscriber use the promo code glue
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Bite you to see what I see in these people just just work with them. They work for you. Not the big bang american financing eight hundred nine zero six. Twenty four forty american financing dot American financing Annabel Ass, one eight do three three four w you w that animal, less consumer access, dot, org listening to the club back programme This is a good a programme last night on tv I was, I was highlighting some books that have been changed. Show you the progress of that the autobiography of Booker T Washington is just that an auto biography of a guy who started the Tuskegee school.
Changed people's lives, change the direction of of Amerika and is now deemed to be a fictional character. Everything this book. According to the copyright, now everything in this book, all characters are fictional and not based on any one real. Well, it's an auto by Murphy, and neither the word autobiography, has come in come off now the front cover of a book or two Washington's up from slavery- is a must read, but you have to be in to find those books that really important to american history. Up from slavery. Is one of those books and get an older copy of it. You know, I know some people they want to get an encyclopedia go ahead.
Get a new cyclopes encyclopedia, but I would definitely get one before nineteen. Seventy as well. Things began to change in the. In the nineteen twenties Nineteen fifties, nineteen seventies and now there completely at warp speed on this. I would I would we have to spend a lot of money, but I would gather up as many things that you think are important. All the way from cured George too, mock recede America by two Tocqueville. We'd showed you last night, the new edition. It with a third of the page size and just slightly smaller font, is about the third of some of the size of the of the actual on edited book, and the point of De Tocqueville is
what he found here he was. He was looking for. Asked us he was from France. He was a just. Sky any was looking. How do we ruling courts? How do we? How do we injustice came over here to study America when he got here. He couldn't find out. He couldn't figure out what Secret was Were fewer arrests? There were free fewer murderers. What one what's happening here: It was it until he started going to the churches that found the answer. Ready started listening how people were talking opening openly about God and and and them oracles of God, in our responsibilities to God, that he realized that the difference and it's where our uniqueness has always come from all of that edited out into rills democracy in Amerika, you you ve, got to get, the original versions of things otherwise
your kids, we really wanna, go wait a minute wait a minute. What was that, We do this I did. I read this and I dont think that that is, I don't think so. Coincidence more in a minute to climb back programme would you not entertainment the blunder
and the great state of Colorado. There is a Senate bill. It's twenty one, one thirty two and it will establish a digital communications division and Digital Communications Commission to regulate online speech, specifically targeting fake news, intentional. This information and conspiracy theories with the goal of eliminating those practices. There's no provided definitions of those terms. We're getting a state senator of Colorado pulled off the floor, so we can speak to us is a chance that NATO sees dream of a truth, Commission or Orwell's warning of the Ministry of Truth is actually
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senator. We have now Colorado Colorado State Senator Jerry, sodden Burg, allow Jerry. How are you the afternoon or morning, sir pleasure, to be with you from the peach tree. There should a Democrat part Rostov war here to see if it works obeyed before they go, nationwide happened, Colorado. Where I mean it was a state that I would have loved to live in. It is beautiful there and it's gone crazy. Has it there. It is. It has turned into the middle coast of the eastern west Coast. Liberal ban them the more struggling here in Colorado and then what's happening whisper now with all the attacks on freedom celebrity. So it's it's not liberal.
