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An America We Simply Don’t Recognize | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeff Fisher | 1/3/20

2020-01-03 | 🔗
Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher are on the program to discuss the escalating situation in the Middle East after two Iranian military commanders were killed in a U.S. airstrike. Why are so many anti-Semitic acts of violence being carried out in 21st-century America? Texas is teetering on the brink of becoming a truly purple state. An 11-month-old Texas baby is being taken off life support against her parents’ wishes. Is this an isolated case or a disturbing reality in American health care? Alex Jones is no longer a prominent conspiracy theorist, but alas, he’s back in the news. Last but not least, today you may just learn Jeffy’s real age!

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their land back programme. Wealth enjoyed great, an Jemmy for Glenn on the Glinda programme. He's back on, Monday AAA seventy seven be easy K. We had a full slate of stuff we gotta get to, including one going on in Iraq and IRAN and what may
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programmable eight? Seventy seven be easy K. Iraqi TV and three iraqi Nike officials said that a general Cassim head of IRAN's elite coots force has been killed in an air strike at at Baghdad's international strike at Baghdad's International, the strike Almah hunters, the deputy commander of a ran back. Ran back militias known as the popular enforces, so those two very influential big officials in IRAN officials we lost him. Their deaths are poor Aren't you probably get us some chaos? I would some maybe some retaliation from a ran. Thus, in that way It does seem that much said as much yet look week killed us lose two men in response ran.
It responds in Iraq a century. What are they doing there and thank you for what they were doing there was the general was planning. Was planning attacks against? U S forces, oh yeah sola. I guess you know to them. It is yes, I perfectly fine, oh so President trumps take on this is you should have been taken up many years You should have been taken up many years ago. Source is right and what to say, I have said yes, it would have so we'll see what they have. You know with what they're going to do do about it, what they're going to do about it, but, keep taking it in taking it in taking it or you finally stop to it. As present drop has tried to do her. That's the concern, as president trumpets try to do here and that's the concern right, I mean the right thing to do
do it yeah seems like yeah does seem like that. That needs to happen right anyway. It does seem like this has escalated things though again right. I know, and I read your time when we were talking about getting out just two in my region. I am when we were talking about getting I'll. Just talk to a just talked about it. Yesterday, and a rack, and after eighteen years who can be opposed to that I years certainly Maybe there are people who are opposed to that, but I thought Certainly maybe you know. Maybe there are people who are opposed to that, but I think it's time it's go, but now you can't just up and leave now but now you can't over. And it's all there too. Extra forces in there now. I think I think I just heard yesterday did I think I just heard yet it. I didn't, hear another the forces in there now. I think I think I just heard yesterday didn't hear another four thousand. There are being pressed, probably prudent because you know you can expect-
spect, some sort of retaliation effort on the part of IRAN, you know, so all the countries that are there, What about it? They none of them! I don't want any of em supported me. Any of em supported leaving our allies were living on it. Yes, I don't any of supported. Even our allies were a on it. Yes, and of course, you job you shut up thanks for your help, get off our continent. Take your stupid. You and building we're gonna Baldos it. So you're crap, out of it loaded onto a cargo planes and get out loaded onto a cargo planes and get out it's just
I'd love to do that. All I got the? U N, there's a president who would do it it's this one. I know nothing I want more than they have done to say. You know what you are going to pay for it and what I ve done is I've read to view halls dishonourable growed up, I s early you're, absolutely pack about forty. Eight hours get out. All of you. I don't want to see a single diplomat here in that building and left I just did over just this rub salt nobody's road, it's gonna be Trump card, those darling, five years. I would seriously be fervent and you don't take it. Back to Europe, you know put it in full. Headquarter? The? U N, in Belgium, Every other. One world government organizations Gue headquarters in Belgium- that's where it belongs. It doesn't belong in New York anyway, and we never get any support from the EU and never will please get condemnation
the? U S and Israel receive nothing but condemnation and where the only two countries in the world who care about civil human rights anybody's rights and we just get slapped around for it all the time back, stabbed all the time. This tiresome. You know it really is its tiresome time to get rid of it course. I'll ever happened, though, Why? But just it won't happen. Meanwhile, anti semitic attacks are continuing in New York City she's. Things are pretty ugly there really ugly. In of course, we it had. The shooting at the Delhi. Had the Hanukkah attack where a guy with a machete came into a rabbis house, and stabbed five people with the machete before they drove him out of her out of the house. There he tried to go next door to the synagogue wanted break in there, but a bunch.
People from the house had gone into the synagogue and barricaded themselves in their, so we can get you couldn't get in their. Fortunately there you ve got all kinds of attacks going on on the streets where a city. Jews or being just beaten and kicked and act with folding checkers in the street is the hatred weird preached well, rub the haters is becoming overwhelming it's pretty You have to see this or ill and or listen to this from EVA Mohammed, who is a member of the nation of Islam? Listen which she is saying about. The Jews firing up people and the nation of Islam against the Jews, the Torah, only time will have never been present among us is to open their outposts
retail stores, zealous damage, cheap goods but guess, surprise why we're down there in the kind of bills in the Mississippi doubts absorb seen? Why roasted, after the end of the civil war, it was a wild man, all the end of the day On the this idea, TAT still weapon bill has like giving son. He closing them. Ok is making them now because, through the teachings of the
Boy lies Ahmed Ben ringing as right, wingers ready you got a fucking guy got, so they will no longer be able to sell us where the facts are well. No personal responsibility whatsoever. S fascinating. There is not one iota of persons, responsibility gone on their none of it. I mean it's all the Jews forecasts are selling it to em and with so ridiculous. That's just stupid battle. We dairies goods yeah that, although there is right, but what about the liquor in the drugs, the Jews are selling the black people again in a glass and the sacks labelling, and afraid depraved that's orgies. Depraved jewish sex is being sold. Minority populations? And that's gotta? Stop you know, while that kind
hatred, eyes, really poisonous the word even start without the Jews were in the south teaching. Why How to hold onto their slaves, because there were to dubbed the browser with a white. There were obviously too stupid, too stupid and the Jews time because I Jews. Having been slaves themselves for four hundred years, I guess, you're there were familiar out a hold on slaves. They learn from their slave massacres and then they taught those stupid price still white people how to do? but in the American South. I wasn't aware of that. History is an interesting lesson. We just were taught others of my do bad, though Jews are the Delta daddy, crazy talk and Oh, my gosh and just hate filled arrest. That's a female lose lose zverkov, really bad. Yeah. I mean how where's the the
other poverty, Slaw centre on her and- and eight, although, as you probably living there was probably the birth rate, it's probably a representative southern poverty LAW centre, plus The NBA is. Modern is the modern day plantation. Obviously, Obviously they are so on the continent plantations. The Jews the the blacks were making the slaves there were making a lot of money as it would like like these, players really well paid well compensating for their slavery goods. That's exactly the anticipated. The antithesis of slavery is when you're being paid a huge sum of money to do a true and to perform at something that you're really gotta yeah yeah. I hate that you chose to do cause. You don't have to you. Go
we're getting where you dont have to work in this particular plantation, though you don't have to there being forced or no players in the abbey. Everyone, no warning and leave it at any time, somewhere else yeah, whereby the contract, yet again and they do I'll get pretty much every day. Yeah so did you can leave your twenty million dollar job go cell shoes Bayliss, you could ever anymore pay. That is outrageous. And how many times are we gonna hear the NBA refer to as a plantation, her slave. She, That is also what we could call the people who actually all the time. Owners yet what that was changed to something the administrators or something yet they won't because because of the slavery issue, it's just it's unbelievable. It is ridiculous Tripoli
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if they rarely run deals is big. So now is your chance. I have not seen a deal this good until now at simply safe back dotcom but hurry the sale ends January. Seventh, that simply safe back dot com simply safe back dotcom degree edge of a further four Glenn other global programme. Ok, so the the owners are called owners in the NBA anymore away from that term years ago, were being accorded to add of silver, the commission years, allowing time using the term order anymore. The what are they being caused? We sought administrators melodies ministers, we call our team owners and his it's funny houses. We call our table odors right here right
governor of the team- and our ultimate governor! Okay! This is so I'm not doing that. I'm sorry, I'm not calling the NBA owners, governors of the team, the governors of the team of uncertainty as to the guy who paid eight hundred million dollars for the franchise is not the owner is not the icy. Ok, we're not where, where we're going to call the owners of the ten or something else. The guy who buys lakers for three billion dollars he's not the owner is just the governor of the team. Yes, of course, ok its asinine up stupid we'd become as a society. It's embarrassing! Isn't it where is my response to believe that a woman is a woman, because the man in the outer woman, yeah, ok and if they feel
like they're, not they they identify, as as Amanda makes him a man, and you get one in part and it can have a baby. That means men can now have babies. No, it doesn't know what I mean. Is you oughta everything european year will care little care either. That's fine, but don't try to change science. Don't tell me you can have a beer now. You know, because you are and if I is something different you been taken hormones and then opened by the way, stop taken those hormones? Because now you want to have a baby like a woman. Does right and the only way you can do it is being a woman. Don't tell me you're a man cause you're, not is possible for a man to have a baby. Sorry, that's your science, That's it! That's not hate! That's such discrimination. It's just a fact. Another? I don't know that the the site Babylon be has done story of female who has this to a zebra.
