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Americans Don’t Just ‘Shut Up and Take It’ | Guest: Rob Eno | 12/7/20

2020-12-07 | 🔗

As big companies look to escape restrictive liberal states, Glenn warns, “Don’t California my Texas … or New York my Florida." Leftists went nuts after Sen. Ted Cruz posted a photo with a deer he hunted. California restaurant owner Angela Marsden went viral after revealing how COVID restrictions allowed Hollywood to set up outdoor dining right next to her. Sports Illustrated makes “the activist athlete” its person of the year. The Left’s message is to shut up and take it, but that’s not what Americans do. Should President Trump pardon himself and his family? BlazeTV media critic Rob Eno discusses the downfall of the Drudge Report and the return of net neutrality pushes. President Trump tells Georgians to go out and vote in the Senate runoffs.

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