This is gone. This is insane now what they're talkin about there is a new bill out. I know you're, aware of it Senate Bill twenty one, one hundred and thirty, two for a digit. Communications division tell What this bill actually is, What is interesting part is the bill is being run by the person wants to take out congressmen Bobo that has announced for that congressional district and what she wants to do is allow the governor to a point, a fire, member commission with no require Man saw a political balance, no requirements on any balance whatsoever and then the commission has the ability to determine what is hate speech. What is new they make all of those determinations remain confined. You taken also set up fees,
to all social media platforms which, quite frankly, might even be include block after a new story for Roma from a media went in Somebody makes a common down social media that would be regulated by this commission. I mean Is her outrage He'd Colorado about this having been seems pretty guenaud Moscow Nineteen sixty two, Is this does seem Stalin that that the ideal absolutely there there is outrage from I cited the aisle. But it's interesting did it's not being damned our pushed back against by art, governor or leadership in either chamber this kind of latin slide. I dont know if their supportive,
they sure, haven't, come out and oppose that's all you got to assume that they support this type of effort of squashing. Our first amendment rights, free speech by their silence. Well, I will tell you there are serious about it in Washington DC. Why would they be serious about it? You know in Colorado is there is our aim. Chance this passes. I honestly don't think so. Here's what I'll tell you twenty twenty one member crap yeah the Democrats have not come out and shit. They oppose it. They have not come out said that this is bad policy, so I don't know what they will die or not. The truth is I'd like to have it. I hope it lives
the committee and actually gives to the Senate war? So we had a discussion and weaken here all of the Democrats talk about how they want to squash free speech. I dont think that'll happen. I actually think give if, if their leadership is smart, they can afford to let this go to the floor. They have to kill this attack on our first amendment, as is there any push back from the people of Colorado on things like critical race? Are you hearing from parents or or anybody about trying to stand the line again. Some of these things, absolutely and interestingly enough, Colorado. Rural Colorado, especially has become outrage tat whereby a bare try to stay isolated just do their work in agriculture, and those type of things have now become out. Age, stared at our railway ever getting involved. So
Colorado, especially the rural parts of the state, have been we can, and I want to say that they probably have awakened the sleeping giant even though their small numbers They will have a strong, strong boy says this moves forward. I will tell you: it is the giant cities in the cities, with all the universities and usually the state capital but become so infected and they are leaving all of them, people in the rural areas, way behind it, It's that mean you think If you listen to the media is that we can talk to one another, and I dont know if that's necessarily true but the policies that are being pushed now by the extreme, far left and what happening in Washington. We have much left in common. If you're in a big city and you're talking to somebody who lives in you know,
Rural Colorado were wrong y all, meaning or Texas, see just you don't We stand each other. You're exactly right. Wasn't that long ago, that our urban cousins had generation that was still on the farm where there was an uncle or grandparent in rural areas of some states, so they had some time. We don't have that any more strangely enough, the voices shrink because you look at that as legislators are based on population. I reckon that alone in my shell districts, twenty percent- the entire land Mass of Colorado. That makes it very hard to get our world message? Do my urban cousins in the urban legislators? If Europe, if you're running to representing twenty percent of the land mass, you have to be affected by what the governor
is doing with b a lamb land end and the gobbling up of of state land that they ve been told twice by the Supreme Court to send it back to the states. It belongs to the states, there's no intention of doing anything accepted what it seems to me roaming that land often not allowing the states to do anything with it. Absolutely and what we are seeing now is the attempt to try and benefit all of the country through mineral production the federal land that's being shut down as well so and then you can see that the gas pups gas now is seventy percent higher than It was in January here in Colorado, I mean it's pretty easy. Do figure out what that's attributed to thank you so much I appreciated that is a state senator Jerry, sodden Burg from Colorado, and if you see any movement on this senator, if you wouldn't mind just reach an hour
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Old line. Now at eight six, six gold lying eight six, six gold line or gold line, dot com, gold line not com. There waiting for your call now ten SEC station idea you know the daily wire ass, a good question yesterday. If Donald Trump was a nazi for detaining migrant children, what does that mean? Joe Biden but share a well meaning that your right near the good. Now he has a good, not seize the good Nazi, that's interesting, I don't think you can come outing criticism. If you're the media you You had to say that Jude, the idea behind was that he was uniquely bad, not just bad but uniquely bad and when Donald Trump, but was
