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Hour 1 Conversations with a president...The Comey memos released...new, revealing information?...leaky weasels ...Prayers for Pat...Pat Gray health update...he's recovering well ... ‘amazing things’ that have happened since 1995…People vs. Institutions ...Movie: 'Little Pink House'...based on a true story: a small-town paramedic named Susette Kelo buys a rundown cottage but found herself being a victim of eminent domain by big corporations... ‘the government can take your house and give it to Costco’? ...Glenn Beck or Frederick Colonardi?   Hour 2  TGIF with Bill O'Reilly...why was Bill mentioned in the Comey memos?...J. Edgar Comey?...we are living in the 'most dishonest age'...Rudy Giuliani says he's joining President Trump’s legal team?...will it make a difference, conclude Mueller investigation?...MS-13 violence continues to spread throughout the nation...'The Stalinists Are Here'...George Soros and the far left are writing big checks to fund chaos, and no one seems to be stopping them ...The New York Times is finally embracing the 'Caliphate' with a new documentary podcast series   Hour 3  Far too easily influenced... ...Unlikely friendship?...Author Brad Meltzer shares his close pen pal relationship with Barbara Bush...handwritten letters back and forth...'a First Lady like no other'...spent most of her life helping people with illiteracy ...'Yes, I'm running as a Socialist'...Why candidates are embracing the label?...not afraid anymore ...The Left is very, very focused on building something new…millennials don’t think capitalism is working  The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand love, courage, shrink back the call me mammals, they were found. He delivered com had them in their hands. So of course, those hands, pass them immediately to the press. Record time literally within minutes Nancy Pelosi quickly, tweeted last night Regarding the contents of the memos quote, the release of the hashtag combing mammals are further proof of at Real Donald Frumps contempt for the rule of law is
attempts to intimidate, circumvent the law and undermine the integrity of law enforcement investigations, demand immediate action to protect the Miller investigation. Hashtag, follow the facts. Now. Maybe Pelosi got her hands on a group of different memos because We have all read the fifteen page leak and I don't find what she's describing in fact it appears to me to be kind of the opposite. Call mammals covered conversations with the president's from January. Seventh, too, April privileged twenty seventeen and call me His hinted that these conversations would prove that president was guilty of a crime. In fact, they wouldn't release these to the to the Congress, because while they were, then it would hurt the investigation. I am where how, because see collusion- and I dont see obstruction in
Was every single memo? There are three topics that routinely pop up the first one, the russian occurs in the infamous me no golden showers. Rumour that has seemed really worried about that, and not because he thought it was true, but because embarrassing. It looked also you know. I think Bologna was probably a little upset, even if she knew it was untrue to Have this said about your husband and have half of country believe this stuff I do have been upsetting. The second thing: we note that the president was really worried about the leaks he should be both the FBI and in the West Wing to me. If you didn't laugh out loud when you this line from call me you have absolutely. Our sense of irony quote.
I told the president that I was reliable in one way, but not in way political people sometimes used the term I plain that he could count on me to always tell the truth, I said don't do sneaky things I'd old leak. I don't do weasel moves, oh no, No, not at all, it is guidance. Nicholas Duff and then write a book about it. Was call me setting up the ultimate scenario for literary students in universities all over the world, to understand the term poetic justice, because a few months of telling the president he's reliably doesn't leak. These not a weasel he's. Of leaking these conversations to the press and writing a tell all book. And lastly, the third and most common topic call me mentions in the mammals Were mentioned,
any mention at all that I'd, have made reference to his job. It seemed a little worried about that. The president never appeared ready or willing to fire him, but call me overly hypersensitive to it. So what are we learn from this? I don't think anything. I really don't. David Commies memos were just as disappointing and uneventful as one of his press conferences, but that would can be entirely true, because out of the seven total memos Four of them have been rejected and classified. Three of them are not remember these numbers for have been rejected. Three have not. What does that mean? That means that
areas, hypersensitive top secret information in for the message. Memos. Three don't have that classification. Well, call me allegedly leaked for Of these memos to his friend, in order to be given to the press that means the very minimum one of those mammals was classified, wait a minute wait a minute, but he saw careful he wouldn't have done anything like that. You're right, you're right, neither with the Secretary of State, oh wait a minute. Is this: the smoking gun that is really coming out of these mammals. Ricky Ricardo used to say it all the time you got some
Splain into do it's Friday April twenty happens, you're looking into the Glen Back programme. This is gonna, be a good days. Fellow rightly on yellow rallies on and about fifty five minutes or so and now I gotta go right to this page, ten of the memos here. He then pivoted to the Russians wanting an apology from Billow Riley. I I had seen that an Oar Riley's reply, which was to call him in twenty twenty three the president then said, o Reilly question about whether he respected Putin had been a hard won. He said He does respect the leader of a major country and but there was the best answer me said either. My answer was good right. I said, Answer was fine, except the part
the killers, because we are the kind of killers that Putin is when I said as the president pause noticeably, and you know what make of it, but he clearly noticed that I had directly criticized him. I can't wait to talk to Belarus because he brings it up every week. Everyone is like an you know. Another thing, though, ability think about putting well. When I was talking to the president and my interview after the Superbowl criticized is thinking about Putin. And I also like chocolate pudding oh he's, gotta he's gonna have a lot to say about this today, I can't wait to get his his take. What is it take on the mammals, I'm an anti much motion? That's new in their mean for all the beating that Komio taken for selling the book. You just made that point which I think is legitimate and I'm in people are been critical of him as far as trying to make money offer. This thickets
but on the side of it. If we, goal was solely to make money up This has a terrible roll out of this material can see. This is all just supporting evidence to what he said it when he was in front of Congress, are he's already test fight about everything seemingly use in the book. I have not read the book yet. I have only seen the excerpts, but nothing that I've seen in the excerpts have led into anything new, and these memos I mean You can look at them if you are a calmly supporter and say: ok, I mean they look like it would. Doubt when you are reading them, that this stuff happened, no seems, like they were legitimately what happened in these meetings and and most importantly, impressions not facts but his freshens of of happened in those conversations, so he seems to be highlighting things he felt were important and the conversation and what how he felt about them right ass. I guess what you do when you're making a contemporaneous memo give it. Could I paused there for a second year honour? May I approached him, you may ask
he's well known for making contemporaneous memos ripe. He is, I D are there mammals about his meetings with lynching Clinton? I think it addressed that at again, previous conversation I believe he I believe he said he did because He did not think I am as didn't think he was don't be a dishonest conversation. The person would later lie about what the war to a sound. So he believed he had a distrust believed for trial free Clinton and Loretta Lynch He believed them and thought was are we doing shit. Hillary Clinton I mean complemented specifically saying she was nice, but and competent I think was- was the the general vibe than Eric holder. But again she
for his work for Republicans and Democrats, you didn't. He also didn't seemingly make those metals about George W Bush right. So I guess you could be good. You could make on only get. I don't know. I guess I guess, if you just you know, if you, if you look at president say the guy is a serial liar and you start to you start to make the memos. But you don't have you dont also think that Hillary Clinton in them of an investigation about leaking secret documents that that my be used and turned around by Hillary Clinton in her operatives. Aruf you're an idiot, particularly when you hear the one that's gone through an investigation and what you ve called her extremely careless and Eve dealt with the Clinton's along a long time. You know there's a new book coming out by an author who was been, in the Clinton
and and they and this is from a mainstream journalists- not a conservative, obviously about how Biden wanted to run and decided partially, not too, because he knew he would be destroyed by the Clinton's. And that's you- you know it oh bite in a theoretical ally in every circumstance, except a primary. It feels that way you have to believe they call me after through an investigation that could be no hurt clear. Chances at the presidency would feel that way, and I found it s a new cap, here's the truth and if I may, if I may quote the Daily B no one in modern politics, male or female, his head too. Stand more indignities and setbacks and critics Some cynicism, she's developed approach, texts of armour, that made the real Hillary Clinton an Enigma, it's really
I love to its needs. They it's not her fault for, she can't communicate who she is it's the fault of everyone else who just can't smile? No, no, no, I gotta go. I may I ain't gonna go a little, I'm gonna go a little farther. You're just talking about how Biden has confided off the record that, on IRAN. But quite you don't understand these people. The Clinton's will try to destroy me. Ok, but- Hillary Clinton on election night quote they were never gonna. Let me be pressed and steep eight steeps up all aligned against Hilary Let me tell you about filter by brand new, sponsor filter by this this This matters to your health in Texas, and I know what it's like:
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that has been in and out of the hospital for the last few days, and we were just ass, for your prayers for him and his family. I saw him last night and he's he's doing well, but he's had a rough week he's had a really rough weak. He he, into the hospital for some pain thought it was kidney stones. It wasn't. He had to have fair surgery. He was in full pledge kidney failure, my god and then he went into the hospital like at six hundred and thirty. He was he was out under the knife by nine and he's be he's doing finding erected everything, but he he will he it's. It's been a bad weak for pat and supply, is keep him in your prayers. He is on the manned and doing well, but it was
weird because he's he's you know, Pat at one point. Because he gets injections in his back steroids injections in his back like I do, and you don't take those without anesthesia. If other jam and needles, India or back and the heat Wanna ask anybody to drive him home because you can't drive home after that, and so decided to forego the anastasia. We go to the same doctrine. The doktor was like. I've never seen anything like it and it was crazy. I begged him not to do it, but he didn't want to bother anybody. So we haven't really known what what's he going on with Pat, we be getting two bits and pieces, and I went over last night and I'm like okay dude. What is happening- and he didn't know for most of the week, but he's doing much better growth, butter and out of the woods I think yesterday, I think he turned took a turn for the better, but it was. It was the little touch and go so
