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America Is STILL a Revolutionary Idea | Guest: Chad Prather | 12/2/19

2019-12-02 | 🔗
We must choose between the American Dream and the American nightmare. The dream used to be freedom, but it’s morphed into a desire for wealth and power. Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” claims Greta Thunberg ruined the car show’s success. Louis CK is in trouble for saying he’d rather be in Auschwitz than New York City. But Biden is still untouchable – despite describing how he loved kids jumping on his lap and playing with his leg hair. Also, Mike Bloomberg once argued FOR raising taxes on the poor, and the Supreme Court will hear its first gun rights case in almost a decade. BlazeTV’s Chad Prather joins with shocking findings from his three-part Epstein special: Epstein was obsessed with immortality, so why would he kill himself?

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It is good to be back. We have great shelf line up for you today, I'm not us, welcoming birthday back. I guess what I would say not well back just back years, Yeah come off the the holiday, and I hope you had a good one. I know examples up at the ranch do and all sorts of stuff with greater amazing audio. Today, including Democrats, I knew that it's good to tax the poor because they might spend money on things that are bad for that they might, but they might- and I think I turn off your that's bad than we have cheerfully carbon on a radio and tv saying. Weird bias in the BBC saying that they have that Israel has a right to exist and that's a problem. That's a huge problem there we have, of course book with an ad about love and coming together, while calling the president and a big it, which is also
It's a good way to bring people together by calling the first in that committee per cent of the population voted for out of control. Bigot, which implies out of you, know this- that the people who voted for him him are also bigots bright fit is an implication there, this a little problematic to, namely at sea. We mourn impeachment. What's going on the Supreme Court to people dropping out of the presidential race its autumn, an up to date The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,
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We either believe in an american dream or we believe in the american nightmare now the American dream has changed loose change by Sdr. Quite frankly, it changed. It was change to everybody. Has house everybody has a car, everybody has enough: that's not what the american dream was. The amount can dream was to come here and start something and be your own person, be able Have control over your own life now the other american dream. While it was officially kind of changed and mutated by the empty, our administration, then american dream that he was touting. What prevalent in Amerika for along I'm started in sixteen nineteen start. Been Jamestown Miss bring in slaves in the British, did.
People came here for money and power, but that's the american dream. That always turns into the american nightmare the world. Has always had dreams and nightmares man makes both of them. But man is made nightmare after nightmare after nightmare usually in the modern world. It was, in the name of common good for common sense. It was done in the name of power and control. Instead of control on power. That's a fundamental difference between the dream and the nightmare. And we have to decide which one we want to be a part of, because they're both very real
American dream is as real as the american nightmare. But nobody's being taught this any more of it. Of all places? George Washington University celebrated trans giving last week. University of Florida students last week marked it. By calling it a celebration of genocide. Well, as it is, if you believe that America was founded in Sixteen nineteen, but it wasn't even the american dream, it wasn't out of anything to do with James Town that was the american nightmare, its being taught, is the New York Times calls at sixteen nineteen? Now
Steam nineteen is being taught even in your children, schools and talking about high school They are now starting to teach that America began. Sixteen nineteen. We ve had enough nightmares. We ve had an aside. We ve we ve had people like fifty are who read crafted the dream. Remember requested it. From this idea that you can make it yourself nor powerful government whose was sixteen nineteen in James Town, which allowed him the Prague as a hero to japanese in internal camps. It allowed Jackson to round up the Indians and slaughter them, there's a new
Cal, but I've been reading its about Sidney got leave. I don't know. If you of that name triggers anything in you, perhaps it should Here's a guy who retired at fifty five years old by all Council. People who knew him retirement every he thought he was a great guy. He would go. He went into any. He decided that Wanted to finally do what he and his wife had always wanted to do in that is: go down to the port and joy get on the next ship were ever was going no agenda. And just serve people. So he went to Asia and he was serving as a doctor there. He we went to India these living in leper colonies, he was one that would embrace the lepers and help them by. What counts. The sky was great.
Until the United States Senate called him back because they wanted to know what the CIA is. Chief medical scientist had done in the previous twenty five years was experimenting on children as young as six. He was the guy who used LSD and Heroin is mine, control drugs e, develop the torture techniques we're all ashamed of he is America's Jekyll and hide. How did that happen?. How does a guy who is- serving people. How does he go? Do the things that he did by the way he was, were brought to trial. He was never really fully exposed because he burned all of the documents everything the CIA had on him. He destroyed before he left. He knew.
He also committed suicide. Before any more could be dug up about him. He knew he knew, but he justified it in the name of this great country. In the service of the greater good. And he use science. In the same way that Winston Churchill spoke of. Churchill said. We are in a time when the world is made darker by the dark lights of perverted science. Boyd is at sound like it could be said today. We are living in the world and has made darker by the dark it's a perverted science. We have to choose.
Common sense over the common good or in control or power. Or control over power. We must choose the bright lights of truth over the dark lights of perverted science. If we don't those who follow the path set in sixteen nineteen, one of slavery, plunder Death will repeat itself especially if that's all they know. And it will be done in the name of superiority or superior race. Superior Your thought, even it doesn't make a difference. Are you saying that everything is the same? No, no. There is superior thought there. Is there its superior cultures. I think
culture is superior over a cannibalistic culture, but the idea has to be based on common sense, over common good. Because its common sense that we I think, Parrot in We don't really ever stop to search its meaning. The difference between six in nineteen in sixteen twenty were the pilgrims landed. Is it was about the individual and it was stuff. It was about being able to control your own life and have your own ideas too, to work. God in your own way, but you had to live with your neighbors. Saint James down they didn't have Thanksgiving, but
if they did and they had it with a native Americans. They had the longest running peace treaty with the native Americans in our history. The pilgrims did the pill who's dead the way they didn't break it it was the native American that broke it, but see out of the pilgrims. The idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable right. You know the words and they all sound, like blah blah blah blah blah to most people, because they think PETE didn't mean it, and you know what lotta people didn't a lot of people still don't a lot of Bill on capital here today will tell you all: men are created equal and endowed by their created with certain inalienable right, so usually dropped the creator part and they
mean equal. We mean equal. Yes, we're all equal, but some are more equal than others. But is only the search for the true meaning of that that stops oppression. Stops one man on top oppressing the other rich over poor, powerful over the weak, It was a revolutionary idea and sixteen twenty its revolutionary die idea in seventeen. Seventy six, its ill, a revolutionary idea, all around the world, This is why you saw over the weekend, people gathering in Hong Kong flying american flags, because still a revolutionary idea. It's strange to me that I can watch a group of people.
Literally on the other side of the earth and I can watch them in real time on technology. You ve had came from this country came from, individuals having the power to create and keep their creation. We can watch on those devices. People occur ass, the world holding him european flags. It seems as though. They know who we are: as more and more Americans forget or perhaps we fallen asleep. Or in the best case scenario perhaps those who know the difference. Have just fallen silent. Thinking that it's ok to stay out of the fray thinking
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you know, I don't think that there is a. I dont think that there is a better. Understanding a better Understanding of the France between the dream and the nightmare that some of our songs from history. When we listen to the tree attic songs, if you, Since patriotic songs, it's from different chosen countries many times it's the land. Many times it's about how strong the people are. Many times it's. It's about the rulers. But if you look at a American America, the beautiful. The only one that we sing about
The only phrase we ever seeing is about the land. No beauty. Four spacious skies for amber waves of grain for Purple, Madge Mountains Majesty's above the fruit is plain Erica America, God shed his grace on d and crown my good with brotherhood from seed assigning, see what the America that we have anything to do with Patsy, Erica that God shed his grace on that's the land. That's all it is? Man has nothing to do with that cod, is graced us with a great land that is
beautiful resource, rich It's our inheritance and one. We are stewards of not owners, but if you listen to the other, the other part that we don't ever sing. You first stumble on the pilgrim feed, not sixteen nineteen and James Town, but the pilgrims. Whose stern, impassioned stress a third Welfare of freedom beat cross wilderness the pill rooms were not about even progress, They weren't about money. They were about freedom They also need that they were flawed. Human beings.
That's why the second verse, it's God, men thine, every flock, confirmed thy soul in self control, liberal, in law
see this is part of the song, but I dont think any of us concentrate on cod men dying every flaw, We even asking for that
we're asking for our way rest for things to happen. The way we feel, but that's what's got this year, confirm thy soul in self control, and then this Four heroes proved in liberating strife may God thy gold refine till all
success be nobleness every game divine. The american dream no nightmare can come out of this. Beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, meaning there is no theirs. Nothing that is bad. There is no strife that will harm you. Who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life. No nightmare comes of this. May God, thy gold, refine till all success, be nobleness. How many of us are looking for nobleness, or are we just looking for success? We need to decide nightmare.
