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Another $2 Trillion?! | Guest: Mike Lindell | 3/31/20

2020-03-31 | 🔗
It’s official: “Tiger King” is absolutely insane! President Trump’s hopes for coronavirus relief are coming true, but where’s the media apology for calling them misleading? And there’s an update on the couple who drank fishbowl cleaner. Don’t be relieved that Bernie Sanders’ campaign is tanking: Glenn explains how more socialists are rising up as a second American depression looms. In today’s COVID-19 update, forklifts are loading dead bodies in New York, Ron Paul warns of a power-grab, and President Trump requests another $2 trillion in spending! MyPillow inventor and CEO Mike Lindell was hammered by the media after talking about God. He joins to describe why he’s not afraid to head “into the hurricane.”

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Hello. America welcome to Tuesday. We ve got a lot to cover today, where to start with some audio from Rachel mad. Then then, MIKE Indelible and a cost from CNN. That brings us to a critical question. Why is it so? Many people think that this may be real are to wrestle with the numbers will do that in one this, the Glen Back Programme, right. Now, it's a scammers world all around the country. Cyber criminals are wiping the cheetah dust off their bellies grabbing afresh mountain do code red from their moms refrigerator and cracked their fingers in anticipation of the information they steal from you. While you were at home during lockdown, it's gotta be
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Outcome slash back, that's Norton, dot com, slash back fifty percent off your first year, are in order to start with some from some audio. First, let's go with Ike Langdale Michael Index, who is going to be my guest on the Saturday podcast this week the guy who started my my pillow. He is an absolute character. This guy was a crack attic. He invented my pillow heap. He almost died cleans up. His life he's got an incredible story, and he he operates at a very very high speed. I've never met anybody quite like Michael and L, and you will. Feel the same when you're listening to the pod this Saturday, by the wave your blaze subscriber, thank you,
it comes out on Thursday you'll be able to watch it on Thursday aright, so yesterday was brought up along with Procter and gamble and somebody else there they're making all of these new products. So he was thanking the The private company, is that are now stepping to the plate to help make ventilators and everything else in MIKE's company. My pillow is now making masks and At one point he said I just did your mind, Mr President, any just hijack the press coverage in the press, assisted behind him and smiled when I had my cause. That's the way MIKE is here's what he said.
I wrote some off the cuff. If I can be, God gave us grace on November eight two thousand sixteen to change the course we were on God had been taken out of our schools and lives, a nation to turn its back on God, and I encourage you to use this time at home to give us time to get back in the word. Read our bibles and spend time with our families are. President gave us so much hope we're just a few short months ago we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment and wages going up. It was amazing, with our great president, vice president and this administration, all the great people in this country praying daily. We will get through this and get back to a place that stronger and safer than ever There's MIKE we're gonna talk to about this moment in what about ninety minutes or so easily. Be it the our bottom through above the bottom of our three today, where
talk to him live and then he's gonna beyond the pod, the podcast on Saturday, but the just went crazy for this crazy. Crazy. My talking about cod- This is the problem. This is the problem. If You are so low, lost and weak And even tolerate someone saying you know what we should pay more diverse, it's just so outlandish, we are lost as a nation because that is what made us great you wanna make market great again, let's go back to numbering God, and his crew principles. Now, I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about God, Frank! things God for glad when he said there is a god. He'll judge us, so we should serve him in the best way to serve him is to serve our fellow man there
so the american religion, if we could just get back to that end, mark and ridicule what used to be safe grid and still is for millions of Americans in oh? If, if we actually take seriously the call for fast in prayer and everything else. Maybe maybe we we would be made We began to this better I believe that this is a a punishment for God, I think from God. I think God is God's, like an alert. Drake Fence, you know he's he's he's he's telling you right now there is Christy through that and don't touch it if you don't. You're gonna get shocked, cuz, that's just the way electricity works. He said, this system up to work a certain way. You touch then you're gonna get shot. I told you not to do it, a punishment you shouldn't touch,
electric feds? He told you not to that's that what's happening to us right now and we're not living certain principles and I think we're paying the price for it right now. So that's first place is the media takes Michael and app. So lately, apart but the media is so arrogant that they they don't even they don't even realise how far off beaten path. They are. Let me go to Rachel MAD here's Rachel mad out last week, talking about how tromp is wrong. In terms of the happy talk with out on this front from the federal government. There is no sign that the Navy Hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of a comfort in the mercy there's no sign that they'll be anywhere on site, helping out anywhere in the country for weeks, yet the president
said when he announced that those ships would be put into action against the covert nineteen epidemic. He said one of the ships will be operational in New York Harbor by next week. Nuns it will not be there next week. Was last week and yesterday it arrived, they had to dredge the river in the harbor to be able to get it in, but somehow another. They got it in I'm I'm waiting for the correction and the apology from MSNBC, but it will not come then Jim Acosta talk to the president and I ask the president to question here's what he said go ahead. Let's give it a shot,
what do you say to Americans who are upset with you over the way you down lay this crisis. Over the last couple of months we have had very much under control in this country. The corona viruses very much under control in the USA. It's going to disappear, it's like a miracle. It will disappear march. Fourth, we have a very small number of people in this country. Infected March tenth were prepared were doing a great job with it. It will go away just stay calm, it will go away Do you say to american soil this right? I do want them to stay calm, and are doing a great job. If you look at those individual statements, they're all they come it will go away, you know it, you know it is going away and it will go away and we're gonna have a great victory and its peak but, like you and CNN, that say things like that that Why people just don't want to listen to see it anymore? You could ask a normal question this.
Since I made are I want to keep the country com. I dont want panic in the country. I could cause much better than even you. I could do much. I would make you look like a minor league player, but you know what I don't want to do, that I want to have our country be calm and strong and fight and win, and it will go away and it is incredible the job that all of these people are doing, putting them all together the job that they are doing. I am very proud of the job. They are doing that my pencil doing that the task force has done that Honeywell and Procter and gamble and make it all of these people have done. I'm very proud, it's, it's almost a miracle and it is the way it's all come together. And instead of asking a nasty, snarking question like that you should The real question: And I think he is absolutely right, and so there people that are asking real questions and I dont Emmy. We ve gone back and forth on this.
We're going to know the answer in a couple of weeks, but I I don't understand those people who were disappointed today that the president gave in and is buying into these numbers, and why he's closing? Let me tell you why the president kept things clothes. First of all that doctors came in to his into the oval office on Sunday and laid out these charts on the resolute desk answer Mr President, here are the facts here is the projection of what coming if we stay the course here, the projections, if we don't stay the course here what we're looking at and best case scenario we're looking at probably a hundred thousand dead, maybe two hundred thousand dead in the next week. If we x. Two weeks, if we stay the course the I saw that and said, I don't think a choice here, there's not
and here's why the president didn't want to be third news home who Arthur NEWS home. Let me take you back to nineteen eighteen in the spanish flu, its heart. To fathom what the spanish flu was like remembered. This is at a time where microscopes couldn't see viruses, so you are really talking about an invisible enemy here. They could scientists couldn't see it. It killed. An estimated twenty to fifty million people. Wheat, we don't know exactly the number, because we couldn't count all of them fast enough. There wasn't the systems that we have now, but we do know it killed more than all of the soldiers and civilians killed dirt. World war. One now The spanish flu- it came more, nineteen, eight! Eighteen. In the first thing, it's showed up like a seasonal flu. It was highly contagious. It was a very
let's strain. The first case was an army cook in and this and he was hospitalized with a hundred and four fever and it spreads through the camp in in Kansas, in no time in a month seven hundred troops had been hospitalized in thirty eight die, afternoon mocked after pneumonia. It was an s made three quarters of the french military that was infected in the spring of nineteen eighteen half the british troops and That wave was not deadly. That wave was, I mean not particularly deadly. That wave was a lot like this wave. So the symptoms were high fever earth lasted about three days and it was like the seasonal flu. So what happened well, it was the summer of nineteen eighteen at the begin.
