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This is the best of the Glinda programme. The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Death is the climb back programme. How far will be left go to shut down voices and rights that it disagrees with I'll, explore that and a whole lot more with one of the world's leading experts on economic warfare and financial terrorism coming up in one minute, my conversation with Kevin freely Conversation is a bit of a lost art. That's why this format and podcast still matter it allows breathing room to explore. I, He is an this now concept to, Chile listen and learn from one another with
our travel season almost here. I thought it was a perfect time to catch up on the Glen Back Podcast episodes that you might have missed. They come up every Saturday In recent months, I've had dozens of wide, ranging long form conversations with people on the front lines of culture, politics, education and technology, I finish your poor some of these vital conversations today, but you can find much more and the full conversations at Glenn back. Outcome or wherever you download your podcast. First, on a jump into my conversation with financial expert and hosted the blaze, TVS, economic war, room, Kevin, Freeman, We are now entering a time where there is an equal make war on speech. On religion on guns when I brought this up three years ago and said: is how they're gonna fight guns, they're, gonna fight it economically they're gonna go through the bank
right. Don't worry about the constitution. They'll go through the banks they're doing that now, with guns and speech, and everything go through amendments three four, five: six, but they're going after the bill of rights. They are, they are for control, and so, to your point on guts. There were something called OC operation choked point and real. Lee American Banker Magazine representing the american banker. Association admitted yes, operation choice, point was real. The f b I see really was encouraging banks to close the accounts of gun sellers. It will illegal, and we have nine hundred pages of testimony that prove that it was illegal. Then, when that happened wooden american bankers, associations are wounded. The winter, when was choked put chuck point was under the Obama administration. And they literally the through the F B. I see they were encouraging because so your bank, and you work with
after I see you just want to get through your review as quickly as possible and the F b I see by the way we think that those come these that sell guns, shady can make a little harder rushed into the review if you're doing business with them. If you just stop doing business close the accounts? You can do that, and so banks did If you dont have a gun seller, You'll have the ability to biogas from a reputable licence deal or following the second amendment rights. How do you How do you get a weapon legally or you get through private transaction which they're trying to ban and you get through gunshot, which there trying to ban. So this was a methodology and it was purposed and it was said in the american banker article said there were doing it base on their partisan beliefs or based on their predetermine there. What they thought was right and wrong their moral beliefs. So that's operation choke point:
now about a year ago, Andrew Raw Sorkin Who is New York Times columnist? He is all the co host of Squawk Box on CNBC. Every morning I see him, and I see Joe Colonel in Joe Colonel represents the conservative side and Andrew Raw Sorkin represents the pleasant progressive. It is very pleasant about and is always makes good arguments. Even though I disagree almost he wrote Recall New York Times said: government will not be able to solve the gun problem because we have this past. The second amendment, but you back, can do it pay pal you can do it all of the finance companies, have more power than government and he's openly Encourage them to start cancelling the Belle accounts, the bank accounts and so forth, and it's not. With guns, they are now doing it to people in my business they are silencing us one by one and.
People are not seeing it. You have our Spencer on Pike S here. Did you yeah? He was targeted. I know he was. He was sorry is not, our Jones and Robert Spencer and they're going to systematically across anyone who speaking something contrary to what we find or deem accept. And you wonder why are these people were? they on the year. Why aren't you what why are they being silence while they are unable to may earn a living? You can't even get a bank account. Well, we just saw a few weeks ago that the Paper work has now come out, and so now we actually know the numbers, But when we were saying Facebook is crushing conservatives The algorithm was changed and it changed the traffic by seventy percent too conservative websites everywhere,
whereby we, you know, and the Germans rounded up the Jews, they put them in ghettos him. The viewer jewish life. You can do whatever you on building a wall around you. Well, nobody saw them. Nobody heard them. They no matter how loudly shouted it just went into a brick wall around there and then they could liquidate them. Aren't we doing that virtually we? and we cover allow this in the end, make war. So by can rolling in silencing people changing the algorithms or the search result output. Doktor Robert Epstein is published in USA. Today he said I may Hillary Clinton supporter. Ah I'm they'll supporter today, but here's the fact. The page results produced by Google had the potential swing the election? Probably move. Independence by ten points which means that had they
I've done that. I wonder what President Trump might have won my. I think there are a lot of people who didn't vote for present tromp, but they voted against Hillary Clinton and when you do surveys of Christians throughout the south and you're asking? Why did you vote for this? Guy, because he's got this bad history here at ease with this this porn star and all is why you vote, for they always say because she hates us and everybody knew who the she hates ass was, but they were so and once in free speech, manipulating elections and their doing it was search results. And that is a silencing of free speech and in my mind its election fraud, its nudge, its nudge, it's what casts some steam talked about, All you have to do is to nudge people just just off
to the search results just a little bit here and a little bit there and all of a sudden. You are on a different path and that's what were that when you talk about before, don't we can if commonly agree, so that we can. I think we come We do, but they ve been nudged more than maybe we ve been nudged and their there, people that may not be that far from us, but they ve been nudged and that dividing wall has been built between us. When we look at the issue with gun we see what's happening here and people tend to forget. Venezuelans had guns up until two thousand wealth. They, too, the guns from the citizens in two thousand twelve. That's what you can get away with literally murder We record this Maduro is still in me. He had just taken hold.
ACE Jorge Ramos, As a rapporteur and held him captive, ports are showing that things are getting much much worse there. Russia is now saying we're we're gonna go to war in Venice. America is gonna, go to war in Venezuela, nobody is reporting the fact that Chinese have warship off the coast of Venezuela right next hours, let's have in Venezuela to think we ve sent in a right and end the western nations in an aid and they shot people trying to get it who are saying that the natural result of a true social, a revolution it it look. Good for a while and everybody celebrated New had Michael, more and every break him out to look at how good this is and then You run out of other people's money,
they nationalize stuff they ran out. I mean, is the natural outcome of a socialist revolution to always go to dictatorship and ends with the haves and the have nots the worst of which is where you have here. Your Chavez, his daughter boarding around the world with three or four billion dollars how does a communist dictators daughter and her three to four billion dollars? How does a bus driver the bus driver? That's People loved about Maduro is one of the people use a bus driver. He wasn't rich now, look at him now, look at their flying bricks, gold that he claims are his out of Lee out of the country. What happens it? Mr here president, one would build wall says it's an emergency
it's no more of a national emergency today than it was ten years ago. However, think on the horizon. I don't know you following what's happening in Mexico with the with the oil I plans and how they shut it down and now, ass lines are everywhere, they shut down. The hi had restart trucking everything. Trucking. Isn't it's not effective at least the way. In going back, that that's why they built that pipe lets. It terribly inefficient way to move further damage, horn and there's a shorter truck drivers in the west anyway. So you ve got all these even all these problems done and in Mexico. Just from that one thing: you have a press, and who will not recognise any? But anyone but Maduro he's one of the few of western countries that won't recognize him outside of Cuba.
If, if he is instituting the policies that you know, Chavez or Maduro were already a thug Is it that hard for people to think? Maybe we would have a huge. Colombian style crisis on our Mexican people phenomenal. As thereon, the precipice of potential economic greatness as a nation, because the mexican people phenomenal smart, hard working people and China is called seeing as low cost Britisher, we of an agreement with Mexico. They could be the next producer manufacturer, whatever for the United States, the wages and so forth, are on the precipice of this and you, They have from the thugs from the drug cartel control from
fact that we don't have a wall and we have poorest and open borders If we had a wall, Mexico would benefit because the drug cartels wouldn't get the massive amounts of money there the precipice of something really great if they can get their act together. That's the I mean that's where we are at so many areas of life, so many is is that it could be really great or really terrible. He was Cabin Freeman host of Blaze, TVS, economic war room in this part the duke and would go to the really good stuff. What explained a p, I dont think people understand when I say twenty thirty. A break from the doom and gloom and go to the really good stuff. What explained to me, I don't think people understand when I say twenty thirty you will not recognise, lie, as we know it, it's going to be completely different job.