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we do reflect on. Maybe some things you didn't say you were thankful, for you know they're the you know at the dinner table, for instance, I'm very, very, very grateful or a german Clarkson do stop girdle, yeah whatsoever, love his great that's great, he's in trouble now because he says Gretta Third Burg. Is killing the car show she's killing ever. Thing. Nagano Lovin! She is like. Ah my gosh, I think the key. I think her parents just put her on a boat and like no use and taken airplane. You gotta take a boat, a very long boat ride across the ocean. Just to get her out of the house. Can you imagine living with her and, if not mistaken. They had to fly the captain of the boat cross the oceans are parents to then-
if the ball back across the ocean, as if the carbon didn't count on the flight to get the captain there right right course. That's the parents, that's apparent the parents of the parents go and look. I don't care what you have to do. I the whole crew in overseas, whatever she cannot take a plane it. She will be home to quickly. I do like that idea I think that's what it it s not to protect her image, even though everyone realises its false she's complaining about em breathing. Now, absolutely everything Jeremy Clarkson went on and said that he's real she's ruining the car shows because nobody is interested in cars anymore. He said oh they're taught at school before they say mommy and daddy, that cars are evil, and so it's in their heads Richard Hamon came out and said I hate to say, but I think Jeremy is right, people don't
about cars, because how many people are growing up. Would you know kids are growing up posters of their cards in their room because you don't care about it because are bad for the environment, I want to give thanks for a german Clarkson Day, because Clarkson made a joke ones, implying that during prostitutes is a common pastime for professional truck drivers he was here. They are I did get him off. The show of members of parliament tried if we get him fired for that, but he eat me wasn't fired he I apologise for calling the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a one eyed scottish idiot, because these blind in one eye, so it's technically accurate. He a Scottish, He is so does accurate the areas scottish and now- and now this thanks. That's why
This third burg, girl, every child in the western world, is now absolutely terrified that by this time, Next year they have died in a suffocating fire storm. This morning. Let's have a little story to cheer them all up again. Everyone is says that climate change is terrible, but one of its good, for mankind. That's it. About climate change, we keep being told the next shift will be a disaster for mankind, but who knows you might way? up one morning to find your garden full of unicorns and mermaids and big just follow the rules and money. Are you going to you and says it's going to be a net positive for what is it sixty or seventy years? Where things will be? That doesn't mean that you are a local area, would be a under their scenario, but as for the earth as a whole increase, ability to grow and- and as we all know, the real extreme cold is worse than the real extreme heat. Cold with kills a lot more people,
right the downstream heed. What is I mean? What is Gretta think about all of this? I mean you know Jake I don't I don't know. Did you see the did you see the statement that she came out with this? We had. She was not just a second, We have her on the phone alone. Stolen my dreams apartment Stolen my dreams: I've stolen your dream, much but empty words I die by didn't Why I'm one of the lucky ones? People are suffering, We must stop this. How you fervor, How are they suffering again? You if you do not stop driving automobile. I will personally taken knife and remove comes about deniers, because you do not care about human suffering. Wait a minute you would be causing you most suffering by removing some doubt you provided thirty. He is besides, has been crystal clear and if you do not
stepped it? I won't take a rustic spike optimum and put all your entire larger tested. I saw I sit in its entirety so long away. I don't care about human rights. Is there any truth to the rumour that maybe your parents preserving you on this, this global trip, so they could be away from you, Mr Back, I wouldn't be watching you you'll be watch. I will be watching. And I will, if you, if you only want to cut emissions by fifty percent and give us fifty percent chance survival, I will break into your home. Papua whitest child
personally parties into a pat hydrochloric. I said my cable- and I do this because you and your point- nine degrees Celsius in temperature rise, told care about the lives of our. I thank you very much Gretta, which sounds like is starting to become a supervillain. Does I I'm pretty sure my kids would escape from whatever labyrinth scheme, but she had play in your widest child. Even my widest love might might be able to do them are making a decision is really hard, especially decisions that require you to spend money. One decision that should be easy to make now is having good home security, theirs a premium on peace of mind, but some good news for you're gonna find that you that you need please safe and can afford simply safe, simply say you're one stop shop for home security needs this week,
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near lessening TAT, Glenn Back So did you by any chance the man Delorean I haven't done again and so the whole region What are the stupid service and I've been watching? I was you know I was I wasn't that abreast of the first one. Second, why now I'm starting to really get into it? You know and what makes it is Baby Oda I've been seeing this on on the social media, everyone's posting babyhood. I don't really understand a yell cute, I'm not gonna tell you about it, but so cute
So who kiddies like is not Yoda because its after Yoda is dead, so I don't know it. Is it some Yoda? Like creature had so I dont know son tried to explaining. He knows all the Canon of it and so it's like Yoda, but not yet. I am not sure, but he's like fifty years old, but a baby and so incredible it is. Everything that George Lucas has tried to do with every single. Sort of star wars, where's like almost charge, our banks in the cause of kids will love it and then everybody hates it tee walks I are on the borderline. Right is always something the Abbe walks are in that borderline. While look, I'm I'm a very much a hater. As of return of the jet ideas, like, I think it's a crappy movie actually very mediocre and everyone else those first three are all the same level which they are not there's one is much weaker and if because a largely because that you- yes, I agree with you, I agree with you. I don't even like the job was in there like a holiday,
that I don't know why they're always talking about Houdini. I don't know why, but in every day, so I'm not really big. Thank as I was another thing where he's like are gonna makes these cute Mackenzie love em now that he's not involved dear me is involved as these like. We know, automate cute things and it is oh, my gosh, your watch, the show, after like three episodes and you will just fall in love with the Oda and I'm watching it last night. I'm thinking Disney is genius thing, the money that they are going to make they they buy? our vote the Marvel Universe. They buy the star wars, universe, they they pay. A star wars, you been there a star wars, land in Disneyland and then the main a lorry and comes out with with apple or with the Disney Plus, and it's brilliant,
You know I would be so anxious to hear you say, because I bet it is. The same land that you find it Disneyland, That's interesting because emanate we whenever this last week a little, but they have ex movies. This year that have already made a billion dollars worldwide six this year, That does not include from into which is definitely going to make a billion if it hasn't already, it was the biggest opening animated film of all time and does include star wars coming out in a couple weeks, is obviously also going to make a billion dollars. So they have eight, and I would they had six of the top seven movies? The only one they didn't have was spider man, which understanding is some sort of joint release, Whatever one told me when we were talking about a cause, it's Sony actually disorder media, but Disney still has a piece of that to do so I mean you wanna talk there taking over the world. The mouse is going to be the king Netflix. Ironing is in trouble
I think it's Amazon, even Nepal is really smart apple. They apple plus. It includes all of the other subscriptions that you might have. So you know if you of them. They all populate, they're kind of like Amazon, does Al Qaeda in also you're, not I think, net lakes is, is the in trouble now they ve been in. Well before- and everybody was says- on Netflix Erst they're, just ship out D, be tease. What are they now want to look at em? Well, they also, I were so in trouble that they tried to sell their entire company for was fifty million dollars to blockbuster and blockbuster turned him down there like nothing's? interested in that sounds like too much money for your particular service. I think there's one blockbuster left in its in like there is one that Turkey, as in Oregon, there's one laughed. There's always one left these things when they go how I don't know who is? Do you remember what it used to be like specially
It was gonna, be snow. You know, everybody else would be at the grocery store by Brandon and I'd be like we the girl video store here, an enemy, no videos, nothing not that I mean I know like there's the typical thing that, as you get older, you start whining to your children, about how tough your life was in comparative comparison. To theirs I mean it's the Vienna Bill, Cosby Prairies, was something about walking up hill. Both ways to do this now, like that, it's the same thing, but I can't even I can't even expressed to my children what the difference is. The IRA we're having to search through, like rare record stores, to find specific song. That was released only in the UK that you can go and, like the now Oh it's the easy. Every song is available. Every movies available. Everything is available all the time and like it's just normal life to my son. He he comes as like: hey dad, you gotta hear this This great song in it it's an it's big you
