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Bernie PRAISES China for Its – Capitalism? | 8/28/19

2019-08-28 | 🔗
Bernie wants us to know how AMAZING communist China is at raising people out of poverty – but as the massive lines at Shanghai’s first Costco show us, it’s actually capitalism that he should be praising. Instead, the 2020 candidates’ socialist agendas are sounding eerily similar to the Soviet constitution. Speaking of “eerily similar,” Modern Monetary Theory has also been tried before, and EVERY TIME it ended in hyperinflation and collapse! Also, Ilhan Omar’s new boyfriend, Tim Mynett, is getting A LOT of money from her PACs. Oh, and his WIFE is also filing for divorce. Democratic polling qualifications aren’t looking so good for Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer. 

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Good morning, hello, stew, how're. You wonder, We're getting yourself oh my gosh, I ve got a great show, lined up we're gonna talk about Bernie Sanders and communism and the first hour our and talk about, and a new economic theory which was spells collapse and, third, our let's do heroin. I mean all coming up: you're, really auto oil programme. Now we'll get you here the Amazon. The Amazon Capital, one data breach as just hit. One hundred and six million of us had our names home addresses and banking information expose forget credit card
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The future of entertainment and enlightenment, joy, America, it is, it is Wednesday, is his weapons day. Isn't it? Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. It's Wednesday Socialist Bernie Sanders one in one of the leading presidential candidates yesterday tried to try to praise Communist China, which is in and of itself an interesting thing to do, but he ended up praising capitalism. Capitalism, communism, where are we headed that and the Soviet Union's constitution, tell me where were headed
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the e c o re S, takeovers dotcom, slash back, that's to cover dot com, slash back to Congress, western, where for Europe Frontier No now, you tell me, what's wrong: here's Bernie Sanders Audio of Bernie Sanders yesterday, trying to praise commune China, but what you have to say about China in fairness to China and its leadership? If I'm not mistaken, they have made more progress in addressing extreme poverty in any country in the history of civilization. Ok, Bernie, I think you I I you don't think those words mean what you think it means What he didn't talk about
was that it is the free market principle that China, started to enact that they got from us he wasn't. Communism. Never before in the history of so many people escape poverty, such a short time in the past decades in China. Ok, according to the official World Bank figures, the percentage of extremely poor people in China in nineteen. Eighty one was eighty eight point three percent by twenty. Fifteen only point: seven per cent of the chinese population was living in extreme poverty. Now Oh wait a minute. Poor people in China fell from eight hundred and seventy eight million people to less than ten million people say Nineteen eighty one. Now what happened? What happened well under MAO, the state had you know
an independent grip over China's economy. What Happened over the last few decades can be summed up in a couple of sentences: China in Ass, the tenants of a free market economic system it entered private ownership. Gradually reduce the influence of the once all powerful state over the chinese icon economy. Now there the year, still communists. Is still state controlled, much of it, but Who also have these independent companies, these companies that are not collapsing, These companies that are run by the state are collapsing. As we pointed out earlier this week, China had to print. If the trillion dollars fifty trillion. Half of that way. Right to the state owned companies that are dying this
It still plays a major role. But it is it's free market capitalism after the death of Macao and the death of communism. Yeah. Well, you re this story Bernie here here's another story for you, tell me if this sounds like communism. Or a celebration of capitalism. Holding the story No surprise. The crowds at China's first Cassio location would be big. But the company was prepared for this. The photos of the opening of the Shanghai location of Costco painted your picture of the reports coming out of China, which said that a day Luzhin shoppers clogged up, parts of the store and built up I think, on roads, right outside of Cassio risk,
voting in a three hour. Wait for a park space shop where's crowded, the meat department which included the Moscow rotisserie chicken in the food court. Elbows and arms were thrown in every direction. Is customers attempted to pick up various items? the sheer amount of people forced this the store to shut down our Early and attacks did to members reportedly read in part to provide you with better shopping experience. Carrasco will Spend business in the afternoon, please don't come now. Why were they there? Well, the deep d? counts. That a costs, go membership gives you. This is something spectacular in China
the usual items, offered a first time, customers of the Shanghai location, had disk also on other luxury items. The South China morning Post reported that you could get proper two bags in M c: M leather backpacks. There is also reportedly an Earl maize Super popular Birchen bag available. We don't The prices of it even You did manage to get a big ticket item or even something smaller on a smaller scale, such as food check it was a nightmare if you manage to wait the three, our weight. You get a parking space when you at the parking space, you were warned that it could take to our where's just to check out dole, all costs go managed to stay open until one forty p m,
five hours after it first open? Now It's a cost go We have them everywhere. Their great, But are you waiting for if hours to buy something at costs now now. So is it communism, Bernie, that has everybody excited and is lifting people out of poverty and and its communism. How come in work under mal what changed these people are raising truly truly crazy. You another! There are times there a few days is that I can recall any in a in every boy Casters life, there's
Few days where you're like, while really I mean it things happen that are so crazy. You and believe you have to tell the american people about them. Let me give you one this week, While listening to Barack Obama talk about the dangers of a rising ocean, do the climate change or listening to. Maybe his clips or you're lucky enough to be able to get online and listen to his speech, while he's giving that speech its that he bought a fourteen million dollar beach from home on Marthas vineyard. Now, I dont know if you have an awful lot of credibility. If you were. Giving a speech about how all of our beaches are going to go away and there's flooding coming in the islands will be gone and that
day: you're buying a fourteen million dollar beachfront home as well those days that you're like I can't eve, I'm actually I have to say this. I can't believe there are some people out there. All wool, no word moon. How about this one, In the life of a broadcaster, where you have to say, hey by the way? Mr? Let you know that yeah Hillary Clinton Clinton kept a private e mail server with classified government documents in a closet, inner bathroom for four more than five years she was all the hard drives, while under investigation this week. It also looks like the F b I knew about this here Stack of really really vital documents and they didn't look through any of em. That's when you look back in your like, while,
Bernie Sanders. Praising China About how their lifting people, out of poor ever out of poverty, while they are building concentration camps,. Really do. Are you serious. Today is truly one of those days. This week we been Focused on key economic issues, our to all We been explaining what is happening. What is coming use common language, not talking trying not to talk over people's heads. Trying to make everything understandable, because no one on tv will my they we looked at the economic system the situation in which we find ourselves the law daisy chain of crazy, progressive ideas that have been going on for a hundred years. Who is wrecking the economy? Well, the answer was all of us. We
the trade war with China. We were view the fact that China created more than fifty trillion dollars in off when she currency using more than half of that to buy up U S in western nation equities. In other words, they ve taken about fish team trillion dollars and put it into our stock market. You want to talk about it again spiral. Yesterday we look took a deep, diving recessions. We told you how government intervention to prevent or reverse the recession this, creates distortions in the economy. Today,. Well we're gonna, take a look at a leading proposal for financial policies. That is, happening right now in Washington, and when you hear it it's one of those days for a broadcaster where I can't believe I actually have to explain to the nation. Why John unlimited printing, of money with nothing to
Back it up is a bad. Idea Bernie Sanders, Alyssa, Warren vote squad, Francis or Rourke, all of them are now saying we can do that and they're calling it a modern monetary theory. It's not a theory and Alex lane at the top of our number to the next hour on this broadcast, you don't want to miss it, but I want to go to it was story where you are seeing them this one from the Washington Post today, where you are seeing these candidates now say we can pay Unlimited number of cash, because we want promise everybody certain things. And, as I was reading a story in the Washington Post today, I thought I've seen someplace else that they get guaranteed those other things, and I thank you.