putting kids in cages as they said, Anne. We found out a lot of the pictures of that were from the Obama administration. They just seem to be. Sort of blow by that and try to find little distinctions between the policies I assume they ll try the same thing here, but when you have the same administration and bindings part of the Obama administration near the same people. Sandwich around Trump doing the thing they said tromp was unique. The terrible for doing How do you have any credibility and authority have none, but you have the press. That is, you know, running cover, for he just thirty nobody's that is theirs by the way, any one in the border patrol that would, like the story, told and would like to be able to show pictures I The guy down and the border in under Obama. They talked about the cages tried to get. I personally called people like Chuck Todd and said you ve got
cover this. This is, it is beyond politics. This is kids being kept in cages. There were- no interest in the media, was interested in it under obey I was interested in it under- pump and I'm interested in it today We are doing horrible things down on the border, because no one we'll talk about it and they, They don't really care otherwise. Be down there. Now they only cared about it because it was a tool for politics. They don't care about these children? Otherwise you have a sad looking a yo see at the did, the fence. Looking in thinking This is the whole cod is literally a concentration camp aggregate best
the thing violence at a clip, from her hand, was pretty early letter is really a concentration. How like I was. I was one time I pushed. I slipped a switch over my sink and it made this really loudest sound, there's a monster in their eating, something it's like eating metal inside of my sitting. Right. Does everybody have one of these I've never even heard of it. They say that it's a garbage dispose all. Yes is years, it's or technology sold Now doing great here life and our jack, but yet now it's it's obviously hypocritical one of the things would be helpful here. It was please give us someone else to criticise about it. If they didn't ask, since was would be if the media actually had an opportunity to talk to, Joe Biden and ask of these questions every day- and maybe I don't know- got about as much as you said so far at your hat? Yes, so
The point here would amazing: there were actually press conferences. Maybe he could old one sitting. I already data record today earlier this week. They said that Thursday would be would give a give a speech He tried to have addressed the address and then he would take questions He may who number Maybe he takes a question or do I don't know what he's not any formal press conference, which is the standard we hold president's too every single one of them for the past hundred years.
Done one by this time it is presidency every single one and Joe Biden would now, because he was therefore all hundred years. I'm just coming down these stairs now, I'm just riding in their little chair. They installed and take me to get to the bottom. You know when you said she was gonna. Put me in. I didn't know it'd, be this nice and they're very nice here they they give me my pills and the some of the people here delusional this kind of like lady comes by she says. She's gonna, be president. In just a few weeks, and I delusional help me help me with my head.
I think that would be important to hear. I think we should all know if the president is there or not. You know to mean and you know he continually right goes down these roads where He these this builds and building built. He flung something Harry Flood, something there in a public appearance, arrogance, of more worried, and then he is able to a peace, a sentence or two together in areas like ok. Well, I guess he's. Ok again, at the standard we should have for the present. We get it's too in it's not about it's, not about any other than what are our allies and our enemies. Thinking if our enemies think that our president is due do more there's a problem. There is a real problem and to be
very clear here. I am not advocating for Joe Biden to step down. I owe my on one's deserve every day. Every day of this, I do not want Carmona Harrison that job and I know, binds to be terrible. I want him to be their every single day until January. Twentieth too, then then won T five, which is a terrible thing to say, but I want to their every daily telling that if they have to give him a shot of cocaine to keep him lucid, fine, fine if they need to put like a little like you know little will those dolls used to have a boxer? Oh you pull out and be like that cow. Mode, if they need to put a box in that, and just somebody stand by imposing a string the whole time. I am, I also find with that. I want this. It is serve his entire term. Yes, so I a hundred percent, don't want him out of,
marketing out about of offers new double Bordeaux, Boma. However, That being said, bone whom you have to have questions as to whether he is capable of doing this question and these giant one point: nine trillion dollar bills that are being passed. Did I just put a load in my pants Are you saying you can control here? I am. I just ask a question. I wasn't making a statement. Boca questions, don't think. That's a good question to ask frankly, I just I don't know- I don't know where he's going to her. Where he goes from here. What does he want? Some? They said he may may be able to get a press conference in by the end of the month, we'll G20 those Alessi he puts law, on I like to put logs on fires should I do I know round.
