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'Armed with The Truth' (Michelle Myers joins Glenn) - 2/19/18

2018-02-19 | 🔗
Hour 1  ‘He looked lost’ …Epidemic America, Divided...the vicious cycle of tragedy...we are all trying to win... ‘We are sick as a society’...Fatherless homes epidemic...desensitized America...people are trying to figure out who they are...Society narrative = Men are bad...Nuclear family needed...Dads, dig in and do better ...It's just a matter of time before we lose our rights ...AR-15 = Spooky Gun…put a wooden stock on it then ...Media blames 'toxic masculinity'...the American Minute Men were a 'myth' ...What is causing children to want to kill children? ...Let's ditch the 'fire' drill and teach 'mass shooter' drills     Hour 2 'Put yourself in his shoes' ...a father afraid for his daughter... 'how did we get here?'...Pride, Arrogance and Certitude...We all lost the minute we had to win ...Without 'doubt' there is no need for 'faith' ...Thanks to Facebook, Glenn and Stu have no hope for humanity ...Glenn just saw the movie 'Black Panther'... ‘a very healthy movie’?...MLK vs. Malcolm X?...Glenn attempts to talk sports; proceed with caution ...Flamboyant skaters are all the rage at the Olympics ...Horrified and Inspired, tonight at 5PM only on The Blaze.com/TV    Hour 3  Waking up Irish?...'Foreign Accent Syndrome'...is it real or fake?... Michelle Myers joins the show to share her story about this disorder...she says, ‘it's not a choice’…she can’t pronounce her own son’s name ...Buzzwords just don't work...'Restraining' orders for firearms? ...The FBI admits it dropped the ball (poor protocol) in the Florida school massacre ...The left's Commonsense Reform = Repealing the 2nd Amendment... The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand, love courage. True the day, guess the quote: he looked lossed app solutely lost the way that James Sneed described the nineteen year old Florida school shooter. He saw close. He was led inside of police head quarters in handcuffs. James Sneed and his wife had tried to help the teenager they had been. They took him in. He was living with
shooters mom, who had adopted him way. He was a baby died. Last November, his adoptive father died in two thousand and four. So this couple took him in. The latest school shooting in Florida is the ultimate nightmare. I don't care who you are. It hurts your heart, our hearts, ache for the families of the murdered and injured students. And there aren't any words for this end of tragedy. It's unreal to me that we're referring to this as the quote latest school shooting. We are caught in a Vicious cycle of tragedy and. It's dividing us because well.
We're all trying to win we're we're pointing fingers were blaming the we're making the other side into monsters. Something like this happens, it's natural to scramble to pinpoint something or someone to blame. It's the human way of trying to make sense of a tragedy and trying to make things better. It's the gun, it's the person, it's b it's a social services. It's the school district. We all want to prevent this. All of us. Those who believe in the second amendment and those who don't. We all want to solve this, but nobody has
the answers and there isn't a single solution and We as a people, are being pushed into ridiculous corners. The pool lyrical hard left sees no issue other than guns and you'll know. Why won't the Republicans do anything and hard political right sees no issue beyond gun rights there coming after our guns? Well, they argue all they want. That leaves this huge, Dick Canyon of problems, all in the middle that everyone is refusing to even look at. We're sick as a society I can
could have walked in the nineteen sixties and any gun store and bought any gun in all the ammunition he wanted at any time, and no questions asked we didn't have shooters, there were more guns per capita a hundred and fifty years ago than there are now we didn't have people going in and doing this. Why? What is happening to us? It is clearly not the gun. There is something deeply wrong and ill in our society. Have you heard anybody talk about this one fact. The Florida shooter had something else in common with almost every other single mass murderer in re ears. He grew up without a father. Why are we talking about that.
The data is so clear about the links between fatherless children and violence and suicide, dropping out school in drug and all abuse the deadliest mass shootings in the last fifteen years, nine of them were by males, under thirty years old, seven. Those nine came from fatherless homes. This to drum up sympathy, oh we're trying to make no we're not we're trying to understand it. And obviously not everybody who grew up without a father has their life ruined becomes a criminal becomes a murderer, but Erica has an epidemic of fatherless homes and we are only getting worse. We are now saying that every single choice is acceptable.
We don't know if that is true. We conducting a grand experiment on human race and we have no idea. Do you know what really really the effects are of your kids on social media? No, we can guess. I tell you this, the leaders of Silicon Valley. They don't have their kids on Facebook, they don't have their kids on Instagram. What do they know that we don't. We don't know what that effect will be in twenty thirty years. It may be nothing. How about video games, how about violent movies. Do you know that the you can say all you want, my kids know: will the don't intel there? Twenty four they don't? The brain is different in children.
Do you also know that even your brain, it doesn't separate fact from fiction, you can you Can you can look at that and go well? That was a movie but our brain processes. The trauma is exactly the same thing as if you would have seen it first hand how many murders have we all seen how many violent murders have we all seen. Have we even noticed that heads pop on the screen now the p? take head shots and they pop, and you see the Gore what what what? What where were the p would use to say all the time? Well, don't you? I don't want to see all the Gore seen everything now. You know this this kid. Shot two people in the head head: shots are pretty difficult.
Not only are they difficult in skill level: hey shots are also really difficult. Emotionally it. It took us over a hundred years to get well to do head shots on the first time, shooting a human being. There's so many problems, but can can we talk about some of whom we can solve in nineteen? Sixty five percent of american children were born out of wedlock. Today, that's over forty forty. And it's not getting better, because bridge means nothing to people. Why does it mean nothing? I hear the lecture my grandmother gave me: do you think you're
grandfather and I loved each other all those years well, yeah, grandpa kind of did. Marriage is hard. Sometimes we chose just to stick it out because we were married and it meant something. I don't want to bring more anger and divisiveness boy. That is the problem. Our society is feeling stress of more than. Half a century of this epidemic. So many of our children are lost and it's getting worse, look at the depression and suicide rates it getting worse. They have no moral compass, no both to anchor their souls are
schools. We should remove guns well, you've already taught them that you use a finger gun and it's dangerous, and yet it seems to be getting worse because the problem is in the soul. Problem is inside each of us. How many of our kids are growing up without an identity, or you know what a fake identity there coming up with a fake identity? Everything it's great, you're, perfect, you're special! You know what. That's a lie: you're! Not I'm! Sorry, your singing wasn't so good. Let's find some things that you are good at, because everybody's good, it's something and just not. Everybody is great at that. Kids, don't know who they are. In the US, genealogy websites are the same.
Second most visited category site after for pornography. Genealogy, why are trying to figure out who they are. What is true, I come from. Having a father isn't a guarantee of anything how to cure all we may choices were responsible for our own choices and there are play he of abusive or fathers that are in the home, but are completely absent. Trying to be a good dad seems like a niche thing these days, trying to be a good man. I don't even know what that means. How do we a teenage boy to understand what a man is when you can't even talk about it, try
understand what a what is a man tell me: what is a man? What is a good man is a good and the guy who picks up the recent sports illustrated bikini issue that doesn't have it in them in bikinis at all, but has what is it no more hashtag bull, crap written all over their bodies, so we and teach our kids not to objectify women through the above to of women? Oh my gosh, how do you expect a a young man to grow up? How do you thank them to know? What's right and what's wrong? What's up and what's down. Our society is running the narrative right now that men are bad. Then we in place cultural value on mass skilling influence. We think we've evolved beyond the need for fathers. We don't the need them anymore because they
I'm too much damage. You know. And man you're not off the hook. We have not done ourselves any favors with our behavior too many of us too. Many of us are pigs too. Many of us are lazy too. Many of us are absence, and I include I include myself in these. The unpopular truth is, we need a nuclear family, we need a father. We need to know what a man is nuclear family is, is not it's not something from the 1950s. From the beginning of time, it's the bed talk of every society and r bedrock has deep cracks into it.
