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Best of Bonus | The Convington Catholic Tick-Tock? | 1/22/19

2019-01-22 | 🔗
Get the Tick-tock (Play-by-Play), of what 'really' happened?...Black Hebrew Israelites vs. Native Americans?...BHI were attacking the Native Americans first, then turned their line of hatred and insults towards the Covington boys...Uncle Tomahawks?...media dismisses what really happened?...their Despicable false narrative from the get go, Reported the opposite of what really happened? ...BlazeTV = truthful in reporting

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It was Friday afternoon on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, three separate groups would clash but only one would take the blame and only one people would do homework on. It was a group of predominantly white kids summer. I'm wearing mega hats, make America great again hat a group of native Americans and also some black street preachers who are known for their volatile attitude, now in today's media and social climate. Just based on that description. Who do you think the media would sign. The blame on any kind of problem right Reasonable answer should be after watching sixty seconds of video of a kid smiling at an area native America, payment banging a drum in his face. The reasonable answer should be. I don't know. I only saw sixty seconds of video, but that's not the way America and
and it's certainly not the way the press answered, because we don't live in that world anymore. We live in a world where appearances, gender, skin color, even now the choice of head fashion instantly proclaim your guilt or innocence. And the child smiling in that. Sixty second video had every strike against him white check. Gender male check, my hat check, hoping to you attends a christian school double check ashore. Viral video on social media. The mainstream media instantly declare this kid guilty and all of the kids with him all due to the fact that he checked every single one of their appearance boxes. America is this: who we are? We are person
shooting persecuting a bunch of school high school kids who acted admirably, who acted the way. We would want our children to react. By now. You've heard the story, but not hey I'm about to tell it because I'm about to use the fax, the question that you should have at the end of this hour is how the well. Did anyone tell this story any other way now, because nobody is interested in doing the work No one is interested in the fax. My team yesterday morning, gotta charge from early early in the morning track down every single person in every video and watch it and give me a timeline. So that's what I giving you today, here's the story, group of boys from Covington Catholic High
in Kentucky finishing up after a long day they attended the march for life and they were given permission to do a little sightseeing. Before meeting up, Lincoln Memorial to depart they arrived I saw a pair of dueling demonstrations. They were to demonstrate Since when they arrived, a group of native Americans had gather as part of the indigenous peoples March, which the indigenous peoples March was about India. It is people stolen, land and borders without any walls. Then there was another group, the african American Street preachers these guys- and I say this because I saw them daily for a long time in New York. They are truly violent, violent people,
very small group called the black hebrew Israelites, so the boys stood there for a second and watch. This show really they watched and they listened And the black eat Hebrew Israelites screamed not at the boys, but at the native Americans. Telling the native Americans that they were evil for practicing their cultural beliefs. It got so bad that some of,
Native Americans walked up and pleaded with them to stop interrupting their gathering. Here's the video tape, listen! Children! Children! That's right! Thank you! That's right!
We don't have a microphone brother. Ok- and this is the this- is the point of freedom of the speech and freedom of religion and listen to native Americans walk out peacefully. Please stop turn around and walk away from your religion, worshipping the true and living power which, which is name, is your Howell. That's who's, the most high God, that's right, the most high god. His name is your. How are you not supposed to worship Eagles Buffalo? That's right, right, well, types of animal, that's right! The Lord took away your leg. Ok. Now I want to make sure that you have that there is, if you don't, if you're, not watching us on Blaze TV, you, let me describe the scene, it's very different. Then the scene that you will see in just a few minutes later, because the
Engine boys are not around that. It's it's very sparsely populated and you're, seeing a lot of a native Americans there and they are trying to be kind it doesn't get any more insulting than this. He calls them idol. Worshippers, totem, pole, Eagle, Buff, the Eagle in Buffalo worshippers. Tell a native american man was forced to come over and kindly plead with them to stop which they didn't. The hebrew Israelites then go on with their insults directed directly at the native Americans. Now it's right all this time, that Israelites decided that they would then direct hostility over to another growing group, a group of boys who were from Covington that were standing close by
just watching an listening to these two groups. Here, it is that's right! Make America that's right, billionaire, not angry at little corny, as if anybody got softer noon. Great hat song tell him come over here in the lions den instead of mocking over there. You know dirty as crackers your day. Coming your day. Coming your day, coming 'cause, you look dusty asses, wouldn't walk down there in a black neighborhood and go walk up on nobody playing no games like that yeah. I will stick my foot in your little ass. If you saw the video which will all be a blond blaze, tv and blaze dot com, you see the video there's only about maybe it looks like ten, but in the
