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Anti-Trump Propaganda at the Atlantic | Guests: Sabo & Tim Ballard | 9/8/20

2020-09-08 | 🔗

BLM groups held more protests over the weekend — harassing diners, using "white shields," and burning down a black-owned business. One assistant principal went on an anti-police rant, and other protesters promoted summoning spirits. The children’s book “Antiracist Baby” is causing controversy, while Trump threatens to defund schools teaching the 1619 Project. The media continues to claim that Trump hates the military, but Glenn looks into the anti-Trump history of the Atlantic. Trump’s Serbia-Kosovo peace deal is truly historic. A gender reveal party started a massive fire in California. Conservative street artist Sabo talks his latest Nancy Pelosi piece. Tim Ballard discusses how Trump is prioritizing ending human trafficking.

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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when their programme, although America, and welcome to the global programme quite a weekend in amerika- and I think it's only gonna get worse, but I want to give you some real perspective on what happened this weekend and who b? L am really is all this hour. You don't want to miss a second Miss a minute. Miss a lot. We begin in sixty seconds is a gleam, program. David lay aims in Pennsylvania. He found himself suffering from regular sharp pains in both of his shoulders and feet.
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As you can hear nonviolent, you know the Vienna NICE night out. This is easily black lives matter, pursued telling a restaurant customer who's running away, calm down, nothing's, going nowhere in her to the average sure the glass ensuring all around you I'd be, but don't don't know, beheld tat, no, don't be a fool. I believe this is how you win people over to your argument. Aid is unusual idea, nice evenings and tracks the place that they love. He words well works really well.
It's very nice, so This wasn't the only protest. Rochester be alum used white shields, here they are telling them to make us circle they ve got these white people they're using a shields Alyssa this Toby White people out there really is something I think they learn from the palestinian protesters where they took the kids kids at first to die, So it's it's. It's rates really quite beautiful. What is going on? No justice, no peace Apparently, the protesters burned a black own business during the riots in Rochester of the owner who built is business out of poverty.
Is kind of upset at assign proud to be black owned, but apparently that doesn't that in May two black lives matter. Demonstrators I mean not his black life. You know to mean. So they set fire and he didn't have his business anymore. But don't you know the dump? Don't don't don't worry? and by the way they work chatting You dont give us are crap if you will win shot crap down. So I think that as catchy sought by the dates of the details of come out about these businesses and how the insurance is gonna pay for other property because, as you know, she's property such a big deal seldom in their point, with some fires and breaking winsome windows and destroying some businesses, but in the end is just property and properties Not violence silences violence, speeches, violence, but
poverty is not violence for our property. You shouldn't own property. Anyway, What's a good point, no representative, there really will be the end game here. It is as if they point out in their men. They are. They are their anti property rights, so you don't own it anyway. So it's not your property, which is fascinating in and of itself, but the whole idea. That this is just property and they have insurance, which has been the highly remote in on left, their shining now that basically other night becoming close to paying for what they're doing now not even come out, but it did. The bids are coming in at two hundred thousand dollars, three thousand dollars to replace these businesses and the insurance will pay. Twenty five thousand. That's pretty good. I mean it's pretty close and then many businesses, especially Minneapolis, are getting bills for the destruction of their business, because once they were led on fire, they became unsafe structures. So the city would come in and knocked the pill.
Down and then send a bill for a hundred and forty thousand dollars to the business for knocking it. You know that bill would end up baby and to me you know that, don't let that happen guess also. There was a teacher involved in in Rochester and he was seen confronting police officers on a bridge, and he s, quoting our peacekeepers, ended up. Shooting pepper, spread us for singing enchanting telling them what aid happy ass job. They were doing. They can't Are they can f off America the police. He was screaming F, Rochester police department- the problem is that this is the assistant principle, Spencer Port High School in Rochester, it's a Stephen like Sancho and if you're in love, jester listening to us Congratulations
there's your school teachers union for you. So he apparently has also been very of of We open, on his facebook posed yet a facebook video, where he is an advocate for social justice. He tweeted recently to any student pastor present who follow me here, know that you post white lives matter. Your condoning white supremacy, andean that I will not go by the hour, so, cool, when you say I will not apply and wow you're such a great teacher anyway, so the school district has had many calls and the school district is. They will not provide
and so they issued a statement as we have stated, consistently and clearly. Spencer port central school district stands in solidarity in support of racial equality and systematic change, Oh, don't love, systematic change. We were, and committed to this change, and we want all of our families to know. We further stand in solidarity with our peaceful protesters. However, A district employ uses language in public or in social media that doesn't align with our code of conduct or demonstrated. Appropriate role modeling for students that something we will not condone. I will not abide so they ve already talk to him they're gonna they're, gonna, they're gonna address this as a confidante, confidential personnel matter they're gonna have a harsh talking to and they are college to the students and parents and community that you had to hear this language. It's not the language dude. It's now
the language, it's the that he set his f the police any? want systematic change, but you want systematic change as well. So what systematic changes that I'd like to know really seriously. DE fun, the police and- to do what their ads, is replace it with their own peacekeepers. You saw that in Chaz in Seattle, it work Really well, didn't it these the kind of mob rule you want. What is wrong with you, people, seriously. What is wrong with with people who are mainly white. Don't you know it when they say their anti fascist what to lead to I know what you might think. Fascism is what do a claim is fascism,
the United States of America and the? U S constitution. That's there! definition of fascism, so when they are fighting against fascism, their fighting against the constitution of the United States and the United States of America itself. Everything you know is fascistic to them that systematic change that They mean by well its systematic races amidst racism, it's all through the system. You got to abolish all of it, that's what they mean. I don't know how this isn't called a terrorist organisation, because So they're doing what we re doing, don't worry, you're, not gonna hurt you. What are you doing here? Freaking people out you are
freaking them out your terrorizing them and, of course they are hurting. People too, I have to say ass particular incident. They were only breaking the glass around people direct and they were actually heard by supposedly but they're doing it to get laws changed. So, let's that's the death. Initial. You cause terror for it. Political and fats. Definition of a domestic terrorist groups is why Rudy Giuliani called them a diamond. A terrorist group, because they are clearly the hour and if you are supporting them, you are supporting a domestic terror group, and why for why? Why do you keep excusing them? Why This country continue to excuse them. Because you don't want to be called a racist, really. By the Way Colorado School District opted to suspend a twelve year old boy who touched a toy gun during a
virtual class, apparently it was terrifying here terrorizing is classmates when he moved his green plastics base, gun for one side of his desk to the other. Apparently that Was terrorism apparently he was there, were kids They were terrified by how your kid so stupid that they think had gone. A toy space gun can shoot through the screen Are they that's stupid? So kid that kid has been kicked out of school, but the poor- civil or the this principle of up in Rochester, don't worry, about it. By the way Trump is is threatening now federal funds to go to California schools if they teach the sixteen nineteen project, please. Mr President, this is
the only district. This isn't the only state. That's teaching that crap its being taught everywhere. Must The road to me she she lives in Washington, state. She wrote to me this weekend and she said what do you think of what do you think history book. And it was everything my school teachers taught me- is wrong. Like ok good so now tearing down the teachers as the teachers are ok, good and have even read it. She said what do you think about? I said I don't even have to read it it's indeed by Howard, Zinn, Howard's in his. His goal has been who change Amerika from a free, loving state, to a communist state. He is oh only taught he is a revolutionary o super super bad guy. Who is in love with communism
What do you think she's going to endorse a good book or a bad book when they tell you, the truth or one that doesn't. I got news for you there's lots of stories. For instance, Joe Biden came out this weekend, and so we have to teach the kids the truth. We, though, to teach the kids a true did you know, did you even know about Black Wall Street? Joe we did. Yes, we did fact weaved an episode on. Black Wall Street and Tulsa he's a horror show is something we should learn. That's why we ve been teaching it for awhile did you know that most Edison didn't to invent a light bulb were heeded. Tell us who you can cut I guess there was a guy, a black guy who said he invented one at the same time that lasted longer, but I am had a chance to look into it, but I'll look into it. But you know what Thomas Edison. He was
bag? I've been telling you that for a while he's a dirt bag he's he is a horrible horrible guy that has been Miss cast in history. And the reason why I found it just because I'm a fan of of Nikola Tesla Tesla he's a white guy he's another white guy and something like nineteen people in there The light bulb right around the same time. Yet that's just the weapons, although is always that way. There's some sort of thing where you get to a place where invention after invention leads people all over the all over the world know? Oh wait a minute to into vehicles for does Matt Release book his new book, how innovation works and it talks about how that once the technology becomes ripe and there's like that, it's a somewhat. Pull it off the tree and you know that a lot of these people, This is equally always find these stories of people who were wrong if you want to assign a because I've I've read that book, and I remember him ever mentioning the race of any of the people
that, because it wasn't a matter, it's not important the story except to people who want to devote divide us in lots of those there's lots of those- and I wanted to. I want to show you today who you're in bed with I'm reading eight horrifying new book there, Is out cold, Karl Marx and the devil and I'm about halfway through all tango. Holy mother. How has this been? You want to talk, but history that now he's talking about this kind of important history? I'll tell you about it here coming up in just a second step by first, let me tell you about a patriot, mobile home. There's a there's, a great story: I read day here it is from T mobile team mobile. The ceo warns the Democrats that define the police message. Guarantees to three election, you better, you don't want to lose this election
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T Mobile will donate a portion of your bills at students for life. It's nine hundred and seventy two patriot call and switch now. Nine hundred and seventy two patriot or go to page, mobile, dotcom, slash back, that's patriot, mobile dot com, promo code, back ten second station idea. I saw your life was in target. Yes, she found the. He found the book. The antiracist baby, I think, is still upon her Instagram page LISA, Mate LISA Page made me do it is her tag and she went through this entire book at a target and its Ebro candy. If you dont know that as he's basically, you know?
