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Americans ARE Waking Up | Guests: Tom Fitton & Christopher Rufo | 9/15/20

2020-09-15 | 🔗

There are real signs that Americans are waking up to the Left’s radical goals. Trump is down for a four-hour debate hosted by Joe Rogan, but is Joe Biden? Listeners who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 explain why they’re all in this year. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calls for Trump to declare a “transparency emergency” as reports surface of issues with ActBlue donations and other possible cover-ups. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s main competition is proudly Antifa. Writer Christopher Rufo just exposed how the CDC ignored Trump’s order to end critical race theory trainings. The agency has just complied, but is that enough? Glenn bought FDR’s wheelchair without his wife’s knowledge. Will the press cover Trump’s historic Mideast peace deal?

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme, while some interesting things were said yesterday, come all our Harris came out and she is promising that I Harris Administration with jewels with Joe Biden we'll be a bone, wait Harris Administration, I mean, I think, you're a little too eager little too eager. Also Michael more yesterday, compared Donald Trump to Osama Bin Laden and said he's a mass killer. Carl Bernstein came out and called the president's homicidal and said that is: rallies were homicidal assemblies really the Atlantic called to the end of the Nobel Peace Prize because did nominated Donald Trump for something that he actually earned, and quite possibly my favorite many suburbs are going to be burned in wildfires because of Donald Trump quote the climate arsonist. Well, I think these men called everything can be called out, except a bacteria that might be spawning life on Venus. I don't think anybody call them that yet, but the day is early. We begin in sixty seconds is a green back programme. Are you one of those people who looks forward to getting out during the day soaking up some of that summer? Sun wealth
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off norton dot com slash back tonight. They say they want a revolution, but what does it mean for the future of our public? Brief EAST Lynne exposes the lives dork plans for the November elections. Democrats are pushing to make it available for reveals whose, behind the proposals for a coup, civil war, we Amerika can ended twenty twenty tonight, nine pm eastern employees to be telecoms less. You know I have to tell you welcome to the programme. America. I have to tell you I mean I go from. I go from a dark mood to alight mood. Somebody said to me Glenn what happened. Yesterday, your doom and gloom and the whole world is ending, and today- and I said here today- I just embraced it. Beg adjust, handle it a bit. You know
I'm looking at some of the things that are going on and Pat Great joins us filling in four stupor gear and I'm wondering if there isn't a Can that is happening I don't necessarily think it's the great awakening, which is the only thing that I think will really truly save our country, which is an awakening in turning back to God. Unfortunately, think we ve been humbled enough. Yet When will we be? I dont know, but if you like some of the things that are going on, for instance, if you, if Bill MAR, gets it and is willing to say it. You gotta believe that there were other people believe the same things like bill. Marr who are all around the country who are maybe not saying it yet listen a bill mar the amygdala. With this properties, on the table as some we can just take because things
not right. Where's, this mass destruction of property and watch the Portland, it's two square blocks. There is a view in the media play? I know you have seen it look at me, Megan this up that somehow this is a justifiable approach. What is it? in part of protest. I mean why what did your parted and you believed there was? I saw this guy- you Papa Johns Franchise and he was yelling through, is broken glass, you're, gonna, electoral and I'm just trying to feed my family. I don't think his view was just like say: lovey property that's pretty amazing. That was a CNN reporter by the way. Looking at him like what are you talking about, and he said critical words, so you're part of it how The people are feeling that I did. I would love to know anybody in our audience who didn't vote for Trump last time, but will
four trump, this time. I don't know if you care to to admit that talking to Stephen one of the guys? One of the guys here that work with in and he was and that we know somebody that was was not a trump supporter no way as the trumpets were then not a trump supporter. Now, a trump supporter again was a guy in oh, I can't both for this guy the he was, was just out of control. Canvas form can vote for him, and now is like my info for anybody else, we can relate to that right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know during twenty. Sixteen, I didn't think I ever be, heading four Donald Trump, none, but never I have to do. I have to and it's not some its some
thing where you always are like. Well, you gotta, which a binary choice. Now it's not what about that now! It's not that this sits to its two critical. It's too vague the consequences are two dire. If Joe Biden is Elected- and I think that Donald Trump knowingly or unknowingly is the only one that can actually correct it because he's kicking walls down the end and he has done things that were so unexpected. By me at least, I didn't expect him to do certain things that he's done and it's been a really pleasant. Surprise you is it was in the usa- is always in Bahrain. That is the signing the peace deal today but a brain signing a figure.
Crazy, amazing, crazy and no one is talking about that? No one! Historically, what are they gonna say about it, and I can only say good things about. I know the only thing that I've heard that that a democratic about it and it was Nancy Pelosi. She called it a distraction true merit marries peace agreement is strategy credible? That's absolutely incredible, then. Yesterday, protesters demand that cops lie Themselves be stabbed or shot. In Lancaster. They Lancaster They they marched yesterday and demanded that cops Take it if you mean you're, gonna, be shot or stabbed. That's so be it. That's penance, for your alleged racism. Oh, my gosh, no don't think so now I don't think so, and an
I think these things are all just stacking on top of each other. How about this? One LULU lemon how little lemon is a base. Place where you can go in and by you. A hundred and seventy dollar yoga pants. They- have come out now and They are promoting an event that will teach them participants to quote resist capitalism. And they have a market value of forty one billion dollars. Yeah yeah forty one billion yeah, but you can, but you can buy a hundred. Thirty. Eight dollar tights there right. Oh, I mean there one eye with the people you know domain, but now there they got. There's everybody else again should resist capitalism, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well, yeah yeah, by the way, they just now wage us denounced
a four hundred and eighty nine point: five million dollar gross profit, for the second quarter of this year. Half a billion dollar profit one. Company one quarter. And they are leading the charge to stand against. Apple, ISM, Andy colonized, gender. Let's not well that work is stymie. Cord hired of colonial men, gender ran riot ride. Yes, let me give you another piece: swings states. Swing, states, or having an amazing boom, two gun sales, a pair currently in gun stores across the country, the the guns are selling out. Normally they carry about a hundred fifty pistols on regular day. This is one gun store,
but there have been many regular day since the onset of the coroner corona virus in March. As the public unrest that emerged in June after Cove had we sold out of ammo and then we started would they started with the protesting and a lot again started flying off the shelves? You can't you can't find a gun in some places. Now you can't buy it. You can't buy the ammunition. A broader, could the monthly sales data as measured by the EP reality background checks, confirmed swing, state voters, eagerness to arm themselves into twenty. Nine states at the epicenter of the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, saw Historic, Cecily, adjusted gun sales in June large your cases than they record setting sales of March a sign of surging demand for firearms in the wake of rioting and protesting that, if turned that have turned violent Arizona
I mean they may have seen a twenty thousand person spike in Minnesota Hoof- lay thirty thousand persons spike in Ohio, YO, thirty or forty thousand persons spike. I mean it is it crazy. What's going on in the swing states well. What does that say? when you have Joe Biden coming out in saying I'll, I'm looking for more gun control and Harris who saying I'm going to be much more progressive with. The police and the funding of the police is gonna happen under a Harris administration, I mean with Joe Biden, has an incredible statement, what thinks gonna happen, People actually, with this Anna, give you one more barometer, it remember all they have to do is just lose. Fifty,
percent of the black vote. Have. You noticed the early make up of a lot of these crowds that are still protesting out their burning cities down. There were, kids they're, not blacks, their white kids. The vast majority are vast majority. I mean It wasn't the beginning, but it is now he's they're burning down those communities. Everyone is very well aware that the left and the Democrats are doing nothing to stop it. They are endorsing looking bill MAR so part of this? Where the CNN rapporteur, says: well, isn't pain, part of protest. Since when
since when member when they say that about the tea party s, remember the the other course it had no violence to complain about right, but they complained that we were inciting it. We were inciting it and look it now. I do Don't think people are for it and I d I think it's just gonna go the way. The Democrats hope that it's going to go Let me give you one more thing. Remember If you if you look at the groups that the Democrats have carefully fostered cause. They go after groups, they don't go after just people, they go after groups so one of them that they had in lockstep with forever. Is african Americans that shimmering apart, if Donald can grow that by five percent and
hurt the Democrats by five percent and then all the damage that they're doing themselves, That alone could swing the election to be a much wider victory than it was before. But listen, as a pole published by the non partisan jewish electorate in institute and conducted by Guerin Heart Yang Research, Sir. Eight hundred and eighty likely voters online from September second through September seventh, and has a margin of error of three point: five though they found was noticed, gonna sound like a blow out, but it's not in comparison to former years. Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in jewish voters. Sixty seven percent to thirty percent. However, that thirty percent is the highest of any republican presidential candidate in recent records.