part of the video you only see about four of them. Only one is wearing a make. A great America make American Great make America great again hat. Only one of them seems to be wearing it. Then, the video that we are showing you and it's still there still gathering. So there's very few people. There are very few of them, but you'll notice that what the black Israelites did. They were viewing with the native Americans and then said. Why are you arguing with us? You should be going. After those little bastards over there make wearing the make America great again. Hats lit, corny, Billy Bob go talk to I'm dirty ask crackers when the when the black Israelites start to address them. You also see on the video the boys do nothing They have their hands in their pockets there just watching from a distance, I'll turn around and start to walk away. Now this
is a fight between the attendees of an indigenous peoples March and their hectic the black hebrew Israelites. Now it begins to out of hand here, because the native American have been kind that, when things really go awry, we're not including this on air, because it's absolutely on editable an on air rebel. It is full of profanity, so would be just one giant bleep, but we will see tweet this scene out to you. This is where, and finally some of the native Americans had had enough and they get into what looks like is going to become a street ball brawl between the two and, as it begins to get completely out of hand, several native Americans, returning shouts an profanity of their own, the street preachers again
result to saying: why are you attacking us? They read back to the racial insults, and they point again to the getting to high school students to get them out of this jam with the native Americans. Here it is, oh, my talking out their asses, but you won't say that to this wrecker would way to make America great again. That's right! That's right! That's right! That's right,
that's right. That's right! 'cause, your uncle tomahawk! That's right! Just want to make sure you understand what he was saying to the native American. Why aren't you talking to the Peker would wearing the make America great again hat urine uncle tomahawk you're, all a bunch of uncle tomahawks? Why don't you crack the of that Packer would, with the make America great again hat the media has completely dismissed this. Why? I wonder this goes back and forth for over an hour with the black hebrew Israelites, even resorting to calling other African Americans in the vicinity the n word, because they don't agree with them. Now it's about this time that the is from Covington High School all begin grad gathering in large numbers waiting. For their ride home.
Going to play a small portion of what ensued next, because it leads directly to the incident that would immediately go viral I'll. Do that in one minute, okay. I'm going play this small portion of what happened next, because it aides to the incident. That would immediately go viral but keep but in mind for later, because I'm going to come back to this clip this specific line of insults toward the Covington Boys, again, directly followed uh another instance where the black Israel It's were being confronted for their racism and bigotry. Listen! Look all these dusty airs crackers with that racist garbage on look at his dirty ask racks k, stand in a damn. Suffer five minutes
why'd. You know proof case stand in a damn son. Don't want to build a wall for Mexico. Now, remember because I have to come back to it by now. Not only the boys from Covington for getting annoyed, but the entire area in a three hundred meter radius was trying to get the black is relates to shot up. They were the it was this union and disharmony
with everyone? They touched the high school kids in order to drown out the racism, racism and bigotry decided that a pep rally would be louder than the hate coming from the street preachers now. This is also something they do every year. They have done this for ten years. Every year they meet at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and they shout their prep prep rally child's this time. It worked also to help drown out. The hey eat directed mainly towards native Americans. Here's what happened
This is there. Prep had nothing to do with anything. They've done it for ten years, Anet did drown. Out hatred. Now it's uh. Thing to do, but it's honestly, I would not. If I were there, I would have said. Thank God. Look at these kids, it's much better, listening to the bigotry coming from the mouths the black Israelites and now some- and I want to just emphasize this so, hum native Americans who just lossed their temper. Ok. But right is this: is going on one of the native american attendees of the indigenous peoples March approaches the Covington group, he walks away from the area that the native american demonstration had gathered and walks right past the black Israelites direct Lee into the middle of high schoolers. Now he
ups right in front of a seventeen year old banging a drum a couple of inches from his face. This is the moment where it began, watch and listen. Here comes guide. Looking at looking at, we take it we did not take it look again. That's right, then, put the game. Now notice, the drum beat with the chance, the kids, doing their chance. They don't know this native American, is they know this, that native Americans have been hassled by the
Accu Israelites that they have watched and seen so when the native American comes over, they think that he it's on their side trying to drown out the black Israelites. But did you notice what the black Israelites were calling the native American with the drop? They called him GAD Here comes GAD here, GAD Gad, who the hell is GAD. You have to go to Isaiah chapter Sixty five, the black Israelites still Arkansas doing to insult the native Americans. This is a false god, So when he says all here comes GAD, he is mocking. Native Americans again totem, pole, worshipper. Oh now, here comes their false god with the drum.
