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11/16/18 | Best of The Program | Ep #226 - Celine Dion's Marxist Propaganda? - 12 Ways To Win People Over?  - 'Sparing' with Bill O'Reilly? 

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The blaze radio network on demand. Welcome to the podcast great show great show. Are you today? I don't even know. How are you to squeeze everything in to the podcast? We have Billow Riley Bill, rightly actually open up his wallet for twenty five thousand are twenty thousand dollars today, yeah believe it or not, and getting as Scrooge Christmas time and I felt like I was asking for scuttle of cold what he actually I will explain why today's podcast Also? He had a lot to say about. What's going on with the White House and the press corps plus we have Dave essay on day. Has a way for us to come together. He needs your help. He's looking voices in the country our pro trump that
want to help with history and you'll, hear that today also, I think, In regard? To that a little, we should touch a little bit on how to friends and influence people way for you to actually not have a civil war at your thanksgiving table play answers, intimidation and threats of the more you intimated threaten people, the more they do. What you want, strangely, not the case, but also yesterday, we picked a name of somebody who can span the Saturday with us at our mercury, one gala earning was only she won. I called her to day to verify that she was coming. She told me some news. Actually turned out to be an amazing story will end the podcast with that
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the commercial ran by plan parenthood and used a precious looking. Little baby in a lullaby and then these words she deserves to be loved. She deserves to be wanted. She deserves to be a choice way way way. Why am I the only one? That's not dead inside how evil do you have to be to see this beautiful child? do hear a lullaby see as cooing little baby and and then try to think that this baby, could have been killed and it would have been a good thing. I am it's just really it's crazy. You know we were struggling. This baby deserves to be loved unless it was inconvenient for mom then mom should have killed it. Oh my gosh! Now this was
So the first crazy at the second crazy. Had I don't even know what it's about. I had asked around what the hell is it The Celine d on everybody's personal favorite Celine Dion, has just launched a new clothing line. You know that's what I've been waiting for. I mean I've been I've been hearing the clamouring all around the streets of America going. Could we just get a clothing line from Celine beyond? Will yes She now she's launched horses or clothing line with a little many movie style commercial. I have to warn you it it's one of the creepy as things you'll hear. What does it say all year, but, worse still, three four weeks away, we might hit something even more creepy by the end of the ear. Listen to this,
children, as we are all just slings in a never ending that is for us. They are everything, but in reality right, we are only a fraction of their universes momentary meets the past. They dream of tomorrow that we may thrust them forward into the future. For the course will always be. There's too, of course, neither their wrapped in pink and blue blankets, but she's about to blow out of her hand some sort of magical, Well, it kind of looks like ashes and float around the room of this nursery in a hospital and all the blue and pink goes away. It all goes away. Ah, isn't that great
and then everybody's wearing black and white, because our children aren't really hours. Yes, there, the focus of our life, but we're just an insignificant little, nothing to them. Selina done made me want to buy your baby. Close in fact makes me want to do the opposite, really does really does, She's marxist propaganda, now our children are not our children, and this has been coming for a long time now. Celine loves this because in she, Canadian Canada's has been on this. This whole thing of all. You know your children in other your job, until we tell you there, not your children, because they they belong to all of us. You know the great we. Oh my gosh, by the way
anybody know what nineteen eighty four that they they claim. The George Orwell may have stolen this idea of nineteen. Eighty four: nineteen, eighty four as big government controls, everybody everybody has a number and and a name and and and big brothers watching you but is actually and now that I've read the book. I think he could make a pretty strong case that it was stolen from a russian novel in nineteen. Twenty two, you know the name of that nourish unravel, is we we Have you read anthem by Ayn Rand, where nobody can say I or me each Individual is we because the individual doesn't exist? You have an individual you're part of the collective you're. Just to us spoke on a giant we'll, that's all you are, and you know it
if we start to run down too many spokes aryan and not enough spokes you're not really even spoke, because you have to be ideal, he called to everybody else and you're, just part of the collective, this In is marxist propaganda. And selenium- is shown in this little many movie breaking into the hospital nursery where she D Where is the line? They have the right to choose a really. Which turns the hospital into some orwellian. You know black and white room removes all of the pig in blue and changes all the boy girl. Simply let you know symbolism into like hospital crosses that are just black honestly. It looks like they're almost wearing prison clothes, its
beautiful. Now I seriously. I love my kids so much where, where they just everything, is black and white in their world, you no great. If we could get them those Nehru jackets, if we get them the old communist, you know like now, jacket, the kids wouldn't that be cute. The scariest thing about the past seven days or so is I haven't heard any real backlash from either of these. Have you seen a backlash where a beautiful baby is, is, is used. A choice it deserves to be deserves to be wanted and deserves to be a choice. Mom should be able to kill this beautiful baby are Dead inside. Or are we so.