the same front as the white fragility approach to race, racism versus anti racism same same thing? Is fascism, verses, anti fascist. If you're not doing the things we say you do, then you are against the movement. You are essentially a racist or fascist. This is a book design. Or it seems like babies, but you re as to your one year old, your two year old as their learning, and teaching them how, if their white their racist? You know that the bill? though cute little kid would be skin wants to wants to see a butterfly, but the evil white hand is taking them all in the net on the side of a picture and incur acting all the butterflies for for himself, the white person and stuff, like that this entire book. Basically, that you, if your white, your racist and you need to confess your racism, and you have to be careful not to taught in credit to be carefully top day. An amazing amazing thing:
You know, as I saw that still you know how long it takes to produce a book area came it. A long time, even a children's book, though all of it has to be written. It ass to be pitched sure it has to be illustrated. It has to be put in place. Then it has to be sent for print. Editing. All of that it takes at least six months produce a book. Have you noticed how many books there are on all of this? Have you noticed it's almost as if they knew exactly what was coming credit, so they could flood our schools and everything else with it? This you are watching a play. You who are one of the players? George, being used. Your job being used, and I don't know how people can see that- and this is a guy you candy, who explicitly is ad eating for discrimination against white people. He spoke
strictly says. The only cure to what has happened is discrimination against those groups that have perpetrated this and ask I explicitly says its white people write. He says the only the only solution to pass discrimination is present. Discrimination and the only solution to present discrimination is future discrimination. He's advocate we describe many against groups. This is no that's. What and with the California constitution, where they took out the
heart, where it says you should not discriminate against people based on a color, skin or religion or anything else which used to be the unifying thing before with everyone. Now we can have that in their because they can't put the policies they want in its head of violet that part the constitutions of the removing these things out of the of the constitution, so they can discriminate appropriately in their view, incredible. This is happening in your town. Don't dismiss this! This is your last way. America, it's true! This is your last wake up call Glenn Back programme arrives real estate agents. I trust anyone that tells you buying or selling a houses in a team effort than know anything about the business. One of the things that I have learned from the ears of frustration, of trainers, cell houses with mediocre agents is when
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go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, he's the promo code Glenn, when he'd conservative media more than ever, the promo code will save you ten bucks. There is a great story. I found it s been cork, dot com that you, you might want to read it's about, be alarms, spiritual practices I mean when you're putting a when you're putting something together and you wanted to succeed. You look at the history of you know of movements and you use that as a guide and You look and you say, did, did anybody did anybody. Was anybody practising the dark arts and did that help them succeed generally success in you. Dont want to be on the side of blatant evil in any way. When you, when you take a look at dark arts, it's usually I'd, say,
always associated with evil, so again, not a great strategy, but the three Belem cofounders each Mark This feminist, not an opinion. What they all openly embrace. One of those co founders is Patrice. Colors. Allow with Melinda Abdullah, who the feminist professor in CO, founder of the LOS Angeles chapter VII Elam there both employ worshipping and calling the spirits of the dead. A key aspect of Bee Lambs Social justice strategy. In June, the Berkeley Centre Witches act. Let Georgetown University, not crazy. California, Berkeley published an article titled. The fight for black lives is a spiritual movement, the art, describes the LOS Angeles chapter. A b. A lamb leading a ceremony in June in front of the mayor
front of his house to demand that the funding of police it describes how the b l em a cartel a co founder, Molina Abdul Abdulla said quote: lead group in a ritual reciting the names of those taken by state violence for their name ancestors, now being called back to animated their own justice. They choose did George Floyd ah say I'm not going to read all of this as I don't wanna anyway, so exiting candy man five times as many as each name was recited. Doktor Abdullah poured libations onto the ground. As the group of over a hundred chanted, a term its large group in south that are in West Africa use. As practitioners of this, this faith
and basically it's it's, which doktor kind of stuff summoning deities This is the religion of black lives matter and here is in June colours and Abdulla recorded on. I feel spoke live event. They talked about summoning spirits is part of their work. This is doctor, Abdullah, listen! when we say that names rights and we speak their names, we say her name say their names. We do that all the time that you kind of invoke that spirit, and then those spirits actually become present with you re the first that we do when we hear of her murder is weakening. We pray we poor, libation, we built with the community where, The person's life was stolen took almost a year for meter realise that this Movement is much more than a racial and social justice. Movement added
core, its spiritual, moved away, literally standing on spilled bled a men. Yes, it is a spiritual movement, here. She is again talking about how she laughs with one of the spirits that she summons. Become very intimate with the state. It's that we call on regularly right like each of them seems to have a different. Presence and personality in. Oh, I laughed aloud with wacky shit. You know and I meet her in her body right. I'm her through this work. Ok, so
if we ve been telling you four months. People keep saying black lives matter, but I keep telling you it's not what you think it is. The Beale M organization is fully anti police, anti capitalist, Anti family Pro Revolution pro Marxist, and now we find out, apparently pro summoning spirits and having a good laugh with them a kind of organization. So that's that's why it as a problem for you now Robin Rio, that's gonna know that's good news. No, I'm! Not I'm telling you right! Now I do Pat. Did you read marks and the devil there were I'm reading it, I'm half way through it. It's terrifying. It is absolute, We terrifying still you'll, have to read. This is its first of all, all this stuff was hidden until the Berlin Wall came down Kay the marks Marx's wife right and when he died, she's
Maybe we should let this come out, and so they state hid all of it. It came out, but then all of these professors and all these marxist around the world, they were like. No, he didn't mean it that way, and it wasn't so bad you. I think you do absolutely, I really did he was absolutely in league with Satan. I mean he, you may not believe in Satan. Fine. He did He did What does he know is implied in him, a good, that's good relationship, the way? What he talks about and how his soul was, he he sold his soul to Satan Adrian poems about it all my gosh visas is lunch, spooky spooky, stark and spooky so when they, when I saw this story this weekend, I yeah echoed if it's not an counterfeits in yet We are not badly.
