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America’s on the Wrong Side | Guests: Lara Logan & Sen. Cotton | 8/26/21

2021-08-26 | 🔗

Live from the Middle East, Glenn gives an update on the situation in Afghanistan: The British Parliament seems to be done with Biden, and thousands of Americans may be left behind. Investigative journalist Lara Logan joins with what she’s heard about why the State Department is blocking rescue landings. Bombs have gone off at the Kabul airport, and mass casualties are being reported. Historian Victor Davis Hanson joins to take a look at today’s “cultural suicide.” Marine veteran Chad Robichaux joins with the latest updates from his rescue missions. America’s on the wrong side of the Afghanistan debacle. Sen. Tom Cotton joins with an update on Washington D.C.’s response. WallBuilders’ David Barton joins with the latest refugee news.

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a programme can all America from the Middle EAST. With your update on what is happening at the airport of cool, it is a national disgrace, an absolute disgrace and I believe, at some point, may even end up being described as crimes against humanity. We will give you the updates from Kabul in sixty seconds programme, Dan lives in New York. He say: Semi professional bodybuilder fitzpiers, when we have so much in common Dan? Anyway, dance suffering from shoulder pain for quite a while do due to an injury that he sustained while lifting waits. Don't I know it, it was
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from the Middle EAST in a country that we will not name. It is a con, Free that is, is doing a great service to humanity. I I talk to an impact since last night of one of our allies and It is sad what is going on the ambassador I spoke to was in it there. country has been an ally of ours forever and a very vague a good ally in the course of the conversation he
Oh me, there are two tragedies that have come from this: the number of people that are going to die because of the United States decision and the death of american credibility. We talked about that for a minute and he said there is no credibility with the United States anymore later, because I was asking this Bassett her for help getting people out and asking asking him to make some room in their country for some people here I said I promise you this mister Ambassador ripe, I give you my word and then I paused and I said, and I now that doesn't mean much right now coming from an American and he cut me off, and he said no, no, sir. You have credibility. Your president does
but I was floored to hear that from an ambassador of eight of a major ally of ours. It was tragically sad, tragically sad. I got off the phone and found out that part. And while I was on the phone parliament head said on the floor. The ministers of parliament had said that they, Could do no more with the United States? They would not involve themselves in any other operations until President Biden and and Vice President Khumalo Harris were gone there it is also shocking but there is. To me, that's the least of our problems right now, they're here entity is overlooked and it is being overlooked by
our state department, apparently under direct orders from the United States White House, we have several sources that are telling us in the State Department that the State Department is getting their orders directly from the White House they are telling who comes and who does not come in through the gates, wheels ass night? They said if you were at the gates and you're on foot, go back and get a car. Why is beyond me too. nights ago. When I was flying over here I was told that we had maybe seventy two hours last night, I was told we had twenty four hours, and today I am hearing we are hours away from the access and the opening of any gates.
The Americans that are being left behind range anywhere from ten thousand is the lowest estimate that I hear, to as many as thirty five thousand. We just got word that the entire staff of the at the embassy, which I believe Fifteen hundred, I e dont quote me on that number. It was a large number. I think it was fifteen hundred all of the people that worked for us at the embassy, all of them are being left behind. Those people will be killed. It is it should king, what is happening last night, rescued by helicopter there only twenty- that we could get out and rescue and what I'm being told, is actually less than twenty
among those still stranded in Afghanistan, are twenty for students and parents from California School District hope this is changed since this, in elegance as come down evacuees say that they have been attacked by the Taliban prevented from getting to the car Cool airport, those who are not directly in the airport. very little chance of escape at this point Taliban has stopped all afghan citizens from reaching the airport the year, word. For all intents and purposes, is now closed earlier I got a message: That said they, the Taliban was gassing. Tear gas at the gate to try to disperse the crowd and two minutes later it was a correction
They said sorry, we are tear gassing to disperse the crowd. Gates. The possibility of a meat of an imminent attack, perhaps within hours, has been looming over couples airport this, according to Great Britain. I've seen several notes reporting the Taliban asking for intelligent organizations to give a lead. of their employer, ease and affiliates. Now what this is the Taliban saying to us and our intelligence organizations. Please give us a list of the people that are going to be coming to the airport and to guarantee their passage after the thirty first now, please tell Oh, my dear God, that no one is dumb enough to
give them a list of people that we should expect to be led through their gates or that the Taliban would help to evacuate. The Taliban once the turkish military out, but one them to leave personnel behind to run the airport operations after the eight thirty one withdraw, but that is that is the eight thirty one would draw is a pipe dream: pipe dream: the airport the airport is, closed right now,. and the reason why it's closed is because we are now evacuating our man Terry by the end of the day. I dont know how many military personnel will still be there we got word ass night that they were starting to
move, our military out with in twenty four hours we haven't been able to move any planes, I'm just waiting for word to see. If we got one plain out last night, it was turned around in mid air that the reason why I was on the phone with an ambassador last night it was turned around mid air. It had women and children. Three hundred women and children on board, I don't have word yet If that is still sitting on the tarmac or if we have gotten it out, we have a major story that I am waiting to I'm I'm holding until we know all of our people are off the ground and its there's nothing else. We can do I I'll tell you that yesterday we
had several countries that have been willing to take people. suddenly. For some reason, these cunt These are no longer willing to take people and the state since no longer willing to vouch for any one. Last night. We had one country that remained open in that was Macedonia and when we contacted Macedonia we were told a state department official told the ambassador in Macedonia not to take any of our refugees. The state department and the White House are the biggest obstacle in saving people wish. I could tell you the names of the countries that are assisting and taking people temporarily, but they want no credit,
They don't want their names uttered at all, and it's a shame because the world should now who these heroes are, but they don't want any for an information out about them, because they believe that they will come under attack because the World is now negotiating with terrorists, that's that general update for today. There are their earth there. much much more to to tell you take a one minute break come back with more and I'm gonna start in one minute with the Good NEWS. blind Com is really really really super easy. There inexpensive much more less expensive than if you go to some designer, but you did great care
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welcome to the program. I'm in the Middle EAST do is many things at home. I hope to be home this weekend. But there are some developments that I think are positive that we may have to shepherd so I may be here in a few days longer than I then I originally suspected is it dicey. All of this everything is fluid and we're trying to make sure that we only tell you the things that we can confirm from more than one source, even if it is our source, we want to make sure, because things are so just
So fluid right now and it it. None of this none of this makes sense, there is an estimate that at least three hundred Afghans are in imminent danger of being targeted by the Taliban for associating with Americans and anybody who associated with the? U S: efforts in in Afghanistan, So you know when we began raising money but days are. There still is Thursday when when it's I'm sorry, it's at the very end of the dates I don't even know seven o clock or something here. at the end of the day, on what Tuesday we asked to raise twenty million dollars to be able to get. We hoped three to five thousand people out where,
we can tell you that the Nazareth Fun directly has brought two thousand people out of Afghanistan, we're waiting. We have a plane that is loaded and ready to go and it has mechanical problems and it's on the airport tarmac in in Afghanistan. We are trying to get that one repaired. It may be our last flight out. There is another flight. One of partners is mighty oaks. They have been doing incredible work they have another Wayne that needs to get out of there as well. and when those two planes are out and on the tarmac we will have a total of five thousand refuge. Jeez that we have rescued in just the last few days and we are so
I am very grateful to you and to everyone else. I I can tell you. I think that the peace- people on the ground. They don't know that for sure, but I think the p on the ground, probably feel a little like Oscar Schindler when at the end he stood and he looked at his ring and said hat, but how I could have sold this ring. How many people could I have saved with justice ring because it's hard to feel the victory any of this as there are so many at the gate, its and so many we know are going to be targeted, We also, we also see what is what is coming for the Afghanis. It's been a week since any of the banks were open
