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America Is 50 Days Behind China | Guest: Nick Di Paolo | 3/11/20

2020-03-11 | 🔗

We are 50 days behind China’s coronavirus outbreak and heading toward a ramp-up, but DON’T panic. China claims the virus is on the decline. But it’s hitting Italy’s aging population hard! Glenn reads a firsthand view of life under Italian quarantine. Joe Biden won big last night and practically accepted the nomination, as some called for an end to the primaries. But it’s still way too early! Comedian Nick Di Paolo argues that Biden is everything the media accuses Trump of being. And California Gov. Gavin Newsom actually gave Trump’s coronavirus response a stellar review. Meanwhile, New York has sent the National Guard into coronavirus-ravaged New Rochelle. And Hunter Biden pathetically tried to use the virus to stay out of court.

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The future of entertainment and enlightenment. Italy is the oldest population in Europe. Italy is really really getting hard hit by corona virus. We have some of the doctors and some the nurses that are now speaking out on what's happening and their socialized healthcare world and it is heartbreaking. Do here. What's going on, we are at the beginning of this corona virus outbreak will give you the truth on it, beginning in one minute that programme so Gregg from Alabama. He recently turned fifty three and while he knew no while he's in his fifties- and it doesn't bother him in the way, you always thought it would sign a picnic either feel for your brother. I feel for your life room
brings with it aches and pains and for Greg that we're getting harder and harder to deal with it as time went on simple things like getting up and down from the couch began to be difficult. He was worried that he was going to lose his mobility, and then he heard about relief factor on the radio and you decided but a try. Thank you grey for listening and thank you for just trying this. I hope that I hope they do You found the hope in my voice, just from what I went through, that it can due to try it. Whatever was the cause you to try them so happy for you. It was a long before Gregg is telling us that he had the full range of motion again, almost no pain grey. God is life back. I got my life back, get your life back
when taken properly, it attacks the inflammation that causes the pain in our bodies and seventy percent of those who start taking really factor continue to take it and its nineteen. Ninety five for the three week quick start trial. If you want a drug free natural way to ease their pain and get your life back, go to really factor not come, that's relief factor, dotcom sold, I want to what I want to read a couple of things that were twit. Threads and they are sweeping the world and it gives you an idea of What it feels like and what we are facing in I've been saying for the last few days we're about fifty days behind China and its its,
not that it's getting worse around the world. China is now recovering in all going back to work. We are behind China. So now. What are we going to face? I'm gonna give you wanna live. One of my researchers and writers went by I was listening to show it. Let me look at that. Went back can put everything in a calendar from fifty days ago and when you start looking at the headlines out of China from fifty days ago, we are exactly there. So we are, to go through this giant ramp up, do not panic, but but please the things that you're supposed to do. We are supposed to wash our hands all the time, whereas we are not touch our faces all time. We are to stay out of big crowds Isolate yourself, if possible. Do those things? Please do those things.
Because when I read what these doctors and nurses are talking about in ITALY You will understand why the government is now saying do these, you'll understand why, for the first time we are isolating ourself and its because we're all gonna die. It's because no, or what system you have, nothing is prepared for this. I gave you the first threaten from allow spected friend and in intensive care nurse who Currently in northern ITALY. Here's the thread feel that pressure to give you a quick, personal update about what's happening in ITALY and give you some direct advice about what you should do. First, I'm in the most developed region in italy- and it extraordinarily good health care. I've worked, in ITALY, the Kay and Australia, and don't make
mistake to think what's happening- is in a third world country. It's not. The and situation again from ITALY, the car situation is difficult to imagine and the numbers don't explain, things at all are high metals are overwhelmed by covert nineteen and they are running at two hundred percent capacity. Weaves after all, routine. All oh hours have been converted to. I t use, what's an eye to you, you know still look at opera quick. I think that is no kind of an elected, they are now diverting or not treating all other emergencies like trauma like strokes, There are hundreds of p tease with severe respiratory failure, and many of them don't have access to anything above a reservoir mask intense. Treatment, unit. Okay, so What they're doing now is there not able
a treat you come in to the hospital with a stroke You might as well have stayed home and taken some aspirin because they can treat you because Everything is overwhelmed hospitals at two hundred percent capacity patients, above sixty, five or or younger with care. Morbidity. These are now even assessed by or are not even assessed by I to you, I'm not I'm not saying not tubes, I'm saying not assessed with no. I too you staff to attend when They go into cardiac arrest, staff, working as hard as they can, but they are starting to get sick and emotionally overwhelmed. My free call me in tears because they ceased people dying in front of them and they can only offer them some oxygen. Also in pathologist are being given a leaflet. Answer
To see patients on an ivy please please stop read this again and think. What's in it, these two. We also see the same pattern, indifferent areas a week apart, and there is no reason that in a few weeks, it won't be the same everywhere. This is the pattern one. Few positive cases. First few mild measures, people are told to avoid, the emergency department but still hang out and groups, everyone says not to panic too some moderate respiratory failures and a few severe ones that need to be integrated in tubes, but Regular access to the emergency department is significantly reduced, so everything looks great three times of patients with moderate respiratory failure that over time deteriorate to saturate icy use. First then, and I vs then see
app hoods, then even just oxygen for f, git so sick that it gets difficult to cover for shifts mortality rate, spikes from all other causes that can't be treated properly. Ten, everything about how to treat people is online, but the only thing that will make a difference are these days. Be afraid of the massively restrictive measures to keep people stay safe Governments won't do this at least keep your family safe, your loved ones, with a history of cancer or diabetes or any true, and splat will not be tubes, even if they are young, by safe, I mean do not attend them and you decide who does and how to help them. Their typical attitude is to read and listen to people saying things like this. In that that's a bad dude, then they go out. To dinner, because you think you'll be safe. We ve seen it. You won't be,
take it seriously it don't be as bad, hopefully as it is here, but you must prepare, and I ve a non none invasive ventilation, ok for them so oh this I just got this morning this this thread from this nurse. This one is A doktor and I I really want you to listen to what he saying here, Because I want you to put yourself in the situation. As it is in ITALY. Italy is second, to China but they think ITALY is second only to China because of the age of the people that are there. One I may be repeating myself but I want to fight this sense of security that I see outside of the upper centres as
Nothing was gonna happen here. The media in Europe are reassuring. Politicians are reassuring but there is little to be reassured of now. This is a dog, sure who actually attached his name to this. The other guy did not attach his name to it. This has this is English trans translation of I see you physician in ITALY, After much thought about whether I should or what to write about what's happening to us, I felt silence was not responsible. I will then for try to convey to people far from our reality what we are living in in Bergamo in these days of covert nineteen pandemic. I understand by not to create panic. But when the message of the dangerousness of what is happening is not reaching people. I
after I watched myself with some amazement, the reorganization of the entire hospital in the last seven days when our and enemy was still in the shadow. The war. Slow, led emptied elective, activities elsewhere were interrupted. Intensive care freed up to create as many beds possible. All of this rapid transformation brought an atmosphere of silence and surreal emptiness to the corridors of my hospital that we do. Not yet understand. We waited for a war that had yet begin. And many including me, we're not so sure it would We're come, was ferocity. I still remember my night on call a week ago when I was waiting for the results of a swab when I think of My anxiety over one possible case seems almost ridiculous.
And unjustified. Now but I've seen what's happening. Situation, is now dramatic, to say the least. Remember that was his attitude seven days ago. The war has literally exploded and battles are uninterrupted day and night, but now that need for beds as arrived in all of its drama, one one after the other, the departments that have been emptied fill up in an impressive Kate S pace the board's with now aims of the patients or different colors, depending on the operating unit or now all red and instead of surgery. You see, diagnosis, which is always the damn same bilateral in stitch- all four pneumonia now, plain to me, which flu virus causes such a rapid drama.
And while there are still people who boast about not being afraid by ignoring directions protesting because their normal routine is temporarily pudding crisis, the epidemic ology, disaster is taking place and there are no surgeons, urologist orthopedic costs. We are all only doctors who suddenly had become part of a single team to face this soon army that his over overwhelmed us cases are multiplying. We arrive at the rate of fifteen to twenty admissions per day, all for the same reason: the also the swab now come one after another, positive, positive, positive and suddenly, emergency rooms are collapsing reasons for the access? Always the same fever and breathing difficulties, fever and coughed respiratory failure? Radiology reports, always the same bilateral
pneumonia, bilateral pneumonia, bilateral pneumonia all night. To be hospitalized someone already waiting to be intimated NGO to intensive care for others. It's too late, Every ventilator has become like gold. Those operating theatres have now suspended their non urgent activity just to begin Intensive care doctors. In places where they did not exist before The staff is exhausted. I see the tiredness on the faces that I didn't know what it was despite the fact that we were all working, exhausting workloads, but I saw the solidarity of all of us who never failed to go too far. In turn, colleagues and asks what I do for you right now. Doctors, who move
beds and transfer patients, the administrator that it gives therapies. Instead of nurses, nurses with tears in their eyes because they can't save every one and the idle parameters of the several, patients At the same time that reveal an already marked destiny. There are no more shifts. There are no more hours social life is suspended for all of us We no longer see our families for fear of infecting them. Some of us, have already become infected. Despite all of the same he protocols it's from one of the leading doctors one of the best areas of ITALY. What's coming here, MA to be the same.
