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Best of Program | Guest: Ryan Mauro | 12/17/18 - Deciding on God? - The Moron Magic? - 'Mountains of Moses'? (w/ Ryan Mauro)

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Hello. I welcome to shades of the Glen back. It's our podcast, we're you're here today. We're gonna talk about the pastor that is missing in China. One the most incredible letters I mean stew. You said it it's like written in, like the dark ages of the appeals to come right out of a religious text because of the sort of superhuman dedication to what's right, I feel of it. Neatly lost that in an excited know this one will this one will rock your world there's couple things on today's part Castle, rocky Road, The real mountain of Moses,
We have evidence presented on the programme today, new evidence with a video that was just released today that you have to see if your face is shaking it off. I understand it. This might really kind of change things, also a little bit on PETE David's, all on today's podcast listening to the date of its Monday December. Seventy patriot, mobile is, is a there's, a phone service that will give you all of the great coverage that you that you want there just not going to take his eyes from you and then
invest that in causes that you don't believe in like plan parenthood, page it mobile actually is gonna. Let you invest your money into the causes, You believe in, but most of these cells could sell companies. They they give all kinds money to freeze crazy causes that you worked hard against. Mr true, why do that you can go mobile. They can be created to solve that problem that the only conservative cell phone company enough in America, gotta patriot, mobile dot com, slash please get started today when you use the Africa delays that between the activation fee for up to two lines mobile dot com, slash blaze or one eight hundred a patriot is the place to go. This is that land back programme. So last I was having dinner with family, and I said here is what I want for Christmas.
I want us all to decide if there is a god and You know my kids are teenagers and you have to search for God. You dont know if there's got. I said we ve seen things in our life. That would testify. What's that there is a god, but it's for each of us to decide and it's not a test. I'm not gonna sit down you know with everybody our eye. What's your right side. Just one us all to really search, because if there is a god he will do and different things of us, and it will change our lives and its the question that has to be answered by each of us, because why are we going to church Why are we doing things if there is no God? Why why? Why would you do these things? You should do,
society, if there is a God and if there is a God, then what does he expect? Why are we here? If there isn't You have to do the same thing than what is my God. What is how do I decide what I'm going to do, but the time or real decision is right. Now. I get it from the table and I start reading the news of the day to prepare for the broadcast, and I saw her. Bunch of things that were meaningless most what you see in the news is just meaningless, insist, Keep going on it's not going to get any better. Donald Trump is impeached. You have you know, you'd. Have president pants you think they're, not gonna, wanna get rid of him to think they're gonna say he's the worst ever course they are its continue.
We're all complaining about our problems, law, arguing with each other over a hundred members of a church, called the early rain Covenant church in China. Were arrested beginning last Sunday December knife, their pastor had written a letter and given it to his friends and attorneys and said smuggle this out, get this out and publish this. If I'm ever what they call now snatching people off the street in China, if I'm ever disappeared, wait for twenty four hours. I'm sorry forty eight hours, if you don't hear from me, publish it so they did. I want to read this to you because I haven't.
Read something from another human being in this time. That is more inspiring impressive horrific than this. He has been gone now for over a week. You can guarantee that he is being tortured now in China. He writes On the basis of the teaching of the Bible and the mission of the gospel, I respect the authorities God has established in China, for God, deposes kings and raises upkeep This is why I submit to the historical and institutional arrangements of God in China as a pastor of across, in church. I have my own understanding and views based on the Bible about what a righteous order is and good governments
At the same time, I am filled with anger and discussed at the persecution of the church by this communist regime at the wickedness of their depriving people of the freedoms of religion and of conscience. The changing of social and political institutions, however, is not the mission that I have been called to. It is not the goal for which God has given his people, the gospel for all the hideous realities. Unrighteous politics and are Treasury laws, manifest at the cross of Jesus the only means by which every chinese person must be saved. They all So manifest the fact that true hope and a perfect society will, Ever be found in the transformation of any earthly institution or culture, but only in our sins being freely forgiven and the hope of an eternal life. I accept and respect the fact that this communist rule
beam has been allowed by God to rule temporarily, as Lord servant John Calvin said, wicked rulers are the judgment of God on a wicked people and the goal to urge gods people to repentance. Again toward him for this he's an? I am joyfully willing to submit myself to their enforcement of the law. As those submitting to the discipline and training of the Lord at the same time, I believe this communist regimes. Persecution against the church, is greatly wicked and unlawful action. The christian church, as the power Esther. I must denounce this wickedness openly and severely the calling, but I have requires me to use non violent methods to disobey those human laws that disobey the by please God.
