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Andrew Cuomo Gets an Emmy … No, Really | 11/23/20

2020-11-23 | 🔗

Stu and Pat fill in for Glenn. President Trump’s legal team distanced itself from attorney Sidney Powell, leading to confusion. Will she soon release evidence of her election fraud claims? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will receive an Emmy for his coronavirus press conferences, and Stu’s not too thrilled. Pat and Stu take a logical look at coronavirus and all the restrictions coming before Thanksgiving. A Massachusetts hiker spits on people for not wearing masks. Disney+ star Gina Carano faced cancel culture attacks after mocking Democrats’ mask policies. Joe Biden mocked a reporter for asking a legitimate question about reopening schools. Colin Kaepernick wants to free convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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do for Glenn Glinda Programme. So power no longer with the the Trump legality although what she ever with the drum legal team, there seems to be dispute over. There were no, no, no, nobody knows now. Apparently she wasn't getting paid by the Trump legal team. She seemed to be representing the Trump legal team, the trouble, build him did say she was part of the trumpet team said sometimes of President President Trump said that himself any are fourteen, and so everybody said yes, she's she's the head of the Trump Legal deep Did you just wander? Is that what happened so there's? Nobody just? go. We set targets speaking for the Trump legal team of that kind of cool. It is a very strange development, obviously there's even reporting of of we know in fighting behind the scenes, and then that seems to be that seems to me that Giuliani won the battle. I guess I would have hoped our struggle was going on seems to be won by Giuliani
I don't know if that's exactly right, but that seems to be with reporting is indicating. I either that or city powers, just like she was getting if you down the Hall Ets wandered to the press coverage they just let her talk or multiple times. And over again it's a very strange development is weird: knit is weak and from what I read there seems to me some contention over the dominion votes switching machines to whether out that actually happened right right. common ways they have not presented it in court, That is what we would have. I dont know why we ve been talking about those with, because I don't think they have evidence to prove it in court. At least she says: she's smuggling says they. Do you mean this woman who's, not part of the legal tv says. I again we had on the show. I see does she is to prevent a case. It seems to be that she's, pretty the case that is has no end
game in court right, like she's, about it as a lawyer in public, but is not talking about it in court. Now again, I keep coming back to the same thing. We don't have to litigate, understand their evidence. It is not our job. citizens as broadcasters as people who are just trying to know the truth to be able to decipher the stuff, because this will be an issue that is fought in court. It's not an issue that is, we dont overturn elections on social media, that is How does occur. I didn't have founders intend Twitter to decide these think. Well, they what they actually in the constitution. It says Myspace, but they were just as they were a little off on their timing. Myspace. It didn't work out, so you know this It's like it somewhat. It's just a bunch of talking point. People to discuss on and can you know, concern rid of media as to whether these things have truth or not, or to share them Facebook and everyone puts- throws their opinion in there. What happened
In reality, when it comes to the campaign, is what happens in court and have your right not filed anything to do with it. In voting machines in court, because they dont have evidence that would hold up in court, at least that they reveal. To anyone include by the way. Many high rate officials in the Trump administration who are telling people all over the place as much as they can. She said. there's no evidence of this, and, as I was saying on my shoe a grand leashed which immediately preceding this I love that show I go. People are dark just raving about. Raving about no need of a recount on that one pair known but they had me last week, you know yes, for about fifteen minutes yet had me she had me, I was caught. It thought. Ok, you don't prison this strong, a case to the american people. If you dont have something right now
wrong. Apparently I don't know, maybe you do, but I was I was really I was swayed for awhile by what she was saying that she had evidence that seven million votes were overturned woolly and then you got nothin it's it's restrained track. What what said at the time was, if you go out and say these two the things without evidence, you're going to look like an idiot. You're gonna be developed, you're gonna, be it it's gonna, hurt your career right and and here we are three or four days later and she's no longer on the legal team, or I mean maybe she never worth, but she's, not now. We know that right and end the thing I think that's appealing about the dominion case over some of us. The Giuliani was talking about that. Has, I think real. Some of it has credibility, amends in other, when you're talking about not necessarily overturning elections, but well? fraud in- and that is important- I mean a vehicle after that, when you could find it the thing about
was appealing to allow people about the Sydney Powell angle is she present it something that if true could swear the election. so the Giuliani was talking about, has, What more likelihood of being true, but also a lot less likelihood of overturning the election when you talk about? twenty thousand votes here, that shouldn't have been counted. What that might actually be true where it yet what I don't and overturn examination with city, pow, obesity, palace, basely, other saying that Trump one in a landslide, and so it right need something that systemic to overturn election. Like that, we heard that we heard that that She said he wanted a landslide and then Who was it that cut a repeated that, in theory, took it a little bit further by saying Trump actually would one four hundred and ten electoral volume she's, while a clue I think they said, including California, wow yeah not so massive victory via a lot of pressure,
when things happen, and that in the stakes are this high, its impact, able to know what to trust right, but You can't know right is we have a republican candidate who has basically unlimited resources to fight these things. He higher any lawyer that he wants- and those lawyers can bring to court cases that they believe will overturn votes. if they're not doing that, there's a reason for it. if they're not doing if they're, not bringing this echelon case. There's a reason: what now there's another possibility, you could argue- I think here, which is one of the issues that trouble legal campaigners had is standing these cases, sometimes, when you say liking it, you need to have legal standing to bring these cases in front of the court and if Sidney Power is that the campaign attorney there might be an argument for some of these
is that it's not the Trump campaign that was wrong, but maybe a particular voter. Maybe trying to come up with a legal separation, so they can file a case a certain way, and I am pretty sceptical on all the stuff. I think that's the best way to start, and I keep saying to people there No reason for us to plan for a neutron presidency right, let's say Trump wins and they overturn this anyone's. Well, that's easy. Right. We can also here and say: ok our republic, my pc, for the next four years. Whatever you think on that issue right, it's easy. To plan for good news, I'm worried that right now, we're doing nothing to prepare for a bite in presidency when we're just keep, we keep talk. Constantly them about this right like resemble the you know that this is the they. What you'll hear is achieved. Statues came up or kept faith. I understand settings, but like again, our faith has little to do with the election. Has nothing to do with right, it happens in court will be entering the attorneys, will go to court, and while these things- and what will happen in court will happen, that's what I mean
who will block I at least one percent. In this we have no say it. None. We had our say on election day right It was our role here and if this is to change, it's going to be in the courts as Julia Giuliani, talked about as former or maybe never of campaign attorney City Powell has talked about. This is a legal as Jenna Ellis, has talked about this. Is legal procedure. At this point, we don't have any role in that part, but we do have a role and is looking at what could happen done. Your aid in the future I mean Biden, has name day chief of staff Secretary of state. It looks like you know. I do you haven't seen typical conservative reaction to those things, because no one's looking at it you know, he's U Biden in a in a weird way. If your boy administration and once again, this is working in his favour, as coming into potentially coming into office here? He is. In no scrutiny on any he's picks on any of these developments because it there
there's a large portion of people that are, we know the city tell who we are saying that our we're gonna win and worry about it, and so what we do have to worry about a if if Trump comes back and winds, that's easy the that there's no need for us to be worried about that scenario. That's an easy one week. We just continue as we are by if Biden comes in and he has no currently on any other stuff who's gonna point about you think them either. You know ABC C News. Tomorrow's gonna do a deep dive into the new secretary of state Pick for Joe Biden. That's not gonna happen now. If we don't do it, no one's going to do it right and seventy three million people are just all counting on should be POW right now accepted them. What are the people? Who isn't is Donald Trump apparently as who'd. You said goodbye door. They are distancing themselves from her. Yes, there is there. There is talk that the rest of his legal team doesn't by you.
to the dominion switching thing: they then it didn't happen. So if you got that Trump legal team kind of. split on that issue. That's a good sign, probably know that from it's. Probably not a good sign. Now, look! Look! I it's tough, it's a tough! What it does. Four, because you have a an impossible. situation, because, let me let's go to do you- go to extreme here and lets say they did. They find evidence that ten million votes were cast and switched right. They come up with the evidence its proven, and we know that returned the results. At a point where we almost dont have a republic like it. public, is not well, you don't have a legitimate republic if you have the possible. we have ten million votes being switched yeah right, where we basically dont have a country at that point and we're starting from scratch because Obviously we all know I mean look
the most minor thing Ito Antium imo leaves there their logo on the box in the left will rioting? Can they do that? Every for every ten seconds, of course they would ride, but they would right for any reason but like when you, to the point of like, if you think about the possibility of that world, where We fight our ten million votes have been switched. We have absolutely no system of government week, we are completely. a fraudulent nation at that point in its veto, It's tough even know whether that's somebody would argue for me, honestly like if it's true I wanted out a hundred percent, and we have deal with the consequences of that, but gosh. That's a scary reality. If the real Lady is, we can have a as a central election were ten million votes have been switch will and no one picks this up. We are in total different world than we imagine. We are and it's not on the original question
well. She said that that's what those machines were created to do and which a strange that we then ordered them here in the United States of America right and yet give the ones where you can switch the votes. The people make that fact tat. That's not good idea longer Republicans in on that one too. It's such a strange, you know- and we know the one thing we do know is in Georgia Right Georgia, because people had quest it's about these digital voting situations. Republicans pushed hard for paper records of each vote You go in there, you taking castor vote it spits out of paper about that that then you as a voter, look out and say yes that says Trump right menu. Then you Why determine the machine that gets confirmed and then its stored away for. If they want to do a separate paper recount, they can so they will through that
and the paper recount, with the exception of about a thousand votes, okay, the entire state matched up pretty much. exactly how many of us it was. I think it was not an eleven hundred or nine hundred votes, and that was picked up. And one other reconvenes operations bottom line is that it used there. These those machines seem to rip too to operate successfully. Does it mean They did that everywhere you about it's an indication and those are again republican like hard core trumped supporters pushed those those changes through in a good way. Minutes, I think, is a good thing that we have those backups, I'm actually surprise sometimes, and how many backups we have. In this situation, ya exceptional, what they are? Actually quite I didn't know we had that many systems yeah that many backup systems for I had no idea, yeah so I'm in wait what we ve seen we ve seen elections overturned recently. There was one in North Carolina just a couple years ago that was overturned because of election fraud. It does happen, it does is just
ever happened on a novelty and actual scale, not an end, not a scale like that's right. May we know this is that it also be the as, as Tucker Karlsson pointed out correctly, this would be the biggest crime in american history. No question no question: yeah. So yet it you gotta have evidence of that, and you know I think what the true legal team is saying Did he powers not presenting evidence of that they're not comfortable with it if they are not comparable with it, we shouldn't be comfortable with triple eight seventy seven, easy came more coming up. Sixty seconds. So no matter what goes on in the world. There are two things we can count on. New music new pod casts and the best way to listen using a pair of premium wireless ear buds, especially if you get em at less than half the price of the other guys and I'm Talkin apple. That's why I recommend and use wireless ear buds from re con.
