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Amazon’s Book Burning | Guests: Rep. Dan Crenshaw & Ryan Anderson | 2/25/21

2021-02-25 | 🔗

House Democrats cherry-picked like crazy during a hearing on domestic terrorism. Reparations are coming in one of two ways. Rep. Dan Crenshaw joins to discuss concerning news about the Navy, President Biden’s nuclear codes, and Texas’ power issues. The world is not what it used to be, as the West is told its culture is bad and two powerful industries are fighting back against disruption. “When Harry Became Sally” author Ryan T. Anderson joins after his book was removed from Amazon. America’s digital book-burning era has begun. Glenn and Stu dig into Andrew Cuomo’s sex scandal. There’s a major update to the story of South Dakota’s attorney general, who hit a pedestrian with his car, but claimed he thought it was a deer.

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America and welcome to the programme. My name is Glenn back from behind my card board microphone doing my best not to be quite as white as I usually just to fit in gang. We're gonna talk a little bit about the dangerous, dangerous white conspiracy theories and the white extremists that are planning to overthrow our government holy cow. Thank goodness, the House subcommittee had a hearing yesterday because I didn't realize how many white people who believe in the constitution and believe in you know fair elections and no MA. Am Popeye Baseball. Those things
I didn't realize how dangerous they were until yesterday we begin their and Dan Crenshaw coming up in sixty seconds one programme So grace lives in Oklahoma and she has dealt with lower back pain and pain in your legs for a long time. She'd come home from work at the end of the day, and it was all she could do just make it through the evening So over the year she tried a lot of different remedies, but she could never just get at the source of the pain. Nothing worked for very long. Then one day she happened to hear me talking about relief factor on the radio and something I said, convinced her, spite her understandable scepticism. She decided to give relief factor a try grace. I can't Thank you enough! my daughter s me yesterday about something. and I remember what it was and she said dad
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salting from domestic terrorism, where results of right wing extremists wow you couldn't simply be an issue with the categorization of these murders. Could there you, when you don't call gang killings, for example, terrorism, which again wouldn't necessarily think it is, but light You can eliminate a law of murders by the way you categorize these things as yeah. Well, you knew you had workplace incidents. We had disgruntled employees, rights not a terrorist, not terrorism. They were never terror, re might say Allah bar as their walk in through the place, but that just because they fit you know, maybe have letters. You know writers pairs was I'm doing this. For you know, Osama Bin Laden, nor owl, Kate or you know the caliphate, but who's to say would allocate a mean staring. It could actually anything, maybe a guy named owl
she then went on to say there are no good. There are not good people on both sides know there are not good people on both sides the other are. She then accused don't drop of inciting the riot on January six. She said that right, wing. Extremist and white supremacist are the main cause the main cause now of domestic terrorism. Ranking member said that he was a little afraid that maybe, as colleagues might just focus on domestic terror, that age, Cherry pick from the right by I you know he's here, somebody, who's been harassed and beaten by Antigua Blah, blah blah blah blah. We all know how crazy that is to bring that up. then Mr Nator stood up it was car, it kind of hard for him to do, but he stood up and he pulled his pants up to his nipples
and Jerry network of who claim that tat. Most of this hate is due to religion is due to religion? And you know I think when we're talking about domestic terrorism, that's probably true, but that religion would probably be Islam just or did I say that out loud when it comes to domestic terror. And numbers of people killed? Would say that it would probably be Islam, how a distortion of Islam Shore the really scary part of Islam, yeah I know a lot of money. I'm not even gonna say this. Forget it there good people on both sides he. Mr Mr Jordan, beyond
also stood up, and he said that he was sir. He was upset that Democrats, rolling, focusing on one side at violence? Should he condemned whether its in DC or in Portland, ah, but then then wait. Henderson came in, he was. He was a first witness he's the CEO of leadership conference on civil and human rights, and ah he had or points to make, and I think he sealed the deal here. He said the Congress must pass the Strict terrorism prevention act you look that one up still the demand stick terrorism, prevention act more sounds like something I for I dont want d
stick terrorism right! I would like to prevent it right and I think we should write it all work at all works at all as terrorism argue for domestic. Are you a domestic there? No, I don't want it, and why is your audience that devastated the acts of terrorism? Nine should act. You want to prevent terrorism or not, MR supremacy supremacist Congo must identify ways to find and eliminate white supremacy in the police department. I'm for that but I'm not for these people doing it. When I say these people, I think we know exactly my meaning. Here's who I mean the elite white leftist liberals and who are think they know better than anybody else is specially minorities. That's who I mean
We have to have to find ways to eliminate white supremacy in the police department. Let me take up. There lived in Louisville Kentucky and I remember one of them These days I I was living there. I was watching the local news. This is back in the eighties, and I was watching the local news and I'm you know I grew up, in Seattle, though at the time. The worst thing that was happening in Seattle was their cloudy day. I mean we didn't have these issues like rest of the country. I don't think we ever had the clan. At least I wasn't aware of it. the issues were more about indigenous people, and you know yadda yadda, but still it was not that big of a deal least one I was growing up so I move and do you know my sister tell you that story about my sister when I buy by took her too
a part of town Little ITALY in in New Haven Connecticut. Did I tell you the story? My Mr Collado she's, the oldest and not necessarily the wisest. She grew up. You know obviously like me, and we ever met anybody in the mob. We didn't know people who knew people in the mob. We didn't think the mob Unilever. The mob was a joke. You know domain them for us growing up. It Watch movies and you'd see anybody like ok. What my! stir. The shattered and watch those movies, or she just thought they were just all made up right. and I'm living in in New haven and we're going to this restaurant. It was a really good restaurant, but it was owned by one of the mob bosses
and in I've always Haven say how name, but rather those had a restaurant. I love him. I love him. They were wrong if you only real if he was if the mob existed, which it doesn't. I love it anyway. I said to her. I said this guy is so stereotypical and I said no. say anything but he's one of the king pins here in them and so with Guy comes, and you know it. I've played nice with M o H, Yale, gray, restaurant. I love it. I loved no come my dear and he would come to the table and he came and he this time he sat down. I said this: my sister Clodagh, and he sat down at the table- and these said Borg and so were No idea. And she's had twenty glasses of wine and changes thinks he's charming and she said
can I tell you something and all those that I break out under sweat, not like your God, what she gonna, say and she's. I tell you brother, so stupid. Oh no, I swear to God now she said she said you're in the mob and I was I got this guy's turning to me and looked at me and I just went and he's got started to laugh your brother is such he's such a. he's such a huge areas of me. I mean look so that's the kind of world I grew up in you're, tired slashed anymore. I got no, but I lay left the restaurants and what the hell just like the mob might have happened around Al Capone. It doesn't have any more alike. child of my town out of the town so anyway. I was even talking about this over time,
though, the White supremacy earlier terrorism, we have moved a global Kentucky in the eighties and why? the first news stories, was about the cops and how these two cops had their clan robes? In the Frank of their squad car, never a good, very good ideas not way now. You know you Aigrettes today, so wrinkled and Greece. If some tool I mean just bully relied. I remember watching it thinking. Oh my god I can't believe that still is a thing, and now I live in us, city, where the cops are in often the clan and immediate. I was probably twenty two twenty three years old and I immediately realize This is real and I understand why black people are
a little nervous about opening the door for a cop. I got it immediately, so I am all for. Let's stop the clan there's no people who Four. Why supremacy in the police force, I mean I gained amethyst, I mean I've. Don't, say that grand dragon would probably ok without right and let's look at it as a percentage of the popular yes universally you're in around two zero I promise erect correct. Then he said Congress must pass legislation and appropriate to enhance the federal responds to hate crimes. Specifically so adding white supremacist and they have to pass H our forty giving african Americans reparations now. Here's the thing I just I want you to understand why reparations is going to go through this time in some form or another unless you stand up,
This is nothing about slavery, anymore. It's not about slavery. You know cause the argument used to be who's. Gonna, get it How are you going to trace the you know? Who The money who doesn't get them it doesn't matter anymore, because why People are oppressive, so if your white, you don't get it. You pay if you're anything other than white. You will get it you're, not gonna, go give it to african Americans, because whites are all also kept every other race down by this oppressive system, so It's no longer don't don't try to use logic with any of these things. You can't argue logic anymore,. Because this has nothing to do with anything other than the premise that you universally accept white p.