the Taliban took over and the banks clothes down atm or dried up in Kabul, everybody now a strap for cash there? The food prices are getting to rise. There is going to be a hunger problem next, as their ordering. Now that no dollars can be taken out of the country because there is a a national cash squeeze. The Taliban spokesmen declared that they will take action against any applicant F Afghans who are trying to take dollars out of the country by. Or land the cash be seized and you would pay a high price, Also, I want you to know, we didn't get a chance dimension. This yesterday
our vowing to take into consideration and fight climate change. So we have that from the Taliban. Can Don't you dare not make you feel good still that they're gonna fight climate change makes me your great you know they ve in the past, fought climate changes well when they ve murdered lots of people, the less people breathing the better because each person has a carbon footprint gun, so they re. I hope that in the past year yes, yes, controversial approach, but it is backed by science. So can I ask? Is due back at home I mean I left on Monday. It seems like it's been weeks or did I on Tuesday, nor left on Monday. What is this feeling back home. What is the coverage back home? Are people still pay the attention and what's happening at the airport
we're paying attention to what is happening at the airport? Yes, there is an attempt by the White House to review. The narrative to be kind and to try to make it seem as if they are doing something impressive as if this is a good fell. They are, they are having its impressive to take the reputation. the United States and flush it down the toilet too, where our closest allies want nothing to do with it yeah it is it's quite an impressive move to trap ball. These people right de in two, like almost all cattle shoot you know, of getting the most vulnerable and trapping them right into the arms of the Taliban. So it is impressive. What they're doing it is impressive. One of the narratives they're trying to push out is that there are vast waiting, a lot of people in their saying, they're, they're they're good, numbers for the court and quote coalition. So it's not exactly clear what
what we are responsible for, but they are saying something like seventy two. Eighty thousand people have been evacuated: total It's interesting as Eleven goes Lawrence O Donnell from us, and we see, I think he still there who said As you know, is likely to be known. people evacuated from from Afghanistan after couple fell? Seventy thousand p, who were evacuated after the fall of Saigon zero? I think he thought this was a good point, four Biden, but like my understanding of this process is you try to evacuate your people before the city's fall due have they go I know you have that absolutely right there before this. We felt we God everyone out, now Now the city has fallen and it's almost impossible to get these.
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we are not making friends with the state Department, we got a tip today, from a news organization that had up somebody inside of it government organization, and they said that there was a meeting today about us and the warning was they're coming and I know that and that's fine and what doing here is, we believe, God's work and so be it. If this is the end of our career is my career. It's fine! I am totally fine with that just want you to know that awful Things are going to be said in the future, I hope, not, I hope not, but, they're not gonna. Let us sit here and do what we ve done without Ramoth.
Patients, Laura Logan, is with us now hello, Laura. How are you You know a Higgins hamburger We share and I will tell you I don't care what they say I will stand by you and the measuring tongue because the only people right now who are more evil Canada and the Taliban are the State Department and the agency and all the others everything possible in their power to prevent a decent. arrogant and good people standing. For I allies in rescuing people saving them from certain death it I've been up. Night working this eight days and it is reprehensible. So Laura people don't understand what how can this data? and do this: what are they doing exactly? What is the White House? How are they thwarting? Can can you share some examples? Oh yeah easily
because I've been doing this all night so well, for example, I have had a guy at a hundred and fifty p. Families that I ripped out of their homes with children and everything else, all of whom are targeted for debt because they worked with sixty minutes or they were legendary you know in the military endure for the Taliban and Al Qaeda and as the plane was coming into land. My american special. Should contact had told me that had been denied clearance so sudden out of nowhere when they had currency. For that deny Karen the pilots, and three there so many operated on the ground who I just raged and what they are being asked to participate. and then be part of this betrayal, and so the king a run of the operation no we're not gonna, do it were landing anyway, they went to look without a landing ship and without like for a place to live they will come in and they were threatened.
they would be shot down. So they are too. You know they had to circle and we're running out of fuel, and they had gone back to another. Country, India, there trying to get the currencies again come back into being blocked by the state to come yesterday, the State Department, changed again the evacuation paperwork. They change The people were killed in the last few moments tell you now, then they I heard all through yet Re enter last night tat by nightfall. Today, which is not far away. They would be gone. We have reports of eighty six airborne no evicting Christians in America citizens and others from the airport and bulldozing check points. Are we have reports gate speaking welded shots, which, of course, I can confirm from a distance but Israel, I will tell you we have those same reports Lara. So there is a second source. We have the same reports and I gotta tell you that I mean
I have military got sort of grass of a pregnant woman, wife of a gig agent with the child at the checkpoint, battered and beaten and bloody, whose forego wait to get there. We ve got special operators, especially patients guy the Marine corps out their rescuing people risking their lives only to get to the airport and be denied access by the. U S, government! the instruct, the marine do the second, I'm a gate, dish them down with innovation down the Marines right now. One of my contacts it I've been working with four days said that his head dozens and dozens of messages to the Marines have now gone unanswered. They stopped talking to him, everybody scrubbing the package's and there on the way out- and you know these reports of a suicide bomber end gunfire, which Families that I'm in touch with on the ground, but witness to an end,
we're talking, enjoyed and trying to keep them com. But I tell you what makes me so angry they're going to you watch they're, going to say that they had to shut everything down early because of the threat level, and it is absolute nonsense. We're doing this and shutting down long before that even happened and even more reprehensible and dishonest. This is how disgusting these people are are now trying to say that to Russia, Canada, deputy leader of the Taliban right- his brother and also kind. He was sitting she's all my colleagues that the US presidential on boy, the talks in Doha and that they have separated from the Taliban and they ve, with ISIS check. You know why they're saying that clench, you know why they're making up that absolute lie because they know they ve been called out than I was one of the people that called them out with Tom Joslyn at belong more generally in a bunch of others, because they had climbing network is a fine
encouraged organization designated by the? U S in two thousand twelve, and it is in. you'll under Eu Law to negotiate or support terrorist to provide any kind of support for them in any way whatsoever, and now that it's been called out looked alone, hold how convenience, how convenient that suddenly The deputy leader of the Taliban has thrown away. I dont believe it for one single second attack I'll put my life on it, that that is an abject lie, even if they save themselves, such a deal that they struck when they hear the CIA, when a man to the Mola, the man they chose to leave the islamic image and by the way yesterday chose it. There in Chelsea beggars belief charge of intelligent for the Taliban, is strongest ally is who the IPCC you read Revolutionary got? He went,
in terms for the Taliban inside IRAN and he and the new head of biology, C r, R, you know bonded at the hip, and the one of she's political advisors of the Taliban in Alright, now advising all of our there is the other person in the Taliban. Who is closed? I see there top iranian contacts and you watch out Israel and Taiwan, and all of these countries all over the world, because right now, America's enemies. coming for us and all these people, about their daily life in America, and they wanted What about this, and they want to talk about that and this weekend that is not happening. You wait because We are now isolated on the world stage we are defined by, but frail and drenched in the blood of Afghans and America, citizens and I've got soldiers special operations, so do the better and some of them ten fifteen twenty two vomiting.
snake vomiting when they realized what they being asked to participate in, because this betrayal is an historic, a that will define the United States until the end of time. For as long as we have, because it is past The greater result on this country that will ensure the end of America at the end of the american idea and act as a warning to anyone, over the world, don't believe in it. Don't fight for it don't stand by because they don't even believe in their own idea, look at them. I learn, I can't while everything you say is true, mean. I believe, every word that you just said is is accurate, the the what people don't understand, and, and it was shocking shocking to me how many times in the last twenty four hours since being here.