The producers ice it. Could you The soviet constitution out for me cause I think that's where it was wait until I read the soviet constitution to you. Are port parts of it. Even if you read it in the past, you won't believe close. The Democrats are too voting, the soviet constitution? That's how far we ve come that coming up in just a second stand, lies first, Let me tell you about lifelike. Say area. Red Guy with horns he's got horns on his head and any shows up at your door any offers your suitcase full of cash and corvette that he just parked in your private armies, whether new ones is free,
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We can prevent identity theft, monitor all transactions that all businesses but lifelike either threats. You might miss on your own, so joy now and get an extra ten percent off the first year by using per more code back, that's one: eight hundred lifelong or head to life, locked outcome and use the promo code back for an extra ten percent off its life, lock, dot com, you pause for ten seconds station idea. All right, I want to talk to you. Let me start Bernie Sanders again now this is a story from the Washington Post war. Jeanne impose twenty. Twenty Democrats have embraced seemingly every big left wing economic idea. Exe. This one? I will explain. Bernie Sanders says every arrogant should be concerned about the rising federal deficit. Do you
Binkie means that, because I don't I think he means that at all Elizabeth Warren, has detailed how she would raise enough now to tax revenue to pay for it, proposals for universal child care and freak Lage for everyone. Do you think she cares about the deficit more than Bernie Sanders. But not enough to stop From these crazy proposals, law shot candidate, Andrew Yang, who perhaps his best known, before the means around his candidacy has called for a broad base, consumption tax to finance. Here, signature issue of universal basic income democratic presidential primary says the Washington Post where Canada to champion many ideas once relegated to the far left of american politics.
Real jobs guarantee forgiveness of student debt, preparations for the descendants of slaves, there is one left wing economic position. No one has espoused in and that is the idea of modern monetary theory. Ok, That's not true Washington Post, it argue, The? U S, government can never go bankrupt and then therefore does not need to raise tax revenue. Fun new spending initiatives, m m t supporters say it's a mistake to push for lower deficits because that risk contracting spending and, as a result, slowing economic growth. So what they want to do is they they they want to make sure that you have. You never have a recession. You never have a problem with anything.
Like losing your job, because the government will just keep things going now. Want to go through some of their proposals and next our going to show you where they are quoting the modern monetary theory. So the Washington Post doesn't know it's ass from its elbow on this, because I can find quote in one Google search, Google hasn't trapped us out of that information. Yet so. They are proposing. This but I want to show you what their proposing it for Then I I think we should compare it to. The Soviet Union now lie We just give you a A universal truth: hey it's it's! not a theory. Its truth we ve talked about, can Dracula. I think that's how you pronounce his name
he was. He was Stalin's economic divide, advisor installing said hey, which is better Elizabeth Communism now I know what to say to stolen o communism, sir, He thought Stalin was looking for an honest answer, so he goes I can take several months and he comes up with cut. What's called now the contract of wave which is there is a spring were green. She New ideas sprout up and then they start create this great economy, and then we get into summer where everybody thinks it can never end and then fall
comes and everybody start saying way. We got a bail everybody out, he said, but capitalism doesn't the Soviet Union veils everybody out, and so they led the failures faster and eventually it sucks everything down where you just have to realise fall and winter, a part of the cycle which will lead to spring all, that's all that stuff, hibernating or dying actually helps the soil By the way he was shot in the head, let me hear: He tell you about our spy, sir this half hour and if you're at home you probably have blinds on your windows, and why do you have them will you have a means to keep the heat in or keep her the heat out, whichever really? Privacy is the reason why we have you curtains. We do want to be on display like where it some the store, it's the same on the internet. We
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welcome to the programme here, triplets over twenty seven back, only phone number. Thank you, Pat Graham let us hear and studio, and we ve had some questions that were been percolating here since the beginning of the programme of a very serious moloch. I didn't think it was necessarily the right time to ask them, but I still in the middle of it. Well, I just feel like the audiences and how associate audience on blaze, tv ways to be done probably John Blaze TV. You know where you're going and if they are not confuse so is, wearing two shirts with a hole in it or is there a giant tower on your shoulder? it's too sure to the town right. I too share. How is it no, I'm glad both of you own guns lad both of you all these. What we do
not- and I am glad that have to do with your sure I would do so- that is a shooting sure, always just sharing your guns and its inner normal. Sir, now lying. That's that advertising stance of shooting me shirt closet. Yet, as I do that I use hell, yeah yeah, we put a whole wing on the house, just a store, reassuring shirt. Yes, yes, and that's the writing another window. Did you win a wrestling match with a bunch of construction? Cones? Is that what happened with this particular no know? I had a new pollute plan ahead up.
I don't know it's great, it's good. Look though it is, I was well. I know it's not like. It might mean that you could see me with a million miles away, and I thank guess the point of the shooting shirt is that you're very visible. I would assume very yeah yeah. They delegate, Dick chinese friends should possibly have been. Are you gonna be during the shelling or over? I might high, might be environmentally when I think we're ready this Joe and go Judy. Yes, If I really like pajamas but, like I know not, where is my national television bite the right, then? I might easily being later in the day who wear the decision making process in the amount of it, nor I guess I do so with me.
Don't you what we about modern monetary theory? secondly, the lights? Here's where? Oh, yes, where I just wanna, go you you here's what I do what I talk about, so if we been looking at the candidates, better running for the Democrat democratic position. Have you noticed how how far we ve come to act. Communism there. Are now talking about and openly unashamedly Bernie just this week came our last. We came out with his global warming thing which take. Over industries it just unlimited printing of of cash unlimited. Acceleration taking way private property, I mean it's, it's crazy!
a YO, see in the new green deal in that it ox about this- is the transition from a free man good system? So there old talking about this- and I I know that I was reading something from I think Elizabeth warring this morning, and I thought I should have seen this some place before and I printed up the constitution of the Union of Social, the Soviets socialist republics. Now Let me just stop me if you recognize anything: The union of Socialist Stir republics is a socialist state of workers in peasants the soviet of working peoples, deputies which grew in attained strength as a result of the old. Throwing of the landlords and the capitalist, achieve the dictatorship of the people. All power.
