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Battling Solar AND ESG Threats | Guests: Carol Roth & Stephen Soukup | 2/10/22

2022-02-10 | 🔗

Glenn and Pat discuss the record high inflation number recently released and how the federal government has given away trillions of dollars. Stephen Soukup, author of “The Dictatorship of Woke Capital,” joins Glenn to discuss companies going woke and why they allow it. Author Carol Roth joins to discuss rising inflation, ESG scores, and finding a local bank you can trust. Glenn shares the story regarding the solar threat hitting low orbit, and eventually all, satellites. Glenn theorizes this solar threat could result in a modern tower of Babel situation. Glenn and Pat discuss various TV shows they recommend you watch.

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everybody, the new inflation number is in short gray. Do I mean it's not twenty percent oil is not what is already per se about forty five percent is a little more than, transitory, will more than they expected by the Great news? If we're setting record resetting record Has it been this high over forty year? We all the news it up as usual, stew is taking is elitist thrift to that. He does Superbowl every year every year. So anyway, I'm glad the serious to wear a mask. He says he's not going to get rebel. He will I've already reported in advance anyway pay,
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Customer service and you'll save about fifty percent of what you're paying right. Now most people do it's, Adrian mobile dotcom, slash bag, it free activation, nine, seven to Patriot, Patriot, mobile dot com, slash bags, wow I am so excited, I'm so excited it's not every day you can say we have the high inflation rate since nineteen eighty two, it's there expecting a seven point to a little higher than that. It was seven point five and I'm just excited I'll, be really thrilled when it gets over ten percent, so yeah yeah yeah, that's me to pay more? Won't it won't it yeah it'll be so. This is like the government, because the government is doing as the printing and spending all of this money. And so that's why you have now seven
point: five percent of your dollar is just gone up in smoke Congratulations on that. That's Anyone remember Joe Biden said I'm not gonna, MAX anyway, I mean the wealthier gonna get attacks, not the Average man, you got the gut because it's the guy were doing this. You are now paying seven point. Five percent more in taxes, and that's this month, it maybe eight per next month by the end of the year, it will be ten percent. Congratulations. I think this is great so another ten percent tax coming your way and nobody to vote on it. It's the perfect progressive tax. How much more the bank's getting from the FED like night the four a really long time they're still getting it, and that's what I thought TAT he had associating continue. Well, it was up to one point: five one point
Five trillion dollars remunerative right now know every night every night. Sorry, every week, every every week, one point one trillion a week and has been ninety five weeks, so you do the math, yeah, it's alive, yeah, yeah and we're at seven point: five percent inflation always has just lodging and give fear. This is just this yeah just the beginning. This is just the beginning, you are. You are going to see the collapse of the: U S dollars, there's no ifs and buts. It's coming, we oh the Federal Reserve, because of a voyage request that was fun held in two thousand and twelve, because you can't question what the FED is done for two years. Gay Mitchell the capital, police, but capital police. You could never question the feds reserve you can't question you can ask for any information for to solid years, because now national security reasons
none of your bees, what yeah? So, for one thing they said to us in two thousand ten: they gave they bail the bank's out arms. I love they bailed the bank's out because bags were becoming too fragile haha who Who is the FED its? how government agency, who is the bad banks, the banks? so they came in with their one suit and said my gosh. These banks have been irresponsible and they ve got a clean there mess up, but we ve got to bail them out. Otherwise, the entire collapses and then change suits and there like, and we really will change our ways soon as we get this money from the FED and then they changed their suit back into the FED. Sooner, like you better learn your lesson: hair hairs. Five trillion dollars, that's what they told us in two thousand ten, the number they gave in two thousand eight through two thousand ten was not. I've trillion they lied to us. It is,
now. Officially we have the records through trillion dollars, they gave to the bank and bird say not sure any of that has ever been paid out and now they're doing over a trillion dollars every week for ninety five weeks, the problem, is not a problem at all and no problem at all by the way, something else we exposed on tv while we're talking about the FED something else we post on tv, you know told you that the government was making money on the Pfizer vaccine? Where are we That might be something, you should tell people you're, not even that Maybe why their forcing everybody to get the vaccine is because they're making a profit. Now Imagine imagine any other scenario you knew that
Somebody was making a profit on it and they were saying this is the worst thing ever. You all have to effect on lobbying the government to make sure that everybody gets it everybody would say we gotta take his word, you kind of a the grain assault, maybe an entire all mine because making so much money on this right. Wouldn't we. We have now verification. There is a fed account. set up at the FED for Federal government for all of the deposits of the dollars the United States government, is making on Maxine. I got some paperwork showed her last night, ha ha. Nobody cares. There is work there. Nobody cares noble. He cares. the corruption is unbelievable. Unbelievable, believable.
we really need to pay, engine. I've got a guy who's been watching this for forever. Wrote a book about a year and a half ago on me. Yes, what's coming, etc, etc. Nobody paid attention to it. Maybe we should have no. We should have no, maybe about it, and he can tell you exactly what's going on but more. Importantly. He also can tell you whose involved and you need to do and I tell you as patents. talking today. Yesterday, I read to you. The Department of Homeland Security, their latest terrorist bulletin and they say the number one threat these pod casts that are just spreading false information. Nan conspiracy theories can't have it now can have it.
by the way. In a completely unrelated story, the the World economic forum in all the people who buy the great reset They also came out and they did a ten day. You know a trial run if you will but war game of what happens if the financial system starts to collapse. What do we do well, They figured out in this Andy Bore game that the first thing they have to do is silence the voices that are providing misinformation, disinformation or making, people question. The officials or from the United States government or the governments anywhere around the world, so they gotta shut these pot castors down. I guarantee you there's coming a time. You will not hear my voice, so please Do your homework now know it. That's why I'm so frustrated. With the book you to buy the Kindle book, you can buy the the audio
book in the audio book is really really good. Somebody on both leave Hubley, talented, read it but it's a really good thing. but you have to have a paper copy of the book. You have two you have to because you have to know what the corruption is and where its, where it's going, where it's coming from, I will tell you that. What am? I want my producers, last night before we're on the air said hey, I just want to show you a chalkboard that you didn't think it was twenty sixteen or twenty seventeen and it was the things to watch for free, the new world order didn't know It was gonna, be called at that time didn't know. The great reset does called it the new world order. and I said, there's a before things and they're all gonna cascade into each other. I said I don't know what what comes for MR whatever, but this is the wet. What we have to watch for what
Polarization leads to civil unrest. Are there Are we there yet I mean look at what's happening in the next hour, I'm going to tell you a little bit about Canada and the trucker's. Look. What they're doing with the trucker and now the Department of Homeland Security just released another bulletin said, looks like maybe this weekend, these truckers in America are gonna, start doing this and the department A homeland security is on high alert and police officers spend highway patrol need to know this may be, being through your town. Excuse me This is our freedom of assembly We can do this. What do you mean about there. Articles their dangerous their terrorists. They're gonna occupy places really like occupy Wall Street like that, but you didn't shut. because they had a right to be heard a right to be in the streets. Remember that
so polarization leads to civil unrest. The second one is economic destabilization volatility. stocks, banks and prices good things haven't seen any ceiling that three. This and is the only one that were a little behind on tech disruption, job the finance commute, occasion and privacy we're the privacy thing communication they're. Shutting down of jobs is the big one yet to come, and The fourth one- and I said this is what's going to push us into the new world order, because the people will collude, listen, trust: implosion, government, media tech, finance, justice, Eddie, you and big corporations. So that five years ago that's before we knew anything about c R. T that's about big corporations, but
we knew anything about e s. G justice, for we knew anything about the FBI, This is here everything that we talked. Out in the past. If you ever ever put any credibility, in what I say I am telling you it is here right now and it's time for us to be really really come very confident, but start to do. the things, the only things that you can do to stop this, and I know it's not violent It is standing up standing up. It is standing up in your local zoning board meetings in your low, school board meetings at your local schools. You notice these states are I'm starting to drop all of the mask mandates, except for your kids in schools. Now. Why would that happen
other than the fact that the union's rule our schools and all governors and everybody else or afraid of the teachers unions stand up where Are the teachers that say enough is enough in now is enough, they going to rise up are the police officers. Where are the FBI agents no they're, just department has gone corrupt Where are they now I really want to believe in the average FBI guy If you remained silent, I don't have any confidence. There's any body on the inside. That's not part of it. It has to change Silence in the face of evil is evil itself, not to stay is to stand your not gonna, be held blameless for this stuff.