Of August, the virus had run its course, and everybody said it was over. It was the key before the storm somewhere in Europe. A he'll shaded strain of the spanish flu virus emerged and it had the power or to kill healthy young people and older people and middle aged people so from September two November of nineteen eighteen, the death rate, the spanish flu went through the roof in the United States. One trade and ninety five thousand Americans died from the spanish flu in June. The month of October now The spread of the spanish flu was blamed on the public health officials unwilling to impose quarantine during wartime. In Britain, the guy who got the name of doktor death? If you will was Arthur NEWS home, he
he knew and had been informed that a full civilian lockdown was the best way to fight the spread of. Disease and he Do it any said, I can't There is a war going on and We have to have all of the armaments. We can't stop the war and so he said you can stay home if you want, but everyone who is working on the war, which is almost everybody you ve got. To carry on keep calm and carry on. Arthur NEWS home is the reason why this spring way out of control that end red cross? Refusing to use african american nurses was a shortage of nurses at the time because most of them were overseas, then they stop
a dying and the Red Cross is still say. No. We can have african Americans work on the floor with sick people. My gosh you'll get even more zig, these are the two reasons well, where now worried about anybody. You know their skin color when they're a nurse we got that one down the president didn't want. Be Arthur NEWS home. And he was right to do it because as he said the word, first thing that could happen is to declare victory likely did in nineteen eighteen, only have it come back and be, Worse me in just a second to talk about the Tiger King today, raising raising our right there, an evil that stocks, your bedroom and the deep hours of the night, and it comes
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I guess I don't understand it. They do people think that Donald Trump has been duped or do people think that Donald Trump would now do anything to keep the economy going. I'm trying to understand my friends who were really smart, for instance, Steve Days HE they're all over this, that we have we have the economy for no reason yeah. I just figured characterize it that way, but you- and I know he and I are very concerned about the economy and as as opposed to this and thinks we just have to factored into. I think the way in which deal with things that are destructive too human life all the time as part of our daily lives is something we have to recognise and he thinks maybe over overreacted on this one? keep coming where I here's. Where I keep is- and I know that Steve is, is you know aware of this- is welcome, but the collapse of the health care system just be.
The collapse of the health care system, I believe that would lead to socialize medicine. We eat would not have a chance of having privatized medicine if that system collapse, because everybody would say it is not working this is giving us a chance to show the private sector and show what it really can do. How do you, how the hell do you splain the people. The collapse of healthcare system in and what that would do. Just the ramifications of that war, Obviously that would be wrong. Lee bad me. No one is, of course, what people don't talk about is the reason we don't have enough hospital beds in the First place is largely because of socialized medicine. I, like back when it get stems from a law back in the seventies that was passed because first Medicare medicate, were passed,
and then they were afraid that that hospitals would build too many beds, because he knew the government prevent us we're going to pay for a lot of these procedures. So the government limits how many beds are available, because you have to go and get approval to get new hospital beds, because you never know you might charge the government too much money for unneeded procedures that old Brok Obama tonsil. Our argument he made were being. I guess people were to be. Removing tonsils like crazy to score, the government over something and so we actually lost at what's. The number is about half a million hospital beds have been lost in this country since nineteen. Seventy four which is bizarre either things we quite the opposite: cause you either of population is growing ever what's really. What's really bizarre about that is It's it's
it's almost like the the he'll refineries we're we're building any new oil refineries and haven't since the nineteenth seventies? You know it it's I mean, but its hospital beds right hospital bed partially. It's because also sort of a victim of capitalism's on success. In that MILAN, there's been so many medical improvements that long hospital stays, aren't as necessary as they once were. That's all so part of the reason, but, generally speaking, this is something that you have been solved by the free market, but it wasn't because the government literally makes you ask them whether You can build a new hospital and put new beds in it. You have to get their approval. You have to designate that it's a certain community need court important needs the hospital. People. We know you see a situation like this and there's there's a little bit more need, and I think the government tried to estimate back in just a second Pat Cox.
He's gonna, be joining us. The tiger king, yes, the Tiger king, coming up here listening, that there is. There is a short term t bill auction going on right now, that is terrifying. The government is, is selling treasuries like no These business nobody's business, it is going to devalue. The dollar is why there is a shortage of gold. I can't believe I'm saying this. There is a shortage of gold right now. Getting your hands on physical gold is all but impossible. Many places gold line works with some of the biggest gold mines and and gold producers in the world. They have a consistent line of gold. They can ship it to you right away, but most places they're like well it'll, get to you in a few weeks. We'll know
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Tomorrow at nine p M, it is a response to the corona virus has cripple the economy. Nearly three point: three million people now out of work with there's one group of Americans who stand to profit of America's demise. The incompetence of Donald Trump is on dangerous display, Linda argues. The stakes are too high: Americans need to fight together, turn the economic engine back on and ask what's more dangerous. The corona virus, where the mainstream media America's most dangerous virus media tomorrow at nine p M Eastern. Only on please Tv miss that welcome to the programme Glenn back, join now by stupor gear, our executive producer and host of us do does America, and, gray host of his own show a gray unleashed pad fellow Glenn.
Do you remember the couple that ingested the fish tank cleaner. I do last week, yes, tell me the story. Tell me the story, the best of your recollection. Well, because Donald Trump made it sound like the the fish tank clean was a cure for the corona virus he took in the ingested it and, of course, nearly killed him that we're basically, it ok from the media are rights. So now the washing in free beacon has found their names. They establish the identity through descriptions in the local news reports, the pair identified as Gary Sixty eight Wanda, sixty one free beacon, is withholding their identities at wanders request, however, The federal Election Commission records show that Wanda has donated thousands of dollars to democratic electoral groups and candidates over the last two years, including Hillary Clinton. The Democrats,
congressional Campaign Committee Emily's list, a group that aims to elect pro choice, female candidates and, in fact, her. Most recent donations went on in February to a democratic pact, the three one for action fund that bills itself well I'll, tell you what it bills itself as an end in a minute, but according to the free beacon, Wanda said that she and her husband are both Democrats. There not trump supporters. They heard about an anti malaria, drugs in news reports, she said decided at the spur of the moment to try taking it I decided at the spur of the moment to try taking it But reach for the fish tank cleaner in the pantry. They contain chloric win, phosphate a different and deadly form of legitimate hopes. She said where the word
big supporters of Trump, but we did see that they were using it in China and stuff, and we this made a horrible tragic mistake? It was stupid in horrible. We should have never done it, but done now, and I've lost my husband and my whole life was my husband. We didn't think you would kill us Thought I would help us cause. That's what we ve been hearing on the news we sought. Up on tv on every channel and all of his buddies that this was safe. She said Trump, kept saying. It was basically pretty much a cure. She said you shouldn't believe anything that this president says by the way. The pact that she donated a lot of money to. He recently was the three one for action fund that is old as thee
pro science. Resistance group on resisting science, because that would actually fly he gay. I I think they are. I don't believe anything this president says to people it she's in shock still over husband's death. We were having the best day before it happened. I made him his favorite lunch grilled stake in asparagus in red potatoes. We were just having the best Sunday That's when I went and got the keys. A queen phosphate, which is not what the president was talking not at all. He did. He never told anyone nodded. I d fish, take cleaner, don't don't do right, nor any say right a cure, even the right form of it. He said they were going to test that any was hopeful yeah. Now you know, it's really interesting. Any also had talked to your doktor talk to your doctor
it was interesting is theirs to their stew, quotes from her first one is from the washing and free beacon she decided at spur. Moment to try taking it but reach reach for the fish tank. Cleaner, phosphate, blah, blah blah different from the chemical. She said we weren't supporters, but we did see that they were using it in China and stuff. We made a horrible tragic mistake: That's in Washington, Pre Beacon, Here's, the interview with NBC Andy NBC. She said she said, don't take the president's words. Oh my gosh. Don't take anything. He says, don't believe anything that the President says and his people. So I'm I'm wondering why she didn't say that to the Washington, Free Beacon or if she were was poor. Opted into that or she's trying to make herself feel less stupid by blue get on the president of the United States.
I'm going with that. Yes, I'm go with the latter, strive to make herself feel less. Stupid. She also knows who she's talking to when she's talking to them and we need b C people gotta be more receptive to the dauntless If anything, the president says than the Washington Free Big it is, but yeah. I missed the speech where the president said: hey if a fish tank. You know we ought to do he's, run over Peter Rabbit, grabbed a cleaner and just ingested, and then you'll be protected from the girl. Oh my god do that Bobby. Like you, we all know that you can eat fish, but you don't go to your fish tank and eat fish out of their own. You don't just go to fish day. I get this happens to be a similar word that happens to be associated with a fish tank that doesn't make it ok to eat. No astride generals drew rule of LAW yeah I saw. I mean it.