Where it belongs to the working people of a town and country represented by the Soviets of working peoples, deputies the socialist system of economy, and so a socialist ownership of means and instruments of production firmly. Established as a result of the abolition of capitalist system in the economy, blah blah, blah blah blah the soviet property in the? U S exist either in the form of state property, possession of the whole people, or the form of cooperatives in collective farm property. Now, alongside the soviet system of economy, which is the predominant form of the economy in the? U S: the law, does permit small private companies of individual peasants in hand, craftsmen based on personal labour and precluding the exploitation of the labor of others there
rights of citizens to personal ownership of their incomes from their work, their savings, their dwellings, the dwelling houses and, the household economy, their household furniture utensils articles personal use inconvenience as well. The right as the right of inheritance of personal property is protected by law. Economic life of the USSR is determined and directed by the State national economic plan. Remember them Had a plan for everything with The aim of increasing public wealth, pat their economic plan, their national legal economic plan increase. Public wealth. Is it well in that everybody's wealth pretty much decreased? Equally, the I think right S,
did when, at the end of the Soviet Union, had it steadily improved the material conditions of the working people, because that's what was in the constitution? That's what they had to do. It talks about all the things that now belong to the people. And it pretty much covers absolutely everything. Then there is this part in the former Soviet Union Constitution fundamental rights and duties of citizens now, Who can explain how people were treated in communist Russia,. Either. One of you are you still focused on the shirt how people were treated, how power
people treated, always life like in the former Soviet Union, very, were oppressed, they were hungry. I don't know about that, didn't go anywhere, but they are told what job and I have tabled around yeah told what cut in jobs it get. Heavenward worry what sports they could get into, but yet they were all I'll follow. You kidding me right right so here's article one eighteen of the soviet constitution, citizens of the USSR, have the right to work, a guaranteed right of employment and for their work in accordance with its quantity and quality. That sounds earlier sound familiar at Odin. You had a right to work. Ah, the citizen of the USSR, has a right to rest and leisure, the
citizens of the USSR have a right to maintenance in old age, also in the case of sickness or the loss of capacity the? U S s. Our citizens have free They call service for all working people and the provision of a wide network of health resorts of the use of the working people again familiar this. As citizens of the USSR, have a right to education, This right is ensured by universal elementary education education, including higher education, being free of charge, women in the USSR accorded equal rights with men? equality of rights of all citizens in the USSR, and that here Don't you think that has equal yeah, yeah yeah, like you, could you'll be gay or whatever and is not coming. It is still not a problem. Even Russia now.
Now in order to ensure citizens, freedom of conscience, the church, In the USSR is separated from the state the school from the church, so they have in their constitution. Declaration of church and state just like us, because that's right now to show to know it sounds but our annually and no no yeah. Freedom of religious worship and freedom of anti religious propaganda is recognised for all citizens, art one twenty five in conformity with the interests of the working people and in order to strengthen the soviet system, the citizens of the USSR are guaranteed by law. One. You don't speech, be our too. Freedom of the press three freedom of assembly
freedom to hold mass meetings, the freedom to have a street procession or demonstration thee? of freedom for communications. While this, in that sounds familiar to? Doesn't it except did they have any of those they none of those things existed in the in the former Soviet Union, which is fascinating, rye Roy because of article one, twenty six that says you know, but If it's anything that goes against what the people want and remember, it's the it's the deputies that decide what the people want it I was against the people what the people want and also it goes against the state, then or deemed ethical and you will be dealt with citizens of the USSR are argue.
Guaranteed this, the sacredness of the person sacredness of the home and privacy of correspondence is protected. It the duty of every citizen to abide by the constitution of the Union of Soviet republics observe the law to maintain labour discipline to honestly perform public duties and respect these socialist intercourse. It is also the duty of every citizen of the USSR to safeguard and strengthen us public socialist property as sacred It is the source of wealth and might of the country. Any per committing offences against the public Socialists property are enemies of the people. Isn't it amazing? What happens when the constitution is a document of positive liberties rather than negative liberties? Woody
being pad. I dont know what that means. Well, what that would that? What I mean by that is that our constitution is a document of what the government can't due to their constitute it was what it was. It was a document of what the government is going to do for you, with the exception of Unless we don't like it, right over you're, not the right person lawyer you're in the wrong grew poor. Whatever yeah, effort is posse, went up with the word intercourse in your caught in your constitution. Would just we're like back. That's a totally separate issue, but I well important why I'm glad from the guy who brought us the shirts, bad news, you're, also bringing us the inner Both parties should put the word intercourse in your constitution as wrong. I mean, let's get him authoress. Obviously it was the free market system, the product of resources.
I just find it. I find it incredible how far we ve come and how fast we ve come to Ruth, Acting the two having people running for president who are really letting the exact principles laid out in the soviet constitution. Sometimes we are one hundred and eighty degrees, yes onward forward, a hundred and eighty degrees in the autumn, the direction of Amerika and a free market all right back in just a second despite what the movie say we're pro, we're not gonna wind up living in an apocalyptic landscape, dotted by roving zombies in war lords in in land rovers. First of all, you can bring that land Rover into the United States is it's not fuel efficient and mission standards are totally different, and even zombie. Warlords will abide by that law.
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lunch dinner in the last twenty five years and storage their ship freedom? greatly to your door. Don't wait, don't wait till every one can see the writing on the wall because then it's too late givers of a peace of mind and and save a hundred dollars at prepare. We Glenn Dotcom prepare, would lend dotcom do it now. This. Is the colombian programme Welcome to the programme today is a big day if you're a candidate that wants to get into the debates like it's gonna, be only one night, not two guys are cutting a lot of people out of it. What does
standards and whose qualifying still you need a hundred thirty thousand individual donors, and you need for qualifying polls that show you at two percent or higher. Ten candidates have come the fight for that already, there's really only one who's on the fence as of today, which was Tom style style. Her had a major and I always- and he had any spending a fortune and early states, because the early state poles count here, however, Releasing getting real estate pulse so is key a fight and all the early staples it have been released, but not enough of them have been released for him to qualify, so there to national goals that came out today. Couple interesting, once dire did not hit two percent in either one of them Gabert husband, please screwed here by the Turk Credit Party, and she has a legitimate argument as to why they just decided to count the poles she didn't get to two percent in and not count the polls that she'd did get to two percent in she is looks like she's not going to make it either, barring a flat, when a flurry of poles it has to be released today on the other
Trusting thing is, if you remember this, Monmouth Full there came an earlier this week should a three way tie basically with Warren senders and bite in the two Dashwood, unless a credible pull the very good Paul. However, its one pole- and they too also came out today. Both also credible poles have fight. By thirteen and eighteen soda, not seem like we're out of real time right now here, listening TAT, Glenn Bank, First, they proposed universal free health click care, including free, unlimited abortions. Then free college then open borders, then universal basic income, then the green New deal free phones, free internet internet. Cars, free housing, guaranteed jobs is what we're up to now.
Like over. Seventy trillion dollars in brand new government spending over the last or over the next ten years seventy trillion now How are we going to pay for that? Well, don't worry the man Jake Money Fairy has arrived. It's called modern monetary theory? three in our series this week on, what's the economy doing what is washing in doing what are we headed for in one minute as excellent that programme You know a thing about my things My dad end. My dad, had a bad childhood growing up. And somewhere in the sound of my the voices herself, They just like that and
everybody in my family, for, like the past five generations has been a baker. I'm just fat debate And my dad worked hard and he didn't want to be like his dad, my my group. Paul was my dad side was, was a baker who made great breads and that was his art. My dad was in a cake, decorating and and pastries All the things that now make me fat. But that was his dream. That was. Frontier My dad wanted to be the best that he could be. He didn't need to be the best in the world just the best that he could be, and he took such pride in all of his big goods, And he was on his feet all day, long working in this, I think- Almost forgotten art now, where you had to do I handed it
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Cost about half of what a similar boot of quality would cost so check out to him out now, you're gonna order them online. They make it really easy to measure get the right fit and you can return them. Customers always right, which covers five your parents. Now to dot, com, slash back, that's t, see oh vs, dot com with dot com, slash back to cope with western. Where for your frontier this week we ve been talking about economics and what is happening in our country. On a Monday, we we looked at our economic system and situation, and examined the long daisy chain of just stupid p policy decisions that go again. Logic dating over
hundred years? Both Republicans and Democrats there the next day the trade war with China, China has created more than fifty trillion dollars just printed fit deep trillion dollars. So you, all the money in the world from every country, all the currency just piled up. Sixty trillion China just printed fifty we but you about the importance of America and how the rest of the world is truly depending on us. We look it. Recessions. Yesterday today. I want to talk to about how help, politicians are now saying we're. Gonna pay for everything. Because they're proposing all kinds of stuff for universal health care free, unlimited abortions got it free college got it gets who jobs for all
the new green deal. Free phones, free and free cars, free housing, everything seventy trillion dollars In brand new government spending over the next ten years brand new, so that's that's. Accounting, all the spending we're doing on top. Now, how are you today for well there's this new theory and its. Therefore, because it's very modern- and you know, Its modern when it uses the word? Martin, modern The modern monetary theory, its M M, T here's what it says: Governments never need to worry about taxes, they need need worry about budgets and they never need to worry about deficits. Because governments can print as much money as it ever needs to span.
