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'American History is Being Destroyed' - 8/31/18

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Hour 1 Pat and Jeffy filling in for Glenn... Could Ted Cruz  loose his senate seat?... Pat will be eating his underwear if Cruz looses!... It's time to vote!!! Look through the lies... Socialism in Texas?... Where's the American Flag in the film 'First Man'?... If you boycott everything, you may be awfully lonely... Would you walk out of a movie today?...    Hour 2  How's the college games progressing?... Looks like Jeffy may be eating Pat's undies??? LeBron James sharing about his childhood, the question is, was it racist?... Where's the proof behind your allegations?... Should we be 'shedding' the Republican moniker?... Is 'TRUMP-ism' the same as cultism?... Al Gore and the Holy Bible, specificly Revelation... SOOOO, things are going to worse?... Where's the news on the compound in New Mexico?...   Hour 3 Looks like the Chinese are recruiting Americans... Wait a second, people voting based on values?... The difference between stealing and taxation... "Climate Change" debate starts in 3, 2, 1... An honest look at hurricanes... Bankrupt the World to save it?... How do we define our principles?... 

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The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck that great and Jeffrey for Glenn. Today, eight thousand eight hundred and eighty nine hundred or AAA two seven b e c K. It's it's. The envy Beto Hype machine is in full full operation right now. Not we are they trying to say that Beto O'Rourke, who is the challenger that's taking on TED Cruz, for his Senate seat in November, not only Are they saying that he's only one point behind TED Cruz now they're talking about him for a potential run for the presidency in twenty twenty, it's just getting real ridiculous come on. Can we calm down a little bit huge part all of vanity fair? It seems
I in two thousand seven is better O'Rourke. The laughs Obama like cancer to trump in twenty twenty. They want him to be in the you know, he's not they wanted to be, though, with the that's why all the money is pouring in. I think people going to be really surprised when they find out this guy is white. I think going to be pissed. Wait, you're, not hispanic wearing the battle come from well, culturally appropriated hispanic nickname. Well, it is it's a hispanic nickname for Robert. Francis Rourke, a guy couldn't get any wider or more irish, so good they're, making it a big deal out of him. The article mentions how he's visited all two hundred and fifty four Texas counties in Toyota, Tundra uh. They followed him around like little lap dogs.
He does these running town halls it where he runs and then stops and they all together on the lawn and he the town hall, and then they start running some more so the guy Jog job wow, that's the one I want in the Senate, then, or maybe even the office of the presidency. If he can jog and then do a speech right, not that I could that it's just that. I'm not sure, though, qualifies the guy for office there they're in love with him. The left the media is head over heels in love with better will and this cannot happen- I came out of the state of Texas. That's what I'm hoping cannot happen in the state of Texas. According to this latest poll, he's one- point behind. I tend doubt that a little bit, especially because they used red,
stirred voters for that Paul, not likely voters and that could change it dramatically. If, if you eliminate those who you they might registered, but they're likely not going to vote, I think TED probably has you know, he's got to be up by. More than a point. I don't know what it is. I sure hope I don't know what it is. That's right Think in the end, he may be wins by ten. I help but again I also even maybe more I'm pretty invested in is because I pledged to eat my underwear. Battle of beats TED Cruz yeah. He was up by I don't know, fourteen or fifteen at the time plus that was beautiful, I mean better, had still been, you know they were. They were getting behind him as the big push, but that was a little bit before and I don't know I'm not making excuses for you and you still will step up to the plate with your bet, but that was a little bit before the big battle push
I mean they have just they. They love this guy and it's yeah he's getting from out of state yeah, all kinds of California, money for whatever reason rushes in level about about about all the answers. Yeah, my now and Cruz is the US senator by the way, by the way figure name is on the line by the way is not did not appropriate any culture. That's right right if he did have hispanic nickname it be. Okay, he's not appropriate. Thank you. It's just it's it's kind of agonizing and you know TED is taking some time off. He easy, not even going back to Washington this week for for some of the vote, he's missing something because it's the campaign is important right now, he's he's actually campaigning right now and making sure that he shores up his base here, and I think you know there. Be a problem with some complacency in Texas. We just you know you think
TED Cruz. He doesn't he's not going to he's not going to lose. That is fine. I don't need to donate. He doesn't need that money because well, Beto has out raised him two to one. Two to one in this campaign. It's unbelievable! That's it's! A big chunk of change yeah, it really is, and again I think it's in part, because Complacency- we've also talked about the Trump thing- He angered Trump fans at the republican convention because he didn't endorse him and for those of us who kind of admired that, because he stuck to his guns two weeks later he did and than then we were a little hacked on the right it's time to get over all that because it's scary he's talked about as well the campaign when he was first running for Senate where they had
hello there, my money back, you used the phrase it kept his powder dry until it got closer right and then spend the money on. You know promoting the campaign. So you know we're in the you know, we're in the final drive the final, the final vinyl turn heading into November. So maybe that's what he's doing now too, as well as his you know, making push, but it does feel the allies say feel because I don't know for sure, but it does feel like that needs to get a move on. Does it I He feels that too, I think there's there's a sense of urgency now in the campaign and with the with the cruise people and you don't, his first day of September. So or it's it's time, it's time to Are paying attention to this? It's a time to start your conservative friends to get out and vote in and make sure that we don't is fall by the wayside, lose TED Cruz in the Senate. That would be the be.
I know. I know it's Democrats eating their own, but you know that's the same thing that kind of happened in New York with Cortez right I mean he was. He was just like that. I'm not going to lose. I've been here forever. I'm fine yeah, you kind of, took it easy right and she beast hit the pavement man. She was out there getting the press and it paid off right. Well, she's from you know she is Jenny from the block essenti she's right she's from the hood except she wasn't, but she You know that forty minute drive from the Bronx everyday from the Bronx, where she lived to the school where they enroll there are forty minutes away every day. Well, except that's she didn't live in the Bronx that whole time she lived near the school. So they based their whole, biography on that really sort of that that her her her her
view, was formed drug there. Forty minute commuters. I don't know what the killers 'cause. Then then you have this other demo. Reading Socialist Salazar, who used to be conservative, Glenn interviewed, are in fact in twenty twelve, an like Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez. This Salazar, lied about her roots to what was the deal there I mean you go beef up your story, I guess, and make it sound God. It's not! Okay! It's not enough that you were born in Miami in the is Julia Salazar. She was born in Miami claim to be an immigrant. Well wow. You immigrated all the way from Miami. That's up! That's really something! It's amazing that they had. I mean we're almost at you know. I know at the head of good
a few years ago, so people are going to have to change their identity. And change their name, because you know everything is going to be out. There were pretty close to that yeah. I mean there everybody's been. That means you're going to have to make up a story about yourself right. I guess I guess you know if you have to change the name and you're going to have to make up some kind of story that changes everything so you're not known as the girl that was taken self fees of you know with our top off the New Orleans. Last weekend I mean- I don't know I don't usually just so yeah everything is out there now. So you know, maybe that's, maybe that's what we're seeing was in the forefront of everybody. Just changing their name and telling us a story which would be, I don't know lying to us. Yeah I just wish they change their policies. I don't socialism and it this so socialist movement is just really sweeping the this millennial generation. It seems an you know Ozio Cortez is in that generation, Julia Salazar's in that generation. You know
the edge of that generation you get a better arc who has virtually the same policies? I mean you're talking on a guy who wants to bring socialism to the United States and his within one point in the state of Texas of actually being will do something about that and we can now add the the governor's race in the state of Florida, for our is Armando forget. The other Gillum Revenue, Gillum yeah. I mean he's a Lians way of that way as well and he's he's, I think he said an admitted socialist Disney trouble. I think he admits to being a socialist are in trouble, but Actually we have RON Desantis, who I have no idea where he stands on any issue, but I do know this. He loves Donald Trump
and the person said that before I think he actually said it on one of his everyone knows my husband run to see at this is endorsed by President Trump is also an amazing dad RON loves playing with the kids, build the wall. He reads like a who's actually building you know they're doing blocks there and and putting a build the wall after this really cute stories, then Mister Trump said you're fired. I love that part. He's teaching Madison to talk, make America great again, people say rhymes all trump, but he is so much more bigley. So good, I just thought you should know RON Desantis for governor thanks for the information there Rhonda said it going there. So that's what ends between Florida and a socialist, but you know he loves trump. So there you go good. What else you need to know? You don't need to know you don't need to know anything else AAA
seven hundred and twenty seven Beck AIDS patent Jeffrey for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and seventy seven back is our phone number big new movie coming out. You probably heard about it. First man, it's about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, so it's getting rave review Though the trailer looks great yeah and it looks like looks really good- looks awesome. If you want to see the movie Ryan Gosling, I I I like him as an actor and he's he's got. I think, did he also direct this? He stars in it and I he did not directly uh. Did he executive producer, something because our he's talking like he had something to do with this, but your decision that we're taking issue with they. I hate it when
they do this kind of stuff, because then it puts in that quandary of. I don't want to support that, but I don't want to miss the movie just a matter of you know which, which is the more driving force to me, to want to want to see first man more than I'm angry about them, not planning the american flag on the moon in the movie, so they skipped that whole event. You know when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, one of the thing they did one of the first things they did was to plant the american flag. That was a sign that America claims the moon for our own, though, in fact we made a point about that. We, it just meant we and this we were here. Ok, we set out to do this in a decade and we did it. It's. It's quite an achievement, Ann. Nobody else has ever done it to this day. Here we are almost
fifty years later and it's still never been done again, except over and over until we get tired We just got kind of got bored or I got been there done that, but yeah what we found out. I mean Armstrong him and said later that they, the United Nations, tried to hone in on put in their flag up. You know they could only when the United Nations gets to the moon. Why go ahead and plant the? U N flag, that be great. What was when we decided that what it was going to be our flag, but we were going to make any territorial claims right. Yes, so if you want to go to the moon, go exact, going to put the flag up there going to do it as soon as uh as soon as Mexico is able to get to the moon, they could plant the mexican flag on the moon. I don't care well, Pat, let's not get ridiculous, but seriously, if any other country or to have done this. How
we would not be having an argument over whether their flag was going to be in the movie now I'd be in the movie. Absolutely one hundred percent fit was the Soviet Union the beat us there, the Soviet Union flag would be planted in this movie abba. One hundred percent believe that, so is it something, though, that maybe they just we didn't focus on. They just wasn't part of their story. No. This was a conscious decision not to plant the american flag on the moon in this movie Ryan Gosling said. I think this was widely regarded in the end as a he human achievement and that's how we chose to view it uh. I also think Neil was extremely humble. Well, that's, but so what as were many of these astronauts and time and time again he deferred the focus from himself to the 400th, people who made the mission possible?
