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Bad Move, Lucasfilm | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Rep. Burgess Owens | 2/11/21

2021-02-11 | 🔗

Lucasfilm announced actress Gina Carano has been fired from “The Mandalorian” after the Twitter mob complained about her “controversial” social media posts. Sen. Mike Lee talks the ongoing impeachment trial and address the controversy over his “mulligan” comment. A New York Times article claims Glenn and other conservative talk show hosts “stoked anger before the Capitol siege." Glenn shares a story about Gandhi before utterly debunking the article’s points about him and providing the context that the Times intentionally ignored. Author David Barton and Rep. Burgess Owens join to discuss Black History Month and the actual removal of black history by progressives — including attempts to cancel Rep. Owens himself.

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