We had a human baby just as stop it. It's not true. I write I'm gonna make me believe: it's ok, you can believe it yeah you can if you want to do it's not real. It's ok right, the rest of us are going to play along. Never in the days when Republicans conservatives were supposedly science, not deniers, wow no you deny sides more than people on the left. I it's it's crazy the science denial, but were the ones who so stupid in and ridiculous Nathaniel seven thousand years lower world is seventy thousand years old. How much crazier is it for people do we say: oh yeah, man can have a baby and a woman can provide sperm ok
down to AVI Europe, its settlement or ten thousand years old. It's ridiculous! I mean which is more likely once more outcomes razor, which one of those two scenarios is more likely that a man can have a baby or the Europe is seven or eight thousand years old, adequate both know the answer. The gradual! That's that, and can have a baby. That's you got some more like likely to do. However, it goes those idea gorgeous speaking of all his anti Semitism, more than ever before he was charged with the Hanukkah celebration. Stabbings power scooter save his craft and Thomas used. His cell cell phone to search the internet on. Why did Hitler hate the Jews strange.
Why does it matter to you why he hated the Jews either you do or you don't write. I guess he was looking for reason: state right, that's kind of interesting! Isn't it bizarre there? then? He entered at three more times over the following weeks that was just one of the red flags authorities found when they went through all of stuff there were more online searches for temples. Near me. There journals with Words nazi culture on the same page as swastika an starve David Lee, every detail by an FBI agent, would bring Thomas to court This coming Monday on federal hate crime charges a day after he was charged with attempted murder in the stab the wounded. Five people at a rabbis home in New York, Rockland County thirty seven year old, defendant answered routine questions. Telling God he was coherent before
shuffling away slowly feet shackled to be healthy without Bay veil. Let's just one of the many innocent, that has happened in need? city lately where there has been a rash of Anti Semitism. A twenty two year old man was assaulted by a twenty four year old woman overnight. That was the thirteen reported Anti semitic hate crime in the city since December, twenty third, the first full day of Hanukkah So when Hanukkah began, I guess all the other- This came out and started attacking Jews. Also a fifteen year old, with a unicorn, was assaulted on a bus on the way on the way home from school by some men and knifepoint. The why peaty released video
of two recent attacks. Carrie by the same group of teenage suspects once as a group approach a fifty six year old, hasidic man on Christmas Eve in crown eight and then knock him to the ground minutes later just blocks away. That sir in group, had another hasidic man over the head with a folding chair. Why Why is so it's gotten it's gotten so prevalent and so bad that whose getting into the picture again: Curtis Lila and the guardian angel right these breaking out that group again, just reading about of about him not long ago teacher is fascinating. Historians pretty fascinating, it is ok, just came out with his statement. If they're gonna attack Jews, they're gonna pay the price they're starting to all the guardian angels, as they did in the seventies eighties and early nineties. We should to go back to that period of time. Became such a better city and now were beginning to slip back into the abyss.
Strew sounds like I mean he's right about that York was becoming a: pretty safe city. He was really sad to see this, I'm sure you're, tired of lousy. I've got a lot o that guy you're in good hands, with the blog yield and Governor Cuomo they'll. Take your right away here. Listening to the bank and others are saying in business, if you dont know your numbers, you don't know your business and now the rapid pace of
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What is happening in Texas? We ask that question everyone who does there is reason for it. First of all, who was it was talking about the fact better work was talking about the fact that, Texas is only nine seats away from democratic control in the legislature. Besides, that they're just seems to be of feeling and a force in Texas that is pushing us towards being a blue state. Turning a little Purple people believe and it just needs a little bit of a shove and they're trying to give it that just now they were opened without with with beta right. We as they worked out. Unfortunately, that didn't have did not if Texas goes Blue if Texas goes to Democrats a republic won't win national elections. You gotta have Texas after which the most populous conservative stayed in the country, as far as if they were they to have, because the thought of the rapid attacks sweaty too
but I could never happen, can look around and I mean the metropolitan areas have a year ago, year and a half ago. I would have been right there's with everybody else, shy, not happening. In fact, I think I said it well, it is We all know that everything the major metropolitan areas or are they already are Houston. Dallas asked for sure. Yes, Austin has then for a while. Having often is the is the mainstay of maybe that's a heartthrob ia, but San Antonio, you know El Paso, they're, they're, all democratic now, and then in the suburbs. You still, we still get real role of the suburbs of even that Republicans are loosening their grip on that? The problem is that we are allowing people from other states to move here and I don't know if you know this better, not but- and I just this was just broke right now. Breaking news, I text is just closed it takes a close just closed just ass. They carry look, you can live anywhere you. Why does not dare
Maybe the wall we should be worried about is why be termed I sent and California people look that's what happens to a number of states in a number of cities and a number of places in all over the country. Right you get people in flux of new people and instead of realising that hey. Maybe we need to rethink the way we did things before cause. That's why we had to move. No, they fall right back into the same thought and process of yet it would be just like we did before. No that's digits Then it just doesn't make any sense that you would leave California, because California, socks and then your new taxes and try to make it California rise stop doing now. What are you doing, but it's up and all over the West California's have gone to Oregon Washington and to turn those and they have they turn those into California either. They ve gone to Boise, Idaho and they're. Turning that into California they're trying to do the same thing in Utah. I just I mean stop
setting these states with your liberalism, please by all that is holy, but that's what gives the feel that taxes is? Is. Closer than either get is wiping The roads is, maybe we army, we are closing its. Its islands closes there's not, but there is no doubt about that. If we do give up, then then you'll see this just isn't the time for that now the time for renewed vigour and renewed effort. Everywhere. We ve gotta, stop it. We have to stop it bravely and look. That's that's where we're out with with president drop to write willingly as he's he's. Given us a lot of that renewed he ass, yeah. He as he's you know, he's made. But really passionate, p s, I believe, supporters of Donald Trump Love, Donald Trump
on the opposite end. If you hey, if you dont like him, you really really hate him. We ve seen that it's amazing polarization with Donald Trump and the Bert to remove him from office has been in oh, that was going to say it has been said, but that that is one of the main reasons for that there's plenty of them. One of the main reasons is because of his renewed vigour for the love of the country. Ya. Had foreseen we're not gonna, do it. The way we did before right now is that with everything he does, I swear I go back to that. Do that spending builders kills me where I know, but I now want to let it go stop talking about. The right is never mind. Let's forget about it, they're dead, everybody don't worry that what he has to be that doesn't matter its old rats old, and that's all we hear about that, but Interestingly, Chris Haze was
had AL green, honest representative, Al Green, and he, Texas by the way I'm tax grat, yes, Agonizing Democrat from Texas and He was trying to make the point that these Republicans are spending this old yarn up about the fact that democratic, grasping at straws active intend to do a beach disguise its right after the election for the last two years and actually say that you're gonna believe guys they're worth what disease watch This is unbelievable, and levelled against Democrats during this entire affair.