It is starting to shake into sand. I don't know what you can do if your dad. Dig in and do better, if you have the means, reach out and be a father figure to somebody who doesn't have a father, we make a bunch of reactionary laws, but laws mean nothing. Eventually we can all be in a prison. And somebody will still be shivved in the prison because it's not the Shiv or the gun it's what's inside and these, Reactionary laws will make us feel better for awhile while we fixed it. But you cannot legislate the deepest needs of the human soul and those deepest need are to be known to be heard, to have have a place to be accepted and
he loved it's Monday is the Glenn Beck program wow, I'm sorry! I had about literally two it's of notes. I didn't realize that I just spent fifteen minutes on that. Well, you had a lot to these three days of being sick hi how to save her lan. I have so much more to say on that and for you to have to take a quick break and they will come back. I have a ton to say today. Let me tell you about our our sponsor this half hour. It's Lifelock, you mean when you thought, cybercriminals couldn't stoop any lower their now, stealing and selling social security numbers and other per information of infants infants. Why.
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we're going to start losing our rights and it's as we're focused on all the wrong things were not having an actual conversation, we're letting politics drive the debate instead of science and Heart Paula politicians are doing what politicians do, grab more power and fly and to try to solve problems that they can't. Let's listen to a couple of things: here's first, the guy who is running for president as a member of the GOP. Here's John case I was talking to a friend of mine this morning, he's a big gun collector. I said: if all the sudden, you couldn't buy an a fifteen. What would you lose? Would I, though, your second amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn't buy a God an a these things that have to be looked at an action has to happen before and look you're never going to all of this
common sense. Gun laws makes sense, okay, take it. Okay, so John, first of all notice, he didn't say what his friend responded and it just shows you don't know. If we're going to have a debate on guns, then half of the country must educate themselves. I cannot. I cannot debate gun if you don't know anything about them. Okay and they are just looks scary. If I put a wooden stock around that gun, it's the same as all the other rifles. It state semi automatic you know what else is it that sounds scary? You know what else is a semiautomatic every thing then cowboy guns.
Let me say it again: everything other than cowboy guns are semi automatic. If I I have two semi automatic handguns, which are normal handguns n other than a six shooter I and have unless less you're New Jersey, thirteen rounds in the in the magazine. If I have two of them. I have almost thirty bullets. That's common core math seems like it would be easy to hold easier to hold to hand guns to where they are fifteen. You get rid of that. You get rid of the a r fifteens you're going to replace them with something else. It doesn't matter. It is not about the gun, it is not about the gun, and I I can't like I just cannot take this. This
Conversation about the AR the AR has been made into this really spooky weapon. You know what put wooden stocks on it. And everybody will go. Well then, that's fine! That's fine! It's not that spooky gun over there he used eroded I might use a term infringe upon HI might be something wow. I don't why I would use that word exactly but important. Word Glenn Beck, Mercury, you're listening to the Glenn Beck program. The second amendment was about muskets gun control works in other countries. Do you know forty percent of all guns sold are sold without background checks? More guns mean more murder.
Mass shootings are becoming more and more common. These massacres burgers are unique to America No civilian needs a weapon of war like the a fifteen. In schools. Do nothing just look at Columbine, stop fear mongering no one's talking about taking your guns away. All of those are answered in a book that I published to your to go control it. Now you can get it on Amazon, you can, you can download it start reading it today. It is every three argument to all of these lies. If you want to have a real conversation about what's happening, and I will talk to you about common sense, I will talk to about things that we can do for people who are mentally ill you're mentally ill. Okay, let's have that conversation should be able to buy a gun. No
now how do we do it? There's a million things that we can talk about before before blaming all of this on the a fifteen. It's ridiculous, it's ridiculous! But let's have that real conversation, and if you want to have it, you need to be armed with the truth and the facts. The name of the book, is control the exposing the truth about guns, make sure you get up. You can find it at Amazon right now. We don't. The problem is not guns, glad. We know the problem. It are males that have no problem. Is that what it is masculinity, this toxic masculinity and as the problem that goes back to my original argument of the hour toxic masculinity? What does that even mean. What does it mean to be a man anymore,. Listen to this toxic max masculinity
is a point that we really have to think about there's a kind of toxic masculinity at the heart of this gun. This gun culture rooted in a min. About who we take ourselves to be Erica, rugged individualism. The government is not going to protect you. We can protect ourselves right and there's a way in which this a r fifteen is actually the weapon of the Minuteman right. There's there's this whole mess around, so we have to begin to imagine ourselves differently. I think we need a revolution of value in this country. The myth around What is there's a myth around the minute man? There's a If around the government can't protect you, that's that's not a myth. The government can't protect you, but love. Tell me how it's protecting these kids in school. Government can protect you. You know the you know there hasn't been any there any shootings at all
with a automatic weapon, any mass shooting since the 1920s yeah, and that proves that gun laws can work because yeah it does because what's happening here. Is they ban the automatic weapons and now you're, seeing these mass shootings but you're not seeing them without a these automatic weapons anymore, that none of them are happening with automatic weapons that proves that gun laws can work, but what eight the mass shootings are happening. They're not with automatic weapons because the we need them, but doesn't that prove. That, if you ban something, go ahead there you ban something, then them shootings will stop with that thing, Yes, yeah just start picking up something else to do those mass shootings. This is a for the left is making right now, but we've been automatic weapons, the shootings. What away? What is your point to stop? mass shootings with the a r fifteen. Maybe you I I guess I mean there's ten million of 'em out there, but maybe you would
back on mass shootings with they fifteen you just increase them with handguns or shotguns or whatever other weapon of choice. Everything you didn't ban or whatever it was already out there, that's how the mass shootings would occur. Why didn't we ban planes why didn't we ban planes twenty years ago. Why did we do that? Because it's not the plane, not the plane. It's the person in control of the plane. That's that's! Why that's? Why? And it's sort of a cultural thing to write. Masher Things are are more common here than in other countries and per capita did those numbers are blown way out of proportion, but it's like if you look at it we mentioned in the break about how sue assassinations were big thing in the 60s and 70s right here and we stand, we took steps and we were able to do things to
so them down, but also they lost their sort of cultural Zeitgeist right, they were not the thing now. Machines. Are the thing here but they're? Not this thing everywhere else: you know suicide has been a cultural thing in Japan forever It's why they're suicide rate, despite the fact they have no guns at all, is higher than ours right. Is suicide bombers in the Middle EAST are the cultural way that really bad people take out there, whatever they want to get out of their system to kill other people in there they do it with car bombs and suicide vests. You have to obvious, We try to minimize these things, but you're not going to stop. If you take away the guns biggest mass shooting in history, I should clarify: all of the biggest mass shootings in history are from government. Gets there unarmed populace, so Take those out, though, if we eliminate, I don't know, the hundred thousand examples of the it's mass shooting being a bunch of governments who just shot a bunch of the people that didn't have guns. It would take all of those out the,
mass shooting in history is in Norway, where the no one there's is no, this tag to get some. How I got I got, I got any still shot, ninety people or whatever it was, and the problem with that was they were sitting to and there was no help coming now this this guy, who talked about the toxic mask it and the myth of who we are. Let's make sure that we understand myths, it's a myth. I will not. I cannot tell a lie. I did father chop down the cherry tree. That's a myth. Why we, I we tell a lie to teach kids about how honest someone is, is remarkable to me: that's a myth. The minute man, that's not a myth, the idea that we are rugged individualists, that don't wait for the government, that's that's who we now that's not who everybody else is who we are at least that's who we were progressives been trying to change that forever help