I think the risk with Pat is that he's in such terror the pain all the time that you do. If you have a sudden and increase in pain, he just thinks it's normal yeah, so you may know probably doesn't rushed to the hospital. I don't think I've ever seen anybody and more constant pain than pat. Yeah I'm using major back problems. Yeah, I don't know, but I've known him since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and his first back surgery was the year. I met him, you know so he has been in agony. Panes of agamemnon- I guess just summarize it basically before he met you, he was pain. Free now, he's been it's been well. I don't know that moment. The auditor and Similarly, I guess it is incredible and energy saving energy you, what you are saying is is lower back, could be described, as is ass. It may the pay ok. Thank you too, for that makes me feel really makes me feel super good, yesterday
we went through a list and and tried to. He could list and it was kind of happen off. Handedly yesterday was the twenty third anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and we're talking about it on the air and in this happen in ninety ninety five, and I was really ninety ninety five was a big year for me, I was just starting to sober up and- and I was really starting to look at the world and try to you're out what I knew in what I didn't know and in nineteen ninety five, we had the Oklahoma City bombing in April and then in October the J Simpson verdict came back. So while we were watching the OJ trial, the It comes back just a few months later after the bombing, and it was. I I remember standing watching television and seeing people cheer the
He was found not guilty, and I just shook my head and I'm like. I don't understand my country anymore. I got How can this guy? Who appear in America just bomb this holding and kill all these people And then, a few months later, how can o J Simpson hero of so many They had all of his wife, which was hard to believe in the first place and then be found. Not Elsie. I just I didn't understand it Each are going down this list of all the things that happen after them cut Lewinsky in and then you know, but the Bush Gore? You know Bush, the gore- and you know selected, not elected, and then September eleventh and then the wars and Michael more and you know us in fake
who's in all this stuff, What a beating we have taken is there anything that has made us feel good about the the and about our country and about people his or anything that has happened where all of us have united, like we did on nine twelve. We united in our fear, but we were united. We were one so we, in making this list the miracle Hudson solely sullen, burger, v, it was a day that I think every American went. Wow miracles happen. While people are amazing, the Houston Hurricanes, the response hearing. Justin, the rescue of Elizabeth, Smart Thee Paris shooting the train with the three Americans. The the amish response to the shooting, the Charleston response to the shooting, even space, Exe
There have been some amazing things, but, as I look at this last night, they Gus, believe in people not institutions and those. Institutions have been being battered. Time and time again and one of the biggest battering we'll talk about glanced back Mercury. This is the Glen Back Programme, So soon I saw movie this earlier this week. That comes out is it released today? Do you know it's tonight Little Pink House. It is it is quite an amazing story of something that I don't think anybody really pays attention to. We were just talking about how our institutions have just taken a beating where we don't really
trust any of our institutions and its. I think it's because we no longer follow the constitution of the United States, We are violating the the bill of rights all the time. It has become, you know the way. Everybody just does business. You know Can fire your do whatever I want I can. I can shut you down on campus for speech. You know cause of a safe zone. I can, I can take wealth sees your property and just sell it off without any kind of job Jews or any kind of court case. I can spy on you it almost. In fact, I make the case that all of that up ten in the bill of rights. The first ten they ve all been violated. On a regular basis and that
is the source of our trouble. Yet we are a. We are a country that is based upon the idea that there are certain inalienable rights that you can. Violate an ass we violate those rights in this system. The system takes a beating and the people suffer There is a case that of domain. That is phenomenal, and I remember when this court case came that was the key low case. I remember thinking not really hearing anything about it until it was over and thinking how How is that possible? How come and a city come in and take up bunch of houses- and they give that property to a private corporation. Well there's a movie made about it? Now it's called little Pink House and Scott Bullock
is the president of the Institute of Justice he's the lawyer that is portrayed this movie and he's joining us now, high Scott. How are you do doing great thanks? Rapid may you bet so Tell me a little bit about Suzette kilos for anybody who doesn't remember the Kilo case going to summarize it. Sure Sousa Kilo was a paramedic lived and died in Connecticut and dumb. She had left a bad marriage after five sons, and starting a new lease of life edge He saw a little cod. When she was making one of her runs into it in the ambulance and fell in love with this place as she said, had a millionaires view on an m tease. Salary was the first piece of property that she ever owned and her entire life, and she I bought it fixed it up, painted it her favorite, color, pink, Adam
about a year after she had finally found a little sanctuary for herself and life. She got it off the door I'd I was told that because a new Pfizer plant was moving in next door, but the city wanted to do development to supposedly, compliment this Pfizer facility and she didn't sell eminent domain, was going to be used against her and her neighbours to clear them out to make way for these development projects, because the city wanted more tax revenue and increased economic development. So that's exactly the opposite, whatever the domain was designed to be used for, of course, which is authorized under the constitution only for public use. So here's the amazing thing I used to work. At radio City Musical, and I would drive up to thirty rock, and there are two buildings and they are both part of thirty rock Feller centre. There are two building
that do not fit the art deco architecture. Even Rockefeller who was building it Nobody else was building provider, all kinds of jobs, all kinds of taxes for remember what it is twelve city blocks he had to buy. Every single piece of property, those too those two building, that are now part of thirty rock were left there, because those were the two people that said, I'm not selling. He like. Even he couldn't use eminent domain like this. What's happened to us? Well, happened over the course of many decades where I- and this is what What happens is where exception start being made to the constitution and word start being changed, and so,
public use was pretty clear. It meant for true public projects like a road or bridge or things were used all by the public, like a railroad or a public utility where everybody had right to it to use via hospital line, a hospital that sort of thing with it. But then government started wanting to do these. What has been said in the fifties and Sixtys called urban renewal projects, so they said well, it would it. MT to taking went from one private owner and handing over to another private honour. That sounds like private use, not public use as it stands in the constitution, but they said well, let's read the public use provision broadly to mean things like public benefits and public benefits are more tax revenue, more jobs and increased economic activity, and so over the course of several decades. This provision kept getting watered down government power kept growing and then a guy
the point where not just Rockefeller, but just about any business big box, retail stores, condominium developers Pfizer. And others could say you know what we would like to have this path but its greatest right down by the water, and we could make better use of this land than what the current MR doing and if they don't want to sell we'll just get the government to take it for them developers love they get land on the cheap and then a government that thinks that. Well, maybe These projects will produce more tax revenue, and it said, of course, at the expense of our constitution, fury and that's it. That's the key issues is the key: will cases it yet exhibit a, and this is all the government has to do it, are you talk about it. If there's a motel six that is put up somewhere, they can act. They tear down even a business, to build a better hotel, cousin theory that would bring in more tax revenue,
in theory and that's it that's the key issues is the key word cases yellow exhibit a, and this is all the government has to do in these instances, and private businesses is project we per Jack that this will create. That's a million dollars. A new tax revenue or several hundred more new jobs and then often times, is the review of the street and is so MRS projects that have played out over the years that the projections it at best fail to live up to x, no it's not worth it ever come to pass at all. Yet, and that's that's the key on the Kilo case this this changed our country and Annie all done because of urban renewal. It was really given to Pfizer they. This was adjunct land of, if I understand right, where they were gonna, build apartments in hotels and and rest It's a movie theatres, so this he just seizes it and the
most all of these houses down. It causes these people to lose their homes and in the end. What's on that property today, nothing but it's an die and thorough cats onwards. There unbelievable they never even had never even came to flourish. Ives I bet I met. A group of Connecticut is, as you know, Glenn, and I spent a lot of my summers in that town there's. If there is a little water slide park in that town called Ocean Ocean Beach, Parker believe it was called. We stood on their every summer right it right down near this area, and you know it's not that it was not the nicest area in the world. However, you know it doesn't matter if you, if you purchase property it should be the end of the story, and I think that what you outlined a Scot in the in the India in the movie and of More importantly, in your actual can't good constitutional argument is that, in a way this This ruling, if taken to its logical extent it almost in vain
it's the concept of private ownership of property. Yes right, that's exactly right, anybody could come up with a better use of your property than you are making off, they could save. You know. We think this would be better used in the hands of this person over here, so it really the vision of eminent domain without any sort of limitations whatsoever, but the Good NEWS in the wake of the queue decision is the backlash against this was so strong and people were so upset about this. For that very reason I mean this is up. This is a case that everybody instantly understood and could not believe that the court would sign off on something like this, that many states change through their laws in order to better protect property owners, states Supreme Court's nine states, Supreme courts have gone in the opposite direction
under their own state constitutions, which usually doesn't happen. Usually states Supreme Court's, follow what the? U S Supreme Court has done. So a lot of good has come out of the brave stand. That's who said in her neighbours have took in this case, but more needs to be done and historical memory If people forget the lessons of history right and so now your hearing, governments and private parties say you know: I've gotta get serious, redevelopment again in our town and dumb, and so this movie is extremely timely because it reminds people what's at stake in this fight and to not go down the path that new one did and in the queue. Ok, so you say, there's been a lot of progress because we are so outrage, but there there has been another kind of seizing of property where the the government can come in and take your property without
accusing you of crime or without without a trial, and just take your property, and sell it off and you're left with nothing right, I mean, I think, you're talking about civil forfeiture. Yes, that's right in, and that is something that is better each part of our work on fighting for private property rights. I is well- and this is something that has been a growing can throughout the country over a number of years and its another thing like eminent domain abuse, that people can't believe that this power, exists in a country disposed to respect, private property rights and rights to do profit. The government can take your property without convicting or even charging you with the crime. How is that possible? In the same way, people think women? The government can take your house and give it a Cassio. What happened?