we don't even others, big iron by Marty, Robins, urinating, gay, it's like an old, not country. It's a western song. Ok in there when I first got into radio in the west, there was country and then there was a western station and the law A stern stations were like. I got some cat, I'm DR, and do you know that I asked for it and I would like cattle updates in the news in the morning right like world yeah lotta stations. Do that the egg report? They still do that again. There were the western stations that that's completely gone, there is no cowboy. Songs eyes that whole culture is guy knows that I've always think of it as country western being like the same thing. It's not, which apply to one format is not right: right: Western, doesn't really exist anymore and it was
story. I mean it's like you know. I went down to El Paso and you know that now has to be sure, and so my son comes with big iron and I'm like: where did do. I haven't heard this since I was a kid: where did you find this? he's like I was searching for something this one popped up and I just love it and is like musical taste is so broad and so deep, where its roots It's amazing what they have access to whatever, he'd like your kid there's three million kids that are singing baby shark, that's that's the part of this can identify more time putting the family. Compare this there, this holiday, Braille yeah, brought it up at the table dive to grandchildren. And I'm just saying there are other people were arguing about something, and I said I call on you like that baby shark, he started singing it. Everybody looked at me like
in Bolivia and unlike like not arguing anymore, it's away some of the way to solve everything I like that the baby shark people are pretty wealthy too. They ve done fairly well for themselves how they're, trying to like figure there, some weird like rats, its issue that they they don't. It's not easy for them to make money off of it. So they started like a tour now. The baby shark tour, now there's a baby shark, basically just baby shark and then, like, I think, Mommy shut. Daddy shark and maybe grandpa shark or something and then a bunch of nothing where they could. That's the whole thing. Welcome to the baby, shard I'll, go to the baby shark, show here's a hand, guns reckon blow your brains and in a sign of the internet, not being worth it I was reading an article about the baby shark tour and then apparently seeing baby shark four times during my show, but only four times What would a how you have a horse
I would be worse than like sixty seventy eighty dollars ago. Do and they are singing baby shark four times. The rest of the show like this is like one of those like one wonders: why did you go to see? I won't come on. I lean, amazingly nineteen other songs. You only want baby shark if you're going to the baby shark tour and your kids, I ve been crazy to hear baby shark. You listen to it all the way to the to the stadium, and you must know all the way home, but you're. Oleg it for times of the show, either that's a rip off. I think it should be all just be playing the entire time you walk into the entire time you leave to it just starting completely insane you obviously given up on life if you're going to the baby shark tour justly,
go. We do burning up on a scene asylums. There are better ways to keep people in the baby. Georgia. Maybe this is how the baby's our company- meanwhile, maybe they babies, are branded assailants items. Are then re prepared to make another cow aright back in a minute, more baby shark talk on the Columbia River We do this one time. I remember on the show any fuss about Peter King, the congressmen and we put up
No, it was about Peter kinda. Sportswriter me put up. Peterkin congressmen are what we were even more sorry than joy readers, yeah figures I mean imagine, being a bird meter gang terrible, terrible, terrible thing. Terry apologized, for that yeah I mean it's one thing to be compared to a Nazi that is horrible. This is clearly this sphere and king Glad Bird compare attended. I think that we can do here by the way. Did you hear what what's his name, the Canadian said about being an outwits all it's a fantastic job? It's as it shows a great so back in a minute
the future of entertainment and enlightenment loyalty. Louis gaze contract with his audience, where you can't even right jokes down or talk about them after the show, is working so well he's in trouble for another joke and stew. Who is a joke aficionado out at last, my without a title last Sunday and end you been there had joke writer on this programme until we telling jokes goes. We couldn't get away with it for a very long time, we'd like to dissect the the job that Louis UK is in trouble with coming up
just a second legal and bad programme, also Joe Biden, Terry Legs, which nobody wants to hear about nobody, Joe nobody's telling people about the most Jerry. I don't know what's wrong with this guy giving gifts, wonderful part of the holidays, but give You have to somebody who can always in trying to harm you when that wouldn't be good. That's what doing if your browsing or shopping online using unsecured wifi, even if its password protected, you could be giving the gift of ability into your personal information, a hackers whose, in is this. Do you know hack into your wifi connection, watch your activity in jackpot steal your information that you're sending and receiving. This is the way each time fact today is probably going to be one of the worst days for cyber crimes, because they're gone to find your information, your online buying stuff on on cyber Monday. You need protection, that will evolve with you and New Norton three sixty membership prove,
multiple layers of protection, with a secure vps to protect your privacy on public wifi and per a real time, security for your devices. Now nobody, prevent all cybercrime but Norton. Three sixty is a powerful ally for years labour safety during the holidays and beyond, and until December eighth you're, going special radio offer of up to sixty percent of an annual subscription on your first year at Norton dot com, slash back that sixty percent off at Norton DOT, TK slash back. Are I now we're gonna go into joke analysis method, which is always very big just and beating up on Lucy K for those joke, and it's it's typical effort, to target the controversial topic or a controversial statement and began
That's easy right. I mean look guinea You see K made a joke about Auschwitz. You don't normally do that. It's not a good idea. All bow, I will say it once this entire career on was making jokes about really uncomfortable topics now taking out the idea of of his personal troubles for a second Lucy Gaze of brilliant comedian and he is a guy who can go into places were heard. No one else goes and he's had trouble with this, even before his personal issue, Where he's made jokes, about things like child, molestation and all sorts of things you should not joke about. However, there is there's a reason you do that right and he's doing it too to push those boundaries. Essentially and if you go to one of his shows
you know what you're, and for that. This is the point of it right he's taking you deafened roads, he's making. You feel way you making. You feel a key and then bring it back around like a YO, YO he'll hear tee puts you down to the dark place that you you're going to be in that he brings you out of it somehow so joking and trouble with him I mean he's, had a rather be in our show its than New York City. If you ve ever let if you ve ever lived in New York City there, Times not very often, but there are times that someone could say with or more of this and you go, will now wait a minute. Let me think about it. The first of all this is a joke about our show with yes, it's not about New York City, correct right, the point is he's. Comparing city to something very, very, very bad brow. Ever it's not even really a joke about that, and there is anything it's about New York City because he sang in its tough enough for, like he's gone
through a purse, his personal sort of storm here and die. He makes jokes about that as well. However, a good idea, maybe two to two or to show certain body parts to people that maybe not right now. I've got us attorneys, he said. Is it's not very popular record, just right, really not a popular, so he says I'd rather be in Auschwitz in New York City and then he says, I mean now, not one. It was open right. He's he's luring you into believing seller and then you back out- and I have to tell you- I've been outwits. Now it's
till really really afraid you cannot really you really don't want to be there even now. That's all it's not exactly I mean you did go on vacation to it and many have, and I was regularly to hotspot by a monkey wife, that's not a vacation right, outwits, there's, no part a vacation, we're outwits fits at last time. You were allowed on travel anti Israeli, whatever it was the last time I was allowed to make anything asian plan, but I mean that is that he is marking out personal. Is jewish he's not mocking offshoots victims and we this point where we are? I'll just sit around and search for things. That will be offensive to us right, like I understand, if you had a relative who died in Auschwitz like there is a you know, there is a. Horrible horrible. You know memory that may be a bridge rags out, but again you're going to Lucy Cato we ve been doing since, Producers like this
we ve, been marking this stuff for a very, very long behind the only way Europe. It's the only way you yet Hogan serious. It's the only way that humans can actually deal with something is dark is outwit right, I mean I don't know. If you remember was I still and leave my moms joke phase. When we team Oh, yes, ok, I've seen you do this with Pat many, I'm sorry. I pray who who you actually did it to him in an increase the brutal fashion, AUS Brilliant one particular. I really do you remember this when he had first started in Houston and his on the airlines. It he's in a year of this big National Radio hosts polices. Darting, a job is first right, real, like if our memories as first like talk, radio job right
you know in the middle of endearing himself to the audio garages and important part of the process as people when we started a new radio station, they all hate you for what you lost a six to eight weeks. It was always locker too, has a much longer listening after sixty eight weeks, you it. May then you'll go norm in summer and then you'll come out the other signing a bit like. I get it that's funny. Guy now I understand so pattern. Little that that process and you're already on the station he's going on to write so he's, like my best friend he's on these are big national talk, show host, invite him on the air and hopefully in our lives. We're friends and old it'll get it'll make that process a little easy sonar pattern. I worked for years and years and years together as a dual and we we were known for just Terry, each other apart and I we'd always bring my mother's death. Would say something and then I would be like thank you for, I knew me that my mother is not here to be with me:
and he word he would get the laugh because everybody. Is in on the joke that that's what I always sad rife and then he would make it worse by piling on right. That was a tie. It you have a standing routine incorrect and it was this word when audience new both of a right, but I been waiting because Pat played that card so expertly every single time good, where he would always win. I knew all I can win tyrant, and so he was on keeping our sea and he said something- and I said well, thank you for real Any me about my mother's death and then key piled on as usual, with a joke about suicide, or something like that. Like I can't as usual, I said I can't believe it Like I mean that hurt so deeply. Will the audience
didn't know. This was a routine that we have done forever and Pat God at about the third time. Why didn't yeah any like wait a minute? You have to explain this and unlike explain once that, what that is the most hurtful thing anyone has ever, I don't even know wow, I mean wow path. That was horrible. Was one running for him. It was hell only a few weeks earlier here was explaining this terrible thing to the audience and we discussed how the point is that we go to dark places for human it says it's the only way you can deal with it when you have something for me, my humor. What is really really very dark yet, and I've never expressed my dark. I do think ever on the air I dont none a long long time here have ever I mean it's, it's very you work with me. It is very
a dark to the point where people are like did he just What did he just saying that this is a problem as this staff started to grow when you use continued to do these things when people are on the first day her? But it's fun it s fun. It's fun ass right, but you have to be in on the joke. If you're going to a Louis e K, you know what you're getting, You know what you're getting you know that he is going to say, offensive things and he's to be funny about them, but and I'm telling you, I think, the next generation, the novel the needles, what's the generation after the eye generation Are you familiar with this? The a generation the one they grew up with the apple Iphone. Ok, ok, point at the I generally following the eye generation. My kids, part of the eye generation and I've seen their friends- and They are more politically incorrect. That I mean
I think there is a massive backlash coming near because they just see it as stupid, just absent. Lately stupid they they, grew up on means. They upon Mean means and they see our religion more good. I think there is a backlash of biblical proportions and that's why Louis UK is ended. And what's his name, they should have If she pound, they are leading the way and they can get away with it. You know teenage can't, but they're getting away with it at this point, because it really smart boy, say: Smart, Auschwitz, joke, yes,
It brings you down a road where you you're, like, oh, my god. What are these are all he actually is ignoring me not now. There is a great great because you he's turned it on you. Yes, like you or the man in the world of linking the thinking that you were doing we're. Oh my gosh, disgusted by you in both those guys are technicians. We s stuff, they are Tech, Emmy Chapelle, you know four, praise that he got from this last special from the right and all the opposition from the left, because he caught happiness, couple things that I guess you might consider moderate I mean they weren't even like zadig- he's a hard core conservative you're, just a couple of things that you might consider kind of moderate and because that allow people on the right sort of discovered him beyond in a minute comedy central chauffeur back in the days, but the guy's a technician as a comedian can comics will tell you that he is he's the company comedian that they look up to because of of of justice
ability as a as a surgeon with the art I think Lucy case in that is in that Rome as well, I mean and the fact that he's kind of I'll just doing these small clubs- and the only thing you ever hear about him- is when he makes a joke that pensive, so that everybody can have their click bait for a few weeks, because he's now, because he had these personal issues where not seeing that he did anything illegal, but was kind of the dirt bag. That now allows click, click, click, click, click every time he tells us a joke about sex. Or about something tawdry are even this words just generally offensive while he was always making. Of jokes. It was his entire career, isn't Your career was doing this with skill, and I is just another example of it. Now he did to it in TEL Aviv. We should point out too, that is maybe, Part of the reason why, but again that's the brake, that's a tell him you, even if you do not Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is New York City. You
down the streets of TEL Aviv you're, either in Silicon Valley or New York City. It's a very, very the liberal, progressive part of Israel. It's a totally you the Jerusalem and it is jewish and then and sacred and her religious TEL Aviv is not focus him going to Jerusalem and saying that joke would be taken differently than in tell everything still appears is one that I would say might leave out for Israel is puts us in a country basically founded, because, above all, with regard to its risky read its rights. I believe I was advising you might be like that one day, a little risky, their save that one for I I tell you about the next year. This is but my wife wants for christmas- that What you're getting honey? Congratulations
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Call now exchequer backed our comments on sale for a hundred dollars off. Plus you get a free said of the new ex wheels with your chair. If used the promo code back its Ex chair back DOT, TK Promo code back ten second stationary, so I'm doing a show on television tomorrow, because I I've I've seen this George Soros his back. She don't know George Soros, who spent a million dollar, verify this? If they fight This wrong stew verify this Lord Sorrels spent a million dollars contributed a million dollars to media matters, something that he started and contributed a million dollars, specifically to take me down
yeah I'm an ironic that he did do that it was in two thousand and ten. I believe it was He said he spent a million dollars, gave to media matters to fight Fox who's in its incendiary rhetoric and spent specifically was targeting you because this was right, after you, two series of shows about him and his influence and again this idea, because Joe her sorrows. You know is, I mean the famous. Outgoing after is like all well said, I symmetric to criticise George Soros, so the largest them. Credit donors, you can just take the law. Democratic donors off the table for criticism. Like that's just not ok, you don't do that we shall do Madison at all? No, it's too, We find to criticise him who have its also be Jew. It also give a lot of money to Republicans. That's totally fine, but when or Soros it anti semitic, and that's that was basic, Having your point was, look at the networks of sky has built here: either that he's done. He didn't like that.
Exposing that it actually give a million dollars kind of specifically, a to target you and they make you by name in the statement so here's. The thing he's back as I did. The puppet master show again and and not again, and a new episode in tonight. Even worse tonight. Well, I've been gone. My Christmas elves has been working for more on the impeachment. And on the deep conspiracy theory, that's all anti semitic. I believe what we found the night every show. Every single show is like special right now it is the best work, I've done pop Thirdly, in my lifetime, but definitely in the last ten years. You don't want to miss every show on blaze. Tv five o clock tonight will will give you the update. But was, I got a letter from somebody
HU. I actually respect. Who is somebody that, not going to to tell you who it is he's that I met With recently about six months ago, actually had dinner, and he said he I think he went through end of mine and said I really want to have dinner with land, but he hates my guts and he is not want to and My friend said: hey, you know you want to have dinner the sky. Henny said. Apparently you guys don't get along, and I said I don't even remember what are you talking about. I had google his name to figure out, oh wow, we in a very a very public. Spat with each other had dinner with them and I said, listen this past, and I forgive you if you forgive me and let's move on so he wrote to and he's jewish, and he was one of the guys who is leading this anti semitic thing against me.
Using Soros money, if I'm not mistaken, and when we had dinner, he was talking about look. I I didn't know some of the things that you were saying: I didn't, I didn't understand element: will you to me recently, and he said why are you doing the puppet master again, where you do Now you know that's an elder of Zion Trope and so I wrote him back and I want to explain this. We have to break your real, quick doing then about two minutes, one minute but I said that I said to him: it is, it is but that's not how I mean it and Think we need to define a few things because it you just say criticising someone who is jewish, is Anti semitic. I can't go there and that doesn't that there's no reason in there
it all so. Tomorrow is my answer to that. Tomorrow at five o clock is I've, I've done a lot of homework over the weekend and I think this is important too. To make the words have meaning real meaning and that's coming up on tomorrow's broadcast to night see what sorrels is up to regarding the impeachment wait. Until you see the new connection, we found tonight, five o clock only ablaze when our money spends when our government spends money. It's like water, going through a sieve without the sieve- I know as well as you do this cannot last you can't print this kind of money spent this kind of money at some point wherein real trouble! Now, if you're planning for an early retirement, how do you plan for that.
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comparable code is Glenn for ten bucks off your subscription, get watch, Glenn and, of course, Stephen crowded and his new extra? so what is Joe Biden? What is Binds vision for America, you know he's out on the campaign trail, any talking about a lot of things, I think he was unfairly disk for biting his wife's finger yeah. I was Joe again if you actually watch it was fine. It was you know him trying to be funny.