To ensure full employment, zero budget shortfalls unlimited submitting capacity against any need, want or desire it government says you know what we should have, that they can pay The money. How does this sound logical to you in any way shape or form. You need to know about empty because it represents the newest brightest thinking among the liberal, intellectual elites and academics. It was first proposed by an economic guru, Warren Mosely in the MID, Eighteen Ninetys, it is now a fully embraced by the left and you have some candidates talking about it. Ah no, on the campaign trail, but one of the leading guys who is an economist at Barred college said quote:
it's not easy to move people overnight, it's very difficult to communicate these ideas in a way people can understand, but once more important is the conversation is profoundly shifted were now talking about big, bold policies. Everyone used to say, were pie in the sky. Does that sound like Elizabeth, worn, we're talk about something big and bold, and what they're talking about is a and having everything the world his learned about economics and try In this new theory now. You know it's crazy about this. New theory is Why hasn't anyone ever thought of it before I mean it seems so simple if the government, why to buy something don't raise taxes just print more money than that? in great this
area finances so new as waste M m t is being modeled and taught at Harvard Boston College. U S c and MIT traditional models of government financing place, the the power of the purse in the hands of the people, because the government has to tax and it taxes to get its income. So it takes your income and you the control mob on government spending, because you you can vote them out of office. You can say no. We are not doing this now. I'd like to point out that We haven't been very good at regulating she's. Probably why there now saying we can spend anything. M M T refrains their refrains. The way in its government's participate in economies it
completely divorces, government budgets and spending from the private economy so rather than taxing or borrowing from the population for its income, government has an unlimited budget and it spend that unlimited budget in its own discretion by just printing new money, any time government leaders determine there's a new need for spending, and there you have it M M a completely new, a modern way for governments to have unlimited budget, so we can. Of what ever we want and never pay for it. Oh man am, I reminded of the Kipling, poem gods of the copy book. Here And we had plenty of money, but nothing our money could buy.
I find this us down in its stupidity. So let's look at modern monetary theory, because it riddled with love. To fallacies and completely fails even just a just a quick. Lance and examination. So let's start here it's nothing, modern about modern monetary theory using the word modern to describe it simply resurrects and masks classic con howdy, If a government spending power outside of the will of the people, it's done by generating accounting units, know this really important. What is accounting unit. The counting unit is money. Currency, currency, You give that accounting unit value by Lee,
Old declaration, it's worth something that's fee ought and This is, it can only really be maintained by a monopoly through the use of force. There are literally dozens of historical examples of governments using their self granted authority to print fee. What currency do pay their bills? For example? I want you know all of these have met with financial disaster, but here, few of the most noteworthy the very first paper for yacht currency in the world created by the Tang dynasty in China. It was during the seventeenth century, a d. Merchants were order under ordered under Penalty of death, the day had to accept this new modern currency in trade, goods and services by thirteen fifty.
For the currency had reached. A state of hyperinflation such as Marco Polo was aid for a single suit of armor from a local Lord, with a tea Chess bill but with valueless paper chinese currency. In Eighteen century France, the Duke of Orleans, The scottish economist, John LAW, founded the found, the Banque De General and they issued paper currency depends of more than three billion dollars in government death debt after that Firstly, the fourteenth. Within five years, inflation had reached twenty three percent per month and then eighty five per cent per month. Eventually, the hyperinflation had bankrupt the entire country and it To the french revolution, but don't worry about that
Following world war, one Weimar, Germany face billions in war, reparation payments, whilst alternatively, trying to rebuild its own infrastructure. They didn't have the money, facing the same default, verses inflate the dilemma. They thought you know what we can issue for yard currency, Germany. Oh that's just print paper currency to repay its debts, the risk. What was one million per cent hyperinflation. The Herman was was printing. Five trillion dollar mark notes. Within two years a dozen eggs in Germany cost eight hundred billion marks. The resulting economic crash and depression, led to the success of the National Socialist Party, because once you have a crash, you have the Opportunity to go to socialism because socialism promises the pay for everything and
at socialist Party- was a crazy man called Adolf Hitler. The other examples. Justice a few, the Confederate States of America, World WAR, who France so it Russia Per owns Argentina, Communist Vietnam, modern Day, Greece, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, do we need to go on literally Every time the printing press has been used as a means for governments to pay for expenses. The result has been hyper inflation and eventually a currency default and total financial collapse. There are, zero, let me call them again: zero, zero, historic examples of governments using fee currency for death. Financing where the fee of currency doesn't end up valued again, zero, more injustice.
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We pause for ten seconds station ideas are right, Literally every time the printing press, has been used as a means for governments, pay the expenses and they just print money. It always fails so. Modern market. Monetary theory has nothing to do with money. This is really important. It has everything to do with currency thing to do with money. This is one of the logical fallacies of empty. It's the bull. If the governments can create money, they cannot, they can print currency. Now, a see Bernie, Elizabeth WAR and all of them. They are,
maybe it's time we let them in a little secret that they dont teach on college campuses anymore, and I the elder lean in real close a squad. He there. Governments cannot create money. Go prince create currency currency. A medium of exchange for financial transactions. Currency is counting unit, stand in for real money. A unit currency just represents something that has real value. That what currency is instead walking around with a bar of gold or a bar of silver in your pocket. You have one thin piece of paper: it be hard. If we dealt in bars of gold, but that paper, represents something. What is that. Well, I believe that there is actually some
Think of value backing it up, you ve got women's could create real money. I would be quite a magic trick, Mohammed, isn't that what the Ok, we're trying to do create real money, create gold out of nothing. If we could create real wealth, none of us would ever have to work again. The problem is that wealth creation is a process of invention risk. Application of resources to generate something that had a market value, wealth creation, is entirely due to the effort inventions. For if the people government are not a component of wealth creation, they actually or a wealth destroyer now
M M T assumes that all you need for wealth or value to exist. This currency that great deal with people, the people in Weimar, Germany, that till it till it Della people in in Venezuela, plenty of money. Look at that. You got a trillion dollar note in your pocket. Man. Now If currency is made available, they believe People will react to the currency by selling things But services, land and labour to the government Only true if the currency that they are provided with is changeable for real money. Some of real value. Currency only has value as long as people believe it can be exchanged for something of real value. The moment,
changes the moment the people are like this isn't worth anything currency instantaneously. Stops being a representative of money, so modern monetary theory is not a theory. The theory is an unproven idea against which a process of experience experiments can test at hypothesis, to provide empirical data which prove this the theory once he's been tested and its reliably proven or disproven. Well, then, it's a theory. It becomes a scientific or mathematical law that fits this p. Fifthly, dozens of countries, hyperinflation This isn't a modern monetary theory. It's an antiquated currency law.