What's coming here, you must not panic! You must do the CDC, is allowing us to do so. Isolate if you can work from home? If you can don't go out, if you can, I we're struggling with schools right now. People are thinking that schools are a trip line, that when school is cancelled. Well, then, that'll be different but there's a reason there, not cancelling schools and I'll tell about that coming up in just a minute, by the way, our special tonight at nine p M eastern on Blaze, tv you can also get it at. Are you two page for blaze? Make sure you watch it tonight? It's on the corona virus. It's our corona virus special tonight, eight p m, don't miss it.
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today show I'm gonna. Let you without was. I mean I read that early this this morning and that is. It's like we're in a movie. You know which is the kind of the theme of the show to night at nine. O clock is People say I've. Never seen this before I've never seen this before you have it, just been in all of the scariest movies you ever seen and that's what causing us to panic, it does and and the way that those movies always and hay So you have, there is someone who comes in and saves assault the end, What is now saying- and I, with the of the movie their hero, dial, I'm in and now I will find the solution in figure now. It's actually is gonna put like Ajax syringe here. Everyone pudding
acts in the syringe. My would cure everybody knocked or Mengele. So tonight you don't want to miss this programme tonight. I'll tell you and show you why you are feeling the way you are and then what you need to do, but the the former and advisor for down from says. We are now about ten days away because Of these large clusters that over nineteen is going to just devastate our hospitals. I hope. We get one thing out of this nationalism is not good thing. You know just blind, flag waving. Nationalism is not good, however, what Donald Trump is. There has been talk hang about is not just blind flag waving nationalism. It is left
make sure that we take care of things in our own country and we're not beholden to everyone else. Do you know that we get. I think a hundred per cent of our ivy bags. Come from Porto Rico? Well, guess what was just wiped out in Porto Rico. That fact that makes those ivy bags. We shouldn't be making ivy bags in one place, only nine Eight per cent of our medicine comes from either the raw materials or the cases of all antibiotics. All from China. That's that Thomas thing, I've ever heard The one thing that we need to do is make sure that we can make these things here at home, that supply line is a little closer to your house.
And we also need to understand that if you ve been out and your sick, your kids were starting to get ill dont pan First of all call Your doktor don't go in call your doctor. Make sure that your doktor knows that you're coming in the testing is most likely not going to be done until you really start to have the symptoms of covert nineteen, but do to overwhelm the medical community by going in saying, I need that task right now, because, like It's been in school and somebody's gotta called, and I think it might be covered. Nineteen, don't overwhelm the system. We all have to do our part pull together and support our medical community you're, lessening Glenn Back american financing, and then I was one eight two, three four:
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on Sunday night now her it's hard to believe Khazars lot of important states given up next week, but maybe sees the writing on the wall cause he's behind it. There's no way a case, so I think there's a couple of things going on. First of all and I mean this sincerely- to put these two men who- he's got here. He has health problems, his heart problems, Joe Biden, I dont know if he's the healthiest guy, maybe it's just in his head, but he D done strike me as Althea Sky Donald Trump is, like I dont know what he's got in his running through his genes, but he's How can he looks like a twenty year old, so seven still in his seven is dangerous for all. I know it's dangerous for all of them, but they should stop right now. Now, no doubt Trump doesn't want to, because I think that it he gets a lot, but, Mr President, we'd, like to be the president. You know in the next four years please
Please don't take chances with your health and I think, Bernie Sanders if he drops out. I think it's because of corona virus. This is no way that guy's not gonna, finish all the way to the end he's always done. That is not he's, not worried about money or anything else he's on a mission. And I think that yesterday he cancelled some appearances. You know he is prime food. Or the corona virus prime eaten and did not two supporters. After an election night, which is even the lowest level candidates, usually come out or something like that attitude to cancel the rally, so that was that was part of it easy. I mean look. I am here. He does not have a very for his path here to win this election anymore anyway It would be a massive of any type of thing. Josiah drops out because he's sick right, like it's, that type of situation for him to win.
And multiple people, you know part big. The officials are saying? Maybe we just cancel all the recipes primaries. Green resides got anything wanted to do that, the affair. You can't do that you, I think you can do that for the Republicans cancel their primary just because they thought Donald troubles, gonna win, but I It's probably know Enzo just cancel on that likely, but long before I met at ease, running unopposed I've, I'm with you on that means you can let us go and fifty three to one now something like that, it's delta! Is it a good premises? No set up for your election sites know how does somewhat ever challenge you of your care cancelling primaries in these elements that Republic contest and not a good idea, especially you know it
could make the case now that Joe Biden has a commanding lead, but it's not over me yes and is not over you. It is over for the Democrats for the Republicans it's over. I mean Villiers no way anyone's gonna win, but Donald Trump is no. I mean the republic it. This is a legitimate reason to cancel these things and four of the republican ones. I would totally cancel- and with this point my she's already want the thing anyway. Here's here's here's where this doesn't make sense. If they're going Rick, if they're going to cancel people's ability to go out and vote, tell me Explain to me what Nancy Policy and the Democrats said yesterday about closing the capital, we're the last ones to go. The captain never leaves the ship, because there now saying all you old people, you should problem. Really go home and not meet with lobbyists and everyone else travelling in from all over the country and the world.
Go home Congress can work. This is the best news ever and China is to be. The case should always be the case. It should never go back. You go home, do all of your stuff from your district stay at home. We drove are where the captain of the ship and well about down what a ship, it's insane now of you not willing to do that? Why are you willing just to cancel the vote? Your Lena cancel the vote, but not close the capital, haven't done it. Yet we should be clear, as has been suggested by party officials and I've part of it is their just saying, burning get out town out measures, visitors, you're just causing as money years at hassle Bernie does. What that, of course and honestly, if your Bernie Sanders right now, do you at the very at least not just do what tools Gabert is doing just doing any appearances, genuine much of anything she just
in the re still just exist right. If your burning, why would you do Biden could easily just drop out at some point? We have no idea, I have to tell you Vince Flynn, and I were working on a story together and we talked about when he was alive about writing something together, and we just worked on this story together. Often on not serious about writing it? Just saying someday, we should write this and it was about and election where it was a very controversial election and the Democrats we're losing Jim. I mean this exact center. I just thought of it just now where the candidates, the all the other Canada's start to die mysteriously. Now I didn't have the corona virus entering, but they- and it was one other candidate- that It was in league with really dark forces that were killing off these other candidates and so darn horse just happened to appear at the very end gone my gosh,
We have lost so many people and can offer the same If our brothers were all we all have to unite, and I'm the one to lead an oh, he won the election that way. Actually woman. I don't know if you can imagine who that woman might have been based on, but I get it. Back and look at that because its I mean you could see this happening, not as some you know nobody nobody's killing anybody off, but You could see this happening where you can Loose Bernie Sanders. You could lose Joe Biden, you could lose Donald Trump they're all targeted in that age and anyone meeting and greeting with crowds I mean I M surprised the Bernie Sanders doesn't have it. I'm surprised at you doesn't have it whose meeting and shaking hands and speaking in front of bigger crowds other than those three yeah when Bernie does drop out
it. Then it looks inevitable. It leaves it to a guy who's. Mental faculties are really question about, like that. You say something like that and I am grabbing my eight hour. Thirteen arria, oh I'm mad, but I'll grab. Ironing our two without you'll have any our fifteen god I well, I might get by our two gay and I might get my I might get my NAM eight team out doing so badly in east he's challenging everybody who says anything he doesn't like to a fight in that conversation with the auto worker yesterday when he called him a week said he was full of as many actually challenged, should up you want to go outside, What are we in eighth grade now? You're to me me behind us as a major the bus stop here I will do, is to both sides of the bite in that it currently exists in twenty twenty and, if he can, if you
do one of them and not do. The other he's got a chance to win. The elections does is eaten one part, one is what tat was just talking about: you're walking through a factory if someone says something that you find it be insulting and aggressive any can't stop of self from China to a fight. Any he can't wouldst raises here is silly Pinocchio, not listening to his handlers. You know handler got their head handed to you, ve gotta, stop him from doing stuff like what am I going to do now is what I want to pull him off. Like he's an old dawdling old fool. Now I can't do anything. I told him. Ok, we're gonna! Go now we're gonna go here. No any he just just an idiot, yet just an eighty Eddie, it's even worse. That was just that. Nato is worse when people come after him about Hunter, does not control himself Eliza, jewish and by the way, before you give the other side of Joe Biden. Let me just give you this news, Joe Biden, is still out there fightin, you know, is you we present he'll, see still on the campaign trail. Do we have that doing
we have the do. We have the A hero music from profiles encourage here. So you give your profile, encourage Hunter by hundred binding for the sake of everybody. For the sake of your health, Pat, your house, do your health, Mister, John Q public hunter. Biden is going the extra mile He has said because of the corona virus and because of the scare that's going on the pandemic. That could come to your house. He, he will not go to court and- and
about his his responsibility as a dad strippers. Bailey Giles mock Gonna. Do it. I can't do it, I can't do it. The corona virus attend damning ray is just too dangerous for him to appear in court right now, analysis or my gosh. You don't see courage like ok, stop, aren't the other Joe Biden that you that could win If he shows up appeared last night near he was the guy making a speech off the prompter that was trying to broad the party and all of those things he stuck to the prompter. He didn't make any may major gaps. And then he walked away and when to his hotel room and went and sleepy sleep and had a good night. Sleeping. Hopefully he wakes up to today, and he goes back and- and You know, avoids those other situations, because he d I have to do a lot to be competitive here.