If they lose just pieces, Their coalition is falling apart. The the labour unions? were solidly for Democrats, and I, this one on NPR They are now saying those labour unions, a saying we can't lock it up. We don't know, we don't know that is a divide in the labour unions. There wasn't a divide before wasn't a divide not if you're in a labour union. Are you going to say your voting for Donald Trump, no I would neither. I think that there are some good signs that America, is beginning to wake up now God only knows I've given I've given up on predicting the american people, about two elections ago, but there
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Welcome to the welcome to the Glen Back Programme. I do we have the video. Yet Ok, we're not we're wait for some videos. I ve seen them Have you seen the leave twitter needs of the Cubans for Trump the caravan that took place in Miami. No oh, wait until Asia Camp back. His can't wait to show that I know the Democrats her little concerned about the cuban American Villa there at a t any bit concerned yeah yeah. Well, there's lots of things that aren't being covered. I know this sounds like it's a low, really, it's a surprise, there's a lot of things at aren't being covered in then, no press to try to let you believe that there is the big support for Donald Trump. And there is- and you know it's really interesting to me- another thing that I haven't heard anybody talk about
do you remember how big the crowds were with Barack Obama. Your summer, him, yes huge the set in time. He ran. Remember he booked all those arenas and no showed up Donny. Tromp is booking arenas for his second is second term during a pandemic, and there still filling up. Somebody That's amazing, we've, never seen anything like it. Never seen in my life, you should know, I mean Barack Obama was a phenom the first time, but then he is his real supporters felt he sold them out. His real supporters were like he's not helping he's the same old, Clean Clinton just in. Black man's body what is this? Helping even as radical as he was. They rejected him, Donald Trump has four
old through with his promises so much so that people who, like don't like him for we know, is twitter. You know stuff, etc, etc. There let you're looking at him gone out They didn't sell us out. In fact, he is the only guy I've seen in politics since Ronald Reagan, that is actually, the second term you're like the EP. Yet I think he's. I is more important now than he was in the first term. Yet big portion of those. I think our african Americans, his support right now, according to Paul's, is around fifteen to twenty percent. With with the black vote, if he got five, ten twenty percent that would be Jack granting organic gigantic and It simply thirty to thirty five percent of the hispanic vote. Now, just those two blocks are going to push him.
The Tatars looking at this yesterday and when students back we're put electoral college map up, if he wins. Do you know if he wins to seventy on election night, but we're in trouble, ok but if he wins three, Eighty there's no way that it's a mirage, there's no way. You can turn it around right. You know domain it. It will only be a problem if there's a if there is a problem in the keys, AIDS that just put him over the edge and it's got blow out in those states and if it is, what are they do they gonna falsify more ballots in California? Doesn't matter is the back programme? sponsor this half hour. Zip recruiter, hiring has always been a challenge.
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I debate- needs to know having the debates. No, no bs debate put Joe Biden in one chair, Donald Trump and the other dont. Let either of them you know dominating in and turn this into just a political nightmare. Just ask them questions and insist that they answer and he said no, but if they do it, I'd love it. Well, he tweeted later, whose in for this and Donald Trump said I am hearing, We did Joe Rogan said I am. I think he should make a date and challenge Joe Biden to show up with Joe Rogan and if it doesn't show up. Donald Trump should show up himself. Would your Rogan, think that wouldn't be tremendous, just tremendous because there try to say that, you know we can't dignify Donald Trump. With a debate. We we can't even stand on the same stage with em they're gonna. Try
to get out of the debate every way they can. They also say the Joe Rogan isn't a serious person If I remember right, Barack Obama in an interview with the woman who took a bath and like Cheerios or spaghetti, owes you remember the right here I mean I'm Joe Rogue is a little more serious than that lady, but please do, and I think it would be huge huge. Fora for Donald Trump to take upset a date show up and chat. Joe Biden show up the entire time. I think it would be tremendous right. Let me go to the phones with Debbie hello, Debbie, Nuremberg, Limburg Programme, high Glenn. I. So I did not vote for Donald Trump, the first time and I absolutely planned about for him this next time and why didn't you vote for him? The first time, the third,
I was with complete TED crew, the porter- and I did not like the things that President Tramp heard said about TED crews and his father and mother. I wanted somebody. Spring who I felt we had a little higher moral character, object tat. I did not vote for Hilary and I would expect dick when she laughed, but after watching the job that pressure, Tromp Trump has actually done while in office frankly, while watching the press. And listening to the press and the way he's been treated and me, characterized So you don't believe that he was a climate arsonists
Ok, all right. Ok, although within you seeing new name. Yes, it is is, but one of my bed- curtains round early on what, when the press started, reporting that President Tramp had called all Mexicans, racist or rape is Danny and that sort of thing man. I thought why, in the world world, would he say that while I had an opportunity right after that started getting reported to go back and watch the original press conference and it was nothing like what was reported and filled out really taught me a really emphasised to me to go back and go to bed. Regional forces and one last conference, rigid speech, and it happens over and
over again, where he's not a perfect man, I still, I know who he is Buddy you ve done a phenomenal job while in office, and I think he has earned the right to another term? I love what you ve done for the country. I love that he loves the country I think that is one of the big things tat. We thank you for your car. I think that's one of the big things is, you know two things about him for sure his children love him. And children could not be that close to a among Stir with being a monster themselves, and, say what you want about the children, but I I think they're monsters of car is just I don't agree, they're, probably on a lot of stuff but she's, a d recent person and
she'd have to be a monster to know if her father was really like what everybody said: she'd be a monster herself and I don't believe that, The second thing that you need to know about Donald Trump, as he does love the country and at you to be something you just count on not anymore, and I dont think that Joe Biden hates the country, Joe Biden, not in control of himself. I mean if we don't tell him that it's Tuesday and time to go vote and where to vote, he won't remember and he won't find his way to a pulling place and I say that not you know me in half only half joking he's I'm in charge of it and the radicals that these surrounded his administration with, but they don't love the country. Let me go to Matthew in Alabama, hello, Matthew. I I'm sorry, I
Also, I did not vote for Donald Trump last time, well allow rivers adjusted denial, another person enough and how he talked and acted Wasn't sure what to think about this policies or the trust that you will be a conservative and so baffling, though Virgilius each other third party, published, I move between senior way, having chaired by the media, and feel that he has done a lot. Governing they thought, still wish he would burn his phone or someone would take us one for him by I think I will over him. I'm here like you. I think I can go from this motion it's time have you forgotten. I my still not a for him, but
but Joe is elaborated the Democrats, if you do so much more for left, I like the policy, so much more extreme on their side. I feel like I can't just stand in the middle. I have to pick a side I am, I am became, complied Odin Matthew? Thank you very much. What's holding your wife back still love of hoo hoo trump- is that she also we'll fella question about everything happening with Associated race happening and and she's a lot more on board, with an eye system anything. They met with idle about the pros and cons of a five, and I will say one thing Finally, with coming up against is I feel our mission opportunity generally with only pointing out how extreme and what the goals of the left are without recognising that what they're doing is taking issue where there is real pain and were not player
a different solution were like gallery blackmail: blacks do have less income, they do have less wealth. There have been. There are worse. School but all the other. I am with your view that, like the things they point out as far as the solutions are not the right solutions evil. Make it worse for everybody by like if we only if what he did with his first above of criminal justice reform. I think with a great thing I think he speaks it as a yet. Here are some things we can. Do you place a great, fearsome accountability that could happen could be both everyone here, some things I think it happened, and I think it is. There would be more on I think we need a vacuum leaves more, it leaves use, I will it's for the extremists to flourish. I will tell you this Matthew. If the president wants to take action to help the police, then you are starting to wander dangerously in two pair,
this ground constitutionally. You do not want the federal government involved in your local police. That is very important separation. It cannot be a federal institution with any in any way, shape or form, and we already are waiting in those waters Second thing is that the president shouldn't be The one talking about solutions- and I know this is a very you- know- libertarians kind of you, but that's not the president's job. It's not even the present his job to create jobs, it's his job to execute the car detention, which would create jobs. If we did that, but look at the book, the difference between saying I've got special programmes for everybody and thus creating jobs. Look at the difference that happened in the lives of african Americans. You know
one of the big things that is causing the disparity is the destruction of the family, the african american family, quite frankly, the White Family and God forbid hispanic family as those families are destroyed, more poverty happens so the best we can do is- is relief of the african, american and all people in poverty of are these horrible restrictions on on welfare or whatever that are holding people to a position where it's better, if they're not married, if they're not together, that's really unpopular, but you know, though, so the kinds of things that really truly make a difference. Thank you Matthew, one more quick call from Scott in Ohio, hello, Scott. Glenn, our you very good? Are you a member of the union.