being the four hundred thousand Americans who made it possible yeah, it was Four hundred thousand soviets or chinese or french? It is four hundred thousand Americans and it if it did trans, send countries and borders as Ryan likes to call it. Ok, yes, it did great and know that in the alarm, strong, still an american achievement and it didn't see himself as an american hero Ryan know he just saw himself as an American. Thank you. I don't think it consider himself a hero, but he I think he did consider himself an American absolutely even he said that look. My job was to get the flag there. You know left. I left the debate over what flag was going to be there too? You know he. I think he is what was smarter minds or whatever it was, but the but the deal was is that it was our flag.
Because we decided that uh no United Nations, it wasn't you that did this, it was us, We won't claim the moon. If you want to go there, you can go there but were put in our flag there and how proud at the time I mean this is just absolutely thank you know it really makes me angry yeah. It does well I'll be one of the proudest moments in the country that we've we've tried to re live. How may new time it's one of mankind's biggest achievements and it was done by Americans and it was done after the vision was laid out for us by JFK and he said in the next decade. We will do this and we will do it because not because it's easy, but because it's hard and they got it, done an it cost a lot to get it does it did both in blood and treasure, and so or to rewrite history will do the with the movie about it ridiculous salting. It is insulting and I
it's disappointing 'cause. You know I've been hearing about this. You know we played the trailer did look forward. I really want to see this movie and I hate supporting this kind of crap, but everybody is going to go to it anyway. Everybody go to it anyway because right we don't uh. We don't take that stand. We don't we don't hear about a restaurant that donated twenty five thousand dollars to Democrats and then say I'm never going to eat at that restaurant again, I'm going to boycott and lead a charge to boycott that restaurant 'cause of I want to go to that restaurant and I I like the food. So I'm going to go there anyway, like the double cheeseburgers. Please we like
movie, so we continue to go to the max. Now I don't know is: has has Robert Deniro pissed you off to the point where you're not gonna watch any of its? Not because I know you were on that live at the point. Really. I think I think so. Yeah he's got something that you can actually swear off. As I watched, I want to watch one of his movies that I really love that was on some channel not long ago score. His use of the fear of this but I mean I only- I love the movie and I made it about halfway through and I just couldn't take it alike here. Ok watch anymore, so I think he has who is post boycott decision? Yes, yeah, ok, but you did start. I did start and then start- and I love the movie and I love stupid movie, but it's just. I can't can't just so frustrating
I don't know. Maybe this is not a as big a deal as were make it out of the high really really hit me the wrong way. Today I hate to lose. I. Why are you re writing history? The fact is, an american flag was planted on the moon, so when you're telling that story it just, makes sense to show that scene 'cause its iconic and everybody knows it's there. If you wanted to make a point like what they talked about, that could make a big point of the argument over what flag should sure there and make the United States look like the bad guy, which wouldn't surprise me that they would do that. With that in Jeffree. Today, boycotts the left does boycotts all the time. All the time I mean this in and out Burger story is just so silly so ridiculous. They heard that in and out gave twenty five thousand dollars to the Republican Party
in California, and so everybody jumped on social media calling for a boycott just because twenty five thousand dollars to the Republican Party, really that is unbelievable. When do we get here this so pretty recent trend, I think the just the donation means that you we've got to attack people an you got to silence them. An you've got to punish them they or have to lose their job, or they have to lose their livelihood in some way because they don't need to 'cause come on now come on. I know that led, look, I'm! I am her. I'm a fan a little over in and out burger. Their burgers are great, I mean the the prize of the shakes are fries are done. Good no in the shakes are, could be a lot better yeah and they are at chick fil, a yes. They are statically so and I'm not opposed- and I'm not saying this is ever happened in my life of giving
chick fil, a burgers or I mean chick fil, a shakes and then getting in and out burgers. I'm not saying that's ever happened in my life, but it could it could. It could happen yeah and you wouldn't boycott either place, and I donated to a Democrat that don't care, I mean it's silly if you, boycotting everything done by people that disagree with you politically. First of all, you're not going to have any entertainment choices at all your going to be able to listen to any music or see any movies or watch any tv shows ever ever ever, and so, when you start to get into something that we were just talking about that really hacks both of us off today when in the movie first man, they made a conscious decision not to show the plan king of the american flag. So it's like they never iconic moment yeah, of the moon landing, so you're not going to you're not going to plant the flag on the moon. It's there. Why are you rewriting history? Well,
it's an achievement that ran sends borders and countries, no is an achievement done by America, and the United States of America was a to achieve that. Nobody else was, and is it a transcendent moment? Yes, but it was a transcendent done by us and we were. We were happy to share with the world right of our accomplishment. Right, we let you watch it on tv with the rest of us, so congratulations, rest of the world, I will say I was reminded during the break that we probably shouldn't be so upset over it. Because it's fake it was fake anyway, so that is the moon landing. So just stop punishment, because it was done on a soundstage in Arizona or something or was it Nevada? I don't know there's actually what eleven percent of the country that believes that might even be more than that yeah it might be higher than that it
I mean that's amazing, triple eight seven hundred and twenty seven Beck so is it? Is it worth boycotts? We've kicked this around a little bit as to whether or not the right should boycott more people or more proud. Six or more so we've seen that if done right, it works, that's sure done right, it works sure and we obviously have not done it right or we just don't do it in participating. We pretty much, don't do it at all, but When it's done and you make noise on social media on you get you get, you get news stories about. It companies bend yeah, they do company called gave immediate, almost immediately well, all
in and out burger started, saying hey what what what we we give equally to both parties. The way you look yeah, we get a look at we gave. We gave twenty five thousand dollars to the Democrat Party to and the code text me up because I you know I don't have enough, may know it will be good enough. No, It will not. I mean, with the one guy lost his job over donating money to a cause that failed. Right I mean the guy in California, gave money to the abortion claws, failed in California and they found out, he gave money to it and they they still ran him off. Yeah for donating money I mean it's not good enough, not at all now uh blade. Seventy seven Beck, let's go to Joel in Georgia, Joel you're on the glue, am I Pat and Jeffy. So
a question for you to guys today is with regards to the current trajectory of the Democrat Party. If it goes further socialist than it is currently and people are just sick and tired of like, for my perspective, that fee list of America might see the death of a dick, work party in some way as if it were the wig party of the past and another party could take a place its place in the vacuum such as the libertarian Party, because it seems more, reasonable. The Democrats, right now I mean what would your thoughts be about that? I mean I'd like to see something like that happened, but I doubt that it will, because I think uh. Thanks for the call Julie, I think Democrats are have been. Largely accepting the socialism coming out of their party- they almost they almost nominated Bernie Sanders for the present Rachel candidate you've got an avowed socialist. And you know, he's a socialist and
makes no bones about it, and He wants to bring socialism to the healthcare system, socialism to the educational system. You name it and he wants the government to run it. So Democrats accepted that they've accepted it sure did Alkazzi Cortez they've accepted it from Julia Salazar there accepting it from Beto O'Rourke, I don't know that it goes away. I think the Democrats, just become Socialists named Democrats, and maybe they maybe they morph into the democratic socialist Party- I don't know and just use both monikers 'cause. That's what a lot of them are doing: they're doing yeah, but to be placed by libertarians- that that's something that that be too good to be true.