From technology and what is going to do for disease and health care. All the good things that are coming What you see is good things that are possible now if we would just get our crap together all sizes expanding our I'm a board member of biotechnology companies working on liver disease, more area we ve completed, to triumph over, next ten years, our health care can proved dramatically from things that were learning and continuing to advance in science. If we can and as a nation, get our act together on the free speech issue, which I think is maybe the most important one, and by the way there is if there is came in the economic war room and gave it a real good suggestion. He's got a bill that woods, I think, solve the facebook problem and Facebook control problem. What is it
sickly. We gave Facebook and all social media pass and said by congressional mandate. You all are now I'm going to be subject to lawsuits, because you're just Interplay about you're, like a telephone company and people, pick up the phone and they call, and we can't hold you accountable for what people say on your phone. They violated that. So few want to be the phone company and not be subject to suit, people that IRAN here then fine, but you yet throttle you can't use the algorithms you'd see Lou it's the platform. Versus publisher. I know this because of the blaze a publisher, meaning I have a say, who's on and off the platform. I have a say on we're. Gonna public this we're not going to publish this so I'm held responsible society. Somebody suits us
because someone is making the decision, but Google you tube, Facebook all of them said no, no, we're a platform. We are I have a say, is run by the people, and now they're having a sale editorial correct so now they're getting them section from the government. In places that no one should have protection from the government unless you are completely Switzerland. You are new troika on what is being published a well. It's me being used over here for bad things, oh well, I'm a platform so he's introducing a bill to stop this. He is he's a few If you are a publisher and not a platform, If you are doing the editorial on the throttling, then you have no government protection from sit I think, is a brilliant answer. If we get that adopted, freeze,
each happens, the changes election trajectory it changes so many things and that which we have in common can be brought back together. If we don't adopt something like that, would just continue the balkanization alike. I keep looking at the things that we agree on there's so much there's so much that we agree on and yet were not allowed to agree on it, for instance, the border I don't wanna entire wall across the whole border. I want it where it makes sense, and I want you know sensors or surveillance of some sort. Where that makes sense you don't just the wall up across the whole border, but it's got makes sense and and the left just will not give in there just telling us this is hyperbole. This is ridiculous. It just looking at the opium deaths. Our heroine and who grade Opie I'd come across the border
high grade. Opium goods come from China, China. And if I was thinking about that the other day, I realized wait a minute now with the opium wars were about with England in China. The English know that if they went to India and bought up a bunch of opium and sold it across their border. It would weaken them from the inside. China knew what was happening and said to England. Stop doing this to us that's what they were doing is now a China is doing to us right now, the whole thing, but keep him, fine, while they're doing it were also passing marijuana laws, you can use whatever you what's the eight. This is a serious problem. It's an addiction problem that our nation has and It is a I wanted to now and not tune in we're trying to fill that
emptiness or whatever with it's fun, our opiates, marijuana whatever, is it's a problem, so we on the border thing now we just had a guest in his name for mid gift. He's got blue service and we open. The show a quorum. We opened with the idea that Ten years ago, the Democrats we Paul crewmen and Brok a bomb aware quotes. You know you ve seen the Youtube on their work, where they were stronger on the border than they are today. It's all political again, I think problem is solved. If you, if you allow free and fair exchange of speech, I think people will see the logic and see and understand it. So I think Gomer solution as an immigration implication as no implication for just about every issue of ways to get we episode of the Glen Back Podcast just subscribe on Itunes, Google play or where
Ever you download your podcast. One of my goals on the Glen Back Podcast is to have index conversations with people that I don't necessarily agree with my guest, the half hour, Gregg Lucky on off is probably somebody that maybe I disagree here and there on things, but we have strong common ground and an alarm the massive attack on free speech that is plaguing the nation lucky, is the president of the foundation for individual rights in education and last year he CO wrote a New York Times best selling book with Jonathan hate Height called the car link of the american mine. How good in tensions and bad ideas are setting up a generation for failure for where my conversation with Gregg. You can listen to the full podcasting Glenn back dot com to get every episode of the Glen Back Podcast just subscribe on Itunes, Google play or where
ever you download your podcast for now. Let's get to the buggy man of hate speech, Google and the right to be forgotten a conversation with Gregg Luciano off I obviously was not for Brok Obama and I get into the people on the right or like how could you possibly says? rock Obama made me a better man. He apps lately, made me a better man. I am glad in some ways the Brok Obama was there because he threw me up against the wall and challenged what I thought I knew I had to Ireland. Turned about, and I colonialism I learned about the Progressive era. I learned about the constitution deeply, I've learned so much same with Donald Trump. You know
We can either look at this as a bad experience or a good experience that you learn from you know we learn from it, learn from it, but our way yeah I mean, I I'm a very expensive. You know view of freedom of speech when they come down very simply to it. Important to know what people really think period, and- and I say that some people, the other the colonel put new because a lot of the way people try to challenge freedom of speeches by saying what, if they have terrible ideas like do you think you're safer for not knowing most terrible acted stick. Do you think that and also I'd want to live in. My kids were we're living next door to somebody who is real racist. I dont want him saying all the politically things I want him. I want my son going over there and have come and dad dad. You know he was just saying good, rate. We know who he is dongle there anymore remain.
They talk about censorship is being with as little a little blue, but I, like takings, annex four syphilis, were essentially you just take it found that makes you feel better, but you're just getting sick or by the minute, and it takes it, takes a little bit of like those looking at things a little bit more like an anthropologist. Are we so? I went on ass, Mercato show and I was- and I was there talk about. Why to talk about the dissemination of Steve then and from the New Yorker Festival, and you know a lot of celebrities got up in arms there. There really do an interview with with with Steve then at eleven Yorker Festival of ideas, and I
their dismissal of what of ideas, and yet I d hit out at I was there. You know, of course, of my first amendment technical had on a map of course near her can invite a murmur wants, but with my Zubaydah marketplace of ideas like knowing what people really think her honor like ok and ate it, and then the responses I got on Twitter or the funniest people, like so you're saying you would have on ahead in areas omen for my system, like ours, love to hear it. I will be born in the most interesting interviews you can imagine. I interviewed stir in the face of evil, that's great and then the extreme the people were going for was, but now is a relevant like he was this per globally, the second most powerful person in the White House Lake two weeks, you you're kidding years and now and always talking all these groups in Europe, so that it is this Vienna, which we talk about this with me and Papa pesky sheet she's. But she was our chief researcher for the book and John.