you can have that conversation. Let's have it honestly that is who we always have been up, probably the last fifty years, and it's really started to grind half of the. He still wants to be that the other half doesn't. Well, we have to have that conversation. It's not a myth. The other thing was that he said. Was you know this myth that the the government can't save you we play another? This is this. Is the chief? If a police, I think, from Broward County pull Polk County Polk County Florida? Listen to this there's no absolutes in life, but I can tell you this. At least two coaches were kill, standing in front of them, trying to protect kids, if you believe it would be a game changer if they had a gun to defend the children, I do here's the basic math,
the average shooter is finished, with his evil deed and two to five minutes. We study these things in fact, and Howard County. It was three minutes. The arab each response is plus five minutes when nine one and call the shooter is on the campus, you can have it that it's too late. We have got to wake up the first responder that term first responders. That's from Jimmy Carter, America, You have to understand. You are the first response Do you know one of the things that we can do to stop these shooters, and this is not this is not a solution. This is a temporary band aid the solution is, let's look inside of our cult. And find out what is rotting us to the core. What is causing
children to want to little children, there's something really wrong here and it's not the gun. There's something really wrong here: okay, here's! What you do. You tell all of the school children and you run drills. You tell all the schoolchildren if somebody comes into the classroom with a gun, everybody, no matter what you have your book bag, your books, your pencils, your pens, whatever you have, you would mediately throw it all of you is as a class. You all throw everything you have added and hue. Where is closest those four people wherever closest get him now that will that will take. Most of the shooting down to maybe one or two killed. Well, we don't
to do that because we're not going to tell whatever what. If it was your kid that was told, get him well he's the first responder he running to protect his life. Didn't we hold and we hold those people up on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Then we then we hold those guys up. Who said get him we did, they were the just respond. Are there was no help coming? No, no! Oh stay in your seat! Wait until we get on the ground, you're not going to get on the ground. The person who walking into that room is planning on killing as many as he can get him. Instead, we teach our kids to hide and wait four five plus minutes they are due and with their shooting between two hundred four minutes. So there is no first response there you Eve,
put armed people in the schools or you teach the kids to stand up and defend themselves, because the police cannot make it in time because they're, not the first race. Is there. The second response you, the first, do you know how many kids we have lost in fires, in schools, mass school fires and since the 1950s. I don't, I don't think any. We have fire drills all the time. How many of us have mass shooter drills, that's much more dangerous right now, then, fires. Many have mass shooter drills and are the drills doing exactly the same thing in in their minds that, let's be honest, if you're my age, when we had a nuclear drill, but we had a missile launch, is anybody remember these it
crawl under your desk? Now I remember those were big heavy steel American made steel desks when steel was steel, Yra member, how heavy those things were, but even in the second grade, I remember thinking this isn't going to help. Don't get the flash this hour going to burn to death? What the hell is that crawl under my desk, you don't think kids are thinking. The same thing give her shit. Let's give her kids a chance. Let's stop with the myth that that the police are the first responders because they're not let stop with the myth that this is because of guns beak. It's not. Are there some common sense things? We can do to make sure that disturbed people do not have guns? Yes, let's have that
conversation, but the should not be the end of the conversation. I don't I think there should be the beginning of the conversation in the beginning of the conversation is what's happening to us. What's happening to our children. That's the beginning. This conversation notice nobody's willing to start there. You know Hollywood. Really, they rallied around cigarette smoke. It's giving me cancer is killing people. Cancer sticks, they're out, nobody is going to smoke, they put it the EVA put it in the ratings again. I've seen it pg e thirteen or whatever second and smoke. Ok, it's in the ratings now. But when they wanted to stop America from smoking, they stopped
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they are the opposite, quite honestly, of what's happening in our society. They are not victims; they refuse to be called victims, women that were early chained by the neck as slaves, and there amazing story of escape an recovery begins tonight at five hundred o'clock on the blaze TV, Glenn, back, mercury love, courage, truth, Glenn Beck should put yourself in his situation for a second, the the traffic
Was unbearable, he had heard the news he felt as a dad it would it was it's going to take forever before I could get to the. School police, cars and police officers die that every foot of the asphalt he rolled the window and he held out a picture of his daughter meadow on his phone. The passing officers, have you seen her. This moment of this dad holding up a photo of His daughter was captured and posted on social media. I think most people saw a father barely hanging on to the last bit of hope that he had that his daughter had survived the shooting some. Only saw his trump Trump two thousand and twenty t shirt. The reactions were instant.
I don't feel sorry for him, an f trump. Maybe he should have thought twice before voting for hashtag terrorist trump. Andrew eventually found meadow. It was every parent's worst nightmare. She was one of the victims of the shooting, and yet the comments continued to pour in. He's pro trump, which means he supports the guy who's responsible for the death of his child. How did we get here? How are we not noticing how how this we're becoming to each other? Both sides.
We now live in a world where it's easier to choose cynicism over compassion, Wheras marquee remark is more satisfying than kind word. You blame it on our phones in our computers. Well, they allow us to Be our worst self really the key! does that or are we doing that. Both sides use the screen is a shield and we hurled grenades that are perceived enemies. How are we blind to the despair in Andrew Pollack, size. How are we blind to the despair in any one who is suffering in this country? Laughed right in the middle, it doesn't matter.
How is it we're only seeing labels or t shirts. I thought about this a lot this weekend. I'm going to say some pretty popular things that I I want you to to listen, an and stew on it. Today it's pride, it's Eragon's. We are so arrogant. We are so proud that our side has. The answer too proud to see past are insignificant differences with each other pride its otherness. If we can
pastor political opinions, how are we ever going to get past the big stuff? We have become so proud so proud that we have the answer and that our answer will alter the very fabric of humanity. We're so proud that we really believe that we can legislate violence out of civilization. Highlands is a consequence of the gift of free will. And the poison in our soul.
Is also a consequence of the gift of free will. We are not God we don't have all of the answers. We've got to stop making this about political positions. And see each other again. The only way that will happen is, if we humble ourselves, but to he over the last few days. The only thing that has been screaming at me is, God will have a humble people. We need humility now more than ever,.
Because we're also convinced that we are right that we stopping, we are not allowing ourselves to see the basic thread: humanity and others. It's Monday February, 19th this the Glenn Beck program once you to ponder this today, all began to lose the minute. We decided we had to win If you know the phrase, God works in mysterious ways, yeah yeah. I really does not really missed.
He is to him but mysterious to us, because sometimes they just don't make any sense. We all began to lose the minute we decided we had to win what. Universal laws go against, I think man's basic nature and that's the point. That's the point: we're not animals. Well, technically, we are our brain and our free will gives us the ability to be something bigger than that. But some reason we or convinced- and we are convincing ourselves and our culture is convincing ourselves too to just be your base. Animal just go for it. What she most good. Do it that's the opposite of where we should be headed who's, pointing up who sang be that, let's re
for the stars, there's something bigger there, something brighter there something better. Our arrogance become so profound. We are all so busy looking down at someone or down on something and that's our problem, because when you spend your whole life, looking down your never looking up to see. What's above you to see, what's in front of you to see, what's possible. Everyone is teaching you look down on them. We all began to lose the minute we decided. We had to win, lose your life to gain your life. What.
