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'Arrogance and Insubordination'? - 6/15/18

2018-06-15 | 🔗
Hour 1 IG report on the FBI...Glenn tells us what it all means...all of this for an arrogant, corrupt politician (Hillary Clinton)...this report eviscerates Comey...lots of 'provable' lies here...If Trump had lost, would this report have come out? ...Supreme Court Justice Mike Lee?? ...Lindsey Graham vs. Bill of Rights...where's your 'due process'?...'civil asset forfeiture' = governmental seizing...Case in point: Chicago, Illinois? ...LGBTQ people by the numbers?   Hour 2 Death threats because of a selfie?...Miss Iraq and Miss Israel: A scandal? ...Bill O'Reilly gives us his take on the IG report release and what it means?...sloppy and biased...'smoking gun' not expected...the difficulty in proving 'political bias'...corruption at the highest level against Donald Trump...crime and conspiracy at the highest levels...Trump's trade war heats up?...will tariffs kill the economy?...Singapore Summit = Big Win for Trump (World)    Hour 3  Paging Doctor Glenn Beck...a Climate Change Emergency has been declared by the city of Berkeley, California...Climate change and Nazism are one and the same?... 'greatest crisis in history'...Gay libertarian and political columnist Brad Polumbo joins Glenn to discuss his recent article at GlennBeck.com...The Masterpiece Cake shop ruling is actually a win for LGBT rights...how? ...Glenn has lost the key to the box holding 'The Gettysburg Address'?...locksmith needed...just like 'National Treasure'?

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The blaze radio network on demand back, are no political bias. That's the catch rates Is it going to were no political bias, officer of the office of the inspector general found no evidence that there is any point. The call that played any role either with former director call me or the other FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation. So it's all good. Now carry on another- to see here? No, no, no, no hold on. There are a few highlights of the five hundred and sixty eight page report: probably are worth a discussion. The report thanks. It really really clear. There is no evidence of political bias influencing this investigation.
So why did they take five hundred and sixty eight pages to make that point? Because this really it's really not harder, there's nothing going on why have almost six hundred pages. That say I otherwise nothing going on Well, if you read this, I think what they, honest to understand, is how difficult it is to prove political bias. Think the inspector general wants us to read this report in its entirety and read between the lines and here a view of the highlights The first inform Firstly, the report: straight out. If James call me now the most controversial decisions President Trump has made so far has been his decision to fire, the former FBI director now let imagine just where, second, that Trump Never did that
call me was still sitting in his desk at the Hoover Building yesterday. I, almost guarantee you that after the release of this report yesterday call me would have been fired by this morning. Now here are just a few of the quotes that the Idee uses to explain his behavior strong ordinary an insubordinate not reasonable in aged in an ad hoc decision making Serious errors of judgment it go, on and on and on and on. This report destroys always behaviour, there is no way that is true patent fired him. He could have remained FBI director the report also goes on to analyze the behaviour of several FBI agents that were involved in the Clinton administration. There was struck and page, but the butt
two of the five employees that showed questionable behaviour either. Through text messages or instant messaging if you read the text and the transcripts pretty damning instructs case. His bias could have the delay in analyzing the contents of Anthony Wieners laptop- and I want to explain this later, but Let me just emphasise it could have but as the oh, I e g eludes Politicks bias is really hard to prove now another age and that have been caused caught, saying questionable things and instant messaging was: actually one of the agents that conducted the Hillary Clinton Interview in the interview be. Oh, I e seems to acknowledge that the FBI, Ah Hilary in a lie and still let her go
political bias. Why? Because it's hard to prove that story is fascinate. So if you read this, do you see a theme here? Hilary train just keeps on rolling she's gonna a court room for the fourteen fell, since time, but as is the common theme for the entire Clinton family it those around them that suffer the most the. B, I has been tarnished people, of lost their jobs agents, have been humiliated and all of this for an area. And corrupt politician, it's Friday, Jim fifteenth. This is the Glen Back programme. We have the material in who is our head researcher and though headway,
for the programme and Jason is for. Military intelligence and we, at him read the report. You didn't get it too, five hundred and sixty some pages, but you did read about three hundred pages solidly and the rest you gotta glanced through acquit, because I going blind area, I know it is unusual for a report to be this long. Yeah? I mean that some of the others that we ve read from the from the idea have been like ten twenty pages. Something like that. I'm in this was insane is like all like our near by approaching six hundred The scope of it was like what will really make your eyeballs followed your head, because it is it supposed just be centering around. They couldn't investigation, but they Och rush investigation a little bit in this just briefly to describe some other actions would get that Second, but then they also talk about leakers. We it that this is that it is the Just some of the weirdness there was going on. The FBI was all pretty much brought to this.
And some of the weirdness it was going on in the fbi- was all pretty much brought to the surface in this resignation and that's gonna. I think why it was so long, so Jason. Tell me about the part where catch, Hillary Clinton in a because it's interesting the conversations they have before she's interviewed so there is there is about. There is about five. I think exactly five. People that the hygiene fingered as these people either sent where there are biased messages or using an instant messaging service that was like in organic to the FBI, these speaker maiden agent and What specific one had to do with instant messaging service. One of the agent who was distant was described as agent, one was sending some pretty biased talking about how this is stupid? This is pointless. We ve already it up our mind, then type of stuff. That's almost direct quote me nothing's going to come out of this. What do you know
I mean. Maybe I give my passive he's working on. You know organised crime, division or behavioral science, but no, he was the guy that was supposed to interview Hillary Clinton a little bit more background. As co me said in his interview in this report they said: look we we have is appropriate. Much true, we'd already made up her mind. She there is no way that we are going to press for an indictment on this. So she was off the hook. The only thing that would make her the only thing that would make it to where we would do anything and indict was of we approve prove that she was lying, that she had told a lie in this now. In this interview the same gotta showed bias. He asked our question. He said you know. Did you ever know that classification market, that these were classified and she goes, knelt did know it, so he pushed back in basely here the OECD, you know admitted he had to push back because a prosecutors rough standing over her shoulder and they would bring them if he wouldn't have so. He said it's an email across the table towards as what's this on
female is impaired the seas. I see it's very obvious what that sea is. If you have ever looked at a classified document, you know what that sea stands for. It stands for confidential. Hillary Clinton has- been looking at these things since the early ninetys jails, exam what this was herself That was, I had no, I it would. That was, I thought, maybe you you know these paragraphs were just organise in alphabetical order, arrive, see it was the most ridiculous hilarious response and the FBI agent, who had been copper I assume messaging and acknowledge that He was like I care about direct quote, but he was like a file that in the end of it The brain, as you know, one of the biggest see no bull crap statements or something like that, so they caught her in a lie they caught at fourteen lie the lie that probably would have meant that they said. Okay, we can't now I'll say that she didn't have the intent. This goes to prove intent. But what did they do not a thing they let her go.
Just insane. So at the end of this, the Oig was like Ok, so again, to reiterate we can't prove bias, but its incredibly hard to prove by more or less boy. It's it. That's particularly interesting in the in the context of the mother investigation which, what what what we know so far right the indictment of people like Papadopoulos who and even Flynn people who were we know in getting in trouble, because is solely because they lied to the FBI. I mean that's what they got convicted for So it's interesting in that. That's all she did right future. Lied to the FBI. I know. Maybe that's not approvable lie. I guess you'd have to have evidence of her knowing, but I mean every body on earth knows Hillary Clinton knows what a class but she's a secretary for good state. Let
but the nineties and me when she obviously got you know had some you no parallel sort of information here that might, she may have stumbled upon, but she was the Secretary of State Anna. You a senator course. She knows this, so that's that that's kind of interesting and in context of me, There zip a good point, four, from people who are saying like? Look there there not being fair in the mullah investigation? If you up by the same standard that their apply to Papadopoulos right, you probably have to do something to her. Absolutely so here is here is what can't walk away with the Clinton's have been doing this for a very long time and they know how to pull these heist. They know how to stay away from trouble. The the it is it's hard to prove
by us, but it's also hard not to see it and recognize it, but to prove it in a court of law is different. This is exactly why the founders said we after even if we think that there being a malicious and they're making things up we have. Who stand by people's right for free speech and a free press because There are many things that you can, prove This is one of them. We didn't have freedom of the press, assuming they did their job. If we didn't have freedom of the press, he couldn't get on the radio today and say this clearly bias listen clearly corrupt, because the government could then hold me responsible for saying that, when, They just had an eye g report. That said, there is no political bias well novel. No we're ready
between the lines you're saying legally, you can't prove it, but also sending the message I am it's hard to come up with any other thing other than political bias. We're going to see, I think at least I think this multiple alleging investigations earners that are gonna. Much of this. They acknowledged one when they talked about those they were looking. And although this different leakers there are involved here, and their old basely said that, like they're, so many leakers and the FBI that we started another investigation because we adjust its neck. He it is, you know it's a huge deal within the bureau and they said that They identified numerous agents across multiple different areas within the bureau that personal relationships, the reporters that they receive gifts. This is this This is insane like they received a sporting tickets. Golf outings, I'm high hi product price meals, invitations to Non PA, Gus social events. I mean that bit
We haven't heard the last of this event. This one might be a eight hundred page o hygiene report that I'm probably end up having to read at had room. Remember though, woods interesting is, if a few remember what we went through with the secret service under above it was shown to be less play out of controlling and I dont think we ever really fix it. Did we did we ever really fix that? Was there ever really a heart, tree shaking of the secret service, not that we heard a yet, not that I know of, and now we're seeing this infection in the FBI, which you can. Have that in you know in a police organization. You half, we must. Clean this up right, and these are people right at their people that are flawed.