Optically since September, when the former impeachment increase started a new. You play a starring role in those charges mean the argument goes like this and have a house Republicans and Trump and his allies at present, as allies is basically the Democrats want to impeach I'll try from day one. They are looking for a set of facts that they could plausibly used to do it all of it was protects tool in reverse engineer. It is annoying, exhibit wandered congressmen. Our green who's been calling for the man's and teach for for two years now what you respond to a very large the genesis of impeachment to be very candid with you, yes Blake, was when the president was running for office playing own courage to talk about his unfitness to hope, the office way, while the persons who are running against him, Mister Romilly, spoke of his not being
to hold off his heart. Really, all that is not surprising that the people running against him would talk about him being unfit for harvest. Let's turn to is opposition and feel how do you feel about drug was tromp? Was he for office? No, no! No! You so I buy in because it came from Romney because they believe everything Mitt Romney says you know I'll Green agrees with Mitt Romney all the time. It is a beautiful thing to see Crusades lay the groundwork of I've. Given you you're out here you go was this was all rather than taking the out. Confirm isn't gonna goes further and goes far there. Then this set up what indicate not only bubbling. Not only were we doing that after the election they weren't,
will it be before legal action was just days after was a negative days to be candid, this started the genesis of this began with candy. Tromp weight, I'll get the obvious thing would have been to stop him? Is it I'm sorry represent green you're saying you. You started impeachment process, for he was elected president growth rate. We hate him that much courage. We hate him so much even the thought of him becoming the president made a sick tore stomachs and we tried to do Think about it even before his election. That is credible snuck. If I finally was elected so so, then we went ahead with all our lands to impeach the guy and and You said we did try to find the set of parameters it would fit into a, and
the processes we do exactly right. They leave the Republicans were exactly right. It is incredible. Another easier and firm everything Chris said in the set up. He went beyond it diving! That's amazed at yours!. It would have great to interview crusades right after that interview and an say: hey did you notice, Chris that he went even further Then you know your preposterous enough about how the Republicans or spinning this thing he did. I thought confirm everything. I said it confirmed that they were working on for quite some time. Capacity. That's amazing that he would admit it started Before he was elected, doors are open rather care, they don't have it in another year. They now as well. The Glen said years ago that they were just drop the mask and ask would come off and they would-
oh you, their socialist tendencies, and they would show you there their plans because they believe that they gone so far. Now that you can't stop a many, why NBA that's what they're dont have being the ball of fire? The out, of course, both are You know he's dislike her here we were doing away before I was elected tired. We hate the language law for sir, and I got the coffee I can have ya got mean we. Obviously we have this irrational hatred for him to have good. We ain't, we don't our near. It doesn't matter what is actually done. We're gonna, even even even a guy that well claims to be a Republican Mitt, Romney doesn't like so many we ain't got a girl, and that too, is amazing. It's like yeah, let's go to the US, go to some other person who was running against him and find out what he thinks about him. I will just take everything he said as gospel too. With just ridiculous. It's like is if you went to
Bernie Sanders. Would he say the Joe Biden is fit for office? No, No, he would not. He would say no recently, in fact he is say, has worked Bernie. Sanders is saying that Biden is unfit for office. You not pretty strong against and lately because its it when it it's like in the latest polls, is this. Is boiling down to Bernie versus Joe. And so Bernie is calling out Biden, any saying: here's what he said it's just a lot of baggage. The Joe takes into a campaign which isn't going to create energy and excitement Brings into this campaign a record which is so weak that just cannot he ate. The kind of excitement and energies gotta be needed to defeat Donald Trump. Doesn't take much imagination to understand. The trump will be saying you see this guy, you voted for NAFTA.
People are tired of the traditional types of campaigns in which candidates like Joe are running to wealthy people's homes and raising large sums of money paid. It would wealthy people do what they want with their money me to venture. They shouldn't have First, amendment right to free speech. They shouldn't they should think because they're wealthy and so them that means evil every. Did you know I'll tell him what to do the money? Yes out on what the money is used, Tom how to make the money item, how much that, how much they can make and then what they can with it. When there you go, will do that's a good idea. This class warfare. Stuff has to end to, but I don't we, at a situation here where, on the democrat side Also terrible, it's like right and you say, coming down to a burning, Joe and pizza wasn't front yard in Ireland. I will write the latest Paul, but it's been a couple. Weeks now, but the latest Paul had Buddha judge up twenty four
twenty one over over Bernie illness. It was a little Warren had a and abiding had. Fifty fourth It is not good for the malarkey tour, but I just don't think that holds up for Buddha Judge in the later states. That way, I think and after I what New Hampshire for him triple eight seven seven be easy K, its ban, Jeffrey Berlin on the Glen backbone.
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seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, it's Pat and Jeffy for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. I'm sure Glen address this when he gets back on Monday Adele we'd. We didn't this. Yesterday, we lost Don Imus over the holiday break. Really sad, really really sad, really sad to see that guy was a genius, I'm just a radio genius. Anna and a legend I didn't know as well as Glinda is obviously but but just a funny guy and and someone I'll. Let you know how it feels from time. Yes, yes, the woods didn't rubbed alot of people, the right way I did, and the number of people were He rubbed the wrong way. We're saying Summah, some stuff that was made MR back on happy over the owl, so. I know you will address it when it goes back here stuff to compete against too. I know when we were in the heart for New Haven area and in his radio signal, came forego you with an when he was still there at the time- and I mean
it would go. It was a ratings battle back and forth all the time he be number one once we'd be number number one, the next time he be number one again the next time. It was really really, tough to compete against the guy? I mean AEGIS people love and I loved him and I think at the end he was on. He stop doing his show, I think, about a year and a half ago, right, he'd be retired. Maybe there was the April. Think of two thousand eighteen, and it was a hundred radio stations still fail to me. At seventy eight years old he was on a hundred radio stations, really something so thoughts and prayers with Diedre and in his family's, his kids his sons and daughters from his previous marriage, but will, a really big loss in in the world and certainly in the radio world turbulence Seventy seven be easy K. We gonna tell you about this, and this is happening in Texas. A judge has just ruled,
that an eleven month old baby can be taken off of life support. Hence the wishes of the baby's family I will tell you about that is just happening way to watch too, but I don't know how. But it is right here in the better reflects in fort worth. We get into that in much more coming up on a glimpse programme. Here, let's go the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their Glenn Back program. You do. I wouldn't want to be right now to IRAN are ran
I really would not want to you as an american right now, you're in american- and you owe you live in a ran. I might be considering a call to you all, I don't know they said that they were issuing travel warning onto a yak around, so I've been carryin answered. My visit did Julia your headed there. Well, I've got timeshare dark in its answer daily, two eldest use does I to Baghdad. I move that go this type. So, just out of my two weeks If so, will get into that? Also, we get into this ruling of this judge in Fort worth or low who says that the family doesn't have any choice that that they be be there are eleven month old baby who is critically ill has to be taken off life support. Just unbelievable story will get
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Oh, it simply safe back dotcom, but hurry the sale ends January. Seventh, that's please safe back dot com, simply safe back dot com. Are in the state of Texas. This has been happening way too often. Dodge ruled yesterday that an eleven month old baby can be taken off life support at cooked. Prince Medical Center in Fort worth against the families wishes how and why would you rule this way, the family of Tinsel Louis, is was born in February with severe medical problems, they're going to appeal decision there filing
emergency motion to stay which, if granted, will prevent the hospital from removing life sustaining care. While the appeal go, where are the hospital? Certainly they were kind enough to say they were going to leave the baby on life. Support were set Amadeus now underway, no matter which way the decision. When for they do that also they also the officials at Cook children's hospital said in his statement that the judge- the decision allows the hospital staff to make the most compassionate and medically appropriate decisions for the child, no winded winded hospital staff, Become the designers in the life of a child were about, over the parents unbelievable to me, it's unbelievable and it happens all the times each. I should believe it by now, because it happens all the time, even here in the United States, and it happen
a lot of times who ended, doesn't make the news- and you know people just deal with it. The US, there's an agent. The statement from the hospital was our medical judgement. Is that tinsel? should be allowed to pass naturally and peacefully. Well, not up to you. It should be up to her parents. Agreed a day David. They have said that they didn't look, we checked with other hospitals and they all they all agreed with us. Oh and who They say, even with the most extraordinary measures, the medical team is taking tizzy com, Used to suffer to keep her alive, doctors and nurses must keep her on a constant stream of painkillers, sedatives and paralytic them in I don't know what the position is in. It sounds bad. It sounds really bad and she is in distress. They say.
Tensely use, cousin tie Brown says we're pretty said, were not angry with the judge or anything. But you know it's very said feeling I would be. I would be probably in jail right now. Yes, I do. I know I would be there's no way, I'm just not letting the hospital staff make the decision in the life of my child. I don't know stand out as possible and but again consolidating does have an eye. What time is it happens? It Britain, it happens here and you know look. We decided. We ve decided that your kid Chemic yeah yeah and it's not worth it member when we die but death panels win the whole Obama CARE discussion was going on if they wouldn't existed there. A crazy idea, parasite theory that their there would never be. A group of people take hospital administrators. There would decide whose life is worth
to save and whose I do is conversations based on you know this date. Cost analysis on whether or not We thought it was worth, but this is not a story. I read this just a story another, but there was no mention of cost, As you know, there was a diet. It is true that Britain is here little ideas frame of the story. My friend there was no damn battles, sure they went at nineteen different, other hospitals and they all got to go. Decided and had a little deaf pedal. Aside decision they said it out just like that. We all agree that the kids get make it so the plug sure that happen, but that's not a death penalty. Silly its crazy, and here we we are there. Are the mom has no does no decision? Does matter? No writing to me
make a choice here. Records decided the dad has no right to make a choice here and the family says the families lawyers as criminals on death row have more rights. Isn't that the truth is not the truth. And by the way the criminals on death row and are of your where this they have? Actually, committed a heinous crime to be the position there s another, have been convicted of ice me out, yet they have yes there. Yes, so, and the baby completely innocent so well, but I may the baby was now fell and more. Is really done. My ITALY's born and raised right. So I don't know where you go with this. I guess they're going to appeal, and there too get a stay so that you know the life support, as I doubt the appeal will be heard in a week. Maybe it will but usually that doesn't happen. So
don't want the plug being pulled before you get an appeal process that has threatened governor Abbot the general have said that that going to help because better men with the with the process, yeah yeah, you know, so I trust out. I mean they gathered around a graphic faded poor little fellow and I certainly am glad I mean I have to face it- simply because we're doing the story- and you start thinking that if it was your family, Euro area or your child, that what we reaction would be an I'm with you bad open, then would it would be ugly part of the story would be. The father? Jeff Fisher is now in jail yeah yes, there's no other. I know, because I would have to sell white my disagreement with the hospital staff. By now. We would have the words I may have commented. Voices may have been raised to a level that is not appropriate in a hospital. I see you, no words would have been.