When I was younger, I searched for certainty. I feared doubt I don't want to have doubt. I want certainty. I find myself in a weird position to wear. I now fear certainty and I find and profound answers in doubt it is our arrogance and our certitude certitude is is the mortal enemy of tolerance. I'm right they're wrong. Well, if they're wrong, then they have nothing to teach me. They just
sit down and listen. Tell me how that has worked with any of your children. My children have taught me a ton. How Just this weekend, as we were having a father and son discussion, where everything in me wanted to throw him up against the refrigerator. And I told him that hi I am about to throw you against the refrigerator and I don't think that's a wise idea. So why don't we take it down a notch and we did. I learned humility. I stopped trying to win.
If there's only certainty than there is no doubt and without doubt, there's no need for faith is known. There's no mystery doubt is what breathes life into our faith, and how often do we Speak and do we argue about things that we really don't know you've regurgitated from something we've heard, and I don't know I can't make the. Why can't you make the case? It's your job to make the case and if you make the case, stop trying to make the case. How many times. We spoken with absolute certitude. I know these things are going to happen. I know this is true. Own
need to later have a deeper understanding, a diff understanding. We notice that our certitude was misplaced. How many times have we fought for our beliefs. Not knowing or not recognizing or not giving the ultimate power to the idea that the truth and not be vanquished. I may lose this battle, but the truth will win. Humility. Is a surrender to the truth. Because, no matter, how are battle goes the truth winds. How often do we fight? How often do we get on Facebook and say horrible thing
things to each other. Well, I'm not saying horrible things, they're, saying horrible things I got to defend it, I mean, but we've not too we can't lose. This losing is not an option. How many times have you thought it has to be this way and then you lose? I have to have this job. I cannot lose this. I can not, and then you do you lose it. You don't get it. And you're convinced that's the worst thing ever and you later you, oh man. If that would have happened, that would have been the biggest mistake ever.
Our certitude is our enemy pondered a lot this weekend, my God, my god. Why have you forsaken me? This is the guy that Christians believe God. This is a guy who doesn't doubt he knows he doubted he doubted for a frag. We have a second, I'm alone. Why? I have you forsaken me? What did he do. He didn't surrender to his doubt. He surrendered to victory because the die was already cast, the true will win surrender. Humility is seen
and as a weakness, and I don't understand that for a so called God fearing nation, I don't understand how we see humility as a weekness, how we see surrender as a weekness. Humility is not a weakness; it is the key that unlocks the ultimate power of God, the ultimate power of Christ, the ultimate power of the universe, whatever you want to call it, it is, is the ultimate power. What is Luke trying to do to Darth Vader surrender? Just surrender dad put your sword down man you got, I got, Take your mask off in the end you're going to smile at me and say it was all great you say give me all. You did was surrender. We can respond to our unfair treatment. We can respond to people who are
in kind without being bitter. Humility means you don't have the need for vengeance or revenge. Humility means you don't have to act like you're bigger than you are the there. You understand humility, the more you know, God the less. You have to prove. Being humble doesn't mean that you're a pushover, the MO humble man that ever lived was Christ and he threw the table over in the temple. The money changers. It doesn't mean you don't speak with directness. It means that you've checked yourself in your speaking with kindness. You're speaking to another human being that doesn't agree with you and you realize they may have something to teach me. In fact, I you sure they do so. Let's have
conversation. Again, you're left with a paradox: the smaller. The smaller, the smaller you become, the more meek you become, the quieter you become the more effective you become. It actually means that, in the end with humility,. You're, the winner, even though you may have lost that battle America needs to understand a few things. One is that we are more vulnerable to disaster than ever before. Fema has admitted failure. They did this in December. I think, like the 17th right before Christmas, when everybody was
attention to FEMA, they said they're broke, FEMA is broken and don't wait for us the next crisis, because we're not going to be able to do that. Ok, so what does that mean? That means you are the first responder make sure your family is ready, build an emergency food supply today and use my Patre. It's apply the trusted name for self reliance. A2, he come urgency. Food supply is going to get. You started now for this week. Only the it's on sale for sixty seven dollars each. It's a savings of fifty box, two weeks of emergency food supply for sixty seven dollars order now at one eight hundred nine hundred and seventy seven five hundred and forty two or online at prepare with Glenn dot com. My patriots, by eight hundred nine hundred and seventy seven five hundred and forty two or prepare with Glenn dot COM,
Glenn Beck, mercury, Facebook and Twitter are not sure I think if it was, if it was it wasn't for this job. I don't think I would be on it, I don't know, it makes me feel awful. It makes me believe less in people yeah. That's the part that I recently crystallized to me is at it's, not just that people say dumb things or that, like the there's, a knowing people out there it makes me makes me have less of a hope for the future of the country for the future of humanity, because you see these people constantly saying things that it's almost like, there's no possible way. They could believe them. There's angry vicious
things that don't make any sense and they defend to the death and it's like. If those are the people in the real world, we have no chance, and I, I think, that's uh. It's a somewhat emotional response to it in that, like I, don't really hope at least that those aren't really how people are people may be different on the internet and they don't care I don't know, I know Tonya Tonya. If I could you internet like Tonya, does she's just connected with their family and friends. And is she, I don't ever really hear her, get outraged on the internet, she's always laughing, because her friends will always center. You know funny cat videos or whatever and so she's always laughing hi. Am I you but we will sit next to each other and I'll be reading stuff for work. She'll just be going through Facebook for her friends and stuff she'll be laughing and I'll be like all my gosh. I can't take this anymore. It's a totally different experience. Yeah I uh now I was I was following.
Of the of the onion one of the onion sites yeah. I just started I added a couple of theirs to my twitter feed up and I realize that The only thing that I ever get in there that I really liked laugh at It is a lot of time just completely nonsensical, but I don't get any of that from the internet. I don't get any of the good things that it supposed to deliver. We should destroy it destroyed now I don't like it Glenn back, mercury. Is the Glenn Beck program. So I see black Panther over the weekend, apparently with everyone else in America over two hundred million dollars to me already really good now I sat in the fourth row, so I have to go see it again because- haven't seen a movie in the fourth row. Since I was about eight, and I saw it on a big- you know wow.
And who is so, it was a little distorted. It was like I went and I was drunk it was like. I think that is somebody just killed somebody it was. You go to a theater with no assigned seating and it's not very cold. Did it was the only ones we could find ways we could find? so we went in and I really it was strange because let me speak as white man here paid the one thing that in stew- and I were just talking about this- I don't I guess I don't under stand the the that there are no black super heroes or anything. I just never noticed it yeah, that's it's! It's! Our white prove
yeah. I know in a weird way this like a real example of it, and that, like I honestly when they were like all of the black superheroes come out like I never noticed there weren't any or were there none, I don't know. Will Smith was in a movie except he was a drug dealer here, yeah you know, and that was horrible. It was horrible. I those okay all right, but I'm not a big superhero fan anyway. So I'm not in that world war. I dissect it like a lot of people do so it is it is. You know the the strength of that came from Africa and you know all of this stuff that is, you know is like for you know, watching it and I'm like ok. This is kind of like Thor. You know there there's. You know the mythological gods that came down and you know ok, so I guess, the super super white people had for you know, african Americans have black Panther. So I guess but I really liked it.
