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Thousands of National Guard members are in D.C. for the inauguration, and it’s a frightening sight. Gwyneth Paltrow is leaving acting behind, and Greta Thunberg will have her own stamp. Joe Biden’s proposed Cabinet is riddled with connections to Big Tech and financial giants, and Glenn shows how dedicated many of them are to the Great Reset and addressing climate change. Glenn shares his fears of what might occur next week and urges listeners to stay safe and aware. The oddly communist-looking poster that called for armed protests at all state capitols appears to be a rip-off of one for a liberal election watch party.

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Hey, it's the Thursday podcast, really good, podcast cut of hits everything today, including hard hard laughs. Some really good uplifting stuffed some deep, deep thought on. What's coming, not only in the by new Ministration, with the great reset that you must know about, and must do your research now before it did, it hits us it's gotta come fast in furious, somebody should name movie ten. That also is the last part of the pot cast. We play some audio that has been compiled. That is, studying you wanna talk about inciting riots, tedious stunning, when you hear it all put together and last week they wanted to say. In fact they did say that this, the worst attack on the capital since eighteen, twelve, it's actually not only have to do- is go back to the nineteen eightys. The story behind this in the audio from the news is: what did you call it to job dropping chow dropping it? Is you won't believe it when you tie it altogether? Don't miss a second. Today's pot test,
The only thing came from a z why only dangerous, soon to be banned, let's hope so bog cause wow pod grouting that come out of your mouth out of my mouth, your unleashed yeah. You should at least she's a dangerous yeah. We're gonna talk about the least that Eo Z is now Congress they wanted committee. You know like they should call it like. The committee for Raw. Things are really american or what about us, shortening that a little bit like one leg on American.
An american ones like on America. Activities maybe see Vance, but you have to have committee and the Committee for american activity until you do like activity who, like that, that's a good. That's probably hats, probably something that they should look into yeah we're gonna talk about that next hour and what is is truly coming to you do you have it do you have any Sonny Brinish. He thought. Maybe what like it. You know my be happening next week next week, yeah you are you? Are you comfortable or with the inauguration yeah and the twenty thousand troops were sending to the sea, and I am all for it more troops. The better, I don't want anything I had, and I mean yes, I don't wanna Ankara's. We we don't want anything to happen. Well, how sad heart breaking is, it did that's necessary right now, it's
hard to believe somebody sent us a of a video. The word studies, truck stop or somethin and military tanks. Hello enjoyed our Angela This was in on their way. We outer someplace honour this others theirs for what inspires yesterday model just hang onto the tonight. We hang out just a second. No I thought they were on. The back of a truck nowadays is like pulling up to the gas for only one after another, one hundred meeting after another what, is going on in our country, the rain we are receiving I've never seen them off. Trot is frequently little Alyssa,
We merely know if sweating military resources in place, though right for this in the sky yeah. Your quest about the housing security in this crazy. It's crazy tat may create use. Obviously, everybody saw the pictures of like the thousands of troops lying down and the capital throughout this amount. These are images you'd, never picture seat, I remember when I went up to lower Manhattan, right after the World Trade center. When it was still smouldering in who bad. That was the first time I had ever seen are. Military in the streets of America, never my life. I think this was kids now, after you know Fifteen years over a twenty year old college students, they ve up in a world where it's not unusual, see the military until two thousand one I never saw The military, actually deployed in America
there and I never saw a tank deploy. You might see it in a parade or you'd, see on the back of a truck going from one fort to another but I never saw Anybody who was wearing fatigues carrying around machine guns? Never, and it was terrifying to see and now to be sitting here in twenty years later, it's getting worse and your hearing talk about domestic? terrorism. It's so over. talk about something happy. We don't know, I'm not happy, we talk it just about some some fun things and we just blew off just for disorder. Second, Where do we have a very important our for you in the news coming up next, with Paltrow. Now, Pat, I know you're still reeling from Colin Powell say
He can no longer call himself a republic. My advice to twenty five years ago asked colleague yourself, a republic. It was weird when he said that he came out this week and I'm still reeling from it. Are you really still reeling from? Was such a shot? Granteth Paltrow has decided to leave. Acting. oh no, no, no! No! No! No! I should have broken that a little you know when it Paltrow, you know, she's thinking, maybe she's not going to act anymore, I'm sure she kept still doing ass. She so China that, if he's quitting now I got my first question is He quit acting or did acting quit her either. What happened is her selling bs me a call. Not here is making her so much money. She no longer needs to act now she's, actually not acting, because quote,