Have heard? Former allies say we're done we're done. You know you have to have parliament yesterday discuss the fact that they will not come to our aid or perform any operations jointly with us until this president and vice president or out I've ever in my lifetime heard anything like that from England or any of them? France, is bill. Currently of their saving people, Britain staying behind after we leave tonight we're we to leave. Why are we leaving before the thirty first, when allies are still on the ground. Then I've got bigger bigger questions for you? Why are we accepting that this is set in stone? Why are we
came the most humiliating defeat at the hands of a terrorist organisation, aided and abetted. By our ally. Did you see what the pakistani present among concept literally said that, but that the Taliban have been freed. The people of Afghanistan have been freed from the chains of slavery that tell you referred to the? U S, You know that since know that, since nineteen fifty one seventy years strike, the United States has been funding Pakistan lines and billions and billions of dollars. Why, we sending taxpayer dollars to Pakistan to find the Taliban and economy and all tied to kill a man can shoulders on that battlefield Why are we not acknowledging our in our eyes, the former vice president among the child, who is now acting president who is fighting right now? Why are we pushing the tunnel?
once propaganda narrative that all the Afghan surrendered the afghan army in the special operations there worthless that money spent in all those years look at those are useless. How many times have you read that or heard that it is an abject lie? Yes, the worst does that gave up, but there were many units that kept fighting and not only that who say to their ally. Why would you do that's? Why would you take a highly specialised special operations, paused trained by the operators we have that relies on mobility and one moment stripped of all of its mobility? The? U S air support and, at the same moment take over the maintenance contractors that have kept the afghan airports in the skies strip goes away and then at exactly the same moment, take away all of your exemplary support that goes with that? Your soldiers, your bases, your logistics, you supply lines. Why would
Do that and show me the army on earth that could possibly have all that stuff away from it in one moment and I'm afraid, the warning they didn't know. That's not the same thing as having a replacement structure. Already there that's functioning and working, and also what people shouldn't be deceived by and shouldn't full for is that anyone saying when I'm seeing right now is saying that we had to stay in Afghan a simple ever. Wouldn't that be? U S count with short, we could still leave especial operation. Counter terrorism component? We could still be doing as support. We could obliterate the Taliban latrine obliterate, the Taliban leadership their forces. Out in the open your. Why, because literally standing there laughing at you? sing on America's grave touch of their doing. They don't fear you and you why, when the Taliban doesn't cheer, you and I'll Keitel doesn't say you, I guess polite doesn't cheer you and how much does ensure you iranian
fear you and neither do any of our other address adversary. Neither does he's gonna live. It is China, none of them so watch. Americans have you know they about at this false sense of security. They ve gone off in the world, knowing this invisible shield that we had around it that we're all protected by the power and the moral authority of this nation, because the idea of freedom is the ideal. for which we are all all prepared to fight and live and die for right. That's the idea, we believe that this is a noble idea and it's worth fighting for as long as I'm all asylum. The acting president said to me in an interview just before all of this happen he actually said to me call me one day he was warned because we have friends and I've known him for many years. Any Lara what is happening there.
Did you know if a light goes out in America? It goes out everywhere. There is, then the whole world is plunged into darkness it cannot go out in America, and you know that is what we're looking at plant. The life has gone out in America gone out in our hearts and souls as a can you know and as people? Believe this, what if we don't stop what's happening now. then we are dying with it, because some or not is fake. Laura I I can't thank you enough, where we have to run for a network break I'd like to talk to you some more on this. Thank you for all of your hard work. We do Scott, in that there is a large explosion at Abbe Gate at the caboodle airport. This is some that we have been warned about for the last twenty four hours will bring you more details as they become of mobile to us back in just a minute.
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in financing. Dot. Net, its american financing dot net What do you mean not entertainment decline hello, Amerika there has been an explosion, had the Abbe Gate, the in capital at the airport. There has been warnings that started about twelve hours ago that there were there were reports at eight eight.
Might go off at one of the gates? We believe this is the english gate. I would imagine that today, there ever having gate and in England but I'm not sure, there's there's the american gate, these, I believe it's the german gate and the American and the American, English, german and american gate. I think this is. The English it did. This is a very very bad situation and its happening just at a time when our last Terry loading up and taking off our allies are being left behind American are being left behind. This is a very, very bad. Situation. For America. The ramifications are too We must, I think, to even begin to speculate, but I'm gonna ask somebody was far smarter than I am Victor David's. Handsome too
tell us his store. Quickly that comparisons and where he thinks this goes next, vacations live from the Middle EAST. This is the Glen Back Programme Programme, Jim is tough, his nails, he grew up on a farm and by the time he was an adult. He was an incredible shape from long hours of farm work, Meares playing soccer and boxing. So few now, basically the same life. I've lead He got holder, though Jerry started to notice that he was developing a lot of pain through his body, all of it Exercise and hard work began to catch up on him, and he didn't feel is good anymore. That's why, he discovered relief factor. He said within a few weeks taking it. His pain, was down to a minimum and today Seventy one he's back to being active
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refugees. That is sitting on the tarmac right now, but I dont have word if it is taken: If or not it had mechanical problems. David is still on the tarmac dino as far as no still on the tarmac we also have one of our partners in this is Chad. Robot show was supposed to be with us from the capital airport in about half an hour believe he and his team still down, and I will ask him to tell you a story that happened last night and God forbid this is going to change this explosion- could change everything when you, here the story of what happened with our eighty first airborne awhile ago. Ok, let's, let's go to Victor Davis Hansen, who is on with us who is a
historian and egg, they really great political conservative think victor? How are you, Sir thank you for having declared you bet. I just We just got this news about this explosion, and I'm here in the Middle east- and it is- I am I'm having a here- I'm concentrating some thinking about all of the people that are on the ground and what all of this means can you can you war game this out for us. What? What does this debacle over the last week in Afghanistan? What is this and due to America. There is a lot of me. I mean we're but in some come historical context, Glenn the amount of military, hardware and equipment that we lost would have is enough to say why Israel, with our current military aid for thirty five years,
people may have any idea. So would you gotta keep adding context we, I can't think of any historical parallel- were the United States. Military a broad working in concert with its contractors that supply them that fed them that offered security, some situations when they're off duty, I've never seen situation, worthy military pulled out first and let them further for themselves. I've never cease to July with it where you can. I I never seen that either, and I cannot think of a reason we would do this when we have peace I do on the ground, we have. We have humor Terry and efforts still on the ground and they are pulling out before. We are why it was because he arbitrarily defined Meda transcribed I'll, be idea that, whether we are in Afghanistan or not, would be defined narrowly by troops only and so
open, even though he is slips. Unless the truth come. when he said well. If they don't want to come out so his vision once the last summer, Can soldiers out, then he's down, and he can say before nine eleven, I'm the present that got us out, but all the other people want to come out and I think that's what he's thinking up I'm sorry, it's kind of crazy, but we'd never had this ritual. Before either and then we'd never looked at casualties in fatalities, in terms of how many people did not suffer. Would be like lorry lightwood telling us this weekend. We hundred fell You people in Chicago that one shot now that's nice, but it doesnt tell how many people were shot. So words were told. This is how many People got out the somebody people got out, but they never tell us how many people are left there, I have no idea. That's what we're worried about what we like, the idea that we're bringing people out, but the key number is how many people are
there, where are they? How can we get amount? You get the impression that once we're out, I e them, carries out. We can have a and Bobo Doll situations all over the country, and we know that just one person in our lab, disposed hundred dubious circumstances, probably treason circumstances paralyzed the country to hand over fork- Taliban King pens, but imagine margin, we could have a magnitude of that several times over so. I have talked to people on the ground. I have talked to the leaders of ambassadors of other countries, and You know you last night, parliament, was talking about how they will not do any joint operation with this administration that they are done we have been. read all of our allies. England is.