I was struck. I will struck that it is probably be the most healthy movie. I have seen in a very, very, very long time healthy. I do. I think it is it. First of all, it is the story. You know you know this stone are really going over it, but not in case your and not someone who listens all you know, you're someone who just tuning in for the first time here, everybody like a I would like to. I wanna see black Panther and on to say that I'm not going to building you'll blow something 'cause, you always blow something of every movie. You talk about so just this is your warning. If you're going to go see it this week in you're, worried about spoilers use now I should be boil it. You say but every time and every time you say well, this doesn't give anything away, but obviously the guy dies at the end, and you just wrecked it with the guy is so so
here's? What I was gonna say this is, you know the world according to me. I think this the story of Malcolm X and Martin Luther king. Both thought they had really good points. One was right. One was wrong one one one didn't but Is it's the same argument of March. Luther King and and Malcolm X, and I thought it was really important if you stay after the trailers. Are you stay after the titles, but you know they always give you a preview of the next movie that is Matt should be that should be played at the top of the hour of every cable news, broadcast it on every free I mean on you know, the Whitey White Network and bet should be played in entirety at the
top of every hour until we get it. I mean it's, it's it's good, it's a good message and it's not the message that we're hearing everywhere and suddenly. Is it your description and make it seem like it's somewhat uniting and it's being used as this divisive thing, where very nice white people are saying I want to root, was suck the black joy out of the room by going to the movie as a white person, white people are, as a white person you're going to you're going to learn things about black culture. I guess that, maybe you didn't really see, may you heard but you've now you didn't it just it it. It speaks a day, different language and one that you can understand and you're like. I know I really never thought of it that way exact, I never noticed that what interesting and it still, but it's not it's an Imessage movie right, I'm not going to go in there and like.
I think it is a message movie, but it's a message of light, but also it's a good movie yeah. It's a great move, us good action scenes. It's a good, it's a good to super hero. It's grain, free, the the I mean, do the visuals on it are great. I think it's even going to change. I think it will change clothing. I think you will see clothing styles in the african american community change and if what you get that one for free anybody who is in the clothing industry for african american huge textile industry, to hear that, what I'm telling you, the the the the costuming, I think will change fashion. I I was watching the slam dunk contest, which I'm sure you did as well all my gosh this year, but that one one of the guys put on a black panther mask for one of his dunks like it's like it's one of those things, that's really penetrating beyond it's easy. You know I I ii, he did
I don't think I really understood it until I went and I was like ok come on, there's been black ass before there's been, you know, blood and now not not like this. Now this. This is groundbreaking. This is a this. Is a history making movie. And because of that, it will win every single award, but it is also really good. So let me I'm just thinking if I should. Let me go to the Olympics for a second, oh yeah target sports. This is never a good idea. I know. So you're going to ruin movies and talk sports in the same break. I can take it so here's the thing. Have you ever seen, Johnny Weir, you know Johnny queries you're, not watching the other,
so I've watched zero minutes of the Olympics. So I don't care about Johnny Weir, and I don't I don't care about it. Who is, he can explain, he's a olympic figure skater. I guess okay. And they're, making a really big deal out of this guy whose politics are uber. Uber left these the he's the one of the american Skate- this is the guy yeah. I thought I do I'm not going to make my whole thing about MIKE Pence and right now, hey that guy yeah, what a jerk he is. Okay, first of all yeah He said himself off there for me and I was like ok, I got I know you are. Then he did an interview after one of his skates and you know the lady was interviewing image and he said well,
She said what were you thinking? He said that I had to buy any very sarcastic that I had to do this interview because you're wearing a necklace that that is a statement piece and she was like ah ok but what we back till you're skating. What were you thinking and he said I'm not here to explain witchcraft, ok, shut up. Shut up. Can you be a normal human being for a second right all right now? You might know that this is your fifteen minutes of fame that we need to probably all of your income for the next thirty years, while he skating Johnny Weir. Is this guy he's very flamboyant, and and it's not that I don't care, I don't care, I don't pretty dresses or anything else is that nobody is, I think, aloud to notice he's he's dressed like a woman, he looks like a woman he's wearing you know a woman's top and a Jew. Pack it in the every Bing any looks like a woman, and my kid walking in there like I did,
who Johnny Weir was dad. Is that of man or a woman, and I said yes, I don't know The proper answer is how dare you even notice? How dare you so so here's the thing Johnny, Weir, apparently everybody knows who he is. I'm out of touch He knows who he is so Johnny. Where is always been this way he's he's very flamboyant. When this guy is skating, this other guy is skating they're, making such a big deal out of him being you know, groundbreaker and and he's while there never saying that he's gay just say he's gay and he's you know about apps, you know, and everybody knows he's get whatever, but it's not like. We've never had gay skaters. Before I mean it's like Johnny, you skated, I mean it's
and I don't think you were fooling anyone if he were in the closet at the time. Nobody believed it. Nobody believed it. And I don't know why it is such a big deal now and he was talking about bravery of him and how is it brave? How are you brave if, Everyone in your power circles agree with you endorse, you hold you up as a hero? That's not bravery. Johnny, you were brave, you were brave who well if you would have come out or you were his flamboyant as you were. You were being brave when it wasn't ok to be gay. Now it bravery now bravery, just let the man skate,
but the basket and maybe not maker about his sexuality and let's not make his, let's not make it about politics or anything, just skate, damn it scape by, for example, it's not necessarily a brave act to be in african american baseball player today, but man, Jackie Robinson, was freaking for exactly right like exactly right. So perhaps a crossed that threshold, where will not be brave, to make a black superhero movie with an all black cast, and you know all black behind the scene that will be brave in ten years. That's not gonna be right, yeah right, it is not all now yeah, it's not then, and I I just hi I he I I don't know. Maybe it was just me I I I mean I'm still mourning the loss of you know the: U S, S, r, that we, you know I something to root for now. It's like I don't know. I mean I guess the fin
ok, I don't know why you have the olympic athletes from Russia which, by the way, are not the russian Olympic team. Those are just a nothing athletes that happened to come from Russia, not the team. By the way. Uh there's something else. I don't understand. Well, I don't understand curling in the first place, but the Olympic CAFE eats from Russia were caught. You steroids on curling team. Now I do about anybody else, but curling, I think, could be done with a beer in your hand on the whole, why why are you doing steroids? You slide? That's all! It's really all you're doing. I don't. Again, I shouldn't talk sports ever
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My daughter was telling me about a store she went into here in the Dallas area over the weekend and they've they've decided to sell only products that are made without slave labor and she was talking to lay and she said the you know the the the number one thing that people and say what do you mean Mavis slave labor? There no slaves anymore. She said she had to to explain to so many people yeah, it's a bigger problem that it's ever been there first leaves today in chains. Then there were there were they in the four hundred years of the western slave trade combined yeah combined, I mean that's, that's that's a remarkable on when
day we're going to give you a report of some of the things are being done in the Middle EAST as slaves. The regarding our organ harvesting. No one is talking about this. We have done a study on it and it's it's pretty hair raising will tell you about that and tonight it a three part special, and it is three women that I met in Mexico City that were literally chain around their necks slaves. Their stories are just unbelievable, but it's the reason why I have them on tv this week is because the story of recovery they are the strongest women. I have ever met for slaves to
literally Forbes one hundred most powerful women in Mexico. They they're their remarkable remarkable. And to see their story and to I I asked them each to hold up a blank piece of paper at the end and They said they said their name, and they said you know. My name is so and so and I was a slave, but I my story, my life story is a blank page and only I can write it. That's a total, the different message than what's happening now. Yeah, I mean me too, is a message of victimization. It's important, there's a lot of things that are having that a really positive out of it, but this idea that you know this- this terrible thing happened to me too, is the opposite message of what, these women in mexico- I have dealt with it. All of their stories are far worse than I think anything that we've heard they were talking. Torture
for a period of years, you, you June you, you will be inspired I'd for a couple of minutes, but inspired by these women tonight, five o'clock only on the blaze Tv Glenn back mercury, love, courage, true Glenn, back this. Is This is an amazing day. We now have a few of the details on what could be possibly the largest and most successful intelligence operation aimed again our country in decades, and I don't think it was really paying attention to it. The Muller investigation is finally delivering now this. What we've been waiting for, and, quite frankly, frankly, desperately needing ever since the into
since community assessment was released to the public over a year ago. There's a thirty Evan page indictment. It names, thirteen, individual Russians and three russian businesses. The operator, involved multiple shell companies in order to mask their actions and hide the funding. Several hundred employees worked around the clock on shifts on social media shifts and the internet in addition to that, several agents were sent to the United States to gather intelligence. In some cases, cool rallies were actually organized and promoted thousands of miles away from offices in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now this could be a galvanizing moment in our country. We have been attacked by a hostile country. We all the names and the faces and the people that did it, but are we going let that stop us from bickering, of course not
the left is saying see, Putin, Love Trump gave him the election the right will send. This proves Trump is innocent, fake news, fake news, fake news, and we won't get anywhere first of we say this. If anybody actually believe thirteen Russians swung the election they're delusional. If anybody swung the election, it's Muller himself. It's a me that did it. Trump won because he appealed to millions of people who have been ignored for years. You can like it or not like it. It doesn't matter, that's the fact he and also against the worst candidate in modern history? That's why you want to say the Russians. Love Trump is completely misreading the evidence. Yes, they supported campaign, but they also supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, basically supported anyone other than Hillary. They were okay with anyone, but Hillary.