Room that they put me in. I was a little afraid when Joe said I'm gonna be in around room, but This one doesn't have any padding. And I like fire I put logs on fire- see that story, though they were so that that's that was the goes to better. I go to bed very early for the afternoon. But I get up de I get up at ten a m the next day, and he likes to put logs on the fire. Ok, that's that's not making me feel better. Ok, not making you know if he's out back? being the logs job and he goes out. He goes out of the forest every weekend ease job monologues. And those are the logs he wants to use our that's a story me, like Word log on fire. Myself is not helpful prisons,
some amazing stats on the border coming up if you're living with pain especial If you're living in constant in severe pain, I want to talk to you about well, no, I guess I don't. I guess I'm in the wrong its lifeline, a lifelong behaviour, keeping your stuff your money, you're identity, your credibility seat. Once I got thee Olivain thing here and I have the marconi- is I don't carry more wreck? I'm just just guessing. I mean I know, I'm gonna end up in a dialogue at some point. So early doll downhill into the gulags, show up in red one They tell me to life, lock it out No more noble Roma live long there.
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welcome to the programme chip power you serve well defined. Low bar too. Well, no, not everybody! We! We don't have a very long list to be on. The list, really is It's an honor just to be nominated, but let let's talk about what's happening on our southern border, and I would like to just put this out there. I'd sure like to go down with you and a camera crew. And and see and show what's really happening on the border, especially with those cages which I talked about during the Obama administration? It's not getting better, it's getting worse, what you're absolutely right and then I would be happy to take up on that back. They got a trip coming up in a few days. The habitat part you produce received that works. If not, we might perhaps more come up future united by Represent, gives within about a hundred miles the district. My friend toning down
we have a whole bunch of it, but I will be going down the road Domini going down to beguile a browser like with your listeners, him in motion what you're too well informed? They know how about it is that it would have a bad. They think it is it's worse and it's all purposeful. This is business present by either conversely, and and and be a willingly shaking a boy discuss usually scare the border in order to get some crass political gain added seeming like their compassionate or it language wrote incompetence on his part inability to comprehend how bad his policies are endangering american people empowering cartels. And when I say this, as believers is people paid, you know We were compassionate for the immigrants. Sheep I'm here I know you are approached on about tonight and we ve got people who are being used as a political party. Who were being endangered children framework?
women and children being endangered and abused by cartels on the journey, and now you ve got these bees facilities packed with unaccompanied children in hot, in impact in there because of the policies of bide which, by the way they were mocking the last two or three years Where's the trumps policies which he was doing to exercise to minimize the danger and push back and work with Mexico and use total forty two to stop the flow. While we have right now, the hundred, and apprehensions and the boy that is an extraordinary number, so you have confirmed now cause I heard that they hadn't come out with a number. Yet you can confirm that hundred thousand. I can confirm that boat from source, that I know full well that it probably even more than that, but also a young. He put out officially yesterday the number that it was over one hundred thousand. Now here's the number did not public and not official, but I'll tell you people and each other sources the day of her about eleven thousand people were caught in relief
in January and February, because of overcrowding these are literally just catching: releasing the turning the ages to essentially welcome centre, in which our tells her empowered and people, then you know abuse in the process it frankly it's it's disgusting. What the binding maturity do the mecca, even the mexican officials have come out just recently, and you know they were not a fan. Necessarily of tromp in all of its policies, They even said Erica has got to get this under control. It is empowering and its becoming a eager business and a biddy bigger money maker for the drug cartels, then drugs or the worst part about it is, is you're actually right, there moved them. Fear profiting extremely moving. Human beings will profit like seven thousand dollars ahead, sometimes twenty thousand spinning where they come from the wall, and then you ve got the drug problem that is now exacerbated made worse because our border patrol being turned into caretakers, trying to figure out a manageable.
