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'Back To The Dark Ages'? - 6/25/18

2018-06-25 | 🔗
Hour 1  No Shoes, No Shirt, No Sarah Huckabee Sanders?...kicked out of a Virginia restaurant over the weekend...here come the 'Jane Crow' laws?...Do we have the strength and will to rule ourselves?...Glenn Beck vs. Brian Stelter? ... 'We're moving back to the Dark Ages'?   Hour 2 Bring forth the 'rage and chaos'?... the American people no longer believe the media ...Nick Gillespie, Reason.com editor, joins Glenn to discuss his recent article: 'Eat Mor Krow' and Other Signs of a Dangerously Politicized America ...Maxine Waters is advocating the harassment of women...she hasn't changed; we have   Hour 3 'Caring twice as much, in your time machine?'...Most Americans believe a border wall is a good idea ...there's only 3 options to fix? ...Don't blame the border patrol; blame the parents...the more kids there are, the more the media cares?...Obama administration held more than double the number of children compared to Trump ...Pat Gray walks out on Glenn? 

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The blaze radio network on demand back what else press secretary sir, A Huckabee Sanders was Picked out of a restaurant on Friday night, not because she or anybody in her party of aid were talking politics or annoying other customers, because Sanders has a high profile job for the president that is hated by the left. The these days, some Eight on the left is disguised as moral conviction. You know They have a right to their conscience, so the owner of the red hand, restaurant in Lexington Virginia Ass Sanders to accompany her to the outs. I'd patio, where she asked Sanders to leave the red hen owner says this feels like the moment in our democracy, when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold their
morals their right to conscience What they feel is right. You know what this person is absolutely totally correct, it is now the time that people have to stand up and recognise What it is that they believe in what those principles are that they hold dear, and stand up for them, or they will lose them here's the problem. However, it doesn't much imagination and consider what hell would have broken loose. If a conservative leaning restaurant owner had try to uphold their morals would have done this to anyone in the in the Obama administration and just past few days protesters have gathered to the dinner table of the D age S Secretary Nielsen, then I gathered at her home and threaten the children of De Hs employees floor
the attorney general was followed to a movie theater we're protesters reportedly spat on her and Sarah could be. Sanders kicked out of a restaurant because she works at the White House and the left doesn't see any contradiction in this kind of bullying. Let me see it. Word again, because it may not be something that their familiar with our ought classes or lectured people about bullying The same left that defines discrimination in every square inch of our society is now stocking people females. Nevertheless, and harassing them the self righteousness and hypocrisy that is happening in our country is this gusting. Kicking somebody out of a restaurant a not really a new one. For Virginia I mean it's. Not
banning recently, but I do believe it was happening in the Jim Crow era and the left likes to fancy itself leap little side that dragged merit our America out of the Jim Crow era, except they weren't but they keep returning to the Jim Crow era. Why does the weren't against it. In the first place they, were the ones furthering it Jack the car yesterday was, television talking about. Oh my gosh, these are These are the american internment camps for Japanese, citizens. Yes, you mean the ones that the Grass is built. Since this is historical fantasy that, questions are the ones that are going to free the world, but it
the fantasy that they have to tell themselves, so they can sleep at night. I run clean they ve gone so crazy with our hyper pc micro aggression trigger warning bull crap that they ve oh, come around to discriminating themselves, and they don't even realize it, they think- you're still fighting the good fight upholding justice, but you see when you try to silence a Nazi, you have to become a nazi to do it they ve actually leave ushered in a new era that I like to call the Jane Crow era,. Three, if you even hint that you support something that the left doesn't like you know, securing border you can be stopped. You can be spat upon you be kicked. Out of a restaurant Joe
for having a political view. So, the right has been saying that I have a right to conscience I have a right of conscience. I have a right of a deeply old religious point of view you can. Force me to do things because of that. What the left doesn't understand as they actually agree with that point of view they do they just don't like it cold religion, but what they so don't understand is that political party, in Amerika. Have become our God. People are really arguing about principles anymore because Very few people even have them. Whether really doing is arguing there, ledges belief, because government
now issues rights, so government is our God I know. None of this sounds really progressive was because progressives aren't really actually for progress. What is turned into now is psychotic tyranny its mandate you and Johnny FED. This is the Glen Back Programme yarbs. He's doing it too. Cash you're right, I ever even I haven't I know that excuse. Well, I I I mean I did use it when I was six and arguing with my sister. You know, but my pair straighten me out on that one so. Maybe the media is six
I don't know if you, if you saw, and I don't think that you care. So I want you to know up front. I dont think you care, but what would happen yesterday with me. He on CNN. I couldn't take it anymore, couldn't take it anymore. I was asked to go on and talk about why the Media just isn't heard by the right ok, all right, we'll see. I made a mistake of actually why king, the show that I was about to be on and
First of all, we have the the editor of a time magazine onto explain away why it's perfectly fine to run that picture and take it out of context specifically fine, even the fatigue, aim to run that picture and take it out of context sporadically fine, even the photographer. You didn't have a problem with it. Oh well, I'm gonna remember that in the next time we want to take a picture out of context. Sure you're going to react exactly the same way, Then that was followed by George to cry. Oh George is known as a united and joy Ernest gets on to talk about the the I reckon internment camps for the Japanese something that I am really very passionate about, because my wallet another example of
progressives. Being anything but progressive, showing who they actually are so goods on an he's saying how what's happening on the border is exactly the same. That is happening again. Well, George, I would like to point out. There are a few differences you know However, what I can get past was how CNN just so willing to. Put that on the air and no push back. I mean gosh, as I said, to Brien's dealt her later. Brian what's next FEMA camps. You see, I was. I was called a crazy man for even saying that
This kind of stuff will come even saying that it may not be this president does it, but it could be the next or the one. After that I was a conspiracy theorist. For saying that it could come, but now that job The guy wants to declare that it has come, and- he is here all perfectly fine. And I know that, if I would have gotten on in twenty fourteen- showed the pictures of the cages. I could have said My gosh, it looks like the japanese internment camps, I'm sure Brian and everybody it CNN would have said well. He makes a good point now. You want to know why people are listening to you watch your own show, try that. But I want you to know.
The reason why I walked off the show yesterday had nothing to do with the question. It had every to do with him proving me correct. Every step of the way and I'm just my time is more valuable than that I would have rather been having breakfast with my kids. It's a waste of time, and I really he thought Brian would be a guy who might might actually be open to hearing it. Now even the Washington Post imply. That he was lying in wait for me with his quota, the post, his lie smile now. I dont even believe that the Washington Post was making it sound like he was. Waiting in laying in weight, wow, ok, but here's the thing.