Who are we so marxist now has the has the cultural marxist, movement washed over us so much that were now. Either just dead inside from all of it, because we just I don't know I just where we starting to believe it. How long are we going to allow this crap? How long before we all start standing, Up and saying no, our children are our children that that's my child. My child My child is an individual, my childish a number for the state, not part of the collective. It's me a child. I have the responsibility, no government
Marxist no capitalist has any claim to them and gender. You know, I really feel I really do feel for Bruce Jenner. I will call Bruce Jenner Caitlin out of respect. I can't I feel for him I feel for the life that he led. I feel my heart breaks to think that
that was on my way. These box at the whole time felt like he wasn't himself is he spent his whole life? Hiding there is horrible, it's just horrible, but he still Bruce Jenner. He still a guy, you might have changed his name and if he wants me to call him Caitlin I'll call you Caitlin, as I dont want. I dont want to be a part of any of your pain, but if you have to put me on the stand and say, is that it? Hitler, female and male female period, its Bruce Jenner and I can understand, but I am not going to change reality now, if Bruce Jenner, wants to become Caitlin Jenner and once
have surgery and everything else he's an adult? He can do that. He can do that. You have a right to do that, but it is China. The abuse child abuse to to suggest. That a ten year old should be giving hormones, but a ten year old should be allowed. To choose at that point. This is crazy. Talk any attempt to trivialize and to diminish life. Any attempt to trivialize or diminish the family any attempt to trivialize or diminish the individual into the basic. We many attend
to trivialize or dismiss basic science should be met head on that now I don't know how many people can see dill stomach hearing. My heart will go on one more friggin time, but please, for the sake of sanity, Soulis Celine I'll, buy a ticket to your show I'll I'll endure that if you will just close your mouth stop trying to preach Marxists propaganda. And will listen to your damn? Oh my gosh, the boat is sinking song at the best of a bad that programme So yes,
It is this guy. This getting junior high calls me up and he says gland Having a really hard time, educating my friends, because they don't really wanna hear it, and I can I can be- I don't remember the word he used exactly, but it was basically I can it heated at time, belligerent little belligerent was on. The word that you don't remember, Valencia is, is that neighbouring? I was Bobby not that strong, but it was in the neighborhood. So he asked for advice and thing that came off right on top of my head was you need to read how to win friends and influence people? Neither read this. Probably since I was a teenager, this is my dad. My dad was. I mean how do when plans and influence Betuloides Graves blogger and now change your life for everyone. Last night, I read it and it was like having a conversation with my dad, and I realized we
her? So much of what I believe comes from, I mean, if you really want to know who I am for the color or the v, the basis of of me a cornerstone of me, it's this book and it's amazing It is amazing I had forgotten how good it was you're going to have dinner. Welcome to the programme, Pat Gray, you're gonna have dinner with your relatives, who are absolutely vote on the wrong side of every argument. Here's how you here's, how you have a really good thanksgiving, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna, give you the highlights fundamental ten techniques in handling people. Never one don't criticise, condemn or complain
Human nature does not like to admit fault. When people are criticised or humiliated, they rarely respond well to give honest and sincere appreciation oppressed The Asian is one of the most powerful tools in the world. People are rarely work at their maximum potential under criticism. Three arousing other in the other person and eager want to give away want from another person. We must forget our own perspective and begin to see things from other people's perspectives. Six ways to make people like you more,
be genuinely interested in other people to smile. This is something my father did if he taught me that story, one more time my father was here, he look, he was, he was horribly abused as a kid and he had nothing to go on. So he just look for great ideas. He he was kind of a Willie Lohmann kinda Guy were he just didn't, have a lot of friends and he just worked all the time, but he, his friends I found out later in life where people like this, nor of its appeal that were just is book friends and then he would take these ideas and he
apply them, and he told me he said, son eggs. I want you to do this. He said I did this, whereas, like a like eighteen, I walk down the street to Seattle and he said I. I walked down one side of the sidewalk one side of the street and I frowned at everybody, and I just kind of looked at them and this kind of decision. Them any said everybody I met was a grump. He said that across the street, after a few blocks- and I decided to smile And everyone I met on the other side of the street, greeted me with happiness. He said so either. There's a