We talk about moral pollution, alot, basically just the idea that once you get super tribal, it becomes. Much more kind of superstitious idea that if I'm in the presence of I shake the hands of, if I'm anywhere near, bad, though, with a bad man, it somehow like it's gonna, rub off on you like some kind of evil hawks. I think one of the most vile voices out there is lose fair. Come I'm glad I can hear exactly what Louis Farrakhan I one want him silence. You know you could unbuttoned meter permits that anybody like hides. I got no idea right. Are you How can certainly just take a quick germ offshoot here, How concerned? Are you about the growth of of Google,
with its algorithms now being taught what to recognise hates p yeah? How I mean what hate speech? I'd? First, I don't believe in hate speed right, but what hate speeches one person is not hate speech to the other purse right. What are you can turned about area loss, I mean the colossal over night loss of it would call it a day we'll getaway, Zation, yeah hates me it's always been out of the buggy man. But you have to deal with when you're doing with free speech on campus, then the first thing explain is there's a whole generation of students largely believe that hate speech of protected as our his unprotected speech. Think it's a special category of unprotected speech and that's just not true. It's too vague, you brought it wouldn't fit any of the first amendment analyses. But then you have or institutions
Google who have always had a great deal of respect for, but then you look at cases like what happened to James the more you know who wrote something that was then I think I What about it saying it wasn't? Purple wasn't perfectly run and everything, but it was. It was also aid not dismiss if it was a dispassionate argument of what what what the stats say about gender differences, including preference for something, for some reason like the taboo around saying that men and women might actually be drawn to different fields, is it is really the end of the World Bank, but at but anyway, but yet The idea of them have a handful of institutions having so much power over what we can read and what we scares me and if they third actually policing hate speech. I get worried that the work that I do where were let me know and an end. I always have to be clear. Ninety nine out of a hundred cases that we're doing with are more like the guy getting in trouble for reading a book or food
in a crack in a joke that that, on that anybody off campus would be like. I don't even understand what was if what was offensive about that is gonna get in trouble. Meanwhile, Thoap I have do have some sympathy for Google and for Facebook because their being push towards this by some really idiotic laws coming out of the European Union. Doing about this right to be forgotten thing right. Right right to be forgotten, forgotten, yeah. Others like transgender naming no alone? Okay? This is much much worse than that that it forgotten european one of the european courts. It issued a decision talking about you, people, individuals have a right to be forgotten and the other was a law passed that tried to have to make this law controlling off for the entire you that put it on Google, if some
kit, came to you and said that article by me as old and irrelevant. So you have to remove it or or face a huge fine if it it's a huge fine unless Google, for some reason, decides to actually put up a fight to keep it. So it's like it's all downside for Google Result the one decision, so that it can just be for Global Europe. To be for Google for the entire world and its come from this kind of Phyllis idea that the inner like, if we also what you know I was so what if I'd murdered some twenty years ago, I have a right to be free to be forgotten- and it's just so Numerous dunder headed laws that I see coming out coming out of Europe, that are actually having spillover effects to the whole rests in the world, so in some ways I am worried about the internal politics of Google, but I also worried about how different you know
four have taken advantage of every opportunity to limit them. That's the thing I love about our constitution, it doesn't you don't have a right to be forgotten. He no eighteenth amendment is, is the eighth was prohibition now, yet a is still there, but twenty. First repeals it the up, but that scar is still there. So you learn the out. You know, perhaps you read it all in your head. We did that once before let me take little ATLAS. Let's go through the three bad I'd, oh sure, sure yeah, ok, so basically that there was a certain point where we were studying answer him. So riddled with eighty, be I'm just keep looking at your shirt and something came to me that I never thought before and if you like this, the dumbest man and on the planet S, you didn't mean this, but you were talking, and I thought Well, the argument that I keep hearing on free speeches will you can still EL fire you carry a fire in. Is that what that
did that play a role in that it all, I wasn't there for the original, the setting of a man but about a both of the founders, bring it up all the time and I think they think it might have. It occurred fifteen seconds after they re because one, but one of the founders Harvey Sohmer Glade, was a big first amendment attorney and every first him, an attorney in the in the whole country? Every time you you say you can't shout or in a crowded theatre right, our God. That again, I guess it's answer. So everybody knows how to answer that question. The railway out the problem is it takes like an hour and a half to explain all the ring that I've gotta go to go, go to feel Pat, go, go! Go to pull pats website me as videos on why business or others, like fifteen different reasons. Why and also people misquoted its falsely shouting fire its before or Wendell homes became good on. Freedom of speech, rose,
present, guildenstern or dead shouted fire in a crowded theatre every single day of tens of thousands of if it has no legal meaning other than generally for people to show that they don't actionable offer at separate area. But if it's it's, basically, we reopen every time. Every time someone invoke that first, amendment Lord dies some that every time it and I'll ring at an engineer between MR you're, listen, you're, just a little part of my podcast conversation with Gregg lucky on off. He is the co author of the New York best selling book called the cobbling of the american mind in this segment. Louisiana walks us through three of the worst possible pieces of advice that you could give to you. For generations Three bad idea leaders worry about it is also part of the idea of the book was, was the country creates or what we did in the original article, and basically saying it's as
we are giving a generation of people of kid? of younger people, the worst possible advice you can ever imagine. So we talk about it. We create this situation going up to the scene of supposedly wise man and he tells us three three pieces of what he thinks are wisdom, doesn't kill. You makes you weaker, always trust your feelings life, is a battle between good people and evil people, and we will do this is kind of a joke and the beginning of it and it, and we have made me and John going that's like loser the worst idea of our life, and so the first one. What do they call you makes? A weaker is obviously a plant on Nietzsche ones and kill. You makes stronger and of course, we recognise its like. Yes, there are things that are short of killing you, the candle Deanna, leave you in and we're shape, but it damn for great truth, which is in a both so we try to make all the green untruths things
we're both bad in terms of modern psychology. What modern psychology would tell you and in terms of brazilian ancient wisdom, which is surprisingly coherence on a number of issues. One of them is that people need challenge mere gonna, see that in practically every culture than they did, it would be absurd to say people don't need challenge, but what we see on campuses look that we dump safety ism is an. Also for parents. These days, in our case through twelve idea that kind of like there's no met to how safe you can be and they also expanded into that weird kind of definition of safety. That means like em Finally, unperturbed right, so it is expected that the concept creeps into different directions that there's no amount of physical safety. That's that's too much or comes in, bad side and by the way, was at an emotional safety to whom and of course you know what we talk about. The book is now seem to idea of anti fragility. Shoe
beings aren't we're not fragile and we're not. Merely resilient were actually, creatures that need stressors. We need to be challenged or we atrophy and die, or we grow healthy and strong in probably best, presented by you know, astronaut serve you, send them up to the send them up in a no gravity, their joint start, dick, decaying, really quickly but on the other hand, you know if you, if you run everyday and it looked a little bit of weight, it's amazing how much how much you can improve. I think it's. I think it's interesting they're doing studies now on. What's what the kids, what they think the effects will be on living on yeah and they believe that, after I think it's twenty years of living on Mars, that you actually work to be able to meet with an earthling Because you will no longer be technically but we call human while speedo you're, so you actually you're changing,
I think it's interesting that part of being human is having the pole and drag on you absolutely. And so what we see it with his obsession safety it is that there wasn't really meaningful push back, saying that listen we can take was too far it can actually be harmful, but of course it can be harmful. Just the same way. We tell people, you know you don't overcome phobias by in a bubble up in the world from her phobia Zalewski. Truth and number one the second one actually like, because it sounds so darn romantic, which is your feelings. Luke feelings are always right and every you know a lot of money every, but you know what movies and I find the last. If that I love does allow times have I have this idea of your feelings, always right and it in nonsense, it is correct to say that
feelings always telling you something just it's not always what you think it is soon David Byrne. Has this great quote where she bore? You stick me paragraph to say that in eighty run into that, where you feel like you clean, took a book to explain something gets down like a pity phrase: she's a field things information, not directions, Why you're angry? Why you're jealous? Why, here why you're guilty without interrogating those things we could be way off base on on where there actually coming from and what their turn it off This is the Glen Back Programme. What is the creepy line quota end quote, and why does it matter find out in one minute my conversation with Peter Schweitzer? today I am sharing some vital conversations from the Glen Back Podcast. If you haven't heard the podcast, they are ninety, It interviews uninterrupted, and there really very different
this half hour, I'm gonna play just a little bit of a talk I had with Peter Swine are now he is the best selling author of secret empires, and we Scots, his new documentary about power and the peril of Google and Facebook thee, creepy lying. You can hear me the podcast at glennbeck dot com and to get every episode all you have to do subscribe on Itunes, Google play or wherever you download your podcast it as well your time once a week, you'll get a new podcast for now. Here's these are my conversation with Peters, wiser I did a show recently on the difference between disinformation and misinformation. Fastening topic right, Can you explain the difference between the two one is one did Information is when it is, is planted in two? what you think is a credible source right. If it comes
providence you're like ours Pravda, but if it comes from the New York Times by then its DIS information. In a way Google is, is engaged and Facebook knowingly or not in a disapprobation campaign yes. I think. I think that you could certainly classify that in and I think the issue becomes Why are they doing this and how are they doing this? You asked earlier about the Zuckerberg and and your interaction with him. I don't know that Mark Zuckerberg, I'm not suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg, is sitting around saying. How can we deal with conservatives on Facebook so either, but the problem is: there: are lots of people employed by Facebook who maybe they're in their mid twenties, maybe they were woke. You know I'm on campus and they are now involved in the news feed I mean we had a you know a facebook gum.