Threats might have been made. I dont really action as been taken: because seriously I know it's not funny at all, as nine would be out of your mind, yeah Eu Data might yeah you would, and so are now. My heart goes out my gosh to cause you don't know what the right of east really horrible. The kid is is is obviously struggling with child is obviously struggling yep, and so what is the right thing up to the parents, be you and I obviously would believe that gets one you get to make the decision for you because out of did you know not it's your child it used to. It seems to me it used to be that way. At least, I thought was his it's always been going on we're hospital administrators said no one hundred treatment more sorry. Now to do that, but always, but certainly in the near path here in the last few years, has been that way. But I don't think
twenty thirty years ago. Was that way, maybe it was- and I just didn't wasn't aware of it- maybe stories didn't come out. I don't know, maybe they didn't get as much national play as as they get now. But it seems like this happens pretty frequently now. And the parents wishes just don't matter they just don't care with the parents want to do in these cases well tat. You know that look, the parents are gonna, always air, odd, killed, liver Young has just daily goes that is well. Sometimes it takes a lot of treatment and time and effort and I guess you can't devoted that kind of time and effort again. It goes back to me. This is death panel stuff night. Other hospitals of agreed with us Is it nineteen other good as though they said that they have together?
the course in hospitals are going to stick together, that's ridiculous, that they had thought to nineteen other hospitals. I'm sure, did everything to do with the whole cook medical family. Hospital yeah, I don't care about nine hundred hospital. Of course a hospitals are gonna, stick together, none of them want to get sued, as other are gonna, say yeah what that hospital said, that's what we re, I that is the right way to go, yeah what they said. We will keep an eye on this see if at least the The appeals process is allowed to go through and see where wines I mean I don't know how far the parents can take this. I don't know they get afford to treatment going and appeals process, Goin paying lawyers pay a doctor's pay in the hospital bills, but a I am surprised that way. I don't see a go fund me page
for the brown family, but there are certainly should be one so that you can help with the with this battle therein, the legal battle and the medical battle for that matter, because if the price is that they can't afford treatment. I thought that was, I thought, That was what bottle care was all right. We'll wait a minute: nobody should be denied health care. I thought everybody had healthcare and all the health care they need. Nobody should go bankrupt because a medical expenses, So where that- oh anyway, whichever is the case whether they could afford it or not. The meadow. Then involved once you also put them. The legal fees into the equation. That's gonna be a massive bill and they could probably you some help.
Look for a dozen sailing. Finally about about the cause. What their talk now about ITALY, there is the the building the code. It's called the Texas Advance Directives act yet and that claims that the physicians get used to end a patient's care they determine is futile, even if the family, this That's outrageous! That is seriously so. Ok, so you like Texas right to life said treating and eleven month old baby like a criminal now, disregarding the constitution, but also sent sentencing and into eleven month old baby to death like a criminal that sums it up pretty well triple Seventy seven be easy game. It's time to get back into it. Old, because there's a reset coming and Maybe you should do your own homework
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batten down the hatches one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line get started for as little as one hundred dollars a month. One thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line for Goldline dot com Stacy Abrams, who, ran for governor in Georgia, still has it conceded he'd know em from last year's election. Would she lost in the election she still hasn't conceded. Also she has lost yes, dad that sort! Yes, the vote was the He certainly been treated like only has largely had yet by Democrats they treated like Russia, Woods, stolen election. As so slow the voting law suit
whilst still hasn't conceded found in it advocacy group called Fair fight action that opposes reasonable measures aimed at protecting the integrity of our elections. The same people can that Russia is meddling in our elections, want to secure the ballot box with nothing more than the honor system, fair fight action, filed in emergency motion in an attempt to stop Georgia from cleaning up its voter roles, so they want to get you now dead. People off of the rules. They want to get people who don't Live there anymore off the roles they want to get people who aren't alive the walls? Ok, but that's that's terrible! That's like that's that's russian meddling, in a ruling. Last week a judge decided that Abrams Group was improperly asking the judge to interpret state law said the group failed. Approve
the ones constitutional rights would be violated as a result and that any voter, illustration, erroneously cancelled could simply be restored with it. Twenty four to forty eight hours according to the defence proper, maintenance is not only required by long standing laws, but is also important in maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of elections. According to Secretary of state bread, reference, burger, love him. Twenty by love, bread, my favorite rob spur garage. You know from the Georgia Rapids Boy S family Alabama. Now I like them at all. It's Georgia Rapids burgers that I've always enjoyed stop that meeting. Mr Rapids Berger said Georgia has registered nearly half a million voters as the last election. Clear proof that we're doing things to make it easier for people devout recent
the state of Georgia announced that it would be removing from its voting rules around three hundred nine thousand inactive voters who move out of a state whose some were undeliverable or who have voted since two thousand twelve. Ok, is that reasonable kind of senile enjoy them, and maybe the reason I M voted since two thousand twelve is because their dead, it's possible. Yes, yes, ok, If you think that's what it is, this Stacy Abrams things agonizing I get it. I don't know I do as I just not going to concede, and she Have you no matter what happens right, they're, not going she had she had the opera everybody behind her, oh you're, still radical grey zone. Streams, rather oil and gave the other the speed after the presidential yearly speed
it was Daisy Abrams out their talk, which was just agonizing. That's all or an agonising yeah she's a way the word I was looking for lie agonizing. Yes, yes, the resolute different word. Completely, then you are thinking about a regionally. I had to rethink to real quick here. I realize she's a delight now. Every time I see her, I think what a delight isn't she fond hissing, she's, wonderful inscribed, hurry, eight, nine hundred thirty three nine three! It's gonna marry in New York, I married Glinda Programme with TAT Jeff. I I've never causes station before. So if I'm nervous, forgive me, I was an old icy unearth. I'm old retired, and they were concerned if you care to a couple of cites is full
since the baby. She looks horizon, go work I dont know I saw given the two points. Things have changed way back when I worked if those family involved in a person was considered brain dead, you had to have criteria. You had to have a serial each ease over a period of several days and we never took summit also ban the later the family didn't want it. That's what I thought you know where I work major medical centres in I worked at Bellevue Hospital sit in New York the erection of a medical center shook this was to different states. You never did you just didn't buy. Sometimes, if you explain to people, problem give and some time to think about think. Come to company assembly illustration, the other parties Don't know that's different enforcing the issue, though I agree, we didn't do it back then em all, but the part that you don't know the underlying diagnosis of the child it. This is pure money. This is pure sick
it doesn't say that doesn't say that that, whether it is it isn't about up but her underline diagnosis. Maybe this is her. Wife it wouldn't be a red light. Not did I agree with them, but we don't know be they can't, are you, the medical part of her family could but the doctors in the hospitals can't if it's pure money, it's horrible, we never did it for family didn't want it, but there are times when we did, but again the work with the criteria, but the family. Wasn't it but sometimes people are unrealistic. It sounds terrible set, sounds about a prognosis, see. That's where you get into the parents want their children to live right. I mean this job sharing eleven months old. Now, last little for the entire eleven months. I am.