You're! Not unless you stand now is the time that we have stand up in our communities in a peaceful way in our own jobs and say no nope you know you want to do. You want to do a little meeting where I have to where I have to fast, my privilege, no I confess to an almighty God. I don't. and fell to the mob among that says there is no forgiveness. I recognize my whiteness. I call them blessings and I think everyone should record. Eyes, their blessings, no matter what color or what they have or don't have. and every night I recognize the privilege that I do not deserve. I don't deserve the forgiveness. I don't deserve the planet, deserve my ease of my life. I know it's a gift that was born in this country and yes, white
I I know those things and that's why I get down on my knees every day and sank, God for those blessings and ask him: how can I serve you his response is help your fellow man and that's my addressing my privilege, and I do it to God every day, not to a mob. Not to a mob, and I would suggest that all of us who do believe if in God we see saying those things we start? recognising our privilege. Get out our knees, and thank God that we live at this time in this country, but recognise That means we have a responsibility to stand up for him all the others that are going to be destroyed by
What is coming? and up for your fellow man and choose your God choose your God. Is it government is its social media is its status. Is it the mob Is it socialism is its social justice or is it a sound old timey, but God, God, God, which one choose and stand all right. Let me tell you a series of books that you must have This is a must have in every home. This is, I don't care if you do, you have kids. When you see, kids, and they come overcome. Their item- Call they're going to put them in all their snotty hands all over your furniture or something cuz. You have friends that have kids make sure you have the tunnel twins books
are not going to learn things through osmosis, they have to know the road serfdom in what causes the road to serfdom? They have to know who Did the founders get these ideas from and where did they come from? And why do they work? Why does socialism in big government always lead to oppression? They need the facts and their starving for them? Now you can M for little kids, you can get em for young adults. It's that we'll twins books, sure your home, children's I very your grandchildren's library. These books and read them to them. Right now, thirty five and discount off the normal price there given away a copy of their magazine. Yes, they have one plus twelve the activity books, all of it free thirty- percent discount off of the books themselves, get this deal
Tuttle twins back Dotcom, Tuttle, twins back dotcom. Do it before Friday night to get both a bonus and the disco tunnel twins back dotcom, ten second station. I do so Panama, we're talking today on his show about ok, so what do we do about? Yes, G levy, explain what's happening right now to your money, Federal Reserve is printing money like it's going out of style, thus the seven point: five, which is a gift at this point, it so low the seven point, five percent on in our inflation rate. That's me as the FED is
printing money and giving it to whom the big banks, which is them Bank of America City Chase Wells Fargo all of those J, P Morgan, then the banks they give it to me rock Blackstone Vanguard, all of these other big companies that are investing in future black Rock then buys many controlling shares of Companies- Apple Nike, Coke, car heart, Disney espionage. All these big companies. They're all getting money from Vanguard, Blackstone, Blackrock those those investment firms are saying yeah, I'm not who invest in you unless you have a good, yes G score, and so you're, not gonna, getting the money back America City Chase well, Spargo
They are also saying the same things. We can't give you loans unless you have a good. He s g score. This Is all started really the big king pin here is black rock. Let me tell you what you need to do to stop this. There are two things that you personally can do and me to do. we'll tell you about it next, The gun back programme every device that you own which he go online legged at that. I also be a refrigerator at this point. Poses a certain amount of risk to your identity, getting stolen by a cyber criminal. You know, and won't want you living in fear, and this I just want you to know that this is happening. It's a you'll, threat, China
is trying to get all of the data. I mean really your refrigerator. You you put just what's in your refrigerator, o, along with other men data of yours and give it to China. They know who you are, they know everything about you, that's one kind of, I've or threat the other? Is these cybercriminals that come out nay, either extort you because they have all of your, information in your keys or they just me use your identity. Nobody! stop all this stuff. But I I'll. Tell you lifelong was the then they are the best, in my opinion, at solving it. Up right now, take this off your plates. You don't have to think about a twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code. Back One eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelike go there now one eight hundred, lifelike or lifelong dotcom chicken,
whence latest book the great reset right now Glens new book dot, com, I want to introduce you to somebody that I just met over. Last night. and I wish I would have known him a long time ago. You could have sent me straight a long time ago. He is the director of the Political Forum Institute and the author of that came out last year, the dictatorship of woke capital, how political correctness, as captured, big business, His name is Stephen Suke up and Stephen welcome to the radio programme, the Glen Back programme how're you, but I'm well blend. Thank you very much for having the debate now. You are on with me last night and we we talk for about ten minutes and I think there's
lot for people to go back and watch the tv show and Blaze tv and get that I want to start if they number one question I get from people Glenn. Why would these big corporations, do this and sabotage capitalism? Can you answer, though, I could try generally, when we're talking about corporations that are going well better embracing this cultural leftism Most of them were getting pressure from one of three directions: there, either getting pressure from the bottom up. Which is employees who are interested in changing the politics of the corporation other. Getting pressure from top down, would be from the Sea Sweets Disney, for example, when Bob Eiger was. The ceo was definitely moving in that direction, because that's what Bob Eiger wanted and then please also get pressure from the outside in this includes acted.
shareholders includes just general activists and it's all sorts of people who want to put pressure on these corporations to take a blow, steps so how many of them are really aware of ie Gee what the World Economic Forum is going to use the Things for how many of you, are like yeah, I'm on board with that. Well, I think probably a bare minimum better on board with it, but most of them were scared to death, to resist They know what happened to acts on last year, for example, when engine number one small hedge fund decided to try and put environmentalist on their border directors what when was all of the large asset management firms, Blackrock and State Streton Vanguard all through their weight behind the environmentalist and, in fact, replace three of the camp.
These directors with these radical environmentalists who want the company to quit. Producing fossil fuels. Also did leaders and the directors of these companies understand that there are people out there who an awful lot of power and could do an awful lot of things if they dont comply, so I think most of them are just complying simply to save their own skins, which were, be a historically that doesn't work out. Well, because if you don't solidly, does you dance, and you end up selling, your soul and euro. Like oh, my gosh. Now, I'm in real trouble correct right! Yet here that's you know in the book I believe I refer to it as Churchill's crocodile because of a phrase that colonel said that unites the EU feed the cry. It I'll. Eventually he waits to get you last, but he eventually gets deal yeah.
So last night we started talking about what people can do about it, and I have said, move your money. One of the first things you could do, move your money out of these big banks. That pushing s, g, move them and to credit unions or local local local banks that their loans had separate cetera, are promising to stand against yes G and and are pouring money into your local economy. That's important thing! The states have got to pass anti, yes, G financing laws and we twenty states that are working on that right now You said you propose another idea that I hadn't thought about, and this one sounds really effective and it goes right too. Who Vanguard or Black rock, etc yeah,
people are interested in stopping what's going on there to be interested in where their investments are, where their retirement savings is being invested, because the chances are pretty good, that its being in stood in companies like Black Rock, like Vanguard, like State Street, that are pushing this very political agenda, is one of the things that the states have done is to take some of their funds. The funds they have direct control over and remove it from from Blackrock investment funds, because If they don't want to allow Blackrock to use their money to leverage Larry, faked political goals and that's it The thing that you can try do on an individual level. Now, if you work for a big company with the big or one cape land that you know it centred didn't need of a city of a long way from you that you're not gonna have a whole lot of loch trying to get them to change their minds about where to put that or one cape land. But the truth is most Americans worked for small businesses most
in snow, their employer. Most Americans have an opportunity to change how their retirement funds are being used. And this is important for a couple of reasons. Not only does it stop or would help stop these companies once you take the money away from them, therein trouble but The other thing is, if you look at black right Ex philosophy, etc, etc, and all of these yes g companies that are investing your money there we are not looking at profit any or as the main driver, in fact they might, deals that or worse for you, but better for the environment and social justice, etc. Correct yeah, that's! It only through you know, Calpers to California pension system. The publication of the pension system is good
for me was will among the first large asset management firms to go woke to say you know. This is something we're going to do it and invested he s g and their returns have consistently over five six seven years been too three percent lower than average market returns, which is to say that their achieving their political, because while at the same time, punishing the firemen in the shack, Romano and the policeman and Anthony, though, and all of the public employees counting on this money for their retirement they're, getting them less turns in order to push their political agenda. So how sad work with foot fiduciary responsibility? Well, the main tragic Larry think just put out his annual letter to see us last week and he said, look it is mine Should you hear your sponsible eighty assigned to companies that are preparing for net zero and are preparing for the climate? That's going to be surrounding this too
and vision in the way we produce energy- and if I didn't do that, then I wouldn't be meeting- might be fiduciary responsibility he's basically making up a new category of responsibility, and the sad thing is that this be s and the Department of Labour and all of these government agencies there are pushing. Yes, she investments. Essentially are enabling him to do so. So, if you are in Kind of index like we are money is with Vanguard or what are the big ones? Vanguard, Blackstone Blackrock Right does the big The big three generally are considered to be Blackrock state. Sweden Vanguard together have just over twenty trillion dollars and assets under management. and so, if you can get it out of, Those three because they're really leading the way we're, leaving
you're absolutely leading the way and in it it doesn't matter to them whether you are in I stood in the enemy s grief and they will take any fund any leverage. They have any money that they have to use against companies and pushed their political agenda. It doesn't matter if its yesterday, as you mentioned, at the beginning of this interview were Larry thinkers as decided that the most important investment criteria. For his firm for him to look at is sustainability. It's no longer pure profit. It's about sustainability cell! what they're doing is they're, taking a different approach to the purpose of a corporation, and it's going to cost people, retirement, and it's happening even at our Treasury. It is it's happening all over the world. You know the governments are doing the same thing. Well, it's not necessary
necessarily the best thing in the short run for people or, for you know, even the economy, but it'll be better in the long run, which I can't see how it is. Can you no. I have to look at at at at at at at at it. I think that both Johnson is gonna find out pretty quickly they're gonna end up. new prime minister and he's going to claim that it was because he kept the under having Christmas parties, but the truth of the matter is that his conservative transit It did at zero in great Britain is going to cost the british people an awful lot with rising energy prices and an energy crisis, and this is the future looks like in a nutshell, environments. I can and understand why more people aren't concerned. Let me guess I guess, because they just don't think he could ever happen here, but the direction were running with all electric
cars being of rolling out of the factories, all electric cars rolling out of the factories. They even by twenty thirty, the death of the Celine engine, the shutting down of coal plants. We know the the fact that we are no longer investing in any fossil fuels? This This is one of the worst. This will just cause misery and death all over the world. You can't do in eight years right the only people who seem to acknowledge that at this point, the Chinese Communist Party, who said that it will do its best to transition, but it it's not going to punish its people for it. Transition to a zero carbon future that it will do whatever it has to do to make sure that its people have the energy needs to continue to be economically productive.