Boy who is involved with our trending section that came out a couple years ago, who said oh yeah, we sunk conservative stories and we boost liberal stories so I don't think it's it's a question of the executives of these companies kind of James Bond villain moment. Saying here is how we're gonna rule the universe. I think the question of the created these powerful companies and they ve created culture within these companies that for all the time, of tolerance? Is we very intolerance and at risk in the product that they are producing, so did you did you touch on it all. I have is a doctor from a meeting with media matters on inauguration day. It was a meeting that happen with far donors media matters on the election day in Florida or not on election day and on inauguration, nay,
and they said here's where we went wrong. And here's what we're gonna do and it talks in that in that document about how they are going to go to Facebook and Google and they are going to advise right guide and in that document it says We have already been given access to all, of the raw data in real time. Peter I don't think I'll give that to me or any organization that I know of that they would not. They would not, and this is the problem I mean the problem is the way that are trying to deal with. This is their let you were in criticized by concerns so we'll go me. With conservatives are not saying that's a bad thing either way, I think that's a good thing, but
that's not really the issue. The issue is not you know, say nice words. The fundamental issue comes down to you. What is this? company doing an end. The whole debate now that's arisen, risen about fake news. I think A huge problem because its allowing essentially these liberal groups, like the southern Poverty LAW centre and media matters to essentially say to Facebook and Google. No, no, we want you to engage in more censorship, Renoir. You to classify and the end the facebook could respond well, but we have others we have I don't remember its heritage foundation, but we have we others like that, are doing on the right I dont want That's our side, that's exactly one. Either side shut up, it's it's the that the problem that develops is that nasty word cronyism
and cronyism is a problem where you give concentrated power or you give special access or favours to certain people in invariably, it's gonna be misused, and- and this is really that the question I guess client is- does Facebook and does Google so much just trust the american people, that they believe the american people are incapable of looking at a new story and saying totally ass are not by on that. And they don't they don't have confidence in the american people do that they feel They have to somehow be. The perpetrators and they don't so here's, let's be clear, just new study came out goldfish goldfish
have an attention span of nine seconds? Americans have seven second, okay, so to let these very clear we're not doing our job like a like, and that has changed dramatically because of Facebook and all of the interaction that we do. However,. Well. I was just asked this question well, don't they have a responsibility shouldn't navy? No, they have sponsor ability to be transparent and be a platform, correct platform, correct I don't believe that you should sensor anyone on a platform like it's the boy I don't feel arrived of ideas, Day that now, what people will say is well, then, crazy cause. There's lots of crazy people. There are. There are Thomas Jefferson said believe the people trust the people right,
the key to that sentence was, karma. They will usually get it wrong about eventually another academia who get right right right exactly so we're going through this period right now. The worst thing we can do is put baby sitter on top of us forever. Yes, We have to learn fire Is hot? Yes, now you're exactly right- and this is- is further evidence that I think They don't really understand the giant. Max at work in the country today. The dynamic at work in the country today is a rejection sort of this elite view of how society should be organised. It's one of the reasons why you have in financial markets? Conservatives people on the left, don't trust large banks, they don't trust Wall Street. It's a rejection of that. It's the same reason: conservatives
brawls. Independence have a distrust of Washington. D C is because they want tax policy to be slightly differently. They don't fundamentally trust them. Terrific to their interests and to look out for them, and they also know the elites generally look down upon them. So that it might. My challenge to Silicon Valley is for all their talk of a gala terrorism. For all their talk about. We love democracy in everybody. Having a voice. Do you really? You really, I mean the pointers we all remember as a kid. I grew up outside of Seattle, Washington. I remember going down to a place called pioneer square. You probably went then too, there are all kinds of people wandering around saying, strange things. Well, those people today may how blog sites and we're gonna say some crazy stuff. I pay a lot of attention back? Then I'm not paying a lot of attention now, and I have enough trust that most people are going to pay a lot of attention to them an end. That's I think what
we have to embrace, because otherwise, it we are going to have intellectual policemen trying to tell people here's what you should think, here's what you should I think not, that, but please don't even look in the store. You can't even look in this direction. If you look in this direction, it might somehow in fact you it's ridiculous, battlefield of ideas- is such that the best ideas win, and I happen to believe that the ideas the american founding were the best ideas and they are going to win and we ought to be confident that, in the kind of monitoring in everything else honestly goes against almost every. A single article in the bill of rights, try almost every single one is violated now now if by the government right, but it is the same principle especially the bigger they get yes
and that by the way, goes on to what you were saying earlier about Huxley and Orwell. You know that that the traditional view is the government was gonna use technology to control our lives, really corporations have always you know. I've always always made fun of you know, blade runner the corporation a shut up about the corporation. It's the government, no right right. Oh, we are now entering the time where the Lib concern about corporations by is actually accurate. Now, right in Ho and it's weird that their sole in love with Apple in Google COS. These? Are the guy stupid warning us by whom, so you let me list Take you kind of that Orwell Place, but first explain Gmail, is free,
Google searches are free right right, they are free, but they come at a high price. I'm not paying anything will you not paying anything in terms of monetary? That's true, they're, free, but, Question is what, is going on because all these servers, all this capacity, is expensive, but what Google is doing is they have a product here, a buying it. You are the product they are selling you you're selling, you and their selling. All kinds of secrets about you and Gmail is a perfect example of this. I use Gmail up until I started on this project, and now I dont use gmail anymore, and what people after realise about Gmail is their skin every email but comes in their scanning. They know what's in it they scanning, every email that you send out- and If you draft an email, you know you're you're upset with your cousin about something you had a new debate over Thanksgiving and you thought they were rude, and you said you know Cousin Chris,
I think you're rude and your terrible and you're this, and that you say you know what that the kind of nasty I shouldn't send it that draft their scamming. That draft or make it clear here? not saying the draft that you save and put into drafts Grech, it's the keystrokes gets recording the keystroke escrow. Even if you delete all of it ass, it was still there. Are I what port and here is again to distinguish when you say there scanning, doesn't mean their reading it correctly and why they scanning it scanning it because, let's say you send an email to your friend golly, I'm really tired, a work, I'd sure loved to be on a beach in Mexico right now, their skin. Yet because their scanning they're looking for beach in mexico- and you are going to probably see ads on your google feed for Apartment, sir or condos in Mexico, and lo and behold, the net.