Flesh and bone. Right, we are battling spirits. This is a spirit of secrets. It really evil and telling you your church ass to draw the line. It must start talking about what is going on. Every pastor priest in rabbi should be reading the book Carl,
arcs and and Satan is assayed nor the devil. It saw the devil, devil and calm devil in Karl Marx. You you have to read it. I had of have to read stewed as America S last week with four and he he also goes into in detail why Karl Marx should be cancelled right if we're gonna have, if we're in a happy Caesar what an anti semite as he was semi and racist, raise amazing how this guy who's a racist is the guy who gets embrace dear by all these antiracist groups. He won't buzzer, where what is the difference between that and what Kemal Harris did this weekend with Blake praising try making him into a hero. Was a rapist tell alleged allegedly howling telling him she was proud of him, proud, proud of him for the? What would we do exactly like again? I you can say that there was something wrong with the way the police did this, but what did Jacob Blake do of any merit? Rightly, we
that. He went on at least seven times and I guess I was married and right that will cause hee hee I should leave Scylla sexually assaulted. This woman than holes are up in the middle of while she was sleeping inner bad next to her child. He sexually assaulted her in her bed next or child, then install heard or car car and her atm car yet and so money out of the bank accounts and also when they came to talk to her. She said he does this. Twice a year when he drinks a lot so multitudes, allegedly again we're supposed to believe the women. Actually multiple times per year. He Similar types of things, then he goes back to the woman she's, the one who called the cops to get in there in the first place, because you so worried about our own safety. He shows up and then fight,
Police officers then walked away from the police officers and get shot. So let us say you think the shooting is bad and why the knife part, but golly it has a knife- is weathers. I mean I've forgotten dozens of things from a story about a minor was there is never a point in the story where he does anything of merit. Right only does is get shop and like look if you can see the shooting is bad and still not praise him easily. So This comes to two things. Two things that I thought this weekend. First of all,. Blake and others like him. One of them is going to be, and I can remember his name horse. Course, Wes Vessel Director the the guy who died there The nazi anthem was celebrating
though remember giving the rats Nazi national anthem, WWW. Sarah sad handy, I'm sure Sarah just pull up at all. I gave up right now. This is Russia. Ass, theirs is Russia. Naturally, we have all the great dictator national anthem. Didn't international items are typically superior. I will say to freedom: they are entries, a really great anthems, yeah they just one thing: they do. What is a very nationalistic? They are you aware conquering the world yet now you just picture, I undergo a sweat dripping down as bodies about to kill somebody. It's the Soviet national anthem, so anyway, this guy was a really really really bad guy. He was. He was a Nazi. And I can remember the details of his death, but is not a good guy, but Hitler and girls made him in to a into the ultimate Pro Hitler great little nazi and they build
the whole thing around him, even though he was not a good guy. That's the same thing that happening here. They just change it and use it as propaganda, the other. As we were talking about the means to be a Lamb and Karl Marx and the devil there is also something else about which is now. You're coming out and the witches are protesting would be a lamb who knew which is even existed. They they are protesting would be a lamb and their pro testing for all of the witches that were killed, You know in fires and about time it's about time. It's about time. You had spent four hundred years that a lower their nineteen in this country, nineteen, eighteen and it was by the way, was Christians that stopped it. So it just so you know, but It is interesting that that is happening now, because
other thing: do you remember the book we read: Hitler's monsters yeah Why were those those superstitions? Why did those happen in Germany? Why could Hitler get away with cobbling together all these superstitions You know he was looking for people with divine. You know divining rods and I was looking for spiritualist and people who could talk to the dead in all of these things also- partially wasn't people kind of going along with it because they were from a draconian orders. Ye ask some of em some of a more button. The the the The reason why he could get away with it is because people had lost their reason and they had lost their faith and they had lost their ability to. Question anymore and so
all of the legends, all of the no evil, spirits, the vampires, the werewolves. All of those things became real again here this society of science, where they were pushing underground. They were pushing all of these old stories of all these old superstitions here the same thing is happening, meanwhile, squashing Christianity, yes, and by the way, for all christian churches that happen to be here. Just want you to know if you're. Outstanding. Standing now, you're, not gonna stand when it's hard, it took x for months for Hitler to get his sure, on the altar of most german churches six month, They took the picture of Jesus down and put Hitler's face on the altar, and in six months they were also talking about getting rid of the old testament because it was so jewish. She quickly
six months? Congratulations on that one commentary: front: Shakeup, Blake's, Father, eight hundred one, I'm not with the serfs, that's another wild eyed! I have already interlinked the act is rely right there. His commentary very much seems like that that that's the group that was harassing initially Nick Sandman, Yasser Capital, really bad group really add group are right: kitchen, home bath, extensions, everybody remodeling everything right now, but some people, overlook when their remodeling, the windows and, what's covering them. That's like thing.
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Tuesday September eight? That's today save up to forty percent on everything at blinds dot com, the last day of their labour day, sales event, forty percent off everything at blinds, dotcom rules and restrictions may apply this is the Olympic Programme This is the Glen Back programme. The president is out in North Carolina in Florida. Today Joe Biden, is I mean he is going he's going to a state that I think everybody wants, Delaware, it isn't a locked up, Delaware, What I mean: that's a risky state for him and hacking a risky stating can lose it and, of course, very important and the electoral college what's dangerous about delawares. They know em
you have you seen, is a big Julian push he's been heading that pretty hard yeah. That's definitely been part of his campaign. Yeah is part of his campaign and not a good part of his campaign, he's on the road right now saying Donald Trump is gonna, be leaving office with fewer jobs than we had under the unbelievable? It's unbelievable they're. Both honestly. Both sides are completely ridiculous, and it's like that like I can't, leaders. This com, it's terrible, ok, will we all know that all these jobs went away, and we should also note that your answer to the corona virus is for longer bands of people working, so these people would be out of work if you are in charge. Do
probably would be worse and on the other side there, like all ten million jobs in the past three months at all time, record will get us. But twenty two million went away so yes, I ve no look we're coming back strong. We should all recognise what is impossible for these for politicians to be to talk. This innocent way like this came. It was something that no one could have foreseen. Are Americans that stupid? I think so you think so either. Look. I think people try to use what they have rights. Are these page or saying: ok, well, the devil. Am I going to say well, look they had this really healthy economy, but we we have this you know corona virus thing that we can take advantage of and say that's that its drummed Donald Trump Fault and then
trumped people are looking back and say. Well, we got to say something about the economy. We just say honestly: it used to be good, that's not an effective arguments. I will say now it's an all time record which, but these things are both true, but we all know that at all. What's going on here and I were fighting back terrible thing, think so you, but I don't know anymore. I don't know the american people anymore, but when we come back we will expose a powerful lie that was told this last week out. I am
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What you're about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. When their programme, you don't interesting labour day used to be the place where stories word be written and released to die because nobody was paying attention on labour day. Well now I think Labour day, especially with the Atlantic, is the day where you release it. For the weekend and that nobody is around to refute it, so it does die, except for a few and with nobody around a really report, anything other than the lie. The lie sticks with just people- man, you have another chink in the armor. Did I say that? Yes, I did Donald Trump accused of just treating our military in in despicable fashion. Is it true will give you the answer in sixty seconds?
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oh now, to relieve factor dot com, try it relief, factored outcome or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dotcom. You know the one thing that Donald Trump has done, that I, both have hated, and now I have started to love, Is his relationship with the press? He doesn't care and I hated it when he came out of the press- is an enemy of it, but they are. He was right. He was right They are the enemy of people because they are not telling The truth. And it is a coordinated effort, its remarkable how he is exposed to these people.
I do love. I mean I'd like to just put together just a long list of all the jobs that he takes, because Sometimes there just hysterical This one came this weekend. A reporter stands up from Reuters. His name is Jeff Mason and he asked if we asked the president a question and he saw muffled because he's wearing a mask and we ve talked him. This before all. People are six feet apart from each other. This is doing nothing doing nothing except what just positioning, that's just its them. Virtue signalling, celebrate I can understand that, can you take off your mask Listen to this. Very issues were line. Replied, yes, he'll get rid of those jobs. Famously told about her. I want you to look in my eyes when he's not wearing the mask cuz I've never seen a man that like to mess with I'm all for it. We have a big week.