A questionable whether you should do it in an appearance by me. I was just a right, but it was supposed to be a war moment between husband and wife. I don't know that it came off that way exactly well, because Joe is a little creepy he's weird and he's a little creepy, and he did say this in his speech, which somewhat Scott, to stop him here. It is by the way. You know, I should understand it again. I got a lotta harry legs that turn that that that that their turn about blonde in the sun and the kid you sick about reaching the pool and rub my leg down so strange that watch the hair I'll come back up again and again, so I learned about roaches, I learned about, gives jumping up my lap and I've loved kids jump on my love. I don't he I wouldn't include that in the shutters blush, exactly what it is. You re, Michael Michael Jackson, said basically the same thing. It is weird interview we wait,
back to Michael Jackson, we're like how did we miss this year? Are we're going to go back to Joe Biden and say How did we miss this? I don't think that he's got old molest. I dont think that I The key is, I think, he's a little weird. I think he's I see I have very handsome, but now with children. I think he's pro our hands. He says he with children is, but I don't think that's a sexual predator thing. I don't think so either right, but there his theory is the doubt that either don't care. If I dont care of your Jill Biden, Oh, do you have to recognize Lord show what Were you when they got in the car? That's what Jill should have said. Were you thinking? You know
That sounds like more didn't mean it that way: yeah how's. He not aware of this right. You can't explain this away with a suffering argh article, which is what they tried to do with his speech issues his forgetting things, his not being able to find the right words theirs be exposing. It came out that he was a stouter and that's. The reason is that now, as all country would not medic, in normal, for it to come back after you ve cured at which they put in paragraph eighty five of the article or so, but just just stop at because that's ridiculous moment. Right. The idea of several I love having kids jump on my lap. You could certainly be can dismiss that with a grand fatherly thing, but stepped back for a moment and picture what he has just described. Think of you. You walked into a public pool and a bunch of kids around a guy and there rubbing his legs down its Watch the hair on his legs stand back up.
You're doing the police and the situation. Are you not, and I don't believe that in a kid would but notice that on their own now I mean that would be like you'd have to questioning its. Did you notice that? Or did he point that out right? Like look kid you can run like it just we its like the guy who, in an airplane that comes in Europe into a turkish prison, you face a guy like heresy, hair stand up on somebody's leg, that's right! That's what it's! How to save jobs does an idle again. I don't. I don't know why. I feel it there's there, definitely People who said the exact same things as Joe Biden, and I would think they were doing something illegal idle. I think it was Joe Biden. I dont know why. Maybe it's because he's famous May, because he's goofy, I don't, The reason is, but it is Normally, statements like that are like a the defining moment of a campaign Would you rather have? Would you rather be a person?
like. You know what I told a story, but I was in a pool of budget kids. Rubbed down my legs and then I said I, like kids, hop in my lap. Would you, rather at that moment or they wore a helmet in the tank. Like this is like what the hell is it a tank. I guess my home, it was a little girl we I lost because of that even ROS Parole ride like yes, I had satellite dishes for years and I spent a lot of crazy things, but it wasn't like that at its body. Now we have like Tita. Who candidates here if its bite and verses tromp you ve got two candidates who have of have set things: that aren't they always come off at the time of me to protect victims, in line with these two guys it is it's insane it. It is. The backlash I think, on the right is the backlash I don't care. I don't care if you say this about, everybody. I dont care. Seeing the poles on the impeachment, and I
This is not just because I don't care, I think, there's a part of it, but I think they are It's the Democrats made such a bad case, but people just like I don't. I don't think so, yeah, I'm not interested. I don't think so. I made was look the Democrats, one, the house. They can impeach him for anything Big it and they were all the entire process enable can be Peter for everything. It was their job. It was not their job to suit to impeach. That's that's easy. When you have control, the question was, can you and me, can you convince Americans who are maybe not not resist? they didn't set up for Tom Styles website to impeach in two thousand seventeen I'm saying like normal, everyday middle of the road to ruin. Leaning Americans, can you It's any of them that this is just a ridiculous this an exercise and they have totally failed at that time I kind of agree with with Trump saying I'm not participating in it, because why if it any credibility right, it's ridiculous. However, you know
don't believe this is. This is what this was about. This was about him being a hand grenade going off in a very bad. A place for the Democrats and then having to do this to try. Create a can, bureaucracy theory to cover up the crimes that they were committing, including mess, with the election, doing everything that they claimed Trump did they did it in Ukraine, and I think he's got to move what, if he doesn't do it in the house, I completely understand unless it prohibits him from bringing that stuff into the trial over into the Senate, because he's got You know sometimes like war. That was not part of the inquiry that wasn't part of the original case. If they don't put that in Can they bring it up in the, because he's got to expose it, they should be able to. I think, you're right. I think we can have the best of both worlds if he doesn't partition
in this part of it, which will make it look more like partisan activity. It is for sure, by and you know sometimes it's worth participating in these things to shape them in some way, the You hear that was the impeachment vote. Gonna come to democratic can be. It could be done completely by Democrats, these constitutions very clear at the Senate controls the other part of us, so they can bring in whatever they want in Amerika. Had they're gonna try to get by in from Democrats to say it's a fair process. They they done this in previous examples of impeachment, where they kind of at least come. The table and say: look here, wordless agreeing on the rules, and they will try to do that with Democrats, but that I don't know to prevent them from bringing out the their side of the story. I hope so if they don't do that, there is a complete failure by Eu Senate Republican yeah. They hardly able to mistakes. What they usually do, but they usually do what our vision of America. This one is from from Bloomberg now MIKE
as you know, is just Wonderful individual, that as all sorts of me to problems himself by the way all then all you should see some of the comments they have him quoted in multiple articles by liberal journalists, saying he's objectified women? How you know here people who were honest staff, saying you know that he used to come up to him when she was a woman said at once. He waited too long to dire hair, which he would come to say: hey: how much does it cost to get your hair coloured with two colors, because you got a third one gray come in it. It was our hey look at the it wasn't, but but a different word. Look at the bar on her to a liberal journals in front of liberal journalists and he was an unknown per spouting. Will they did they? Were they actually put it and stories and he was known? respecting off very end. Hi women like is well down. Lady. I got that you have this job. But you're a woman like to eat stay down there,
a ceiling is, is below where you are his absolute, unlike PS, unlike objectify women like crazy. I don't know for for sexual reason, but I just want you to hear this new tactic by a Democrat on taxes listened in this town, since our regressive, but in case They are that's the good thing about them, because the problem is in people that We have a lot of money and self taxes. We should have a bigger impact on their behaviour and how they deal with themselves. So are you listen to people saying all we don't want to tax the poor? Well, we want the portal live longer so that they can get education and enjoy life and that's what why you do want to do exactly what a lot of people say. You don't want to do that. Question is do you,
pander to those people or do you want to get them to live longer and there's just no question? If you raise taxes on full sugary drinks, for example, they will drink less and there's just no question that fell short. Drink some one of the major contributors to obesity and obesity is one of the major contributors to her. Disease and cancer and a variety of other things, so they know better yeah, here's a progressive that knows better than the poor people here but he's going to make sure the poor people are good, bye accessing them out of everything that they may like right. How do we? If their lives, we take their money they can't spend it on bad things, and you know it There are people who are more leftist that Michael Bloomberg, but there is an even more purely progressive than Bloomberg. He Absolutely believes he is the smartest sky, and if he does we just simple at what he wants. It will be better for you.
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a pillow dot com is that Glinda programme welcome to the programme so glad to you here, the young, the case for the Supreme Court is interesting, the one that taken up with with New York, apparently in New York, you can only take your hand gun. If you have a permit which good luck getting one you can only too,
get to one of seven sites that are New York sanction in New York to shoot me if you have. Your gun, even if it is broken apart, The you know the ammunition is in the glass box in the cars in the trunk use you can go to jail for that will. That was that. That was the ordinance they passed correct. However, they ve repealed the ordinance. Why? Because they thought it was unconstitutional. No, no! No! they were worried about losing the challenge at the Supreme Court. So the liberals, rid of their liberal law because they were worried, the conservatives would say unconstitutional so that other places couldn't do it. It's hilarious. It shows how the running from the court right now on this because I M done anything really since since Heller which was the big decision. That said, yes, you can have individual right to firearms. Then there is a follow up about Chicago. After that which said it's not just in Washington, DC and bright right. You can just A city laws doing this.