said last night and then I'll, let you go, but you said last night that the left his tried everything, but the last hundred years and they ve got a captured. Everything but this is the final peace they finally really understood it. Can you go through that? Well, if you look- the history of the way the cultural institutions in the West have evolved. over the past hundred years, one by one they ve all fallen to What amounts to cultural, leftism, the only one that stood standing from about one thousand nine hundred and seventy onward Was- was big business and now big business. Obviously it's the it's. The final target, if big business falls, then there's no bulwark to stop at that this. This is essentially the way our society becomes. This is you know: they've captured every institution of cultural transmission in the west end.
You know this and that's pretty much the end of it yeah my way. Fraser last night they tried with the Supreme Court; they they did Hollywood. You know they took education. I've taken is it. This is the last piece it's quite fascinating thanks. So much for being on. I hope we get a chance to talk again preceded God bless you back Blackstone event. that's Stephen Suke, who is the author of a boat, came out about a year and a half ago, the dictatorship of woke capital. How political correctness captured big business. I really believe that this This was set in motion back in the eighties because of of Reagan and That was the whole thing about the tides foundation we gotta get and capture the board of directors and that is exactly like. He said this. Companies some of them are afraid to go. The
their direction because of the pressure and they saw what happened to Exxon, you put three environmentalists wackos on, the board of directors for acts on that want Exxon to get out of the oil and fossil fuel, but feel business. You do it because the tides foundation worked and they have captured and will continue to capture the board of every single bit of big business, which is why it is so important. Local, local, local, don't support, any of these big businesses. If you can do business locally, bar, is our sponsor this half hour. Bill BAR is just the best and they're always coming out with new flavors pats had to be just A few minutes ago we were talking affair about
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the Glen Back Programme, MRS Day Miss Alot visit delays, dot com today and never miss a moment of truth. we're going to talk about inflation and the things you you can do. Inflation numbers came out today are higher than what they were saying. A surprise. And they were saying we're gonna, be bad at seven point, two is now seven point: five percent inflation prices at the girl Restore are going up again. Your gas price is now on average, close to four dollars, a gallon. The the Democrats are now thinking
We should suspend the tax on gas. Really really. Are you to pay for all the crap on infrastructure that you say you have to pay for now, that's one do you know there is a better way of doing it and that is just rescind all of the executive orders. Let people start drilling for oil again men building a pipeline, and we become a net exporter of energy and the price will go down dramatically, No, no, no, because that hurts the environment. Ok, all right! So dope, doping! they are going to be. They are going to be claiming victory on Cove id They're gonna be claiming victory, they're gonna do things like they will temporarily a ban, the gas tax. I think they will do this and
you'll start to feel less of the pressure before the election. say two. We want me, we did these things and after the election that gas tax will go right back into place. They don't want cheap gas by the way pat was just saying. I didn't know about black rock quickly, the gobbled up, Marilyn's, Barclays State Street he'll exponential, I mean these are massive. Mass Financial incentives are the wrong they're, the ones pulling all of the strings. They are allow puppet master Back Programme. Let me just say that american financing would like you to. You or your mortgage, consolidate Your debts, at a lower interest rates to explore other types of loans
in other some there's, some things going on rate hikes are coming. If not, inflation what gonna keep Berlin through, but rate Ike's, most likely or coming. What does that for you, your credit card interest, he's gonna, go up anything you owe me you'll have locked into a fixed rate. It's gonna go by a lot. So please consider calling american financing now eight hundred nine zero, six twenty four forty or go to american financing dot net american financing, dot net aid Red nine, zero, six, twenty four forty, they work for the big banks they work for you, gonna talk a little bit about inflation. Also how to research. Your banks, gee activity it. How did you find I the bank, that you should be banking with at this point we have come.
Roth joining us here and a second standby when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and in the light
that is my birthday, also major centrally from amazing Hague. But the Good NEWS is, we have general rob here, so I can eat well she's talking about some very, very important thing to the new inflation numbers are out. What does this mean to you, your pocketbook, it's worse than they were expecting what a surprise we go there in sixty seconds, so a rough greens which is not a dog food. It is a little like like this This big box from that a girl, even Bora, happy birthday, glam privileges. We used our.
For all your support me, the world was the take girl team Sure DOT William Awful, but where hard not to when your mouth is fold wrote if you ve never heard of the cake girl go towards the door Instagram page make these little. I don't even Their key Argentine ends the so do good. Unbelievably good. Anyway, we were supposed to be talking about rough greens, which I think are dogs feel like referees like we feel about the cake girl If your dog will love it, my dog did not eat his food ever had to hand fee. It was just a nightmare. Every time we had to feed Udo now here, to the ball than if we feed him the same dry, kibble food, it's not food with rough greens. It's a supplement you put on the food and They not only loved but Don t.
you they change, tried as you get a free bag just to try and make sure you dog loves it. Every dog loves it half. Is as you know, does feeding them with the of whatever your feeding them and put rough greens and mix it in you will see difference in your dog, rough greens, dot com are you ever have greens, dot com slash back right. It Is always a privilege to have somebody that I honestly have been looking for for ten years, plus somebody who speaks there were even common persons. Language and seas what's going on with money and care actually not only explain it to the common person, but sees it from the common persons point of view like what does that mean for groceries is Carol Roth is the author of the war on small business? She the former investment banker Wall Street Investment banker.
