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Another Leftist Conspiracy Theory Proven Wrong | 6/21/21

2021-06-21 | 🔗

Two people were run over at a pride rally, and the media and the Democratic mayor of Fort Lauderdale were quick to label it a hate crime … but then the evidence came out. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis narrowly beat out Donald Trump in a Republican presidential straw poll. Pat and Stu discuss who the front-runner could be in the next election. Hundreds of citizens may never get their private items back thanks to the FBI’s seizure of safe deposit boxes. How is civil asset forfeiture not theft? A physician is now demanding that Biden take a cognitive test for mental decline. Buffalo Bills player Cole Beasley said he would rather retire than get the COVID vaccine. The European Union is implementing "digital COVID certificates."

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when did, of course, because you can't do that, you cannot enemies. The official did clearer too. He is, I believe, yeah, so good. Thank you. Shut him down right away, also some controversy about, the tragic accident or was it was the terrorist act at the gay pride parades we'll get into that and lots. sixty seconds Glenn Programme, But, since the pandemic started one fifth of homeowners, referring to their homes as incredible twenty percent Smart decision, if you haven't been able to do that, yet you could be, could be missing out on hundreds of dollars per month. Question is if you're one of the eighty percent who hasn't got around to it. Yet what are you waiting for interest rates are still very impressive lows, you might you might see those go up. Future here you know that's what I'm expecting Amerika
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gob slyer call Look it up and ask Jeeves are you heard about the tragedy, no doubt in Fort Lauderdale at the eligibility Q. I e two plus pride: you didn't w there now, yeah because I've learned the Gue is is sort of of controversial part of the acronym that's what it is: algae B, he q, I ate two plus was it? Was that way for a while? When you look at what the queue means, it would give us several things: yeah we're! Yes, questioning, yes, isn't there one more till! I only know that your question in, which is why I was due to Cuba you done with you. I am upset that some people leave out either
the queer or the questioning I dont think either group should be left out, and it's a deep within me. So I said correctly, every time She beat tv Q, Q. I a true plus and plus, is is is much worse than the cue plus seems a just say every there. Nobody else would have survived just call it plus, because we don't know what else there is right now, but we're going to discover it soon. Okay, so so, can we anything that we discover we have to put in their o, absolutely within easy to say, have up I'll plus right now recover. Gee Bt Q. I know about them, so you must use their letters. Ok, yeah! That's it! They were doing this p. I hate API here Yes, I'm sorry! You don't I do you.
No, I do not eighty eighty, I ok now asian American and, of course Pat on Pacific Island specific islanders. Yes, yes: now, Atlantic Islanders, we don't care if you hate them Kay. If you are from an Atlantic based island, if you're, probably Bermuda, weaken hate you all. We want ha. That's totally: fine, but if you're in the Pacific Ocean the no vote that island sits there. Absolutely hate is bad now they should do a pie plus hate then we'd know you know live on the outer banks on an island. You can copy hated him ok, ok, whereas our right now, if you're living on, let's say too the island off the Kosovars, Savannah, Georgia right, you can be hated while
solely find a hate, those people out of your tongue ass, you are now absolutely not those r p eyes and p eyes cannot be hated. So that's how we get out Bt Q, Q, I too plus- and you know some of the lesser known people in that group. The in her sex in the a sexual. I don't think they get enough everytime? I really don't know the hunting in that hate in and of itself. Now your show packer only she did do a fourteen part series. I did intersects and seventeen parts on a sexual. Yes, yes, yes, and so you ve been giving them the attention they doesn't right. I've tried back up for them, storm. Only one person in the mainstream media will not cooperate. They don't care, they don't care, they allow times just say the algae Binkie community, the other which is disgusting, its despicable at its hateful we don't throw the plus in, then you're really, I mean at least a plus gives you plot
I will not deny ability like what, whether we does include them in the plus right right, yes, but no not now the media. Lately they ve been saying: L, GB, marrow algae, T determine when we started the blaze. It was Gb Tv. Never one pointed out that we should just add an l, immediate eligibility right. a lot easier and we probably get like funding from the government for evil right wing, conservative, new source, sure but we didn't do it did not. We did not do it So, as we celebrate this month, you know it's not a day. Is that a week we to celebrate and entire month. That's that's! How seriously we take algae BT cute you I e two plus month, pride month is fantastic in the at a price celebration, though they had a real bad tragedy where a truck
and into a crowd of people killed. One of them badly injured, another that persons in the hospital so immediately the Democrat mayor of Fort Lauderdale jumped all over it as a terrorist attack and so did everybody on Twitter. All the left wing idiots on twitter, we're talking about the terrorist attack, the right wing extremists, the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. over and over and over and over it turns out. The person who did it got his foot stuck between the break in the gas pedal was, is actually a gay person who was participating in the parade and was in fact member of the gay chorus and was wearing the t, shirt of the gay chorus and just accidently did I mean it's really sad but forever
body to jump to the conclusion immediately that it's some white enraged homophobic person does not true, is not accurate, its very typical, though right so typical. There's no reason to believe when a car accident happens that its terrorism I see no reason to believe that, but that's all it these groups to care about they don't care about the actual people, no involved, they only about whether they can use it on twitter to score points say: get retreats at an even understand it. I am its so called. See it's it's it's the same thing with black lives matter like the blacklist or like nine zillions on their list of priorities that I promise you they don't care, no doubt about it. It has nothing to do with black lives. We obviously like it is had something to do with black lives. They would be
focusing on the ninety nine percent of murders that aren't police officers right there in the. Obviously they don't care about this. This is something completely different and more support to play along with it an act as if, this is an odd earnest effort when, clearly, it's not clearly, it's not the you're, a Fort Lauderdale dean trend. Tailless said This is a terrorist attack against the algae BT community, while his eyes again leaving the queue q. I ate plus sake you, yes exactly, so that those people were in fact. Based on this, I guess not just the by this lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transport. There were the only ones to her I see so no one who is questioning was victimized in this Adele. Ok nor the queer. What about the two spirit know they were not victim. That again
you're here, I will point out what it out you on the air. I that's not my goal here. Obviously, do you know we're doing this? Are we worked together, but your series on to spirits was only eight episodes long much shorter. then you're, a sexual, more it may not even know what your pants sexual series was. Barely kid I missed that. I missed a couple of shows. It was over. I know sorry, I pointed out you cleverly I'm working on eight more episodes. It'll be forced to use, doesn't happen, but it's coming. Ok, get coming soon So he says this is a terrorist attack against the algae BT community. This is exactly what it is hardly an accident. It was deliberate. It was pretty meditated overnight and it was target against a specific person, Luckily they missed that person, but unfortunately they hit two other people here I was alluding to the fact that Debbie Waterman Schulz was in the area right, thank you saying they were trying to kill her
but this is bizarre because providing specifics, yeah right of the mindset of the attack on he's just making honest, is making them up because it no. anything about the mindset of SEC mindset of the attacker, because there wasn't an attacker right just a knight who is the president of the Fort Lauderdale Game, chorus, oh my god, only gay men involved in this course. So no hell, no, no bees, no tease, no cues. No other too! You know, I know a no to any losses right That's what he's eradication is what that a citizen. It is Yet somehow he was allowed to speak. He said thoughts and prayers and with those affected by the tragic accident that occurred when the Stone Wall Pride parade was just getting started. Our fellow chorus members were those injured and the driver is also a part of the course family to my now.