how sad even possible in this country you or are you concerned Scot I mean I read about a civil asset for future and that the way the amount of those stories that is out there once you start scratching at the surface, is remarkable and it will. It was where did, because here we gotta be able to seize the drug lords. Will ass now what's happening any more and it is, it seems to be growing at an exponential rate. Is that just my perception? oh you're YAP Salute we ride and it is. It has been a huge problem, I'd Donnelly, the federal level, but it in many states- oh, but it but again because of some of his backlash were seeing. Some states have actually changed their laws to better protect property owners, but so much more needs to be done and what striving? It is. The fact that in
The federal levelled at both states law enforcement agencies get to keep your money that they forfeit yes for their own use. Every kind of history tells you incentives matter. You give people the wrong incentives, they're going to respond accordingly. Increasing focus is there any? Is there any real push back? That is, that is hope. Horizon on this? Very, I mean it. Several states now have changed their laws in the dead we ve been doing it. A campaign to two tracks are to try to stop this. And so there's been changes. Nebraska the past year I just basically abolished civil forfeiture at the state level and so on Sorry it encouraging, and there is a sort of this. In the same way, the eminent domain abuse unites, left and right oftentimes and peace, from both sides of the ideological spectrum are concerned about civil forfeitures and
the one of those issues where there is some by partisan agreement that this is a real problem, but the people in power, the people that benefit from this course don't want the loss. Changed on, so that it is a it is a herculean struggle to try struggled to try to try to fight back again. Returning but from the institute justice, an organization you need to know more about. If you don't already but Scot I speak on a personal matter. You you're a lawyer in oak, arguing, affront Supreme Court's gotta be one of the craziest things I mean like you know we may start off in this field. This is like the top of the line right. So what's it like eggs will tell us what like to actually do that argued for the Supreme Court in a huge case like this, and also What's it like to see yourself portrayed in a movie, that's kind of beekeepers, bizarre, and not what you're. Looking for when you start as a lawyer it is, it is a little desire to do that and develop their play. We did did a nice job, I with it and at what I,
also like about the case do is it kept, keeps the focus on the clients, as we always do in our work? To is too, I protracted their stories through the ones who are being out there that standing up for their setting up for their rights and argued before the Supreme Court, of course, is a great thought that honor to do that and and dumb added its many ways, frilly intimidating, which you also He too, is the often the court has questions about. Yeah, where you draw the lines on earth and that's what happened die during the argument and again the city admitted that there are really no lines is an issue that was that was incredible. Scott. Thank you so much Scott Balikh President the two to justice than the movie, is little pink house got a little cows movie dotcom, to bring the theatre near you or to watch the film find out. You can watch it little pink house movie, dot com, every institutional should be watching this ever everybody who thinks were kind of income
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They worked to fix, it call eight hundred lifelong one: eight hundred life lucky's a promo code Beckett, an additional ten percent, one eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dotcom promo code back. Back Mercury Glenn bag talk about the movie Little Pink house about Suzette. Some looking at the accredits at the end of the movie, and do we have a still here for this this this through me for a loop? If he looked about two thirds of the way down here, Frederick cotton tract When back, is a MIKE was Glenn in the movie know. What was he Cox we're? Certainly talking about this? Would you if you were portrayed the movie. It would have been a few shocked to make us we're talking at the start, the time no but get the actor who is playing Frederick CORE Lundy is named Glenn back totally different person same spelling, saying name or is it
totally Glenn Back mercury. Love. Courage, shrink back from the call me mammals, the press and brought up the golden showers thing in Iraq. Bothered him wife had any doubt about it. He then pivoted to the Russians wanting an apology from Bill O Reilly I said I had seen that and billow Riley's reply, which was The call him in twenty twenty three, the president and said, or at least question about whether he respected Putin had been off I heard one read dac- did sentence he said he does respect the leader of a major counter, any thought that that was the best answer. He then said you think my answer was good right. I said the ads was fine except the part about killers, because we aren't the kind of killers that Britain is when I said this, the
pause noticeably. I don't know to make of it, but he clearly noticed I had directly criticized him: bill, O Reilly welcome to the programme. How do we respond? I'm still causing trouble after all this time, but I know I know. I think that my Question was a good one, a penetrating question, the newly elected president of the United States that you know How are you going to deal with this dictator in Russia because the guy a ruthless killer. And the answer came back that well we're not our countries, not all I clean as well. You know, My job is an artist questions I can ask. I did that the and sir. I think why dodge. You know he didn't it
question me: aren't you going to deal with the criteria and not going to deal with the killer? What do you think he's been rejected here bill? Well, I dont know what Trump told call me. About Putin, but it would have to be something about put rejected so that I have said something about Putin that could hurt national security at this point so that is my gas on? What would be reject is re build. Is it weird to know that the president and I did states behind closed doors talking to the FBI? Director is whining about your questions, I wouldn't say whining is affair. Characterisation of that's. Do Was what would you characterizing Eddie saying that he wanted an apology from you. He wanted an apology for for a normal question about world relations. That's not whining you wouldn't describe it. Barack Obama was whining about something like that. You wouldn't away the I'd say it was. He was concerned about it because
the interview got international play yeah. You said you will remember that Putin was demanding an apology for me and are you said yeah I'll, give you one in eight years while I get over, so it was a big deal because rankled Putin, and so he was concerned the- and he did say he said, Riley's question about whether he respected Putin had been a hard one. He's not saying I want an apology, he saying Putin now once an apology was a hard question to answer right. I you know I tried to The spectrum is a world leader right and, and call me was like well yes, by zero but killer. It was a little disturbing. Right, but remember something here that J call me is nigh you are corresponding about giving her right when you
rights these memos he's writing them see. Why a cover his butt initials everything. That's why he's doing anyway, be the seas are doing it. Relate to the american people, whose exactly what happened? I'm I'm I'm a little luncheon and Hillary Clinton, but I think that is important for your listeners enter the american public to understand and he always documents meanings. I'm a man, is that he doesn't have anything on Loretta Lynch on Hillary Clinton. It's just Donald Trump I don't know what kind of memos they call me has or has not that Mean Congress Ass and for the memo which Trump Saudi may have other musings about dimension about Lincoln and Hillary Clinton, but I think there are some. Morton for your listeners and for the american public to understand that, even if you're the
the FBI or, if you the head of the CIA, the primary thing in your mind: is protecting your self from anything? That's what they do, that's how they get to these positions. All right they're not Elliot Mass, it's not the crime busters. These are bureaucrats These are people who are well made down the line. Somebody's gonna do they're so I'll cover my bike now and say this and write this that's what they do so they take. It is gospel. Is ridiculous that's his interpretation, I'm sure of a drop in the room. He'd say no! No! No! This is what I meant. This is what I said. This is what I did so you you lived a little longer than I have maybe a hundred years or so, and so you'll have a better memory of this than I will. But I will say today? I don't even think that a J Edgar Hoover was
was doing this kind of stuff, at least out in the open. He was not too king things and leaking the FBI and the Justice Department. Clearly, making things that I don't even think. Jeff urged EDGAR Hoover did this ditty. Well call me admit it a memo right? I know a sharp drop ass. You know the FBI leaking, always of course, but you you right in the sense that it totally control now were nearly many leagues with Obama and colleagues are designed to hurt one guy pressure and trot, and as that all of these leaks, their common from everywhere, and Nobody really seems to care, but everything the way he covered his body was to get stuff and hold the president. Chirac is to get dirt on J F K, Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr,
we might even have someone Eisenhower yeah, I saw that oh he did it, he blackmail them. Then he let them know, look on them. Mister president, I hate to tell you, but you know we picked up on a wire tap that you're gonna girlfriend into Congo. There goes, I was empty, ecology, wow there were tell anybody, but be careful. What you say right actually wanted overdue right, but but at least it was compartmentalize. I'm not saying that it's good, but at least it was a black list. We'd yeah, it least we didn't have a veto, holding showers known by everybody out of their press. Never would a printed it back. Then You know I mean it. I made a point that I think you'll enjoy and stew will really enjoy it. I knocked me, thank you. Sean Hannity stuff. Ok, that, oh, how happy he's friends with tromp? Oh look. Look at this an end is coming out of the Washington Post, with J of CASE better PAL and Washington.