My fight the stuff that I fight with every day, business- that's not big, it's not a big deal. Nobody cares about that. The fight that is actually going on is the All this fight, known to man do Each of us have integrity the straw The will the intelligence and the courage to rule ourselves to be Consistent fair minded. Do we have the wisdom the restraint to now just try to rule over everyone else and if they step Lying well, I'd kicking out of my restaurant. If they stop out of line well, I'm gonna shoot them down. Personally, I think that Baron, lady or red haired lady, She has every right to do that. If she wants, I think it's foolish,
but she has every right to do it. Oh my god! What word you stand on the Baker exactly in the same place about you? How about you. When Sarah was was kicked out, o the restaurant in Virginia. Because of the owners, moral, dance. She couldn't tolerate the press secretary being in her in her restaurant and think she was very polite about it, and I think Sarah was very polite about it. Ok,. However, the people online weren't so polite on either side everybody took to their favorite, I'm addicted outrage, APP twitter, Facebook and the argument began. What was crazy was that the land
It was voicing their support for her being able to do this And the right was saying: you knows this should be illegal and this should happen. I agree it shouldn't happen by to do anything to stop it. And he was it was a may. It was amazing. And then there's no another group and I think this is a growing group. The group of Americans that see what's being done and they just shake their heads and the like what there. Do these clowns even recognize that they choose switch places again. Arguing the other side, because now it helps their side. It's it's It's amazing to me how nobody
Really saw the gay wedding cake thing. What the years to America needs to learn right now and. I speak more to the left then the right. Because the the left to become Very militant I dont know if you ve, seen the death threats to the press, the sun or to Congress. Full or Maxine waters, although things where they're going a little farther than saying I'm going to tell we'll get a district, I dont know if you ve noticed this in the press, but it's the aims to be just a tad further than that. You have to realise That in life, it's not fair, it's not fair! you're gonna be pissed off. There's gonna be all kinds of people that piss you off you. To grow up ads,
it may be a little thicker skin and the second thing The second thing you need to know is we shouldn't He compelled to use our talent to make food or to decorate cakes, or anything else if it violates our conscience That's your moral stance! God bless! You are just remember not to go there to get it egg or are not go there to heed meal. That's fine! A lot of people will great vigor bull that went to the Coffee CUP Cafe. All strangely spelled with cages. That was great good. I know where I'm not gonna go. I know what town in Texas I should avoid the one that has the k, K, K. I'm sorry, the Coffee CUP Cafe. I think it's great.
It is really been great for me to see what people the left and what people on the right. Who they really. Are. What they really actually believe. I think has been great because I No, who devoid, I know who I am standing with now a weird I am being very clarifying. More voices not laughed, but it's called right of conscience. And the left doesn't see it because they now worship at the altar of politicians? political parties and social status, but so do many people on the right. This is the real problem more in a second.
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Ok I'll be there, it is such a book is And maybe I'll just give you sneak peak, why oh waste of time. What a waste of time the media is engaged in. With all of the things that are going on in the world, and all of this Russians. We should be having what waste of time, but will have that conversation and I'll try not to talk down to them. Like Brian, was yesterday to me, because I actually would like them to hear what the problem is. I just don't think they're actually interested alright I'll, do it one more time, more time and then guys you're
You're on your own good luck with that, that's top of ours. More than just a second of the bigger questions, That we should be asking ourselves when we come back. You know. Relatives are great for a lot of things. Wonderful conversations around the table, around the holidays, though they always go, super well those trust them with your kids. I mean yeah sure they might lose track of him from time to time. But for that will work out and you never get any arguments with him because he always has share the exact same values: maybe I'm living in a dream world here. A lot of people, though, go to the stream world when they pick some random relative with a little bit of real estate experience to be the real estate agent, because they Well, I released. I know them, Maybe you should go a different way. Maybe you should go find a place that has already gone through all the things that are important when it comes to real estate agents were talking about womb. You know a marketing play experience, character, results and
in an end and honestly values, dared values are important, real estate agents? I trust I com is a place. You can go people that listen to the show that a real estate agents can help walk you through this process, its real estate agents. I trust I come real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, who, or what is your God? who do you worship who do you serve, Do you serve when push comes to shove. What's the most important thing to you, what is, the thing that is guiding your discussions and your lives. My God is status, my God, is not politician. My god does not belong to a party. The guy, did that I serve. Has given man free will, the right to choose the right
succeed, the right to fail the right to be a monster Oro or the right to be a great man. Or in the case of both guy Andy and Churchill too great men a little above a monster and a great man, You see, God has given us the right to be an idiot Who am I to deny that right God's, given the right to be an idiot, I'm not gonna start you from being an idiot. I dont have a right to do that the God I worship and I serve as also given man a noble spirit within it. Quintuple desire to be better transcend to grow, to reach beyond the muck. No such spear,
among those who worship politics here. Politicians not that I have seen anyway, I haven't seen that spirit. But I there are certain, certainly plenty of idiots those Those of us who live in Dallas in Chicago Hell, LOS Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, there's group. People that are afraid to offer their opinion. Why? Why Why must we hide our faith and be made to feel shame? Because you. Worshipping your god. Why must I hide the God? I worship? Why must I be made to feel shame? You know we're b,
dragged back into the dark ages, it's totally clear thee the period of enlightenment, where you could question with both This even the existence of God. Well, that's why created our nation. That's what created real freedom for the first time. The Spirit of America's the Spirit that brought us out of darkness, the willing- The willingness to question everything and us equally without fear, but we, are being dragged back into a world where men died they died in chambers of horrors because they, This could no longer deny what they knew to be true William Tyndale, he was burned. The stake he's the guy, who first translated the Bible into English. His crime and was that he is his belief that if the king
right his power from God and gods word- is contained in the Bible, then to be able to read that word in my own native tongue- and I don't need a priest or an eighty intermediary to interpreted for me- I'm smarter to figure it out. Oh my gosh, the church and the king. What were they were competitors? You know competing for power or were they In the end, they work together to try to bent men from think for themselves, one protecting the other. And the same is true: today you the government And the media competing for power and influence their competitors. You know no they're, not. Each of us, are telling us what to think what to say and what to believe they each want
tell us what is right and what is wrong. What is acceptable and unacceptable and they're doing it in a fashion to where you can't even question it, even if it makes no sense at all. Well, sheer too stupid to understand Air being taught by the high priest, robe clerics of our generation and of our time the robed clerics higher education, their job Made safe by tenure paid or by the money taken from the peasants either through new governments, studies that are designed really just to prove that the earth, said the center of the universe or whatever it is. Those in power want to prove the gun, It also makes it easy for those same peasants to be changed and beholden to the debt incurred, to be taught what to think how to behave and how
be the model surf and slave, how it can't be. Oh yeah, yeah. You know, let me ask you a question. Why is that? We continue to see that it highest scientific and technological advancement in all human history. When science is at its apex. American students, leave our high schools and universities with a science terrific illiteracy of ninety five percent that is higher than the illiteracy among blacks at the time of slavery,. Well, I know why people didn't want to teach a black man to read back And why are universities, doing such a Horrendous job of teaching
Spacex, like history, math science reading. You see, we believe that the politician and the media are enemies but they're not they need each other. They feed off of one another. They even protect one another They're all engaged in entertaining In an and televising this entertaining war, they ve turned us into spectators asked us to pick sides. Don't do it don't do it. Think for yourself. You're smart enough, don't take what I say as guy as always the land of shepherds, for yourself. Do her own research. We, the People cannot be reduced to the mindless sheep herded by whatever dog barked the loudest, but that is what
are becoming. We are becoming she with no shepherds Amerika, was always the land of shepherds and no sheep is anyone really looking for this solution to the border. Nope nope tall about clicks ratings outrage, voter drives mid term elections Raising fundraising, fundraising and fund raising- that's all it's about that. It could play that game anymore. The game of false outrage for ratings or cash. I mean what I say I don't play. I don't I don't play it on my show, I'm not going to engage on anybody else's show I dont care it's a week time time