This was not an attack on the energy Bt Q community. We anticipate more details to follow and asked the community's love and support saw the the driver whose possibly was the you know, mongering terrorist is actually part of the gay men's course. I and this all came out pretty quickly to, and yet people are just still Looking with our agenda of trying to make this, to be some sort of white supremacy which, as we know, is the greatest threat that mankind, stood along with climate change. Yes, along with climate change caused by straight white men. and their white supremacy exactly, but it they cause the climate change, which is also a huge threat. Yes to the algae, beat Q q. I well us more to that community than any other disproportionate, disregarding growing disproportionate. Whenever you throw it is proportionate, then you know you're, being smart,
you're being our you're being well and pathetic. In yours. Early work. Yes, so I always try to throw in disproportionately because I most they're like about the genocide of of violence against the algae, Bt Q Q. I ate two plus community, an p o sees across the world is disproportionately psych. If it's a joke, side you dont, need the word disproportionate fright like that they re, like you know what Hitler killing a lot of Arians, but this fortunately he's focused on Jews, like that's, not how that works needs really. You never need to make the disproportionate addition to genocide, don't mean to call you out soon, but you just made the you just made the mistake, What are they do of calling people p o sees right people of color right, yes, You left out the
like an indigenous people in the policies is by park. Give its belie p o slow. surely the black indigenous people of color, if you would, if you know what's it for what, if you could just call them by Pox, I would have provided leave by the way it just by park. Ok, bye, puck, because that would be of colours the hence trim. That's not. He can't paralyzed that one girl who it is, These are the bypass yes and so black indigenous and then people of color of color against the people There is another scab plus the it's like black indigenous was oilers. Are we talking about plus, and that used to be the knock on saying, colored the weren't supposed to say that bright cup, people of color or coloured people, because the come back would be what Colorado right. I just all people called rising non white people? I don't know, sir,
We're not why people they are not involved in the plus. No, no now either happened to be, let's say to spirit or questioning their two spirit. then they can be involved. Why People are allowed to be involved in the group, as long as they have some different sexuality. Yes, some alternate lifestyle. Yes then it's ok to include a white person, but don't you dare to dare come to move some sis gendered white person? Don't you do it this gendered and hurry? I don't want to hear it. I hate assist gendered white male men. I hate them. The wheel. They they ve ruined everything and they don't deserve to have the plus they don't they. Don't They deserve to be involved in a plus, unless of course, then they know they happen to be algae. They identify as algae. t q I ate two plus or or black, if they dentist black than its fine during the as why
people if they D, identifies black. That's ok,. much more identity, politics polity. I come another sixty seconds. Odds. Patents do for Glenn. Today, eight seventy seven be easy Kay I get a little song from gay men's chorus. Actually, the they were out encouraging people, get vaccinated, so you got a couple of the great agenda items you have the algae, Bt Q Q. I too, thus community singing and The vaccination thing drummed indoor heads, which is incredibly important, not enough probably vaccination, songs out. There raw nearly more of them there's only about fifteen thousand need more of them and here's one of em beautiful
absolutely be making employment you're just now is the time to back. This is good right,
yeah well, actually create a boy down the society we have again. I am not against the vaccines at all, not relent. I either I am just hesitant, I'm vaccine hazard to that end. You know what pat that's, ok, that's in the plus. They put you in the plot says, if you but you could ever do. You can participate in that work. That's all member gay men, but it was an energy bt cute. You I ate two plus Cora. Then I could participate but, like I don't understand it, just just stand by your product like that product product works. People We take it and by the way two thirds of adults have taken it right like so, it's not like, I think, they act as a four percent of people have had a vaccine that, like we gotta get into tat, we must get the temperature two thirds of people who are eligible to take. This vaccine have taken it awards.
Did you expect one hundred percent? Did you really expect this? I don't know what they expected in the beginning. I am not mistaken. Didn't You say we need to get to around seventy percent. Yet what endowed with his go he's come out and said he was lying about that. Please come out and admitted that he was telling a list Phoebe. buried. My people got that actually heard of me, who is more like eighty or ninety percent, not fifty or sixty percent, as he was saying earlier on, which is like Inexcusable is this? Guy resentment lies about the mass and ass the same thing here. He said several of these and that there is really bad The last thing, the only thing you can do is Tell people information, you know to be untrue. everybody would understand if people made mistakes and they did right, but any and if you would have said it in the first place, if you were to said look, we don't have all the answers. Yet. Ok world into it, but this diseases to new and we we don't know all of vaccines
You want me to guess I'd say maybe sixty or seventy percent, but we don't know like ok, I think if communicate. Your lack of certainty, people can make decisions on their own, but that's the last thing they wanted. They can draw, you're, just honest with us, but he didn't. He hasn't been from the start out. There's been multiple cases of this and again I can. I can totally excuse people for saying something worth that they thought was true at the beginning and end turned out to not be true in out. There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. was a lie and forget all that was not a lie, but the left Certainly labelled it as such, whereas now give these things just evolve. Data idea just did didn't know what to do. You can't say something you know to be untrue and act as if it's true for some others under other a aided agenda and then act we're supposed to trust,
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The same percentage of people who believe that Donald Trump will be reinstated as president this year day no that's not going to happen. It can't happen. There is constitutional mechanism by this would happen even at this point if they found nine million ballots an it was proof positive and the I didn't? Ministration came out that here we did it. That was we put we plant at all this with these are where we put the bouts here's the footage of us doing it. Are you really should I got to thinking back at that moment? You know we're not eyes lit with it, but now we can test. We I'm! So sorry about it yeah, you still couldn't there still no mechanism to get Donald Trump to be bird like there's not a way for that to occur. Unless Joe Biden got, as is how got rid of the cobbler Harris steps down.
By didn't names, Donald Trump as vice president, and then he steps tat by the about it. That's us out the only way to get him into two becoming president in probably isn't going to hide, say it's unlikely less than five percent. More than that, likely clean him being reinstated? Issue is impossible, unless again, like you said, the unlikelihood of Biden fired common Harris and putting him fire commonly hairs, really kidding. I guess she have president she was elected, you advise it, so you get us fight, but she ate sheet to step down. have to select Donald Trump and then by Vice President Biden was added to set down. It's probably your best. You got a military coup those rights yet out here to pass. That means there is no constitutional there's. No, what you have no way to make that happen and We ve seen some people heard you that that's a good thing for the country would not be a good thing for the country We do not lead umbrella, Terry Coup in this nation,
I would like my taxes to be lower. I would like to Turning to be lower, there's lots of things ass here but dead. That's Would we love it happened? Yes, we should be clear that on these poles and any normal, I'm a fan of poles generally on I got many people, probably in the audience. They are at times it accurate, but Jim We speaking, I think they they provide value in a situation like this. They dont provide value because I dont actually think thirty percent of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is going to be reinstated this year, what happens in these situations, as you have people who look at the question, and this answer based on the fact of do. I think it's good for Donald Trump right. I, like Donald Trump, is this.
But for Donald Trump, yes, and what is it what's this poster want me to say to me? They want me to say, while of course, Donald Trump has no chance of wit of being president again well, I say he does it. When you go back the pulling during the George W Bush administration. I think it. Forty five percent of Democrats said they believed George Bush, was responsible for nine eleven. While much higher than thirty Eddie? I think it was, I think, a plurality of voters said he was responsible for it and meaning, and not just like ok well, he should have done more to defend, but like he was, actually involved in the planning of nine eleven Forty five percent of Democrats said that so a lot of these ports where you're asking these outlier sort of things almost always, designed to try to make Republicans look bad right,
you there's, there's a certain percentage of people that will just side with their guy no matter what that's all that's telling you, I think, and Trump card of Toys people's emotions, a little bit like in an interview last week with Hannity. He said while his campaign did not win the twenty twenty election he added. But let's see what happens on that hook. You mean, let's signal, would what is outfits nothing's going to happen on the? Wafer Donald Trump. You know reinstated as president of the United States is to run and twenty twenty four and win win right like that is the overwhelming here. The overwhelming favorite to get the nomination if he decides to run and then he weave he would be in a battle with Joe Biden again and he'd have a chance of winning it That is a legitimate chance that the way that Donald from could actually be but it won't happen this year or next year or the year after that,
or the year after the head, but that the year after that is when he'd run again and could win and then intent twenty five? You know engine twenty. If he could be sworn in again, that's the only way. This can really happen constitutionally. So you know. Is it fun to think well, guy she's gonna get in and August, like they ve been saying it's kind of fun to fantasizing. That is just not gonna happen, because it can't. You know, they didn't straw, pull at the western conservative conference to see the result event dream about. Even the paper knew mean you feel the you read about it. Rhonda, Santas, beat out Donald Trump ever so slightly apparently can vote for more than one person, and so he got Aunt has got seventy four point: one percent trumpet, Seventy one point: four percent, so they were a massive neck basis There is a. This is a question of whether you think this now many would be acceptable to you and and I do not want to do now would entirely shocking that
well, like Rhonda Centres, would have a higher number then trump on that, because who, like dropped like dissenters and there's some people who don't like trumpet are not gonna like Trump and their dissent is people. Call him up Professionalized version of Trump right- we're here like more of he's, got more. that legwork traditional be more traditional politicians, staff, but also enough of Trump in him too. He likes them little media. He likes the kind of big splash stuff that the base likes and others a lot of similarities there as well, and they seem to like each other yet so, that's not not shocking that it is interesting to make again that's not how you vote gets a related for, like all might like. All these people who would be acceptable to me is not how we vote to pick one and again that comes down to passion where Donald Trump does. Oh, so well, but the top ten. Like this Rhonda Santas Donald Trump TED crews surprise. Crews was still third Might palm pale TIM Scott at number