Morning some day you wake up and they say Mr Schweitzer I've already. To ticket. That's right! Would you like to go to Mexico today? I know you're tired and you ve been thinking about it right, that's right in that where we're headed and again there still, there are certain amazing conveniences that come with us. I mean you know you Google MAPS and are all sorts of great benefits to that to Google search the thing people have to keep in mind, though, is it's not a one way street? It's now just these wonderful good things there doing for you. It's capacity. They are developing to do things to you. So when I say that their scanning, your gmail mails, it's not that there is a person sitting in Silicon Valley, saying oh look what clan just sent in Gmail Correct, but they have the capacity to do that. Yes, and they have the capacity if they don't like what you're doing too
you off from Gmail and in Doktor Jordan Petersen. We highlight him in the film: that's it sadly what happened to him he's said psychology, professor at the University of Toronto, and he took a pit position against compelled speech where there was a debate in Toronto about an ordinance that would require you to address somebody by their preferred. Gender Peter this position was- I always address people by their prefer gender. But this is compelled speech. He should not force people to do this. He took this public position the next day. Glenn he was shot out of his gmail account you shut out of his Youtube account. Everything, Google Old was shot down. Now you would think I use this going on. I think probably what happened is somebody he connected with Google. Maybe but mid level saw this year is may be in favour of this policy position and and and sort of in a juvenile way said Anna, like this guy we're gonna, We have cut him off
Jordan Petersen losses Gmail, he losses. Is his Google calendar the point being you rely on these products is gonna, give them an enormous capacity over your life and if they choose to sometimes in an arbitrary way, they may just shut you out, because they don't like opposition position, ve taken and the promise Google does not have a customer service department, you can call to say why did this happen? They have no customer service department and they made clear. We can choose to do this to you any time we want. Is the best of Glenn back, I'm talking with Peter wiser best selling author and producer of a new documentary called the creepy line financed the question of everybody who I think is paying attention in Silicon Valley or is involved in Silicon Valley,
The answer comes back exactly the same way. Every time because has been a plea of mine, I'll say to them. This might sound crazy. However, politicians or politicians, economies or economies, They usually repeat the same mistakes again We are at a weird economy that I don't care whose in office at sea, point it's going to crash it always does we are going to feel real pain and the longer this one goes, the deeper the pain is gonna, be we have politician, and they tell us. Well, I'm gonna bring those jobs back. Ok, well, you have people in Silicon Valley right now that, celebrating a four point, whatever unemployment rate
because their entire job Is to figure out how do we have a one hundred percent unemployment rate, because that's the world of the future, as they see it right but no one is talking to people about this being capital said about eight months ago by twelve, these thirty, The United States of America will have a thirty percent point rate permanent. And it will only go up from their because of the thing Silicon Valley is doing, So here is the scenario. Start to lose jobs, this starts to kick in around twenty twenty people. Dark to lose jobs there not coming back. Politicians have to blame somebody.
We're gonna, where you know I didn't bring those jobs back, I'm and bring those jobs back at some point. The people say now those jobs are coming back there, after have another story, it's them. It's the people in Silicon Valley that taking your livelihood away, they have they have, manipulated you, they have and it is torches to Silicon Valley. Unless the pound petition says how about we work together. That's when Orwell happens, everyone. I have said does that sound crazy? Let's see, if he respond. The way you respond is that some crazy, no sounds very realistic, and if, if I were, a titan of Silicon Valley was sort of their world view. That's precisely what I were would do and if I
part of what I call the permanent political class in Washington Republicans are Democrats doesn't make much difference. We what I would add exactly what I would do and you you will then have this in a sense, unholy alliance between the political leadership and high tech and you know we know who's gonna get the short end of the stick in when those to end these get together. That's that's gonna, be the american people to get every episode of the Glenda Podcast just subscribe on Itunes, Google play or wherever you download your podcast, two guys walk into a bar, an atheist and a devout Christian. Now at this point be thinking this joke, isn't gonna be very funny or be is problem, gonna be very insulting and maybe even a little bit hostile but It was not hostile and it was fun and funny my encounter with the God father or as I like to call him. Began to Father one of the intellectual dark web. Founding members,
I am a puzzlement too many Christians, because I like to go to different services. I like to see how people are worshipping, and I, like you love it. We shall come to our synagogue, love it Arabic, Jews hi Tribal, that's sad! Allow that precedes Jesus Bite and thousand year yeah. So and I love it. I've been the world. You know Benazir Bhutto temples, are forbidden and say that the great synagogue and and went on shore bought so love. It Where I have a problem- and I we you probably have the same problem except in reverse, is.
How can we say this way? I think if we would just stop saying no, I have them picture, I have the full picture, your picture is right and if would all just shot up and sinner pictures down on the table. They might happen into a puzzle and we see the whole picture remain, but we can't do that. For me to be right. You about IRAN, wrong, it's a zero sum game, upside and and people. I respect, and I mean to you, you are the father- grandfather of the intellectual dark web. Our dark intellectual, yet dark way and. What I like about that is. You don't have to agree on everything you just have to cool with other people have saw did
as a matter of fact, I think most of the people who are more part of that group, I say this agree on quite a few very serious SAM Harrison Iron, perfect this agreement. When it comes to Donald Trump, he thinks he's ushering nuclear holocaust. I dont. So there are many but what we do all share is a commitment intellectual conversations aid disdain for intrusions against freedom of speech and disdain for political correctness. So that sort of the bedrock on which all else can be built an opt in, and I want to get into your story cause you're not like this. I dont think Bill SAM Harris, they they talk about religious people like they are, you know, scourge the scourge of the world and You know I happened to a great I have to agree with Gandhi. You know I'll
this Jesus of Yours- I just I'm not so such big fan of his followers in other good people and that people and in all of it, they're good. Come out of it bad things come over. I actually know a few good Muslims now there, the first to be killed by radical Islam No, they say there muslim. I believe that they, you know, follow the path of Islam as they define it right, and their great and they tolerate me- and I tolerate them right- there are others. Christians, Jews atheists autumn that just demonize That's the doubting that sets! I think, such you apart. At least in our interaction Absolutely others! Look I I I absolutely don't mind that our very religious, because I truly appreciate that should all utility of the
just mind. I get that their endless benefits that from being a believer Bothers me is one religion becomes intrusive, yen, sodomy, could be intrusive and that you better view between Islam and in an Islamist. Although a low, just be clear that the there is no codified way by which Islam is for some Islamists an individual might decide to ignore the seventy three thousand tenets that are part of Islam, that there is no book of Islamism that is distinct from Islam. Correct any it's it's it's a lack of a reformation. Carter, FI exactly right, but there are those who are not Islamists in that they don't take seriously all the content of the book. It's not that there bring to a different but correct gentle, sweet Islam ready so
from my perspective when free and it does have to be as intrusive as one Islam comes into trying to get everybody else. If you try to claim as a religious person in science, you're being, in my view, intrusive stay in your lane, right don't the lack of epistemic humility to try to explain why rock looks like it is Four billion years old, but it's really young earth, creationism, now you're being intrusive against the truth that pisses me off. So, perfectly willing to tolerate lifted live if everyone, including the most religious as long as you not intrude on other people's rights, but the way the fine intrusion way way way intrude on. People's rights I'm truth right, these ample that you used and you said, stay in your lame. If
distance, the guy who invented radar cameras named, but he was a whether man and everybody in England, the you know it was in power. The other very higher uncle know you new Euro, whether man you're well I'm telling you this idea, will work right. He could aided it. He proved did it work and then the government stepped in and said. Ok, we're gonna have real people. Work on this now live I got an editor analogy there. There is, mean stay in your lane in that I'm in the latest only in intellectual should say this and not a common pursuant to the contrary. I'm a professor of the people, as I was not at all. What I'm saying is the system ology of religion does not provide a workable framework for understanding natural laws. That's not its domain! Therefore, it should and pretend that it could. Contribute to scientific truths. Maybe it
help you understand how to behave or not. We can debate that than that's fine, maybe it it has a place to play in terms of moral codes and weaken the severe or not with that. But it does it There is no way to study natural mechanisms either through The upper of religion or the epidemiology of science science the only game in TAT town when it comes studying natural phenomena. You're, not. I think no! No! No! No, I think I think I agree with you on Bible is not a science book but make signs claims it does make very clear scientific claims that argument on put their this proven anyone. I think, any thinking human being will lie. Get the scriptures and say what
Are they trying to explain in their language? What were they? What were they sang and you can look at the arc of the story and go ok. The arc of the story I get Did God create in seven days? That's ridden Dick Gillis, it's ridiculous! Now you could say his days or different than my days off a fine. That's where the Olympic Mental Gymnastic start If you want to say that a book that is wit, Britain. Five thousand years ago, those guys had an idea of you know domain, but Eleven gymnastics or not? You can look and say: oh well, his days are the same as mine, but sire and swill tell me right how all this? planet is and- and you know the big bang I don't have a problem.