Distance on the weekend and all of that often where you mass, when you close together in particular and wash your hands all those things we have labour day weaken coming up, but You ever see a man that likes him ask as much as and then he makes a speech and he always has not always but a lot of times. Yes, it hanging down because you know what it gives him a feeling of security. If I were psychiatry, is right now, I'd say I'd say this guy's got some big issue. Hang congressmen give me a mask. I want to have it I mean from my. I don't want to touch. You may ask why? God never touch. You are it's is the president. This weekend Do you have observed that if we are having severe computer issues in our studios, do we have the reporter how many feet away. Are you
ok, but we're rebuilding our whole system. Well, so he stands up and the president. He starts to Can the president says I I can't understand anything. You're saying you're gonna have to Take that off. Can you just take it off please, and the guy Stands: era: nieces? How many feet away? Are you maize is Well, if you don't take it off your very muffled, it would just be a lot easier. Could you just mass speak. President, said yeah, it's better. Veni Ass, the report After all, that many asks. Why do you, Eight, the military, so much the in so many words you and Mccain you did bad all. You called him a loser Who are you know? Why should we believe anything you have to say in regard to the Atlantic article and the President unleashes on him. Now, John,
Bolton me if you need a refresher, John Bolton, not exactly a fan of the President John Alton, has come out and said: none of this happened. What they The Atlantic was accusing that when tromp was there, he wouldn't go out and meet a bunch of soldiers, because get his hair, wet and he said why should I go recognise these people? You know in their graves here in France, they died there all losers, that a pretty ray This thing to accuse John Bolton said it didn't happen. One the soldiers who they're using as the face of this movement. Come out and said to the Atlantic. He said we done lying to people yet. Stop using my face for your propaganda to promote,
agenda, please stop using me for your propaganda. I'm not here for that. I dont know what Trump said, but I'm sure he didn't call me a loser. Stew, using my image, so there one of the guys that that was there, Maloney Tromp, who was also there. She said this is a very dangerous time when anonymous sources are believed. Above all else, no one knows our motivation. This is not journalism, its activism, it's a disservice to the people of our great nation. Sarah Sanders former Whitehouse Press secretary said this never happened, general. If Kellogg National Security Visor to MIKE pants also was there saying the Atlantic story is completely false, comply The falls. So why would the Atlantic do this? Well, like those people, you don't read the Atlantic. Like me, people, you don't even know what the Atlantic is like
people, you could care less about. You could care less about the Atlantic. So the Atlantic begins. With the USA, the method. Follow of racial progress, believing that things are always getting better. They say actually makes things worse Written by Macarthur, fellow in a Yale psychology, professor and it admin AIDS for revolution, it Defelice celebrates the ebbing presence of older white people and their replacement by surging mass of enlightened younger people concluding that we should think of the next year. As all the time we have No, it's an essay There are seven sources, none are anonymous. Jeffrey Goldberg. The editor in chief of the Atlantic made news with an article claiming to have proof that the press-
Is it referred to dead soldiers as lose it losers and skip visiting military cemeteries because it was raining and he didn't want to ruin his hair. The story only had four sources, but all of them were anonymous. So should we trust them. Well, let's look into Goldberg, and the Atlantic yeah why would they possibly possibly violate journalistic standards? While you have to look, What motivates them and made not make? No mistake. The Atlantic magazine, you don't read because you instinct EU instinctively. No, it doesn't like you, it's not printed for you. They don't like you. They don't like what you stand for they mark and insult you every chance they get there Second, article of the September issue advocates for- and this is a direct quote- a world in which police do not exist and it
few thousand words about how to abolish the police and how its not radical enough, The author of that article says In the past I been accused of aiding the police, and I do so. This is a police abolition movement- he depicts Erica as irredeemably racist, cos two. There have always been voices willing to take on the fragile american ego to remind us that racist principles on which this country was founded continue to guide each of its institutions. Then, ultimately, in support of the ongoing riots. He advocated four revolution, so the articles in the Atlantic are deeply anti american. Nearly all of them advocate for revolution. All of them support far left an extremist causes. So what do you think
in the September issue alone, Trump is directly referenced. One hundred and thirty six times indirectly referenced in every single article. He is the Atlantic's perpetual villain. They obsessively attack him. So I should why should we believe them and not safe? For what it is just the latest attempt to Straw him during the Tromp presidency, every Single page of the Atlantic is activism. You can see the obsessive hatred on every page. You can anywhere without propaganda being shut down your throat and, it ll antiquated, made it their mission to attack Donald Trump. Why is that. Well Jeffrey Goldberg has been the editor in chief since twenty sixteen.
And he noted the Atlantic's endorsement of Hillary Clinton. In a letter he described, Tromp hasn't infomercial huckster, adding that Trump ethics and conspiracy theories and racist invectives he's upon only sexist he's erratic secretive Zena Phobic, he expresses admiration for authoritarian rulers. He envisage authoritarian tendencies himself he's easily goaded a poor quality for someone seeking control of America's nuclear arsenal. He is the enemy of fact based discourse. He is ignorant and indifferent to the constitution, which he appears not to read and define. So the magazines founding statement that beef that the magazine would be an organ of no party or click Goldberg A trump is not a man of ideas. He's a demagogue, Xenophobe, sexist, no, nothing! In a liar. He spoke
technically unfit for office and voters. The statesmen and thinkers of the ballot box should act in defence of american democracy and elect his opponent golden. And the Atlantic, Cashing in their reputation in or or to accomplish their mission of toppling Donald Trump, It's one of the reasons why no one reads it. But we wanted to make sure that we really had the story. So one of our researchers Kevin- who is you put him a story, and he just doesn't know when to stop. We said back and look at the articles in the Atlantic, Finally came up free irony said: ok have gone back to over the last three years. Every issue every page will give. It gets, could probably more than enough, probably more than enough. So He's gone over and we're posting this Glenn back dot, com
You will not believe what the Atlantic has had. Posted about Trump about, I mean every article really mentions him. Every article mentions him it also in the article it talks about how he is a Nazi or anything like that when, when their mentioning him, but there are also advocating for revolution, they are advocating for you know A and America that you would not recognise without police without churches. I mean it's, Its phenomenal phenomenal. They also violate everything in in twenty sixteen, the New York Times ran and article called shared, shame the media. Make trump hey. They said we were lapdog, not watchdogs.
But we in the media, empowered demagogue and failed the country. So there, doing exactly the same thing this time? But they think they're on it. Now I mean They were running those those speeches that he gave worldwide coverage. Why me they thought he was so crazy that no one would vote for him, and they were trying to harm him and Indeed, what happened? Is they helped him? Now? they're trying to harm him, and what do you think's gonna happen? They are breaking every journalistic rule that they have for anonymous sources for and you're running to print on that Would he read the Atlantic in the first place, but the time that anyone ever quotes and says anything that Donald Trump said any of this stuff. Over in France,
dismiss it and them out of hand. Fifty six percent of the people think the media. Don't do a good job at separating fact from opinion. The two percent of Americans consider the media to have bias. Sixty four percent say their reporting Consider the media have a liberal, biased, nine and ten Republicans report personally lost trust in the news media in recent years. You don't need any formal training to do what they do. It helps because you'll at least know you're all in it together. But journalism that degree nothing more than a degree. Don't need the formal training or informal training. There is accreditation, no governing body of journalism, nor board of directors to revoke our licence. If we violate the laws of our profession
There is no licensing, no book of laws. In reality, it's an end in industry, full of creatives and academics. And how do I know there are no laws? There are no rules. Will they used to just be rules that we all agree on, and we all know you don't run a story without anyone going on record and for anonymous sources. You just don't do it, because somebody somebody not willing to stand by what they say is most likely willing to lie for our cause find the whole story and all of the evidence it's it's amazing, at Glenn, back dot com, our own about a MAC. If you haven't ditched a r p already, may I highly advise that you do so believe it or not? It is the are not the only choice they have. It certainly not the best choice.
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this I seen the rumours is confirmed now. He now nice pleased to announce yet another historic commitment. Serbia and Kosovo have each committed to economic normalization. This is amazing grace. This is amazing. Anyhow said it's easier seizures. Get these two together than it is to get the to negotiate democratic. If it's a sad state of affairs, if that's actually the way it works, I think it is now at this point. I think it is. It is remarkable how this what President Clinton wanted to do. President Bush and while all of the president's have been trying for Middle EAST peace, but President Bush President Reagan, Clinton course, Obama, he but he was gonna bring pre peace to the Middle EAST.