Yeah you're not going to go down now I don't see that happening. Elsa show it is. It is a shame, and it's the the Anger on the left is just so palpable and they're so angry about well Donna Trump for one thing and they hate him so much that all their energy is is going down that path, their energy isn't going to hey. You know what let's bring. This may be, the party has gone a little too far to the left. Let's pull it back a little bit. Let's go back to the center a little bit. There are two unfocused for that. It seems like like we look at it and say well, they've gone so far left and you know, maybe they do need to pull back a little bit and right now, though, blue wave that is supposed to be bringing do open to us has not happened.
So if it doesn't happen, perhaps- and you say to yourself- Well- maybe that that doesn't happen- they'll say to them, so maybe they wake up. You know that we need do need to wake up a little bit. However, it it appears that what will happen is they'll just get matter and saying we're too dumb. We're not smart enough to know. We didn't go far enough and we have to go right there to continue on that course farther down the road and that's what appears to be happening. I would hope that they would see the light. We come back a little bit, so you know that's probably too far now. Stooges discuss this on the tv show filling in for Glenn last night is democratic socialism really the future of the Democratic National Committee, and I think it is absolutely it is not it is. I mean what they there was a lady of, what's his face, saying Perot's saying that that's the future yeah that Cortez shoes, the future right, okay, head, RT, wow, all and in New York, hi,
the Glenn Beck program with that and Jeffy. Is it going this morning good idea, I heard your room your mention of the year. The boycott of the the burger joint because of donations to the Democratic party arts are Publican party right and the pure in in New Yorker, as some call it Cuomo back, which I like that yeah, it's good growing to be more and more true. I work for the state parks in Sackets Harbor, and I I was a social worker, a little time and you're mandated whether or not you're in the Union pay Union dues, or at least you were up until so disciplined decision. There an see, I see a uh. They don't really give a flying fig if you're, a Republican or a Democrat they'll just donate to the Democrats, Willy nilly Bay, basically essential
making you donate to causes and campaigns that you otherwise wouldn't yeah. So yeah, it's nice that we, he Left- has their free choice of boo, be cutting things that they they don't want to the fund by boycotting this burger joint. But what about the rest? You know we paid our union dues and ended up donating to the things we never wanted to, that's really like it would have been good for a boycott Disney but yeah, and that, for what forty years that that in place thanks Andrew like forty years long like you said before the Supreme Court finally find we put a stop to that Rick in Florida, you're on the Glenn Beck program, hi,
hey guys how you doing today doing good I've got a I've, got a theory about the flag on the moon not being shown okay, man, man and I know this is a stretch, but you know a lot of flat earth out there and moon landing deniers. Who will say we didn't really land on the moon and as part of that evidence, they will point to the right on the moon and say see it's not real, it's fake. So perhaps the moon movie producers said look what if, this out. So that way, they'll be less evidence for the face Moon landing people to stand up. Is that a threat little bit of a little bit of a stretch? I think maybe it works a little bit thanks Rick it works. Plus you know. I was thinking good, so we boycott do boycotts were here. They work, but The thing is in the end, you know in the first man. As
so we're going to want to see it yeah. So it's going to be a really good, really want to see it. It's going to be a really good we're going to be pissed for a second, when you see that they don't plant, the flag will put the flag in the movie right and then you're going to walk out going wow sister movie yes is the everybody knows the flag was there so shut up? And while that's probably what's going to happen to us oiled most of America, it's a show and that it does 'cause. That's how I mean we're just talking those we got to work yeah they do those boycotts work when you when you deny people making money that speaks pretty loudly in the so, if the movie made you know thirty. Eight dollars at the box office make quite a statement. Yes, it would do its producers would send a strong message to them. However,
it's not going to happen. No eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. The latest nonsense from the left is this old for boycott of in and out work. They gave twenty five thousand dollars to the Republican Party in California by the way they also. This election cycle gave eighty thousand dollars for to Californians for jobs and a strong economy, which is a committee focused on electing business friendly Democrats to the state legislature. So so, hopefully it's but I don't think it will because it doesn't ever seem to be now it's not this climate. Where Democrats are boycotting everybody who even looks at a Republican, they they tear hats off
people's heads. If you get a slap teachers grown, men are throwing drinks in the faces of teen jurors and stealing their caps. If they're are trump supporters, you got a shout and yell and scream and surround Trump supporters in public at restaurants or added to, the store, wherever you see him a keyless right now most definitely is and they've done. I mean in and out and and and check filet. You know they've all done stories about how they pay their managers well, how they treat their employees well, how they pay their employees well, how they go out of their way for the employees, and it's not good enough, because now we believe in the poll. Don't think that would
I'm hearing 'cause I never go to in and out burger, but they they print Bible verses on their wrappers. And this is the story that I would know the mentions that- and I did not know that either because when I go to in and out burger for my double double I'm paying attention to the double double, not the rapper, but yeah they do they do they have a bible Bible, you proverbs! Thirty, five on the cups for milkshakes and the water CUP has a John four six hundred and fourteen six, and you know good great I'm. So as the doesn't freaked out, I know, but that's gone before now. I know yeah. I eighty stocks, claiming discrimination how can I eat a burger with the rapper mentions you're right triple It is seven seven back. It's amazing that they got away with that yeah. It's amazing in South Carolina morning morning, hi good morning?
I just remember a few years ago they yeah the last call for a boycott of checked play because of their religious beliefs and all that we did was bolstered their business for quite a bit. Yeah, that's for sure, couldn't get near a chick flicks. You couldn't get near a restaurant. They were lined up around the block. There is people holding up signs, support, chick fil, a support, our rights. Yes, that's because I really hope that happens in California. I do too yeah right releases. Responded to that, though there was the right appreciate the call pat the right got behind chick fil a and specifically support. After yeah. That was really good. That was a good yeah. That was that helped a lot. The blaze radio network on demand Glenn Beck not great and Jeffy, for Glen on this labor day weekend, hard to believe it's already
we're already at Labor Day weekend here baby, why did that go by fast college football yeah? Oh last night was loaded with college football and some NFL Preece send to then tomorrow courses start of the Byu Football season which I know everybody's, I know everybody's, been on the edge of their semi. This entire building has had to tell people stop Talk about about Byu Football. Last night the rival, University of Utah played their opening game against. We state. That's. Why is that a problem? That's that's not a problem. They sneak the just squeaked by forty one to ten good teams usually start the season with a few a few teams that they could be to get the ball rolling. Your uh, oh yeah, you don't want to step right into the season up against big teams, and I suffer Byu was doing just that. Taking an Arizona this weekend in tucson- and it's got,
I mean w- got a tough job. Yes, five game schedule: yeah they do. Yes, this is schedules, ridiculous, Arizona, Cal. Also on that schedule, Wisconsin Washington on September set. It got let uh, but you know if they if they go five at during those five games he has vowed to eat. My underwear so I gotta believe a lot of people are rooting for a five Adobe way. You stupid all they want it. Ain't gonna happen, it's gonna happen just because it would just be such great karma for that it would be so sweet. Why would you go ahead? Be why they're wary all my those are nice. I mean what, but what a dream come true that would be and uh half of that would be five L.