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limited time? Fifteen percent off rake on wireless ear, buds by re conduct, com, slash back re conduct, com, slash back MRS Van stupid. When, on the Glinda programme, triple trouble. Eight. Seventy seven b She came to scatter taken around the either the election. and whether or not gotta be overturned. You know, if it were to be overturned, and this is no reason not to pursue it, but if it were to be overturned, can you imagine it would be worth it because I dont want Joe Biden, and I want no more than that. I want the election to be here. You wanted to be a true election You wanted to be the will of the american people,
and so if they did steal it you want it put backward should be, but mannered there would be some dont, be some discontent in this cutter. That's what might be a bit of an understatement, yeah, there's discontent now and none of the stuff like this. It hasn't been overdue. Oh man, you Don T, look. They set vase city palace at on the show, though she is apparently not illegal team, but she did say on the show, the vat What's she on the legal team Friday? We I'm sorry, I don't know you don't know we don't know she's she's. What was the quota loaded was like she's practising a law on her own, but yes sang it out. That was just reminded us, a good long speeches, no big deal but there's this idea that you know that if this, goes through Nina. There's gotta, be this big change in the election and again I think that you can look at that and say you don't worry,
Look at what really Giuliani set as well turn that press conference regional Jani said we have a tough time constraint. He's very aware the time constraints and going on every year, Michigan and Pennsylvania are both certified. Today, to do that. So you know what I mean he's old told us. We told the press conferences Palliser to us. They know the time against. They know, how it's a tough road right, however, is Rudy Giuliani said they can prove this. Eighteen different ways so wow he's gotta pick one of those eighteen and go to court with right. Let's do it and if he does that well great, look we're closer to the truth. If the drift comes out that way, but we too to prepare for that at this point- is it its net? There's no nessus does not really a need for the american people to be litigating this. This is the better the campaigns job and they
they can prove it. They said they know the time constraints they do. They know how difficult it was and they said they will prove it. Interestingly, Davis ended, and yet they ve not presented that case. Yet in any court case, they have not yet created it all air presented the case where there was massive fraud, that's not even what they been arguing in court. Yet yeah There you go through. The area have not even brought up the dominion machines now in court they ve. Now they found that they ve talked. They found witnesses to have talked about earlier. Irregularities, yes, and when the widespread massive vote, switching situation, they have not brought up in court yeah and You know again, it's tough. It's a tough ask two for illegal team to put this together in such a short time it it's the system. We have You know you look at Vienna Juliet amid a big deal, how people were saying, there's no evidence, and he said I have all these affidavits and that's true like he does have affidavits enter. Naturally, that is evidence by this.
standard there was there was evidence against Brett Cavenaugh right I mean there are people who ve test fight in a court of law, girl part of not in a court of law, actually which was an interesting addendum to that, but so that our differences, but people who testified that you know from Congress that this was accurate and that he all these things to me getting a couple people to say something is one thing to get, this sort of scale is another, so they do people who are saying that there was election fraud and I think that is something of a legitimate and look into but again, we are seeing that the internal disk discourse flattening a little bit here in inside the Trump campaign and inside the Trump administration and that's not gonna, give you increased, hope, but this is actually get overturned.
Ben Stupor Glenn on a global programme for Blake seventy seven, seek egg? here in Texas in county. They issued an urgent stay at home morning. It's and this is an emergency sitting, a fort worth turd county have issued formal requests, asking residents to stay at home and dry Stickley limits you'll interactions to help them. at the record, breaking surge in covered nineteen cases. I love it when they say it's an all time record. Yet it has been going on since March I mean mythic. It has acted as a good time, just never yeah it's it's been six months. it's kind of a weird way to put it, but they claim record numbers, and I guess in Texas, from the beginning till now we that over a million infections- and we were the first to get their number one.
yeah, we're number one. I mean that the all these doubts are always misleading for one specific reason: the first outbreak we didn't have any testing, so we couldn't directed at his chances yourself your basically saying the big, the biggest record since very recently, they cannot even modest you're, not gonna, bachelor Maybe we ve been testing at this rate since September and not over its even higher way higher than then. You know that the testing has been again a a something that was criticized early in March. Basically, since then winning an incredible success story. I mean, if you look at the that the number of tests that we're doing every day back in the sum We were doing about eight hundred, thousand test day, so that was back in March for doing that, literally zero or a few hundred a day at the beginning of this, then we got two. Eight hundred thousand by that summer was second wave that they call it
when Texas Arizona Florida were kind of in the news. A lot right, we did we did two million tests. Thirty two million a day and double the summer peaks what is really at incredible accomplishment, so you're saying that some of them increase is always testing. It's like when you look at you go back and peoples of Europe. we know people, but when you get when you don't just a number for inflation right it taken over from the nineteen fifties and economic number and talk about today and you dont, adjusted for inflation. It's an it disingenuous argument, Nothing is happening here with the covert stats right, because you're talking about double triple members from relatively recently so part of this increase is due to testing? That's? Why the the wreck? are being hit every day. On the other hand, we so our seeing an increase until only last few days of both test positive percentage. other doing all these tests, but the test of whether within the nuts
The percentage of test coming back positive, hasn't least significantly something it's Probably the right answer that we are in the middle of another one of these ways I mean you're, seeing it for sure and hospitalizations which are the highest by a pretty low. Martin and either one of these spikes dinnertime record, and that what is an all time record, although an altogether since March, right I mean the end. Is the difference with this this this sort of wave of covert and the two previous ones is very localised, so getting the intense craziness of a New York city that we have reward is not even in New York City, not email know their numbers are up there, I get their numbers are up and they closed other schools, but even like North Dakota, South Dakota, which have really high per million numbers right now, even others only for people who live in those states combined and unarmed people know that Christine Home is there. three other people, but the numbers per million are very high there, but again it spread. set out all around the country
where you're seeing increases and and look they're gonna freak out over this there's a couple Reasons for that? They of course want to turn that in who were control situation and they up there. Legitimate concern and also the want to cover their there's. A CIA situation going on here together, govern their botsey earth, tried him if they dont not with a most panicky of panicked things to say, and they don't tell everyone to. Never, you don't even know you could not forget Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Don't even eat Turkey, Turkey might have grown a virus on it if they don't say that Then they look there. They look like they were too easy on the problem they weren't taking it seriously, but they ve gotten absolutely ridiculous. Telling people dont have any body for thanksgiving except the people who live with you don't even want to people live with you haven't in separate. Rome's go
side come on new people in northern climate spray are gonna, are gonna, go outside for Thanksgiving Dinner, with thirty eight degrees, ok thirty. If you're lucky you if you're lucky, I mean I've, we ve had. I remember back living up north either Today's lot colder than thirty degrees, the southern always gonna, be like this. This year, even looked at the northern, whether I mean it's, if it option for you and Texas, which it is, must be seventy one here on Thanksgiving that satellite of uniting us their day to sit outside and have things giving dinner there. Someplace You could do that. It's not an option up north we there telling you not to travel. Just a story on fewer people are travelling anyway. Will, of course they are getting just said. home cause. You said you shouldn't travel they're, going to travel, they're gonna go to their relatives, They're gonna go home and see their families on Thanksgiving. It's going to happen. You know what happen in nineteen eighteen,
when there was a far worse pandemic than today far more virulent and and much worse technology letting her side to get too to leave eat it yeah. You know. Yes, There was no hope of a quick vaccine. In fact, I mean we do have a vaccine now for that kind of flu, pretty much that's of luxury. I think that you get every year, Vienna, incredibly effective, that's what they think That, though, like this is your will. You put out we it's on his own, been going on since March this year. One of this covert thing, who knows what it looks like in the future integration of one hundred and two for the spanish elude sucks, yeah you're, what I still socks and in ninety Eighteen and nineteen nineteen nineteen twenty people were actually having thanksgiving dinner together. They They were just getting through the war to end all wars. They were celebrating that they were going to stop everything for this. For that pandemic it was bad was worse than this and and there,
or some closures there were. Some school closures. Neighbour closes restaurants and bars, but they had Thanksgiving together anyway, and and that's what people are gonna do this time yeah. I think there will be theirs thing. This idea that what government should do is mandate abundant, crazy things and then, in addition to that go and say: okay, well, look. We have a mandate and place and we're gonna tell you to do all these crazy things and we're going to try to prevent every activity that you We are dealing with the issue its thanks. We don't want you to have it. We want you to bring separate utensils all these crazy pieces of advice when, like they're, probably he's like sensible things that you could be advising and if the gut people actually trusted the government because they were giving reliable ice and information routinely. Then you might be able to make a difference, but there's They came out of ethical Japan where they took a room and they filled it with smoke
They sought thought how long is going to take for the smoked dissipate in the room. with one door open and was exactly like four five minutes. It would eventually circulate out of the room if you open up two doors. you had across ventilation the right it it lowered to like I don't. I was eleven minutes, I'm making these numbers and remember the exact numbers, but was significantly different man. Even if we only had one another in every room has two openings right. You might not have that option, but if you do right in the weather is not freezing outside opening windows. All itself makes a huge difference when it comes to something like this ventilation. Scientist go back this over over again ventilate. It is a huge part of this important sport, but they didn't think we're. They just took a fan us a normal, like floor fan that you'd be having your room to an end. Pointed it s out of the room and cut the the view the weight of minutes to get the smoke to dissipate cut from like forty five minutes to like eighteen and when they too