five than you had Christine NOME and Tom cut tied and then ran Paul Donald, a junior Dan Crenshaw and my pants. I think my pants Catapez, some people, half can see near the top of this list before, but not now now he's down at her number two very interesting, going to the crews thing per second. It really he's done an amazing job. He has done Taylor Swift, I used to be country, and now I'm pop pop music star thing here he's really every we horn as a totally desert trump guy. He was a guy who the Trump fans eight. It is. I made a slave, be as a guy who really liked TED crews and what is in a we went out. We followed him on the campaign a couple times we covered We talk tomb endlessly. He I mean to tell you:
that he was the most despised man in the universe. To anyone who, like Donald Trump, would be an understatement. I mean I the at one point they hated him and he in a period of couple years was eight. The transition from like the most hated guy to one of the most loved. I really really is incredible, and I I don't know what I'm not sure exactly what that set. It might just be that that the audience we know the voters word as they didn't really hate. It is much better and they were just mad at him at that moment and you know he was able to convince them. He really is on their side. You know if we could just be that, but it is. I am I remember, a lot of examples of of what he's been able to accomplish their with with the base. Its that's been pretty impressive. As while the whole effort, because you would during the campaign. You'd say he was anti trump right again
It certainly is running against abuse gently to try to stop pressing present pets, but now I think, you'd call him. A trump ally are totally having trump endorse them. for his race. They they they were very, very and lay throughout the twenty Twond recent like into cruises unique in that way: there is a lot of people who were wet through that transition between twenty sixteen twenty twenty. I think we're I find it amazing about those like crews, really the example of that person, but he would come to the point like you know they outwardly at each other, Mean Donald Trump was saying his dad killed. Kennedy took over at the point, we're gonna get worse and that's occur every he was basically calling his wife ugly right. Remember, leisure but we were at that point in the relationship. That's not a good point in a relationship and
We were able to patch things up and and look there's bigger issues right then than personal insults. The countries are on the line here and I think you know a couple of adults can can their determination and move past things, but it is really been an incredible few years here to watch that transition occur, it really has really, I think now, crews is one of the guys who you'd like that and say if I dont think, No one has a chance if Donald Trump runs, though I don't either so right off the bat if guaranteed rights, including dissenters, including through any right, but if Donald Trump does it's not to run, who, let's just say, trouble going to probably endorse someone right who's going to endorse, assuming right that it's not Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump Junior, which I don't I don't necessarily thinkest, is in the car at this point, if it's not one of his kids, one of his family members that he'd obviously be supporting, who would it be? And at this point a copy
whose over dissenters, goodly busily the top two guys you'd. Think, though, definitely one of the other. he rightly wouldn't go with- I dont get into pump hail, but compel they have a good really. I share that view and camp. I just don't think Pompey. Oh I'd. I'd like to they generally speaking, we liked him. congressmen, you know, I hate It seemed to me to be the dynamic speaker and communicator. That you'd necessarily think is going to win a presidential election right and he's not. He was never like, I don't think, a huge, hugely high. The passion list for troops supporters who he was always good. I think people liked him, but he was never like you know I live and die with MIKE Palm PEO Way of way of doing business and other. There is ever that ever that excitement from the base. More dissenters has that excitement
I tell everyone. I talk do when whenever we do, you now talk about what's coming up in twenty twenty four people, like two scientists, a sure thing. I wouldn't got a little bit of caution on that in that, like we're, far away from the election number one. You have the possibility of Donald Trump Running, which again, I think, means that DOT Rhonda Centres is not really running, and probably almost no one is right, right, Loki pray he's gonna cleared field. If he decides to run now, d status could be svp. People like the Trump distant dissenters possibility, but dissenters is also Is it me ass? It is just as a as an observer, Pat you can things you don't care about the outcome, you're, just a political observer here for a moment. Is this sent its peak? to early. I Maybe you know he's done a lot of really big splashing things, that of excited the base, and I look I like what he's that I met. I like dissenters, I'm a fan of the way he's handled covered, but, like I am wondering, though, like it's hard to me,
take this pace for multiple years. Yet for three more yearly more years and they he's doing like these kind of like splashing things, words like an hour taken on big tack and were putting prayer in schools and were in oh no covert, covert vaccines and vaccine passport, and on cruise ships and all these things that the base obviously is a fan of big sort of like big announcements, these big policies and abbot has done a bunch of them here as well in Texas. You can't keep that base up there due to or those a week until we twenty four there's gonna be ok, there's, not enough laws? Thankfully, so I wonder if, if he's peeking, who early or is it? Oh, maybe not. Maybe you just got ahead of this stuff in and see where things taken. I think no dissent, as is us a smart guy, a young guys, energetic, but I mean Jesus. Think there's anything to that. Is that something you'd be adviser. Maybe you ve heard about a year cause you're right is at the top of the heat
but that's hard to maintain triplets do seven be easy came to the club programme Patents do for Glenn on the eight back peremptorily. Seventy seven be easy K. I is it me, or has Doktor Saint Anthony cheese narcissism, gotten even more out of control, the guy is first of all, he says he is science, So I mean there's no arguing with him right. He he's for some reason gotten supersensitive lately and and it's because he knows he lied and people are calling him on it and he didn't like it. So he is trying to put it back,
and everybody else, for how dare you? How dare you question me? I am science kind of thing, yeah he's renewing a lot of that lately, a lot he was talking to carrot. Shrewish swish switcher on carers, podcast, which you know who doesn't listen to that's my favorite Kara based Podcast Huck is yes, my third favorite or tariff based but he proclaimed that all of his critics are all bad faith. Partisans unfairly attacking him. Oh, and then he started talking in third person, which I love, you know, there's there is not a problem when you start referring to yourself and third person, he said, we're, not kidding Fouche does have blood. And his hands. Not only was his handling of the pandemic deeply politicized shown, even more so by the release of his emails, but now
how'd she see. Where was it that he was referring to himself in third person, now have to find that, but he is he aids sickly. How dare you questioned me on anything regarding the way I've handled this particular pandemic? I don't know why anyone things as an effective tactic and if you to say, look we're stirred some stuff up. I did some stuff If you didn't, even then you ve it, you ve made mistakes right, and I guess I can't do that now. Get to it to be fair. If you see if he did admitted that, then people would hammer of further stay gave us just now. I am not in a position to win at this point that that's probably but leave. It is get off tv for five minutes. Maybe something that has an idea is declared programme sponsor. This half hour is is, of course, our friends. It rough greens. Reference has been made. I would, they feeding our dogs with it's not exactly right. It's not a dog,
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EL three three, its aid, three Glenn, thirty, three or rough greens, dot com, Slash backed More radio programme here in just second not much time and the Klondiker maybe the most on American constitutional situation.
thus far, you I think we touched on this ban several now and eighty five million dollars. Still resides with the FBI rather than american citizens. I will tell you, but civil asset forfeiture story that just keeps getting worse. All the time coming up in sixty seconds Glenn programme. so yesterday I had the most stereotypical fathers day, humor the possible I've. I actually did fall asleep. watching Gulf on television so the most standard that you could possibly do and that in addition to that, we growled out that's what you do one thoughts was doing a little girl and out
fallen asleep watch engulf. If you a girl out, though, do right. You need to have a erect tech. You can get the whole thing from inside, so it could be like How about if I would recommend falling asleep while you're here rhetoric deck, but you can't fraud from inside the air in the house, in the air conditioning on your phone. If the exact temperature that you want freer or for your girl, and then you're out there enjoying the food and you get it kind of self the indoor AIR Conditioning and Gulf time inside while all that stuff is happening, you can't be that it's really amazing, follow rhetoric on other social media and sign up for the newsletter. It's our east, t q rectangle rhetoric with a key, at the end are easy to he Q, dot com are easy. T Q, dotcom
our Hundreds of people who store valuables in a safe deposit box, may never see their cash again or their pay. Just metals or their heirloom terms. Unless A federal judge. Finally intervenes this week now couple months ago we told you about this seizure from the FBI at the? U S It votes the? U s PV soul, some families and private citizens have gotten together to sue the government for the content contents of about eight hundred deposit boxes that were taken everything in them, which is too
can, by the FBI Fbi in March in a rage the storage provider the provider was indicted for conspiracy to sell drugs and launder money. now none of these other Americans, who had their valuables in these safety deposit boxes, has been charged with anything in some of them have hundreds of thousands, if not into the billions in these safety deposit boxes. Now, if you dont trust a bank where you can put your money, probably one of the likely places, would be a safety deposit box thinking. Ok, it's gonna be safe here now, not from not from the FBI not The federal government mean who would have thought that the? b. I would pull off the largest bank heist in american history. That's just unconscionable How can this stand in does time after time, usually this involves. You know people travelling like you're on the freeway pulled over by state police. They.
For some reason decide to searchers. vehicle and do so in full Ten thousand or twenty thousand or thirty thousand in cash, and they just take it or Europe. airport and the t say confiscated, both of situations of happened many many times this is the first one. I I've, known of where you know, Eugene. Your valuables put in a safe place and the FBI comes it takes it anyway either. if you're not accuse differ broader, not accuse, demented Invictus like that, should be the secondary to me not even charge to you could say all you want number to put my stuff in a safe place. However, if you are victim of a crime and deemed that these were ill. Gotten gains right like your monies, never in a safe place like that's than legal system, they right get convicted of a crime, be there. They may take your stuff, especially if you got them through the that that we know some illegal work
but to do it when you're, not even convicted, is completely. Criminal to me, will you queues, That is actually the allegation of wrong doing here. Mrs theft, its straight up, theft and Its grand horror city mean this is a lot of money there taken from people thee, asset list in the seizure notice, discloses more than a dozen boxes. Containing more than a million dollars each in cash and many more and six figures, others less jewellery, collectible coins, gold and silver, precious items, and so people have millions of dollars worth of things in the safe you that's what a safety deposit box is for right. You put valuables in it stuff that you want to be kept safe.
and you never think. Well, if the FBI reads the owner of this place and will lose all my money, you wouldn't ever think that why cause This is the United States of America I don't even know that there's press for this in the Soviet Union, I I mean- maybe maybe they did this kind of stuff. I don't know the people had that kind of wealth to be taken from them. the Soviet Union, but There is no redress here. They they sue Ann, they just tell you know. Sorry, you can't have it so just hope. A federal judge finally intervenes and says: give them back their money now or the consequences, but I dont know recourse is, if the judge doesn't step in here, just out everything you had saved up in these things. It's it's written.