It really is set out. We know there is speculation in the beginning of this are like it just sounds like she just killed her husband and its well. I don't know if that there is any evidence of that. Assuming that everything was on the up and up, but it is a really tragic story of someone who really was a victim. Of their own stupidity, and it is really really sad, but you know the way that it's gonna, be it just so bizarre, coming from a person who is making a big political point out of it. I can't imagine if I just lost my husband, but it be sitting here with the american people. What will they be completed? Listening to this president, this president does not trustworthy, yet I believe usually donate to it just doesn't see it seemed like a varies. It's a very shady story. The whole thing is that it is. I think it is. You bet, have you been watches the tiger king? I haven't the slightest idea like somebody It sounds like some, but something somebody would say: there's been watching the Tiger king because that
he is insane and eat. You find out that I mean early on that Tiger King is, in jail? I think we don't really know at the beginning. You do you find out that he's in jail and its because he hit out on this woman who is trying to shut his tiger camp down she's in Florida, and she rescues tigers and she is putting them in really crappy cages. I mean his places, nice competitors and she's I got you can't keep animals in cages and she's got em all in these really cook up gauges anyway, Apparently he was trying to kill her, but then you find out that her really rich, you know, millionaire husband, just disappeared, and- and they ve never been able to find the body, and they say that maybe she killed
her husband and fed him to tigers. It's the crew easier you watch this in you're, just like I owed I've never seen a bigger freak show then than than this than this show it is. It is racy, every ten minutes. You think a keg worse than this. Ten minutes later it hits much worse than this. It is it's it's Florida times, a thousand anybody who ever lived in Florida understands what I'm saying every crazy story ever that you ve ever heard somehow or another is connected to Florida. So I mean end, there actual murdered going on and we're making a reality series out of it That's really really already justice done any maharanees graduates are yet look. Here's here's the featured story, the top of the page of the blaze popularity.
Tiger King Documentary Prompt sheriff to ask for leads in cold case of woman's missing former husband. I saw a ceiling. We we knew anything anymore, that, like the legal system, just sit around and wait for documentaries. Now what we do and I got wait what our colleague did? What, while that document, are you let's get him in prison, because we did what ok now it's time to go after him. Oh, that making a murderer is the same thing like being only they need. This guy had been indignant gel this time, and it was this cold in case it already been decided, and then they had to go back through it and look at it again, because the documentary about that's how we do it now the true crime, remediation crimes, genre just drives our legal system. Do you guys have to just watch at least one episode watch. Just one episode cause. You have to meet the Carol woman, The people who are the people who making. This are genius, because they're they'll leave in footage of of them,
at times like their driving up to meet her for the first time and you last year, one of the camera men or one of the producers go well she's. Asked appropriately and when you see the camera come on her. It's like. Oh, my god, you you you I do not believe that this is crazy, as what's the group did the spinal tap and best in show other occurs. Forget movie, giving yeah, ok It is crazy, as those people then fall make that's all four comedy. It has all of those characters in it. It's insane, it's insane we're talking there's two of that. It's gotta be one of the larger sort of shared cultural events in a long time. Because you know what you're thinking have audio like. You have a totally captive audience like when you
one of these things, when you hear the big documentary that everyone's talking about the big show that are on stock on net It's already a big thing right, but now everyone in home watching television- I mean everyone is streaming Netflix. At the same time, a hundred million people watch you, probably it probably will go back to some of those parties do tv nurse it can you action. If this was happening, I contend. This quarantine could not have happened fifteen years ago if all had died or Netflix? We know we had a phone, Netflix and dial up here, because unless blockbuster was deemed essential yeah I mean you, you, just you wouldn't do you couldn't have done it, wouldn't reviewing sale, yeah. That's why we're unwilling to give up our constitutional rights because we got Netflix now just watch Netflix, I'm fine, fine, I'll, stay home and plunge Netflix Reich can you imagine how big the actual viewers
numbers would be if we had the for networks, the three networks or for networks and joy regular television Huge numbers would be now. These Netflix numbers have got to be outrageously, huge and me another they don't they share them, so we may never know thanks. Pat you can get pad. On TAT, gray unleashed wherever you grab your podcast worth the listen you can hear him live on, lays radio right before this programme as well, all right Michael entails gonna beyond with us in about an hour and a half, you don't want to miss it. He was with the president. Yesterday I wanna talk to you but about his company, my pillow. I slept with my pillow last night. It is the best pillar. I can't believe I like it. I really ebbing. I look at it I pay, it up. If, if I was buying in store, I would never buy it because I believe
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is the Olympic programme. So. A an australian astrophysicist has been admitted to the hospital. Was trying to design, a necklace that would sound an alarm on facial contact. So if you would your face or your hand would come close to your face. Your necklace would sound an alarm. He said You know I I do really have any experience in things like this, but I had this idea,
because I have this part that they would detect magnetic field, and I thought, if I built a circuit, it could detect them netteke field, and we war magnets around our risk. It would set off an alarm blah blah blah. However, I accidentally invented a necklace that buses continuously, unless you touch your face, so I I had this scrap that idea. Now I quote: I had this that idea and I was a bit board. Hang with the magnets, It's the same logic is clipping pegs to your ears. I clip them to my ear lobes and then clip them to my nostril end quote: things went down hill pretty quickly from there he said he placed two magnets inside of his nostrils two on the outside when you
the magnets from the outside of his nose, the two inside just stuck together at this point, a partner who works at the hospital was laughing at me. I was trying to pull them out, but there's a ridge your nose, you can't get passed after ogling trying to get the nostrils trying to get the magnets out of his nostrils. For twenty minutes, quote I decided to Google the problem. I found it article about an eleven year old boy who had the same problem and a solution, he found was more magnets put on the outside to offset the pool from the inside ones. As I was the downward and trying to remove the magnets they clipped on each other, and I lost my grip now those two magnets ended up in my left nostril, while the other one was in my right at this point, still quoting I ran out of magnets
we got pliers, but every time I got the pliers close to my nose, my entire knows would shift towards the pliers and the players would stick to the link to the magnet he was into the hospital- and I think, is inventing days- are now behind him here, listening back.
America welcome to the programme. I want to start this hour with a look at America's second great depression, a hook gliddon you're gonna, be there could be so much fun now, it's not that it's not! That has nothing to do with growth, a virus or the economic situation at all, but we're in the throes of it right now and I'll explain in one minute. This is a landmark programme, so First, let me living do. Let me let me spend just a second here on economics. We the Treasury auction that is going on right now and what Treasury auctions are as they they they auction off our debt in detail. Three bells and you know but by that debt for anywhere from ninety a hundred and eighty days, two to twenty years. Thirty years we can, sell these treasure nobody's buying them
The demand now is so huge, the government we have to have money and selling these t bills with less than one percent interest owned. The buyers is helping me the government's coffers its import remember, the government cannot print money, that's what the FED can do. The FED a privately owned bank there that has government appointed directors that they reach that the banks use by the way, so the guy we can only print debt. And it raises capital vice selling, that debt to buyers who expect to be paid back generally with some interest, so the The FED monetize is that debt. Today they act as a buyer private. Investor you know, and they they take these treasury bills and Now investors are looking for some place to put their money for ninety or a hundred and eighty days,
and so we are. We are just spool loading right now. In this Treasury auction we arts we are selling dead like crazy. All of it will We do again in a hundred and eighty days. So this is this, This is our funding our government right now, but only because the stock market is going crazy them, The recent thirty year government bond auction was more twentieth it had, one buyer one showed up, and it the Federal Reserve so once we get past the short term, we are and so much trouble because no one wants to buy american debt anymore. Once that happens, it all falls apart kind of a problem, which brings me now to our sponsor this half hour and it is gold line. I have been telling you about gold for a very, very long time.