And people that can learn lessons right. It's not just that! You don't want that in the FBI. You don't want it anywhere, and here is a great example. A great lesson is spoken here. Peter struck, hates Donald Trump he's against him. The entire time is the lead investigator in these shook. In these cases he comes out and the only time they really not the only time. There's a lot of accusation is hints at by us, but the most concrete him, at bias in the entire report. Is a decision Peter struck made about it? the winners computer. This is insane the computer comes in late September, took nothing, was twenty four and twenty six, something like that, comes in they if they find out about it from New York. This is where all the emails are. The New York says: hey, there's, a bunch of emails on here might be pertinent here: an investigation The report says basically the hint at sea basically made the decision to pray our ties, Russia. Over the winner laptop, so instead
responding in a timely manner following up on this lead? They push that background he's there he's going after Russia, the whole time so he's used his bias in this situation to manipulate multiple government investigations to huge deal, so he would and wait and wait and wait well. What happens? Is that eventually, the New York, the state of New York, here Ray Clinton State where she was a senator, follows up and says: hey. Are you guys ever gonna do anything about this wiener computer at a month later so stead of the entire investigation coming out a week before And call me sending the letter alerting the nation that there ongoing FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton ten days before the election instead, as call me hints to in his testimony, I would have probably now told Congress.
If we had started in September because we started in September, we would have enough time to go through the emails or we would have had an idea if there was something bad in there. We could have told people, but if there wasn't, which is what they finding nothing there they could have easily not told cumbersome. So in a way his bias right- result in Donald Trump Becoming President or, at the very least, making his wrote a much easier to become pressure and action. It's a nice lesson to learn when you want to throw your principles out to get some. Short term end guy may have put struck, might be responsible, poor, Donald Trump being President and then from the idea report. I mean it's not. I crazy, diagonal curved line to get there. It's pretty straight line, and you know it
It's a good lesson. Cuz you might as well just do the thing that you know is right and let the chips fall where they may, instead of trying to manipulate the world all right back in just a second with more on the IG report. First, if we want to thank our sponsor it's filter by, if, if, if you in our own, your own home. You have a air conditioning unit. That is just working overtime. I cannot even imagine what the ear listening bill is going to be like this month for this building because we are trying to bring the temperatures down in that whole building being sucked into re track system, is just on her load. It is so hot here in Texas. Well, the one thing we have to have or clean filters. You need your home too. If you don't have a clean filter, all the air that is is being sucked into your eight track system, it's cool, August up because his pulling all the policies and everything else out of the air and that filter
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as that, the last normally no Europe about two hundred pages, but he read over three hundred pages, so he read more than any human being should have to endure yes on him and so Jason. What's what what do? We expect to come from this, are they gonna charge? Anybody with anything? Well, I think that on Think my cave was of indicated a little bit on this. So I had never heard this before, but apparently the cave, where you know he was called out, for you know his wife receiving campaigned on a yes he straight to the ethics board. Whatever the FBI and said hey this, this could be a problem. So I'm getting all my cards on the table. This is so it looks really good for him. Prom is the FBI basic scrutiny that they said not note, no problem there, there's no optics issue without whatsoever. There's no other, there's no problem whatsoever. So he continued. I'm doing this thing, please vindicated in that, but how the issue is he lied to the FBI director and he lied when he talked about trying to cover up and leak afterwards. That's where he
trouble, so maybe a little bit vindicated, but still getting in trouble. For that think that there's going to be a lot more investigation, looking looking into struck and what he did during the Russia masturbation they are. Very heavy handed on you know egg coming out saying: look what we can prove what they did affected this investigation, although read between the lines, it's of seem like did like the laptop, but this they keep on talking about all this pertain to the Russia. Investigation really talk, they mentioned multiple times. This is a direct quote that I copy down about how bad it was. They said it. Drugs comments and tax were I only indicative of a biased state of mind, but even more seriously plies, a willingness to take official action to input the presidential candidates electoral prospects to Mason, huge I mean. Can you imagine you honestly, you imagine if Trump lost oh man. Imagine this report after Trump loses women. Now
there may be right aid idle tat, you would have come out you have drunk put of if trumpet have lost, in turn would have had every reason to bury this barrier make now. I may, because this is we can look at this in it in an interesting way of people should be punished for their actions and everything else, but I mean in reality he one of winning anyway, so it didn't affect the election. Imagine if it did. I mean it. This what sounded like I've been Alex Jones Conspiracy, theory, but I mean here it is that mean that the lead investigator was trying to do this. I think this would have been cleanse russian investigation when you go to buy a car in every walk in like a car dealership, and you realize you have the really like the terrible car sales with you and you just want to change, but at that point you know Commission's other, like locked in you answer feel pain. You just want to get to the right person, someone who knows what we are talking about the nose and will be honest with you about whether this is a good car, not with us a good deal or not, everyone
needs to make sure that a transaction goes well for both sides and any have the right person handling that transaction for you. Well, you know different with a real city to because you can choose whether you want you, don't have to get stuck with a person who walks up to you when you walk in the door, real estate agents. I trust I com is a website you can go to. They got over five hundred agents. There they ve been screened from all of their results. In the past, their advertising held their Reno mutations are in the community and you a great agent in your town really fast real estate agents. I trust I come go there now Can a buyer sell a home real estate agents? I trust that is a couple of things that we'd we need to talk about. MIKE Lee really needs your support. By the way, did you see that Michael IE is being considered for the next appointee for Supreme Court? Justice would ve not be outrageously great. That would be fantastic, although that was kind of rumoured early
his brother was on the initial. This unit, yeah, apparently Eirik is MIKE, is is, is now becoming popular in wash and he may be on the list to be Supreme Court Justice, which would be on believable shut Unbelievable Ghana, fully we hassock. Hopefully we have the votes to get that past. In that way. You know in the next term, F term I mean. Look there always going to say whoever's appointed is gonna, be, is going to be climatic, however, MIKE has anybody who can get through a tough Senate hearing. It's unlikely he's not gonna have a problem about any that partisan he's, not partisan, he's just constitutional. Yet pure and he's also meter. Possibly clean
and not does not make mistakes with his language is very precise, said it is very difficult to its great is the set it probably would rather have him out was that it would probably like hot his please get this guy out. He's always talking about the constitution. Now we have to play by the rules. If you see what's happening, he did I just read this on his facebook page last night, here's the latest development, the unfolding saga of the yet to be passed due process guaranteed act. Now you wouldn't thing We would need an act of Congress to guarantee due process the Republicans and voted yesterday to let this proposal receive a vote easily defeating emotion to table in light of that. How come I asked unanimous consent for a roll call vote. One. Member of the Senate. My colleague, Lindsey Grand from South Carolina, objected to that reasonable request. Explaining that he's not
the unwilling to support the measure, which is his right. Buddy is unwilling to even led his Senate colleagues vote on the measure. His position is a curious one gives The overwhelming majority of senators want a vote on this proposal, especially considering that sit Senator Gram himself vote. For nearly identical version of this amendment. Six years ago, iris thankfully, but strongly implore, Senator Gram to change his mind, but, as vote to protect, due process in America. Let us damned indefinite detained. Of Americans apprehended on american soul soil. Let us vote what this means is that can take. This is against everything in the bill of rights. Everything if you Reprehended here. You're? U cap, we're even start. This is so
this goes back to the basic this, The liberty part in the declaration of independence, life, liver and the pursuit of happiness. What does Liberty mean it mean. In the way they were talking about it is that the case cannot come into your house and just take you that's what happens in communist countries and a lot of other countries. They don't have to Are you there, come and take you in for questioning and then you're just disappeared, Nobody knows what happened to you: didn't you didn't have a trial, they didn't charge, you and your family is like what the hell happened to them and talk about that, and neither can you. This? Is the life liberty part before the pursuit of happiness? You cannot, you must have due process
I don't know what Lindsey Graham is thinking, but he is not thinking about the bill of rights. If someone is picked up here, american soil. They must have due process this those two? This goes to the government just coming in and taking your money The cases are we watch on this now. The time limit is a huge problem I we're gonna, be scratching the surface on it yo it's it's it's of civil asset forfeiture, which means they can come in and they're doing it. Everywhere and telling you, as these cities and states, become more and more desperate to meet their bills. They listen just going to start taking it a they can they will say well. We had a Europe, for instance the one guy that I know that data ran his own store. He was tall