The people in these facilities and their eyes, are up the ball in terms of between ports of entry and now their mood, bad quantities. Narcotics panel and now we ve got an addiction. Problem, this country, the obviated nature, which gets worse because cartels, supporting it and running these dangerous narcotics through a border. All because Biden wants to say in the false name of compassion that his I'll? See you somehow pro emigrate in it the why it's a dangerous? Why and in wooden taxes would be going it high speed, changes people's homes broken into the mayor Del Rio. Put out a plea to the Bite administration is: is it hispanic Democrat? in Del Rio. Thank, Mr President, please do your job obscure the border. Henry Clay are beset dickens out. These are congressmen from Texas. Who are you saying to the present? Your administration is failing and not doing it Are they actually do what needs to be done to make the border work? So if it is unfortunate, but I think and hope that America people the fear, but, of course, the mainstream media. Their report
like they wore when I was an area with down their lying about kids, drinking toilets, kidney cage, so so congressman, why is is Biden not aware is he is he p? logged in two enough stuff or is there something else going on? you know I miserable and sixty four thousand dollar question. The Joe Biden of a decade ago have a liberal that he is and he was you and I have opposed per year decades, but I don't think the buying of a decade ago. In fact, if you look at the policies under a bomb about as bad as they were, they were nothing like this. I think that he is being bullied and frank just steamroller, because, frankly, a certain level of your competence or engagement that isn't there at least as it used to be, and it now the policy frankly, Willie troubling. Could I don't think it? American present would ever will going we look at this border and say to the American.
People its secure. There is no crisis, but he's allowing Deja secretary say that anything is frankly. This is the guy two days ago, referred to the Secretary of Defence as that guy, who ones that outfit over there This is extremely troubling and- and I think that what we, seeing right now. Is the radical left to take advantage of a week president and use it to join and through an animal probably horrid agenda for the crass political purposes in the blood, is on their hands for doing it. So this is why people have dropped listening to news theyve. They they just their unplugging, because the problems are getting weight. Who big and it doesn't seem like anybody is either interested in doing something or People like you can't can't get things did, can get
He ran through because even your own party at times doesn't support the ideas of of people who believe in the constitution. What is the solution here? well you're, not wrong about frankly, that some of the default, all the Republican too, for two or more ignoring the problems, the order, instead of doing what we should have done when we add majorities to do it, but here we said we're working what's happening it's. What we need today is be faithful. People know that down that that that that the veil is being lost, the american people are seeing radical up until this, why not their borders but in our schools the teacher ginger getting paid not to work or to America to Turkey that America's evil the males being lifted. We have a target: twenty twenty two and twenty twenty four and right now turn to your governors. Turned your states, make them kicker you border. Staging taxes is one obviously that dump rather to live at an end irrecoverable mentioned, We are launching, got one star project last week trotted you know, Empowered GPS. Remember you
the Obama years. Taxes spend almost a billion dollars working to try to secure the border ourselves using GPS, even OJ for animals possibility stage. You're gonna need to start pushing back on a better government that has not ignoring the borders but they're, trying to take your guns, awake DE funding police. There is passing two trillion dollar bills that remake your healthcare system, the running away from Israel. There empowering ran their looping, a radical agenda com green agenda coming right out, any bureaucracy. Soap, we're gonna fight at the state level and the american people need to make this. I've fixation. Twenty twenty do Carson anything we can do to help you you please let us know the audience is eager for something that actually will make a difference, and I mean breaches You know the same, the same message from this boat, but every day that it has be fixed locally and every state past stand against this onslaught. What was passed?