Well: Peace Prize, nine. I know your member for others accomplishments. He had very early in allowing who didn't have allowed TAT he was going to yet, is going to have them. Is a new vibe He got it. He got the the no vibe price, the vice of peace strike, which was not something I think they give prices for, but there was great. Did you hear the latest? There was a sermon this last Friday in MECCA from the main Islam. Preacher there in Saudi Arabia and- sources. There say he was a softening. It was a preview of the prelude to ok, we're gonna normalize relations with with Israel. Terrorism can, you imagine, looks like rats headed our way as well that time, if the glamour back programme, but again the worry about it now there to see her,
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by state and begin to tell me cause we're what sixty days away seventy days away from the election. Yeah. We are fortunate enough to impose this year really Vienna gonna tell you about lie about it. Ah ha. It now I mean I'm lucky, you know we ve been we ve been talking about this for a while sugar coated. Now it is trying to give perspective here and so on so trying to fifty eight days until the election. Turning away that number, so The pulse. Obviously, I think this is just a strange year. It's a here. You can't just pointed historic precedents and say: okay. Well, every candidate that has this lead at this time. This is the outcome right. Obviously I think we all understand as of this moment, Joe Biden is leading the selection. Mean the Donald Trump can't win. It find that amazing
he's, let had a very consistent led for a very long time in unpaid and almost unprecedented way. However, what else is unprecedented and about this time I dont know the entire world is in the middle of a pandemic in this is a very strange year for the old for an election right like why. I don't think you can look back and say: well it all this, this is if you look at the Romany Obama election, as you can hear that in this only somewhat, let me ask you this: do you buy into at all the idea that there are people that just or not gonna tell upholsterer they are not voting for Joe Biden Shy Trump lottery theory that there could be something issue it. I think there was something to it in two thousand, sixteen, while surely than if it was there was something to it in sixteen. There surely is now well here's peers, where I would hesitate on that. So into doesn't sixteen. It was detectable k there,
to theirs to two different types of poles right, there's, two different kinds of the way these pollsters. Do it there's kind of a cheaper way where you use either the internet or automated calls. And then there's the sort of old fashioned way we have live in or either called live interview poles. So I call you opposition land. Where are you know, row you to vote for so in two thousand? Sixteen you saw couple point difference between allow of the live interview. Poles were people were talking real human beings. They were I do worse were those poles when they were on the internet trumpeted better in those poles. And no one really knew exactly why that was there a couple different things behind the scenes as well. That could go on without, but there's a theory that that was partially this. The shy trump voter, who would who would I followed the inner I'm cooking trump, but if someone is asking me about a longer SAM Undecided right, so couple We know that for two thousand twenty number one we're not seeing that difference between the life interview and in an internet pulse rather sit there right around the same
area number two? There is far less undecided voters so While the lead is similar forbidden, He is hitting numbers at Clinton, didn't hit a lot of. That's me. As people, there's no third party candidates really making a dent in genoa, libertarians they're, all running candidates, but there's no Gary Johnson that was pulling at six and seven percent in some his balls, some sort of apparatus interesting biting at fifty Fifty one, fifty two percent and a lot of these poles again. That's no He's into to panic, we have a lot of time. You have three debates there's a lot of reason to believe that the american people haven't jumped into election mode. Yet I said months ago that I wouldn't really start taking this seriously till we got to the end, September timber? I said, and I think the end of summer so which, as you know,
A few weeks from now and we're getting close to that point, where I would say, are to freak out a little baby I would die would start to. I would start to wonder what the hell is wrong with Americans. It I've been wondering that forum. I know I know I mean this. Is the last call, and I just I saw something from australian television. This is a newscasts outages. It's five minutes but I want you to listen to this this newscast over the weekend from strain network television. Listen to this, so you could tell for the presidency. The United States is heating up comes in. Campaigning forcing democratic, no money out of the basement and onto the streets of the Pittsburgh as President Tromp too can I she was gone settler hotspot for This round of civil unrest Biden is again rising doubts, ovaries, mental ability taken this year, just as the outbreak is taken More than one hundred year, here's the wise
If we think about my man, some as one a day, tournament, our former senator core gennady and outlined in Sydney, James Morrow opinions, editors, the Daily Telegraph and co host. Of course, a sky news, outsiders, Florio start another fumble from Biden I'm gonna go. Why do you want make it plainly through two November? They think is that possible reason why he's been buried for silence, I think, its absolutely right to pay to the Democratic Party, would be most concerned about its capacity to lie. To the election campaign and it's really get a cab the four when he's expecting to debate presented Donald Trump her. So People want say about him. Donald Trump is a very effective framework of discussions and debates in order, enjoy bonds in any position to cope with that, and that's why you ve got people live. Nancy Pelosi now saying that do Joe Biden shouldn't do
five Donald Trump by dividing them- and I think that's a very clear occasion that burden No idea, really what he's didn't happen? What I think, four November, because this is really that the presidential, rightful Kemal harris- that's been very serious about that, and I did. They d holding probably would operate like waken and burning, get reminds the line, and I hope it's over from it want to show you these tweets in relation to some democratic may, as it is the last time a Republican was made the following cities: Atlanta eighteen, seventy nine Chicago Non, fifty one you can say Baltimore Detroit New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Philip alpha all along long time ago, and Allied is any one day, cities are the worst for education, place, brutality and crime and snow sustained statistic, jobs,
really is anyway, you see with other cities too, like New York City, which has gone back and forth between republican Endemic. Am I on another planet maturities upon the very quickly I haven't seen bad governance style like we have seen network coverage of this does not mean like non american art. It is within. Our aid is tweet suggests of doubling What is it a difference between this in Cooper to turn a city into eyes? Alarming, if its designs is the exact opposite point years was: what's happened in New York, where we're see crime up, shootings up the middle class, leaving absolute droves and at this In time we ve got violence in order not to know the Democrats, we can be the law and order party federally release. I think that's what he was trying money when I will teach you just Josephine Trail United NEWS that clip there, which way you should, it must be noted, he flew to persuade it to give that little talk. He spoke for twenty minutes, didn't take questions for the press and then went back home that is their definition of getting Biden out with the basement. So you know, but this whole thing the Democrats,
every one of these cities, that of my own- I know here one bright, yellow crabs. One is independent areas which shut up as absolute shocking indictment on the party, and the way they want to see How did they run the country just before going to last Corbett, something else but Massachusetts. There ever been a Kennedy. That's around the Massachusetts and lost a joy Kennedy, Try to move the Congress to the Upper House is lost to say to a maki whose more gosh seventy four seventy five, some like that, no he's on reconstructed in terms of a socialist This is more evidence. If ever we noted that the Democrats are truly a party at the hard lifetimes that's right, I mean starve. I mean it. I first of all, can't imagine who was watching this in Australia Mean you be watching something about. We know australian politics over here. That she's shows you how important. The election is to the rest of the world, the Red
to the world knows if we go marxist, if we go hard left freedom is done, freedoms done, Australia will be owned by the chinese period. You. Like colonialism Well, then, what you can do about China, be China will begin colonialist colonies, everywhere in the world. If the United States is gone I I am fascinated by law, happening to our? people. Where they can't separate Their dislike of a president with the policies that are now being shut down your throat by the left, the policies that are quite honestly, some of them absolutely evil, and if you don't, thank the the idea that discrimination is a good thing,
and I don't mean like discriminating taste- I mean discriminating against a person because of their color. If you think that bad thing. You can vote for Joe Biden Because the left is promoting that they have, get rid of all of the constitutional amendments and any any kind of law that stuff ups them from discriminating against white- People credible it's a apps really incredible end. It is evil outrageous. Sure thought that was shared, to me just the other day, and I hadn't thought of it this way There was of a good cause. Jeanne Guy and he said You don't know. We ve been looking for the mark of the beast and we ve been thinking that it of its action of something that you been putting your forehead, nay scan Yan. Is he and by without that mark he can't week you're not welcome in public.
You can't do business. You know you your ostracised, but if that mark isn't actually, but if that market, something that is just a spiritual mark Others can see and mature. You're not allowed to do business or buy or sell things because you, told the line. If so- marks being given out right now that mark, is being given out for everybody who will stand up for be a lamb Joe, because they want to be popular just because they haven't done their homework there? bed with what I believe to be evil and there being marked. And they don't see the error of their ways, and you're going to be taught to straw. Anyone who doesn't think like them.