I was telling you about gold when it was like two hundred and fifty or three hundred dollars announced and no longer that, in fact, gold is so hard to get a hold of now me places don't have gold there. There selling you paper now in saying we will supply the guy old and deliver it as soon as we get it in, but there is not of gold on earth right now, there's You you really have to be connected to have it. Gold line is the biggest commodity dealer. I think in the in the United States for their part of this big conglomerate that really has access to all of the people who have gold in big holdings so they still have it. There's a run on gold that should tell you something and they still have it. You can get delivery right now, if you call them at eight six. Six gold line, one eight six, six goldmine, remember everybody's putting their money in those treasuries, but that's because
they need some place just to hold it through this. This the crisis, once the crisis is over. Do you think they're gonna by thirty year treasuries? You think they have that confidence. The luck that money up. The United States gonna pay back in thirty years, lower allowing gold
I call them right now. Eight, six, six goldmine. Do your own homework find out of its right, for you, eight six exclude liner gold line dotcom tomorrow at nine pm. Eastern our response to the corona virus has cripple the economy. Nearly three point: three million people now out of work, but there's one group of Americans who stand a profit of America's demise. The incompetence of Donald Trump is on dangerous display, Linda argues. The stakes are too high: Americans need to fight together, turn the economic engine back on and ask what's more dangerous. The corona virus, where the mainstream media, America's most dangerous virus media tomorrow at nine p M Eastern. Only on please to be sought to talk to you about the great american depression, the second american depression during the nineteen. Thirty, as we all know about the depression, we know that we had thirty percent unemployment. It was, unlike anything we ve ever experienced and during that time people start
to question the merits of capitalism and Progressives of the era which Wherfe proudly socialist, proudly socialist and proudly many of them communists decide did that really it was the soviet system that that would provide Some answers. Before or This is why the New York Times was still hiding all the deaths from from stolen, so many. Ship in the Communist Party grew ten fold during the great depression from seven thousand members in nineteen twenty nine to sixty six thousand in night. Thirty, nine we didn't elect a communist, but Franklin rose. Felt was clear a socialist and the biggest socialist we ve probably had Maybe up until a Barrack Obama the rise of that in the night team. Thirty's is
Actually, the same with out the thirty percent unemployment. I have a book coming out next week and It is one of the most important books I think we have written it. Arguing with socialists, and we really we did our homework We really tried to make this, so it was fun to read easy to read all of the answers there it's our first, all full for color book that we have done in probably ten years. Maybe and we did it. We modeled it after arguing with idiots, because that was so popular and so many people use that and the kids that I've heard in the last ten years. That said, I did my ports in schools based on that yadda yadda yadda, because it has a hundred page of footnotes at the back. You dont ever have to quote me
you quote the New York Times. Are you quote the the Socialist or the communist sore the radicals themselves, because it's all foot noted. We decided to write this because I believe we are in a second great depression and again it has nothing to do with. Unemployment. Yet. Look at the pattern in the nineteen thirty's socialist or the Communist Party grew tenfold. In ten years the dammit, Socialists of America. Membership grew almost ten fold over the last decade, around five thousand members in two thousand nine and fifty four. Thousand members. Today two months ago, you you Gov and the economist pole found six, the percent of Democrats under thirty supported either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Those are socialists if you
Feel relieved that Bernie Sanders campaign has tanked over the last several weeks. Don't feel relieved. This is the before the storm, He's the old guy the new generation is coming Bernie is not the vehicle. That's gonna. Take socialism fully mainstream, but somebody else will, especially if we have thirty percent unemployment in this country. The growing corona virus the recession or the depression? Will only embolden the Socialists, So why is this? Why did grow without in one of the most prosperous times in our nations history. How did this grow. Well, nobody talks about it, but it is the pathetic: U S! History and government education that happens in our nation S, not
Say that all history classes are all history teacher suck on? There are a lot of you, no non marxist history, teachers in public and private education across the? U S, but I know they're even getting the right education effect. I know it because the work we do over mercury, one but typically just talk, the students before a student graduates from high school they might have two years of U S: history, one in middle school and one again in high school, maybe if their lucky they get a year of government. But that's it remark Lee eighty two percent of colleges do not require a single course in. U S, history or government. So you can earn a degree in the United States and you don't have you can earn a history degree and you don't have to study America anime. Can history little Reagan
in his farewell address in one, eighty nine he said in informed patriotism is what we want and need and are. Doing good enough job teaching our children. What America is in what she represents in the long history of the world we ve got to do a better job. Getting across that a man Russia is freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise and freedom is special and rare, its fragile it needs protection, and if we forget What we did we will know who we are I'm warning of the eradication of the american memory that could result ultimately in the erosion of the american Spirit he's eggs. Actually, right. That's why I wrote this book because As we have no clue as to who we even are and what the proof is no one's really making the case. Socialism socks, it's not enough.
The embrace of socialism by the Democratic Party is real evidence that this eradication of the american memory is is happening. Now, we're not taught to She ate the declaration of independence of the constitution and when we don't know these things, we do. We don't know why we came up with the system that we did, which that's some, even though it wasn't called socialism at the time that system was around that's what the French tried to do. That's what our pill! tried to do What the earliest settlers in America tried to do when we don't know it, we can defend it Then we have a half a century of our universities, being run by Marxists teaching Marxism and we call education and we're done enough to pay for this system we pay.
Arcs is to re, educate our children, it's the crane. This thing. So we have. Inadequate history. We have in adequate civitas, civic education university stuff with the Prague, the priests of progressive communist religion turned new disciples every single day, but there is even a bigger contributing factor to the second great depression. And it's a spiritual depression, it is not economic. It is the erosion of the traditional family, the lack of purpose, isolation. Diminishing influence of religion. Sir thing has to fill this void. Our kids are empty. And when they are empty, the veil, to something that gives meaning, and we saw this in the twentieth century in the early twentieth century, the
charismatic profit of socialism comes around any leads the youth And he leads them even in two more despair America's spiritual anchor, has always been Christianity or the the Bible, the God of the old and new testament that gave us meaning an identity and purpose, and- don't know these things, then, we get to go, find our own truth and our own meaning don't follow you I'd follow your heart. How many of us have spent hours? I've time following We wanted to do only to wake up one morning and realise our life was completely out of control and we just needed to turn it over with, needed a higher power, every Alcoholic that is currently sober is because
they finally surrendered to not my way his way Follow your your own calling. Follow your heart, culture yield feelings above all else. No political philosophy caters to feelings more than socialism. It provide the clear villains, the the rich and the corporations it provides. Instant solutions will those villains down by seizing the means of production wielding the power of taxation? Forget praying God about anything. Just let's get this bill passed his pulse. Lever for your local socialist got astute debt that you just can't boop fine wiped away. Make ends meet with a minimum wage. Job, don't worry is double the money having apocalyptic. Nightmares about climate change boom. The green new deal is here, but
and work and it doesn't fulfil, and once you realize that doesn't work. If you become more and more angry, ever wonder why so many socialist really angry it because, in the absence of God, pressure is put on his replacement to bring fulfilment, and it doesn't. Happen, and so there's gotta be somebody standing in the way of making this utopia work. It's those people over there. This is how it ends every time. The desperation that youth feel today is real. It's real. And we haven't hit real unemployment, yet it is critic all that we know how to argue that socialism its critical. Help us get the word out. My new book comes out next week. You can order
right now, at Amazon, DOT, com or wherever you get wherever you get your books order it order a couple, give them to a friend make sure you give this to your children read it your children give it to them. It's like a comic book, the like it and we saw with arguing with idiots the impact that it made on the next generation. We ve got to teach them the truth get arguing with socialist now new book by me out next week in bookstores, but order it now, because we ain't gonna be hanging out at bookstores next week anyway, or right now at Amazon or wherever you by your books If you have to sell your home right now, holy cow, you might be afraid of the future. What is it hold for the housing market?
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For whatever we might be facing. When we come out of this, it's real estate agents, I trust dot. The name says it all real estate agents. I trust dot. Com stop for ten seconds station. I d Ah, cash still have you seen that the Democrats and anti policy are already talking about on the next stimulus bill they always there always talking about the next one that you give them one. There was have another one down the road. And ivory towers and possible mere because in people who have the money from this one. Yet and its interests, because if you spend two trillion dollars, youth I that you're not gonna, have multiple millions of people
unemployed. Right, I mean that's. That's the point of this. Might have we Kind of on understand, like the government, is saying- need closed under business for this this time. We're all going to stay away from each other and stay home, so every business would go out of business unless we do something? Okay, we were so we do something and I'm still getting multiple millions of people I came and imagine what can happen this Thursday. When the weekly numbers come out. Now can be pretty. What are you what he is? What do you think they are, but the economy they can be bigger than bigger than last later be bigger than last week dialed. I have not heard any experts talk about this yet Ivan either in the point of this bill, is that right became a theory right you don't. If you're a small business, you dont fire, you employees. Why right will you have no revenue? You pay them. Well, the governor suppose you call him quote, loans in which we're going to pay your employ few payer- employee they don't If you go on unemployment and
loan you ve been given, gets forgiven, Oh that's! No longer alone it just us giving you a bunch of money to pay your employer would listen things I'm size in this environment. I suppose Wouldn't you like to see the fine print on that? One would like to see the fine print on that one. Yet we know that large airlines. It means that you can't oppose unions. Perhaps if you take the money, if you take the loans, you can oppose any union effort in the future until you paid all back, there's gonna be probably strings attached to it. Second report can be pretty gotta be gotta, be Macy's is following a hundred and twenty five thousand employees. This They said yesterday it's taken a heavy toll on Macy's, I mean, does Macy's ever return. I don't know me they were really struggling. That's that's! Macy's, Bloomingdale's and blue mercury
Seven hundred and seventy five thousand stores a hundred and twenty five thousand employees nationwide well being for a load and they may not come back. Their first problem is having seven hundred seventy five thousand stores, and only hundred twenty five thousand employees that business model, while each one of them has run revivers citizen oars. That's terrible idea: they're going to Heaven on earth, seven hundred seventy five stores or to twenty five thousand letter idea. As this we we kid, we can figure out theft, people go leading steel as blind, walk out without defining a cashier here. Listening I wish I could blame it on the drugs, but I can't I've just a bad broadcaster anyway, really factor people
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please just try the seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more get out of pain, relief, factor com, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four call them now: relieffactor dot com, triad, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five for the three week, quick start our biggest discount ever at least he beat. I can't get a quarantine and allow shows to watch but a place dvd com, Slash Glenn, usually Promo code, Glenn and you'll get thirty bucks off. This is the global programme. So I'm I'm just looking at the the repose get for the Federal Reserve in cause. That's what I do so you don't have to
last night, the FED was offering up to five hundred billion dollars in liquidity, half a trillion dollars to the bank's. If they, if they didn't, but have money to you know too close doors and open them that morning. They would they would just loan them the the money overnight, The two hundred and fifty million dollars pledged to the bank, so five hundred billion offered only too fifty million needed by the banks. That's good news. It were but Does that mean that the banks are so clogged with cash right now? They literally don't need any, or that the FED already ohms everything the Treasury bonds and the mortgage back, see videos and everything else and is willing to accept collateral from FED member banks, treasuries.