by the bank. You know don't make deposit, over ten thousand dollars because then you're going to be put on a list. Okay, so he would go to the bank every day and he would mean. Deposit news, always under ten thousand well, that Mark TIM, forced suspicious activity because why is it always just under ten grand will? Because that's what the bank too, to do They came in. They took his money, no who process he had known. He had no money left no bank account nothing. And no due process. They didn't even Charging with anything We know of another guy that was walking through the airport yeah. That was another one where he was bring his money back to his home country because he was gonna help some family member lived here for every he had lived here, for of twenty years. Some eleven saved up over fifty thousand dollars is gonna help by at any now that I guess I was a croatian avenues- croatian- maybe
whatever was latvian, nipple latvian whatever it was. He was not confident in the banking system to be able to send his money, so he decided to just bringing with him and carry it the plane, which is legal, which is illegal. It's your money does loves. You declare it so he bees leaving the country and they stop him. Take his money, don't charging with anything any citizen. I was money Tat his entire life savings- they just took it from him because they thought I don't always doesn't seem right and they didn't actually of anything on him at all. They now there's still holding his money has been weeks and weeks and weeks we talked to Chicago as well as on this on this maize. What they're doing in Chicago right now, this story. This is the guy Spencer Bird. Seventy two thousand. Sixteen he's fixing cars, since he was sixteen years old, Sometimes you did service cars. Edward calls and would give clients rides when he couldn't repair their cars on the spot. One night here
giving a client man he's never met before a ride in his car collectivism pop please pull them both over car. They searched the car find is the democratic bird he's complete clean, didn't do anything wrong, but the passenger in the wood he's carrying in his pocket was a bag of hair when the size of a tennis ball while visit no one's, accusing the mechanic having anything to do with this. He was giving a ride to someone who happened to be carrying heroin. What they did is they took his car. The mechanics car. Now again the mechanic he probably needs, is car to be able to shuttle people around like this. They ve taken his car. They ve impounded there holding it in holding in holding it. Then they start charging him storage fees store she's on top of storage, freeze on top of storage fees, plus penalties on top of ten these on top of penalties. He can't
this car back. He now all the city more than the entire car is worth so with exception of legal proceedings The sensible decision is to just give it up. Let the city have the car and is happy over and over and over again, and why Chicago doing it, because there trying to pay down their bills, they're trying to screw every citizen they can, because there our balance sheet is so screwed up from years and years and years of Progressive ism that they're just making people's money and taking people's property to try to get as close as they can to breaking. Even so here's the thing without process you don't have you don't? a chance, look look at the hoops. They are jumping through for the poor. Petitions in Washington DC look at the hoops that they, jumping through too, prove that Hillary Clinton did no wrong. They give her every opportunity and every
opportunity to just clearly lie. I don't know what that sea meant you're, a senator! Second, state secretary of state, an was in the White House for years? you're telling me you didn't know that that sea stood for classifying? Clearly, that's a lie, however. What did they say, the the inspector general comes out and says we cannot prove it We suspect it. It seems obvious, but we can prove it. So have to move on nobody feels like that's justice, but is it justice that the ruling class, has a separate standard that all of a sudden vague it. The benefit of the doubt, but your
a guy who's, a mechanic you're you're, giving a guy a ride home because his car is in your shop and you are paid. Are you have to pay the penalty? The You lose your car. Due process. We do not have due process, we are done as three that is not hyperbole there. Nothing left lie If liberty and property who process per tax. All three of those. An Lindsey gram doesn't want a straight up or down vote to protect. Due process. You need to call your senator and you need to tell them. You must vote for due process. You now
to call and right or whatever, Facebook Post, Lindsey Gram, Americans don't stand in the way of protecting due process. What Michael? is trying to do, is to reassemble thee, Bill of rights to be too what new safeguards around it, because it's just being dismantled piece by piece. Tell Lindsey Gram sit down. You convey while they, because you this, have a right to sit and block of vote of due process in the union, state Senate its critical,
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our eyes. So us do it like to tell us who gay people are way. I, which I think, is an interesting choice with a career choice. Really, I think it is very interesting to arrive in a vast swiftly have bread, Colombo coming up, who happens to be gay in our three anyone's talk about the masterpiece cake shop ruling and whether that's ok, I think it's. It is interesting here. I think it is. Because I think what happens in the media is I've. Had people tell me or that there is absolutely no gay people who decide who agree with you on on gay rights issues, and you think, that's how the media presents it right. I don't think it's actually true the profile as they interpol of of algae Bt Q, who are elegy bt q? This is it this one was fastened to make employees supper from politics thing. Gimme a break out of percentage wise, your guess on L Gb
lesbian, gay, bisexual. What's the breakdown percentage wise of those three groups, would you mean one hundred percent, would be all of them all. What's the breakdown between the three groups algae and be lesbian, a bisexual, be maybe forty, forty, ten and ten, being bisexual sexual here's, the actual breakdown sixteen percent lesbian, but thirty who per cent gay forties percent bisexual there. They largest group by far be the biggest You mean in real life or in this in this club. Out of algae, be, could people out of those people less engaged by not talking about six percent, is not talking about the people who are activist in that you're talking about just percentage of all Americans.
Who are you and it's a pool of that makes sense. I thought you meant about you know the activist involved. Sorry So how about marriage? thirty. Nine percent say they either don't want to get married or are unsure if they ever want to get married? Thirty, nine, and so we hear this whole thing about. You know how important of a right that was there's a lot of people who would have. We have no interest in it. I know from my own, like other people, are saying that I know plenty of good? people who say. Why would I want to do marriage? I mean it doesn't seem to do you guys and any good. You keep getting divorce where a fine, I guess maybe the same with children. Yes here about like adoption, everything six, a two percent: either don't want children or not sure that ever want to have children, and the biggest group is. I dont want children, forty four percent, while which is it This is a large amount. I thought this was
somewhat self evident, but by sector people are having more sex in their gay and lesbian Pierce, you have doubled the meteor themselves through you can have a sex. I believe what he nine percent sexual people have accepts once or twice a week. Fifteen percent several times weak a lot higher than gay, bisexual, your doubling the about of available but yeah. It's a kind of an interesting but away thirty six percent either moderate nor conservative, thirty six percent. Bad so several months ago had that Miss Universe, competition to women took a selfie and then posted on him Instagram, the captain, Peace in love As a result of that selfie, both women have faced death threats, one of the women, along with our entire family, had to flee or country. The occasion was twenty. Seventeen Miss Universe, competition which I think is a little arrogant of all of US earthlings, but that's another story,
the women where Mr Rack and miss Israel? Mr rack, is no longer welcome in our own country urban threatened stripper over crown, of course, she was also you know, badgered for wearing bikini during a competition in etc. What miss yours is, and if you didn't like bikinis, why does Anybody in a rack know about the Miss Universe. Come competition. I'm just saying it seems like you might be watching it anyway in an hour Mr Rack, Sarah, said when I posted pick. I didn't think for a second there be any blow back. I will calls from my family in the Mr Rack Organization going insane and the death. I got on line were scary after the Mr Rack Organisation, called me and said that they were getting heat from the ministry. He said have to take down the picture or they will strychnia my title. Well,
yesterday, Mr Rack, Sir I'd and posted another selfie this time. Did she learned our lesson. She point she posed in another selfie with me Israel during a visit to Jerusalem, in an interview she said, I dont think rack, and Israel are enemies I think, may the governments are enemies with each other and there's a lot of iraqi people, though, that don't have a problem with Israelis the of course, is quite an understatement. A rack home? Roughly fifteen thousand Palestinians refused We acknowledge Israel as a legitimate country. Man It is technically they are at war with Israel the adage says that the picture is what two thousand words, What do we do when those thousand words are all, hateful and deadly can we find the goodness ensue
Bad situations it's Friday June fifteen. This is the Glenda Programme. Welcome to the programme bill: O Reilly, the author of the upcoming book, killing the S s the hunt for the worst war criminals in history, a bill. How are you but I'm good? Thank you for asking. I appreciate that yeah, it's not like a really. But I thought I would ask his eyes. No, I mean, I regret the fact that you made the effort now I know I know I thank you. Recognising that now bill. I wanted to talk to you about a couple things: let's start with the OECD report, your thoughts. Well, I I'm not surprised at the thing. There are a couple of headlines had we spotlighted on below Riley died com. First one is that the The eye and the Justice Department held back
he memo the headlines. Not the whole story. Where Peters, the lead FBI agent, on Hillary Clinton, email thing and in the beginning of may Trump rush, inclusion thing centre. His mistress FBI lawyer, namely to page that we use that We would prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. After age, semi, hysterical said I let get elected? That's the headline? That's the big smoking gun. I didn't expect a smoking gun, but there This would that memo should have been out a long time ago, because congressional investigators asked why the correspond between page and struck they held it back. Why? Because the appeal I just by new what a damn but that would be. But if you