The races very divided him just showing up just the idea of Joe Biden gets him at forty seven percent, as I want to play the I want to play the audio of him, we're going to take a break and then come back and play the audio of what he said just a little bit of it because his tone was different. Everything was different. Wasn't that he just made a mistake. He was trying to appear presidential and that's what the president needs to be right now. Remember the thing about Ronald Reagan: we were living in very scary times in the nineteen eighties irony Amber working in Washington DC, I'm eighteen years old, and I'm I'm on the air and they shoot down K, L double o seven and I can see the light of the Washington monument, and I think I am I'm I'm at ground zero. I mean it. Its. It was terrifying times, but what gotta, through those times was but he used to say I feel like it's my dad or my grandpa. Talking to me, I feel it's like
I am not in a bad way. Like Joe Biden is, I feel, like my grandpa, where my keys, and what do you mean I may drive and a work dad you haven't driven to work. You have worked in twenty five years. I did it just yesterday, not that kind of grandpa, but one that was assuring you and you say it's all gonna be ok, that's what these men need to be, and Joe Biden was that temporarily last night, I want you to hear some about audio path. Thank you so much more in just a second, let me tell you about lifelong, lifelong and lifelong dot. Com and somewhere is is something that we in the dark web is out and they use they use. Our web, to steal somebody identity. And then the cyber criminal scum and they do ransom where just we'll take all of your software will take everything you have all of your information and will give it back to you will give it back to you after you pay this price
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about play this audio for you here to say the first. Let's get a recap of what happened. We're gonna talk a little bit about politics in the election at the top of next hour, but a quick wreak of what happened in case. You missed it. Last night looks like Joe Biden now is: oh, my god, where some guy circular yeah, so Mississippi was expected to blow out two centres did so and in major fashion with Does it have a solid win in Missouri, one up really blowing amount of Missouri? Very closer election expected in Michigan. Instead, what you got was a bite and win by sixteen. That's you. I mean huge another win in Idaho, where he won by vigorous six North Dakota, looks like Sanders. Might win that one, not a huge turnouts? It's a cock estate there's only fourteen locations in the entire state, where he could vote has those of us as a sort of bizarre contest. The other one is very, very close. Is Washington Bernie.
Is currently leads. Thirty two point: three to thirty two point: one percent: the you. There, though, is the way these states work. Unlike the republican primary bail out of them, are there not they're? Not none of them are in the democratic side. Are winner takes all so be a huge deal for you to win in the republican primary like this one happened. Here is they're going to split the delegates stay wide, almost exactly so. It's nothing any difference for Bernie centres to win or lose the state is gonna, be basically the same result so now another terrible night. He needed a huge night. We got a terrible night so and the boy you're a challenge for him is the next six states are all pretty much terrible for centres as well putting things like Florida, huge, delicate states where He is already pulling behind by forty and fifty points I mean Again, unless Joe Biden D, it's. You leave the race because you'd feel well or Does a we now forty five minute speech
the virtue of hamsters for no reason that anyone can explain it hard to see any actual path for Bernie Sanders. This is online. When Joe Biden was behind and he had lost First few states and it did a good forum could say. Well, you look is pulling, is still holding up largely in South Carolina. If you can get a big when there may be, can turn it into something and that what is happening, but you could doubt that path at that time. Here. There is not really even a path for centres, it's all so he would have to not only have a huge nice and surprise and many many states, but then also win sixty percent of the vote going forward. It would have to be unforeseen circumstances that they don't seem possible I'm gonna Ray. I just wrote down something that just came to mind and it is something that I am not well. There are many things that I believe that I shall never say, but I shall never say the things. I do not believe that you can open up after the election, bud it
something prediction that I am not willing to say on the air: don't open it just keep it and keep it with you and don't open it now, as I have done on what do I do it? So it's it's some I just came to me and I feel like while that is probably accurate, I'm going to take this with a piece of tape and right dude, open to election and put up on our big boy- will just keep it there and it'll taught us for the next few months. Right, ok are where we talk about the election. What happened last night more on the corona virus and some some laughs is well all coming up in the next hour, you're lessening TAT Glenn back.
We were just talking about a ransom where and they and the dark web and how you can have things stolen from you on the dark when one of the big things that is on the dark web, we'll find your name many times on the dark web in information, including your title, somebody then on the dark web buys that and then they go to a ban. With your title and take out alone in in your name with your house's collateral, and then yours, with your evicted, you lose your home there's. Nobody watching this poem, title Och is the only one and that's because they are at the virtual vault door.
And the only ones that can watch this is an epidemic. According the FBI and New York, please go to home title locked outcome, don't be a victim home title locked outcome enter the promo code back in a month, free of protection, home title locked,
I'm entertainment and enlightenment well looks like we're going to have the presidential nominee be Joe Biden with all of his gaffes hold on hold on to your are fourteen, and maybe even your fifteen, because he may be the presidential nominee Bernie Sanders cancelled. Any of his appearances yesterday is on the verge of dropping out. Is this the corona virus fear and what's really coming our way with corona virus and how the average person thinks with Naked APOLLO and one minute backpack, all right. I want you to understand one thing before we get into the meat of the show. This our lunch understand one thing about the corona virus. We are at the beginning of this. I want you to mentally prepare that this is not going away that this is
when you go away somewhere, ain't, but we are fifty days behind China and I'm gonna put that into perspective for you here and about a half an hour. We are fifty days behind China, you go back and look at what we were talking about in the headlines coming out of China fifty days ago. That's where we are today, so it's gonna get much much worse urge you to do more than going to cost go. This is not a snow event. This could be something Keep you in your home and keep you without me. You know yes even toilet paper for a while they are now in ITALY having to deliver supplies to the border of towns, so can come out and get them. It's so thing that you need to be prepared for, and it doesn't have to be today. The reason I say that is because my patriots apply here the things that you need now, my
hatred supply and every other emergency food place that gives you all of these things are. Good times normal at least, is happening right now with their with their volume. They have expanded they are going to different places. To make of the emergency food kids. They are to run maybe four to eight weeks behind on delivery, but we're still going to be dealing with this in four to eight weeks. Please go to my patriots apply right now and get a two or four weak get it two or four months emergency food. Kid now is the time to do it. Delivery is gonna, be delayed, but don't be left without it. He'll be delivered right to your door. It last twenty five years and storage, so you will be prepared for Natalie what's coming, but the next crisis,
We don't know the full scope of this, but please prepare now go to prepare We Glenn dot com, that's prepare, weak lehne, dot com. I have to thank you so much for listening in and being prepared for all of these things. We have the most prepared audience and I am very, very grateful for that. Well Election coverage continues now, as we kick it into high gear. We have all of the stats and analysis from Mr Steve Regehr coming up in just a minute, otherwise known as to our executive producer with loves to crunch the numbers. But we also have Nicht APOLLO, who is joining us now and a neck? I I know you just couldn't get enough of what was happening last night with the with the election. I'm sure I love binds everything that the Trump trumpet is accused, trumpet being he's not fit to be paid that meant delay. He he told the woman.