The feds balance sheet and pliable that you don't need to know this. Here's one thing they just announced and and help me out stew This gave me an oh dear Lord moment Federal Reserve announced the establishment of a temporary FEMA Repose facility to help. So with the smooth functioning of financial markets. The federal reserve on Tuesday announced the establishment of a temporary repurchase agreements facility to foreign and international monetary authorities to help support smooth functioning of financial markets around the world, including the? U S, treasury market policy, including the? U S, treasury market and thus maintain the supply of credit to? U S, households and businesses, the female report facility will allow FEMA account holders which consists of sense, banks, and
international monetary authorities, with accounts at the Federal Reserve of New York to end into a repurchase agreements with the Federal Reserve in these transactions, FEMA count holders. Temporarily exchange there. U S Treasury securities held with the Federal Reserve for U S dollars, which can be made available to institutions in their jurisdictions this facility should help support the smooth functioning of the Eu S Treasury market by providing an alternative? February source of the? U S dollars other than sales of securities in the open market, blah blah blah blah blah. So so so eight are. Are we buying back our own treasuries now is the FED? going to the central banks around the world and saying ok, we're going if you cash, just turn in your treasury and will hold your treasury bill is
That is it? Is it what's happening? Are we arrive, flooding the entire world with dollars now and buying back our own treasuries? This is. We're deadly floating the whole world with dollars. I will say I don't. I don't fully understand what you just said that they had to be honest about it, it seems very complicated transaction, which is probably. Why won't make big news when it probably should ia? I'll get back to you on this, but I think this is a really big deal. I feeling this really big deal Is that what I said Alyosha? That will never happen? Oh yeah, of course of course, why is federal reserve now? Are they? The think of all central banks around the world. Is that what's happening now, I mean. Does this? Does our central bank own all the other central banks? We what what? What is happening
Listen! Not! The problem now is of no thing. The worry about money. Saving the I see all is fine. It's all good! We so much money right now. You don't have to worry about it, he'll be using the money dollars. We have enough if a toilet paper soon Are you denying under the reality, but we have right now. Is a bull market? you know I've noticed. You haven't even mention that since it happened in it, we re now. I assured us aware more margin in american history s. We had a really we're in a more market with her It is hilarious, good! We lost like, through he presented and gain back twenty I valuable market. Congratulations I'll think this feel like a bull market right now, but a pair Are you telling me that money yeah fail? It feels like big money
yeah, my my the people who I mean no, have my money and you know the stock market they're calling me every day, LAN you're, missing, you're missing the upside yeah yeah. I know I know kind. Sucks, cheat, remember you, talked about a melt up this kind of feels like that Instead of a melt down, you have a melt up where stocks through the roof river. I said you no doubt forty thousand is possible and then it will melt down quickly, yeah scanner? I know I know I'm missing darn it. I will say it was in that DOW forty thousand does not feel worse coming around the corner anytime soon? budgets amount of money. What with this amount of money way. Where do you think that money is where do you I think all of that money that the that the the bank Scott, where do you think they put it they put it in the markets
in the markets: that's what's floating the markets, is that I mean to say out really yeah right. I mean that the idea that settlement is yet whether there is that that was before, though that was before the bill right. The money, clown. Six, I think it by a couple of days around the time of the universe. This the the four trillion, came right around the same time as the it's, as the is there was already than real numbers, I feel like what was a kid: that's trillion seemed like a completely made up number now like every other bills. Another couple trillion dollars, even the boring ones, are trillions of dollars. Now now not even a challenge, to get up to the drill ass. When does it we mentioned at the other day, there was a story that came out that actually mentioned quadrillion. As a as a legitimate option, which was Sunday to do the
yeah, the city ass, a thing that caused the problem, two thousand eight, the cd that was, I think fifty trillion dollars in two thousand ate it, now two hundred and fifty trillion or a quarter of a quadrillion dollars from China gets other wrote Bulgaria and what more could possibly go wrong. I know that when you just constant it's funny, because we ve been talking about this in there's a big section in your book, arguing with socialist the talk that talks about modern monetary theory, which has been kind of this thing. There's been tossed it around dirty intellectual economist circles for a while, and it's been a big Nightwing push recently, and we ve talked about it and analyzed it inside. It's not a good idea, and I now we're just kind of doing it. We're just gonna, given a whirl, see Go you let's try on that dress and see outfits, because that is really where we are right now and we're just trying to Homesick said everything it
exactly what we're doing it's exactly we're doing, and I you in the book we have a whole chapter two modern monetary theory and in our explained, why it so bad little lake to that little? They do that Where are they doing it on a problem Dougherty about it? We really all good criticising the United States of America is economic system when you wrote the chapter, but it again, That's candidate is no yeah. I acted last night. I started RE reading lords of finance. And this is something came out around two thousand eight I read it at the time and I I just I just to share some things with you, the budget deficit in life? this, like nineteen, twenty three in Germany, but budget deficit almost doubled to around one. Point: five billion dollars to fight
the shortfall required? The printing of ever increasing amounts of ever more ruthless paper marks in nineteen, twenty two around a trillion marks of additional currency was issued in the first. Six months of nineteen twenty three, it was seventeen trillion marks in the the course of history, no d, has run after its own tail with the speed of the right bank, the discredit the discredit, the German, throw on their own notes, increase even faster than the volumes of notes in circulation. The effect is later than the cause the tale goes faster than the dog they had problem. Keeping up with paper mills over them, Few months, Germany's Germany experience a single greatest destruction of monetary value in human history by August of nineteen. Twenty three, the dollar was worth six hundred and twenty thousand marks by early, vesper six grid and thirty billion marks to the dollar a kilo,
utter cost point two hundred fifty billion a key bacon one hundred and eighty billion marks bottle. A block the It goes into what happened: how did How did this happen and it talks about the one official most responsible for the reckless policy of inflation was none other than rude off VON having Stein the sober and dedicated president of the Rice Bank, who had done ass seriously, overseen Germany's wartime finances, blah blah blah blah blah. He does I did that he was just gonna work. You know, alongside the government buddy hated the government and everything else, so he found himself in the classic dilemma of the duty: free, civil servant he's now king for a government which she had little liking. One pursuing a social agenda. He didn't believe in any thought. Germany could ill afford. Worst of all, the governor they decided to make its best efforts to pay. The allies demands the soap.
A policy of fulfilment? Nevertheless, despite these fundamental disagreements, VON haven't Stein ceded to the government's request and allowed the Rice Bank to print money to finance the budget gap. Two reasons possible for his motives, one he deliberately engineered the whole monetary explosion as a way of destroying the financial fabric of Germany. A collective of emulation designed to prove to the allies that reparations we're on collectible or her. Or trained. As a lawyer. He had learned the banking business during the gold standard era when the rules of monetary policy were dictated by the requirement that the rice mark be kept convertible to a fixed gold equivalent and complete. In the sea the world not hitched gold, we're here were he to refuse to print the money necessary to finance the deficit he risk.