And we ve invite IRAN to talk about the new inflation numbers and also the things that you need to do. She wrote a great article on the eleven things was eleven or ten Carol it was eleven I with whether, with inflation at seven seven that you that everybody needs to do right now. Kara welcome to the programme how're you I'm doing offers not happy birthday. The good news is with inflation. It is now only you're twenty nine advocating I should now that we are both a query that all like coming to get the owl k, I don't I don't follow that stuff, but somebody said Stew has his birthday yesterday Sarah Gonzalez, who also works Here- has her birthday this week and They said not only guys all kind of think alike, but you're all left handed are you left handed. I am,
extra stands. I'd show ethically, I civically right with bilateral pick sort of one to go with for each activity and the writing is typically laughed yeah. Well, ok, so Carol look talk about the new inflation numbers its world, then he thought it would be an they thought it was going to be bad faith, would be seven point to its now. Seven point: five. Is that three point difference between our three tens of appoint difference? Is that significant? I mean its significance, going out in your shopping in buying gasoline trying to live your life, certainly bad, but other than that it significant inch firms of the market and the Federal Reserve and the decisions that they are going to make in terms of raising interest rates and how fast they do it. How often they do it and how big those might be so the wind we knew what
anybody with a brain could have predicted this entirely predictable outcome. We knew that it was going to be a very high number. The fact that it is slightly huh, higher than the high number that everybody was projecting means that they puts more pressure on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates which ends up flowing through the economies that you're somebody's. at home going well. You know why do I really care about that? One ends up flowing through in effecting things like mortgage rates and credit card rates is likely end up. You know, so I support the one thing that it probably won't. Unfortunately, That much is the rate that you get on your savings and the bank hippy glee at work. But in the scenario that we had over the last year couple of you nearest but even the last sort of ten to fifteen years is the reality. Is the bank's don't need that much money to be able to don't course the individual consumer is getting screwed and all of this, and that is how it really is:
you know it's really amazing. To me. There was a big beating on Wall Street help with the president, and he does. It happened just either this week or late last week. and he went over inflation and everything that is happening. I don't really even know what he said, but how he's telling everybody on Wall Street he's telling everybody in the big banks prepare buckle up and he's not saying that to the american people? We are really for the first time. I feel the pie or of the elites they don't seem to care about. The average person now you can see in the telegraphing of the inflation either the people who are making maltese trillion dollar decisions either. Don't have any idea, what they're doing or they are blatantly lying, because anybody with the brain could have figured this out He told us there wasn't going to be inflation. It wasn't going to be
material was going to be quoting quote transitory. That but we have heard over and over again media's weekly, it ain't that we heard. it's going to be good, for you is only going to impact the wretch, member back last worth of July, while they were trying to tell us how great it was, we were going to save sixteen sense on our fourth of July, but Ricky right now we have the highest inflation rates in forty years, and the reality is that some of the costs you really have turned to flow through the system. You have companies like Coca COLA. an unilever cord just now talking about the ability for them to pass pricing increases answered. consumer, which means that they have not finished doing that, yet you have you all these jobs yet to be filled, which means people are going to come in and demand higher wages that is going to flow through the companies, make it more expense.
for them to operate not only for their own employees but from all of their vendors and suppliers, employees who are now having to raise their prices, and so that means that in the past passed on to you and then that means okay well, I need more money to live, so I'm going to go back and ask for a raise in this end up in something that's called a wage price spiral run again means that your dollar is buying to your regrets and service, you hit that spiral, it is really hard. That's what you know that's why when inflation was coming and Joe Biden was like, you know, regionally people are working, you gonna pay more and I thought you spend this money until companies to pay people more because when inflation heads that spiral begins, and how do you get out of it examined, higher interest rates, and then this is the point that I did making for so long as people, want higher wages, but if your wages, Joe keep pace with inflation or even exactly with inflation,
getting anything they. So all the sudden we're going to a up twenty three dollars for a slice of pizza, sure you'll have a higher wage in terms of the headline number, but it's not buying anything worth that buying power that we really care about, and unfortunately, because we don't have time I literacy and economic literacy in this country, even though we pay for the education. We should see this as the mentality of too many people and they keep pushing these programme. damned Anderson agenda that keeps stoking inflation and decreasing the purchasing power for the average American. I really think this is going to work because of an uneducated country. This build back. There is now being build as we're gonna for your health care. We're gonna pay for your child care. We're gonna help you out with your rent. All
of these giveaways, which is not that that is a rubber bill back better is about in Structure, about changing everything that this is the stuff they want people to focus on. But when you hold that out to people who can't make their rent can't afford. iled care, then the longer this plays out and that they will get this through at some point, because there causing all of the problems and people won't realise. Will that's gonna make things much worse absolute. it not only gets more people on the government all at once, more into the government per view, but then it ends up creed, increasing the cost everybody. All you have to look at the sea. This playing out is the nest coordination of these student alone industry and what happens to the price of college once the United States government decided. That
we're going to be, the primary lenders and enforced. They again, because we don't have. This- were a core financial literacy, now you're getting these colleges who are telling your high five and six figure education's that are worth. Action of that? Frankly too, A teenager them in the government is the largest, predatory, lender, Indians higher contrary and you're gonna see this, same thing they start doing must deal with things like you day care it. And the other services those are going to continue to increase and cost, and the cost of living for everybody's gonna go through the roof reproof, and we are not. We too have the wealth, creation opportunities, we're gonna end up best case scenario like Europe, in a giant welfare state. worst case scenario. You end up like Venezuela. It is terrifying, because it seems to me that we are on the track of Venezuela not
a welfare state. I don't see how you stop this with the current thinking, not only in Washington but in business, though thinking of black rock that How is taking people's investment money? and they have openly admitted as part of their policy? We don't necessarily look for the best return on investment, we We look for the best return for environment, and so we'll justice and governance. I don't think the people who are putting their hard earned fora, one k money into the hands of vanguard or or You know black rock are really that interested and social justice over return on investment, and no one is telling people this. They are poverty seeing people while you're. Getting why Thirdly, wealthy yeah. All of this is
disruption of the free market, freedom, choice, transparency, guard rails of property rights and basically your whole bunch of people making decisions Instead, we are moving towards a situation where you have a handful of people who are making decisions on behalf of everybody there using force, coercion and control and has we have seen- and we look at the inflation scenario, which has been entirely caused by the government when you have a handful of people, were making these decisions. They say they know better, but they never do they. Just don't have all of the information that is process when you have millions or billions of transactions going on, and so the idea, can engineer. Oh here's, where we think the dollar should be going not based on any business metrics, but just based on their pet projects is no different than the government doing that allocations, and it does. It decreases patient decreases choice and it threatens the opposition. Is
innovating leader on the world. Unfortunately- and I said this to you before you- we are that skinny a kid at that camp, so we don't have of another country out there, that's really in a great position to step in and feel that boy and a deal, that's unfortunate. Not as for the United States, but for the world here. You know what is terrifying about that is That's that's what I get you could tell yourself if you were in a cancer ward. Everybody had cancer worse than yours, yours was still made terminal but you'll, be last one to die. That's that's not comforting, at least to me. That's that's! Assuming that no one out there in the entire world no country is gonna, say you know what screw? This, let's do some. In entirely different.
that's what America did and seventeen in the seventeen onwards we said screw this, it doesn't work. Somebody is going to do that at some point and then we're screwed. It's it's not good I won't want to talk to you, take a one minute breakin then I want to talk to you about what people you'd do for inflation either you you have some really good tips for the average person and and then I want to talk to you about how to find a bank, How do you find the right bank will do? here in just a second. American financing Annabel US one eight do through three four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot org. By the way you want to understand what happen. during Cove id and the war on small business make sure you get carols book, the Warren Small business it. It outlines everything that It happened and why they did it. Let me too
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and station ironing out of respect for our guess. I will not take another spoonful of the cake girl cake that was sent to me on my birthday. Until you know, next commercial break Carol talk about what the average person needs to do right now or needs to think about right now, two per act themselves from this coming inflation again well, but added I want to jump through their screen and have some of that cable. It looks a little like you have to have I ve. Never. I grew up in a bakery this. The greatest invention, its cake in its like it's, not a cupcake, but its cake and like a jar, a cup, and it is so unbelievably good anyway. That's amazing. I appreciate the respect for
can't say. Maybe so it's really important if you are a family and you do not have a budget. That now is the to make one and you have to really look at your different expand says if you have subscription services that you're not using normally only when the cut out a couple of those a year, because you have a trip that you think that you might be taking. You really need to dial back, because we don't know where this inflation is going. You don't wanna put yourself in a situation where you don't have the money to pay for your tip for goods and services, or even your heating Bellamy. Who knows what asked and end up looking like for this month That's really that's really one of the reasons we just talk to a guess a little while ago. That's one of the reasons why The prime minister of England is on the verge of losing his gig. It's not you. Because those parties, the car. Cost of energy is crippling angle and it's happening all over the west about
a barrier. Yes, and thanks and would leave trade that our oil pipes for crap pipes at real help to us in a new situation and rights higher world but yes, you're gonna wanna make a budget you're, gonna wanna, see where you can call back in and and and save the money and put some away for emergency in case the inflation gets out of hand. The other thing that you want to do- and this is right out of the play, but that you outline in your book the great resets Glenn, the do not want you to own anything that they say you owe nothing. Anyone be happy as the way to combat that is to make sure that you own as much as possible. That means assets that are going to appreciate and value so, whether your own home, whether its other home or land that you're able to rent out whether its building. Business, whether its stock options and somebody else's business,
whether it's for one came matching from your employer to go out and continue to invest in high quality companies. That's what you want to do. need to have ownership and, of course, if things go south, guns, ammunition and seeds are always going to have the ring value ten, but you. What are you gonna? Have that tangible ownership, because that's what creates wealth I also you know. You said you want us, we'll put some money away: at this point yet, but we could quickly get there to think the Germans dead and they were accused of hoarding early on just tell anybody you're doing it when you go to the grocery store by extra of everything and put it away because Your money will continue to lose value in the bank, but the food, price will continue to go up, so the money you're losing in inflation. Your action,
gaining in everything that you have to use every single day by those things now and store them. Apps Whew lay abbot, especially the things that are perishable the wide up. As you know, it's not as much of an issue for, but you you do have that long term ability it's. Your store, stay your dollars worth less than last, so it makes a lot of sense. Okay, Carol! Can you hold on for just I'm sorry to hold you over one more time, but I do want you to talk about your banks. He asked G score and activity how you find that in You know. Where do you go from their carol? Roth, the author of the war on small business and you can find her also at Terrell Roth dot com back in just a minute.