No, I'm not. I used to drive limousine. How can I get back? I I drove you and I was called a troublemaker by that. By the mayor, I know, a lot of people. This is all union and I know a lot of people at work at cheap. They won't admit it, but they are not biting supporters. They're going to trump. They can't say it because there in the union they'd be asked. Size and whatever, but the leader has always been a union town. We with that, we set our record for most. There is a need in a year this year. Congratulations and I can't- and they can't figure out- why? Well, it's because we fed Democrats running this city for fifty years and that's the whole thing. They don't think about
Fraga solve problems they just try to put a bank data. Do you think, do you think the average Democrat is seeing that now? A lot of them are good good, bye, bye though, but a lot of room in town, I would not dare put it Rob sign in front of my ass wild. As I am sure I would do all kinds of problems I could put it lives matter sign in my usual right- be fine butter I had a blue lines. We had a copter that was shot in Toledo and I put a sign out supporting the police and it was somebody tore it down in and took off with it, but It was so I only had it for maybe in our public chow only count down near
I will tell you Scott, thank you for having the bravery to do that and I don't think you're alone in in seeing this and as they get more and more extreme the left is the left is in charge of the Democratic Party. Right now and the more they have these. These anti everything that America's ever held dear rallies and the protest continue to go on, but they are riots, not protests and the media continues to just destroy Donald Trump, or at least in their mind, destroy Donald Trump. The media is going to be the the reason a second time. Donald Trump is elected. I think it just would have done honest reporting? You wouldn't have had this deep divide. And you could have made a case but
there are so many people did see? Donald Trump has just been dragged through the mud, relentlessly this this impeachment thing that didn't help that made a worse, much worse and People see that, and you know America has always been for the underdog and for the first time in my life, the President of the United States, is the underdog once upon a time they honey, APP, didn't exist back in those dim dark days of internet shopping. If you wanted to apply a promo code or a coupon to get a discount on something, you actually had to go, find yourself half the time the code didn't even work yet start looking all over? I can begin to describe how the work of online shopping sucked way back then Thankfully, now we have honey and you can download it onto your computer advice in no time. It's absolutely free you'll, never a dime for it you can earn
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look, I'm just the astounding. The levy to elude- let me it is it's amazing Jason and none of this is being covered. Thank you for your call. Let real quick! Let me play the video just real, quick and describe it here for you, this the rally in Florida. Thousands of cars- you could do not mean, as far as you can see. All ready for this big trump rally here is the by here is the Biden Rally literally like fourteen hours later Look at that in why empty parking lot with fourteen cars- with Haiti, They should be worried. They be worried. Hey everybody knows pay pal, but Did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you, money
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The Programme- hello America, welcome to the programme. There might be something we should look into with the organization called ACT Blue. They raised a lot of money. They raised it for black lives matter in all kinds of people. Well, take back action fund as analyzed four hundred million dollars in donation? The four hundred million dollars in donation seem to have some red flags of maybe some foreign involvement. One of the reasons is half of the money hundreds of millions of dollars. Half of that was from unemployed individuals, not up I don't know where they're getting three hundred million dollar three
million dollars, but those are pretty wealthy on employee individuals, We have that plus, what's going on with the investigation with judicial watch it with them our team, accidentally, wiping phones, a story that no one is talking about who the real whistle blower was. All that and more coming up in sixty seconds, the Glen Back Programme, when it comes to buying or selling your house right now is the time that you should be going full speed ahead, The real estate process is really difficult, depending on where you are places. I mean she's. You see that that condo in New York, it was, I think, was fifty one million dollars and it was, just three years ago, it has just old Fort Knox ten million
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to go. If we were buying the house, it's real estate agents, I trust dot com, go there now cell or by your house the right way real estate agents. I trust dot com Confidence is the president of judicial watch. He has really judicial watch has done so much in regard to keeping the truth out there. They are Then you know it entering Pfizer enough either, but we have freedom of Information ACT. That's not finds its f, o F, o eyes EF. I yeah for to get voyages to get the documents that show what's happening to this administration is not true. All of the things on impeachment. A lot of that came out because of judicial Watch Tom welcome to the programme.
Like you, we don't do Pfizer's yet about who knows, depends on whose in office, maybe maybe you will. I wanted I want to talk about several things. First of all, blue, are you following act? Blue at all. We have been certainly there fundraising for black lives matter. Global foundation has been of interest to us of act. Blue is a conglomerate of organizations. They do the political fund raising for campaigns and candidates. As you pointed out there, that pact activity separately, they raise money through this charitable arm, but then gets funneled too another third party, which is running black lives matter as a fiscal sponsor. So if you want to give money black lives matter. You can't you give it to a clue that has, I guess I think you promised with this tide center, which is a far left group that is acting as a
co sponsor. Likewise matter you can give a donation likewise matter, worse than ever that ever be tax deductible. It's an unusual set of circumstances that similarly situated well known conservative group was involved in that we called for in back Oh my gosh, and there should be investigations on either side. That would do something as slimy is this: the ACT blue I think the latest document that I saw shows by seven percent of what goes into act. Blue actually goes to black lives matter, so where's the rest of it going where there. So they go. I don't know I've. Never seen anything like this. I've been involved, a nonprofit work for twenty plus years, the idea that fiscal sponsorship I'd that's something it has been doing now when you think about it. Remember acorn later operated the same way they had all these allegedly independent groups have a run by one central,
innovation. In those cases the tide set out. What is he in for the far left and their organizations yeah. I did a lot of work on the tides foundation and called many many names. Nobody did anything about it and now look at the juggernaut that they that they are any meant on on you, hundred million dollars. Ploss being gathered from donations from homeless people or people. I don't have a job a lot of money. Isn't it it a lot of money and again the area political, on raising the report, what they report and our someone's willing to get behind the numbers and get behind. They see these self, supporting this gonna go on not only with that blue, but everyone else and the absolute suggested there
is another they have always aren't white people as because their homemakers her there wealthy and they don't need there till the leaving other than being I'm late or self employed, but either it highlights the fact that a lot of money sloshes around our political system and despite all these laws for trains piracy which I know you don't put much faith in any way. They both on principle and impractical and practical issues, are practically speaking. It is harder rack law. The money is coming from and so always concerned about foreign finding their way that's easy ways for for national support. You spend our election system without getting caught in a proper way. Our only change the subject. There is a story that I read document are well source and I am not seeing it anywhere that the actual whistle blower during
Impeachment was Vindelin himself Colonel Vindelin was the guy who was on the phone. Call was Sturbed, as in his own words, because it was going against a policy that he agreed with them and had worked on and wanted to see, pursued- and He went and talk to shift for. I understand this right he couldn't be the whistle blower because he was on the phone call, so they needed a another guy and he went and told someone about it and said blow the whistle go to shift. Go these people, blow the whistle. That is, do I have that right as it is, I think it's close enough. It became pretty clear during impeachment hearing it themselves. Money was question on it that women have had talked to the alleged whistleblower that shift colluded with the improper way you're my view, Michael,
There has always been that it just because someone else is: has a national security clearance, it doesn't mean you can tell them everything at anything. You want just me If it's classified they have to have a need to know and if he wasn't, Properly, sharing the contents of that classified call on a with his brother or be with his body. Over the CIA. Evidently, that was the actual was a who had previously in the White House, both under Obama, my tromp, that would have been an appropriate and I've. Always I've always. I've been highlighting the need that women should be criminally investigated. The whistle blower should be criminally less forget it until the jury. Ship was involved in the sharing improperly classified information and his staff. A criminal investigation should extend into the house. So Here's my frustration, A lot of this stuff Tom we ve had for months now.