Causing a sharp rise in interest rates, as the government scrambled to borrow money from every source, the mass unemployment that would ensue, he believed, would bring on demand. Economic and political crisis which, in Germany's current fragile state, might precipitate a real political convolution the prominent Hamburg Banker Mock MAX war, bird member of the rice, barbaric, blah blah blah Whether one wish to stop the inflow of inflation and trigger the revolution, or do you continued to just print money, so We are in that exact same scenario. Right now, do we stop the heart or do we print money? Do you to be responsible for all the jobs will be lost a possible revolution. Or do you print money last line in this chapter. Is they I believed that something
would come. That would change the factors and it would save them. Fortunately, what came was Adolf Hitler, Our data breaches could happen at any one from the high profile tech moguls down to the mom and pop shops, and even down to individuals such as yourself. Nobody is completely safe and sound criminals are out there and there have in a field day with his lockdown stuff. If you are a business, a view don't have your stuff lock down right now of your Europe laser doing things from home. Are they? down. You have mail, malware scanning devices to collect data ransom where which is exact, de what it sounds like you. Enough on your plate. Right now, you don't need to worry about. Protecting your family or your business from all sorts of ills without having to worry about one of them being a cyber criminal
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joy, lessening Glenn, back Let me go to a letter. Do listening to us in California, hello, Leonard, welcome to the Glenn Beck program, All I got the great Glenn Glenn. I worry a letter on the question, I'm I'm while I'm in California Glenn and you- and I have told you of a foreign you before at. I don't want to embarrass you bet. You owe me. I want it mean. I owe you for I called you said they upon what I said is it California had perfected the die of due process you sit down They have somebody get back to. Land, and I never did it
what's going on in this state, it people understood if people in this state looked at it. It's ugly, And it really all around regulation the eye bye, bye! Now you know this time, I meant to say we're, not gonna call you back and then surprise you and have somebody call you back way. I can contain this trend will hindered thanks for your phone call rich in Texas, hello, rich, they are slow hi. How are. Don't allow our. Are you very good? How can I help you I was wondering what is stopping the president or government from printing? The? U S, note you S dollar,. It would be the Federal Reserve Federal Reserve bill that was passed and I don't night
thirteen or whenever Woodrow Wilson cited in the law. Well, as I understand it and business five fury. I heard last night that did you look a dollar bill. Now you see at the top says that reserve note And how the green ending up green serial number areas? A? U S, note whatever red stamp with bread like a red numbers on it, and there is this theory that Europe is going to be issuing into some kind of they or some when to put these dollars back out there and forever. You can Federal reserve dollar that comes back. Then they take it out of circulation.
Yeah. I wouldn't count on that and I really hope that our President or Congress or anybody doesn't just start printing new bills, garrulous bond, well hello, America. We know let the progressives. The Democrats have been asking for an eight a third bailout bill. We haven't even got the money out into the system and they ve been planning a third one, but the president just tweeted. That he would like another bailout bill, but this one he wants
two trillion dollars so his his opening, is it two trillion dollars for the next bail out, but this one's for critical infrastructure, which I thought we took care, with the seven hundred and seventy five under The reinvestment act that Joe Biden was opposed to look I've. Do we not fix those bridges? Now? It's do trillion dollars for yet another bailout and I'm sure, I'm sure Nancy Pelosi in the left they're going to rain. That back in you know there to be like AAA: let's not be crazy with money, I'm sure that's not going to easily go up to three or four trillion dollars. Help all our update, corona virus in one minute is that on that programme, well
It looks like I don't mean to freaky arbed. Cyber criminals have discovered away in the past week to hack into what's called WI. Fi and steal your critical information. Now don't pan, but I ve heard rumour there now after toilet paper, Donna that's true that may have been actually at one point called money. Your dollars, but now I think it's it's well it soon going to be classified as toilet paper. Look. Cybercriminals can steal your information, and that is a real problem, especially if you're working from home right now, you need Norton three sixty its afford. It is simple? It is the easy to use solution to the problem of cyber criminal. Stealing information from your devices there is, there is and somewhere imagine if you're doing, you're spreadsheet, you're doing all your business and All of your information is taken from you, and now you have to pay ransom to get it back. Ransom
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total confirmed cases worldwide, seven hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five, that's up from seven thirty five yesterday, but confirmed deaths worldwide. Thirty, eight thousand, seven hundred thirty, five, five, percent of active cases are still considered serious, requiring hospitalization that eleven percent of U S confirmed cases require hospitalization roughly on par with ITALY at twelve percent. The? U s now, as one hundred and sixty four thousand three hundred and fifty nine confirmed cases Three thousand one hundred and seventy three deaths that up. Considerably from yesterday, we had twenty four hundred deaths as of this time yesterday in less than six point six percent of the total? U S. Population has been tested. Fifteen percent, At that point, six of America who have been tested have been diagnosed with covert nineteen so
How did the president make this decision? Currently it was Doktor Fashi, the chief medical advisor for the year on a task force, and his cohort Doktor Debbie Burke's they went. And apparently to the oval office? On Sunday Lee over the or the resolute desk and out all of the papers and showed all of the charts and then just stood there while the president looked at it. Found she said it singly. We showed him the data he looked at the data got it right away. It's a pretty clear picture doctor works and I went in together. Leaned over his desk said. Take a look, the president. Reportedly looked at them, understood the implement implications and shook his head and said I guess we gotta do it medic.
This is the right decision and I stand behind it. A hundred percent found she said from a public health. Standpoint. We felt strongly that it would have been wrong to pull back at this point, we're it is physicians. Public health officials were not. Economists were sensitive to the idea that the economy could suffer, but we way that against the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Americans life, it was blatantly obvious looking at the data that at the end of the day, if we try to push back prematurely not- would we lose lives, but it would probably heard the economy as well, so we would lose on double accounts. So there was. No question is what the right choice was now Washington Dc Virginia Marilyn have now joined this its issuing house arrest orders Marilyn Virginia became the latest states on Monday to enact a stay at home mandate. Amid the corona virus outbreak exe, four essential travel for Work Virginia. Order is, in effect, tell June tenth.
Looking at one of the longest statewide mandates implemented so far merrily penalties for violating its owners are among some of the strictness in the country, including a thousand dollar fine, and up to, days in jail for repeat offenders, holy cow in total, more than two hundred and ten million Americans now effectively live under some form of house arrest or shelter in place type orders with another fifty million facing traveller shopping or eating restrictions only see states do not have closed schools, health, workers now using forklifts to load dead bodies in a refrigerated trucks in New York. Did you see this video stew yeah. This video is really disturbing from Brooklyn. It was was posted. Do we have that video. Did we run that here this video is, it was posted by a guy
in? I think Brooklyn, who just walking by, and he said, oh, my gosh look it it's a giant eighteen wheeler and they are loading, bodies into it. It's a refrigerated truck and You could see the camera start shaking any says. I'm sorry, my hands are shaking because this is this is real. This is no joke. This is the Brooklyn Hospital and he said this should make you take it. Seriously now can we play the play the part of Russia. Paul where he says this is not real ask can we play this? I want to hear it for myself live is blown way out of proportion to to the danger and seeing that some people benefit from crises like those people who want more govern power and more control over people and want to get big appropriations in and get their special deals
ass. It s what's happening now: everybody's is a grand bag so It's it's being used and I don't see it as a as problem deal with one bar, as I think it's dangerous when people get the bar and are already sack or elderly and have other conditions I think millions of people Probably have had the infection, and still do is used as an excuse by those who have a special interest to use them and I think, That is sad but the Hopefully that wake up soon and say well, it was quite as bad as they thought and maybe, as a combination of the virus. Along with another disease or medication. Some immune system. That's that's! The problem How much of that you agree with still I mean he's totally rather they're gonna try to exploit
the situation they are much as they can. They already done in multiple times and that certainly do continue. Who trillion dollar infrastructure bill? Now, I guess who trillion dollars battles? That's this is insane and that's another one. That's not the two trillion we ve already spent or the tuna there is a new or that this is a new one that the president and again, we should point out, This is not how these things end right. It is a kind of noted this is the opening offer from the republican side on a bill. To show you now offer more than that. The Democrats will go for more, was going and looking back at. You know why notes from earlier in this story. This is a big. This is a big story at the time, Chuck humor. He had to go bowl We need this of this court. We need to go big pulled urgent federal action to deal with this crisis The kind of measures we are putting together with met will mainline money into the economy it directly into the hands of families that needed his proposal.
Was for seven hundred and fifty billion dollars. That was for the last bill that up at two point. Two trillion show Schumacher was asking for seven hundred and- fifty billion, and it ended at two point: two trillion now we have the report look inside starting at two trillion. What's this we're gonna end up, as gave an imagined, but how how we don't we don't do it this is this is really concerning this is real concerning we are we have cross the Rubicon, I think we we weird there's, there's no accountability anymore. It's just we're going to spend, spend, spend this really know party that opposes the spending. At this point I mean at times in the past, Republicans have voiced opposition
through the spending, but they don't even voice it anymore. The Democrats obviously have always wanted more of it, so you're going into a bus and aeronautical lot, Barbie beyond keynesian economics, but to the point of legitimate, modern monetary theory. I mean we really are going to this place where what Ever we want. We get printing more money. Let's see what happens you know, people are making one of her she d to leave a couple of weeks ago. Forces that she wanted to get, to one trillion dollar coins to pay for the last bill. Which again I don't agree to to Why would surely coins? Why not one two trillion dollar coin? I dont know the answer to it. Well, see I mean I do its clear, that's clear you I mean
you want to buyers, I mean the odds of finding one by four trillion dollar coin. Yeah, you know, is hard enough to find one buyer for two trillion dollar coin and you done all the bargaining power hey by one get the second one: half Bryce, oh yeah I'll, say: if you're going to try to buy something with it that they're not gonna, have enough changed for two trillion dollar coin likely embrasure restores Kenya. Brow two trillion dollar, corn and They'Ll- say if you d have a wondering how I don't. I don't see why this is gonna, be here upon part, the one trillion dollar coins gonna, be our normal mode of currency area, actually bringing together restores very soon. If we don't stop doing this yeah it'll, be the one with links with with George Washington's head on it. It'll just it'll, be the quarter except it'll, be
stand by New York prisoners. Twenty five trillion dollars in this go out, this is unbelievable. I stay we're in the middle of something serious I dont down play it. I mean, I think we have a couple weeks here too, hopefully see that most of the model seemed to peak of the war? of this thing in a couple of weeks, if that happens you know we? Can we reverse it in and all these things I hope so, but with idea that we can to sit here and just spend our way out of it is not its that's not how this works theirs. Is a bridge is not going to solve the corona virus issue. You, don't you don't do it by twelve in roads is solely so here's here's. What the president may be looking at last night the FED came out and said, the job loss could be forty. Seven million people.