problem you're on the wrong side of the street or its what you're putting out this is no Vincent peel, again smile. Remember that a person but remember a person's name. That's really hard would be a good listener. Encourage people to talk about themselves, talk in terms of other people's interest bubble up now. Listen to this. If you apply these at Thanksgiving, you're gonna find a completely different atmosphere. Listen to these twelve ways to win people to your thinking. One. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it whenever we argue someone, no matter if we win or lose the argument, we all still lose the other person Lila Feel humiliated or strengthened and will only seek to both through their own up the position. We must avoid arguments whenever we can to show real back for other people's opinions. Now
ever say, you're wrong. Great, actually said that in terms of ice at that We must never tell people flat out that they are wrong. It will only serve to a in them and insult their pride. No one likes to be humiliated. We must not be so blunt. That's the word that kiddies blunt and really being DM three. If you're wrong it mid it quickly and emphatically, whenever were wrong, we should meet immediately admit it for begin in a friendly way if we no actions interactions with others in a friendly way. People will be poor, receptive five start with questions, to wit the other person will always answer. Yes, that is that the theory of in my book, about the Unum. What it where do? We agree? Where do we agree, find the things that we agree on start there?
let the other person do a great deal of talking summer, seven, let the other person fee. The idea is his or hers try to see things from the other person's point of view. Other people may often be wrong, but we cannot condemn them. We must see to understand them. Success in dealing with people requires a sympathetic grasp on the other person's viewpoint. Nine be sympathetic with the other person's ideas and desires. People are Hungary, enforced sympathy, they want us to recognise all but they desire and feel if we can sympathize with others They will appreciate our side as well in a will often come around to our way of thinking, and I think that when peoples I don't want to know what their thinking onawandah, because it's wrong we'll know. You'd national yours are looking at the solution. Listen to what their feeling, what their feeling is, real
their solution may be bogus, but what their feeling and think about you. Where is a lot of this anger? Coming from this, anger is coming from the place where we don't feel heard if media, would actually listen to us Actually listen to us. Our world would be a lot different if they reflected our point of view and if they would look at us. Say: well, that's not racist, wait! A minute. You have to understand what these people are. Feeling is a law. Of the country that they grew up in a loss of the values that they grew up in we're values that have been here for five thousand years: they're, not race, stored, Zena Phobic there having all of the basic principles shift under their feet,.
Wouldn't you be more apt to listen to somebody who understood you. Dramatize your ideas through Down a challenge, the thing that most motivates people is the game. Everyone desires to excel in prove their worth. If we want someone to do something, we must give them a challenge and they will often times rise to meet it, but be a leader don't give offence or arouse resentment begin with praise and honest appreciation call attention to call attention to people's mistakes indirectly, no one likes to make mistakes. One likes to have others pointed out in front of other people. Talk about your own mistakes before criticising others. Ask a question: instead of giving the direct order lack, listen let the person save faith, face nothing she's, the dignity of man. Quite like an insult to his pride humming
times are. We said for those people who lets take on our own side for those people who are been with dull tromp the whole time. What are you doing? What are you doing when you have people that our come like instance me or anybody else. When you have people start to come into the tent. Why would You say, well it's about time? You are so scope varied. Why would you. Do that. Why would you do that? Well, come them. If you have somebody from the other side, while you and learn your euro as part of your problem that we have these problem to stop coming into the tent, embrace them hug them. Oh man, we're glad you're here, since the Clinton thing right now as one
I struggle with because, as you know, I know where we're. Where was the media? Where was the left during all these years? Were bill? Clinton was the same horrible person. He is today now. Finally, after Hilary lost a couple times, and the families Galeano seat this, but those who set out to pasture it's ok, but this is, I think, where we miss the boat because we meet Billy jumped to the media and the politicians there not honest start with their. Not who I'm talking about forgive the media for what they're doing now, let's point out when they're right, let's find out when they're wrong and lets I'll, welcome them when they're right, we do know, is that ever happens, but it's not we're not talking about them. I'm talking about the people at your table next week, I'm talking about the neighbors, I'm talking about the people that you work with this- is about one on one. This is not about.