the only thing that we have time and credibility. Those belong to me. How can a wasted? It's a free country, at least for the time being, but unless we wake one another rob. Unless we decide you know what this insane what's happening is insane. And I dont like what's happening over there now what I doing over on our side. That is leading to this, I don't think both sides are equal, but I do think that both sides are involved. I think I think most people in the country when it comes to Donald Trump. I don't they
They necessarily like him I think they necessarily agree with his principles in the way he handles himself. But I think a lot of people, including me, are prize, that he has done things for it, students, like Israel, shocked, shocked now your faced with a choice: okay, That, let me ask you this ice. The media doing the same kind of deceitful things and and then justifying Donald Trump. I don't even think I've ever heard some say: no, no, I'm fine. But I'll be the most honest guy ever will exacerbate that call. He said he's gonna win and Europe, get tired of winning. Well that's what he's doing. But the media. On the other hand, the media has said: go there, go there on us there fair and balanced and they're, not they're, not that's. Why,
that's. Why that add on CNN there was brilliant. This is an apple, this banana. Why didn't that work Why didn't that work? Because of poor less versus performance? Nobody believes you, don't you believe you now add, was brilliant and it was marked now, maybe not in your cocktail circles, but where else and the country was. But unless we plan to our flag In reason decency and self reflection self awareness, thicker, skin until we develop thicker skin and were and being more kind. We're going to lose our freedom. All of us. And I know, that's not hyperbole, because
Yesterday, I saw CNN spend quite a bit of time with George DE talking about Eric internment camps once use for Americans of japanese descent and and how happening on the border right now, the same thing, so I can't be a fearmongering. I mean Debunked the FEMA camps, but what is that? prince between what Alex Jones said, was happening with the secret camps where Americans were being held in cages and what George I and CNN, and the press is saying happening right now on the border. How can my saying years ago, We are close to losing our right to live. Work to speak to me. Around people with different opinions to make your choice. To be around people with different backgrounds and that
Maybe not this president or the next president, but we are headed, pour real trouble, the same seeds are being planted that were planted in the nineteen thirty's. How can that be crazy? If how the media is declaring that Europe is a Nazi, and these are concentration camps alike, have been crazy. I must have been Nostradamus is just happened much sooner They make us by our children's slave chains by sending them to a university. Why do these leads have power because we give it to them? We to them and we sell our children. Actually they make us by
I have a children's slave chains by sending them to a university. Decent people need to stand up in all the right places, with all the right principles and faith and common decency and tolerance, real tolerance for one another's different in every poll shows that we are united by simple american ideals, even on the border, we all know that what's happening on the borders wrong, it's amazing, a really bright spot. We still do hold these truths to be self evident, but the media. The politician hasn't made enough money yet. The question is: where is our bottom. What is our breaking point:
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the choice to be made and what are we gonna focus on? We focus on and cakes and, sir or we can focus on real issues. You know in a minute gonna talk to a little bit about Maxine Waters, matzoh, quite an amazing thing in it We need an elected official telling people to go out and harass others in public near well on their, especially in the same week where you know to elect officials had their children threatened with rape, kidnapping and murder. It was at the same week where the Department of Homeland Security was kicked out of them are thrown out of the Mr Rogers documentary. Well, I don't know much about Assad it. It was the same week where they they did surround her house an Dalia. That's Raven throws PAM body whose whose yes out of the misery that got involved confused, is a little bit confusing when there are so many of them, as this is not a sheet piety FCC guy for net neutrality, who his house was surrounded earlier, that was a cup
months ago, yes, like angel, is all last week Maxine waters next Glenn Beck? Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up, and if you see anybody from cabinet in a restaurant in a department store gasoline. Maxine robes Pierre Waters, You know we have a guillotine here on the studios. I think we should bring it in its the vaccine waters guillotine. I mean why why are we just start? Getting people said to execute all conservatives yeah reality that Maxine says we should accept behaviour not well around here. The decisions on we should say: yes bring the rage to the streets. Let me quote robes Pierre?
Mr Reign of terror, himself, to punish the oppressors of humanity, clemency to Forgive them is cruelty sounds familiar done. It where's my question for the media do you honestly say that if someone from the tea party or Anyone in Congress that was GEO P would have said the same thing during the Obama administration that you the ban call that you would read this story exactly the same. No, you would be calling for her resignation. You would have immediately branded her A terrorist she would have rounded up in RO in the bath steel waiting for her execution. This is yet another reason why the America
People no longer believe the media there can not see their own blindness you're not looking Vader care they have gone blind with rage. Cries for rage, heard this weekend protests again. Ice sprung up all over the country and I facility in New York was forced to shut down. After being, It sees your by a group. Metropolitan anarchists, coordinating, council and and working anarchy. Coordinating. Council lashes ponder the stupidity of that phrase, Second, the same thing happened in Oregon after approach asked by the Democratic Socialists of America, forced Portland ICE facility to shut down
socialist and anarchists, are teaming up. All over the country. That is weird huh, oh, and why would an anarchist, though, who said I don't want any government team up with a group, people who want to big government is in at weird. They're using the immigration debate to kick start. The occupy movement again occupy ice is the late This version of the renewed season of rage is it possible that this is the summer of nineteen. Sixty eight. On Saturday, a Texas border patrol agent suffered a broken ankle after defending a woman during one of those assaults on immigration facilities, two hundred Protesters from the League of United latin american citizens were bust in who the men, who was Paying for the bus there
most intimate gallon from all over Texas, the league, an open borders, free college pro single payer, healthcare advocacy group that gets their funding George Soros is Open Society Institute the we did. We re They need to know who bought them in Belgium just ask you a question if we can pay for the Medicare Medicaid Social Security benefits that we already have? If you open the borders, how we're going to pay for all of that and more. So what we have our socialist anarchists and billionaire Hungarians all after thing. Rage filled chaos, you see, this is what This is what I can't take anymore. I can't take it anymore.
I may I'm a conspiracy theorist. Who just happened to be exactly right in twenty fourteen. Really it's weird how's. It gets better, teachers, because there actually saying that is worse than what I was saying was coming. You have begged people to see what was happening. You have When the migrant caravans began descending on our border recently, you were here when I said get used to it because is. This is this? Is the next attack now I thought it would be a caravan, no no they just needed to find the way to do it, but here it is the media and the left. Bringing fourth chaos? It's happening right now and thanks to you
like Maxine Waters and the ignoring or double standard of the media. Its own you wanna get worse its Monday June. Twenty fifth, this the Glen Back Programme, eat, more crow and other signs of a dangerously politicized America is a rate rate article. Nick Collapse, Gillespie. He is the editor at large of reason, magazine, end joining us now near cow area, good gland. Thanks for having me on this, is you know what happening it just this weekend,
is insane? Everything has become political, absolutely everything, I agree with you completely and it's not a good thing, that more politicized every aspect of our lives get the tougher. It is to just go to the corner and pick up your newspaper and come back home. So I will rush to upload, complicate impossibly enraged. You a little bit too that this is not all simply coming from them. After from liberals, I know that you yeah Diamond Vienna, stuff You know whether you Neil ORB stand were you know the tap dance during the map and other national anthem, football game wanting
Way that people, where different insignia is on their coats to signified this or that you know who gets to decide what cause you know what would cause or what belief in a person means that you want to do business with them in a business that is, secondly, open to all comers. It's a real problem, and you know the starting point of my piece of rights as eat. More crow was that one of the founders of Twitter, who also has another company that does kind of cash bonus thing Jack, Dorsett Dorsey. He made the mistake of you know it. Course because he's selling his company all the time he has. His wallet was linked to his twitter feed and it turned out a couple of weeks ago, just as gay pride month was sorry He went and had some trick fillet showed up at his feet and then he got attacked for eating and anti gay chicken mystery immediately. You don't we immediately apologize right, you know it. I like the
You know me I'm a smaller, libertarian I'd like to live my commitments. I like to be the person that I think I want to try and incarnates world that I see the FAO. Use of tolerance and pluralism and voluntary exchange in all that, but there is a time where just like cheese review now, if need be, if your politics all the time that's why it's so horrible living in America in the twenty first century is and is not getting better and and Nick, for instance, this this weekend, I stand by this woman, at the Red Henhouse or whatever it is. You know saying I dont want her herein! Ok! Well that, fine? She I think she has a right, just as the gay Baker has a right and it's amazing how people just keep switching sides- I'm not here to tell you what to do who deserve how to apply your art, you, have a right of conscience period and it it makes for an ugly.