All are racist and have oppressed all other races there. The problem so vague. caused all these problems gained all this wealth by oppression. It's time for them to have their wealth taken and given to any. They ve oppressed. I agree The premise that that logic has nothing to do with us, but cow, can new constitutionally do this of you can't can't what you pale just say. I think people with this color skin should get X, Y and Z no there is a reason we amended the constitution, so things like that couldn't happen gap, but that is again. You can't use logic. We're too, anti racism and aunt Racism is different than be against racism. anti racism according to its own creed, must discriminate discriminate against you? I people right. You must be racist against white people and why
People are the only ones that can be racist, so you must understand that they are racist and the only way to recruit repair. This is to punish them, but How could you do this like? We would say what, peep, if you happen to be a minority, come get your money How will they just know it all through programmes they will join? first, a lot money too programmes and that own eyes, and by the time, the dollar, and I think, the time that this happens, it's going to happen in one of two ways and I'll explain you give me one minute I'll tell you the reminds one of two ways should, their tongues. I'll, probably forget one of them, my pillow best. I've ever slept with. If you haven't tried to how many pillars have you slept with, promiscuous man, you
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from high income. You know, people just raise taxes like crazy. You take money from Glenn back and give it to black people, Glenn back as oppressed, correct. They will. What he'll do: is they will that the way they would like to do it? to have categories of people so everybody will pay a very high tax, but you will be exempt from it. If you check this box, this box in this box guy, so you're gonna be receiving the money. If you check certain box, I don't know how gay I don't even close to guide on either here, the way I think it is going to happen. It's going to happen through programmes now so they will just start taxing everybody. Really high, especially if you make over a certain amount of money and remember if you know you proud Thirdly, a race Strader anyway, if you're making a lot of money,
and so you will be able to check boxes as well. If you are in an upper category, you may get some benefits from it, but will generally be through programmes, and its it'll be like the the great society. was all supposed to help where we ve spent twenty three trillion dollars on, rate society, since L B, J put that into effect twenty three trillion dollars. the The of the black community is not doing better. Stewing Worse doing worse, because there dismantled that community and those families they were, they were Entrepreneurs they were had seen more stable marriages than white people. Did I mean that a growing thriving community that just needed a chance. You know
when they had stable families and they were entrepreneurs under the kind of discrimination that they had in the fifties. Why, once that discrimination is supposedly taken away, and The great society starts. How did that break up families and destroy things? I I contend because it was intended to and so will this, but it is. Gonna come through programmes hook or by crook. operations are going to come because, actions have sequences question the one programme you know. It's it's nice when every once in a while, the stars align indicated do something both because its good and because save your money most of the time doing something good costs more. I want to talk to you about. switching to Patriot mobile. It is something that's good to do.
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I have a great way to spend your forthcoming reparations jacket that blaze, tv dot com, Slash Glenn is the place to go. There simply allowed won't be a lot of thirty bucks after six years from now. This is the Glen Back Programme, please to have a very rare appearance on this programme, Congressmen Dan Crenshaw Dan. How are you, sir, I don't know where they showed me. I don't have to be rare, and I we can. We can do more than I do that it will be hard to get the schedule right. Jake, I'm not I'm not in place, anything I'm just grateful that you're, IRAN, it is rare to have yawned, and I really a priest. x. I want to talk to you almost every day, because your what the guys who, I think, really gets it and and is standing for the things that we need to stand for and there very few people laughed that I think people on the I trust and you're one of them. So damn let me
a couple of questions? I want to get into Texas here in a second but there's, stories that to my mind, that I think you're uniquely qualified to talk about what is this story from military dot com? Today the Navy is making all sailors reaffirmed the oath to the constitution in the stream ism stand down. I find this incredibly insulting. and you comment on this. I don't care about that. That's my story by some it concerning la guy on the one hand, I love her sailors and Marines and and soldiers to reaffirm their up with the constitution every morning. I agree that includes their allegiance is well. Why not? Yet, by this pretence, is concerned and it is clearly it so obviously and clearly politically motivated Atlanta. What's what's the for the yours,
They are aware that the bag, The second, I think the premises of this is that well we had a lot of veterans on January, search at the capitol right. That's the premise of all this nonsense, unprotected mathematically, that's that's not a good indication of where attitude in military standard or whereby direct and more broadly right, just because a lot of things Oh here does not mean that a large proportion of people are indeed extremists or bad erect and and away. I think I thought we were against that caught a profile it right now but I was against the very liberal values that supposedly the left, therefore, by You know very well left it. That liberal left is very, Tyler Broad, and I think it was MR gotta stay- that more up here S. Where did they have become genuinely authoritarian, progressive ism, Martin shaken liberalism is a bigger between and Alan Dershowitz, liberal and democratic Party progressive, are totally different, totally different,
One other question, because I dont understand this Democrats ass Biden to surrender the keys on the nuclear launches. What they're doing is they're trying to take away the president's sole authority to launch nuclear weapons because they say it could just happen too fast and they want him to be forced into some sort of a committee before anything is launched, so he wouldn't have the the nuclear football keys. It would be with a committee. What the hell is, that extra concerning famine in it. My point of view your point of Yorkshire at its heart. It is hard to actually, if that's what you trust last by the new cap in attendance, is very well or a crazy Democrat Party, but But in the end it up, it is pretty obvious what they're doing an ethical to lay the groundwork for this even before one took office talking about
invoking the twenty Third Amendment NOS pretty obvious. You haven't even talking about tromp, so I think they obviously no. That is cognitive issues. But the Good NEWS for America's, but by bided demeanor and in This position is not to go to launch nuclear Bio. Also a lot of things about the guy, but I don't think that's what his plan is not insist that this field a little bit disingenuous, and I also feel like I mean if he woke up one day and he was suddenly temporarily insane, and he said, let's launched the missiles there's thereof, people and systems in place to stop that madness array? Let me doesn't have it allows bad are added value from pressure I do not see how right it is. Not. My group supports the wrong, but my mandate, the I want more coke button all right, let's talk a little bit about what happened in Texas cuz. It is
it's insane on. What's being said about the Texas red and Texas, not being green, etc, etc. Part of the problem is. Is it we are green. We leave the country in wind power now right this is a complex phenomena distort as much as possible. The concern is the right off the bat jumping on the means, which is why what what went down upon what we put up all these pictures of frozen wind turbines, because its body by that that does not exactly why. But the great went down until it gave the left an opportunity to build a strong man argument against the right mistake, but really what happened in their their sort of correct, but we did happen over time, I'm a huge over investment in renewable energy and a huge under investment in base load power bases power means things that can turn on quick and and
power the grid reliably and those things is only three of them call nuclear and gas correct in Texas. We, have we have under invested in called dramatically raw tobacco plants have been replaced by natural gas because it's cheaper than this is generally had driven nuclear, is expensive, I wish there was more of it, because it is the only carbon free energy that is reliable, Bulgaria, but for nuclear plants in taxes, and we have don't make any new gas plants either. Although new gas plants are generally replacing call plant, though it had, massive population increases in tax twenty job, but still the best placed to let right. So when you don't have enough base load power, you're not investing enough in it. Your lesson Tommy renewable energy because it makes you feel, go to mix feel green, but that renewable energy never works, never works. What he did the mouse. It certainly doesn't but one there's no well certainly doesn't work wonders now shine and an extreme weather that that tends to be the case, so
you know when they go down dramatically remain at its best when can provide quite a bit of energy, for the tax is great, but that's at its best, and you can rely on the right track it is building the strongman argument say no, no, no, it's fossil fuels that fail and the question you have to ask them back is compared to what compared to what compared to renewables concerned was wont, work or that just a fact they don't work. Good weather, sometimes what'll, here that these that the there their own selling them from their own documents. We Power most provide a forty percent capacity, at any given time at most it just averages out the wind stops, and so all of the energy that is being produced stops. So By their own estimates, its forty percent reliable for capacity-
in practice is much less. You no doubt on average is extremely still very high, but eighty percent of average cost in terms of Europe Lira per cent and enough. Like what you desire and energy grid? You have the plan for what is a hundred per cent I'm gonna give him back right, then you also have to then you also to plan for what is a hundred. Fifty percent look like like if the whole state freezes, because it once in a century free erect in that way. So but we need to live under fifty percent more and over time because we haven't invested in fossil fuels because- green energy such as they get it, I'm not against solar and wet, but when you, but it is pretty obvious from a policy perspective that if listen to much of the Democrats and take too many notes from them. Thank you, but he knows from California and you over invested these things and you federally subsidizing and use the other thing that people and about taxes we do fire eyes electrons coming for when the window it gives to make a profit, the gas doesn't look certainly doesn't nuclear often operate at a loss.