Big bang. I don't know That's why it happened. Right, looks like it, but ok. I am concerned about, is what counts the big barrier, why what happened? a second before the big bang, but it's all, path, but not like this right. Hey you ve heard of the God of the gaps arguments the gun. The APS arguments. Basically, whenever there is an explanatory gap in our scientific knowledge, that's worth I've got to hide right, so there used to be a time when an eclipse was God yet now you can no longer hide their then funder was God than he can't hide. That's a scientific or is nothing. There is nothing. I don't believe I dont believe it's gonna get me. So I dont believe that the waters parted I do believe the jewish oral tradition, the winds might have swept and swept the water to leave
but not like this right, hey fella Kafka, give theorize that may be the the asteroid belt was from a any was wrong and all this, but maybe there was- and maybe a moon spun off cause Some gravitational pull something came made the water stand up. I don't believe that, but at least it's a scientific ray of looking for what is right is happening. You know faith. People's it. Will that wasn't a miracle? Well, I don't know, I think, cat scan is right. I think that's a cat, I think that's a miracle in any other time that would have been called a miracle now just learning how to do things and what brought about the cats guidelines? I have no problem with science
but by the way, if an odd comes- and he says no- two plus two equals five- he's, not God, that's called postmodernism by you are young of the Glinda program. If I can put a finger on one of the worst ramifications of this new era in technology and social media, it's how become so tribal lized into our own little safe spaces, we're not interconnected anymore. We, come cocoon and separated were surrounded by opinions that agree with us rather than open us up to, or at least Considering, though, things that we don't want to hear we don't talk to one another anymore, we dont engage and respectful debate. We don't act, listen and it's one of the reasons why I started doing podcast every Saturday there availing
claimed back dot com or wherever you get your podcast. The one you're about to here is, I think, crucial GAD, sad, a guy I'm not supposed to like and I'm a guy he's not supposed to like, but we ended up with, when each other he's one of the original intellectual dark web thinkers. He is an atheist, and someone whose opinion I value greatly, here's the conversation we had about religion and God spoiler alert one gets insulted or hostile. You said God is a scientist. I actually wrote an article where I argue that God is a darwinism and let me make the argument here for you to this great paper written I a darwinian historians of this up, a historian who studies historical potter using the evolution airlines and she did a content analysis of the old
damn. So this is away where you can study scientifically the Bible with with an evolution, airlines, hers and here's what you did So there is a lot of research that shows that with high it's an evolutionary truths, but those truths can exist from I said that the reason why men fight the other men for status is because the downstream once it is. I get more women right, and so what You want to do is tell this exact idea by looking at characters and the by and so what you did ass, she coded each in the you on the Bible. His ranks offered up he's a profit. A king, he's a general he's a slow If he's a farmer and then count the number of women mates that our assent, she hated to him, and it was the exact prediction that you expect from evolutionary theory with greater The office of men in the Bible comes greater reproductive benefits, and so therefore, I called that
God is a darwinist. So again the bible. Thus can in certain universal truth, certain evolutionary truths, but those truths connect. This, for my viewpoint simply be they are a manifestation of human beings having written those things not of a supernatural agent. Last question is that I want to get too history, but last lasting solution can we agree on maybe two out of it. Or Ben Franklin was asked? What is the american religion and they were trying to at him, and he said well, the american religion is that there is a god he's gonna judges, so we serve him and the best way to serve him is in is by serving our fellow man. If that's what religion did it get yeah yeah good idea. The only thing, though, is, I would say my God
more impressive for me to serve you without it being an exhorting. From got exactly. In other words, if I am good to Glenn back simply because I innately virtuous, and I think it's the right thing to do without worrying whether a sky, these judging me or not, that's a more pure for that and its more pure. When you, you know, people try to go baptized blogger, each baptized faith. Would you stop soon up as the I am by out? But I I I I buys the push to get people into the waters of baptism. I believe in this centred such I believe, what I do. However, but I just love somebody right now oh I'll, tear motive. I love you because anything else is crass Anything else does not come from what's more impure it because
as an ulterior motive wreck and that's what we're coffers. In God's name like up they're gone, you know if we prefer, and this guy than this guy will do that second, it doesn't work that way. If there is a god he's not doing that, he's like you can t is come to me like a child. He is reach I like eyes just gonna with each other death is that land that programme? No matter how you get your news today, whether it's from a newspaper, cable, tv or a smartphone, there's not a whole lot to be optimistic about me, Sometimes it can be downright discouraging. I think what we need right now is a little old timer country perspective, my conversations with Phil Robertson he's about his old time. Countries against it begins in one minute backbone. The customers at coffee shops got their information from actually talking to a person
across the table from them rather than ignoring them, while scrolling through their twitter mentions things. A lot simpler there was wisdom in a good conversation. A friend, a family member pastor was usually the first to be consulted when advice was needed tat we needed to get back to a little bit of that my party asked Available England back dot com or wherever you get. Your podcast is a good mixture of modern day technology an old fashioned communication, one on one, thoughtful and practical application that you can actually use my reason conversation was with Phil Robertson, and it goes right, to the heart of this concept: here's small portion as thing become more and more insane in our world, I thought of the poster that that Churchill put out the second World WAR, keep calm and carry on.
Right now, none of us are keeping com were all freaking out. All we have to do is keep calm and then do the things that you know are right. Just pay, no attention that just keep calm and carry on your quoting some great scriptures. Look urge brothers, in view of God's mercy, offer your body as living sacrifices wholly and pleasing to God offer your body that twenty four seven, which easier, where's your worship, the conform any longer to the pattern of the world. You just mentioned the pattern of work back since if someone tell me that we would end up not to them. Twenty with the mischief these simple The murder. Our children. They shoot up. Churches concert you, Europe.