Savior requires me to Joyce joyfully, bear all costs for disobeying wicked laws, but this does not mean that my personal disobedience and disobedience of the church is in any sense fighting for rights or political activism in the form of civil disobedience, because I do not have the intention of changing any institution or any law in China. The mission of the church is to only be a church and ought to become part of any secular institution. From a negative perspective, the church must separate itself from the world and keep itself from being institutionalized by the world from a positive perspective. All acts of the church or attempts to prove too, world, the real existence of another world. The Bible teaches us that, in all matters relating to the gospel in human consciousness, we must obey.
God and not men? For this reason, spiritual disobedience and bodily suffering are both ways we testify to another eternal world and to another glorious king. This is why I am not interested in changing any political or legal institution in China. I'm not even interest in the interested? In the question of when communist regimes policies persecuting the church will change, regardless of regime. I live under now or in the future as long as a secular government continues to persecute the church violating human conscience that longs to God alone? I will continue my faithful disobedience if God sides to use the persecution of this communist regime against the church to help more chinese people to despair of their futures and lead them through a wilderness spiritual disillusionment and through this make them the Saviour, if, through there.
She continues disciplining and building up his church than I am joyfully willing to submit to gods plans. His plans- are always benevolent and good I'll I understand that this happens to be the very reason why the communist machine regime is filled with a fear at a church that is no longer afraid of it. If I happened to be imprisoned, for a long or short period of time. If I can help reduce the priorities, fear of my faith and of my saviour. I am very joyfully willing to help them in this way, but I know that only when I renounce all the wickedness of this persecution against the church and use peaceful means to disobey will I truly be able to help the souls of the authorities and law enforcement. I hope God uses me by means of first losing my personal freedom,
to tell those who have deprived me of my personal freedom, that there is an authority higher than their authority, and that there is a free that they cannot restrain a freedom that fills the church of the crucified and risen Jesus Christ, regardless of what crime the government charges me with whatever, filth, they may fling it may as long as this charge is related to my faith. My writings, my comments, my teachings it merely a lie and a temptation of deeds demons. I categorically deny it. I will serve my sentence, but I will not serve the law. I will be executed, but I will not please Guilty those who lock me up we'll some a be locked up by angels
those who will interrogate me will finally be questioned and judged by God himself. When I think of this, the Lord fills me with a natural compassion and grief towards those who are attempt two and actively imprisoning me, pray that the Lord would use me that he would grant me patients and wisdom that I might take that. I might take the gospel too M separate me from my wife and children, ruin. My reputation destroy, my life and family, the authorities of key archive. Couple of doing all of these things. However, no one in the world can force me to renounce my faith. No can make me change my life and no
can raise me from the dead and so respectable officers stop committing evil. This is not for my benefit, but for rather yours and your children's, I plead earnestly with you to stay your hands, for. Why should you be willing to pay the price of eternal damnation in hell for the sake of a lowly sinner, such as Jesus is the Christ son of the eternal living God he died for sinners and rose to life. For us he is my king and the king of the whole earth. Yesterday today and forever I am his servant and I am imprisoned because of this I will resist in meekness those who resist God and I will joyfully violate all those laws that violate gods laws, the best of the bird their programme.