Changing the media. This is orb or Washington this about changing the people around you down, as we do basically the opposite of everything you just described in the from the book. Right, not word we're doing the opposite of olive. It everybody does on both sides, once it's worse than the other against I don't know, I mean I think, because I definitely handle issues on the show differently than I would handle them, you are and what I was trying to convince now like if I was going to commit, because you know, because we do this for a living way you go out to dinner with anyone. They basically ask you lots of political questions because Minon, that's what you do. We talk about the other person's work and if the person I'm talking to is on the same side of the issue? As me, I'd buy almost stupid there.
Tell him have done. They are now throwing haywire such a dumb ass. I am not reconsider the genuinely humans right. You do almost all the things you listed. I would do I do those all the time you want to, if you're trying to convince them, or at least trying to make them open their mind to deposit Letty that maybe they're not right. Yes, you use those things up now. No, I don't do that now. That's the problem! I dont know if it's a problem- and I am conflicted with it because part of it is we're talking to an audience largely that understands the basic foundations of what we're talking about right. It would be like this audience. Generally speaking is going to know that higher taxes are bad right so need to. I dont need to see oh play, that in an end and no but try to convince them of that. No! But here's where we don't do. Why was rush Limbaugh so popular in the nineties, because he talk you how to win an argument, nay and he had to tat he had to teach you he wasn't talking.
How to finance it. He was just teaching you the basic principles that we now you say. We all have that this audience understands basics. You know the basic principles: ok, but what we didn't do that was back in the nineties and that worked because nobody had any of the facts we needed to have that baseline and we still need to teach people baseline stuff, but now you know around two thousand that was over people. People word condemning brush Limbaugh. If you set, it came from rush limbo. Well, you roll your eyes now. It's fox anything conference, foxy role, your I used to say it in Wanna, put your own names on your books You didn't wanna put Glenn back on the book because it was the right people wouldn't take it seriously if they are in the wrecked correct. So what we need to do is start teaching people, and you can't here's lesson. Number one read this
how to win friends and influence people read it because it has all of the answers on how we can move forward and actually make a difference, not just politically but also After Thanksgiving table next week, You're listening to the best of the global Beck like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell relief factor, you have a society We ve seen a huge change in Glenn over the years because of really factor which is good for Me too, it'll help change the lives of people around the person and pain, because the person and pain is less annoying
think this is that the slogan of really fact is it real get it? I guess you'll be able to tolerate the people were in pay, and I was always authentic of you. Thank you. Very much is struggling with us in our along time. Yeah- and I was at the end of my rope about a year ago- and my wife said just try- it just try it everybody at the wedding, because trying it- and I like out far our work, it did I took it, three weeks I saw in enormous change- and I haven't stop taking it sense and that's about what Seventy percent of the people who try for three weeks, that's about seventy percent of do exactly what I did. Oh my gosh. It works so take it relief factor, try it for three weeks. If it and work. You know you're out twenty bucks in three weeks. If it does work, you get your life back relief factor. Dotcom. That's relief factor dot com Mr Bill, O Reilly. It has
a pretty hectic weak, but I don't know the last week that we went not really nothing happened and I think we should start with Europe Ed today, the Trump media war, back, I'm ready to go good, then go Trot media war is, I would say depressing, Americans, who are thinking people because it basically signals that there is not going to be any unity in this country. While president Tromp is holding the office neither side- is gonna back down but then I I took a letter out of my historical collection by Harry Truman, which makes the column really worth reading and I say this- is nothing new and tremendous excoriated the media and gives example.