Your Byu Cougars would be five at all if it was the Portola sure there some side benefits to it. I like that interesting comment from Lebron on an HBO show called the shop he's actually executive produced by him, in fact, but he said when he was in high school. He had a severely anti white perspective because of his upbringing. He he said when he first got to the ninth grade in high school. I was on some I'm not effing with white people kick. Said I was so institutionalize growing up in the hood. It was like they don't with us they. I want us to succeed. So like I'm going to the school to play ball and that's it. I don't nothing to do with white people. So if you, if you don't want
nothing to do with them. That must mean you do want something to do with them. Do I have that right so yeah? He says that was my initial thought and my initial shock to White America, when I was fourteen years old for the first time in my life, took me a little while to adjust to it now. This was a white person saying this about blacks. Would that be ok? Would that be acceptable with that? If that, if this is a white athlete that everybody likes say that he didn't want nothing to do with no black people when he was a teenager one, wouldn't everybody say: well it's great that you made. That trend did so great that you change like that. That's really wow! That's what our full! because I wonder who the wonder
the answer is doubtful yeah, I think it is. That is very, very doubtful that that would be the case. I think that white sin probably loses their livelihood. You know if, if in and out burger and give twenty five thousand dollars to Republicans and not face boycott well, certainly a white person couldn't say something like this: you a double standard. This is all a double standard in that song, even with the you know, our our our our former press, Barack Obama. Yes with he talked about the same thing yeah he did. He had. He had a real struggle with race and talks all about it in dreams. From my father, so then that's a wonderful thing. According to the world, all the celebrated in crazy for it all the New York Times published comprehensive detailing all the allegations made against representative Keith Ellison by his Ex
girlfriend Karen Monahan, it's I'll long. They say it's a long and sad story with little resolution now. This guy was under these allegations win. He when he was when he won the nomination for the general in Minnesota a few weeks ago right and it didn't people then- and I it matters now, but what's interesting about this in me- to age the his S girlfriend claims she has a video right. People are asking to see it well gave you get right out of the was video abusing of the abuse yeah. Let's see it, It's brought, which we said from day, one which we say the way. Let's see all along and look, I can't stand Keith Ellison, I think, he's hideous politically he's repped as a human being. I don't like him
however, probably, would not because of the abuse, but it would be nice to see him. Take a few, yes come down a couple of notches sure what it sure- and this would be something that would bring him down. However, people and asking to see the tape now his girlfriend ex girlfriend Monahan has stated that she won't produce today right. She told Minnesota public Radio in an interview because it loading now that's the expectation for survivors of all kinds of forms of abuse, whether it be abused toward women abuse, police officers, abuse from other people in power to have to be the ones like I'm doing right now to show and prove their stories Walt yeah. Yeah that's kind of the way it works. You're. The accuser he's you accused use in the I did states of America. The accuser must
prove that the accused committed a crime uh. Something called innocent and till proven guilty, not just since Intel accused of something well, he accused. While I just then we just bought it Klay Believer. That's it all my gosh, that's it we're done. I so I mean you can't I don't know if you can ascribe any credibility to her. Now to her claims I mean no that anyone actually has the no real yeah, I don't know it- keeps coming up in the New York Times- did a huge spread on it. Yesterday they I'm sure the New York Times would love. I mean they're fans of hey we're going to accused somebody. There done. Oh ok, but didn't think they'd be doing that in the case of Keith Ellison 'cause, that's one of their people, Keith Ellison, but actually printed her regarding
that relationship, including he he narcissistically abused her and it'd soul, rape, wait what soul, rave. I'm sure that there's video of that as well. Many of that I want. I want to see because I want to know what that is ours there sitting in the living room. They are sitting in the living city of the living and it's raping her soul. Now tell out boy I'd like to see it, I would like to add Bible feeling. I know what she means in that that's a pretty much what it is, You know she's just you know what it is. I think so you'll you understand. So all right do now. Okay, he would tell us that you know we've been through this all right I mean I have experienced the even give experience already have yeah all right now, this building,
you're treated like a king in this building. Don't give me that, oh my gosh, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck so got somebody who claims to have a video of something like this of some sort of abuse you have to and then refuses to show it, because she shouldn't have to prove it and mad because well now we don't believe her. Yes stop it. No I'm sorry that just that made it completely illegitimate to Maine. I don't believe her at all anymore. Yes and that's was there from the beginning right every she even wanted to be a part of this right. It was our kids that started this whole this whole madness, yes, and then he backed up what our kids were saying right in okay,
it's great and we were all for it in the area thought it was horrible and man what a bad guy and how could something like this happen? How could we let the something like this happen? Let's try to help you and put a stop to it, show us what you're talking about? No, no, I'm not going to just believe what I tell you yeah. I shouldn't have to do that. Well, yes, you should you're the accuser. Sorry, that's how it works here, in fact, not sorry about that, that's how it works, and I like the fact that it works that way. I know we appreciate it. Yeah, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and twenty seven Becka Brett in Pennsylvania, you're on the Glenn Beck program. Yes, I wanted to confront you guys on the socialist Democrat embracing that's been going on, so I just read an article in the Atlantic today with uh with Warren and she was essentially a bracing capitalism, saying I'm a capitalist and then she went on to say a few things and they sounded a lot like guns type of stuff about how the bigger corporations are you in crony capitalism, to shut out the smaller businesses and competition, and
things like that. So I was wondering if you thought maybe she was pivoting away from the social democratic angle and going to be going to go towards the I'm a capitalist, and here you know and try to be branding herself from that you know we'd be. Are you didn't build this a packaging that she currently is wrapped up? Yeah? I think she's paying lip service to that an maybe she feels like ok, we're not there yet where we can all just embrace socialism and just admit to socialism, because she sees that in every case of a a l, Zandria Ocasio Cortez endorse candidate they've lost and that's what eight or nine people so far every single time, this socialist has endorsed a candidate, they've lost their election and I'm sure you know she's a hip enough to politician to realize that we're- maybe not
quite to the point now where you can come right out and say it. So I think she's paying lip service to capitalism, like Barack Obama used to do every once in awhile, appreciate the call Brett well, that's my guess anyway. I've right she's, pretty she's, pretty left wing absolutely should just not long ago talked about it. I was just trying to bring it up. She just not long ago talked about nationalizing all the businesses right yeah, so I have a feeling that that's her saying that look, I'm a capitalist that is used to do this for Obama Way every once in awhile, just to throw it out there, so he could see so that he could say and his supporters could say. Well now he talks about capital. Is he loves capitalism? He used to say it once in awhile, I'm a catalyst. Capitalism. Capitalism usually follow that up with. I do think at some point. You made enough money, correct I've. Capitalism, that I love this country bonnets, there's gotta be a time. Yes, when we step up and help these businesses be fair, that's what they do, that's what they do now.
Elizabeth Warren is old, school Alexandria, Kazio Cortez is from the new school and she's just she's fine, I would say in it uh Elizabeth Warren's, not quite there yet drip. Eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Speaking of football, as we were a few minutes ago, season now really getting really gets rolling this weekend for college football and the next week the NFL kicks into gear. Yes, also next week a week from today on Pat Gray unleashed, which starts every day immediately, following the show on the blaze, radio and television network, we will be doing weird: kingbach, moron, trivia, yes, baby. The second second hour of Pat Gray unleashed beginning next Friday, Green Bay, Packers Chicago, bears to kick it off. I love it one week from today, so fundamentally fun fun.