there's some weird, the Christmas miracle going on his weird science and has been happening for a while, but this year is truly astounding. Moron trivia, which we ve played for years, Pat plays now on his programme pack rate joins us from Pakistan least, and eat was right again this week in its thirteen and two now they're young to the thirteen and to end this weekend, it predicted the Eagles win over. The eleven in two LOS Angeles Rams in LOS Angeles lives, were thirteen and a half point underdogs? I believe now stew, even you didn't think the UK rebate, and perhaps I never thought I'd ever they're gonna games, but that was really amazing. I mean because we did more attributed together on that front Friday awry none on paper at least a hand. I was I, of course,
waiting for the Eagles button as we went off the air pets. Like look, I mean this is gonna, be the biggest trip test of more trivia of all time, like any legal or not, as opposed to when I gave back up quarterback yet again when they fall Are you willing to underdogs and one and one so Let me ask you cause, may do you remember. We ve played this for twenty years, Gach one on almost and where we pleaded thirty years ago. Almost We were playing it when we were. And it has its it's always like this. It's always like this, and there come times where, like that, when we first started playing it, that we would go, can in no way the Eagles gonna, win and we'd be deepened. Season and we'd say: let's say they want to protect the record right and so we're like, let's throw up well, we ve always done that a couple of times, because every time that happens it's wrong every,
I know you can't miss with the profound- should look imperfection railing, trivia seriously. You get tat you do you're wrong. So what is it? What are the odds that this right namely happened. One of our listeners calculated the odds, and you know I'm not smart enough to actually do the math on this, but he did, and he said it was a point- zero. Three seven percent chance that this would randomly happened. It has been like this over Over and over a year now Here we should go back and look because, though we have the website, we have a little gonna die. Moron, it was shut down. For a while. I don't know if it's back up, I think it might be back up there. We're gonna go to back up this year. Ok, so in any, it should have the record and its its use. We have a couple. A barrel record would be pretty impressive yeah. I think
This is one of the better years, but you you guys have done fifteen and one in the past year. I yes did not happen one year, yeah there's been a couple of years like that, but this is definitely one of the best of all the time and it is incredible. And really what was amazing. We did it. I mean fifteen, probably straight years and we've had some interruptions at here and there, but every year I believe, except for maybe one was over five hundred, so they weren't all fifteen and two type of ears, but a lot of them were. Oh seven, ten and five. If you would have placed money just or on trivia, you would have made a lot of money. Glory wanted made a fortune you'd make a fortune specially betting against the spread, like the Friday like like this weakens gate. And you'd never knew it now. You know we ve had a grey record with more n trivia for decades, and I ever heard a listener say yeah, I put money doubtless someone I saw the somebody did this weekend they once a month-
Someone said they want they put based on this. Yes, they just get to the point where nondiscrimination bet on it and they think they made this. We get two hundred and twenty five dollars. They said, thou again, I give you the money line, but I don't wanna know anybody. Did you know really put that anything on the I know that you said there's. This is crazy. Why did Jerry Moron magic cap if you hadn't sentiment coming up with them and also if you're gonna make it, figure out what you have to put down to get that mortgage credit therapies results. That's where I M going after that game. I am willing to that Ria decrees, I may not be influential adviser, but money I'm going to give had to be seven seven or eight to one for the eagles to win that had to be pissing in thirteen point. Five points is the point spread like they're saying well, will eagles get, though probably lose by about fourteen. They either to win the game you can get being about a hundred and win seven hundred or eight hundred and I mean that's pretty amazing- pretty amazing them.