Badly yeah Gladly young want awakens best pal and watching it. How about it will about George, said monopolise how about how about What's his name at CBS, whose brother was in the Obama White House above all about you know who I mean, but but the outrage the part of the Washington Post that had a parking This has influence and then I'm going owing to the building, and you can't get it everywhere. You look there's been widely Bradley is our J F, caveat, J, F, K, column every hour on the hour for advice, and it's funny because on the in the movie, the post, did you see it bill
if you know is actually really good, but in the other merits represented here. I know I know you are now four four differ recently. I think she's sucks so so in the movie, the Ben Bradley Character even comes to that conclusion, saying I I was used I was less. I like leaving our cure. Even Merrill, Streep movie the carrot, It has come to the conclusion wow. Couldn't do that now, but the People don't know it, and then this is what I mean you you we're we're living in such a dishonest age is sought from at the bottom You know where aware that truth tellers, where the people look out for the folks, where are they lived, seem to disappeared off the plan. Now? So what are you happy? The FBI reads: lawyers Office and
within three hours calls the press. Some guy out an airway has nothing to do with the trumpet The and in ruins is life? That's exactly what happened. I mean, what kind of people are these at a judge? I just don't care or the judges. The job and try to remember what the deal is with the judge, but I made a note some place on the judge. This judge is, Ah man, Gary Boyd yea and what's her connection quickly, for she was now she were here as he married. All. Words are irony general, but she was she was she hired oil and nanny? Yes, yes, she was the illegal aliens, nanny lady. Thus second once again- and she also was the was the judge that Mary George Soros. This is just as fond throw in there
I mean, but you you know you just step. I can. I want every listener deleterious now to step back, so sitting there you're a judge, and you have the power to take all of this stuff and put it in camera aright trees at the press doesn't see it, you see it. So you can make responsible decisions. All did you say now? I'm not gonna. Do that I'm going to let everything that the FBI picked up, get out to the press and really care what wives are ruined or who is, is humiliating, even though I don't have to do with the trop investigate everything out there I may come Ok, that's the age that we live in when we back we're gonna talk to bill about his friend, Rudy Giuliani, who is now being hired by tromp, we'll get the rat.
Comments on anything else that he has to say about the coming memo that we have to take away and a really good or bad that he has just published called the Stalinist are here, and I think, at ties, write directly into Starbucks, which we will cover with him as well. When we come back the eye, falling into bed. Is man is so great you know how, when you, when you have a bad mattress going to bed can be like. I don't even know why I'm going to banks are I'm not going to sleep and you almost stockard too kid angry at the thought of going to bed cuz. You know you're going to toss and turn in your not going to sleep with a cat. Mattress. You will get up and say to yourself. I cannot wait to come home to go to sleep. Maybe it's just me. Maybe that's how it was he might. Life has become, but you just can't wait to get back bad, because you will have a great night sleep Casper has created three
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and back mercury gland back Ben Shapiro joins us in this hour on Monday, Jonah Goldberg, his new book suicide of the West comes Tuesday one of his first interviews on this programme on Tuesday and Suzette key low, the woman who hello case is named after on eminent domain. There's a new movie out called little Pink house, little pink else movie dot com. You can find out all about it that talks about in domain and an reenact, the key locates, its fascinating movie, she's? be joining us on Friday and also next a bill whose, with us, every Friday, hello bill back back and
Europe has just been waiting so now, so now tell me about Rudy Giuliani and the higher that Donald Trump made there. What did you? What do you think that says well I think that the overall strategy on it part of the White House now is to put pressure on mauler to stop the investigation. Ok, though, that the start there- so Giuliani, no smaller and he knows a lot of the players any brought in to people with him who are former- U S, attorneys as he is, and I they are going to go in and say all right. We need a eggs, a date you gotta have, you know, tell us a is going to happen. If you doubt we're gonna go chaos, tremendous pr attacks to destroy your credibility and Giuliani can do. That is a hard guys, a tough guy, and I think that's what this is
Is that the right thing for Trump? It is because you just can't get govern. The way that this is unfolding look Andorra, they died com. What we ve been able to do To tell our listeners. In our view, on a website the damage that day, arts, guaranteeing that the regular of american citizen is experiencing because of all occur. God surrounding the attacks on tromp geometer, be by the media or by the special prosecutor. So Americans themselves are being hurt, and that is what should be marketed. I will tell you that you know if you look at what the average America's concerned about
you do not see that reflected on cable news. This now and all of this wider numbers yeah their ratings, are declining and declining in a very dramatic way. Yet and then, if you look at the new polling mothers, unfavourable rating is going up and that's what duly it's going to be tasked to do to negotiate an end to this let me let me say in the change subjects: Emma S, Amis, thirteen horrible horrible gang It is simple, traded America there's now. I think ninety five hundred members extraordinarily violent thee, the New York chapter of M S. Thirteen has come out and said you know where we're getting too much pushed back here. Maybe it's time we start killing. Politicians like we do in El Salvador, Well, I mean that she's bluster, I covered the war and El Salvador back and eighty two
and that is totally chaotic, violent society over there did not, Anybody in control of that country, so the poor people the poor men join gangs and MR teams most powerful gang So they say we're all is not really a lot of money and El Salvador. So where should we go to make money and its light? Ok, we're open borders in the USA. Let's go here. Are you think, coming you rating I'm not out of these people, even get here- they're, not bidding get here by it. Visa right says, walk border, like everybody else does. You are liberal, open border people out there, so they take up appear in long island. Where I live, be cautious close in New York City, other their comrades, can fly into J F K and do their deals and seller, narcotics and shake damages
a community, which is what they do. And they establish themselves is the most violent ruthless gang on Long Island, and so what are they yet trumpet pointing out the feds you're gonna try to destroy them. The feds will destroy them. That will happen, so now you get a little blushed for members, thirteen, so If you look at the violence, though that's happening across the border on our southern border in Mexico they, our killing mayors there they are. I kill everybody because it's the same thing in Mexico, it is in our Salvador in Honduras and Guatemala and Nicaragua. So This is no central authority. So what is what's gonna turn the tide here bill of, for instance, half of Californians half support the travel ban and increase deportations, of California right, but
and that's why there is a civil war in California Sand Eel County voted this week to port, the lawsuit against Jerry Brown in Sacramento crazies. That's the second largest County in California. There is a civil war in that state. You, never know what, if you, if you listen to the media, because the people in. There's, no one Bakersfield in up in northern California. They don't have a voice in the media, they don't get a say. Let me let me change topics kind of you wrote, a great up, Ed, we're gonna get into when we when we come back about the Stalinists are here you are seeing this everywhere: where you are being shouted down and silenced year. Just talking about the