Shush every told that guy's full of ass. He told the woman to shock. I know, Tita is a massage illness. He's up, Your eyes are easy and angry all white guy he's everything that they accuse rumbling, set about Obama being eloquent and clean, and you about Indians at gas stations rise, everything that they say trumpets may I just say I've I've. If you're watching the blaze tv, you might have noticed that you seem to have Nick a Kim Jong earns head on a pike next to you is I put this But we do her on a note celebrated, but not their own country, but claret for my fans. Oh my she's, using my God, she's coughing, curl virus panic. Last time
have your item, light bulbs just blow and is out of proportion. Now, I'm a little bit of a body everybody's panic about ITALY, Emmy, the average age of seventy eight bitterly also those kiss and hug when they meet right. That's no surprise right! You know the Chinese and the Chinese invented pasta had an how that fits in. But can I tell you what's happening in ITALY? People don't understand why it's necessarily taking ITALY by storm by storm. Italy is the oldest population in all of Europe. That's right is hitting the older populations really really really hard. What you're seeing today we went over some of the the doktor that have come out and said. Let me describe the situation here, truly frightening neck. I mean they're saying if you have a stroke, don't come to the hospital. You have a heart attack We can help you what did just prepared
if Bernie gets and that's how health gives its assent. Bang, although he's not gonna get it, but I'm get mixed signals Glenn, I'm not that I can't get marble. Over a pandemic that can be cured with Pure Alan, washing your hands and I mean Hey, I'm I'm not that nervous. So if you're in your late 80s stay where you are not like they're out there partying anyway, so how is this worse? I know that's what Lades, gonna, grow and stop, and how is this worse than a regular flow that kills zero years? Equal. Ok! So here are the proud: it's not the fact that its killing. So many people, though aid good, has the potential to do that, what it, what is though, what the problem is, is our health care systems all around the world, not ours, just alone all around the world are not prepared for forty per cent of the population to be sick at the same time, and so we don't have the medicine, we don't have the supplies and
certainly with the with the number of elderly people. We just don't have the beds in the hospital and the you know and the the breathing machines and everything else that are going to be required to handle so many people, and so that's what they're doing there trying to say stay home because there Health care system will come under such strain We will lose people not just from corona virus but from heart, tax, from strokes from diabetes from people who have have kidney failure. All of those things are gonna compound and we won't have the staff nor the medicine to be able to deal with it all at once. Ok, so they all people go few years earlier. I'm just looking up myself. I feel that this is how I am have you checked in the mere but you're right in the media in age of being seriously ill thanks a point,
our guiding here and a white beard and shall be in a bubble right now. I know it's funny. I here in my head. I'm twenty eight is all dear excitement. Writing, I don't I start looking at the math, I don't and they say and sixty and up- and I have the attitude seventy eight year old? Well, you know it's funny glad I was intrigued, go to weaken the gulf sold out both shows by the way I shook a hundred and fifty hands. I get done. Do in that area. And the great room, and I go whose slice of pizza is that Michael you can have it. I pick it up and need I wulfric gown. I don't wash my hands and- and I say this is bologna, but then I get home on Monday. I in the middle the night to go the bathroom and my teeth is chattering and, and my bodies can buy, have a Whittier like what did she rules and then I wake up two hours later. My head is soaked in that went on for above three days are you live if I would have
today. You have absolutely been convinced you had girl virus yeah, was it. I was all cocky go, and this is our blown out of port right. So I go to urgent care and they tell me testing is taken temperature sticking to swap rhinos goggles, that's worthy, that's where the flu lives and lives and wolf. Night comes back negative for the regular flow, and I said hey. I now I must have a common called something, but I've been. And I got the honest. I've been under the weather since high compacted Chicago a little bit, but they said I didn't even have the regular flow, so I'm confused because written stuff like whale five days later it can get said all this, but I gotta get on a plane. We can also do for a living. I have to get on it. Light that may I would start anyways. I was wondering what, with you wear your trip wire was where what what is what has to happen before you like I'm, not going go out and crowds and shake hands and Your money is made their way
keep going back and forth on. We have to be here at the studios or dramatically change our product. We also know if we're all sick, it will also stop the product from being made him to where we are debating whether or not you know wit went once the next trip. Why what's a thing that says? Ok, you know what we all have to stay and work from home. Well, for me personally stop blaming from the eyes and ears underhand then I'll tell the twelve people they took it up or just come on in your already infected, come on, I'm selling deposit, surgical mass after the show and write a book, but I get I gotta get on a plane this weekend and I'm going to be
Baltimore surmount not now my longevity numbers are going down between corona viruses, gun play out of funding to see man Baltimore just Riddle LIVE Baltimore is one of the cities in Amerika. I think the only city, America that has a bigger population of rats than people- that's not that's it exactly trivia, it's it's just a petri dish of something bad to kill you, if not more, so german fast the dead dead, though the corona virus can't even penetrate Baltimore in their own right. Look around a virus comes in the rats eat it
I come from longevity, my grandfather's, ninety four, my grandmother, and so I didn't wear a condom in the eighties at the height of the AIDS epidemic. I had a blast, and here I am I'm not a little back you're so carefully. When I look back and the wood, I don't just like my young way of killed. I got so many women other put out of business and that doesn't necessarily good looking mining had bad eyesight. Let left will back it's true apple shots at those areas. That is like those tents turn it. Those ports turn it to tell me you're, a beautiful woman. Do I get back off? I swear. I love you, you still really be a beard very well. I didn't like butterfly, goes dead. My whole life and I look. What am I gonna do
when I am lucky, I got this show cuz. This does bring a little bit of money thanks to people like you in and people who contributed empire you saw untold bag later, but the playing some get on a plane, and that looks like the best place to be isolated right now, because all the airport seem to be empty. It's gotta be me, like three other people on a plane to to Baltimore this weekend. So I'm not worried, but I see what you say and as far as overcrowding, the hospitals and stuff, but it's a good go to the mall nobody's mall nobody's there wanted Duncan down its nobody in front of me. I have to tell you, I have a friend I have a couple. Who said we're traveling the world right now: number on a job in her husband, was not Conny Chung. Now we know of a friend of my actually so they said they were just in Paris and they said no one is anywhere. You can do anything
will accept for shop or go to a restaurant or anything. That's all. I want to see everybody. I now want to see everything outdoors. You can do it right now and there's not a soul around anywhere once again, the free, showing their courage, rightly Richard only the best, not that we have to save him from this to our eye. Nicht APOLLO from Nick dip dot com, where you gonna be this weekend, Mugabe's into Monnier Maryland Friday and Saturday night. Don't let the main for you, it's a beautiful club guph bees Magritte. I know every type of Mamma. You can't be right that it has to be given access to clap, allow rubber Roma Rights, client itself, Mozilla Ways, selves great are, and they get so much bring your old. Thank you very much appreciated. I regret
all right. Let's, let's take a quick break for a minute for our sponsor. Have you ever been stepping up to the stage to give your much anticipated TED talk on why the barbarous she a pet is the most psychologically pleasing american product on the market is actually sounds like something we probably done, Minister only to realise that the notes you loaded into the teleprompter are from your high school political fan, fiction, novel about William Wilberforce as that Haven't you glad now not now, but, does sounds it consistently is only they could have happened, and I just locked it. It could be embarrassing if it did happen, but not as embarrassing is having to deal with ie and talk to a doctor. Bout it with Rome and you can get a free valuation online, ongoing care for e from the comfort and privacy of your home, the doktor. Work with you to find you best treatment plant and if medication is appropriate, Roman will shift you with free to day shipping. The whole process is, forward, simple and discreet enough. Never do face to face just get started. I get roman dot com. Slash back, get wrong
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I just feel like everybody's just pouring gasoline everything right now you have here's a fire quick hand me a can of gas. The what's happening right now, with the way the press is try, to rope Donald Trump into just the biggest disaster ever for the corrupt as is so wildly irresponsible, wildly irresponsible and anyone who is defending him just being the same kind of a dope where you're like no hay, as has so per man. There is never a mistake that stupid to here's the worst thing we can do right now, talk about power, takes in the middle of this. You know it he's? Gonna come a time in maybe three months where we can all look at this and go ok here or the mistakes they're going to be mistakes, I don't care in less Jesus becomes our president. They're gonna be mistakes
it does nothing good for us to be arguing politics on this, and the press is reprehensible. Let me let me give you this. Do splain this you, law lot. We didn T have the test out and time. Well, ok, we didn't that's, because we, did say no to the W H, YO and their test which have a thirty percent, false negative, false positive, Thirty percent who either had it or didn't. Have it why out of the hospital thinking they had it or didn't, even though they did or they didn't it was, and I was they problem. Obviously, initial tests, big problem so the United States, the CDC says we're not gonna take those tests were to develop our own. Now we problems with the first batch as well. We fix did, and now those batches are going out what it is and better to go with W H shows test. I dont know thirty percent freak out rate. I don't know