He'll. There are still on the ground there, not leaving when we're leaving their There are at least staying till the thirty first I dont know why we're pulling out was still do to go before the thirty first, I don't either. I dont know why we handed over the most valuable piece of strategically the statement, the least Bagman AIR Force base. It was defensible was the illogical nexus where, if we wanted to continue the graduated will withdraw, we could have done it all from a wrong offer without any worry because of a secure. We had a hundred per cent superiority, so that made known as far as the NATO allies on a lot of key initiatives they were starting to Bristol before this and that They did not want to join Joe Biden in sore. Clamping down on chinese mercantile fact and allow a chinese expansionism, they were very wary. The Germans, particularly about confronting
My point is aggressions in Eastern Europe and the former soviet republics. They were very wary about not getting back into their Randy lay wanted to get back in the around deal on all these issues that we thought we were gonna have a common front. There are gonna start freelancing and I don't know how you you get him back on the same page- is highly ironic, because Donald Trump, after forcing them to up another hundred million dollars and this military preparedness was ostracizing caricature. It is anti NATO person. He actually made the alliance stronger, although they might not obliged to publicly and Biden was supposed to restore this international further among all the members- and yet he's always if you were I asked Neil Ferguson this the other day in here. Author historians.
we continue on this track butcher. Self as a historian. Fifty years from now How do you write about this time period. What would you say if a culture suicide. In other words, if you look at all the stuff of civilizations that make it private continue where there we have the top universities inside a mouse and professional skills in the world. By far, we have where Energy set self sufficient when the second largest and most efficient food producers we have the longest constitutional democracy, live right now were the only multiracial democracies ever worked in history. So by any standard of assessment with this shouldn't happen, and yet it happening the happening because we're since the last
as I see it, this walk suicide has painted one instant, action against the other one raised against the other, and we can see in the joint chiefs. We see them taken her eye off the ball in looking at white, witness this and whiteness there. we ve had retired no return. My waiter old of in the uniform, comrade military justice not to disparage the commander in chief. They said vicious things about the present impasse. We ve got to see a compromise. The F b I compromised on these years of invest duration of that they were weapon eyes, thinking the IRA's, so we were were tearing the country apart and faction of much more than nineteen sixty eight more like eighteen sixty and where are we When did emerge geographical force multiplier, where people have come to the complete on that Portland doesnt work, Seattle doesn't work, Minneapolis doesn't work, I'm moving to Utah taxes, etc.
Are we getting these mass migrations or were self selective? and that? But if that keep continues, we're gonna have a red country in a blue country, and so it doesn't have to be this way. and I think a lot of it is that the hard left took over the internet, solutions of the Corporate board room. The university cape of twelve social media, traditional media, Silicon Valley, entertainment, founded, Hollywood professional sports. And even though they don't have the majority of the population, they feel that they the money and cultural influence to affect these changes weathers the border or diminishing energy sufficiency or the redefinition crime and deepening the police. their revolutionaries, and they have all the institutions of power. They are not outsiders. These are Jacobin like the french revolutionary. They have ceased control, other things, America work
so that this is what they? This is what they said back in the nineteen sixtys when they went back to to analyze, you know: where did they go wrong and what do we need? They realize they needed corporate institutions. They needed to be in the board rooms they needed to be in positions of power to be able to complete it. Do they six This time we had a debate brag about it. They say but doing suicide redo they succeed. Do they succeed in the end I mean are we is this, is this a sealed deal or their ways to turn this around I can go now. I think people are resisting and I think they have a majority. I think you're gonna see it a very close caliphs. recall the idea that, just six months ago, the to book and governors the pillars of progressive governance the state level gave a new someone and requirements would be almost gone, and I think,
Some may well be gone. A lot of hispanic more reassuring, California, that chemical, I do not like him for a variety of reasons of which we just talked about, and so I think the mid term elections are gonna, be a push back. These special actions are being pushed back, but everybody's gonna get galvanise. I think that's why they're so panicky that their choice in the demography, the border, they won't have a national body more talking about, or one vote Glenn from having an. Getting rid of a hundred and fifty year in person, Supreme Court, alternator filibuster to utter three Year Electoral College Sixty year state union? So all- This can be done on the side, while the Congress and are almost there, and they want to do it because they dont have popular support the changes institution. I can't thank you enough for being on with us. Thank you and keep up the good work. That's Victor Davis,
and we have some more breaking news for you and I believe we are going to talk to somebody at the airport in Kabul here in just about ten minutes. I hope that's not the case, but I think that's where he sat. I hope he his off the ground, but we will. We will see in just a few minutes. Stand by more in a minute when you get right, down to it. What is keeping you from switching your mobile service over to Patriot Mobile today shouldn't be that hard. It's not complicated. Patriot mobile makes it incredibly easy to switch over it shouldn't be begun the cost Patriot Mobile offers you all of the same great service on the same cell towers as the big mobile company for a whole lot less as a monthly rate is because you are in favour of companies like rising, given a portion of your bill to places like plan parenthood, I think so patron,
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from the Middle EAST I am of miles away from the capital airport, and know how I feel inside? I cannot imagine being at the airport now it is it is. There are three Marines. We know that have been hurt. we don't know any more than that. It is a suicide bombing there. SAM, There is one infant that we know that had been killed, but they are hauling people around in we'll barrels right now. This is this. I dont know how this is America. I don't know how but
our administration right now is loading up our airplanes and they are loading up the eighty second airborne. They are loading em up, and I I know members of the eighty second airborne. I know our Marines there no way they are happy about this. I cannot wait to tell you. a story, but I'm not gonna do it until I know our people are off the ground, but you if you are you think you ve even been close to angry. wait until and I'm going to name names. It's not it's not mine to tell We have somebody was on the ground and it's there place to name names because they witnessed it. and so did others. But I will, I will do everything
I can to make sure that that individual is held responsible blood is on their hands. I would just ask that you would pray hard or all of the people all over the world. I'm expect hang in ninety minutes to get a briefing on something we are now turning to change tactics. Last night, I I I said David Barton from all builders. who is here to talk to him in a few minutes. I said to him earlier. I think this is why we're here, because we not coincidentally, I mean absolute divine problem.