I think we do in fact which maybe we should look at. Is we don't miss? Keeps our prices lower, but will we don't do is take a capacity fee to plant? that can generate capacity immediately on the man to all the other states. that we don't do that in fact, is to keep their prices lower, but it also might discourage investment from these base load capacity. Part which again, that the left loved, but it's not good policy. So so so so. Take me here because I think the problem is exactly the problem. We went through in two thousand eight with the banks. They there was a policy. They wanted everybody to own houses, so the feds made it easy for loans to be had that shouldn't have been taken out and they were pushing a policy, and so everybody indulged in that it broke. This is the same thing. That's happening in Texas, the leave federal subsidies for we power, make. It
much more economical to build those and sole thee, The people who were you know, building and in this industry there, like. I, you get all this free money from the government for doing this. Much is build this. Mean isn't the substantive wrote a big problem, there is a middle like these subsidies, you know one one response, Republicans ever say: ok, but at least we make these subsidies technology neutral so that they can at least get a nuclear. You know it is a simplistic warrior: solar get tuner fifty times more subsidies than nuclear does when it gets about a hundred sixty times more subsidies than nuclear does. This makes no sat. Look I'm very pro nuclear to venture, but but but if, but if working, if we're gonna believe that we actually have to reduce emissions rapidly and why they against nuclear radiation quest their intent nor motivations, because it makes you think it's really not about the carbon reduction, because you about private or not should you be,
Your number one goal should be to export it much clean natural gas as possible to dirty cop. in countries like China and India and you'd be investing in nuclear? We wouldn't have but a ninety trillion dollar for a price tag on it, because we would we would be able to build its scale, Ruby to invest in american nuclear. We could build nuclear around the world that could be said of China and Russia doing it and by the way that media will gain a foothold into nuclear capabilities in developing countries. It is really not a good thing, but it is a national security aspects of this problem in the centre. America wants you be controlling them Nuclear energy around the world is a clean energy aspect, This is a reliability. Aspects are best you're, never gonna get rid of fossil fuels, but call look where these are the most reliable four things and really really bad weather. If I live in, other states still have call now can escape that, and I think that the lesson from taxes is Theirs Devil feeling to how much renewables you can have on the bread is not necessarily true if you just keep building more wind it it's the terrible for the grid.
But it is true that if you also simultaneously under investment, they float power. So do the floor to that whose afford to that must obviously to renewables if building or nobody just becomes a waste of money. At a certain point,. We're talking who congressmen Dan Crenshaw. You are in Congress, so you see what's what's coming our way, the the things the Vine Administration is doing and congresses is proposing, with green the green new deal, etc, etc this is this- is all about changing every aspect of our life. It's all about control and power. and I don't mean that in the electricity sort of way, and it is it's terrifying when you look into the way that corporations are now starting to incorporate what are called E s jeez environmental, social, justice and governmental standards, which
are a little terrifying when you understand the scope of what that means to the average person elastic inherited it by ethical, the quickest way to by all this down as theirs. Is it quite indifferent disposition on the left and the right the boy all of our policy differences down through the psychological disposition and on the left that this position is this. We want to change. The nature of men and we believe we can. We believe we can use by the forces of government and the forces of institutions to fundamentally change you and I will be looking for you for that revolution, no matter what were not really sure that revolution, girls did before it off all the part, because utopian ISM is well. That leads nowhere. I mean it literally leads nowhere in Greek, because the category Can you tell yourself trying to get them the right of the different disposition. A far more humble disposition, that's what this is about. The best we can do with governance,
that you cannot change the nature of man, but you can provide a good system and structural incentives and disincentives to get the best outcome right so that the letter that a fundamental difference, but that does not change some other people- are born that way These were all of this month and comes from. You know right and are always looking for ways to do. Just ordered were always trying to point out to people like. I noticed, feels good and others feel like their promising utopia, but would promise you that the debt the road to get him out of the house was tabled, thanks for the lift, this turned out to be true, every single time because another indication of that and I want you to know. I will be making a call today and we are probably gonna hate that I say this, but we make call the day after the programme for the very first time since last week? A name has come to me that I need to pass on to permit a radio networks on a replacement for rush Linda. I think you
Replace rustling by that answer was so clear explaining a very complex thing I this We would like you to be as an air. Doesn't he already have a jolly already has again? You know, maybe I guess theory dive about gap, well. What's the name of your podcast hold these troops hold these truths. Ok, Dan Thank you we'll talk about it. The compliment have gone appreciating the goblet they were going to gobbled up reveal a privilege that humanity you met my dad Crenshaw, I mean wasn't that ache, verifying answer. He's really smart guy are we talk about our sponsor this half hour, its american financing, please If you have a credit card, fees that are out of control check. How much are you paying are you Are you able to get out of debt and under from underneath that your
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Company sales force plans to blacklist clients for political speech, citing the capital riots in most people would say is unrelated news other than the same topic of banning people, twitter band, hundreds of accounts for undermining NATO. These two stories are much more than just in the same category. They are connected I want you to listen this hour. Because I think you need to start looking at the world entirely differently. There is a lot going on and we ve got to start understanding, broad categories,
the world that I am trying to line out for you and show you. It is so important that you understand it because it is. It is not the world that most people think they live in, but the change has already happened and you have to stop thinking. The world works. The way it used to because it doesn't, we begin their in sixty seconds programme. if you have been living with pain and yet desperately want to get your life back, I'm here to tell you that not only do I stand first hand what it's like, but I also may have found a way to help you get your life back, it's cold old relief factor. The only reason why I am trying to get you to try it is because I was I didn't want to try it. I didn't believe it's all natural pulleys have so maybe broken eight hundred shot up.