listen to the media last night, a Trump media that was buried, but that is the big headlines of the whole thing. What did you get the impression that the inspector general was also saying? There was political influence. We just Prove it? It's really hard to prove, but look I spent six hundred pages on something that if there was nothing there, I would have done it twenty. You need to know all the details and you judge for yourself I didn't Like the report, I thought the report was sloppy. I thought the report was misleading. I'd like to talk to her, which an interview him about in the two things I didn't like about. Number one. He was very generous to James call me, dreamily generous by saying what we did: find any bias in jail. Commies activities, but we found
they did all of these other things wrong. He It was our again. He was defined and he went outside of judges to form a guide lives. He blah blah blah blah blah bought. We didn't find any bias than that. So then The logical question that a six year old will but ask, would be I did James call me do all implement. Don't you think that's what he was trying to say when he saw what blogger take by way way way way way way way he was see said in the report is very difficult. If not him, possible to prove pal the call, and I think that We're just, there's a model leave it there. He did, but no, he didn't. He said that we couldn't find any political bias in James Commies behaviour. And that was why the hatred
media latched onto that was the first thing The CNN reported: the New York Times and the Washington Post the need all the United, the usual suspects. Bloomberg luck, this there is a plan that should be applied to these kinds of extremely important documents did not see that discipline in my a horror, witches and products, and why should it be apply? Because this is extremely important that every american citizen? Why most aroused in Armenia? Will you go out private, immoral and glad you re the inspector general report, these people? Don't look you you like that? Ok and becoming even more but the rain in this country, where people just don't pay attention. So why is important to every american citizen because you have the
Premier and most powerful law enforcement organization rife with corruption and that's the FBI and is known out about it when you have your lead investigator on Hillary Clinton, email and russian collusion, a guy was hired by special prosecutor Mahler. Come on over a die. You co, authored James Colonies, public statement, first public statement exonerating Hillary Clinton. When you have that man going the mouth. What's that he showed war, Donald Trump, that use corruption its highest level, and this is the FBI. So what was what was the attorney general's motivation for not just going after them. Other than he couldn't prove it
Mimi Inspector General, be I'm sorry you're, not the idea, the idea of turning out. Ok, I don't love Juno assertion that even knows that this is out yet by the way, phased out and muscle beach down on me. Redneck very rightly arise it. I swear sessions, whereas the guys just unbelievable, I mean he would go the high old could do meet all right, all right as well as the man that so what s the? What is the motivation of the ideal? I don't know other than the fact that it is becoming clear that the Justice Department is just like every other government departments, horses full of bureaucrats. To want to cover their. But it was disturbing to me to see in the report that there is, it seems to be a little rapid of Thee FBI agents themselves, taking
all kinds of favours from members of the press in the it. So outrageous every you they they expose that the FBI Rank and file now the agency I'll get investigations of all these cozy relationships and are going to ball games and getting dinner orders and going out drinking with the press? And the press, of course, is getting these Lee Anne and that's why we have anarchy in war drinking DC suggests the FBI's onward. Every federal agency leading to the press, selective leaks that the press doesn't care too. A lot by major random latest brantome? They don't have it. There is a widespread lake. They desire barriers is deadline. We don't care. That's true, we'd aren't I take the time to find out, and so this is another part of the corruption that has just enveloped Washington D C. Do you think bill as we're on the
road to, I think about it. Republic, if you can't just your trust, your justice system, You really don't have anything the rotten justice system anymore, if you knew, anybody who has been into civil court- and you ask any but he who is God now beef it's been sued by you- know somebody maliciously you. Sk anybody you have to rack up. Hundreds of Thousands of dollars to just be represented would come. The system is that you have to wait years used smeared if this gets out that oppress, suggested system, but here's what even worse. I think that Peters drugs committed crimes and that's all we did last night on the nose been news brought in it for me, The attorney bread Tom is probably smallest, gain a country on this, and I said this looks like a conspiracy. This looks like a conspiracy. You can charge this guy struck and perhaps LISA page with a crime. Are I but who?
Google investigated so Horwitz refers five FBI agents to do plenary action while who's going to investigate that other FBI agents who's gonna! Do that if you look at what struck did throughout the whole investigation again this? pop guy at the FBI, investigating Hilary and Trump collusion. Okay, if you look at what he did behind the scenes, and how I am maneuvered eat all things that well we're not going to. It. We are going to say that they held back the Hillary Clinton thing for almost a month. When the stuff was discovered on wieners computer. Ok, that's a crime! One who's gonna investigates Brok wow You know I mean that's how bad it is. You talk about a banana republic, who's gonna, do it
We got its boy and other special prosecutor. Oh my god, who wants another special prosecutor, so so bill here at the heritage of the Mercury studios, we're doing this museum and it's all on the bill of rights and weird. Showing the the pieces from history that kind of splain the bill of rights and explain when we go wrong, but it starts with declaration of independence. We told these truths to be self evident. This and what's really run through my mind at the last few weeks, is first of all there now self evident they have to be taught there ought for generations. Then they become self evident, but is so They start to be decayed. Your taught something different that somebody else's in is in control. Do weed. I keep I keep thinking of the line from. I think it was John Adams. That said, you know
the system that we have is built for a religious and moral people with out that this system is wholly inadequate? we are no longer people who say not at all. You know. That's unethical, I'm not gonna! Do that? No, I'm not going to do this. We are now people, as I don't care everybody's doing it are we able to rule ourselves anymore. Aboard back. Does I mean, that's philosophical gears I'll give you. I tell you what I mean if they take a pause of. You have your chance just think about that, Some people will remain here. You see you you Karl Lifeline here, you need a lifeline, you call somebody and they will get your answer on just a second like these are not a deep regret. All our tax bill hang onto secular back in the second first, I want to say about our sponsor thanks so much to zip recruiter. They know that hiring is a challenge, but there is one place where you can go. Where hiring is simple, fast and smart,
a place where a growing businesses can connect to qualified candidates and that place is it procurator dot com, slash back, zip recruiter? send your job to over a hundred of the webs leading job boards, but they don't stop there. They have a powerful matching technology that scare thousands of resonates to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply for your job as applicant come in zip recruiter, analyzes each one in spotlights the top candidates, so you're not I'm going to miss the best matches, zip recruiter so effect, the eighty percent of employers who post on Unzip, get inequality candidate through the site in the first day, Zipper That's why they're the highest raided hiring site in Amerika and Now you can try zip recruiter for free at recruiter dot com, slash back, Zip, recruiter, Doc slash back the smartest way to higher.
Mr Miller Riley. We are a nation that doesn't seem to care about the truth anymore. We don't know how to find the truth. We don't know how to think More and more millennials now believe that they are going to retire at fifty five, and they are higher in debt. There's no theirs common sense. There is no common decency anymore can, Africans rule themselves anymore, well I'd, have to say the e number generalizing in they on the contrary, say I think it very strain of common sense among Americans over thirty five. I think they did that guy. Now you should be because during or to me at eighteen year old nineteen year old, fighting for their lives in defence of their country and animal. Real fast and same a depression. Ada grow up. You know when you are
anyone, a man or a woman. Now it's these people sloppy in there You lazy, NAM, generalizing and certainly some very very good millennials, but the school dont challenge. The parents are on machines, twenty four seven themselves and not paying attention to them. There's no moral corps religion is decline drastically in the country. There's none it! There's no discipline across the board sees it takes them a y all they do in own figure it out but it is troubling that the truth really doesn't matter, because it's your true and you see this now and all kinds of public pronouncements. To tell you my crew now there's the truth and then there's two sapien inside your truth. You, basically present an argument. It can be overwhelming in the sense that this did happen and we to accept that and if you don't want to
That's not your truth! Your a moron and your deceiving yourself, so I don't want anything to do with you, but that's being embraced as a legitimate point of view of his is looking for a yes or no, and that you I'm sorry I didn't call. I did call my friend Plato, you did in the brain bright and then to try to get a philosophical view that I just I just like to take the top off of Plato and smell it. I know my girl, yes, oh bill Let's let spend a couple of seconds. You know what I want to go to the summit where we have a little more time after the break. So let me just Let me start with this looks like The trade war with China is getting really serious. New took a new tariff going in twenty. Five percent tariff on China. They said they're gonna respond. Is this ping us. Is this going to get things? Hedges?