nature. One is completely unconstitutional, plainly unconstitutional and that stuff. Anything from happening in twenty twenty, two, twenty twenty five or for Well, I may go another decides any or wishers out there once Virginia Zone on other states with senator that people listen burner and down that they not pass hr want that they not your router filibustering. They hold the line on this ridiculous, federalist Asian about elections and, if you're his day like Texan. Frankly, any state Pennsylvania, Georgia, which and I was the pleasure that issues last year burned the doors of Europe, what it said: the phones of your legislators to make sure they know you want to see a lecture reform at state level to we're gonna fight age are one will keep fighting we'll get Bang power, twenty twenty two and try to fix some of this, but stage need to lead the way to get them pass legislation while working on an ever to do that and set the principles out to encourage states to fix them represent live chip. Roy from the great state of Texas in Washington DC stay safe. My friend, thank you! So much gobbles, you got it
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keep your number or change at all? If you want and they don't donate? to plan parenthood, that's kind of big deal. Did you know your mobile carrier most likely is making huge donations the things like plan, parenthood get out of the system, Patriot, Mobile get free premier activation where they set up the phone for you, you get a special give for the offer, go back, saying service lower price in the values that you believe in Patria, mobile dot com, slash Bacco there. Now patriot mobile dot com, slash back. This is the guy Back programme. A year ago we were freaked out for entirely different reasons. We are freaked out, because this is the one year anniversary of the W h o coming out in saying it is applied endemic
and when they said that we didn't know what that meant, I mean number. There were like mill, ends and millions of people could die too in people could die in Amerika in next year and are like whoa wait. What, hadn't that number that goes out there yet, but it was sweet were, is a totally unknown and the other thing remember we. We saw what happened in China and it was scary, scary and China and remember this is also a time will we have basically no testing so no idea who has it real idea how to track? Who has it totally situation than wherein today we had no real concept as to what we were about to face. Our hospitals had no p p ease tip. I mean I three related Nev, we didn't have what did Obama column breath leaders We didn't know he didn't have any ventilators for people who had problems with breathing and a lot of that, won't it being wrong
The CDC guidance as to how many deaths as it related to how many hospitalizations was so wildly incorrect that all these models on the hospitals were totally off, which is one This is one of the excuses of the Cuomo administration. We just There's more people came to the hospital, so we sent all the sick people back to the nursing, a brilliant way to handle that. But this is also the night that, The NBA can that season it. If you know the club, it does a great actually it interesting. I guess, if you want to relive this day, yes PM for thirty has a podcast. I think it's called March eleven twenty and it goes through the day. Like what was happening behind the scenes as the Oklahoma City, Utah Jazz game was beginning and they found out last. Second, they got a positive test of one of the players. This the entire. They are already there already at the game there about to tip off all the sudden player. Just gonna walk the court nonchalantly and the rest
I walk around it. Everyone just silent in the game, just not starting, and no one knows why and then they this announcement and it's like everybody gates were cancelled, you're all safe, don't worry, I just Why do we exercise a check? Our website were did like that. Crazy? Hey envy you fat ass for coming, we have moved all of the players and all the officials. In fact, I'm speaking you do you from outside of the building, but take your time and no rush. It all your riddled with infection, but we'll see it acts die, and at that point we really were at that time where we didn't know. I like if you are in, the room or a stadium with a guy who had Kova. Do you get it again? It was unknown at that point, it was really all big questions and there was that
night later on, they they cancelled the season, the other sports followed, and it was the sixteenth of March when they instituted the fifteen days to stop the spread. Would you remember, of course, Donald Trump sort of famous speech from that time, so it is a this. Is it and it's interesting going back and seeing all the stuff are all these weird anniversaries? All that weird takes that everyone had back. Then you could tell if you go through this year and you haven't been humbled on getting something wrong with covert your way to certain of yourself. I think everybody from the skeptical side of the argument? To the hyper freak out. Side of the argument. No, I was pretty down the middle I don't think it did you ever productivity me five hundred thousand dead people. No, I said, don't fear the numbers fear the economic ramoth
patient. You are also very high on the hospital worries I was at it bans in our hand, out right. I was worried about that. We were, we were gonna over overload, which is why I was for the fifteen dates Hawes meeting everyone I talked about. This is the one person who got it all right. It's amazing how and they all disagree with each other. Yet there all night, I ain't- I mean I don't know where I was right. I don't know where I was wrong, but I I was yet I may I will say this. I think I've been You know I've had it is out of step with a lot of conservatism taking it, I think, more seriously than a lotta conservatives. Have you had a sceptical, but I did not think we'd be anywhere close to this death come I would- and I know people we like our wilder- manipulate the numbers there. Their measure in this the same, what they do, every other disease you can have with the way they record deaths the disease? If you want, but the bottom line is this, these numbers are really high. The overall all deaths are really high. The excess deaths from a normal year are incredibly high. I did not think it would get this bad. I will
honest with the I'd totally did not think that was gonna happen. I'm one factory in Autumn Burke's came out said a hundred thousand a tutor. Forty thousand trump was out. There is well sand and I was like two hundred and forty thousand. It seems completely insane a eurozone. I heard two million a year ago. I thought that was completely insane. Adult turned out to be completely insane
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