Something else. It's incredible! It's incredible that this stuff happens routinely in the United States of America, and it is also one of those things somewhat like nickel race theory right that has been going on over the past couple of months when People realize this is generally speaking are on the right side of the issue. you know what people the level of our being trained in my office in their saying I should do disavow my whiteness. You know even not only white people but after and Americans in Hispanic sudden and everybody else looked at this and say: ok, that's just racism. Repackaged came like a does that's critical race theory, which is a catch all at this point in and probably catches. Too much at times, but the bottom line is people can inherently recognise that its wrong without even thinking about it. You know it same thing with like hey I'm. I want to watch my daughter's track me this weekend and she lost by fifteen lengths
to a boy like you hit all people, inherently can say are this is wrong and and and poor people are awakened to this type of thing, Tuesday woke terminal. Gee. They are, generally speaking on the right side. if you generally louder rage trite, their outraged either. What is, I think, the same thing this with with this one? to this theft, this. This is really fast and it's it's happened. Two tons of people, people who have it either been accused of crimes, having their livelihoods, their money taken away from them forever. Salute me. No reason at all. I don't know how you could be ok with it really, and maybe you just do you think, I'm a rich people that, whatever I don't care, what happens to him, but some his clients are not wealthy to new clients have just been added.
the amended complaint clarity that you know they had a lot of people already on the complaint. Now they ve got other science. Like this couple, who was storing two thousand dollars, two thousand dollars in cash and twice thousand in silver, so a total of twenty two thousand dollars, it's their nest, egg for retirement. Twenty two thousand dollars, that's pretty modest, and now the of is confiscated that they don't have that retirement nest, fun nest egg, they gotta tell communications executive that just jumped on board a hundred and he had a hundred thousand dollars were the gold and sixty three and in cash in indeed, as a rainy day fund just taken from this taken in again, remember no charges against any of these people have been filed the guy, because you say telecommunications executive He'S- not the guy came up with Robo calls. The cause of it than I am Benda need is dissolved. Adult is all in all should be taken
far, as I know no, its constitutional still you, but I still would move forward in a big way No, I mean how many happening so much it. We ve talked about this. This there's a guy in Chicago. Who was it he worked on cars is, is livelihood? Was he worked on cars? He would go help out p. and sometimes he come off away from he worked. He had this customer who came in who had the car been brought it in dropped. The car off needed go back to work so as a as this zone or try to help as customers. He drove the guy back to work. In the process of driving them back to work, but they got pulled over and the poor centre in the car had drugs. It is pocket Now, no one accuse the driver, who was just a mechanic of bee in them be responsible for the drugs that worry there
were accused of a crime at all, but they did. It took his car in the back of his car, was all of his equipment to help people fixed their cars, so we losses tools? He lost his car for years, and they kept finding him to get his own car out of being impounded based on. Nothing. He had done nothing wrong. They didn't, even if it wasn't like a bad accusation, it's hard to communicate how ridiculous this is because it wasn't like they set off. He was really responsible for the drugs. We know it with no evidence that would be bad enough They were even saying he was responsible. There saying he was responsible, they weren't sing. All you guys are really hiding it. This is a drug operation. None of that they knew he was innocent, they knew it and still fight this guy tens of thousands of dollars is a working man. Is that tens of thousands of dollars to get a car out from impound and of his tools it right
this business it road is life and work I unreal it's unbelievable because they live forcemeat agencies want the ability to confiscate this so that they, and fight the war on drugs. That's what they that's their excuse and they want they like that money that comes along with these love, the money that comes around and look I'm as pro polices they cut, but you gotta be able to convict a person of something If you're going to write, take, there's not just charge extra vit there before you confiscate their property there. This is, they ve now gone to the place where their evading these bans, so people learn about this civil ass at forfeiture like this is wrong. MRS America. This should not happen for so many states have now gone to the point where they live Pass laws saying you can't do this without a conviction, or at least an accusation of wrong doing- seems to make a lot of sense.
but there's a whole in these laws where the, if they go to like basin, there's a whole that says if you work with the federal government, so let's say the thorough government is in the middle and agencies going through there in the middle of an investigation and They need assistance from a state. If, It goes through the federal government, and they do this nevertheless, it forfeiture thing, the state gets to keep in that it gives eighty percent thirty percent of the money right. So what these states are doing that have bans on civil ass at forfeiture is they're taking the instigation all the way up to the point where they're going to seize the stuff and then we need help from the feds, so the feds. man they take over the investigation actually sees it sees the property and then the state its eighty percent of the money. Anyway, we're getting around these bans. This is something that is currently raw and it's not.
Asked in liberal states around this is happening in Texas in Utah. Accesses, Andrea Indiana had really that ass forfeiture yeah What was the figure we had the I think. Last week it was twenty billion dollars. I believe the should confiscated and less ten years, twenty billion it. So it's like two billion a year to billion dollars and most these people, if not all of them, are not even charged with the Crimea. I believe look look. They do drug dealers. They do. I make a point. You know too police can come here and say: look. This is a really valuable thing, because we, if we wait until their convicted you know then they're gonna find a way to hide all this money and we're going to get any of it, which is understandable and there's there's no shit of argument to be made there. However, this is the type of place. That's that that is innocent until proven guilty. That's that's the basis of our system. So
err on the side of letting gate guilty people get away with certain things. If it's gotta protect innocent people, exactly that's how far we go that far normally and we ve given up on that with civilised. Forfeiture. That's not that's not breed it's not good, and I will say that the only reason I think people care about the soul is is so little is because The name is so boring. Civil asset forfeiture is the least sexy thing in the world agency, galled federal theft of private citizens properly. I think you need saving Energy Atwood Gid somebody's you know something catching turbulence. Seven be easy. in financing Annabel US one. Eight do through three for nobody you w dot, animal, less consumer access, dot org when the chips are down and they could be down before too long. The way things are going. Are you gonna be ready? Do you have your financial house in order are receiving money everywhere you can and not so
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net tat sensation? I do the by the administration, wants you to support or wants you to report radicalized friends and family members, which is it's great? it reminds me that sea Things say something time period of the right after the Patriot ACT, was enacted and irresponsible. watching your neighbors first suspicious activity and then reporting them binds administration is announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report, radicalized, friends and family to the government. In an effort to fight ass, Dick terrorism, because we all know
that there is a whole bunch of white supremacist lurking in neighborhoods all over America you have in your neighborhood for I believe, eleven teen, eleven teen yeah yeah, that's probably a small number of that that saw the conservative side here. That's true. In a conversation with reporters, one senior administration official explained the importance of stopping politically fuelled violence before it starts so we're gonna do future crimes here we Work to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behaviour before the violence occurs, The official cited the Department of Homeland Security. If yet that see something say something campaign which was so correctly and so successful work on your neighbours, it really works. Well, ass
Germans love it. They love it. This involves creating contexts in which those who are family, members or friends or coal workers know that there are pathways in avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially right colliding towards violence by and his presidency with a stark warning in his inauguration speech by the rise and political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront, and we will defeat. I can't the number of white supremacists that I run into on a daily basis? It's just raw all right people all the way people are you anyway, people today, while pianists? Yes, that is how this works. Thank you and are they all radicals, yeah yeah, most yeah most of em are on the right, so you know the radical yeah. That's it
that's the how it's a great way to do this, because there there was this idea that you had to prove that someone was a racist. Was a white supremacist with evidence Now, if we pass that we know law, to do that. We just need to see that their white- and we know- and you know You know that their that there were racists because of their skin color we can generalised- and this is a theory of people- might not understand- as this is a highly advanced theory, but what we could do. The generalised based on sex in color, and that's good, whenever can take a skin color and take certain characteristics you assign to that scheme our jangle leg. You would stereotypes that very high rise. That's perfect group of people based on race and you too soon things about them, usually ragged. If monolith always nay, you assume negative things about them, because their skin color or case is a certain Hugh right and then is nice like a bay, suvs, peaches, Casper, leisure tone.
to it and then you know these bad things apply to them, not because they have actually done them because their skin color looks a certain way, and that is a great advancement in our society. What a wonderful achievement that we ve been able to come to this point, or we can tell watch about a person based just at the color of their skin, and if you can lock up all those white people, you know with the Beijing customer Lake, Hugh their skin, yet if you can lock em up before they do the radical thing, then you jamming you save civilization, a lot of trouble, the same thing, with Asians. By the way, This is a big because Asians and they seem to achieve too much and ill. You ve got his asian supremacy when it looks of them locality, be white tell you that airport or what I learned a while ago, was it Asians asian intelligence? through white supremacy,
does yeah I've heard that does see market does it does So it's all part of the same problem we're doing we're doing a great job here with this country home, like we're, doing a great deal of work. We, though, we solved so many issues just by making lots of decisions based on skin color poor thought it could be that easy, but there it is we're back there again good job America, the scenes, the Glen Back Programme, Spam Silver Glenn today on the Glinda Programme, AAA seventy seven be easy Kay. Couple of Republicans fact several republicans are calling for President Joe Biden, undergo a cognitive assessment. What why hate? Why where's that come from
It is not my e dyke hard, not to know says: does we know exactly what the abilities are in their love had, so what we did is that need to be assessed. We ve seen him operated public in dated June seventeen Jackson and his colleagues noted Biden agreed to such an assessment and detailed so examples of where Biden, mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past. Eighteen Oh I'll, not hear about. I will not hear of it in March. I love this. he forgot the names of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense and the defence secretary. Remember that moment. I I think I might have that moment here that were that's not that many people, though, do you really let her know the names of all the people. now work were now. You know you're, not all of them right or so.