Here we never did off. We never gave it back in the family, didn't want it. I think the ethics of change d to the member states, more business now I dont know I wasn t just had to those who like to learn about the poor baby. It's hard decision is both sides to look at how we never did. The fact that preceded me, that's why I thought you were that's. That's it Certainly seen that way to me. I'd better now, because they what they ve done, they brought in several hospitals and they have asked hey. What do you think right? What do you guys think they all agreed that it does not want a surprise that they would all back at all agreed either. Not other hospital to you know just live For the re to try to let the job with honour, and it's not just one little its nineteen rivals cell nineteen hospitals agree so. How much does it take to make a panel none
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three times faster than the Essen be five hundred, and you can to schedule your free demo right now and receive their free guide. Seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets. We dotcom slash back, set up your free demo, get your free guide today: nets we dot com, slash back with Belgrade and Jaffee for Glenn Ahmed, led by programme. He returns on Monday morning, driblets of it some be easy catch you lose. My show peccary unleashed immediately preceding this shall read before the show from five to seven no from from seventy nine eastern, six to eight central transfer,
bizarre? I can't tell time anymore and then, if you dont want or if you don't want to get up super early, just download the podcast. Your bub nearby does want to lay in bed and Lena right things with you want to open a linear liberal. You don't have a job, you need to get up and World Ghana's fine. You ever show later in the day, the delays that are the blaze fleshpots gas and oil. A Jeffreys too, and the fat podcast there as well, we ve been talking about this infant, whose eleven months old at cook, children's medical hospital in Fort worth. I just just ruled that the baby's life support can be turned off against the parents. Wishes the family really wants to keep going and The medical personnel have said now, there's no reason for it. We ve been doing for eleven months now? It's time to stop style.
I don't know where you draw that line or wise. I do very well to me. You'd rather live with you, I'm the parent and we ve gotta yet apparent decide the right that's what's gonna run into Mexico. Hey run your on the global programme with then Jimmy tomorrow morning, so I mean I completely support the family wanting to keep her tell DR, but I also don't think they have the right to subjugate their their wishes onto the hospital when the hospital, if they dont want to be involved in continuing something, fear is being unethical. They should be forced to. Well, about the life of a person, though, of the go above every hospital year, is not given a kind of ethic unethical too to give up treatment when the when the families wishes are that the EU keep the patient alive,
I support the moving the child to another hospital I mean, but what are you our like you. The hospital to perform a sex change on a world. Where are you going to? You, then forced the hospital to do what you want? Just because it's what you want no by death That's not a life and death matter for one thing, so sounds a little bit different. What what the trans people would say is that it They probably those living near, they probably my thing, but when the one other articles I read, the child has a heart defect: high blood pressure, and a chronic one condition yeah. It's it like very ill contacts and wailing. Yes, the possibility of an actual recovery is pretty low. Is for them, it seems like we're just doing stuff to her. What are really improving her overall conditions do they claim they do claimed the babies and pain as well? Yes, no matter what they do. Yeah
they're gonna wait, I Yannick job. It's it's a tough situation Thanks are Pritchett it. You know we had another situation, sort of like this one. Year or two ago, where, there was a hospital that wanted to deny treatment. To an ailing patient and the family. I was very in England, the role that was in England or live here. If I might have an angle and remember that there are so many of these adore ensues together, but that they do Berlin together, why there was an alternative hospital and they they had somebody Who is going to give them care and the hostile, wouldn't even let them move the patient road because they me their decision. No sorry were turning off. The right were shouting in Cutting down life support will know. I've got somebody who will treat them. They have agreed to this, and so I don't know, if that's the case, with this baby, if there's a hospital that they could transfer that any too
it didn't ya. You should probably do that. I don't know where that would be. You know they said that they are there and they said that they checked nineteen other hospitals all agreeing with this. Diagnosis or acting hospitals in this area, or were they just in the cook children. I see a net. Who knows the I'd. I don't know who knows. So yeah, I don't know, It's a really tough ensures it's yours. It's a tough and and really tragic issue, and I guess it's hard it's hard to take that decision away from the parents. Tourism, the family matures, because we're told all the time that somebody knows better than than us all the time, time somebody knows better than us Elizabeth Bernie Sanders there might Bloomberg build a blog there. We don't even know how, according to those progress,
better than us. Yet you can doubt ass boodles, no better than everybody knows, but look here, just a dummy right here is sure capable of me auditors of dad you as a lowly, DOM human want your job I'll do live forever, but we decided that we know better as just as its title yeah and we wouldn't want to be told that When it's your child course you dont want than ours indefinitely anything to save them. You do anything whatever it was: an n n some cases it might be unreasonable. There might be no way for this baby to survive, but They have no other means of requirements or do I would be so yeah. I know now If they have the means- and I dont know because this story destroying them Imre under so they don't say anything about the money goes into financial, didn't say whether they can afford it or they can't whether their pay-
their bills? Are there not? It does anything about that so even I lie there are rejected. I should hope at the hospital is now decide where you know we'd take care of your patient, but you can't afford it. You know I mean There's there's that argument as well, because people do able to afford them? their care those evil. Rich people able to afford better care. I, where I dont know where that life is the love. The line is due, you get the best that those who all I know is those people should exist because as people with lots of money who can afford all this stuff but you said, and I arrive and want to say, let it be said it had. He said, take right. I mean we will, if there one thing we ve learned from Democrats: it's that wealthy people are evil and they should be a fund and they should be ashamed
be allowed to live. Their money should be confiscated, their property be taken away from them or confiscated perhaps go to prison. Compromises are too hard work, but they should at least and pay at all in tax. Yes, they should yes how much as their fair share hundred percent. Yes, that's how much you know. I can you happy now a hundred to ten percent of what we want everything you ve got a little bit your life and while you're dead were taken it to have you given us everything you have, then you can work for the next ten years and give all of that to us as well. So yeah, Well, we'll see. That's enough, we'll see you be nice to finally, once and for all, sartain. What that fair share is if we can get that out of the Democrats during the campaign sometimes you know you can you can newly tell us the wealthy of impede their fair share. Ok, what is there for
share. Let's just settle on that. Can we at least agree on what, if air share. Is it's not? Apparently it's not the forty percent or forty four. Sent their pain and right now or if you add up local and He taxes probably fifty five sixty percent in some cases, that's not a fair share That is a seventy. Is seventy five percent is ninety percent? Is it a hundred percent? Where is that fair share line that would be nice to finally once and for all find out? Well, every at some point It made to us my yeah yeah brought me that clear. Yes, so let's, let's be honest, that wouldn't you reached that point, there's nothing! The line is everything he s, Meanwhile knew your governor Cuomo has blocked some federal judge. Just from officiating at weddings. Why?
well because they might be Trump nominees. That's why care mare, no, no because they might have come from Donald Trump. So Andrew Quabo, has vetoed a non controversial by partisan bill that would have allowed all federal judges to officiate weddings in the state, because some of them bite I've been nominated to the bench by President Donald Trump. That's unbelievers so the federal judges are doing weddings anyway, I mean, if I've a federal judge. Do I want billet Mary come on in, probably lie there, their vows and probably know by now for an extra ten, x on Saturday thinks there is that as but about or no, but I said, I cannot in good conscience support legislation that would authorize such actions by federal, judges who are appointed by this federal administration Omega President
Europe does not embody who we are as New Yorkers, the cornerstones that built our great state, our diversity, tolerance and inclusion. Well, except for trumpet just believe, although we don't include them, we dont tolerate them, though, because then we we don't include them, though, based on these reasons, I must veto this bill. That is unbelievable. We can diversify thou that No, no, No, that's too diverse. You're talking about its Republicans No I'm sorry. We know that psycho happen. That's on five over him and me what hypocrisy, what unbelievable hypocrisy this is. Which is why I was buying, went away with it be right, but whose is why it was a bipartisan build, a really because the high I'm guessing that there were a lot of federal judges that wanted to marry people.
But maybe they have a backlog of New York. Maybe it's another trying to help a smaller areas. I don't know what why they would do that, but there will, I am sure, whatever I just want american billet bear the Saturday glad in a democratically controlled state, arrive, disguise so extreme, efficient veto, that Bill Yassum of might have been appointed by Trump. I can have that way. Why, We have a great deal of the organ of productive man and wife doesn't work, that's just not trouble. Eight. Seventy seven be easy. Kay joy, lessening Glenn back eleven student groups, including the Harvard College Democrat, signed a petition accusing their school paper of showing cultural insensitivity were contacting ice for comment after a protest against agency on campus at it. They just read out for combat. Thankfully there is something we can do about the madness and the destruction of our civilization by these woke activists. It's as simple as
service you use every day, switch your mobile carrier to Patriot Mobile Patriot more it is the only cellular service that donate a portion of your monthly bill. Two organisations fighting against things like this right now. Patriot mobile is bad. Back there by one line get one lying free for six months. If you make the switch really easy, a keep your number, you keep your followers. Anyone get reliable for De L nationwide service for as long as twenty five bucks among while helping to preserve the country. We all got a patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back or user. U S face. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and sixty seven seven thousand five hundred and twenty four patriot mobile dot com back eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and sixty seven seven thousand five hundred and twenty four. It's bad Jeffrey for Glenn other the programme you'll be back on Monday morning.