back programme on nine eleven about three thousand people were killed in a terrorist attack on american soil, and there was one group they got together and said we ve got to take care of these families and it was tunnel Towers Foundation, they have been supporting not only the families they have, they have standard, and they now or to the soldiers that our wounded, many of them just critically wounded, come back and they don't have limbs, etc, etc. There all taken care of the just the veterans, but also all of the copse, if a cop a shot in the eye. of Duty, the tongue, the towers is the foundation that comes and takes the mortgage pressure off of that family to make sure that the family doesn't have any more trauma this is a class act of people tunnel to towers foundation. I would like to
I ask you to donate eleven dollars a month at tea to tee dot, org tee the number to tee dot org. eleven dollars a month, maybe it the cups of coffee, but will really help here. those who fight for you every day check out my peccary at least every week day lives. Seventy nine, eastern or anytime anywhere. You get you podcast. We're talking to Carol Roth Carol, Black Rock a company that most people a year ago had no idea it even existed. Now, more and more people know about it and it is trending on twitter. Today this is company that has just absorbed bar Claes gaping mouth, Again I mean this is
The powerhouse of hedge funds, now really setting the pace for all of this horrible wicked. stuff that is happening with yes, g, etc. There there training today? Is it because of their stance on crypto? That is making them trend yeah, so black I get it. Staying here you're one of the biggest most powerful companies in the world that they are the biggest asset managers. They have the round ten trillion and assets under management for their last reports and they have wealth, they will announce, but it has been announced and their sort of shuffling around whether its true or not, that they are going to be getting answers. The crypto trading best so they have on online platform and they are going to allow their institutional clients to trade crypto, and it sounds like potentially who's it for a landing. It was unclear whether they will be their cars will be able to pledge Crypto as coal
at all or whether they would be able to get alone to buy crypto or maybe both, but that's, what's got what I regret this here's the problem, they are involved with every central bank. In the west I mean they. They have twenty trillion dollars of just central bank money, but they control and invest. They are now. Investing for the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve treasury they have two heads of their company, former heads of their company in the treasury, one another one is an advisor for the President, the chief economic adviser, the other one is the chief economic advisor for the for the vice president, so there, everywhere. The government is currently and the Treasury going after crypto currency. What why? How does this makes sense? There sort of the sin? answer and then there's a user of the hypothetical answer. The simple answer is money that there is
usual clients and they have, as I said at the outset, that the most asses under management in the world at the institutional clients are demanding it. They don't want. You risk those clients, doping elsewhere. So if you know that they want to be part of the money play, but I think that there is also something else going on and whether it's the government going after crypto currency, whether its potentially creating a digital dollar instead of an open source, crypto currency. If you are black rock right now you are on the outside of Crypto looking Anne, but if you all, the sun become a significant player. What is that give you that gives you access to information An information is power and information is money, and so they will have that really: birds I view of what's happening, what the demanded, whose trading at how it being traded and that could be very instrumental and potentially helping to shape policy
So that would be again I do. I have no knowledge of yo, you learn as you can care all sort of going through. strategic, does Egypt, rumblings and thanking let you have a virus. If I were trusted and weighing in, as I would certainly want to have better access to information and what better access to information have been about control that every gonna Carol, Roth former investment banker. She calls herself a recovering investment banker and she cares deeply about our country, he and main street and the regular person in trying to get the word out on what is coming in. so appreciate Carol. I have. Men, giving the advice, get to savings and loan or get too local local local bank that keeps their loans local and invests in the local community, get away from. Anything yes g, a lot of you all are. We know writing to me and go Glenn. I I mean
know what I'm even looking for. I dont know how to judge these banks. Can you help absolutely will? Definitely everybody has a different financial profile sell you need to make them decisions that are best for you base your goals, objectives, risk all those kinds of things I also have been getting since a talking to you and the fact that your highlighting this in your book, Brett reset alot of enquiries from people saying you, I'm interested in staying away from these financial institutions that are very heavy anti ass chief. I dont know how to reason: just so I wrote a piece for the blaze have to understand that there are a handful of institutions and individuals who are driving mess and there are a whole bunch of offers that are sort of jumping on the bandwagon. It really have no idea what it means either, but they want to hurt you signal about it. If this is something that is important to accompany them
are going to advertise it because they think they're the good guys. They think that they are doing the right thing and they think that you care about this in the opposite way that you probably care about that. So the best thing to do is to take a look first at their websites to see if they have any mention of yes G or other words that are like. Yes, she like socially responsible, investing or sustainable investing that becomes a clue, but a lot of companies dont update their websites that often so you're also going to want to do it. Quick internet search, look at press releases and look at articles and again don't jump to conclusions, but use this to help to inform you how you, how serious do they steam about it? You can check their social media accounts. Is this something that they're putting out on Twitter or Instagram and for Facebook again, if it's really important to them? Those are the kinds of places. I wanna be showing off that there were put great citizen, and then you can also ask for their own funds.
Lastly, solution annual reports- you can ask if they haven't yes G report and you can ask their represent, does as the something that's him when she was present organization and if it hasn't made it down to the representatives again to say: oh yes, this is something that's important. It doesnt guarantee that is now floating around somewhere, but you know that it's not an important tonnage. and frankly I would. I lie like music. I will tell you we had an. I won't mention the bank of the big banks. That is a driver of this tell us a year ago, now, It's nothing. It's none of that really. So I mean That's at the highest level. Had we dealt with? Yes, we have it on our website. I mean there's also a lot of smoke and mirrors, so you really have to you just have to use
got on this absolutely, and what I would say is we need to use our voices and make it make it now, because again, corporations tend to run and risk cycles. They think this is so saying that people are interested and most of them have no idea what it even means. As of the here from more people, they don't want it that is going to impact. in making. So if you leave for them reason, if you're comfortable, to put your name on a great, if not you at anonymously, or do it as part of a group, but you should be writing to banks and say I put my money because I dont believe this. I believe you should be focused on financial centre decisions and all the other stuff is now. some of the more feedback that you can give the earth. I think the better chance we have to stop it, stop it because here the virtuous, nine only go so far, but at the end of the day, if it starts to impact profits, that's going to change things and pretty substantially, and I would Tweet your letter, I would tweet your information and I would come up with a hashtag. You know
Whatever the bank is yes G and people can follow it and others can join you that will make them uncomfortable and if they're not dedicated to it, you're right, they will begin, two fold and I would even add, do hashtag. No, he s cheap, because if they I think that it's just yesterday, they may think that you're, actually crow at any you'll, get a compilation of people but make a super clear. No, he s got it, anything. To say about how you pick bank or credit Union Credit Union, the best placed to put your money now I didn't get very dependent on the individual woman the thing about a kind of credit union is that you are not just a customer, but when you take on an account, you become a member said you actually get a vote. An essay on on The reaction of the business than that deal can be very important. The trade off when you go to an institution like that,
that it may have eight times less robust technical interface work. They have fewer products and services, so you have married. What do you need some managed your finances with your your key values and find that rights that, for you, the most important thing if you're looking at your what, it's, not a local financial institution. A credit union is just to make sure that you have that insurance and most of them do. Our credit union is ensured by the different group than empty. I see it the credit unions, registration, the and the USA, and they have the same limits that think about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Accounts, so you want to make sure to counter that you haven't I class problem, that it doesn't go without limit, but that that you want to make sure that their insured and then you can look at their history to make sure that they don't have a large amount of of loans than are in default, because that sort of a key indicator of the ban.