Of them. You do you need to know any of the names of the people you work with. I think the answer that is now here's one of those circumstance- and I want to thank you- sent me- former general. I keep calling him general why my my guy runs that outfit over here. That's good right, good, sharp! That tells you God knows what he's talking about. He knows that there is a part then, who runs that outfit over there? He can't you can't remember the name of the outfit which is the Pentagon. He can't remember the Department of Defense and he can't remember this defence sector there is now a nose certain things about this person like he was a general at one point: for example, he has sent us saying things he knows about the person in hopes it will cure his brain to come up with his name or where he works at its not already does, and it is not working So there was that there was miss identifying the time of day and democratic,
bursts of Congress in February. That happened in May confused the day. of writing and Amtrak TRAIN and the death of his mother, he bought the first law and of the declaration of independence in March of twenty tweets done that several times actually he's he's messed up to the declared of independence and our how many times one of em yet you know that as you know, a thing, how do the truth, justice and fair beer? You know the thing another time it was Et Cetera, reaches God to the place where, all men are etc. That was it yeah and I've seen reporters now come out publicly and say: you ve never seen An administration like this worthy AIDS will shut down the president of the United States. Attempting to answer questions over and over and over and over again, go to the less regulation and they'll just stop that, though his own
Aids will say, stop like a kid running into the street. Will you are on vacation last week? Did you see the time in Europe where he's under this big tent there? as a bunch a reporter shouting at him under the tent, and he's gonna shuffle till all the little bit, and he starts this. Stop and dress of some of the things in my wearing pants rankers my pudding edge, you'll comes run on up grabs him by the arm and pulls him away from everybody. this is one of those things where we're just going to find out in five years or ten years that he was completely law. Asked right in a new way was medicated at time me out in that got him through some of these difficult situations, but for the most part he was just incapable of carrying out this is his responsibilities. I definitely think he's gonna come a time where we find this out has two and again the alternative
is worse. The cobbler Harris Right tool is not having these problems, thankfully, as an individual I dont want her running the show so ugly, Joe Biden, even though I know he's, did he's a little on the south side. These days is a much more option for the United States of America and loving Kamel are run the show. That being said, this, it's terrifying. It has our president is in this state and you look he's not gonna say completely God, he's not completely gone in every moment, as you point out, so maybe he's medicated, maybe he's fine, some of the time literally, he has, he heard, as wires, they do not touch each other ready more in the brain, they had heard of nose to communicate with each other and their like three inches away from each other now and the electorate, but he does that bridge that gap, does it happen rise? So it sure? Is it really? basing is sometimes even humorous when he comes out in any case,
Understand what I'm saying you might say that, but when he's in a meeting with Vladimir Putin. God only knows what comes out of that forest? pour it out, but he's not supposed to what can t remember when he? needs to remember why Had that weird situation he admitted to it were told my. I told burden that there are sixteen things we don't want you to tack, then everything else is fair game everything else we get what thus plus we we gave you a list of the places where vulnerable right, please don't attack, is the you shouldn't attack us there. Ok, we'll shoot, Look. We're would do that, don't don't play.
Yes, we have won the password for all of our computers, but Don T go after the nuclear. Don't use that computer to that one, that that is one two three four five and all of you don't use. You can use that our financial system, you can use it on our electricity grid, but please not our nuclear elk. Okay well, should work out. Well now he said it was emergency which I don't know what that means. Really ok, so we're not supposed to hack your emergence, emergency dont know how to hack transportation they're not supposed to hack the I've done. Remember them all, but there were sixteen any laid it all out for him. So knows exactly where we are vulnerable right now in exactly where to attack plus
you didn't say anything about any of the other infrastructure, so you can attack that at will yet go ahead, go after all of our private companies and their information. What are ones that matter yeah some downward accompany it, be some stupid bunch of our citizens. Millions or citizens lose their their identities. Math. Who cares? Dont come after our pipeline, it seems what they were. Basically saying like. Ok, let's leave our infrastructure. You just take take what you need to take from every one else. You know I mean that's not that's that, that's not the way Europe resident now supposed to do. No look I understand that that some other stuff just get partisan and people just say it say bad things about the guy. They don't like. Look, I think Joe Biden as if he were completely coherent, would still be a terrible president. I will not hiding the fact that I think he's sucks, but don't be. This for a second, did you know one of the first things
merchandise wise was on students march dot com by the window. Pick up your march there we did a shirt based off of the Seinfeld episode where you know, Georgia's data saying he sang serenity now, over and over again in the back of his cards, a very famous episodes serenity that every time we get in trouble, he has a bad thought. Justice eradicate now that's what we do. Joe Biden Senility. Now he's just in the back of a car suitability. Now, please bring the senility to me, so I can govern that is not the place. You want your country to be. You dont want that leader to have two begged scream in hope, That's annuity comes to visit him That is not its not a promising thing for our future, and I do about it quite a bit that that the next consequences coming out of that are
an unknown, no unknown unknown. I believe his Donald Rumsfeld is, as we know it if we just don't know how it's gonna manifests itself, we know it's going. to have- and we know the risk- is there- we dont know what thing he's gonna blow out, what stake, he's gonna make no moment he needs engine to run, and it doesn't that's horrifying. Can you imagine you this brutal killer across from you. Look silly three feet from you and he's you still got all his faculties and then you ve got Joe Biden there who is completely diminished in his abilities, and I mean I wouldn't have had that greater confidence in him thirty years ago, because he's not, kind of guy. I think that you want dealing with. Heads of state who were who your enemies
I don't think he's strong enough. I don't think he as a right ideology, but only now that is faculty these are so diminished. It is frightening. What's going on between the two of them and you're you're gonna leave him in there. What that guy by yourselves the bite themselves, I don't have any common city can pull off none this is why we begged and pleaded to her the election during the campaign that this Guy is not capable of handling this job and I think that's gotten even more clear to everyone but here we are and he's in the middle of negotiating details in Ladys in and try to tell world leaders that we're not gonna put up with your nonsense when he's just incapable of doing it when you
can't even remember the name of your defence secretary. I want to thank the general. I can call him general line, but my guy, who runs that outfit over here, I want to make sure we get back new secretary for all he's done to try to implement more rigorous talked about. Gary members name, but I want think whoever he is effective. A heartfelt thank you used to be a general abacha. Keep the general, but he's not one. Sir. His name is captain crunch you're, not even zero, docks Is he the one keeps making a mistake with all the bare yes absorbed, all berries. I believe that you keep a message, like that at some point it happened on per bright eyes. I think that's what I think that
your thirty year of ships, all berries. I think the captain is doing it on purpose. That's Two hundred like you're very ter centres in crunch, Ville, tearfully. Seventy seven be easy. He's patents do for Glenn on the Glen Back Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K, NFL football player called Beazley, who's, a less welcome, like slot receiver sort of guy, meaning his white meaning he's,
sees why these allow his relation is out of football, failed to explain it. Parties really is really pretty darn good, as I think it s a mule. I believe here and Texas and he's a good player. He played be lengthened apple. Employees for awhile signed a contract with a bills, so he's with the bills now and bills are saying that if you don't get vaccinated that could affect your your position here, and so he is saying he's not getting vaccinated and he'll retire before he gets vaccinated pretty strongly about it. I guess, and I'm not sure if it's that nervous about the vaccine or he's got some sort of principle against, the vaccine- I don't I don't. He didn't really explain, but he did say play for the money anymore, that be nice. When that, I seem to have been a great and not a word for the money anymore. I don't need it. Not only did I just do it for fun, Abbe great, my friend, he's been taken care of
find me if you want my way of living in my values are more important to me than a dollar I'll, be out I do what I do I'll be out in public. If you're scared of me, then steer clear or get, accelerated, I may die of cold but I'd rather die actually living. These you're so worried about it, but your vaccinated? Why would you worry about it and I think it's, good point. Didn't? Doesn't a vaccine supposed to protect you from people who have covered the That is the point. Is that yams lag and look I it does I made you, does XO I dont understand the messaging of us from the beginning at on a liar. If they they focused on people like they're out there I'm. So sorry. But how are we to get these people vaccinated? Look. The pandemic ends the day ever one, can get the vaccine and vague choose whether to get it or not. And you don't. You talked about the porn. I think maybe we'll play that come up, but it's like you know it's not
for in the fact that there are still a may think, ninety people died yesterday. Ninety now we appointment, entry, white, Bia, there's we're heading four thousand today I would point out we're down and ninety always number since March twenty twenty now it's all over right. People are still dying, its sawdust like we do but overwhelmingly these people are the people who didn't get the vaccine and, at some point you have to say to people like if you want to get the vaccine. Ok, no men by the way the people who don't like the vaccine, get to say to people who do like it's good get the vaccine if you want, but I think it's gonna do these terrible things to write like at some point you to make your own decision as to what your risk too words is, and I think we're gonna live wrapped up. And I think that point is absolutely when the vaccine is available to anyone who wants to get it for free by the way in which it is right. Now we're at that point. We are
and again yes, there are risks Suno at some point there could be no variants that they're all sorts of things. You can come up with a million different scenarios, but Bottom line is, unless you want a society that does not operate unless there are zero deaths from anything you're gonna have to get to, you're too, have to set some sort of standard here and the standard is like. We have something- that's pretty not effective in this, we every since we started using it our genome. The deaths have fallen by over ninety percent. we just need to sit here and say: look if copies I want to get it didn't get it nowadays of millet people make their on frequent decision. Is the Buffalo bill drawback sedated around him? What does it matter? Does matter little to no risk. You now and and if you don't get it, there's probably you're, probably not going to the hospital or anything like that, but we should can't. We can't live in a sane society of her fairly, not decline,
ram. Battened, stupid, learn other glare back programme triple eight. Seventy seven be easy gay at some things on the covert front We ve got this bar It will sports date deport annoyed, celebrating the end of covert nineteen, and then they took of a twitter for it and so ridiculous things that are going on right now, just unbelievable, we'll get to that and much more sixty seconds glum programme, when looking at the rest, a twenty twenty one, some market experts think it's pretty unlikely that mortgage rates, stay out of the two percent range. Do you think I don't I kind of like that going to be everlasting, doesnt seem possible. That rates are this low and with the amount of money, were spending right now, just devaluing our
currency? You'd know this stuff is, My corner. You know these rates, we're gonna go up eventually. So, if you look into reef, and it's the mortgage on your home, maybe finest. More majority have maybe we consolidate alone, with other debt from credit cards and all the other stuff is. Why be great I am to do it. Why not look into that like? Let's say right now you wanna be saving as much money as possible every month no. I do american fight thing is there for you. They work for you, not the bank, which is why you're never going to feel like you're being washed in anything on top of that any hidden or up front fees, just good customer service from family on business that has been helping people just like you make the best of their finances for over a couple of decades. Now, take him out today. You won't be sorry, call american financing, eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty eight, nine zero, six, twenty four forty or go to America dancing dot net its American.