since we happen to be the right place at the right time, and somebody who made the cut on coming over on the plain that I lastly wondered: why are we bringing this individual, but it just felt right. that he was with us and he happened to be the key something rather massive and there is divine providence. God is involved in all of this, but I am telling you right now so is Satan. Evil is powerful right now and I I I testify to you That we are going to become the darkest most evil nation to ever ever be on the face of the earth. If we don't turn from this, now if we don't soften our hearts and turn
ourselves back to God and plead for his forgiveness. We still responsible for what our government is doing. Because we elected this government. We chose this evil and we must beg for forgiveness and then do everything we can to be good and work Lee of blessings, because we are going to need them. Please brave, for peace, pray Your heart is softened and pray for a shield against this evils programme Life lock me if you think the big company You do business with can't have data breaches because gather big companies yeah T Mobile recently confirmed a data breach that could affect forty seven million past and present customers. Have you ever had t mobile? regulations your stuff
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dot com bill lurch. If something's going wrong and help you clean it up. If something did go wrong, promo code back and save one eight hundred Lifelock one. Eight hundred Lifelock or Lifelock dot com explosion by the airport is unfortunately getting worse by the minute. We'll have all the breaking details coming up. Next, this? Is the Glen Back Programme live from the Middle EAST? I want to take you directly to Kabul, the airport now, where good friend and the founder of mighty oaks is on the ground, hello, Chad. How are you
big land area, good, the still at the airport in Kabul, actually I'm I'm out in the same neighborhood you are out, Algeria has been worry, I've heard of our guide. We stopped you our guy search, and what about the you guys, but what about the airplane? What about the airplane that was full of people? I don't wanna tell that story that a story to tell if you're ready, to tell that, I'm just worried about those people yeah man, oh, I wish I could issue an airplane rose, bushes and I wish I could say it right now, but we got to get our guys off the ground. Verse nuts photo. That's fine at those fine is so tell us Tell us what you know. Chad tell us what situation is like you. Their earlier. I know where we only ever
we have to get together with the commission. We have laid down you guys doing measuring fund. We have fifty two hundred people off the ground and you know it so it's way stories that Europe is tough. reconcile because you had this once out of you had so happy and joyful. I just got back from humanitarian centre where we would bringing people in the countries of origin and I've got to see these people that I'm looking around. I just want to be a guide, the soul emotional, because you will be working hard, so we are so hard all week you have. I got six hours of sleep in the last five days in and I ve been working on. You walk into she's people and and know that they have a chance? They hope and she was a little kid. And I got to see my interpreter that that I got out and his family and his kids ran up to me about me, and I was just so emotional overwhelmed with business sense of joy within as also the sense of We know what we should make a bowler. You have people left. European citizens left
people were still ensure ditches trying to climb the way over constantly aware, though in their kids at it- She had better what my body, one ablaze, Joe Sab three babies in Cartagena. Why were mom showed that do their babies? Old ass, you are mind your dad babies You are just open. The rather give their baby, then then added under Taliban and learned babies tangled up in a costume toward your dead in There- and you know it now we hear reports dad during their daughters, not because mutual, their daughters, because you know what their daughters tat endured. suffering of the Taliban and our rhetoric situation and largest break Sinhalese. People are just, do it there and when we did it our government, I've! Never, as american someone,
patriotic guy, I think I know in India ever feel embarrassed and ashamed. of our country, Whenever this morning, copper, drum mad for general from a boar military, amazing nation, and to help these people two lawyers there, minister, interior minister. affairs and you spend them for helping us, but I apologise for our country, and put them in a situation, have to help and a country most import who are they all Ulysses you to hear it. We still are not doing the right thing. The White House still stopping people from doing the right thing. I'll stay apartment is paralyzed. They will not move these people. They put it on, the entire rest of the world is participating as humanitarian crisis on a biblical scale, but the one government that causes problems, if not participating help. and it's an embarrassment to our country,
we need? We? The people need to hold a White House accountable, this initial by political statement about your top verses. Oh stop it, thereby they caught up in the last years. This is about What morally right ass she went the world can function this way, not one Nationalists this nation a world, behaves this way and treat people this way. I am. I had a phone call with an ambassador of a country last night and I had exactly the same same converse, action, and I was amazed at how this country a dismissed America now, just as there are just the way we don't. We dont trust anymore, but also, who would dwell on it said, but that's it prince story. This is about
saving people, and here's this great country that wasn't playing politics at all. Didn't care doesn't want any of the credit they are moving, may Heaven and earth, and because our state department, their hands were tied. Yeah by the same country, and it's like I'm looking to do so. I'm looking at their military, I'm lookin their government, the volunteers that the workers their feet, these families, I went in the humanitarian aid. Are they there's? There's doctors in toys for the kids in it's amazing in, unlike you, people or incredible like there are so amazing to be treating these these refugees. This way again, a home right now these people play there's. This is not a tent city it's beyond,
unbelievable what these people doing. In an argument, we'll do it and you almost a finger to help I think I am, I think, I'm at the place the term, I think with the place that you are without being able to see the humanitarian side of it, because I'm of Box Dan and not allowed to go to some of them, is that you are. and I am- I can't tell you the when you're only seeing the bad side, I feel such empathy for our soldiers, because the ash that this must be the way they feel cause. I there's like they just the walls closing in on you and you're like what is happening. Let me now, young. Obviously you know my Yoke foundation, you owe me there.
Furthermore, let alone in support of the commission. I live about american military warriors and of our troops and but our meal Turkey is not doing jobs military now, the state Portugal, Bolivia and in the NEO not like a evacuation operation, which is a deity function. The White House gave it to the state Department The government is using a military, like She security be that airport there now- They all know what any areas do not a running you a hundred, commerce job. The White House gave it to them because they thought military was too emotionally attached to the afghan jack. and after twenty years in industry, the outermost regions in the airport, like a embassy, like an empty. So so Chad help me with this
I believe that our soldiers that the boots on the ground, the people that you know of the eighty second airborne, etc there good solid p. when they know what's right, but It appears as though the v the brass comes from a different place, cut more from like the White House and my reading this wrong. you're reading it out your percent man. I wish I could tell a story right now and when I can, I now know exposed The story gets terrific, but I will tell you when you nearly all the story and we'll get our teeth into it, and I will I will be right with. I will not let go until those people pay day after day I mean from I know joint chief lily on down they there made are made our? U S military have used. Are you United Motor to do
job in a way that cost American S costing american lives in the larger allies and enable and I know I can imagine you know- been the position of our military service members right now. and it being forced to do things better and more humane and I get home coup America as their against everything they raise your hand and made out to do and thereby enforced do that by the leaders. Wash indices back in making decisions based on whenever you want I'll say when I was right. I'm an embryo anywhere and always great as America, deserts identity, America does which right right and there come come? How many Americans do you think are going to be left behind? I buy got word, I dont know. If this is true now I don't know
True? What's not got word that the embassy staff, all the foreign embassies staff left behind How many Americans do you suppose, are left behind Well, you know it continue to hear the number ten thousand, but have also heard that a member could be twice that many because the State Department does not require you to register to adding wanting whilst pressure very shock, you said was that that's been right is that deal you're. Serbia's people dont have to register, and I don't have the right to leave and the freedom we have and ass It's not a very trap, definite very well track database. at this rate of women has They do not really have any idea, but between cannon, twenty thousand we're going to be left their elected the military. This is over the motors leaving I wouldn't be surprised, wake up tomorrow morning and will differently