About how it was so unfair, Abraham, Lincoln and George Washington and other President's so I really know what is new is the machines, the tweets- stereo, cable news. All of that is new by you know it seeps into the culture thanks. I say more disagreeable population back so Lenny. Let let me go back because the you know the first paragraph of of Europe, Europe, Ed witches honestly daily paragraph. I read, the realisation that was about who is about Jimmy Carter so so let it let let me go here because you're you're absolutely right on this- is always been this way. It's just everywhere how and its again our own personal life and we are participating in sharing it now. So it's everywhere. But let me spell
quickly go to Jim Acosta, because I'm really I'm I'm, I'm because this debate here, I think and erect me tell me where I'm wrong here. I think the president taking away Jim Costas pass a White House Pass is Just- five in this case, because Jim Acosta needs. Somebody should be CNN to say Jim there are rules and you can ask a follow up question. It used to always be sir. I have one question and I'd like a follow up. Yes, go ahead, then the follow up here, would not stop asking questions. The president answered. He really tried to answer to the best of his ability and peacefully in nice. Nicely Jim Acosta really didn't even ask a question here. Just trying to condemn the produce picking a fight with the president, see
and should have said Jim stop it. We don't behave that way and I don't care how the president behaves we're not going to behave that way, so that the question is is this a freedom of speech. Issue are freedom of of the press issue. I dont think it is to quality control issue, and orally to combat, where the column that you were refused to read it and that your wealth it up that people read it to you company little enough. I can't even went out to people that follow you in red and how they can do. I do there like. Please Tom's die coming yesterday we brought in a guy a lawyer, former prosecutor, who went down line by line oversee and any complaint and pointed out at least dozen inaccuracies in the complaint to the federal German. Though a flat out wrong, improvable raw. You could see it out with your own eyes, and I said well
it employs the joy to see and is not telling the truth about Jim caused Andy. What happened in the White House Briefing Room will add AY said well. It shouldn't influence the judges ruling on a constitutional request, but it'll t off the judge, because the judge will see that CNN is law, which they clearly were in the complaint. So that tells you that and has no interest Gimme the Gimme the lie. Because I miss that that exactly the first, so I built Riley Diagram every night. I know it sounds like the first segment in three years that I've been interested in I'm sorry, yellow light summer. That's right! Now we're ok! Ok! Basically, you see it in a ledges in its complaint to the federal judge that a cautious simply asked the question That's that's. A lie number want what he did
he rang the President and its any waited that lying when he label the caravan and invasion. Correct. That's not a question. Attenuation in a and rang- and everybody knows it- nobody it isn't a people, I've seen it isn't now, let's yet hundred ports that, in writing into a federal judge mine, it's ridiculous. So your question why shouldn't seated in try to rein in its chief White House correspondence from disrupting a national press coverage, and any answer is clear: it wants but disruption. It's the only way, they're gonna get in the news. Their ratings are able and, and so the end
business model is to destroy the term presidency. So what they're gonna say Jim you know, go on and Syrians Dan from the White House they of correspondence had covered a presidential Prescott just not Acosta, because he will not obey the rules of the quorum well here's a here's. We play devils advocate? Not- and I do not think this is what's going on, but we have to protect. I dont want a you know I wouldn't want you know Fox news to have the who was it. Major Garrett was really good at holding of Obama's feet to the fire Jake Tapir, when he was living with ABC. He was really good at holding that they were the only to the did. And I dont want the duly on an item four seconds so for Dont want the president to be able to say I dont, like the fact that he asked me tough questions. What I want is they have to be rich,
spectral and those guys were. They were always respectful of the president and the office. That's not what's happening Jim Acosta, if he were asking questions, tough questions, he would have every right. To do it and I would celebrate- and I would stand behind his right to ask the toughest questions, but that's not what he's doing but it's obvious what he's doing and the White House denying him. The press pass was based, Editorial content it was based on behaviour, see was miss. Behaving in there in there. Anyone in the way of spending. Another judge has to make that termination of say. Was it the banishment of the costs that based on his behaviour, or was it an editorial statement? I think it's clear cut