Jesus said, the devil is the father of lies. Just the news media and what they keep coming out of their mouth in your work. And the scary party is, I think they believe fella. You too, and is it not just this news media, it's the Jesus who the devil is at hand the whole thing here. It's advertising thing: of the lies of to sell somebody a product, I to tell you you're not complete. Without this, that's the yes lie. There is no it That's why I haven't gotten into the cell phone and computer Venus, I'm only on the computer, but I never look. There's different gives here's where Love must be sincere. Twenty four seven. If what is evil claimed, what's good all the time, twenty four seven,
be devoted to one another and brotherly love all the time. Honor one another above yourselves, all the time. Don't be lagging zeal, keep your spiritual fervors serving a Lord all the time Major Vernon, hope, patient and affliction my process It acted up here about two weeks ago. You say: did you go down down on the ground as the Almighty to take it from me. It took about they contain days are actually want to see a doctor for the first time in fifty years you patient, flicks? The last time I in the hospitals, where a tick bid me and gave me rabbit, either use you haven't been back to a doctor. Since the other day, because your prostate got deck than you. Was it rough, was it rough, solar, patient and affliction. I waved it faithfully prayer share
God's people who are in need practice. Paternity have em over for a meal bless those who persecute Metalogy Dockers, ass, a bear, bless and don't curse. Rejoice with those who reject or more and with those who, mourn live in harmony with one another, don't be proud, but be until associated with people of low position. Poor, the down them whether redneck forever we can don't repay anyone evil for evil. This is worship, This is how we worship. Careful to do what right in the eyes of everybody you like the careful do. What is right, no matter who is looking to do what is right, be careful the do what's wrong He's not do what's right before Let him see that if it's possible, which is amazing,
Far as it depends on you live in peace. With everyone. I live in a redneck neighborhood. You say you try to live in peace for them. They were stealing my fish, the Red Next when I was fishing to survive before the door count took off. A lot of nets in the river hook, nets catfish go in Buffalo Buffalo, we get thirty cents, a pound. Catfish you get. Seventy. At all these nets at at plutonium. You could see you everyone around. I knew there were man, S. I would notice that out here and outboard when a train I say to get it go down. I write quick looking through the bushes look over there. And every once in a while. Some of these gas would pull up all monos floats and they start coming up with it. They're gonna to steal my fish
but I did at first I was young and the faith, a shot gun buckshot. Throughout their and our words, threat names. The daylight out of importing. You do and steal it from me, but they kept stealing run that bunch often three, Slater there's another, but. I read this text that were really now take revenge, my friends leave room for guys wrath, it's written its man to advance our replaces Lord. On the contrary, if your enemies hungry fading, if first to give something to drink. I said young and debate. I said that work. These rednecks If I'm good too. If I give a water turn is still
turn on the lower the acquits demon I see that more work, but it Dear me, back, I said. How would I know I've never tried it? the strand a spoken These are dangerous people anyway, hoarsely in the south you eat Ankara's yet so I said well I'm gonna try that Lord I'm good. Test you ready on this subject. Sponsor Kedge turn out with my motor. I have my gun just in case my faith gets one week it's not in my hands. It's in the bottom of the boat out ballade. There These guys look around and they drop in Manila in the River act like they were. Fishing acid gas looks lacquer. You ve had trouble catch. Some fish decided to get man in Manette. I said
good times have term your way, I'm gave you the face, you're. Looking at me and the look on their faces, they look each other. I said: I'm gonna give you what you I want you to have a fish. How many are common that should were well see. That was occurs in and I You start fresh fish. People to come out of the woodwork can function. Seen in years I say: listen, I'm gonna gape keeping vote right there, calm down there, I'm not gonna, hurt you I'm gonna give you what you are trying to see what you fix the catch pull the matter at a lot of patience I put him in my boat, I put the net back out to bring about away. They said, now, so we just go and acid among over they. They were scared me, though they were thick and wait a minute we steal from in he's, given us what we were trying to steal,
he's crazy. They get their boat, I still don't fishermen their boat. I said When do you think you have enough for the fish fry you can say say so, and they we one time. Will you I think I d be enough. Miss Rogers enough. Let me give you a few more sought through them small. I should now You have what you wanted to steal, I'm giving you what you are trying to steal. I said do this for a living. This is I'll make money. I said about a priest, If you didn't steal from me as listen of super on here that house. One idea The next time you want to fish, for, if you can't catch any fish, just come see me and I'll, give him tee. All the way up and down the river for years after that they are quick. Stealing from me. What I didn't know was young. Faith appeal to there.
Chance, if they had one and I wanted them to say good I think I given to us. I mean Guy gave us the face was trying to steal. Can you believe that set goes around and the Red Sarkozy, wheat, recent food at all, do that's a good day. God was right all along, I just never head. I was too we see it, so I will tell you I find I read the scriptures and I find answers to everything everything that you you'd, just like you did with fish and answers everywhere. In it And it's amazing every time I try to works too. Is there a problem with? people of faith in America today, because they they First, they believe it but then they don't do it. They know the. The the answer is-
These are not enemies of yours, their enemies of mine I, I have the right for vengeance. You don't, I am commanding you to love them. Remember were not wrestling against flesh and blood rights. Emirates! That's not where the battle is correct. We're wrestling with the rulers of this AIDS, the authorities, the reason of Darya, the privileges of diet is the air carriers are wickedness India is our battle is with the evil? One. That's why, when I wrote a book it says that fact, America, so I'm putting it on the evil one. The human you're just caught up in it correct, but a few if they're delivered from Satan they're ready to go, but he's surprise So where are all the Christians that don't? I want to they will say I do not. I have plenty
Let me give you my fish. Just don't steal from me. They would say, and I mean this for everybody, but I'm hearing it from christians- and you know but I know everybody is this way they would say that is weak That will show weakness. You they're gonna steal from your blind. If you do that, you can Do that you gotta show power and you got a stand, Let me show you another thing or where they would do the same thing. Be angry. But soon not okay, so someone scenes against C and you're angry you're good! Anger is a healthy emotion. However, vengeance is not that's, be angry, but dont. Send. You like why, how could I be angry not seen well
If you lash back out verbally, they curse you use, DART, Kherson them, and then you have up in escalates. So both are cursing each other. You no good to neighbours. One moment a gradual another sad Fanfaronade Sentner Kherson each other. Yet I can't last MAC physically you're sitting. You have to keep them ass, yet you don't pick up something either and began to beat him half the death with it or pelagic pestilent shoot them the angry but dont say: ok, they send against you you'd. Retaliate verbally, retaliate physically, you just walk away, however, allow times when you walk away. You didn't say and not yet, but you better car stay curse. You lack they still got it their talents, only they steal. How can you harm theirs? controlling you
you're bitter about taken the Kherson. For no reason you say What's the way out of that, may us watch own person to do just forgive them. Don't be better dont lashed out verbally dont lash out physically just forget them and move on. You say it looked the stronger person, the one they came take a cursing with our Kherson back its weak, you say pick something because somatic curse, you know, beat him at the death. You say: that's weak, you're better for the next twenty years over what someone you like they have controlled. The law for twenty years you're steal my head about what they did back see it all tat are Forgive me over, you say, forgive him! That's true! There's the strong person so we just get it at a whack
is the best of the Glinda program. I'm talking to feel Robertson, the grand daddy of Duck dynasty, Phil breaks down has only Phil can break it down. So I think I think forgiveness is thee. Think that's the first step. I think the deeper step of it is profound empathy. I know I've been in situations where I've had to forgive and I could forgive, and then I ve been in situations that I prayed a lot about that I knew I was gonna, have problems with Europe and my whole heart. Saw felt the your pain and all of a sudden, no matter what they said to me. I could just feel how much pain they were in and it brings you to tears in Europe and that is That's even more when you, when you can t say
I forgive you and mean it is hard I feel the very different other blindly and so very difficult for him and be ass. You get that Where are the greatest commands and above all love. God love your neighbor. You say in spite of them the term times larger, we forgiven seven. He said seventy times. Seven. Seventy times haven't they lack any time. Seven. They ve gone back and fear Robertson added up every violation where they broke gods, one of his loss, if we had them all up, you say there would be promptly. Thousands, that's why Jesus said you'd be forgiven to seventy time. Seven, he really difficult year. Look how many scenes are forgiven. Of you. So if you look at it like there to say whoa what he is
leave? No debt remain outstanding. Let no dad remain outstanding pebbles except one day we will back they contain. When debt to love one another. For he who loves his fellow man watch how this works has fruit. The law with all the don't do this. Don't do they dont lad, austere darker, don't you like? How are you? How do you feel that let your neighbor watch the command much do not commit adultery, do not murder, do not steal, do not covet, and what ever other commandment there may be are summed up in this one rule love your neighbors. You sap la does no harm to its neighbour. You, like
I don't get up in the morning and say I got to make sure that animal steel, somebody's funeral money, other billfold, I gotta, Make sure that you know that that out have any evil thoughts and I've got to make sure that ought not last shouted up. Just love, just love em. If you love em you so that goes, to them, if you love em, you say you're not gonna, be on And if you love him, you know Miss with their woman. He loved them too much she's your sister. She's fellow human beings, What I can do that I always had a hard lesson garden to get we episode of the Glenville part has just subscribe on Itunes, Google play or wherever you download your podcast. Her parents died. Out of school at a young age she lived in,