And unemployment may hit thirty two percent. Can I don't. We just spent two trillion dollars to make sure that didn't happen. Why did we spend the two trillion dollars if it were like the The bill itself. Yes, it gives a hundred twelve hundred dollars to every American in a certain income bracket. Everybody knows that part of it because, as the only part anybody's talked about, but it also offers money to small businesses to pay the salary of your employees, the mortgages of your of your businesses, all of the the tightly sort of associated costs. That would come from your business operating in an environment where you're told you're not allowed to open it. That's exactly what the who does for small businesses and larger businesses have resources in big loans and in all sorts of things that are guaranteed and the the loans to small businesses. If you
pocket money. You have to pay it back, but if you pay it to your employees and you pay for mortgage and pay for operational expenses bill is written in a way that those Lloyd loans will be forgiven, which of course, that's not alone rightist. It's a give away with conditions, that's all was to be in here. It is supposed to protect against exactly what you're talking about. What's supposed global shoulders, we should know that this we shouldn't. We bore no more or about it. If we, if we have a me, we have another really horrible. I mean the problem. Is things like oil June do realise that oil may actually they may start paying you to buy, a barrel of oil it may below zero. The price of oil and gas Ask? How is that possible because they're, not stopping production in Russia or Saudi Arabia, and They are running out of places to hold it. That's why your gases that these people who buy
the gas even a week ago, they're losing their shirts on the gas the inner there sergeant ninety nine cents, that's not what they paid for it when they pumped into the ground so they're losing their shirts, but there there's so much gas available in everybody's pressuring take the gas take the oil well at what price? Do we stop taking oil? because there's no place. To put it, I mean made is its remarkable on what is being done to really truly you couldn't design and economic collapse any better than one. And what we are doing, all around the world and what all these countries and all of these huge businesses and governments you could design it anyway than it has been designed so far,
Let me take a real estate agents, I trust dot com, the housing market right now we don't know when it comes back online. What's gonna happen, Should you save the house? Should you sell the house what what is this going to be worth anything is gonna, be worth more because the low interest rates, we don't know, good news is all of this is gonna pass, and sooner maybe maybe later, but probably hopefully sooner. America's gonna get back on its feet again. Real state plans, are gonna, be fine. Whatever you're doing you just need to have an expert with you. This is where real estate agents, I trust dot com comes in even under the best circumstances are agents that we work with are the top their class and when you get into a scary market like this one, you
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Good way of doing it. I think, if you can kind of you watching you kind of put its units that same thing, we're talking about a little earlier, that you be have Europe ugly from the bar with you. You look more attractive This is kind of your young version of it right. You just sit back and say: ok, at least I'm not this family at least them this renewable heard you last night describe Cuomo as the ugly girl That brings an uglier girl to the bar. You bring build a plan that modern. Well, that's why you look at me now because buildup lousy, who is so bad and honestly, it applies to bite and do he's. Bringing the whole crew Biden looks. He can't even get through a sentence at this point. It's getting worse and worse, seemingly by the day July there's something wrong, something something we're there's something wrong and they have to note it and then, the Cuomo who, at least like his actions, have been complete failures right. He said
first of all, he mocked de Palacio and say we're not closing the state down, there's going to be any shut down or three days later, he issued a shut down order, He has he his first attempt at handling. This was too Remember the stunt, where, he came out and depressed conference where we're gonna be making New York Brian hand sanitize or with its population, we do it at a lower cost, and he with this whole thing, like he had his hands these like Rome, his hands again is like oh, it's, a very nice, so lilac assent and high drain jaws and then he reaches in the middle of a pandemic reaches over and has the guy next to him smell is ends.
Which is not what you said. Derec I mean, I know they say: don't shaking hands, also don't sniff them. Suddenly, oddly ass, you know year that something that I've never had to say to somebody. No, I'm not gonna sniff your hand right. Nobody, I've nobody's! reproach me went smell my now. No, no, not care who you are my mother, nobody, my wife? No I'm not spelling you're an. We may not be a gigantic people, but that we have drawn the right there. At the very least we we are high genetic. You know I can we go into that story, a bed of of me another guy from India that says hey, you guys are really blessed. I mean this is really really are really hygienic. We are at the top our game. We ought to get to it here in just a second. But it is it's a guy from India who says hey by the way. If you were about hand and adviser
count yourself blast if you're worried about you know I've got a wash my hands. That means you have clean water how many of us in India don't have access to any of the stuff. You guys are complaining about right. Now is truly a remarkable and refreshing. Look at that. Also. We have Michael Index just back from the White House season with us next year, lessening ten grand bank. All right. I want to talk to you a little bit about feeling better. How do you feel right now? How's, your body feel I know that I was trapped with pain and free pain. Debilitating pain pain that you live with every single day it just you you get to appoint we're like. I can't do it anymore, Lee factor really has in me a new lease of life,
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got a blaze, tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenn and use the promo code Glenn for the biggest savings they never offered. Thirty bucks off from your subscription great thing to do during the quarantine, tomorrow, with nine pm eastern, our response to the corona virus has cripple the economy. Airily three point: three million people now out of work, but there's one group of Americans who stand to profit of America's demise. The incompetence of Donald Trump is on dangerous display, Linda argues. The stakes are too high: Americans need to fight together, turn the economic engine back on and ask what's more dangerous, the corona virus or the mainstream media America's most dangerous virus media tomorrow, at nine p M Eastern only on please to be so yesterday the president was,
in the rose garden and he had a bunch of sea egos their procter and gamble. Ceo. Was there showcasing executives from all these private come about how they were all pitching in to help the media and twitter went crazy, love this one trump showcasing executives from all these private companies. Instead of talk about government efforts is a reflection of how little is administration is doing to respond to the corona virus. Nothing, nothing it the media up and lit social media like MIKE Lindau, Michael and L, got up these the guy from my pillow and he's retooling his factories to be able to make masks for the hospitals. That's why he was there when he got up to the mark. Forrester thanks. Mr President, if you don't mind, I'd like to just make a quick statement, he said, God gave us grace on November eight to twenty sixteen to change.