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relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot com, call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four get the three week: trial: pack relief factor dot com. There are so many things that we talk about and that I have talked about that. I have a new understanding. You know the the older you get the more you realize I don't really. I don't really know anything. You know when you are young, you become very arrogant that I know go and on emulate starts with your parents, I'm smarter than my parents, my parents don't get it. and then, when you get a little older and by the time your thirty, hopefully you're, like you know my parents did kind and get it and you start to realize you don't have any answers.
the only thing I am certain of, is God. And that I am not certain about anything I Certain about the make up of God, I'm not certain about anything, I'm open to any possibility That is an important place to be. Because, if you hold fast to where you have been You will not be able to move to the next place. and the country and the world already moved to the next place. If you long time listener this program. You know that back in two thousand and nine or ten I still have had a very evening meeting one of my lead guys on my staff
had a meeting with the lead guy from George Soros, and it very disturbing. It was a threat, you will stop doing these things because my client, feels that there being hurt by it. I dont think you understand, you will stop doing these things now last thing that was said at that meeting was I don't thank you really understand. The ship has already sailed and your either on it or you are not. get on the ship. To which my Representative said you can Mr Soros. I'm pretty sure even without asking, my boss doesn't want to be on that ship and is not going to get onto that ship. This ship has already sailed
I believe it sailed around the time that I was being told it was may be still being loaded, but it is deep deeply pass. The channel it is in Deep ocean waters now and you have to understand the work old, you live in not the world you have been in before. Let me start here. I have said for a long time that one of the big pressures- that's pushing all of this- and we never talk about it- is the turmoil that is coming from the technological an information revolution.
We are in both of those revolutions right now, so take them industrial revolution which took from the cotton gin where You didn't need manual labor to. the suggest even say just thee, the plants that built world war, two. And built all the armaments that was a hundred years, guy that was a hundred years of going from farming and doing all by horse and hand too, industrial revolution which were were building aeroplanes that didn't even they didn't exist. Electricity didn't exist with the cottage in all Those changes indoor plumbing running water toy. it's it's just I keep focusing on. You know the indoor plumbing, because it was a pretty big deal to all mobiles to airplane,
to living in cities, working in factories- all of that. Happened in a hundred years, one for years now it seems like a a very short period of time. If you're looking at that on the stance of humanity, but that was really rapid. There was a big change. In the middle of that we had a civil war and peace Thirdly, because that. Old way was dying. It was out. there was no place for two go most people, don't know that northern states, the New England States at the time of the signing of the declaration of independence, anything up north, they pay asked a they passed laws against slavery. You years before the
nodded states government passed. The states did it themselves. In fact If those states were a country, they would be the entire world to the abolition of slavery. No one did it before the northern states did in the United States of America. No one did we were first. Option of the south and the Health was focused on money. They were folk on industry. They were made Seeing all of the cotton for the world. It was us, Egypt, India, that it we needed that slave power, they would say because air, producing these products and it can't be produced by just a farm. We have to have slaves. Do the labour wrong there wrong now got it. Conjured comes in
that whole way of life is now threatened. Wait a minute. Wait, a minute, wait, a minute that man, you can do what all those people can do. Yeah. Well, ok, release. You can't release, that's it, of life, and you also have to reject Now- yourself and say, Oh, ah, I guess he's people aren't inferior. I was just using them for cheap labour and I'm gonna do that. You have You have generations of your family and of your state Your area say that this is wrong. We're not doing it for money. We're we're due is because their inferior. so where's this in. Stir revolution, starts to kick in you that conflict, because their way of life is going away there that is what is happening now in the law,
if he wants you to believe that its because white supremacist, feel that their supremacy going away. That's not true!. The entire world is going through? I should say the tyre western world is going through a period of time right now, where we are being told If you're in Sweden, you don't have a worthy culture has should do. Yes, you do and so do people in Ethiopia, they have. A worthy culture not all of it, but they have a way of life that they have lived. I go to any place and say Your culture is in good, that's called colonialism your culture is in good, so I'm going to destroy your culture and impose this culture on you as a people, that's what bull are feeling
their feeling reverse colonialism. If you will you being told your culture isn't good. It's all bad you're, trying to destroy it, will that's happening. everywhere in the western world. The real rob isn't cultural. The underlying rob is that you can no longer control and heard people There are two very big industries that are being disrupted, that people only Look at one of them as an industry, but you You have to realize they both industries, one of them. Is the media. The media
has done everything to hell all the news that fit to print teach me bull what's right, what's wrong shape the country, by what we report and what we don't report. That was a very regal job and a job maybe in the eighteen, hundreds or the early nineteen hundreds before they started apologizing for learn Mussolini and Stalin. Maybe they did a good job, I don't know, but people trusted them. They were the authority in news. All of that is being disrupted. The Washington post. Its being disrupted. And its being destroyed. There's a second industry that is being destroyed. And these two industries are linking together with a
third one, and it is what is, truly going on. It is the future of the world. Unless you And together, all Americans left and right. I should say that liberal and republican and independent, if you're on the left or, if were quite honestly part of the wrapped right, you're gonna, be part of the problem, I'll explain In sixty seconds our response to this half hour is real estate agents. I trust you're trying to sell your house you need the person that is not going to tell you were going to have another open house on Saturday. You need somebody that is coming to the plate with clients that are already visiting their website already
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We have grown up in a world to where we think politics is service, I'm serving my country We ve always known that there are corrupt people would etc, etc. But We always still looked at it as an honorable. noble at least aspirational early enough. bull career That's why we treat people with respect such respect, o senator? How are you even after their not Senator O senator even after the not president hope. Mr President, we hold that in high esteem. That is given them. The ability to work behind the scenes and do All kinds of things
rich themselves? How is it that congressmen and senators and President's go in poor, and they leave fabulously wealthy. That's not service in the other industry that would be called crime We would call Congress a crime family, be as of all of the dealings, but they make the laws, and so make them. So they can do these things so they're, not a crime, family. We have lost faith in everything. By saying that, Donald Trump Card, This or anybody call to this I heard some, he described the other day as. Taking a handful of sand and take
one piece of sand out and holding it up and saying: that's the beach. It's not the beach, that's one piece of sand, Donald Trump! is not the beach. He is not the reason. Talk, radio, the reason Are you crazy edi you not the reason. Some of the crazy people and the corrupt people in Congress, not the reason. Marxists, not the reason I'm a change, not the reason, all of them our grains of sand. All of them. All of the everything you can think of is the beach.