We ve known a lot of really damning stuff. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And If it is its gay, it's gonna happen during the election and then what happens after that? The justice department is been asleep. Is where on virtually every major corruption issue here and Durham, was appointed, for instance, in April of last year and its now. What seventeen eighteen months later use my fingers account beside one plea agreement that was gonna, have paid its hands come on a silver platter by the idea. Late last year, nothin else no report, be someone's being targeted. Maybe struck gets about it. I don't know, but in many ways it's too way as he does it now poet politically, it gonna call the mouth maelstrom, which is unnecessary.
And then be, as you point out after the election, depending on who wins at either wizard lizard eyes. So what happens I mean we have a whore probably corrupt system, that I want a Democrat or a Republican to have to go through care who it is, but it is, as we have seen now, a deep state were seeing it with the CDC. The CDC yesterday we found out is going forward. There, there thereof critical race theory. Education, even though The president has signed a directive that no one in the administration, no one in our guy. It is supposed to be holding those things. It some their nose up we have a constitutional crisis, because there's there's, no one that is answer answering for any of these things, who's in charge.
Much right. I've I've been highlighting. The crisis is called the problem we have. Is we re than himself government anymore? You know. Is it consent? The government when we allow congress- and they don't do anything and just right Jackson and keep their eyes closed, the rest of the title. The agency's, don't think your account said use of the President or the american people and depending on who is the president it does not act like you can always sought out with President Obama. In terms of the cdc in these other agencies, either this casual sedition that goes on really like dramatic, and it's happening virtually every day until the present is frustrated. But if I were him in terms of like the Obama, Gay and all the corruption, I would just go up to Clara transparency. Emergency. Tell the agency release everything. You have stopped with a stonewalling friend since we just got the the donkey
about the wiped phones by mothers team, twenty seven, thirty one. How are you count it we ve been able to wipe your own found, but I've never figured out how that could be now. I dont know how to do that here. The OJ had the document for a year a year we before we actually first asked for the floor should back in December or the bigger at the end of two thousand eighteen. We issued a year ago. So I say the clock began, went than butts. Be generous. They sat on it for a year. They are still hiding struck, page documents. There still hiding text messages we just sued for faulty email. To now I feel this is necessarily because outstanding all we wanted to know CDC communications with W. Joe in China in the early days of the young viruses. What the wise words that we were being told they telling us they can't get to them until
for, at the only at a rate of five hundred pages a month, which means eight thousand pages will be reviewed, and that means we won't be getting a mental. Do the math twenty twenty two what's happening, what's happening to them for the rule of law as a contempt for the rule of law within the agencies The president's appointees don't give a rat's tale about this transparency. They doubt- and its resulting as you point out law crisis so what is gonna haven't? We can't continue as a nation. We have no trust in anything. We see p we're getting away with it. We I see reports. Fbi is looking into the funding of black lives matter and anti fund. These protests guises not that hard is that hard, it feels like we're looking and looking in looking, and then nothing happens where
Is I mean? How do we survive Tom? If not, This is done no, it's a challenging and I the traditional watches? One way forward we can keep. The government seems like it's completely out of control, we bring it back down to earth using a rule of law and the accountability for information, the Freedom of Information ACT, so there's a bell and ability to petition the government under heart constitutional, but we have to exercise warfare peacefully and more regularly. The left is quite a deck at getting information out to destroy their political opponents from a government clearly, figure out about the corruption of the government, Judicial watch is watches often alone in pushing forward corners reform and restore itself and so
when the agencies is gonna be curtailed and cut back, because the abuses woke increase and metastasize, the bigger and bigger gonna get in my view would send the taking of fifty thousand you big government, big secrecy, big corruption, big oppression, they all go hand in hand and you gotta pull it all back. You gotta curtail the government, ensure trance currency reform and restore the Congress and have a press, then cabinet agency heads who take this seriously. In my view I jeez are like a waste of time. If the cabinet agency had to do in their jobs, that's that's what they should be doing. Has the heads of the agency should be the Argius. Wider of I trust and hope. I trust I'd like as many eyes checking on these guises as possible, but here you, but the ideas are created or a creature of the deep state and our experience used. Both suppressing
nation and target whistleblowers. That's what they remember they weren't, thereby by the good guys are thereby the radical laughed who thought they neither control the court presidency to keep them wrongly these free to do what they wanted to do. I Thank you, so much really appreciate it Up the good work Its judicial watch, if you, if you want to help out, see what they do, or blow whistle judicial watch dot, org judicial watch, dot, org. Thanks to him, to talk to you about pain, Lee lives in Ohio one Sunday morning, not so long ago. She found herself sitting on the couch. She was in tears. She was then she had spent day after day. After day for years in pain, and at that moment it just broker. She feel like she had anything to do. She didn't know so, she finally is like
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go online relief factor dotcom, ten second station stationary. Just amazing. You know we were just talking to Tom from judicial watch about this money and in government watchdogs act. Blue has raised Almost nine hundred million dollars for this election cycle, nine hundred million where's all money coming from as you mentioned, and you talk tom, but this through, hundred forty, six million of which came from unemployed people and unemployment or and they're not identifiable. Where are you? can't identify who they are. There is checked. Unemployed
that's all I know so I don't have to tell you anything else. I mean it's, it's crazy could be russian billionaires, we don't know who they don't know who it is don't know who it is and how is black lives matter and Antigua? Have you noticed how these guys are flying from city to city in getting the s these guys have jobs, monies come from some play. Where's the money come from where's the money coming from earlier to Blue and George Soros. A lot of Blue money is probably coming from George Soros as well a better a bed of you Greece. A lot of this money, it's. What you would find you he's got an organisation that we exposed of what about two months ago. That is truly terrifying. He got together and brought other seventy billion airs and he put together a group they meet once a year. You have to enter fifty thousand dollars induce the dark. Are required and then you how much induce tutor fifty thousand
every year a year? Ok, then you have to donate. I think it's an additional two under fifty thousand minimum too Whatever the group says there are going to do now, guy that's why black lives matter has all the money that they have please Billionaires these people, that are you, mean there there not anti capitalist they are for coal. How does George Soros make his money? He call lapses economies He goes in. He rapes it here. Buys it all up then he sells it quick. And says I don't have any trust in this and all my friends, don't ever dresses work it now and getting collapses twice, not even welcome in his home country. He's now welcoming, like four countries, does he's done it he's doing to the whole planet. Right now, he's into to the entire western world and no