The course we RON gods been taken out of school and out of our laws out of our lives a nation is turned its back on God. I, Inter encourage you to use this time at home too back to the word to read our bibles, bring your family's back to God. I thought I was in credibly, brave and not unusual, Unfortunately, yes, it is in the world of the media, this is from Alley veil. She from MSNBC trumped just called the my pillow guy up to the podium in the rose garden. You can make this stuff up, Oh Grady, are you effing kidding me at my pillow guy on the cell is garbage product during a pandemic briefing, he wasn't selling anything no one, no one fights a pandemic better than or more scientifically than in the insane, my pillow guy talking about the Bible. It when on and on and on. Michael endeavours here
two to respond in and tell us how you feeling today, MIKE I thought incredibly brave. Say what you said cause you knew you were going to take a beating for it. I thought I was l point, and I thought it was exactly the right thing to do. Congratulations for doing that might well action, I am now. I have brought you to draw yeah. I actually turn to the present cuz. I didn't know. I said you, I'm going a lot something back up here. I did you know I thought You'd think he'd be attacked like that. I really doubt we're not why I had already and then I had over seven hundred and fifty some catch vestiges course number. But I didn't even I adopted people. I have my phone number, we I people, I got you a good, so I retail trade they'll, kill you
the morning, but I actually I actually want. I would today be bad media sites and framework is trying to be put out there and when one thing I want to say is, I think everyone out there even proposed size, because so many people that were on the five, even the media that say on these horrible things. There are people, there are going. You know what we just like. You too said he was himself a figure what's wrong with the in home, with your families and that's just used opinion Emmi there. About this country. Like I told the president, I said you know, Mr President, this week, We were in the work of Olaf is for about a half hour after that human eye, and I said you know what I said these press babies are so, people see and who you really are, who you are oh that here there here your heart and all this big news in this crazy out there by the left. They said I should I got out. I could hear we're going up- and I read in the text I got from a friend of mine whose is very much President Eve Aigner, anyone who said, but I read it to me,
might you know I'm not a big Donald Trump found, but he said you know what God bless them stolen, incredible job is like you, ve got a job, champion here. I think he's goin on me, and this is what is happening. I think people gonna quit be brainwashed by the horrible, the media and they know who they are. Not. And then in the public's, looking to see this amazing jobs in our present doing. But I You don't like beginning interview after interview today and taken all the all once I think, I'm goin on a view to Morrow. I will oh my gosh. I I love it I want to go right into the hurricane. I get finally get to speak out for Jesus like I want to that's great, that's great My could tell me about your company is doing he had you on on the stage along with other sea egos, because you're doing something with your company. Tell me what you're doing well about two weeks ago
You know what we got to make bounce back heard. There was a need I reached out to the vice president. He was headed to you, know this whole thing and reached out to his office and they gimme a Peter Navarro, hoo, hoo, corporeal cop Chechnya. Welcoming call me in, and he says we have this thing shut up in a coalition. I call Then they were sure I'll pull in finding out specks that I needed you ve caught males good in the night. I had to outsource, get you know Figaro working up, they allows big in our country, and In the meantime, I said you guys were doing we're going all the way in, and we rebuilt by one of my factories, two hundred thousand square feet and we put in safety precaution for all my employees. Whether Turkey, the door they China, China, they can take breaks when they want and we went all it by within three days. We were up to ten I was the males training on normal, three ships and want to go up to fifty thousand by the end of the week by one of the things that happen Glad was
where we have fifty thousand fifty thousand day or, at the end of the week day, no advance a Shirley cow yeah, we're we're. Very good. It we're very good at wrapping ramping up at my pillow and me used to big numbers, and I have numbers and I hey, we we're the boy saw, behaves apart. We had to get up a very expensive, a dichotomy cuts the fabric. So one of the spectres they wanted. One hundred and sixty tread counter better counter better. My turns out. It was too five double swords. Borgian. Shall we overshot the margin So there was a lot of things that were that we're all set up almost perfect for such a time, just for my pillow to get Bob, but what, where things have happened? Yes, I became like a bicycle. Harbin. I've got a whole team of people. I am. Twenty people is like a taskforce where she gonna put a website up because we're getting right. You know from all over the country you know hey. How can I get involved is a business. How can I am I
five other businesses I dealt with it switched over to getting so in these mask Anita. You know, I want to say just a few were there at the White House. There are so many companies out there that are stepping up in his just amazing to see that You know that I read one of the guys it said. Do you know that that is the fact that the president is showcasing. These private industry shows how little his administration is doing, that is the idea of a free market. This is exciting and why we always pull ahead in a crisis because The free market is, we don't have to wait for the government to requisition things we just do them. We find a better way to do them and we get it done absolutely, and I want to tell everyone out there. I went to the wider and they are talking about here. These statistics he does he
for the White Austrian, I'm the proof. We had a round table thing when a vice premier, president. These are in these other companies and myself had found a and they are talking about youth, these statistics. He knows he says to me: she might this one took they said it would take a year. They did it. In two weeks I mean he's able to take the private sector and the governments, you know what this one company called up. Any one governor called him up and said: hey, hey, I'm! I can't bear the government's block enough pathetically other federal day. I am in he called up here to help you gotta in two hours, but what a twelve month I mean this is what he's the best steadied there's a calm ears, common sense problem solution and what it's gonna manifesto. No he's built. For that I mean I want. I left her, I'm more optimistic now that I was- and for me to go up debate you not to double my optimism. Goin out here a good through this I saw again Charlie when I can all Maisie things are doing,
He is a guy and I've said this for a long time. He loves the crisis, loves, ease he lives for that that moment of crisis he creates. He creates chaos. You know through his twitter fades and everything because he loves it a feast on it This is a real crisis and you can see how he is. He has stabilized all of the other behaviour that usually causes the crisis, because he is in a real crisis now and it's at he's, operating as I think he does. When he building giant Munich building projects he can just take on a whole bunch of different tasks and remained steady, how is he Here to you is this: its end and now it is tired. No no cattle picky tyres. I mean
it is a worthwhile than anyone ever I've, never seen you not twenty item twenty hours out of a twenty four hour day. He does that my pillow, so yes, quality sleep I'll, put a plug in there. We created the he hears like you just said it. He lives for this he's he he knows he's the best at it and he is like a big guy running out orchestra, all these temporary files. At the same time putting through that shape to get this done to get this done, and it's amazing any spirit so good. He don't, you know he's. I think he is people don't realize. The bottom is he's, he's amazing listener. He takes it all in he wouldn't say right at the figures Edith. If I get inside your computer taking into his brain and then God given enough guilty, just raise it and here's the answer and you're going to have a hard time changing my mind once he gets that history, you said you're not going to. He knows it's the right thing and just because you got other people putting their.
Maybe having their own agenda once he makes that decision he's going to get from point a to point b and there's nothing to stop it's just a matter how he gets there Did you with the other seals? Did you guys talk about the economy and and how we want to turn this thing back on all day, you know one of the things is: what do you think the frustrations I got I brought up. I said you know: there's you see, these places that are open, like your Wall martian grocery stores- I am, I was sick, I walk into one and they don't have people at the door security. Then he put a mouse gun users. Sanitize or gear, or even their own employees, within the business. I set it up at my pillow. Why not me? Why do why? Don't they have shape You think they're getting to be open this, because our essential report, I told the President set Down- and mahatma random? I've got Hauser David. You know, obviously there not it's not.
Said it essential that you haven't church open but yeah the hard were only no car parts door, whether all target, with no males clerks, not wearing a male. What's wrong with that picture, I You know what we need say: practices for their businesses are there, so they can give us companies, you know when we will, we go back to the other. Businesses start open. If these are joining, you knows is showing say: practices is just an. We didn't talk You can be dealt with the President right now he's hearing on one hand, millions of people will die your saving. Lies and he got. My first thing is to save wise, but he said he said, but we ve got to get people back to work. So we need to give you that we need a good solutions and he's that's what he's and that's what we're waiting on now is for the president to just keeps taking an employment when you, when you're standing delays or pay will wait most in the date data here. What did more, stop keeps coming it.
More states right, I'm when it's gonna be, I believe a day's color problems can go. You know what we're gonna start here. You're these things were very open up. Your back and say: wide open it up all want she'll, be it'll, be all right. The then MIKE I've gotta I've gotta run up against the network break. Thank you so much for what you did yesterday. Thank you for the masks and we'll talk again soon. I claim Del from my pillow and by the way MIKE is my guest on the pod cast. It comes out Thursday night for blaze. Subscribers you'll hear Saturday on the podcast, if you're not a subscriber to the blaze, it drops in the odd cast feed on this Saturday. Our sponsor this half hour is gold lying gold line. Please I'm begging you to do this now we are, I think, we're I think we ve crossed the Rubicon. I think on spending the president just tweeted, that he wants another two trillion dollars in a spent in a stimulus package
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Gold line, dot com, a lot of people. This country would be delighted to pay more in taxes. Finding yourself speechless listening to progressive arguments, arm yourself with the facts, arguing the Socialists, a new book from Glenn Back Priolo now on Amazon. The Earl of Low Tech Glenn back That's interesting to me. I guess, there's study out, Africans are hoarding cash at the this pay sense. Why to king went what does it mean hoarding cash? You mean I I for the cash from the bank is that hoarding cash I want to. I want to have what I own with me. That's hoarding, all of a sudden, that's crazy
exactly what reloading cash would say. That's exactly exactly right. You got me. I have this. May old juice bottle, that's filled with change. Does is that hoarding cash? I'm curious is that you know what I'm beginning to think it might I'm beginning to think it might that they're gonna start cracking down on cash in cod, help us weave, I feel like we we we moved into a new place, here in the last couple of days I mean ices has been coming, but I pink! Financially! I think we're just tomorrow still. We should do something on modern monetary theory about now, because I think we're just doing it is us we're not. Debating it. Nobody even knows what it is still too. I think we're doing it. Let's see how it works out rise, we're trying it right now we're just printing in spending at a rate that we can't possibly you know, continued the last
chapter of my book is on this modern monetary theory, and I've been saying in all through, like can't let this happen we're doing it by the way the new book arguing as socialists, kids out next week, you can pre order now: Amazon, dot com,
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