Seven hundred and twenty seven Beck Craig in Ohio, hi you're on the Glenn Beck program, hello, guys. I wanted to bring up a point of what Trump do this past election. I saw him mobilize a lot of Democrats in my opinion, to vote for him. I see him mobilizing the s and it basically african American based over to the republican side, but where the Democrat We are now becoming democratic socialist. I feel the old conservative mantra, the old republican monster. We also need to more rights. I feel if we lose the house this November, it will be because princess a lot of Democrats in Ohio that voted for Trump aren't ready to vote for Steve Shadow who's been in Congress. You know twenty plus the old, how much the older you know things about him or her he's. Probably anti gay marriage is anti. This anti this. I feel that that's
it needs to be shed almost in Trump's started us down that path. I think there's a lot of let's traditionally voted Democrat that are ready to each conservative ideas, but just not all of them. I think we need to change the party fundamentally, the little bit, I'm a millennial, myself always been demo, shoes. Me voted Republican, but there's things repo you can party and we heard more about it under Obama. Then we do Trump, for instance gay marriage. I personally don't care my. I don't care whether two guys two women want to marry each other. We just don't it's not important to us. We want to raise our kids want to be raised. You know we want to be left alone. We want everybody to be able to live their lives. That's the point, though, right we want to be left alone, stay out of our lives, correct now, something to say: hey we're ready for you every are you able to use whatever bathroom they want, and I don't think that's what one, but I think with the Republican Party as a whole needs to re, examine themselves and say
maybe some of the old hard line stances. We need to embrace his demo grass. Now you know my father. Is the teams are your team, so he now most republican because of Trump and some of the new ideas, but we need to embrace his democrats that are fed up that socialist title and really I think we can gain back control of the country. For a along time and not even have to worry about losing the house in November election, if that makes sense, yeah I mean, I understand what you're saying, yeah appreciate it thanks. I think that, to a certain extent is already embraced, trumpism and that includes a lot of what what you outlined. You know, if sparse, as far as the same sex marriage thing yeah, that horse left the barn, so I mean: there's no sense in even talking about it really right now, because it's over that debates over the court ruled on that. I I I
I don't know if you want to make it an issue to try to reverse that trend. That would be. That would be a tough battle so yeah, maybe you leave that alone, but there's a lot of things. That truck leaves that I don't necessarily want to adopt in the Publican party and so uh I'm not sure I'm on board, with changing the fundamental platform of what the Republican Party should stand for once good, for it doesn't really stand for that anymore. It seems to me- because they were everybody's given up on their principles right we give in yes, we just caved- and and so you know- have certain beliefs, religiously there. There is a reason for the beliefs that people have and the things that we fight for. And so a lot of those have just been have just been flush found the toilet in the in the Trump
and it's not about those principles anymore. It's about what Trump believes, and I I don't. I don't know that I want to continue with a party like that. Quite frankly, I am I'm more concerned about the principles that I am whether or Trump supports them. Ah, I guess I'm alone on that, because I mean, as we played earlier, just think of listen to this Desantis add everyone knows my husband RON. Desantis is endorsed by President Trump, but he's also an amazing dad RON loves playing with the kids, build the wall. He reads stories then Mister Trump said you're fired. I love that part. He's teaching Madison to talk. We make America great again, people say rhymes all trump, but he is so much more bigley's, so good. I just thought you should know so embarrassing is what that is so so
embarrasses got Florida do better in the socialist. Yes, yes, yes, he is what vote for disentis over Gillam. Yes, even though I don't even know what he stands for, though I mean You know he believes he believes in a lot of things bigley. He he believes cult of Trump and is that enough for four people? It would certainly certainly pushed him into that into but slot yeah worries at I mean Adam bottom. Bottom bottom was winning until Trump. Number stamped, Desantis yeah, so yeah, it's amazing, just amazing! So do we want a big tent? party yeah. I guess, if you as long as you, don't have to compromise your principles, do we want Democrats to be comfortable voting republican well yeah unless yep compromise your principles, eight hundred and eighty eight
Do seven back. Punjabi for a Glen Labor Day weekend? Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it was necessarily talking to you, but oh I, like you anyway, ok uh, Al Gore was just on. I don't know some local tv news station, where they kind of a little feature on him and they asked him. What do you say to these climate change? Denial Take it from mother nature. Every night on the tv news is like a nature hike through the book of revelations metal. Of that I don't love that line. He uses it. Yes, he doubled the Thompson, go to line for him. Take it from mother nature. Every every night is like a nature hike through the book of revelations. First of all.
Well, it's the book of revelation that the book of revelations gay. Secondly, I have not gone on a nature hike through the book of revelation weather wise every night. You talking about it. Unbelievable that stuff that comes out of his stupid mouth look around in the new look around look around every night is like a nature hike through the book of revelations former vice President Al Gore visits Downtown LA as the Trump Administration feuds with California over environmental regulations. If he's watching this, what he being uh of Course Donald Trump, your message to President Trump when it comes to climate or my only message- would be resigned. That's brilliant! My only
Recommendations would be to refine, not mean to be flipping about it. I don't think I don't mean to be flippant about it, but I'm green flip it up but how did he is prepared to listen to with advisor bio theme, billions of clean air and clean air That's something that ticks me off about the environmentalists boy. They are always always in, and I say our faces because I for dinner, oh and record the we are willing to listen, but there the ones right who had turned this used to listen to the fact. Yes right, I really ticks me off right, 'cause, they've. Came to uh. They tell us that there is no discussion to have and we're trying to help their central discussion to have. If there's a problem, let's fix it. Let's listen! Let's talk to each other, but come on
this show come on this show and debate us about it. He won't do that now that she would never do that ever. Ah, I've tried believe me when any truth came out there. Their criteria was- and I was in Houston they always on this list of gigantic things. You've got to do just to maybe get an interview. You have to go to see the go, see the movie. Okay, we went to see the movie, so I went to see movie and then I called back is ok. I met your criteria. Let's, let's have it. Uh, Mister Gore, isn't doing any interviews. Oh, is that why I see him on some interview every freakin night? She recent report shows climate change. I love it for you, it's likely going to be worse than originally thought. It's likely going to be worse. It's likely going to be worse than we thought. I love how they've ratcheted this thing up, because none of their predictions have been true so far, but we're supposed to believe this one. Ok, so every
prediction you made so far has not come to pass. But now now there's gonna be worse than all of this mature. Oh ok, higher temperatures higher torture, There's more fire death, in fact we're finding the effect were fighting some of those developments from your book of revelations every night on the news caused by directly from from things that we've done, because you said we had to that were wrong. Yeah a directly yeah. It is let please that's cool yeah. It might get worse if we allow you to continue with your regulations, tell us it's going to get worse. We don't change who gotcha listen. We need the guy put price on carbon weenie. Oh there enerji we need to switch over to renewable sources of electricity. You need to continue to pad my bank account. You need
continue to me, a richer man and the first ever environmental billionaire and that not enough for my! So clearly that's what he wants! That's real Much is more money at in carbon start. Putting a price on carbon, oh wow, amazing stuff uh make sure that I could help you out with you know detailing a plan not measuring yes, oh absolutely, he can he the plan and it only cost ten trillion dollars. It's just ten trip! Well, His homeland is actually ninety two trillion dollars, but let's start with the ten okay, if we could just like and then we'll get ninety two trillion later we start with. Then it will start to turn things around. That's right, you're, going to see just how good it is and then, when you're going to be ok with spending the ninety two trillion, which, by the way is only
more than all the money in the world. Yeah. Ninety two is about three trillion more than all the money in the world. Yeah it's! So it's a fairly good chunk of change, now view it's it's more than all the money in the world right now, right! Yes, plenty of company countries are still printing money. That's true! So we could. I guess you just keep printing in right. We get to ninety two trillion. So that's a good idea, Jeffrey! We could do that. We could do that. This is not a problem at all. Alright triple! seven hundred seven back. Let's go to Ryan in Ohio, Ryan you're on the Glenn Beck program with Pat and Jeffy. I don't Glenn pleasure speak with you, Miss Pat, but go ahead. This is cloud Scott. I am very, very curious as to why there's
much media silence on that compound in New Mexico. I know why no one is up in arms about that prosecutor, dropping the ball and let those people go. We complained about that. It to be, if it's I I I don't know what the deal is on that Steve, but my gosh, it's get in it appreciate the call. It is agonizing, did rod and leave the Jim just hung up now here we hung up on him always a good boy, quickly, yeah he did. It makes a really good point. Yeah, he makes the same point is Steve. Did it's the same guy. All you know. Okay Bob was telling us that that the compound situation in New Mexico is a is a strange one. It is. It is straight through other serious about that. Yes, you, the guy who who murder the we a we at least know that through neglect,
whatever his son was killed, we know that he was. He was training a dozen kids as school shooters. We know they found plans for a terror attack in Atlanta. We know that the fight of the more apparently complicit in all of that, yet three of them have been let go of these but see a because prosecutorial neglect they got like. Right help according that's what they said. They said they didn't, they didn't do it in time. It's crazy. It is crazy, Then they within within a very short period of time. They had already cleaned up where they were living, they had removed. Well, you know, I all the debris in a trailer and everything that was there. They demolished Phyllis I'm seeing right to debate, even though
demolish the site. I am so the whole thing. I don't know what the relationships of from this guy from the one guy and his father, yeah, hey and other relationships I mean the whole thing is is is really really weird and I don't know why I don't know how you work. Are you go now to say what was wrong? Who was if it? anything If anything was wrong- or this was just you know now- the road neglect by prosecutors and the judge was following the law, but the judge started out with no bail right going to go out and go on a on a signature right, the bond, a bond, and so you just signed for it from the start from the standard we're getting of this at all yeah, I felt wrong. Definitely definitely Travis in Florida, you're on the that program with bad and hi. Yes, sir, how are you good?