you know the half of Californians that don't have a voice. What happened at Starbucks is remarkable to me And I'd like to get your opinion on that on this bill orally dad come on everybody to read it possible because it is important, common starbucks yeah. A store manager who made a mistake. I D Mistake- was your couple black eyes sitting in but our view Starbucks, and they buying Emmi. Ok, hang on hang on. I want to start with your premise of this was a mistake on the part of the manager. We come back. Glenn back. Mercury
This is the Glen Back Programme, so We are talking about Starbucks before the break. In E g said it was a mistake on the manager to call the police- and I I I think that was their policy to do that, and I bill I want your opinion on in others that there is a unspoken, social contracted EU. You really see it if you live in New York for any period of time, you'll really We begin to understand it because there are millions of people on the streets every day and the site Ox are large and their pact everywhere, and people do Speak English. People may have just got enough a plane from China. They they don't have the same rules. They don't. They dont know our culture and yet the city works, but that one
there's a red light. Generally people stop when there is a red being a walking person ere, you generally don't cross the street and it's this unspoken. I'm not going to express myself differently in the middle of the road cause I'll get hit by a cab in in in today's America there are no consequences to break, social contract, somebody walks in its not unusual for a business to say the bathroom. Are for paying customers? You really need to use the bathroom in a place like our box, you say: ok, can you because we are a small I'll. Have all have a good. I just get it do you know a dog it is worth of that cookie. Please that's that social contract. These people broke it, they sat there. This is a no loitering kind of thing: the police, he's come by. The police tell them to leave three times, and they too,
the police know these are not. Is your people with an agenda. Well sure in and if you look at what happened in San Francisco, where nothing is enforced and the whole city is collapsing. The director of the tourism agency there had to go public in say where I'm gonna be able to get anybody to come here any more because so many homeless people are out of control and nobody is doing anything about it. That's the collapse of the social contract. Correct but I dont know if the manager of a STAR Box in Philadelphia. Looking two guys to block I sitting there, not a guy's warrant. Doing thing to disturb their customers. They were just taking up space, they obviously were there other reasons and drinking coffee. Now they ask politely if you'd want to buy something or leave they wouldn't the police came in ass, a measure pointed out there
wouldn't leave, they felt entitled to sit there but then the decision has to be made in America. Do you them to leave, thereby creating a giant giant outrage. Victimization or do you just? loud em to do what they're doing, because they're not army your business at that point so mean I feel bad for the all manage managers have to make that decision, but if you decide to evict minority whose not doing We think, closing a disturbance. You're gonna get it the press He's gonna kill you and the victimization is aging. Industry is gonna, kill you and that's exactly what happened but this coming this coming. This is amazing, because this is this is this is what has happened to all of us with political correctness? We just said I, you know what
I dont, say things is better to move on. You know Saying about you, know the bashing of Christians or anything, because it is better to move on. Dont want to make it, big deal out of it. And when do we learned our lesson? You can learn your lesson because the big money. Is behind the grievance industry so It's not a level playing field, I don't you follow politics in Europe, but Hungary, is making laws against George Soros, yes or no. Ok, why because sorrels is undermining the hungarian society, doing the same in saying he here or he's doing here, pumping tens of millions of dollars into organizations like media matters that are designed, tear down the fabric, the traditional a break of America in the end in Hungary, so
the strong armed leader in Hungary. So we pass a law again stores are giving it a mad at you, you couldn't do that here The media is sympathetic two Soros here. In Hungary there not that's the difference, so the the the amount of money that is going, into organizations grievance organizations, tear down America, organization, stalinist organizations, people think I'm I am exaggerating. We the column, I backed up air. Reward. I say burning, third point, the term of stalinist by the way, and that's exact you what these people are? If you Its agree with them. They're gonna destroy you so here's the hears it here's a the bill are you following. Are you following the latest attack on the second amendment, which I I don't? anybody talking about this, and this is the way they will take it apart. Sid
group came out a couple of weeks ago and said they are no longer going to do offer any banking services to any company that manufacture curse or cells. Firearms with high capacity magazines. Certain kind of guns or any guy sale for anyone under twenty one, so their cutting off all actual services EC later Bank of America comes out and says the same thing in fact: they're not going to any loans or offer any banking services to any gun and your factual at all, a period. And then this week David Haug comes out with a whole list of people or funds Wall Street funds that invest in gun manufacturers they are going to try to squeeze the gun manufacturers and the gun sales, but points of sale bike.
Choking off all of their banking services and all of their investors, and seventeen year old, David Hog, came up with this honours, all yeah, I'm sure, I'm sure I'm sure That's the attack. The attack is, will break the industry but here is a more accessible attack and by the way TIM, did of apple they I didn't hear me great because they wanted to bring to tip for him to pull off and our atv yes, streaming service cook said no by then he he actually set out in this. As in your article- and I love this quote, dumb procedure without discourse is not a democracy right. Ok, let me give you more accessible than the behind the scenes: gun, financing, Fox NEWS, Channel It is right on the cliff. And thereafter they started with me a year ago, and now
they thought they had Hannity. Last year he fought back. He survived They got Ingram now gravity again ok and this is the same thing attack the sponsors of the FAO, news channel make it implies. Support for the channel to make Gatorade Aden com generate revenue right, off the air or their water, it down which they already have you get more down like crazy. Okay, so these techniques Stalin, who shot you in the head right, but which arose and the far left is doing, is their choking. You economically who's, going to do anything about it, everybody's afraid of them, everybody is afraid of them. Including the judges and the courts.
And that's what we have coming and they'll just, this knock em now one by one back I had, I wonder, gonna knock em out. We had Edwin Black on all of you know who he is, but he was the author of ivy em in the Holocaust years ago, really well researched, man, and he has been ringing the bell lately for something that he calls algorithmic ghettos and he says that you know during World war to Germany would just put the Jews behind giant walls that nobody could see and what happened, bind those walls and those ghettos. We just didn't. You didn't see, no matter how loud they cried, you couldn't hear them. You couldn't see them in soap out of sight out a mine if there is no jewish problem,
and he says there is an algorithm make ghetto that is now being used to silence. Voices like yours, like mine of you, know anybody who stands against plan parenthood, etc, etc. Tat Ted crews talked about this with Facebook, and he is very concerned that the voices are going to be. You know the people who who are the tree in the forest that falls but nobody's around, weaken scream? We can shout, we can say everything we think we're getting the message out, but because of the algorithm. They have Thus, in a ghetto with walls around us that nobody's hearing the message, I don't they bad, yet no easy selling their yeah he's saying that we're on that road he's not saying. Are there right? May we still am we still have availabilities, but their shrinking and but the legal to have them.