World sometimes, but you have the right to do it. I just can't take the constant, politicizing and then the flipping of sides as it becomes convenient for you, here, I agree with you completely and that that's actually you know it's that cynicism that I thank you is what is really driving people, not because it would be bad, and we know this because this is what you know. The countries like this of a union or EAST Germany used to do where the worst art that you can produce and east. How many of the Soviet Union was not politically like a political pop song that criticized Gorbachev it worth? It was songs that were simply about the you know like teenage love that had no politics in the match, with drove them insane and in America today. It you know where we are is everything is political and everybody knows that a chest situational and that you know if it's
ah doing one thing than one side will say that was great and that it becomes trump and everybody says this is pure. People- and we all know that and it's one of the reasons why poles continue to show and they ve been shown us forever for good reason. Fewer and fewer of us wanted identify. So republican or as a democratic, liberal or conservative, because we know Nobody around us is just full of bs end or just looking for the next cheap in some kind of never ending battle love. You know, I know you are, but what, if you know, I know, I hid secular, It is interesting that feels this way to me at least at its been like this forever, but you can't go back and trace the history of this. In and it really, this is sort of a new thing for America. I do I am well in a piece of reason. I come I kind of pegged at least in this latest wave, and you know it is always like a background noise, but I think a lot of it has to do with the import
It is not the nine eleven obviously like that that up the stakes and then suddenly people, you know I didn't want to be new on store considerate anymore, like energy were with us or against us, and every kind of freaked out, I actually say, goes back a little bit before that to the election of two thousand, which ended, in a way that nobody predicted- and you know we can- we can go through all of those in the old battles, but basically it came down to a handful of boats out of millions of votes cast. It was a complete dead. He and ass. We started looking at the literal. Would you know the actual mecca? it's a voting any who I think well remember. Maybe not everybody those. You know those hanging chat, ballots that were being looked at as if they were You know I mean you know it was like outer space, something like that. You know that the dna
of the entire universe. Was this a vote or not? How could you impute intention if two parts of the chairs were connected, but not a third, you know, but it became the sense of two things. One of unreality of that like when you really get down to rock bottom- and you know you get into the secret hangar where the alien autopsies are. You look at there's something on the table, but you're not what the hell it is like. Maybe it's not real at all, but then, on top of that the stakes we were constantly being told that the stakes were so high because Bushmeat Gore, we radically different people and one meant life for the country and the other meant death or something so you simultaneously a breakdown of the reality in any real heightening of the perceived stakes of things, and I think that you know, and then you know that the growth social media and the growth of you know harder and harder politics, because precise because the parties no longer control them.
Very well and the coalition that they were developed bill to represent were mostly done in the all electorate, it was called in one night Anna and of course you know there was anger, and I am in any of us who remember the nineties. No, you know there were moments where Jerry Farwell introduced a series of they say there are represented, not negative, was interesting. Reading your peace in that it brought me back to another time because, as you point out the victor compensation before the two thousand election was not were to politically if I had it in everyone's returning politics and everything it was the exact opposite. People were worried that people were not engage with politics at all and no one was showing up to vote and to apis etiquette, vanishing voter them. In other words, I would like a Wall electorate. It was called in one night in it and, of course another was anger, and I am in any of us who remember the nineties. No, you know there were moments where Ojo
before well introduced a series of documentaries listing all a bill, Clinton's murders and things like that. You know there is like some pretty crazy, stop going very high levels, but yet, but yeah it was one of the problems. A lot of people thought were worried about was that nobody was engaged in politics. Voter turnout was bad. The voter turnout for the two thousand election- you know, which we knew was gonna, be closed, which everybody was saying. This is enough for the twenty first century: were either going in this direction or that direction most important election in your lifetime setbacks it had mediocre turn out and by the way, it's also fascinating. If you go back and look at that Goran Bush, when so many parts of the demographic She would have thought like they were basically even on women. They were even on the useful if the Democrats did much better with Blacks Martinez, but Bush very well, with my Tito's, when you look,
the way in which republican, presidential and democratic presidential candidates score. You know when seen it s the one wins one year: they other side wins the other, but they have a much more fractured said. People voting for them a nickel Epps. Gillespie editor large recent magazine. You need to read this particular ardor articles called eat more crow, Nick thanks, It's an awful lot appreciated. Brings us what brings us together? What brings us together we'll talk about that coming up into second, a second wishing somebody, a happy birthday on social media may seem innocent enough, but if you are in a fairy ass, you can together information from various places to hack accounts, and once they do that they can stature. Sensitive data like payment information, social media great way to connect to people, but it's a boy,
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percent off one, eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com, promo code back. So. You know when you, when you listen or re, read the Knicks article on reason, you you see this, is not some reasonable, what's happening, even with Maxine waters may look what she's doing she's doing now. We used to just ignore that that was there was a deal, would just ignored it. They were they worse. Doing all of this same stuff before we ignored it. Now that you could make the case that as part of the problem, we just let it grow but instead what we ve done is We ve allowed our own sides to do the same thing to us, the cheese doing to her side and we're all just making everything about politics, and it's not,
Is your life really about politics? Wire spending so much time on politics, hit, the conversations that we could be having look at will the money that is being spent. To destroy one side or the other, but what a waste what a waste this is. This is a country that is currently still changing the world with technology this is: who we are it's not who we are, and we know it. Instead, Fifthly, we know it yeah. It's amazing, to we're. Looking back at the history of it, in that there were some, crazy political attacks by both sides at the highest levels of these parties and and and advocacy organizations, and it still trashing each other. We just didn't care, we set out are politicians and the other run their mouths, and it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be engaged in politics. You should
if you're interested in that right, I mean they had divert Jonah Holbrooke's book has a great segment about how maybe not everybody was the encouraging every one to go out and vote not everyone is following it. If you're not fall, look. We have this thing, I don't get. We inform yourself just go out and vote be part of the process to be part of the process. If you're, no you're talking about your memories anyway, you shouldn't they usually not paid, you should not join, you should not commit. You know I mean. I know this is really controversial to say, but I this is. The way we were set up was landowners. It wasn't that women, couldn't vote, women could vote, women voted in the colonial era. They were just widows our declares a man lead or men were the landowner, so you had to be a landowner. If you're a woman and you owned land, you voted. It was one vote per landowner Kay know what it was was the people who had skin in the game they were the ones voting
when all of that turns- and you become a nation that is just filled with people who want free stuff, it doesn't matter it doesnt work, amend and look opposite as someone who prefers renting out not necessarily to return to that standard, However, I it's a its skin in the just me sets you: don't we don't go in and you you know yes perform surgery unless you ve done the work to understand by how the human anatomy works right, and this is an important thing you need to learn. First then vote should be. Controversial at all, but it isn't today's society This is the Glen Babby Slade magazine, you are. You cannot make this slow.