but if he better or worse, I don't know the matter at this point, it. Matters is when we can all sit down after the panic, and then we work out. Ok, how did this happen but to to Ellen scream political stuff. Right now is just ridiculous. Now help me out. The media is saying that that Donald Trump is the worst. This is so mismanaged. Be this story? California, governor Evan Newsome do. I need to remind you who he is gave President Donald Trump and his administration full credit for an effective and satisfactory response to the growing corona virus problem in his state is according to Newsweek magazine. You know, that's pray equally, the National Review the country, deals with the continued shortage of available test. The Trump administration has been criticized heavily by democratic politicians and the media,
Newsome, however, is pleased with how tromp has handled the crisis. Quote we a private conversation he said we're gonna, do the right thing. You have my support. All of our support, logistically an otherwise he said everything I could have hoped for and we ve had a very long conversation and every single thing he said they fly through on what more do you want hard to believe they gave a new. Some would say that, even if it was true and here it is actually right, you'd, almost b c b? We do expect him to say it was bad, even if it were out- and here is exactly right- must have the right He said now take his assessment and camp to what Nancy Pelosi said It's very sad, but I believe what we know about the DOW is it they want certainty. They want confidence that there is a plan- and I don't think we have a plan. I think what tap
with the DOW is just a reflection of the lack of confidence, and so we hope that It's coming out of. The White House will be more consistent with the health care advisers, what they're putting forth We would hope that, rather than name calling Trump would begin joining with his health care. Professionals who are advising him in the rest of us in a way coordinated government agenda, you want all Gavin, because the former mayor of San Francisco, whose now The government governor said every He did is what I hoped for everything he said he followed through on what else do you want what else want besides him to lose brightened have, of course, that's. Obviously the only thing meet the media cares about when it comes to the political ramifications of us- and you know, they will be able to find things that dont go well through this process, because that is the nature of it every day country on earth has had these issues. Some
for that others, some more than others- and you know like they're gonna, just pick apart. Any little thing they can say drops slightest amount of blame on tromp and try to make it into a big deal like they did with pushing Katrina. Yes, I mean, if some of that criticism was maybe fair, but most of it was the s most of it fell on the democratic leadership of the New Orleans. We were on the air believers check it out. I did a cow down a year before Katrine. I said these are the ten most dangerous cities to live, and everyone thought number one was gonna be New York, because terrorism, it wasn't the number one most dangerous city to live in America, here before Katrina. Was New Orleans. Why? Because they failed to heed all of the warning, since nineteen fifty and they did Nothing and it was a corrupt government, a year later, almost
the day Katrina happens and who gets blamed the federal government and George Bush, what are you crazy same is happening here here. Listening are. So if you know your lawn, I want you to. I want you to go to a hustler turf. Dotcom hustler is probably lawnmower that you didn't you you ve never heard of they been around the fact that the first people that made the the zero turn lawnmowers, where you don't have to adjust much easier to to mow. Your long could suggest wheedle pivot tearing up your grass they been making these lawnmowers commercially for for ever, and they are the best I mean they are built to last through anything their commercial. They decide did a few years ago to start really looking at the residential market, because there in my
opinion there. Lawnmower is way superior to anything else. That is, common it is price way superior because they ve been? You know it's it's company. That's right here in the smack of Amerika, there? It was started by grandfather than the father took it now, the sun's run it that's that they have been doing this research and perfecting these machines. Since the early nineteenth sixties, I want you to go right now and if you're looking for a lawnmower, go to hustler turf, dotcom, hustler turf, dot com, they got some specials use the promo code back in the box and get extra specials. You watch play CV on Youtube that ninety and today, for Glenn Special, our for that do. Does America or subscribe at police tv that come, welcome to the automatic Alembic programme really glad that term really. That you're here? There's
the things that I then I want to share with you today. First stew, have you seen anything that that has given you. Confidence that you think might happen our federal government with acts plan or anything to bail people out, for instance, in ITALY. They ve just said no mortgages. Mortgage holiday, that'll help. Everybody owns a house, you are suddenly don't have to pay your mortgage. What happens to the banks that is done now, others owes the government is paying. The bank says, I don't know the problem is when you get up to this level. You have to look for thee wicked route to everybody, but If it means they're gonna bail out the banks, then they have to bail out the banks, but at least their starting with the mortgages and undermine where instead, our a bail out the banks that doesn't help anybody on the ground that didn't help me.
In two thousand eight could help you the banking system, stained together, was the thought there and we are also part of our financial stability. Correct, however, help you struck when you were struggling and you couldn't make it and you can make your payment in your. Maybe your business failed because of two thousand eight that bailing out there. She with some of the things proposed like the payroll tax. I did a thing on students, America last night, about how I think it's basically would be the greatest thing of all time to get rid of that stupid, terrible tax, especially the social security part of it like that, The issue with some of the things proposed, like the payroll taxes, did, I think, on students, America last night about how I think it's basically would be the good thing of all time to get rid of that stupid, terrible tax, especially the social security part of it limits the worst the horse tat the weights design is terrible when, through the whole thing and so very much behind trumps proposal there, but isn't behind it, because I think it's a good policy, whether its rate stimulus idea for economy. That's going into
situation where a lot of hourly workers are going to be home and not able to work so their tax. These could be relatively limited they may or may not know, there's a combination of things that we could do. You know you that's what the payroll tax would be a boost to the businesses and to the people. You know by by tee king, that payroll tax, I mean the added benefit on. This is will never go back to a people right when they see how much money they actually make in compared to what you know what it is after payroll. Now now Virgo back. Never it's the best thing that could happen. The the now some day I would assume would be do a combination of a mortgage holiday and a and a Czech, like George W Bush, did for everybody who doesn't out. If you don't have do you know any kind of sick leave, that's paid for whatever will send you
jack of six hundred dollars a month or whatever it is not so sure, you're thinking they're going to attempt to do yes, yes, yes, anything that gets into bailouts bothers me a great deal because now you're picking winners and losers, it's it's gotta, be universal yeah. I mean it but we should also throw in that. You don't have to throw money at every one of these things. This one is. I do think that the oil is a major like I am for very limited government. I want them doing almost nothing. I do believe if, though, that the damage is one that they should there you go, So I think that there is a there's, an argument there to be made, and I dont think There's any restraint on either side of the ILO to do anything other throw ungodly amounts of money because getting serious issue. So you ask me: before what what I think can actually get done in the answer that I think is spending right. What, though, actually do there may be a combination of some
saving stimulus types of things, but the Democrats will agree to large lots of spending? And Wilkins, I think, will also agree to large about suspending so will likely what will get his more spending that's a healthy diet and as an that's, really bad, that's really bad Cosette requires the government then again to pick winners and losers and hire people. I don't work. But the government I dont want to work for the government This is not the bank's fault, this isn't anyone's fall. This is an act of God, so How do we? How do we navigate these waters? We haven't seen pandemics and they used to be pandemics all the time and be contained in the world, was prepared for it. Will we because of modern medicine thanks to the capitalist system. We don't these kinds of pandemics anymore. We don't have outbreaks where we all have to be quarantine, so haven't seen this in a long time. So our system is not made for this
so now, how do we navigate this? I think this is a really important conversation to have without playing any political cards, because there there are their trot, there's trouble coming. I mean little Adele down again nine hundred thirty five points. It was up yesterday. How much do you not over thirteen out of that much I mean I just got up and down and even about out it's it's just a Yo Yo, because we don't know what's coming yet now, without being said, I said to you: look we at the beginning of this. You think You been dealing with it for a long time, but America really hasn't been The rest of the world has been China dealt with it. Now. China is back on their feet. China is now start they're waiting for the double. What a double whammy which we will not have the first hit was the actual virus and it s locked everybody down in very authoritarian ways.
Than they stopped it. People died, yadda, yadda, businesses closed down and they couldn't ship. Anything will they're, all returning to work, and almost all of them are back to work now. The problem is there about to be hit with the second whammy, and that is now Nobody wants their products because nobody in Europe, the rest of the world and soon America, we Going out in buying things carry so what and our factories are down their hit a second time so it's very bad for them will be hit. Once here I told you that what's coming is still on the horizon, and I told you we're about fifty days behind China. So let's go back to the calendar and law. Fifty six days was January. Fifteen China's says. Human transmission not ruled out in war on corona virus update. That was the headline.