Journalism shot not coming back arrow. I believe the system really is concerning me now because a dozen- we need to be any constraints cod, Ex. Don't matter wretch, don't matter boycotts. Don't matter just distraught it destroy destroy. Nobody there to say hold it. This is not What a free society allow, what we, what we have to do bill is stop admiring the problems and, I think, start teaching the bill of rights because the bill of rights, our common sense, and they are. They are the things that have always united us and the problems with our country. All stem from the violation of the of the bill of rights everything, the undermining of the whole concept, dsl of correct, correct Soros, doesn't want a bill of rights, for our left doesn't want they wanted terrorism, funny you brought them up on
thirty, nine back, I'm gonna be in DC, giving the key go to dress for an organization called flag, Abdalla Gee this the brand new organisation. That is doing Exactly what you said. You kidding younger Americans on what the bill of Rights says Ex the constitution said, excellent, I'm gonna grab a certain people if you're in a deep area or whatever it's going to be at the at the Trump hotel go to build, the outcome. We got the information there, but you're right it. These oil, we have to start to bring this to the attention of the masses of people. You may have to sing about it. An american idol to get their attention. I may right songs back about it is boy. You wanna talk about destruction of everything we hold dear, that that, hello, Riley from dot com. Thank you. So much will talk to you next week, brother
right by Bill orally there are only dot com is the place to go to get all of bills. Analysis by the way, I think, I'm Monday we're gonna talk about this new pulling this out. Regarding the difference between how much people did your guns to be a problem, only an sobered. How much people believe illegal immigration to be a problem. You see the news coverage which one, if you do reflect from the news coverage which, when you think people are more concerned with on Monday, we're gonna go through this Paul. It's remark of all its Roma. You look at what people are concerned about and then their showing us on television. In what they're talking about in Washington, they're not aligned at all in which is causing this massive disconnect between the people, the government and the press, that's on Monday, also on Monday. At this time, Ben Shapiro is joining us aright
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post, your job for free on Zan, recruiter, dot, com, slash back, that's zip, recruiter, dot com. Slash back back mercury. Glenn Back we have bread Meltzer coming up in a few minutes, good friend of ours, great writer, little did. We know really close personal friend, with Barbara Bush. I knew they knew each other, but I had no idea that they were. They were pen pals for years. And I am interested to hear what he has to say. Two days we remember Barbara Bush. Bread Meltzer joins us into a few minutes. Also, I ve gone back prediction update, but I think it's a per at its is is concrete. Oven
day I want your predictions that maybe we ve seen in a long time really because everyone there has been hence that this is that one of these people, of yours was coming true, this one I don't know like. Oh, I can't. Where is the front page of your case? Really I think I can't wait. It was coming from an interesting. I have absolutely no idea I'll. Tell you it's coming from the New York Times. So again they got no first of all glade the New York Times is running a podcast. Now while the can the caliphate these, which is completely amazing. To me They are at the thing that they mocked you for at the time for saying
They are now embracing and running a for profit enterprise on how and how it all happened. Not that I repeat that I wrote something somewhere about the New York Times. That's impossible you're running a pod cast about Caliphate. That's the ramblings of a mad man with a resolute super frustrate, all my guy. That's why I like it so much, but also did you know this is another one? You ve been long, a big one. I guess I think they going ok we'll get to that coming up in just a second also tribute to Barbara Bush as as they get ready to lay her to rest from bread Elsa, coming up next,
Glenn back. Mercury. Courage shrink back, stop what you're doing pull up a chair. Even if you're in your car pull up a chair. Put it in the seat and sit on that chair for a minute, because this is important time magazine has just come out with their list of the one hundred most influential people on the planet is finally out now you remember I am one of the most influential people I been in the time magazine, so I can speak from a position of authority on how important that honour really is so what so important. That was, although you adjective, I was x or no it own dont mark this. Ok, ok! What lucky hundred humans has time
anointed? As shoulders above the rest when it comes to influence, EL time has divided their list into categories like pioneers pioneers. You know you mean, when I say pioneer you immediately think of David Haug, ok and the rest of the parkland five, That was the army ended and the essay. Believe it or not, was written by Dana Lash I don't believe it occasionally was, I think, doesn't allow me to take an hour exactly right. You win written I bear Rock Obama, the artists category, is Jimmy Kimmel, with his tribute written by Senator Dick Durban. That's not a joke. Urban writes about Kimmel night After night, he sparred with the politicians who tried to take health insurance for millions of Americans. Oh, I know those darn Republicans always
hoping to see Americans die in the street from no health insurance. I can't wait to get back to those good old days where people were. Dying of cancer on the sidewalk dear member, that guy I'll sell them on the way to work a stamp over the mega. They would be be booted out of the hospitals just to make sure that those with insurance could see doktor right away. If you went into the emergency room, there was no weight in those days I mean any hospital did at one time they be breaking the law, but let's they ignore the short among them. In the leaders category. We have just didn't Trudeau, naturally Kim Jong own, why not an and see policy oh tribute is was written by the President of Plan parenthood. So, if you're making it, if your if you're making a list of the top influencers in killing unborne Americans,
policy in Richards would probably make the top ten and with loss using your face to justify it, makes you kind removed shoot to the top of the list. Now, Her icons, there is Adam Report on. Because nothing says icon, like finishing tenth in your event at the winter Olympics and that's a useless, skate, skater very important and very important needs an icon, also under icons, Maxine Waters because actually have no idea how they came up with that one. Sorry, these are not the most influential people on the planet time I'm sorry, they may be the loudest. They may be the most famous at the time they may be the most popular at the time I speak up. Go back to the two thousand ten I speak from
position and, knowing I'm sure, there's some really great people on the list, and even some people have the power to affect our lives through technology or government policy, but they can never have the kind of deep, genuine, lasting influence that These people have on their own families on there children on their own friends and their own community. How time every year, especially in two thousand, and overlook the people read king their lives to save others around the world is beyond me that this is why I mark the one hundred most influential people as alumni because the real influencers are more often the ones that we don't hear about hard working. People like you, try Your best, serving your neighbors doing,
secretly amazing things for people in their life. And obviously, if This truly is a list of the one hundred most influential people. Then, honestly, America, we are far too easily influenced it's Friday, people twenty year listening to the Glinda Programme author of the escape artists, one of my favorite books of the year. Brad men There is joining us now he's on his way to Barbara Bushes funeral, which is turning to Morrow Brad I had no idea. You were close personal friends with Barbara he is someone. I know it
and it is one of the most unlikely friendships I've ever had, and it simply because we have this one in common which we you and I share as well, which is we don't care where you're from we dont care, which title is? We don't kill you school and I don't care how much money you make the currency is. You have something interesting to say an I always appreciate about her. You know she lived in a world of complete scantiness, an amazing ness, righted dynasty, but would talk to me as quick as she would talk to the janitor as quick as she would talk to the queen of England and now, I appreciate that anyone is that grounding in that sense of humour that so sharp Anna and that's the way. You know we're always headed off its that's amazing thing I was, do we just had Bob Gough in studio, who's, a remarkable man and very few people coming. Into the studios and pay attend.
To anybody. But me they even sometimes they just kind of dismiss, do but most people always dismiss. I want the I'd hate to bring into effect, but they always dismiss the crew and the make up people and lighting people the people behind the scenes. You can please tell somebody's character when they when they were, into a room and they say hello and what's your name and actually have some bid of dialogue with the people who have now influence That can help them at all. And one thing right. I agree. I keep my children one thing: if the nice to me you're, a jerk to the waiter you're a jerk and end. Barbara Bush, I think, was always that person. I think that's why people I do know an amazing party nonmember. Without the first time I met the bushes
It read one of my thrillers and President Bush had written to me about it, and I went to meet. Remember the bushes in here for a literacy event, and he spent the first ten minutes of our time together, trying to convince my wife that he invented the phrase you'd a man My wife is the great joke. Writing my wife is like France. Did you know that President Bush invented the phrase you the man and analyze and Barbara Bush comes over he's like no He didn't he's lying to you so funny totally to come down, and it was just so great an end. I again, I was completely intimidated the first time at her because she shook her strength is clear. I believe to this day. The only reason the bushes got to people in the White House is because a barber Bush agree, dad it was marked by agreement. She knew the end and the other thing that I always appreciated beyond your sense of humor is that every time I saw her hidden asked me about the famous place I went with the famous person. I met
what is it like to go to it? You know wherever was I was going. She always asked me about my mom member that my mom, when my mama died, I took her me Barbara Bush and my mom at this point I knew was the end, and I took it to me, MRS Bush. President Bush, of course treated they treated like royalty, but she always said I remember how your mom so books for you at the start, your career, and glass and those whether he ninety years old at this point out that our ninetieth birthday and they should abide for authors. Kane and remember going well. Will you gotta get? She was like dummy, it's you and I said, ok and Even then at ninety, a decade later was still going. You know that store you told about your mom fifteen years ago. I still think about it, and I love that seemed always understood the power. Of a strong mother were you were who you were pen pals with her. You know. So I don't.