That could potentially have process lineage institution could at problem. I know with the new law after the o a crash they chain. did so the the depositor, is the is the last in the line to get their money gay, the can use those deposits to pay everybody else off and you're, the last link as the government covers covers it is is that true, with credit unions, like do you know I want to have sort of the ins and outs of that, but, dear the less the financial assets we share the view that the less you have to worry about soaring the lines right. There are not doing crazy things like tat. Riverdale crazy and what not even the more simple and straightforward you're the higher up the order you're going to end up being, but the most important thing is that that money is ensured by the government at least
for the time being, that still has some good customer of help didn't and she give you some copper believed I'm you expect him for interest rates to start to move so there is a march meeting that's coming up and I think for the feds you keep credibility. They probably have to do the first rate heightened than there is a caution on whether that is a quarterly basis point or have a basis point which is a twenty five basis points or fifty basis points which is part. Forty, four percent cent- half a percent. I think likely twenty five basis points, but it could be as much it's fifty and then we'll have to look at their language to see how they're going to telegraph it for the rest of the year me. Some people on Wall Street at this point are expecting maybe up to six
the fear charged with will really throw the the stock market and potentially the economy and the jitters. I personally think they're between a rock and a hard place, because they don't want the interest rates to rise because of the interest that we, to pay on our three trillion dollars national debts. I think they're gonna do everything in their power to maintain the credibility of doing something but doing the least amount possible. So I'm more in the camp of maybe If we have five, percent interest rate how much federal budget goes to paying for them thirty trillion dollars every cell Probably out of every dollar that you give the governments about. Thirty cents of every dollar will go to servicing interest. We get back to normal interest rate of five percent, which is the whole random by the way glance why they have depressed interest rate, to those who run your old Lovell foresaw covering their running. where the governments Carol
Thank you. So much for all of your work and her article on banks and she's written a couple of articles and be writing a lot more for ablaze dotcom. How do we Search your bank, Csp Activity, the blaze, dot, com or name, is Carol Roth. You can find her at Carol Roth dot com. You can also find her book the war on small business, where Books are sold, Thankee Carol, Preciate. Thank you very much. Tunnel twins books like most pair I'm sure, you're concerned that your kids are fill it get in their heads filled with something that you're like what and then Tik Tok new to all our kids are on technology and nonsense abounds if it were just that it would be bad enough, but kids are also exposed to other bad information, and it is coming from our public schools. The best way to fight back
information is by embracing good information. You can't just say don't listen to that It just doesn't work that way. You need to teach them the way the world really works and the tunnel twins books are the best. The best they too amazing lessons about how the country was founded, its guiding principles, the free market system, the necessity for small government every house. Have the tunnel twins books? Thirty five percent discount off the normal price are given away a copy of their magazine, plus all twelve activity books for free right now, until Friday night. That's the last night they're going to do it. It's old twins back dotcom, get the deal. Thirty! percent of all of the other bonuses as well tub
twins back dotcom, stay in sign up for the free newsletter today at Glenn back This is the Glenda programme. I just have to play this because the idea of what it is to be an American is so upside down right now here. Is morning Joe, MSNBC talking about individualism. some coming together in a cold war. parents grew up at a time where there was rationing, the wide world war, two where, where everybody had they come together, during the great depression.
That's now of into and also on the left and on the right is this: real people who there's so consumed by this hyper individualism, which of course, always attacked a hippie culture and the the nineteen sixty four, this hyper individualism and now, as Kevin Williamson Rights, the its conservatives, who are now having their quote hippy moment. Four individualism: do what you want to do. Now. common good? Nothing, spelled out even in in the preamble of the constitution is nothing the common good. It's all hyper individualism. I have my right to do. I want to do. I don't give a damn about anybody else's. What they're saying I mean something here desiring baby in like putting across in urine. I dont care like
my body my choice, I don't care about the baby's rights you mean I kind of hyper ended and doing good this hyper individualism doesn't do any good know it stands against the collective, which is the exact, was it of America. It is the collective pol pot, China, Russia Germany, Mussolini Venezuela, that's the collective north Thank you, Cuba. No, Thank you we have always believed in the power of the individual and government, is there to protect our individual rights yeah. We believe and individualism and we're not ashamed of it. We also are the most charitable group of people. ever ever beyond earth? Why? Because we choose to the more Take from us
and the more you say you can't do that the government will take the harder it becomes for us to do the right thing ram when you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment
The combined impact program hello, America, there's something you really cool. All that is happening and people will look at it. Has. This is a catastrophe. I just think it's Cooper. I think it's really good and I actually think it lines with my feeling of what's gonna solve all of this and it just happened last week it began to happened last week. explain. in sixty seconds where do you see yourself in your family in the next year, financially otherwise, Lex I views you do. Okay in and mental picture I mean I can't, even for who, with the with
inflation rising, seven and a half percent in the last year of forty year. I- and we know that number is bogus. We know if we would look at it the way we did back again that 1990s before they before they started messing with everything just to make to govern look better we're. About thirteen percent inflation, where about sixteen percent inflation. If you look at it the way you for, two years ago, those eyes inflation for two years. Yeah. I'm gonna have to go back a little farther than that little muskrat fer. You calculated the way we did forty years ago This is really remark. Couple of what is happening. So what are you doing? Where do you see yourself? I can if we say I have absolutely no idea where I see myself in five years, we could all be. Living under a bridge. Together, american financing
call them right now your mortgage in your high interest debt? your books get the lowest rate. You can pay off those high interest. Debts right now call american financing aid. Nine zero, six, twenty four forty, eight hundred nine zero six, twenty four forty or go to american financing dud met Financing Annabel US one, two, three four! But would you do You w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, org! Ok, now. I know nobody cares about the sun because the sun doesn't affect us all. Global warming. All of these things, solar, flares, that's crazy! People talk Kay Let me me a story that broke last week and I'll bet. You you didn't hear about it. Spent Sex is feeling the pinch of solar threat this week now I've read this. I went well
solar threat this week, right yeah, I didn't hear by the company expects to lose nearly of full launch worth's of Starling internet satellites, okay, so They large, like forty nine of these last week, forty fell to the earth in a fiery flame. Forty, seems kind of catastrophic, doesn't it it's gonna like we got eight left, thigh a big deal I didn't hear about it. There are so many things going on well, Here's what happened. There was a stole, a solar storm now, Pat How many times have we heard in our lifetimes? I'm fifty eight today right. Yes, he ate two that we thank you Fifty eight today you're satellites have been going up. My whole entire life, yours too,
how many times have you heard about those solar flares causing ten saddle one satellite fall to a fiery death? I don't think I've ever. I think I've ever heard it either. Maybe maybe one. Maybe I'm glad I can recall it, but I'd like to give my memory. exists with forty. I just didn't hear about it. And so forty of them falling seems kind of like a big deal, but these storms or not uncommon space. Whether experts explained CNBC, their only expect into worsen over the next few years, because the sun started a new eleven year, solar cycle in December of twenty nine, in and is now ramping to a solar maximum that is expected to her in twenty twenty five. Well, ok,
now. The reason why solar storms have not been a big deal is for the past three or four years we Bennet we call a solar minimum pay so for the ass, three or four years we ve been at a solar minimum. Can you it? spleen the other. Fifty five years of my life, what what's happening about that now Thirdly, the recent solar minimum coincides with a massive spike in the number of satellites in low earth orbit about food, Thousand small satellites have been launched in the past four years. A lot of these are commercial ventures and they don't understand how sick difficult space weather can affect satellites. I know I hear this all the time from people who launch satellites space weather, Why didn't somebody tell me about space, whether right
the people who are large and satellites. It's not like they do that. All the time is now there's a lot of math involved is not like your taking something out. Of the earth's atmosphere putting it in the way of direct space weather. I can see how Elon Musk miss this. I mean he's not a very bright dude when it comes to science. You know, and he saw busy goal to Mars that he probably as even thought of space. Whether you know I mean right: where am I right here? Eureka, Ok, so that's the story you'll get from the press, however I and my team are geeks total and complete geeks about. six years ago, maybe on this
grim, and I have followed this cause. I've been fascinated by this theory. My whole life. It's called polar shift and we talked about it about six years ago, the pole are moving and it happens every twelve thousand years. Well, the Good NEWS is we're. Not twelve thousand were not close to twelve that, where it twelve thousand five hundred, so we're overdue for a polar shift. Now, there's too, parts to this and are going to get into one. The magna poles now are probably more alike, ten o clock and four o clock Kay the magnetic poles, but we don't really know for sure what happens and when the tipping point is, but the basically just go, and when they hit this tipping point, then the
I'll pull. It was then with ball in the North pole is now apple or maybe thee. West Pole is now the South Pole and the EU and the EU, Sport is now a north pole. We don't know for sure. What's gonna happen, we just now of a big deal your visit to the magnetic force that protects the earth from the sun exactly right, so How could a small solar storm when these satellites are all built well, except for the ones you must make us. He just us Constance Pace they're, all built to withstand storm, that are a thousand times stronger, Kay and we're gonna have those storms, sue we have in the past its normal
we will have storms that are five hundred eight hundred a thousand times more powerful than this The reason why is because our magnetic field, because our poles or changing is so weakened. Now that those storms are coming all the way through and coming in here. the low earth orbit, where our magnetic field had those things bouncing off before so? I've had this theory for a while, now. This is where it gets. This is where it comes Glenn, weirdo glens, Ok, this is, and we are no longer talking science. And I know that's what you come for on this show deep deep science. But I have said for how long, Pat that
when what we have expected comes now this mobile new world order. How you gonna solve this, and I have said for at least a decade. I think it's gonna be solved the way that the God solved the Tower of Babel what happened at the Tower of Babel Tower of Babel thee. Elite, Scott together and said, let's build a tower of the sky, actually said: let's make bricks and build it, or they will reach the sky and the bricks. I'd, make stones, meaning individuals, everybody is different dictators authoritarianism. The other people make everyone exactly the same, you will comply, you will be Eve this. You will say this, and only this you become a brick. So when
and had said we're gonna build a tower, the sky. What he meant was there when he said we're: gonna bricks. We're gonna make everybody exactly the same and they will toe the line they equally slaves and then we're take those people and they're gonna build this tower to the sky and we will be all powerful so if you know about oral history, if you have a good rabbi, oral history will tell you. Jewish oral history will tell you that there are many faces of God, the angry vengeful God thee. passionate God, and I dont know the one. candy I dont know, but the the one that came down for the power of a tower of Babel is the compassionate god. He wasn't mad at the people. He was compelled in it? He saw what was happening to them and so Did he do to destroy the power? A Babel Benito.