Tribune they'll go to one hundred and twenty what'd. You may be bet twenty box or somethin, probably that yeah twenty buxom when one twenty five somethin like that about return on your advice, dollar this list or- and this is what we do for listeners, which is moving forward- Can you what just happened, principally by happy holiday, went bankrupt you're. Listening to the best of the global programme, like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us, favour and rate the shell, so Ryan, moreover, is a is the director of the Clarion intelligence Network and he reached out about a project. He is doing on the Mountain of Moses Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, an Ryan. I have to tell you I heard this and I thought that can't be
and then I started doing my homework on what limited information is out there and it is stunning is in Saudi Arabia, welcome to the programme thanks so much for how to me, I'm really excited to be able to talk about this in a really see the start. The impact the world because, like you said you, sir, so few people know about this and of those I've heard about it. They rightfully oh assume gravy, but there are. There is video evidence of this only been a few people that have seen it very little evidence and its because it is pretty much on lock down with the saudi government
literally? It's like a military installation base right. So basically, the problem that many people have grappled with is that at the traditional site from outside, I in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula, others in very little evidence, and so that led to an academic consensus that the story is just made up or at least ninety nine percent of it is exaggerated. Am I remember when I was a young teenager and I put through the Bible that I hadn't had in the side one the notes that there had there is no evidence of the accidents that mean I was in a Bible I had and it really turns out, based on our research, that day we'd all just been looking at their own spot in the Bible very clear that Moses fled to medium which be northwestern Saudi Arabia, a historian Josephus. I said that now thought it was the highest mountain located
What city that is today called out bad in Saudi Arabia and when you go to this location and discard that conventional traditional thinking and you follow the story of the exodus, very literally, because they did as direction vinegar them going South left right and he followed very literally you run into just about everything that that story talks about. But if the information is not got now because all you Baby is a theocracy, it very isolated and then it regards them outside. I itself within saudi Arabian some of these other sites that will talk about. They are at secret with fences and they are patrol by police and so the whole. When I try to go. There have been arrested, they ve had their evidence confiscated one guy, a highly controversial individual RON, Wyatt ARM who went there in the late nineteenth seventies. He was held for seventy days and then the next you guys you snuck in
accordingly and Larry Williams. They were, an arrested as well and had their self confiscated and then an american couple that were working in the country, Jim Antennae, Caldwell, sordid, leaking out photos and videos from the area around outside I but remained anonymous, but thou a while ago? And so there was? any modern day footage or video. So people forgot about the theory, until now that we release this video. That's about twenty five minutes, long arm online, just the second okay, so I am tell me what you have found and how you got the video first. How did you get the video I? Why did going to Saudi Arabia three times we
It is really just. The miracle happened where I was very interested in this sense, a young age, and then it is felt my lap and amazingly, even with some things going wrong. We did have some encounters with saudi police. I was able to get in and out of the country safely three times on and we got stoning footage. That's really never been seen before and though now the entire world can see evidence of, for example, the golden calf worship the altar. Moses, instructed at the foot of the mountain, just as the book of accident says- and it is its inward stunning about this is it is. It is marked. Is marked with with a golden calf ancient markings, and you know cows were not in Saudi Arabia, so there was no reason. No, no, no tribe later would do that because I weren't cows, and so it's marked with cows, its marked with a golden calf. Its clearly
an altar, and what stunning about some of some of these things is that they are behind this very high security fence that is marked in turn around this entire mountain, which the the better ones. In the end, the locals called the Mountain of Moses Correct right. That's what's really amazing is that you get the Northwestern Saudi Arabia and the first thing that Saudis will tell you after saying hello, because they're so happy to see an American they ve never met. Faced the faith- and they say, did you know you know it's here? It's the mountains, this double mothah. Do you want me to show you and also show you the other areas where Moses and the Yahoo the Jews walked, and so when you go to add that this is common knowledge over there, which is, really amazing and many thought you are also aware that we don't know about it. I spoke to a former jihadist contact of mine about this and