They always made, which I think it will be. I think the Chinese opened it up with will by ninety billion dollars more american goods a year and Trump wants it to be. One fifty and I think that's what this is all about. I don't want trade war, that's ridiculous, and you know You call for Chinese take out now it twice as much as well. Right. That's wrong! I think, that's just for you, Riley's house charging charter double rights, whether but real terrorists have been put on, for example, on washing machines bill, and so now there saying their highest prices they ve ever been nor of seventeen percent. So now we have a real Americans, the folks pigs, seventeen percent more for washing machines. Why would you buy that art by one from Portugal? Well, because there's terrorist Eileen, large and medium bears tariffs on all the washing machines coming in now, because lack The Obama administration tried to Tipp Tariff
Korea and South Korea and Mexico. So they moved it to Thailand, then they did it to tile and now they're doing it to everyone, so that are all having to pay more and the folks are getting hit with seventeen percent more cost and it just funneling into its industry here, where its cause, hundreds of thousands of dollars per job. It makes no sense, and this is not in the ocean. It's been going. I started to trumps credit started with a bottle of Burma started with it trumps, continuing it, its business, just bad, a bad idea, tat caught to tax people, who should be able to keep their own money. I don't know anything about the larger meetings, but I do believe what you say. Stew. Thank you, John basely, taking my watch out to the brook and pound.
It, would have been there. I mean I'm driving back on track and take this. What I believe are only laughed a little. That is where we come back. I'm sure you have a lot to say about Donald Trump and Kim Jong and idle I'd like to hear your your ear. Just if you will of of that, but I also want to make sure that we hit a couple things. What what The president said about Kim Jong and how he rules is. People is a strong leader and when he talks, people sit up and listen and oh I'd, like our people, to do that as well, get bill or alleys taking the minute
this is the Glen back tell them. While every week we spent an hour with Mr Miller Riley, so you don't have to just say, get his opinions on the goings on around the world and is big weekend this weekend with the museum going on right. Now you go to mercury, one dot, Org, Slash Museum, twenty eighty to get your tickets there's you could take a tour of the entire museum, went through the whole thing. Yesterday, it's incredible! If access documents you could put the we in the plastic sheets, but the right in your hands, and you can read the documents from the founders really incredible, plus all sorts of really dark stuff from the Soviet said from the chinese regime in all sorts of different areas of history, as well as the Nazis, if only We had an expert pond, let's say the S s who may be wrote an entire book, killing the S s that's coming out soon, if only we had someone like that, try to find him we'll try to fun right now, we're talking to a bill Riley by the way, a virtue in Asia. We're gonna, go
the case the Gettysburg address came yesterday. Did you lose the king? No it was not a you lose the it didn't, arrive, didn't arrive here, listen to arrive, federal, express, and it was so. It came separately and he called yesterday and we're like the key hasn't arrived in their like. Oh its support to be here at ten thirty today, if it's not think of this week, have to call a locksmith to open pace, but with a guy, these burg address. In it I mean what I mean: what locks its wooden, I mean there's like you're a movie. I broke the lock to get. The gettysburg seconds ago your national treasure with nearly died so anyway we're gonna open that live, hopefully at twelve o clock eastern time today on Facebook, I hear
I'm really! Sorry. If we open it up and there wasn't, there is like her elbows while anyway Bill O Reilly. I welcome as the present programme. Let's let's talk a little bit about what happened with Kim Jong on you. I wrote a column on aid. Of course, Andorra died. Gammon added base, Italy was a very big victory for Donald Trump, because he was able to show the world that look we'd like to have peace. We like the negate. SK. I would like them to cooperate with us, and swam and do whatever I can't make that happen, and that includes actually implementing this jerk. So I think most nah tromp hating people understand that the positive, not just for the United States but for the world. So did I did you, you see the reaction, the Trump, but he gets a big went out of that. So Bill ice
Thank you. No Donald Trump. I've met him a couple of times and I dont you note stoutly I was able to say that, like, whereas rags back yes M, I t sleep. Okay, so join the club ray. I wait a minute to say so. I do Do you believe, because I do Do you believe he is. He's the he's self aware enough to know. I recognize this guy, I see you know that he is, I see his want for fame and power. And I know that if I care the big stick. But then I say come on into the circle here, is going to want to be in two that circle. That is he self aware enough to know that. That's kind of his ammo, and it will work on somebody like Kim Jong on
he's, got a pattern of negotiation that uses flattery threat by sophisticated buddies, work well, for him EU. That, and you know in this case he threatened the little rocket man diminish him. And then you know by back channels. China look. You know you Other things get better. We can do that too, and our problem up The little rocket man said you know what try this and will see how it works out, but well. Yes, troubles are aware awareness. He says that he as a way to operate. That's worked for him in the past and continues to do it now now that you take that into consideration. Then your next question might be another one: how you guys, what ask me, but then why you go out this morning and say that America We should set up at attention when the president's beaks, just like they do
North Korea, why would you go out there this morning, then save to pay? The Americans are just stand of attention lacking where I was my next. Quell really has actually thank you, because there is a lack of discipline on the part of Donald Trump. At me, when we talk about discipline and Michael Horowitz, the inspector general report and again that view troubling to me, because you know that's his job and in the end a report was so in precise about why James call me did what he did, but Donald Trump. Doesn't he He basically is a guy who acts on impulse and here the president. Now the exact opposite of Brok Obama exactly Burma never acted on impulse and but Tromp But are there Steve doozy out on a forum on the way out, I'm gonna go out and take some might read. Article eight, which he did and yet our trump doesn't. Even now, what happened
You know what I feel is that I've been. Then you look at a reaction. Let me see you know, I'm going, don't you realize that he just says everybody knows, people who just say stuff, that wasn't a big discussion and I couldn't take it from Dig David Gregory this week on CNN with the David Gregory look, I speak Frances, I'm smarter than you David Gregory's like this president. He just says things, but there is a responsibility and we're not the enemy of the people were we're we're a bigger enemy than ISIS in Russia. I also had a problem with Wolf, Blitzer saying we're. Bigger enemy than Russia, because they were mocking anyone who said Russia was an enemy before this president? In you know, I I I I I just take it? However,. I also do see that it's not
not good to have somebody who's, just saying things and integrity and not meaning it, though, we can support the drop administration. Is the president himself saying do it is simple, is that if he would do and I'm his marriage but be fifteen points up in their job approval rating and almost have down on re election, but here incapable of doing it, which makes him very amusing. One of the reasons that I got no doubt tromp, was because he and I would go to sporting events in New York City gotta, that yeah he's the man the next, whatever penny was so outrageous, but it's sitting next to him for two hours, but at the end is stream of conscious monologue. Was it's about the most entertaining thing that I could possibly imagine
why I went, I mean I went and I lose learn and amazing amount about what his business was. How he conducted in what he thought about life: Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, but he's totally uncensored. He always has been since he's been one year old and learn how to speak the language. Nobody saying Donnelly: you can't really say that their Donald here's, the goal card go and do whatever you want, he's a rich guy enrichment, have a tendency to spout and he spouse, and you know it the method. Do this is that he he likes to drive people crazy? Is it like that fun? For him it is hobby. What a Donald Trump Hobbes Golf and driving people grazing those areas to Hobbes right and it helps to stand that solely the American. People go. So what you know when I hear this stuff about Trump saying is crazy stuff, I go so what so I mean I don't care if he says that it does
bother me if you want people to sit up like they do in North Korea, because his job, forget about it in an hour and back I want to get across its it's about trying to get the country in a better place, right and on some things he has improved the country. Ethically and other she hasn't about some serious business bill, which is when do we get killing the s s? Why don't we have a copy it? Well, because the gap as you know, is backwards book every year and the galleys will be out. I think in ten days it's a sharp look in book. I designed the whole thing as I always do they hang on has. As you know, there are words in his book. I'll? Kick your and our good design. Now, therein, French, are when you talking about a book in you're like a design. Gatt, then that we have good, must sit there. You cannot really liked this book because it it's not the
typical war a war to book in the sense that Y know I knew that there's out of new staff in the headline is that the israeli government opened up stuff to us about the pursuit that says. War criminals like Eichmann Mengele that they had a have never made public that they had been. This has been secret, stuff classifies stuff. We are able to get it and therefore, wherever they walk you through how they got away or do we believe Morton Borman? Second income? and Adolf Hitler did get away where the allies I began to write him propaganda was he was shot in Berlin? We don't believe that happen and we had an unbelievably compelling case. Do you do make a case of where he might have gone? Yes, apps back, we trade them about o Argentina and weighty. You see the evidence that we have
it is unbelievable, some of this stuff that we found out that people who are interested in most evil acts ever perpetrated on this earth, now. Kids, don't know about? Imagine all across it. I know what you're talking about I'm hoping that it Galvanizes the country and the world is gonna, do very well of cheese and people start to convert asian again about evil. This is about evil, ok and how evil is accepted in many quarters. A lot. People lead help these as those guys get away. And we name those people some of the more shock. You normally Riley always good to talk to you, Sir, Billy back, no, its, not hey. What are you doing for you? I want you just get the unfettered. What is what are you doing for fathers day You don't have these interesting long island, most beautiful place in the summer, and I'm going to shake down the kids for presents
You got a shakedown kids. What are you hoping for? What is Bill O Reilly, what Bill O Reilly want as egg as a gift. I want the children to act they do in North Korea? deliberately. Thank you very much appreciated everybody normally from below rarely dot com. And his new book killing the S s coming out. I I want to tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's casper. Now imagine you get a car out for a hundred a test drive. That's, how you know If you love it, unfortunately there would be a lot of people that would be returning the keys of that Ferrari. You going back and think I'm gonna get a handy instead, so you they don't let you do that same with shoes but Casper. Let you do that with their.