down here in Florida. It's just a big Terror shows the way we can word it on the radio. You have, MR I'm saying that Mr Desantis, playing out of the the Trump play fuck and then given is doing be biggest then cracked play there is where, if you can't be the victor, you have to be the victim yeah of racism right. Yes, I don't get. It was something that clearly was not racism. You know that was something You know poor wording yeah, but I mean the monkey around was talking about. Was the agenda, not the man anyway, so if you're trying to make monkey into some sort of racist comment? Well, the monkey was the agenda, your
monkey around with the his agenda of socialism? That's what I mean. That was just ridiculous. Yes, seven, the world has said: don't monkey around? Don't monkey up, don't muck it up forever ever no, there's, nothing showing just to term when he campaigning so Is he racist? Does he dislike black people too, and it's stupid to go the extra near right drivers other than that. That's a it's a it's a good call on the play book. Right yeah I mean it's so yes nor dog whistles are using bull horns to Trump Playbook and now, instead of moving forward you've got instead of you know, this has got to try to back pedal and whether free apologizes or whether good or bad wording or whatever is never going to seem like he can't get past it. How find a way to get past this and it will. It will be a long time because they'll keep bring it up and then
I think, you're past it and he'll say something else. That's dumb, like everyone else does, and then that just adds on the list. Oh Disanto said said monkey up again, just like he did two months ago and it'll be on all about race again hard, though the Florida could elect a socialist, because China is an admitted social and I know hard to believe, but you know bill. Nelson has been the center there, for I don't know how many years now too long we should about a long time ago. Hopefully, Risco does time would be nice to see, but the light bill Nelson would be a nice guy, but Bill Nelson is pretty darn close Sheila. You're on the Glenn Beck program- hi yes good morning- I just I just have a comment. You had earlier caller that most conservatives don't care about what labels do would just want to be left alone, that to be true
but there not leaving us alone from one thing we're not talking about. Is our public schools they are after the hearts and souls kinds of our children, What about it? Yeah, they're more than after them, they've they've, captured they've, captured the hearts and minds and you're right, although I do know that for now, for nothing that this program in this network has talked about it at great length, talk about it quite a bit? because it's really important what is happen in our education system it's amazing. It was also brilliant on on the part of the progressives. They knew that if they could get control of the educational system, they can control the hearts and minds of a whole generation of people and that's exactly what's happening here. There was. It was a good plan that, next week,
the next year it took a hundred years, but they did it they they it. We've got the fruits of that where millennials have different. They just have different standards. Then some of us who went to school vs this generation- and we heard it earlier today on the phone from a there are certain things: they don't care about same sex marriages, one of them. They don't care about that and I think you'll find that in vast majority of there will be exceptions to that with the majority of millennials totally fine with that. They don't care about that at all. They don't see any reason. Why that why, anyway, would oppose it. They'd think that socialism is fine, think socialism is great. In some cases they leave that education should be free. They
is it there should be no debt when they get out of higher education? That's so so fast they believe that socialized medicine is great. Why you have that every other country in the world will get that. That's what they're told in school all the time, every industrialized nation on earth has better healthcare, the the better than a country? That's really what they hear. Really, yes, so That's that's where we are now with millennials is they've been indoctrinated by the educational system triple seven hundred seven be CK, it's bad Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program with Jeffrey. It's a weekend already, some by so fast of course, until summer summer can't and fast enough. For me,
still hundred and seventy three degrees everyday. I can't wait for summer to end, so I welcome it. Thank you very much and football season is here so. It doesn't get any better than that. I are starting to change. Well, not the air is blowing it's only it's not one hundred. Seventy three. I don't know why you lied to the people because last week it was like thirty yeah, okay, yeah! It's cool down in August has come to the low one. Thirty yes at at at at every once in awhile at night, it'll get all the way into the one ten us, because I was like a little yelling yeah. It takes you back a little bit whoa it's going on really seven hundred and twenty seven Beck its patent Jeffy for Glenn.
Glenn Beck back Gray and Jeffy for Glenn. Don't forget a one week from today on Pat Gray unleashed, which starts immediately following this show on the blaze. Radio and tv network. Next week. We will debut more on trivia for the year that isn't, every every Friday, All through football season will be doing more on trivia. Again, it's back in the second hour of Pat Gramm, right after the show. He spies are using all. Tires, if so, how many times do we said this steak services linked going to be the death of us all United Pitstop Spycatcher said chinese espionage. Espionage agencies are using Linkedin, fake link accounts to try to recruit Americans with access to government and commercial secrets, and the company should show them down.
It's amazing how much spying. China is doing in the United States and getting away with, isn't frankly understand it. How it's possible, William Evanina, the Us Counterintelligence Chief, said that intelligence and law enforcement officials old Linkedin, which is owned Microsoft about China Super aggressive efforts on their site. He said the chinese campaign includes contact, thousands of Linkedin members at a time, but he declined to say how many fake accounts? U S? Agents had discovered how many Americans have been contacted and how much success they've had in the recruitment drive you couple this with the story. We just heard in the a few weeks about all of the american agents in China that were murdered by the Chinese. They killed something like thirty of
Spies China over the last couple of years. I think, since two thousand and twelve they've killed thirty american spies? Were they were they putting that on to having access to the Hillary emails? Now that well I mean some, we'll try to make that out of it, and I I I don't know if there's much to that, but I don't know. What do you think happened now? Is that the ci a screwed up and and it's a car, okay, the process about how they hacked in through a system that shouldn't have been opened, but they opened ended in it, and so the a of names there just started just started, eliminating them amazing and you know obviously no one will, but someone definitely should be held accountable for that and we were costing lives. American lives in a foreign. Soil is not correct and, like the second thing, as you said, no one will be held accountable and yeah
there's something you should be held accountable for it. Yet screwing up where two and a half dozen agents are killed, yeah, maybe somebody said, should roll for that eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty seven seven b e c k, we found out nothing interesting on M S, N, B C, a that's where you find out all kinds of flowers really get interesting and and really good quality site for fashion yeah found out something about Trump voters from a couple of the MSNBC anchors, a people vote, pretty selfishly and they say, what's going to give me more money in my pocket or what's going to keep uh, what's going to make abortion illegal or wanted to make sure that my second amendment rights stay the same and clearly so you're saying wait: you're saying that people vote for the people who represent their values
What is that song? What pigs, those people are out and we set up a system like that, what a terrible, what it, what awful people are eat they eat their own interests. They vote for their principles and values. They vote the things they believe in. Where do I hate those? Does those people I don't wanna do the rest of the story. I know I am so mad at those people, those trump voters. Oh my gosh, on the other hand, they're perfectly fine, the people who are voting to take our money from us and give it to somebody you know, is there belief yeah there, because they believe, as yes, they're socialist, believes, are all fine. That's wonderful! You know when you steal money from other people and give it to just re distributed haphazardly. That's not charity, that's not on
selfishness. That's that's pure evil, it's wrong to steal from people and it's wrong to redistribute their money in a really haphazard in terrible ways like the government always does, but, that's fine to the host the anchors at M S N b c. It makes perfect sense to a, but I mean we're we're talking about, would stealing money, but what I'm? What they're talking about? Is the government taxing us and taking it hi you're talking yeah, yes, okay, as will be clear that I I know what you're talking about, because what they're talking about is the government government? What talking about what they're talking about using the money, mothers or cherry you know, so would call yes, when the government takes it from you and gives it to somebody else right. That's charity right. It's beautiful yeah! That's what Jesus wanted member when he said Rome should
take your money and give it to somebody else. Member that all those I read that of a burger ring, all Michael in Colorado, hi the Glenn Beck program without hi. Are you guys doing good? I wanted to circle back around and re address the climate change, and I wanted to ask you guys a direct question before I say what I have to say. All right. You really don't think that climate change is real. Do I think, get and caused climate change is real. No was the question. No, I do not do I. The governor, the that the plan it may nine degrees in the last hundred years. Yes, okay I think that's uh do I think that's cataclysmic
No, do I believe, that's on in humans, no, okay, all right! If you want to have the conversation, you have to first accept the view point of the other side and find out what that's about and it, and it doesn't seem to me that the rise is taking well's most of the right taking any of the conversation very seriously in the first place, why not insta renewable it's going to be expensive, I know that you know, but the ocean levels are rising. The ice caps are melting. We see this as something that is going to be detrimental to human life on the planet. With this, this kind of stuff, far out that is this is happened throughout the course of the of the planet. I the ice caps melt in the reform the sea levels rise. Then they fall this part of the natural process of the of the planet. It's it's happened
forever. We accelerate that by utilizing the resort of this planet in the way that we do well I don't know I. I don't believe that I'm not saying that he's a smart guy. What he is is a mouthpiece for a lot of really smart people that have put together the data that he presents. That's it is a politician. A guy. That knows what the math- and I know that out of the out of the out The climate models that have been put together for him out of the ninety two climate models: do you know how many of them have been accurate in predicting? temperature rise, is Oh, I don't know that none of them it's throw up zero. It is zero. I'm telling you what the number is. It's zero, so why you are being accelerated like I'm, not even a scientist and I see