just telling what I was doing in Saudi Arabia and egos Yemen I saudi Arabian covered up with offences in the police yeah. We we all knew about that when I was in the jihadis world and from his perspective the real before doing that, wasn't just because of the GEO political ramifications, but from his interpretation of structured dialogue and those he hung out with which included associate of Osama Bin Laden. Other reason it's done is to preserve the sites because of peoples are going and they start like taking sand in the end. They fell a thing: it'll do a miracle. It becomes idolatry that is a complete dollar tress according to show real all. You have to deny access and destroy everything, and they want to do that. So from his perspective is surely a law basically save the hype, and when you go there, I'm gonna tell you, you feel like you're in accidents is just incredible: ok,
when we when we come back, I want you to describe some of the things that you saw and have captured on video and what you are asking for help with this is when you see the video, I can't tell you there's there is no place on earth that I would rather go to no place on earth than this If I could go anywhere to actually stand in front of the things that I've seen just on Ryan's video, I would pay any price this. Truly truly game changing when it comes, faith. When Ryan Mauro, the director of the Clarion intelligence network,
is telling us about what is in the desert of Saudi Arabia and what he is needing. Our help for so Ryan first tell me, take me through your trip. What did you see sure? Well, the thing that we saw is where the likely Red Sea crossing happened and when you look at maps of that area, the underwater area. What you'll see that there is actually a path going from Egypt into Saudi Arabia of the waters parted? You have had some more than you can walk that wasn't too steep and that their and only right They are in it's crazy about this is it's. It's kind of elevated Abed ends the Jews when went away. If you ever study Torah with jewish people, they interpret the waters parting differently it the water was swept up. So it was
the wind was blowing, the water was swept up and kind of piled up on top of each other, and so it's not a It's not like you see in the ten commandments with to be no also water is just so wrapped up in that reveals the dry land. Well, that's a lot of water to sweep up. Unless there is this, your water bridge, and it's there. He's from one side of the water to the other. If the water was swept up, it is a perfect path to Saudi Arabia, crazy, an end? The army of the Egyptians would drown if the water came back because its wide enough for population to walk. But if you are pushed over to the sides it becomes real, deep and so the waters coming down would kill the people in all the way around them, and so it makes
just pickle fence at that point, and then, after that, we know from the book of accidents that they go to Morrow, but then they also go through specific spot called, even where they come across twelve wells and seventy palms. You follow the directions in the book of access. You come to this area, and it always is that has many more problems than that because they multiply over time, but to this day, twelve wealth, and when you go there, there will be saudi saying this is even this is where Moses and the Yahoo the Jews
aim. Then you leave there and you follow the exact directions of the Bible and what you find up what's visually. The most amazing point is basically to call the split rock with America, where Moses comes up to Iraq, because the people are ready to revolt against them, because they're ready to die of thirst and an god tell them to go to Iraq and strike it with his rod and then there's an earthquake in a little over rumble and then water poured forth and relieve the issue light and that rock appears still be there when you go to this area, you will see a massive split rock women. Water erosion coming down from it onto the ground, where a leak for peaceful use you. So you understand this is raising. Not a mountain, its uses, giant rock this like pile of rocks and is huge rock and its split from
top to bottom, it's in the desert, but is right, just said right at will. Rock is split there water erosion. So there is it's clean! that the rocks on the ground that, but you know or in front of this rock, a mighty water ran from that point down into the valley for a very long time, because can see. You know how many? How long does it take to water? A road rocks its actually smooth where the water flowed. It's crazy. A nearby. There are inscriptions that appear to be Prado Hebrew.