You got some good news on the impasse either front ha. There are some good good level may impose further taste. Just like me pretty much it's well here pretty much prettier. May we heard the we heard late last year, since we are an early twenty twenty that it had similar ingredients to dog food at it. Yeah What does it right? We do The apostle opera has twenty five grams of protein. The whopper has twenty eight grab, so it's dark near closer to equal yeah. I mean darn near the same, but we also know, according to this particular doktor there. Has a high amount of estrogen burger, really the impossible. Labour has forty four m g of estrogen, forty four million milligrams Furthermore, milligrams of estrogen, that's a lie, I don't know, but he said the
Proper has two point: five and g of asteroids So as a negative growth of s, rather I grams gonna grow workers, so that visit the possible whopper. According to this doctors, math, oh God, has a team million. I was as but estrogen as a regular one that that's a lot. Eighty million advisedly Gala PA, sounds like all real lot. Nuts away live mortar story now, six glasses of soil milk per day of estrogen. For you, to grow. Brass, so Oh, I owe you know, maybe therefore wait and thought how long how I'm going to have to drink six glasses or soy milt before a grow breasts death come.
Then there is the organisation in soy, but other oil slicks class. The day for ten years, poor. Yes, your whole life, those a bush, I've heard the things about soybean fort worth, there's something going on there. I mean their feelings with adjective that's been I'm an example of that. Are you? Yes? Yes, I m p s. I love waiting at yesterday's harangue. Ah, I see you ve grown breath. I got the idea. I entire body is just a breath really. Thank you. Thank you. We all know is, I have to say I look so big, careful their beds and really ugly things come out about possible Beriah lately, like you said just a few weeks ago, they were talking about the I'd food similarity because the Healy ingredients are very similar to die right now,
you're, saying that you're getting high doses of estrogen every time you eat the pains of say, hi, dosages, Eighteen million time or the whopper itself, you ve convinced me not either thing that's I mean these tools to I'm not gonna, take a chance. I'm. Not even that brave you have to specifically asked for it to be microwaved or there's gonna go another girl with Turkey, the beef on rights everywhere, all yet oysters. Yeah me that your point of have We impossible burger burgers did not have beef. Yes,. But do you want dog food and brass asked weird. I know you silly doll gay, that's it you, though it might be just me out of it. I'm sure you do were here. He would poohpooh this absolutely in some way, absolutely with You'd have to say well, take up your shirt,
you ask the bureau to get food. See what the welcoming does and what the impossible burgers down. Ok, you don't look. If what the impossible burger isn't gonna matter. Probably now I don't know. Probably not I'm gonna take a chance. Nope nope I've been convinced whether this is true or not. I don't know. I bet it's enough to convince we're, not happened impossible, burger ever again, so there is that I didn't mean to do that through dialogue. Would you didn't like red? That's what you just did. Tripoli Seventy seven be easy game you're listening to Glenn Beck
The fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that Glenn Back Programme, bad Jeffrey AAA, seventy seven breezy k phone number to call to get involved in the show. If you'd like, We gotta talk about this, Alex Jones lawsuit Oh, he was being sued Some of the family was assigned sandy hook there is an outcome. There will tell you about that in about sixty seconds. This is that land back programme- hey you wanna New year's resolution that you can actually keep reserve. To help protect your identity and personal information with lifelong identity theft, protection life?
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its passenger, 4A Glen on the Glenn Beck program he's back on Monday, eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy, U C K Alex Jones has been ordered to pay one hundred thousand dollars in the sandy hook case, does it seem to be a lot of money, yeah He did call it a hoax. Some of the parents, of course, in the tragic event. A real exception to that he was being sued for information in awe by the parents of a six year old. Who was among the twenty six people killed in the new town Connecticut Attack Stay, District judge. Scott Jenkins ruled that
Jones in his defence team, intentionally disregarded and earlier ordered to provide witnesses to attorneys representing the sandy hook, father, who brought the lawsuit Jones. Also denied It can also denied Jones request to dismiss the lawsuit. I mean ears here's what he said that they took issue with they have staged events before But then you learn the school had been closed and reopen, and you got video. The kids going in circles in the building and they don't call the rescue choppers for two hours and then are the building down and feel it and they they caught using blue screens and email by Bloomberg, comes out in a lawsuit. But where he's telling his people get ready in the next twenty four hours to capitalize on the shooting yeah show sandy hook the huge asian static come. ITALY, fake with actors, In my view manufactured I couldn't believe it at first
I knew they had actors there clearly, but I thought they kill some real kedge energy, bold, they are that they clearly used. Church. I mean that even end up using. Photos of kids killed in mass shootings here in a If my shooting in Turkey very strange very well, strange really strange. I understand walkin in circles, demolition the building. I left. Ok and the who new, they had actors for very from the very beginning, clearly clearly avi. They resolve yes, Of course, no, they didn't have actors there. I don't know where that stuff came from, but so that customer a hundred thousand dollars but I don't know these, I think, is changed to a little bit of sandy hook. Now That again, I think he now I'd. Thinking now admits it was an actual of it. Yet
it was this. The authors show that he was doing. We add what you want you to be. He denied ever saying what you just heard here: is to say no, I didn't never horrifying around. I never said that. Of course, you did in have the world herds of whom we played it. Does we heard you illegally and as the world of us? Yes, he gets the world of radio, hurt him and- and we heard a money said Oliver and to feel what the children are. Like God, oh boy, will we get people to stand up against these people?
I probably should needed others. Radio show today already, because I have this disgusted cover brow. I take the globalist what is more than that, or that is quite an I got. I just get flip at an angry, but it's because deep down folks, I can see what they are doing and I ass. We have a responsibility to stop these globalist where are the men in this country where, where law in this world, what we need are we just offer our children up to the system with the floor? I the water, the Gm Arning, I'm the only let fat perverts gravity airborne. Trying them for the path of our government is better follow and we ve just got such a six society. Nobody knows a lot. There is a lot of their love there. One I programme I will stop there. Was there yeah there's a time? you know where you started it matter. If you wanted to dissected,
because there is really too much there. So good, that's amazing, but where are the ads? Are all very? What have we become involved? Boys it by fluoride April? There are doubts about the offer, won't do now I know, incredible stuff, so anyway, there until I'm gonna broadcasting anymore. Young is yeah. I'll be back by the way. You shouldn't died on Twitter and all the platform city was banned from happening. It's just ridiculous. I don't know how I feel about him being fined for the sandy hook. Stuff. I mean it's I know he was saying you know those stuff that, Nobody really liked my believed, but
I don't know that. Well, do you believe what you have to believe is it rose to level of defamation that these people who were in this tragic tragic situation were just doing it with actors and pretending all the way does that right, to the level of defamation of obvious, Is this judge thought Sonya, yet I'm sure We appeals, you know he's not just gonna, say: ok, here's a hundred thousand dollars, obviously you're good at the appeal that of the two, a higher court I will see, will keep an eye on it in and see where that goes. Dickie. It was that he doesn't every platforms derived gas that or do they promote his lord or anything come up and zones Yankovo. Doesn't let me decide this is what takes me off about about the right, but the social media stuff is that I know that you have your algorithms, and here you know you're doing it, for my good, let me see what you
you think I should see, because you ve decided that this is what I like to see, and you know better proactive there certainly not once again over for you it's progressives you'd, better than the rest of us, and what we want. We can consume Zactly and what we can't yes by this, that you know what this. Let me two percent right. I can do where I into Jones in Infoworld. I already had us Oda by social media site who I follow re like what I do right. That's. Why let me design- and you can also say- and we ve done this in the past- we talked about this before, but you can also say whether private businesses they can decide whose on their platform and here there all the time and that's not true but rights because they have a made, they have made an agreement with the government that we'll be non biased, withdraw the middle world, for everything recover. That's what we're here for and if they're, not sir, if they're not dont bias, they can be held accountable for what's on their what's on their plans,
right now they ve got a both ways right now. There haven't it both ways and they are bias. They're, not kicking anybody in the left off of their platforms. Just people like AL Jones. Michel Mark in whoever they decide has done something really evil that they dont like and ages boat em off. Well, that's nonsense! It shouldn't be happening, you should allow them the free speech and the lead decide what will consume in what we won't. It's not that art, it's really not that hard final one. Listen to infer worse or read their stuff. I just don't, and in fact I talk once is linked on drudge ended. It goes to enforce stories. I just click. All I've ever looked rather the boat lotta euros their algorithms that set you up, though they ve got the algorithm set up for
for your safety and for further the league legalities, I mean you know it works so well, Dalia my wife posted a picture of her mixer making cookies the kitchen going around and around and around the grim and solely decided that that could possibly be something that's all by them musically. So they block that post What's not, she could argue that she could argue that big, it had say: musically legged argue that it say: hey. We I agree with that post should be up. Would you have? We done so they have up until seven days to respond. They responded four days later hopes. We were wrong, seriously here upswimming a picture of your mixer decomposed. Mixer go around, I so don't worry about it. I always musically infringe whenever sound it was making The algorithm said that something of that
could be a legal music. A really strange, Justin Bieber system? certainly go mixer daughter, I guess I know I'll write you right. They were right, in others are saying in business you don't know your numbers, you don't know your business and now the rapid pace of business, it's hard to keep but those numbers can you afford to expand and you make that new higher? Can you launch a new ad campaign, how's revenue pacing compared to last year? Now most companies don't have a clear picture of their finances, so they make business decisions without that critical information based on their God or worse, their fear, and that's why many businesses veil, serious entrepreneurs and financed teams run on net sweet by Oracle. This is the world, number one cloud: business system nets. We'd offers a full picture of all of your finances all in one piece.