But there has been a big ruling on guns and about ten years and this one I mean, I think, shapes up relatively well, meaning we know for sure there's at least two votes in Thomas and Gore such who were on the right side of of this And it seems as if Cavanaugh we'll be on the right side. It is the speculation I would be so eyes to see Lido, go or different direction, which get you to forward a Roberts, of course, as a complete man, who knows, he just decides, things on whether what he thinks he's gonna look good in the papers. The next day, it seems, like that is it's a big one and I think there is a good chance should be. This is an easy one. If you have a The standard on firearms that is is part of a constitutional right. Cities can't pass ordinances that ban that right, then their ban two point: two: where, if you have a gun in the city, you can't trackless, hey you're going out to you know,
hunting range outside of the state you're going to a state where you're allowed to carry your gun. You know have the right licence for that state and you're going to the airport. You can't do it. You can only move your gun from your home to a shooting range and one of the seven New York sponsored shooting ranges. That's it it's not the same. That is crazy and they know that they did they ignore these rulings. The Supreme Court, like, gosh you know one ruling in nineteen. Seventy two rovers Wade is is basically that the only thing in the constitution as far as the leftist concern you can't challenging it settled blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. But when the conservative rolling in this report. They just ignore it- is pass all these laws anyway and wait for it to go up to the court and hope that they don't get exe. Did by the court, which is what the court has been doing wrong. We recently until this time and here
the Supreme Court's going to take it on and when they realise the Supreme Court was not taken out there like I. Actually, we re just repeal that and there's no reason for you guys to look at it when that was their defence oh, this is gonna, be interesting. It should be obvious what should happen here. Whether it is obvious is of course under the power of John Roberts, and we ve seen how that goes in the past, sometimes so but most of the time it's it's questionable to insane. Well, Could it should be common sense? It should be easy and it would have been on the earth that you and I grew up on somehow or other we all slip through a worm. All and we're on a different planet looks a lot like the place we used to live, but So much not so much we'll see I would changes even further with Epstein. Did he kill himself
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And we have conspiracy, fax, weird. Does the obscene Epstein murder horror suicide fall? Is it still, in theory far we starting to have facts that back up that theory, a guy who's done and extensive amount of work and as a a three party special out right now on Epstein and what happened is Chad Prater? He joined us in one minute broadband programme who loves cyber Monday Hen holiday shopping season more than anybody else. That is cyber criminals. Today, if you're doing any shopping online, they are out there. Hoping to get rich off of But he who shopping online today, thou, let me give you some tips, jobs safely. Online make sure you use device security on your computers and you're devices. Confer
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Who I'm so excited about this, a special that is on the blaze you can. You can find it if your fan of Chad Rayther, you probably heard him talk about it already, but if you don't know the champ Rayther Is- and I want to know how you get this title- he's an american humorist. That's you! classified as an american humorist, and he's well known online for his commentary just sitting in the care of his truck with his head. Which is now warnings have today you're almost unrecognizable. I am channeling. My air Glyn back, is what I'm doing is: failure in the sweater arctic temperature that you keep in the year in the bill and yet so proud, Is it a chance you, a good survivors, a summary navy. I live You did a three part special on Epstein when you
started it. Did you think that he killed himself. Did you think it was a cover up? What did you think going into I did. I honestly did not know I dont know that I had an opinion, but the further I got into it the more questions that were raised like right now. If I was a better man and had put a thousand dollars on the line, I would probably take the bet that he killed him. But let me raise some questions for you, because when we get into the special Everybody knows the two thousand eight sex offender who is convicted thirteen months opera nation egos to any goes to twenty does go to jail. They the door unlocked because he claims to be claustrophobic. He to go to his office twelve hours a day, he pays the West Palm Beach the chairs of the twenty eight thousand dollars to think about a tv and the attorneys room. All of these little favor says he is. He makes off duty police officers where suit in order to check it.
His guest. He pays their salary, so that he can do business while he's in jail. We know that guy he's a creep, what we don't realize is, after that guy who treasure reinvent himself, who basically gets a ranch in New Mexico because he doesn't have a register of the sex offender there. It's in the middle. The king ranch, which is not to be confused with the king ranch and taxes? This is Bruce. King is the governor of New Mexico. The family which passes down below gold, titles and positions like family heirlooms and he's right in the middle of their property? You can't go. He buys their property to cry. Little sweetheart deal from them, he buys ten thousand acres. Bins builds a an almost twenty eight thousand square foot home. He calls it arrange its motto, ravage the people around the area thought that the owner of Victoria's secret owned it began of the rotating models that we're coming in and out of these young girls at her coming in and out of the place
but why New Mexico beyond being able to get away with not identifying as a sex offender? Its close to allow, different facilities where there's cryogenic, friend, humanism, there is all of these scientific things that are going on. For instance, the There was a group that was collecting these sperm of noise they'll prize winners, in order to create a new generation of smart people, S in bought into this idea and his idea, along with his accomplice, Joy Maxwell, who is still very much alive, still very much at large and has never been questioned by authorities they. Think of the idea of bringing in twenty young girls at a time, impregnating them with Jeffrey Epstein seed and signing away all rights to the progeny the baby.
They're, going to raise on this compound and create a whole new generation state. This is honestly master race. Kind of this is big stuff. So this is a guy who is obsessed after he's, are we ve been in jail exactly. This is a whole. This guy reinventing himself. This is the guy who's donating millions of dollars to Harvard this? Is the guy who's donating to MIT this guy? Who is a cow, drop out, who is now sitting almost, though he is a colleague with these doctors from Harvard in these science programmes, treating him like an equal. This is a guy who's, Upcoming cohorts like bill gates, and the Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, who think of as just hare brained, but they love fact that he's got all this influence right, so he's concocting this deal, and so you talk about conspiracy theories. This fact this is known fact this guy's going to recreate himself he
but to have his head and his penis cryogenics frozen, so that bringing back to life one day here was a obsessed with immortality, sent back to the original question to commit suicide. Why would a man so obsessed with immortality, kill himself? Why, I would guy who, even when he was in jail most recently after his arrest six months ago. They'll be buying commissary favours from fellow inmates, here's a guy who said that after his first quote suicide attempts. He said draw to commit suicide. Myself made attacked me, so we look at all the different things between the video cameras being off the lapse of time that the doctored blogs with the prison guards the people who did not watch him why was he left alone in the cell? Is it p possible there that he was murdered. Why the guy who who you are he got off once clear. Why, we get off now and if he's gonna kill himself, why doesn't he just make a phone call, so because it is ok, those they killed himself. Will there be a reason,
and to be a reason why Gillonsville so we did. Then somebody's button, so much pressure on and in essence, saying make your life a veritable hell. If you don't do it yourself, my skinny alive gonna think we'll put Jennifer a boiling oil yours. Over. Why wouldn't just make one phone call and say I have all the news that you want Now we saw on ABC Emmy robot. She sits there on the hot might moment she says I had at all. It was the most prolific case of of pedophilia weave, ever known. This would have been the story of the century. This would have exposed more people than any and we ve ever known in the key, is Epstein was ready to talk, so he killed himself. Why did he talk? He could have made one uncle he's already beaten at once how about you are looking at went and when you get to suicide? My feeling is that It is the
The final in the greatest act of insanity- you don't mean so you can necessarily apply The guy sees his world completely collapsing and These convinced there's no way out, there's no way out and he has some loyalty. To some of the people that were helping him. You might think it's better. This way. Not I dont know it. I mean it seems so soul managed coincidences, but that there are real questions? I'm like you, if I had the bat I would still better than he did it himself button a better more than I do not betting more than five hundred bucks on it. You know the main cause I know now. So let's look at this thing because you you The BBC interview with Prince Andrew who now the queen is basically disowning. I feel like they're, trying to put out a carpet far with
Jim, cleaner. I mean they just kind of trotted him out there and said you do your best Andy, because this, BBC interview just made him look worse and worse and worse, I canceled is Stay programmes has led me on the BBC interview. This is goes it I dont like two party I dont party, inadequate. If we have that clip of What I called party boy Prince Andrew. We have time to show it exert as gotta pulled up. Take a look at this, let me show you what we're dealing with here with Prince Andrew, ok, I want you to think it over to that clip where he says: I'm not a party. You take a look at this. But he had the most extraordinary about to bring extorted people together, and that's the bit that I remember is going to the dinner parties where you would meet academic politicians, people from the United Nations and when it was it was up, is, but a cosmopolitan group of what I would describe as you s eminence, was
his appeal. That was not what you, because you you are perceived by public as being the party prince. Was that something that's Also, a bit overstretched I don't know why I've I've I've been collected that title, because I don't never really parted job, not fortunately, if you're, just listening to this on radio you're missing all of the picture, of women licking his face had a priority and everything I wasn't a you added shatters that from the BBC innocent lives from the BBC, all my life is class, coming they under the budget by the way, Virginia Roberts, who of course, there's the famous picture of him with his arm around then seventeen year Old, Virginia Roberts who, by the way, took off to Thailand she joined, Maxwell. Take the inn, Jeffrey Epstein, take her to London. Wake her up one morning and say today: you're gonna meet a prince talking about, of course, Prince Andrew than there's this. Now this picture out there, which have come