The Russians, more importantly, wanted us to doubt our government doubt our own ears and eyes doubt what we think we knew they want chaos. They want us to eat one another. If we weren't so polarized and media wasn't no the one with the giant fork, we would easily see this. Friday's indictment was a critical first step in finding out what happened, but we, as we now need to work on fixing whatever it is. That made this so easy for the Russians to pull off our it blinders much come off both the right and the left. We have to put together and heal. If we don't, we are setting ourselves up for a bigger attack very very soon.
It's Monday February 19th. This is the Glenn Beck program, Michelle mom. Michelle Myers is a mom of seven. She lives in Buckeye, Arizona, she's, a former Texas. Beauty queen. She has never left the United States, that's it In fact to remember, when we speak to her, she has been diagnosed at the Mayo clinic with with a couple of diseases. One of them is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and that causes her to easily bruise rupture blood vessels, painful joints it saints easily dislocated. It's really really painful the the things she has I never heard of, and I
I believe for anybody who has been to the doctor over and over and over again I like. Well, I can't see anything here. The this has to be really frustrating. He has blinding headaches, but in the three different occasions she has woken up. The first time with an irish accent. She had that for awhile. The second time she had an australian accent. And now she has a british accent, I gotta believe people would say, cheats faking it now. She she has a rare disease, that's the what is it the foreign axe? I came foreign accent syndrome, I didn't even know it existed and she's here to tell us about it, hello, Michelle. How are you hello bag get good morning? How old
is it for you, too, to sound, as you described like Mary Poppins and you're, not trying to not talk said the thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to speak for people whose voices pun intended are not being heard exactly. Second, the Mary Poppins things done. It came from everyone. He makes me think that I'm to someone else well, I'm not I'm a very proud, and that can talk to so Michelle who, how this do you literally just wake up and who were irish, how long it? How long do these spells? Usually last the first one was in twenty eleven and actually allow people. I really want to make this clear. Some people think I kind of fell asleep and,
look up innocently and you know, like my apartment, skipped off into the sunset, but that's not exactly how it happened. I actually have what's called humus, vedic migraine which paralyze you down the side can call do. I need also very painful, I'm from and it and other things I lay down 'cause, I had a headache I had thrown up. I could barely see my eyes so I lay down when I told my doctor that I didn't feel well. He kept telling me all hot hormone problems, so I think back. I left. I next it popped up and it was like, I tried to say, child voice. All of a sudden is irish. Sound came out of my face and I've just talked talked. Okay, I know there are millions of people in America that have, you know, have diseases and have problems that nobody can diagnose and
they just feel I mean you get to a to where you're like it look. I I'd rather have you tell me that I have cancer? Then you nothing. You know because you, like I, I'm not making this up band. How how long did you did the doctors immediately know, or did doctors start to say? Okay, Michelle I mean I mean yeah did they know automatically what this was? I never heard of that and I never a lot Mayo Clinic and some other people have made reports about it, but I never went to the Mayo clinic some of that can't report did and it's just because different facilities are commenting on the stars that can come, get messed up there. Ok on wait. I didn't go to the doctor for years, because I literally thought I was crazy. I thought that lately mentally just wrong with me, which is what everyone thinks. The other thing is it's, I don't know why it was coined in one thousand. Nine hundred and seven by a neurologist
last Memory- P Ann Marie. He called for action center because what you here for me sounds kinda symphony and it sounds like I'm from somewhere else. However, it is a speech impediment due to something that traumatic happens to your body so you wouldn't see someone who has a stutter. We would all be in like a to about that, but when it's people like me and then all other people. Like me, I know them personally. We've met your social media and things and we get thrown under the bus by physicians and doctors and healthcare people in we asking for help. It's not just me. I speak for a little microcosm of people who have had that happen. So yep, my daughters, but they sent me to a neural psychologist psychiatrist. You know all that stuff so. Yes just one more question on this and then a but paper did you but mean it is it's
it's a consistent accent. So it's not like a stutter or slurred speech or reading it. I mean it's consistent accent in before it was irish and then Australian did it. Was there any influence in your life that put that or is just really mechanical. No I've had people even contact me and say Michelle Eugene? I have memory and sells so perhaps what happened is some type of reset? Some divine rethought have happened, there's also and we have people that are like, I see a dead, english woman wrapped up in your body, none of the that some guy actually contacted the news yet and they, let me know if you want to do an exorcist on, because he felt some dead lady, Britain, I'm not Jesus put pair, though
I don't have that it's frustrating, because people think that it is consistent that people in the f I s community, we have a community, our actions will sometimes be picked out and sometimes the let us fix- and sometimes it depends on if we have migraines headaches or another stroke, some traumatic thing that happens your brain in any way, logically, at all it can't change it contains sounds sound. Is walking tape intensity? Well? Can this just go away on you. Can you can you not mine? I haven't had my leave and three years that I'll start to finish up when I actually lost the eight day and the next one lasted for just barely like afternoon and then into and in fifteen on my in May, it's been three years. It'll be made three of the night. It's fascinating, I mean because you have a very
yeah, but you'd have to have the knowledge of the access right, like people who grow up with an english access because they're hearing it constantly, and obviously you Jackson's in your life, but to to to be able apply it to every word, you're trying to say all the time. How did doctors explained the how do they had a doctors, explain that? Well, that's the thing that why we do need more people to re, and we, if you think about it, globally, if it around one hundred people in all the billions of people that we have and that's just reported, because I know me people that they haven't reported anything the seven, I've gone through people blame it on my homophones of blame it on. I need anxiety, medication, all these the things, but there was a catalyst, there's always a catalyst. Peep all of those report, there was a brain trauma, some people, even if it was even the lady with cancel surgery. She actually had a drug that also her mind. Put her out. So everything
So it is no a sorry that, like I want to think like I was in my life. Mention. Other news, media outlets, yeah, yeah yeah, that's fine, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Well of my, I love my first actually quite offended because on the with Kelly and Ryan, so they got hold of my sorry. I did not talk to them, so I guess they decide. Read it on their morning. Show they Kelly ended up, saying she would like to throw herself down the add it all to sound. Like me and Ryan said back, I like Madonna and other people, and they live some place. They have the accent. That is that that greatly offensive. We have to struggle so hard. They are people who lose their jobs because their voices switch so much these people. Families I have children, they have live life like to leave. We've got to get. We have. Why? Because we have neurological issues that are going on and no one can really so yeah I mean it's really. It was very hot. I we'll will tell you this Michelle, I mean a
No, the british accent does I mean, there's worse accidents to have, and no so it's if, if you're looking from the outside and you're like oh, if I could to pick an accent, people think I'm smarter and everything else. However, he eat what we will do you know if you joke, like that, what you don't recognize is this: isn't your choice and I read something from you: you said that you you videos of you with your kids and it's the. Can you explain that yeah I and I believe in the Lord and when I was that ten years older told me about my fast daughter that people, I read it in a little Jenner, like a little girl does and when I got older, I had that child and she is now twenty two years old, all of my children. He told me their name and particularly I have twin boys that fourteen now I mean them Tyler I can