now that it was behaviour bill. You will see that if the judge, who is a trap, appoint day comes today and give CNN relief all CNN is asking for. Today's a restraining order against banning a cost that not the whole decision but with the judge will say, is yes or no you have to get in the past back which one Why did he asked for an extra day I don't know. I believe that this is obviously the jury is big moment in the spotlight anymore. She probably go over his decision. Reward of it because he knows he sent over yet hammered either way. Whatever its decision is, the judge gonna get hammered Chinese once go over them but time and just get the word incorrect that speculation, but that's what I would surmise bill suffer from the actual corporation As you said, something I think I told
I agree with it, which is CNN in once the disruption. This is the way there making news we know. Jim accosted doesn't care about the truth, gimmicks, it wants to be a star heat. He wants to make it. He wants to put himself in elevate himself to the level of a fight with the present United States. My question is just strategically from the Trump administration standpoint. Doesn't this elevate him? and put him on this platform. Words, Trump verses, Acosta, and it's giving a cost that everything he wants to be a martyr for the first time? Well trumpet differently in the sense that Trump wants to build a wall not only to keep migrants on the southern border, but against criticism from the national press, and are. The walls convincing Americans at the press will never report accurately on him and look at this guy. Look at him, so it trump the Charter administration, believes that cost is aggression
helps them by diminishing the press in general, an end you know, I'll tell you what, if you look at the surveys about Americans and how they feel about the american media down there in the thirties. Now they don't trust them Why come so? It is that it could be. Some do wonders why tromp is doing it. Why did Fox take the stand with CNN work and actual in question back, course I came for me. I know a guy, you re the reiterated material beforehand of all. You know. I read every word that damn thing I take no dozed guy. I know that This is a evaluation on the Goin Back Radio programme based upon my knowledge of what is happening at infancy. Ok, regime change. What happened when Roger S left the company
The new people are not of the same mind set of Mr Elles. I touch number one, so there has been a change is shift and the shift is basically. And we have to become more main stream, not more liberal or ever more ensuring we a powerful brand, we have a loyal audience. And now we have to get closer to who the other. Now can all media. That's what we want to do that is these strategy that work more. Maybe not! Let me know what is mainstreaming, which is why they did what they write. But what what is main stream mean? We're gonna, be closer monitoring me in the club will never be in the club well
we celebrated when you and I were there. We celebrated the fact that we were not in the club or enjoyed the maverick static. Yes, which propelled Fox news to the top of the news rate it right that attitude like we don't air about the corrupt media because we know they're not telling the truth and We're happy were not enough club that has changed, the day that the day that Fox news fires. Entire primetime line up and to replace it with ships. Smith is the day, It would consider consider allowing Fox NEWS into the club for about two days Well, that's true. I mean departures so demonized by the far left that no matter what it dies but users. I wanna be criticized by the Washington Post in the New York Times in CNN, so they say: ok,
what will throw and with the freedom of free piece of freedom of press movement, and will finally to make a brief, and maybe that all tend to say We want to be friends. We want to be friends with you ok so bill. Who rightly where we come back. I want to talk to a little bit about the order and what is happening and something I I actually heard today driving in member when it was some live. RO podcast that I was listening to driving in and they said you will notice that the left is or the It does not even talking about the border, they don't even care about the border. They drop that now we're talking about it. We're! very concerned about it. In fact, I'm wondering what the president going to be doing about this now. So we go to the the caravan and Mexico and how The has provided police escorts to our border when Belarus
becomes back bills of news just broke that the judge has sided with CNN Shit, yeah you're thought so lucky Here? I am, the other thing you see, of the White House appeals because basically, the judges saying this is Timothy J Kelly? You can be rude, you can be disruptive any says it. You can do whatever you want. Lose your credentials ok yeah well certainly he will be overturned. I think it by this. Employed in a? U not if they appeal to the liberal pills. Couldn t see the loose, but if they want to bring it to the Supreme Court It will no doubt in my mind I win but