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men to see the museum before we open it up to the public. People were a little surprised on how dark it is at the m at the beginning, because we're we're showing you what life is not lay like living on a tyrant in the past, but also what it's like currently living for a tyrant and it's a little dark. There is a pass through. If you want to bring your kids to that portion of it just depends on how sensitive they are there. Some some pretty disturbing things in that opening few minutes of the museum, but it's great. We would love to have you here, one of the things that the view peace and get a sea last night, they saw trunk. That is all locked up. That has been flown in from- Illinois and the key was simple derive separately, so nobody had the key to the trunk and could open it.
Unfortunately, we have haven't found the key ad Hence so one way or another, we are opening at eleven o clock today, whether it takes a locksmith or of the key arrives but term where opening today at an that'll, be eleven o clock, central twelve o clock Eastern. And we'll do it on Facebook lie. Both the blaze and Glenn Back relief excited, I mean, can imagine what is then we like to open up a trunk and reach in and pull the gettysburg address out You know the hand written Abraham, Lincoln Gettysburg Address incredible, pretty incredible. I am we ve. We ve done is museums before, but nothing like this. I mean this is its threerd. Four times as much as that we ve ever had before when we look at those been great items, but I mean this is really there's so much too splore to us, not
like about it is that you cannot have the idea of its not just a few things you, a walk up to and read about like you can go through like these, things and find your own fine on history, which is really cool anyway, It's happening here if you'd like to see it were also having a big dinner tonight. Tickets are still available it. This one is little pricey bud All the proceeds go to rescuing slaves, but its dinner and a movie tonight here at the studios and a private into or if you like, to go when bizarre that mercury one got org, Slash, museum, twenty back attention earthlings. This is not a test. This is the activation of the climate emergency system. Again, This is not a test. The Berkeley City Council has declared this climate emergency. Now
Maybe you ve been living under a rock, and you didn't already know that a state of climate emergency already exists, but if you don't know something about it like now like by Where have you been how well I mean how do you not know a court to the foremost authority on climate, doom, the Berkeley City Council now Stew, I'm a doctor, I don't I is I may get into this in talk above people's heads because You know I'm a doctor, sure yeah, but can you give me the qualifications of the Berkeley City Council on their their climate yes, sir matters in climatology real me up doctorate in physics really and and justice it is stated a holiday and express last night while ok, I didn't realize they were that ok, so
According to the Berkeley City Council and the experts that you just heard stew outline. If declared emergency as dire as world war. Two city council members share the visa. She warns that global warming is driving us toward the six mass extinction of the species which could devastate much of life on earth for the next ten, million years now, I feel uncomfortable making predictions that are a year out, but not one of the experts and the Berkeley City Council talking about the end of all civilization and serious ramifications for the next ten million years, but but they're not pray to say it. The council resolution says during world war. Two I am quoting the Bay area it, came together across race, age, class, gender and other differences in
strawberry, regional mobilization, building and repairing liberty, ships converter car assembly plants in the tank manufacturing facilities. Now I stu I again. I am I not a neck, I'm adopter, but I not an expert but would you say that, during world war to the people in the Pacific Coast, beyond the Bay area that they do, It come together across all race lines. Ours is a time of racial harmony. Glad was it my gosh does I I thought that we rounded up all of the Japanese in the Bay area. While they were. They d ass? If that the harmony existed in a camp? Yes, but ok are a good, ok, the please city councils, as the only way to avert world war. Two level disaster is if, Europeans mobilise in the same way to confront com
climate change, as we did in nineteen forty two to confront nazi fascism because com, a change and nazi fascism are definitely the same? I dont think I blow that's not true. This- is at a climate hammered out I can only agree with is we're on the emergency climate system. You know that with the Nazis. Did I say with that, as you can look at that the museum here again, I can see that the end, the the what the climate is very similar. For example, near terms reported that they believe now that the ice melt, Around Antarctica has now led to three three tenths of one inch of of sea level rise, so maybe Give three tenths of one inch or the Holocaust, which one would you I've been there based
clear the same. You could certainly see how it's pretty much, how you can almost not tell the debate could have gone together, really well cause water would have put out the fires of the oven there girl, but we will do. But yes, oh yeah, and it was probably not enough water at three tents of an Inch ass! No, definitely not! The Berkeley city councils is the only way to avoid is to mobilise. Gets worse. The resolution calls are current climate change emergency and I am quoting I could beyond the emergency broadcast system for the emergency climate broadcast system and say this: if it weren't true thee, Please, City Council has declared this the greatest crisis in history Now here's where it really gets good, they have to I mean this is right over the Galactic Empire handbook. They say to mobilise workers to bill.
Uninstall renewable energy infrastructure, Berkeley. As it wants to become a carbon sink bite, thirty a sink is in the same room as the crap, but I have a feeling you'll be probably better off, predicting that you're going to be the cropper for the initiated. What a Carbon sink means is they want the city's greenhouse gas emissions to be negative, which, is kind of hard to do too of a negative carbon footprint. You know you have to Amish with out any farms as there's a trick to that. Yet there is cause you can't truck anything in you,
can use any pesticides or anything else, but you also can't have any animals to help you plough fields or anything else. It's gonna be a fun life. It's gonna, be great. Here's, the Good NEWS, is they want done in the next twelve years so, but Well, that's not their only strategy. I mean this climate emergency when the biggest, no I'm sorry the biggest in history, so they ve got. Take some actions. There a resolution also mentions that earth has too many people screwing up the atmosphere. So we must quote humanely stabilize the population, that's weird, we have the museum going on, and I I've read a lot about stabilizing the population, because there were too many insects that were em fasting, the Soviet Union for or too many too many undesirables infesting Europe.
But I'm sure this time I'm sure this time it's gonna be completely humane. It's Friday is the glamour programme brand lemme. He is a material in turn with a young voices. He is really really bright. He has written a piece for Glenn backed out calm. He is a two cultural, Henry, a gay man in a gay journalist and he's a written his article, as a student from the University of Massachusetts Amherst about the ruling of the The supreme Court on. Does a baker have to make a wedding cake for a gay couple welcome you to the programme. Brad how're, you, Sir hey they for me on good.