In real time right from your phone or your desktop. So you don't have to guess anymore and that's why nets weak customer growth. Three times faster than the Essen be five hundred, and you can to schedule your free demo right now and receive their free guide. Seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets. We dotcom slashed by set up your free demo, get your free guide. Today: net, sweet dot com, slash back it's bad and Jappy for Glenn of Glinda peremptory blades of December easy cake. So there's always ways that you can come as a surprise that I was thinking about it, but he was always ways that you can in rob people defraud people. Do things that other people don't appreciate when their documents of their money, and I saw,
story that I thought all man. That's a good idea aye, Sir not sure how to use it yet, but their warning people, and now I'm gonna, warn you to its now. Twenty point and so when you sign your legal documents say and have to date it if you dated like today, would be of a view. Listening watching live it's the third of January, twenty twenty, but you might say something of one won three twenty years. And they're saying Do they do that? Why because people could change. They date the year on the date of your with all of you die so you can. We would like one three twenty and they can make it twenty twenty two. What would that do, or even backdated wrought toy fifteen twenty sexting, I'm not just as the ramifications of fat sure about that.
Get out of the hat either. I don't know I'm not sure what their hoping to gave of that, but it is something to ponder because there's gotta be there's gotta, be something I could steal you're, looking for a way to scam. No other people are other people are not me. I just don't know what benefit that would be to anybody to put a different, I'm not sure either date on it. So what a? But it would it isn't it will the MAR. That's a that's a different deal, but that's not what they're talking about ire I heard the baby? That's a good idea to start making sure I just put twenty two my biggest problem is when the jewish new year roles around I get so used to writing five thousand seven hundred and eighty two on my checks. I can't write five thousand seven hundred and eighty three. I never remember you know that's my biggest problem. I think I don't know what
that does to people either, but the UNESCO him up right or think- and I thought it was fifty seven eighty three now who is there? you are there the minority of people that have that problem, yeah yeah, I was not. A majority of people have been against if you have something worry about, that's it yeah. You know why you don't want the wrong date on your check, no matter what it is, twenty twenty or whether its fifty seven? Eighty three you just don't wanta being right. I go on in that radars raw triple eight. Seventy seven be easy. K would be fifty seven, eighty three before the Dallas come. We finally announce that they ve gotten rid of Jason, Garret, big apparently the still haven't made the official announcement. Everybody thinks that yeah, but nobody knows for sure. As far as I know,
As far as I know, there has been no offense. Your statement there- nothing- there's, a cowboys reporter who said last night near guy, got him for inside information that Dutch, the Jason's up worry I'll. Have that information has contract is up on the fourteenth of this month. Right hasn't, resigned right. So we know we all our figuring that since he didn't get the boot right out the game last week, which he should have only. I say that Dallas fads believed that he should have Ben almost unanimously, as it feels like really strange that of the ownership, Churchill, who is so in to pray and would caring about what the fans think hasn't acted on them a boots immediately strange. It is I hear a lot of speculation is because of their relationship Agus there really close they go back. You know,
on time. Oh ok, when six years there there at the polio with your arm around them, and then I wish you would have worked out better doorway get out yeah I mean I have to make all I was theirs, everybody we get fired. Theory it put the. If, there's anybody who knows how to make tough decisions, Jerry Jones, is one of those guys he fired Tom Landry, as is first move when he bought the team over the top was around through lot. I heard a legendary colored lead. We ever do in those were now yet nothing, not in doing so for him to wit, be wishy, washy and think so much time on this. It is kind of strange either there's somebody other teams that are looking for coaches and higher and coaches, and our interview and coaches that seem as though the window is closing on some decent coaches, Lass
let's go after urban mire. They already have that deal with the current right is already there, maybe even talking to him all along right, and you already got a you know a deal right because, because of your relationship with with Jason you, Let that right out and try to find another place for him. Try to make it work ass, any ride, maybe maybe they're workin on it then Putnam somewhere else in the in the organisation of his contract on the fourteenth of ten days or sometimes between now, and then you say yes We made a decision, Jason is gonna, be the other way grounds keeper he's getting ideas, the Sultan TCAS and grounds keeper. Yes, good somebody's going. I can result urban mire. You know new middle written transition. The players to the head coach position of Herbert Meyer Debts have you that, by the end of when, when Urban takes the cowboys the Superbowl, the question will be: what d ya garret. Consult you with urban and urban will say
The color of the grass and they'll be done only as consulted job, because Urbisaglia. If I asked him how many sprinklers we have on the field to keep the ass. His green is passing answer was out of its term, so every I would love to see her by her but I think they were growing up into the other fell. Who did a lot of people? Think, while college coaches don't work out, I don't mind I'm where Urban Myers concerned, because it works out wherever that guy goes out of it. He noticed winning percentages. This is all of it. The bowling green. I think it was a good opportunities, never lost Florida, Ohio, state Rarely lost again eighty five percent workers each fifty four to be exact. That's in That's incredible, ran up and look at the cowboys are the two. If you look back and I'm not
really cowboys Van, but I'm kind of a cowboys van because we're here will you know we rye. We live here, the Dallas Fort Worth matter plague, so your bombarded by it. A team that should have done so much better. This year there, on the administrative costs of being, I could have been a Superbowl too. Yes, so urban is big. On his his his legacy, he's not going anywhere. He didn't go from Florida, Ohio State just out, gotta happenstance, right You know that programme there was a programme that was already built and ready to rock, and when we look at this, when he took over bowling green, he went eight and three as first year nine and three a second at bowling green so then it goes to the the godless animals outta ready, this first year, there is tending to their knees, well, the no we're wow. He spent two years there transfers
to Florida, nine, three thirteen one nine and for thirteen one, thirteen at one and then that horrible, eight and five season, or does it steer he's a father says he was havin headaches. First, yes, it is headaches Ohio, a first year, twelve and then twelve to fourteen one twelve in one eleven to twelve into ten, want the guy's unbelievable. I mean that's unbelievable. Right granted, wanted I'll stay headaches you do here, but you can't argue. It is trying to. You really can now I say Brigham Brigham and of their great move of the already knows. What's going Obviously, but it would the great love to see for the NFL add for the Dallas cowboys to bring earlier, to a setting like the cowboys not deserve and want to get back into courage- and I don't know I of Venus- is content with
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and she's still roaming around this country free as a bird. It was tough ticket any rest over the halegrins. No really was out there wasn't streets, it was Gary. I couldn't sleep alive. I dont away. I thought thanks to a varsity blues, they were all gonna, be yet incarcerated. Yes, you but but now she, a nice, is still out. There are thirteen. Parents of the thirty five that were arrested have been sentenced YAP but she is still free. They have never. She went against the cord saying that they didn't give the the the FBI is holding back it we're moving information that shows that she's innocent- and she you they have until the seventeenth of this month to spawn now too. That I think, are claim is that as a charitable donations USC right this year, has been gave a. Irritable donation,
to you, I see which, if that's if that's the case- if she didn't know about this, if they were trying to bribe officials or whatever, but to be honest alive, is the where they were where they're getting a lot of these parents is the male fraud of right? Can we stop Can we stop prosecuting male fry- probably not now- probably not- probably not the federal offense awry Jeffrey you're right, although, although if they did, if they paid money to get her kids in school, Is that the worst thing in the world, I I don't care. I'm sorry, I don't. I don't care about that, one if she paid five hundred thousand dollars to get her kid. What's fair and everybody else who can't get five hundred thousand dollars college getting into debt? Three people take advantage of what whatever whatever
hello should be advised most of the people who should be prosecuted a damned for this are the the aid the singer. He was the one that Employment is at all for the pair of the singer, whose writing Rick singer lets us, namely all right he's, the guy that, yes, it took everybody's body and that he went at least is not actually a singer. He's is name is really a singer by minors. Do I don't know I don't know of his eggs mother? Maybe that's how we got these guys do agree with them. I don't know you're right, but you are the coaches like us just needs the common values that are there were defrauding the universities yet rottenness the scholarship programme right with those guys that completely wrong? completely wrong. It is as apparent, but the So many it is hard to believe that could go on at a school like USC surer, whereas Lennox are so important, and I think it is
of the soccer team right one will involve the same ones that throwing yes heroic United, even though the role well on the West Coast, I know rowing is really in the leaves, are: did the USA administrator what we have a rowing team were wounded that start, but suckers a series of warriors specially there are Galifron narrow communists who enjoy the soccer, and you know at a pace. Twelve school. That would be a big thing to to recruit somebody or pretend like a recording somebody on on a soccer scholarship. And then they don't you and play soccer. Its high to believe that could happen is, is at a serious sport school like USC, so so the thirty five, Burma's, including Laurie Felicity.