Magazine when Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to her official twitter account to recount how she was kicked out of a Virginia restaurant. It launched a vicious online attack campaign against the establishment. Also amount to a violation of federal ethics laws. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, so here's what happened. Apparently the slate magazine found somebody who was a former head of the us of government ethics too, Go, go right on the record detailing that tweed amounted to a violation sanders. Is her official government account too to condemn. A private business for personal reasons. Seeks to where's businesses, by using her office to get the public to pressure it. It violates the endorsement ban as well, which has an obvious corollary, for discouraging patronage. My gosh
She can't do this using her official position and her twitter. Dont know if the left noses you should not be talking about people who violate you. Know. Ethics, and and rules and regulations about what they do with their personal phones, as opposed to their public addresses. Just That is why we are not exactly the one bring that up. It's just that. I'm aid is an amazing world, though, where you know you have an did official Maxie waters advocating for the harassment of women they go out in their daily lives. Crete think about think about this. For a moment and we should be here all the time of the pressure of a a superior at work here, in something giving an insinuation that may be
proper a to do ex wires to advance their career and how serious that is, and it is right you shouldn't that- should never have what Maxine waters advocated for this weekend, to surround and pull surround, create a crowd, push back to the person for the administration a female being the most recent example. It is these animals with the data secretary and so how could we Sanders strange? How many women in power for this person, who he out now so much? But the idea that, surrounding them pushing back when they're out at a dinner in a movie at a gas station member who think of us. Think of a woman alone, pumping gas she's advocating the issue should be surrounded, harassed and it's completely ok from an elected official, I mean have been? I will say, some on the left have
things about this and pushed back on a whole. I am sure there will be those that will say: they'll, publish one story and say oh, my spoke out about this- is wrong. No see that's the problem, that's the problem The problem is that the good side problem is, I have my people green with it, the amounts in waters and without megaphone telling people did you. Do it more offer? Yes the problem, let people who are at least there saying hey. This is not. This is over the line, which I think is a pause If, though, I I would probably grant you that it's not as positive as I would design while they here's the thing, just look how they talked about Europeans. Rhetoric lie they were they had to go. They do they had to go to I'm we're getting this district to me kit sound violent and at last did for what a week to week months. Ok, I mean it just went on and on and on
here. You have somebody actually calling for violence in. Mediation at the very they see animal, she Emmi says push back, which are mean obviously obese, similar to the target. I think right, if you want to meet the targeting standard, is clear its violence, however, think the rational human being Standard says. Well, you should be no. We She there harassing us. We should harass them miss her standard, so announced not we're not even here because that's she started it or he started in and that's not right in and you know what they will say is well then this caused by Donald Trump so she's a zombie to Donald Trump. She's just doing this? You have No self control you who are pointing out that Donald Trump rhetoric is
is really unhealthy to say it mildly for the body politic. I agree with you so the shot him down. Do. You now engage the same tactics where's your moral high ground. Where is where is he the argument that this is wrong. Well, been lecturing people about bullying, but he's a bully the lead to bully him back, o Oak old. That makes sense and so they wash their hands of this, because they ll say will look key he's worse. Oh my gosh. I'm sorry. Maybe Everybody in the media doesn't have kids, because who would never accept that excuse for mere kids ever now course never and go back to what Nicholas be was about at the beginning of this, our it's not that, but like Maxine Waters, who's who have changed it. So many of us because it max
matters was was nuts back. Then there is an acute. Let's Maxine waters in every area of our history, and so many of us just ignored those people who you know you were able to I don't know I mean again, that's you because it always rightly notes are known in Europe, but I mean now it is in all of our faces all of the time. Why? Because of social? Thank you. Why, whose choosing to be? And so no, I know, I'm right our choice involved in this matter. It just doesn't, does it help at all? No, I don't So it's this! You know it's it's just this! No, we know none. Stop outrage machine. You know this idea that people are just addicted to it and it's true really is it. It doesn't make you any happier or more. Form, for example, people are saying people want their kids to be separated from the parents at the border, and that's been something that
everybody has agreed upon. We talked about the pooling of something like ten percent agreed with the with the money with the policy, and this is a new CBS Pole on about and they actually went a little bit further, and other poles have gone because what what's the question here? There's? Yes, you Let's talk about separation, the border all you want. There is another question needs to follow up with that, and then what What say, what's that we all agree that there is. The kids should not be separated parents at the border and then what them so here's they asked tat, question decided to figure out and then what what are they Merrick people believe remember. This is paid. It as a uniform policy. Everyone thinks tromp is is the worst person in human history because of what he's doing kids on the border here is The actual answer now get only four percent. Say they want to separate kids from parents at the border. They want that to be, and then what and then what is continue that policy? Only four percent so
you can see it being painted as a uniform public. However, how does break down beyond that eleven percent, say they want to arrest the parents, but keep children with them in the same detention facility, so detain them together. Four percent say separate them eleven percent say, detain them together. Twenty one percent say catch and release you get. This has been. Also for Obama, least the entire family into the? U s temporarily and require the report back to hearing later. We know about forty percent of those people, never return is the twenty one percent that the media is playing to the media believes catch and release. That is their solution, just release everybody that was the Obama policy. That's why they didn't have a problem with any of this, because was catch and release ha now? What
and it only twenty one percent agree with that. So what's laugh is a big chunk. It's a chump! bigger than job more than double any of the other chunks. And here is what are the american people want to do just after we stop these separations quote really the entire family back to their home country together. That's the american people want it's not that they. What didn't want to hurt and was in separate them at all. That's up. They just don't want them illegally crossing the border, push them back to the other side. They can all go together. The american people, what, by an incredible margin now the issue, the problem with that is its not currently Lee. Over them to do that they have to actually says that claim through the system, which unfortunately only exists with really two of these other options, which is separate and catch and release The detained together option is a third option that Trump is kind of half trying to create with this
decade order but still is, is not gonna, probably holed up in court, and even if it as is only twenty days at this point. So much the end of a turns into catch and release, so issue. Here is the thing that we believe is right, which is return, people to their home country, the thing that is not even available to do as an option right now one of the reasons why I don't know, maybe Congress should act instead of making the President do: executive orders incentive have all go back to a policy that a very small slice of America actually supports Quetcham release. This is what What we are told is it well, mainly positive. It's the thing that everyone wants we have to do. He doesn't need an executive order. He doesn't need a law. All you have to do is call Jeff sessions and tell them go back to the old policy. That's that a policy. Twenty one percent of american support it, twenty one that is,