You? U s? S nurse at different times, but here you know it: sure, but to night I wouldn't be surprised if we get more money and they're gone they they Pentagon, just said that they aren't going anywhere until the thirty first, but that's different than what we here on the ground. Here we hear that things are advancing rapidly and they're, pulling the troops out right now, and I dont know what what it's true and what is not unless we hear from the people were actually on the ground and they ve seen it it appears it appears in leaving now if they stated to the reverse, just as stated in, they may do that We will continue to be decided in pull out, but it right now there's no really no relevant. They made in being there because we were not rescuing
People anymore, we as energy or doing, is shut down the military's. Not doing The more the gates are sealed afford, rescue it is it over with We ve deferentially handed over our citizens to the Taliban, Chad, the widely the big mimosa hostage situation in history, that United view you had plan, you had a plain that was getting ready to take off and it was cancelled, because we flew a plane in and that hit a cap here, we're What, where Whereat did that as it are those people safe, those women and show women, children and on that we are wanting up their flight dodoes yours, Yes, in ITALY and in Europe, which will you- and I talked about this-
everyone would you trying to do the right thing, a thousand miles an hour now. I know I know I know it's a good. Thank you. I have just been re just like that no, it just been on our on our mind and not our heart that these people were possibly trapped as things better. Thank God there out yet may yet analysis that was assessed or I'm the where they are, but I know I know they, those people in get back up. That's ok, let us know Chad when when we can help, explain Those what's going on because I I know the story that you have to tell and it, we will horrify. Americans will truly truly horrify Americans. So thanks for everything that you are now she met and why
I don't want to go up in a plane in issues at your text. You, ok, thank you, Chad, rubber Joe. I can't thank him enough. You should pray for him and the Mighty Oaks Foundation It is an amazing group of people who are doing incredible things here on the ground. Thank you. So much Chad. in a minute, you know you, doesn't know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy food, but his body does your feeding of dry kibble food, for instance. His body is telling him that everything is eating is dead and there's nothing really good form of my fill up his stomach, but it's not good Kibble food has to be sterilised for long shelf. Life has to be able last on the shelf for two years. So, what's missing, are the key things that you dog needs: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, any oxidants. All this you need to be healthier and happier, and in alone,
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What this I'm live in the Middle EAST, I guess what I'm. I'm feeling I have felt before. And that is when I first started recovery. When you, stop drinking and you realize you have to just face the truth of what you ve allowed yourself to become Does it mean? That's who you are too. You have allowed yourself to boot, come and honor and integrity and the truth are really the only thing that- matter in life. Without it, you have nothing, and the truth, is pretty ugly here and it is its you're not able to blame it on anybody, but the United States. What we are currently doing to the people in
Ghana. Stan is a horror, show I am so grateful for the hope that you have provided them and the hope that you provide me please he's all of our team, that's on the ground in harm's way and all of the people in Afghanistan, in your prayers, more from the Middle EAST. In a minute,
would you not entertainment? The Goin back progress America, and welcome to the Glen Back Programme. I want To start with some good news- and I am also- I guess part of that good. we have time cock, none who can tell us the truth of what he knows is going on, but I also, to tell you very much just let you know what's happening to your money. I had one of the most bizarre experiences of my life just before this opening monologue here.
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the receiving airports are full and our state Department is blocking these people from leaving and through device providence, which I will tell you in a little while we happen to be true dealing with somebody who had an answer and he has been working for twenty four hours and that answer is about to come through, but we were talking about the cost of the and it's gonna cost about going to cost about two billion dollars for a thousand people and. and everybody looked at me and I said gosh I can't believe we're negotiating for people but gee. I think I think two million dollars is probably a good price for
thousand people, but it is, it is bizarre what going on right now, and our country is on the wrong side the first time in my life. I am, I am ashamed. True, ashamed. Morally ashamed of our country, Senator Tom and joins us now and I'm guessing. He feels somewhat the same way about what is happening senator, how are you, sir thanks for joining us going? we are with. You are, but under very difficult circumstances. Of course, what happened in again- stand over the last couple weeks. If sad, its tragic, it is shameful, disgraceful, humiliating, embarrassing. maybe worst Baldwin, it wasn't predictable. It was predicted me observed better President Biden executed his decision withdrawal and, amid all the findings
then, by withdrawing the critical enabling support that the Taliban had aren't you Afghan Army had, for instance, with western contractors to keep their force. Why would be borne the royal from underneath them ensuring see some reports come out the media that says that it was predicted directly the Joe Biden, no matter what you ve been saying, the american people that this would be the fate that we face right now, senator you know their bad decisions, but this is that this is a pattern here. Now it's not just a pattern because of what he has done before, I'm a pattern. Here. There is a doubling down of everything. There is a a refusal to see what is going on, which makes me wonder if a the president is mentally competent and that's being
kind or there is something else at play here, because there is, there is not ally. That is with us there is not a sane individual left right centre. It doesn't matter politics. All aside, we our risk. We are there's blood all over our hands on this, and I can't figure out why. Why is this happening?. Why are you doing this her so well in the pattern, I would say, goes back me up it years, member Bob Gates famously said of Joe Biden when they both serve the Obama administration, but he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security station of his lifetime. It was forty years when Secretary Directorate that its fifty years now the different issues,
for most of us declared it didn't matter too much because he was a senator and then a vice president. He wasn't in charge, but The charge nail and you see and catastrophic relief the consequences of his terrible judgment now I think his attitude over the last two weeks does also reflect something. I'm Joe Biden, character, kind of like that. No eight on these challenges. the balls to this wise guy attitude of mind. The lady and I understand that he is not used to being challenged by media, but finally have started the press him on his numerous falsehoods oppressors. People around them. You tell it eats under a scan, gets spider spiteful in practical and bitter, and he just dignan feels more, even though the circumstances on the ground are obviously deteriorate.
And have been for some time. Well, that's what I can't figure out is is. Is anyone telling him the truth of? What's going on is the Pentagon, for that. Is there any one that is standing up in his in his council. That is saying Mr President, a I understand you already made the decision, but now the the entire world is not standing with us and people are going to die. There are Americans, that you are leaving behind anyone is saying that to him We are all of the speeches on the question had been. Initially the cash from rail. We may offer a couple weeks just as breakneck speed Our July wisely said there'd be no side on moment.
We wouldn't have the collapse of the government. I think it's pretty clear, based on the news report that both the Department of Defense and our intelligence, he sees were sounding those alarms to President Biden. But- others, about which I want a reminder, listeners that Bob Gate says it. Joe Biden has a very mistrustful. Jason Shepherd senior military leaders you're in Mamma said in his own memoirs that died Joe Biden, as vice president constantly cautioned, President Obama about listening to the senior military leaders at the Pentagon, but how they were gonna try for me and how they try to drug policy not implement his policy, and I think you see the consequences of that at present. My dad you now is that
the warnings from Senor leaders, the Pentagon and tell him say to cease, be ploughed straight ahead at a glance at the real question, then becomes are those those closest to him in the White House in his inner circle, speaking the truth to him or they can bang the genuine news- and I have questions that they are based on those speeches- is given an and also glad that I have to say I think some of them you. This is just Canada, a bad news day not gonna campaign using Joe by now your radio interview campaign last year, and it makes a gap and you ve got a couple days of bad at lines. The pretty soon things move on and their treating this bs go in and that dancing around like it's just about headlines my campaign, and they want to turn the page and get back to their reckless bird, have two trillion dollar budget, but is not just about headline whenever you got hundreds, if not thousands of Americans trap behind enemy lie
reality and those Americans are gonna, be stuck there after Tuesday to say nothing of the green cardholders that we can't get into the country and those after sue Serb alongside us and who have been bedded and approve or a special integrate base up, there all can be strengthened. That word is here in the Middle EAST in the word is here that there are eighteen hundred that worked for the embassy that have special visas, want to get out and have no chance of getting out now we're leaving them behind its reprehensible, aiming it is reprehensible its Paulie. It's also strategically foolish. Imagine the challenges will have for years to come. If we ever need local supports and hot spot around the world.