they have said it's of its false picture. Photoshop voters I would really not been out that long whenever this picture had I mean it was not a new, they lost allying. You can tell if its Photoshop and here's the thing there's nothing wrong. Legally. With this picture now I mean you ve your arm around somebody's niece. You know you ve done nothing wrong is not measured in a little bit of a girl like a little grubby way and if he is wearing a halter tom, they are some exposed mid driven his mind is right there You can see a flag away in the winter, and so we can. We can analyze the picture, but at the end of the day, of course, yeah I can explain. Way. I'm not gonna go over of that's not me. That's not me. Obviously we know Andrew is the party branch you saw the pictures under their in That's why I look at this and I thank you cause. You brought the point Glenn, you said if his whole world is crumbling down, was it we don't know he's already gotten out once there are,
Her plea deals that are there to be made if he wanted to do it. If you really want to truly expose some people that are involved in this now, because whose Jeffrey upstate five years ago to anybody the average American really know who Jeffrey Epstein was not. Of course it's. This spirits, the idea- and in the drama around, it is made him. Basically a household name he's now. Nonstop means we ve with May jokes about this thing Let me be real clear, because I've got accusations here of people saying almost like you're feeling, sorry for the guy. Now I'm glad he's dead. Lamentably, is we Repellor? I'm glad and guide on earth is a better place without Jeffrey Epstein it here thing, how many more Epstein esque influencers are out there. People I usually Maxwell who was the queen to his king on the chessboard who or straight at all these things who took of Virginia Robert, which, by the way we had lined up for Virginia Roberts to come on the show vs Skype from Australia. Part of what I want I started say earlier stew, is that
She went to Thailand did for the Long story short Epstein sensor to Thailand has bring me back a young girl. She gets over there within five day. She meets her now husband, whose from Australia he takes. It straight and basically gets round of this Epstein world? That's there because she was. She was project number one in New Mexico in terms of who they were going to impregnate. She was going to be the experimental test case, so Virginia Roberts, of course, who is seen as seventeen years old in this picture, with Prince Andrew she's. But they basically put a gag order honour to night. There will be a BBC interview with her the out, so we couldn't get her. She had to cancel for us, but we did talk to her on the phone Square compelling when you get when you see what was our hang onto sex, I would like to hear a little bit more of where what we know for a fact. What was happening on this. This ranch back in just a second
pause for one minute and back Chad Pressure proprietor, who is you can find in the special on the blaze dot com? Please tv, dot, com make sure The two were you watch it warehouses availed you go to my Youtube Channel the Chad Prater search that ways we ve seen almost twenty thousand new subscriber just in the last six days, cause of this special sorts. It's a lot. People's hooker hits a great special. Are you looking for? The perfect can gun one that is great for self defence as well. As you know, the day the gun range I'm up our second amendment supporter, which is why I'm a? U S, Cecy, a member and right now, the? U S easier, has great news there giving way. Nineteen guns, nineteen lucky listeners are gonna. A thousand dollars each to buy the gun of their dream. Nineteen, nineteen listers are gonna, take a thousand dollars and you can buy the gun, whichever one you want, just text back to the number
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But really has happened, nor did they impregnate any of these girls in in whom axing neither we nor did we know of not that anybody that that we can verify so I'm assuming know this was the planned though, and when we get to the special we take the first. So to really build a case, because there is a huge cast of characters in her there and what my producer Candice Ortiz did. Is ITALY and its she's incredible she's incredible I told us that you can never leave me she's, just amazing with the research that she does, but she likened to a chessboard course Epstein being the king. Elaine Maxwell being the queen, and so we build this cast of characters that are out there in the way they would be old kind of into a crescendo force as we get to the episode and people are just gonna left with their mouths wide open. It's amazing, not only the some years ago, This was not about money, that's what people
what do they say? Well, here's a billion are, of course you could do anything he wanted to do so is not about money. The man who was a college drop out who, was it Bear Stearns for one year he couldn't even teach Highschool Physics, Ryan Math at the damage. School in New York, which is a prestigious skill. Now he's sitting therewith Harvard scientist he's sitting there with MIT scientists he's talking with the top innovators, while he was doing that because he was trying to recast himself an exact and innovator as somebody who prove who was a patron of innovation and science right it and you look at this guy who's, trying to reinvent himself. He was buying influence right, so Bill gates did not need Jeffrey Epstein money, but his influence seems pretty appealing the same with any lawn musk, a Stephen hawking at no time do we take any of these people and accuse them of pedophilia or anything like that, because that's naturally worthy. My brain ghost. What
we're doing is pointing out. Why would you? Why would you hang out that was the question brought up by the BBC to Prince Andrew? Why I would you continue to associate with this man? That is- it listen, the news media consistently come out, and this is the way they describing fight answer and sex offender fine answer in sex offender. Why, in that order? Why would you legitimize him first by saying he's a financier and then say, oh and by the way he's a sex offender. Three news media outlets every print outlet contain continues to do that. Even done it here at the blaze, It's one of those things worked like know. This guy was pedophile no question about it. We know this for a fact and intervene. Everything at his house after the conviction to which was one of the big issues
We have a clip of that as well. Stephen was to run it. This is a pretty interesting little clip here, because he's questioned by the interviewer here as to. Why would you continue to stay at this? forty one bedroom mansion the largest individually own residents, which, by the way there is never any evidence that he ever bought this penthouse in Manhattan? That's what you said: So pretty interest story. Here's the here's, the clearing up the nineteen, seventies marked the first appearance, Jeffrey Epstein, on social radar, the king of net, working was just getting started, but what Jeffrey Epstein was after was much more than money more status, more than wealth. He was after immortality. For the second part of the series, I'm gonna shy away from anything? That's not a warning that promise we're going to drop some big names. I'm gonna make some very big revelations. How do A man like Epstein become accepted into the highest powers of society and, when I say the high
must. I mean the very top princes fight just geniuses billionaires they stood aghast basque in the limelight that Epstein emitted? Nobody, seemed immune to his charm, but why? What did you call? drop out like Jeffrey Epstein, have to offer men like bill Gates and Prince Andrew Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk if people are more money than God, yet they found the found it wise to stick around Epstein for the heck of it. Take its Andrew, for example. Watch. Entire special, it's a three part special. You can watch it on Chad, pray through you to page few are a subscriber to the blaze is already up there and ready for you to watch just go to blaze, tv dot, com, slash back! If you are not a member deacons subscribe, abuse the promo code, Glenn we'll get it.
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make sure to watch all three parts of Chad, Greater special Jeffrey, actually get em on Youtube or where we get your podcast endless, do show every day to chat partnership So the impeachment hearings are continuing. This week we have some new information to present to you that I think you ve been following it. You me We'll still be surprised because you won't believe that they laugh with this, trail, so easy to find in public documents
We have some new information for you tonight at five o clock on the blaze tv there's also a new voiced, its being heard, and that is of stew stew. Brigadier are producer here, his wife, in the industry is well her name. Of course she kept it for, for industry. Her name is less a page, and so you gotta be seen a lot of LISA page in the new Randy nationally almost every day, it seems yes, I'm sure, she's pleased about yeah. Now, of course, my wife's name. With an Ip Hiv, the page whom I know from the impeachment scandal, is p a g. However, I that's what exact What LISA page would want you to think which one dinner party together, not enough my cut the empress,
I mean why doesn't like Mr Missus Smith right? What yet they bay they act like normal wives at home, Angelina, Jolie, and then she went and then she was like. Murdering people maybe rises, the citizens, the same thing you're living with Angelina Jolie, which could be bad. I could be got its act sociate we're because every day in a you, wake up- and you see your wife's name trending about an affair it's a little odd, it's alive it's a little strange Yazzi, because she had an affair with Peter struck. If you don't know these backroom figures- and we may, we just heard her name their names, they were to people She was a lawyer. He was one of the bigger investigators and into not only Trump and the and the beginnings of the Russia contact stuff, but also The Hilary email scandal there very like very involved in this and they both despised, trumpet dinner do we president, so there's a lot text messages about them. Trashing trump that became public bio against
The promises apparently of the inspectors at the beginning, as they knew hey look into your all of your tax and they said: ok, we're gonna, say something up front here we ve been having an affair with each other and would really like that does not come out. Of course it did come out and they It was released against ape specific promise by the governor. At the time now well there you go kids. Liberals learn your lesson, never trust the governor that go with better invested Rihanna. No, so it's eighties, weird and now she has come out in and given an interview for the first time she had an believes an eighteen month. Read where she was allowed to do any press up after leaving the government. She did leave in two dozen eight. And now she has this voice that she can go to different media outlets and she starting to do that. She's v,
they upset at the president targeting her for ridicule and I'm so tired of this item was specifically mentioned. I guess at one point he sort of faked us Joel noises with her name in the middle of it at a valley. Probably was bad. So I guess that was the theme et Cetera near that what unites let me off memory. You know my wifi zeal, Zob Optimal, here's, what I would you yes, but the fact that she out there now is, is just more fuel to the fire. You think you know what happens items with ease behind the scenes witnesses. Is there more more powerful when you don't hear from them. We learn, as I think, with with Mahler for
when he was a witness, but he was Raina Mahler Investigation of all reports, even all this credibility, and then he comes out in front of the public. In his asked questions we Donald Home- I don't even know you don't know anything about the investigator right. The same thing happened. I think with call me. Your call me was this high level very respected everybody on both sides agreed. He was the greatest gonna world. Then he came out started doing his testimony, which is a little bit and then, when it came to book and interviews, a really went down hill. He just came off home Look I'm just a partisan guy doesn't like Donald Trump, and so these things, I think, have more power. When you, when their mysterious figures, you don't know who these people are. So let me underline the unnamed Democrat running against Donald Trump, yet it's all of the Democrats for that grand and they look at them? And I like it or not that democratic I wanna named? Can we keep in my name here? It's there.