second fan and economists blued into the room she had to find one blowing in on the bottom one going out on the top. It's kind of like ten minutes, something like that it decreasing the amount of time that it just about speculation. That's why outside is so much better. You have better ventilation so doing things like that that people might actually do you throw a fan on the corner of the room if you thought it would help right like why not it doesnt doing anything to you, it's not like. I did you break my family to get through this thing that most people survive, but hey it got somebody in Europe in your home, that's critically, older, critically vulnerable. I think people with when a fan and the coroner. Maybe that would help giving things that new basic things that might actually make a difference and our doable for people as it now is banned. Thanksgiving back in the old ones. You gotta listen to that. It's silly and let the people decide like if you have somebody who is really high risk, our I'll take care of that person or
Person takes care of themselves right were adults right, and so I think we can make that that determination on our own and that's what's happening to you what's happening, is nobody wants to isolate it immediately, get it to get it and if they don't either try not to. But, of course you know, they're, not gonna they're, not gonna complete up in their lives not to get it? I think in most cases before people who are high risk right. I know look at me if you have a person whose, in your family, whose olden or has coming off of a terrible illness yet ensure gonna, take precautions, you're gonna, take precautions and that's what people are doing by the way. He said. None of this needs to be in the form of a government mandate and what we're finding over and over again is that government mandates make almost no difference almost no difference, people, I don't listen then they just unit in Denmark survey value
did the unease, as the mask wonders yeah that line the masses yeah, where it made almost no difference yet almost no difference at a control group too, and so it was pretty scientific. They had three thousand people and a control group yeah, so There is a slight improvement for people who wore masked, though, was not statistically see that we, as it was two point, one percent of the people who where Mass got covert, one point eight percent of those who did where Mass got covert point three per difference, not even statistically significant difference in Edinburgh within the margin of error right and they d go out of their way. To say that that is, I mean you know the whole like you're. Protecting someone else. Would you're wearing your best thing like that that they didn't study that at all? But still it is it's an ant. It's another data point you know I go to this and that this idea that the science, has to be remarkably clear for the government to ever a mandate, I would argue against them all the time, because that's just from a personal liberty standpoint I dont like them, but I mean it,
governments in a mandate, something it should be so Chris no clear right and so that the essentially these standard must be high for the government to who do this and ship Emmy. It might be low for you to do it on your own, but you don't need to have a hundred percent proof that a mask might help for you to do it on your own. If you think it might help a little bit, maybe do it. We got some great news for you because I know you're a big governor cool. You love him, so you could be excited that he just wanted Emmy for his covert press conferences. That is, if has covered up in a second gear, and warm, actually one enemy for his coffee press conferences at amazing, and we got some reaction to that from New Yorkers, which is confident that's coming up here in a second.
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No, I mean I am really, but I'm really optimistic. I come to the point now. Where are the only way actually see us going back to normal? Is this thing working I am no longer yes, you know at the point where I think there's a way we're going to mask ourselves into low enough rates for the economy to open, there's no way I ve. No, that's it. I was ever therewith mast, but you know I mean. Is that there's a theory that, like maybe to get at low enough where you can open up it's gonna, keep reading, back into our lives until we can with a way to come up with ethical limits, logical solution to eliminate it among enough people that it's not really about big problem, and it sounds like with the Pfizer and modernity. Ninety four and a half in ninety five percent: incredible that heads up: that's incredible if that's accurate, really promising and the other women's in any side effects. We seem equal results with older people and younger people, which is a really which is a real big deal with something like this. The obviously especially with this particular fires. So you know
don't know for sure we're still kind of judging off of press releases, so we don't now, but if it could make it worse, for me is if they mandate yet presented, I gonna wanna. Do I hope I don't don't wanna. Do it, because, really, if it's this, it's really ninety ninety five percent effective, which I assume is probably higher than it, will end up, but so it's Eighty four on effective here, if that, if that happens, you dont need to force anyone to take it right. You will there will be enough people, but take it yet. You probably have fifteen to twenty percent of people who have already had it in writing like myself from a covert nineteen survivors right and then you has well as a canadian sports here right both of those things I am in then. In addition to that, you have, let's say hi the countries poles are right and half the country says all taken a half dozen. Even Do that you're still at fifty two Sixty per cent of people who are immune from the virus, which is enough to make the spread so much slower that it wouldn't it wouldn't be something you need would eventually eradicated, mostly like. Like measles, you don't
The boy were measles, is eradicated and, and the bottom line is if it's ninety percent effective and you go through the first wave of people taking the vaccine, and it's ok make people don't just now, killing over far below some side effect, then people will be convinced to start taking it just like they were with measles right at me, like a for all the controversy around vaccines when it comes at a memoir vaccine and all these things, the overwhelming majority of people still get it for their kids, that you know it so, and you have to sometimes for to get em into school net. Yet this true, and so I hope it's not a forced thing, because that does not make it. You know. I hope it's just let let people make their own freaking decisions. Yes, please, and if its successful people will we'll take it back no one wants to deal with this and we don't want a situation where people are threatening. Lockdown over two days, we want a path at that, and I think this could be the way will have to see how develops everyone,
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Tell you there's an entire drawer in our refrigerator filled with bull bars at all times, so you're gonna like these thanks, billboard outcome. The code is back, so the real issue here is the second like your authority. Here is the huge entertainment and, in my main problem Alright, we promised the the Andrew Cuomo and within a new Yorker reacting to enter,
Cuomo winning in me for his golden press conferences or in a share that, with you come up again about sixty seconds, a green back programme well Glenn back, of course, couldn't be bothered with showing up for work this week. Even rest of us have to slave away through the holidays. Us your heroes, patents do. Yeah he's an arm hanging out with his family and growing on the rectangle he's become kind of obsessed with it ever since he got it a while back in Africa who used to burn everything that he touched and Glenda has some reliability in the kitchen his mask. Nato's are historic his his hot chocolate as epic, absolutely out of a car chocolate. Ever. I never was a guy, you don't think about. Is I got a manly man out of the girl? That's like a no go back at all however, the science and technology behind rhetoric is so great. Even Glenn can do it right.
even talk about. Do Thanksgiving Turkey on the right track. I don't know how that works, but freedom, I think a lot of it. Let people be interested in that You can do that it is. It is amazing. Girls smokes had even bakes and it gives the food cook on it the most amazing, delicious flavour rector s, great technology to can do other stuff on your phone with it. It's incredible sleek and sturdy. Its smart, smart girl technologies, gonna blow you away, you'd running nothing from an app on your device check him out today follow wrecked Tech, all social media and sign up for their newsletter are easy, T Q threat tech with a queue at the end. Visit wreck tech with acute dot com are easy. q dot com our Andrew Cuomo the greatest governors in the history of our nation, admirer
no, no, my raw right. I will not play along with us. That's how we really. That is how he's promoted the already promotes himself that we wrote a book about about his response to go via nineteen worry killed. Thousands of people infuriating fury and we don't know by the way how many thousands because you will not riff re released the numbers of how many, who died and nursing homes, which is an incredible thing- and I am it- is unique in the nation there's a lot of left wing governors out there who are honest about how many people have died in their in there are states some people who even adopted some the same crappy policies is Cuomo, but at least they're telling you, people died in their nursing homes. You won't even do that. You want, you can do that, which is an incredible I mean it. You know, and then the work to make it even worse. He uses the lower numbers that he as for nursing homes ass, because he does not
heal the actual total and then use that as a defence for the way he handled it. So let me he, This is not. Conservative it is all known likely. The associated press has confirmed. This is the only state in the country doing this basically they're doing a saying if you die in a nursing home, they counted as a nursing home death if you're in a nursing home and it really sick and our coughing and you're about to die and they bring that than the ambulance at the hospital bring the patient at the hospital in the ambulance and then they die in a hospital Andrew com. wasn't counting about as a nursing home death? Now, obviously, that's ridiculous right, it's a nursing home resident who may I in in an ambulance on the way to the hospital seconds after early missing out many outside a nursing home tat, they were inside the nursing home when they died. So do you Summits are that it's about a hundred percent, more deaths, nursing homes about double the amount, at least in nursing homes and he's actually disclosing. Does he has as a number that is half of the reality,
he's able to say well. My rate is lower than thirty other states. It's only lower than thirty other states, because you're lying about the amount which is not conservative point. It is now something that we dug up at the blaze. This is something that is absolute. confirmed by the Associated Press and many other fact, checkers everybody, even acknowledges this is true and it uses that lie to defend his head. killing of the of the Gulf Kroner virus. It is comprehensible, but he's not called out on this more often and yet the man, one and Amy Award for his covert press conferences, here's a new Yorker reacting to the victory so I just go above all. Doubts remain. I heard Cuomo Guy International EM. You would call this Angela, mass murder and the elderly What are you doing dance when you hear me.
explains how are things I would certainly envy you it demands an evil peace. If you want She wore their sale, onstage girl, more mass murder of the elderly. Everyone was apparent. Grandparent. You really need to seek out now. You really do you marry needs. A common and fight against. This model He is now darlin discovery. We should so she's, she's, clearly valued supporter. I got from that year. It's like them as much as you do, maybe even a little more, maybe even a little more infuriating Emmett, I will say: if he's going to win an award in a word before, basically acting might be the award for him to win the
That is what those press conferences were. They were a television show where he lied, he Amy was a fictional television and most new Yorkers bought it, because you remember what is his approval or reading was during that time is like eighty, two percent dear Emma people, ten to two, coalesce around a public figure bitter realtime light of emergency. May I mean women's saw that with the women with Trump, what we see seen it all over the world. Would leaders who have looked at you know But when the krona viruses at its peak people, do you know couldn't vague Catalan and they they they kind of like look for of somebody to make them feel better and that's a lot worse, Who did that? That was what he did and we covered this. I cover the sort. How to the New York Post. I also we know, did a long thread of this on twitter can get it at studios. America, if you want to check it out the bottom line was people. member him making them feel better because he was telling them nothing was happening.