Nobody in the media said anything about this. Nobody in the media had a problem with any of this, the black Israelites continue to insult the native Americans, but not a mention of any of it. Now the native American, his name is Nathan Phillips. I just did twenty minutes on who ten phillips? Is you can find that at the blaze tv, our number one of the show we will also tweet it out and make it available for everyone, but and nutshell. He is a known activist. He is, I who has protest at the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota, he has protested, Thanksgiving bye, beat by building a teepee next to the water. Morial or they let him stay for thirty days because they have native Americans have nothing to be thankful for
He has made an anti cop, an anti capitalist music, video, he's well known more from him next This is the Glenn Beck program. A tictoc is what it is called business, a rundown of what happened minute by minute. What happened next? This is a look at It happened on the mall in Washington on Friday. Quite frankly, I think this is one of the best things that we do on this program. Is we take events and we look at them and say here's what really happened. There are hours of tape that exist on this hours and hours of
public video. My team yesterday spent the day doing nothing else, but watching those video, those videos and taking them and say, okay, wait a minute! This one goes here. This one goes here: here's what happened next, you've seen if you've been listening to this program, I've seen in the last twenty minutes that the black Israelites were attacking the native Americans and they were attacked. King, the native Americans, in vicious and vile ways. You also have seen that the native Americans at first responded peacefully. Then, when that didn't some other native Americans of vast minority came over, and we're we're getting violent. They were throwing the of same kind of racial slurs. Back at the
native Americans. It got so tense that the video shows it looked like there would have been a race war between the native Americans and the black Israelites the white boys from Covington had nothing to do with it. All they're going to do is start the cheer that they have done before they get on the buses for the last ten years they do their school prep. Then they get on the buses. It is my understanding that they also were trying to relieve the tension, and if you see the video that we hi? You will see that no one was laughing. No one was smiling. Nothing good was going to happen until they started doing their cheers. That broke the mood and broke the back of this argument between the native Americans and the black Israelites. But that's when Nathan,
Phillip sees an opportunity to get press. He is a thirty year left wing activist and he marches right up to one of the students an gets right directly in his face now The media left all of the pre stuff out. So you, No idea that these kids are actually helping, the native American, how betrayed they must have felt. So, as Nathan Phillips, the native American walks over with the drum the black is israelite, are still still calling them names, the the the native Americans calling Nathan Phillips GAD the name of a false god, and they can. Continue to insult them, but not a peep in the media.
Now Phillips, initially told the Washington Post Post the boys surrounded him, as he was just hearing to leave. There is zero evidence of this. In fact, our video shows the exact opposite. He later contradicted this, an interview with the Detroit Free Press, admitting that it was he not a that initiated the contact he little stated that he did this, because the Covington kids were attacking the black the Israelites. This is clearly not what happened. Clearly if you've watched the oh, it is pain. Fully obvious this. Is not what happened? The white boy. Stayed way away from the konfrontation. It was a confrontation between the black Israelites and the native Americans, and it was the black Israelites, who are known by reporters in New York to be via
IL despicable street thugs. Now Phillips actions dean completely at odds with every other. Native American present. At the rally that day there was a a handful that were nasty. The Vast majority were either debating or getting confrontational with the a black Israelites, None of them were at odds with the high school kids not a single native American, not one one of the key. List for why some of say, Phillips decided to do what he did was due to the and the boys were saying build that wall and they felt insulted by that now remember: Nathan, Phillips is part of a group that is against the border wall, no borders, no walls. Ok, that's why he was
testing he was protesting the border wall, so, of course, someone wearing. Magna hacked hat the for the border wall? That's why he targeted that boy. Now in interview after interview. He said they were chanting, build that wall in O instances that we have found on videotape and we've watched it all the pro have the boys said, build that wall, but we did find it and I played it for you earlier the organizer of the indigenous peoples March claim I heard that the New York times, quick to point out that was build that wall, it's a quote.