I'd be really careful. We think we always now, but I would be really careful. You receive it in your hands by what you do with your hands. You receive in your forehead for what you ve. What you're thinking. What you're speaking. It's probably not act, for it, but it is certainly worth thinking about, because if you won't agree with the mob. Your I'm gonna be able to do business you're not going to be able to be welcome, you're not going to be able to buy and sell things eventually. If we Let this mob continue to grow and rule. Mark has written in new talks about a simply safe experience. Thus far, he said simply save my package arrived the other day. I couldn't wait to set it up. My family and I
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Ah you know last week when, when I laughed everybody is talking about Nancy Pelosi, getting a blow dry, at the the hairdressers and I don't know if you ve seen what sago is up to the art. Conservative artist yeah have you have you have you have not seen as new sub date really how you're about to Europe. Two. He has he's put something together and its its industry the streets of San Francisco, this weekend, and there is a we have. We have sable coming up. He is, I really think he is the the bank Sea of America, but
unlike bank see, who is being with the we know with the super mega woke me here: yeah sables, not new nodded, I know, and he Ino he can. He can spot. We can spot Marxism, men and communism a million miles away in a rod municipal as he is a raw Giotto fraud portal fraud, total fraud from end to end and its clam glad somebody's com, column, Conor out late and Scott he's got a couple of others too. That there were to show, can we say any of what they actually are in the hour. I merely to go to the now I well we can on all the ehler he did. One did he calls old, yellow our many gave this one. This is a this. Is of a basketball backboards. So when you're shooting it says
clear, shot or you ain't black, whereas Joe Biden right there over the read over the hoop mitigated the guy's, brilliant, absolutely brilliant, but the in San Francisco, I dont, know how he gets away with it, We either. You know it's interesting. Like is the first couple times because he's admitting this he's got. In putting these things up in pubs? places in admitting it. I don't know, maybe the left's love for art is somehow allowing the Syrian our Khatami amounting to a he does these posters and then he puts them. You know behind. And glass. You know the bus gauges argument. So funny it's a credible if it gets away with all its it's us, standing but he's got called him this week and others like you're, hysterical, you're, absolutely hysterical
but this is one of the best of the best artists Renderings of Nancy pillows. I wanna make tee shirts. I don't know if we put the you know the slogan on top of it. Our audience would want the slogan, the other I would not want the slogan on it, but it is it is. Sterical will pose this up. Glenn backed our common and Sabre will be here also, if you, if you want to watch it just log on right now to blaze tv dot, com, slash back for you, not a member use the promo code back and you will save ten percent right now, just become a member, we talk to him and he does overs some of his our work that I let him describe in just a minute
say: bow is a LOS Angeles base guerrilla artist that, unlike the rest of the artists, in LOS Angeles, tends to lean politically to the right. His efforts have got an m d platform from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pay pal. You can see his work, unsavory agents, dot com. I own a couple of his major pieces. I think he is a, I think, he's an artist of the future. I think he is his car prohibition to trying to save America will be remembered and laughed with in the decades to come. He has done something now that only say vote could do in San Francisco at the bus stops regarding Nancy Pelosi. We tell you about that and we have stable on with us in sixty seconds
This is the Glen that programme are I'd, so I've got some good news and I got a bad news. The good news is american. Homeownership is on the rise. That's both good for Americans and the economy. What's fuelling it people that are fleeing the cities that are on fire one good reason, but you know, but the other reason, of course, is that mortgage rates have plummeted over the course of the year. I don't know heard this with the FED has now reduce the rate at the FED well, to one point two: five percent one. Point to five percent. It means you're, gonna be able to get a home loan in the two's valley I mean doesn't happen, The presidency is not low enough yet. Who, by the way, if you think I forgot about bad news madame
have any yet I dont have any on this. This is not going to be able to sustain itself forever. I guess that would be the bad news. The american american housing market is, probably headed for another crash. This will be a big bubble, but don't miss your chance do not by too much of a in fact, you have a house just reef, I and yet this low rate and folded in your high interest credit cards as well. This is a chance for you to get rid of debt, not take on new debt call em american financing at eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four forty, eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty four
two american financing, dot net american financing, animal us one, two: three: four W W w dot animal less consumer access, not or so I don't even know how we can explain on public airwaves sables latest work in San Francisco wholesale. How area we can welcome I am a big fan of yours and the the, to that I saw over the weekend. I think, are some of your best work lie. Talk about, and maybe we can show it up on the blaze. The bus stops in San Francisco and remember you're on FCC, Airwave, so How do you I miss her and do I explain it, I saw the video her getting your hair done in. All, I could think is how could you woman sitting a chair and have had this nutrition
work on her, knowing she not only devastated her business but she's devastated the entire city that you represent and she does not care Tommy. I had to do this and ass. He had heard her with curlers old fashioned, hair drier salon yeah and by all means going check it out. Yeah yeah in it as a phrase up above that actual rap. That works, because she said she wanted her hair. The blue eyes. You wanted a blow on the essence of that, and I declare telling everybody that is on the s. Yes, and she is I mean it is really. The perfect political art. Because it's funny, but it is also absolutely true, you're right that that is what she sang guy. Don't I don't care about any of you, people I'm going to do what I want so ii.
Put these up all over San Francisco and with our question is How do you not go to jail for that also the sea. I know how do I go to jail? I know you know when the police polio very when they catch you, you just say yes, Sir no sir, they tell you to take it down Take it down it. This isn't you are giving the police lip it's pretty. Much over the coffee and stuff you. So are you to show them the respect and they deserve and that's it. You know I've been very lucky guy lights because you, done you ve done some remarkable remit workable work in the past and, as you know, I but I believe that you are going to be a very popular once we get past all of this marxism.
Because I think you're your art should be seen all over the country and- and I know we talk to over the weekend are Are we gonna do the the t, shirts and and mugs, and things on this you know, Yeah they're gonna, look great, ok, yeah yeah! I also flew down Venice Beach, where I put up a basketball back or with a Joe Biden message on it I love that that board embellish beach and valuables like a religion. They are so I had to hit that back. Porch and Joe Biden saying make this shot, or you ain't black, so why so so so how long do these things last? Do you think not at all hours. I mean I have to go there as soon as the sun comes up and take pictures, because yeah. I call myself a fence faster censored street artist in America, if not the world and
I'm lucky. I have a couple of hours to be able to take pictures, and do you know if anybody did they take them and collect them? Are they just tell em up and destroy them? Some people do collect, especially the hangers, but something like this all you could do is tear down just brilliant? They really are brilliant, and do you do this? Is this computer generated? Are you doing your art on computer? yeah, I do I use elsewhere. Photoshop I've been doing is forever and the other one thing is the idea I mean with, these ideas have to go for a joggers only depleting it together from he's very easy, psych playing the piano which has come up with a good idea. That's really the complicated part yeah! Well, you have another one of Kemal Harris, and did you put this up with Kemal? It's it's hard to look at, but strangely you can't take your eyes off it,
the Joe Biden and come Allah Harris image. Where she is wearing a police shirt and and garters and Joe is completely naked, except for what appears to be a mask covering his genitals, as you forgot, where it was supposed to go in Athens at Athens and But these you put these up in it you know. I would think that these would stay Khazars, Khumalo Harris she. How is she popular with the people that you know on the left? How is she popular taking a dive. I really do the Democrats haven't finished. I dont know what they're doing to tell you the truth, but I can't imagine they think they're gonna win. I can I can't think of any one that even like that woman,
I can't, I think this end with the the attitude of Nancy Pelosi. I would thank lived Nancy Policy, the Kamali Harris might last awhile in in San Francisco. Because I mean there are a lot of people that don't agree with me politically that do not like what Nancy Blowsy did yeah. I did. I was surprised when I was taking photographs. People actually come up to me and it didn't even always the artists they would you say, is the greatest thing I've ever seen, and that is not the kind of response I would expect in San Francisco I think they ve overplay their hand. Sable. Thank you so much man I really appreciate it, and and thanks for stated touch. I really appreciate thank you, your job. I beg you gonna be later I do I have. I have one that he painted after nine eleven, it's it's amazing and I
but one of the flying monkeys that he hung in LOS Angeles. It said Hilary sixteen, I just think. As is great, I think his art is way ahead of its time, he's not gonna be popular until after we get past passed all of this, but his it is. This speaks directly to the streets is almost completely unique in our society. I think so too. I don't know of anybody who does anything like the stuff that he doesn't busy. You can find conservative artists and their some really good ones who will do really patriotic ardor religious art or whatever the some really towns of people who do it.