Dancing dot net american financing. Annabel us want, although not war, you W W W Animal, less consumer access, dot, Org, dog no or com she'll go guy, Batman, stool still for Glenn on the Glen Back Programme Triple eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay. The president of the EU, a scary organization at all, love always loved. The European Union having you? Doesn't it cursor to one world government is just, awesome, and here the president of the EU, explaining how you in Europe can get your life back to normal.
German accent. She has bad just sounds so soothing to me. Here's what she says is important to get your life back here airship good morning morning before Easter. We promise to the Europeans that we will do everything possible, so that they can gain back some normality when planning for their well deserved summer holidays. So on Monday, the European Parliament and the European Council signed the regulation for the EU. Digital covered certificate is applicable from the first of July on, but if you want to, as a member state, you can sign up early voluntarily
and that's what Belgium did all now, after all dramatically today to travel with a certificate, and they issue was that it should give it- and here is mine, so everyone who is fully vaccinated or tested negative or has recovered cover can get one, and we have right now. Fifteen member states that have already signed up and from the first of July, all twenty seven member states have to apply these. You digital certificates, for the comment I am planning now to start my tour through seven member states for the next generation to you our recovery resilience plan and am very curious to test and to see how these certificates will work. Thanks
what's funny now her eyes separate. She held her up. Curtis. Take a picture that yes as Erika. Yes, that's fine as fine, so essentially what you saying is: you must of your papers. There'll be digital but you must have the size you have. Your papers plays screwed great, I loved relations. Please that's my sword, think she did it please. I beg you we're too much credit their Ursula VON Ursula Gertrude Vonder lay in us I too, like you, know, there's been this thing where in in two attainment they haven't wanted to use like, let's say Muslims as villains, because you know, as you know, tat
Americans would immediately just start killer modulation streams if they saw the rival it on twenty four was actually muslim and not backed by some German. It's always a german or serbian or Serbia. You can be Serbia S to be a victim on tee to be the to be the villain on tv. You have to the serbian order, but what I do know that look Germans did a lot. to some some of the criticism, but the Ets so long since I've seen a villain without a russian or german accent. Whenever I hear it, I just assume her villain you ve done the prisoners use you ve told me, you ve tried so hard to make me not. Ought to be manipulated into thinking that Muslims, who could possibly be terrorists that now you made me believe all Serbians or terrorist Germans, all of them at sea, add and will forever be it's all. Gonna be that way
gets, say nice things in the world with that access and it's going to sound creepy in some way. Now. I think Heavy lifting on this front was done by a man named aid often long ago, there is something I just about that accent tie There are far fewer ignored and I just want a Volkswagen, commercial, but thoroughly genocide. Doesn't it by the way. Don't look back at the history, Volkswagen. Currently, don't look at that. You're not gonna. Wanna know that Joy Europe meet me car. It is It is a really look, a country certainly with their own sovereignty has the right to require whatever they want. I mean, frankly, even if what, if they're our country that do all sorts of really terrible things were
letting could not letting people in four for tourism they you really whenever they want on that front as a sovereign nation, as we would protect our right to do whatever we want, though you think with we have something in common with the west, or mural right like we're supposed to have some sort of shared principles, structure and now I e does make you nervous. Wouldn't when Germans go down, this road hasn't turn out well in the past right and we in Europe as a whole is going down that road is a little it's a little unnerving, I d say, and it makes you wonder if its administration, will do the same thing, because this administration is definitely influenced by european move. I mean the Democrats are all about european socialism. They love it yeah. It's weird like the vaccine passport thing, there are things there real reasons to fear elements of that
international visitors, we banned all visitors from under the Trump administration from many countries right right, because our frequent sovereign right to do so, and we have that right. if we want to say we don't want any what like, for example, Brazil has been in a non stop catastrophe from covered for a very long time, and we said that we would all on a brazilian tourism at the moment. I Together we gotta parliament yeah right. So in some ways I guess you could see they brought blocked almost all travel to Europe for for a long time from outside of it. and this is their way of supposedly opening things up. They have the right to do that. I mean I just don't know if it makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things and its also can be completely unmanageable, and I went on a flight, you know when there was more of a active covered situation. This is this late last year, mid middleweight last
here and there was. I went to a state that had a coral gene for outside visitors, and it was one of the first flight I took. and I was supposed to when I flew in new. I guess myself and a house for God knows how doings Viana do whatever I wasn't even going for two those only go on for a few days. Like put one basically you're saying I have to go directly from the. port to a house and stay inside the house that the entire internet, saying that you didn't do that now, of course, that's all I'm saying, but I didn't. I was travelling companion, who decided not to do that yeah I've I've where to be very shocking, that they would they would come because it now you, and follow suit. Didn't I didn't believe exactly by the book, so I want to make sure that parties on the Erika Round record is what state was as it was. As I can remember the state that you can't remember all day ass. It was stung. It was one of the states that I know it was in the United States, one of the states and so that one of the
continuous state. It was one of the contiguous states. Ok, I believe something eastern half of the United States. That's all I remember, but when I get a new Yorker, Connecticut Kind of sea, I wish it really leave by experts. Cares about what I d like to take up. My companion, I've been using. My companion was what wondering what like situation doesn't make any sense. What do you mean how going to tell me, how are you going in force. The idea missile my companions sank, enforce a quarantine. From someone who is visiting as a U S, citizen inside the United States, like our good question. Are you can reading everyone everywhere they go Obviously not right. There's a level we're just supposed to internally. Do yes, so you know what it's like up. I get off the plane and there's a personal air with the clipboard says. Yes, where use what Europe? Where are you staying? It's interesting as my camp, and realized if you just walk by that person there
I don't know if you're from that date in the contiguous states or not, they walk you gotta walked right by person. So you just All your companions lead on that. No, I I I worried. I wrote I reported, but my companion did not allow You know my companions, rebel labour conventions, very rebellious and my companion looked at the law before this trip and realized that the I think the fine was five hundred dollars. If you were to get caught now, what again, what I don't do it thanks, but think this companion, it said what Actually, I think about the risk profile here could either not have the trip that you're taking because you're stuck inside a house and cant do anything the entire time or you could risk a fire hundred dollar fine. Now five minute. Our fight is not nothing since five Hunter box, but what has happened for you to get five five hundred dollars? You have to pay. guess have a separate interaction with the police, like maybe where to get pulled over. Maybe if you stop
the bar fight, like they're, going cards you realize you should have been quarantine and then add on a five hundred dollar. Fine, I guess would be how this would happen. by giving out, even though how it happened, lazy, be bad! For me, as I start so many Bargia huge bar fight guy you go on vacation is desired. Lar fights nothing better than go to get a bar. Fine! That's that's Pat great yeah. You get out it's me, so So why? No, my companion thought to themselves like what, if I just continue to keep walking here and don't allow some of my my you status my status in the state and everything worked out: fine for my company and I felt stew because I was inside the whole time and they went out, did whatever they wanted. A! U fine, but I end up in quarantine was a hearty nea. If even took the fucking I'll, give it a dream. I think only my companion went now that I think about it. I may not have got
strip at all. It's really weird yeah. Now it's it's a crazy is it goes a crazy feverish during this particular time you had. while you were Travel ADA. What I do I didn't know that I do tat because I've got it later It is one of those things where these things are The mass mandate in Texas was an example of this ice and by my belief, to this day that literally zero people in the state of Texas were actually find under the last minute. I think them four, and I think that was by design. By does I I think I think the was like hey Mass mandate and is thus equipment are well how we can reinforce us, we're not we're not we're not. We want people to know that we think they should wear them, but are actually going to do anything Private businesses can do what they want to do some town I believe, probably did find them under their town or county statute. That may have happened, but as far as a state, wide mandate. It was. It was me
It was out. It was a minor, a mandate in name only the end, but that doesn't mean that I am I liked it, but you, see these things. People do it all the time. I still see signs on buildings here, work Bass strongly recommended, and then you go and and literally nobody housing mass, while you are wearing them, they just want to. as a they're doing something at this point you know, is the is the pandemic over people are still dying. You should be careful especially for haven't been vaccinated. You should be geared be careful, but on the other, side of that is as a society. Right now we We are at a point in which people can take these treatments, if maybe believe it's hydroxide clerk right, then you take on the risk of taking her, see clerk one, which is, I mean brisk I think, very minimal whether how much it will do it does seem to help in certain circumstances. Maybe that's what you think it is. The bottom line is all of these Events are available for everyone now so
We are at the that's what my definition of over is right: yeah, there's way for people to avoid this. If they want to avoid it, they don't have to avoid it, but they they want to avoid. They can avoid it. in most circumstances and you're not gonna have zero deaths. It's it's gonna, take a long time to get to zero yeah, but I mean from four thousand a day to ninety ninety it. I think the averages something like three hundred now now The flow is like a hundred a day so before down to remediate. Ninety yesterday, now hundred a day spread over the entire year rights you're saying me with thirty or forty thought through and sixty five minutes. Third and sixty five days of say thirty, six thousand five hundred deaths of the flows of reserve is leading median number. Probably an average number yet flew yeah. So is that what has been eradicated since co video? I may have been almost none the last year yeah, but ok, all right. So that is something that we have all sort of designated.