Overstated. We use the right back and forth these rich. She was a great connection, email, so she would write letters handwritten letters and so on we started doing the. I am sorry, the kids book series we started with I'm Amelia hard time, Abraham Lincoln and I get a letter in the mail that tells me she's night. She had shoes, had read the books and really enjoyed the books, but she told me this whole story in the letter about how she almost met Amelia Erhard. She was actually fell like oh my gosh. I can't go over to until this incredible story and then the p s of the letter right and by the way I had met Abraham Lincoln, although I kind of fuel is old and I her back, and I said you know that's very funny, but we all know you met George Washington, a mortar Washington, and she knows he would write back and even funnier jobs like and then we would just gonna go back and forth and every time wasn't Yenoki letter right. It is an art form, the around it. The communication right that is lost these days and she would
what the abiding since a few more come through in every letter, you'd be like this is this is funny this isn't some bit that some staff are right. This isn't some you know I can oppressing. We have a good in that light, writers. Writing for the present you, like all you ve got a since you were no. He knows how to read that we can do. This is truly incredible. Fighting personally and I think the most important thing is- and I feel like you understand this as well as anybody. I've ever met this war, a friendship it you know all these years is who eat your character is who you are being. And closed doors when no one's looking and what I love. As you know, you see a lot of first Ladys who take on a cause,
then the moment, their out of the White House. The causes done right and you're like without their cause, without something to do for forty years, and I just appreciate that Barbara Bush spent after the White House, you know forty fifty more years working for literacy and she wasn't helping us with helping poor people. She was helping people from other countries from your emigrants here who knew and couldn't reed. She was trying to give people that leg up cause. She knew that if you do that, you give them the most our full weapons in the universe, books and ideas, and I again I have to know over and over a year after until you shoot when she turned ninety, she could have a big now get birthday party and been You know that today you don't have also made a big deal. She said no, I want to take my birthday, I wonder about the wealthiest people in the world and are all gonna give their money all too literacy, and not one to do my ninety per hour standing next her when she blew up the candles- and I remember thinking this- is your birthday party
and you're, giving it all to literacy at ninety and ninety you go, you know what, if I'm, ninety God bless, I get there I'm going to. I want to relax, but I love that this woman said no, I'm still going to use it to help and and fight for other people. That was in front, so bright. I ask you a favor you're going to the funeral tomorrow. Yes, sir, please pass on our condolences to the family. I I I think that I agree with you that without Barbara Bush I dont know if there would have been even one President Bush she was. She was the one I think the bushes are honourable people as it is, but I have nothing back this up just in Meeting Barbara Bush a couple of times. I don't, I D, never relationship like you did, but I think she was the one that that
hot those boys pay hold your tongue. You dont have something nice to say, don't say anything so port, even the people who are you or who are saying bad things about you. You know just don't cry down into the gutter with them and they have all always done that, and I think they have done a great service to their to their mother. She had to be extraordinarily proud of just that for but all the accomplishments, just that is rare and I think it came from her yeah? No, I must, I think, their appeal. I've met every penny. Didn't from from Bush. Forty one to our current president met them all. I bet interactions with them all I'm some bigger, some smaller. There are people in and again that that wasn't meant to be like a brag with their people that you meet and I use it on my politicians right, therewith knowing something, but there are those who meet that are inherently decent
There are people, you mean the world that you meet them and go. They are inherently decent and to me, Barbara Bush and George Bush, I think, are inherently Some people try and- and you know how you know it and I'll- tell you my secret for how I know it is you asked the secret service in his heart but he s everyday world regarded them. The one thing that comes with it will tell you immediately whose a jerk off and whose good could there the waiters right unite them mean your jerked, the Whittier jerk, everyone, love- is those two bushes everyone who ever served with them everywhere: the garden, and now they are. They are no tell you they ask about my grand kid. They asked about my my nieces nephew. They know my my studies, sick, that they will tell you details about their own families. The bushes asked about them and and that's inherently decent and that's how you're supposed to be an that's how you raise you know your kid among european President. That's how we should all be raising our kids right is fighting to.
It sure that they remember who they are where they come from and never to take ourselves so seriously, and when we do messed up, whenever we will do we're all human that you'll learn how to be big enough to actually apology and so you know what I was wrong in tat moment. My anger at the best to me. My ego got the best me whatever it might be. That is how you raise and in and get to be, inherently decent friend melter, thanks for sure That's an on Barbara Bush, If you're gonna sell your home, if you're gonna buy a new home, you need to find the real estate agent. That knows the market knows the neighborhoods. Knows, you know, how to sell things. Can tell you when you're walking into a strange city. Hey you don't want to live here, you on a live here. This isn't exactly right, wait for a little longer. You know those kinds of things you
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date agents. I trust Dotcom, that's real estate agents. I trust Dotcom, join glass, Stew, Padre, doktor confidence, arrogance, always weak knights, have five thirty Easter on the news and why it matters sweetest your questions using the hashtag, the police. Why and soon into the showed a year the answers at the police that gums last tv grain mercury Glenn back, while the latter a programme. It is Friday we ve got a great weak plan for you. I'm gonna be out in California next week, We have Jonah Goldberg gonna, be joining us Suzette key low from the key locations super, court that you I'm I'm making a list of all the people that have been
first hand, witnesses to history that I could talk to now. You know I mean let me I'd love to interview these people as a ok. What was that like and she's No, I just saw the movie little Pink house, which you can find little pink house movie. Dotcom comes out to air yeah and it's it's the story, the low case and one of the actresses is, you know, Oscar many did. Yes, she was the you remember her from, but I consider her best role to be forced the forty year old, forty old version She was in that she was the Steve Corral, love interest and that will be, but she also was us adopted for two asters capacity and one another one, but she's been images of benign you'd, definite recognizer. You know and there's couple but that you deftly recognising the movie, I mean the fact that hollywood- that's. Why was kind of amazed by this Hollywood, actually participating in a movie about
rotarian constitutional principles, but does nothing? sexier than the takings clause for a good move yeah. But you know what we do is giving Valley is compelling. You watch it in your like, oh my gosh, I mean you the whole time you're like she's, regular person she's an empty. She is just she's just found. This house You know she's putting our life back together after being in a bad marriage, raising five boys she's fine. Gonna start her life. Over again, she finds is brave little house in the middle of nowhere right down the street from a sewage plant she loves it and the governor, comes in and takes it away from her now, because they they think they can make me for tax money by bill. Hotels there, which they never do it, because I'm Please loser! Instead of going to Disney world on vacation, I actually went to one time I went back to Connecticut to visit and went to this area forgery. Therefore, trembled x, I just a passing by the story just to see what it looks
like today, you can see the overheads. If you search for fort trouble on Google MAPS, you can see the overheads of it. You see about five fields just feels this. Where their houses were cleared out fields, they never built anything there. They never developed it. They ruin these people's lives destroyed their homes for no reason they got nothing out of it and then the Only building that stands on any of the fields is the italian, dramatic club, for some reason. I don't know why I reasoned while no a reactionary and dramatic club listed the mob doesn't exist and if it does exist, I love the model, but definitely doesn't exist. Glenn back
mercury you're, looking into the Glen Back Programme, welcome back to the programme flag here. Climate protection time through data protection up, get update, ok, yeah. You say that there is a new prediction or a prediction that I've made and it's a big it's a big one, and we have seen some supporting evidence for it. But this one is just another step in that process and I think a big one. We look back at all the with the particular make predictions over the years We ve been some bad ones there. There has been a lot of that has been some bad. What has been better when the moment feels like mainly around politics, like our memory at one point youth, but before two thousand eight EC they get. I set these yeah yeah yeah, how under reminders and a pop up to me and appear data at all times are funny because, whatever you predicted that looks inside
you're right. It always I mean, I can't say always gives a lot of insane ones have not come true, but I the worst. When it comes to politics, because I have no idea- I dont know- I cannot, while you fits those, though I mean you know, but yes, you ve missed some of those is one big what'd. She doesn't it. You were thinking we, Hillary Clinton was gonna, be the the candidate for the democratic. She almost was yeah, but she wasn't and if you look back at that during time. One of your predictions was if Barack Obama wins very relaxed president. We you called him the gravy stain ended it. Yes, some! However, the summary there was a was a shorthand for a guy who talks like you who doesn't give a crap As I said, if I remember rightly said he would come out, he be like I fired, but don't we all far, you would just a guy who is who was
the guy at the end of the bar sitting. On the stool had everybody could relate, didn't seem refine. Yes, I mean, if that's, not Donald Trump and meet again, that's one of the things that trump supporters love about him. Like it s, the thing that site he doesn't try to be a politician. He just bored stuff out here, ox like me yet so that when I think completely came true drum using crash is a kind of a famous one from back in the day, go back way back, I mean, I remember, being unduly we see and in New York on the air in New York in the late. Ninety six. Ninety eight, ninety nine, where you talked about. Oh sir, mobile Laden and terrorists. On New York City, where you'd see blood and bodies in the street. I was an uplifting programme, blood bodies in buildings, industry and in the next decade, and it was what There are three years later that one of having, of course, the caliphate we talked about today already with you jogging about the caliphate coming
Everyone else mainstream media New York Times everybody bad revamping crazy. For that me almost like to the point. Like they thought it was a made up. Word yes, and it wasn't was based on a lot of research that you know, The New York Times is not only come along. The point that there was a caliphate and one was built, but they ve actually now memorialize that in a new podcast call elevate how it happened, which I gotta say. I actually want to listen to a surety at some point of reference, the fact that my they mocked Glenn back about anyway, but there's another one you ve made, and we ve seen some supporting evidence for this about how we're going to hit a point that the left is gonna. Take their masks off They are going to. Instead of denying that there basically socialists in training, long term, so oh moving, progressives that are going to work.