Quote a rallying cry of supporters of Mr Trump, which brings me back to the video. I told you to remember: listen to it, but It's time listen to the black israelite leader and what he saying in the background to the native Americans. Look all these dusty as crackers with that racist garbage on look at his dirty ask wraps ok, stand in a damn stuff, like five minutes yeah I want to build a wall for Mexico. He's he's saying to the indigenous people build that wall build that wall. Why don't you build that wall there? So read about people from Mexico, so it was said It was said by the black Israelites, not one of the Covington kids,
out of all of the video evidence from the entire event. The only time build that wall was ever heard was when it was said, by the leader of the black Israelites, the media Never did any of this work. They never looked at the entire body of evidence to find out what really happened. They saw young white boys from a Christian, school wearing a mag hat, and they Stanley handed out a verdict of guilty did Nathan Phillips. Do this as an active just looking for exposure well will tell you this about that old man who cried on tv. Here's what he said in an interview now that you have the video and you've seen it with your own eyes. Exactly what happened now. Let me repeat what Nathan Phillips said happened. He told the Washington Post and then the Detroit Free Press. They, the Covington Boys, witnessed these individuals,
the black hebrew Israelites group on their soapbox about what they had to say. Well, they didn't agree with it and they got offended they in the process of attacking these four black individuals, I would there. I witnessed all of this and it going on and on and escalating it just got to a point where you have to do something or you'll walk away. You know you see, Something that's wrong in your face with that choice of right or wrong, and is the moment when I knew I had to put myself between beast and pray. These young men were beastly to these old black individuals, and that was their prey, and I stood between them and they needed their pound of flesh, and they were looking at me for my pound of flesh. It was oddly what these kids were involved in. It was racism, it was hatred. It was
I mean: if you go back and look at the lynchings that were done in America, you'd see faces on those people the glee in the hatred on their faces. That's what these faces. Look like the black Israelites were saying some harsh things, but some of it was true. Is young white, american kids, who are being taught in their catholic school, their doctrine, their truth and when they now that there was more truth out there than what they were being taught. They were a Did they were insulted and they were? scared and that's how they responded. The one thing was taught him Marine core training. Is it a scared? Man will kill you and that's what these boys were. They were scared. I still scared, I'm still feeling vulnerable, but I will not back down this man is despicable. Despicable
I just put him in a category yesterday of either a guy who'd know what was going on or most likely just an activist, but this man is DIS. A dispicable liar. And the media held him up and they are still holding him up just by saying. Well I mean, I guess, there's some other information out and now video and I guess things are- aging. No, that's not enough! Cnn! That's not enough! Brian Stelter! That's not enough Washington Post! That's not enough! New York Times, and it's not enough for you, or for me, you must stand up for these boys in Covington. They have been hassled. They have death That's their school is shut down today, the school
Double should know you are on notice. You do and the the arch, the archdiocese need to stand up and correct what you said about these boys. These boys These are heroes, who tried to do the right thing and were betrayed betrayed the group of people that they were trying to assist an help and protect, and then but ETA by the media, then, but it by social media, an all of us who, We have said something that wasn't true because we believe the media and then finally, they were betrayed by their own principle, their own priest. There. Own church, their own archdiocese, own mayor, it's despicable. What has happened these boys. I would be proud, proud
Call my own son, these parents, These boys are under attack some of are being attacked at work, people are calling and said should fire these cretins We have raised these boys on Erica. You are at a point of choosing. It isn't hard now. This one isn't even a close call, You are at a point of choosing and if you stay, a silent now silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to stand right now is to stand, but I warn God will not hold you guiltless. We will all pay dearly for the This mistake, these
boys are innocent and not just innocent, the story, been told is the exact opposite. They are protectors of the week. If you want this information, you can find it at the blazetv dot com. I urge you to join us because it is your dollar that paid for everybody on my research team to spend their entire day doing nothing but work on this story to get it right, please be subscriber at blaze. Tv dot com, slash back. If you can't afford it, I understand it. But somebody's got to set the record straight and if you can't afford it- and even if you can afford decide not to do it. That's fine! I urge every
and within the sound of my voice, to take this information. It will be on blaze, tv. It will be on the blaze dot com. All of this will posted, but it is now in your hands. We did the work, is now in your hands to correct the error of this grave grave mistake. on today's on tomorrow's broadcast, the black hebrew Israelites. Who are they and what do they believe? What is their record again doing the job the media, I hope to be able to talk to the please of Covington Catholic School in the next few days I talked to
One! Parent! Yesterday, somebody their door in the middle of a conversation off air and they are frightened. They are frightened as they should be. It's to you to write the wrong and stand for the truth peacefully. You're listening to glance back
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