Fifty days ago, fifty six days ago, that was Erle. China says human transmission not ruled out in war on corona virus. That was Fifty days now think about It's happened since then. Fifty four days ago, China Report's second death. Second death, a move on corona virus. As Thailand, Thailand firms will wool. Today the racist name will haunt virus. Tat is what racist well there I'll raise assigning this to the Chinese. Things were different back in the old days of January. Alot Omar told me specifically that those races nationalities, Arbed viruses, do not have NASH analyses, after all the other ones, that we have two places fifty one days ago, this. These would the headlines, China, reports, third death from whew Hon Virus
It is again fifty fifty one days ago, three: U S, airports to check passengers for deadly chinese corral virus. Do remember three US airports to check passengers. Do you remember that's the first action with Donald Trump or he's like hey, let's, let's look at who's flying and everything else, and everybody was calling him a racist. That was thirty one days ago, is Jenny where twenty first China, is trying to stop the spread of a deadly new virus at the worst possible time of the year, because it was their their new year remember to fit two days ago, China warns officials not to cover up spread of whew Hon virus that fifty days ago. This is where whereat right now we're starting to see the first cases in the first deaths. And we are starting to see all was the government doing the gun I'm starting to say: should we closed this down? Should we close it? This way,
that's where we are fifty days. Now we will continue to go through this and you will see, I value should put. I should pose this vague and put it into consumable, for maybe maybe today or tomorrow, but start to see. Let me you let me go down forty five. Forty five days, forty four days ago, China's says we're on virus. Unlike Sars is infectious. During its incubation period, corona virus whistle blower nurses, China, has ninety thousand sixty remember that that was forty four days ago. It seems like it's been going on for ever. That was forty. Four days ago, the So I tell you this is because look at China today, forty four days ago it felt a little like it feels like in Amerika. You don't know it's coming don't know what it's gonna be like. We're all gonna die, quick by toilet paper, quick
make sure you have a make sure you have a way to cut yourself out of the house, because there s they're, gonna, start welding you in to your home with your steel door in China. That's what the world was thinking. Then. Now in China there going back to work things or normal. They ve lost a lot of people, but it is on back to normal this the beginning of this period. Now in America, What you need to understand is the reason why you are seeing the things you ve never seen happen before is because this will fact so many people- it is not the death rate it is the infection rate if people need fluids if p I just need basic things from doktor, because it hit China.
We are already in facing shortages of medical supplies all around the world because they had come from China We are facing shortages in our hospitals, of certain things like masks which keep the door doctors and the nurses safe, don't believe any of US bull, crap, but masks and effective really Why do all of the doctors need them. They're not effective. It's mostly bull, crap proof for you, because you're not face to face with the corona virus every day, you're, not having sick people cough in your face every day there. Doing it with multiple people and they can not get sick most likely you will through the courts. Of this thing.
You will most likely get sick and I am talking about the next year or so you will most likely get sick, but you old had of somebody who is an expert in in the facts of nuclear war. Never forget what she said to me when we were talking about Cheesy, Sir Kind, I wanna be a ground zero signal. I would the ground, zero. As I don't live like that, she said here's them. Surprising thing- everybody, looks at nuclear war and I want to live in our whole cost afterwards. She said most people will survive. Life will go on its knees. Like the movies and that's the point of tonight's programme that I don't want you to miss tonight there is the sum of all fears, and where is that fear coming from tonight? We, answer. If we show you the path out of the fear and out of the next sixty days tonight
at nine o clock, you can watch it for free. It will only be live for free on a blaze. What is it the blaze? Youtube gentle, but can watch it live on blaze, tv, if you're a subscriber also have the archive available for you. The only archive available will be behind the pay while, but we want to make sure people can see this really, important tonight at nine p M, the sum of all fears. What is it you're afraid of it's really coming our way. Career a virus? Tonight nine pm eastern on Blaze, TV make sure you subscribe now blaze, tv dot, com site, Glenn use the promo code, Glenn and you'll save ten percent off your subscription. Well worth your time tonight, don't miss at nine p M Eastern
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waited there three different levels. I just upgraded the top level. Norton Dotcom, slash back safe, fifty percent right now, Norton Dotcom, slash back This is the glint programme. All right coming up in a minute all of the election news that you'd need Gimme, a quick nap shot of all the results here, still sure. Let's do that Mississippi, not a surprise. Eighty two, sixteen in favour of Joe Biden, exactly what predicted Viet little higher, maybe even more but I've margin, Missouri Sixty two thirty four Joe Biden, not a surprise, but the margin was a surprise. You Michigan was pursued very close kind of the last stand state for Bernie Sanders did not. Got it all by means of fifty three to Sanders. Thirty, seven! That's that's!
That's right! That's the devastating loss I think because its, but that was his spats South Carolina yeah. He needed that one Idaho looks like a forty nine. Forty, two four Biden, two states too, to call centres leading in North Dakota, fifty three two forty and Very very razor tight in Washington Fit a thirty two point, three to thirty two point, one that is surprising. When you have Washington state going that workers who have Easter washer. But when you have Washington state going That close that says something So I would rather talk about growth of irish people have been stopped to have not been talking, but the flu which is killed, sixteen thousand in hospital eyes over a quarter million in the? U S and the season is it over can you do about it? Well, we know you do the basics right, you wash your hands,
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with a sort of creation, fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, hello? America is Wednesday. We have a big corona virus special happening tonight at nine p M in Eastern, that you don't want to mess on blaze, tv dot, com tonight the sum of all fears. What is really going on. Why Why are we seeing things that we we ve never seen anyone do before, and yet we have the President say it's not that big a deal. What what? Why do? We feel the conflict
in the message. What is the real message? What is the truth tonight, corona virus, the sum of all fears and our corona virus update is next off of Becker about programme. I use a great news if you are somebody that you know gets razor burn or anything else. You know my son in law. Blank got she's gotta. If he's got a beard on him, it's like you need a tractor today, is like it's like harvesting corn on his face. I imagine any he comes over these shaves and he's got just razor burn all over him.
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go to shave, secret dot, com use, the promo code back on their website, and you get a ten percent discount at shave secret dotcom. I tar, corona virus updates kroner virus updates today, as of five thirty, a M central time. All these stats are from Johns Hopkins. The total confirmed cases worldwide. Now, one hundred and twenty six
Six hundred and eleven, that is from a hundred and fourteen thousand yesterday called total, confirm deaths worldwide up about two hundred patients that every covered from covert nineteen worldwide. Sixty six thousand eight hundred and ninety four hundred and twenty countries now have confirmed cases. That's up from a hundred and fifteen yesterday, and yet six new ones have come on line was suspected cases that the Good NEWS is the number of people that have this that are requiring hospitalization and four percent of all of them. Requiring I see you continually it continues its steady drop. It had hovered at about nineteen percent, so that twenty percent of people who got this needed to be hospitalized that number two stands at twelve percent. That's really good news, but then is the key to understanding what the conference
that your hearing in messages some people say it's nothing to worry about. Some people's Just like the flu. Here's! What? need to understand. Twelve percent of the. Population that gets this will need to be hospitalized. We do have room in our hospitals for twelve percent of the population, especially If we're all tat? who kissing each other at a grateful dead concert, That's why they're saying stay home? It's not that you're going to die. It's that we're killing the resources. A hen in some cases, quite literally the doctors who are going to be able to treat in in ITALY I started program. If you missed it, make sure you listen to the podcast today, you can find it wherever podcast or found. But listen cast. I read to stories from doctors that ruled the dice into the chance of of speaking out, that are absolutely terrifying of what the conditions are like now in ITALY, ITALY,
has the highest population of elderly in all of Europe. That's why ITALY is being hit so hard and anybody who says why just old people really you're gonna be old one day. Just old people. When you read what the doctors were talking about, how the doctors and nurses are doing, everything they can to save people, but they can't their turn. People away who's who have had strokes. Patients who are on kidney dialysis are losing their lives because of this they can't do anything else, but care For those who are now in. I see you and I see you is pretty much the whole hospital. This is what is happening in ITALY, and this is why we are shutting everything down and they say, don't spread it. Stay at home
even though the numbers are looking better every day. We are about to get yet with a tidal wave of new cases going to know people that have this, your mother likely going to have to stay at home. There is good come a time where your kids are not going to school and they may not go to school for the rest of the year. Why are we just closing down that human petri dish for virus which is ever school in America? Why don't we just shut them down, because about forty four percent of our population. Don't have insurance or the system at their work that they can go home and work from home or go home and get paid when You have vanity issue it becomes a massive burden.