But he's in this is sort of like wise. Ass in your face street are thing then wait avars away down. I mean he is deep into the culture, I'm all yet an you know: Venice Beach. There was this one hoop. Neither event as BT is way deep into the culture now stuff, as we know, is very edgy, but verily edging really edgy. Some of his stuff is like ok, our idea that Sylvia, if it but it's it's brilliant in what he's doing, and I think that I have to see this Nancy Bullet, we'll posted Glenn, backed our com and along with his interview, so you can see. All of these things will do that later today, but we're too to make this into a teacher and one with the others blow out my hair kind of phrase and one without because the picture can you ever seen the picture close up, yet it is its apps,
lately brilliant. It is such a great painting of her fifty eats it's just its monstrous its monstrous who, if we hope, maybe by to Morrow or some day as soon will be able to have these t, shirts and mugs or whatever else you want meat and posters, and maybe you can put him up You know I'm just saying in a dorm room, you be mighty popular with the kids and mighty mighty popular I stand by. I wanted, about my pillow maybe you're. The type of person who likes to sleep on uncomfortable sheets with an uncomfortable pillow, fair enough. If you are but there's some weird people out there like me, the like to climb into bed at the end of the day and feel like you're sleeping on a cool comfortable cloud that is the experience it get. Every time I go to sleep with my pillow lying between my set of geese dream sheets. It is
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I pillow dot com, promo code back ten second station. I d There is a couple of things here that I thought you would find interesting. Facebook is implementing a worldwide limit on forwarding with its messenger app ahead of the? U S, presidential election. The popular chat platform will follow the sister companies, what's app footsteps by limiting users to only five forwards at a time now and completely unrelated knows face has banned users from sharing a crowd funding linked to assist with the legal fees for Kyle Rittenhouse the seventeen year old that was charged with homicide, followed the fatal shootings that occurred during the riots in Canosa Wisconsin.
The side allows posts asking for fund razors for several other individuals who been charged with crimes, including murder, Lee. In a question what what Facebook is using to determine their community standards on this one, whether its conservative or not, you think it s. The thing had pretty complex severity. That's pretty difficult algorithm to facebooks, probably been the best of all these companies when it comes to this tough. Yet still it's very difficult to see him the written house things, so it's on video guys, some as on video, sounded, it happened on video. You can see what happens on video I understand you, don't like the fact that he was down in this location and as with it it will be seventeen in cash. Only decade or less silently. I do not want my kid anywhere near as Georgia, like that with a guy I that were, I dont support
going down there in doing that, doesn't matter really heavy as legally able to do that he at least it's actually a little bit of a questionnaire, whether he as a seventeen year old. He was able to do that. He will not legally at seventeen able to do that. Then you should pay the consequences of a battle of vat, but you don't kill him for that. It's the same thing with George Floyd he was. We was high on Fanton all he was not making sense. He was risky, resisting arrest, but you don't kill him for it. Ok, me should pay the price for that it turns out, looks like he stop breathing because of that, but that's it! FR in story. You don't kill him the same thing here. You don't book this guy for murder because he brought a gun that he shouldn't have been able to bring in you Jim you nail him for that, especially when it shows he didn't stumble heeded
Stumbling over everybody was hit down. He gets attack from behind twice and every one could say who we were. He then tripped and fell Wilson. I mean yeah everyone who gets attacked faults It is notable that interest in felt the what's notables that he was attacked from behind by the way they keeps like all this, wouldn't you know, look look at this. These people- we are his rees- know what moment, but person that wasn't white would be able to get away with what he did say well, here. I think you're missing that what he did. What he did was have his hands straight up in the air ass. He walked towards police, slowly and calmly. Right that that's the privilege. It's not why privilege its. I have my hands up and I'm not running away privileges. That is because remember the hands up, don't shoot thing was a lie. It didn't actually occur with Michael Brown situation when you,
put your hands up, and you won't even with a gun on you. You we walk towards officers most of the time going to have any issues, it's nothing to do with skin color. It's got to do with the way You handle yourself with police what you know J, I James like every time, but that's a tennis player, Jacob Blake. We can you can view his actions? Right you can argue whether the police handled it right, but you are tempting whenever you act like that, when you play with police officers when you're holding a knife when you're you're walking away from the main, ignoring their direct orders, That is just not the way to handle these here is the problem and the reason why I started with Facebook is because Facebook is also banning any election ads or anything seven days before the election. So when they are already saying that you can't fund raise for a guy that is clearly on tape, innocent of
He is innocent of murder. He is appears one hundred percent to be self defense now there finally first agree murder its complete that completely ridiculous anyway you're banning somebody for his defence for its defence does everyone has a right to be defended in America. They're doing that and then they come out this weekend with Zuckerberg. This election is not going to be business as usual. We all have a responsibility to protect our democracy. That means help people register involved clearing up confusion on how this election will work. Taking steps to reduce the challenge, the chances of violence and unrest so Facebook is, you know, gonna, take a lead role in this really really, sir.
Will you allow people if there is unrest to post things that show the video of what really happened? I mean Are we going to be boxed out as conservatives from telling the other side of the story? for seven seven days to five weeks. Are we going to be box out? do not share that information to one of the ways conservatives have pushed back against the news right when when, when the news has an agenda, at least you can tell your side of the story yet luckily, with trompe really has very little hope For a little problem, getting getting mentioned in the media, earning free media he's pretty good at cutting through de the media circus right now. I'm in this is his his probably is greatest tolerate, but will you be able to take a clip of him saying something if face but D Need- decides that that is political
nature. Of course it will be or that it's a lie. Well said an ad right: it's on an ad they're gonna ban the ads, but you know how they stay censor the stuff a minute does. It does occur, of course, in any comes with a lot of spin and if you can't push back with paid advertising, which is it Look they don't have to accept ads, I dont know what the difference is in no way when we talk about free speech that the lot of people can understand what how money could be tied to speeches very closely. I mean like what he should be able to measure. Is this whole citizens united push back thing over the years? I think as a disaster in and ridiculous should be but as much money as you want doing, whatever you want when it comes to advertising this ridiculous, they they can say no to it. They can do these things, but they're gonna? You can see the right. Coming up with a push back again, Thus they ve been doing it. They been threatening it for a while.
Problem is as it is. We talked about in the break about an hour ago. It's not a clear win for Donald Trump at this point, He is tat clay losing in the polls right now that could change here. And that's not to be discouraging, that is just to say the opposite: every body isn't out their voting for Donald Trump. If you are a Trump supporter and you're not willing to walk through a mob to go cast your vote. Not gonna win. Has, I think, there's some transporters alike are the poles are wrong. Last time we should be fine well, I would not believe we do that detail at some point, but I think that the very good our yeah that's a really matter about this, get out there and do something about it, and if you need to be able to stand as this, I believe could be the last free election Glenn Back Programme are so
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He talked about evil. We are not fighting flesh and blood, we are fighting, evil evil is sweeping this nation in in ways I I just I'm, sometimes I'm just overwhelmed by it and We are going to be talking about it a little bit more. We have the author Paul Kangaroo IRAN with us. I think, on Thursday, these he's written a book that is out now. I started reading it over the weekend and it is exceptional. It's called Karl Marx and the devil, or the Devil and Karl Marx, all information that was headed by the former Soviet Union until the wall came down and then, when it was released? All of the marxist professors dismay did and hid it again. And he is gone through and an exposed all of it, and it is easy.
Stuff. Marxism is evil, and when you see its creator and what he was doing and how he was involved, I think with Satan himself. It is shocking but evil is, is sweeping and we have to stand in holy places and we have to stand with light. Anna sword in a shield. And do all that we can fight against, and one of those guys is TIM Ballard. He is the founder and ceo of operation, underground railroad Also now the CEO of Nazareth Fund and the author of the pilgrim hypothesis- how he TIM. How are you so TIM. I saw a story a couple weeks ago about these big busts that were happening,
I think in Ohio out there, which there were several of them, where we rounded up all of these bad guys who were trafficking, children and it there it didn't. Really go anywhere and nobody was willing to really talk about it. Why unbelievable believable Glenn in old there's about fifty plus kids rescue just in August by use, marshals and local we ve been Georgia Ohio Rounded up over thirty traffickers or suspected pedophile bitches insane, I've always said. I think I've told you in the past It believes that there's an issue left on the table that we can all agree on that children should be that way, that children should be taken traffic and I'm sort of doubt that now because whiteness being reported it I mean it's out there, but you gotta dig for it This should be the biggest knew just me the headlines, be congratulating our law enforcement. I think to answer your question.