Including images of a foot in a sandal with protein Hebrew writing. That means the soul of your foot. Now. The reason that make sense is because of the biblical furs where God told the Israelites, wherever your foot, the soldier foot, touches on going to that's going to be your land on the end. So there are these pro the hebrew inscriptions of basically be israelite tribal sign right in this area and the local authorities. I believe, though, that will talk to you rather than take you out of the Split rock area. They referred this area either as the water of Moses or the split rock of Ok! So then you move on, and where do you come to? That's where you get too? I want the locals call the mountain of Moses double Martha and the top of it in a real visually reminiscent
feature of God descending, a upon it like a fire, the opposite is black. Now there's some people say that that's just a natural thing: it's not evidence of of supernatural phenomena, but I've got to tell you visually. It's very strength and jump on that level. Loan. You look at it and it's just breath. Ok, so not ice. I saw some or I saw some video and I didn't know that black, anywhere else on any other mountain top or mountain side, or anything else did you. I did You can't see that black elsewhere up ok just an immediate area. I could buy me who knows how big it that phenomena have in the end. There is to be evidence at the top of the mountain of that who knows how big that was new. Maybe it's in there would have been more than just that peak. We don't really know so it's hard to tell, but then in front of this mountain, a just like you and you can just imagine most coming down from the mountains scene,
the people worshipping the golden calf based on where it is visually where you have a sight of golden calf worship or lease bull worship, and the local calls them. Is that that's where that story took place? And you can see these Patrick lots of people worshipping cows on this stand, where the golden calf would have been at the top and there's a circular area on the top em? Maybe, irrespective we could have in where the golden calf was smashed into powder, because you can see was worn down at the top and then there's an altar in front of it again. Just like the Bible says they give me the give give the audience a scope of how large says, coz its enormous yeah. I don't have the measurement informally, but you climate. Basically, you can climate and you get to the top of it, and if the Golan cap was on the top
the local population of Israelites that turned against Moses would have seen it, and so it makes sense, but also that was a brief episode in the in the book of access so you ever with two large and there were too many Petra bus. It actually wouldn't match the story. So what you see is a limited amount of intense human activity that apparently just with limited to that one spot and then suddenly stopped from there. Even if you walk towards the foot of the mountain you see an altar of Uncas stone. You can see where the animals would have been brought up through animal shoots and about twelve marble pillars, ally that important according to the book of Access Moses, build an altar of uncut stone, with no steps at the foot of Mount Sinai and erect wealth pillars to represent the tribes of Israel and that
right there at the foot of the mountain. It is astonishing and it is preserved by the Saudis and protected by the south. Is when you see the the length they surrounded this entire gigantic mountain with security fence. It is literally like a military operation and you can't go NI, wherein it says because of archaeological reasons. But it's in English and Arabic, and you're not allowed in others A popular way to dismiss the Bible is to say: there's no evidence is no evidence. Well, there's all kinds of evidence, but on one of the biggest stories of the Bible, Moses and the exodus and Mount sign. I there is no evidence. However, we have found now that there is evidence and
being protected by the Saudis and you're not allowed to see it. You're not allowed to go. There is protected by a fence, the locals call it Mount sign, I'm the Mountain of Moses. It has love the markings from the Red Sea if you just follow the directions in the Bible HU, the mountain and you see all of the things that are said to be seen in the Bible and it's not well. I guess that could be no. No, cool eagerly that So this is either an elaborate ancient. I dont know hoax or Disneyland. For you know, travellers to come and say look- and this is the most mountain amongst those right here right here and Walt Disney is, do you know big making audio under chronic calves good for tourism harangued or this there's something to this
Ryan Mauro is the director of the clearing intelligence network. I want to give you the video that you can go and see this Sinai in Arabia. I in a I in Australia, Sinai in Arabia. Dot com go there now and just look at the footage. It is stunning that you ve never heard. Of this Ryan. I this is it's interesting looking this because I think what you put together is a really interesting theory with a lot of evidence, and you cut off point this out a couple times in in the peace where you're saying let go had we don't know for sure about all the stuff. This is, but it all fits. What is this level of acceptance. When it comes to the church in in rain religious
dollars and historians like did they believe this is plausible. Did they believe this is ruse? Reality is something you kind of just came up with your own in your kindness want to see how they react. No I'm alive in the first person to the goal of the mountain, and so that there is in our view, a few decades by it. I think it is gaining more mainstream acceptance. There are some scholars, I said it's possible or likely they obviously wouldn't want to commit one hundred percent. You do come across the problem of the conventional thinking and people with credentials being called a certain way, and so they just stick to. The truth is but then those same people well almost always admit that there is no evidence at the traditional site. So I think the problem is that people just don't know everything that's there and of those I talk to once they understand what their that eight Gabby, that that's gonna gotta, be it