how long to play that are on the end of the name, and Everyone would be like that. Such a silly thing to be upset about. I named him because his name that meant builder by the Lord. He has this build thing in him and so for me, speak guessing over my son. It was very important to name him when I felt God told me name in prayer, so now when I can't send it to announce this some of the children's names when I say them, but it sound, like my heart, said them while they were in my womb and so there's a little bit of agree fair, because I did not choose to this hearkens me. I'm also survivor of sexual assault, it. Well, it's not drastic and violence: okay, not mana. It was taken from me and not put people lose about this whole thing, there's so many thousands of jokes on the internet and terrible things going on. I didn't do this on purpose. No one did. Michelle, I I'm I'm thrilled up to you and and get your perspective on this
here that you and your husband are the show and listening in the show, and and oh good, Lord. No, I don't have a husband, you don't have nasty rumor, oh really. I thought wow, okay! Well, then you're available and our little sparingly well that brother, your brother, your brother, okay, and he listed you for so many years. Right running around here like he has have in mind because something phone well younger brother. You know me well will thank you so much, and I I can't imagine and we'd love to hear from you again if, if it, if it goes away, we'd love to hear from you and if anybody to be listening and, and has this to you, do you have a way for people to contact you? Well, they also different groups that people have sprung up. One way to contact me. Obviously it's just two website. You can put the slide. Twenty five dot com
really easy, and I try to lead people in the right direction. I thank you for helping me get a voice to it, but it's really about chronic illness and baby do illnesses that I know. So we just thank you for this opportunity to talk about, but thank you so much Michelle! God bless you, okay! Thank you! So much all right! She was Ryan this, like the first time we've ever had one of these things that we were the ones that I know that I was like what if we said what it all right anyway, there's one thing that you really need to understand right now, we are more vulnerable to disaster than ever before. If you look at the federal government as the first responder FEMA in this amber, it may failure they said, FEMA is broke and broken and Americans need to prepare for the next disaster because we will not be able to provide that was
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Glenn Beck, Mercury Glenn that Sarah do we have the the audio and video of of Michelle Myers. Her brother took a of go tape, go ahead and roll a little bit of this. This is her. Apparently, this is her. This is her in the hospital it causes extraordinary. Paying imagine that I just can't imagine that and. You know sometimes the reason why she wanted to come on is big. She wanted to talk about people with undiagnosed, you know
diseases and people who are going from doctor to doctor and they can't find out what is wrong with them. And- and I will tell you I- I have a video similar- not that intense similar to that from when was under with anesthesia. My wife took a video of it. My doctor was okay, well, yeah, alright, right, okay, you got the you know this and that and you know not knowing what it was I going for some surgery for something else and under anesthesia I start to come out and it just the pain shoots off the. Off the charts that I normally have not from surgery and- and it was like finally came conscious and he was all the nurses were holding me down and everything else that I'm like. Okay with he said. Okay, I believe you and my wife
captured it on video at so we could take it to other doctors because they think that you're faking it you know the only way I can prove it is now with that video going look at theirs, I'm not conscious, there's no way. I did that is This is what happens to me and it's horrible, because you go from doctor to doctor and they they just don't know, and she wanted to come on because, if you're in that situation- and I to have her on for this, don't give up don't give up it's. You know. The doctors only know what doctors know and there is hope back in a minute, Glenn Back mercury.
This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome pat gray into the studio does Pat Gray unleashed in about one slash two hour on the please. Can we just get something clear? Yeah, it's not about Democrats and Republicans it's this is a non partisan issue. I didn't a it is a non partisan issue. It's not about Democrats or Republicans. It's it's not about left and right it's a right and wrong. This is about stopping this. This is about doing. Can we finally do something? Well what we do something to finally stop the slaughter? Can we do something with you in the sense needed to do something is common commons, and is it really that's a great? May I just point out, thank you, and may I just put out the last time there was a big tragedy that we just did something- we went to war,
and here I am eighteen years or so happy about it. Yes, seventeen years later that might have, we might have wanted to spend a few more minutes on that saying it. I I'm a little concerned about this, because this involves kids marching on on Washington. Now next month I guess so yeah it's going to be huge. That's going to be huge! An you've got these parkland kids out there who are sixteen years old and they know right. They know better than the adults I just saw an interview. Were the adults are screwing things up? The adults can't get this done. Oh okay, yeah, let's listen to the teenagers with all their life experience. Let's, let's do that now! That's a brilliant idea, usually a good way, not a good way to solve the problems. Lottie any problem. Little on this one, if I may quote Al Gore and the progressives there are things- are kids know that your parents just don't know. Oh and that's going to be encourage
yeah, I I will say this. I had a conversation with my family this this weekend. It's not unusual for me to say these things, but I said the kids. I think we're on the verge of of losing the second amendment. It may mean it may mean civil war, I'm not sure what it means Glenn. We all love the second amendment nobody likes the second amendment more than I do really, but but what we got to do something so well and there's nobody there to say: there's nobody that understands and loves rights more than me, the bill of rights, in the second amendment, but but there are some rights that we may have to lose well yeah there. There are restrictions on all of these right. None of them, none of these rights are infinite. None of these rights are
all inclusive, for example the second man in the sure it's about bearing arms, but you know what to say: if we had a little bit of a restriction in which you could not bear are, a long thing like that was yeah right, something what it what it, what the what I know the freeze you shall not be infringed, but what, if we just infringe a little bit right? Well, yeah? What? If we just take our word not out? Okay infringed that works perfectly hang on just a second, let's find some common ground here I am. I am willing- and I think it's sane and common sense to say- and I don't know the ramifications but to say this: let's have a serious conversation about eight to have a a order on guns or a or you are you? Are doctors are concerned about you with guns to make sure that that's
ported, so you can't have access to guns, at least for awhile, that goes through a court process. Does your core process some something that something that, clearly put out so like if you've got mental illness. Yes, then we go through doctor, but how does that affect the family members with guns in your house? because I don't know why you say: that's why I said you we we we have to. I know that we have to have that discussion right, there's a lot there to to be hashed out. There is, I think, We're talking about this? I think California has something like this David French had written a column about this recently saying that that something may be conservative could get on board with which is just like just like you. Like a I'm in there's always opportunity for abuse with these things. He has knowledge, but just like you have a restraining order against abusive husband, who's, not convicted necessarily of the crime yet, but there is a skate
So there's a temporary restraining order to keep that person away from you. So I think if you start push posting internet, you know the interview to comments that saying I'm going to be a school shooter maybe be at least the temporary way to act on that, because right now you know unless you do something in less you're convicted of a criminal too, and it's not going to go away. So I can understand that makes me very First, though I will say, I mean the slippery slope there. They, the guys name, they had his statement, he couldn't find him and then the car, no, no, no, no, they they had two times they couldn't find once, but then they got a tip from somebody this broke after the show on Friday, the guy they got a tip from some man in Florida. Who said, I know this person here is his name. He has these guns and they still do. He is all my gosh here is a set up yeah and what the issue was it and- and the FBI admitted this- we didn't follow protocol. It should have been
forwarded to the Miami Bureau to do then I mean so yeah. Well, the power to follow up a guy and you didn't do it so here's the here's, the problem. Well, if they wanna follow protocol. They would have had this guy if they would have followed pro all in the air force, we would have the Texas yes, you know I mean if you just follow Protocol how many of these things are taken off if you're not going follow protocol when the matter, and God does not, it doesn't matter yeah, it doesn't matter, and I talked about improved background checks. I'm not sure what that means, but I don't mind if you improve, background check, depending on what that entails in. If you about you, gotta wait two weeks or seven weeks or six months or something then that's a problem I see like to it will have a further further. Reaching right like they would look into more records and find more people that were not qualify