that we can go on with life in that sector. I'd socks. I keep thinking to myself like. Maybe we should instead of saying The flu is nothing. Maybe we should start considering a big issue. I gotcha thirty six thousand people died. Sucks, let's try it out a zero too it's a lot. I mean look, we have we don't have a treatment. We don't have a ninety five percent flu vaccine. We do have several of when it comes to the products of double trumps operation, warp, speed and big, there could be any one in the media will ever give him credit for it, but we do have that its we ve success with it and at some point people get to make their own decisions there. Big boys and girls you Know- and that's not surveyors demolition of over whether you can choose to get the virus, or that is a good definition of over triple eight. Seventy seven be easy cake According to a recent study
thirty million people across ten countries became victims of cybercrime just in the past year and Fifty five million actually had their identity stolen. Fifty five million essence this costs, of course, people money, also cost a lot of their time. Cybercrime, dooms collectively spent almost two point: seven billion hours trying to resolve their issues, I dont want to deal with that, makes me glad something like life lock is available, is imported understand how cyber crime and identity theft are affecting our lives every day we put it information risk on the internet. Lifelike, helps detect a why range of identity theft and the send you alert plus you have access to a dedicated rest, ocean specialist. If you become a victim, no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions that all businesses, but you can't keep what's yours with lifelong by Norton Joint joy now and dare to twenty five percent off your first year with the promo code back one, eight hundred
Blocker had to life locked outcome, use the protocol back for twenty five percent off one aid life lock or life lockdown com. The promo code, is back for twenty five percent off ten second station you don't have to work for a well is the the chinese vaccine. it does not seem to have gone well, it's not going well in Chile whether using it is I go and well in Indonesia. In fact, three hundred and three hundred and fifty Doctors and medical workers in Indonesia have caught covered. Nineteen dozens have been hospitalized since getting vaccinated pupil leave that the freakin Chinese after the way they handled the outbreak of this thing- and maybe came from a lab very possible came from one of their lives as a screw up or worse, and their providing the world with crappy. Vocs
means she solve it. I think unemployment. Is I hate when people say it? I do it sometimes, like all the vaccines have been successful. Well, let's be kept. Looking careful here was out of the United States has been successful. what's come out of Great Britain, more likely successful, but like maybe not. Why does myself for the New S but still pretty good? Yet the Us President anything sent pretty gay near the the the Chinese. What even the russian one is seemingly been pretty solid. The Chinese the the two from chinese sign of acts. I know farm have been not and have not do have not worked very remain in some cases, like only fifty percent or less NEA. which again is my only its helping on the margins. It seems like its. It does not. I will say not seem like the immunity last a burial. it seems like we. They they have real problems with that and a lot of these countries that embraced the chinese technology are learning
that works at so well so health So is it more? That's why I think it's important to point out when you talk about my talk about the vaccine, talk about it as the problem of Donald Trumps, operation warp speed, because they will not give him an ounce of credit for this back. They just blame him. for everything when he deserves Surely all the court for politicians he deserves all of the eyes you I've been along with the other, the researchers in the air, obviously like the big pharmaceutical companies that produce these things deserve a lotta credit for to night. He took all our red tape out. He provided aid for going on, stood to spur this thing to get going the seed money to get em started he's the one bit cleared the path for them yet, overdo it by giving politicians credit for such things and there's a lot of factors, but when it comes to what he could have done in that scenario did very well
and now it's like it just like bite and gets all of the credit for it, I mean you're done People talk about this all the time I Donald Trump Anti vaccine. How can that be possible? The man is not and I ve exasperation, warp speed and by the way, after having cove, it still took the vaccine ass he was leaving the White House. You still took it right why? we take it I dont understand he's still took it. We do forget that he actually got the vaccine in addition to pushing forward while the since programme as patents do for Glenn. Today, undeclared work programme glanced back to Morrow morning, Blake. Seventy seven be easy game. Stood I've just been ruminating on the fact that There's some strange things going on here with the vaccine, because I think we all cheered
when President Trump cleared For this to happen right, everybody wanted. It's a big part of his re election campaign huge and his claim that we're gonna vaccine by the end of the year and the Democrats were apoplectic. You can't have it back seen by the end of the year that three Nicholas you're insane and he did it. He they produced three. American companies came up with it. If you got the Pfizer, the other Madonna and you got your Johnson, all coming up with a vaccine. within a year incredible. How did I become a bad thing, then? it's it's weird. The way the politics have played out at an very strange as well, and that, like, like or generalizing overwhelmingly in that, like the them a majority of every party, is fight with a vaccine
just when there is there is opposition everywhere and investing in opposition has never been a very partisan issue when the faint most famous people in the United States, that oppose the vaccine, are Jedi, Mccarthy and Jim. Carry Jim carry right when they were married in particular, and in addition to that our F K, Junior, all yeah left as a time left a semi new, hard core left us that have been run him. You know anti vaccine suffer very long time. Unlike again, that's you! That's whatever you do like this is Erica you get to choose what you want do with yourself right, like you, should be able to choose, as I'm I'm I'm not dead, body. My choice area should certainly applied. A vaccine certainly should, however, went down the pot. Just think of the politics. Now from here we have basically a lot of people who are saying the vaccine, you gotta get backs, and I gotta get back saint it a lot were Democrats and
None of them will give Donald Trump any credit not want to run out of credit for those coming across On the other hand, you have a lot of people who really love. Donald Trump, who said Vaccine is bad mobile. Give Donald Trump any blame very it's very weird like if it seems to me that if you think the vaccine is bad, you should think probably I'll drop. It was a bad precedent right, like too to the point of saying, like here's, a guy who pushed through this thing, I think, is really bad. Certainly if Joe Biden came up with a vaccine- and you thought it was bad you'd give Joe Biden blame, I would write. I also I think the vaccine has been good and I give Donald Trump credit for that They keep say like well know we had no a bill. He had no plan to rule this out to be. He had no reply as market and yet over a million people a day, being ex when he left office right back in watch the sixty minutes with the guy that the general cause they
when he was a guy who's military experts on logistics. They put a guy from the military in charge, logistics during the drop administration, the innovative on sixty minutes. He muttered the entire planet, was incredibly detailed, just what they talked about in sixty minutes. All the incur challenges of getting all this vaccine out as fast as possible to people making sure that everyone can get it who wants to get it all. That stuff happen, even found. She said that we had a plan. Of course we had a plan that they were just lying about this, the the incoming administration, and now Biden, gets all the credit from the left in the media for their amazing job. To get this done, two thirds Doubts are vaccinated already and with her the adult troubles you sit, not even flora, be like wait. A minute like you guys all said this couldn't happen. The people
comma Harris we're coming out saying if Donald Trump was involved up I'll, take it back for actually that's all tell like they were doing all the things they believe in the right for now, and you know tat who deserves an incredible amount of credit for for this, I'm doing a pandemic, not just for the United States but all around the world it might be. His is the best part of his legacy. It might be in my be the biggest thing he did now in office, because nobody else has pulled out off. No other politician in the history of the world has been able to oversee from zero to seen in under a year. The the next closest vaccine to be developed and available and distributed was
for years. I think beyond the middle Mumps, the nominees for the last four years, ten- and I think that's the next fast and I don't even know that I would even say, was fully distributed at four years later. They came up with that financing coming right to think about this path. It's a miracle. We go back to wherein pride month and enough if you ve noticed that at any one of the many buildings walked into, but weren't pride, not right now and show in this button bright before vacation. In that their side, this belief. That Ronald Reagan ever said AIDS until nineteen. Eighty seven everyone said the word July until it's not your absolute. Ah, he increased funding by income edible amounts for research on AIDS throughout his administration, and you know he doubled or tripled at every never you're off. It was incredible, I mean like they poured money into this, and we should also point out that none of the journalist asked too many questions about aids, throw the entire nineteen eighty four campaign, not one question,
any debate about, because our evil forget nobody talked about it until later. They didn't understand that they did not know it was, but the most fascinating part about this is it took them for years. to find out and figure out what the virus was that was causing it think well that in the covert era for a second, it took them not for used to come up with a vaccine, each of them, for you to figure out what the virus was they were just seeing. People died of AIDS. I guess immune get something with our immune system and who was head of the National Institute of Health, Let us try to think I care to give us a guy's name. Loudest far fell stone shop. I can't remember it's not boarded the story, obviously, but I admit but like it was hard right coming. And figuring. These things out is really difficult. find out the virus is, then
up with a solution for it go through multiple rounds of testing and get it fully distributed to the United States its and by the way, we're at? I think, almost ninety percent now of people above sixty five years of age, have had the vaccine night and that's really the male population we're talking about right. You know, there's people would do with associated co morbidity since up that are that are also important, but like we're doing about it, mostly the elderly people who have died from this facts from this disease, and eighty percent. Almost eighty eight percent have been vaccinated above that age group itself, with Miracle to delay. The miracle of that's happened in a year at it should there is nothing about the hit three of science. That would say this could happen this quickly and Donald Trump get Zilch when it comes to school to credit for it zilch they he is. He is they act as if he'd never cared about. Anyway. dying from this virus from day one because they pull out some.