hum are one thing, I'd added that this actually is separate from Clarion Project where I work just just so that I might I keep my boss is happy I'm. So this is an independent project by speaking to the earlier point about people, not knowing about this. That's why I think this even this radio they ve been right now could be a historical moment, because the ramifications of this are just massive on a personal level and even geopolitically, and so I encourage people to go to sign. I in a radio dot com on, and hopefully the blaze social media accounts, can also set out the direct link to the Youtube video that you can search called finding the mound of Moses that just went live, and I hope he will watch it on Christmas, with their families and with their churches, because I think for a lot of people on the special pleading myself. It really Bobby to a whole new level
Confidence in my people also understanding of my faith in that you can put a price on and you weren't somebody who is who you know. You say in the video that you know: you're you're, not a man of perfect faith in you, you struggle with it from time to time drew absolutely. I still have a few days because I'm just that finnish, by nature. So what was it like for someone like you too, stand there I mean, I honestly right. I've done all kinds of amazing things. I get. My right arm to be able to go stand there. I I still and stunned, like it, still not real to me that to happen, because I think of when I was like fourteen years old reading about this and and tell me just so interested in it, but never thinking all I'd ever actually go. There was a dream, not a goal, because goal is something catchy vable. This was an achievable and then just out of nowhere. I got this opportunity and I go through
I'm saying how you and brought my mother actually and what I stood there. I just felt really unworthy and also confused as the why I'd be granted this opportunity, and so it is weird feeling and even beyond just seen evidence of clothes. The raising amount of coincidence is that were required to happen to get me there and get me back safely, even when things went wrong, that's more study to me, then even the evidence. I saw right in front of my face right. I will tell you that I, when I first got this proposal in front of me. I thought. Okay, let me see it. When I saw saw it and then I started do my own homework on it. I feel compelled to make sure everyone in this audience sees this. I do believe this is game changing. I think this is one of those moments in history. There,
but you know what we hear. We are people who are struggling with our faith and this kind of like the man. A massive gift of ok well explained this near you say: there's no evidence, you say: there's this, you say: there's an ok fine explained this I've come. From the world for this long and preserved? It so tell me about this and the inn, in coming it is it is its armies can't be it's it's four thousand year old hoax, if it's a hoax, is its remarkable and I think what add so much credibility is, the fences around it here that the Saudis saying in Arabic, an English. This is a unimportant archaeological site, no trust
sing and they mean it there their backing that up and anybody who has go to jail for a long time and no pictures are allowed out. By which is also why I viewed as a bit of a miracle that I did not end up in jail. I saw the police- I intricate encounter them on a few occasions, but there are just tremendous opportunities happening. I haven't even been publicized, yet there are things that we have not released on that. We are working on the things that have been found that just need more researchers and we were ready to come forward with almond. So that's why We are asking people to it if they feel compelled to do so to donate at Sinai and Arabia, dot, com that we can do further research but, more importantly, the sword
for constructing a super city and in the middle of that Super city, is all that stuff, including Mount Sinai on. And if I can shorten goes. Fourth, we run the risk of evidence being destroyed damaged or you can't excavate, because no one even brought a shovel to this place and started digging it and if you are building there, you obviously can't do that. So we want engaged the Saudis together the modify their plans and also partner with them and make them understand that it is in their economic interests. The open this up, preserve at all preserve the plain where the Israelites camp. Any in the act of the mountain and so preserve it allow outside access and don't do anything that could ruin it or destroy evidence and that construction I saw going on when I was there. It's happening quickly. Ok, so. If you want to be a part, and you want to help fund this project,
go to sign. I in Arabia, Dotcom. You will also find the video link there You can also look for the link on Youtube and that is in search of the Mountain of Moses is right, finding the Mountain of Moses fine on the real mouth thought I and Saudi Arabia, Aldi tweeting it out as well. Ok and will tweeting out him we'll make sure that its at the blazon and everything else Ryan. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for beginning a a profound journey. At least in my life, and I think a profound journey in many people's lives. Thank you so much and glad you made it back I do so. I probably those words mean the world to me that they do so much and will keep you posted. You got it its Ryan Mauro again, Cyanide in Arabia, dot, com The blaze radio network on demand,
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