actually not been that comfortable being a public person or being in front of the camera, even though I done it for so long. a part of me really feel shy. Now I don't mean to be rude, but Gwen if Haven't you been set vagina, rocks cattle. again, I ll scandal on oh no, no first, it was the rock first. Was the cold rock that she's there and it all works out And then it was the Jew vagina you're, not a shy person. I know What you do know you're not a shy person. In fact, the reporting on that on the candle in particular, was that she went around tour, tyres staff and made them all smell it
the candle again. Maybe I can I compare that bilateral lesson, but wouldn't you want to say how do I know this is what it smells me. I don't want to sell it buddy. Is I mean why illegal blind? How do I know what you're selling out another pizza grab plant at rock? They use that didn't work out, we're just looking for accuracy or look the candle packaging answered quite candle yet so we smell this, how some scientists, who is a smell Allah? Just that is making those perfumes I mean she couldn't describe it at some point. She had to say
you smell like this yeah right, you're right, they had to have happened right somebody who's. I don't remember what they call them, but there are smell Allah. Just just for this show. Science. Man somebody I bring it on over here. Let me just that appear on my workbench now get up. now, not quite right. I think I'm getting clouds that the era of like me to sexual harassment in the workplace, not such a big issue right. She went around enforced or employees to sniff a k, a candle that support ITALY smelled like her,
and her a specific pass. I try not to repeat it over and over and over. There are specific part of her and then at some point there had to be the conversation. Well, what is it smell le ebbing? They had to go through that process. is going to be accurate. Can I bring this full circle? Yes,. she says, she's a shot, her gretta third burgers got her own da earned stamp. Come in those defiling and are in there. It's fun burg fight. I think it's tune. Burg, had torn, but that didn't work, that's a fun way to save at least here. So it's she's got her own stamp, coming, which, like
Eric and stamp out. Kick I wouldn't be shot in the eye. Would either I my way. If it will, I mean in the next four years totally a possibility now be up to now. This is from Post Nord, ok, most Nord has he granted Dernburg, stamp. And if we do it in Amerika, I do hope it's an airmail stamp when you're transporting goods or services right like Europe or mail, even you're, driving it around like how are they doing this? I was it happening. You wouldn't want to eat the EU becoming down trees for paper for the stamp that I mean it That is a production line. That's you know them. She's gonna say this as soon as the stamp comes out How dare you down? How dare you may tell you later? I would love to be there. I mean a fly, On the wall,
the greatest Paltrow company,. And I would have liked to bring with me gretta so she goes around. She says I want you to smell this and Gretel good day. You are back in just a minute? Thank you pal you to listen to TAT Gray unleashed at any time whenever you want and the Heavens will open up and he will be their very best of the current programme. So last night I laid out the beginnings of the. the Biden Cabinet and I I urge you to watch it on blaze, tv plea, join us If you have found value in the things that we expose
If you have found value in in what we have done, we are doing yet every single day and We are also, as everybody else is under attack every single day. I know money is tight. I just ask you for peace, priorities If the work that we have done in the past and are doing every day fits into something important to you, we ask for your support and join us and become a member of blaze TV. The benefits are great. The work is what is really all about and we need to be in touch with you and continued to tell the truth to you. So you know what it is placed be dot com, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code, Glenn and you're gonna save thirty percent, so last night when you go back on the blaze- or I think is it on Youtube parts of our. To buy think.
you go back and you can see the full analysis. And will show you who's in bed, big tech, big time all the people that were instrumental in whatever was happening in Ukraine. their leading. The show now. But there is also something else. That's really really important. Lotta people will say they are A great reset not gonna happen. Now, you're, never gonna get it through. Even with this Joe Match and he's not going to vote for any those green new deal stuff I'm telling you right now, it's gonna happen at a breathtaking pace how Could they do it? Last night, at the beginning, the show I showed the partnership between government and corporations that have already begun the public private partnership. Look on Valley is merely the first to reveal themselves able to show you a document here:
I was shocked, When night, when I picked it up in the mercury mercury, one library this is, it document I'm showing it on blaze, TV, but it is signed by Lyndon Johnson, is a thank you. Let her in nineteen sixty four to the governor of California give him for the very construction, very constructive suggestions on proposals to channel additional federal resources to California. With a federal state, local fiscal relationship, public private? relationship governor had an idea any said. We need your help. We need your help, because we're in a build a huge, are indeed centre. this letter is, beginning of the Con Valley, the public, private partnership. that is now come to full fruition this. Is from Lyndon Johnson in nineteen. Sixty four.