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I would like to welcome to the club bag programme. Well, I I want to talk to citizens of Portland, because I have to apologise. You know amplifies been our streets number like we ve got to stop fascism because we are living in a fascistic state. Now: you're really not you're living in the United States of America. There are now fast shares and then we started doing our homework and I realized they may be right. They may right so I may have to apologize for saying that a port landers are not living in a fascistic state, an unusual form of government where the city council members manage all of this the bureau's, but they decide which bureaus get assigned to the council. Members, which pay
I'll get assigned to them? That's made the mayor. So this City Council, just is doing the bidding of what the mayor says. So he as the elected mayor of of Portland He is also in charge of the police. He's the complete commissioner- and I don't know if you knew that, but I did not know that I didn't know that yeah so he's a mayor and the police created. So if you let's say we're watching Batman right, the mayor would come in and say the police to measure we gotta get bad man on the phone and then the mayor would look at himself as the police commissioner and say I'll start. The bat signal. Ok, ok, burns handy though it is, it is cuts down on all of the meetings yeah. You know I mean he's also the head of the Office of Office of Equity and human rights. And the head of the emergency management and the head of the budget office, but
still and the head of the Office of management and finance ok and the Portland Development Commission and Housing Bureau. So if something's happening his house, the mayor's House can immediately call himself at the Housing bureau and say, look something is going on and on. Demand some action here and then the Housing Bureau says I just got a call from the mayor and that's why I'm calling you police Sk Commissioner, because we gotta do something and he's like I gotta do something worth trying to doom emergency. Your word: an emergency situation call the Office of emergency management, and so the the mayor calls the who is now The police chief is calling the emergency management and he picks up the phone. The mayor does it. He says my gosh. This is horrible,
and then the mayor calls them all and says I want your meeting with all of you and I some answers now, you all gonna work, and I demand that there is. There is a report on my desk three this afternoon. And then he goes to work and had so brilliant. That's ridiculous. Middle EAST takes less time to assemble all those people yet down meeting the eighty, eight almost ounce, hey, look, you don't have a problem with you, no carbon right the cars on global warming rate its great. So now he was elected in twenty. Sixteen. And tv doesn't like him very much. And that's very sad, think of for lenders. With a very sad face. There is a new candidate that is running. Her name is SARA. I Anna Rome,
and she came in second in the primary Widows bring twenty four percent of the votes, so she almost got to the Hitler number, but not quite and she's thou in a run off in November against had wheeler? Now here's a great hang on. Iran is a long time. Community organizer, which don't laugh, we know how powerful they can be. We do Last year she tweeted to all those who say and are violent thugs? I am not a violent thug and I am antifraud I'm in because the red hats are coming after Brown in black people after Jews, there are clear and trans people and more red hats heart really. That's. Why? Because I haven't seen any of that. And the Jew thing is weird, especially today, seeing that they're gonna put
commissioner, in charge of peace in the Middle EAST that ridiculous, except it's working and there he, the White House, now signing The deal the peace treaty between Israel and the USA in July. She tweeted this. The cops are v. It went agitators full stop. Playboy magazine interviewed her and her campaign manager with the headline and teeth in focus in the interview she says, I feel a responsibility to change the public discourse around and anti fascism. Absolutely because this only exists within the system and its import that we use radical tactics and her plan warm states, one of her goals is decent, retiring, had tie fascism. Clearly demonstrating that the people of Portland wish to stand up and rise against the rise of fascism and white nationalism.
Demon. Zation of anti fascism is dangerous for democracy. Why? How here. She is in an interview just last month on Portland NBC affiliate was you and analysis, and this kind of behaviour is separate from the larger, more peaceful protests. Sarah, They see. Announcer prevention is worth the pyramid. I would have to go back prior to this uprising to work on the issues that are causing these to be angry, illustrates policing more aggressively. We to understand these protests are important part of a healthy democracy, justice Ledge, about the criminal activity. We're saying do denounce that part of it.
I understand why they are angry under ply inside the milling when you denounced that part of it with lighting fires, arson with people inside buildings,. I'm. Not the person studying the items you do now living out here. It's hell, that's not! The question protest I dunno smash weapon. I please Do you know when things are unfairly targeted, but here's what I ought to say their outrage at the police is valid and the problem of police brutality in executing black lives industry more important, wasn't more. Can't forget that in this historic moment, more important lives. People are in buildings, causes wouldn t for tried to do a couple weeks ago. They too, the police officers and in a building put a bag of concrete. On the exits. So
you couldn't move and open the exit doors and then they the building on fire. She won't that I can't deny that. However, she does go on to say. Yes, it's not going to stop until we admit that the police brutality is what people are protesting and until the police brutality, stars and accountability, mandated than the protests are not going to stop and that's why I think that answers. What does the do today, but what we should Then doing years ago, in terms of how we satisfied, demands for justice. Peaceful protests, in my opinion, might not necessarily be moving the conversation forward, and so we have to look at this as part of a healthy democratic process. Ok So there is the one you can vote for TED Wheeler, who has experience of being everything and boy, I'm telling you that,
if a police is is being monitored by the mayor and a guy who's run in the Department of Emergency management. They are watching him like a hawk anyway. You got that or this woman. More just so overrun by fascists that they just half to confront them. She says he's right wing types, in any in it, Tom you in and terrorists, because they're scared of progressing who stand up to bullies. There are right wing sneers out there who try to make being anti fascist, something that you should be against its twenty twenty. If you support fascism, you shouldn't, for me, I'm anti fascism. I dont want our country turning into what we see on the Handmaids tale, made stale well
that's really close. I may not enough! You know we lost Georgia to the Handmaid stale, but he just last week gets really rare. So fifteen homicides in July, in Portland the deadliest month in Portland in thirty years, the war, summer, in Portland in over thirty years,. And why Is this really the option, and is this when she's talking about the police. That's not what they're saying remember there saying give us your staff or will burn it all down. By the way. Speaking of burning everything down, we have enough, Eight on political fact leads Lord Sorrels, funded organization that will make sure that their truth and oh, I can't way to show you the truth on the fires, and I can't wait to
facebook attempt attempt. To ban us. Restrict us demonetized us the news that we have on the fires. They'll say fake news. Really does we have all of the documents. So. How are you going to make that claim? That's coming up. And on tomorrow's broadcast tomorrow night, at nine p m. The coming civil war, however Erica could end in twenty twenty This is not hyperbole. In fact, I had I was talking to some former DS guys and I said, and I was gonna explained I want to say- and I think that is a chance I'm doing a special on the fact. Civil war could break it
could break out in the beginning of November, and I was going to say, and I know that might sound and they just what oh, oh yeah, oh yeah, like hello, dummy of course it is it is. It is on our doorstep and weak and prevented, but you have to know what the game is, that is being played. View are cast into a rule right now, you being manipulated and used right. Now. If you If the game is exposed to you, you'll know how not to act. Tomorrow is a very critical show, tomorrow, night, nine p m only on the blaze tv. If you are not a subscriber ablaze tv, please become one plea, We need your support now more than ever join us.
At blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, use the promise Glenn Annual save ten percent on your subscription and don't move tomorrow night, please tell a friend watch it together. If you must watch it with your family tomorrow is a very important show Only the most important thing we have done for the health of the republic, and it's all going to It's all gonna happen, between now and Christmas thanks for reaching out to lend pet programme sallow. Sorry, all of our hopes are busy hanging themselves now open. All right, my pillow I sleep really really really well, I've got a system now and it is about. I've got all the components to make sure, that I sleep and Michael Index surprisingly, is. Why
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I'll come back, Yeah Welcome to the Glinda programme were really glad that you ve joined us today come I have to see: do we get him on he's so incredibly, busy think we have Christopher Ruffolo on. We don't have a man. Okay, I dont know if you saw the story that he released yesterday about the CDC. The CDC has moved forward with their critical race theory. Training programmes Where they are training people in this abc all about the all about the white fragility, how why
People are responsible how the whole system of government is skewed to white people and its inherently racist, we'll Donald Trump, executive order? In is said? No none of the administration departments are to be teaching any of this. They just went ahead anyway. There obliquely ignoring the present. And of the United States. They work for him, but they think, that they are above elected officials. They think because they know better. They were for them. No, you work of, for instance, can you imagine the, just war theory. You remember Just war theory is its: what's ops, us from being Hitler's monsters K. It is a string theory about when war is just and when it's not about forgiveness and everything else, it's what has kept this country from being
murderers theatre? boldly toll life will brook, I'm a comes in and he stops the just war theory classes at West Point it's been taught forever. It's really important and they stopped. Because he said to stop he's the commander. In chief he's, the elected official can you imagine what would have been said if the Pentagon said yeah, you know what we're gonna teach it anyway. Well, I'm crazy, What would have been said and I would have been there saying it too. I agree with just war, but you have to obey the President of the United States, what what are you talking about now the CDC that works for or the president who were for you has decided I don't give a fly in crap.
Every single person at the CDC involved in this should be fired. I want to talk about Bill BAR and- Philip, I don't know who had this this morning, Really, you don't know I'd oh good. I eat! I may look! You eat these We believe these because they want to be healthy. Not me, not me. I need them, because there is real one hundred percent chocolate its Low calorie, high fibre, low carb Tawny introduced him because she's them and she's kind of a health person, she's ideas in a really good. For I M like the protein bar, they taste like garbage. These are delicious and I've talked to the guys who make em. They say we won't make any and we want anything that doesn't come with flavour? First gotta be healthy, but if the flavor isn't there, we won't make it and their so good. I want you to
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ha hallo America pay its like we have some sort of constitutional prices going on now we just have the cdc, knowing what's better for the CDC than the President of the United States. Now sure those are all unelected appointed officials, but hey there, people too, and I disagree with the president's. So even though there is an executive order that says you're not too do this. They do so to do it anyway and they're doing it for days? and just sticking it in the face of the president is in that's the way a constitutional republic is supposed to work. If you say yes, you should probably switch the chance if you say what tab is happening Dick with us, we began in sixty seconds, is a grand back
you know what I love is the fact that we are number one we are where the number one person in our country with debt were great. We number one as a society for debt. We ve just hit the number one limit again we're about to were hit the level of debt that ie rules are entire GDP, so we ve got debt that it would take every dollar that anyone spends or earns or builds out of a year and just apply to the debt. That's? What we're spending, then a great This is the largest since nineteen forty five. Then you know the year that we use the atomic bomb and had to come up with it and to build all airplanes and ships and stuff yeah yeah. We're spend more money than that for right for twenty twenty space monkeys are coming soon.
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six EC schooled line or gold line dotcom tomorrow night. They say they want a revolution, but what does it mean for the future of our public EAST Lynne exposes the lifts dork plans for the November elections. Democrats are pushing to make it available for more reveals whose, behind the proposals for a two civil war, the way Amerika can ended. Twenty twenty tomorrow night, nine pm eastern at least to be dotcom, Slash Glenn all right, so new face, at least on the national scale, that I am aware of a guy who has been doing amazing work in the last few months and needs to be known by every freedom. Loving person His name is Christopher Roof. Oh, he is a filmmaker a writer, a policy researcher he has wretched- for films for PBS, including his latest America, lost that store
The story of the three forgotten american cities. He is also the director of the Discovery Institute Centre on wealth, poverty and morality and a country eating editor at the city journal where he covers poverty, homelessness, addiction, crime and other afflictions. Really smart, guy and relentless and people are starting to go to him now and say: I've got documents and he is posting them online and what he posts yesterday, should chill all of us to the bones Christopher well, the programme. How are you The browser to be with you. So tell me what you, dumped yesterday, yesterday was a big day because as many their listeners, no the president path with executive order. Abolishing critical re theory train. From all federal agencies, but unfortunately the CDC Operating in direct violation of this order
to their employees, that they were moving forward with a very, kind of inflammatory, critical race theory training that spanned thirteen weeks I was able to obtain documents from inside the CDC, as well as a external powerpoint that gives more content and the presentation the continent was truly horrific. Talking about trying to destroy the system of meritocracy, trying to destroy the idea of american exceptionalism and trying to weapon eyes the CDC to fight white supremacy. But even more horrifically, is that this was a door violation and actually, when this is breaking news, I heard actually two minutes ago the door oh I'm- be Russ bought at just announced on Twitter. Hey retweeted me with a message saying that these things have been cancelled, suspended per and indefinitely.
You know I'm out the White House with pretty upset, but this is actually a victory. The CDC had now been beaten back from its plan of continuing, the boy s training. So this the the bad thing here is that the response from the CDC was hey. Look. We have to do this because this is this is a health crisis in racism in America? Is a hell crisis and is getting people killed in the streets, and so They just decided on their own We believe that something is actually being done when people start to clean house This was, I mean. Did you get your was your source? Can you even say inside the system? Yes, my son inside the CDC, so had direct access but the internal emails that
you know circulating about this training. So did you talk? I agree. I think this is it. This is a good first step to cancel this training, but but there's really two problems. One is that there have been some more your consequences. I know that if you were in a private company, and you directly violated the sea those order on something in a big way like this. We'd be out the door within a couple hours. I think the same standard should be held here, but also I'm just one person with one set of sources. How many other agencies across the federal government are violating the president's order? I've had some unconfirmed reports. That I'm working on now other than it happen in multiple agencies, including customs and border patrol, not my guy, I'm working on this. You know today and tomorrow to confirm, but my sense is that it's the tip of the iceberg that actually there are probably the these training continuing to happen in direct opposition to a presidential order which raises
question. What's the point of having a president, if he doesn't happen, all over his own administration so this is the deep state. This is what is meant by the deep state on acted officials that think they know better than the duly elected officials that they are supposed to work for, they believe President's, come and go congressmen, senators they come and go. We don't to do what they say just keep it could I just keep moving forward and they don't fuck Although the directive of the duly elected officials, we Do live in a fascistic state, if that is true everything they say they are fighting. While we gonna fight fascist, we had a fight with ease police officers. We think that you're saying you're, fighting you're doing it
were part of the administration or the government, and you are defying the orders of the president and help me out on this Christopher. I said a while ago that this is akin to when Barack Obama said that just war theory, has to be taken out of the teachings and we have to shut down the classes of the just war theory in at West Point. I was wildly against that. Just war theory is what has stopped us from becoming the Nazis. I think it's should be reinstated, but if the two gone would have said. Sorry, Mr President, we're gonna teach it anyway. I I've been on the side of the president. You can't you He had do that otherwise You don't have a presidency, you don't have a system of government, you have unelected people doing what they want and unfortunately I think that
that's exactly what we have. I think that there is a kind of permanent administrative state that operates on on ideology, really never changes depending on who is in office and unfortunately for those of us on the right their ideology is technocratic and nature is progressive in nature, is kind of scientific in nature, it very much dovetailed with a progressive administration, so I think what happens is that we may score these tactical victory is like shutting down meaning sessions. Shutting down many training sessions are about the problem of the payment, bureaucracy remain How do we make in politics meaningful if the largest organ of our politics, the federal government, which has more than a million employees. If it is if the president, whose duly elected under a constitutional system not control the bureaucracy and in the past they had a spoiled system which had its problem, but one added to. That is that, if the bureaucracy was political
the bureaucracy is no longer political. It operates independently, yes of our political forces, and I think that is a true constitutional problem that will have to grapple for the years to come. While this is something that the Obama administration and what was it, something to point of society to point, oh with Clinton and sorrels that they had developed. This is what they developed in and a system that operates on its own, no matter who that's why the present was targeted with Ukraine. That's. Why they made that such a big deal. That's a that's a hill to die on, and that's why I keep saying if the president doesn't do something about that, if charges aren't brought up and real people fired because of what happened, nothing's going to change. If he just says you're stopping these and he does fire the head of the CDC if he D
and fire all of the people that were involved in this, this a cancer gonna continue to spread I think that's exactly right. I think that it is important that there be some four repercussions, because if the only consequence is that the training gets cancelled, no big deal any other agency around the government will say well in all. We can to go forward with it. What the work that could happen will get our training cancel, but I think The attitude will be quite different and all of a sudden, you have a kind of civil service members losing their jobs immediately. You raise the stakes you create a disincentive to continue with this because an executive order is only as good as as much as you can enforce it. So I'm hoping that this first step that was just now bio and be director bought, is only a first step and I'll be added. Heading for some more severe consequences. So we in, if, if you're exactly right, if they
don't its deep trouble. They if they do, you will empower the whistleblowers as well, because so blowers, who are all right now sitting there watching answering I've, got something that everybody should know but fi blow the whistle when the top people don't get fired, that I'm screwed. I mean that They'll GIS, though the screw with me they'll, will go on a hunt to find out who it was. It was. Power whistle blowers. If they see justice being done and I commend you I think what you're doing is just tremendous just tremendous. Thank you. Thank you. You bet Christopher Roof? Oh you can find him and follow him on Twitter at Real Chris Roof. Oh, are you F, o On twitter, please take action, I've got another story and the CDC have to share with you or anyone.