Because we no longer believe in institutions that are sleep, you and I both know they run like their nineteen? Fifty when you oh do something look you're going to Amazon now, not because we're a fan of just bays. Oh sir, I'm a big believer. I wear the Amazon smile T shirt all the time. I don't know anybody the does that. You go to Amazon because it works and it works better. Than anything else, and it is the future of the way You are going to be buying things. And we know it not because of graft or anything else, not because of a deal they brokered with the government, but because they built a great company that doesn't work work like things had been working since
the days of the mercantile things have changed. we don't have trading posts, we don't have murchen tiles, we are losing the mall, ok normal, change, but This change doesn't require you as much as the mall did it and require it. Doesnt hire you and it's we gotta get worse. As ology gets better pay. less humans. So what do you do. When you have oh, a huge change in the world which is normal. It's pressed in about a ten year period, not a hundred or plus years in a row.
a ten year period the stress is only beginning and youve unleashed people we ve. Always crazy people on our street. That was like Alice, Crazy Bobby lives on the corner street. Just we all avoid him. Will you can't now because crazy, Bob who lives on my street you Crazy Tom that lives on your street and they all Facebook page now and they are all connecting. Is that good or is it bad policy We're both sides of that helped Straw describe the new world that you're living in and what problem really is and the solution overlords, believe they're going to give us and just this is the blunder programme.
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we're living in a world that was operating the way it use to it's. Not so, stop being shocked by things stopping pissed off by things and instead and start to look at things as they really are, because if we look at it and as the we as they really are, we can lodge We deal with it. And we can also stop it and stop playing the game. There were two. Industries? I told you about media. in government that are losing their power, but there are other industries that have lost their credibility. there is for pretty much all big business. When we say when people say I trust business, they don't mean big business no mean g. They me the business down the street, the people that they think are more like them because they know them
press, the business people in your own town, but if I you do you trust. Do you trust your local locally run? Not connect. You did all with any other big bank. Do you trust that bank some people would say yeah, if you explained to them there completely disconnected from anybody else's, is a locally owned and operated bank. Yes, I trust them. Do you trust? do you trust, Citibank, Bank of America, dope these industries are in trouble. There are in trouble with trust because of something I told you what happened a few years ago, which would be they begin of the research too. I called it the new world order that too asked implosion when, people no longer trust well. I trust the media, we don't trust government. We don't now trust the government's doctors. We don't. crossed their prevention
some people don't even trust their vaccines and echoes two ways. Don't tell me that I have to trust the vaccine. When you hold me. If Donald Trump was in charge, you wouldn't trusted you wouldn't take it so tell me that I'm some kind of denier. I was scared. Go of it when Donald Trump was in office, I'm sorry Critical of it now it seems To be working, That's good, ok, but don't write it, jam it down my throat because the more you try to jam something down people's throat, the more they push back, all right and you certainly I mean I've- had I've had to a scope down into my lungs once you haven't, lived in tell you ve done that Holy How it's worse than you think is the only actors ever said to me: this is really going to say,
your whole body on fire- and you will do everything make this stop, and you be able to control it. I'm just telling you we're. Gonna hold you down. And you just focus on this person's eyes and listen to what they're saying it was the longest thirty seconds of my life, because some foreign object is in your lungs and your body says no, no, no! No! No! No! No!. And you fight against it. What did they do? he was there. It's almost over it's almost over relax. I'm just counting were at fifteen seconds, you're almost done where it twenty seconds. You have ten seconds left. Five four calming if your jamming something down my throat and you're, saying and you're a bad person- and you know what this might last Lari might be worse than you think I might leave it in their longer. You're, not gonna, you're going to fight
gonna fight and that's what big everything is doing they are doing all of the things not to calm you down there doing all the things to push every button you have in you. so why? Why would They do that Firstly, to understand people have I've, been to a local zoning board, meeting and I too, you know of a friend who tried to question a school Fourteen lit teeny neighbourhood. All trees. Note two story: houses, nothing, just a small little neighbourhood and they small little elementary school and they, better, it's cool had a lot of land. So they decided they're gonna build a new elementary school. while this thing is like two or three story stall it completely, lately decimate this neighborhood widen.
you just make a bigger one introduced, add on to the school, It would have fit on the property. Would be fine. Why you doing that because they can. Because they can If you ve ever been to a local school board or you ve ever been to a city council meeting or a zoning board, and you disagree with them, how do they treat you? They treat you like garbage because People get a little bit of power and they like to wield it. Magic. What it feels like to have a lot of power Imagine what people are willing to do when they think that power is going away, will How's it going away. Why going away because of stream mists. No most of it is going away because of technology because
as we now can speak to one another in continuously, and it's not just speaking. I can see the pictures I dont need Walter Cronkite, to talk to me about what was happening in Tiananmen Square I saw it on television, but they still had to carry it or it didn't happen. Now, I can see what's happening in Hong Kong, and I question: why They covering this. I can see what's happening on the streets with Anti fa or at the capital and wonder why you aren't they covering this or why are they covering it? This way? Because I have information that I ever had before. when you have information formation is power. Knowledge is power.
If you have knowledge to, please don't talk to me about the labour labour unions are doing to our schoolchildren. Please there's a million reasons, that's going on, none of them are good for the children. None of them are good for children don't try to hide behind my children, and I do believe, that there is some some there. Actually, Europe at the top. That believe that you know what okay so we're. we're setting people back, we're setting these kids there's a fork. I think it's a four percent increase of those who will not who will drop out of school? Just because of the covert thing and It's the least of our worries, four percent, Likud suicides. I think there are some that think. You know what it's gonna be good, because They can't think already now, ledge.
his power? Information is power. So. You have media that has had give up their power. Wait a minute I'll tell you what's important, don't tell me. that's being challenge. Government is being challenged. Wait a minute. I can see what you said and now I can see crystal clear in, real time what you just voted on, what you just did who you're hanging out with what you actually do, and that's not in the right direction. We, We know it now because we see it. And we see it now. in words. We see it in pictures, there's nothing more powerful than a picture. Or the spoken word. When the speaker.
knows exactly what words to choose pictures appeal to everyone. pictures led to revolution, the industrial revolution. Well, it was revolutionary they didn't entail a revolution. but it should have. usually when the world goes through a revolution like this have things like that. european Spring, which was caused by Karl Marx, the birth. of the labor unions and the birth of communism because the industrial revolution they wanted revolution, they saw it as the opportunity to overthrow everything that stood in their way.
The same thing, is happening right now. corporations. Where did they get their credibility. They get their credibility from you, Well, not really, they used to get it from advertising in the media. But that's not what gives them credibility and more and in fact, the more we learn about corporations, the less we like about them, because we find out there in bed corrupts roughly so with government therein trouble They need somebody to be well to cap you to stop you from communicating stop you from putting picture. up or ideas up or saying things because it's not just about you saying them. It's
you hitting critical mass and being able to change the world? One man can change the world believe that they don't they. I believe that you can change the world by yourself. And they think that, because they ve been powered you to connect with other people. Oh my gosh. What have we done? We give the power of information to people they can research themselves and they have as much power as I do the New York Times. I said this probably ten years ago, when I got into this, I had a work really hard to get. his position to be. To gain an audience doesn't come with an audience you grow, the audience I have said that to you and you wouldn't have ever understood necessarily what that meant, you do now because my audience for the four,
time in human history, the audience has an audience. How many people are addicted to the the like button? many. How many retweet did it get your addicted? To that There is no difference between that and somebody who is sold their sole for money or fame, will do anything to get that movie role or do anything to keep their job in media. Everybody selling their sole for life. x, ray tweets. That's the downside, but the outside to them, that who allowed you to speak. There's nobody saying who made you judge and jury on what is here Speech and who needs to be silenced, nobody saying that who made you king,
Instead, there saying to you who gave you the right to say that who gave you the right to disagree, why. Because it benefits all of them in the end I am, me about a quarter through this. We're gonna have to pick this up, but. understand the world has changed last night, on my tv show I started to outline. I began a chalkboard last night that is going to end up, I think, being one of the the best and most important chalkboards, but you're going to have pay attention all the way. long. I started it last night. I only added one little dot on this enormous chalkboard, but You will understand the world, is working once you start to see it differently.