These things can be good, they all so can be very, very bad when they're out of control and they are but look on values just the first to reveal themselves Finance is going to be next. I will show you what happened this week. So as announced that they stop processing payment for president trumps campaign website. This is a very important and scary development is a sign of what's to come, rational, regular Democrats, not marxist revolutionaries, but the average demo Brad that might have voted for Joe Biden, because I think I'll things are gonna be saying. They don't understand that that this is not about Donald Trump. This is now about silencing anyone who opposes. I beg you, pray for safety for them
the president and the next president and all those in Washington in all over our country, knock duration day. Must be peaceful. Otherwise it's going to I mean I everything. I've warned you is going to happen as soon as next week. If it's not peaceful, please he's pray and beg for gods forgiveness? protection in mercy. So stripe in case you dont know stripe handles all the credit card payments swimming. If you, let's see if subscribe to, I don't, I don't know, a daily journal, but conservative daily journal they might use stripe process. All of the credit card numbers they keep. it's all secure, they take it out of the credit card and they give it the company that using stripe with out stripe or a company like stripe and stripe is the best the you'd. You have nothing
you can't process anything. You can't say well, gimme your credit card, you have to say, with a stamp put some money into it and send it to us. Ok, now. When a company that doesn't comply. can they have their online payment processing cancelled Can they do that? Well, we went to Stripes website. Stripe can a business prohibited or restricted. If now listen to this, this a very high wire that they, after you have too, we have to jump. Over two to get cancelled, on your and illegal business, got it to your hair heavily regulated. That would Guns that would be Thinking Three shady and that's in parentheses, Armenian in quotation marks your shady beheld that mean
for your financially risky. I don't know that means food. I've you attract money laundering. Ok, I think we're cool with that one, what does that mean exactly and six the most important. If you post, a brand risk for stripe so to their open about it. There, But about it now you start to you know if we are to sergeant and heat from due for doing business with you were out. Kay. This is huge any one of those while illegal in men, probably attracting money laundering any one of these things could get anybody but is selling anything on at sea or anything get you shut down now How does this relate to the great reset, because the great reset is all built around climate change so you'd have
to be a pretty big climate change activists to be part of what is, I believe coming well Here- is the here's the Here's the latest headline stripe will pay one million dollars a year to take car out of the year So they are like an older uglier corporate version of Gratitude Limburg? It was it. Two days ago that Deutsche Bank is dropping Donald Trump from any future business again again another sign of what's coming Deutsche Bank, if they say they are not going to do anything with Donald Trump. Do you think Citibank is gonna help hold his loans, give him new loans for new hotels or anything else. Now. so now. They ve not only impeached him a second time, but you're going to destroy his ability to do any kind of business.
Anyone outside of this great reset bubble is gonna, be cut off, stand up and be shut down. Fine. ants is partnering now with government and their blending together in the same way, big Tec is I don't know how long it will be before conservatives will have to have their own banks. Their own separate internet are, you have to be required to wear some sort of a symbol, maybe a cross on our clothes so where identifiable to the public- I mentioned earlier that Finance is dead, plea embedded in widens the cabinet. Well, it's not Goldman Sachs, your member, everybody on the left Goldman Sachs. How can you possibly our governments that they weren't devolve attacks. I want to introduce you to a new name. anybody use big. In investing knows this name, it's blue
rock investments. Now, listen to this Biden, senior adviser now is MIKE Donal in and he the connection to the company through his brother, the company Blackrock, through his brother Thomas Darlin, binds administration links to Blackrock are a little out of hand. his senior advisers brother, is the chairman, a black Rock Investment Institute, Blackrock eggs, Active Brian Dese has also been named buttons top economic adviser and will head the National Economic Council. The black rock chairman and see Yo Larry Think is serving now as the top officials at the Treasury department, as will former Blackrock senior adviser Wali dad. I remember how to say his name, a demo. I think
also was the president of the Obama Foundation glue. bull chief investment strategy, strategist, Michael pile of Black rock, is now the chief economic advisor commonly Harris. do you see the roles that these guys are playing now? Maybe it is because all their just so genius yet be up yet could be May I suggest theirs. Something else, you need to look at big tech and black rock now who the hell is Blackrock Black Rock, controls, seven point: eight trillion dollars: they, the largest money manager. In the world, and I want you to. I want to What this kind of money into perspective with control of that amount of money. If black rock
could declare themselves a nation state. They be. bigger than Japan, they'd have the third highest gdp in the world. It would be America, China, Blackrock, hey. that's how powerful they are there platform is used by both the FED and the European Central Bank The money involved equals twenty one point, six trillion dollars to put this into speculative there is about, fifty trillion dollars globally, in circulation,. All the money in the world, you pilot altogether, the stuff that people have in their wallets from here to China is fifty. A trillion dollars.