Though we really enjoyed your your article and wanted to give you some additional exposure here. Tell us too Two thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling: absolutely Oh, I really felt very strongly about this issue coming towards the masterpiece case from the perspective of a gay libertarian I felt really strongly that if we're going to live in a free society, there has to be things both in life and in business, and we can object and say that violate our conscience. So I don't agree with the Christian Baker, but I think that he has to have that right to say: I'm not going to provide a service in the violet, my conscience, because I want that right from myself and I wouldn't want to make a cake that had homophobic the first is on it. So bread. Let me play something. This is from campus reform, where they're talking to students about
bakers, having to make a gay wedding cake, and I would love to get Europe respond, seeing that you are also a millennial. Listen, I thank you. They have to be the case because its job, the fact that our Supreme Court found that this was an ok thing. I find upon and if his job is to make a case for a wedding, even if he doesn't agree with any, should still have to make a case for the wedding. Do you think that he should be forced to make a case for a gay wedding? I definitely think so. People have a right to eat the can they want to eat. Yeah I mean I feel like if there were an act, American Baker and someone came in and asked them to make a cake for a KKK rally should they be forced to do it? you're saying, but there It is their job. Yeah, no I mean like patient I felt like I guess that kind of just cite contradict
Roger said, which- and I think that his ability to exercise its freedom, religion ends when not encroaches on another person's ability to be who they are. Ah, so bread give us hope. Please can you give us hope in in the millennial generation, the absolute lisa? not all of us that constitutionally illiterate constitutional right to eat cake- no, I believe, Stew, is right that is buried in the cake claw. I would support an amendment on the door. I am not opposed to the American, but about what I'll say. Listen. Obviously these guys don't understand, gotcha video, so they're picking the worst, but these people began people and our question don't understand. Can't have the best of both worlds. If you dont want a jewish tattoo artist, the have to make a knock resemblance
one. If you don't want a gay baker after make a cake with antigay Bible verses, then the people you don't like have to have those rights to you know where you can have it both ways: Everyone has the right to ideological exception or no wonder, but that's what we ve got to decide, and I think this case decided that correctly a bread. I really truly believe that the of two socialism collectivism and away from libertarian, and American bill of rights is all because they have not heard these ideas, nobody has expressed them nobody's asked than the question. It was clear that none of these people had been asked that question or even thought that way. So there is no push back mentally in their life. Is it is? at the case, or do they
nor is there a real movement because people really believe it and they know what they're talking about. While I would agree with you that many of these young people probably have not been exposed to the libertarian concerning enlargement, and I think, there's two prior to problems that are causing that one would be the Her biased nature of our higher education for communal. Many of them are probably college student, but liberal professor thou number conservative professors by some estimates, five to one by some estimates. Twelve per one. Do you know I'm I'm a college student I can attest to this? Well, there only hearing one side of the story. The other side is social media. They treat and ECHO chamber where they they see less friendly content so that one of the things that I try to deal with the right or lack of it is to bring endured by the US to young people. We know a word. We have a museum going on here and it's all about the bill of Rights and David Martin was talking about the freedom of religion.
And he said it's actually way too narrow to define it that way. He said chose the word religion. He said, but that's not the way they referred to it. Any said, I wish they would have used the the real word, and that is freedom of conscience. In that is that is at the core, most of the issue here. It's its being made about evil religion, but it's actually about freedom of conscience that all of us have to have that right because the the question is: how do we stop bigots from using their religion as excuses to not serve people what does it matter if there are big it or not? Does it I would say that, obviously, it matters whether there a beggar, not you know, that's not good, to be a bigger by direct lie in their constitutional right correctly still have those same rights.
You have to have the for the people you disagree with. If you want them for yourself, I'm sorry I agree that it is absolutely a question of freedom of conscience, but is also a question of freedom of speech in this case. What's really at issue expressive conduct and it what the court really had to answer was Canna Gay couple or a christian Baker to violate his conscience and create something that expressive and conveys the message you disagrees with an eye, The answer has to be now because I wouldn't want to have the reverse happened to me. Would you wouldn't say, though, if they do that lessons your ability to? live your life free and you know- without having anybody discriminate against you. I wouldn't, I would not say, would not say that directly, because there is no shortage of people willing to bake gay cakes. They going anywhere and I actually think that this decision is.
Way a wind for day right right because it protected freedom of conscience narrowly, but it did and you know gay people more than anyone should understand how important it is to have the right to sell. My dear you disagree with yes, because we went through years of discrimination years where we couldn't get married years, where we would have to our children taken away just for being gay. So we should shape constitutional rights more than anyone we shouldn't be assaulting them for I would like to propose when we're talking about gay cakes. We used the term geek setting In summary, you right in your story, Brad. If anything, this decision didn't go far enough. The court ruled seven too in the favour of the baker, but it was a narrow ruling in scope. It didn't have to hand down any broad declarations. Protecting free speech or individual conscience writes a broader liberty decision would have done more to advance into it will freedom? Surely you write? The gay community can appreciate the necessity of individual freedom and importance of protecting. First amendment right to dissent from ideas
I agree with you used the word. Surely how sure are you on that? One? Well, united eyes? I that's how I think they should be obviously that's not how the majority of algae BT people probably feel, but I will say that their much more than you think. You know I write up and I tweet about concerned about you B perspectives all the time, and there are a lot of people out there feel the same way that I do coming from our perspective on. But it really is true. Fishing didn't go far enough. It only talked about the specific that this case I really would like to see the court and they probably will have to do in the future, addressed this issue. In a broader sense and handle. It blood decision that protects conscious right for christian bakers were bigoted people and for everyone, that's what a free for all. He looks like it's a great stories of glinda com. The masterpiece cake shop ruling is actually a win for Energy Bt Rights Break. I just get your by in an endorsement of the term cake
mostly and about some commercial sector like Brad thanks a lot thanks for a great story, and thank you for standing up for liberty. And and doing your homework to know what you actually believe. In other words, they for not being an error on your beer. Welcome thanks a much better way that probably talked about earlier thirty six percent of algae Bt Q. I think it was only everybody Q in this particular pale, but thirty six percent identify themselves of moderate or conservative. It's not if we look at this is like it's not it's not a lot of law, giving unless Cathy Griffon has something to do with it. Then how can we talk? We gonna talk about that when we come back first, let me tell you about ticket to worry. He was in yesterday. Did you get just see Tita now he was in yesterday. I spent about twenty minutes with him, we're so wrapped up in so many other things, but I Yes, I'm in the hallway- and I said: hey Teak, I gotta talk to you little freak out, the digital currency.
It would be on the showed next week has he. He man did. He make me feel better, really yeah any has he has examples from history on why you should feel really good about it right down, but anyway teaches exe, Dirty was a Wall Street trader for a long time, and then he seeing the writing on the wall and in in in high tech and crypto currency was like this is the future he came in is a consultant for us to try to teach us exactly what Bitcoin is and how it works, and everything else is. We were trying to explain it to you, but through the media it could you just make this. We avail. To our audience? Could we just put a course together, so he has It's called Smart Crypto course. Dotcom, smart crypto course, dotcom If you want to understand the ins and the outs of crypto currency, call now,
eight, seven, seven PBS back eight hundred seven p b, L back yet more information at Smart Crypto course Dotcom thee intellectual dark web is parent Lee nothing more than a guy's foreign nazis. And thank you finally putting somebody says it right organizers. This is from the Gotham missed, organizers of a panel celebrating self identified members of the intellectual dark web, a very serious circle, mostly consisting of men who read They don't want you to call them all right have persuade a few real life intellectuals into joining them on stage for a day of reflection at the Lincoln Centre, New York, her contributor and New Yorker contributor and author Mark
the guests and tells the Gotham is that she was shocked to learn late last night, that an event she'd agreed to speak at is actually an all right. Crap show instead by racism, debunking pod, castor, Dave, Reuben Ahmad, I mean at least try Dave, Robin Dave, Reuben was is left as you could come in EU and on the young, Turkey's young Turks, he had an awakening in wet crap I'm not a republican, but I'm not a progressive either. I think I believe, the constitution and the rights that that guarantees Dave, Rubens Gonna be joining us next week. You don't want to miss him.