On those families to have the kids at home. Will IRA baby sitter, hoo hoo. The? U S. Now has one thousand fifteen confirmed cases and thirty one deaths. We are going to see that number The confirmed cases skyrocket soon, as I earlier in the programme we are about fifty days from where China was where fish days behind them, I gave you the headlines fifty days ago in China, and it sounds like the headlines today in America, this is going to calm down, but we're in, I think of, if the sixty day period before we really start to see this thing turn the other direction new news that I have heard today, I'm waiting for cop I'll, give it to you tomorrow. After we get confirmation on it, it's good
by the way I just want to make sure that we are confirmed on this. I knew Rochelle no New York, as I'll just put a one mile containment zone by the National Guard in place. Neuro Shell is the largest cluster of confirmed cases in the U S with over a hundred and ninety suspected cases, and sixty one confirmed cases. This is right on the edge of New York. All public gatherings had been ordered to be cancelled, including school and church gatherings gather our Cuomo has said. This is not a quarantine. Individuals are not prohibited from entering or leaving the area. National guy troops will be used to help deliver food derived residents, provide traffic control and medical personnel and emergencies and to assist in cleaning and disinfecting public places. The new Rochelle superintendent schools announced set for the next two weeks. Students may mess and some
school classes will be utilised to make up any missed instruction. Meanwhile, colleges and universities. All over the country are starting to say, as in Cambridge. Yesterday you at five hours get your stuff get out all classes now are starting to be moved on line. American lives are going to change. We This is, according to doctor, how do you see his name, fat fat Fashi, F a you see. I fashi he's the he is. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases he's one of the guys on the MIKE Pence team. He said we like the country to realise it as a nation? We can't be in the kinds of things we were doing just a few months ago. It It matter, if you're, in a state that has no cases org One case this is the big thing that, like I, am trying to get a handle on what the rip wires are I'm looking.
The trip wires and my own life. No one is telling us, but you know the governments, have some sort of trip wire, because they're all closing things I guess Don't know what the milestones are that you have to hit before they start closing things Maybe I can't find the official trip wires because there are no official trip, whereas it just somebody gone let's close them now, I'd like know what those are we can't them yet the? U S: health and Human Services Secretary Alex's, our says the biggest intervention should be reserved for areas with care stirs of cases such as Santa Clara, California, he good federal health officials advice for people at higher risk. He said encourage any individual who is elderly or who is medically fragile long and hard about going into any large gathering. That would involve close quarters and potential spread. I personally
think. This is why Bernie Sanders is cancelled last night. I don't think it has anything to do with how the election turned out last night. They get it has everything to do with they Sanders being a right. I'm case Our prime target, for something the corona virus. The same could be said for Joe Biden. I I think it would be very prudent if all, all of these, all of them things stopped dead in their tracks. I feel for the president, the president, is the only safe space. I think he feels he has its only place in watching him speak it see back to me I understood him so much more. And watching the way he observed the audience in the watching. The way he was interact, with the audience
think this is the only place that he feels like he's in a safe space. He knows that the media is going to attack him but feels like those large crowds are his friends and I think those people in those crowds fields their his friends. I think it's quite clearly his favorite part of the job. I think so too right there's a lot of our rock star, like they got us in the studio. All this time they get a sign accurate, they gotta go under meetings about promotion and then they- the play life and that's what they love right and that's a trumpet said, I do, but I dont think its deeper than that. It's not that he just loves to do next. I think he does. He loves that, but I think it's. The only place imagine playing in clubs where everyone whose, like our cheese, our common back upon stage these guys sock and then you go to your hometown in your playing where everybody loves you, I think that's a big difference with Donald Trump here, but these guys. We have to protect the President
and I think Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden seriously consider how they are doing their rallies? It's gonna hurt the election, but speaking of hurting the election, could you please write down still as we go through the election, what the rope weakens, and the Democrats. What Republicans have already done in the Democrats, are thinking about doing on the upcoming primaries kroner virus conference in New York, Let me say this again: the corona virus, Friends in New York, just cancelled Doktor Spain, because the corona virus doktor speculate that The reason why the case for south of the case, fatality rate in ITALY is so high, is because of age. Italy the highest confirm case count outside of China, the
italian rate is over five percent of total cases compared to just three percent in China Because ITALY has the oldest population in Europe, with twenty three percent of the population over the age of sixty compared to eighteen percent. In the? U S, twenty ever since eighteen, ITALY's median age is forty three point: five compared to thirty eight point: three, in the U S they have tested. More than forty thousand residents were covered, nineteen and the fatality rate may actually be closer and more accurate than it is in the? U S, at least for ITALY, because we are not test enough people. Yet. If we assume that those one per k a one percent case, fatality rate for covered nineteen, a full year of spread, as we would with a flu season: sick, de per cent of the. U S. Population will get sick, so
eighty per cent of them. Population will get sick. Now you compare that to the worst years of world WAR two and the Vietnam WAR in terms of U S, deaths that year. In eighteen, forty, four, the! U S, population was hundred and thirty million combat debts one one hundred and twenty six thousand nineteen sixty eight, the population was two hundred and five million combat down. Sixteen thousand twenty twenty. Three hundred and thirty one million Americans today you combat deaths, one hundred and twenty now. If you compare those the the deaths, flew DES the World WAR to combat one hundred and twenty six thousand flew deaths, thirteen thousand it was covered. Nineteen today.
Seven hundred and eighty thousand. There were only in in Vietnam. There only sixteen thousand deaths in nineteen sixty eight from Vietnam. There were twenty thousand food of flu deaths. We're talking! one point three: million deaths in eighteen, sixty eight comparison today, Twenty twenty three hundred and thirty one million the com, deaths. One hundred and twenty flew deaths. Thirty three thousand one hundred this could take one million nine hundred and eighty six thousand Americans. We don't know yet, but if this plays out at one percent, and doesn't, have the seasonal flu break. That's what we possibly could be facing them overwhelms every system we have no this audience knows what overwhelming the system means:
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greens. Dot com slash back! That's are you F, F, greens? dot com, slash back or eight three, three Glenn, thirty, three ten. Second stationary. Welcome to the club. I programme were glad that you are here. You know what things said Stew and I've been go back and forth on today before the shell started was the way The press is spinning everything. The way the president is reacting. Last night, Biden had a really really good night and he gave his what sir did like almost like the except in speech for the nomination. At the Constitution Centre in Philadelphia, he was
dressed in a tie. That was, but they were much more presidential. Looking he and his wife. He remembered where pants. He remembered where he was all of those things happen. At the same time, that's rare Roberto by Cynthia, but he was up at a teleprompter and he delivered a speech Viet. Prompter, so it was well crafted, but the tone of it, was very, very good. We have a piece of this. Sarah that we can play sign up to contribute. If you can, we need you We want you, place in our campaign for each talking about the brown eyes bank Bernie Sanders support for their tireless energy and their passion We share a common goal and together we'll defeat, Donald Trump, If so, what happens? If you notice his tone, it wasn't just sleepy Joe. This was intentional. He went out
and he delivered a presidential speech. Now I don't think he's gonna be able to continue this because he's always screaming at somebody he's screwing something up. He is he Only like this, when he's nailed to a teleprompter he can deliver something that Donald Trump needs to deliver every day, and that is confidence doll. Delivers confidence that we're gonna make it. We'll be fine I think his message is actually very healthy in the long term as he's balancing what's happening on television He also needs to project the confidence of of stability. On what's coming, because every time he says it's not that bad, I know what he saying we are not all going to die, but
people, don't understand why we're closing cities down we ve never seen that before he needs to be able to explain. This is because of action of the medical system and the doctors and nurses we can say those things confidently and speak with with confidence and yet some humility It will go a long way. People are going to want to feel that somebody is holding their hand and Donald Trump can do it. Joe Biden did it last night This is the glamour programme- are alive, about Exchequer I'm pretty big fan of us something simple called comfort. I love it. I
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Hey here's really exciting news Dallas down a thousand points stating it was? It was up over a thousand points. Yesterday we ve lost at all. Well again in all tomorrow, I love this thought of this. It's. Why you don't freak out you just turn. It is keep watching things looks like China is back on line there expecting now their second twenty million by that I'm torn on the China's back online narrative right now. President, she did go to woo Han, which, by the way, has nothing to do with this virus and in USA, it's the bonfires, your racist right, you are, he just picked a random city yeah. He added I had just visit in Niger drivers in one of his towns at a mask. That's all he knows you're, not hearing that now We also notice he was wearing a mask. Was
both in the mass. Our ineffectual was president g wearing one then, when he visited, who hung because anyone who says the mass are an effective is lying to you, although I do know somebody that war, what I think is just a feminine hygiene product on their feet and yes, I couldn't get packets, couldn't get a mask. I don't know how that works. Seidel. One of you is, I don't think it does. So I don't owe to me the idea they're kind of like our backs at normal everything's fine. I doesn't ring true to me yet May we don't have obviously a vaccine? We don't like this. Tough could still spread around the fact their new cases per day, has decreased. The curve of the spread of the virus has I out what is good When I say I mean I'm going away, I say their back on line. I mean there. Most of their businesses are back on line o males
their businesses are open and their starting new business. They are this concern now that the rest of the world is getting hit, and so there's nothing to sell to the rest of the world that, because all they want is seemingly his toilet paper by way talk to somebody early this morning in Rome, you know thing. They don't have shortages of toilet paper. Just one point out: they still toilet paper over in ITALY, where things have gone, really really horror. Wrong in in the political news. I just want to stop here for just a second. The Democrats are now saying They are thinking about cancelling the rest of the primaries king there is nothing that struck screams authoritarian like cancelling a primary now I say that knowing that the Yo P cancel their primaries. There is a slight difference
there is nobody that was running that was even gonna have a chance to beat Donald Trump. Without said I wish they wouldn't have cancel the primary. You know they will it costs a lot of money yeah? Well, you know what they're things we do. They cost a lot of money. I or high political party can friggin primary gray eyes ice. I spend a lot of money on lawyers and everything else to keep up with all of the laws. You know like to build a year. You know I was just going to suspend those. There are things you have to do and in in a republic I don't know, in finishing an election is one of them seems like more. Most of the name of your party is republic. You might know that right and also point out that obviously Trump is Running unopposed. Largely does have opponents, however, that we're I'm going to get blown out? Ninety forty six but problem. Here, though, is think about this next time. Think about next time, when some establishment figure you dont like is president of the United States. There just gonna
cancelling these things, because they want the president to hold that whether they have a legitimate candidate or not written about the next time. How about right? Now with the Democrats, the Democrats now we're talking about cancelling the rest of their primaries, because obeying got it well, you know what Joe Biden didn't have it three weeks ago? Did Joe Biden was gonna drop out in humiliation three weeks ago, and we can all agree on, as is the one thing that Joe Biden does not have. Is it whatever it is Joe Biden doesn't have Evan Nine cognitive decision making ability, whatever it is Joe, is I think it in some massive, where imagine, if you're very centre supporter and and all of a sudden, they start talking about cancelling the rest, now Bernie Sanders gonna do poorly in many of the remaining states, however Imagine yours a border and the,
just cancel the rest of them, even though the races and done he didn't have any everything locked up. You already feel like wait, a minute. Our guy was a head and then your part he just your part, just orchestrated this massive come back and put everybody together to beat our guy. So this Is the establishment rigging in election. That's how you would feel if you were Bernie Sanders, a border, the law. Ass thing. You would want to do if here the democratic party- and you want to not piss people off that like to burn things down to give them more ammunition and more gasoline. Really stupid, foolish and and hurts the public in the long run you should be able to vote for what you want to vote, for you don't just hand is not only goes out of convenience, they cancel the primary. I now I think that's really, but now that's just been suggested. I really happened, and also I will go there. Their advertised reason.