Was telling you it was ok to go on subways. He telling them that was not a big deal, it was. It was not. As between people. More people were dying from the flu. He was saying, people were eight that we dealt with much worse pandemics than this much worse viruses, unlike what we ok end of the day you Eddie Eighty told them over and over again up until the nine tenths of I'm not going to anything out I'll, never forget what he did the press conference and he was talking about the very successful New York Business man I was for a friend of yours. He has good mythical. Buddy is money whose whose a big business guy was very afraid, because he was here and we're gonna where to close down the city where it is closed, businesses in the guy was freaking out about it and Cuomo told em worry about it. I'd have to do that and I'm not do you know what I'd have to do it. That press conference happened on March nineteenth on March twenty, if he close down the setting in that's just incredible literally the doing before it's, because you he's a massive liar and v
only thing he cares about is himself. He is completely obsessed with Andrew Cuomo The is obsessed with Andrew Cuomo. That is why he, he actually Ok, the selling of a poster where bragged about all of the wonderful things with corona virus and sold it on a new government website. Where were they, drew cartoons of him driving is Camaro around and Donald Trump was up on the moon. He was sitting on the moon in this poster of course in denial in denial. Pat and unity was saying. This is just like the flu your Cuomo actually said that exact thing he said it. He said less people were dying of grown a virus. Then the flu he was dead, all of the things that people criticise, Donald Trump on and remember this? If you remember nothing else that Donald Trump did it
big speech that we all remember. Fifteen days is not the spread that was March sixteenth, it he waited until multiple days after that to close down New York City, where all the action was happening with corona virus that the idea that shy and why only needed to close down a march was ridiculous. It didn't need to write, but York city is totally different world and well done, Trot was saying: hey we stop fifteen days, that's all conquered down into what we can do here to deny this down with a notch drew quota was still he nodded. He cut gathering limits that day the same day, the Trump said: hey we're in a shop, economy, up Adra, Como, cut down guy. The rings to five times the national guidelines. So he said: hey, you know what we gotta cut gatherings: two fifty George, sixteen in New York, it like you way behind tromp on all of this stuff and
fact that he let his that the virus ravages community so thoroughly and then switch sides completely inserted, basically welding people in their apartments. He was but to maintain a low rate for a few months, and then that creates a book. It creates Mr sales decrees fawning media tours. He was wrong on this. Every step of the way in his hand This was disastrous and Basically, I want to drop as many farms as that lady. Just that sets out. Please stop. It makes me because you get credit from the media for this credit and this adoration from both York and national media, because you know what the truth is lot of immediate people were sitting there in their homes, watching this press conferences, terrified and he made them feel better for a few weeks when he when he should have been. When the right message was dont, go on subways, he was saying: go on subways when message was: don't go to the
chinese fair. Let's go in the Chinese New Year's celebration he's got to go and now he knew she was doing in San Francisco right and now, when we know more about the virus when were able to veto handle these things a little bit more. Simply and were allowed to do things in ways that are we being. We know how to protect ourselves a little, but there are now saying: don't don't see it in your family members? Now we say I can certainly go out without a mask on. I can certainly Go to your Gavin Newsome, going to his fancy dinners I can see. they go to the funerals for John Louis. If I'm a democrat that certainly ok, of course, that's ok but you're, nothing you're, a giant zilch in the society. You don't matter. Therefore you can't do those things we all want but what should happen here is I should be able to do all these things, and you shouldn't be. I more important than you some kind how virtually every one of these,
camp, fisted leaders, these leaders at her oppressing their own people in these various jurisdictions there, all the ones who are doing whenever they want Laurie Lightfoot in Chicago doing the hairdressing thing, because she cares. bout, her hygiene, like you little people, don't but I care. My hygiene and it's important that I have good hygiene somewhere to get my hair done. Retweet. This there's a case, a thread from Cairo markets from the New York Post and she's just put together all of the hypocrisy from these leaders are not retreat this right. Now that rate as America. You get to see she's a building lest she started in August, and it has been leading and building in building all of these at there's a ton authors there's plenty of em. It It's worth its worth doing and worth reading through, because it builds all the time people who are hypocrites,
We sit. We say this in New York. I mean think about this. Three hundred thousand kids in New York City are home from school it because they came up with this ridiculous, percentage of positive test, three percent across the city, and soon hit that number or to close down other schools. Well, The United States as a whole has never not for a day since this began been below three percent, never been below five percent as a country now, do you. The New York City has four for a couple of months here had that had that had that that claim which, as you know therefore, although those reasons for that are deeply, they were deeply scarred by this. I know people in Europe. We know a lot of people up in your these people were deeply scarred by how horrible it was when Cuomo was telling them to go on subways Anti virus was running rapid through society
They are much more cautious, then you'll see in other places. When you way when people from New York leave New York, they are hyper terrified of this. So that's what happened its mandates, sought to govern picking levels. Its people when you get down Billy scarred by this when every night for a month and a half all you outside your apartment building are ambulances going by, because is the only cars on the road for a month, that's a star! experience in what might wasn't like that in Texas, but was like that in New York. So there much more careful in these things are you can keep the virus levels down there. They take above three said, the clothes all these schools down these families are scrambling last minute. Try to figure this out science, after scientist after scientist, including doktor, forty is saying: don't close the schools, and yet they said
schools any out using door locked out door locked out, don't call this golden Burke's is saying: don't look down, don't closer and closer schools, and these are not like concern- is not to Doktor ATLAS. These are people who the left has told us. Are they the people. You can trust The New York City, New York state is due this all over again and It will continue to do it because it's gonna kill New York. You any of New York has already been killed. This will kill and think of the incentive structure for Cuomo here, the guy just a book about how brilliant he was. He can't have an increase. Yeah he's going to do every dumb, lockdown thing he can to trade care about the economy, teaches us to keep those numbers down and he's doing it. He's he's squashing the entire state for his views. book sales. and he is the worst and unfortunately can't believe me, life or I would express in different ways how bad he is drivel. Eight, nine hundred us
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oh, even I dont not that I know of typical media nature to incite the claims of some aging right. Either There are many laid seventies. Sorry, I'm not listening to the other. Men like red disappear, they're, going back and forth on that, a little that seems like there's some guys we're saying it was pretty effective here. It's if it was effective. Even of initial study basically said, I want to say, was twenty percent reduction in d deaths and and hospital stay for severe. Your patients, so was never like something you would take when you, you know if you felt fine or like to prevent it in advance, it was something like us, light reduction in the worst outcomes is what that first study showed that some people think that the study was and thorough enough? I, my Eileen on the idea of like work, unless you know it's, going to create and negative consequences like this riot. Why not address the clerk? When was another one that we went through this with yeah? You know it's like well, a lot of people seem to get really from it. A lot of
will seem to be helped in the beginning? According to some doctors who used it, and maybe we will find out that it works and certain subsets of people- and it was interesting to see when Donald Trump got covert. He hated We take it right. He took the regeneration situation and the steroids and a few other things, and that to work in that just got. got it. Approval for emerges, regeneration, yeah, yeah authorization, which is a good right. It's good encouraging signs, I mean we're getting better at this and that's what's what that one of the better things you saw ass peaked in March at the same levels they peeped in August, and we saw less than half of the deaths in that myriad. You know so that's a good worse, we're getting better at fighting it and that's really at the end game here is not the mass Surat masks like it, whatever
like I understand the emerald gets so passionate about that particular thing, and I swear like some people are passionate about it because of tyranny, some people, are passionate about it because of a medical health. My wife is passion it because of of makeup she does not like the masks because it ruins or make up on what the percentages- that's definite where my wife is on that one, whether by the end of the day, that is like a here, it's it's a covering a symptom, it's like it. It's like. Maybe that helps. Let's say it helps. Let's AIDS is beneficial, allows us to have maybe more economic activity, more travel, all those things. You know it's level. I think that science shows its motto, Lee helpful, but is not a panacea. Is not is not a cure, but all that being said, and I wish the president took more time to make this case during the elections. I think it would have been helpful because, like we can all talk about law. King ourselves inside of our homes to avoid this virus, but the
end of the day. What needs to happen is a medical or technological solution to eliminate it. and this is what my administration has been working on this whole time. We have multiple companies that have very close to releasing these vaccines are that's just part of it. That's does include the treaty It doesn't include the other things that we ve learned and that work we are focusing on here in an administration is not me. micromanaging you're thanksgiving. What were worth we focusing on is a law the term solution that lets us return to normal. Because of the actions that this government has taken under my leadership that What we're doing, I would have a very limited message. I think it would have been ineffective. I think you would have
Why did we do it? He knew Pfizer was about to announce yet he had to know that any dimension at just it was never a big focus of the camp here it may have been because you know some people will say that I was there anything they survive. That's gotta have referred earlier and then there is an inherent in India. bright day after the election is the Glen Back programme. Welcome to twenty twenty hearts. Almost over malware is everywhere like an entire room of live mouse traps. Reader, walk, barefooted, blindfolded, throw if you operate under the assumption lately that your emails are safe just because you recognise the sources well think again, cybercriminals have found ways to embed malware into attached documents. Download them enable content or enable editing you get self, some malware that is going to start finding and stealing your personal information on behalf of some cyber criminal now that doesn't sound like a lot of fun. It's because it's not
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is that still for Glenn on a glimpse programme, Thanksgiving weak, hopefully ashore, on for your hopefully Thursday and Friday, on most Americans, probably him black Friday off you believe, is black Friday already. Can you believe it's Thanksgiving already seems like such a cry, be year. Its essence. Now we're here at the holiday season. Are you noticing that- It seems, like the Christmas lights are up in the trees around a lot earlier this year by far yeah, I don't I've ever I've never seen in line, as many at least are on taxes as soon as hallowing was over, lights were gone up and our neighbours, and it's like, as everybody, feels like crap here, every something positive and other like. No. You can't have thanks giving you bastards. You take away a five seconds now will not have. It is anyone. I guess, people on the left, maybe or listening to us at some level