Dated four conspiracy to commit male fraud and honour, services male fraud so new thing or as part of the wretched heart of the original physic trying to add stuff, that was the anti lacking. Rightly, that was the last deal right make a deal with us, we're going to add stuff yeah. That's what that she came back with the that they were withholding evidence right wing Why would it would explain if true why she has it got a deal and he s done her thirteen of eleven days. Everybody said you should do what felicity did continues. She's done with it now. Yeah she's is behind her to his wife down her calendar present his walk down the calendar of aid. Her done right, society of either of the two is sends to fourteen days. I think she serve nine was at nine September. Eleventh at work
so ever to do or die, but that ordeal every minor trade their time but surely paid in she paid just fifteenth Islanders Harvard was a very yeah supposedly without Becky. She had her husband bade five hundred thousand. Now again they can. That was an odd donation to the school of people. Do it up? We did. This first happened the array, you don't think of some of the eye, many of the other things I've, that's most a job with male fraud is a horrible thing. It's a federal crime. I got it you showed it doesn't sound like you have a milk I share them. May on the USA, scores in the mail to the guy that illegal, ok, stop! because I didn't even know that fudging unearthing test was illegal and that mailing. Now, what about
I love, you disagree with the laws. Are you don't think they? They should be nation? and here s greatest cell, just perfect Jeff you started up. I was involved in knowing that I can go into a bag. Stick it guarded somebody's faces. A give me get me all the money in your carried out of so because I was supposed to know that. I didn't know there was a silly Zoe stupid rules, laws around I'm supposed to know you can't do that. Aren't you supposed to know cheer up either of the government is actually doing that get over there. Her head, like that, I'd come on yeah, that's ugly! Yes, yes, and you just make an example out of here now. Right tat need to be made an example of me leave alone, for
most my point. Originally, the people give her a money. Other buildings, after named after people, ogg college campuses, across Amerika. You think their families had trouble getting into those schools at you. I see. No, do you remember the Doktor Dray tweet doktor drain who is a big rap guy and clothing. Is this man this man, whatever Don't he and his partner Doughty, seventy five million dollars. Million. Do you ever see the same school and Beche DE donated to, and then he brag about the first I didn't have to bribe USC to get my daughter in there Oh, you didn't think just builder. Seventy five million dollar Ard Centre that you paid for you with your name on it.
Do they really my daughter go here? Aren't I didn't know you had no right to say no after seventy five million dollars, you goes to community college, the road for a company to happen. So that's ridiculous! It's ridiculous and Doktor Drake Immune ITALY deep deleted the we realized. I realized it was seize up. I guess maybe it does look like the same thing weird other, have without saying that guy that needs to be off the streets yeah. Now there were talk about feeling comfortable on the streets, because criminals are out there among us is Robert Graft. Oh yeah, the owner of right wing patriots. Absolutely nothing on her well send a fairly common owners of the NFL governors of the area Does he owns it? Profit prostitution alleged Florida, allegedly yes, it's properly on camera
but I love those videotapes can be used for a pensive this power. Is that your idea and may not be, as I think that the judge ruled against the videotapes, I'm not sure I'm not sure exactly. Why he's still is still up to facing a pass. We face a felony editor, about a possible of five years? Ok, we really said Robert Graft This is the owner of the newly in New England Patriots, five years in prison for stopping by a couple of tyres typing by the origins of Asia Days fire. Nor are we really going to do that? You always supposed to know soliciting prostitution usual legal, how would I supposed to do boy with the terms. Those show him
trying to give saying stop. You know it's amazing how why was I was assigned to get out of the paper resize? Don't do anything extra well, stop that, so. It's interesting, though, how he's being treated after this they bring it up, though talks about Pedro Games, will show him in the press, Morocco, travelling in the owners box, or what about this weekend with providing better still there and plot, and they will say a word about it. There completely mom on the issue. It's like it, never happy. As all you want deftly that gonna see the re May as vocs play off, came to a side by side of the workers day. Spies, Jupiter Florida robber ground would not be something That would show some driblets tired out here and Fox Bureau to revise the little robber girl arrest injure her Oregon days bar
I would have respect recipient up or ass if they do aside by craft the Orchids Asia Data, as that would be fat ass, does the wood but data. Completely eradicate. I mean it's weird. Anybody else involved in a scandal like this would probably already not only team or would be great I've, never seen anything like this, where he said so far, at least no repercussions on it at all ITALY, activity and adults unseemly for owner of the has it been found franchise right that doesn't bother anybody any more You know you are convicted in the court of public opinion instantly, usually drummed out of your position. You learn about, as happened for any kind of amazing. Interesting to watch, we will see if they meet me. If
anybody. Gonna break it up on play off weekend with the patriots eyes is against you Titans of Novi order are the values that we are facing a pathway. I remember now has a yeah possible five years, a felony charge, actions down Florida. Tell me: you wouldn't, respectively, reported that the battle that they probably be fired from their position. Oh yes, oh yes, but Most of them did have my respected several worker, I think so too. Seventy don't be using your lesson: TAT, Glenn back I want to tell you what I'm getting my wife for Christmas, because she
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or for next year, Exchequer Back Dotcom, juggling savages, suddenly easy game, it's bad Jeffrey for lead, whose on Monday morning by the way fall on Twitter Pat unleashed pinned to the top of the twitter page, is a link to my Youtube page. And there are some really fun things for you. There there's lots more coming in sure, to subscribe and tell them you, wanna, be notify you what the notification, when we look at when we put up a new video, so in TAT, puts they got very low use your alert dear notified that be thus the notification right. That's cutaway notifications were means. Is your notified. You follow me on Twitter to add Jeffrey J, F r K
do out. Will you two page? not that I can say about right our eye, you guys. So this is I've done by gas to the fact that support at your pipe and smart guy Youtube little Zau hint right at the top of my twitter, you to pay very compared anything. We learn what it would have been. No, no you can't not. If you don't have one, though you can pin anything. Do not wonder now. You can't hear signal to pass, not just you two of ages navigate to be Mr Twitter. Our pin that's up your twitter page as that of greatest trouble, eight? Seventy seven be easy. Gay, oh by the way, the up, in general. I now man ran is make it it we are in their drums really up negative, big deal out of the fact that we killed one other generals, a couple of workable guys couple got a guy at the second in command them right. Yes, so I am
The funny thing is that we we didn't kill in IRAN grandchildren in another country, Iraq, while they work inspiring to to attack, merits a soldier's yeah. So, I'm sure that's gonna get left out a lot of the of many of the stories completely left out. Yeah. Especially from the iraqi limits that part old know. That part any any trumpeters will leave that part out as well? Yes, it's all just a bad thing that we did so it crasser kind of already going there that that was a bad and stupid thing to have done when I think at present up his right. Should this should have happened a long time ago, you guys responsible for hundreds of not only was hired a wedding Americans die on foreign soil right period and we president, who is not going to just role, replay dead for it, which is great. Yes,
My estimated that is now will describe it's in chaos will appear. Let me, I think I think it's pretty obvious. They're gonna retaliate in some way will have to see about this escalates bud again did. Did you want to just do nothing. Do we not want to read, spawned to what they did at the embassy, just want: leave things alone in, let linking dogs y know That's not the United States at the superpower of the planet right we're so now that we get out of there we get out of there now or do we have to really make up again, probably not at least for a while. We have to build up again, I think our eye
Glenn is back on Monday close. I will see you are now peccary unreached Monday morning generally. What do we do in fact have a great weaken the airlines,
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