Socialism. Then I come out and just say it so we, Some evidence backing that of this New York Times today, New York Times New York, TAT quote headline you es. I am running as a socialist, oh, my god why candidates are embracing the label in twenty eight team Humble you of some of us. There's no question. Primmer nine taxes last month, Franklin Bind, would win the day, product nomination to become a criminal court judge in Houston, the thirty four year old, that's attorney had no challengers, but for his supporters who packed the mixed, the restaurant that evening there is still something impress. To celebrate many in the were members of the democratic Socialists of Amerika D, say a group that has experienced an enormous surge of interest since the
election of President Trump. Do you remember what they used to say when I brought up the DE essay I used to bring that up on the chalkboard all the time and they called me a conspiracy freak and I'm like these people are still around, and this is what's coming our way. Like Mr Bottom said. Yes, I am running as a socialist and quote rather than shy away from the being called a socialist were concerned, so long wielded as a slur CAT it's like MR buying them are embracing, the label he's Dozens of DS, a member's running in the form it turns her offices all round the country at nearly every level, wait wait. The prediction was that they would embrace it and they say damn right, I'm a socialist, because this doesn't work and we have to try something we have to try something new Did they say anything like down my god? Yes, not nice guy got so it's God is worship, and the deputy essay has gone up seven times since November. Twenty sixteen
the number of organizations almost five times as many, including ten in Texas Demo. Ex Socialists of America studies it is that young people with few memories of the cold war embrace socialism? Far more than older people, do a toy seen: survey of eighteen to twenty nine year olds by Harvard Institute of politics from sixteen percent I to fight as socialists, while through three percent supported socialism. Only forty, two percent supported capitalism. While a majority fifty one percent said they did not those results surprise, the pollsters so much they thought they made a mistake. He conducted a new study this time of the general population and got the same result. The only group that express net Positive support for capitalism were people over fifty Result on, like that's amazing, many, socialists, candid sound law, a lot less like what revolutionaries and more like traditional Democrats who seek to run the radicals House Right Braddock Linz. They want want single pair healthcare. Every member
we talked about obama- and we said these are socialists tendencies- he want single pair healthcare, higher minimum wage and greater protection for unions It was called a slur as they kind of associated here in this. In this article, however, their death defining it As exactly that others became more extreme changes such as abolishing the prison system. Interesting, ok, answer so low. Democratic party leaders worry that taking openly talking openly about being a socialist is I'm gonna make it harder to defeat Republicans people are willing to come out and say, I'm a democratic socialist running says a whore hey Roman Romero, twenty four who led the dsl chapter into wholesome Oklahoma, while we're six democratic candidates for We are willing to run as democratic socialist sought. The group's endorsement. It's nice, a liability to say that any more.
let's see you I can I can I give you a story that I found the we're gonna do on Monday. You have for you, let's see, Gerald Burn Burg. Former chairman, Harris County Democratic Party Harris County Texas has discourage MR by from talking about socialism or bail reform on the campaign. Rick trail. Socialism is too taboo in Texas, not not so nah Social, had all wrong or terrible. It's too taboo. I'm trying to think there's any thing else. What was that? What was exact protection? There's one line that specifically support. I said that I said that that they would not only come out. They would you say, yeah you're right, I M a socialist because this isn't working and we gotta try something we have run after the pulling here I know that exact I am saying, well. I think we can- and I got here- is that the only group that express net positive support for capitalism where people over fifty years old, the law,
This generation of Americans in history millennials have lost confidence. They are interested in finding a better way unbelievable. I mean that's exactly what you're Talkin about ok, listen to this work. Do something. On this Monday, a wealthy democratic donor club is plotting the future of the liberal movement in order to be fighting for preparations by twenty, when he too morning to a document obtained by the Washington Free Beacon from democracy, alliances spring conference this last week in Atlanta, the desire, as stated in the invitation for Monday reception during the annual spring gathering, attended by top democratic officials such as the Dnc chairman also tell Mccall of Etc, etc, etc. The section way to win twenty twenty two victory party was Brazil. There's a look forward. What is possible if democrats can be effective in coming elections, its twenty honey. To quote, and we are celebrating piled policy victories across the nations Medicare we're all free,
college and still on the agenda reparations take a ride with us to hear from the true political geniuses that can make this happen. This is the ere the laugh and is very focused. Very, very guest, they know what they want. They are, you could say that their built on destruction, but they're? Not there are built on buildings, something new, reparations fair, for all social justice, universal basic single payer, health care, a socialist state that it is for some a positive vision, especially for those who are young, because they don't know.
Oh! What socialism does They have been raised in this soup. This talk, six soup, our educational systems that say it's. Oh good! It just never been done right, When will government ever do something right? That is positive vision and can serve it better, come up with a counter. Bright her vision for tomorrow, or we it will lose it as we speak here. The Democratic National Committee has filed a lawsuit, suing the russian government, the true campaign and wiki leaks alleging that three entities conspired to help President Trump, when the two thousand and thirteen and on what clung
everybody evidence of this evidence of this. Now, they come out and let us say if you will take their sight of maybe something comes out in the Mahler investigation that shows that by no have nothing, you know it's incredible. Why are they doing this? only doing this, so they can say: we're standing against the big evil trumped. They know they have no chance of winning but they'll rays. A time out of money, are at last weeks simply safe one. The editors choice awards from Cnet magazine, PC magazine and the wire cutter. These are the three respected product testers. They put simply safe through a battery of test compared to all the other home security products and simply If one every single time I ve been telling you simply safe for for many many years. In my opinion, Is the best home security system hands down I've known the founders for years. I've worked with them since then, and they had ten employees they. Now
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Glenn Back Mercury, land. A couple of shone out here, first of all, I remember I'm here when I first came to this studios and a guy walked in and who he I thought it was Clint Eastwood. He walked in and he had the big long cowboy coat and he was clear earlier cowboy and that you add little cup or the bottle that he's like has bitten. Numb like we're in Texas, we're in Texas, Travis has been working with us for years now and is just fantastic. I, and this is his lash yo producing forests and where or directing for us, and we are grateful Travis and we will
miss you? We won't miss the into the cup. We want that. Doesn't stew universe, that probably not as yet, not as my are not as much but but we will miss you and not everything else, We have also an update on Pat. I talked to paddle ass night path has been out here. You know he does the Pat grey The around up, I think, is what we call it now. That's peccary unleashed after this programme on the blaze radio network. And first we heard that Pat was passing a kidney stone. True, not not pleasant, even if it were true yeah, not pleasant. I saw him last night he's been in and out of the hospital had surgery earlier this week. He woke up with pain. They thought it was a kidney stone. They had to perform surgery right away, emergency surgery- and
currently. Ah you know his kidneys had gone into failure because I guess I think, like you know that Hello tube. There was like one of the I dont think. Are you die? I am not a diamond doctor, I'm a doctor of humanity's, which me I know everything there is about you embody me. I guess it's. I don't think, that's not me as well as they are and how they they bestow. Upon me in and so anyway, I can perform put surgery, kidney surgery, whatever I'm pretty sure, anyway, so so kidneys shut down, that really bad week. You know when you get these fail, a bad. We need those here, Sir, oh, but I saw him last night and cheer him up. I told him. I said the audiences praying for you, I said, and their their brain for a miracle. In fact, if I may tat, I want to read you a tweet, and so I read him the tweet from the listener. That said, we are praying for America
and the miracle that were praying for is Jeffrey will not be filling in four pat today, and I think it is wrong that first time in a week pad his laughed and said I love this out, but I think that miracle will be happening on Monday. Our good, I think, he'll be back on Monday, so and effort recent after this programme on the blaze, radio and tv you do get Jaffee fulfilling in four pat wow. While that's a good promotion. I think our there now you are, we so I'll. Travis is jumping the shrimp Lincoln per head. Is this the worker is constantly lately they because of Jeffrey Jeffreys on for five days. I'm losing my mind again. I don't know what to do. We'll see, you will see a mandate live from LOS Angeles all next week,
Glenn back. Mercury,
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