We the opposite of everything. You ve been told throughout this entire process. So it's and we're getting into, because that something I'm gonna talk about here in just a few minutes is is vast. Very pole. In my response to Brian stouter and and CNN and reliable sources, I'm gonna spend very little time talking about me that that and why I walked off yesterday I M going to try to present two things that I tried to present two Brian yesterday that he just didn't seem to understand and then was proving my point every step of the way here is the media they then, or in the twenty one percent catch and released just go? back to that old policy, then, on top of it,
They are fighting this, unlike they ve ever fought any of it before they're coming up with all kinds of excuses, and most of them are bold. Crap of law are you this time it's different now, The only reason why you this is different is because Catching release is stopping. Twenty one percent, It's not only that they're getting story wrong, is not only that they don't understand what the american people feel about them, and how slanted they always are. They also don't understand that America doesn't want the option that they They are selling twenty one per cent of Amerika, wants that option and They are doing is trying to paint the the remaining seventy nine percent as the four percent
poor percentages year fatal aka gave em will know That's not who people are. That's fine, percent of the nation for true extra minute and look at this when you look at it. This way, therefore, options here three of which are versions of trumps policy right. It's a separation what's they're all saying it's trumps policy, it's his exec port or trying to correct it, and it is. Term policy return them back to the country, if you add up the Trump options: They are all three versions of trump policies, its sixty three to twenty one. Sixty three percent agree with Trump twenty one percent. I agree with the media. Now look people want a border with laws. They want ate a country that support the rule of law. That doesn't mean that they have
people that they want a toss them back to their country because they don't like them this, the color of their skin. They want something logical, illogical process to make sure that people respect. And if you can make a logical, cogent case me, you can do it, but the owner and you can make that cogent case to or the people who are already in that twenty one percent you're making the case that, because it's not unconnected from Europe. The ability and also the push for socialism, you cannot have a country that is collapsing economically, because its spending too much then pushed for free health care for universal Healthcare Single pair free education for all, plus anybody who comes across order gets it. Do you, you can't have both. Who can have socialism and open borders? and the problem is the media doesn't understand. Most of America doesn't want,
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nine zero, six, twenty four forty or online in american financing dot net. That's me reckon financing dot net american finance, incorporation, animal One eight do through three: four W W W animal less consumer access, dot, Org welcome to the programme. By the year here. Even the scrolling some notes there. In the chosen radio preparation. Format of Orange High later or this black island This is what this is: actually what I had taped to the camera lands yesterday when I was gonna talk to O Brien stouter and whenever got any ideas, any evidence does seem like points about the border area and how its yeah. How do you know if you wanna? If you want to fix it, here's how you can fix it. You know you want to
bring us together and here's how we can do that, but we didn't they get didn't guy get you didn't get there. It's a little further, sir. It's a tad frustrating its heads, tat, frustrating yeah. To tat enough to get me to walk off in the middle of a lion or middle of an I live interview which they have ever done before, and I think that we never again, but I just couldn't get. My head was going to implode, we my response to CNN next. Back its Monday June twenty fifth. This is the Glen Back Programme so yesterday I was foolish enough to to agree to go on CNN and Brain Spelter rely reliable sources. I read his his view.
The news letter usually before I got a bad and I have seen the increasing I think trumped arrangement syndrome at newsletter- and I say this as a guy who actually it's fading respects- brains, stealth, her- and I know he has just taken this as a badge of of honour and glory that I would say it this way. But I really thought Brian me to be a guy. That would actually be interested in what is going on, and what I was asked to do is to speak about the border of twelve. Fourteen and also why press cannot reach the Donald Trump Voter, whom I was foolish enough to think that they actually want did a reason and they wanted and a logical export
action in and to help them understand, but them it doesn't get it and I dont believe they they ever will. I believe that there is any actual desire to do anything other than to prove that they are right, and I, stand? This might live that life before it is It's a life that is not an end well,. And well for you They live in this bubble where. Don't have to take. I am to consider other people's point view, because you know the hallways. I've worked at sea and in the whole ways everybody thinks alike coming there might be some subtle differences, but pretty much every body is on the same page They are right in this particular case and trumpet
trump voter is wrong and all they want to do is prove that they are virtuous and they are right so they're not going to they're, not gonna, change their ways and we should stop looking for it. I am going to stop engaging with them on this because there's no interest if, if their, if there were, if there were interest, I would suggest that maybe They reach out and have a honest conversation. The average person says about Donald Trump, the average person I don't necessarily like everything that he is doing. I dont, like necessarily his personal behaviour. I dont like his attacks on decency.
Just don't I dont, like all that, and I wish you would stop that. I wish you would stop and put his twitter away. I really do I think that the average person says, but they also say it's the economy, stupid it. The economy stupid for them? first time. Somebody is actually is somebody paying attention to what I am afraid of and what I am afraid is. This economy is going to collapse because We are moving in a direction that makes app lately no sense where everything is being ruled from government. So he Is cutting taxes I think he could have done more, but did he cut taxes, he cut taxes. Should he have cut spending Yes, he should have, but he cut taxes. People felt that he's cutting regulations- people feeling that what, you done lately media. What have you done.
He has chosen Israel over Hamas and I know that's not popular, especially anyone who works anywhere near Christiana Bore, but the IMF reckon people will pick Israel over Hamas and her allies and and the day of the week. At any time of the day,. The american people have also baked all of the sin, Donald there has been a surprise to people like me. He is, actually done some things that I never ever thought that he would do. I thought he would be the typical New York Liberal, like em, people in the media as a turn. Out no look at his stance on Israel. Look at his stance on taxes. We have. We have baked in the things before people even elected him, come on raphaelites crews, also helped killed. J F K come on.
I found that fiercely offensive and something that view your presidency, United States shouldn't, believe I don't even think you leave did so should he have said it now? Ditty, yes, did American people see that enroll their eyes and go stop it he's just saying this just to whatever the reason is, but they ve baked. All of that in may even Stormy Daniels in they don't care. They don't just like you baked in the same trade from Bill Clinton and you didn't care. I know but you said it was said yeah. I know it's crazy, isn't it. Crazy how everybody is flipping sides depending on who it hurts seat That's the hypocrisy thing and we can continue to charge hypocrisy back and forth all day long, but it's not going to change anything.