people are not have thanks, and I have these giving. I bet some people are not doing it, but I think the overwhelming majority are saying. Look if grandma, our really sick or the really old, or you have someone with with a reproach pre existing condition. That would make them. Let me show you, actually, maybe they can turn is virtually work outside that we have to remember to the sensible thing here, which is a lot of us. Don't like her relatives, a lot of people, you actually dont, want to see on Thanksgiving right, and maybe this is a good excuse to avoid them. Generally speaking, people are gonna go to their thanksgiving they'll, take some precautions if they can and they're gonna live with the outcome of that need, I think, that's there is a certain level of risk that people are willing to accept and by the way, the risk for ninety eight point five or ninety eight point, nine or ninety nine percent of the population is pretty small. It's like I'm gonna get. flew or a cold. That's the risk for the vast majority of Americans who were under eighty years old, yeah right
This is. U can the survival rate is gonna, be north of ninety nine percent. I think when this is all settled be, however- and there are other me I mean I have for that- but for the most vulnerable you always have to say that for the most vulnerable, of course, we need to take the precaution yeah. I look it's unite with, but we people. We know who went through it didn't die, but it was really miserable. That doesn't mean you shut down society for you, and I know that I know anybody like that. Don't owe you guys, and yet we retirement symptoms legitimately completely asymptomatic, glints family went through. they were sick, yeah, guess Tanya didn't feel good, but it wasn't like severe. I talked to fund this weekend whose you know our age, no previous in conditions, tire household had it six people, I believe and The mom got really sick,
to really means they were really worried about how we can turn out now turn on. Why, after three or four weeks went up making to come back and was ok and now is fine, but at what she take with you, reader with they ejected bleach and light into every incident, had satisfied, I don't I don't not each kills it within seconds Harry. I understand I did over the vast majority of people. Please don't take bleach at home now you do not do their duty to do. You really have to tell that to people I hope not. Now I mean look. There is a that there is a group I have a relative to that went through like a six to six or seven week period, where he was just to go to the bathroom walk across the room would like pass out o my guy may was like really it is. You know, there's a there's: an ETA fell running back at the guy who's cameras. Name is supposed to be the start of four Jacksonville this year who went out.
If it leave and just never came back when no one really knows how serious it was apparently was very serious. You know Freddie Freeman, from the from the Atlanta Braves one of working together in L a p here that he came back and we had a really bad, even its. It is interesting who would notes and who doesn't? There was a bee. Why you player? Who who got it and then it turned into pneumonia, and he was out four out of four or five weeks. Problems can affect an healthy like six, five, three hundred solid muscle kind of guy, so it's surprising, each assault. No, you don't wanna go down with it really hard, but it that's. A d like a personal choice, is different than a societal choice. Right you didn't say you can look at it as a society and say well. Ninety nine plus presented Spain is gonna wanna being the survival rate of this there's a Other effects that might affect you long term is a decent group. People who are affecting in months and months of effects after this, and we
have to internalize that. But as a society, setting policy is different even when you're going to mandate closing an economy, is a totally different call. Then, whether you're going to as your own person in your own individual choice, decide to go to. As many you know, close ordered conjured concerts inside of it were poorly vent. the bars right like you can there are lots of places in between that, and I know it I'm trying to find. I guess it's easy to be. Critical of every government official for everything they do wrong and there's some value in that. Frankly, but you know it is difficult. I think a lot of these these governors are trying to find the right balance, but This should also be constitutional, whether it sensible to you or not, and whether you, think we should take more action or not. You still have to deal with a constitution. Is that the United States of America and allow
a lot of these politicians are thinking of what, if I don't care about the constitution, what, if I don't do anything it says what if instead I just do what I want to do and that's not how this country operates. It's not right and they want it to me. They want that to be, true, it's just not true. It would feel good to them if it was true, but it's not terrible disappointment. And there are people who taken it into their own hands to punish people who don't do the things that they think they should be doing like like one there on a hike in Massachusetts and they're, not wearing a mask, and somebody comes by decides that they they ve, done the wrong thing and then he said, spitting autumn telling them he has covered nineteen like this, this guy I have held it. fantastic positive? Peace is to women how are not wearing masks, they're, not wearing masks, and so he starts spitting on them. He takes,
His mask course spit on them says they're out of doors, aching, where are you shouldn't, be wearing a mass now, there's no reason way, I wearing a mask when I, the hiking in the mountains of arguably we're talking about government, giving reliable accurate information, that's consistent right! That would be a nice thing because there are really like you think about there are people on the left. who legitimately belief that these things things are necessary. Then the mask is the complete like you're, not gonna, get it. If you have a mask on there's a lot people, I think on the left, who believe if you're not wearing a mask you're. Giving me covert yeah That is the probably the biggest failure of the media throughout this gets rid of, which is to say that they made this into this cultural thing where Republicans like mast and liberals do and liberals or the smart ones, because there we mass and if you just where mass everything will be fine, no
not the message. If you wear There is probably a good I've. Looked at a ton of studies at this of this, including the danish One that just came out recently. If people, where mass there is likely a decrease in transmission rate right so that We saw this in the: U the USS Theodore Roosevelt they they did so this people who wore Mass got covered, and there were two people around those who had met mass son Reno protested, positive, recovered at lower rates, there is like a twenty or thirty percent reduction. in the EU in the amount of spread. That's not nothing. Right is a tool, it's part of the, the process to try to get this to spread as slowly. possible until we come up with a real solution right, so you could that which will, hopefully the vaccine monopoly that accident rate, but like the media has not stated it like that, The media has said is where ask you know, get covert Delaware Massey get covert. Where am I
you, you protect everybody else with no with no exceptions from covered. If you That's not what the data shows, so they ve four inflated, the the material difference masks make enough two essentially shame people who don't like them, and while that seems maybe mentally to make sense like you or your while I ve just for our frigate mass whatever they want before we can all go back to normal. Like seems like a compelling argument. I guessed to their side, but at other and your people are taking less other prick, like other Precautions are taking less of them because there were masks like they're, not doing six feet because a worrying mass hormones in meat there. There they're going in there having meetings indoors because their wearing mass. They think that solves it. It doesn't much much much better solutions doing things outside, like I don't know, hiking right where the government should have been encouraging, go to the parks. We all know. We got these beautiful parks and our state, and you know what, We all know you guys. Are
swaths you just want to watch Netflix all day how about outside your fat lumps and will take a frigate hike, and you know what the great thing is. You don't wear mass your outside your social distance anyway, like naturally hiking environment. This is great. It'll seem like real real life, all over again get your fat ass out of the chair and take a walk. Wouldn't it be nice? Instead, there are two stereo. Sorry, don't go near to preach Excuse me Michael derived, whatever don't even Cooker Turkey it'll kill everyone in your family. It worthwhile he's going to kill everybody s bid your opening your mouth and when you take a bite, your sucking in the goals, it is raining and right to encourage what either what hey? Hey guys, you know be interesting as all these great churches are in the middle, this pandemic reacting to it and are doing, drive ins. Private services and are doing. or services to make sure people can still worship and that's a grey. Idea like. Thank you so much to these churches, we're taking these steps to make their people
safe and still have their connection to their faith. It's other talk Churchill Bracelets, what are you up a devil, so botch Molly, the devil would take her to church and above it like this, it's like that is the worst possible way to commute Kate. These messages to the american people, the american people independent, the american people are paid who want to be able to make their own decisions because you know they live. A country where the foundations of that nation specifically encourage it right, may your own decisions take your own risks and instead they try to just you know. We heard everyone into Didn t just the now. These punishments and fines and levels of bureaucracy and mandates, people, don't we Atwater that give them reliable, consistent information that they can actually take to heart, and no you're not going to change it six days later. If
do that the american people can look at it, assess the risk and make their own decisions instead. It so bad that you ve got a left wing governor like Andrew Quabo saying that vaccine is moving so fast. Katy did vaccines from Visor and Madonna because of money and ego wait you're, making it a bad thing that they ve quickly developed a vaccine in this country. Ridable is unbelievable and they will be the same group of people who will yell at us for not following the science who tell us we are the ones that hate the scientists and hate the doktor right, and when the scientist come up with something that could get us back out and able to come locate with each other again in person. They make that a bad thing. It's too,
Double it really is terrible, and who is one of the leaders of this aid? The British have again Andrew Freaking, Cuomo, yes, Andrew Global is who is like a well we're. Not gonna. Do is come up with my own separate checking process because I dont trust trump, so we're gonna take Vaccines are willing to do our own studies on them, so you're too will hold there are many valid seen that that people, like even like Fouch, have a poor use and you're gonna. Do your own separate check because of politics and you're going to withhold from people who might need it this vaccine and then we're gonna, be the ones that are anti science disguise intimating to seventy percent approval, ready, that's how this is gonna work that is really friggin and allowed, but true sabotage, AAA seventy seven be e c let me tell you about Shalmaneser Thanksgiving just a few days away. As you know, the all these gatherings had happened around the holidays, while they should be banned
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yeah he's one of these causes that's been around for a while, where a guy shoots kills a cop and then in the left, just always jailer yeah. What do you do? Why did these Gary cops are paying? So why do you want? What's the problem here, so unbelievable? Another try, they ve tried to make it seem like he's innocent. For this I mean that the evidence he says he's still maintains its innocence. While nobody does that mean nay line, nobody goes in prison, he hasn't changes story, yet he say to do it, but I'll though I think he did confess at one point, or at least, if I remember the story where we have to go through some of this money. ricotta she's, a guy. We must work with that Dummy Phd in Philadelphia. One of our stations of time has wrote a book on this called murdered by Maria he did a segment on CNN, basically calling out Capper Nick hey, you need to know the facts about the story here. a good unless he needs to know the facts about a lot of telematics. A lot of things like like the like all the people that he's yelling about who have been murdered by by cops forever.