the other way to handle it cried Catherine, you know he's you pressed back and never mention them again. Never recognise him never call autumn. This freedom So what are you gonna be disrupts the press coverage of you like says I. Likewise in you, gotta May or whatever, then you get a thank you lose I will see you soon and walking stick age. He won't do you know you could do that you get you can do the passiveaggressive thing and yet I or you could try. The big you know, Karuna anticipate I know it does have a ride on its own property too rigid aid disrupt the behaviour no there's nobody in their right mind. You cannot run us society there is no civilization without being civil. That's where I would our rules,
right. So under this doesn't make any sense at all. Marine cannot just act anyway. You want the trouble illustration. The first thing to do is make some rules and distribute the rules that have those now but again, if they did and made the issue on that argument, is your limiting our access to the present limiting what we do it or can't do bad rolling what you to do this is our democracies the way we do it. Ok, the trumpet measures as a couple of avenues to go if they want Let me let me go back to the border. You say that the the new in coming. President Mexico says he's your new legalise all drugs. Doesn't this take the Al Capone. Not out of all. Cut the overhead, but a cartel, so they don't have. The bribe is very Mexicans and Irish
the gunman issued at the police and the army- wouldn't you don't have to shoot at police of its legal cuts? Thoroughbred spend ad bags waited money back a lot of Mexico City. They make their money you gotta New York, Ally, all american cities, so it makes it easier for them to a bundle up their product. Some send it, although it so that the best thing that could possibly abbot do the cartel. So what does that mean for America? and I realize ices many hard drugs. I mean our policies. Are policies were Verne, since I am I'm I'm done with Mexico when they when they escorted, though the losses they escorted the buses with Federalist too, our border, that's
what a partner to protect the migrant all shush, you know people would beat them up and read them and Rock Island. I would Mexico for a long time and I did go down there in the spring to buy. And I did some reporting on air about how they were handling their military and dispersing them to fight the cartels. That's all gone But now the argument for a border wall becomes even stronger when you say okay, so now we have it. Fires on Mexico? They do anything they want in hard drugs, so we gotta get harder friend they get it into American now and still there but both still wouldn't put the walkers. Eventually they want legalise hard drugs. Here you don't understand achieving switch back on the Tv Fox NEWS ignoring the unavailing. I learned it. Man
Do it do it. I haven't limbo: party limbo, low. It have this so funny but you know how this whole mediated thing is now based drop everything a hundred percent of it. Anything else. To run Andy Griffith reruns. If Trump you don't take a vacation with two weeks is its they have. They think I'm gonna believe me Let me change subjects here. You know I I do I, I run a charity as you run yours and this we can we're having an auction too These funds- and I just wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention cause. I know you you collect in a rare writings. We are, then, we formed a partnership with the Lincoln Museum in in Illinois.
And they're the ones who have the original Gettysburg address and, as you may know, there's only Abraham Lincoln made a copy of it. There are no other copies this. We have asked them shockingly. They said yes. If they would make a a high rise certified copy off of the original, so it's the only copy of the Hand written Gettysburg address that we know of that. That is that, as you know, up for auction and existence Just I just wanted to bring it to your attention that die. You know the bidding you gonna make a lot of copies or or just while as it does it, gotta make one I rise as is it I'm I'm holding it right now. This is the only copy. They have ever made and they will make I've got my bid on that deck. So
tonight and I put you down for a number of law already Abner three million dollars either bidding I dont even know. Do we have a bid on this yet. Give it he's to. I gotta gonna nail him down to a price now at what do? What kind of what do you know the number of fifteen thousand is the? Is the opening bed bill reach true about I don't go I'll, go about twenty. You got twenty thousand yet from Mister Bell, O Reilly, while wow nice work there
guy. What a guy I am. I am a swell guy. You really are a great guy and you just bought of the southern Glenn wrote down with a pencil half hour so bravely voted. It might arise back bill early back for doing this. By the way we do I'd buy bill. Thank you. So much God bless you thinking, right, happy, Thanksgiving, use all you guys and check out killing the S S great gift for anybody like history Fora, Hanukkah Chris Mission, or that it is a great book. Thank you so much built preacher. Gosh chairs, the blaze radio network on demand,
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