he confused their language? So they couldn't. Understand one another anymore,. And I thought to myself about ten years ago, as I'm thinking. How are we going to get past what is coming? I thought You know our language, is not english. man's language now is ones and zeros. Massive solar storms work as Mps. you lose just. I mean malicious Taiwan satellites you just lose. Our satellites are lower satellites. Aren't I think GPS satellites are low earth. they now have to, because our poles are changing so fast. They now have. They usually, I think, we're changed every ten years or five years, and now they have to be changed every year because
Poles are changing, so the gps is off and so they have to constantly change them. Now, when we start losing things like GPS, when we start losing things just in space, let alone an e m p Our language of ones and zeros doesn't work anymore. Do we understand each other anymore?. Can our society remember? God said if they can do this They'll be able to do anything We are now talking about artificial life. Man, creating life. Artificial life artifice, you'll intelligence. The guys I know in Silicon Valley believe artificial intelligence is life. Because I believe in the soul and believe in God there they they
I believe that they are going to create life. If they can do that, they can do anything and almost anything and everything is being done now, all with ones and zeros when we get quantum computing up to speed, which is soon soon Almost anything can be done. I don't bring up the the polar ship, I'm really interested in the polar shift. I've been fascinated since I was a kid and I don't bring it up as a catastrophe. Oh my gosh, we're all die now I mean maybe I mean Now, let me rephrase it. Yes, all of Stu die in the hand. I think we diet, times. I hope so I am not from you know solar flares or a polar shift, but I it is I found it interesting that the four
thing these solar rays are going to do. Our start affecting our satellites cause. I've never seen that before it least like this. are magnetic field is getting week. This might be a really good thing. I mean not for us, but a really good thing for humans, freedom right, because When you look at the oppression and the shutting down of people and how far advanced the governments are now is compared to seventy. Ago when, when we had real opera of regimes as Hitler. dream now splendidly due to China with a billion plus people they know where everybody is at all times. They do. You know World economic forum, says about the great reset. We will know what you do, what you want to do where
spend your money where you spend your time, what you think and even what do you dream about? you are taking humans gods, of creation that he wanted to be free and individual, and here taking them and you are controlling them in the most evil way. I Don't think he stands for that year and we brought, although devices willingly into our home that allows them to do all these things and the anything that freeze people from that electronic cage is a global GNP or ache just some interesting thing that you, if you have a geek friend you might want to share. Ok Let me tell you about gold line, what as the world return to. When you know things go crazy it. Today we got some
pretty important news on the inflation of that inflation has risen, seven point five percent: oh the last year we implies what Pat that if it's arisen, risen, seven point five percent from last year: and it had a big month this year that not the real inflation. That's the average over the year when we start dropping off those averages. The beginning of the year when inflation wasn't happening, you're gonna start seeing real inflation numbers you're, alright the feeling them. So what do you do? The hedge? against inflation is something called hear me out. Gold silver. It is the stuff that has the It is always come back to when the world has gone. Crazy gold and silver for the first time being offered together as a special with a purchase
Historic, five dollar, gold, indian and five dollar gold liberty, coins, gold, is now just giving them as a special. When you buy those two coins. You will get four gold and silver check the special out right now call eight sixty scold lying. I know these people they're, not gonna pressure. You they're just going to ask you what you know but you need to know and do your own homework don't buy anything today, although I would, I would pick up the pace, maybe just a bit eights, Six gold line, eight six EC skull line or gold line dot com. Ten second they should. I do Yeah by the way I had done Andrew Clay, on my podcast it it is out today for Blaze,
I burst, and it is it just a very different podcast. You know, Andrew you know, Andrew Clayton He is one of the men fascinating guys, he is the host of the Andrew Clavering show he's a novelist best selling authorize a screen rider play right winner of EDGAR Award and EDGAR is, I mean EDGAR could beat us hot out of Oscar, so I think it's a better award. Anyway. He's got a book out called truth and beauty the english, romantic poets and the gospels, and I saw that. I thought that's something that everyone wants to hear right. There I mean a hook. don't want to spend an hour just talking about the english romance poets, and so I started the interview with that Vince me. I should even think about reading this book he had
me hello, he's here He has taken em Looked at the! What was happening in England and France right after the French Revolution and All these issues, romance poets. We're trying to fix the problem and its the same problem we are dealing with right now and they were trying to figure things out and how do we sell this two people? How do we tell people he said it is. is the gospel he was. He we talked about Frankenstein, we talk I mean it is fascinating, fascinating He is somebody that, if I were putting together a dinner party and unlike who are the most interesting people, I could invite Andrew Craven would first on my list. Honestly, he is untasted you want to hear this podcast today apart,
ass. I don't even know what they named the all this were cancelled. Culture comes from, yet we did talk about that, but it's all about his english romantic poet book that comes out I would have never thought it would be. Interesting, is fascinating, fascinating you're gonna love this podcast, you can walk, now on Blaze TV, it will also be available everywhere, where every year pod podcast on Saturday, the Glen Back programme. Hey we're down to just a couple of days before time state can you did you hear the clock tick? In the background, I just heard it blunt. Yes, I did I learning they? I hate this well, this last week for safe sixty percent agenda cells, most popular package for Valentine's day the last week in the last couple of days, don't wait too long and miss out from now until valentines, you can get the best
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sure you grab the new audio book of the great reset and order your hard bound coffee, audio book available. Now So, what's it yesterday was the final episode above a fat yeah. I wasn't sure, though it is the finale of the season. I think it's, the finale. Aren't you just got, leave a ball. The last three episode. of this season were fly. Ass son had to convince me to watch it had to convince you to watch, because I'm like The facts are really, and I'm told done with the whole star wars thing and I'm way I got it and that we watch the man Delorean, which I liked really only for baby Yoda. Ok, and as I I'm like, ok, I watch Bobo FED a character. I don't care about it all. Oh, my God
She is that a good show yeah such good. So I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I I'll, tell you and without saying who, or what there is there is a whole episode. that is see gee, I that if you don't If you didn't grow up with star wars, you have you You'd have no concept that is all see gee I that the people there in that scene or not people. It's it's the most right of a nominal thing I have ever seen and to feature a cd character for so long, oh and make it look at than to end no net no part Ray for they were watching it. Oh, I should hang on hang on Broadway back cod come here. You gotta see this and I told her what she was going to see and she's like is. She walked. to the television she was looking as she's like I cash
None of that is real and, unlike nope, nothing you have no idea, it shows you how powerful deep fakes are gonna get because literally, it is even if you dont want the shovel its work, watching just that episode, because, the technology amazed is raising. They did something like that in the man Delorean that was like votes last last show Lascaux the lash, I think, of the first or second, whatever last show of the season. They had a CD character like out and didn't really fit voice. With the mouth and all that, and so there The kid that was on Youtube? That said, I can do better than that, and so he his friends got together, created CD, That was better than that and Disney got a hold of him and hired him on the spot, and families are the one who did this Fiji our kidding may now be.