You're listening to the Glen Back programme. One programme really glad that you are here today welcome to Mr Pat Gray from me, Pat Gray, radio round up in his orchestra, which begins in twenty five minutes even so guides the barely fits in the letter head there that tired title yeah, but it's worth it because it's a powerful, powerful name of a show that begins at twenty five minutes. As part of the show to area it is yet which is weird works like right now right now, but right now That was why we wouldn't we expect people to use the letter or his right now, so that the slogan of programme. How are you I was excited about the year about the museum. Last night. I couldn't believe said I'm in, but I forget that you do your own. You know homework in your. You know you're busy on your. As I have he came up to it? Will you were there? We were there with him? No, he would
and there, but not yet you at the end. He impact came up to me and he said this. Thomas Jefferson thing changes everything changes, everything How do we not know about it and we ve been talking about it and on the air this week, but you must have missed it, but I feel the same exact way with its two and I were looking at what ten days ago an enthusiast with these words. Why are these capitalized? So we start reading the more like wait, wait. What is absolutely incredible? It's the exact opposite of everything taught about the person bright display. In his own handwriting. In the declaration of independence, first draft now there's gotta be a lotta pushed back because he was a slave owner, but what we're talking about, is that he was the real strong abolitionist strong, strong abolitionist and balls at why I'd swipes every such an abolitionist slaves. Well, first of all, you couldn't free your slaves in Virginia. It was illegal too, for your slaves,
even upon your death in two Jefferson time in eighteen, twenty six, you couldn't free your slaves. On your death, you, if you are in daddy as is happening if you're in debt, if you're in debt, in fact, before that Was it didn't matter, viewer and debt or not right? That's what George Washington freed his slaves on death, because Virginia, that's all only way you could free people. There idea He did it only when he died. Yes because they fly good, that's they tried to change the law and try to change the law and in the declaration of independence, first draft it says the king warted ass. Ever we step of the way, so they they got it on on death. You could for your slaves, but then after that happened with George Washington, I don't we changed it yeah it was that law was revoked bright, so and then it is, especially if you were in debt, if you are in debt before the law had been changed. If you were indeed,
an you died, you couldn't freer, because that was asset? I don't think unfair to read that document and say that the main reason he wanted to break away from England was slavery. I think that's true. That's all That's how over its welcoming it is its visceral he's, capitalizing letters that you could see. I mean it's, he is insulting it's not just eat. Oh here's. An interesting argument about the constitution were about to create no, it's like he's pissed off, like it's tweet It is my never seen I've. Never of this by I've. Never seen it there are. There are several things: did you see him? the EAST lend the Ss Eastland thing from Woodrow Wilson. By about the tenth amendment at the end of the museum yeah, I mean there's stuff that you you ve never known, and it completely turns everything upside down. It ain't! You you look at
a declaration of independence and people always say how can that man? How could he paused, simply right. All men are created equal and then not see slaves, even as men and we ve always had to dance around and go well well, but it was for a time and he did and he wanted to freeze Larry LE. Why, he put it in the constitution. He did he put it in declaration of independence and because John Hancock Head said beforehand: You know almost quoting Ben Franklin, Guys all better, hang together or were certainly gonna, hang separately. They knew if they broke broke up the thirteen colonies. If they weren't in lockstep, the king would start to meddle with one of the colonies are too He would, however, dissented whoever dissented any would throw
all thing out of line and it would be over and made all be dead. So He had to have a unanimous consent. That's before the draft, so Thomas Jefferson goes and they say you you have to draft. The declaration of independence is a grave in oh what ideas, we're gonna cover and in a life liberty and pursuit of happiness. They through the usurpations, all the things the king had done. The reason why they have to break away all of them. One line. Oh yeah he's raping our children oh yeah he's taking our houses, oh yeah he's arresting people and they just disappear, and we don't know where they are one line when he gets to slavery. Its ape hash, in it paragraph if you ever heard the line, because I know God is just I tremble for my country that was Thomas Jefferson's response when this failed, when this
failed. He started to write nasty things about not just the Carolinas and Georgia, but also. He started writing nasty things about the cowardice of others like the north, like the north, wooden stand up tolerable, till the guy. Who was one of the most passionate abolitionists at the writing of the duration of independence, he's as a fly in the ointment, bad guy, really I mean level. The so when people consider him up just a bad guy and at best they consider him a real complicated guy because he was seen as the american sphinx. Ah, now, you know we really wasn't. He was stuck in a situation, he couldn't get out of body hated this situation and he fought against against it. It's them
clears kind of. I know how he fought in Virginia, but I've never been able to reconcile the declaration of independence. I've now, urban able to say all men are created equal and I ve never been comfortable with? Well, they didn't consider the men- and I thought well, All you know I gotta give. No that's, one of the words in this. This'll vis. Look this Earl visceral writing of of Thomas Jefferson. He I put the word men now think of this back the days of slavery. They were slaves, they were not men might were African American or they were blacks. They were not men, they were Africans Africans they were savages right. They were definitely not men. He capitalizing. He says the Thee, so called Christian King Gozo or to another country takes captives. It take captives, its natives,
and they have never done anything wrong against him. He ship them to another hemisphere if they make it Through the gruelling and horror of the journey and then he takes these capital letters, men and puts them by our sail on the open market, lately open and shut, the case it's on. It is incredible. He talks about how one of his basically his main objection to the king. Is that he wants to continue a market of men being bought and sold and claims to be a Christian. How you know how you you wonder: how the general public doesn't know that. But I am really ashamed. I dont know that yet having I was angry founder since the eighties, and certainly intensely since the two thousands. Ever since we ve been together in two thousand nine. Until today,
the then just this week were here in this information to make, and we also made, as we all know, that only railway founded stow I've. Had that copy of the declaration of independence from eighteen, twenty one, it's an engraving of the first group had that for I don't even know how long how many years I've had that, and I never noticed those two words until I was standing still is reading it. I was on other side of the document and and I in he says, look at this end he's gonna pointing at I noticed for the very first time these two capitalized words, and I think you said why these capitalized, I think, was ass. Hers ass, drew me and honestly, I probably wouldn't even noticed it if it was caused. It's ok how crazy it is as areas and you know what an effective job they ve done. Hiding. You aren't kidding man, burying. You aren't kit and then repositioning him
and you know why do you know why I really believe it makes sense. Now why they stick Thomas Jefferson out as the slaveholder new think. That theory can you thinkin. Because he's the one who actually wrote all Men are created, equal and endow by their creator, so give you want to discredit that you have to discredit the off. And you have to discredit him in a way where you say he didn't even believe that Brian that's what they ve done ever to discredit the declaration of independence. You have to show that the guy who wrote it was a liar. Its ink rentable euralia
Almost admire their evil work besides, if it ends up whenever thorough and impress when we were talking about the progress- and we really do in our work, we said that a lot ya gotta admire their asses is impressive and the way they have just dismantled this country and our history anyway, but it too put it back to you ever read this. Have you some of the other stuff, in their view, the Thomas Pain Letter, yet no economy, Nanos pain, letter, so much good stuff here this week, and I was so good so good and Lincoln Duff has great too, which came from Lincoln Library, right now, That's out really the stuff. That's it they came from illegal labour is still in that case a mile in my office, oh yeah, to get a room temperature go and lost the key I didn't what's the key lost like I did not lose the key. He's clay meat and lose the key but where's the key. I was glad to have the gay no go and does not have not lose and when they had over the last year, we do not know who, as the key what's in the box of the goodies,
You draw! No worry about that are easily canning. Right did not lose the key. You time what the Lincoln Museum lost, the Kai ya know lost the key. I blame it on federal, express because the key was sent by itself so? Nobody had the key now going, I'm leaving the studio. We're taking we're going on Facebook LIVE the blaze and limit on you and I'm going into my office, and if this is so clearly that he and so if he isn't there, then I think we. Have to call a locksmith back, because the museum opens in an hour, yeah and- and so I think we have to call a locksmith, but I don't know I mean it would be a real honor if you knew it was a good, but I I am sure that I I call a locksmith and say hey. I need you to open a giant security case
the Euro, so you so we can get the gettysburg address, how I'm not a cent and tell them that they will. I believe in our think its right to do. The could seem like you you're, just in the middle of last year. Might it might feel that way, just just just a little bit so I did call a Lincoln Museum yesterday said. Ok. The good news is, we haven't lost the getting Berger tresses thinking and think that, as well as at the city, I reject that box project that box by already be gone. More on this pact gray unleashed today, listen to it on the police, radio, tv networks as well as of any more you can get August, the I've gray and his orchestra radio round up in twenty five minutes, which is now twelve minutes away,
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No wires, no contract, it simply safe own your own security. Have it model turn professionally with simply simply safe and then relax simply they ve back dotcom, simply safe, backed out com check out the system. Right now at please safe back dot com. Glenn still, I just found out that the head of Lincoln Museum is here, oh great. What he's just asking for etiquette purposes, is it bad to say so? Do you? have the key. Yes, yes, will be very Bowery. Ok, you instead we just go. We just got word a minute ago that
The key is on its way and it's you Piazza Federal, Express it is on its way. It's just it's a bit. Delayed or law in transit and it's it's on its way, so that the original copy of the gettysburg address with the key is lost. No, it's no it's in transit eels. Absolutely all! I guess it gets a little like my liver Sunshine year. They pretend you're the guy who just loaned us the Gettysburg address. Ok, here's the lodging at his word address yeah Alan Keys in transit about here. So you just why ITALY No, I said ok, so you know where the key is. Then absolutely in transit, you do Bianca where in truck in a truck where's the car, it's the car lookit I I did you bring a key
there's, no way to have this conversation. I'm in work is the reverse of the wounded. Loss would mean someone knowing where was right and you don't know that Ross so low its law? Yes, ok, so anyway, noise so anyway, just watch that we're not gonna go live here, because I believe, has a gettysburg address is actually in the box Alan his ear. Alan now in front of you with it give it a little, has actually had it in his safe back at home and he's then he's here to open up go. I am not only and I blame in honor how join us will see this weekend if you can make it the Mercury Museum all this weekend. Mercury studios analysis that. Mercury, one dot, Org.
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