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changing our country fundamentally our our bill of rights or the things that the government cannot do. They want the things that the government, must do for everyone. Free housing guarantee jobs guaranteed access to. X, Y and Z, free college. All of these things. Well, that costs money so how pay for it, the first thing to do is get rid of this evil capitalist system and then they're gonna start taxing people. Okay! Well, I just want you to know that gotta be a smooth transition. You start moving away from the free market, which allows with Warren Bernie Sanders they're all saying it you start moving away from a free market. That signal If ways
in the guise of global warming, the entire world is going to go down now, I reset cause: it's gonna, be so great when we just when we just or taxing everybody in everybody's working as one two utopian idea. It's going to work this time, it will be different. But what did they do? Because you can't raise enough tax money to pay for the seventy million, thus the Modern monetary theory: the theory is new governments, don't have to raise taxes, they don't all. They have to do, is print money and really really simple: you do that, Everything is great. Why even go to the people for taxes, man? Why did we think of this? Why do we think of this before.
So then, going over now, let me just give you one final nail in the coffin of empty or as I like to call it antiquated currency law, because this is a la you, you, you Not a theory, we ve tried As the world's tried this over and over again beginning with the Chinese in ancient China. It doesn't it never works. But the final nail, should be that it completely disconnects government spending from the will of the people. Nobody its taxes but tat is provide a Czech against a runaway government spending and what, spending on if they don't to come to you. Do you think we have of they're gonna, have a problem fun Things, you don't want. Now, that's the last failure, the logical fallacy that empty advocates.
In a notion of in their notion of things, run away. Inflation can be mitigated because of inflation starts to get out of control the gun can reduce government currency spending and or raise taxes to remove currency from the circulation, thereby fight Inflation is it is not a surprise that it is academics who came up with this, because academics Have absolutely no connection to the real world there idea, is that if printing trillions of dollars in new currency to pay for health care abortions, the green who deal guarantee jobs, guaranteed houses, free education, risk What's in inflation. While the government will just stop paying for those social programmes and raise taxes, what kind of bizarre of fantasy alternate universe world do these people live in
reach. Our crackpots like this are the ones who gave us Postmodernism ideas like gender, fluidity and toxic. Ask your lenity syndrome. But in the real world politics do not stop paying for social programmes. Why because our human beings want to stay in power. They definitely too cut those services while raising taxes. That's the reason why there are no instances of empty actually working in the real world you don't have to, then a theoretical laboratory where human. Politicians are replaced by robots and voters fleetly understand, while our health care why their healthcare gets cut off. It's also the reason why academic should never be involved in real world policy, making. The founders of our nation. They knew this.
They were lawyers, they were farmers, they were preaches preachers, they were soldiers, they were inventors, they were merchants. They'd had seen the hyperinflation in France and in the eighteenth century, which is why fee on paper currency is strict. Lee prohibited in the constitution, money back her see, money was legally defined as being gold or silver. And this modern monetary theory or sorry, the ad waited currency law. Is among the more obvious, asinine and foolhardy ideas to be resurrected in a long long time. The Germans called it. Emergency spending in France, it was called royal checks in the confess, States it was called independence notes. Today it's called quantitative easing. You know, as we explained on Tuesday, how much the world is
For ways to pay over seventy trillion dollars and new social and environmental programmes promised by politicians running against Trump in twenty twenty we're so fortunate, because maybe just maybe. We're gonna be able to be the ones to prove an empty wrong. Again, it's a terrible idea But one looking for politicians stupid in desperate enough to put In place against a spending plan but require, unlimited funds they're going to do it. Unless your informed you know what's coming, you know what how really this, still works. You know as we explained on Tuesday, how the world is relying on us, because this is in working anywhere else, but here its barely working here, but there were
most of these countries all over the world are in. There did in our stock market and in our treasury bonds. We squirrel around with our economy, and we fundamentally change things in our economy. I warn you The world will be plunged into darkness, and may God save us from our own stupidity, somewhere right now. Maybe in your neighborhood there's a burglar he's, a man of fine tastes. Burglar
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Oh, yes, you need to form a government and then all these People get together in a room they yelled at each other for a while, the one that can either yell the loudest or stand the of the yelling. The longest becomes prime minister as like who, on the yellow on my side. Now are you reading directly from their constitution as a decisive action at that level of diesel? States by basic american understanding of this yesterday, he said that he is going to the queen to ask her to do span, parliament for a while yet and this happens a lot and parliamentary systems, and I know I don't I don't like the system, as we discussed before, I think Erika came up with a we are issues, but it's I think the president, I just can't go, you know We're closed in Congress down observer to listen to them. Why yeah? It's like the equivalent of a pop quiz like you, walk in there like a possible action and all the sudden everyone has to go back to the polls and come up with a whole new government
so right, but he's not he's saying that he's not going for another election, so there won't be. Other popular vote, which is only just once China, He just wants to. Got down parliament for a while because they're obstructing the peoples will to get out of of? The EU any visa they're, just you, see all those things sort of happen in our system as well. When there's no politician Will you see sort of weird the ito lit mechanisms to try to get a larger thing done. It seems, like the larger thing, boring So it is trying to get done as theirs as October. Thirty first deadline for further hard breaks it and He believes. I think correctly, that the government is But you try to do everything they can before that deadline to erase it so he's using his parliamentary maneuvers to attempt to essential
they put a gap in their where they can't do anything about it gives. In its website. It's totally constitutional for them, as is totally costly, and it has done been done before and yet he's just trying to honour what the actual people of the cap she said they wanted to do legally and everyone outright seems in oh hell, bent on making sure they they ll the people, know that they know better than them, and the government It was better than they don't understand what they ve done and we're gonna fix it for give us more time to fix it. For you and for jobs and just say, look you guys voted for this. This is what you wanted. This is what we all about? We all knew. This is part of the. Stability of this happening and even if we keep backing upward, backing up and backing up backing up, we're, never gonna get a better deal from the EU so
you know I've, it may very well be a hard breaks it, but that is something that was known to be a risk when this vote occurred and will not be as horrific as everyone makes it ought to be as it never is. Coming up. We have the story: the woman who was dumped. A Omar. Her husband left her for Olano marks an amazing story. If we Have time I've got to get to the palestinian story yesterday, this came out, I think, like seven thirty last night and all kinds of the law, Let's go off on my on my tablet and unlike what what's happening, The state department is a race to the Palestinian Authority and palestinian territories. From all of our official documents- and I I guess, apps or whether I dont know, but they just taken all of that stuff off
And that's kind of creating some concern with the people who are well with the Palestinians that they're like wait. What why Just happened, State Department, Emilia should said Eleanor This is not a change in our position. Well you're, not recognising the Palestinian Authority at all you're. Not. Recognizing palestinian territory, It seems like a change in position, because everybody else has been doing that. And we're gonna look into that and what that means. That I mean that's. One palsy move one real ballsy move in speculation is that they have. We keep ass in the cupboard table and do a two state solution, and they never ever do it I mean, is
ill offered them a few years ago. Absolutely everything that they say they were asking for and own sovereignty, K, Tuesday, solution no later once that they want a one state solution, and maybe you know in their charter, they talk about that. This will only happen when we destroy Israel. More than Ok, then you're not dealing honestly, so we're not gonna. We're, not we're gonna, call it what it is, not your territory, they want is talking point to where they want this victim status. They wanted to exist forever. I mean it, it's a very disingenuous ask, and it always is the same thing that happened when they said you know what what we need it here is that we need Donald Trump to come out and denounced white nationalism, We need him to do that after the shootings in El Paso, and so the next day he's out there, because instead, I mean look, he's denounced white nationalism, several times,
he comes out and does it again and then it's like well. First of all, too late, too little ten and next time you look at all the other stuff, he hasn't John. How can we haven't done anything? I'm gonna? How can we as anything on this? There is no. For a moment in which they care, if he actually came out and denounced white nationalism that that wasn't part of it was just what is the next thing? We, and begged for him to do. If he does, it will just act like we never asked for it. It just was an act as if it was nothing more is to move on to our next complaint move the goalposts a little bit further, and this is just a strategy that been well defined by the Palestinian Authority over a very long period of time. I also have a a monologue on the opium crisis and the dawn Draper of the opium crisis. The history of of oxy cotton
it's pretty phenomenal when you, when you learn the history of it, which, by the way I came from Germany, were all good scientific things come from Germany, Anna around the time of the Weimar Republic, so nothing weird was going on there eugenics or anything else, and it is it for some. It is a life saving drugs. Other It is. Scourge of the earth and people are truly suffering from pain that they just can't live with their them. Funds that are going to pay the price for this. We have that coming up. If, if, if we have time we just its Sophie's choice today, which story on the show, one of those three or sure when we come back
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one, eight two, three three: four W W W animal, less consumer access, dot, Org so divorce papers have now been follow, a been filed in Washington, D C and the wife and mom Their political consultant husband left her for representative Ellen Omar she's, a dock. She says her cheating, spouse TIM. My net told her in April I'm having an mothers somali born. U S representative, I'm not gonna, tell you who but she Somali born she's a! U S, representative,.