You see. This is the frustration that you want to. Despite half of the population cannot get. You didn't actually want to know. That's what the premise was hey. We can get this we can get people to listen to us. Well, He stopped and said is any other stuff that they say about. You is that true polemics, a couple of examples: do you think that, if, if somebody would have come out on the republic inside and said the things that Maxine Waters said you retreating it the same way that you are treating it today. Yes, I know you're covering it in its cute little coverage and per upsets even the kind of level of coverage that it deserves. Buddy the same amount of coverage that you would have given it It Ben somebody in the GEO P. That said, the very same thing remember
though weeks of Amerika. We're just tell it like it is, You can't just throw round free, dislike, targeting a district. It's dangerous! You can just say, while Glenn beckons, a conspiracy theories for Fort debunk in the few FEMA camps by the way for four even talking about FEMA camps, please you can't do that. And then have people on saying that this is a concentration camp. The eighty Elam that one you see this The frustration that you want to dismiss, but half of the population cannot get past it. Just like so many on your side cannot get past me. But even the least taken this step, that's up to you. I will
taken this step and said. Well, I've learned an awful lot. I see what I did. I see what I said. I see how you understood it. You may not by my explanation of why I felt this way, but you can but tell me that Don Lemon did is any different than what I did when Don Lemon said. You know, I think, he's a racist. What does was feeling was This sense of something's, not quite right. What dawn was feeling was not racism, it might be. And that it is the evil white western culture that is, the you know by people who were like in the Nazi Party, but that's not what Donald Trump or his supporters are actually feeling with. Feeling is the loss of their heritage, the loss of something that
You can say, will what heritage the white heritage? Yes, you know the one that all of the professors are now teaching everyone that they should destroy, stand up against and has no value. Feeling the sense of that loss and it has nothing to do with raise. It has everything to do with multiculturalism, but Don Exe rested as he's a racist. I don't think that's actually here think that's what he meant just like when I said I think, pray Obama is a racist end immediately said. Well, Norway has not quite the right word, but he has a. Hatred for the white culture. Wait! A minute. I wasn't actually seeing racism. What I was seeing was this post modern is bull crap that is now being shut down everybody's throat in universities, where they are saying that it is the evil white western culture that is
cause of all problems you can all racist or you just call it. Postmodern is bull crap, but that's what I was sensing, I believe that it is the loss of that that Donald TUSK Represents two people that made lemon say he's a racist now how see a hero and I'm a villain. Other. Then it was your guy. You see this is what you're missing this Is what you're missing? How can the the the credit socialists shut down, several facilities for eyes, shut them down Can you imagine had, a party surrounded government agency and why but we shut it down. Can you imagine if a government official were hurt were hurt, protect
an old woman? Add a gun, facility when a mob attacked you imagine the weeks you would have spent on that, because I can so can half of America, because we saw you do it when we didn't do those things when use when, when Nancy Pelosi law The arms and intentionally tried to intact denies and provoke a crowd that was it its universal health care when she locked arms and intentionally went into that crowd, hoping for something to happen, and it didn't you treated it like it did now. Let me get to the border
We agree on almost everything, but you don't see it that way. First of all, I can't take things like this play. The clip from yesterday and Brands Delta and I remember you're going to the border twenty forty in about an hour they might have their cars are now. Was there you guys are hunted is nodding his head, when you have worn as many here J all stop it stop. Not as many citizens in jail you're telling me. So it's the number. So what's that number Brian, that we care about putting kids in cages. What's the number that we start caring about when we're so we re handling when war there are in the middle repair ones. The number ok so weak care the more. They are okay. Well, let me Just give you Brian, the news, weak headline Obama held more than double the number
of children? Then the truck white house. So you should care. Twice as much in Time, machine. Twice as many kill. Kids are in jail under Obama. Now we ve You can't get that fact right. How is anyone else supposed to have that fact right? If the poor? Sid Self, the journalists that is trying to hold people's feet to the fire. If you can't get it right here, the average American supposed to whatever happened to the idea, if it just saves one child's life The thing we always get you know, especially- guns. If it just saves one child and by the way, speaking of guns, you know since two thousand twelve, two thousand thirteen, since then, there has been the average of six point. Eight people killed in school shootings, six point eight
every year. People killed by members of Emma S, thirteen Twenty nine point: five where's, your Amis, thirteen town hall. Oh that's right there not really apply bloom, and we shouldn't even pay attention to Emma S. Thirteen people coming across the border that right all about the numbers, though right, even though that's four times the size of the school shootings, here's a thing. The american people dont trust you. They haven't trust you for a very long time and who are still so arrogant because you're, surrounded by like minded people, We are all in a giant feedback. Loop quite honestly, it's a little like living in Texas, come a little easier living in Texas, because my so many people that think like I do you're not challenged. A Brian
come on down here work here? What did you do? CNN too, moving out or nor in the rest of the country and see how A push you back veal. Would kindly not the way well the way that Maxine wild waters is suggesting or the way my family was treated when we lived in New York. Forty eight percent of the american people believe that these kids should should be released. With their family back to their homeland, forty, eight percent, only twenty one percent believe, but you believe same thing you, leave, and I know you're going to say I who says what I believe you stop stop. Only twenty one percent believe that it should just be open borders, and we should just let everybody go. The majority of us, however, all that
or per cent agree, including the president and the first lady, whom you treated horribly last week as a media. Only four sent say that they should be held away from their parents. So why are we arguing? Were our doing, for the same reasons, you don't want to have a private conversation when I've said as did to not only you but almost every member of the press. You really want understand. Please don't make the same mistakes I made understand it. I've lived it. I see it. And I understand the right- and I understand why you're pissing them off and if you really want to actually understand so, you can help the country not further divide it. We did have a talk, but nobody is interested in that because a private car, rotation has no ratings. No clicks, no outrage, there's! No!
after right box, you action You have to be interested in seeking knowledge and by the way, I guess the only thing left that you in the Washington Post, strangely, exposing you as somebody was waiting just would lying in wait with your. What did they call it? Sly grin bizarre thing to print, but that's course the Washington Post it but There are actual solutions we'll get to those but I do want to address quickly why I just thought that it was ridiculous to ask me a question that was only written by one person who has claimed company has been dying for about four years now, where
Let me just give you the headlines, CNN laid off fifty people in February, then the next and also fifty people in twenty. Sixteen Turner lays off thirty. In February time, ink lays off twelve hundred starting in March Boston world seventy brutal this year, Sean public revolt, media lay off one third of its staff in May unit, vision, fading facing catastrophic cots. One hundred and seventy laid off vogue third round of lay offs in three years vice lay off about eighty people since December after you, the devastating, lay offs, thirty or more? I could go on page after page. The point is not a story, it's not a story, it's called doing, business in the media. Today, we very much want to serve our it's it's palm beach.
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seven, seven p b, L back or smart crypto course dot com so when you talk a little bit about what we should be talking we should be talking about- is a we agree. We agree on the border. Most of us agree So now what do we do about it and there's theirs? and three options that are been provided, one did in the children, with the parents to detain the France, but release the children. Or three release all of them. That's not not! That's no Those are not our three options This is the there. Our other options and the other options are very clear and very easy. Now they do require a rule of law, but we used to be a rule of law kind of nation. What do you say? We return to that I'll, explain when we come back.
you're listening to the glad that programme the doors down another three hundred and ninety one points today. Before, new wildfires have begun. They are backdating, thousands in California. Once again, we pray for all those in California. We're talking a minute ago about term the three he's dead where, by the way, welcome pad gray from pack re least as joining us they're talking about three different possibilities that we have. We can detained the children at the border with their parents, but the Knight Circuit Court of- appeals have already said that that was unconstitutional. So you can't and we don't do that if you break the law, we don't take your kids and put them in jail with you. Kids would in danger in the lock up, it causes all kinds of different problems. Second option detained the parents but release the children.
Well that's one reason why we're into this situation in the first place again, because that goes into human trafficking, the drug cartels know this. The Brahma administration knew this fee. Fifteen year olds were being held because they were actually trafficking, trafficking, kids, big, they knew if they brought them across the border. The drug cartels, build that they would be released and they would arrive. Destination, ready to be it the Marine Roy willing slave the sex shops or the egg farms believe it or not so allow one doesn't work either third one is release. Oh, we just release. Everybody all! That would be an open border! Why even catch them if you're just going to release them? That's an open border vat. Has all kinds of problems as well, so why when we talk about a real solution. That's really easy! We catch everybody.
We hold you as a family, but we need hold you as a family, if you had give us the information, if you have proved that these are your children, otherwise you are gonna have to provide a dna sample because we can't just can't just assume these are your children. We wouldn't do that and an airport when you're cross the border- we don't just say all you're, getting on a flayed plain to go over to Europe. Ok Your kid no idea necessary. We do. Do that We would never expect that we would all rise up in arms if anybody started to do that with our children. So we don't do that. So what do we do? What we hire more judges Cadillac old show night court, we get a magician to sit on the court, and we get about four hundred of them and they are all across the border. And when you come across the border day or night, you go to court. You make your case.