Lack rock controls. Half of it now John Kerry was was away at the World economic forum. The word The economic forum is where the great reset has been hatched and everyone is part of this now John care. After the election was by what's his name, Charles, not Charles Raw Klaus, Louse, Klaus Schwab. If We can count on the United States to be part of the great reset is binding Actually gonna do it or is it going to slow it down, listened response are expecting to true soon, yeah from the new president or is it gonna deliverable verse day on this first topics,
the answer to your question. Is no you're not expecting too much and yes, it will happen and I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity, then a lot of people might imagine K. It's gonna happen. gonna happen with greater speed and with greater intensity. I guess Don T you he is telling the truth guarantee you, he is telling you the truth greater. intensity. Does that mean well I told you Blackrock, CEO Larry, think is the top official at the Treasury department. Remember the Treasury department who's, the head of the Treasury department, now JANET yellin. What JANET Yellin, say the number one job of the Treasury is go to be. Social and environmental justice.
now add in the number two guy Larry think from black rock He said this last year and I quote, We are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance because of the warming of the planet. Here the climate change, not markets, climate change, not more kids will be central to investment decisions. Now this, black rock saying this black rock. Remember the United States, China Blackrock All of their investing now is going to be determined on environmental justice, so What does that mean when these companies need to have loans? They need to have investors? if they're not doing exactly what black Rock says that
we'll get any money will be a pariah? starting this month. Coincidentally, Your company get twenty five percent of your revenue from fossil fuels, your done with blackrock you're done you want to know why Tesla is going so crazy. You want to know why they are talking about the all electric car that is happening everywhere everywhere, every car company is talking about electric cars, electric cars have been For a while can we think this through electric cars- need electricity. Electricity is made by coal. Everybody's gotta be electric? Why because the money won't be therefore anything else. starting this month, if you're coming, gets twenty five percent of its revenue from fossil fuels. You're done if you,
Don't submit a plan on how you plan to quote navigate the climate crisis. This is the world's largest money manager and therein. their executives are infested in multiple layers of the Biden Administration, big tat, has merged, with the administration and the government and now financing is doing it too. If they, track, your every thought, every word and control all of the money and investment and what your business does. Do you really think the car the Tunisian is going to do anything. I cannot believe that liberals, real cons, three liberals classic liberals in classic Democrats or at all over this
How are you embracing this? This is in sanity. This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. So we just us into a video from Elsie or she says we need to rein in the media and need to use all of our tools to make sure that there is not. But I tell lies and all these things- and we can talk, recognize how that's gonna for us near and conservative media not well here, she's successful! You know, none of these tools are in place not well. We are the targets through here and so I want to ask you this. Several years ago, Donald Trump, you made a very public plea: yes,
to change the libel laws in this country nope. At the time we disagreed with that and said no first amendment and be doing this. You after we went through the whole argument, however, the conservatives Zeit Geiss generally like that also because we'd never learn from history. that we that we have our guy in so everything's gonna be good. There are with the Democrats that the Democrats, it aren't really paying attention, that's what you do. Joe Biden in so I won't be bad and they can enact anything. not realising it could be used against you in next administration or the people around. are not really concerned about the next administration. They will use it that way. So look go back in time. Let's do an alternate reality here. Donald Trump is successful in tightening up the libel laws, then
Have this change of administration and people, K o c have tons of power to apply those laws in the way she just discussed horrible horrible right horrible. Do we is the same exact thing happening with big tech. I don't think. You're gonna see big tat. Look, I'm very very concerned in the short because we are all the conservatives generally and I don't think necessarily you and I, but generally speaking, conservative right now are like we need to regulate big time. We need to go in there we to pass these laws but make sure they're not banning. Thus we don't like that. We can have this. Market things not working here is, it said, lay the approach of most of the right right. Now, it's understandable and look at what is. I have agreed that the free market is not working right now, but I don't necessarily have a solution and regulation is very bad cos. the people who will write it we'll be Google and fair. Spain and then, who use it. Google and
Facebook and the left right. So this seems like a thing that eurozone producers hey. You remember the end effort. You know they're in the bar and and their celebrating? Has I think it's a biggest flop ever and then they hear the crowd outgoing. Is things gonna run forever and Jean Wilder I dont member who played him like their original, but he was just of the bullet is little blue blinking and he was like no way out no way I'll know a way out of here, just something that's pretty much, no way outdo no way out right now. It does seem like Maybe this is the way to think about it. We essentially have to build. A parallel economy, that is treasures, free speech and remark, and there are people that are working on it, but it's not right now, not fast enough fast enough. I've been begging,