For this yes, of course, you know we do see that Joe Biden looks like he's. Gonna win this, but corona virus serious la la la. So it is important that these note what the horizon is, whether you believe it or not. A lot of it did come from people who wanted Bernice hinders the drop out. That makes it a lot easier by the way. If, drops out. Then what then the Bernie Bros were they going to say they're still going to say it was a good to know they were scammed. I've been watching. You know twitter, trending topics here over the past twenty four hours the entire time. There's been one about how Bernie was scammed, how they see. From him how you know we had dropped right in Bernie Drop, drop the parties that you know damn acts it all these thanks from these people, look. Twitter is not real life. As we are seeing in these put in the actual voting booth in Twitter, you can sweet from home. Why, in her pocket and watch-
Catholics, you can't do you get vote, be I have a feeling. Some of these people are too lazy to put the hard pocket even into the micro alien they made it. This way virtuous thought of, as it may mean, and I await the way without, if you suck on the hop pocket longer starts to melody, starts to get softer energies and long lasting, very cold men's and they tasting pizza instruments? That's the problem that I mean, I think you can build your revolution around people who don't get off their couch India, and that is a big problem that Bernie was never able to solve. He won the young voters with regrettably high percentages, but none of them there It was smaller percentage than last time of the voting populist because they didn't bother to show up form. Do you think that or do you think that this whole thing was more of a vote against Hillary Clinton and again this establishment last time but they're. Not
not serious. Nobody is serious, except a very small handful. Of course importers. America is people who went out Michigan and said I would to vote for Bernie Sanders. There was, you knew that Hillary Clinton was going to win yeah? You know what it wasn't real right. This is real, wait a minute we vote for him. He could actually be. It needs a Nissan nightmare. No one else. What else? What else it was real was right after his big Nevada win this year all the sun it look like wholly crept. Bernie might actually be the nominee yeah this guy, we ve been Playin Ivan Dragon with and in right Turner, either, but hang out with the hammer and sickle all this time that my be the guy. Should we do something about this because we never thought that would go this far and seems like voters notice, and that was the time to work out their talk about Cuba he's they're going as far left as he can- is empowered right he's in that moment where he succeeding, so he didn't off the Cuba staff. Why winning right? Well then,
South Carolina said: hey, we don't actually want this. We want something else. We're gonna go this tonight on Stewed as America, which were going through why Bernie failed, and I do think you identify their one of the biggest reasons is that people mistook the hay, trade and distaste for Hillary Clinton for enthusiasm for burning and in two thousand sixty and they sought well. Look the parties moving this way. Everyone wants to be a socialist and there's plenty people who love that stuff, but on the other side of that there is a lot of people just couldn't stand. Hillary Clinton, it didn't wanna, handwritten elimination or she's gonna get it she's got to work for him, and so they they drew. That thing out, and there are so many Anti Clinton votes cast in two thousand. Sixteen and the devil a primary that people thought there? movement brewing and as we're seeing here when bite, and they don't find as offensive as Hilary that you're, seeing that move movement dissolve, then a big It didn't work really it's it's. It's a death knell for the Democrats, big
there are caught between a rock and a hard place now, who are they have it? We ve talked about this, this back and forth. How many times gone? Who would you want to run against if you're? Who do you want to the democratic primary? If you want Trump to win, who do you want to? I don't know you go back and forth here two main reasons are obviously Bernice. A socialist, so Biden appeals more to middle of the road voters, that's one! So that's it! That's a route you'd rather go for Sandridge Disease easier. There an alternative argument. There, which is Bernice got so much. Energy watch out years should be scared of him, but he's got so much energy. Well, I think we approve of yours. He does a dozen that energy is not there, it does not exist. It's not real he's, not real. The Woke ism isn't real, none of its real it's on Twitter. Now let me let me switch to Joe Biden, because I think Joe Biden is a very interesting character here, because he is Bernie Sanders. He I this
it so hard to talk with the Joe Biden theme behind you. Maybe this is right. There is had all the time and you have quite so hard for him. I think this is what it sounds like in his hand. He everything is like they are more teen. So anyway, Joe Biden is out on the campaign trail, Joe Biden is doing what he's doing the hand, I think, foolishly, standing in front of me if amounts of crowds at his age and they grew out virus time period, he's out there in doing it, but his son has now said he can't. He can't go to court. He can't a man. I am trying so hard to get my financially to the court, and I ve been so many troubles, getting those records to you guys now they have because
in turn them over again. Now. Judges, like you know at Budge, show up in court where, while his attorney wrote in a court filing its unsafe for the defendant travel right now, as travel restrictions have been implemented, both lastly, an internationally brute Similarly on airlines due to the corona virus, setting aside personal danger meant, defendant reasonably believes that such travel on necessarily exposes his wife and unborn child to this virus. End quote: can you and being that the of the judge on this one, what would you say Probably, I am going to reject that claim, and say get your ass down here. You know what you could do maybe take some of that berries, my money and get a private jet and fly down here. As you know, the worthy contaminated ass, your dad, maybe your dad's gonna, be around the area. Maybe if I went to his jets when you're next time here in the area, personally, I would say: get your ass in the car
sleep, you walk. If you want you walk you. Could sleep get your ass to the court room? I've had enough of mercy to that, though, to because you don't want to hurt, you don't want Hunter by driving a car wessels every sitting in get different problem. You never know what he's gonna highway that has stripped club near a gas station, even Alex Jones who was arrested yesterday heap. I guess he was not intoxicated. They thought he was buddies. Hidden legal limit is just insane he's just a guess, but are you that's remarkable when, when Hunter Biden is less safe on the road then Alex John aright real estate agents? I trust dot com. I want you to. I want you to think about who you to have sell your arm We get into a situation where we have a friend who real estate agent. I've had this happened so times honey, but we of this friend and their real estate agent or its
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as a couple of things I want to go over. The coming up tonight is our special on the corona virus. You don't want to miss this. It's at nine p M pleased, oh miss our corona virus the sum of all fears tonight, you'll be able to watch it needed to share with your friends who you know, I'm never gonna give Glenn back a dime great, just watch the special honour you whoop Channel, but you'll have to I live there. If you're gonna cannot succeed the blaze. If you want to subscribe to the blaze you can watch it live at nine, o clock and post right at nine and then we will win. Of it in the archives as well for all blaze, TB subscribers just go to blaze, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn User Promo Code, and you're gonna save ten percent on your membership, but we re I appreciate you being a member, and this one is an important. The sum of all fears why this is happening and end and what too,
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