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Assaulted By Pupils | 7/2/19

2019-07-02 | 🔗
Hour 1 AOC and Britney were unsafe and Assaulted by pupils at the border ...It's Official, England has turned bat crap crazy ...Now the Left is going after Betsy Ross while Colin Kaepernick is back on the attack at Nike ...Americas Most Dangerous Dems Hour 2 The Kamala Surge is in full effect. Joe Biden is down but not out, yet ...The future of America, Politically by the numbers. Millennials are leaning Socialist ...Super nests found in Alabama. Be on the look out for Killer yellow jacket bees  Hour 3 Stu & Jeffy's personal touch will be available Friday. Meanwhile, Pat Gray is doing well after back surgery ...Showtime releases a Fair and Balanced movie about Fox News Roger Ailes ...Bad move Blockbuster

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