that all ideologues escape telling you, because I was one of two things. First of all, the voice is not the voice of the actor today right because the voice, you know, did Jane she's change little older. I don't know how they re created the voice and the lips and everything no creepy valley stuff. I I'm telling you you are not there gaddi. How do you use that, put somebody into a scene, but you know just a video thing, more grainy, even before for anyone for K Do you not at some point puts politician or some world leader saying something it causes a world war or causes of destruction. Of that politician and its real, but you won't you won't believe it so incredible? What can be done? You said many years ago
every time there will come a time when you don't believe your own eyes, yeah we're here and we certainly are or at that poor yeah we haven't had we haven't had it used well yeah. We have I saw a a video of maybe was Tom Cruise Tom as you know, those videos come, I felt Tom Cruise, but there maybe it wasn't him. It was somebody any was playing a guitar and, unlike holy cow. I didn't know this guy could play the guitar like that and it wasn't it wasn't him. It wasn't him and just see these things. You know and you have no idea. That's not him! That's not him! No eared weird now I wish I could say this- wasn't true you the the the by demonstration just released twenty five
a billion dollars unfrozen twenty five billion dollars of iranian money. So we can have that this right. Nothing in return he ate knocking video captured and iranian man grinning as he walked through the streets of ram clutching the severed head of his seventeen year old wife, whom he had decapitated in an honour killing. so I mean need forced her to marry him when she was twelve she's. Now and, and she was suffering a domestic abuse, but the picture shows him. holding the saw and the blood on his hands and carrying his wife's head in the street and everything's. Ok, because you know he has a right to do that. That's great uncle We empower those people by the way have you been watching eighteen, eighty three, but it's incredible right girls in fact give you a completely new understanding of pioneers and petered out aim here and the poor they pay home to me.
To the west? Oh, my gosh, I know you're not watch in eighteen. Eighty, three, you should, I think it's I mean Sheridan, what's his name, Taylor, sure, Yellow Sheraton, wrote it it's like poetry heard Irene Conniston is beautiful. He has written some amazing things. Yes, writing, like five differ, I know he is truly remarkable, really remarkable, he writes Yellowstone, produces it and eighty three and there's another one called kings town or something that all rave about by haven't seen it pretty dark. I think Jesse pretty dark, pretty dark. According to Jeff Authority, they Jeffrey allow as the passive darkness. That's pretty dark. Eyed sets up the yeah. So I'm watching this thing and if you're now watch in it. You should its. I mean it's fallow language and you know yadda yadda, but it is its it. It
give you a whole new understanding of what life was like out west in Eighteen, hundreds these these people are coming in from Germany and and everywhere else, which you get a new understanding of what German, life was like back, then you know you were forbidden to swim, you wouldn't swim. It was against the law, when they come over here. I know crazy right, weird thing, I know, and you know They come over here and they got across the Red River they don't swam, they ve never been in water. They don't know they come over having no idea what the Asked is like and we, think we know what the word it is like If it was anything like eighteen. Eighty three I would have gotten right back on that train and gone back to one of those stinky cities. No question time here. just to hard. Sorry, not I'm gonna. Do it yeah an unknown just
everything is unknown and you, I have no idea if you're gonna make it from one day to the next, because, anything can happen Amy can happen. Bandits whether your cat, of stolen your cat die. You run out of food. The snow comes to early. Is it you have no idea. Like you have virtually no chance noticing provide no chance to survive those people, I mean I've, always the one. The thing that I do knows. I had a german great, great grief. and mother who came over the plains and did in Montana and the only story I know about or is that along the way somehow or another. Her I was poked out and The story is that she was to have such a bad ass, the
she wiped the blood off her face and was like keep going ok and she looks like the kind of we have one picture of her, and she looks like the kind of woman she looks and fears Now I really understand that's what it took. You would be going, you wouldn't have survived if you weren't, like that. Yet trip was not further? It wasn't for you. No, no, no, no, no I don't know if it's for any one that I know today, axemen Navy seals I mean? Yes, it was only for the guys they could mean the guys in eighteen. Eighty three that are shepherding are pretty much guys who just want to die, because you know they were in the civil war. It was so bad and everything else that they're just like what the hell I'm gonna die anyway. What's it is a, but it would take kind of that person. I dont know
anybody was like. You know I would be fun. I've always wanted to, and then crossroad go, that was great, I'm going go back, and get some friends and do it again. That's insanity, so a couple shows that you should you should watch are back in just a second, let me tell you about relief factor. an wrote in she said my grandchildren were come in for an extended stay and you know whenever they come. I end up with a really intense knee pain takes one too. weeks to recover from that's weird cause. Times when family comes to visit me. I end up with such a pie. In my ass and my neck, its nowhere. yeah, so we have to go as I grandpas getting, real pain in his as right now, maybe anyway, she said
as a last resort. I decided to try relief factor. My knee pain is nearly gone. Last night I slept all night without having to apply topical medicine for the first time in eight years, Thank you. So much for telling me about really factor and you you are welcome. The three week quick developed for people. Just like you, nineteen ninety, five, it's a dollar a day. It's a trial pack, hundreds of thousands people have ordered relief factor in about seventy percent of them go onto order more. That tells everything you need to know more about Many per cent of the people really factor really
actor dot com or call one eight hundred for relief, one eight hundred the number for relief or relief factor dotcom order. It now really factor feel the difference. The growing back programme- So I just got off the air, and I said you need to watch the Harlan carbon series on Netflix ends. Said fantastic. I didn't know you were I didn't know you were found to you know he's a friend. he has been on the show, yeah he's been on the show several times. I love his books I had no idea he was doing stuff with, like the BBC and now Netflix all over the world and his. What are that? What are some of the names of those shows, the stranger really good right.
Good they're like episodes, and you will, not be able to figure out even what's really happening until the last episode and it they're just their spell binding spell binding the woods the good stay, close, really good own chance. The prob That one was no. That was different language, apparently safe right really good and the innocent very good, sir, very good. There have been so these are like murder, mystery kind of things kind of they they face. start out, you know: like every day, you know and then thing happens: either somebody is murdered or some something is something they get a letter from their past or something and you
It is just like everybody, secret life and it starts out with one person and then universe, second episode, there's a connection to somebody else completely unrelated, or at least you think, and and then just weaves like six lives, together seemingly, are completely disconnected, and it's just Emma, and my describing there. I absolutely without doubt yeah I mean it is their incredible there, the best murder mysteries, I've they are is good. A different way as Sherlock. Would you agree with that? I don't watch that, oh my god Sherlock was grey Sherlock with those really go. It's in a different, clearly see thing: yeah Sherlock is in a different clamber, Bun with Estonia, because Cinnamon Bun was in it and he, you know, he's fantastic. So it's a different class, but you know how you just are watching
that you're like what the heck is happening. This is over aid, episodes and you'll just be. Are they your life or the all stand alone? There I'll stand on their own based on books of his, and so there, like you know six to eight episodes each, and I mean I just I I've I just. He is my favorite writer of television now because I've never seen television that good far is writing wherein the golden age we are television right now because was streaming in all the different options and remember they said you know these people were like free, the internet, yeah, hey, take your free, the internet. I got it right here for you fucking, my look, what's happened is its, have an amazing hear anything would leave other people alone and they, throttle people yeah. Can you imagine better would be like buddy There. You are right, it is the golden age in in
every respect and yours. Seeing things like I've watched shows from Germany and whatever, and if you can stand watching the subtitles their real. He could yeah. I really good you remember what a joke the BBC was back in the songs, Japanese, it was yeah, Karel Horrible TV, terrible and now it's brilliant yeah. It's brilliant my watch something the other day was one of these Harlin Cubans, and I think it was from Germany and I said to Tanya, I think the woods and I said to Tom I've never seen cinematography like this. On television I mean it is so far beyond. I think it's almost like their lips actually match the English. that your hearing, oh, I didn't want you to an what no they're they're speaking in a different language. like your reading. It and it looks like their mouth is matching the words like it. God's will
you know when you got a little crazy here, but I will take, watch it in the original language and just read the subtitles, but it's it's it's making for television in thing in ways it I mean we, are just as we are golden age of eighteen. Eighty three does to aggravate: oh, my god outrageous and the he'd character. Oh my gosh, she beautiful! yeah the seventeen year anyway, I don't know what kind of accent she supposed to have some sort of american accent, but she plays that role, she's a Disney actress, and she plays that role perfect Lee absolutely awesome. She is great. As always, Phil Mcgraw good you're really gets a good cat. Yet it is it is. I think I'm gonna die by the end of it there's only one. I think that makes it does like. I'm all alone here in the woods because I just
the Indian, because I had to eat off. It's gonna happen. Elizabeth anyway, we will see it tomorrow on radio tonight? Don't miss Andrew Clave in the podcast available now for all the blaze tv subscribers deeds. fascinating and we'll get you to solutions on what's happening in your life today. This is the Glenn Back Programme.
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