Thing he said in February of twenty twenty, where you didn't think it was a big deal. No one thought I was gonna, be a big deal in February of twenty two, including Anthony Felicitating Voucher, who can quote from the same era telling people in the United States not only publicly, but also it is private emails that it's not really Risk right now for the purpose for America could turn into one, but right now outside it's not a big risk, so again. This is, I guess, typical, what the press it just it trusting to see how the house, supporters in the people who are in opposition of Trump, like I'm in trouble, listen to trump talk about the backseat it he once credit for. Having done Donald Trump comes on he's like look, I did this increase. The thing talk about it, like you know, like that deserves the aid by DNA. You know he's got, think conflicted because I think a lot of his basis, our not so not so enthused a bright the operation, and you know that paid attention to the side effects and there's been a lot of coverage for about this.
the facts and whether not four thousand plus people have died. Witches Pretty high number, when you're talkin about vaccine but did em again when you look at the rates, the it's important to look at the rates, people dialogue type with without whither. What covered whether without vaccines right even in the rates of overall death and the people were in the vaccinated group are dying, any lower rate, lower to the normal. Lower rate than normal. That is, for a minute and we thought people that have grown tales, that's a higher in some areas there are ways more tales and a third I hire to third eyes have about average idea about average. Now. Fourth, I that's almost indefinitely the Madonna in our work. If you have a forum for I right now, and you're like while my visions, incredibly good, look at a mirror. Therefore eyes at your face. That's you definitely got. You got the Madonna relaxing where'd you get the second shot. It goes away. Remember that all its only if you have one shot of Madonna do
for eyes. All you get the second one. Those two eyes fade away, but you might want to lose the vision gains their incredible irrelevant eighty twenty I might just keep one mother, you look a little strange, but you put adviser on people, are gonna, be able to tell and you can see. I mean miles. Patent knew his mile right, yeah the two x, your eyes negative, reject because they have different zoom lenses is like your Iphone. If you look at your Iphone as this one has three cameras on it, always like as you can see that a third I and I will send you- consume, put a fourth Cameron area. Be really very you could see. Did you see the moon? It's true violence design. The building, I could suddenly two eyes, but you can also see it inside this building. You can just pointed out right and you can see right through excellent vision, it's a little, it's a little awkward walking through department stores, but other than that
alright, drivel eight, seventy seven Bcg AIDS patents do for lent no part of the big blockbuster action movie, where everything goes really quiet and then out of nowhere is like a huge blast of noise and the trombones and the drums, and you know the monster is about to come crashing. buildings and terror everything up. That's sort of where we're out with a world right now, if you're, even slightly paying attention, you ve noticed that were headed for all, ports of economic trouble, Probably is not that far away, so it makes you question what you going to do to prepare for that. Do you have the lowest interest rate you can get on your mortgage. For instance, we think these rates are going up. I think they're going up at least certainly seems like, with the amount of spending that we're doing right now, printing money, money, there's no one else for them to go. they're already so low. So why not? the questions you need to be asking and see. If of refinancing is right for you, the mortgage exports from
and financing are in it, for you, not the bank, and they can help guide you toward making the best physicians, call american financing at eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four four thousand eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty four go to americanfinancing dot net. It's americanfinancing dot net in writing NL one eight do through three four W w Do you not animal less consumer access, dot, org? Seventy seven b e seek this? Is the Glen Back Programme Welcome. He had spent stupid, learn on Limburg Programme AAA seven seven be easy. Gay Glenn should be back to Morrow morning. In the meantime, monsieur you subscribe to the pact gray unleashed podcast astute as America. My show that protests as well any where you get your podcast,
We also have excellent suggestions. Very, very, very good. also stew- does merged autonomous place to go to get anywhere. We have like these. We pursue Nancy IE sucks pen still available and awful tee, shirts, all sorts of very fun things where I say bad things about liberals on shirts, so are there and you can you can load up on that? Stuff is well angolan upon cookies, ripe. Yes, you could go to taxi dot, com and load up on all kinds of. let's cookies, karma once the Texas she cake, I just so good her father stay. We had the bacon maple, which I think was gonna, be that great length off. You should do that. Yeah salty, sweet, the meat on the cookie. They are not usually a fan, but she went to the kitchen and baked it brought it home. Try this gets really it, and I was stunned. It really good
Taxi Dhaka, yeah, it's a vertical, highly recommended. Something else happens today. Gad, it's pretty momentous, really big thing going on today. In fact, in a newt, the new show in men Ruslan Boss time slot here and premier, YO networks, clay and by clay, Travis, Spock, Sexton If you don't know these guys, you're gonna get to know and it's really important that you do because in a week there's no, I ever replace rush lemme. It's not not, possibly not a thing. That can be a thing, but you know him and in him, unfortunately leaving us far too early it's a massive hole in the end. conservative movement, men, rush was the conservative movement in so many ways. I think you're really gonna, like clay and Bach. I know, if you don't know clay Travis these guys, but in other sports side for a long time and
The organization called out cannot carry started that yet again, you know he does a lot he's been really prominent over the past couple years and a guy who just will say what he feels is right and does not care, and we need more of that. buck sex in the same way he was here at the police and one really proud of of Balkan that he was here at the place. He went to premier radio network to do the night show for several years and now is moving into the slot with clay and in Russia time slots after listening to the net? We're feed? It's the shows about to start, and I shall say we need a great couple voices in that time. Slot in these guys are really smart. They they do not care. You know, Bach has been and of course, for a long time in oh here at the blaze from many years ago, clay. We ve watched from afar had upon the show a couple times as well and is a really good voice in its. I just think it's an incredible as it could,
opportunity for these guys, but real necessity for the conservative movement to have strong voices in the slot hell Russian, in Bonn And- and I know they know this as well- in camera- recant- replace rush. as they been saying inspired by rush. You know this is gonna mean it's something really important for all of us. If you care about conservative principles and today, the very first day, so you know what time is it should be great clay and buck coming up next on most of this radios, I'm excited about it, should be interesting initiative on. I have What did you watch any other sports by the way this weekend? Did you watch the Gulf things interesting and that John ROM, who leading! Oh you heard him just had covered right. He was leaning a tournament and then found out he tested positive for it in a sport which he put comply. By himself out of doors
like. Maybe I don't know clear the course and let him go by himself, what it whatever it is? You shouldn't I let him finish yeah. He went up with two amazing pots late in the: U S open yesterday to win. We just sort of justice there for him a morning a much bigger tournament, that's cause. I was kind of nice to watch airlines why you get a positive story and labelling The playoffs you get more on which, as an historic in the first round, which was awesome shagging what he didn't have made an ever, Davis? Around ha, the greatest player in the in the history of the world was unable to get through that round. He couldn't just pick up the team on his shoulders and carry him to the finals, so we're we're so weird. How does not something level be back tomorrow to climb programme
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