just reasons- that's not so much on many of them. Another thing is how to recover to defence about it. That's why he's out of the league? That's a whole hours. That's races of their anxieties about ITALY, IDA yeah, races of better cover, too, has nothing to do with that another to do with it being. What was his? Is? We haven't about a twelve quarterback rating, nothing to do with it. Now I like your, whose last year's second to last year, where he was four or five slots in quarterback Kubi, are behind Johnny Manzella, posing I've. Never even yet it s about ITALY at this slide away back every I said in a low him, never laid again and several of the players above him never played again. Wasn t t, but one of those I don't remember if Cuba was one of those detained or motorways still not playing in professional football. People are aware: the baseball the guy is monotonous voice a little bit of that What Hey everybody knows pay pal, but
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using honey is literally passing up free money. It is free to use and installs in just a couple of seconds. Get money for free by joining honey, join honey, dotcom, slash back, that's, join honey, dot com, slash back! Welcome patent, stupor, Glenda, sweet, Tripoli! Seventy seven be easy, K, Tripoli just said. Fifty million people are still going to travel for Thanksgiving, despite the fact they ve been told. To these murderers. Fifty! million murderers, going places and killing people with their covert nineteen infections. Ok, whatever you been warned super sputters males are ridiculous. Have you seen the the chart of secure eighty essay searches now
it's very interesting so right before March it was like two million a day searches. searches per day people travelling and then obviously the pandemic hits and dropped out, like fifty thousand sing incredible dropped by like over ninety percent is I ve been entering up, obviously overtime and now we're at about one million, so covered about fifty percent of the travel when it comes airline travel from the beginning. of the pandemic, but is it you know it's amazing to see something that is something that is so central to american life went away almost hi early, with no notice yeah Jeffrey detract those numbers because they were so high right before of it and then so incredibly low for awhile afterward I hold on, I gotta go give us did you say gently the tracking numbers. Yes, he trotted ever over eighteen, no, no! No! It was weird cause we're done to eighteen for quite a while quite awhile
fact, I think, still their weight. I wanted, because I know pack grandly a great show: Nan once in a while. You have Jeff Yard and obviously that's a timer turn it off, but obviously you're saying during the Jeffrey segments he was giving you numeric updates. Yes on travel, yes, bold, and on chewing the fat which Jeff by the way you can get that had cast as well as peccary unleashed and even Stu does America, where every get your broadcasts. Yes, please subscribe to those do other things. We ve created course. The show as well as available on podcast with It is an amazing drop off to see that happen. To see that change I mean you know talking about a massive alteration in society. While I remember when the whole thing, sir, it in and travel just stopped, especially air travel, just shut down and we drive,
down a freeway that happens to run next store to D W Airport, which is, I think, in normal circumstances, like the fourth or fifth busiest airport in the world. There was zero, I mean when you when you go down that freeway. During normal times. You see four or five planes at a time, because two thousand a day land there There were like zero air. means landing at D W four months it was It was amazing to see, and then all of a sudden thanks, to come back in and for some reason it came back to the point where D have tell you was a number one airport in the world for awhile with that with with track traffic, but I don't know where they stand now, but it is amazing to see how much things changed overnight, just completely different patterns for the Americans. overnight, major shows you how life can go upside down.
the matter of sex. You are one of the things that are twenty. Twenty has taught us is how fragile all this is. Being you know, he realized lie chain. Everything I mean I was. I was in target this weekend that there are not. There was not only no toilet paper towel to be found its decisive we're the paper products whether in toilet paper or paper, towels some cases for a long time for months it was the Clorox wipes you couldn't get em couldn't get him anywhere or anything like that, and that we had a really weird run of the restrains smelling hand sanitize her yet We actually had here. Yes, why, unlike itself, was lack of some awful drink you to your order at a bar is yeah. It's like that real alcohol taste errors. drink too much of a headset adviser. But when I did it, granted swamp water near what it smelled like an awful awful knock
yeah. So I mean it's gonna be interesting to see if that pops back, I mean that we should get our peaks I'd, think, with Thanksgiving holiday being pretty heavy travel time, but there's enough people. Worse still. Terrified of this is why they want release movies like there's that chicken and problem going on we're, like the fears like well, we can't stay open because another not releasing any movies and the cedar companies which are the movie companies are saying we can release any move because none of the thieves are open. go to the movies. We can't release anything that that looks halfway decent make really hard makes it out yet and making a lot of including some in this area have just gone completely out of business and he just shut their doors. Sorry, we're done. It was a tough business anyway, you with all the stuff without competition, home streaming services. In all these things, it was difficult to have moved years before this
now I mean you you're gonna see I would not want to be a theatre owner right now: network, vertices, multiple bankruptcies on that front and you're gonna see at least half of these theatres clothes. They just came out late last week and said wonder: woman, the new wonder, woman, nineteen. Eighty four, I think it is and is gonna be in us. It's going to be a simultaneous release in theatres and HBO Max same time, so you can see it at home or a guess: movie theater and see it. like a small way to cash asked us trying to get creative without they're going to do this, because there is a whole bunch of movies that are too sitting on the shelf now that are done in ready and could be blockbusters, and they want their. Releasing because, where you gonna play it who's gonna go, I mean, there's a whole bunch of the boy, One thing that new bond movie has been delayed for five times and I think now they're talkin, summer of twenty twenty one, so I don't know it's gonna be interesting to see-
Black black widow is another one was johannsen that that's not gonna be released or interpolate nine hundred thirty three ninety No, it's actually triplets. Seventy seven be easy. The toughest thing for you The pact groundless, however, always gets on the air on the Glenn Beck program. It that's ok. At least you can listen to the listen to podcast, though, and get that first said over and over again, but it's really exciting background leash to get the pot cast wherever you get your pod costs as well. Back in a second. This is the Glen back. Now. Imagine this. You make a list of the gifts you plan on buying for the holidays and someone randomly gives you the money to help you buy them. That's what honey is doing. right there, helping pay for one million dollars worth of gifts this season, that's thousands of prizes. Every week you know honey, as the
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this patent stupor when privilege, seventy seven be easy k by the way, speaking of movie releases and all that you have Disney Plus, You watch a much with I give have it I gotta basically for the mandatory and that's what I did, but I bottle of negative or even of the band Delorean just cut. It is ok yeah, I haven't really fallen in love with it. I can't I can't seem to get over the hub of getting into it. It's not the greatest show ever done it's, not the worst, either yeah. I would It's not bad. I just it's out sucking me and, like you, I am the type of person it goes to all the star wars movies at the theatre, Jim. I got an obsessive about if I d like to see them on the theater, and this this has been. Ok, it's just Ok, but yeah we haven't, they need more regional programming on Disney plus seems to its lacking. For adults mean you got all the camera You got all the movies further kids in and you have the tsar
stuff in the star Wars stuff, you want. You want Disney Plus to carry a dull movies. Yes, adult moves rough. Nor here That's a seems. I couldn't even a character with you at all, like maybe you'd, be they attend a person who say don't watch adult movies, but you want to Disney to create and carry adult movie. That's that's! The patio heaters did come out with the statement that there are not opposed to do in our rated material on Disney Plus. Wait, aren't you Disney Don't like ties to all these other services to let it be noted on their knees, break it such a weird that made just trying so hard to make Disney this like edgy product. It's like make it a happy product, you guess cry, they other brands this whole time. Oh then they ve been able to put whatever. other materially went on there. They can't keep the Disney thing pure. They can't do it bring them. Suddenly me too, it should be. I mean Walt Disney. I think he'd have a little bit of an issue with what's Goin on Disney
but also Gina Cyrano, one of the stars of the men Delorean. She sparked outrage last week which did messages on social media get this here was Her agreed just sin. I dont know why she's not in prison. I really dont show locked wearing a mask yeah. They want or fired now you should let it just fired yet well and they want or fired. I wonder imprisoned I only wanted to have a trial. I want her to go directly to prison. It could be Rikers island it could Leavenworth, but it's gotta be a federal prison. So incredible she tweet it out a meme, that's it breaking news. Democratic govern leaders now recommend we all blindfolds along with masks, so we can't see what's really going on how dear she
I dare say, ah my you don't want to have that opinion. No you're, not you're, not allowed to say those types of things, and I know you're not release maintain your employment. Have you switched off the parlor yet Urrey idea the parlor account. I think I have the accounting never actually done anything with it. Have you been on it at all I've just about to start down that territory? I know it's a big thing. I like it. I like the idea of having a place where there could be censoring you. I actually what I want to do and I have a different view and liking. People your guys. You delete your twitter get off twitter. Why if we deleted and get off of all of them that I oughta be what I wanna be is pat grey I aspire to be pat gray on social media, which is two things happened on your social media cuts. I see it all tat. My you just don't know that there had been a home That is the world I want very true at so I dont see how its brought anything Well, I was diverted opposed something about our cookies on your instagram account. I said Instagram light
mean. I know I have won, but I've never been there, so maybe somebody did maybe even didn't. I dont know why let scrumptious cookie dot com which, by the way, yes go to the world and I it is- and I am bordering some for my thanksgiving on which I am actually going to be holding at even though and request has not yet been just you in your immediate family who lives at your house right now, I'm gonna be Zella people murderer or to do our best killer. We don't kill each other murderer, but if we kill each other, we do at least the last thing we do is eat. Scrumptious cookie account that so that's that's not a bad day as Ellison. It's gonna get about that. But it is. Is that weird HANS pressure too. Every time someone says something that is right leaning act as if they must be, Austria from society and its funding. This is such as is like this cancel culture thing is a new thing to most. People is not we