and then you're into the HIPAA laws which yeah came from Hillary Clinton. So we talk to her about that. You can't really release these records to people right. I mean again so there there should be a trip wire that somebody is dangerous if it if a doctor is going you're going through therapy in there like he should not be around guns then you know that should be put on with a time. You know variants. Somebody has to take it off. You know that it alerts the doctor at some point every three months or something so he has to continue to renew it or it falls off, but there should be something there that if, if you're under psychiatric care, that it is reported yeah. This entire strategy, though from the left when it comes to these incidents, because not trying to solve any of these other problems, they're only going after guns. Why? Because their goal has nothing to do. I don't think with the victims that has to do with them,
after said, I think, like their strategy is wait for the tides of emotion to a eventually solve this problem for them, and not you happening now. Yeah I mean I. It is something that you have an example of it like that. I'm using these kids to try to make the rest of the country emotional too, so they say our believing whatever the left believes Sous Pixel, the FBI pulled in four kids on what was it Friday run in 4k one was a teenager, I think from Washington State his grandmother had red his diary where he was making a list- and we talked about that- and so they they arrested four kids on Thursday night or Friday after the shooting, and all this is going to take. Is you know one or two really bad shootings, and
I just don't think you're gonna eat spirals its pilot of control out of control. This is an interesting site. I thought about this. This is a real few for your point. If you actually care about the second amendment think about the changes that have happened on our political divides. Here you know things like you know: people both sides have switched on who likes Russia and who doesn't right. Aka was a thing that you could not even think about endorsing just a few years ago or a few months ago, as a conservative, and now it's the position of the party right. These things have happened fast and I think a lot of times these big political positions that that look like their principles. Gay marriage for the for the Democrats, you know Hillary Clinton, get on stage is that it's a foundational moral principle of mine that marriage is between a man and a woman, and then it's not all of a sudden they're fighting Lee on the other side of that because of the winds of change, because the winds of change- and this is one of those- things that what the reasons for that is a just the generic political partisanship right where p
will just pick their size and they fight against each other and be except in this case too, because this isn't about my decision is this is not about Republican and Democrat, and the other side is just what site is the winning argument? Where do you find the win, an it? enough emotion and enough pole, The win here will be on the side of take guns away. Well, that's what happened in Australia because it grows in shrine as a constitutional right, five years old, so docile, it's stopped them so far, but I don't think it's a blast. So did anyone else have this conversation, because you would never get it through as to repeal the the amendment you never get it through 'cause. It would take too long. It's too long of a process. Everything is made to slow things down, so I just well I mean, but they did prohibition so before I just I understand how most Americans feel about the second amendment in the constitution
No, that that's not a winning strategy. That's why everybody started out with. I love this second amendment as much as the next guy but yeah, but Didn't go that route, so I mean if they can take the second amendment out. And do it constitutionally we're in a whole different world, we're in a whole different world, you'll start to lose all kinds of rights. However, did anybody else think this weekend gosh. What do I do? They come knocking at your door for guns. What do you do? Cuz, I'm I'm not going to shoot people know I'm not, but I'm but I'm not going to give them up. I don't know what I don't know where that leaves you and Jan, which yeah, I think, does and then then, and then what I mean, how how many people would, go to jail? You know it's kind of like you know, I'm so I'm small Gov and you know low taxes, I'm conservative
institutional, is yeah, be right. Well, let's look at the last few elections. You know how many people really are understandably committed totally committed to the constitution, who aren't nut job who weren't like ai revolution, you know to mean then, and no one seems to care about it. I think so far. Traditionally it's been a republican position to defend the second amendment, but why it's not which could happen so as we could have knowledge to the minute. This could happen at any minute that Republicans become the Anti Gun party at any minute. So I mean because there's not a principle there as we've seen: that's not what it's about. So it's the point that could switch, and that is, I mean then you're going to lose these rights because right, I think, you're right repealing the second amendment been insanely difficult. I wonder how difficult it would be for them to pass a sense another amendment to modify the second amendment if they went after certain
parts that start with gun ownership searching a long time, but I bet I bet you it would have the overwhelming support in the polls. I bet you think so after it and have a good 'cause. I think the issue with the second moment now is even if they that's one of these laws with the court. The way made There's a good chance. It gets overturned anyway is unconstitutional, but the path of least resistance is the continuation of we've got to do something. We've got to do common sense reform and that's how they should be using any using a chill form any using of children and the march. Oh, my god, imagine if you could high school students would have organized themselves to March against. The debt under Obama, which affects them enough of this debt. If, if that would have been organized at all at all, no I mean, and if I ever level it was organized, turned into what we said, the tea party that will use to slant, site elections right now, all that, but think of this remember what they said: they're using their church
they're they're abusing their children with it that what about this? What about this are those kids going to bust them? elves there. Are they organizing this or are there other part? Is there going to be helping organize that you can guarantee there are other Bloomberg's? Oh yeah organizational, you know their pumping millions into this yeah. I'm sure we're going to be spending some time talking about this tonight at five hundred and thirty on the news and why it matters. I don't think, there's much in the news today that matters more than guns and gun control, but we'll talk about that
it's going to talk about on his show, coming to watch both versions by the way, with your subscription to Theblaze TV, the news? What matters at five thirty pm had great unleashed is coming up here, just a few moments on both place: radio and tv, just when you thought cyber criminals couldn't stooping lower their now, stealing and selling social security numbers and other per information of infants. Why because you can take out a mortgage apply for credit cards, receive government benefits and you can live as that person for years. Then, when your children grow up and they start to apply for like a drivers license, they realize wait. I mean how much debt white, why hold it? What there's How many threats now in today's connected world- and it takes one weak link for criminals to get in good thing, the new who improved Lifelock identity theft, protection ads?
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truth about guns. This is a book that I wrote when So you know everybody was saying that Obama was going to come for the guns and we saw the writing on the wall and it's not Obama. It is the progressive left they they will not stop until the second amendment is not just infringed but obliterated and if you're going to have this argument and believe me, I I fear that this could be a civil war. If things continue to spiral, I I hope to God not, and I don't know what to even say about that. But if, if you we're going to have an argument over it. You must be educated control was co written. We had several people
popping out, one of them is Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman, who is just he's, he's the leader in the Pentagon about the killing and and about weapons and then also John Lot help write this. So these this is the the definitive sir to all of the arguments that you're going to hear. Please go to Amazon an grab it now. It's my boo control, exposing the truth about guns, and we will see you tonight ablaze with more on that at five and five hundred and thirty only on the blaze Tv Glenn, Beck, Mercury,
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