She's from Minnesota, and Europe we can't figure it out, but I love her lover, so Then he told her. And then he ditched her. What you say, Stew, I, like your the character that, as I dive, never the person speakin, I kind of like the way you ve made him sound I'm sure, that's how he sounds. Why now, there's no reason you, let's get you sound like the guy who saying a lot more in the song which amends the fire, but I'm a little I'm in love with alarm among the dead. I like it so anyway, so she's, a physician, she's. Fifty five he's thirty eight. That is I to do with it now has nothing to do with it. Fifty and I always to make connections the teenager, I said I wanna- be married to a fifty five year old woman
So it's a dream come true, but there has now and to do that, so they have thirteen year old son together, and he works as a left wing democratic supporter. He is he works now for Omar, oh yeah, I'm workin, for it. He worked for Omar and he so, coincidentally, worked for Keith Ellison which is what a coincidence you know seriously. So those are too, you know, socialists run in packs and they pool the same resources an if you're oh edge, stealing money or allegedly doing something Do you know on the side? I don't know what talking about just lover.
Have to get creative and you have to make Connections without a body sank. From the what's it Sir face the the Turkey is a young turvy, genocidal people that killed one point. Eight million innocent citizens But it's not only your navigation named after that and I'll get out without without a shock of party, sank, wouldn't have been able to co, found Justice Democrats and without those two Elsie this boy friend, would have lost. Thousands wait a minute now There are two socialist that I've been keeping my eye on you one of them is a squad. Member, Ilan, Omar and. The other one is? The former congressmen turn Minnesota Minnesota attorney General Keith Ellison its
Kind of creepy of a number of things they share, including Jolla, including O Mars, new squeeze. Why I just don't know why you keep referring. He is squeezed, though, isn't he they both represented the same district. They both had tax problems. They both had campaign fine its problems. I know it's docking that all these socialist or having tax problems and campaign finance violations because they hate that stuff we ve covered or Mars tax and campaign find his problems at length. Curious how our predecessor, he's Alison was, stood for exactly the same problems. While I mean he, Alison didn't marry his brother. That we know of anyway when, when Ellison was state representative, he was busted for having twenty five thousand and unpaid taxes Oman
got nailed for filing joint taxes with a man that wasn't her husband, her brother Ellison. Just didn't pay any Omar was caught using campaign funds for personal use, but several years earlier, the attorney general now of Minnesota the same state now that he lotto Moran in Suit Alison twice for campaign finance violations. They, each apparently have the same love in their life. They lie cheating the arrest they they love bending campaign, violence laws and their both in love with the same man TIM mine at alone am I Last week the daily May daily mail release the video of Omar is actually a couple weeks ago exiting the restaurant in California with tee at him my net and they talking about how they were. He know there is an ugly earlier revenue noses like ask, evolves cultural appropriation,
They were holding hands, they were acting like a couple, and It doesn't matter. I don't care about any of this don't care if they want to. You know they want a ramp like little bunnies, let em I don't care what I do care Is. The smoke that he is covering what I think is the real fire and it isn't. Fire love. I never has a work history that shows he's a current partner at a progressive Strategies, company called EAST, the street group that what do they do? Why don't know if you go and look up progressive strategies and E street group, your to come to a website that has a single page that tells you. Nothing, it doesn't even have a contacted. There's no way
it doesn't have an email address or a phone number, nothing it just accepting New Clyde's by refer a lonely. So in other words, you gotta know a guy cause. I know a guy, you know a guy, I know a guy you and put you in touch with these guys of gay. So I don't think he's worry too much about advertising. You know four new clients, because he has hit the mother lode with a lot omar. Since alarms already bending for campaign finance violations, we decided to check out the Effie see records to find out if there was any unusual activity between Omar in my net well, Mars campaign has dished out over a quarter of a million dollars over the past twelve months to her new alleged boyfriend right. I'm using I like Jake's from Somalia, now he's got cash
Now here's the weird thing I mean it that wasn't weird enough: he gets paid in multiple five figure payments every single month, if you We'll get February this last year a thousand dollars. They wrote a check to him on the seventh fifty. In thousand on the nineteenth four thousand on the twenty first and the payments include everything from absolutely not vague at all descriptions of consulting to trap. Expenses, twenty. Fourth, thousand dollar way where we go in the moon, now You know, maybe my internal clock is little messed up, but but isn't it? when a election over. What should? What could
possibly be getting from this guy. You don't wanna know what could It possibly be getting from this guy, where she's writing two hundred and fifty the thousand dollar checks as possible. Now this year, a lot omar raised about one point: four million. That means out of every in she has raised. These, given him a quarter of everything usually, you know, you'll get a bonus or you'll get paid percentage, but it's not twenty five percent could see giving him That kind of money- if you know he, grace ten million dollars, but one point: for the math, doesn't end up doesn't add up, and this kind of spending is unusual for congressmen, so Chile, freshmen congressmen, veal, look at
an Crenshaw, his Effie see filings he hasn't spent more than sixteen hundred dollars for a single payment, the entire year there is one entry for fund raising consulting, he wrote a cheque for one hundred and thirty days one hundred and thirty dollars. I spent a quarter of a million to one guy. Gonna, go out on a limb and say something where I mean that's a lot of exotic oil, sir, I don't know I'm just saying quarter of a million dollars. Before my net met Omar. He was employed by He fell asleep in the Is the democratic congressional Campaign Committee
Labeling may not, as Alison's main point of contact and his national finance director. Now it's really weird that might not. When you look at his resume, doesn't reference Ellison at all, you look is linked, invades nope that give Ellison well I'd. I ignore what. He was also while he was the campaign fires director for Ellison. He was the head of his own company, the minor group, and like Ilan Omar Alison? is this guy a lot and it was Alison's third highest paid expenditure over the past two years, one Hundred and seventy four thousand dollars in twenty eighteen, this seems like a wreck, a racket.