coming later, fall coming later, the cycle of the seasons is changing. You need to move to Texas, my friend it's summer, all freaking year round, all year round see yes, yes, it has. I don't know it's always, summer in Colorado now too, and that's not normal now it is not always summer in Cala Rado get outta. Here I mean we had. I lived and I grew up in Montana first year that group Montana and it is cold and snowy some years, and it was less than cold and snowy some years? It's just it's a cycle. It goes in but, and it has much more to do with whether there's El Nio then in climate change. It's it's a cyclical climate that we have on this on this planet and there's nothing you could do about it, there's nothing! You can do about it. If you step back and look at the severity of that cycle,
it is it's no more severe than it's ever been. Where are the more frequent, more intense hurricanes? Where the more frequent, more intense tornadoes that Al Gore was talking about in an inconvenient truth happen for twelve years after the movie twelve years, twelve years, the worst hurricanes that we've ever had in history have just happen, Michael that no, that is not true, a that it's not true being twelve years for there to be any hurricane after inconvenient truth, there hadn't been a major hurricane. Two thousand and five all the way to last year, when one finally hit Houston Why didn't you talk about those years at all? You didn't talk of those years. Nobody did why, because they were quiet and there was no need reason to and it didn't The agenda. It didn't fit the narrative for the climate change catastrophists. They didn't want to
talk about it, so they didn't and then, when the first major hurricane finally does hit, then it's cataclysmic climate change. It's nonsense, nonsense! it hopes biggest ropes in mankind's history. Biggest hopes in history if their exaggerating and their exaggerating and that's fine but find the fact of salt. Take it's fine. Every both sides exaggerate to prove their point. I'm not exaggerating! What have I exaggerated? You are. What if I well, you can't say that is gyro sign, big studies on climate change and because it's true look it up. Look it up to be an exaggeration. Look it up! It's not an exaggeration, and I know 'cause. You never hear that side of the arg. How old are you Michael Amillennial? How old three thousand five hundred and thirty five ok So all you've heard your whole life.
Is. What you're telling me now right? You've been peppered with this in school, you been peppered with it throughout your young adult life and you just bought it 'cause. Nobody let you down and showed you the actual statistics on it. No, I think that I've seen enough data and made my own informed decision to believe it. I see. Ok, all right, but you've never even heard that the climate models. Aren't I mean where were you the last twelve years of no hurricanes, though? Where were you then I mean I am a hurricane in Hawaii right now, isn't it and now it it it was a rain event, but it asked the I live past the islands. So but again Anyway, again it has, there have been there been hurricanes hurricanes there have been, but from two thousand and five to two thousand and seventeen there were no major hurricanes that made landfall in the? U. I did states of America Ann
well in the United States of America, water right about that. That's what we were talking about in an inconvenient truth. We were promised by Al Gore that they're going to be more frequent and more intense because of Katrina, so inference. There is it's going to affect the United States. He says at at exact, face value. Nobody knows exactly when is going to occur or or whatever. The thing is. The last thing I want to say is: ok, so the Paris, the Paris agreement, everybody else is still sticking to that. There must be something to that, but not necessarily in a way for them to make the money, countries ideology, that says this is probably a good thing. I can see the benefit of this, but we pull out because we want to keep burning coal like we from the 1700s. We can't move forward
are trying to move forward with you mention renewables and you know you're back to them again it when you first started your call. We there, no one is against renewables, but there we don't have any renewables that are as strong and as productive as what we're using already there's, no, it plus with renewable being subsidized twenty with tax dollars. Twenty five to one over oil can get renewables that are act that actually create power. We don't have to worry about the lights. Turning on and off when we come into the house which we all like, including you, I'm sure like to come in the house and go oh, I but the switch there's the light we have that in America, because of coal and and and power that other countries don't have and we're not we're. Not certain appreciate the call, Michael in and and appreciate talking to you in it and yeah, I'm glad you called, but
I'm not saying that it should be called anyway. Uh nobody's talking about bringing coal back to the levels it once once was no, but I think, dropping stuff. It's mostly natural gas that has replaced a lot of the coal enerji that we used to to end nuclear power. I mean there's a million different things we can do. Wind and solar just aren't ready to replace it yeah right when they are good, wind and solar, Michael if you're still listening- and hopefully you are account for about five percent of our enerji, but five- percent. I love it might be a little bit late. That's I! I think that might be too high. It is four five percent and somewhere in there, if you combine the two win and solar, but there's nobody but they're, not sturdy enough. So there's no renewal. What I'm saying is: there's no renewable energies ready to replace fossil fuels. Now, when you have it, let me know who would be happy to embrace it: TR,
eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty seven back, chubby for glad now the Glenn Beck program AAA seven hundred and twenty seven back and the may change things agonizing. Oh my gosh we've got a generation of people that have been so indoctrinated with that that have been so convinced one hundred percent in the education system that they If they see it every day the I mean is there anything different that is, happening today, then has ever happened. We've always had fires. We've always had heat, we've always had cold. We've always had snow. We've always had drought like voice of rain. We've always had all of these things like this. Yes, like this like to see my fat now, because it's happening now you for, but what it was like when it happened before the light.
Give me like the floods that they called the one hundred year: floods, those kind of floods, those kind of floods- stuff like that, where places different places in the United States and around the world, but specifically in the United States, where you know every hundred two hundred and fifty years, this particular area will flood. Yes and then yeah about thirty years into that one hundred and fifty years we decide man, that's never flood their again will build. There will start building all kinds of homes there who build. Businesses will build all kinds of stuff there. We could look if something starts to happen. We can take care of it. Nope doesn't happen. I remember when I was a kid. The Mississippi River used to flood all the time the Missouri River would flood people. I mean people got flu
yeah all the time. I remember hearing about the floods in the Midwest all the time in when, when I, when I was a kid in Michigan, my grandparents lived on the cast river and every year flood their pictures of the water coming up to the back of the house coming up to maybe the back of the work she has their their house was. The second lot in from the river in so cold, come up to the house and it was just I. I came up to the back porch steps. This year came up today, The back of the garage this year and then the one hundred year flood comes in the berries all the houses that they've built up to the second floor, and it's not pretty and it's ugly, but now they say well, maybe we shouldn't build there yeah. I think earth, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes hurricanes, well, it's you know, we've always had him always Adam and then we're told they're, going to be more frequent and more severe, more intense, more frequent in
one thousand and five because that we just came out of Katrina everybody's, you know so setif to it everybody's afraid of it were told that twelve years go by and we don't have a single major hurricane in the mainland, not one. We have a full of little ones and E. Those were few and far between and they they always they bring up. Sandy too, which was not a hurricane. Not a hurricane. Is a tropical storm tin you to grab that one who was the continue to call at Hurricane sandy 'cause? It was a hurricane in when it was out in the ocean right, but by the time it made landfall not close to Rosemount her exactly so So then, last year, when Harvey pops up, school all of us. What about the lack? Twelve years? Are you kidding Maine? Those nothing
What do you mean this sea level rise? Al Gore has said and hit and he's getting his experts on this Gore has claimed the Siva level is going to rise twenty feet in the next. One hundred years order should be underwater by now. It's just it's unbelievable and he's claiming victory when it floods in Miami for a day or two, and then it reseeds well that no, that's not what you were predicting. That's What you were predicted close stop. It. It's patent Jeffy for Glen, eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty seven seven be easy K. The other thing that that are color a few minutes ago on climate change mentioned was the Paris agreements and why everybody else is signed signed on to that. But us the Paris agreements, don't change anything. You know,
even if you were to add here to every stip nation and the Paris agreements for as long as they last the planet will be saved or you gonna say no. No. That is not that's not the case. I it still wouldn't be anywhere near enough by their own. Calculation. So I mean Why are we even why, if you're good You have to do something to save the. And then save the planet, the are Paris agreement isn't going to do it so tell us what you really want, which is you know, ten trillion? According to some ninety two trillion dollar adventure. To Al Gore. Well, ok, let's! Let's get that out there and uh, and let's debate that, let's debate that ok, is it really is really going to happen,
and it's going to make it worth night, two trillion dollars is going to make a difference in saving the earth that you believe needs to be saved and you're going to bankrupt the play. But you're absolutely going to bankrupt the planet doing it and well, good luck and yeah. It's not going to make a difference. The numbers don't work out right, The numbers new workout for several bank accounts, not mine. By the way I could be a could be. You know my arm twisted for a couple of billion I could before the Paris you could. I could be I'm score record. Alright, so you're, not that I mean you're, pretty easy, I'm committed. No I'm committed is going to take at least at Lee, the half a billion and if we oh, a half a million, have half a billion half a billion cheap, half a million. What you might be easy, but you but you're, not she half a billion K. Ok, half million million
and then we won't see fish swimming down city streets on sunny days, like Al Gore warned us about. I went down to Miami and salt fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day. It would add to my alec- and fish from the ocean swimming down straight phone of Sony does saying thing was true in Honolulu just two days ago, just from high tides because of the sea level rise now food, we are going to sign some of these consequences, but we can limit and avoid Luma most catastrophic consequences. If we accelerate the pace of change, that's now beginning flee. That's why I always flew a have. You ever seen the fish swimming down the street on earth
soon he does a have you ever seen that the frightening someone told me long ago you will have to go. Climate change is killing us. The problem green lantern mail to June. Well to add: have you ever swim down? Your worry on a hey for the phone is Cleo to our. You know, Exxon Mobil! Just are you a climate denier? Wonder, have you ever? Have you ever fish swim down your like the scene in Miami and Honolulu that test the scene it? Thank you fantastic!