and going through this for a long time in years. I remember the first, like you know, left wing media watchdog posts about things that we said, and this is back in cash- is gonna, be when was that two thousand and four We took a long time ago. I feel like it was Iraq WAR related one of the first ones, that for some reason- and we were talking about an end like we had a guess out or something that how do you this guest go on this Glenn back. Who is this Glenn Back Guy and we're sitting here? Don't like what is this? Where people really upset that we're having it will. I think we are all was to have conversations with people in the greatest shame. Someone out of existence, Gaza as a guest showed up, showed it to give us their viewpoint that's what a lot of stuff started with talk. Radio, this is that that these social media cancel culture thing is just a You know accelerated view of what is to happen us every time we said anything on talk, radio so used to it, and so bored with beads threatened
my job in my livelihood, it doesn't even read. MR with me any more, but that's not that's not normal. people a lot of stuff target, regular people who are not in the media who have not The deal with it for a long time who are not public figures are not used to it to live into terrified their terrified. By currently you work at a restaurant, and you put in Kosovo, your social media feed that seems friendly to a concern of cause, and you paraded out of society for it and you're not allowed to know what you get so pizza anymore, I mean how amazing would that be, and it could happen for this men, Delorean actress to lose her job on men, Delorean cause. She said something new, about mask wearing. How ridiculous is that really that in in a comment could act we lose somebody their livelihood, yeah amazed, and it's not a balancing mask wearing right. It's about democratic.
This republic and left versus right go back. If you go back to March, what you would find is neither probably go back and find the stuff on Twitter, Conservatives posting means about. Why? Don't we just open the economy and wear masks Haiti, liberals, attacking them and saying how dare you, the is, the CDC is telling us not to wear masks and the same sort of threats we made about people's livelihoods and everything else. This is so the trial The thing is so overplayed at this point and we people would say also stew tribal for so long. It's almost not even a point to be made, but it's so true the left will attack anybody if they work in front of Congress, they were writing letters about how bad dominion voting systems were like a year ago, and they are the reason they were saying it, which is hilarious, is because a venture capital firm bought dominion and these those are venture capital, their evil capitalists, and they,
probably will try to fix votes against Republicans here we are look, I don't think I'll get will see what happens in the claims on the stuff, obviously put didn't pay up ready for the left right. If anything, we ve seen the claims go the opposite way, and now it's crazy to bring anything up. Dominion is basically God If they they are easily, they are on allowable? You should never questioned them, is if you're a heathen. If you do and that- it's so ridiculous. How predictable the stuff gets. You know what left is going to say every time a new subject comes up and they will reverse themselves completely in a matter of weeks and just as if the old position didn't exist where there or which is supposed to forget, that you guys just spent four years saying the president was not legitimate. Unbelief the glory really just suppose they like ignored that occurred,
I don't know, the Rick reaction is too now say everything else than ever happens in an election that Republicans lose is illegitimate. I don't think that's a good response to it, but the bottom line is. They were set. All of these things very very recently They will your Laurie Clinton was saying, don't accept the results yeah yeah, but how old, you early early in twenty two I mean mid or lay ordinary hunting or how We then, I know you remember that guy I ought to go. Is born AAA seventy It would be easy. Gay, more glow. Patents do for Glenn come up and see there is almost always arise and break ins during the holidays. It's why simply save home securities having a huge holiday sale, thirty, five percent off any simply safe system and a free security camera. Recently? U S news and world Report called it
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we're gonna to do, though Mumia Abu Jamal situation with Cullen. Cabernet come up here in a few minutes. You you will believe it, but first at the weekend Joe Biden asked a very simple question at the end of one of his own people, conferences are statements and it didn't go, for the person asking the question understand moreover, office here make us a new cos. no, I'm ok, thanks?
MR bite in the covert taskforce said it save for students to being classed to encourage unions to cooperate our kids back to classroom sir the brutal question so he's put off by the fact that the report at the end of his little thing: they're just cut up yelled a question and he asked him. Why are you the only one who ever ask me questions at the end of it really great question from Biden Wagon teed when it happens every single day. More four times a day to the president and people are cheap did you guys played, I think, last Friday, that unbelievable. Situation where he wrapped up a conference. I think it was pants who got done. Speed
He turned around walked out of the room and they are just screaming hate questions at him in continuing Even after you left the room and shut the door there still yelling at him. So that's what that's. What trump Administration goes through every day Biden, handle once one question about lock downs. really incredible. And why don't people do that to him Do I really good question? We should examine that, especially after he's coming out. Like a look, you guys were open arms for you, open door policy. Coming now get out, you bastards them ass. They may questions is an interesting, positions? It is interesting, isn't it alright? We got calling cap calling for the release of Mumia Abu Jamal we'll get into that kind of next neglect back programme
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A strong immune system is crucial for your overall health activate your immune health, like never before, when, naturally sourced ingredients clinically proven to kick start your immune system introducing Quantum nucleotides Complex, a unique and comprehensive immune, boosting formula from Quantum nutrition lapse. Our products have been manufactured right here in the USA for over thirty years right now, it's our biggest sale of the year, save up to fifty percent on our doktor formulated, supplements, that's q and allay Bs Dotcom, queuing labs, dot com. Making socialist question their life choices. This is the Glen Back programme. Stick around more after the break dad's patents, do the Glen other Glinda Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K, Collins Camper next new obsession is freeing Mumia will be as the cop killer that did pops up every once in a while, because celebrities all want em out of jail. Casale did
was execute a police officer to spend the rest of his life in prison, making up for the have we got into, Why does a society that were you just can't execute people in and then just after a few years of paying for it, you you're, let go and you can go do what everyone now. I've back. Is voting rights, give him back his freedom. So that's what a lot of people one and I I don't understand exactly why now Mumia has made Is it isn't this whole time? Because happened in what what was it things? Ninety eight now is a was also long time and just a lot of people think glad tulip he's been prison almost forty years. Let him go but that's what they're saying they're saying I didn't do anything wrong. That's really with an argument and they been arguing for a very long time. He's been a big
pretty cause he's been mere socialist and communist. Like act, actual socialist and communist stated party cause for a very long time as one of their those names upon sub over and over again because they think they have a case of. Why he's innocent, of course, obviously calling cabinet isn't hideous and he believes every single bit of this is also a terrible quarterback, and nothing else knows this, but a very terrible quarterback and not exactly a brain, performs better then his abilities hum. He is justice confused by facts regarding police violence as he is by defences. And that is a problem for calling outbreak as he analyzes. These things I need is: why he's not the NFL anymore? It's it's not because he he thinks likewise matter. Everybody knows black lives matter is so that's not the reason he's not the NFL and they try to make it,
reason, but it isn't it's easy to prove. In fact, and in that the other people who were were good play Prs or mediocre players like air Creed, whose run of the mill mediocre defensive back, who did the same things that calling Capron it did. I dont believe he ever roar socks with pigs on them for cops, but I do believe he was taking any the exact same time on the same team has maintained his career for multiple years afterward in Malcolm. Jenkins, who is a the same made many of the same points, although I would say more effectively than calling cap as just We have just reported with a massive free agent contract and he's one of the best safety in league hi and he's been able to keep his job without any problems, even though it is that all these opinions, the NFL, is running non. Stop commercials that are being produced to buy the National Football League basic
endorsing these positions that calling Copernicus taking all we need to do is work on racism. Oviedo cops are red eyed ably. These are. The history is complicated, Of course that's what I mean it doesn't mean that this is a sensible reaction by the NFL has virtually turned their pr department over to the soul. You'll justice warriors now. It is here whatever you want with it, that's kind of what they're doing it shouldn't be that way, and there are people who are trying to correct the record here, Michael We're has been following this for a long time wrote a book about Mumia. and what the situation was with the officers widow, and so he takes on that
little issue of of carbon capture and defending in wanting him out of prison. Here's what he's and mine! I suggest that when it comes to Mumia Abu Jamal, you are similarly out of your death. I see that you ve just call for the immediate release of this convey convicted cop killer, claiming that he was framed by a racist police department for the nineteen eighty one murder of officer, Danny Faulkner. This is a subject. I know a little something about. You could say that I literally wrote the book this book. so here's the short version based on trial testimony. On December. Ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one at about four: a dot m. Twenty five year old Daniel Faulkner was executed while making what seemed like a routine traffic stop pulled over the brother of Abu Jamal, a Wesley cook, who is having his car the wrong way on a one way. Street Abu Jamal was then working as a taxi driver. He saw the police stop from across the street