but I have said this on the air for ten years. Is anyone think about the infrastructure of a radio free America is Annie What we about doing have been talking about that, and the answer is no, because this is all crazy. Stephanus, never gonna happen and well here we are, I want to show you the reason why I will resume the result: doktor users, like ah your blood, break it down your blood pressure downloads like ok, like what can you do? Can you walk- and unlike here I come, can walk and already and eyes, like ok what else, and I like him, I couldn't never watched the news again that might help an interesting proposal. I note your more. I know this is what has got my blood pressure going is
however, this gap to be watching I'll described them if you're not watching every just listening to us, but if you're watching I want you to look up lived what show this is the one refuse to be silenced. This is a, this is a protest. Poster The largest arm protest ever did take place on american soil is scheduled for next week. I cannot tell you dangerous. This is this is the end of the republic, one one person does something next week violently and it is over. It is over Now I saw this poster, I think, what Monday Tuesday and what did I say to you said it looked like communist start
a sickly does really does Scott, the red and yellow colours and as the style, the fonts rightly and see in these, and I said any body whose doing right wing they they don't have the art in the sole we're, not talented, Renate. How much it enough in order to do something like that. Will lo and behold look what we found An election night watch party from the left its eggs exactly the same poster. Somebody ripped this poster off and The question is why is this a. person that has steps. This in his feeling, this that, that doesn't think anyone will find that they ripped off the poster there. Now concerned about being sued but
nobody's gonna find it is it somebody on the right that said, oh, no, they will find it in so they'll think that people on the left started it or is it actually some one on? The left that is so arrogant. They think that no one will find the election night Watch Party poster or is it someone who is setting it up for another conspiracy theory. You see what I'm saying: there's no for you, don't know the truth and the truth will probably never be known and Weis dog fire. It doesn't matter who started the fire. Matter it happened. When the Germans first took control- and I am not comparing the Democrats to the Germans, I'm saying is this country is on a course that end did horribly for the Germans they printed money they
I had a party get in to control that that forced everyone to do exactly what they say within we they controlled everything all of the newspapers all of the outlay out the outliers. Anyone who disk disk disagreed with the Nazis was shut down. Violently Children were re, educated, their children were turning in their parents because I don't think they're really with Hitler in this new Nazi movement, All of these things. We are on the road, there doesn't mean and ends there. It just means get off this road. When you come to a split in the road and one of the roads leads to Nazi Phil, don't say I would state a few steps down that road. Dont did that's not a good argument, so. Everything that I have said in the last week. Has this show has come on. I have prayed her than I
ever have on the show? and what I'm supposed to say to you, and am overwhelmed with prepare For tough times it's gonna get worse before it gets better. We are, These days. make sure your family and everything is secure. Don't get involved in a national political movement, especially right now. The pro Mr politics, it's the heart and that's strategic move. These these rallies you want to do something next week for a rally rally your church and pray for protection. Of the outgoing president, the incoming president and people on all sides. Pray
Peace I am so concerned and in a I have reason Spirit all reason be concerned. I am so concerned about next week. Please the National Guard, Thee secret service. Please be on the top of your game, everyone within the sound of my voice. do nothing that flex badly on this cause. Do nothing next stupid. Violent movement. I don't care, I'm with you I know it drives me nuts, after
all summer long, We just play the not not the excuse of violence, but the actual, inciting violence from Democrats over the summer, I just don't know why there are an uprising of the country, and maybe there will be people need to start taking to the streets. This is aided. Theatre in other needs to be addressed in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives. Enemies of the state show me where it says that protests were supposed to be polite and peaceful.
Do something about your dad's immigration practices, backless legal low with this adaptation or run up and rain, react biggest her bread is white men radicalized up to the right. I thought you said a person in the faces, even if you lost he insulted the wider spread. Aren't all Mexicans, rapists and earth he's already made our citys, I think, by some in the face, and they got the right. You have in your own I'd like a punch in the face. I should we're in harsh for Turkey become German began point some people in the face women's work. Certainly there are still gonna, have to go and put a bullet in Darfur that suffer look as his character down to death. Where you, when you need, I have thought and also lies about blowing up the White House. Zuri state senator is under investigation by the secret service after seeing shields president from this assassination, Darwin TAT drop out to buy it and, sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system honouring our constitution, our great at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania, Avenue, they're, not gonna, start before election day November and they're not gonna, stop after election day, and that should be. Everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn't it they're, not gonna. Let us please
tell me please Tell me how that's not inciting violence. All that together is unbelievable. I I feel the same way you do, I beg you, beg you go the other way please next week. Is going to be the most dangerous time in our republic. I think, since the civil war, one stupid, move, And they will do all the things that you think they want to do this, people are radicals, do not play into their hands
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