One reason why great and respected countries keep their word, Which Joe Biden now has broken flagrantly sooner in a way that will rebound the right for years to come. So is is there there's no way to theirs? a way to stop this. There's not an appetite in Congress to You too, and I dont mean from the Republicans I mean from the Democrats. Is there not enough people in Congress and in the Senate to stand up and be a check and a balance on this reckless dangerous behaviour. I think what you ve seen from a Democrat is a deafening silence. Very very few number of Democrats, oftentimes veterans. cells, maybe serving on armed services really tell his committee have suggested
we need to have a minimum stay as long as it takes to get out all of the Americans who are in Afghanistan, but most integration I? Don't wanna talk about it all as you ptolemais plus they she's gonna talk about their reckless there and have trillion dollar budget. They want their like present, mind footlights. They just want to keep their heads down grit written very lucky to him bad news cycle campaign and then turn the page, hopefully after next to say it all gonna be headlines in the media automobile, it's gonna be my work. I don't see how house how we get a move on if we have hundreds or even thousands of Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan when the Taliban, that point until not just all the border crossings build airports in the country- and this is mean the only hope- and I say this with just callous disregard manatee. But the only hope is that there will be no press there to report it, but so
far the Taliban still has twitter still as Facebook I don't think they're gonna be shy and showing some of it maybe I am violate the twitter standards. Well, that is a big difference between where the women they differences between, where we are now on work at a time. Ban was twenty years ago before I'm leavin is so media do not just back then, and as we've seen with ISIS over the years. Ices is very aggressive and their use of social media for propaganda purposes in recruiting and training, and I suspect that will be the same. Thou be true of the Taliban as well. Quickly. One last question: I know you ve gotta run. Thank you a four kicking some, but with the state Department, but can you give me an update on the state department we last night had an ambassador called in? I think it's Macedonia will they come?
post off. We were looking for places where we can fly people in just a hold. Them and Macedonia was one of them and are ambassador or the impasse center of Macedonia was called by the State Department and told not to take any of these people, what the hell, I'm at present the report gland backward similar reports, and I know that our people on the ground inside the airport, both Orban defence intelligence agencies, our state, or with its shoulder, trying to move Heaven and earth people? Therefore. Now the country, but the senior leadership the State Department is, is a different kind, a Bush Historiae just this morning that we weren't, even while allowing british nationals to get inside the airport with their afghan partners and a lot of great Britain ethics at profit experts to get that women have had an impact on the american government or taxpayer and sought in a couple of people never heard on which greatly
I'm very start by these reports and I'm trying to get answers on all of them at a minimum should be allowing countries that are willing to accept Afghans? The answer will extend charter guy in Kabul to do that to clean up some oppressive by mass. Ah, yes, Yes, you don't wanna, do it fine we'll do it we'll do it but they won't even me. They are obstructing us every step of the way, and I don't know if it's out of spite ignorance. I have no idea, I dont care, but it should stop now the boy the Iberian I greatly and unjust, worry that they're about the role of states in the next twenty four forty eight hours made it Joe Biden tell back to have every last troop of airports on too I thirty one- wanted decline. Mass evacuation chartered out now throw Tuesday afternoon against,
getting our troops out as well. Well, we will for as long as we possibly can Senator Thank you. So much thanks for your service to country here in Afghanistan, and and thank you thank you for your service in the Senate is well God Blackie. What Senator Tom Cotton back in a minute, you remember that teacher last week she went on. I ran about climate change and the corona virus, and conservatives telling them to your parents are dumber than you. You don't have to believe everything your parents believe, because most likely you're smarter than them. Oh my couch but let me ask you something: what do you really know about what your kids are being taught or not taught about democracy about the free market? The only way to protect your kids from bad information is to give them good
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This is it's not charging welcome to the programme? Glenn is in the Middle EAST. Or we're gonna connect with him here, in just a moment the details are coming out of Kabul and the airport are horrifying. You say. The least. Some of these, footage that is answer for media now still yet to be confirmed, but is renewed to say it's gruesome and disturbing would be to under sell it and dramatically. There are you know legitimately piles of people all over the place around where the spawning occurred. the. U S is now confirming: U S and civilian casualties, we don't know what that means. Yet we dont know we ve seen of reports of at least
for: U S: Marines that were at least injured or may be killed. The reporting from the ground is saying this is it that there are not good? anything else, no more. People are going to be let in there just going there thirty first thing looks like it may be off. This may just be us leaving as soon as we can get people off of the base. This is it they're, saying no more planes to take off, so this is gonna be back with us or not, and I can't talk now on Craigslist while some but were were kind of trying to reconnect with him in the at least this is missing. We talked about over and over again over the past week, which was as as this had been discussed by arson and by many people,
critical of the Biden administration- it was disk as this thing that job I screwed up put a lot of people in danger and look at this catastrophe as they try to have people around the airport and- and It's a mass and all of this and We said over and over again that discussion was a discussion about the best case scenario The best possible thing that can come out of this he's just that Joe Biden really screwed up and stranded thousands of peace for some time and- very messy situation were able to get them out eventually, because the task bond, decided to be super nice and allow it to occur. What we are seeing now is approaching more of the worst case scenario, where some
one we don't know who the there talking there trying to blame this new ISIS K. I guess a new variant, the attack tallow and is claiming that they have had their own people, old and the attack will see what the how about plays out, but this could get much much worse. And is getting much much worse when have Glenn back from the Middle EAST here in June, de moment triple eight seven. Twenty seven back is the phone number a dark day. In. U S, history you are in the middle of witnessing it will have all the details in just a minute. This is the blunder programme? Well, here's something interesting that just happened in the world. Buddy named Palin terror. It just bought
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That's eight six: six gold line or gotta gold lying dot com This is the line that programme Are you here today? there's a lot going on David Barton from Wall Builders and also on the board of directors of the Nazareth Fund has travelling with us. And why have seen and heard an awful lot that some of which we can't tell you yet some of it good some of the bad. But first, let's start with the the good We have forty one hundred. No did I want fifty one hundred p
out now, still five thousand people have been saved. I understand there is one more plain on the tarmac that is they d go. There were others that we will tell you the story about later when we are able to, but the problem is last night is about twenty four hours ago. We had a problem that the the whole countries that are landing. These planes would had a cap of about four thousand people. One of the countries and all of the countries had reached there and the reason why that was happening is because the State Department was not valid, king for anybody, so we could move them onto other host countries.
and so everything, and can I add to that the State Department had vetted all these people. They were all on a list there on the State Department list. The people got on the plea in our own that lived. There. the air they go into the country and the state Parliament calls the conference as we want vouch for the people, right there on your list. That's how they get their industry Parliament will not follow through so with Headplanes turnaround in the air and come back or we had them stop. On the ground, because the plate, the State Department, won't let those people the ground or the next step, the next stage in area, because they won't vaseful. And yet you can't get on the plane if you hadn't been through the State Department, and so now these host countries that have been taking them out of bull they're supposed to a couple and then we verify that is who you are yadda yadda. We ve our done that in Kabul Then we do it again and we make sure that everybody is who they say they are, and then they go to the next country. While the
to Burma was blocking us from getting people out of Kabul. Then They are blocking us from getting people out of these airports and these airports are overrun and they can. Take any more through divine Providence, and I'm not gonna. Give you any details until it's done, but this is literally David, o God thing Would you agree that it is a God dying? People talk about God, apprentices are handprint yeah. This is not a fingerprint we're travelling with somebody. We brought somebody with us who, at the last minute said hey. Can I jump on the plane with you guys, and we said yes and we kind of all we kind of all thought he's a really good guy to have any kind of knows a little bit of every body. May we thought You know it'll, be great damage, but didn't really have a job for him. You know
and then last night, as we're talking, he said I think I can get. Countries to open up and two countries in titular, and we just got word David is an official word there, s, not official, not to say the country, okay, so, but bet it's official, it's gonna happen, we're just not go. Yes, there right now right and I'm not going to say it until those planes are down on the ground anyway. Right because I don't we don't need any more hassles from anybody else, but looks like we're gonna be able to take five thousand people. And move them in plainly After planeload right away, which would then open up all of these trees to take more if any one can get any more planes off the ground, so we take another five thousand people out if their support.