His every see filings, look identical to Olano, Mars nine thousand dollar payments every month, going all the way back to twenty fifteen intent. Fourteen Ellison paid might not. Ninety a thousand dollars, and this was during the same period. When my It was working for work. On Ellison staff? Is there a racket going on here with with fund raising consulting. Is this big business and if it is a racket, what's going on. There's a lot of money that is changing hands and this money held. They ve tried to hide. This money they put in these in these, you know what he columns do those front of the pact's the money
I am from a pack, so you give your money in your like. I want to give a lot of money. And then your like. I want it ever even more, but the law wont. Let me so. I'm gonna give it to a pack that pact strangely is the one that is paying his salary, he works directly further congresswoman how's that working. Something is wrong. With a lot. Omar thing is wrong: with Keys Ellison TIM May, not I'm sorry me he might be k in bed- I don't know, but that's not
what's causing this love affair, there's something deeper deep, deep! Well, we will go there deeper into their love affair, to find out what's going on what about a guy in our audience. His name is bill. He's a farmer. He was a member of that. How stable of american industry for over forty years, and he would go up in the morning and he wouldn't come back until sundown and it Really made him happy as he likes to tell people he figured on farming. That he was gonna, be out there with the soil of the day. He died. But somewhere along the line, the pain began to set in his knees his wrists, mostly some days. He just hurt all over and
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Lee factor dot com, that's relief, factor, dot, com, we pause for ten seconds, stationary, slew embedded, my husband was take. In via a menu of what was the voice of the guy. Who I don't know, I'm not your train, but now I suppose, reform when you throw me a peanut, don't do it Well, yeah. Are you interested in hearing the new update to the Biden, gaff montage, what Continual I yes valleys I don't even faster than you and I this is a and is saying something does my waste is expanding like crazy. Do out of time. For this information we dispose shore clip here,
you can get a ruling from the lieutenant the bottom gap. Montage area can only wish you do. Is you see the challenge these students? We should challenge. Students in these schools have advanced placement programmes in these goals. We have this notion that some of your poor, you cannot do it for kids, you just ass bright and justice, towns, white kids, like really think how we think about it. We choose unity over division. We, u sides over fiction, what we choose truth over fat and so folks, if your address join me, I could use a hell because we must not defeat this president too.
Is it your decorated country, when the kids from parkland marched up to I met with them, and then they went off to up the hill, as vice president and one of the hill to go to those neighbours? All those congress we're like now, I'm not here not here. Just like my generation, my school when Bobby Kennedy, Doktor king in assessing aided seventies, gonna gauge francs, I frankly she's a friend she spend my friend out of forty kid shot and killed state on the beautiful long a lot, but we should set up a system of type proposed which way I will for if I'm elect the president of that allows the doom folks it h aging, then the folks at health and the health department yep ahead, I'm staying agent, Jes right, ha, that's the latest unalaska. This is there. We are adding like two of these a day where it sits,
re easy at all those by the way or just from the last few weeks on the campaign for a very major, do not include the of the old school stuff that you know so well, it's kinda pointed out what time in abide in his eye was as sort of a fun gas machine and some he's just are starting to get sat like there is there really are really the rigging you how you'll never set eyes about with his gaff machine? I should always thought he's just unhinged it started when he's like eight year, their health depart eight, just these sounding sad confused and it's it's kind of hard to watch more than You got that our is the lament programme,
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The dates on a bull run this year, please battened down the hatches. Consider gold call them now they're waiting for your call at eight six six goldmine, eight six, six goldmine, rather important risk information. Eight, six, six goldwire enjoying Glenn this Christmas for a special one, eyed event in SALT Lake City December seventh, Christmas stories with Glenn back, get your tickets at Glenn backed up. Hey. Welcome to it were, were glad you're. Here we want to talk a little bit about the mystery of the space drone. I think we're gonna have to move the. By department, removing all mention of palestinian Authority in Palestinian occupied lands. Probably for tomorrow, because I wanna first, art with what's happening in the polls. It's really interesting. What's going on today is the last day to qualify
To be able to be in the democratic, the next, democratic debate and you have to have uttered thirty thousand. Individual donations, and you also have to have at least two percent in the polls, but there picking and choosing which poles, which is kind of interesting, did you know in advance, do did they were they told advance which poles they had to be good in. It does seem like an hour. They did. He give you a list of the poles. However, the list is bizarre and the person whose the biggest thing about this is tells he gathered and she has a ITALY good argument on this. Basically, the way They have done this is a hundred thirty thousand individual donors, so it has to be individual donors and fourteen Thirteen candidates have hit that threshold, hey with Democratic Party. She hit two percent in both of those balls and would qualify if it was not style. The billionaire who spent a lot of money to get those donations, Dulcy Gabert, you know
people like Andrew Yang and Castro enclosure and Renault Rourke of all hit that so they ve hit that you have to both clear, both hurdles that the other one is for poles. Percent or more, either national or early states- and they have to be among the approved list of the Democrats, so Gabby It has hit it as their king. Pain, says they have hit two percent in twenty six different pulse in this time period. However, only two of them have counted so they now twenty six he's a big number there throwing out there, however, have some real if some of them are like internet poles not like a unscientific inner internet poles, but their yea panel poles, and sometimes they they wouldn't be included for good reasons. But there have been too poles that she got two percent in One was the Boston Globe Pole, which is the news paper- were the largest. Tradition in New Hampshire, one of the early states,
and the posting courier was As the largest distribution of a newspaper in South Carolina another one of the early states, both those pause for unknown reasons are just not okay. With the Democratic Party she hit to prison in both of those poles and would qualify if it was not for this. Weird restriction, there's other I don't They are not saying that their changing em, too, you know get people out in. And targeting people cause. I don't know but They don't want her. Don't you know the Democrats? They do not want her. I think that's true. I I think they did it intentionally. I think it's just as incompetent they couldn't have known. She was going to hit it in these poles expressed an obvious problem and that she was she's pulled well enough in all these other places and intellect example, there are you. Gov is appalling outfit that does poles in junction with various different. Organizations, one of you Gov, poles. Included and counts
the qualifying pull. However, you Gov does poles in conjunction with the economist, a well respected. Location, there's no reason that the pole would be any lower quality, well those posts, don't count and gathered. Her two percent in who done by you. Slash economist, but you go the other. You gotta pull these included. She didn't get two percent, so it was not included. So has really been. I mean look It's an imperfect process at some level. It's hard to do, but They have not done a good job, as you would expect. I you this time see. Gabert is probably maybe one? I don't know how many of them, I would actually trust, but she's at least one that I you know we could do, we could elect her. I wouldn't four, but if we have, if she was elected, I would be like ok, what's she doesn't hate the country and she's, not crazy
some of our policies are crazy, but you know she loves the country. She was in the military. She doesn't She doesn't believe everything about this country is bad. That's that some thing, that's rare in the democratic it is very well. I've had an end to the point that he knew as she's needed these poles to qualify for these debates, she's been on we're back serving the country again and not campaign. I know, which is pretty actually made me really like her. Yet when she went back to serve for two weeks, you had to do a two week to her duty, and I thought I like that you didn't try to get out of it. You you know, I don't think that, here too the Democrats running it. It speaks volumes about her character. Yeah. I really like the two that are more. Popular among conservatives in the democratic filler problem. The Gaubert and Yang. Their Yang too, and have sort of differently whose I would say to me the typical Democrat