absolute poverty with no electricity and no running water Carol. Swain refuse to be defined by all that. I said. With care a little while ago for a podcast, it's available at Glenn, back dot com, a reverie get your podcast and I was blown by her story. Fur we're professor at Vanderbilt her. Because now been cited by two Supreme Court justices, but here's the part of the conversation on race and immigration that was fascinating. Look at how long the government was shut down and didn't seem to be a problem with most people. There is a there's, a contempt I mean this border wall thing. I think the average American on the border will as look. I just want to know who's here. I want to make sure Emerson. Amis thirteen is not in my neighborhood. It sure that bad guys aren't here wanna make sure the good people that
I want to make us better and want to become american, could come through the front door, but make that easier. I'm that right, I just don't, want people here. The reason why there demanding a wall is because they don't trust government. They say. I want something permanent because you'll pass it. You want build it and if you do build it you'll. Stop you, doing whatever it was? You said you were gonna do the minute. We turn around. That's why people a wall so we're we're we're looking at this this time where I think somebody like Donald Trump could say you know what you know- I this border wall. It is in the mess that it is. Because nobody in the Republican Party actually mean it when they tell you border wall. Nobody,
tracks, where they can. Oh yeah yeah drive a car over over the fence, which means we need to make up. This is better, but we definitely need. I think he could make the case to both sides Can this has to stop my lay this most recent academic book is an additive debating immigration? and now in it were, was real. Sagas of last year. Some given a lot of thought to immigration, immigration has not been reformed. Since nineteen eighty six and waved piecemeal There is no incentive by either pull a party to make the reforms that we need and so and bore a wall. When immigration itself the whole thing needs to be reformed and wall, I believe, is needed because I mean there's another caravan common from Honduras, honest It's a! U S, end
you know they do get across the fans M M! You may have seen the photograph of someone. They know how to drive cars. They may have tried. Where they can. Oh yeah yeah drab a car over over the fence which means we need to make advances better, but we definitely need something so that you just can't have you no thousands of people I just walk across the border arrest? The border They are in one group where, as you focused on the two thousand when the two hundred you know Mile Dan walking the board- and so I think the border wall attention is own that when it you We on key four hints of immigration reform and by comprehensive- and I mean you- know amnesty as a code word- I mean opera! In that you look at the whole picture. Goal as well as illegal immigration, and
It is impacting american citizens in adverse way in adverse ways and the ones that a common here being released in Texas in cities. Ah, they they have to be highly somewhere there, housing that american citizens are not gone again because state and to ah in some cases have more benefits able to get more benefits from certain parts venom. Consider sense that a struggling I find it I found did insulting that the country that was built by immigrants. All immigrants one way or another. Most of us are all immigrants one way or another. At some point,. We saw the the racism. Is chinese gas supply? since the irish White Black didn't matter if you're different, you were back right, but we saw
of the America that it built and it built country cause those people came here, wanting a promise: the American the Americans, I No- and I am sure there are tons of them patience, he turns back- maybe five percent of the american population, is something I don't want any these foreigners here. Maybe there are these ten percent. I don't, but now Ninety per cent aren't like tat right. If you come here and say, I can make you better. It's it's two to accuse conservatives or to confuse people who say look. I need people to watch this border khazars bad things happening right to say they are racist. Some Howard Zena Phobic, when, when you're, when you talking to a group of people who say books and people are the same. I want diversity,
I want a diversity of ideas, that's more important than skin color and now I am people coming in right now. Better. I know, but as long as epithets can be used to intimidate people in silence them there they'll be hurled and I think that it is cases through action should be to embrace They are more than just laugh at it and keep going with the conversation. I thought I saw I saw somebody I want to address the two candidates. Are but I saw somebody and they had such a natural sense of humour, just they were just natural and a really natural. Almost infectious laugh. And somebody who didn't write one person is, is looking in saying they're, saying all that person's gonna
personal, do well against Donald Trump Gazelle fashion. The other person. Is. Is there not talk about, and I thought, if the other person runs against Donald Trump and Donald Trump does what Donald Trump does, and here you know he makes up a name for everybody and everything else it if they are honest if it's not it's their personality? You are a kind, gentle, thoughtful woman, You there's no way you can see that a new, if this the kind of person they are and they laugh ago. Ah, as me, it could diffuse it and that could in that is a problem that we are all taking things so seriously and we're getting so mad and I'm calling me that tough.
Matter what they say doesn't matter. Does it not Khamenei life, not I refuse to be silence because America means to me- and I thank him my children, my grandchildren and when I say my children, thinking just about my biological children, I'm thinking about all of those thousand. Of students that I've taught over the years and it troubles me what I see and a true was when I see racism against white people Argument is that in other white people can be victims of racism, because Racism only applies to people that don't have power and all white set privilege, but that is really how wash because that on many other word thanks. We need to stand for principles and at the press
oh, is non discrimination on the basis of race. Gender national origin. Then in coats Everybody non discrimination has to be against every group, and so it can be. One group does they have to discriminate against. You know that they have less right. I think that in this way King really was talking about, I think so I think so. We have lost his message how many more about a vulgar mandates and people would prefer to embrace all the leaders that a more divisive and We don't start to turn things around in America. Then we will see our nation fall and maybe, in our lifetimes.
If I had to ask you what the thing that keeps you up at type as we started with urgency, you had a sense of purpose and a sense of urgency to if I said to you Karl you're sure last week, and this your last interview and you have a chance to talk to Americans and there. Actually here you. What would your message being my message? be that we need to return tat. Judeo christian values and principles. That a lot of the confusion that we have in America aloud, the violence in the hopelessness, calm as we have become increasingly secular, I think that Erika is a nation that was founded on judeo christian values and principles. We have
the civic religion. You know. Many people. They were not necessarily deeply religious, but there was values and principles that made us Americans we ve law. That and we don't. We gain a pudding. You know spiritually. Ah- and which ties in to truth and knowledge, then who are doomed, king to Carol Swain and one of the top academic ma. Today, analyzing race and immigration, here's a other part of the conversation from the Glen Back Podcast, where we talk about slavery and standing. So let me play. Let me push back very highly devils. Aright, play the average person. That is that here is that an ally God she's good today, a christian values. They don't know what an they year- slavery, those they'll christian values were on display with with
fire hoses in dogs, those Judy christian values of slaughtered people all over the world. I would say that that is again I mean I can find the word a lady like were to say my reaction would normally be. There were always Christians that fought by abolition that are protected. The slaves and helped them. You know get to freedom, that agency set up Diversity back and eight hundreds and, if you Look at all the b, the dollar. The philanthropy then ask, I'm from white people throughout the They ages, Susan, but the americans- I sometimes by americans- I'm talkin about americans- I you know they're, there been universities goin back to the eighteen hundred. There were educating blacks and there were universities in New England that never discriminated and they were educating blacks and so
a lot of the up they ve things that have taken place in America. We evolve. It's been a nation that we eventually acknowledged around but Eve and when those wrongs where they are, there were always christian people who are fighting for. What's right. And they- and so For me, I'm at the moment american and and I'm a descendant of flies on it. This once out of my family, I'm a descendant of slaves and when I look at Divine Providence You know we don't know where things happened, the way they do, but I'm. I hope that my ancestors made to America, because I believe America is the greatest country in the world, but X in America, whether they know it. A better off than blacks, anymore what in the world it's a blessing to be in a man I reckon
and so, if I look at white people, see people that have always tried to, a lot of around the world and they are sent missionaries. Ah, I go to a church were well quite people work in an essay ghetto that they speak. Their time and their resources work among enable goods were. I would I am unsure, the will to go at times, but they are not and so I just think that You have secularism and a devaluation of human life, then we see an abortion the fact that we own value, as Americans life in any stage we don't, divide, we don't value the life or the unborn or the last of the elderly or the last people that a born. Ah, you know with some type a handicap,
that makes us we know then are ah people doing in the Hitler on the Nazis, because a lot of what we do. Very similar if you haven't got into the podcast, yet I highly recommend that you start later returned to the lost art of informative conversation in summer that social media and click back media has slowly taken away from us, you can start by When the Glen backed outcome, I tunes Google play, there is no shortage of where you can find the Glen back, Podcast, what you heard today, which is a very small sampling, but you can already see the variety of discussion. I've talked to intellectual dark when members leaders in the high tech, industry, cultural icons and even the man who helped capture CHE Guevara. Some I guests are not always guess that would agree with me. I've not always with them, but.
We're doing something different, something that is almost lost now risk actually listening and learning from one another. We ve got to get back to that. If we're going to survive thanks for see on the part of your life tat glance
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