kind of looking now. You know at the at the british and french as the only ones that are going to be able to help do that because Nobody else is doing well, it looks like that, because cowboys really under american control, that there not even letting the british and others go out. So the even our allies, nay able to get their private planes out of their. So this Farmer really has shut down the flow, and if we get these folks moved to these other countries, we could get more p bull and that these countries and keep keep moving people out of Kabul. But at this point of that and look at the State Department gonna. Let us or our allies, take any more out so that is the bats situation. Here I know David has been you been tracking, a lot of stuff where at the of our day here it's it's dark here, and people are starting to
come home, have dinner and then go to bed soon. Your reflections on the day here is torn emotions, because, on the one hand I our military. I get two kids in army right now on on deployments, different places and service different places, and I know that if we untied and the military we're not having any there's trouble equable villages that there's no other none of it. No, the military capabilities in my frustration is, we don't have to have this going on. We didn't have to add that bomb goin off, we could add a wide perimeter way out, none of this would be a problem for MRS K would not be, and in Afghanistan they wouldn't have dared lift their head that this would be a non story, but at this Same time, the military can't do that in an urban reflecting. Then it's it's a frustrate.
But it's also I'm so pleased that the concept We should set up a civil authority over the military because we cannot have a coup this way, if our military guy frustrated with present bind said we're gonna go save these guys, what stop them from Heaven? coup next time middle, like any president, and so the fact that their adult life, the hat the fact that our military has its hands tied. But I like the fact military has his hands tied because the constitution was so wise in that regard. That prevented. never become a third world country. Having a coup. Has a historian David? Can you think of a time in american history like this, while? No, what makes it you there has always been for all the presence. As I can. I got in the ones I disagree worth. There has been an american first mentality and even
when I disagreed with them politically. They were very good about trying to me contain our strength? In an hour? mutation internationally. I can't think of a place. the closer we get to Vietnam and that's the closer we get network. Politicians managed war, not the military, guys all white is that what I mean here politics, is managed in war, not the military gas, but that that was in I hate him, bring that up binds the one who brought it up that we're not gonna be there, and yet here we are suggesting close a second, come. If I go back to sack retailer. If I go back all the other wars, I can think of all the other conflicts. There's nothing this impressive This has been places were that, like with Teddy Roosevelt peep. Americans are taken captive, Cuba- and we just went in and crushed it- there was just knock. I happen, you're, not gonna hold Americans, so it's really hard think of anything really that that is close to what's happening here with embarrassment were suffering with, though
Where did other nations are looking at us? Our loss of prestige, there's always and people who hated her Mary but not allies, and I don't I don't mind that were embarrassed or humiliated. I'm ashamed that we are are eyeing and were lying to herself and were betraying our ally, and the people I mean, we are really cruel. Easily on the wrong side here now and is one of the things the history tends to get right over time. You not maybe twenty thirty years before the full story comes out with allowed this, because even the media starting challenge jobs. They're still not get the full story, were seen over here and what we have the report's Avonlea tells us we're getting. They have access to it's just not making it back home. So at some point, That's gonna come out, just as it did in Vietnam. Them did it really bad job there? In retrospect, we have a lot more knowledge of what happened and what the media told us and that'll happen here.
eventually just takes a while to get there. David Martin more builders and from the Nazareth fun. Thanks for everything to tell you a story and and and and It is just a story is just a story but You know it's weird. How sometimes stories turn out to be? You know very close to real life, saying that about this story but term you know there was country there was a company that really wanted a pipeline. from my from Afghanistan all the way to Russia and then cross Russia, and- and into worm into Europe, And the afghan elite
Your ship didn't want that they didn't. They didn't want there. Their reserves to be exploited like that, and this country, who had gone to other countries and in the other countries, were wherefore it. but then there was this, this horror, A change of policy and new people became in charge and and their payment for doing a deal, was military equipment and and making sure that term that nobody bothered them anymore anyway. That's it just like crazy, crazy story. By the way there is a company that does want to build that pipeline. That's not fantasy. The rest of it is completely made up, but
that that that you know it's weird, is that company is named bereavement back in a minute. I want to talk about American, creating America is starting to change and is changing from the inside out, and it's not a good change, but there is There is another part of Amerika that is standing true to what we once knew and while the girl get shakier we to find that solid ground solid ground is responsibility. Fiscal responsibility spiritual responsibility, get your fiscal house in order by calling american financing right now they are not or tat the bank out there here to help you they work for you, not the bank's, let their consultant to a free mortgage review for you today, I see what you might be missing out on a map
can financing dot net. Do it now american financing dot net, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american fun in writing. Nl Us one. Eight do three three for that w W that animal less consumer access, dot org program so to bombs at least, have gone out off near Thee cobble airport. We know from our state. But there were U S: casualties and civilian casualties. We don't know all of the numbers, some of the reporting, a saying, at least for U S. Servicemen, have in wounded or killed
the Taliban is saying at least thirteen people have been killed, although if you have seen the footage that has come out from on social media you, you know it's much much more than that. There are piles of people all over the place and says A worsening Joe into the worst case scenario,. I will remind you that two days ago, Jen Saki told us that wouldn't call the evacuation anything. But a success. Two days ago. The White House behind the scenes went to any publication that would listen to them and Say that they needed to have the are due credit.
For what is going on in Afghanistan, and you, probably saw if you're on social media if you're on Twitter. If you watch cable news, you probably saw many people who are aligned with the administration parroting that exact sentiment. People on MSNBC, did it Peter all over the media. Did it. They wanted their props for Afghanistan. Well, I hope they get them. They did They deserve all of the credit for what is occurring there right now Says there's Joe Biden said that any attack on our forces would be met with swift and Forceful response so far no sign of any thing, swift or forceful from this administration, the exact opposite, the ending of
an on going pathetic march to failure. It's incredible to watch. It occur in real time. is the United States of America we're talking about our country, and this is the face they are putting out. My understanding of the process is that you don't allow Thousands of your own people to be so ended in a country. before you allowed to be taken over. Seems to be the decision was made quite a long time ago that we were going to hand the country back to the Taliban eventually, but could we at least have a He waited our people before we did it presently the answer to that is no As you may know, we had plenty of places for airplane to take off in this country, not very long ago.
We gave them all up before we evacuated our people now We have multiple suicide bombs, going off right outside the airport and every piece of reporting on the ground and from people or in touch with military officials are saying basically it's over. We are not even going to make it to the deadline the Taliban set for us. We are going to evacuate people as fast as possible and the quote from a source inside the military. Was that it is increasingly likely that yes, Thousands of Americans will be left behind it's hard to overstate the whole day. The whole frickin day is hard to overstate,
just a terrible day? An? U S, history, Furthermore, on it tonight, students, America, the blaze of arm to Colombia,
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