those views at our way outside what I would be comfortable voting for even come close to it all I smell it, but I wouldn't I would. I would at least have some hope that we were, can it be destroyed by some theory from nineteen. Thirty right, you know Yang is smart enough to be looking forward and and everybody else is just like. Why don't know what's wrong was stolen by another. This gun it Tom style. Who is a billionaire spent all this money trying to get the president impeached built a Jew? find email list then decided to run for president. He spent millions of dollars and adds in early states figuring. He can hit the ineffective all's most in the smaller states, bigger bank for the buck, and he can get is, I guess, two percent in the polls in these early state poles. He can qualify for the debate, the problem, as they just seven release enough for these really state poles. So he had three
I was very early but has not been able to get this. Fourth, Poland, unless a surprise. One comes out before the end of the ninety snack gonna get in and part of this problem here is that, if you're going to say polling as an issue, if you're going to pulling one of the qualifying aspects to get in the democratic primary there has we Poles and he's only states, Nevada is the third state going to be voting, and there has basically been no good pulling that has come out of the state in months and So if you gonna make pulling one of the qualifiers you either half do you know get your own poles. You have to go out there and actually said your own Poland, and pay for it, so that these poles come out. Or you have to include more of these people, You have to say some more or qualifying. Is it really does want of screwing these candidates at the bottom? The big taken Adele from all of this is that it looks like unless something changes at the very last minute that their will
their only be one debate. There will not be the I think that we have seen so far. They'll be why for Democrats, ten candidates- I don't know- I mean I'm torn on that one again, the care which had for Democrats, but also the other part of it is, I think, a a debate that was split, between eleven candidates over two nights. You want get a little bit more out of like you have a candidate who are you, I guess you're right, I guess yeah. I guess you're right on that. Yet do read on, and it is too many for one debate: five and one night six on another. You might act, We get a little bit of substance out of these people instead of just constant bumper stickers, but and again I mean mean of the very few of them seem to the ability to talk at any length on these topics they they do seem to be bumper sticker generators. You know. It's interesting is is, is, is Tom's status names sire, he is
He's more detrimental, then the cope brothers were he's. Just not known. He's is big. If not, You currently than then Soros. Isn't he had a yeah? He probably, as I mean again, the coat brothers, I think, did a lot of really good things to and one of them just past y know. I know that, but I mean you know that who brothers were the e? U know them the most evil, presenting it as low right right, oh yeah, and they were. They were funding people on the left as well. They were not conservatives, they aren't conservatives now yet they were booed. When you know David died, we'll cheered for for his death and you know you don't even know the name Tom Dire, yeah most people don't even know he is as big as Soros of this unfortunate for
because he really wants people to know his name now he's running for president just eight, so you need to have some recognition. He dumped or a lot of money. I mean it. I would assume that. No, one in this audience put themselves through the torture of ever turning on MSNBC, but unfortunately, as part of our job, if you go, you watch him ass, a b c for ten minutes. It see at least one or two commercials from Tom's dire, saying it's time to impeach the president that I spent ten millions of dollars. He says you going to spend a hundred million dollars of his own money. In this and pain to try to win it. He has shown up at three and four percent in some of these poles and be as of all of his money. You have to take him seriously, though I dont know there's really any. Growth is a worrying not in this one right now and this is one of the weird things then you'll see this place. I think this debate- entry is probably the least important of all of them and the for that is that the third and fourth debate that the West
up here in September and then one and I believe in its October they had the that same qualification standards. So, if you have a hundred thirty thousand donations now you ve already cleared the the next debate, hurdle and also the the polls that counted for this debate will also cover next one. So if you are- three like Tom Diary is. He only need one more before the next deadline to get too. For so likely there will be more people in the next debate, not less so. You'll have ten in this one, most likely your problem, We get to twelve thirteen, maybe even fourteen for the next debate. If you miss this one but you're in the next one, I don't know how what's that really hurts you as long as you're in one of the two of you, if you're at that point, like Seth Molten? Who campaign we lost recently Glen or you, negative or any of the debates or MIKE. Prevail, whose campaign we also sadly try velocity test, and I in
we lost him before anybody knew who they were now. That's the saddest part in a micro, oh sure. His last day in government was the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated. But why couldn't aid again say it again if his last day with a government, job was the day. Ronald Reagan was inaugurated but yes sure he should be regulated as well when he was now he's just eighty nine now so ninety years old, when he couldn't catch on it, does something It see Darling Glenn, I think it's ages alike in oh, I do I changes and I think that you know these Democrats or such ages. I now they only want someone in their high seventies. They will not go into the eighties unless at least until, if it must Biden, winds and men runs for reelection, then we'll be fine with the eighties, but as of right now they ve young lobbying that this is the. I mean this sincerely want in Joe Biden, decay in pubs, is sad.
Really truly sad. Yeah and he, I just don't think he's you mean, you know they're already, Donald Trump. We need to have a psychological evaluation, Joe Biden, Joe Biden? Maybe not today but he is decaying in front of our own eyes and that something that we probably should you know every year to say: hey yeah- found yourself walking outside of the White House wondering who you were in Why you're in this strange building It's weird, I mean you, yes, you see him, he looked tired. Often that's somethin! You never get her Donald Trump, remember Trump, as in the seventies too, as I trouble I know far easier, but he never seems like ice tired in public. Bite and, on the other hand, is an he seems to be slipping and his style is not. Induces to the slipping. I give you fix. Picture Barack Obama at seventy eight years old, he's a slow, deliberate
baker. He does. A lot of speeches is on prompter all the time that person the as you slip a little bit. You can kind of get away with it for longer, providing a kind of an off the cuff guy. He speaks rapidly. His he's also he's been gasperone, but this is more of like he's missing words and sentences he's just Hanover. I can't remember things. Emanate is sad and I dont know if he's gonna be able to pull it off as soon as the drip Democrats to save themselves. No longer is he the most electable, because we see him slipping he's out. That's the problem here. For a cliff. If the Democrats decided that his idle, think they really like him now age they'll tolerate him, because he was an icon on the left for a while, but he's not the new left now and I think he got women- they think he had the men they think he can't win? He's done is done are back in just a second, so what
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gonna, be taking phone calls, I'm up up at the ranch this week, and I just want to talk to you I want to. I want to hear from you on. How are you feeling about Donald Trump? How are you feeling about the economy? What are you think about the the next election. What what is what? What are you? What are you and your friends experiencing right now? Where is the Zeit Geiss? If you will of the country Are you feeling The recovery are you feeling a recession in your own life. I'd like hear from you. The number is eighty, eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven bck8. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck call us right now is taking phone calls here in you know about ten minutes from now, and I really want to hear from you. Eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven b e c k phones, next, all us now
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