There are pressures that want control and its government, and corrupt capitalism and corporations the way. They're gonna get you into that is through climate change and social justice Ass, they cop on your fears. More in a minute let me tell you about life lock you don't have to. Swim faster than the shark. You know we have to do is be able Oh there, There are no sharks where your swimming or Do you have to have some sort of harpoon where you can kill the shark before it kills you so What does this have to do with lifelong their sharks out there and they are looking for your information all the time you need someone. That is looking at the water. The urine all the time ago way way way way. Sharks and
it was a nudge there. casting you right now to see if they can get in all They ve already bitten your leg off here. Let me help that's lifelong does. Cyber I'm affects our life and identity is really truly the only thing you own, but nor use. Safeguarding it: life lock, DOT, TK use a promo code back right now you ll save twenty five percent off your first year at life, locked out com, call one eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom. Ten second station, I listened to the Club this is the Glen Back Programme. I want to give you the name of the book, a book that came out a couple of years ago, that I think it's one, that you would you appreciate, and it would help you understand. The world were living in now. It's the revolt of the public and the crisis of authority, is its white
yet now it came out in twenty fifteen or twenty sixteen I'm pretty. You're, the guy is liberal, but it is its describing what we're going through right now and and why were going through it and it's it's quite brilliant I highly recommend it again: it's the revolt of the public and the crisis. of authority. I've, I've never offer this to any author, but I know my staff is reaching out to him. I think this book is so important. I would give him an hour. for five days in a row, to go through this. I've never offered that anyone before out. We even agree on politics. and I wonder if he'd even take me up on that offer but what he has diagnosed as
a really important problem he's right, he's right and it ends one of two ways. Revolution authoritarianism. You don't got in trouble a couple of weeks ago and I wear it is a badge of honor when I repeated a phrase giving me and told to me by a good friend, Edwin Black, who is one of the greatest historians on the the Holocaust and how corporations merge with governments and- and we talked about what he dubbed the digital ghettos- and I said by silencing people you're doing what the Germans did. Beers is doing, it digitally you're, putting people behind a wall, so they can't be heard
Well, everybody screamed and yelled until I said, oh by the way, I got bad not from crazy Glenn back but from Edwin Black Talk to him silence get a step further today we are now in a period that Austria's period that everybody loved from Germany when they burning books. We are now in a digital book burning era in Amerika. Make no mistake: how do I know? Let me introduce you to somebody. Who's book was one of the first to be thrown on the fire in sixty seconds. Let's get issues. Thank you much. If you have issues with dry, irritated or red blotchy skin on your face and it won't go away or ear struggling with stress, break out uneven skin tone, you not not anymore thanks to Shalmaneser, think you're describing the debt
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and his research has been cited by two: U S Supreme Court justices into Supreme. court cases. He received his bachelor degree from Princeton and is doctoral degree from the university of Notice, Diet Notre Dame yeah, that's the problem, I guess he's a religious zealot. Everything else was going fine. Until that Catholic University was introduced. he is the author of the book. When Harry became Sally, it came. a few years ago and was controversial at the time and then blew over Amazon has just dropped it. They will no longer sell it because they have deemed it. I hate book and they said had. They are going to start calling through their libraries to see and make sure Are there not selling books of hate? The author of one Harry became Sally Ryan Anderson, hello, Ryan, how're. You doing well thanks for having the odds,
so. First of all, when did you find out? Your book was being burned by Amazon, Sunday afternoon. Someone who was trying to buy the book reach out to me. It was like It's no longer an Amazon, but later talking about like it's been on Amazon for over three years now inside you pull up my Amazon appetite, smartphone and it's not there and the Kindle books, not there the hard not there. The paper back that bear the need the audio books No, you can't even get a used copy entirely scrubbed it for website with no advance notice of pollution reach out immediately. We only back from Amazon late Tuesday afternoon and all the other day, that it violates their content policy. They will tell us what aspect to the content policy. They will tell us which page which sentence you know: where did the book hurt your feeling? That would be nothing? It's a black box,
So what you can do about that, so right now we're we're trying to raise as much publicity about this as possible to get people where having people contact Amazon goodness under heart there will undertake the book, probably not yesterday for senators Rubio. Holly and drawn sent a letter Jackie those asking for an explanation. But beyond that this is you know, a downside of an entirely unregulated big tech. Industry where your Amazon put out? Is it a lot of small independent booksellers? They they gained the giant market Providence had now, can use their market power in ways that are destructive to readers. Authors, publisher so Ryan? Did they? If you bought the book on Kindle, did they
pull it from your library, no which accordingly. Have it very important that you just you just, can no longer go ahead on Kindle right so the authority, if you ve, already purchased the book, the other not gonna, take it back from you, whether that have yet to happy or an electric company. Yet they have done that in the past. Wow, I wasn't even aware that yeah, what is the most book million pieces? It was the Oprah book of the year a million little pieces or something and they You said that it was plagiarism on part of it or something like that, but they pull in the middle of the night, without anybody knowing and it caused real uproar, because that's my book I paid for that. How can you go into my Kindle app and take something I bade for, and they are the user agreement? them to do up, and rightly so, be careful. We be careful than they issue refunds
now number at all. Remember I don't think so be it. The user agreements are almost reads like your renting the book. Where does the that's right? Leagues? We ve talked to an attorney who said that Guess, law suit class action lawsuit should be amongst these Reno apple and Kindle, who you buying these titles from says by now the by now well you're buying the title, but if, if Disney decides to pull that title from the Amazon Library, it did, appears in your library. And a lot of that has to do with rights issue. Yet more than than than this sort of thing, which has so far more egregious riah. We your burn books I mean this is something I thought we all united and that he has a bad idea and I think they're, getting away with a love to hear your take on this. I think they can get away with it Ryan because they don't actually to stand in the parking lot and make an example of your book and burn it. There's no
there's no visuals of anybody just hitting delete you're in the battle, be had a great article of how you know Amazon or not what you do a digital book burning add and this amazing when satire comes reality? I know are, to my mind like this. This suggests that be the consumers first of all the private business, it can do whatever it. Why that's true to a certain extent, but it's not always I really would like one bricks and mortar store that wouldn't salad block find there a bricks and mortar stores that, if all the bricks and mortar store, got together and said, we're not gonna, sell a book right that looks more like a monopoly right and if one individual, a seller that has someone told me- and I need a check to see if the sky- to that But as someone I tweeted out eighty three percent of all: U S book sales or through Amazon. I believe that the case when they drop a title, the impact of that and if a chilling effect
can someone like me, you, I am prominent enough within the conservative world New can book me as a guess. You heard about this. How many authors will have their books cancelled? That none of us wants here about lawyer how many titles and then for a publisher how many which is a good thing. We listen even published on that topic. Out of fear that Amazon will then drop. the title. This has a effect on the entire industry, so tell me about the book and why it is so controversial what is controversial precisely because it's not a bomb throwing book it, not a hate book it. a kind of like mild, mannered com, philosophy, science, medicine book, exposing all of the wise that are being what about gender this, so I haven't read your book, but I talk to somebody who did and they said it's actually a really loving book it did it approaches it
in a way or these be these people are bad. It's not that at all. It's your really compassion, Currently talking about it. Thank you. I think I strove to do you like it. it was three and a half years ago that I was finishing the Balkans publish three years ago. A year was people with gender, we are gender identity, conflict, they are victims, they are suffering maiden, choose experiences and they're, not faking it, but they are being disturbed by the metal. for professional community that has bought into awoke idiotic that telling them that Europe had the happiness. You ready blocking drugs, cross, sex hormones and animal mastectomy, and that's not true and Artist Stats Delta stats show that after That's done a very high percentage of people with disfigure, the fall right back then too.