for I witness, has testified to trial as to what happened next us their testimony portrayed a horrific sequence. Abu Jamal ran across the street shot off. Slovakia in the back and then finally, between the eyes before that final fatal. shot officer, Faulkner had himself discharged his gun, hitting Abu Jamal in the stomach with that What you can say that he confirm the identity of his executioner when police Abu Jamal was still wearing his shoulder. Holster the murder weapon registered to him was next to him on the ground at the murder scene. He purchased it at a local sporting goods store, but listen tests verify that the bullet Found in Abu Jamal gone where the same caliber Brandon type as fatal. Bullet removed from office are foreigners breed,
men were taken to a local e r. Insomnia was pronounced, dead Abu Jamal was heard by witnesses, including a security guard to say I shot the M ever and I hope the M effort dies so the case had eye witnesses, a ballistics match and a confession. Whenever on educating someone about the case, in addition to what I have just told you, I always like to underscore one fact, Abu Jim his brother, William Cook. He saw it all his words. to police. Upon their arrival, were I ain't got nothing to do with it and he has never testified on his brothers behalf. Let me say that again the brother of the man convicted of killing the cop hazards, I'll, never taken the stand to tell you, story, and he was their home in Philadelphia. Abu Jamal was never able to cultivate broad community support people at home. No, what happened and never bought into the Hollywood lure Abu Jamal will die in jail of fate more civilised than that which he gave to Daddy Faulkner
Thank you, Mr Cabinet, for listening. I should know you are invited to beyond this programme, I was told that you are doing any interviews on the subject. I should know that Marine Faulkner, police officer, Danny falters widow, would love to talk to you about the case. Will you take that meeting now? I'm sure he's probably on his way to that meeting right near here. Who plays a clip of cavernous going through his case and manure, what he's blatantly obviously reading it, which you could excuse if he's trying to get the case right, but he's obviously doesn't know any of these facts he's just reading a script, in for him, and this is the case with all the stuff with Catholic yeah he's he's it. He is an embarrassment is even if you believe, is generally speaking his case he's a terrible messenger for this. He is just legitimately hates the police. Has nothing to do with what they ve done. It has to do with what his previous preconceived ideas are of what they ve actually done, and You know ye say EAST continues to me
this case and is treated as if he some truth, teller. The guys filling the society with lies on these topics over and over and over again and again the so many just just embrace it. You know he sees a celebrity in and and people just even a small cottage in the segment says. Well, you I don't really know much about football, but I'm right. I bet it is the reason you're, not the NFL, because you taken a stance as I did. I promise you, it is not like it is not now he's just a terrible quarterback that had an awful awful career arc. Starting from eight of an incredibly talented team, that he was able to bring to some level of success, earliness career and then a at all fall officers. The did the talent dropped, it dropped away. A guy who had whose literally the worst core in a week when he left People who are worse than him had never played again
Without the people there are people who finished ahead of them in quarterback rating in me double advanced analytics measures that never play can't, because they were so bad and sadly that something you're never gonna hear any espionage. They act as though this guy is one of the great quarterbacks of all time and its such an injustice. That he's not in the league right now really a look at the stats and check into the things. Stooges said they're all true. It doesn't take that much research effort of to verify all that information and yeah. There's a stew does call incorporating episode of students, America, which you can of course, exist right on Youtube too, but go watch that x that when I was very passionate about it s bad swelling in half an hour laying out the case against calling catalytic, not that he is wrong about police, but that he socked as a player guy. That's for some reason. There are a lot of eighty it out
leads and idiot celebrities that have dumb opinions about politics, there's no, even if it's almost anything worth pointing them out. Problem here. Is that this guy sucked as a quarter back that's the problem here? No one will recognise our terribly was it says infuriated and even the league has bent over backwards for him. They want him back in the league so badly. He just won't come back. He doesn't on a play in the NFL anymore, because he could have. this for sure this year with all the beetle, pressure, are you kidding me if he wanted to job he be in Vienna right now it will be organised a young, why you try out a way of forest chosen for him to come back and illegally, didn't show up for it when why didn't show up, because you didn't want the job, he doesn't say. Why would you please allow? Why would you play? Why would you risk injury? Why would you train hard? Why would you risk failure? I mean it would
be racist when the wit of white safety intercepts him like I'd better. Well, I've been through this whole process. If your colleague happening when you can make millions of dollars for doing nothing It's a sit around and have this this force field around him he's protected from every dumb thing. He says, and he does think for all of his money. Now why why for your money when your money is just handed to you for nothing. That's that of calling Capron right now, he got twenty million dollars from Nike. You know he wanted Mitt that, though, here say how much money he got because he gets to complain about the wealthiest one percent. Still, while he's you know well he's collecting this cash, no one exactly how much money there's been rumours of millions and millions of dollars no one knows exactly. Does he won't say why let me say because- people would we'll get well where, where your charitable donations are you donating this money to these causes? No he's not doing anything
maybe I'm sure yes, some some headline donations- that he can do no point to, but generally We can he's he's too, did those efforts. He people of TAT to come up with actual solutions and an improper programmes that will help this problem and he rejects them calls them sellouts, he the guy's, a terror a human being, in my opinion, and not terrible quarterback in a factual opinion, it's got nothing to do with opinion. It's just laying out the facts. He's terrible The reason is not have because he's sucked at football its ways out of the league. It's got nothing to do with the skin color there, either our other african Americans that somehow old out of their jobs and this league and multiple unseen, several I've watched the sport and several times I've seen african american players holding onto their jobs in it, and you know, when you look at the percentages of a political opinion, its odds are many share his political thoughts,
it's somehow they're able to keep their jobs when Colin Kaepernick can't keep his. It's really weird, really sad, stu. How shy you are on this subject that you really won't share your opinion on it. You know it's sad her eyes. Well, let me say about the holidays: have in a look, we might think yourself, it's cold. I can't use my recreate now kid God site, it's freezing, unwilling to do what, if you are able to pull the delicious food. You wanted to go on your on erect tack, but put it in, and then you are able to monitor it from inside the nice wonderful heat. You can that was wrecked because they have the same. It's a smart girl. It's got this act That is incredible and that it is able to Let you monitor every little aspects you can get the exact temperature, This is your you gonna near them with good cook food in a way that
you know you ve never been before been able to do if you're, if Europe, maybe or some export guerrilla unanimity with erecting rectangle is the place to go to get this guy Glenn loves it it is he can't shut up about it? He never stop talking about it and I the I would love for him I'm talking about, but I can't stop him. He loves it so much rectangles, sleek and sturdy at smart growth technology is going to blow you away. You can run the entire from inside out an app on your phone order, I'll check him out wrecked tech has come on. All the social media sign up for their newsletter are easy. The EU rectangle rhetoric with? You are easy t q Dotcom, your listening to Glenn back patents, do for Glenn Glinda the Glen Back Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K, despite the efforts, the best efforts of the GNP.
Almost immediate king, pretty close to reclaiming control. The house is amazing. I which nobody expected the only person who said anything like that to me at all. a further red on the election. Was David Martin, really David, was the only one I saw that actually made a legitimate, become close in the house and use Emmy is right. They came rhythmical, isn't what twelve seats do? I owe the exact number, alas, and last week it was twelve- might even be more than that now and it's pretty creature. yeah! I mean. However, Nancy Policy is going to continue as speaker of the house will accept two. It's too one or two to two ten right now with three outstanding still really close, and we want to close the close. It's one of the closest margins ever for a minority margin in history, which is pretty of a especially for a new president, come when they thought they were going to pick up a whole bunch here. I want to make it easier to estimates, is highest thirty yeah, the price to out with this pass the path of
I suppose you two speakers as easy as it seems it's going to be when she what she had. Fifteen Democrats voted vote against her last time. Yeah because they were, they were not. They were not in control the way they thought they should be, and there only not now yet they lost. I mean this are mostly central centre Democrats that were saying like that. You get you're, not doing a good job here and there Of course, the left wing as well the this sort of EO seas of the world who don't like policy for other reasons, and so you think there could be some sort of push back against policy a speaker, but so far she seems to be cruising toward it s now, that's bad for the country, but it's not bad, for sales of Nancy Pelosi. Sucks pants which we may as a privilege, a joke. After the after the impeachment, she signed it with the special pan that had her signature on it, gold, so it made Rep campaigns with
signature on it and also the word sucks after it. So just as Nancy policy sucks on the patent and it there actually really nice Petsmart it's true statement. That is true. No, your pen and speaking the truth. Without you even using it literally, no one can deny it is impossible to deny the Nancy Policy Socks well, you're, an idiot if you're right, you're, right you're right, I mean you can't do it on based on fact, so Nancy policy sucks pen the place to go with been out of stock now for a couple months, because we had supply issues. We act with solid tunnel. These things like one for the holidays. They are back in stock for a very limited time until they run out Nancy policy sucks penned outcome. It is the ultimate stocking stuff or I will safer. For person in your lives, a great stocking stuff we promote early. I don't know I'm ahead, but hundred dollar ray it's less. The Knights Eliza, nothing less than that is about my gosh, and I will say this for that Nancy Plus, IE, sucks pen fan of yours in your family knows that Nancy flows IE sucks, but this is a good
to go to get them a stocking, suffer Nancy Pelosi, sucks pain, dot
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