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“America is Back!” – Is it, Mr. President? | 11/26/21 | Guest: Justin Barclay | The Glenn Beck Program

2021-11-26 | 🔗

Justin Barclay is in for Glenn today, and he’s pulling no punches as he discusses President Biden’s plummeting approval ratings. What has really caused so much turmoil in the American economy: the pandemic or the response? Author James Simpson joins the program to answer that question, and his analysis paints a disturbing picture of those in power. In Hour Two, Justin laments how more companies and charities are caving to the idea that white people need to apologize to other races for the sins of the past. Then, Abby Johnson, subject of the groundbreaking movie "Unplanned," joins the program to discuss the relationship between Planned Parenthood and both public and private schools. In Hour Three, Justin shares some alarming news, and activist Ron Armstrong joins the program to discuss how people are fighting back at the local level to preserve America for the next generation.

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