Depression in and have problems because it it didn't it didn't cure. what they thought it was gonna cure, that's exactly right and end the book, its chapter and verse of quick note after footnote, after footnote of all of the studies that show that an sense I mean and the book came up three years ago, since the booking out there have only been more and more studies, revealing that, and I think that's precisely why it's so threatening to the left. So here when on the merit they have to shut down the conversation. So what this is, even more frightening than just book burning, because this isn't You know that they're pulling from the libraries now to kill a mocking bird its insanity, its insanity, but this book is also about medicine. This is Bout clinical studies up about me mental health- and
you put into your body for physical health and mental health. We can not come to a place to wear We can't disagree on something like medicine, remember medicine not too many years ago, was drilling holes in people's heads to release these spirits in their head, because they had a headache. So please what are we doing this is a medical book. Is it not me let their several chapters about the medicine of this their several chapters about this time their several chapters of the philosophy and the law is meant to be comprehensive at an and what I would add that what you just said that the site is conversations I have had have been with parents who placed their children on. Prospects hormones allowed their children to have surgery because the doctors told them that look, that's what was in the best interests of their child
and then only a couple years later they realize the mistake by limiting the sale of a book like this, we're limiting the ability of parents to inform themselves about what actually, in the best interests of their child. It means how many more children are gonna go through these misguided procedures because they couldn't get all the facts. you shut down a conversation like this. You do a digital book burning. real life consequences, I hate to ask you this, but I have to cause. I haven't read your book. Is there anything in it? Like you know, The gay away is: is there any is or anything like that in this book? That would cause, cause offence to do. You know people that people
me could go hard she's. Why would you put that in their nothing at all, not even remotely close and is something so early years of the book was endorsed by the former psychiatrist and chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital. From a professor ecology and why you from a professor of neuroscience, at Boston University, professor of law, at Harvard LAW School, professor philosophy, at Princeton University. They Missis, a french book. This is not a conspiracy theory books which says that if a book like this can be cancer from Amazon, no one books are safe. I do I will tell you that when I heard about this Monday, I immediately thought how my ever gonna publish another book, because you know fine. If I'm quoting stats, I'm quoting these things in my book, Amazon, decides they don't agree with that and they think
It's dangerous for whatever reason, and they don't have to explain themselves what ants. Do I have of of pudding on Amazon, It is never go ahead, and that is what every book author and book publisher is now asking themselves. as you can see that showing a better. Yet if it was just like one local bookstore, you have some like, Wing progressive bookstore that won't sell your book or my book. No one would care, Can we get out a market, but when the entity that could through the market darts censoring books, it will improve the entire book publishing eating and reading a process Ryan. How much of a factor is it that if you know if you're ve been write another book on a similar topic, there would be an incentive and the temptation to self
it before you released it now. I think you probably at the end of the day or gonna, renewed, say what you want to say in a damned the consequences, but there's a chilling effect for people before are these books even get out there and in its editing our speech before the speech happens. Yet I think what you're gonna see is that authors are going So that's it you're writing a book about political correctness. Originally one of your chapters was gonna, be about transgender issues. A lot of authors and publishers and agents are gonna say to land. I don't we skip that chapter. You that's? That's! The impact is innocent office. Been happening on university camp with this for a while? The reason that I'm at a think tank and not as a university is the think tank provide me with the freedom to tell the truth on these issues in the way that I can't tell you the number of tenured professors who have private weak confidentially reached out to me to say thank you for what you're saying. agree entirely. But if I ever said it, I'm afraid I'd lose tender
little valuable utitsa. go ahead, is exploiting the cupid insanity that we fear into. The entire Amazon world in an uncontrolled, almost everything Ryan. Thank you! So much if you wouldn't hold a boon mine holding for just a couple of minutes, I want to ask you something off the air Ryan Anderson, the book is when Harry became Sally. I highly recommend that you write to Amazon and an Jeff basis and you send them an email, but no, no, better, tweet, a Jeff basis, very kindly very professionally. Why was this book removed and when What are you now starting to censor all books? We to know no answer and tweet
Jeff basis and Amazon, somebody has to hold their feet to the fire or it will pass, and they will learn a lesson that they can do anything thanks so much right. Let me tell you about bill. Far its day. Fifty six of my weight loss regime dear dire as is going by the way he get elves updates pounds, loss or anything well yesterday, but the evening down. Oh my secret lab working on my time machine and what its fish it when it's finished, I'm just gonna go back in time to my younger self, knock em out then attacked. the brain transplant, where I can steal his body and come back fin and you re working unlike pseudoscience or something, but this in all your own room, no, and certainly not working on exercise or anything that you know, I would go back and say: hey, usually less pizza, that's not gonna work. I could bring him a box of built bars which he would really like mine.