Sneakers and a narrative right now that law enforcement must be bad. I have bad. We can't congratulate success even whenever you children as a new low So tell me what has happened? Who did we catch? How did we catch them? What happened so so an in Georgia operation not forgotten this was Marshall working local police, I mean what an amazing operation, twenty six children rescue debate that were missing, missing children who had been sex traffic, exploited sexually physical abuse. A lot of them were mentally some of them. I they were more mentally mental health conditions and they weren't you. In in these kids were identified and located in South Carolina, Tenancy Oklahoma, Kentucky Michigan, all don't you know they do the massive operate, and that was but he's the same time, The marshal were working in Ohio on an operational recover. Twenty five children, a similar situation where these kids
No, we don't have all the details because we know these are children who are survivors but It is trafficking, sexual abuse, physical abuse and its. It is an amazing thing and then I'll take the owner crimes against children also and I get an operation called operation moving target about the same time where they rounded up twenty seven. People who were online looking for sex with children I'm just an August, and yet you have the Dick court to find it. You know one of the things that Donald Trump doesn't get credit for, and- and maybe it's because of things like this where they just reported he has taken sex crimes on against children. I think correct me. If I'm wrong, you would know any other President Abu. I have never seen any administration do what he is doing. The amount of resources, the monies pouring into an effect in just a few weeks ago. He said something that I've been dying any president to say of any party
said. We will never stop until we rescued every child and apprehended every creditor in this fight against trafficking, and when I heard I just got. I got this ecstatic just finally, we're gonna, can it be a priority, and this is evidence of that. You think oh absolutely little evidence of that. Their leaders, there is so many resources are going in the present, just create a new position that he still in the way, how's, the White House advice of human trafficking The White House is all about the federal agencies, to really mean this priority and this is why you left government right, I mean you couldn't you sell your hands are tied, you couldn't do anything writers a difficult. I think that the problem for me, It was the awareness and getting people to see at every level of government in society that this is a real problem, and yet it was. It was called you know, jurisdictional limitations and lack, of course, and creativity, but that's that.
That's changing now and in see this as the people are getting loud, I think the people's voice, becoming louder and wanting more done. I think the government is responding to that as well and more, Getting done so can you tell us how you go about catching these guys because we ve talked recently about how this is harvest time for pedophiles cove. It is just horrific for human trafficking, that's right. So one of one of the ways that land forests works, and we just support them in this effort. Domestically is big. Oh in their proactive, they go on. In opposing, posing as pedophiles because even children in order to save our kids and law enforcement like this operation moving target and other operations have been very successful, Can a pre emptive strikes against these pedophiles, but again to do to your when question than you are
has magazine just hit us hard this last week I came with an article attacking operation to grow, railroad me personally and law enforcement officers. Who would engage in this angle no victims, and so is the really a crime right and it is it's so disheartening Glenn. This is I let me let me just let me just to highlight this and for those who and what should be probably every one in the audience and read the New York Times. Victims of sex crimes, but with no victims an online sting operation to catch child predators, snare hundreds of men, but what are they really guilty of? So these are These are men who are viewing cry. Against children. Sir ex with children. And the New York Times, is defending in saying, but these guys didn't hurt anybody It's unbelievable Nuno front from from mine, Thank you how I started in this work about fifteen years ago. I was working on a case that was
listening to me it, what happened was a twelve year old girl was online. Her mom walks in ass. His little girl your clothes off for a guy is almost forty years old, a pedophile he's been reading, gloomier mommy intervened called the police. I gotta find the case I assume, the identity of the twelve year old girl and can can you to dialogue with this, but this predator? and he and showing up for the little girl thinking it's a little girl packets, its ass in this watching the takes it down enemy, we got thinking, you know how many times is this can happen where mom doesn't intervene and thousands of get especially during the of course, would like you mentioned, were there's there's locked down in Kidder R told you sit in his room and look at your ipod and get your answer: Your computer is informed and propose doing a thing, so we ve seen in it recent reports coming through and so we have to be proactive and our want horses wing, intimating, tat being proactive, basically sitting in place of the kit taking the bullet. Whore the kid before that
get them in an that's been criticized now people your tent bagging siding with the pitiful sympathising with monsters who would rape are children and fighting against the law enforcement and protecting our kid. I mean it's insane I don't wanna judge dredged this up again, but I just want to say called you early one morning a couple of years ago, because somebody had targeted my son, and we thank God caught it and Thing TIM, you said, and everything the F B, I said, was possible, What my, how my son would react was exist, Actually right, and it is terrifying how these people can come in and
are to groom and your kids actually will defend them and The last thing we need is the New York Times playing that role. This is evil. Rate in a straight up, evil any forty year old man, thirty year old man, is wanting to have sex with of with a twelve year old or an eight year old, I don't care, I don't care if you're Bureau Vinos extend aid team, sick, theirs, something really wrong with you and in any society that doesn't protect its children is a society that does not. It just doesn't deserve to be free that doesn't deserve to exist. TIM, Thank you so much you grant you. I appreciate it. If you would like to get involved, there is I we do believe there is one thing that we can all agree on. And that is to stop the slavery and the trafficking of children.
And we have to organizations. One of em is operation underground, rail road. They do work here in the United States. They look for kids from the United States elsewhere, also working all over the world to stop, because we are the largest consumers of petty I'll porn, it's disgusting! It's disgusting! What's going on operation underground rail road. You can go there at our rescue dot, org our rescue dot, Org, it is applied. There is some not going to waste your money, man there. Politically correct, they just get the job done, and the other is the Nazareth fun DOT, org working stop human trafficking of people who are not of the right faith, no matter where you are in the world. We,
Askew people who are religious minorities that are being entrapped, by whom ever be it. China or the Middle EAST. We have mainly done it in the Middle EAST, but we are branching out and that is the Nazareth fun DOT. Org guess, stand today and make sure your life and your name is counted on the I sign their autonomy, in Texas Texans are little over the top. He still rides is bike. Everyday works as a small aircraft flight instructor. Oh did I tell you: eighty five He also runs merit. By that I mean it's access as well
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near lessening tank Glenn back But we have that since the Glen Back Programme welcome to it here by the way I just I, after the sneak this because I don't forget And I didn't mention this when I did a gold line commercial a few minutes ago, they special that is happening only today. If you buy one of their legal tender bars the card. This is the thing I may help them come up with. I don't even know. Ten years ago we have little any quarter else. Canadian mint coins, These things have been sold out four months literally for months there back in a limited quantity and every legal leaguer legal tender bar that you acquire you're gonna, get ten of gold lines: half out silver, first special service coins and notes, no cost
that's a pretty great deal. Huge deal is available only today, so cold gold line at eight hundred and sixty six gold line. Eight hundred and sixty six gold, liner Goldline dot com available. Only today, all right. The the New York Times article that was talking about defending the pedophiles and tearing we owe you are and in TIM Barton apart it TIM Ballard, it's not that they they were tearing apart. They just mentioned that he was a conservative. Alright, they apparently knows Donald Trump. Yardley sat near him once yet. Well, he tried to saddened that you try to sit near Barack Obama. I mean he is he does care here with anybody. If you are serious about stopping slavery, as he should be. Barack Obama. They wouldn't work with him because he leaned right wool
So not everybody! I mean he's got a lot of Hollywood celebrities that actually donate allow of money and good for them good for them. This is some we can all agree on. And the New York Times tries to make it political and its it sickening that's what they do, but ass it as it is. It is amazing as their defending pedophiles. I mean you, don't ask yourself what sign am I is there anybody there's gotta wake up and go wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. My side is burning down cities. They're changing all of our history they want to. To overthrow the United States of America, don't want me to have a gun, and they want me to abolish the police force and apparently pedophiles aren't so bad now. What is your line? what point is your line at what point you're like come on their own team.
Mainstreaming on relatively obviously yeah. I think so too. Do you use to at least be lip service paid to these things? It's a look of course. We don't agree or disagree. We don't agree with burning cities to the ground and we don't it. Will you you'll find a lot of people on the left that don't even they came and say that they came to say I'm it. You think Antigua denouncing teeth. It would be so easy easy most of all. They they don't care, care, if you didn't know some big actual member combat after you. First that are going to eat you versus be such an easy thing, but they can't do it because what they're? Just too much common ground, there was a ton of common ground on that same evasive resource every one of their activities, but there is way too much common ground for me to become.
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