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coming up on coming up on tomorrow. Nights broadcast is civil war. The way America could end in twenty twenty scary. You don't want to you, don't miss thou so coming up on this show, you ve got some really good news to share. I understand, guess I do yet a big victory yesterday on the on an auction, got some already swinging up, but no day when he is right. Has really go you're such you are not a friend while are not kill. This is what both for railways younger good, knew their best friend. Not when their best friend said. I haven't even told my wife yet are wondering what a great time for her to find out no, not a good time Verde finds out. She could find out. You have with the laws of the nation, of caused me. Interesting that she doesn't know that you had. I
This is clearly my fortune as to be able to buy something fairly valuable. Yesterday Weird I haven't had a Tommy, I such Good news What are you waiting for will, you are all that, should we call now we shouldn't go here. We all do we have time now or should we wait till after the the bottom of the Ark go ahead collar go ahead, see if you have your phone number, you don't ever phone number. Just a matter of our year on year has darn it.
But you gotta share that Good NEWS cause. I marry excite, I'm not sharing it until I here with my wife, very exciting news, she's gonna be thrilled hook. We absolutely earl that such a jerk middle are set out these incredible Irish, showing this is a friend admiring Israel to my yes brain for thirty years. I believe you sure your triumph owned by that's what I'm doing I could have sold to a good is sold. It is a good thing now now she's like in great thing, it's a great and see its comments like bad. Then she will hang onto knowing the good thing. Yes, woman I'll I'll, say I hurried away pads and always a great thing. He knows too was stupid. I You know what you paid for it, I'm just thinking it was a bargain, no matter what price you pay just Amy it's almost a priceless piece of history to give up,
on a phone, please can you get my wife on the phone? Sarah, you have her phone number. You because if I'm gonna share it, I have to now You heard what I would You know you know, I don't get her on the phone, don't get on the phone, there's a chance, she's, not listening, and if anyone and Alain I guess again, I'm talking about you and it's not funny. When you go to her and say he said, Alene owes talking about you. You don't tell her shush if she's, not listening. yesterday, something came up for auction that I didn't know. Mom was available until it was like an hour away from maybe a lizard. He just didn't have time to collared giver. That's all there is no data in order to actually I've. I kind of sometimes operate on begging for forgive
Next time that sometime signed some high sometime specially with things like this cause, I know she say and what The hell are we going to do with that, and she sometimes doesn't appreciate my collection of important american items, surely she'll appreciate this she's gonna end so yeah stir day. Fifty hours fifty hours wheelchair came up for auction and you know sometimes auctions get a little heated and it was the most go for something a little more reasonable and at a day on the heat of the auction, it didn't turn out to be an end. In retrospect, it's not as reasonable as it looked like it. If that happened,
it tells. The story of here is in a time you shall I do now. Show practices on my own practice asserts that she won't. She won't even was an indian this. She won't even listen to any of this when I say it I, ITALY was hoping just to pass this one of the error rate oranges gonna leave, there it Mercury one now look at the wheelchair, the end that come from lack of raw ha, that's a really good museum piece. Yeah that wouldn't work either, but who did a good right after yours wheelchair? If they have the opportunity, I mean it pass that opportunity will when he heard my job is partly without exactly your job with but kind with kind of, arousing Irving oily important american history. Lee was the first handicap president. The press lied about it, the. Lee Resolute Ass was changed because of it
and hand? At the same time, the Germans were killing handicapped people. I mean it's great Snorri three important back programme story keeper. On it. Maybe you think in pan worries on the conviction. Thank you would think. I'm a patriot mobile if, if you let's say, are Babby Mobile Service company that is selling you out at every turn like Pat just did with me, Does he have horizon? Do you know they just donated ten million dollars to social justice organizations you and me with Sal sharpen right in his national action network, because if you have Verizon you tat. Some of your money given to him patriot
mobile. On the other hand, unlike Pat and Verizon, don't sell you out, they're, not gonna, send your hard earned money to be enough to fund the destruction of Amerika were fun things like plan parenthood. Instead, you get the same reliable nationwide service in support of a company that loves America shares your values, supports our police and it's easy to switch right. Now. Stand up, switch page patriot, mobile Dotcom, slash back patriot, I'm not even to be here to paint I'm just gonna have dead. I am patriots, mobile dot com, slash back Patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back nine seven to patriots which now and you can check out my Chopin Gray, unleashed every week day from seventy, nine, eastern or anywhere you get your pod gas
you still have an opportunity to be. My friend died, I am being your friend you are not. This. Is I right now? This is not this final well on air, it's not gonna, go well for me at all. I guess to my knowledge. We have ensured with everybody. You are including Tanya up to this point, ok, let's, citing Donnie, is on the phone Tanya We were just talking about net for their running some here. Ok, are you busy? I we should let you go out. I got plenty, it's I'm sure, ok we were just talking about Netflix and I think we should cancel our netflix. We weren't talking about Riyadh flicks. What was is exciting new purchase at another, yet another option, but it's a really important piece. I think
agree ha. I forgot to tell you yesterday ages. I hid I actually did. I did, and you know it's something that I think is a really important. You no piece of history. And and and we and end we wanted an auction yesterday and when he did, because there were somebody else who was really trying hard to get it. So you know we got it at a basement, bargain price non powers in there either and what price you put on a one of again. Well, There is a price on urgently that you can put on nuclear that price, which is great cause. Now you have the item. Yeah yeah son ensured any Tanya sounds excited right there, without exciting Albania. Wait to hear about this tell her. What use one
Now this is a really important piece of history, because it in a deer, tells the story of the press in the way the press. He didn t come out You are the proud you are the proud owner of after you of after yours, wheelchair who are you So congratulations. Let me question question. Does that. Will the arrive. Along with what I do. You know just as no. No, there is not saying.