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welcome to the welcome to the programme. Now. My definition of candy may not be everybody's mental candy. I mean candy for me, used to be Jack Daniels sure it's not anymore. So what, how do I relax myself now little candy today, it's called The Andrew Cuomo Sex scanned my main nothin's gonna, relax me more then saying just those words to stew and then say: go move on he Lindsey boiling Linsey Boil she is. She is a woman who was working in close contact and various roles near Andrew qualm was a relationship up and down. Their relationship was a bit up and down ok, mostly down mostly satellite, ok, yes, she multiple times was
to feel very uncomfortable by Andrew Cuomo Shore and not in the normal way that most american or other humans do every time they hear him speak just say and back I've just saying, maybe a little hanky panky go alive. Now sides there was little more than that America's dumbest governor. Yes, the man who know madam US mob governor, yes, eyes, the Americas, dumbest mobster. Yes, thank you, He he Her Lizzie boiler was working with her a couple times. There is one time they are on a private jet and Glenn Willie fat. It's a much some tours over the years where we ve been able to partake
departing thought in the little Conway Wes Kim Kardashian will rise. Diarrhoea is beyond the for all those other days. They don't come back for getting us massive anyway, so apparently not too expensive for entry. Cuomo, who has to fly, run a private jet all the time. I'd considering, he believes, there's an existential threat from global warming. That is also a politician in a private jet gas. Very strange larry. You remember that they have these, especially the smaller jets. They have. The ceding is allowed terms you face each other. And I have heard your sitting very close to your knees. Most touching yes, apparently Andrew manifested the situation a little bit with the Lindsey, also at time asked her to play strip poker, which is not normally what you would do with an underling in a situation where I wouldn't do it with an overly either in the hallway, probably a good idea to avoid that sort of behaviour altogether. He, of course,
Back in two thousand eighteen made a very public statement, Glenn everyone who every everyone, every woman should be believed memory. Woman should, of course our there should be. An immediate in me, I believe, is immediate investigation, John by an independent out outsourced sort of organization to rush area to the bottom all the while audacious a vat and then also suggest strip poker it it's either she's lying or he just thinks he so privileged he'll end On top He definitely wanted to end up on top. I think that was a big part of the issue. he also. He we do things just that creep out. Rum touching her back in her legs, often let that happen. Things that had also, I guess, era, Sarah, how
the times have. I interpret your legs in twenty. Twenty plus years we been you're, a very true the woman, we're friends. I feel close to you our how many times. Have I touched your legs: zero But what about that time limit was a strip poker station. That's right and then I remember it being followed by a vomiting, sexually thickly fact, so, yeah so categorical, and so he went down. This road was not not comfortable, apparently for her. She got to the point where her ball was relaying messages from Andrew Cuomo that Andrew Cuomo had a crush on her and also said. So it was like
Hey you never to come out any closer to impact. I gotTa Cross son is girl and I was gonna pass this note, but it be better. If you did it just says: do you like Andrew Cuomo check no. It wasn't. sophisticated. Something like a he. He was also, he said again was passing messages through layers of management here Where he would, while her boss, you wanna talk about how arrogant, gosh, arrogant and just absolute demur to the woman, I am, but I mean I'm just saying on one level imagined the feeling that you are so low on Kosovo and that you could tell multiple people I want. I want to have sex with her. The echo Did you say to dwell at least we don't know what he said it was passed on at one point, he had a a room. girlfriend He's the love Gov. If you remember
Chris Cuomo saying how attractive he was his brother was on CNN during the middle of a pandemic. Is thousands of people were dying nature to make up for what it does, Trans am thou, so. Anyway. So he said he had rumoured girlfriend named LISA Shields. Lisa Shields was a big sort of splashing media type of gruesome rumoured romancing. He passed through multiple layers of management to Linsey boiling heat. Governor said that look up LISA Shields, you could be sisters except you're, the best looking sister to this woman, He then, let's be honest, Sarah How many times have I sent you a picture of my wife and said you two could be twins except you the better looking one just an estimate: what zero
zero ha plus or minus. There ok argument of zero us very exact. Now I thought I was. I thought I was better to you. The message Quabo also then showed off a cigar box in widow in a way that I believe it was a Monica Lewinsky, there's nothing better than the old Clinton call back. Yet he also would invite her to random events that she didn't belong at all did just try to get near her genesis. Telling the story. We of course believe here innocent until proven guilty, and then he also eventually got her alone in a private setting, which was something she point Her mom warned against. going to occur and, as she tried to escape the situation,
he awkwardly stood up in front of her and kissed her on the current kissed, her on the lips, something she was not while so not not interested and he's got a lot in common with Joe Biden cassettes what he did, with the memory, he was as I and you ve got a bright future member. nothing like it near the lips with someone with dentures is always a good with our floating around in there is hopefully there just at tat point being there there is no there's, not Harvey wines de level stuff in the allegation. It's just see title that then the type of thing that gets you fired if Andrew Cuomo, making the judgments- and you have. To be a conservative. and she goes out she, our socialist, he was killing anybody's grandma. No, no that doesn't get you fired if Edric homeless weaken the judgments that gets you a book deal is what it gets. You there is? Instead biology? she also points out she,
certain. There are others she knows who they are and what they ve our alleging, although they are not its at her side we should tell essentially is her point, but this is the type of thing came out in December. Initially she tweeted about it. It was she he was ass radical, most estimate at one time and denied it Oh, why this woman wouldn't be believed, but I guess that's the rule now and then she is now come up with this again and there's more pressure on Cuomo, I won't say, and I am to be optimistic portfolio in twenty twenty twenty twenty one year, it does seem like the tide is turning a little bit on. Ensure quality in the media is his approval rating in just the general tone of coverage in a big way, people starting to notice that he is essentially the worst human being on earth and that's just science saying that I'm not this up my judgment, the there's. A scientific study from ethical Rutgers anyway,
Bottom line is Cuomo seems to be a little bit of trouble and as the dumbest governor in America, the dumbest mobster in America, that exactly where he should be, that wasn't quite the candy I was looking for. I was looking for a little bit more. We know of the do just I. I think this guy's a worthless piece of skin. I was looking for stu, I didn't get it so, maybe maybe we go here for a little candy. It appears Someone has had a brain storm in our next, the addition of Snow Sherlock here. Here is from them. your times your times, liberal columnist. Top liberal coffee cup communist coming further New York Times. Has
I blame Democrats for the harm being inflicted on millions of the nation's children. By a year. Of school closures, Nick Christoph six. so many Democrats may may have been blinded by by their anger in their hatred towards Donald Trump, And that has led them that Simply politics may played a role while in the corona virus restrictions watts, yeah yeah, which of course makes me saying I sponsor this. Have ours car shield, I don't know it's been like in your state, but you know here, it's kind of like a little kid waiting till the adults are looking and and messing with a thermostat. I mean sometimes it's eighty other times it's one
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six hundred and sixty five, two thousand one hundred and fifty seven mention the promo code back or a car shield, dot com and do that to save ten percent its car shield, dotcom promo code back deductible may apply here This is the Glen Back Programme where Let's see what people will put up with in their attorney general, the iter, any general of South Dakota Christie, NOME State apparently a little problem with his car. Now his story was, I hit a deer. and I just kept drive home and then the next morning I thought maybe that wasn't a dear and I went back to check now I have here like a bird before and a squirrel, and I don't know if I killed them and I, don't know if it right
He was a bird or really was a squirrel, but I've never, gotten up the next day and thought you know I should go back and check, but did he went back and he wanted to check and that's when he realized. Oh, that was a person. Ok, all right, maybe. Didn't know that problem is, is his front. Win shield was shattered. And the man's glasses that he was wearing that he hit and up in his car, so it some point, the man, or at least his face. Was inside looking at the attorney general way, Glasses fell off so it doesn't really work
But where am I missing? What am I missing here? Stu I made a little now that much of the person died, so it was, its horror is a really terrible situated might have fully I dont know he might have lived if the attorney general didn't think the here that apparently was wearing glasses you no more was was alive. The Ellen would have called you know for the deer violence and one of the one bit them do. As you tell the story, the one thing they he didn't realize the glasses weren't the car, which is, I guess, part of the dramatic video as their interrogating him. They said soak eyeglasses de aware they deserve that and the attorney general knew. What I can forth with them and they said or whose glasses are these and they were found in the car wish rid the actual quote because of the quotas
I would say not helpful in this is a little tip for you out there you haven't around someone over and the police find the person you run over glasses in your car. Try not this one. This were ok, the police officer says: there's just their Jos glasses and set the guy who died. So that means his This came through your windshield. An investigator tells him who lets an obvious gasp and then said. I wondered about that now, I wondered about why attacked the dears glasses? I spoke about why there was a face in my windshield when I hid it dear one where you wildering exactly now. Who knows what the media and everything else I mean there could be other. I gotta know what the story would be. I will say that see no one has looked over the evidence there. Both Republicans and she's now issued a statement in response to the conclusion of the investigation calling for the attorney general to step down and which I think
is totally appropriate. He's not guilty he's not been tried, it doesn't look good, but I'm not I hated. It go home, optimum Allah kind of guy that might have dear glasses in my front seat. So I dont know it doesn't look good, but he's not been. Convicted he should step down devote full time. Our caused by the entire is that it has to be sub optimal optimum sub astern, there's optimal. They desire to see what the people of South Dakota common sense ground, fairly willing to put up with a demand that a gallant Brad, or or not. If he out buddies, innocent great
again office. Maybe you should vote himself full time to a stronger defence programme
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