This is its like in sports, are crucial, Immediately, connect with this analogy puts the backup quarterbacks interim said: the guy was the backup. Quarterback is everybody's favorite player. Until Italy has the friggin get on the field around nine interceptions and then everyone hates him, but one is on the And the starting quarterback is suffering and Ryan struggling men well come on man. Brigham Ariane is this. Is I think what what happens with its what's happened with the impeachment thing with Ukraine right you, all of these rumours about oh my gosh did this on this call, and these people knew this in these people do this. Then they come up in their test flying about and you're like well, this is what they have a mare, it's a big. Let down. Like movie trailer movie right the movie. But it looks super exciting and Allison you're watching the movie like this. This is up all the four good moments they put in the trailer everything sucks. It's kind of what's happened, which with the imf- That is why I think America's turning.
A board. I towards that, right now you know you settle out there and I was listening up into a point. Then mice, through my mind, started to wander about. I now for more than thirty sent out I'd, say: I'm sorry riddled with eighty, the yacht, but hearing out here, don't you think The gong show had all the answers, Nevertheless, I do ok. Do you remember the unknown comic that war a bag over his head I don't care, I love that shows a kid, but I don't remember the unknown atomic. Now you gotta look up the unknown comic. He wore a bag over his head. He was gone every time, but there were some good about him- and you never really- you didn't know who it was, it could have been. Somebody really good could bend somebody not really good right but
he was the unknown comic if they just put a bag overhaul of the people's heads that are testifying and you don't really know could be millennia may not be probably not be. Ok, I like it, I had a little more excitement is when they dragged these people out you're like a person's no good. I mean they're funny No, but if they have a bag on ahead, you like probably not funny, probably no good, but I don't know: let's hear amount, could peace but he could not eat there. There's something here, and I think if you extend it, what if in the hearings. They put a gong in there for people to just start hitting to stop that when they get bored Finally, can I use it to you? I think they are. I think I
not as they should be control of the american type, think you ve just loud and representative who goes there and plays the big, the character of chalk up various bear it and he hangs out there with the gong, and we say: ok when we get bored that's speedily to have free Chuck, Berossus, the speaker of the house, and they are going down, you know, and I wanna I wanna name another postal sector. It is that you get objective avenue. Election have died on our right So I got a note from my wife does about an hour ago. I saw dogma next year. And my wife just text in, and I will show it here. I want that chair right. There, therein objects and there too, but she was like- I want that chair- she wants the next year, I get it honey. I get it. Now I'm a little grumpy about it. Because I like, yet my wife surprises I liked it.
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so this Saturday night Saturday, the December seventh, I'm doing A Christmas show in SALT Lake City. Tickets, are still available and we'd love to have you there, but Tom telling some Christmas stories now. I am not. You! I think I can get away with weeping and regrettably, honest because no one in my family is attending the show. So every other show I've done. I'm I'm thinking about putting in juicy would be Davidson did that's an old MIA. He put in a million dollar non disclosure agreement. Everybody in the audience has to sign an honest Don disclosure agreement. Or he'll, see you for a million dollars of you saying outside of the shell. So I think because my family I'm gonna be there. I think I'm gonna need a two million dollar Andy from every member of the UN. Because you
you never know, especially. I mean stew knows this sometimes I icon sage- and I just turn everything I say yeah, I'm not gonna, do any of that and those are very dangerous shows how I feel no like that with its like the yeah. It's whatever is good at the moment in your head, yeah, what will benefit you and make the show better, which makes for a great show for life here, does not make for a good homelike, sometimes yeah, so oh. I will need a two million dollar non disclosure agreement from every member the audience now, if you just keep, fat male shot, fear of around my wife, my family and a costume zero dollar label. It did nothing to worry about. However, however, I have attorneys. And you say anything in the outside world, where my I can hear it well
do the pants into oblivion. Bia began to the point of view: will never recover financially. That's just start. The guarantee of going to a fund show about that's Christmas, themed, insulting sitting when it's all a city- and I was sing about this thing about this case- mean Christmas show in SALT Lake City I just open the show- and I say look I know you This crisis is the saviour of the world? I wanna make a mint. Because you know those. Tomorrow in the religious type there they're gonna? They say that What about our Christmas time? Ah a built everybody here you about your thirty dollar ticket. Here actually cost you two million in thirty by missing from and I'll say like you might be thinking right now. While I was a really controversial thing said, I shall report it well you're under a non disclosure agreement. Unfortunately, Bates Implicit when you listen, The show thank you is that you are under a non disclosure. Anything that's talked about on this programme cannot be shared with anyone say
I was gonna, make an appearance, but Santa suit doesn't fit me more so this late hour yeah. You have a Santa suit, but you ve outgrown. Does that even when to Santa he's an oil and coal suit. You know I mean mine was mine was paid By MRS Clause- and they make me Santa goes around the world and eats cookies at almost every single house and is still falling into a suit and you're, not financially Germany? Is there any of the scientific, analysis as to why putting it suited or any reason you can think of any any behaviour that it would cause. Something like this to occur well yeah right in an unrelated and completely unrelated story. I am concerned that I may be out of breath by the time I
To the centre of the stage, while it's a big stage big to be faster planets knocked down hill, the water, it's flat rate, which is chow arriving well downhill little challenging to you got a kind of slow yourself down when you you know when you of that mass of gravity and its he does hard down or up we'll part of this because you spend Thanksgiving with visions which is a blessing in a curse, because my family now about half of them, are on either of special diet. You know four, epilepsy or just because they decided to go Regan right, you know, when you buy an eighteen pound, turkey and there's only four of you to eat it and you could like you, used to cook when you are cooking for twelve
and there's only four because everybody else's having like. Cauliflower stake, which I didn't is not a thing- I don't get full well, I didn't break news to them. I wanted them to live in their happy little world that that was a stake. It's just a thick. Of qualified is violence. They keep telling you it's estate, restaurants, it's not a stake, but the what news is, and maybe you should do this Christmas, if you watching your weight. You should not do this, but right, a bunch of regions instead of your family, because then there's like food for twelve and theirs for if you eating it. You sent to suit, doesn't hand you did and you did and that too to make one not fit into a Santa suit, so sorry, kids. Santa is I'm going to make an appearance, but a really
We overweight, Colonel Sanders with how the white zoof minor, technical and getting old sucks. I ve ever. Deftly, noticing the it's not funny now you know what it is you and I made the wrong choice: you and I swore off exercise by I hate in the more than poison. Eight. I mean to the point where you like, Doktor Livesey, your going to die unless you exercise. Let me think about that I'm not sure I mean which is worse, save some see or two for the environment right. Some positive right, Gretta would be rather with a happy and she's. Never happy. Now. She's never have she's like Mikey from the old life commercials. Gretta hey! It's everything! The greatest thing is weird man she is like, watching some of those videos today in preparation for not disclosed, things here
You know she really is there's an omen thing going on. Their rage is not half her family is afraid of her. I swear to you. Her family is afraid of her You ever see a rottweiler near that kid. She controls, a rottweiler. She might be the attic. She is so angry about everything. Her family is afraid. That's whether sending or overseas on a slow boat honey. Just go now you go by yourself. Do you see it goes to the slow? We pass goes a co2 and night and then make the round trip lady in about a month. Maybe we're round them.
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