Pretty sure there was nothing else cycle now, there's not note. There was no nothing best of my recollection. Nothing's is the best of your recollection, pretty sure there was nothing else. It is just that. So there was nothing else in the auction, the culture I know man, it doesn't have to come home. I mean somebody did ask me yesterday after I gotta, they said where you gonna put that and I said I I I don't know and they send then somebody else said you can put it right next to the Jim, not see interrogation chair fighting again. It was the same time yellow two chairs donations and you know so I tweet aren't I love you. I love you too this or that it will come with. Maybe it doesn't anxious cookie
Oh? Why might be about Vanessa cookies? Oh yeah, the whole thing better right, yeah, I haven't connection- would mean me, maybe you mean? Maybe you owe it to me. I love you you, by whom I wasn't as bad as I thought, unless it's a ruse because She knew she was on the ear and she also don't know what you paid for it. So that helps a little bit his well, I'm sure she might be. That's a really inexpensive chair will. Would be wrong. Then you wouldn't she has probably not a chair. You gotta do wheelchair races with up and I generally don't do wheelchair races anyway. I know you do you do I really all I know this one will not be used for that
remind me when you're going over to the museum it honestly interesting, because he he did have the help of the press and in alone, and not the help of the press, there were complete they written he could not walk all right, he could not walk. You'll, see him with the with the we know, but egg braces and the and the the crutches but he had to have his son on one side and somebody else on the other side. Actually lifting he would just swing his leg, so he could walk. He had no power in his legs at all. They bill. How long a time period was further yeah from them. I mean he was the whole time the whole time and he they would build ramps, in front of buildings, where his car could pull up. If there was a big federal building it with all the stairs, they would build a giant ramp. So we
car would drive up to the very top step and heat have to worry about steps. I mean and no one in the press ever took a picture of it. That is in right, that's incredible! You wanna talk about. Fascism, its fashion, wow, that's fascism, when Nobody in America really knew that. The reason why the v, the day the president's death they resolute desk that was built by Queen Elizabeth as a gift due to our nation and given after your, would sit behind a desk. It wasn't in the oval office, I think, was in the map room and he would sit behind it, but people would come in for interviews that the reason why the little door is on the front member that member a John F Junior, John F Kennedy Junior has at picture of it. Picking out underneath his eye adds desk. That door was put there by Sdr to hide the wheelchair from the press while
there would be no pictures taken with him in a wheelchair. Why men incredible it is it. Art to imagine in this day and age of the press and and how rabid they are specially with with Trump, but I mean- any president wouldn't get away with that today? Madam president, no president- and it was a good thing- it was a good thing here, the German. Executing people, litter, handicapped, saying, zero worth being conquered by the guy, whose unaware wheelchair and care walk. I mean this is a really really good thing so now that I feel a little better, thank you seriously want to talk to you about Netflix. We didn't get a chance to talk about the the the Netflix Series or is not enough, the first, the social dialogue here. Did you watch ass? I did what you think. I thought it was great. I opening really kind of study.
But these people who really are responsible for social media and all of these platforms, many of those p bull are now completely freaked out by it's going on with them and apparently saw none of this coming at least. It's what they claim they didn't see any is coming. I all we wanted to do is make people's lives better and finally, they actually probably did. Some of us may have thought that I think they thought, though, that thing you know what we Ray Kurzweil told me because I said to him in two thousand ten or eleven. I said the ethicists. Where are they recycling. None of those things are going to happen and I'm like really while leave all happened. A wall happened, they ve all happened, more than we even invite right and so and now these guys, who were the ethicists and were the people that did the like button and everything else now they're coming out and saying there is no free. Will you don't know how you have been shaped, you
no, what choice is yours and what choice has been just put in front of you and I thought they did a ring. A good job of showing how the algorithm works with a three guys in the control room as a really good. Now, it made a really big impression on my kids, it was Sunday night that we watched it, and so I said- and tomorrow we are going. Discuss this and we're gonna, and so last night we sat down at the dinner table Was a huge mistake because they had twenty four hours to think about it and they both were like dad. Mean it's scary, for people like you, because you to grow up in this, but we, Ve grown up with this, our whole lives, so this is normal to us and unlike all I remember when I was fourteen. It doesn't work and I said we started talking about free will, and they are just add a place to wear and this why they don't make the decisions there, just
a place to wear. They're fine with that, because they don't see the real problem with you get so twisted into the matrix that You don't even know. What's reality anymore, you don't even know who you are you ve been shaped. That's a problem real problem they go and a pretty good in Epps discussions about how, They control us how Google manipulates us not had not yet Google but the litter. The salt outlet for this stuff, where they do. They are figuring out how to get you back online amazing amazing Amazing. When you When your kid puts down their phone for awhile, what they do to send you alerts and make your phone buzzer dang to get you enjoy, aged again is absolutely incredible. Last Sunday, I don't think anybody ever thought of now. You'd! Never
since there are no. I never thought about the swipe down, and you know the in you a refreshing things here. I never thought of it. They stay explained that, as like a lottery, I mean a Jew, Modi, Coloma Casino. Jackpot, what he the slot machines, slot machines and where They said you know that farm where you are refreshing and lets say you're doing your mail or twitter or something like that and you, it down and the wheel, spins and then new things load. Sometimes they said, gives you a feeling of a casino yeah ended open mean hit correct that Simon wants, stop yeah. I mean that's amazing is tat, is absolutely amazing now the other thing on. Netflix is cooties and As much as I don't want to cancel Netflix, I think I have to be to me too
my wife. First, we were talking about it, talkin about the the show as a family. Could none of us have obviously seen it, but I saw the I got through about ten seconds of the trailer and thought I can't watch. This is despicable its action. Lee disgusting and filthy, and so we, my wife heard about it. She said: well, we ve gotta, cancel Netflix, then First, I said I, let's not get. I mean not only about that. We can be said about a rice, keep sending money. Let's get, I know angry, but I don't wanna didn't live life without Netflix well by the next day, kind of hit me no she's right. We gotta get rid of it and social Cancelling at this week went out today she might be doing today? She might ashes she's, probably watching the rest, that serious he was working on. That's what's happened, She, actually it's not much of a second, As for you, don't you he never watches you hate! Yes, ass. They ve got
discipline. My wife is always like. We can watch this series of em like spend their free time wisely money I get home. I don't stop being so. Smart, ok, stop it. We just live like dogs were fine with that. One thing is when you cancel Netflix, that's what thirteen bucks a month. So in what thirty five hundred months. You'll have the German. Thank you for that again. Thank you for that site. Now, as the brides, all your help, Europe, I tried aright you can become a year round, grill or not easy decision from some people I have been. I like the food meat and everything cooked on a girl. I love it. And so I have lived in Connecticut and I will still grill in the middle of the winter Nobbing hour or so. Cold
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with a tank winter, Spring Summer Fall wrecked tech. It sturdy. It's smart, its dinnertime followers check on social media and sign up for their newsletter. Its wrecked tech, with a cue already see tee q dot com are, ye, see q dot com The airline following ten Glenn back arriving now at the White House. Is President Netanyahu from Israel? This is a really big deal that is that nobody is paying attention to this. Direction. You mean here Emerson right now face conveys a new climate change information hub. That's what they're running with live right now, Benjamin Netanyahu arriving with full state regalia at the White House,
to sign a historic peace deal I mean when people think that I mean that the press has done this to themselves, if he does indeed win, I think he will have the ass, to think for a lot of it, because peace are fair and age, oh, you guys are they know? This is a big deal yeah and when its downplayed or not even covered by the press, I think they know what's goin on at least I heartily do. I think they do, but it wires them to even know that it's going on you, you know this with with social media. That whole thing could be You know a limited, an algorithm right out of everybody's nude vs feed, except for people like us. You know That's the amazing thing that I learned about on this document. We were talking about the social dilemma,
It's on Netflix. Now and it is it shows how they feeding you the extreme of everything, and they know what you want and what you dont want blame all of this unrest on you know, talk radio and on the right and everything else note here: the designers of it saying. We are the reason for the unrest we. What we design is pitting bill apart and they don't know what the truth is any more because the algorithms that we wrote. I mean I It was a bit a brave brave statement for these guys to make is, will it make a difference? I dunno Will the President fire the head of the CDC Sea so for disobey. A direct, not just Warder Enigma, active order and decide
hold thirteen weeks of critical theory lessons at the CDC. If, even though the presidency not to programme,
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