Is it beautiful movie? Seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k it might be uh uh, I mean, what's one of one of the top downloaded songs of the century, fake, had better be I'll, have to look into those number. Bi got him from AL, so so yeah. Well, maybe else using that accelerated pace that we made John, in Pennsylvania, higher on the year on the Glenn Beck program with that and Jeffy. You know I was I was listening last hour and I was kind of upset a little bit so bear me and I'm calm down a little bit 'cause. When I listen we talked to that previous caller. I realize you know what value you have, but I left you guys with the Trump election and it got this! Where we're talking about this-
compromising on our principles. Ok, I am you don't know Maine, but I I'm a very ethical conservative I don't care too much about the monetary stuff, so bored, and, for instance, is a big deal for main Ann for the last couple elections from the Republicans. We had a compromise. Our principles, Mitt Romney was for abortion against it for it against it. George It was a compassionate conservatives, but what did he do? I don't know not too much. You know and you have man like Trump, becomes long and one of the first things that he did whoa. As to sign side executive order to stop paying for abortions in Mexico. Okay, that act alone, rom eight May is lies that'll, be over there save
or eight years a piece in there for a second term. So I hear people say to me all the time get the man he's a lousy man. Look at what he did in his past. Look at this look at that and we have to stand on principles we can't we can't give up. We been doing that for you for decades. Ok, we have a man in a White House like him or not, and I called the good bad and the ugly because you never which mothers three days you're going to show up, but he does more by his actions not by his mouth but by his actions and I have my friends leaving me saying. Well, you know you don't have any principles you. I can't. With you anymore, and these are the same people that we voted for more. We voted for John okay, we voted for dole, I mean it just you know at some point we have to say we have to bend later a little bit and say: well, you know
what is he actually doing? Is he doing good? I mean the guy at the US, but we we we can't be in the house, is burning and polishing furniture and that's where I'm at yeah. I know I eight ii. I agree with you. I mean part of the reason that I was that we were so hell bent on not voting for Trump was because we a cane we voted for Bush. We voted for Romney, we we compromised and compromised and compromised and never got what we wanted or needed, and so that's kind of what we were tired of doing and why we took the stand we took during the election. However, as you have outlined, John we've I've seen some of the fruits of his labor in in office, and a lot of them have been really good. Like you mentioned, be at least stop funding abortion for
countries only talk about the other, the the the the bad things about Trump in the past. That's it doesn't matter now because it's already baked in we knew we knew in the beginning right up, and so did you, but now don't pay attention to his tweets. Look at what he's doing in the we look at what's actually happening, yeah, it's pretty good, yeah and, and he's I mean yeah, moving. The embassy to Israel, known american President, has ever done that nobody had the giblets to do that, pull it off and he did and so he he's done, some really good things. What I don't want is for the Republicans to become all about Trump, though that's that's what I was talking about like the RON Desantis AD, where all he talks about is it is not as strong yeah. That's just a drop local trump cult of personality. That's just nonsense! We can't com trump we still have to have something to you and for and
You know when Trump one Trump stands for the things that I agree with that he has. You know we. I think we talk about it. I I think we praise him. When, when it's deserved, what I was going to say. These people are running or steel they're. Not in Trump is an unusual animal. I mean I really don't consider to be a politician. He's. Definitely an entertainer. The staff he's got yeah he's a he's he's bigger than life and his ego is what gets him into well, but it's ego. It's also. That makes him his his strong point and he's politicians when they get in office. Why do we always say what he was a Purple guy, but I don't have a that. Guy, eight years later he just turned to the other side. I they start the data that tie it in and the Publican Party is at a crossroads, but there you know, I think, if Trump got more support,
I actually feel sorry for Trump, for then ten billion dollars for all the slack that he is constantly being pummeled the lie to his family. The mauler investigation is going to go after and that non stop. Those for sure historians that we should be supporting this man, even though we may not like everything he does. But you know I left George Bush in two thousand and six when he destroyed the fourth amendment with the patriot glad it others, seizure. I media as a just like this, is our last shot. I think you know really and if we don't Ralph, someone in I understand we have to no ok. This is the line I can't cross it, but I mean what's the alternate
not just the rhetorical question, and we have nowhere to go. That's to appreciate the call- and I will have a great weekend- Jon thanks and have fun picking that up or like Richard Gere in an officer and a gentleman when he's when he's been hosed down by the sergeant. And he said well may why don't you quit? Why don't you quit? That's! That's Republicans in two thousand was that you know yeah it's close right clip from movie. It's a great movie officer than that. It's a great point and that's where we are. We don't have anywhere else to go whether we're going to go where you going to go died. I couldn't figure it out during the campaign during the election. You know we want up with Evan Mcmillan, Barely remember the guy's name, but he was
the answer either, but was this closest? I could come to one? Who is that if it wasn't, I would be willing right, write, Mcmullen, Mcmillan, but Mcdonald's? I don't. Golden arches is know the guy with the really big clown feet RON. Donald, I I'm not sure who, but he was not a user, though right it was the full now, for the mean, the answer was TED Cruz to me been in, but we didn't have that chance. So we did the when it came to the actual election. No, we did not triple eight seven, two, seven back. Glenn Beck, Patton Jeffrey this weekend, but you know I'm going to do. I know you're, probably to watch football, but I'm going to order addicted to outrage. It's going to be released next month, but I can pre order it on Amazon,
and so so it's really so the shipper right to my house huh. So do that so Glenn said give free copy, You really are low man on the totem pole here Chick's. I can get a free copy. Yeah I mean all my go to Evans. I don't know, I don't know why you know I I don't think I'm addicted outrage. Now. I think I am race. You know what I'm going to do next week, one week from today or going to do we're going to do Run trivia, I don't be so it'll be fun and it's got there. Early Green Bay Chicago is our first and so on Pat Gray unleashed, which follows this show immediately. Blaze, radio, tv networks, we will be doing it in the second hour, so that'll be before one o'clock, eastern twelve central I Alaska real listing in Alaska yeah, it's like
thirty five. I think I'll go eight! Thirty, five triple eight! seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. Let's go to Peg in Connecticut Paper gear on the Glenn Beck program, hello, bag, Do you peg go ahead? Hello! Hello. Can you hear me? We can't through the miracle of the telephone, read each me on your show. It's just a black one is just a regular, regular old phone. So that's the miracle of it yeah real, quick. We would get about thirty seconds. Go ahead, hello. This is gone issue. Additional blood sugar, bad
he got better. You know was it really, I mean why, how that really not fair of using a miracle of a telephone like that is not using it to its full capability. She just wanted to see if you could hear from all the way from Pennsylvania, I guess to Texas. You can. Thank you, Alexander, Graham Bell. Thank you. Glenn back mercury.
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