If the court feels that a views are your children, be You do have a reason for asylum. Then we in delayed and say: okay, you live over in the shelter where we look for real asylum. You, you will have a case that is her. In the next twenty four twenty one days. If not, you go back home immediately. We don't I told you you go to court, we hear your case we turn around and then we also tell all of the nation's. If you are meeting a meal reckon refugee status go go to your local consulate because that's the way it works don't make it dangerous trip. Go Your consulate amen end of story. Let's move on the derisory nuts that
There is no personal responsibility on the part of the people bringing their kids here when they know this is a distinct possibility. Is going to happen to you that you could be separated from your children. Is there no responsibility on the part of the parents, none. I just can't accept that, I accept that personal responsibility. The parents of these chill carry no responsibility for their welfare and what they're doing that is wreaking indoor country? This is why the nation is at each other's throats, because one side is talking all justice and one side is talking all mirth except we're, not, I I only know so well old on, just as I know, I'm just saying the two sides that are being heard. Yes, I have seen that there is there's room majority of people who are like look eyes.
Don't want to do that, but we also want to do that. So we have to balance justice in mercy. We have to know what's on the border, but we also have to be merciful to people but we're that should have been a big deal all across the country, with a big build up with a build up of judges with it's going to accept whatever they say you can't. We can't it's. Its national suicide. If we do, it can't be done, You think, there's an element here. If there's cause, I agree with the general prosecution idea right some across. Border illegally, they should be prosecuted not just released into the country, hey Shop, in a hearing that we know you're not gonna, make. Silly silly way of handling and what this have worked better However, in a similar way to the the Supreme Court cases gonna be? We know about and decided very soon here when it comes to the the travel ban, if you, if they would have had a process in which they may be led.
This with a month or two of high publicity in for going I'm saying going on guatemalan television every I agree and saying, by the way darting this date there is going to be no more of this nonsense every one of you will be prosecuted. If you come with your kid, you will be separated from your kid and that should have been big deal all across the country with a big build up with a build up of judges with a bill up, facilities knowing this would happen. Instead, It was ass. It was appalling change. My kind of behind the scenes, then started happening, thousands built up before the american public really knew about it. All the pictures came out and it gave an emotional reaction and nobody cared about this at all before trial, we now know Manoel body draw as we have heard it, nor does not see, and I can't Brierley we covered it Well, you understand on the more kids and, furthermore, they care no is again as news weak verified. Twelve.
Double the amount of kids under Obama. I get these disparate stories from different differ media sources from some media sources? It's only a sprinkling under Obama had happened, but only a couple, a tie, yes or no to really worry about, and then Newsweek comes out with. It happened, double though the amount of time- and we support it- that's not even really fair that number double the DUMBO, double as it happened. Twenty five thousand kids in jail under the Obama administration, it's about twelve thousand under Tromp, that's where the double comes from, but in reality, what we're talking about here is the two is only two thousand of the twelve thousand. There is like ten thousand and imprison some of them are in jail. Some of from before, but there was ten thousand number coming into this policy change in what, from ten to twelve thousand that's what happens. Freaking out about is ten to twelve thousand, that prince of two thousand, but twenty five thousand
I mean in reality what it's almost twelve times as much. If you want to look at it that way and in one of the one of them reasons, if anybody's even talk about this is because, for the first time or checking up on the kids we're trying to find out what happened to me. Will you really now we're gonna? Now we're gonna start in two. We can't find them what a surprise. I know You guys families during their legal babies. You never want to be found. Remember when we were there and we were talking to border agents whose could not talk to us on the air, because they were afraid they were gonna, get fired by the administration and the talk to us and they said Glenn we're just putting these kids on buses November this year, just giving them a busk ticket. That was what twenty forty. Yes, there are just giving them a bus ticket in saying you go to Baltimore, yeah or wherever right distant relatively wherever that I am your yet sending him across the country, that's insane, that's insane and
we're. Gonna make a big deal out of. Do you realize that we I've lost yeah. Do you realize that we, we're telling you in twenty fourteen that they're just giving kids bus tickets I'm supposed to be in Baltimore? Ok, here's your bus ticket! Good luck, kid Are you kidding me? Do you know How many kids have been IRA? I do. Even want to imagine the number of kids that have been trafficked because of this policy. This. Is why a rule of law matters everything that Everybody is talking about. Now is just bandaid, it's fixed if you fix the border. Most two main thing you can do is shut the border down and make the door or wider for legal immigration? So you see, oh you want to come here. You want to work. Ok, let's find out
bout: you ok good, come on in and work there the most compassionate thing, because it allows people to not live in the shadows. And if Democrats were honest, that they would agree to that and we will sit down and have a leg to always agree with you always and of course we want the border secured Of course we want a humane policy and we want a little allow legal immigrants to come into the country thing we already allow. A million a year legally by far the most in human history. No country is allowed? One million people to emigrate in a year legally, so I guess. What we should do is sit down and discuss. What is the? What is the limit? Is there a limit? What should that number be
If, if we shut down behind our conversations, I would like day I've, but these are not the conversations at anybody in the media. Why won't have they won't now? Because, because what does it you just be opened by media? They won't. They don't want to cover the thing that people would watch or listen to more than anything else. I think are these deep conversations based on that and without the politicians the media spin? Just pull who were really seeking. We were gonna redesign this. How would we redesign it if we were we gonna do it. How would we do it and where's the complex it out of the question that it is nobody wants to. Nobody wants to ask another question. As we all know that this has absolutely nothing to do with the children for almost everybody talking about it has to do with being able to score points against Trump or for Trump. That's really, I mean I mean you know for everyone, but
it's up on Donald Trump for having two big of an eagle. Why? Wouldn't he everyone says about everything he does. Of course he has a wire. Have a big you go to a people care about me that much everyone into into a point worth abandoned everything they ve done in their entire lives. They all go on television and lie about it constantly they they we have elected officials. Advocating for harassing women in restaurants. Because This guy? I would have a huge you go myself. I mean Everyone care the. It seems to be the only thing anyone on television cares about is concerned. The only thing CNN cares about the only They ever talk about is Donald Trump He's one man by way way way: man weight so right now they peace screaming really where were you with Barack Obama? can easily say I know that a waste of time
that wasn't that waste of time with a year without even tried to mention his name there we did. We did we didn't eyes it it ourselves in our wanted to stop doing it right. We had a Berlin recognising no, they won't. We had a penalty board every time we said his name me three thousand dollars. Without really did they recognise that they are, they can't get past it, and I I can understand it. It feels as though you have to respond to absolutely everything, but by doing that, what you're doing is you are forcing every one in two that camp, because they're saying You want to listen to conversations with real people that are reasonable, because that takes away from Donald Trump, and so eventually people are like. I dont think this guy needs help this guy's a bully in its own right. I don't think
needs our help, but actually starting to feel sorry for him, because you guys are raising indeed it is a real problem. Tat thanks so much about what happened to your big long vacation, wild wild thanks. I came here to talk about my show that, at your playing this game, tat are going to have a good day. Louder he's walked out. He's walked out of the while how unprofessional I mean. I think it was a perfectly reasonable question I doubt he'll have his response in about eight minutes, we should all walk out of the end of our shows and dramatic fashion and had to respond start the next showing of an endless cycle of knew. You would be really good like a really good gold line. The gold mine has a brand new product from the royal Canadian meant they are these look at this, but my glasses.
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wanna talk to you a little bit about what's happening in North Korea. Anti american posters are now disappearing from all over North Korea, and these were everywhere. The propaganda has been. You know, sir, the years in the making. What they believe about America is apt, really amazing, but for some isn't it's all disappearing? That's a good sign. For sure. Amidst it's been around forever It's this is gonna turn into something real. I mean there's still a very long road ahead than it does to see. Fidel's there s, no wheat, wheat, there is no reality. Of noting mascara, there is no truth in a post fact: era, there's no reality. It's actually post modern era would be a better way to describe it back. Mercury.
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